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#allison hargreeves

just imagine,,

-allison would probably be the one who organizes everything thanks to her big platform and voice

-luther would always be at the front, protecting the protesters from rubber bullets and tear gas canisters

-klaus and ben would definitely key every police car and pop their tires and break their windows because acab

-vanya would be the one to help make the signs and shirts and although she’d avoid confrontation, she’d whip out her powers without hesitation if a cop was being an ass

-diego would probably threaten the cops, and -in true vigilante style- protect as many people as he can and make sure the protest remains peaceful

-five would go all out, defending people getting attacked by cops, making sure to record everything just in case, getting the police’s badge numbers in the video, etc. 

feel free to add more!!

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A/N: It was so difficult fitting all of them in, but I managed it! XD Enjoy!

Reader’s about 18.


Title: Higher than Higher

Summary: Diego’s afraid of heights. Diego’s also stuck at the top of a ferris wheel with six siblings who are definitely not helping.

Words: 2430


“This is gonna be my death,” Diego stated grimly. His face was grave, lines creasing his forehead and mouth set in a tight line. The sudden dimness of his eyes was a direct cause of the looming structure in front of him, casting a dusty shadow over his rigid body and making his heart jump in pace.

He shook his head and sighed. This was the worst thing he would ever do in his life. 

Allison rolled her eyes and shoved past her brother. “It’s a ferris wheel, Diego. Grow up.”

Diego frowned and dropped his head to look at her. “It’s a death wheel, Allison.”

“It’s the wheel of life,” Klaus said dreamily, ignoring Vanya’s mindful “don’t you mean the circle of life?” He waited for Allison and Five to sit in the seats of the wheel’s carriage before hopping into his own, leaning back as though he were sunbathing on this misty afternoon and scooting to the edge, supposedly to give Ben the space next to him.

You grinned as the person manning the wheel made it move again, stepping forward when the next empty carriage came into view. The sound of footsteps following you failed to reach your ears and you stopped and turned. Your shoulders slacked at the sight of Diego, holding up the queue to the ride, staring horrified up at the ferris wheel. “Diego!” you hissed. “It’s our turn!”

He snapped his head down and his eyes widened for the smallest of seconds before he rushed forward. “Oh, right.”

That was as far as he got, however, before he visibly gulped and his face paled.

Luther sighed and pat his brother on the back, stepping past him alongside Vanya. “Good luck, buddy,” he said. He and Vanya sat in the carriage, it moved, and you grasped Diego’s hand, pulling him desperately towards the empty seats. It was, of course, fruitless, considering your brother’s strength vastly outmatched your own, but he seemed to get the gist eventually and let himself be dragged along.

“Uh, Sir?” the man by the controls asked a little hesitantly. Diego looked questioningly at him. “There’s a, uh, a ‘no knife’ policy for this, uh… for this ride.”

Diego glanced down at the hand not being gripped by you and noticed with a little grimace that he’d at some point taken his dagger from its holster and held it tightly in his fist. “Oh,” he said with a nervous chuckle, quickly returning it to its place, “sorry about that.”

The man nodded, a wary look on his face, but gestured to the empty seats nevertheless. You bounced excitedly in, waiting for Diego to sidle in next to you before the bar came down and the wheel began to turn, taking you up already.

“Oh, mother of God,” Diego cursed softly, hands grasping the bar so tight his knuckles were sure to turn white.

You grinned and turned to look at him. It’d never been a secret to the Hargreeves family that Diego was not exactly… a fan of heights. For a mean, lean, killing machine, he certainly lacked a measure of confidence in high buildings and rooftops. Of course, he’d had his fair share of them, but that was always during work. He stayed away from anything high when he had the option to remain on the ground.

The fair in 1963 Texas had been something noticed by you. All the apocalyptic shit was inevitable, according to Five, and therefore you’d asked your siblings to visit it with you, and after a decent amount of persuading, you - and Klaus - managed to convince them.

If anyone were to ask each of the siblings, they would all agree on the fact that this was definitely a distraction from the less happy aspects of the lives you’d all been living recently. They were all notably happier - even Five, who you often joked wouldn’t be able to smile to save his life, had laughed more in the past couple hours than he had his entire life (though a lot of that had been when he’d successfully aimed a pie at Luther’s face in the stocks).

The ferris wheel had always been a favourite of yours, and you’d been incredibly pleased to see that this one was bigger than most others you’d ridden. You’d saved it for last, though you supposed Diego probably would have appreciated getting it over and done with sooner rather than later.

You could hear the sound of the festivities below you grow muffled as the wheel slowly turned. Your siblings looked happy enough in front of you, each one talking with whoever they were sat next to - minus Klaus, who you were sure was periodically singing songs from The Lion King - and you felt a blissful peace wash over you.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…”

Until Diego.

Smiling, you looked innocently at him. “What’s wrong?”

Your brother was sat as far back as he could go with his arms stuck out like branches and hands gripping the bar as though his life depended on it. His eyes were squeezed shut. “We’re so freaking high,” he all but gasped out.

You laughed. “It’s not that high.”

Glee was painted all over your face as you watched him crack one eye open in order to look down. He shut it immediately after, desperately shaking his head. “No. Nope. We’re getting off at the next stop.”

“We are not!” you admonished.

He groaned, dipping his head, and you shuffled towards him, leaning against his side and resting your head on his shoulder.

He stayed completely still, repeating I’m not going to die like a mantra in his head.

The wheel continued to turn slowly, and it seemed like forever before you reached the top. When you did, you were utterly amazed at how high you were, but decided against letting Diego in on your wonder in case he ended up vomiting on you.

You would not go through that again. Once was enough.

It was when the carriage jolted to a sudden halt that your own eyes widened slightly and you grabbed Diego’s jacket.

He yelped a little. “What the hell was that?” he asked, daring to open his eyes. When he saw that the both of you were, in fact, at the very top of the ferris wheel, and not moving, he felt his heart skip a couple beats.

“Why are we- why aren’t- aren’t… what…”

“Attention, passengers! The ferris wheel has stopped momentarily as a result of some technical difficulties. Please remain calm and still. We will get you moving again soon, so there is nothing to worry about!”

Diego very much disagreed.

Luther turned around in his seat, only a carriage below you. He placed an arm on the top of its back and stared up at the both of you with an impish grin. “How’re you holding up there, Diego?”

Diego opened his eyes long enough to glare at his brother so hard the man physically flinched and turned back around again.

You snorted. “Come on, Di. You’re fine. It’s just a ferris wheel.”

A gust of wind blew past you, making the carriage rock the slightest bit, and Diego’s momentary thought that he might be able to sit still and think about knives while you all waited for the wheel to start up again was immediately knocked off course. He vehemently shook his head and began moving, looking up, around, and down, desperately reigning in the nausea as he did so. “I’m climbing down,” he boldly stated.

Your face morphed into one of utter disbelief as you watched him. “Diego, don’t be stupid.”

Diego pulled his legs up and under the bar to tuck against his chest, turning to you with a stony face of concentration. “Oh, I’m not being stupid. I’m being logical. If I climb down, then I won’t die up here.”

“So, you’re gonna leave me to my death?”

“If that’s what it comes to.” He gripped the side of the carriage and you rolled your eyes. Honestly.

“Diego, you’ve gotta be normal, here, okay? We’re all trying to be normal today.”


He tilted his head and rose a brow in a clearly mocking way. You bit your tongue. “Everyone except Klaus,” you swiftly corrected. Your brother remained unperturbed and you made a noise of annoyance. “Diego!”

“Hey, what’s going on up there?” You peered down and saw Allison staring up from her carriage.

“Diego’s being a child!” you called back.

Diego managed to take one hand from the safety of the bar to slap you on the back of the head.

“Tell us something new!” Five shouted a moment later.

Vanya turned, resting her chin and forearms on the back of her and Luther’s seats. She frowned when she saw the man looking as though he were readying to leap down. “What’s he even doing?” she asked.

You shook your head and crossed your arms over your chest. “He wants to climb down.”

Luther snorted. “He’s afraid of sitting in a concealed carriage at the top of the wheel, but climbing down from the top to the bottom, with nothing to stop him from falling and dying, is perfectly fine?”

Diego stopped, the only movement being his blinking eyes as he seemingly processed his brother’s words. After a short while, he slowly but surely dropped his legs to the ground again and sat normally once more, jaw clearly clenched and heart obviously racing a mile a minute. He shook his head at Luther’s triumphant smirk. “You probably paid them off to stop the damn ride when I got to the top,” he ground out.

Luther pursed his lips and rose his brows with a nod. “That’s actually not a bad idea… remind me to do that the next time.”

“Ohoho, there won’t be a next time,” Diego assured him. “I’m never getting on one of these motherfuckers again!”

“Stop whining,” Five’s voice could just about be heard. “We can hear you all the way down here!”

“Yeah?” Diego yelled, much louder than he needed to be, and definitely with a childish edge to his tone. “Well, maybe you should close your damn ears!”

“Woah, guys, guys!” Klaus interrupted, and when you averted your eyes to him you snorted at the fact that he was stretched out across both of the seats, head hanging out of the carriage – very illegally – and long legs limp at the other end. You hated to think about where poor Ben had ended up. “Let’s all calm down and sing a song!”

“We’re not singing Lion King, Klaus,” Allison told him.

“I’ll sing Lion King!” Luther said.

Vanya, Allison and Five turned to him immediately with a defiant chorus of “no!” and he shot his hands up in surrender.

“The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round; the wheels on the bus go round and round, all day long! Come on, kids! Join in if you’re cool enough!” Klaus started clapping his hands, and your siblings were quick to join in. Even Five, the moody grouch, was yelling the words like the child you often wished he still was. Allison was swaying to the side with each line, and Vanya and Luther had somehow made up some weird dance routine to go with the words.

You looked at Diego, who was very much still holding on for dear life, and a soft smile appeared on your lips. With your siblings distracted for the moment, you shuffled up next to him again and looped your arm through his, leaning your head against his shoulder. He relaxed the tiniest bit underneath you and sighed. “This is the last time I let you coerce me into something like this,” he said quietly.

“Really?” you asked. “I was gonna suggest we go to the top of Lady Liberty next.”

Diego rolled his eyes. He tilted his head slightly and rested the side of it on top of yours.

“The horn on the bus goes beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep; the horn on the bus goes beep, beep, beep, all day long!”

He frowned at the cacophony of voices coming from his siblings, strangely already feeling his pounding heart die down a little. “Has this song even been created yet?”

“I think so,” you told him. “Maybe this is how it was created. By five adults screaming the words on a broken ferris wheel.”

Diego chuckled at that, and you allowed yourself a victorious smile when the colour returned to his hands as he loosened their grips on the bar.

“The people on the bus go up and down, up and down, up and down; the people on the bus go up and down, all day long!”

If any of you had turned, you would have been greeted with looks of utter confusion – and slight fright – on the faces of those behind you, but none of you were bothered. And it was the first time none of you had been bothered since the day you’d all ended up scattered across the years and the state, utterly alone and at a loss for what to do. Now, however, it was clear your siblings were thinking about anything other than the apocalypse. Even Five seemed happier than he’d been in… well. Ever.

“The driver on the bus says ‘move on back, move on back, move on back’; the driver on the bus says ‘move on back’, all day long!”

You chanced another look up at Diego and your smile grew when you noticed his eyes flicking over the fair below. There was a hazed worry in those eyes, and he was clearly still apprehensive, but it seemed he was at least a little less on edge than before.

Which, really, wasn’t much, but it was at least an improvement.

“The mommies on the bus say ‘shush, shush, shush, shush, shush, shush, shush, shush, shush’; the mommies on the bus say ‘shush, shush, shush’, all day long!”

They finished the song with a round of applause and cheers, Luther shouting “encore!” and Klaus all but standing on the seats as he bowed.

You leaned further into Diego as you laughed at your siblings antics, and he smiled warmly, despite the shake of his head and the middle finger when Luther blew him a kiss.

“And now,” Klaus bellowed, “for round dos! Diiiiiiiego on the wheel goes puke, puke, puke, puke, puke, puke, puke, puke, puke!”

“Oh, fuck you, Klaus!”

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I really want a scene where the siblings go to a karaoke bar and they all sing bohemian rhapsody a song together, Klaus is really drunk and keeps wrapping his arms over everyone but is the only one to hit the high notes, Allison and Diego are more focused on dancing, though Diego is also really getting into singing, Ben is too because the only one who can hear his awful singing is pissed drunk so he doesn’t care, Vanya’s the only one to actually keep tempo since she’s the only one who knows anything about music, though its hard because Allison keeps grabbing her hand and making her dance and Vanya can’t help but dance with her, Luther is barely singing and Klaus keeps hanging out of him but he’s still having fun, 

  And Five is down at the bar watching his dumbass siblings with a smile scowl.

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Prompt: Can I ask for hurt/comfort one shot where Diego is hurt on his vigilante night job and everyone is taking care of him?

Warnings: Mentions of blood, violence, and needles. Stay safe, y’all. ♥ CONTAINS MILD SPOILERS FOR SEASON 2

Clarification note: Set after season 2 but since I know diddly squat about what follows the ending of season two it has tweaks.

~♡~ ~♥~  ~♡~   ~♥~   ~♡~   ~♥~  ~♡~  ~♥~  ~♡~  ~♥~  ~♡~  ~♥~  ~♡~  ~♥~

While he didn’t want to admit it, Diego always felt a need to prove himself. It started when he was young and pushed to be better –do better. It was hard being Number 2, constantly reminded that Luther was better than he was in every way, but it wasn’t just that. He wanted to be a hero. He wanted to save lives and better the world. Even if it didn’t always come across that way.

When they had returned, the world saved and them in their rightful timeline, he expected nothing to change. He expected for his siblings to part ways again and go back to their old lives, but to his surprise, they didn’t. The academy was standing -a shock to all of them but a welcome one. It wasn’t that they were going to go back to fighting crime, but they had missed each other. A fact that none would admit to though it did show in little unspoken ways. Like shared drinks or sitting together at meals times, talking and poking fun at one another. They were closer now. Felt closer. For the first time they truly felt like a family.

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I love how Allison always tries to help Vanya - it’s really great to see sisters who care so much about each other. 

But it also feels a little iffy to me that a white woman is being propped up and cared for by a black woman. And that Allison doesn’t get angry or frustrated even the slightest bit despite Vanya being the reason she lost her voice. 

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Choose your fighter:


I’m a grownup man

- thinks, that every man who’s older than him is his daddy

- still not over his first love

- terrible liar

- awkward smiles in every situation

- always polite



I don’t have daddy issues

- still waiting for his dead dad approval

- fall for a mentally ill woman

- put a knife to your throat, then become your best friend

- threaten an old lady over the phone

- Mom?

- made that machine his BITCH!

- JFK!!!


I don’t need no power

- married, but still in love with her first love

- though but hot

- woman rights

- mom friend

- Still want it all

- can kill you just by words



Destiny’s child

- “my cult makes me claustrophobic”

- 90s R&B fan

- trying to help his closeted lover

- start drinking (HARD) after 3 years of sobriety

- fashion icon

- a broken soul

- has a sugar mommy



Coffee bean

- over all this killing

- an old soul

- haven’t had a good day in the past 45 years

- surrounded by idiots

- haven’t slept in 2 weeks

- doesn’t trust in himself




- done with Destiny’s child bullshit

- in love with someone who doesn’t even know he exists

- lonely

- still in his emo phase

- sarcastic on the outside with a heart of gold

- backstreet boys




- farm nanny

- in love with a married woman

- cutest thing on earth

- most dangerous thing on earth

- believe that all those people are her siblings even tho they don’t even look alike


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Summary: after saving the world along with your boyfriend’s family, you were stuck back in 1960′s. You had been at the wrong decade for three years and have not seen your boyfriend’s family or even five for three years until today. 

Warnings: angst & a fluffy moment. Spoilers for season two!

Authors Note: my summary’s are getting better and better, sort of lmao. No matter how much i write, i still struggeling to write a summary. Also, this is an AU too where Five is not 58 years old instead he’s an eighteen year old. 

Requested: yes by @dracos-slut​ 

The Request: i saw that your requests are open so can I request a five hargreeves x reader where reader has been stuck since five’s time travel in 1960 (so for 3 years) and five finally finds her and they have a fluff but kinda angst moment?


Originally posted by fagklaus

Three years ago. 

You landed on the ground as a magentic blue field was above from you. Y/n let out a grunt before she stood up on her feet. She widened her gaze as the wind blew aggresivly as she took a look around her surroundings. Y/n breathed heavily as she looked around with a panick expression when she noticed that she was all alone. ‘’Five?’’ She shouted as she hoped that someone she knew would save her.

‘‘Klaus?’‘ ‘‘Luther?’‘ ‘’Allison?’‘

She let out a sob when she noticed that no one she knew was there. As she figured out that she couldn’t stay in that alley anymore, she walked out on the streets. The first thing she noticed that it was different. She notcied that the people was looking at her differently. 

They threw her an uncomfortable look and their chlothing style was very different from hers. She hugged herself as she kept walking and ignored the looks that she received from them. As she kept walking, four guys walked past by her as they noticed that she was looking lost.

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Things that are canon in TUA comics but not TV show that make for fanfic material:

Vanya and Diego used to be in a band together

Klaus had a baby when they time traveled to the 60s

Allison used her power on Luther to kiss him

Luther had a robot on the moon named ben

Diego has one eye

Five was genetically altered by the commission’s comic equivalent

>who also repaired Allison’s voice

Add on:

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okay, quick question regarding umbrella academy fics

if you’re inserting your oc into the hargreeves family and they have powers that are used (or probably just any at all), would you not have to change the numbers the umbrella academy already have?

good ol’ reggie numbered them off by usefulness and which one would give immediate results; or just the ones that didn’t as much training and control. because why else would a guy with super strength be higher than a guy who houses a big ass monster portal in his chest? or a guy who can control projectiles beat a guy who can teleport/timE TRaVeL?? we all know why vanya, the one cause not one but TWO apocalypses, was at the bottom.

so if you’re inserting an oc into the umbrella academy, would you not have to put the oc as number 7 and bump vanya down to number 8 because she’s supposed to be the one with no powers??

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𝙥𝙛𝙥 𝙞𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙨 ✰

[ 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐮𝐦𝐛𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐚 𝐚𝐜𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐦𝐲 ] — season 2 ★

allison hargreeves , diego hargreeves

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