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hc that armin's younger daughter loves plushies, cupcakes, tend to the lil plants you and armin own, and watching alice in wonderland w her dad ^^ also there's 2 things she can't stand: you or armin having to leave for work and when if one of the lil plants die😣 the easiest way to make her cry is saying that daddy or mommy have to go to work, man this girl is SOBBING, i mean why would y'all do this to herrr :((( she doesn't understand, she have been nothing but a good girl to her daddy/mommy and now he's/you're leaving her there without kisses, hugs and cuddles😞😞😞 but w a bit of explanation and comforting she calms down and gives him a goodbye kiss,,,,
man and don't even get me started on the plants..... she gets sooo sad and heartbroken when one of them die, she has been taking such good care of them, why did it happen???? she thinks it's her fault :(( it's just too fucking much for her little heart to handle, please pick her up and reassure her tiny self
Armin loves his little treasure so much. 
Always in her own little bubble, a world of fairy tales and myths she fostered with her wild imagination and the movies she watches with her dad. 
She has so many plushies that Armin and you can barely see her sleeping under the covers, hidden among a mountain of soft animals, from octopuses to bunnies. And you have told Armin time and time again too stop but he can’t help it, your daughter just looks so happy when he brings home a new plushie to add to her ever growing collection. The brightest of smiles on her sweet face as she holds the toy close to her chest and giggles, spinning in the room.
But what you find even more adorable is the frown that creases her brows when she stands on her tiptoes on a chair, mixing sugar and butter in a bowl, so happy to help mommy with the cupcake batter. So excited to top them off with colourful icing, some of it smeared on her cheek. She sits in front of the oven as they bake, smiling as the warm vanilla and sugar wafts in the kitchen. 
And while Armin has no particular liking for cupcakes, he never misses an opportunity to taste his little seashell’s baking. Smiling at her as he takes a bite and licks the icing off the corner of his lips. 
“Are they good daddy ? Do you like it ?” She asks, fidgeting with her fingers as she stares up at him anxiously.
“It’s perfect, treasure. They are really good !” He says genuinely, even if she mixed the salt and sugar in the batter. 
Just like her dad, everything about her is gentle. From the way she talks to flowers in the garden as she waters them, to the way she scratches your bunny behind the ear. She enjoys braiding her sister’s hair too, weaving daisies with her blond locks. She does yours sometimes too and once even tried to do Armin’s. 
And one thing Armin hates above all is seeing her cry.
His heart presses against his throat as tears roll down her cheeks, her lower lip quivering and tiny hands balling into fists. 
But unfortunately the two of you have to go to work and there is not much you can do about it. 
Armin hoists her up in his arms, gently rocking her in his embrace to soothe her sobs, whispering sweet reassurances in her ear as you hold her hand and kiss her chubby cheeks. 
“Daddy will be back soon, treasure.” You say, much like what your husband would murmur when it was your turn to leave. 
“You-You promise ?” 
He nods with a tender smile, “I promise, seashell. I’ll be back tonight okay ? In the meantime, why don’t you and mommy bake some cupcakes for us to enjoy when I get back ?” He offers sweetly, bumping his button nose with hers, something they have been doing since she was but a bundle of joy in a cradle. 
She perks up at that, bright blue eyes lighting up at this suggestion. And she turns to you, holding up her arms for you to take her from her daddy’s hold. 
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I had a dream that the king and the queen of a small country had a daughter. They needed a son, a first-born son, so in secret, without telling anyone of their child’s gender, they travelled to the nearby woods that were rumoured to house a witch.
They made a deal with that witch. They wanted a son, and they got one. A son, one made out of clay and wood, flexible enough to grow but sturdy enough to withstand its destined path, enchanted to look like a human child. The witch asked for only one thing, and that was for their daughter.
They left the girl readily.
The witch raised her as her own, and called her Thyme. The princess grew up unknowing of her heritage, grew up calling the witch Mama, and the witch did her very best to earn that title.
She was taught magic, and how to forage in the woods, how to build sturdy wooden structures and how to make the most delicious stews. The girl had a good life, and the witch was pleased.
The girl grew into a woman, and learned more and more powerful magics, grew stronger from hauling wood and stones and animals to cook, grew smarter as the witch taught her more.
She learned to deal with the people in the villages nearby, learned how to brew remedies and medicines and how to treat illness and injury, and learned how to tell when someone was lying. 
Every time the pair went into town, the people would remark at just how similar Thyme was to her mother. 
(Thyme does not know who and what she is. She does not know that she was born a princess, that she was sold. She only knows that one night after her mother read her a story about princesses and dragons, her mother had asked her if she ever wanted to be a princess.)
((Thyme only knows that she very quickly answered no. She likes being a witch, thank you very much, she likes the power that comes with it and the way that she can look at things and know their true nature.))
The witch starts preparing the ritual early, starts collecting the necessities in the winter so they can be ready by the fall equinox. Her daughter helps, and does not ask what this is for, just knows that it is important.
The witch looks at Thyme, both their hands raised into the air over a complicated array of plants, tended carefully to grow into a circle, and says, sorry.
Thyme wakes up in a clearing she recognizes well. Her mother is not there. 
The house she had grown up in is a pile of logs on the ground, destroyed and broken and in disarray, and Thyme is afraid. She calls for her mother, once, twice, and then rolls up her sleeves and begins the trek towards town. 
Her home is not here, she has neither her bow nor her knife, and if she means to figure out what happened she needs supplies. People are always in need of a witch, she knows, and her mother taught her long ago the value of a silver tongue. 
She walks out of the woods, and the town is... different. Smaller. The mill she knew so fondly, that she used to climb in with the other children of the village, isn’t there. 
There’s no indication it was ever there, and all at once, Thyme realizes what the ritual was for. 
It was a time-spell, and now she is in the past. The house is in ruins because her mother has not repaired it yet, the mill is gone because it has not been built yet. 
She is here, because...
She does not know. 
And now, it is up to her to take care of herself.
She learns the date from the villagers, gets herself a room at the inn and a good hot meal in exchange for looking at the innkeeper’s son, who has been wracked with cough for weeks now, apparently. 
His face is one Thyme knows, one that in her days were covered in wrinkles and laugh-lines, and as she goes back out into the woods to collect the herbs she needs to cure the boy, she thinks.
The boy will take the inn over from his father, and he will always welcome Thyme’s mother in with open arms for saving him when he was a child. Either the story had been wrong, or Thyme has already broken things. 
Thyme does not know which one she fears more.
She waits in the village for a full turn of the moon for her mother to come. She knows that this is when she should have come in to town. She knows that she should show up here, any day. 
The boy’s cough gets better and when it’s gone completely Thyme buys herself a knife at the blacksmith’s and returns to the woods, to the clearing she calls home. Hands on her hips, she surveys the once-cottage, and makes a plan. 
The house takes a long time to build. She buys an axe, makes a bow, and sleeps under the stars while the house is very slowly built back up. Walls, roof, floors, and then a fireplace, big and wide enough to fit a cauldron, built from special bluestone she hauls from a nearby hill one lump at a time, all the better to brew inside. 
Mama, she thinks wryly, you better be grateful for this. 
She hunts for herself, mostly, snares rabbits and shoots down deer, strips them of their skin, treats it and leaves the fur out to dry. They’ll be good blankets, a good winter cloak, someday. She knows what plants she can eat, what plants will be good, and she survives. She builds. 
She does not tell the villagers her name, and they know her only as “the witch.” 
Thyme eventually stops waiting for her mother. She watches herself in the mirror, and aches at how much they look the same. How much she’s turning out like her mother. 
She helps the villagers, occasionally travels further to heal illnesses in other villages, but mostly stays to herself, in the woods, collecting books and herbs and the house grows more and more as she remembers it. Her hair, that used to be so dark, raven’s hair, her mother would say, braiding it back for her before she learned to do it herself, gets shot through with white and goes grey. 
There’s wrinkles on her face that didn’t used to be there. 
Thyme stops waiting, and becomes the witch of the these woods.
And then. 
The King and Queen of these lands show up at her door, and they are holding a baby girl. 
Please, they say, We need a son. Give us a son. 
And Thyme, who now has a scar on her cheek from a branch whipping at her too fast to avoid, who knows that her mother had had the same scar, looks at the baby, meets her eyes, and knows that they are her eyes. 
I’ll give you a son, Thyme tells them, as if through a trance, but the cost will be your daughter.
They agree, as she knew they would, and she makes a boy out of clay and wood and she remembers learning how to make constructs like these with her mother, she breaths life into it and sends it off with the King and Queen and she holds their baby in her arms. 
Black hair. Dark eyes. A quiet baby, who looks up at her with a solemness that Thyme’s not entirely sure babies are supposed to have. 
Hello, little one, Thyme says, holds out her finger for the baby to grasp, feels her voice crack down the centre like a burnt-out log when the infant holds her finger in her chubby little hand. 
She’s a princess. This baby is a princess, and this baby is her, and her mother has never existed. She knows all these things now, but the thing that she knows most strongly is that she will protect this child, and not only because this child is her. 
(It is alright to be selfish, Thyme, she remembers her mother telling her, it is alright to take things for yourself. You do not need to give yourself away, remember that.)
She has to build a crib and cradle for the baby, and until it’s finished, until she knows that the birchwood and blanket is as comfortable as it can be, she sleeps with the baby -- with Thyme, her name will be Thyme, and she smiles as she thinks it -- on her chest. 
She goes into the village, walking through the woods as baby Thyme looks at the trees and the plants with wide eyes, brings her to a farmer who has raised three girls, knocks at her door, and says, help me. 
The witch doesn’t know how to care for a child, and she is going to learn. She must learn. 
The farmer helps her gladly, something in her eyes that tells the witch that she misses having children, that however much she loves her girls, grown and adventurous, sun-browned and strong from working the fields with her mother, she misses caring for an infant. 
She learns how to make formula out of goat’s milk, how to burp the baby, how to change and wash her. She learns how to tell why the baby might be crying -- even though baby Thyme rarely cries, prefers to watch the world with her big, dark eyes -- and how to fix what might be wrong. 
She sits with the farmer as Thyme plays with a doll carved from a cow’s bone, and learns how to thresh wheat. 
The farmer never asks where the baby came from, but does remark how alike they look, that Thyme looks just like her mother, and the witch smiles at that. 
Thyme seems to grow quickly, learning to crawl, and then to toddle around while hanging off the furniture, and the witch cries at Thyme’s first, unsteady and unsupported steps, even as she builds high shelves into the rafters of her home so that Thyme won’t end up eating things she shouldn’t.
The witch takes Thyme into the village more and more, first in a bag tucked up close against her chest, and when Thyme grows more, holding her hand as she runs through the woods as fast as her little legs will carry her. Every time Thyme runs off to bring back a flower, the witch feels a surge of fondness she refuses to suppress. 
The mill is built, and the witch watches as Thyme runs off to play with the other village kids, brave and fearless and so, so curious. 
She teaches Thyme her first charm when the girl is eight, and Thyme takes to the craft like she takes to memorizing the names and uses of plants, like she takes to a bow and knife, like she takes to books, exactly as the witch knew she would. 
Sometimes, the witch hates the lie she’s made Thyme into. She agonizes over it, over she should tell the girl her true parentage, should spill this secret like a cut bag of wheat, but--
She does not want Thyme to know that she was traded away so easily. She does not want Thyme to know that to her birth parents, she was worthless. 
She asks, though. Asks, do you want to be like the girls in the books? a princess? and is warmed to the core when Thyme answers no. 
Yes, the witch had known what she had answered. Yes, the witch knows that Thyme loves her life, her studies, the woods, her home. 
(Yes, the witch knows that Thyme loves her mother, because the witch loved her mother. She knows this, and still, she asks.)
The witch teaches Thyme how to make constructs, how to animate them, is proud beyond words when on her fifth try, casting over a wood skeleton covered in clay, the shape of a rabbit, the thing shivers to life, and hops over to push it’s nose into Thyme’s outstreached hands, the girl beaming so brightly that the witch thinks the woods might be glowing with it. The rabbit-construct is lumpy, and uneven, it’s movements slow and unnatural, and she has not yet taught Thyme how to cast the illusion spell onto it that will make it look real, and alive, but Thyme looks so happy that the witch nearly, nearly, forgets her guilt at the purpose of this spell.
Thyme grows, first into a teen, skinny and narrow from how she had shot taller like a willow tree, bony and sharp and lean, and into a woman, growing broad from good food and hard work, takes to hiking into the woods for days at a time with only her knife and her bow and a pouch of herbs, returns home with wild hair the witch combs out for her as Thyme tells her of her adventures.
It matters not that the witch knows all of these stories, knows them because she lived them herself, when she was a girl. She listens to her daughter, dragging the comb through her tangled hair, asks about the falls she found, the cliffs, the animals, the herbs, makes sure that Thyme knows that she will be listened to, that she deserves to be listened to. She listens, because she knows that no matter how much Thyme loves going on these adventures, she also loves coming home, and sharing in these simple, cozy moments.
Winter comes. With the cold comes a grief, a guilt, that weighs heavy on the witch’s heart. She begins preparing for the ritual, for the time-spell that will send her daughter backwards and into loneliness and into the position to save herself from what her true parents would force her to become, backwards to learn the truth, backwards to become her.
She knows why she must do this. She has scryed on her construct, the prince, the soon-to-be-king, every moon since she sent him away and took herself in his place. She sees what he has grown into, she sees what the power has done to him, she sees and she knows that she and her daughter would have suffered greatly in that role. She sees him make hard choices.
She sees him go to war.
She sees the illusion she cast over branch and clay bleed. She sees him, bandages around his torso, arm hanging awkwardly by his side, leave the castle, and wade into the lake outside of it’s walls. She sees the clay in the lakebed melt towards him, heal the wounds, make him fit to wield a sword the very next day.
She does not want that. She does not want that for her daughter.
It is alright to be selfish, Thyme, she remembers her mother saying to her, remembers saying to her Thyme, bleeding for others is a gift. It is valued, but it is up to you to give it.
Spring comes. Reedy plants are tended into a circle. Summer comes. Fires are burned over the dirt, ash mixed with soil. Fall comes. The heart of a boar is buried under the circle, placed to rest with gentle words. The witch and her daughter, Thyme and Thyme, stand together, hands raised, looking at each other.
The witch whispers, I’m sorry.
And her daughter disappears.
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Two by Two
Tumblr media
Being Camilo’s twin wasn’t easy when you think your gift wasn’t as ‘flashy’ or as happiness-inducing like your brother’s. As Casita breaks down maybe your power could be finally of good use.
masterlist !! two by two headcanons
Platonic! Twin! Camilo x Twin! Reader
Tumblr media
What’s worse than one Camilo Madrigal? Two Camilo Madrigals. Well, not exactly but you might as well be. Born a few minutes after Camilo was born, you were twins with the one and only troublemaker shapeshifter of the Madrigal Family. Though you can say you aren’t as bad as your older brother. Sure you would play meaningless pranks here and there but you were surprisingly more tame than he was, acting like another much more mischievous Isabela in your Abuela’s words.
While your brother had the ability to shapeshift into different people, you had the ability to shapeshift into different animals. Safe to say the first few months of having your miracles, Encanto experienced frequent thunderstorms and rainfall. The two of you were almost the same except however for your personalities. Yet you two would insist you were identical, often wearing matching ruanas as well as matching slippers so that you two wouldn't be told apart. You were proud to have him as your big brother and had loved him so.
Although you would be a bit envious of Camilo. Turning into different animals weren’t as flashy and people pleasing as Camilo’s. Though you tried to hide the fact that you felt that way.
One would think the two of you wouldn’t be as close but you would be surprised. Camilo adored you, you were his twin, you two shared the same womb, it was natural for him to be overprotective. He’d frequently tell you that you two would stick with one another no matter what.
You can always remember the times when you two were younger, whenever you’re upset he would always be sure to defend you. Sure you’d sometimes get into little arguments and tussles but it wouldn’t even last long. He would always be the first one to cave in and apologize. Although the two of you were almost the same, you were more sensitive than he was, fighting would almost always end up with you crying and storming out of frustration.
“I’m your twin.” He would remind you with a smile that the two of you shared. “You’re my twin, we stick together through thick and thin.” Camilo would promise. No matter what you or him did, the two of you would always be stuck with one another.
Although following your little brother Antonio’s gift ceremony, as well as the declaration that cracks were showing in Casita as well as the candle flickering, the two of you had ended up at odds once more. You stood by Mirabel, believing in your cousin that the miracle was dying. After all, Mirabel wouldn’t lie about such a thing. You were sure of it.
You didn't expect to discover more of yourself now that Casita was allegedly breaking down. The insecurities that you had dug deep deep down to please your abuela Alma resurfaced after stumbling upon Mirabel, while coaxing her sister to give her a hug. You didn't anticipate joining Isabela on venting out what you had thought were your flaws and weaknesses.
You grimaced as you watched Abuela’s enraged outburst. Everything was a mess.
Your primas, Luisa could barely lift an empanada, and Isabela was out of control. Then again you might have also been a part of the little flower show that Isabela had done, causing imperfect but still beautiful flowers and plants to grow. Your abuela had almost always suggested turning into animals that were beautiful in her standards. An orchid mantis, a scarlet macaw, a multicolored tanager, a peacock or a flamingo.. those were what she deemed as beautiful. Never what you liked. She never asked what you would like to turn to. Her obsession with perfection extended to you in a way. It's always been just,
(Name) turn into this..
(Name) this would look beautiful..
Ay, (Name) that animal would do no good, it must be beautiful..
And you couldn’t help but resent how she doesn’t tell off Camilo to change into 'beautiful' and 'perfect' people. Camilo was free. Camilo was free to change to who he wants and he wouldn’t get scolded for changing into something your Abuela thought was dangerous and ugly. So when you finally had the chance to be free and wild? You took the opportunity.
You had run and danced alongside them, turning into different animals you had only heard of from books as Isabela bloomed stranger but equally beautiful flowers.
A lion, leopard, tiger, and a beautiful snake too.. all of it had frightened the villagers as you ran and ‘danced’ on the roofs of Casita with your cousins and it didn’t take long until your Abuela Alma to rush in Casita, shaking with fury. Caught up with the rush, you hadn’t even had time to change back from your form, a clouded leopard with Isabela’s colorful flower stains on your fur.
You looked down as your Abuela berated Mirabel. Lips parting as she spoke to Mirabel with venom lacing her words. You tried to find the words to defend her. Still unchanging, your fur reflecting in the moonlight as you stood there beside Isabela.
“Look at our home! Look at your sister, your cousin..!” She says, appalled by your messy and wild form. At that you had slowly changed back, unable to meet your grandmother’s eyes.
“Please, just, Isabela and (Name) weren't happy.” Mirabel tries to explain as your cousin had started to pat down the colorful mess on her dress before turning to you to gently wipe the color off your face. Both of you shifting in place nervously.
“Of course they’re unhappy! You ruined her proposal and (Name), Mirabel, you managed to rope in your prima too?”
It was a back and forth before your grandmother’s voice had shakily escaped her lips.
“The cracks started with you.” Your abuela took a step forward. “Bruno left because of you.”
“Luisa’s losing her powers! Isabela’s out of control and (Name) has gone wild because of you!” You could see Mirabel's expression and you wanted nothing more but to come to her rescue.
“I don’t know why you weren’t given a gift! But it is not an excuse for you to hurt this family!” The ground shook from underneath you, Casita’s tiles cracked as Mirabel lowered her gaze.
“I will.. never be good enough for you, will I?” Mirabel’s voice felt unsteady and you could see your Tia and Tio Julieta and Agustin behind your abuela, worry written in their features. “No matter how hard I try..” Her gaze trailed to her sisters and you.
“No matter how any of us tries. Luisa will never be strong enough, Isabela won’t be perfect enough, (Name) won’t be like Camilo, Bruno left our family because you only saw the worst in him!” Mirabel exclaims. You winced at her words, looking down at your feet. You won’t ever be like Camilo. You won’t please enough people, you won’t make others happy just like your hermano did. You refused to look at your parents eyes’, clearly showing that they didn’t know how hard you struggled to please everyone by limiting who you were.
You especially couldn’t look at Camilo who, thankfully, wasn’t in sight.
“Bruno didn’t care about this family!” The skies darkened and more cracks started to appear underneath your feet.
“He loves this family, I love this family, we all love this family, you’re the one that doesn’t care. You’re the one breaking our home..!” Mirabel continued, frustration written in her features.
“Don’t you ever..!” Your abuela had taken a step forward, her face contorting in anger. But Mirabel had stood her ground.
“The miracle is dying because of you!” Your abuela’s eyes widened and she had looked taken aback, the angry expression fading from her worn and old face.
And for a millisecond everything was silent until the ground split between the two of them. Your mami had gasped, hands raised as her eyes were focused on the candle. Mirabel and Abuela had looked towards where the candle was perched, gasping.
“The candle!”
As the cracks worsened, it knocked the candle out of balance. Everyone braced themselves as the ground shook once more. Mirabel was the first to move, running towards the candle.
“Casita, get me up there!” Casita had broken one of the railings, turning it into a ladder she could climb up on. You caught a glimpse of Camilo’s figure who had looked at you briefly, lips pursed and an unreadable expression on his face. You watch him shift into different people, ducking and running to not save the candle but Mirabel.
Your cousin Isabela had grabbed a vine, swinging and attempting to help but as she did so, you caught sight of her door, flickering before slowly going out of light. Her powers went away too as she suddenly fell, and with the help of Casita had managed to get down safely.
Your brother Camilo was close, jumping to reach the roof in Jose’s form before he had turned back to himself again and you would have helped if it weren’t for Casita beating you to it. You quickly turned to Mirabel, turning into a cheetah and attempting to save her. Damn the miracle. Your cousin had helped you be more of yourself, and realize you didn’t have to worry about making people happy as long as you were happy. Your happiness came first and it took your prima to realize that.
You jumped and quickly maneuvered the debris that stood in your way, paws tapping against the cracked tiles that was pristine before. Seeing Antonio being carried away by your father, you had swiftly pushed and guided them to the way as more debris fell. You could see Mirabel reach the rooftop, and you struggled to climb up with her, running along the ladder Casita had placed down with all your might.
“Mirabel!” You could hear your Tia Julieta call out for your cousin, watching as the tiles created waves to push her back to the rest of the family.
“(Name)!” Your own mother’s voice had exclaimed, trying to reach out for you as well. “(Name)! Mirabel, leave it!”
As she struggled to reach the window, you had helped her out, letting her climb on your back, pushing her against the wall so she could have something to hold on as Casita’s roof tiles pushed her up even more. For some reason your door was still okay, still glowing despite the flickers. You can only hope you would have enough time to get the two of you out of there.
Your eyes widened as the largest tower of your home had slowly descended and you watched Mirabel as Casita caught her, creating a slide on the way down. You let out a frightened yowl as you were separated from her, your door finally flickering and going out as you shifted back to yourself, a large crash echoing as Casita came crashing down on the two of you.
Your family had quickly rushed in as the worst of the disaster had passed, dust and smoke wafting about.
“Mirabel!” Julieta’s cries filled the air with Pepa’s calling of your own. “(Name)!”
Your Abuela was settled down by Dolores, making sure the older woman was alright before she had joined the search for you. And she had sobbed, her gift being no more. Despite the times she wished her miracle was different or she hadn’t gotten a miracle at all, she wished her hearing had returned now so she could find you. She would take it all back, have her miracle enhanced to its maximum and she wouldn’t mind. If it meant hearing you again.
Camilo Madrigal had never been scared. He was supposed to be all smiles, so he could entertain, so he could make everyone happy. But as he saw you chase after Mirabel, dread pooled in his stomach.
His throat was sore as he called out your name along with your mami. No, no, he could lose his powers but not you. He didn’t even have the chance to say sorry yet. He didn’t know. If he had known what you had felt, what you had thought of yourself, he would’ve reassured you. He didn’t want another him, he only wanted one of you.
He was the first in the pile of debris, looking around for any sign of you.
“(Name), please, where are you!?” Dios, Dios, if he can hear Camilo’s prayers, please let him find you safe. “(Name), hija, where are you?!” Your mother and father had sobbed in worry.
You and Him. Him and You. Two by two, remember?
And Camilo had sobbed, desperation evident in his painful cries. The gravity of the situation weighing down on him. What if he never finds you? What if he was a twin no more? He’d give everything up just to know that you’re okay.
He was slowly losing all hope. There was no sign of you.
Memories of growing up with you had suddenly entered his mind and made him sob harder. The day of your fifth birthdays’ he had told you that he would use his powers just not to help the people of Encanto but to protect you, his baby sister. He promised to make you smile no matter what and protect that smile too. He promised that you would never be apart.
Once you had gotten lost whilst running wild in Encanto's forests in your many animal forms, exploring and not heeding any warnings or calls from your parents. As soon as Dolores had informed the rest of the family of your disappearance, he was already grabbing his ruana and a lamp. It didn't take long for him to find you, huddled inside a hollow tree, whimpering and calling out for him.
You were inconsolable, having been under the impression that you had been forgotten and abandoned. Camilo only shook his head and carried you on his back where you hugged his neck tight.
"No matter where you are, hermana, even if you were on the opposite side of the world, I'll always come and find you."
He had made you laugh, and had tried his hardest not to make you cry. He would tease you but you’d know he didn’t mean a word. He would give you seconds and when the two of you were caught, he would take the blame.
And he squeezed his eyes shut, tears continuing to roll down his freckles cheeks.
“Hermana, please..” He collapsed on his knees, hands trembling and all cut up as he had tried to dig through numerous piles of broken down walls and furniture. Antonio had curled up behind him, not wanting to believe that you were gone. Pepa and Felix had joined, pulling each other into a tight hug as Dolores stifled a sob.
“Cami..” A quiet voice had come out of nowhere and he swore he had never gotten up that fast. “(Name)?” He calls out. Was his mind deceiving him?
"Camilo," There it was again. Calling out to him and he whipped his head from side to side, looking for the source of the voice.
"(Name)! I hear you!" Dios, Dios, was it you? Were you okay? He begged to whomever was listening that it was you who he heard.
“Cami.. Mamí, Papí, Toñito..” Another call of his name and the rest of your families’ and he knew he wasn’t hallucinating anymore. “(Name)! Where are you, hermana!?” He was up on his feet, your own family following after him as hope swelled in their hearts.
A pile of furniture was situated deeper in the ruins of Casita and there you were, huddled up under the protection of the large dining room table as well as the large doors of your home. You coughed again, dust in your lungs as you breathed in.
Camilo was the first one to hold you, pulling you close and hugging you tightly as he sobbed against your hair. “Hermana,” You couldn’t look him in the eyes after what Mirabel had said but you allowed him to hold you. The next thing you knew you were both engulfed into a warm hug by your parents and Dolores who had sobbed as well, Antonio wiggling in between you and Camilo’s hug.
“I was afraid we lost you, (Name).” Pepa’s voice trembled as she gently cupped your dust covered cheek in her hands, wiping them away as tears rolled down her cheeks. She held you close, squeezing as if making sure that she wasn't dreaming. She gently held you in arm's length, looking over to make sure that you were okay.
"Mami, I.."
“Why didn’t you tell us?” Felix had gently held your shoulder and you looked down at the question as you felt Camilo’s gaze on you.
“I didn’t want.. I just wanted to make everyone happy like Camilo,” You admit. “But it’s hard with a miracle like mine.. or what once was mine. I thought if I just kept quiet, I’ll slowly love who I am and what I'm meant to be. I thought I’d be satisfied with just being.. I just wanted to make you happy.” You trailed off as you hiccupped.
“Lo siento, mamí, papí..” Pepa and Felix looked at one another before shaking their heads. “Ay, mija.. whatever makes you happy, makes us happy. Your happiness comes first and foremost. Whatever you wish to do, we will be right behind you.”
Camilo sighed softly as he gently pats your head. “You don’t need to make everyone happy, hermana. I don’t want you to be like me. I like you the way you are. I like (Name) Madrigal, my twin sister.” He says seriously.
“And besides, you think the town could take another me? We might as well be shooed out of Encanto.”
You stifled a laugh, your cries ceasing as you smiled and Camilo had mirrored your own. “See?” He ruffles your hair and your would tilt your head curiously, wondering what he had meant.
“I told you, I’ll always find you."
Tumblr media
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch
is my yearning for an older brother figure too transparent in this fic or no? anyways, i think Camilo would be an awesome big brother.
to be included in the taglist, please reply to this !!
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heylookitsyc · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Character(s): Diluc // Kaeya // Albedo // Thoma // Itto // Childe // Zhongli 
Anime/Game: Genshin Impact
Genre: Fluff
Synopsis: A collection of random and sweet moments with some of the men from around Teyvat.
Warning(s): None
Note: It has been a little while, friends! I hope you are all taking care and wishing you the best always (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ
Story is down below!
Diluc watching your eyes light up as you taste the new appetizer that he created, arms crossed as he leans back and silently hopes that you enjoy the taste. A pleased sound escapes you as you compliment the dish, saying that it’ll pair perfectly with the apple cider that was sold at the tavern.
He gives a small “hm”, averting his gaze as he tries to ignore the way his cheeks warm a bit. “I’m glad to see that it suits your taste. If that’s the case, then I suppose adding it to the menu wouldn’t hurt.”
It had been your idea to add a food item to the menu, after all. And though he might never openly admit it, he would always do his best to take note of your ideas and see them through if it meant seeing you happy.
Kaeya being quick to take your hand into his as he sees that you’ve hurt yourself trying to recreate his special dish, your finger pricking itself on the sharp skewer.
“How clumsy of you, (Y/N).”
You respond with an apologetic grin, watching as he takes out a small bandage and wraps it around your finger. Neither of you notice the way Kaeya’s smirk replaces itself with a small smile, his fingers unexpectedly gentle as he takes a little bit longer than necessary to finish wrapping the wound.
Albedo searching for both you and Klee after a day of you three wandering around Mondstadt in search of materials. You had asked him to join you, saying that you wanted to collect some flowers for a new recipe, telling him that you also wanted to spend some more time with both him and Klee.
“Strange. They were just around here…”
He trails off at the sight of you laying back against the trunk of a tree, eyes closed as you slept. In one hand you loosely held a basket filled with what seemed to be sweet flowers, the other hand resting on Klee’s head, who was fast asleep as well.
It didn’t take him long to seat himself next to the two of you, your head leaning into his shoulder as he took out his sketchbook.
Thoma seeing that your hand is slightly trembling as you hold a bite of rice cake soup up to his lips. It had been your first time making the dish, knowing that it was his favorite.
“You’re trembling,” he points out. “Is there something wrong?”
You shake your head, sheepishly admitting that you’re a bit nervous because you’re worried that he might dislike it. His eyes widen at your words, and he takes your hand into his to guide the spoonful of soup into his mouth.
With a bright grin, he praises the dish and expresses how you properly cooked the tofu just to his liking. His cheeks are pink at the knowledge that you had made the dish just for him, your own cheeks warm as he continues to compliment your cooking as he insists on also making it together the next time.
Itto taking notice of the way you speak softly to Granny Oni, handing her a cup of tea while she takes a seat at the dining table. You announce that you’ll be the one preparing lunch for the afternoon, for her as well as Itto and the rest of his gang.
“Hey, lemme help out!” Itto insists, and the way your eyes brighten at his offer is enough to bring a grin onto his face.
His hands are a bit clumsy as he cuts the vegetables, and you place your hands over his to carefully guide him into cutting the potatoes into neat slices. The smile that Granny Oni has on her lips as she watches the two of you work together goes by unnoticed as she drinks her tea, chuckling a bit at the slight red color that now paints the oni’s cheeks.
Childe sporting a huge smile as you place the hat that you had bought for him on top of his head. Next to you stands Teucer, wearing a hat smaller but similar to his brother’s.
“Look, Teucer! Now both you and your brother match,” you say, your fingertips lightly brushing over the side of Childe’s face as you finish adjusting his hat. “Now no matter where he is, you two will always have something to share.”
The harbinger’s eyes light up just ever so slightly at your words, his little brother’s cheers and your laughter sounding so nice to his ears.
Giving a chuckle, Childe gives a closed-eye smile as he promises to buy a hat for you as well, saying that it would be even better if the three of you shared something to match.
Zhongli’s eyes watching you as you continue to smile and nod at him as he speaks, you standing up for the third time in order to pour him another cup of tea. You had been listening to him for quite some time now, showing no signs of disinterest despite the exhaustion obvious in your form.
He stops his storytelling for a moment to ask if you would like to rest for the night, to which you respond with a dismissive wave and even softer smile.
“Maybe in a few minutes. I can’t help but want to stay longer,” you tell him, returning to your seat after placing the new cup of tea in front of him. “Talking to you is always one of the best parts of my day.”
He is slightly surprised with how honest you are, giving a small nod as he takes a sip of his tea. “I see.”
You continue to listen to him for another half hour or so, your light laughter and his relaxing voice filling the night air as he made sure that your own cup of tea never went empty as well.
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kayami51 · 3 months ago
Can I request how the kizuki and muzan would react to doma having adopted a little girl and hearing her call him papa.
Upper Moons and Muzan reacting to Douma's adopted daughter.
I updated my rules upon seeing this request, because I realized that I can't write to Hantengu and Gyokko, so I will exclude them from the request together with Rui and Enmu, because it was said in the anime and manga that the Upper Moons despise the Inferiors Moons.
That said, enjoy reading!
Muzan x daughter!Reader | Kokushibō x daughter!Reader | Akaza x daughter!Reader | Nakime x daughter!Reader | Daki x daughter!Reader | Gyūtarō x daughter!Reader | Kaigaku x daughter!Reader
- Upper Moons and Muzan reacting to Dōma's adopted daughter.
Trigger warning: violence, blood, comedy
Tumblr media
Kibutsuji Muzan
Muzan was never very fond of children, even though he had a daughter, so imagine his surprise when he asked Nakime to bring the Moons to a meeting about the Blue Spider Lily and Dōma showing up with a child in he arms?
Human or oni, he didn't like the girl.
"Dōma, why are you with a child?"
"She is my daughter, Muzan-sama!"
The good thing is that Muzan wasn't drinking anything else he would spit it out.
He really wanted to know HOW Dōma could have a daughter, but knowing him, it would be better not to know so he could maintain what little sanity was left.
"Nakime, send the girl back."
"Yes, Mu-"
"But Muzan-sama, my daughter is afraid of my servants and her mother is dead, will you let her stay with me please?"
"I don't care, kids are too fussy and rowdy, I don't want her here."
"My daughter is very well behaved, isn't she, (Name)?"
"Yes, I will behave, papa!"
Now it wasn't just Muzan who was surprised, EVERYONE else was too!
Kokushibō was six-eyed, Akaza was wearing a worried expression, Nakime almost dropped the biwa, Hantengu was scared, Gyokko was holding back his laughter, Gyūtarō was wearing a strange expression and Daki looked happy.
Muzan, wanting to get the attention back to get more information, coughs and everyone pays attention to him.
"Right, but she has to be quiet or I'll kill her."
Everyone was surprised when the girl did not react to the threat to her, wondering what Dōma was doing to her.
Dōma took her daughter to all the meetings and, over time, everyone got used to her.
Muzan still doesn't like children, but he found you tolerable, as he behaved himself and never pestered him.
You were quiet at meetings, always on Dōma's lap, and when the other Moons ended they would come to you, wanting to spend some time.
You were the one who approached Muzan, and when you did, everyone thought you were going to die.
But the weirdest thing was that Muzan talked to you as if you were intimate.
"Sir, what is the Blue Spider Lily?"
"It is a flower which will give me immortality."
He continued to look serious when talking to you, but everyone noticed that he looked more relaxed.
He'll pat you on the head as a cuddle, but that's the most he'll do.
Sometimes he teaches you some things, because Dōma just plays with you, but he will be a strict teacher.
He'll give you some toys, like dolls, but only on special occasions, like your birthday, or when he's in a good mood.
He threatens you from time to time, but it's always strange when you don't get scared, immediately remembering that you are Dōma's daughter.
There was a time when Dōma pissed him off and he ripped his head off, and your reaction was very strange, even more so than your father.
"Papa pissed sir off again, it's funny!"
"I knew you would find it funny! It hurt a lot, but it's worth seeing you smile!"
"Again, again! Can you rip my father's head off again, sir?"
Muzan seriously considered taking you out of Dōma.
Tumblr media
Like Muzan, Kokushibō doesn't like children and he didn't care about you at first as long as you didn't bother him.
Over time, he gets used to your presence, mainly because you chase him sometimes.
"Kokushibō-dono, where are you going? Can I go with you?"
"I'm going to a place that doesn't interest you."
"You're funny, just like my papa said!"
There was a time when the meeting ended and you went to him, but with an unexpected question.
"Kokushibō-dono, how can you be an oni with the Breath of the Moon? I thought only slayers could do that!"
"That's because I was a slayer before I became an oni."
"Really?! Can you tell me more please?"
That's how he started to like you.
Like Muzan, he teaches you some things, but mostly literature.
If you ask him to tell you a story, he will tell you, but they won't be fables, but stories of battles or wars that took place in Japan.
He'll also pat you on the head like Muzan, but sometimes he'll carry you on his shoulders, but he'll only do that if you ask for it without having him pissed off.
Sometimes he walks with you hand in hand too, because it reminds him a little of the oldest child he had.
He will also reprimand you severely if you do something wrong, unlike Dōma, who would just pat you on the head and tell you not to repeat it, which is not taken so seriously.
There was a time when he took a scroll of illustrations that told a war story and showed it to you, curious about your reaction.
"Look, this samurai is ripping the enemy's head off! That's really cool!"
He is not surprised by your reaction, but he does wonder what Dōma does around you.
Tumblr media
Akaza doesn't like weak people, but he has empathy for women and children, and that included you.
When Dōma first brought you and Muzan let you stay in the meeting, when it was over he went to your father to question him.
"Okay you idiot, what did you do to her parents? There's no way any sane woman would want to give birth to your kids!"
"Don't say things like that, Akaza-dono! Any woman would be happy to give birth to my children!"
"It's easier for Muzan-sama to conquer the sun than what you said was true."
He continues to question him, until he loses his temper and rips his head off, but not before covering your eyes.
"Why did you cover my eyes, Akaza-dono?"
"So you don't see me rip this idiot's head off."
"But I want to see! Let me see you rip my papa's head off, please!"
He ended up picking you up as he continued to argue with Dōma, almost refusing to hand you over to him.
You had to ask him to give you back, because otherwise you would never see your father again.
Akaza will be attached to you, because he believes that Dōma is not a good father, no matter if you say he is.
It will teach you some moves, because even if he likes you, he still doesn't like your weak side.
Sometimes he asks Nakime to teleport you to him when there is no meeting, because he wants to see you safe.
He will carry you on his lap whenever you ask, because he likes the feeling of carrying you, it brings him security in a way.
It will also play with you if you ask, but only when no one is around.
When you're upset with your father, he picks you up and looks at Dōma with an amused expression, like he's saying you like him better.
But when you're upset with your father for something serious, then he picks you up like you're fragile and looks at Dōma in a menacing way, making a silent threat.
There was one time when he really got mad at Dōma and punched him in the face until he was unrecognizable, but he hadn't noticed that you were around and she saw everything.
"That's cool, hit him more Akaza-dono! It's fun to see my papa with a ruined face!"
He almost took you away after that.
Tumblr media
Nakime doesn't react much, she's quieter, she was only surprised when you called Dōma papa.
At the end of the meeting, when she was going to send everyone away, you went to her and, out of politeness, she didn't ignore you.
"Are you Nakime-dono?"
"Yes it's me."
"Why do you cover your face with your hair? It's funny, just like my papa said!"
"Wait a moment, child."
When she said this, she played the biwa and sent Dōma elsewhere.
Everyone thought it strange and you were almost scared, until it rang again and Dōma reappeared, but with a worn-out appearance.
"Wow, where did you send my papa, Nakime-dono?"
"To a place full of wisteria."
"How fun, he's all hurt!"
She will get used to you over time, as you are a child who was not afraid of her because of her appearance and was interested in her biwa.
Sometimes, when she is free, she plays the biwa and brings you to her, wanting to spend more time with you.
When you messed with her hair and saw that she only had one eye, she was afraid you had her, but you showed you weren't afraid and even called her beautiful, which melted her heart.
It will teach you how to play the biwa, because then you will use your time in something good instead of doing who knows what with Dōma, according to her.
There was one time when Dōma pissed her off and she sent him to a place with sunlight and when she brought him back, he had half his face melted away, making you laugh.
"Do it again, Nakime-dono! It's nice to see my papa's face melted!"
"As you wish."
She really wanted to have you all to herself, but Dōma wouldn't let her.
Tumblr media
When Daki saw you, she thought you were so cute and wanted to play with you right away!
At the end of the meeting, instead of you approaching, she was the one who approached!
"You are so cute, I want to take you to my house!"
"I want to go too! Papa, can I go with her?"
"No way, it's not a place for kids, I don't even go there!"
"But didn't you say that's where you found me and onī-chan?"
"Changing the subject now!"
Dōma does everything so that you don't get close to her, but it doesn't help his efforts, Daki always goes to you.
She picks you up and throws you up whenever she can.
Gyūtarō keeps an eye on you two because he knows if something happens to you, Dōma will get angry and hurt Daki.
She will always bring clothes to dress you up and do extravagant hairstyles on you.
Sometimes the two of you do a fashion show and it's really fun and funny!
She'll pamper you with sweets, I recommend you brush your teeth a lot.
There was one time when she challenged Dōma to walk in high heels against her, as it was a new fad coming up, and he accepted, as you liked the idea.
She just didn't expect you would laugh so hard watching him fall.
"Papa fell, that's so funny! Again, again!"
"As you wish, princess!"
It would be a lie if she didn't think this was weird, but who was she to say anything?
Tumblr media
The only child he liked in his entire life was Daki, so he didn't like you at first sight.
"Stay away from her Daki, she's Dōma's daughter, good thing she's not."
"Stop that onī-chan, she's really cute, how could it be bad?!"
"You are Gyūtarō-dono, aren't you?"
"I am because?"
"Your face mark is really cool, like, it's unique!"
This caught him and Daki by surprise.
He only started liking you because he had to keep an eye on Daki and, over time, he liked you.
"Hey brat, be careful, don't run so hard."
"Tell that to Daki-dono, she who runs with me everywhere!"
"I'll talk to her later, okay? Now stay here, your old man is coming."
As he doesn't have much body, he usually carries you on his shoulders.
It will show you the scythes it has and some moves, but it won't let you use it at all.
He'll get you close to Daki when he needs to, because he knows very well that she has no limits.
He takes you away to Gyokko constantly, because for some reason he likes to mess with you.
There was a time when you took one of his scythes and when he caught you in the act you threw it up, but you didn't expect it to fall in your father's face.
"Papa has his face cut, that's funny! Can I release it again, please?"
"But of course dear! Gyūtarō, can you give her your other spear?"
He just didn't question why he was Dōma, and he was pretty weird all by himself.
Tumblr media
I recommend you stay away from him as much as you can, because he HATES children.
Yes, I know he grew up with other children in the Gyōmei Temple, but he cheated on everyone and took the oni to eat them, so seriously, stay away from him.
"You are the new Upper Moon Six? But what happened to Gyūtarō-dono and Daki-dono? I want to see them!"
"So you're Dōma's daughter? Ha, your 'papa' didn't tell you?"
"Didn't tell me what?"
"They were both killed, you idiot. They were too weak for that, but unlike them I'm stronger."
"You're not the strongest, you just stole their position!"
You two don't get along, because he's always teasing you and you tease him back, but always stirring his pride.
Will tease you whenever possible, but only when no one is around, since you are loved by everyone.
He managed to get it into your head that if you ask your father for help you are weak, so you never asked Dōma for help in dealing with him.
Until at some point you disappear together with him and Dōma asks Nakime to transport him to you, and he didn't like the scene he saw.
Kaigaku was holding you by the hair and was going to scratch your face, but Dōma grabbed you by the arm and yanked you off, quickly picking you up.
"What has he done to you, my princess?"
"Kaigaku-dono keeps picking on me and talking bad about Daki-dono and Gyūtarō-dono, and I don't like it! He hits me whenever he can and I hate him for it!"
"Why didn't you tell me sooner, princess?"
"He said if I told I would be weak and I'm not, I'm not!"
"You are not weak, I assure you, but now what? How do you want him to suffer?"
"Rip his guts out, papa! Pull it out and when it regenerates pull out more until he asks for forgiveness!"
"Your wish is my command, my princess."
Kaigaku saw the worst side of Dōma that day and he never messed with you again.
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blossomized-loveshow · 8 days ago
hoi! could I pls request headcanons of xiao, venti, kaeya and tartaglia with a s/o who has dog ears and a tail? ( they’re also related to gorou, they’re his cousin )
just extremely fluffy
sos if this isn’t specific enough, feel free to ask me for more detail
thanks sm! have a wonderful day/noon/night <33
“fur and fluff”
Tumblr media
Pairings: Xiao x reader, Venti x reader, Kaeya x reader, Childe (Tartaglia) x reader
Genre: fluff (HCs)
“tail swishing from side to side, ears perking up at the sound of his voice. Surely you won't mind if he...”
Author's note: "thank you so much for requesting! I'm glad to get a genshin one as well ^^ I tried my best, hope you like it~"
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Xiao has seen many sorts of people in his life, people with horns, wings, extra limbs, so meeting someone with dog features wouldn't surprise him honestly
It's only when you start dating (which he didn't even think would happen in the first place) that he starts to pay more attention to it
He secretly adores your ears, they're soft to the touch and make it almost impossible for the yaksha to keep himself from patting you whenever you're with him
The way they flatten when he does so and how they twitch when you're happy simply makes his heart explode
If you ask him to groom your tail, he'd definitely refuse at first, but it won't take much to get him to do it (puppy eyes!!)
And surprisingly, he finds that this is actually very relaxing! Xiao can be quite busy with his duties and all so when he gets to relax with you he'll be more than happy to get to play with your fluffy tail! ^^
When did Xiao turn into a dog person..
Tumblr media
Like Xiao, he's met various sorts of people in his life, so it wouldn't shock him to see a person with dog ears and tail
However it does get him excited! I see him as a person who likes little animals (except the cats, they make him sneeze..) And you definitely remind him of one
Loves to play with your tail! It's so fluffy it makes him feel like he's touching the clouds ~ he also likes to poke your ears at random times because he simply loves the way they twitch
He might just write a song inspired by you to sing to the dogs in mondstadt
Don't worry he won't mistake one of them for you
Unless he's drunk
I also feel like he'd decorate your tail with various sorts of flowers that he thinks matches you! Also a flower crown to compliment those beautiful ears~
He's just a little sweet heart please cherish him
Tumblr media
You probably met and started dating because this man got so interested in your "unusual" appearance he started to follow you/pay more attention to you
He takes pride in the fact he's dating such an interesting person, bonus being that you're the fluffiest too
Tho being the little shit he is he might buy actual dog treats or toys to tease and mess with you
If you happen to actually like them he'd be so shook the whole of the knights tease him for the rest of his life cuz they've never seen him like that
Speaking of the knights, he'd love to take you with him when he's working! Even if he's going to visit Jean and Lisa you're free to tag along (just make sure you don't shed any fur from your tail or Lisa will murder you)
Being the man with so many connections, he most definitely knows thoma which is why I think he'd also have heard from gorou at least once. Must say he'd be quite surprised hearing you're related
Tell him all you know about inazuma! He'd gladly listen, never taking his eyes off you as he's softly patting your tail ♡
Tumblr media
Talk about man child
I feel like he literally won't stop asking to touch your ears or tails, play I with them, pat them, anything!
He doesn't mean to make you uncomfortable in any way though! He's a family man so I imagine he treats his S/O with respect too
However if you're skilled in combat and agree to fight him from time to time, he might drop comments like "watch out, might end up cutting your tail off~"
He'll make sure that doesn't happen tho!
He won't
And if you think one child is enough then prepare, he'd most definitely invite you to visit his home and there you find his siblings eagerly waiting for you
Just like Tartaglia, they would looove to play with your ears and tail, it's like you become their new toy
Especially Teucer, being the little one, adores you!
And Tartaglia? He's watching from a little distance, a wide smile on his face
He's simply in love
Tumblr media
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m-jelly · 21 days ago
Levi's dedication to you
Tumblr media
Levi and you at home.
-Levi would do little things for you around the house. If you were thirsty, you didn't get a chance to get a drink because he'd already have a cup of tea ready and waiting for you.
-Levi would notice if you were a little cold because he could read you. You'd have a blanket wrapped around you before you'd even think about getting one. Once you were wrapped up, he'd tell you off a little about not staying warm, then he'd cuddle up to you and hold you tightly.
-Levi would hug you from behind often because he would keep reminding himself you're there with him. He enjoys hugs, but would never let anyone other than you know that. There is just something about being held by you or him holding him that made everything seem right.
-Give the man head pats! Levi would adore you playing with his hair as you worked, read a book, playing on your phone or watching tv. He loved the contact so much, that'd he'd fully relax in your arms as you do.
-Kisses please, and many. Levi would never ask for a kiss, but he'd expect many from you. He would feel confirmation of your love through those kisses and it'd be his sign as well. Forehead kisses are a must with him. He loves giving them and receiving them. Kisses just make the man melt. If you want to see him blush and get adorably flustered, give him surprise kisses. He'd grumble about it but love it.
-Cleaning the house is his thing. He'd teach you how to clean and get excited about it, but he loves to do it himself because it's a passion of his. So, let him get on with it and praise that man for his hard work! Tell him he's amazing at cleaning! It'll make him happy. However, cleaning clothes is all yours, because Levi loves the cleaning things you use. All his clothes would smell like you and that makes him happy.
-Shared baths and skin treatment together. Nights where you both want to pamper yourselves, he'd be fully up for it. He'd let you pamper him and he'd pamper you. You'd both joke and laugh together and just enjoy yourselves.
- Levi knows you. Levi would know you so well, that he'd have everything for you ready. If you have long hair, he'd have hair ties for you. If you had short hair, he'd have products for you. If you loved a certain snack, he'd have them in the house and even in his bag.
Tumblr media
Levi and dates.
-Levi wouldn't be the type to go out places. Levi doesn't show public displays of affection much. Levi's the type to lightly touch you when in public. Levi would lightly hold your hand, he'd squeeze your arm or thigh as well. When you sit together, he'd be next to you and keep a hand on you, his knee touching you or his arm around you.
-Levi would take you to quiet places because noisy places mean dirty places. He would take you to large gardens so you can look at the pretty flowers, or to museums where you both could learn something together. Whenever you go to educational places, Levi would prepare beforehand so he could teach you and no one else. Levi wanted you to be proud of him, so that's how he'd handle it.
-Dinner dates at home. Levi wouldn't take you out to dinner or dancing, but he'd bring it home to you. He would cook you a full three-course meal, then end the night by dancing together in the living room. Levi would spoil you on date nights at home and make sure you were always happy.
Tumblr media
Levi and gifts
-Levi's language of love is giving you little thoughtful gifts. He'd get you things that you wouldn't even ask for or even think about. He's not the type of man to buy you household things to make you a housewife, it'd be loving things.
-If you had a favourite animal, he'd buy you cuddly toys of that animal for you to hug. However, he would regret it a little later when he sees you spooning with it instead of him. He'd be happy that you're happy, but he'd wish you'd cuddle him instead. You would sense that and give Levi cuddles, but you adored the toys he'd get you.
-He'd buy you jewellery, but not just any kind. He'd buy you the stuff that had a lot of thought put in and wouldn't be like everyone else's, it'd be unique.
-Levi wouldn't wait for a special occasion to get you a gift, it'd be whenever he felt compelled. He'd be so overwhelmed with love for you, he'd buy whatever it is and give it to you as soon as possible. Flowers would cover your home because he'd get you so many.
Tumblr media
Levi in the bedroom.
-Levi would always get up first in the morning, but he wouldn't leave the bed until he said his good morning to you. If he had to do an early shift at work, he'd gently wake you up and say good morning, but he'd feel guilty about it later.
-Sleepy talks. Levi would lie in bed with you and talk all night about different things until you both fall asleep. He'd watch you fall asleep first, then he'd spoon you tightly and sleep right after.
-Nightmares. Levi would wake you up from nightmares and comfort you and soothe you until you were better. He'd care for you to ensure you were better. If Levi would have a nightmare, he'd seek you out right away. You'd give him so much love and comfort after, then you'd listen to him as he'd tell you about it. He'd eventually fall asleep in your arms and dream of the future with you.
-Levi as a lover. I believe due to the loss of so many close he'd be a very loving and giving lover. Levi would go down on you and eat you out like it was the best thing he'd ever tasted. He'd make sure you felt so good that you were almost crushing his head between your thighs. When it came to sex, he'd look to you to take the lead. Communication would be a big thing for him and he'd often be asking you if you're okay. He'd praise you, cover you in loving kisses and be a gentle lover. If you asked him to go harder, he would, but he would be so worried afterwards that he hurt you. Levi's main focus would be you getting as much pleasure as possible.
-Aftercare. Levi's aftercare would be the most loving, caring and sweetest thing possible. When I say this man will clean you, I mean he will clean you. He would make sure that every inch of you is clean. He would put you in your clothes again, then cuddle you so tightly as you lie in bed, or wherever you two had sex. He'd tell you how much he loved you. He'd make sure you're okay and he'd cover you in kisses.
-Levi's kinks. (I want to make this clear, there is NO kink-shaming here. Everyone has their kinks and what they like. I have mine, you have yours, your friends have theirs. This is simply what I think about Levi.) Levi wouldn't be into anything that would cause you any harm. When he loves someone, he'd protect them no matter what. So, if you want to be spanked you'd have to talk to him a lot about it because he would say no to you at first. After all, he would think it hurts you. Silk ties? Yes, as long as they are SOFT and wouldn't hurt you. He wouldn't be into names like mommy or daddy, mainly because this man's family issues are very bad and run deep. I think if you called him daddy, he'd either ignore you or just stare at you until you said sorry. However, he'd call you his little brat, a good girl and my love. This man is probably into nipping the skin to leave a little mark, as well as touching. This man would touch you until he wasn't allowed to anymore.
Tumblr media
Levi when you're sick, or when he's sick.
-Levi would be your nurse if you are sick. This man would do everything possible to make you better. You would be confined to the bed and banned from leaving unless he helped you to the room you needed to get to. He would cook you warm food, he'd get you warm drinks and you'd have a cold patch on your head. You would have so many blankets on you it'd be almost too much. Levi would take such care of you because his mother died of an illness. You getting sick would scare him because of his mother. So, you let him spoil you.
-When Levi is sick, he would want you to keep your distance. However, you would be right at his side nursing him back to health. Levi would want you gone at first because he wouldn't want you to get ill. After ignoring him for a bit, he would love the attention. He would adore how you'd stay at his side, cook him his favourite thing you make - rice pudding. He'd love the tea you'd make him too, with honey and lemon. You'd rub his chest and sing him songs. He'd just fall in love with you over and over during this moment.
Tumblr media
Levi when you've fought.
-Fights would happen because Levi would either misunderstand something or would get jealous. Levi has never been in a relationship before you. So, you are his first in everything. This means he will have moments where he'd say something or do something and not fully understand if he's done something wrong. He's learning, so you are rather forgiving and you guide him, but sometimes he takes things too far and you'll get upset.
-Levi would know very soon when he's messed up because he can read you like an open book. He wouldn't understand at first what he did was wrong, so he'd seek advice from his friends. Erwin would be his number one to go to, then Hange after for girl advice. He would make it his mission to fix the problem.
-Solving fights would always involve talking because the issue was not talking enough. You and Levi would sit together, talk it out and realise you were both silly and hug it out. Levi would never get you a gift to say sorry for a fight because he wouldn't want to be one of those guys that buys your forgiveness, he'd work hard and talk to you and get it the right way.
Tumblr media
Levi when he proposes.
-Even though this man knows you love him, he'd still be nervous to ask you to marry him. He'd want things to be perfect and not mess up because he really can't lose you. He'd buy you a delicate ring, not a big bulky ring to show off to everyone, it'd be simple and delicate.
-Levi wouldn't take you to a public place to propose, he'd take you someone nice, but not where a lot of people would see. A public place would make you and he feels pressured, so he'd pick somewhere far more romantic. Levi would probably take you on a nice walk that you two often went on for the lovely views and some peace. When you get to the perfect spot, he'd ask you and you would say yes and practically tackle the man to the floor in happiness.
Tumblr media
Levi when you marry and married life.
-Levi would find it difficult to control his emotions on your wedding day. He would smile a lot at seeing you walk towards him in your wedding dress. Levi isn't one for smiling in public and would smile at you at home only, but seeing you looking so beautiful ready to be Mrs Ackerman would make him smile so much.
-First dance would not end. Levi would keep slow dancing with you until you tell him your feet ache a little. He would let you rest and massage your feet. He would not stop looking at you all night. He'd think you were just beyond perfect and he would not stop calling you Mrs Ackerman, because he just wanted to remind himself that you were married to him.
-Levi would be a dedicated husband. He would make sure he did everything in his power that you were a happy wife. You'd get a new house together with children in mind, but it'd be an unspoken thing between you both.
-Matching things. Levi would be so happy he is married to you, that he'd buy a lot of husband and wife things. You'd see cups with Mr and Mrs on, along with towels and dressing gowns. You'd let him get all these things because it made him happy and you loved seeing him so happy.
Tumblr media
Levi as a father.
-When you and Levi talk about a baby, he'd be worried at first because he lacked a father figure in his life. However, he would want to bring a child into this world with you because you are so beautiful to him and he would love to see you holding a baby in your arms or to see them grow up looking like you.
-Making a baby. Levi would be excited to try, but the mess of making a baby would concern him. You'd have to reassure him that it wasn't messy and you wouldn't let any of his sperm leave you, so there would be no mess to clean up. It'd take some tries for him to get used to, but in the end, he'd find it rather enjoyable and possibly unlock a kink in him.
-Pregnancy. When you tell Levi you're pregnant, he'd be in shock for a bit and then the happiness would hit him. He'd hold you tightly and be overjoyed at finally getting you pregnant, then he'd go into full panic and planning mode.
-Baby things. Levi would buy so much for your baby, that you would have to tell him off because it was too much. He would get rather emotional over the little socks and clothes for the baby because they are so tiny. He'd put everything together in the baby's room and be so proud of everything being put together and organised. You'd of course shower him in praise because he was so adorable.
-Delivery day. Levi would be so upset on the day you deliver the baby. Levi would hate that you were in so much pain, that he'd want to stop it but couldn't. He'd be there for you and say sorry over and over, but you'd let him know that it's all normal and he didn't need to beat himself up. He'd be right next to you when you push and be overjoyed when the baby arrived, but go back to panicking about you when he saw how tired you were after.
-Baby. Levi would make you rest during your healing days and ban you from doing anything around the house. He would take care of the baby's nappies and when they cried. He would make sure you healed up and got better. He'd be a loving husband to you and a doting father. He'd help them sleep by resting them on his chest as he'd sit next to you while you slept. He'd stay at your side and keep the baby with him. He'd melt at seeing you holding the baby, as well as you feeding them, you talking to them and you singing to them.
-Walking and talking. Levi would almost cry at seeing his little one walk for the first time and you'd comfort Levi being a proud father. Levi would talk to his baby so much about you, that your baby's first word would be mummy. Levi would be so proud of his baby that they say mummy first because he wants his child to adore you the way you deserve.
-Toddler. Levi would run around with his little one, as well as teach them how to clean. Your little one would pick up on Levi's mannerisms so much, that they'd be very similar to him. Your child would adore you just like Levi would plan, but they would have this soft side to them like you. You'd play together as a happy family, as well as cuddle a lot.
-Growing up. Levi and you would both be there for your child at every step of them growing up. You'd guide them through life and love them endlessly. You'd both be proud of your kid, no matter what.
-One is not enough. Levi wouldn't just want one kid, he'd want more. After having one baby, he'd want more because having a baby would unlock something inside him. He would love being a dad so much and seeing you as a mother, that he'd want to expand your wonderful family together.
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Two more lonely people Part 2
NSFW 18+
Summary: “should we fight this?” “Si.” “I don’t know if I can” “neither do I”
Pairing: Bruno Madrigal x fem werewolf! reader
Warnings: age gap (Y/N is 24 and Bruno is 50) thinking nsfw later on idk yet but imma tag it as such. Any others let me know please.
Word count: 2665
Masterlist PT1 next
Tumblr media
The air is cool as the sun makes its descent into the western horizon. The birds sing and call to each other as they prepare for the night and the colony of fruit bats nearby are probably preparing for their nightly flight, waking from their day of restful sleep. What a wonderful idea to watch the sun set and admire the colours painting the clouds.
You breathe in with a smile as you listen to your friends chat about whatever comes to their minds, Dolores mentioning nearly every little secret she hears across the town. You noticed though as the day went on that her mood wasn’t as bright as usual, slowly turning blue but pretending everything is fine.
When Isabela got up at one point, heading inside to get a drink, you asked Dolores what was wrong. She’d sighed and pulled her legs close to her body, looking away from you. You didn’t push her, just smiled gently and offered your thigh up as a pillow, softly stroking her curly locks when she laid her head down. For once she didn’t want to say just yet but you knew she would when she was ready.
“I should go home soon” you sigh as you lean back against the plush grass, taking in the scents of the evening air. Some days at this time you’d go for a swim at the river, enjoying the cool water as it washes away the dirt from the day, making you feel at peace. Or you’d run through the jungle listening as small animals scattered in your presence.
“You’re not gonna stay for Antonio’s gift ceremony?” Dolores asks, sitting up to look at you. “Abuela has planned it for sunset.”
“I suppose I can stick around a little bit longer then.” You tell her as you get up, offering your hands to the girls to help them to their feet. To be honest you thought it was tomorrow.
Others are already gathering within the courtyard of casita as you enter, the long carpet laid out along the centre of the room, leading to the curved staircase and candles placed in even intervals across the space. Flowers adorn the railing above and spotlights aim down to where Antonio will start his special event. All eyes will be on him as he receives his gift.
Everything looks perfect as you take your place among the crowd. Right at the bottom of the stairs, able to see everything. The people chatter amicably as the last few file in, nearly the whole town squishing into the walls of casita, your mother taking a place near the back. Isabela and Dolores quickly hug you and race up the stairs to join the rest of the family as they gather beside what will hopefully be Antonio’s new door.
A hush falls over the crowd as the red curtains are pulled back revealing Antonio, his hands clasping Mirabel’s arm tight. Her eyes are wide as she walks her cousin down the aisle, looking around at the people surrounding them. You wonder if she’s secretly hoping for him to be like her, to not receive a gift so she isn’t alone anymore. You know she wouldn’t want that though, she was devastated when the door faded before her hand, she wouldn’t wish that heart ache on anyone let alone her family.
She smiles at you as she approaches the stairs but you can almost see the memories behind her eyes, flashing through her mind like splinters into her heart. When she was younger she cried about it at times, ‘why didn’t I receive a gift?’ what did I do wrong?’, you told her that sometimes things happen for a reason and that even though we don’t know it yet, it’s waiting to reveal itself. It was what your mum always told you when you cried about the scars in your arm and the pain of your first few transformations. It’s what she told you when she carried you for miles trying to find the town with magic that she’d heard about. It’s what she told you when the seer said that there was no cure but that in time you’d be accepted in Encanto, treated like family by all. So far no reason has appeared to you but you hold onto that belief. After all what’s stopping you from just being the wolf if that isn’t true?
As they reach the stairs Antonio looks up at you and to your surprise, takes your hand too, dragging you up the stairs to be with his family, whispering that you should be up there too. You can tell by the look on Alma’s face that she didn’t entirely approve, her high standards well known, but the rest of the family smile widely as you walk up the steps behind Antonio and Mirabel, greeting you with open arms as you take a place beside them.
The magic in the door shines bright, waving in patterns like electricity through wire, just waiting for the boy to touch the door knob so it can give him his gift. This is the closest you’ve been to one without its gift already given and the portrait already on it. Peppa and Felix wait with bated breath, their arms locked together as their son places his hands on the candle, abuela Alma saying a few words before moving aside and allowing the boy to receive his gift.
Antonio reaches his small hand out, the glow of the door reflecting golden in his eyes and making his skin shine a beautiful bronze. Sparks cement themselves into the door and an image forms on the enchanted wood and something in your mind tugs as he receives his gift. You tilt your head curiously as a toucan lands on the boy’s arm chattering away.
“Yes I can understand you!” he grins as he looks upon the beautiful bird perched on his arm, chattering away to him. “Yeah they can come!” he tells it. The toucan calls out loudly toward the forest at Antonio’s answer like signalling to all that they are welcome. That something new and amazing is happening.
Dozens of animals run into the courtyard and up the stairs as Antonio opens his door, revealing a beautiful jungle with swings and waterfalls and everything a little boy and a bunch of animals could ever dream of. His bed dangling down from vines.
You stand still casting your eyes to the ground as his family follows him into the room, not wanting to intrude on the amazing moment. Camillo doesn’t let you stand alone long though, coming back out, grabbing your wrist and dragging you into the room too with a smile.
“Antonio was the one who decided you should be up here, Princesa” he smirks. You shake your head at him and turn to the wide open space.
Antonio takes in his room in style, speeding through the space on the back of a jaguar as other animals explore as well. Swinging on vines and ducking under logs as he laughs the whole way. You fidget with your skirt as you look around at the wide open space, instinct pulling you to play as well but training keeping you locked in place.
The family smiles and rejoices as the boy giggles in excitement, finally returning and practically leaping into the arms of his family.
The moon shines bright through your window as you collapse at the end of your bed, watching the small clouds pass through its light. On your way home you finally figured out why Dolores was getting more and more upset as the day went on. Just a little bit behind you along the long cobblestone path to your home, Mariano and his mother were speaking about the dinner at casita tomorrow. The dinner is for him to propose to Isabela, he has a ring and was trying to think of what to say as he walked home. Apparently his mother and Alma had it all planned out.
Dolores could hear every minute of them planning to wed the man she likes to her cousin. She’d told you one night when it was just you and her that she believed him to be the man of her dreams. That he was handsome and kind and perfect. She also told you of the vision her uncle had told her. The man of her dreams would be just out of reach, betrothed to another. Her being able to hear for a mile in every direction means she gets to experience his prophecy come true, every single second of it.
“Dolores.” You say quietly into the night as you watch the tiny bats fly outside. “I figured out why you were so upset earlier and I’m sorry. I’ll be there for you, ok. No matter what.”
You sniff at the ground as you wander around the town, your massive paws leaving marks in the dirt as you follow each interesting smell. For some reason you couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning and uncomfortable no matter what position you tried. Too hot or too cold and no in-between. Eventually you just gave up, wishing to feel the wind in your soft white fur instead.
As you walk alongside the casita you look down the hill into the trees toward the river, seeking any little movement or smell to stimulate your mind. Any reason to go for a run through the trees. Tiny squeaks draw your mind back to the path before you as you pause in your step, your front paw hovering just above the ground.
Four little rats stand before you, squeaking and sniffing curiously, staring up at you like they’re not even worried. You tilt your head, your ears flopping to one side as you watch the tiny animals with interest. Normally animals smaller than you give you a wide berth, not wishing to become your prey. Maybe they realised you’d literally never eat one cause eww.
“Where did you go? It was a quick trip out to the kitchen, nothing more!” you hear a male voice mumble, approaching the corner the rodents had just come around. You rise to your full height with your ears back, ready to figure out who this intruder with rats is and deal with them appropriately. “Dios mio!” he practically screams, launching backwards onto his ass, his green eyes wide as they meet your cyan ones. You relax though, tilting your head and sniffing as you recognise the man, approaching tentatively. Bruno?
One of the small rats runs up to you, climbing your fur and placing itself upon your head squeaking at the man while the others run up to Bruno, pointing you out with great excitment.
His long dark curly hair is peppered with white streaks and his jaw is covered in a thin layer of stubble. You pause near the end of his legs reaching your muzzle out as close as usually acceptable, recognising the scent that had drawn your attention twice already.
“H-hi [Y/N].” he says quietly, rising from the ground slowly, glancing between you and the rat on your head. You’re not sure why but your tail starts to swing and you see the moment he notices, a small smile curving his lips before he shakes his head. “I need you to do me a favour.” He whispers, reaching to lift the rat from your head, fixing your fluff where it sat. “I need you to not tell anyone you saw me, ok?” he says, tapping you twice on the head before spinning on his heel and racing back inside.
You stand there stunned, your tail falling still, not even thinking of turning back into a human to follow him inside.
Didn’t he leave like ten years ago? You faintly remember the disappointment in abuela and his sister’s faces when he just disappeared. They’ve pretty much refused to even speak his name this whole time and if someone asks about him they pretend they didn’t even hear it.
Has he been here this whole time? Hiding in the walls where you’d first caught his scent? Why did it smell so… good?
For ages you stand there, contemplating going inside to search for him. But what if one of the others find you inside when you’re not meant to be there? He asked you not to tell them… why did he leave? Why did he stay?
Eventually you huff deciding to just go home, staring at the ground as your paws kick up dust as you think and collapsing into your bed still covered in white fur when you finally get home.
Your nose tickles as you slowly wake up, the smell of a feather strong as you sneeze and paw at your snout and the sound of a familiar giggle making you peek an eye open. Dolores leans over you, a massive colourful feather in her hand hovering just over your snout. You grin at her with massive teeth before shifting back, laughing at her widened eyes as she takes in your form. You don’t exactly wear clothes when you go to bed.
“Why aren’t you wearing clothes?!” Dolores gasps, covering her eyes and laughing while she smacks you with a pillow.
“Why are you in my bedroom? Keep your eyes covered and I’ll put some clothes on.” You laugh, snatching the pillow from her and throwing it at her head as you get up. “What are you waking me up for?” you ask her as you pull on your dress and fasten the skirt around your waist.
“What were you doing at the casita so late last night?” you freeze at her words, glancing at her. You’d thought she’d have been asleep, it was well past midnight.
“I couldn’t sleep and went for a walk… went where the interesting smells took me” you told her as you put your hair up in different styles, trying to decide the best one. “What were you doing awake so late?” you smile, tugging at the ribbon in your hair. “All clear”
“I was having a hard time sleeping too” she sighs as she peeks up at you with tired eyes, making sure you’re dressed before relaxing. “You won’t tell anyone will you? About mi tio Bruno?”
“I haven’t decided yet…” you sigh, sitting down next to her. “Has he been there the whole time?” you decide as you speak that you’re gonna take him some things. Food, maybe a blanket or something and if he decides to tell you then that’s a bonus.
“Si… I’ve been able to hear him this whole time…” she tells you, spinning the feather she was tickling you with between her fingers.
“Why didn’t you tell anyone?”
“He asked me not to.”
“You saying just because he asked me not to tell anyone I should also listen? It’s not exactly healthy…”
“no and I know” she sighs sadly. You realise she probably wanted to help, to tell someone but feels powerless, like she has no choice but to just not say anything. Which is rare for her, usually she’ll say just about anything that comes to mind, except how she’s feeling.
“Was this really the reason you came all the way down here from your casita?”
“Everyone is getting the casita ready for the dinner tonight” she frowns as she stares at the ground. You reach for her rubbing your hand up and down her back and squeezing her to your side, hugging her tight with one arm. You see no reason to try say something comforting though. What would you even say? Maybe it won’t happen like that? Maybe he’s not the one? Bruno’s visions have never been wrong. There’s been misunderstandings and blame being placed on him but he’s never wrong.
“How about you help me get some things from the market? Then we can head back to casita together?” you grin, jumping up and offering her your hand.
A/N: I was so amazed by the amount of people who liked chapter one. Thank you all so much!!! This probably won’t be a slow burn because I can’t stand waiting! Characters in disney have gotten together way faster though so I don’t have an issue speeding through to smut 😉 Like and reblog the share the love!!!
two more lonely people tags:
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thatsthat24 · 3 months ago
Sanderstober 2021
Back due to requests from you all, I bring you a new art prompt list for this October! I loved getting help from friends a couple years ago, so I got help again. Remember, you can make art on any day, there’s no being late to a prompt.
If you’d like me to see em, just tag the creations with #Sanderstober. I really hope these inspire you in any way and are fun for ya!
Day 1: In traditional first-day manner, I’d like to see a famous landmark on Sep. 30th vs. that famous landmark on Oct. 1st. (Obviously most don’t change in reality, just… creatively fudge it, it’s spoopy season, for crying out loud)
Day 2: Minimalist drawing! In limited shapes/colors, depict the cast of your favorite piece of fiction!
Day 3: Re-imagine a Horror Movie… as a Disney Movie
Day 4: Re-imagine a non-superpowered character from any piece of fiction and give them superpowers! What powers would they most likely have that would fit their personality?
Day 5: Retcon Time! I need you all to take sad moments that have happened in stories (TV shows, books, or movies) and give them happy turnouts instead. Please.
Day 6: Character Swap - Take the hero and villain of a horror movie and switch their roles. - Submitted by Quil!
Day 7: Take the last meme in your phone and Halloween-ify it
Day 8: Draw a bouquet of flowers and each petal represents a part of yourself your proud of - Submitted by Tammy!
Day 9: I know this is an oldie, BUT IT’S A GOODIE cause I absolutely love what you all come up with each year: Draw characters from any TV show or movie in the style of a Tim Burton character!
Day 10: You know that Strawberry dress? Make it appropriate for Halloween season.
Day 11: Draw an iconic villain from a movie… as a Sailor Scout (GIVE ME THE CURSED IMAGERY) - Submitted by Artie!
Day 12: Take any event that has happened this year, 2021, and make it into a movie poster! Would it be a heart-warming movie? Or a horror flick? I guess it would depend on the event you choose lol
Day 13: Imagine the state/province/country you’re from as a person! What would that person look like? - Inspired by Dominic!
Day 14: Re-imagine your pet (or a friend’s pet) as a DnD character!
Day 15: Take any character from a Broadway musical, and re-imagine them as a Jedi or a Sith Lord!
Day 16: Draw an imaginary “Side” for the Sanders Sides series you wish or think could exist in the universe - Submitted by Foti!
Day 17: Writing OR Drawing prompt - There’s so many scary tales that come out of “sleepy” little towns. Create a Halloween tale that takes place in your “sleepy little town” (even if it isn’t that sleepy) using real locations, landmarks, and figures you’re familiar with! - Submitted by Valerie!
Day 18: Makeup Challenge! Create a Halloween makeup look, either on your face or on paper! - Submitted by Fariha
Day 19: Draw your favorite character in the Halloween costume you wore last year! - Submitted by Davi!
Day 20: Draw your favorite and least favorite Halloween candy as a hero and antagonist! How would they interact? - Inspired by Brei
Day 21: Attempt to draw a classic Halloween monster… with your less dominant hand. The most evil of drawing challenges…
Day 22: Depict any childhood game as if it were a high-stakes, potentially deadly competition akin to those you’d find in Squid Game.
Day 23: An oldie but a goodie - draw the character(s) from one piece of fiction in the drawing style of another piece of fiction (ex. Characters from Game of Thrones if they were drawn by the animators of Adventure Time)
Day 24: Take any planet or star and create how they might look as a person.
Day 25: Take any character(s) from your favorite series and depict how they might look in a different time period!
Day 26: Take your astrological symbol- or, really, any symbol- and create a dress or tux inspired by it…
Day 27: Depict any classic Halloween monster in a conventionally mundane job that they would actually be really good at. - Inspired by AJ!
Day 28: Take any Disney animal and imagine what they’d look like as a person!
Day 29: Re-imagine a classic fairy-tale… if it took place in present day.
Day 30: Take any two characters from the DC/Marvel universe and imagine what their fusion character would be… (ex. Captain Marvel/Iron Man = Iron Marvel)
Day 31: And to take it on home, let’s return to a classic - depicting any character(s) from your favorite piece(s) of fiction having fun on Halloween!
And that is it!! Hope you all enjoy these prompts and have a wonderful Halloween!
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absolutepokemontrash · 2 months ago
Please,,,,, tell me about this family Animal Crossing island. I need to know
Ah… Animal Crossing… a relaxing game to play with your friends and family, or alone if that’s your thing, no judgement here, only relaxation and good vibes.
…well it was supposed to be.
When all eight members of the HOL get into a single mcfreaking island, things go to shit really quickly.
Lucifer is on everyone’s ASSES about paying off their housing loans because he does NOT like being in debt to Tom Nook.
Mammon waits at the store every day to see the new daily items, sure, he’s “wasting his bells” but WHATEVER. His house is gonna look SEXY.
Levi is decorating the island at large, Levi could be an outdoor patio designer if he put his mind to it. Problem is, he gets very distracted with fishing. HE MUST CATCH ALL THE FISH.
Satan is also helping to decorate the island, but there’s a bit of an aesthetic war going on. Asmo and Levi want a cutesy pink aesthetic, while Lucifer and Satan want a cool professional look, Mammon wants everything to be shiny and pretty. (Beel and Belph don’t really care). Satan is also on a mission to complete the museum, he’s a completionist god dammit!
Asmo is planting flowers :3 look how nice everything looks… it’s at times like these when he realizes he really loves his famil- MAMMON STOP DIGGING UP HIS FLOWERS! *THWACK* EAT BUTTERFLY NET YOU SON OF A BITCH! *THWACK*
Beel is just happy to be here. There are only two villagers on the island, and his favourite is Meringue. He’s constantly giving the villagers presents.
Belphie is being a little shit but that’s nothing new. “Why can we not eat our island friends?” “Belphie what the fuck-” “Mammon, Tom Nook is going to break your kneecaps if you don’t upgrade your house~” “SH-SHUT UP YOU LITTLE-” Belphie’s house is still the tent. Someone kick his little rat self out.
…Lucifer once opened up the game, only to find that all of his flowers and decorations were dug up or stolen… he had to hide how devastated this made him. He worked really hard on his little patio okay???
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brightert0mb · 3 months ago
Syndicate Gang with a Glare/Allay/Copper Golem!Reader Headcannons
In honor of those we have lost and our winner of MCLive
Also please note that I write these in the mindset that all of these mobs exist in the game but Glares and Copper Golems are very rare as they didn’t win. So hybrids of them are ever more unheard of
Probably meets you when Ranboo is mining
He forgot his torches and he ends up bumping into you
Ends up taking you back after learning you have no house and live in the caverns
He doesn’t want you getting hurt by the mobs
Techno is very skeptical, even when he learns you don’t know anything about the SMP
Phil is wary but mainly trying to decipher what you are
Ranboo thinks the leaves in you hair and puffing slightly out of your clothes are cool and will occasionally try to clean them out only for more to grow back
Niki is the most welcoming, in the sense that she will talk to you about who you are, where you come from, what brought you to meet Ranboo
After thoroughly establishing you don’t have a home outside the cavern, they offer you the couch
Phil wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to make tea, only to find you on the porch glaring out into the forest surrounding the base
You are pretty quiet in daily life, though all of them notice your nightly habit of glaring into the darkness
Phil finally puts two and two together after Ranboo goes into more detail about finding you in the cave and helped him avoid the darker areas
They have you sleep during the day due to not really being able to stop your night habit
Niki would find you in a flower field collecting dozens of flowers
You two chat and she gives you a cookie before leaving
A couple hours after getting back to the group you knock on the door, a stack of cookies in hand
They all find it generally off putting but you seem so genuine that they try to be nice when trying to get rid of you
Techno would actually try paying you with gold to get you to leave
Surprisingly this works
However they notice one of the pickaxes has gone missing soon after
A couple hours later, you are back with nearly three whole stacks of raw gold
Ranboo notices your wings and Phil finally figured out your an Allay
They settle about the cookie thing soon after
You usually stick with Niki
She will give you things and ask you to collect certain amounts for her city
However, she doesn’t let you try and give her treats when she gives them to you as payment
Ranboo will take you mining, collecting ores he drops, and Phil has you help him farm, collecting the crops while he replants seeds
Techno is the most wary
However, after giving you a mending book to hold and you disappearing, only to reappear almost a full day later with four more, he’s a bit more accepting
Copper Golem!Reader
Phil finds you when wandering a little farther than normal and finds a large compound
You are there mostly rusted, pressing multiple buttons that seem to power the place
He fixes you up and asks you what you are doing
You tell him about how you were made a long time ago and we’re left to be the caretaker of the place
When asked how long ago, you can’t give a straight answer
Copper isn’t known to be the best material after all
Deciding it wouldn’t be right to just leave you, he takes you home
Everyone is kinda confused but you are generally pretty fun
You do small tasks, organizing the chests, taking care of smelting the ore or making food
General upkeep stuff that Phil says is hard coded into you from the base you took care of
Everyone likes you fairly well, Techno in particular is thankful that you organize the chests
He likes to task you with taking care of the animals when he goes out
Phil does the same with the crops when he goes out
You are surprisingly strong so Niki has you help with the really heavy lifting in her underground city
Ranboo and you bond over not remember your pasts well
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luventi · 6 months ago
direct yourself to my original post! reblogs are super appreciated :)
+ cw: suggestive, lots of fluff, gn reader.
+ ft: kaeya, zhongli, diluc, childe, albedo, xiao, venti
Tumblr media Tumblr media
begs for you to have a self care night with him, he’ll stand outside your door with a basket of face masks, serums, and those really cute animal headbands he bought on amazon.
asks for you to scratch his tummy or scalp while his hands are occupied and by occupied i mean he’s playing games on his phone.
you never speak about that one time you both made out on your front door step and almost gave the granny across the hall a heart attack.
tucks you into bed if he comes home to find you asleep on the couch. you don’t tell him this but you pretend to be asleep sometimes so you can be close to him when he carries you.
he wears a really cute bandanna when he’s cleaning around the apartment and you once sneaked up on him to take a picture. the picture is now your laptop background.
it’s a reflex of his to sit you on his lap when you walk by him.
gets upset if you leave the house without telling him or texting him goodbye. he calls you like 40 times to make sure you’re okay.
during quarantine he had a knitting phase and you now have 20 pairs of cotton socks. you wear them for good luck sometimes!
secretly loves to cuddle with you. also loves when he’s the small spoon, makes him feel safe and loved. but of course he won’t admit it.
+ diluc hates lying to you but he has to do this in order to convince you that it really was too hot in his room so can he please sleep over in yours? he promises he won’t kick you off the bed like last time!
has once accidentally sent you a semi explicit picture but only because he was trying to see if that was a mole or a pimple on his back.
he leaves you little notes. “went to work early, made some breakfast for you” “please open the windows once you wake up, you need the sunlight” “don’t forget your keys like last time”
asks you to adopt a dog with him. you tell him you would if you weren’t also busy taking care of him, so you settle for a betta fish!
you once let childe do the laundry and all your shirts became crop tops, but he reassures you that you look hot. you reassure him that you’ll bring flowers to his grave once you kill him.
the first time childe kissed you was when you were watching a movie together, it was a spur of the moment thing and when he pulled away you whispered to him. “you taste like raw onions.” he instantly got up to brush his teeth.
he once kept loudly whining about how he wanted to get laid. “wow i need sex, i need sex so bad, i wish someone would just sex me right now!!” you walked out of your room to speak to him and he perked up at your presence, but all you said was “shut up” and walked away.
has stopped using his own bed to sleep. you’re starting to come home to him asleep in your bed. he claims it’s “more comfortable”. you think he’s a liar trying to nab some cuddles.
if he’s running late to the lab he asks if you can braid his hair back while he’s eating breakfast or brushing his teeth. he appreciates you so much he’ll give you a tight hug before he leaves, which is very out of character for him.
he saves all your voicemails because he loves the sound of your voice. even if it’s you complaining to him about how there’s no milk in the house, he just loves it so much.
you’ve never seen albedo without a shirt before, except this one morning. you were so mesmerized you poke his nipple and he was confused so he just poked yours back.
falls asleep on the couch waiting for you to get home, he can’t feel at ease knowing you’re not safely in bed yet.
complains about your cooking but you can always find him up late finishing everything you made. if you ask him about it the next morning he shrugs and says, “dunno maybe we have rats.”
you two secretly listen in on each other while the other is doing ahem, private activities.
you’re lowkey his only friend so you invite him everywhere you go, all your other friends are confused about the growling angry man. you’re just like *pats head* “this is xiao!”
if you’re not home and it’s raining, he sends you a picture of the rain drops sliding down the window and says “thinking about you <3 ” you reply back “stop thinking about me stinky <3”.
he kisses the back of your hand when saying goodbye. and if you get shy? he’s super smug about it.
if you don’t know how to cook then all hope is lost because venti sure as hell doesn’t know. he has on numerous occasions set your kitchen on fire while you were out.
does venti care about the upcoming water bill? no. does he care about keeping his wine cabinet neat and fully stocked? yes he does. this of course earns him a rightful smack on the head by you.
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onsunnyside · 2 months ago
Can we know more about Tarzan steve!?🤎
༻ a lil about steve
Tumblr media
𝗪𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 | fluff, soft!steve, he's clueless and lonely :(
𝗪/𝗖 | 849
𝗔/𝗡 | i didn’t want to spoil anything (his backstory/parents) but here’s a bit about stevie baby. Check out this beautiful art by @n00t-no0t of baby stevie<3
Feel free to send blurb requests or asks about this series!
𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐀 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media
Growing up (alone) in the jungle wasn’t easy by any means.
Steve missed a lot of life lessons that would be mandatory to keep any normal human being alive in the wild. Things like building a shelter or fire, cooking, knowing what animals were friendly and which ones weren’t. Early on, he found out that he could eat almost anything (raw meat, bugs, fruit and it didn’t matter if it was good or bad, his body could handle anything), and Steve figured it must’ve been normal.
Until Bruce came along but that explanation involves spoilers, so shhh.
Steve is most proud of his beloved treehouse. It’s taken the most of his time too, stemming all the way to his childhood.
It started as a little hangout for him when it rained in the jungle, and his little tent couldn’t survive the puddles or sinking mud. So, he started sleeping in the trees and eventually found a favourite branch that had enough room for him to comfortably rest, with the perfect view of the daytime blue sky and the stars at night.
Slowly but surely, he began constructing his own base in his chosen tree. After plenty of logs, wood slabs and weaved vines over the course of his early teenage years, Steve made his safe place.
It wasn’t the best at the beginning, he wasn’t strong enough to carry what he needed or construct properly, even though he is enhanced, (he was too baby).
So, over time, he renovated his treehouse. Fixing as the days went by, expanding to the other branches, adding little ‘decorations’ like extra loincloth curtains (it was originally because his monkey friends would come and go as they please, and as he got older, Steve started valuing his privacy).
He even tried to make chains of his favourite flowers from around the island, tying them to a vine to add a little colour to the brown and green of his home, but those flowers wilted quickly. He was sad about that until he found that coconuts could be small portable homes for plants (he was stunned, plants growing not from the ground? World-breaking), so he found soil and picked his favourites, then gently replanted them in the hard coconut halves and spread them around his treehouse. He made sure to water them too. Because he knows he needs water, the other animals need water, so plants must too.
He’s gone through his own ‘phases,’ just like any other boy. Given the circumstances, his were very different.
He whittled his own toys to pass the time and carved into the bark of trees. Eventually, he made the (quite remarkable) discovery of charcoal and boom—he was drawing and sketching on cave walls and boulders.
He loved it.
It was magic to him, projecting his own memories and anything he desired onto a surface. It had the chance to stay there forever, and it helped him feel less lonely.
He also drew his friends, which were basically any animal he came across. The elephants, monkeys, gorillas, sloths, parrots, even a jaguar. His favourites to draw were Wendy and Peter whenever they stayed still for long enough.
It was always apparent to him that he didn’t look like his friends, he didn’t have fur all over his body, or spots or large claws or whiskers. The memories in the back of his mind were always hazy and he didn’t know why.
So, when he found a strange thing that stood on two legs, built of shiny material and emitted soft whirring noises, he was rightfully terrified.
And, he smashed it to pieces.
Shattering that thing’s screen face and tearing it limb from limb. He didn’t know what it was, and he didn’t know how to react, (fight over flight for this fella).
After hiding away and examining it from a distance by poking it with a stick, Steve determined it wasn’t an animal, but he didn’t know if it was safe either.
So, when another arrived, he destroyed that one too. And the next. And the one after that, and so on.
Honestly, he didn’t know what was happening.​​ To him, anything unfamiliar was a threat (poor baby).
Although, one time, it made a noise, “Wait!” The screen, the head, showed a creature who had the same evident features that Steve had.
Two eyes, a nose, and a mouth with squared teeth—no claws, or razor-sharp fangs, or fur. The only hair was on their head and above their eyes.
Still, fear won over curiosity, and he tore the head straight off that thing too.
Admittedly, he was upset. The first thing that ever remotely resembled him was lying on the dirt ground, buzzing and twitching.
He sulked for a few days after that until a new one arrived. It looked different, it was taller with thicker plating, it was stronger.
This time when the creature spoke, Steve didn’t tear the head off but a nearby gorilla did.
Steve didn’t know why, but he had a strong suspicion that the thing would return again. He just has to wait.
Tumblr media
𝐄𝐧𝐝𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬: hopefully I kept this as vague as possible while also giving you all a taste of Tarzan!Steve—I’m always open for feedback and feel free to share your thoughts !
𝐓𝐚𝐠𝐬 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐛𝐞 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐠𝐞𝐝 𝐢𝐧 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠.
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cybersvoid · 4 months ago
idk if ur requests are open but I was thinking about Peter/YB falling for an absolutely adorable smush of a fem!darling who's really short (5'0-5'3 lol so u can picture it) Carries around a stuffed animal n shit. BUT SHE'S TERRIFIED OF HIM :( not bc he's a murderer (she has no idea) BUT BECAUSE HE'S TALL AND HAS FANGS AND A LONG TONGUE. She's just really intimidated by him. How would he deal with it/calm her nerves? SFW and NSFW hcs pls :) SORRY THIS IS SO LONG LOL
You're so cute... especially when even when you're scared. But it does sort of block his cock when all he wants to do is be near you. To feel you. To smell you. To hold you. To taste you. And all you wanna do is scurry away from him. He can't even smile in your direction without you shaking in your cute little shoes.
What really pisses him off is when he comes to the diner to see you, and you send TK to take his order instead. TK? Fucking TK?? He's livid. But he won't react for fear of scaring you more. His only hope, as much as he hates it, is to play nice with them in hopes that you're watching, so you can see he's not all that bad and scary. It's difficult. TK isn't his favorite person in the world but he'll do it for you.
After that, it's time to move forward. Casual run-ins at the usual places, so at least you can get used to him. He'll see you walking down the trail at the park and he'll greet you with a small smile (no teeth), and a 'fancy seeing you here' before he hands you a flower he picked up along the way. He'll show some interest in things he knows you're interested in already to make light conversation.
"That's a cute stuffed animal you got there. What's their name?"
"...umm... it's (s/n)."
"Oh, that's a nice one, but I gotta say I like yours a lot more."
"T-Thank you..."
"No problem, I'll see you around."
Casual run-ins start becoming more frequent, to where it's now a normal occurrence to end up together wherever you go. It's hard to continuously be afraid of someone when they keep showing up and being oh so kind to you. So lower your walls just a little. Just enough for him to stick his leg over. But a leg isn't enough. Not for him. Not when he's so close. So before you can fully register it, he jumps over completely.
"P-Peter... please. You're... mmm... going too fast."
"Shh, it's okay. Hold on to (s/n), you'll be okay."
Fucking you with your stuffed animal is a normal occurrence. It comforts you where he can't. As he's rearranging your insides turning you into a mess on his cock, you stuff your face into your stuffed animal, covering it in your tears and sweat.
Don't worry, he'll take responsibility. He'll wash your stuffed animal and you up nice and well. He'll even get in the bath with you making sure to wash every inch of your weak body. And he'll even... oh fuck. And now he's turned on and fucking you raw in the tub.
It's okay, you don't need your stuffed animal right now. You have him. Hold him nice and tight and he'll try to be quick. When you guys are out, he'll carry you to the room, throw one of his shirts over you and tuck you in. Running off to get your stuffed animal out of the dryer so you can hold it while he holds you in bed. He'll whisper words of praise. Telling you what a good job you did, and how proud he is, lips trailing down your neck until you both just fall asleep together.
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saintzjenx · 8 months ago
@ Your next romantic encounter. Who are they? What's the dynamic of the relationship? What's the reason behind this union? 🕊
check out my previous PAC I & II
Hey love its Jenx! Finally after some procrastination and consideration, I have decided to release this PAC for you guys haha, I wanted to do a soulmate reading for you guys but I think it's better to slowly ease you guys into it (?) i guess🥳Nevertheless, enjoy this reading pretty!💕Please keep in mind that since I’m reading for a lot of y'all, some would resonate more while the others might not with some specific details as I’m channeling certain images and different things:)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pick one of the images above, remember their numbers (1 — 3 from left to right) & scroll down to read your tailored reading As you pick between the images, think about yourself and yourself only, about all the past you you can recall, focus in the you in the moment and your highest potentials, then use your intuition to pick one.
— 🪐
Pile 1
Tumblr media
Hi Pile 1. I'm sensing a lot of Pisces/Cancer energy as well as Taurus/Gemini energy around your person, a hint of Aquarius/Libra here and there too! Very worldly bit extremely stubborn haha. I think you too have some subtle Venus energy in your chart along with major earth energy. You feel stable to me. You feel like someone people can count on. I think your next romantic encounter will be one hell of a ride. This is a new person coming in for you guys, not an old one. If it is an old one, it's probably someone you wouldn't expect this reconciliation with. You guys are very very different people at your core and I think you, in one way or another is more emotionally and spiritually mature. This person will intrigue you though I can say that for sure, they are going to enter your life when you're feeling very secured and fulfilled materially in life. It's like theres this pride to you that I can't explain using words. You're very self-awared though that's the thing, you're very in your element and you have immense personal power. There's also this thing about you that may intimidate others at first glance, perhaps its the way you dress so nicely or its the way theres just this air of confidence around you. You're probably amazing at mastering the resting b face now don't you haha. I think you come off as an ambivert and thats a reach to be honest. You're very careful with who you let into your life and I'm also seeing a Cat next to you so you may be fond of animals, cats specifically. You're very honourable as a person and you keep your words. You don't like when people break promises either like you actually may back off if you see people continually breaking little promises. I'm hearing "small things are what really counts"? Interesting one aren't you. You know what you want regardless and this person entering your life is a wild card you perhaps never expected.
In the first stage I think you guys can easily get obsessed with one another. Fast. It's like the first impression sticks with you for so long that you can't seem to move on from it. You guys both idealize one another. Your person is fascinated by how abundant you are and learn to appreciate the small things in life more thanks to you. However, I'm seeing some conflicts due to miscommunications and inability to let go of fixed beliefs. If you think you're stubborn, think again. They're your match. And I think despite those small conflicts, you guys are so so very happy with one another. Like you can't get enough of each other. You might want to party or drink with this person a lot, or its more like the loosen you up and show you that its okay to have fun some times and not everything circles back to work and stress. They open you up and bring you to new places is what I'm hearing. You'll appreciate this though, and with the help of your friend (probably air dominant or air placements) and some good counselling from your loved ones, you work through your differences by utilizing these great advices. Also you would surprise with how fast this person wants to commit to you. It's like they came in and just tell you straight up that they want to be with you. They're very very interesting haha, I think they're very bold in that sense and it may seem like they're very cunning or think before they speak. But I'm actually sensing the deep desire to commit and to again, just be with you. You'll learn to finally let down your guard for once and give into it. So much partnership energy here. This is where I'm feeling the most Venus energy in this pile. Your person gives me charmer vibes though. Like they have a smart mouth but I keep feeling that in front of you, they can't ever seem to find the right word haha
I think you have some unresolved trust issue for sure and this person might trigger certain fear in you. You probably find it so hard sometimes to understand why they have so many friends and why you keep thinking that theres a certain sense of superficiality to your relationship. You may feel lonely at times and you simply feel like your person doesn't give you as much attention as you would want them too. I'm seeing a group of 3 girls talking and ranting to one another, this can be your friends who you come to for advices. I think this relationship as beautiful as it is, will teach you great lessons about how sometimes, your judgment can be clouded by yourself. I think while you normally are amazing at judging characters and situations, when it comes to your own, you struggle. I think a part of you is tired even and I think you too, know this deep down. This person is going to come to you and tell you that, calm down, see things my way and let me help you. Being by yourself all the time has hardened you didn't it? Carrying all the responsibilities on your shoulders have made you tired doesn't it? You may feel that the whole world is against you and no one can figure out what you truly feel or think. You may even think that your visions sometimes are too different for others to understand. You have ambition, you have the drive, yet you feel lonely and unlovable at times. Stop and take a deep breath for me. I'm seeing that your person will take you hands and interlock your fingers into theirs as they caress your face and calm you down. You feel so restless my love. You're exhausted aren't you. Being out there working so hard and keeping a good reputation all the time, I know it isn't easy. But your person sees this, your person sees you for who you are and they tell you that they know how much you fears disappointment and being let down. They know and understand your deeply rooted abandonment issues. They see it all. And they tell you for once, trust someone else rather just yourself. You're not alone on this world. You're not a soul or a face that no one will remember long after you're gone. You're loved and you're capable of love and complete success. You don't have to settle for relationships where you feel that you only receive a partial amount of one's love. No. This time it's different. This time you should get ready for all the highs and the lows of your emotions. The serotonin that will runs through your veins everytime you see your person. This time, you can trust again.
This relationship is divinely supported. You're supposed to meet one another at the right time and right place. You'll feel very at home with this person, but you perhaps already tell the first second your eyes met theirs, that you're in for a wild one. I'm hearing that "you should love your body more", that "every cm of you is perfect" and that "you should not cover up your beauty". I'm seeing a lot of white, red and purple around you and a lot of gold, blue and green around your person. You guys might be fond of the outdoors as I'm seeing so much flowers and butterflies. Can't believe I'm just picking this up but I do see a subtle Leo energy around here. You and your person will be very loyal to one another. And it's like they'll be very protective of you. Very very protective. They might not be like that normally though as they just seem very playful and casual, but with you, its different.
Pile 2
Tumblr media
Ah I'm seeing so much Leo, Libra, Taurus, Aquarius and Sagittarius energy for you and your person.This pile makes me feel so calm. You guys might have shared a group of friend of have mutuals with one another. I would even say that its likely you guys may have encountered one another at some kind if gathering before and just forget about it until you meet again:) You might inherently not get along well with them though. You might view them or they might view you as flighty, unstable and too "out there". Like someone no one can pin down. I just heard "not my type of people" haha isn't this enemies to lovers type beat. It's like you guys just feel drawn to one another for some reason and because you have the same group of friends, you have to put up with the other in the beginning. This person in particular might be very original, as in they're a rebel and heart and enjoy going against the norm, like truly enjoy it haha:) They're so unconventional and seems to be always occupied all the time to the point where it makes you become judgy. Like I'm seeing you're being like "Why are you like this?" to them haha, but they will be just as playful back and i see you guys having some great debates. Very smart ones. Both of you are geniuses in your own ways. That person might have some Scorpio placements by the way. I'm just sensing a lot of hindered tensions between you guys at the start. A true love-hate relationship. This is so normal though, since I think you guys are all very prideful people. Especially you, you're not as highkey about it as others might think but theres just this sense of "I know myself and trust me, I really do" when it comes to you haha, its like you've been through a lot and you're tired of people second guessing you. They're like that too though, but more oblivious. I think they might have Leo Rising or Leo Venus. Cause for them I'm seeing them being very much of a show off and they have a lot of people around them too, they're very good looking and have a specific charm to them.
As you go through the relationship I'm seeing so much more tensions between you guys. Like a scene just appeared in my head where you guys are just arguing about something and one person stops the other by kisisng them LOL. Very cliche but effective. It's like theres so much fire in this pile for some reason. The other person would take a second or two being stunt before asking something along the line of "What do you think you just did?" Very very sassy. But the feelings and emotions between you guys is undeniable. Both of you fantasized about having a crazy romantic encounter with one another but quickly dismiss it just as fast. A true slow burn. And I think it would take a third person for you guys to realize your feelings too. Like I'm seeing a new person coming in between you guys and this would get one of you, CRAZY mad haha. Like the person would just hanging around and flirt with one of you in-front of the other and this would drive y'all insane. Theres just so much care and affection between you guys. Like it stems from a love-hate friendship to something much more.. stable? Like you guys care for one another more than friends and because it starts off so randomly, there's so much respect established. I think after the stunt that this new person pulled, one of you, preferably your person will take a step back and be like "holy fuck, I have feelings for them." But interestingly, instead of running away, they're going to face it and put in efforts to approach you. You tame the player. Congratulations haha. Woah I'm also seeing that you'll run away though. For some of you, especially for the ones that have Sagittarius placements, you'll literally RUN away because you're so confused and you don't want to confront your own feelings. For the rest of you, you'll just be like "great, what now."
Your person will approach you with an offer for sure, they would bring you flowers and approach you like a true gentleman. Perhaps they would even ask you over dinner or something romantic like that. Whatever they're doing, I'm seeing that they're determined to do it the right way. They want to grow with you. They want to explore the world with you. I'm seeing that growth is a big factor in your relationship, growth is what brings you guys together in the first place. I also think that your person will open you up like no other and you too, will open them up. They would talk to you about their issues via their childhood and their past relationships, its like they would tell you a story and you'd be like that makes so much senses, because whatever happened in their past, is what changed them to the person they are today. I think you'll cry hearing this for some reason. For some of you I think you're naturally very empathetic and you might dislike showing this a lot out of fear of being used. But your person won't judge you. They have seen you at your best and your worst and you did too. Theres a sense of unexplainable balance and relief I'm feeling. I think you have really beautiful hair by the way. Something about your hair and your scent that gets them so soft. Its like when they smell you scent and be in your presence, they feel so comfortable.
I think comfort is something not a lot of relationship truly have. Like its very hard for people to be completely comfortable around someone new. But with you and them, its like a ride of die love. You truly want one another to be happy even if its at the cost of your own. Unconditional love is something that just happens between you guys. Sometimes you don't even have to say anything to understand one another. Very telepathic bond. Its like you love each other romantically but also platonically. A best friend kind of lovers. You guys can be yourself with each other and never having to hold back your opinions. I'm seeing a lot of balance give and take. So much fun and joy too. And its like you're demand to be respected and appreciated? They can't seem to say no to you though. Like you give me very cut-throat energy, take it or leave it vibes haha. This pile really softens my heart. You guys have the perfect amount of growth and healing. I'm so excited for you loves.
Pile 3
Tumblr media
The energy in this pile shocks me haha. A lot of water energy, specifically major Pluto/Scorpio or Aries energy and Moon/Cancer energy. Loads of fire too and a hint of Mercury/Gemini/Virgo. This goes for both you and your person. Let's get into this:) I think for you and your person known each other before, if not you guys were romantically involved and it seems that you can't forget or move on from one another? For the others I think this person perhaps met you when they were still struggling to get out of a toxic relationship or some kind of ending and its like seeing you ignited something in them? It seems that your person really working hard to get to you though haha, if anything, it seems that they're the chaser. They're so determined to get to you and I think they're someone that succeed in life too. It's like they know what they want and they're not afraid of going after it. They seem so calm and mature. I think this person is older than you and they have a very stable career. They might be the strong, silent type and they rather show you than tell you things. They've been through a lot and I think once they're invested in something, they're in for the long haul. This can even be long distance too since I'm seeing them travelling to seem some of you and I think in the past they could have been with someone's who really lowered their vibration and brought out the worst in them. They were very immature before and I think they're changing it for you? Aw thats so cute. Its like I think they can be very practical and seemingly harsh in their words at times tho. But they know you dislike it and you're sensitive to energy, so they will tone it down just for you. They're so prideful though, it seems to me like they can't let you go for some reason? If you're not used to people being possesive of you. Buckle up love cause this one is going to be very very controlling. They are, deep down, has a lot of flaws though. Like I think you see through their perfect facade and see how vulnerable they are deep down. I also feel that you won't question their feelings too. You're the type to respect one's emotions and encourage them to open up now don't you? You have a very beautiful heart my love. I think you soften them up a lot , like finally I think they feel that they have reached the threshold of their home.
However, I think theres some kind of layers of secrets here. It seems that theres this fear deeply rooted in them, where they're afraid of losing control and you truly seeing them for what they are. The calmer and more understanding you are, the crazier and more addictive they get. It's like they can't get enough of you. I think they see you as their angel, their "best kept secret". Their need to be possesive over you, however, is concerning. Its like they want you all to themselves and they don't want you to be near any one else. This stems from their insecurity and fear of changes. I keep seeing an image where you're finally fed up with their bs and as you walk out of the door, they're on their knees begging you to stay with the promise of them changing, and you fall for it, every-time. I cant help but be concerned with they way they love to be honest. Very different from the 2 piles up top, you are someone who's very endurance to the point of self-sacrificing. Its like you would take a bullet for the one you love energy. And if I'm being honest, this relationship feels so painful but deep at the same time. Its like one second things are good and great and the next you're balling your eyes out because of the words they said. I think trust is a big thing here. And I think you'll question a lot of the time if you can even trust him. Like they just know how to push you buttons but you have so much love for them. They refuse to completely give themselves to you but would want you all to themselves. Think about it, do you really want to be with someone like that?
You have this thing to you thats so unique. I'm in aw when I see how you're capable of loving someone to the point where you're willing to lose yourself. You are a kind soul, and I keep hearing that its because you were influenced by a female figure to be this way? You yearn for others pain and I think among all the piles, you're someone who's most likely to experience a lot of gut feelings and you're also the one that tend to absorb others emotions. Theres a need to fix people? To change people? Why is that? Why do you feel the need to help others so badly?
I think this relationship will teach you a lot about patience and it will give you the strength to cut ties with things that no longer serve you. This person might even trigger wounds in you that relate to a male authority figure in your life whom you used to look up to yet have a complex relationship with. Theres a lot of emotions buried deep down and I'm seeing a lot of patterns being repeated. This relationship, will be very significant to you and after you leave this person, you'll reach the you that you had dreamt about ever since you were a kid. I'm seeing so much blue around you and black/white around you person. You're like a true goddess deep down. It might be a good idea of reach out to a female figure that you're closed to for help and advices. You know that this relationship is going to be painful but I know that you're never going to stay with someone that does not love you for who you are but rather than who they want you to become. I keep hearing "father" too. So perhaps your views on your father may change the way you see relationships a lot. Be brave my dear. March on out there and shift your energy, start right now so you finally put yourself in the drivers seat, to finally take control over your own destiny.
— Thank you guys for reading it til the end🤎 For more posts like this please be sure to check out my masterlist <3 be sure to reblog if you enjoy this too beautiful!!
saint jenx🪐
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muite · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sex Tapes!
» nsfw ft. haitani ran +hanemiya kazutora +sanzu haruchiyo +haitani rindō (0.9k)
a/n: goosebumps making me feel butterflies rn
Tumblr media
h. ran
"it's embarrassing Ran.."
"why would you be embarrassed when you have the prettiest pussy baby?"
a little moan left your lips as you felt Ran's big hands opening your folds to show the camera the little flower your soft folds were hiding, your entire body caught in flames at his intense stare and even if this whole event was overwhelming for you, you couldn't help but want more, more of him and other parts of his body
his zipper looked as if it would explode at any moment and when with one finger pressing against your puffy clit had you already clenching around nothing, Ran couldn't wait to see and feel how good you'll clench around him
"look at my baby being such a good girl, so responsive to my touch" Ran felt like an animal panting like this, completely pussy whipped as he felt how his lustful eyes couldn't stop staring at your pussy
relaxing against the bed you sighed out, his thumb rubbing the hardening bud in slow circles making you feel like jelly, a little whine escaping your lips "Ran.. feels really good.."
"yeah baby?" sending you a sly soft smile he inserted one long finger inside your gummy walls "why don't you tell the camera how much you wanna get fucked?"
Tumblr media
h. kazutora
when you proposed the idea of filming you two fucking to kazutora he was really flustered, thinking that the whole act was something intimate between a couple that shouldn't be recorded, even if it was for just the two of you he didn't really liked the idea and almost didn't do it saying that after doing it it would be too embarrassing watching himself when you weren't around but he being a good boy he ended up doing it for you
and when you said it could help him when he was missing you he didn't thought he could be doing something like this
now here he was listening to his own moans as the video focused on your joined private parts, you were on top of him bouncing up and down his cock as he gropped your red ass with his hands
"fuck baby you feel so good!"
"just like that kazu, right there!"
he couldn't even see the head of his cock from how fast he was fisting it, whimpers and moans leaving his lips as the lewd claps from the video played all around the room, the other one rubbing his swollen balls making him reach his high after several cries
"fuck i'm- i'm- "
toes curling and abs clenching he felt his cock twitch before feeling the sticky liquid all over his chest, chest falling up and down as he cummed, sighs escaping his lips as he imagined you cleaning the mess he did on himself with your tongue
before he registered it his hand was moving up and down once again
Tumblr media
s. haruchiyo
camera long forgotten now laid at the side of your bed, moving with the rocking of the bed but still perfectly capturing how bad you were getting raw fucked
"fuck, haru! It's too much! stop!
he payed you no mind and continued rutting his hips against your battered pussy, cock hugged by your spongy walls and balls smacking against your clit with every trust he send your way
"please, it hurts"
"but you like it when it hurts, don't you baby?"
whispering against your ear you felt one of his large hands wrap around your neck, turning you to him for a lewd kiss, hips still rocking softly as your messy tongues danced around with him drinking your moans down his throat
feeling him pull out for you to breath, you thought for a minute he was finally showing mercy to your pity self
that is until your felt him spread your ass cheeks
a gasp leaving your mouth when you felt Haru spit directly on your asshole, cheeks completely red and flustered you turned to him "what are you doing?"
now directly looking at him and what he was doing you saw the camera on his hands, lens focused on your twitching ass and leaking pussy, a wicked smile on his lips as his cock slid between your ass cheeks, locking eyes with you he said
"you wanted me to stop fucking your pretty lil pussy baby, so I'm gonna take another route to get you dumb, ok?
Tumblr media
h. rindō
"you wanted this angel, why are you crying now?"
you wanted to answer, you really did but Rin's cock was robbing the air from your lungs plugging and unplugging without stopping for a second, not even to let you catch your breath
"look at you making a mess all over me baby" creamy white rings decorated the base of his cock like a christmas present "have you no shame being this messy?"
moving your legs over his shoulders he went deeper and deeper, soft walls hugging his cock making him feel on cloud nine, he loved this look on you, cheeks red and wet with your tears as your pussy gripped onto him for dear life, more claps were heard from the room as Rin destroyed your insides without any care
your whimpers and cries made him move his gaze from the pussy devouring him to your face, seeing how your hopeless eyes begged for him
"Rin please, I'm gonna.. I'm gonna cum!"
"Do it then baby, do a little show for the camera"
imagine how he felt when you squirted all over him, making a show for the camera just like he so nicely asked you to
Tumblr media
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hotwings0203 · 7 months ago
What about deku accidentally finding bully bakugou nonconning reader and just watching it
Pt. 1
Now THIS. THIS is smthn I can get behind!
Tw: vouyerism, noncon
But you can’t blame him, not really…especially when you scream so sweetly for kacchan.
When he yanks your hair back from the ends of the locks so that it hurts more, when he shoves you into the locker rooms thinking no one is watching, dekus right behind one of the shower curtains violently stroking himself the entire time.
He almost wants to thank kacchan for the surprise show, for dry humping you against the steel while you sob for mercy. He thinks he’ll send flowers to his childhood best friend when his hips slap so hard against your ass that he’s sure they’ll be bruises in unseen places tomorrow.
And when Bakugo tears your hands away from your face in favor of watching your lips open and close with wordless prayers to just kill me, please, instead of doing all this, when he gnaws and teeths at your tear-stained cheeks and neck like some kind of rabid animal, deku’s dick jumps in Kacchan’s bountiful graciousness of unknowingly letting him watch the picturesque scene in front of him.
It feels illegal to have the honor of quietly groaning your name while the rustling of your pants being torn down your body acts as a cover up for the sounds. It feels unjust that he has the privilege to witness Bakugo lowly growl in your ear that screaming and crying isn’t gonna save you this time, you little cunt. In fact, I want you to scream louder for me. Let everyone know whose fucking you into next year. Just know whoever comes through that door is gonna watch you get raped by my fat cock. So go on, open that filthy little whore mouth for me and show me what you can do.
And when you struggle catch your breath when he shoves himself into you, dry and unprepared, Kacchan-like the powerful, admirable leader he’s always been- cooes at you to take a deep breath because he wants you to be awake for this. Deku would’ve laughed at your predicament but he too is struggling to breath when his balls swell with the urge to bust.
He has long since turned the shower off but the water still drips from the faucet, and the sound mixes with the melody of skin slapping skin. Bakugo forces your body to bend in unnatural ways up against every platform and shape in the room. He fucks you in so many pleasurable and painful positions Deku hasn’t seen before that he’s almost tempted to find his notebook and make notes of how your anatomy swells when filled upside down and inside out.
Your clit is neglected completely and your nipples are swirled bu two rough fingers painfully to the point of overstimulation. You writhe like a minnow in his hold, but he holds your body fast against his toned chest as he drags his hips up in favor of pulling your slit open with his prick. You try to shake your head and lift yourself out of his grasp, by Bakugo merely pulls you down further on his length, teasing you and asking why you’re running.
When two large hands go around your neck you start to thrash and panic, neglecting your pitiful whimpers and efforts to remain still and unseen. Deku fists his hand around his plump dick in turn with Kacchan’s hand pressing against you windpipe. Your face slowly starts to deepen its color as he chokes you out, and even after you frantically tap his hand in a signal that you’re about to pass out he still laughs in your face and squeezes your circulating tits as if they were stress balls.
“What’s wrong baby? Can’t breathe?
“That’s okay. There’s nothin wrong with a little oxygen deprivation, dumb whores like you don’t need that many brain cells anyways.”
He can tell Kacchans getting close by the vein erupting across his forehead along with his flushed cheeks. It’s ironic that both men are close, but only Bakugo is allowed to indulge in it by slapping your face so hard your squeezed-shut eyes are rocked open.
“Did I say to stop crying, slut?”
“Come on, beg me some more. Why are you so quiet, huh? Am I not fucking you hard enough? You want me to fuck you up your widdle tummy too?”
“If you can’t even entertain me then what’s your purpose? Apart from being used pussy, of course.”
Deku hopes your terrified wails are enough to drown out his own moans.
The last straw is when the blond hikes up your leg as he fucks you on your side and really drills home into you. Your mouth gapes like a fish out of water, and your bloodshot eyes roll back into their sockets as your battered pussy creams around his length. It’s when Deku sees your stomach actually bulge from the length being shoved inside of you when he roughly bites a towel to prevent the filth pouring out of his mouth as his seed splatters the tile.
Kacchan comes too, except he’s not quiet, no. In fact, he lets out a moan so lewd that even a pornstar would applaud it as he pulls your head to his in a domineering kiss. His body is draped over yours just in an extra show of status as you weakly try to push him off-to no avail, of course.
The dick that is inside you twitches as it empties its contents into your snug womb. You’re spent, dekus has his fill of a show and Bakugo has had his fun too.
And as you’re wrapped in a mocking embrace by your assailant, Deku creeps out behind you both and takes one last glance at your naked bodies locked onto each other, chests heaving and sweat glistening on your limbs.
He wonders if he’s more envious of you or Kacchan
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fairytheo · 8 months ago
enhypen as your boyfriend.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
boyfriend!enhypen x gen!reader. fluff. 1.9k. curse words. mention of bugs, food. not requested.
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ HEESEUNG ˙𐃷˙
super-duper caring !!
he’s so whipped for you — he smiles just by thinking about you
also very giggly around you
LOVES lending you his beanies
(aka. you stealing them..)
+ you steal his earrings as well ! not that he minds
absolutely adores singing for you / he loves singing you to sleep :D
hold up, is being heeseung’s s/o just being his personal ramen cook 🤨🤨
he aaalwaays bugs you to play games with him (especially wii and nintendo switch lmao)
either that or you’re playing animal crossing while eating takeout at your dinner table
you’re the only person in the world who he’ll ever do aegyo for. 
he secretly enjoys it, but shhh you didn’t hear that from me
i think he likes calling you names like cutie, cutiepie or just a shorter version of your name <3 (if there is one !)
booping your nose is on his everyday to do list ☝️
lowkey therapist & boyfriend in one ngl
WAIT he loves making playlists for you two,, 
“y/n! i made another playlist, do you wanna listen to it? i made it while thinking of you.” <//3 
the type to write cheesy lyrics about you, then later cringes at his own writing bUT then leaves it like that because you like it !
you have his cover of lauv’s “i’m so tired” either set as your alarm or play it on loop everyday 
(random but for some reason i can picture him giving you a cassette with his cover on it just for the vintage vibes)
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ JAY ˙𐃷˙
the mom-and-boyfriend in one ;] 
f a s h i o n  c o u p l e 
you are literally fashion icons. no disagreements. 
you have matching clothes or accessories ! even if it’s really subtle, the gesture behind it is super adorable <//3
cooking pt. 2 :D but this time there’s a gorden ramsay in your relationship
i can just SEE how you both two impersonate gorden ramsay while cooking which makes everything 10 times funnier !! checks every 5 seconds if the food is ready tho because he doesn’t wanna risk anything
never cleans up afterwards, either you do or no one does
since you’re both fashion icons your social media followers are going 📈📈📈
literally couple goals.
he loves taking pictures of you,, but also wants you to take pictures of him 
jay gets flustered easily so please make him flustered with sudden compliments, hugs, kisses, etc. !!
he’s also the only member i can really see calling you babe
confident but shy about pda at the same time ??? he’s both LOL 
you always tease him with his RAS moments and randomly quote them when you’re in the middle of a conversation with him lmao
random and idk if this fits here, but he likes making your lunch — leaves you encouraging notes too <3
last but not least: jokingly gets angry at you when he wants something from you, and you do the same thing back ♡
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ JAKE ˙𐃷˙
sweetest and softest boyfriend to ever exist. i’m so soft for him JSHSHS
definitely calls you sweetie and darling. 100%. fight me if you think otherwise. 
shows you pics of layla everyday (it’s become routine for him >_<)
a tiny bit cliché BUT lends you his jacket whenever you’re cold (even when you’re inside !!)
random thought: jake puts his hands in your hoodie pockets...
it’s his personal goal to peck your cheek and forehead at least twice a day — gets pouty if he wasn’t able to do that ))):::
talks in english a lot because you love his accent !!
if you’re an english speaker, you’ll have conversations in english all. the. time.
if you’re not an english speaker, no worries, he’ll teach you !
+ reads you bedtime stories in english (jake’s australian accent >>>) 
dreams of travelling with you to australia <33  
if there’s a bug in the house you better know that jake will NOT be removing them and runs out of the house
WILL stay over at one of the other member’s houses untill that bug is REMOVED . 
so if you’re afraid of bugs as well,,, i’m sorry bae, but it’ll be your task to remove these little... creatures 😐
ngl you have more photos of layla than of him on your phone lol
(spams you with her pictures and captions them with “y/n!!! look!!! layla with a flower!!!! layla with a butterfly!!!!” it’s just so sweet aaa)
we need some “””drama””” so you make jokes about him being a “🥶💸🔥💪” boy a lot in your relationship LMAO
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ SUNGHOON ˙𐃷˙
ice skating dates.
this has been mentioned in other headcanons a lot already but i just HAD to include it,,
convinces you to eat ice cream after your date LOL even if it IS winter
btw. fashion couple nr. 2 !!! 
ugh the visuals and the power you two hold,,,, i can’t,,,,,
has better clothes than you ngl so you share clothes lmao
it started with him lending you his sweatpants, but then you didn’t want to return them forgot to return them and BOOM 💥 here we are
extremely awkward and shy at first — don’t worry though, he becomes much more chaotic in the later phases of your relationship
he teases you SO MUCH. LIKE. SO MUCH.
always has small smile (smirk?) on his face when he’s about to make a cocky remark (so beware)
you tease him back just twice as hard which 1.) results in him in becoming flustered 2.) fails LOL
off-topic but he’d love a s/o that has a similar style to him ??? a more elegant, classy, dark style perhaps
when he’s away / busy he’ll send you some selcas and captions them with “how r u doing??” “did you eat yet?” “cheer up :P” 
kinda shy about pda but likes showing off too ???
i mean,, men... 🙄🙄 /lh
whenever someone mentions your name near him, he’ll just try to hide his smile while biting his lip (yk what i’m talking about???) and you’ll see his dimples and the affectionate look in his eyes and just AAAAA
the type of boyfriend that calls you love~
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ SUNOO ˙𐃷˙
skin care routines with sunoo 24/7 🤝
he does your hair (if your hair is long enough to do different hairstyles with it ofc !!) 
send you daily weekly skin care products he thinks you two should try out / that’d be good for your skin <3
spa nights every friday at 9pm — he only lets you in if you wear a stylish pyjama LOL
you buy him peach items because they just remind you so much of him (。•́︿•̀。)
SELCA TIME !!! his phone is always ready !!! (apart from his storage maybe?)
loves to go on walks w u
does A LOT of aegyo,, 
and i know that you knew that this point will be in this headcanon.
for eg. instead of saying goodnight or bye he’ll just do aegyo for you not that anyone minds tbh
stages of sunoo flirting (?):
a — tries to compliment you (it sounds more like a flirty remark tbh)
b — realizes then blushes
c — cringes and runs away LMAO
playfully acts jealous, so you know it’s a joke but deep down he’s actually jealous
you two match each others vibes a lot — if one is sad, the other is sad as well
+ tells you your posture is bad when you sit like a banana or tells you to go to sleep early and when you don’t listen to him, he’ll show you an article that proves that (abc) and (xyz) is bad for you and says “i told you so.” 💀
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ JUNGWON ˙𐃷˙
impresses you by doing kicks (does the kick cap challenge on tiktok and/or you play kick it by nct 127 for the funzies) 
poking his dimple is a MUST . 😩😩
though gets super shy when you kiss him and also if you buy him gifts !!
cheers you up whenever you feel down or are upset
compliments you a ton ))): will randomly come up to you and tell you that your fit is cute or that you look brighter today,,, little does he know it's because of him ;]
poking his dimple comes first, then hugging
the other members tease you two everytime you’re over LOL it’s like there are two koalas clinging onto each other
our yang garden gained another sheep +1
you two randomly play sheep,,,, like,,, everyday ???? sheep cosplays 👍
idk why ig it’s just fun to imitate sheep and go “mmmeEeEeeEhh” to annoy others
talking of that, even THOUGH he is a responsible leader he will not hesitate to do stupid shit with you
“hey how about we ring on that house there and yell “sheep for sale!” do you think they’ll open the door?”
“i don’t know... let’s find out!” 🤝
let’s just say that this didn’t end well..
also kinda bullies you (in a loving way ofc !!) pand teases you nonstop
either calls you asshole or love aHA
in conclusion: a very unpredictable relationship,, would 10/10 recommend.
very random but i feel like his love language is acts of service
Tumblr media
🐈 ⸝⸝ NI-KI ˙𐃷˙
oh look it’s our tsundere 😼
can’t go a day without dancing so you two have vibing sessions at 2am everyday ft. the others telling you to go to bed
you’re the only one that can make him soft lol
if you’re older than him, you would definitely take care of him like your own baby !! 
if you are the same age as him or younger it’d be awkward for him at first, because he isn’t used to taking care of someone younger, so he’d treat you as if you were his best friend at the beginning
you love to watch him dance !! it’s so satisfying,, LITERAL asmr.
pranks you 24/7. boy has NO mercy. will not care if the others will scold him later. he will do the prank smoothly (?) — doesn’t care about the consequences LMAO
probably sets your alarm to someone screaming or a cringy aegyo song <//3
wants to film dance covers with you !! you don’t have to be the best dancer either !! as long as you have fun ^__^ 
the other members find you really cute but are also vERY TIRED OF YOU,, two energized teens in a relationship was not a good idea ☝️
likes to randomly hold your hand and swing it around 
probably distant at the beginning of the relationship because a.) he doesn’t want to pressure you/make things awkward b.) he doesn’t really know what to do either ???
(if you’re not japanese or don’t know how to speak japanese) he’ll definitely teach you some japanese phrases and words !! introduce you to his culture as well :DD and he really wants to know more about your culture too <3
teaches you phrases like “sunoo is a dumbass” for the funzies LOL
randomly makes micheal jackson impressions,,, it’s hilarious LMFAO
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animeniac-writings · 6 months ago
Baji Boyfriend headcanons
Tumblr media
Since Banji is canonically the best boyfriend, he's some reasons why
Anime: Tokyo Revengers
- Always has extra hair ties
- Gets all his advice from either his mom or shoujo mangas with Chifuyu
- Wanted to use breath spray once but it was his mom's perfume but his fails are endearing.
- DEFINITELY so proud to be with you like, will grab your hand and have the biggest toothy grin on his face ever, gotta love him.
- Will always share his food with you even though he'd rather eat it himself
- Once panicked because he had already finished his food when you were coming over and tried to steal Draken's to share with you.
- Uses his mom's shampoo and has really soft hair, damn near purrs if you play with his hair.
- If you wear make up he'll definitely let you put some on him but please don't try to make him guess what anything is.
- If you make him something he will eat it even if it turned out a disaster, and never tell you such.
- Puts on his School Outfit when it's time to Meet The Parents and h i d e s of he sees one of them at the grocery store. ducked onto the floor behind a paper towel stand.
- This boy LOVES affection, him hugging around your shoulders from behind with a happy little grin on his face rocking you both side to side a lil
- Tried to take you on a Proper Date for your first official date, showed up wearing a suit and holding flowers. Boy was so uncomfortable and a nervous wreck please love him.
- Really good at sweet gestures in a natural setting! Will tuck a little flower he picked out of someone's pot behind your ear and pick up a candy he just because he saw you eat it once.
- If you're okay will it he will definitely be into some pda, an arm around your shoulder or his hand clasp with yours all the time, will nuzzle his face into your neck happily if he's beside you, and feel free to sit on his lap!
- Shy about kisses though if he doesn't know they're coming, like he'll gladly be making out with you in the hallway or the middle of lunch where people are so annoyed but will be bright pink if you just kiss his cheek. Tries to play it off after he unfreezes but everyone's teasing brings it back tenfold.
- Will totally brag about you. About how nice you are and how great you are and how he has a s/o and they don't and will trail off into a few more sincere and sappy comments before he realizes what he's doing, too caught up in thinking about you.
- Tall boi! will bonk his head all the time but if you get a kick out of it or maybe kiss it better he wont break anything.
- Hides kittens in his jacket to bring, to you so you can be parents, he is Somft.
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apompkwrites · 9 months ago
reader impact || first meeting
series masterlist characters: xiao, albedo genre: fluff summary: a game has been released entitled genshin impact, consisting of otherworldly abilities relying on the basic elements of nature. the game follows the story of an interdimensional traveling twin in search of their other half. along this journey, they meet different characters that live in this world. including you. notes: have i read a few genshin impact x game character reader stories and impulsively decided to make one too? maybe. you can't prove anything. i don't know if this will be a series but we'll see :D
xiao's playthrough -
xiao, named as alatus on his streaming platform, has made himself known as a gaming streamer with an awkward personality and blunt words.
he's the type of streamer who wouldn't have a set type of game and would, instead, play whatever his viewers recommended.
valorant? sure, he'll try it out.
hitman? why not?
animal crossing? it's a complete 180 from the other games, but sure.
when one of his viewers recommended genshin impact, he was quick to say yes and search for the game.
once the game finishes downloading, he quickly begins the game.
once the opening cutscene passes, he compliments the overall aesthetic of the game, pointing out the smaller details such as the footprints made by his character and the sound their clothes make when they move.
as always, his expressions are quite monotone to a point where it seems nothing draws his attention towards the game.
one of his mods, however, knows xiao well enough to where he knows which character he would like.
they convince xiao that the game is worth sticking with towards the second half of chapter 1, act 1.
he doesn't understand but he trusts his mods so he promises to continue.
it takes a few hours, especially because of the grinding, but a few streams later he's finally made it.
after fighting a one-sided argument with cloud retainer, he immediately begins his trek to the wangshu inn. and yes, trek, he enjoys walking/gliding through the world of teyvat rather than fast traveling everywhere.
he walks up the stairs to the top floor of the inn, resting his hands in his lap as the cutscene begins.
"to the blind, everything may not be as it appears..."
xiao is normally stoic during games, even ones with scenes made to fluster the player and catch them off guard.
but not this time.
once xiao's character is faced with yours, he just stops. his chat is spamming messages, asking if he's okay and if he's actually emoting for once.
he just stares at your character for a good five minutes.
and trust me, at least half of his viewers clipped that.
"... who are they?"
that was his only question after those minutes of silence. never before had he been attached to a character within the first few minutes of meeting them. his mind is racing and all he can think about is how amazing your character design is and how nice your voice is and how cool your character is and--
oh right, he's streaming right now...
anyway, the more your conversation goes on, the more he loves your character.
you're just so sassy and snappy but he loves you either way.
once you turn away with your back towards the camera, he just stares.
he stares at the intricate tattoo on your exposed arm and the mask hanging off of your belt.
and then you're gone.
his face drops so quickly and his viewers are very quick to point it out. he grimaces once paimon starts talking and he's very tempted to just speed through her dialogue.
he just wants to see you again.
once he hears from verr goldet that you've never smiled (at least around her), he immediately turns to the camera and says, "we better make them smile in this game."
once he finds out about your favorite food, he's already asking his viewers if he's able to get the recipe for it.
the next time he gets to talk to you, his face just lights up once he sees your character standing on the balcony.
however, once his characters tell you about rex lapis's death, his heart sinks when he hears how sad your voice becomes, even if your tone is still as harsh as before.
he gets all sad again when the quest ends and he has to wait to unlock the next archon quest.
he ends the game there and decides to spend the last few minutes talking to his viewers.
"i'll stream genshin again soon."
his viewers all know it's only because he met you.
albedo's playthrough -
albedo often does art streams and the occasional science-y stream.
if he does games, he mainly uses them to admire the art/mechanics of the gameplay.
genshin impact was one of those games he decided to play on his own solely because of the beautiful scenary.
(and the opportunity to draw more characters).
he's definitely the player that cares about elemental reactions above all else. pretty much every character he uses is built for elemental damage instead of physical.
most of his genshin streams are him walking around teyvat and pointing out the scenary.
he was definitely excited for the dragonspine event because that meant a better view of teyvat!
what he wasn't prepared for, however, was the reveal of a new character: you.
he isn't too into looking at the updates for genshin on his own, so he didn't find out about who you were until his stream asked about it.
he decided to react to the newest updates live since his chat seemed excited to hear his input.
once he pulled up the latest update details, he spent a few minutes talking about the new subzero mechanic.
but once he scrolled down to the characters... OH BOY
he's able to keep his composure but he definitely spends longer talking about you.
he almost gasped when he saw you were the chief alchemist of mondstadt.
combine that with the fact that you rely on elemental damage instead of physical...
your honor, he's fallen hard.
he'll put a countdown on stream to when your character and event drops, even on his non-genshin streams.
speaking of those streams, on the week just before your event, his streams will all be based around you and the information he's seen on you.
his art streams will consist of you and how he thinks your attacks will work just based on the description (he purposely avoided all pictures of your attacks for this stream).
his science-y streams would probably be based on your element.
once your event drops, that's the only thing he'll stream until it's over.
your assistant used to be his favorite character to play as but they just never clicked. it's not like he hates your assistant, it's just he didn't immediately fall in love with them.
his party definitely has your assistant in it, though.
he would have normally taken his time to look around dragonspine and admire the new scenery, but he couldn't help but speed through it until he finally gets to see you onscreen.
once the cutscene officially introduces you in front of a canvas, he's internally panicking.
you like art too?! and science?! how perfect can you be?!?!?!
he will genuinely feel bad when he scares the hilichurls because he knows that that's what you were sketching.
"who are you? why did you alarm them?"
even when you tell him you've finished sketching, he wants to make it up to you :((
if he were able to, he would've lured more hilichurls to let you sketch more.
some people in his chat would probably spam him to skip your dialogue because it's so wordy, but that's the exact reason why he listens to it all.
he likes listening to your character ramble on, especially because you have a soothing voice.
anytime your character does their idle animation where you give life to something, he will always let it play. even if your dialogue is finished before the animation, he would not progress until it's completed.
once your character asks for help, he would immediately agree before you finished your sentence.
man just wants to spend more time with you.
he likes staring at the tattoo on your neck whenever the camera is close to you. he just thinks it's really pretty on you.
once your other nonplayable assistant begins talking, he'll skip through the dialogue. he doesn't care if it goes more in depth into this world's alchemy, he just wants to hear it from you.
"hmm, looks like the potion's ready. i'll try a little first."
"please don't..."
he doesn't want you to try it just in case it hurts you :(
anytime he is allowed to walk freely with you around, he'd definitely put his traveler character next to you for a few minutes and just let you two stare at each other.
someone asks him why he spends a few minutes doodling on his desk when you talk.
he shows them the notebook that he had been writing notes in. it's filled with little doodles of you and some more information you give on the world of alchemy.
for future streams the involve you, he'd set up another camera to show the notes and doodles he's making about you.
sometimes he'll spend a few minutes on a single section where the camera is focused on you just to recreate the picture in the notebook.
he absolutely loves whoever planned out the camera angles because of how cute you look in every one of them.
he definitely gets a bad vibe from rosaria when she hints at the fact that you may be using alchemy against him.
he will defend you and alchemy to his grave!
that one scene where you create a flower in front of you is one he will always treasure.
he makes sure someone clipped that moment just so he can draw that, make it a print, and put it on his wall.
since most of his viewers most likely consist of artists, he will encourage them to draw you and send him fanart. he will put them all on a wall and dedicate every picture that goes there to you.
"if i one day lose control... destroy mondstadt... as well as everything around it..."
"will you be there to stop me?"
"wait... no."
if people were only listening to that portion, they would still be able to hear the pout on his face.
he'll end the game there but change his stream into an impromptu art stream.
he will only be drawing you in nice situations to distract himself from the fact that there is something going on with you.
"hm? what do you mean something's wrong with (name)? i have no idea what you're talking about."
poor boy's in denial...
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