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thevaldeztardis456 · 2 days ago
Encanto Incorrect Quotes
Abuela Alma : *Knocking on Luisa’s door*: Luisa, open up!
Luisa *inside*: I feel like I’m being crushed by the need to be strong for the family and...
Abuela: That’s not what I-
Mirabel: No, let her finish!
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excen-tricos · 2 days ago
Abrí mis viejas heridas e hice sangrar a mi alma, sólo necesito un abrazo...
- J.g.g
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quetzalnoah · 23 hours ago
Espero que no huyas de ti, que tomes el ánimo de romper las creencias erróneas que te sembraron, porque de la manera que eres ahora has sido siempre sólo que, evolucionando en un ritmo distinto, abrázate con todo lo que detestas, gozas y ríes de ti. Sublime alma, has venido a vivir para ser lo que piensas de tu persona.
Mágico y ebrio, Quetzal Noah
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Tengo un alma libre dispuesta a amar, dispuesta a entregarse, a dejar un poco de si misma en quien sepa tomarla.
Tengo un alma libre que sabe volar y que a la vez se condena a vivir entre los brazos de quien sepa amarla.
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sinfonia-relativa · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
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caffstrink · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
No thoughts, only alma
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bigfrozensix · 6 days ago
I’ve had a few days to let Encanto digest and try to understand why exactly Mirabel ddin’t get a gift and what the ending means. I do wish the movie itself spelled it out better, but at least how I understand it is like;
(This will include both major spoilers and speculation based on how I interpretated the story.) 
They never fully explain the real reason why Mirabel didn’t get a gift, especially since Mirabel and Abuela’s relationship didn’t get rocky until AFTER Mirabel’s failed ceremony and the conflict between them is fueled BY the lack of a gift. So I refuse to believe that’s the reason. Especially with Mirabel being the only one punished like this for any conflict going on in this family.
The movie ends with Mirabel still not getting a gift, but when you think about it... Mirabel is the new Abuela. As in, she’s obviously been chosen to be the next leader of the family once the grandmother passes (or maybe she already is now, it’s not made entirely clear). But this does make me think... it comes across like the miracle always planned for this to happen, but then why didn’t Mirabel still get her own room? Abuela also got her own room with her only gift being the leader.
This is where my own speculation comes in. but I feel like it was to test the family if they were worth another miracle. With Abuela, who got the original miracle, causing conflicts in the family from valueing magic over the individuals caused them to lose the magic. But them rekindling their relationships and rebuilding their house without magic and instead just their own bare hands (and the town’s help), is what made them earn it again.
And Mirabel finishing it by placing the doorknob is what officially brought the magic back. With a brand new front door with Mirabel at the center. So wheter methaphorical or literal, she’s the heart of the magic now.
Disclaimer: I’ve only seen the movie once and can’t really recheck details while it’s still theater exclusive.
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mais-am0r · 2 months ago
Por que estás abatida, ó minha alma? Por que te perturbas dentro de mim? Espera em Deus, pois ainda o louvarei, a ele, meu auxílio e Deus meu.
Salmos 42:5-11
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ines-txbles · a month ago
Tu alma se hundió debido al dolor que reprimiste.
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green-blue-heller · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
New Alma post ya’ll…
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evilsmile99 · 5 months ago
6/6 Happy birthday Kanda!!
Hoshino sensei posted this cute art on her Instagram to celebrate Knada birthday:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Reever: Oi! what's that?
Lena: It's a present from Alma (it's handmade)
Allen: You have to wear it the whole day to show your gratitude (evil laugh)
Lavi: btw Allen is the one who suggested this present to Alma!
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yukinnn · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy birthday to this sour and salty boy. 
I know I’m late for Kanda’s birthday, but he definitely deserves a birthday month
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