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minimoefoe · 25 days ago
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princesatoru · 2 months ago
No but listen, thinking about Toji texting you “m back in town baby, what’s good?” And then being spam called and texted by Gojo like “pls don’t talk to toji he’s not good.”
Yknow that meme? I have to find it fuck but that’s totally it SCREAMS
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cranesofibycus · a year ago
There are great CR moments and then there is Laura Bailey leaving the 2019 Game Awards early to go play D&D, and the rest of the table reacting like that when she shows up.
Highlights include, but are not limited to 
Travis’ absolute heart eyes when he sees his wife.
Sam mouthing “WOW” before anyone else even spots Laura.
Liam pulling fiction into reality and saying that they should’ve all taken a bath (since that’s how they explained Jester’s absence in-game).
The sweet “Hi baby!” and “You look beautiful!” exchange. I melt every time. 
Laura saying she had to come the moment she heard that Sam might be touching her dice. We stan an irrational dice hoarder.  
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saintdabi · 20 days ago
just thinking about mothman shigaraki placing you so gently into your nest and he’s do proud. he made it for you so you’d stop making those terrible (crying) noises and shaking so much, he figured you were cold and needed somewhere to sleep, he thought that your little space of comfort would fix everything. he just wants you to stay, so he’s trying even though you don’t make sense and you don’t eat the food he brings you. he goes away for a minute, and you think that you’re safe to leave the nest for a moment— only to stand and maybe to stretch your legs just so see his eyes light up in the dark and his wings flutter ittitatedly, buzzing with frustration because he just doesn’t understand why you won’t stay still :// <3 anyway hi vic <3
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fang-wife · 6 months ago
I saw exhibitionist Deku and so now I'm here
Imagine exhibitionist Deku who enjoys sitting in your lap in public and locking eyes with people as you hold his neck so that you can whisper in his ear all the filthy things you want to do with him.
Exhibitionist Deku who gets off on people watching you bite his neck.
Exhibitionist Deku who like it when you fuck him against the window of his building and gets off on you shoving him into the glass, staring down below at all of the people who have gathered to watch him fall apart.
Exhibitionist Deku who makes the cutest noises while you degrade him.
"Look at you, such a nasty little pervert," you say grabbing his aching cock. "You get off on this don't you? Like it when people see how much of a slut you are for me."
His eyes nearly roll into the back of his head while his head rests against the now fogged up glass. You can only laugh at the state he's in. Chest heaving for breath as a blush falls all the way to his chest.
"You want them to see the number one hero fall apart for his mistress, don't you?"
He can only mewl and babble words that sound like pleas. Taking pity on him you bite his earlobe earning another loud whine.
"Why don't you put on a show for them, hm? Let's show them what it looks like when you cum."
(I hope this was okay)
my tip is so sticky goodbye. 
exhibitionist!deku who’s such a slut for the attention </3. he loves the way you own him in front of this crowd of people - the mask on his face barely concealing his identity as you take him out into a crowded public space. 
his favorite place is the one where there’s tons of people - places like the bus or on the balcony of his apartment. deku loves being out in the open for you - loves the way you manhandle him in public for everyone to see. he’s such a pretty boy but he’s still unused to getting attention so he’s resorted to getting it this 
but this way you’re in control and even in this crowded bus - you have a hand in his shorts, stroking his cock and whispering filth in his ears. god, he’s sot ruend on he can’t even hold his moans. he’s messy and drooling and begging you to fuck him and let everyone see, he can be so good for you. he’s such a good boy. 
he is a pervert, of course he is. and you know that which is why you oblige to his requests in the first place and why you’ve got him pressed up against the train window at first before slowly making your way to one of the seats. and the crowd looks on with such interest as you fuck him and make him fall apart for you 
and he’s drooling as you fuck him, drooling as you make him confess how much he enjoys being on display like this. he’s such a pretty boy. it’s only right he puts on a show. 
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hux-only · 3 months ago
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spike-and-faye · 2 months ago
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sophsun1 · 2 months ago
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Dan Cowen & Ron Lipman on casting Gale Harold as Brian Kinney
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timedeo · 2 months ago
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You can just ignore this but heres the art i did inspired by your au :D
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painpackerdied · 2 months ago
Why would anyone harrass you for being Jewish?
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luvuv · 6 months ago
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crush40s · 4 months ago
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its monday somewhere...
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princesatoru · a month ago
TOMURA DRESSING YOU UP IN IN BABYDOLLS….soft and pretty and delicate things….because to him you’re so soft and delicate and so so pretty. his baby. sex with him, in the beginning, was always fast, rough, nearly animalistic. and it still is, from time to time. but mostly he’s gentle with you, brushes his knuckles against your cheek, kisses down your neck before starting to undress you of whatever lovely thing he’s put you in that night. he’s painfully slow. worships every inch of your exposed skin with soft kisses. by the time he reaches your navel you’re bucking up into his face, begging him to give you any friction at all. he tells you to be patient that he just wants to admire you for a little while. he’ll take care of you after he’s had his fill. he promises.
ohhhhhhhhh. oh vic. i’m 😭 this is everything to me i need him so incredibly bad. he’d be so doting, wants to cater to ur every need and just to see just how much of urself you’re willing to give up to him, almost like it’s compulsive, a curiosity, an itch he just has to scratch nd IM 😭
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theonyxranger · a year ago
I have learned of this!
Let’s Play Minecraft | Dreams of Thaumcraft- Stoneblock 2 (Part 6) - Minecraft
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saintdabi · 5 months ago
sukuna kisses your palms often enough for you to have you teasing him that you can’t sprout a mouth there like he can, so why kiss you there? he just smiles before he bites the soft meat at the base of your thumb, it’s simply another part of you, it’s his right to lay kisses anywhere he owns.
i’m liable to combust bc of this ask
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jannecara · 2 months ago
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readyforbooks · a year ago
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You really are terrible, you know that? I don’t even understand why the things you say make me smile.
--How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories, Holly Black illust. Rovina Cai
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smellpelt · 4 months ago
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bulkhummus · 4 months ago
🎶 (for the ost if you have a fav track & fav weather)
hands down — first place
Embroidery Stars by Carrie Elkin
second place:
Palabras de Papel by Nelson Poblete
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sanjoseshanks · 7 months ago
first carey price shutout of the playoffs? 🐐
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