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#all time low
unmistakablyunknown · 2 days ago
𝟐. 𝐒𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐈𝐧 {𝐌𝐚𝐭𝐭 𝐂𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐲}
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(gif credit @apollogrvmarye​ )
                                                       ⏮ ⏯ ⏭
𝐃𝐞𝐬𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐩𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧: Lately, things had been a little up in the air between you and Matt. You'd tried to keep your work and social lives separate. Stuck to seeing each other outside of work and keeping it professional when you did cross paths. However, after particularly difficult shifts, the two of you wind up in each other's arms again but this time, something changes.
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠(𝐬): mild language, descriptions of sex/sexual themes, friends with benefits arrangement, if I missed anything let me know!
[𝐀/𝐍: I’m so sorry for the wait guys, it’s taken a lot for me to get my shit together but here it is! Track 2 and I LOVED this one because it was just so Sweet to write. Thank you to everyone who’s interacted on Track 1 and is looking forward to the rest of this album like myself! Don’t be afraid to drop me a message and let’s chat! - L]
Matt knew the drill by now. You'd made passing comments about how rough a day it had been in the Firehouse. He'd felt it too. The pair of you had established a way of communicating that no one else had picked up on yet.
They all thought you were just good friends. It didn't matter how many times they'd heard you make plans to share takeout and watch crappy TV at your place or his. They still believed it was purely friendship.
In actuality, sharing takeout had become a subtle way of arranging to sleep together as soon as work was over. It had begun as a genuine thing after stressful shifts. One of you would turn up at the other's apartment with a six-pack and takeout of choice... And then, somewhere along the way, it had turned into stress-relieving sex on a semi-regular basis.
"We have to keep it professional," you'd told him after the first time you'd slept together, in the process of getting dressed.
"Of course." It didn't surprise you that Matt had agreed. Professional integrity meant a lot to both of you and the agreement was struck that during work hours, you'd be colleagues. Friends. You'd smile and make small-talk over coffee or a hastily made lunch.
But once quitting time hit, you were free to do whatever you pleased.
This is why you found yourself waking up in Matt's bed for the fourth time in two weeks. Between the 24-48 shift rotations and having personal lives of your own, whenever the two of you tumbled into bed with one another, time lost all meaning.
"Is it Friday today?" you questioned with a sleepy rasp to your voice. From behind, Matt shuffled closer to you and his hand found a resting place on your bare waist.
"Mmm... I think it's Tuesday," he stated with a slight hum against your warm skin.
"I'm pretty sure it's Friday," you insisted and rolled over to face him with a grin. Matt shook his head and propped himself up on his side.
"It's definitely Tuesday."
"Are you saying that because you think you're right or just because you want to disagree with me?" He laughed and briefly threw his head back with a smile before leaning forward to roll on to you. The feeling of being pinned beneath him was familiar. But the comfort in the position stirred something new in the pit of your stomach.
"Maybe it's a bit of both," he mused in reply and buried his face in the crook of your neck. Breath hot against exposed skin as he kissed down your neck and along your collarbones.
"Well, then there's only one way to settle it... Pass me your phone."
"Why mine?"
"Because I don't know where mine ended up," you replied and there was no stifling the laughter at the ridiculousness of the situation. Matt laughed too before reaching over to the nightstand and unlocking his phone to check the date.
"Oh, look at that. I was right. It's Tuesday," he informed you smugly. The conversation devolved into a petty play-fight. The two of you tumbled and turned amongst the already messy sheets and it soon became a tickle fight with you pinned beneath Matt, hysterical tears rolling down your cheeks.
"Matt - Oh, my God! Matt, please!" you pleaded through fits of laughter as he relentlessly tickled you breathlessly.
"No, not a chance!" Despite his exclamation, there was a brief pause. A palpable tension settled between the two of you. You reached up to pull Matt in and from there it snowballed. Hands grabbing at expanses of hot skin. Pushing and pulling and scratching.
The way he made you unravel with such ease was something you envied. Matt was perhaps the best you'd ever been with. For a multitude of reasons in a not exhaustive list. By now, your post-work romps had become so commonplace that he had become intimately familiar with your body. Your cues - both conscious and subconscious - and all the subtle things he'd learnt that made you melt under his touch.
Solid, muscular arms held you close with each perfectly timed rock of his hips. Kisses swallowed the moans and whimpers that he drew out of you. Aside from the Firehouse, being with Matt like this was your favourite place to be.
Hearing Matt moan your name against your skin was always the biggest power trip. Knowing that he was feeling as good as you were made it even better and it happened every single time you slept together. The familiar, euphoric feeling started to increase. From between your hips, down to your toes, spread up your back and into all of your extremities.
Your nails raked down his back and the overwhelming, near-blinding pleasure that took hold of you both was enough to render you both momentarily silent. Lips parted, bodies stilled and eyes screwed shut.
"Why don't you stay over tonight?" he suggested when you'd both caught your breaths enough to finally talk.
"Sure," you replied without hesitation. The thought of spending the night was high-key terrifying to you, but the prospect of being able to sleep in with Matt draped over you, sharing body heat, didn't seem so bad.
"Are you hungry?" Matt's question made you giggle quietly and you let out a content sigh as he pulled out and settled next to your side.
"I could go for food," you agreed with a slight nod.
"Absolutely." The two of you barely bothered to get dressed, ordering your desired takeout wearing one of his shirts from the night before whilst he donned sweatpants and a stray sweatshirt he'd found draped over the end of his bed.
"Alright... We have twenty minutes," he concluded with a satisfied grin and put his phone into his pocket. You both made your way through to the kitchen to get a drink and wait for the food to arrive.
You never slept much when you were with Matt, but you always slept in.
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raventhunderaesthetic · 2 days ago
Finding Warmth - Part Six
Tumblr media
It’s been about a week since Jake and I almost kissed. We haven’t been able to see each other because of school - and Jacob’s been covering shifts at the auto shop. A few of the other high school guys who work with Jacob called out sick. They both caught some bug and don’t know when they’ll be back, so Jake is picking up their slack. We haven’t been able to text much either, but that doesn’t stop Jacob from sending a thoughtful message when he has a spare moment.
I’m standing by my bed with my phone in one hand and the other by my mouth, softly biting the tip of my thumb while simultaneously grinning from ear to ear. Lost in thought reading the text from Jacob over and over.
J: the only thing getting me through this shift is the thought of being close to you. when can I see you again?
Jesus. My heart is pounding. At the same time, I’m relieved I’m not the only one who can’t stop thinking about how close we were to…
“Aw, what’s got you all moony eyed and drooling? Or should I be asking who?” I didn’t see Bella standing in the doorway to my room. Who knows how long she's been standing there.
“I…uh”, dropping my hand from my mouth, “It’s Jacob.” It’s impossible to say his name without smiling. “He wants to hang out again soon.”
“Someone’s all flustered" Bella teases, “That must have been some kiss the other night, you know after I kind of ruined the first go…still REALLY sorry about that.” She says out the side of her mouth.
“Actually, we didn't kiss. You scared the shit out us with how hard you threw the door open. And then right as we were about to again, the pizza guy showed up. So we just hugged and then I came inside.”
Confused Bella asks “Wait, you didn’t kiss? Then what’s with the swooning? I show her the text from Jake. “Oh, oh I see. That changes things. So, Y/N when are you seeing him again?”
“I don’t know, my availability at the moment is depressingly wide open. But he has to cover at the shop, a couple guys got sick and will be out for a while. So it’s kind of up to him.”
“Well he sent that text 20 minutes ago and you haven’t replied yet”, Bella says grabbing my phone from me. She starts typing.
“Hey! Bella! No. Bella! Stop what are you doing? Give me my phone!!!” She ignores my protests and bats away my attempts to snatch my phone back.
“There.” She hands me back my phone. “You’re welcome.”
Y/N (by Bella): im shopping with Bella tonight and have tutoring tomorrow morning. are you free tomorrow after school?
Okay it wasn’t crazy. Thank god.
“We’re going shopping?” I ask.
“Yup I’m going to buy you something to wear tomorrow night. He won’t be able to keep his hands off you. Think of it as payback for interrupting the other day.” *DING*
J: tomorrow’s my day off. sounds perfect :). wear something comfortable ive got an idea. but i gotta get back breaks over
“Soooo” Bella coaxes me, “Do you have a date tomorrow or what?”
I roll my eyes and let out a soft laugh “Yes, Bella I have a date tomorrow and he said to wear something comfortable. He has a plan apparently.”
She jumps up from the bed. “Perfect! Let’s go! I’ll grab the keys, you drive.”
A few hours later we are back home. Bella picked the outfit out, but graciously gave me veto power if I didn't like something, no questions asked. For two girls who aren't that fond of the shopping experience, it was a nice time. Bella ran through the store pulling almost everything off of racks and displays and throwing them in my arms. Then she insisted on a fashion show of each ensemble she handed to me, one at a time. The poor girl working the changing room looked like she'd rather stab herself in the eye with a fork than have to put back all the clothes we were carrying in to try on. Some things were entirely too revealing. "Bella my boobs don't literally have to be out to be noticed. I think their sheer size make it pretty clear I have them." She had me trying on mini skirts, body suits, crop tops, overalls, rompers, maxi dresses, you name it - I tried it on. "Bella...can we just go home? I've tried on everything and we don't agree on any of the outfits. I can wear something I already have at home. "
"No, no, no - there's one more I put together while you were in there." I had the girl put it in a different room while you were changing. Go try it on. If you hate it, I'll surrender and we can go home."
To her credit she did keep me in my comfort zone, while pushing the limits. The outfit I ended up with is black leggings, an off white cami tank top, paired with a black knit cardigan. The tank top shows off more of my cleavage than I’m used to, but it was this or basically show up in just a bra.
Bella pokes her head into my room later that night, “I have a surprise for you” I’m sitting up in bed with a cup of tea and reading a book. “Also, seriously grandma next thing you’re going to tell me is that you knit for fun.” She sits down on my bed. She’s holding something.
“I do knit for fun” I quietly say. Adjusting my voice I follow up with “Knitting is relaxing. Drinking tea is calming. And I’ve always liked reading. If that makes me a grandma, then so be it, it’s who I am.”
“Okay, okay. Here this is for you", She hands over something wrapped in tissue paper, "You can wear it tomorrow too, for good luck.” Bellas says with a wink. I start to unwrap it and…
“OH MY GOD BELLA!” I exclaim as I pull out the sheer lace beige bralette.
“Shush keep your voice down or Charlie will come up here.”
Lowering my voice, “Bella, what in the fuck do you think is going to happen tomorrow? Are you crazy?”
"Y/N, you don't have to wear it. But, keep it. You never know." She gets up from the bed and leaves the room. I shove the bralette into my dresser drawer. Out of sight, out of mind.
The next morning is a blur. I sent Jacob a good morning text
Y/N: cant wait to see what you have planned for later! Can I get a hint?
Shit, do I sound too excited?
I think my tutor was teaching history this morning, but none of it sank in. Endlessly tapping my phone screen to see if he's texted back. He's definitely bailing on tonight. It was too pushy. I need to play it cool. He's just busy. We finish up our lesson for the day around 2:00pm. I check in with Charlie and let him know I'm leaving dinner for him in the fridge. Then I putter around tidying up the house a little. Bella comes home during that time. She looks lost in thought, but she's smiling so it must be good. She says hi to me as she passes by on her way up the stairs. Around 3:30pm, I go up to my room. Still no text from Jacob.
5 O'clock rolls around and I'm doubting tonight is happening when *DING*
J: omw sorry for being mia, can't wait to see you
J: be there before 6
Oh thank god.
Y/N: can't wait :)
To pass the time, I put on my pop punk music playlist. Best way to get my nerves out is to sing my middle school girl emo heart out to some of the greats MCR, Fall out Boy, A Day to Remember, Linkin Park, Blink 182 - you name the band, middle school me probably had their posters covering every inch of my bedroom walls.
Around 5:30pm, I'm out of breath and should start getting ready. I take off the sweats I've been wearing all day and grab the shopping bag with my new outfit out of the closet. Bella really did a great job. These leggings slide on like butter. They are tight and hug my curves, but not too tight. The tank top is a size smaller than I usually wear. But, thankfully, we got a cardigan, which I will use to hide the bulges of fat that are going to happen when I'm sitting down. I walk over to my floor length mirror and admire the outfit. I love it, the only down side - my trusty t-shirt bra is CLEARLY visible in this shirt. I go to my bra drawer and discover it's empty, aside from the lacy beige bralette. Damn you Bella. I snatch the bralette out of my drawer. Take the cardigan off, unhook my bra I have on and toss it on my bed. Well here goes nothing. I put the bralette on, quickly pull my tank top back up, and throw on the cardigan. As I go to look at myself in the mirror again, my eye catches Jakes car pulling into the driveway. Shit. I assess quickly and decide it's not horrible. I'll make it work for tonight and make a mental note to give Bella hell about this later. The door bell rings. Shit shit shit I'm not ready yet.
Bella bursts through the door into my room. I whirl around wild eyed. Without missing a beat Bella goes "I'll go answer the door and buy you a few minutes" she turns to leave, but turns back, "the bralette looks great by the way" and with a wink she's running down the stairs to open the door. I frantically run a brush through my hair as I hear Bella inviting Jake into the house.
"She'll just a be a minute, come on in and wait ." I put on my bare minimum make up look. Little foundation, fill in the eyebrows, pink cheeks, and a touch of mascara. One last look in the mirror and it's good enough - he's here and it's time to go. I grab my wallet and my phone and head downstairs.
Rounding the bottom of the stairs, I step into the living room saying "Sorry about that, I'm ready". Jake Black fitted Vneck T and jeans.
"You look great Y/N? Shall we?" he asks motioning toward the front door.
"Yup, let's go. Later Bells." I call.
As we get in the car I ask, "So, what are we doing this evening? Am I allowed to know now?"
Jake slides into the driver seat of his truck. He smiles at the question as he puts the key into the ignition and turns the car on. "You can ask where we're going, but you can't ask what we're doing once we get there. That's the surprise" he says leaning towards me a smirk on his lips. I can feel my heart pounding. He smells like a mix of sweet candy and sweat. And that smirk. That smirk melts my ability to think clearly. For a brief second he looks down at my lips, before leaning back to his side of the car and putting the truck into reverse.
I try to gather my thoughts and put together a coherent sentence.
"So, then where are we kissing tonight, I mean going tonight! Where are we going tonight?" Jesus fucking Christ. I put my face in my hands. I can feel my face turn beat red. Nice one Y/N, way to be subtle. I try to sneak a look at Jacob through my fingers. He's biting his lip and smiling. HE'S BITING HIS LIP AND SMILING!
"We are uh...we're going back to my house." Jake says with a quick glance over to me. I still have my head in my hands.
"Oh", my hands come down from my face. Not what I was expecting but okay, "Really?"
"Just trust me." Jake says.
"Okay, I trust you. Even though I don't really have a choice at this point". I turn on the radio to distract myself for the rest of the drive. Silently singing along to the songs and bobbing my head. The rest of the drive goes by in a flash. We pull into the Black's driveway. "There aren't any lights on?"
"Billy's not here," Jake says. He playfully raises his eyebrows and adds "Plus we aren't technically going in the house."
"So... where are we "technically" going to be?" I ask.
"You'll see, come on." he opens his door and gets out of the car.
Am I about to be murdered? I think as I"m getting out of the car.
Jake comes around and takes my hand. He starts pulling me towards the garage. Yup, I'm for sure getting murdered. Jake stops in front of the side door entrance to the garage and faces me.
"Okay, close your eyes."
"Nope, if you're about to murder me, I'm keeping my eyes wide open. Probably won't give me much of an advantage, but nope they're staying open."
Jake shakes his head and puts his lips between his teeth for a split second before releasing and saying, "I'm...not going to murder you Y/N. But suit yourself." He reaches for the door handle and pushes the door open. Instead of the garage being filled with Jacob's projects, it has a large projector against the back wall. It's light illuminating the big garage door that's usually left open. The old dingy couch I've spent countless hours on is gone. Replaced with a newer couch and it has pillows. A coffee table is set up in front of the couch, every inch of its surface has some kind of snack or beverage on it. I look around the room until my eyes come back to Jake.
"Quil, Embry and I set up this home movie theater today. It's not the best, but it's also not the worst. It's part of the reason, I didn't text you back today. Well partly, it was being busy setting this up. And partly, I didn't want to let it slip this what we were doing."
"Jake, this is amazing, but you didn't have to do all this. It would have been fine watching a movie on the TV." I look around again as I sit down on the couch. "So, what are we watching?"
"Lady's choice. Here." He hands me a stack of DVDs. "Quil and Embry gathered the choices."
I go through them one by one. Ghost Busters, Happy Gilmore, Captain America, Iron Man, Zombie V. Zombie, Die Hard, Eat Pray Love, Friday the 13th: Part V, Superbad, and Toy Story.
"They tried to go for a variety" I say letting out a small laugh. "Let's go with.....Happy Gilmore. It's been a long time since I've seen it."
"Happy Gilmore it is." Jake takes the DVD's from me and loads my choice into the projector. He comes back over to the couch and points at the spot next to me and says, "This seat taken?" as he sits down. We settle in as the movie starts. Both sitting up straight, and tense. My heart is pounding in my chest. I'm trying to take slow breathes in and out, otherwise I think I'd be hyperventilating.
Jake shifts next to me and his arm brushes mine as he grabs a pak of twizzlers off the coffee table. He rips the pak open with his teeth and holds out a piece to me. He looks from the Twizzler in his hand and then at me. I reach out to take it and our fingers touch resulting in a small zap between us that makes both of us jump. We let out a slight laugh. Once we've stopped, "Here, let's try that again" Jake says holding out the Twizzler. I reach out to take it, our hands touching again for a brief second, no electric zap this time, but the small touch just radiates through me. We settle back in the couch, this time much more relaxed. I slump back into the cushion just slightly turned towards Jake. Jake's arm is basically on top of mine and the back of his hand rests on the side of my thigh. We watch the rest of the movie with ease.
Only readjusting if one of us reaches for more food or a drink. Every time we settle back into the couch our physical distance decreases and the physical touch gradually increases. It started with Jake's arm laying across the back of the couch behind my head. Then it was his arm around my back, his hand laying so it would just barely be making contact with me. So, I lean into him to show I don't mind. He immediately understands and relaxes his wrist so his hand makes full contact with my back just above the waist of my leggings. It's comforting and extremely distracting at the same time. By the end of the movie, I'm sitting perpendicular to the screen with my legs across Jake's lap - his arms across my legs. One hand resting on my outer upper thigh, the other my shin. I couldn't even pay attention to the last 15 minutes of the movie because Jacob started lightly rubbing his thumbs back and forth on my leg. I couldn't tell if he was doing it absent mindedly or on purpose. But who cares as long he keeps doing it.
Jake stops, mentally jolting me back to the moment. The movie returns to the DVD home screen. "Well, now what should we do", Jake asks as he lays his head back into the couch, facing you, and his hand glides down and back up your shin. How I am supposed to put words in some kind of logical order when he's touching me and looking at me like that.
"Um...whaaboutsomusic? I mumble.
"What about, what?" Jake shakes his head with a big grin on his face.
"I meant - What about some music? We can sing and dance out the the copious amount of sugar we just consumed." I gesture to the candy wrappers and soda bottles littering the floor.
"Dance party it is," Jake says. I lift my legs so he can get off the couch. He pulls the garage radio out of its hiding place and clears off a spot on the coffee table and turns it on. "Any station preference?"
"Not really, but some variety station should work" I said standing up, grabbing as many wrappers and bottles off the floor as I could. Jake settles on a station that's playing 'Truth Hurts' by Lizzo, as I dump whatever I was able to pick up into the trash can in the back room of the garage.
When I come back in, Jake's leaning on the back of the couch lost in thought, but hearing my footsteps he looks up. "Are we dancing or singing? Dealer's choice." Jake asks.
Tilting my nose up I start reciting the lyrics;
"I put the sing in single Ain't worried 'bout a ring on my finger So you can tell your friends: Shoot your shot When you see 'em It's OK, he already in my DMs"
I cut off, "You know what, maybe no singing." I cross the room to lean against the back of the couch next to Jake. "Next song, you decide." Lizzo fades out and the next song starts. Was not expecting Stickwitu by the Pussycat Dolls to start playing.
"Dance." Jake walks a few steps out from the couch. Turns to me and puts out his hand. I take a deep breath and put my hand in his. I hold my breath as he guides me to him. "Is this okay?" he asks as one of his hand rests on my lower back and the other holds my hand in his, close to his chest.
"Yeah…yeah - I, uh just realized I’ve never slow danced with anyone before."
"I guess it's good it's called a slow dance then, huh" Jake teases tilting his face closer to mine. "Just follow my lead", he says and I immediately step on his foot. "Or not."
"Sorry" I drop my head.
"But you know freestyle is cool too." He jokes as he pulls me closer, resting his cheek against mine as we slowly turn in a circle. We just keep slowly turning or swaying from side to side as the song plays.
Jake asks, “Have you heard if the res school is going to waive you in?”
Sighing “Not yet.”
“Well, I might have an exclusive contact who told me today that you’re in.” Jake spins me around.
“SHUT UP! You’re kidding me!” I exclaim dropping his hand and jumping (not gracefully) as my knee gives out and I fall back into the wall catching myself.
“Nope, Y/N Swan will be one of the very few pale faces attending the res school.” Jake stands there looking at me like his whole world is right there in front of him. “That’s all I know though. Dad said if I knew anymore it would break some rule.”
“Charlie is going to flip!” I pull out my phone to text him, but suddenly Jake puts his hand over my phone.
“Can’t tell anyone yet, even Charlie. The higher ups have to announce it first.”
“Right, yeah sure”. We stand there with our hands holding my phone. The song Walls by All Time Low starts playing. “I love this song.”
“Y/N, can we…” Jake bites his lip, “Can we try that kiss again?” His eyes burning as he looks into mine. I…yes, YES, open your mouth and say something. I nod a little too enthusiastically.
Jacob in a whisper as he breathes out says “Okay”. He takes my phone and puts it somewhere. I have tunnel vision on his face. I can hear the song playing as his face comes right up to mine. His breath is hot. I can vaguely here the song playing,
“I’m gonna break down these walls (down these walls)
I built around myself
I wanna fall so in love (in love) with you…”
and with one last quick glance our lips meet.
“and no one else…
Could ever mean half as much,
To me as you do now..”
Jakes hands grab my hips and pull me closer into him. Our mouths widen ever so slightly as we deepen our kiss. My hands glide their way up Jake’s arms finding their way across his shoulders and up to his neck for the briefest moment before I wrap my arms around his neck - trying to pull him even closer to me. As if that was physically possible at this point. One of Jacob’s hands begins tracing a path from my hip, up my side and slows as it passes over the side of my chest. The same hand then comes up to my head and grabbing some hair in it, he pulls me closer. I let out an involuntary sharp gasp, before that same hand pulls me back in for more. Holding me in place with enough force to feel like he’s in control, but light enough that I could pull away if I wanted to. I definitely did not want to. He pushes his hips into me. Is that his…
A random hub cap fell off the wall next to us clanging to the ground, the metallic ringing as it wobbles to a stop. Our lips had broken apart as it startled us, but hands stayed where they were. We can’t help but start laughing. Our hands fall from their positions. As our laughs putter out and we catch our breath, we lean our foreheads against one another. Our hands somehow found each other by our sides and our fingers intertwined. That spark is still there, I know it is. I can see it in his eyes. I felt it in his…did I really just feel him through his pants?
Jake pulls his head back and squints at me, “What are you thinking about?” A sly smirk playing on his lips.
“I…um”, I look down at his lips and dart back up to his eyes. “That was..” Shaking my head, trying to knock the turned on webs from my brain. “That was…” I bite my lip, “something to remember”.
“Yeah” he bends his head down, looking at our feet before lifting his head again. “It was.” Jake pulls the edge of my cardigan towards him, implying I should get closer. Who am I to stop him? He leans in and with light pressure kisses me, two short pecks followed by a deeper third kiss before he pulls away. “So what movie should we watch now?” He pulls Ghost Busters from the top of the pile and looks to me for approval.
“Oh, uh yeah, Ghost Busters is great.” WE’RE JUST GOING TO WATCH A MOVIE AFTER THAT! He loads it into the projector and grabs the remote. On the way over to the couch, he grabs my hand to follow him. We settle in side by side. Leaning into one another. His arm around my lower back, my head resting against his shoulder. His head resting against mine. As the opening credits of the movies start, he kisses the side of my head and slouches down so we fit more snuggly together.
“I can’t wait to see you everyday” Jake says.
Tumblr media
I sincerely hope this lives up to your expectations.
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Thank you!
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atldancingontheceiling · 16 hours ago
I would literally die if he looked at me like that
Tumblr media
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okaysowot · a day ago
Emo pick-up lines
Panic! At The Disco: - “Urie-ly pretty looking” - “I’ll bang you harder than closing the god damn door” -  “You’re gonna start a panic in my pants” - “I’ll give you a reason to panic at the disco” - “If you love me let me GOOOOOOOOO...out with you”
My Chemical Romance: -  “I’ll make you wetter than your eyes when you hear the G note” - “Be my Frank and I’ll be your Gerard” - “I promise I’ll still love you like I did yesterday” - “Most teenagers scare the livin’ shit out of me but you definitely don’t” - “I know what I’d do to guys like you in prison ;)” -  “I’ll show you some true danger days” -  “I promise I won’t break up with you after twelve years” -  “You’ll be thanking me for a lot more than just venom tonight” - “I’m going to have to Gerard my Way into your pants” - “I’ll never leave you, things are better if I stay” -  “Are you a killjoy because I’m gonna have you make some noise tonight” -  “I’ll destorya in bed”
All Time Low: - “Our relationship will never reach an all time low”
Fall Out Boy: - “You’re FOBlous” - “Sugar, I want to go down with you” - “My Song titles aren’t the only things that are long”
Falling In Reverse: - “The drug isn’t the only thing that’ll be inside of you” - “Wanna be falling in revers on my bed?” -  “I’ll make you a member of the bad girls club”
Bring Me The Horizon: - “You can bring me the horizon if I can bring you to the bedroom” -“My heart won’t be the only thing you’ll be feeling tonight” - “Tonight will be sempiternal in bed with you” 
Pierce The Veil:  - “Be my king/queen for a day” - “The train isn’t the only thing that’s gonna be shaking the windows ;)”
Sleeping With Sirens:  - “That booty is Kellin me” - “Your such a pretty, pretty, pretty face and I hope you don’t turn out to be a waste of my time” - “Are you a siren? Because I feel like I wanna be sleeping with you tonight”
Black Veil Brides:  - “Be my black veiled bride” - “I’ll write us our own rebel love song” - “I’ll make you scream higher than the start of Perfect Weapon”
*These aren’t my own I have simply collected them for you. And yes I know there is a lot of My Chem there.  Please enjoy them and I’m sorry for the G note :|*
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glitterandjalex · a day ago
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tomsmusictaste · 17 hours ago
I think there's something quite poetic about how All Time Low named themselves after the New Found Glory line 'and it feels like I'm at an all time low' (from Head On Collision) and then getting to do their own title drop in Once In A Lifetime; 'try to forget you, gotta pretend do, til I hit an all time low.' It's almost like, they've come full circle, in a way, idk I think it's neat
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bandsanitizer · 4 months ago
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1. hope ur ok, olivia rodrigo || 2. the half of it, dir. alice wu || 3. the perks of being a wallflower, stephen chbosky || 4. history, one direction, dir. ben winston || 5. will grayson, will grayson, david levithan || 6. goodbye, glee (s03e22), dir. brad falchuk || 7. last young renegade, all time low
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bandsanitizer · 3 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
parallels: MEMORIES & AGING
I wake up every morning with the years ticking by
929 - halsey || when facing the things we turn away from - luke hemmings || some kind of disaster - all time low
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