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lawrencelessland 5 months ago
Tumblr media
alma is not a bad person and in this essay I will
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iblade290 5 months ago
Did i think bruno needed to apologize in all of you? Nope
Do i think his family, specifically alma and pepe owe him an apology? Yes
Did i enjoy his verse in all of you? Absolutely, he has the range 馃挌
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nael-opale 5 months ago
"I'm okay," she said. She was not okay.
She was emotionally compromised by hand-holding in a Disney movie.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Screenshots from Inspiring Disney's Encanto
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kinschi 3 months ago
I have to disagree. Just because she became more of a hard ass after Mirabel's ceremony doesn't mean she wasn't already affecting her kids. Otherwise Bruno wouldn't have left. He was also adamant that he had to protect Mirabel from his mom and shift all of her blame onto him and that can't just be from 10 years of being isolated behind the walls... that's from him KNOWING from his own experiences with her.
I didn't say it wasn't affecting her kids! Of course she was! In fact I said I'm sure that there always has been a lot of stress put on them because of their gifts caused by Alma. And yes Bruno did have his reasons for thinking like he had no other choice but to leave. He and Pepa probably didn't have the best relationship with their mom and for sure the triplets were directly and negatively affected by Alma's behaviour and her unresolved trauma. But that's why I said "that controlling, or that mean" and not that she wasn't.
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loidforgerphd 4 months ago
encanto and the way intergenerational trauma passes down not only in the 鈥渆lders and how their behaviours impact later generations鈥 way but also in that visceral 鈥渋 do this because of something my ancestors went through that i have no intimate experience of but have that inexplicable feeling of deep in my bones鈥 epigenetics-esque/鈥榯he body keeps a score鈥 way
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beeyoungkah 3 months ago
I totally get Isabela and Luisa having to keep up a fa莽ade of like perfection/strength being older sisters but not only that, it's because they felt they HAD to.
Their baby sister, Mirabel, didn't get a gift like them, and it's awful, yes, but also they must've felt like they had to make up for what Mirabel lacked. They aimed to please Abuela more because Mirabel didn't get one. They helped out with the town more with their gifts because Mirabel couldn't.
And they bottled up their emotions for years because they probably felt they couldn't run to their parents because they thought Mirabel probably needed their attention and support more.
Isabela had Abuela, who cared for her most when her parents couldn't because they were busy with their duties/chores and have to make sure Mirabel was okay. I get that Isabela ended up clinging to her Abuela because she felt like she was the only adult she could go to.
And Luisa... oh boy.. Luisa just kept it in. She was older than Mirabel and she was stressed and so busy but more than anything, she loves her little sister and her family. And she was strong, she believed she was strong, she kept telling herself she was strong, and so she endured.
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disregardcanon 4 months ago
i think that the most tragic part about abuela encanto is that she never got to properly mourn her husband, because i think that she tied his death up in 鈥済etting the miracle鈥 in her brain along with the fact that her entire support system is now Strangers Who Think She鈥檚 Magic TM and... three infants. so there鈥檚 no room for mourning when we got so lucky! we鈥檙e so lucky that we鈥檙e still here!
so this woman must have just gone immediately into Community Matriarch Mode because she didn鈥檛 feel like she had any other option. yes, pedro died, but we got a miracle out of it, right? we have to be grateful. the light shone upon us and we have to make sure that it keeps shining because there are so many things that can hurt all these people under my protection, and i don鈥檛 even understand how it works? and if i show a moment of hesitation, then they won鈥檛 believe that they鈥檙e safe and how can i do that to them instead of just shouldering the burden alone? they鈥檙e counting on me. they have been since we got the miracle (since pedro died and left me alone)
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never-ending-fanfic 3 months ago
In one of the cut scenes Mirabel is told to clean the house for Antonio's ceremony with the Agustin and F茅lix and they share the story about Bruno (whose original name was Oscar) and F茅lix says that before he left he was to have a huge fight with Abuela where she would say: "If you leave this house, you're dead to me" to what Bruno was to reply: "I wish I was dead!"
And I'm thorn between being angry that we've been robbed of this scene and being relieved that my heart has been spared from it.
P.S. go watch this scene if only for the amazing relationship between F茅lix and Agustin!
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androidemotions 5 months ago
Thinking about how its Bruno that rides into the place where his father died to men on horse to confront his mother.... like Bruno had absolutely no idea of the context of that place, alma said she couldn't bring herself to ever go back so she never took her kids there. And so Bruno riding in is a complete recontextualization of part of those sense memories, like suddenly alma is back in this grove but its her son riding in to meet her and protect mirabel.
like...... she finally can move past this trauma bc her family is with her to face it.
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fandomregina 4 months ago
Tumblr media
ok hear me out. this was posted by @the_.madrigals on instagram. look at Mirabel. Everyone else is well posed. Dolores doing her little 'I hear something!' pose (which nobody else is doing a pose to 'show' what their power is so I 100% assume she actually heard something as this photo was taken and my girl looks confused lol). Camilo has his arm around Antonio. Pepa and Felix are behind them being adorable. Abuela, as always, is in the middle holding the candle. Agust铆n is behind Julieta and Isabela being adorable (:D) and Luisa is also on the end with Mirabel. Mirabel 100% got pulled in by Luisa. She has her arms crossed and she's leaning awkwardly. she's at like... 240 degree angle lol. She was going to be so far off to the side, standing away from her family. She could've just stood infront of Luisa. She's tall enough. But then she would have to stand next to Isabela and look like she wasn't being almost excluded by the family. Also her smile is killing me. it's the smile a lot of kids do whenever their parent is taking a photo of them and they have to smile and they don't want to.
But, in all seriousness, I saw a post one day where someone was talking about a certain lyrics in the song "The Family Madrigal"
"But now you all know the Family Madrigal
I never meant this to get autobiographical
So just to review the Family Madrigal"
Mirabel doesn't want to talk about herself. Ok, she has no gift. We get it. Because this song is pretty much just about their powers. But she includes the guys also. They don't have powers so even they are included (but Im pretty sure they're just held to a different standard and it's "okay" that they don't have powers just bc they're married in). In the post, OP also analyzed that not including herself in the song also means she doesn't really see herself as being part of "the family Madrigal". I think this photo (along with the photo taken after Antonio got his gift in his room right before the song "Waiting on a Miracle") shows just how much Mirabel feels like she's so distant/separated from her family. In the photo, she was almost forced into it by Luisa, her smile is painful, and honestly? I think she doesn't even want to be in it. Although the towns people know she's in the family Madrigal and include her in some ways, she's still treated differently than them (like Bruno - like how he's in the mural in the town but isn't talked about) and probably is talked about differently. Yep that's all.
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starrmaiden 4 months ago
if I see one more post that's like "Mirabel and Bruno should have walked away from their horrible abusive family 馃槧 they shouldn't have forgiven abuela because she the worst and didn't deserve it. Mirabel and Bruno shouldn't have apologised", I'm going to scream. Like, you're missing the whole point of the movie
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blackroseaki38 5 months ago
Chapters: 1/? Fandom: Encanto (2021) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Agust铆n Madrigal/Julieta Madrigal, Agust铆n Madrigal & Bruno Madrigal Characters: Bruno Madrigal, Agust铆n Madrigal, Julieta Madrigal, Pepa Madrigal, F茅lix Madrigal, Camilo Madrigal, Mirabel Madrigal, Antonio Madrigal, Luisa Madrigal, "Abuela" Alma Madrigal Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Family Feels, Angst, Past Child Abuse, Family Bonding, Touch-Starved, Anxiety Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Bruno Madrigal Needs a Hug, Kidnapping, Platonic Cuddling, Brotherly Affection, Brotherly Bonding Summary:
Agust铆n loved his in-laws and he loved his brother Bruno too. Seeing him more like a younger sibling, Agust铆n is happy he's back home.
Their family is back together.
Until outsiders hear of someone who can see the future.
Since the bestie of life and I are on the same wavelength right now, check this out her fic. @whistlemist did a great job as always to break and put my heart back together.
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balsee 2 months ago
thinking about alma losing her husband but still being able to go on because she had her kids, thinking about how she watched her family grow and was starting to believe that things were going to be okay only to lose her only son! thinking about alma losing the most important men in her life and just having to shoulder that grief and move on :) anyway :))
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hyrques 4 months ago
i've only scrolled through the encanto tag here for a bit but i'm already relieved that most of the posts that i've seen have been nuanced sentiments on the film's message... or even just coherent discussions on said message.
thank god that the whole "i'm completely disregarding the film's themes on generational trauma in bipoc families specifically colombian families by replacing them with queer and/or ND headcanons" eventually died down, and anyone who continues to do so are called out ,, But even after weeks since the film's release, i'm still subjected to tweets (mostly on local twt) about whether or not alma was the real villain n it's like... susmaryosep when will it END !!!!
#almost feb n ppl r still debating ab that im TIRED#the real villain is generational trauma ppl#alma is a complex n incredibly flawed person whose trauma is valid but her methods in protecting her family arent justified#how she treated her family ESPECIALLY mirabel fucking hurts#but god the ending gives me sm hope idk#n coming from a poc whose familial dynamics share some similarities w d madrigals#alma realizing her faults apologizing n most likely will be putting an effort in improving herself for her family esp bruno & mirabel#is a HUGE deal to me#its why i prefer the hc that she /does/ improve herself like obv it'll be a slow process but wow we love seeing character growth#sorry for ranting ab this n basically not adding anything new to d convo lol#i first watched encanto in dec like most of my mutuals#im relieved that most of us seem 2 share similar thoughts on d film (whether theyre things we liked/connected w or things that bothered us)#dont take this as an 'omg tumblr is SOO much better than twt' take btw 'cause its not lol#ive seen sm great takes ab the film on there too#ao3 is the real enemy here /hj#encanto#abuela alma madrigal#abuela alma madrigal positive#critical#zeph rants#edit: certain that ppl explained this alr but jus wanted 2 clarify that making queer/nd hcs on d madrigals isnt inherently bad#unless ure doing so by mistaking & eradicating cultural practices n mannerisms as 'proof' for ur hcs#despite colombians informing u ab their significance#then fuck you
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notebookpapers 4 months ago
鈥渁buela鈥檚 trauma doesn鈥檛 excuse her actions鈥 and 鈥渁buela鈥檚 actions do not make her the villain鈥 are opinions that can, and should, co-exist
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properlittleseductress 4 months ago
鈥淭he cracks started with you.鈥 What if they started when Bruno left? The two events were very close together in time. What if it was because he left and not because of Mirabel?
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themountainsays 3 days ago
Modern day Isa would definitely have tattoos with shit like this written on them:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Or something like 鈥淭he desert works to forbid it but the cactus still blooms.鈥
You know @isamiral-soulwolf and i were just talking about the differences between book!Isabela and movie!Isabela, and book!Isabela would 100% totally get one of these, because she's soft and baby. Movie!Isabela tho? I see her a bit more on the punk-ish side.
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magicalmadrigals 3 months ago
So, I decided to try my hand at writing my first fanfic for Julieta and Agustin and the response to it so far has been wonderful! I thought I would share it here so that you guys can go and check it out if you would like to! 鈾ワ笍
AU: 19-year-old Julieta Madrigal and 18-year-old Agustin Martinez are madly in love, but there's only one thing stopping them from being together and that is her cruel suitor, Angelo Gomez. When Angelo learns that her heart belongs to another and abandons her and the family, Alma is disgraced by her daughter and Julieta flees Encanto with Agustin. The two of them search for their happy ending, but will they find it? And will Julieta's family learn the truth about her relationship with Angelo and mend their broken bonds? Only time will tell.
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nael-opale 5 months ago
Okay, I've received two asks about the relationship between Alma and Mirabel, I'm working on it ! To be fair, it's a little bit harder for me to figure things out so far because :
I am still very much obsessed with Bruno, which means I spent a lot of time thinking about him lately and it helps my analysis
I am not the only one to feel so strongly about him ! It's easier to find clips of Bruno's scenes than it is to find the important scenes involving Alma... I saw the movie two times recently but it's harder to remember details without the clips.
Well...the grandmother/granddaughter tense relationship hits close to home for me. I still very much love and empathize with Alma's character, but some attitudes she has are just...ouch.
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foreveranevilregal 2 months ago
Tomorrow is my grandma鈥檚 birthday鈥he鈥檚 been gone over a year now. We were so close, still feels like a part of my heart is missing. Would appreciate some softness.
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