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#allan k washington
The actor(s) who plays Plankton really knows how to rock an eyepatch (sorry Patchy)

they sure do!!! and altho i couldn’t get a .gif of him since the only recorded performance of him as plankton was the nick kids choice awards and camera never zoomed in on him, but i love allan as plankton too:

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allankwashington Four Years Later. For just about my entire time living in NYC, the Untitled Tina Landau Project has always been there for me. Artistically. Financially. Emotionally. I’ve always known that no matter what I may have been dealing with, there would be another workshop, another reading, another production that would pick me up. Well today is the day that I graduate from SpongeBob University. Grateful is an understatement. Sad is an understatement. Somehow, blessed is an understatement. If there is one overarching lesson I’ve learned from this journey, it is the power of community. I have made some of the best friends of my life developing this show. I have felt love from this community of artists on some of my hardest days. And luckily, that’s something that isn’t closing. We brought so much joy into this world, this country, this city. That can never be taken away. We found the light, and we shared it. I love you, Bikini Bottom. Thank you for the Best Days Ever. ❤️ @spongebobbway

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