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gale-gentlepenguin · 9 hours ago
Gale Reviews: Encanto
Tumblr media
Now we can talk about bruno (Thanks for the art @knightsweeties)
Lets discuss Encanto.
(Spoilers below for those that havent seen it
We have Alma (abuela) telling 5 year old Mirabel about the origins of the miracle. And how its her turn to get a power, and its the start of her ceremony.
We cut to 10 years later.
The opening song was a great introduction to the movie. (The Family Madrigal)
Mirabel Madrigal is the only Madrigal that doesnt have a power (that has Abuela Alma's blood).
She sings about her wonderful family to the kids and its absolutely heartbreaking when its revealed she doesnt have a power.
Some of the adults try to be kind to her (mainly pity) but for the most part she is seen as a black sheep in the family.
Now the film starts off with the day of Antonio's Door ceremony. Now he is the youngest Madrigal and now that he is 5 years old, he will be given a room and a power, or so the ritual is suppose to go. Mirabel was technically the last one to have a ceremony, but she didnt get a door or a room. And so she has been Antonio's room mate in the nursery. (which also should make people aware how kind of twisted it is, that since she didnt get a room, she has to sleep in a nursery, (which while it is her room its treated like she didnt grow up, Like Mumble from Happy feet)
Anyway, Antonio is feeling the pressure and so it the rest of the family, especially Alma. If Antonio doesnt get a power then maybe the power/ their miracle is dying.
So there is a lot of pressure on Antonio.
My favorite scene of this movie is Antonio's reveal at the ceremony.
Abuela Alma has turned the Power/ room gaining ceremony into some sort of Grand event. And Antonio who I should remind everyone is 5 YEARS OLD. now has to wrestle with the possibility of not having a power, and despite how the family acts, he knows Mirabel is treated differently. So when he asks for her help it means so much (f*** this scene almost got me teary eyed)
Anyway he touches his door and he gets the power to talk to animals. And its a wonderful day. Everyone is relieved and partying. Then we have Mirabel feeling ever more alone, but still happy for her cousin. And thats when things really kick off.
The house has cracks! Its breaking. And sure enough Mirabel tries to warn everyone but the house is fine when they check. Abuela plays it off and the party continues. Mirabel is concerned and decides to investigate.
The next part of the film has Mirabel talking to different family members to find out whats going on.
Luisa reveals her insecurities in "Surface Pressure" (my personal favorite song)
Then Luisa mentions Bruno's vision which has Mirabel search for the vision. Checks Bruno's room (comedy and suspense ensues)
Mirabel asks her family about Bruno resulting in (We dont talk about Bruno) the best overall song in the movie.
Mirabel finds the vision and due to a comedic series of events, the entire family finds out about the vision and eventually the whole town finds out after Isabella's engagement was ruined.
Mirabel then finds Bruno, who never ran away and has been living in the walls for around 10 years. Secretly fixing the cracks and protecting everyone. And he left so that No one would blame Mirabel. Its such a touching scene and its absolutely HEARTBREAKING when you see Why his place is by the kitchen.
Mirabel than has Bruno have another vision to try and see if there was a way to fix it.
Antonio found them and took them to his room to do the vision.
Now instructed by the out of order vision. Mirabel believes she needs to Hug her sister, Isabella. Who Mirabel has the most beef with.
This results in a rather heated arguement which has Isabella, which reveals she never wanted to be engaged to the guy in the first place!
This then results in Isabella making a cactus and having the song "What else can I do" sung. Which in my humble opinion is "Let it go" but better.
This of course has them make up and the candle glow brighter. but Abuela seeing the chaos snaps at Mirabel.
This causes Mirabel to Blame Abuela for causing all of the damage. And that shattering caused the house to break apart.
Mirabel blames herself and runs off. The family powerless tries to find her.
Abuela finds Mirabel at the pond where she got the candle that started the miracle and where she lost her Husband. (There is a LOT to unpack in this scene and it makes Abuela Alma the most fascinating character in the movie. Which I plan on talking in GREAT LENGTH about later)
This allows for them to make up and Abuela realizing the pressure she has been putting on the family unintentionally all for the sake of not losing everything again.
Abuela sees Bruno who is ready to defend Mirabel, but that wasnt needed and Alma hugs her son she hasnt seen in 10 years.
The family is back together and they decide that magic or not, they are a family and they will get through this.
The town shows up and helps rebuild the house with the family. This seems to take at least a few weeks or months (its vague). The house is restored and Mirabel puts the door knob the family made for her and the magic is restored.
Everyone is happy and they take a family photo
So Lets start,
The animation and Music are solid. Great catchy songs. All bops or bangers.
Mirabel is a great protagonist. And the voice acting for each family member is PITCH PERFECT.
I was shocked by the names they used and how well they killed it.
I loved Bruno and I cant think a single member of the family I didnt like.
But there are some problems with the film.
I will focus on the three that actually bother me and keep this from being a 10/10
1. The ending.
The ending is very disney, so its not surprising but I would rather that the magic didnt come back. The miracle in itself is never explain (which I can over look) but I think the better lesson should have been that it resolved everything too easily. Maybe if they had another time skip. With Alma passing and Mirabel being revealed to be the new candle keeper, then the magic returns. (Or something). its not awful but its pretty underwelming and easy.
2. The pacing and Interactions with family.
I felt like the first half of the movie was way too slow while the second half was way too fast. It would have been AMAZING to have had Mirabel work through the issues of each member of the family. Give them all the screen time they deserved. But sadly some characters (Like Doloris, Camilo, and Julieta get very little devlopment. We dont get to see their flaws.) It would have been wonderful to see Mirabel become the one that helps them see outside themselves.
This could have been a twelve episode series, I think it should have been.
3. Abuela's story should have been delved into more.
Now the scene where Mirabel is finally talking with Abuela is fine, and emotional. It was missing that extra kick. It needed just a bit more. I have a lot to discuss because i know most of the fans on the internet on blaming Alma for everything. But I really think there is so much more to it. And yes, Alma is at fault, but she isnt the demon the internet makes her out to be.
Overall the film is a solid 8/10.
And I will be making a post on Abuela Alma.
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moonstone-blues · a month ago
Okay, so I was scrolling through the Bruno Madrigal tags as usual and I just want to talk about this moment:
Tumblr media
So Bruno has confronted his fear of seeing his mother again, he finally gets to reunite with his sisters and what is his first instinct?
He tries to wave.
Tumblr media
He hasn't seen his sisters in ten years (at least face to face.) He's heard the family make him out to be some villain. They don't even say his name. He doesn't know where they stand. He got lucky with his mother but Pepa and Julieta?
Knowing Pepa, he's probably expecting her to explode at him. As she runs at him, he looks at her with concern or fear. So many scenarios run through his head.
But instead, she hugs him.
And, of course, he's completely confused for a moment. During the scene with Mirabel and his new vision, he can't even recognise what a hug is.
But both his sisters hug him. He probably thinks they hate him for leaving and maybe other things from their past. But they don't. They're just so happy to have him back.
Even when Bruno hugs back, it seems mechanical, like he's trying to remember the stages of how to give a hug.
He's been deprived of contact for so long and even though he doesn't fully grasp it now, he will.
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secret-ssociety · 27 days ago
"I didn't like that they forgave the abuela" "the ending of Encanto was so disappointing" "it should have ended differently"
yeah because how dare HOW DARE a family decide to go into a process of collective healing instead of just fucking everyone out of their lives AAAAAAAAAAA
sorry abuela slander pisses me off
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veryberryghoul · 22 days ago
Abuela: Pepa! Why are there little handprints all over the walls?
Pepa, whispering: Why are there little handprints all over the walls?
Antonio, whispering back: Because I have little hands.
Pepa: Because he has little hands, Mamá.
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3sides1eye · a month ago
Tumblr media
alma is not a bad person and in this essay I will
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peppermint-joys · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Oh my gosh their name is Lili all the more reason to ship them with Isabela.
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i-d-e-g-a-f · 26 days ago
encanto hurt so much to watch i wish the film was longer so it could better explore the theme of inter generational trauma bc it was so present but so under developed.
there was so much POTENTIAL. not to say it was bad because it was far from bad but it just could’ve been so much BETTER.
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mojana · a month ago
Im so ready to write an essay abt the cultural inspirations in encanto, like THERES SO MUCH!
But anyways:
The river where Mirabel and Alma sat while she recounted the story of the home exists:
Tumblr media
Caño Cristales / The River of 7 Colors :)
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rremirambles · 17 days ago
Anyone else think the reason Alma was so eager for Isabela and Mariano to get married was so there'd no longer be an empty seat at the table.
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localdudekisser · 11 days ago
Have my Julieta/Agustín bullshit.
These two have been on my mind lately and I keep seeing cute fan art on them as teenagers and how they met and stuff and how Bruno and Pepa teased the living crap out of their sister in love and it's all very cute and I want to be apart of it.
Scene: They're teenagers, Agustín is new in town and Julieta has taken a liking to him, her siblings notice because of course they do. Agustín has a hopeless stupid crush on her and Pepa and Bruno secretly try and get them together but it actually happens like this:
They're at a party for the town, celebrating the triplets 17th birthday and the party is calming down and Julieta took Agustín to her room and of course Pepa and Bruno ate listening in because they're nosy okay? Julieta has a bit of a seat near a window and shy conversation is going on and they get a bit closer, almost a kiss before Abuela bursts in the room.
"Julieta?! What is going on up here? Why are Bruno and Pepa outside your door?!" Agustín is so startled he falls backwards out Julieta's window. It takes a bit long for him to recover because he denied her magic food because he didn't want to waste her time on such an accident prone guy like himself.
Soon they get their actual first kiss and Pepa is so happy for them she gets an accidental storm cloud and it electrocutes Agustín. Bruno stars laughing. "Talk about and electrifying first kiss–OW!" Julieta throws a rolling pin at him.
When the start dating and before the proposal dinner, which becomes a tradition, Bruno says something very familiar:
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sapphikatara · 7 days ago
i don’t think people realize that in her early 20s, alma not only had to take care of three children, but a whole village on her own, and i think we should talk about it
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my-random-shit-blog · 26 days ago
The urge to gatekeep Encanto from everyone who says Abuela is homophobic/transphobic
Seriously though, it's a bad and frustrating take
Yall can dislike her and her mistakes without turning her into a bigot for fun.
The way yall will take a movie about a diverse family with generational trauma, learning to grow, change, and communicate better and in the end have a closer relationship, and go,
"Yeah the traumatized brown grandma who apologized and changes is a bigot cuz I think it's quirky and must vilify this woman"
I mean at the end of the day yall are entitled to whatever headcannon you like, I'm just disappointed that it seems to be the most pervasive take on Alma.
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moonstone-blues · 28 days ago
Trapped - Part 1
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 1 (Here) - Part 2
What if Bruno wasn't able to escape Casita as it fell?
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veryberryghoul · 9 days ago
Julieta, as a teenager: I got angry and broke a plate
Pepa: And you’re telling us, why?
Julieta: Cause I told mamá one of you two did it
Bruno: What!?
Julieta, smirking: And she believed me
Alma, in the distance: Pepa, Bruno, get your asses in here now!
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3sides1eye · a month ago
Tumblr media
illegally sells prints of this bc Disney would never make merch this depressing/j
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peppermint-joys · a month ago
Tumblr media
Via Michael Woodside twitter
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nutellaspread · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
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achillesmonochrome · 22 days ago
A lot of people probably say this already, but yeah I imagine Mirabel would be the next matriarch of the family.
She brought the new Encanto, and I imagine she has her own door now, either showing a candle or similar.
I imagine Abuela deciding to teach her everything, because is hinted that Abuela is not only the matriarch of the family, but she is an important person on her community.
Is probably some trial and error, Abuela while now she knows she did wrong, she may repeat her habits sometimes. I like to think that Mirabel will not hold her tongue to tell her (in a loving, but still firm way) what she is doing.
And I imagine Abuela surprised, but then she smiles and says “This is why I know you will be an amazing Matriarch for this family, I am so proud of you”
Mirabel smiles, trying not to try because after years of feeling in the shadows, she found her place with her family.
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rremirambles · 19 days ago
The more I think about it, the more it makes complete sense that all of Pepa's kids have gifts.
Keep in mind I'm going with the theory that Mirabel is giftless cause she's the new candle holder. It's generally agreed upon that Julieta was the favourite out of the triplets and it's confirmed through the fact that Alma never interacts with Pepa's kids unless she needs something from them i.e. Dolores at breakfast or the family is together (mealtimes, the ceremony). Also the only time her and Pepa are talking she's telling Pepa to calm down. And well Bruno was ostracised and essentially disowned.
But because Pepa and her mother have a damaged relationship and Alma extends that treatment by showing little-to-no interest in Pepa's children they'd have never been considered by the casita to be the next candle holder cause the successor would logically have to be close to the current candle holder. Which we know Mirabel was before her door disappeared.
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cult-of-hootsifer · 7 days ago
Can we talk about how differently this scene is shown at the beginning of the movie vs the end?
Tumblr media
Like, when she’s retelling it she skips over her grief and focuses on the miracle she got afterwards. Also in the beginning while it does still imply that Pedro died it looks like he might have been taken away, imprisoned and then killed (or at least that was my interpretation) while in reality she watched the love of her life die right in front of her and she never recovered.
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