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I thought we would have a different life -- a difficult night
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Pepa: i'm mad at Bruno, he made me cry at my wedding and ruined it
F茅lix: i got to marry pepa 馃グ馃グ
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clwnstim 2 days ago
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encanto icons! (part one of three)
free to use without credit
-madrigalcest, proship, anti-anti dni-
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George MacDonald, from 鈥淭he Complete Poems & Fairytales鈥
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鈥淢y son and daughter have been partners in stupidity since they were toddlers鈥 they鈥檙e 18 yrs old now 馃檮鈥
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Isa and Abuela Alma
So obviously Isabela is Abuela's favourite grandkid, it's clear that while she doesn't show her irritation with other grandkids (except Mira, my beloved), she favours Isa. But why?
The easy answer is that Isabela behaves in that perfect manner, always does as she's told and really, who wouldn't want such a kid? However, quoting Pepa's famous:
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Have any of you noticed that Isa looks identical to young Alma?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Same lips, face shape, eyes, ears, hair (not hairstyle), Isa only has slightly thicker eyebrows and smaller nose and her skin is darker. Even in Bruno's vision, when he still had a problem to see who Mirabel was hugging, the person looked like young Alma.
It might have been that Abuela wanted to direct Isa's life like it was her own, if she and Pedro didn't have to leave their house, hence if Pedro lived.
Also notice that while Pepa's side of the family all wears the shades of yellow, oranges and reds (ignore the fact that Antonio's clothes are white here)
Tumblr media
And while Julieta's side of the family dresses in blues and teals, Isabela does not exactly match
Tumblr media
Isabela wears a pastel purple/pink dress and it doesn't exactly match her side of the family, if anything, it matches Abuela's magenta dress more (plus notoce how similar their earrings are)
Tumblr media
And when she finally breaks the spell of forced perfection and gets her dress all dirty and wild in "What Else Can I Do", it turns that deep navy color, that matches her with her family
Tumblr media
Do with this whatever you want
(Side note, notice how F茅lix's face is all serious in the gif but brightens up with an exited smile when Pepa mentions their wedding day, too cute)
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Madrigals as things my roommate has said to me:
Camilo-(burning Mac and cheese) If I do a dance in my fancy pants this will turn out fine.
Dolores- If you didn't hear it, it didn't happen.
Antonio- This is a dog. It goes "bark bark, eat less chicken, murderer."
Pepa-(in a silent room) Stop that you idiot! I can't hear myself think!
F茅lix- Calm down. You need like, a bottle of chill cough syrup, forget a chill pill. Like relax.
Julieta- How dare you order a pizza. Give me some.
Agust铆n-(after running into a tree) I think I'm too cool for walking.
Mirabel- I have a kazoo, I think I'll recreate the 'it's a mental breakdown' vine.
Isabela- You disgust me. How dare you wear an ORANGE shirt on my birthday.
Luisa- I'm tired of work. So I think imma write an essay. Come get me in three hours.
Abuela Alma- I love you which is why I despise you so greatly.
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papi-brunito a day ago
I really love PBJ so muuuuchhh like how they're triplets and they have their own face features and that they sometimes don't look the same but still look like each other too at the same time and that they also resembles both Alma and Pedro, I just think they are very well made.
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pottahishotasf 2 days ago
掳 Secret Stash 掳
Husband!Bruno Madrigal x gn!reader
Requested: NO
Summary: The events on that particular night turned more interesting than they have ever imagined, for y/n's first night sleeping in the casa madrigal as a madrigal themself.
Warning/s: mentions of food, basically just tooth rotting FLUFF, Bruno has a room with no stairs because why not?? also Bruno has a secret cupboard stash.
Word Count: 527
鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣 NAVIGATION 鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹佲攣鈹
Tumblr media Tumblr media
When it was your first time sleeping in the same bed as your lover, Bruno鈥 many interesting things happened that night.
But there was this moment that you could never forget.
"Hey, do you wanna go to the kitchen? There's probably some Arepa de queso left." He suggested, interrupting the silence.
"I think I also 'hid' some chocolates..."
You eagerly raised your head from his chest to look at him and nod aggressively.
The pair went鈥 actually crept to the kitchen, trying to stay as quiet as they possibly can, remembering it was already 12 in the morning鈥
Bruno was right, there was some Arepa de queso left.
You were both eating, when Bruno stood up mumbling a little "wait." He went to reach the highest cupboard, knocked three times to whisper something.
It opened鈥
He reached his hand in鈥 and took out a jar full of sweets specifically chocolates from the 'cupboard' while smiling sheepishly at you.
Your attention was on the jar, looking at it with your mouth parted, "Why do you have to hide ALL of THAT?" You asked, pointing at the jar, trying to process what just happened in front of you.
"Oh, it's for future purposes?..."
"Really, 'for future purposes'?" You asked mockingly, while looking at him expectantly.
"Well, yes鈥" As he tries to come up with some ridiculous excuse, you started walking towards him.
Carefully touching his cheek, he immediately melted in your touch and stopped talking.
"Don't worry, I won't tell." You whispered teasingly, softly kissing him on the lips鈥 while sneakily grabbing the jar in your other hand while he was distracted.
You pulled away, quickly kissed his cheek and ran holding the jar to your chest, while yelling "this is mine now."
He snapped out of it, chasing after you, all around the house.
"What are you both doing?" You heard someone say.
Both you and Bruno stopped your actions, both breathing heavily and looked for the source of the voice.
It was Mirabel.
"I- Mirabel, y/n and I- we were just looking for some Umm... food!" Bruno stuttered, still panting.
"Oh, yes. Food!" you added.
"Okay, maybe... I will make a good decision tonight and just leave the two of you with whatever you're trying to do鈥" She said awkwardly, with wide eyes, trying to figure out what to say.
"I'm just gonna go now... And please keep it down. there are some people who are trying to sleep." She continued, eyeing you suspiciously, as you tried to hide the jar behind your back.
"Okay, ummm good night!" You gave her a big smile.
While you tried to contain your laughter because of how awkward the situation was, Bruno was standing awkwardly and waving, waiting for Mirabel to enter her room.
She began to slowly walk to her room still eyeing you both, she opens her door and鈥
Thankfully, she went inside before you finally broke and laughed a little too loud.
Bruno's head snapped to look at you, and started chuckling himself.
Both of you stayed in the kitchen until 2 in the morning, eating, stealing random kisses and having some dumb but deep conversations.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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alinahdee a day ago
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includeangieinthesequel 21 hours ago
Madrigal Headcannons if they were in 2022
I couldn鈥檛 shake the idea of them with Tiktok and social media
Isabela and Camilo do Tiktok dances together. They spend hours doing it and laugh whenever Camilo shape shifts into another family member to do a dance. Cause like鈥 how else would they ever see Tia Juieta twerk??
Mirabel taught Julieta how to do TikToks and she blew up sharing recipes and giving advice. She has similar content to Tabitha Brown. Everyone loves her.
Bruno is always walking around mumbling Tiktok sounds. He spent weeks going 鈥淭hat鈥檚 a big word for Elmo鈥
Isabela listens to Doja Cat. She probably listens to Ariana Grande too.
Luisa鈥檚 workout playlist is the best.
Antonio only quotes Tiktoks he hears from his siblings and cousins. Mirabel sometimes posts him on her page giving animal facts.
Luisa likes to vlog. She doesn鈥檛 do it every day but she tries to put a video out every week.
Bruno has an old boom box from the 90s to perform his rat rap battles. Camilo keeps trying to tell him to just use his phone but Bruno likes the authenticity of the boom box.
Isabela wanted to shave her head for a while but they were afraid she鈥檇 kill Abuela if she did.
Mirabel has the led lights in her room. She changes the color to reflect her mood.
Mirabel sends Abuela Tiktoks just to make her laugh. Abuela only knows how to watch them if Mirabel sends them to her. She thinks it鈥檚 sweet that Mirabel only sends her stuff she鈥檒l like.
Isabela and Camilo are both on gay Tiktok.
Everyone knows when Pepa is stuck in a Tiktok rabbit hole because she laughs so hard it rains and sometimes hard enough to stir up some wind.
Isabela and Camilo can鈥檛 drive. It鈥檚 the rules. They鈥檙e gay.
Felix never drives. He鈥檒l ask Pepa to go somewhere with him and then toss her the keys. She complains every time but she鈥檚 always happy to be spending time with him.
Everyone loves when Abuela uses her record player. There鈥檚 one song she loves just because the record skips every time. (If you know you know)
Antonio likes to watch nature docs all the time.
Camilo and Bruno watch Cocomelon with Luisa to unwind.
Isabela is convinced she invented iced coffee when she was seven. Pepa is the only one to support this theory. It only happened because Pepa was hailing and some of the ice landed in Isabela鈥檚 mug.
Luisa and Agustin like to watch animal videos. They cry all the time.
Abuela plays coloring games on her phone. So does Bruno. They bond over sharing pictures they鈥檝e done.
Felix has a secret SoundCloud. Pepa knows but she鈥檚 sworn to secrecy鈥ulieta and Bruno are also sworn to secrecy. Dolores is also sworn to secrecy.
The triplets discovered Snapchat filters and spend hours taking selfies. It鈥檚 really cute. Sometimes they get them printed to hang up in their rooms or to go in photo albums.
Isabela鈥檚 lockscreen is herself. Queen shit.
Luisa likes to watch cartoons with Antonio and the animals.
Bruno plays Minecraft.
All of the cousins love animal crossing. They trade turnips and stuff all the time.
Sometimes family game nights are on the switch or the bust out the Wii.
Antonio plays Roblox.
The whole family did a murder mystery once. Agustin and Dolores planned the whole thing. Everyone got really into it.
They like to race go karts and are extremely competitive.
Pepa likes Megan Thee Stallion.
Dolores hates that her Mami knows all the words to Wap.
When Bruno was away Julieta used to watch home videos on their birthday. It made her cry every single time. She was afraid to watch them with Pepa because she knew Pepa would get angry just from the hurt she felt.
Mirabel loves YouTube tutorials. So does Agustin.
Luisa is scared of roller coasters but she鈥檒l go on if Mirabel holds her hand.
Isabela definitely dyed her hair with the money pieces in the front. They were pink first then eventually green.
Pepa likes to embarrass Julieta by telling her kids she had an undercut once. Julieta will always deny it.
The triplets have a group chat. It鈥檚 called
鈥淧B&J 馃馃馃崌鈥
Pepa got called a milf once and asked Isabela what it meant. Dolores was screaming the entire time. Julieta knew what it meant but she wanted to watch it all go down.
Pepa isn鈥檛 allowed to watch Titanic.
Antonio ordered a bunch of toys and treats for his animals on Amazon and got his iPad taken away.
Camilo is more of an iPad kid than Antonio.
Luisa writes fanfiction. She鈥檚 really popular online.
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clwnstim 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
encanto icons! (part three of three)
free to use without credit
-madrigalcest, proship, anti-anti dni-
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missmadrigal a day ago
Julieta: have you seen Pepa?
Bruno: I have not
Julieta: MARCO!
*from another aisle*
Pepa: POLO!
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unlikelywhisperscrusade a day ago
Cousins: *acting like how cousins normaly do*
Proshippers: "they want to fuck so bad.."
Tumblr media
People are exhausting
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garnetislovegarnetislife a day ago
My favorite thing about the dinner scene is that by the midway point literally everyone except for Isabela (and Antonio who has no focus in that scene) knows at least somewhat that something鈥檚 up with the magic. So by the end Isa just looks so fucking confused while everyone else in the family is panicking or losing control of their abilities.
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esmiblood90irisglimmer a day ago
Julieta: *cooking in silent and chopping harshly*
Agustin: *confused*
Pepa/Bruno: *holding onto each other scared*
Agust铆n: Why are you two holding each other?
Bruno: Julieta is angry. This is her getting the stress out safely in the kitchen. So we must not disturb her.
Agust铆n: What happen if we disturb her?
Pepa: Trust me on this. You don't wanna know. Bruno, don't tell him. You shouldn't have told me, but you did. Now, I'm telling you. You don't wanna know
Bruno/Pepa/Agust铆n: *quietly walking away from the kitchen to avoid Julieta wrath*
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lalloronamuerte 19 hours ago
Isabela: You鈥檙e so strong!
Luisa: Yeah but sometimes I cry
Isabela, Mirabel, and me in 3 part harmony:
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spinnzi a day ago
long post with ehhh quality screencaps
Tumblr media
so I saw this while I was browsing the tag
And it just gave me all of these feelings and thoughts. Which I鈥檓 sure others have had already but none the less !!!
Julieta getting healing because Alma had to nurture and look after an entire town. Who also in canon was the most mature of the three. Also Alma and Pedro bounding over food. What little we know of him, maybe food could鈥檝e been something they enjoyed together a lot?聽
Tumblr media
Bruno getting visions because Alma pictured a different life for herself, she was hopeful and wistful, in silent. Even with Pedro and his sacrifice, he was thinking of his babies future, his wife鈥檚 future even if it was without him. Also I wonder if that鈥檚 why his visions tend to have a negative聽connotation? (Unless it鈥檚 just bad luck or a result of her parenting???)
Tumblr media
Pepa is her emotions. Something Alma always suppressed and kept to herself where as Pepa cannot. Everything Pepa feels is on her sleeve for the world to see and how Alma used to be before, the old her. She was so much more animated and happy. Pedro clearly was a ray of sunshine, always smiling and affectionate!聽
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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araminakilla20 2 days ago
Encanto Analysis: The hidden Kafkaesque aspect of the movie
One aspect that I have not found information in other plataforms is that Encanto has a connection to Franz Kafka's work "Metamorphosis" (that story about the guy who turns into an insect when he wakes up) through the character of Bruno Madrigal.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It is known that when he was younger, Bruno was the star of the family for his gift of seeing the future and people sought him out many times for him to use his gift (something confirmed by the director on his twitter). However, over the years, Bruno's fateful predictions made the town and later his own family consider him as someone to avoid, even Bruno himself walked away ending up (by his own decision and because he believed it was the best thing for everyone) being locked in a small room with things that were left over in the house and nobody in the family seemed to notice that they were gone for good, accompanied only by rats while he saw and heard how his family forbid even the mention of his name.
Tumblr media
While in The Metamorphosis, the protagonist Gregor Samsa was the pillar and economic source of his family until he suddenly woke up turned into an insect without any explanation, scaring his boss and forced by his father to remain locked in his room, which later It became a kind of warehouse where they put everything that was left over. His relatives were also saddened by the predicament of their relative, but even so they did not mention his name.
Tumblr media
Bruno and Gregor were rejected and isolated by society for reasons they couldn't control (seeing bad futures and transforming into an insect) while they had an authority figure who had high expectations which went down the drain when their respective calamities happened, for example Alma would be a combination of Gregor's parents, since the mother loves him and the father is strict and only watches over the economic/social aspect of the family and not the sentimental aspect.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
They had figures close to whom they loved very much and they too but only to a certain extent, because Bruno had Julieta and Pepa while Gregor had his sister Grete.
Grete would be a combination of Julieta at the beginning of the book when she sought to understand her brother, fed him and loved him dearly, to later become Pepa, a grumpy sister who lost connection with her brother when he ruined an important event for her, such as the wedding for Pepa and a violin concert for Grete
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Grete could also represent Isabela, since in her the family sees the opportunity to get her a good husband to forget the tragedy and shame caused (without wanting it) by the black sheep.
Despite having been treated so badly, the two of them still love their respective families and would do anything for them, their love being so great to the point of being unhealthy since both neglected their health and life so that others can live at peace without his presence. If Encanto had not been from Disney or for a children's audience, it is most likely that Bruno would have ended up the same as Gregor.
Dead, alone, believing that his family hates him and that he is a monster who only ruined their peace, happiness and chances to progress by being a burden to them.
Tumblr media
I mention this in first place because Gabriel Garc铆a M谩rquez, creator of the famous Colombian novel 鈥100 years of solitude鈥 of which Disney used some aspects to create Encanto, was an admirer of Kafka's works to the point of being an inspiration at the time of starting his career as a writer.
Tumblr media
"Garc铆a M谩rquez declared, on more than one occasion, that reading The Metamorphosis marked a before and after in his literary career for him. He explained that he perceived the narrative originality from the first line and this motivated him to want to do the same in his language. In his book of memoirs entitled Live to tell (2002), Garc铆a M谩rquez recalls the authors who marked him in his childhood and youth, including Kafka."
Having into account that, it's not impossible to theorize that some of Kafka's works could be present in a colorful and lively movie as Encanto.
After all, each family has a Gregor Samsa or Bruno Madrigal of their own.
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