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couldbegrayer · a day ago
quick question for my followers who like would yall feel if i made an ask blog for the bench trio+ some other characters? because ive got some ideas if anyone would be interested. 
idk if people would wanna see something like that though- so let me know! your feedback is greatly appreciated ^^
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solardrink · 2 days ago
ranboo said that tommy really wants him over in the uk to make vlogs,, ;-; what if i were to sob ueueueu
also PLANE VLOG :OOOOO im so excited beeduo meetup is literally around the corner yet i will not succumb to meetup truthing
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miishae · 2 days ago
I go back and forth on what my favorite pairing to write is.
Sometimes it’s Wilbur & Tommy being brothers
Sometimes it’s Tommy & Ranboo just bonding and comforting each other.
Crime boys vs. Alliumduo. Which is better?
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mega-moobloom · 5 days ago
s1 was clingyduo focused
s2 was alliumduo focused
s3 is beeduo/benchtrio focused
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miishae · 5 days ago
I really wanna write alliumduo right now.
If you want alliumduo, send me prompts? No pressure :D
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miishae · 6 days ago
Cruelty of the Beast - Part 17
( previous. )
Characters: c!Tommy, c!Quackity, c!Ranboo Word count: 1593 words Content: major character death, heavy angst, forgiveness, revenge, hurt no comfort, dark!fic, grief, alliumduo, dissociation,
There’s a stillness that settles over the area. An eerie sort of calm within Tommy’s very bones, as if he knows something’s wrong. The sounds of screams from everyone in the SMP are lessened.
Less people.
It’s hard for Tommy to breathe. He doesn’t know how many people are left, if any. The dragon is still rampaging above him, casting shades of purple and black over the ground, the buildings, and over people. It’s as if the very air is poisonous, because it’s hurting for Tommy to breathe. He had expected things to be chaotic, but he hadn’t considered how terrifying it would be.
A voice snaps him out of his thoughts. He’d forgotten he’s pressed against his old dirt house, with a crossbow held tightly in his hands. Turning his head toward the voice, Tommy’s staring straight at Quackity.
Quackity is red faced and gripping an axe. He doesn’t look angry though. Tommy would expect him to be pissed. Part of him wants Quackity to stab him.
No, he can’t think like this. Pushing away from his house, Tommy moves closer, feeling as though he’s swimming through honey. He can’t tell what the expression on his face is. Is Tommy smiling? Grimacing? Nothing makes sense anymore; he’s too lost in his own hazy dream, as if he’ll just wake up later and none of this will have happened.
“Tommy, what the fuck?” Quackity’s voice is sharp. Too sharp in contrast to the haze surrounding them. There is a fog, purple magic that destroys everything. Glancing upward, Tommy licks his lips.
“I don’t know, big man,” Tommy says. His tone is far too casual. Everything around them is beautiful. It shouldn’t be, not with his old friends lying dead around him. Forcing eye contact with Quackity is far easier than it should be. “I got tired, I guess.”
“You got tired?” Quackity laughs in disbelief. “We could have helped you! You didn’t have to run off with Wilbur and Dream!”
Tommy shrugs. “I didn’t have to do a lot of things.” Fingers absently toy with the crossbow. Part of him is concerned about prematurely setting it off, but that thought is rapidly pushed aside. “But I did.”
“What happened?” Quackity asks. “What happened to you? Did dying fucking change you? Did Dream possess you? Or are you even Tommy?”
“No, it’s me.” Tommy considers dropping the weapon. It’s not too late to walk away, to pretend nothing matters anymore. He lived through isolation once, he’d do it again, on his terms. It wouldn’t be so bad. There’d be no one this time to take his things, or manipulate him, or twist him around in knots.
There’d be the dragon, and the world reset, but he could probably live through that, somehow. Tommy feels as though he’s going to be sick.
“So if it’s you, then what happened? Because the Tommy I used to know would never have fucking unleashed a dragon on everyone!” Quackity sounds desperate. As though he’s trying so hard to understand the motives now. “People are dead, Tommy, do you understand that? They’re not coming back to life!”
He knows. He knew this, of course he did. Back at the cabin, it had all been so clear. Tommy had known exactly what he’d wanted, he could envision it perfectly in his mind. It had also been him angry over being shot by the very man standing before him right now.
Anger flares up, and he tries to push it back down. “I died,” Tommy retorts. “I died alone in prison, with Dream. I almost died alone in exile, or even back in Pogtopia. Alone.”
“We would have been there!”
“But you weren’t!” Tommy yells. Quackity stumbles back in surprise. Regret doesn’t flare up inside Tommy, only anger. Everything comes rushing back, washing over him like a tidal wave and threatening to drown him. “No one was fucking there Quackity! I’m so tired of handling everything alone. I’m tired of people treating me like I’m stupid, like I’m some evil bastard who hasn’t done anything good! It wears on you, alright?”
“You should have talked to us!” There are tears in Quackity’s eyes. “Tommy I loved you. I still love you, even when everything inside of me is wanting you dead. You betrayed everyone because of a few hurt feelings? This is so beneath you.”
“A few hurt feelings?” The anger is coming back. “I was singled out and used and hurt and betrayed by literally everyone on this god forsaken server. I was given a role I wanted nothing to do with and I died for it. I died for a lot of shit.”
“I shouldn’t have to talk to anyone, because you all had every god damned opportunity to see that I wasn’t okay!” Tommy grips the crossbow and lifts. “It says a whole fucking lot when my biggest tormentor made amends, and my so-called friends are still blaming me for shit I never had control over.”
“Tommy, there is a dragon killing everyone. What about Tubbo?”
“What about Tubbo?” Tommy asks. “Tubbo had Ranboo and he had all of you. I had Dream, and Wilbur.”
“This is really what you want?” Quackity asks, voice barely above a whisper. Somehow, even with the eruption still going on around them, Tommy can understand him clearly. “To kill everyone...for what, revenge? Wilbur convinced you that this was the only way?”
Everything is becoming clear again. The inevitable end, the race to undo all the damage everyone had caused. Damage he caused. It’s right there within his grasp, he just has to take the plunge and undo it all. Before he can move, Tommy hears his name in the distance. Sparing a brief glance, he sees Ranboo running toward him. Half of Ranboo’s left arm looks like it’s melting, and the enderman’s eyes are glowing purple.
This isn’t a good sign.
“Of course it’s the only way,” Tommy says, looking back at his old friend. Emotion leaves him. Thinking, feeling, is only going to hinder him. Leveling the crossbow, Tommy aims at Quackity’s heart. “I’m not doing this for revenge, I’m doing it because I care. And an eye for an eye.”
“If this is what you want, I won’t stop you. But you’re going to have to live with this for the rest of your life.” Quackity steps closer, letting the tip of the arrow press against his heart. He even reaches out to stroke Tommy’s cheek.
The teen doesn’t stop him. The touch is soothing, but it doesn’t have any of the familiar comfort that Tommy wants. Quackity isn’t Wilbur, after all.
“Tommy I just... I just want you to know that for whatever it’s worth, I did try. We did try. I’m sorry we couldn’t help you, just know we were your real friends all along.” He sounds so fucking genuine. For a brief second, Tommy reconsiders.
Ranboo’s close enough to grab at Tommy. Ranboo’s embrace is far more familiar to Tommy, far more enticing and comforting. Real friends, Quackity had said. Ranboo is real, and he loves Tommy. Tommy loves Ranboo.
Tommy lets his brain shut off.
“I’ll see you on the other side,” Tommy hears himself say. He’s watching himself release the arrow, watching as it pierces Quackity. It’s like watching television. It’s not a very interesting show.
Somehow, between the way Ranboo looks, and the way the dragon seems to be drawn to the enderman, Tommy believes the words he’s saying. He believes in the finality of this battle. Ranboo seems proud of him. Tommy wants to fall into his arms. Arm.
Quackity crumbles to the ground, stray tears dropping from his cheeks to the wooden path underneath him. His eyes are closed, at least. Dropping the weapon on the body, Tommy nudges him with his foot in a final farewell.
“Tommy, they want us to meet them in the crater,” Ranboo says. His voice seems to echo, though Tommy can’t figure out why. Reality is ballooning back to him, stretching and squeezing him all at once. Not enough for him to keel over with emotion, not yet. “They found my book.”
“Book?” Tommy shoots him a quizzical expression. He pretends he’s not crying and mourning Quackity’s death. “What book?” Ranboo is already pulling Tommy along. He’s holding Tommy’s hand, squeezing it reassuringly. Tommy flicks at his nose and clears his throat.
“Magic book,” Ranboo explains hastily. “Our window of time is running out, we have minutes at most before this all falls apart.”
Tommy can read between the lines. They’ll have killed all their friends for nothing. Nodding, he lets himself start running. He had first believed, for Wilbur’s sake. For Ranboo’s sake.
Sparing one last glance over his shoulder, Tommy fights back the nausea. He still can’t afford to let himself succumb to his emotions, but he still feels the grief and sadness.
He has to believe in this for himself, too. Because he knows what losing your final life feels like. Tommy still feels that cold void all too well, and it’s not a fate he wants anyone to feel for longer than they have to.
He starts running, with Ranboo keeping up with him at ease. Mere minutes before they lose the dragon and the magic it brings. Mere minutes before the guilt completely eats him alive.
Though, Quackity was right. Even with the magic and everything succeeding, Tommy will never forget the way Quackity had loved him up until death, even when Tommy gave him every reason not to.
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ranonymousboo · 6 days ago
Guys wild alliums are friginjbv SHARP
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incorrectdsmp420 · 10 days ago
Tommy: Are you crazy? We never got training in CPR! 
Tubbo: I know DDR. 
Tommy: ...what? 
Tubbo: It's what you do when people can't breathe. DDR. 
Tommy: It's not DDR. 
Tubbo: Yes, it is. 
Ranboo: You can't Dance Dance Revolution on people's lungs. 
Tubbo: You can try.
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sleepyyghostt · 14 days ago
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meh-beans · 14 days ago
whats the gen zero au? (Your arts really cute btw!!!)
(So sorry for taking so long to answer! And thank you for the nice compliment :D )
So, to simplify, it's a little au based off a video game (generation zero) I wrote a really messy concept thing for and then never did anything else with again, until now.
It's a benchtrio centric au, with c!Tommy and c!Tubbo having come back from a camping trip off the coast to find the island they were vacationing at with c!Tommy's family (sbi) completely upturned. People are missing or dead, vehicles and homes are left open and empty, it seems like everyone's gone. While hunkered down in the home they were renting, after hiding from a large terrifying machine, they are found by c!Ranboo, another teen who had been visiting only to be caught up in whatever is going on, and the three agree to stick together to survive. Following a trail of letters and recordings left by c!Tommy's father and brothers, they slowly uncover what happened piece by piece. Oh, and it's the 80s.
And yeah, that's the simple answer I believe? If anybody is curious or wants to hear more, feel free to ask questions or share some ideas! :D
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birdiefeltie · 15 days ago
Alliumduo enjoyers getting fed tonight
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recycledcactus · 15 days ago
Tommy: I have an idea
Ranboo: Stop it. Stop having ideas.
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kaeisblue · 16 days ago
ranboo’s supportive screams are giving me LIFE
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meowdy-howdy · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
X • X • X
X • X • X
X • X • X
blackberry themed ranboo stimboard (self indulgent!)
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solardrink · 19 days ago
thinking about how both tommy and tubbo have called ranboo, “boo” ,,,
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briarlovesginny · 20 days ago
DSMP Duo/Grouping Names
Tommy and Tubbo: Clingy Duo
Tommy and Ranboo: Allium Duo
Tubbo and Ranboo: Bee Duo, also known as Bee n Boo
Tommy, Tubbo, and Ranboo: Bench Trio
Philza and Techno: Antarctic Duo, I believe also called Immortal Duo
Foolish and Eret: Eternal Duo
Techno, Philza, Tommy, and Wilbur: Sleepy Boys Inc (SBI, not canon in the Dream SMP)
Dream, George, and Sapnap: The Dream Team
Dream, George, Sapnap, Karl, and Quackity: Feral Boys
Wilbur and Quackity: TNT Duo
Dream and Techno: Rivals Duo 
Phil, Dream, and Techno: Sometimes referred to as ‘Doomsday Group/Trio’, or similar names. 
Tommy and Techno: Bedrock Bros
Foolish and Ponk: Lapis Duo
Skeppy and Bad: Happy Duo
Tommy and Dream: Prime Boys/ Disc Duo
Ranboo and Sapnap: Treasure Duo
Punz and Sapnap: Brother Duo
Sam, Ponk, and Foolish (potential): Card Trio
Wilbur and Tommy: Crime Boys
Jack and Niki: Rocket Duo
these are all I can think of that are named currently, though I am asking that if you know of other names to please inform me!
UPDATE: thank you to everyone correcting me and/or adding some! 
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