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#all too well short film
lanalovestay · 16 days ago
the queasy feeling when dylan and sadie start to kiss.... the growing panic when you realize they’re fully making out... that’s exactly how people should have reacted to seeing jake and taylor. people either ignored this gut feeling or completely didn’t have it, and that’s a problem. how blatantly the film cuts to the chase and doesnt beat around the bush isn’t just a perfect demonstration of how taylor is committed to allowing herself to fully present and process what she really went through, but of how committed she is to using her art to prevent other young women and vulnerable people from finding themselves in similar situations, whether it’s from their own heightened awareness or the awareness of people around them who can step in if need be
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caranmerya · 16 days ago
The all too well short film got 2 things really really well.
The first is how uncomfortable it felt to see them together, not because they lacked chemistry, their chemistry was fantastic but because I kept thinking she’s a kid.
The second was that fight. You could see the red flags before it, in the stop where Dylan screamed on the phone and threw the car keys. In the way he drank and loudly talked while Sadie stayed quiet on her corner and shook of her hand.
The fight itself felt like something you’ve seen or lived. Trying to point out how the other person hurt you and them brushing it off since they don’t think they hurt you then you are being over dramatic and needy for making such a big deal about it.
Kudos to Dylan and Sadie for their acting, they got it all perfectly.
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reputation · 16 days ago
but imagine you’re 19 going through this and you write the most beautifully heartbreaking song that you’re AFRAID to put it on your up coming album… and once you do release your next album… you become a national lighting rod for slut shaming for the next 2-3 years because you dated an average amount of people like a normal young girl does. Imagine going through that heart break enough to write a full album off of, and the world calling you a slut and that you go through guys faster than a train. I’m literally going to fight someone with my bare fists.
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flying-with-the-wind · 16 days ago
The thing about All Too Well is not the age-gap itself, but the age gap at that particular stage in life. Because a 10 year age gap between a 20 year old and a 30 year old is not the same way as a 10 year age gap but between, say, a 30 year old and a 40 year old. With 30-40, we’re talking about two people who can consider themselves in similar stages of life, they are both full adults. But someone who is just turning 20 and someone who just turned 30 are two people who are in completely different stages of life.
When you’re 20, you’re just entering that awkward phase between being a late teen and a young adult, and trying to figure out how the fuck adulting works. When you’re 30 (I imagine, since I’m not 30 yet), you’ve already more or less have the hang of it. You can’t expect a 20 year old to experience life the same way as a 30 year old, no more than you could expect it the other way around. Expectations are different, needs are different, thought process is different, literally everything. I’m sure there must be some couples that make it work, and good for them! But they’re exceptions, not the rule. In most cases, the relationship is clearly too unbalanced to be called healthy. 
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shedidntevenswear · 16 days ago
the way she illustrated the whole “this story was mine, and now it’s ours” with this short film with the book reading at the end and the wet eyes of the audience listening to her took me out
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supermusicallee · 16 days ago
jake's friends after listening to all too well 10 min version:
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