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Different allergies at a restraunt: Ppl allergic to gluten: Is this gluten free? I can’t have gluten

Ppl allergic to shellfish: sorry I’m allergic to shellfish

Ppl who are lactose intolerant: I want 5 glasses of milk, a tub of ice cream and a kilogram of whipped cream.

The waiter: what the actual fuck

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Quickie Review of Silk’s NEW Coffee Beverage! 

Target finds always turn out to be gold, especially when they release items on their shelves that cannot be found anywhere else! Milk alternatives are seriously taking over and I’m not mad about it! 

Although I am a cup-of-coffee-pour-over-french-press gal, I do enjoy from time to time a sugary break for just fun. From previous posts, I have tried the Starbucks brand to Califia Farms. Califia Farms being my least favorite of the “latte” beverages. STOK brand usually is a great go-to when I do look to purchase one of these bottled coffee/latte beverages. 

Most times the ratio of milk to coffee is disappointing, whether the brand uses Coffee or Cold Brew, milk is always the first ingredient, leaving the coffee part just for flavor and not caffeine. I have had some pretty terrible brands that basically were all milk. As far as non dairy, I prefer Oatmilk; I just believe the creaminess is above any other milk can offer. When I saw this, I grabbed it up to read the back label.

COFFEE was the FIRST ingredient?! Game changer! The almond milk and Oat milk BOTH didn’t have any other fillers or stabilizers?!!! Only 5 top ingredients? Okay, Silk, I see you.

Needless to say……..In a nutshell…..this was delicious, amazing, creamy beyond all I had tasted or tried, and worth buying. It even rivaled STOK for me. This was so. Good. 

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I read in the guardian that commercial beekeepers send their bees to pollinate almonds and it kills them. Is this true, and if so can drinking almond milk really be considered vegan?

Almond production unfortunately doesn’t involve exploiting and killing bees, but the same is true ofabout a third of our crops. The problem is bees being transported large distances for pollination, as well as monoculture was and the use of pesticides. But again, this is the case with an awful lot of the crops we all consume, the only reason almonds are being singled out specifically is because they are seen as a vegan staple.

Almond milk is certainly still vegan, if we were going to say that any product with any animal input isn’t vegan then we would have very little to eat, drink or wear. It isn’t the fault of veganism that our speciesist society is built on the backs of exploited animals, but it isn’t reasonably practicable to expect vegans to avoid all products with any animal input in them at all. That would be inaccessible for the vast majority of peope, and in most cases there would be no way to even know how the food you’re eating was pollinated, unless you grow it yourself or buy directly from a Veganic farm.

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I feel bad about drinking almond milk, because I know how much its affecting California, being as I live here and all. The thing is, I have stomach problems and my body does NOT want anything to do with any of the other plant based milks I've tried. I feel pressure from other vegans to force myself into soy or coconut milk but the thing is I can't have them. I don't know how to mitigate the situation, I don't know if I should feel bad or not knowing that I'm doing more than non vegans.

The environmental footprint of almond milk really needs to be put in some context. The issue most often cited is the water requirements and California’s draughts, and while this is a significant issue, it’s important to remember that California produces most of the world’s almonds. Even in California dairy still takes up more water than almond production does, but its impact is so significant in California because it’s so intensively farmed there. Almond milk isn’t the best of the plant milks for sure, but it really isn’t any more destructive than any other tree nut, it just receives far more attention because it’s perceived as a vegan staple.

Unfortunately, this idea of almonds as a nightmare crop of environmental destruction has largely been swallowed by the vegan community as well, hence the pressure you’re getting. But you don’t have the option of any other plant milk then you really don’t need to feel bad at all, there can be more moral judgement in cases where there is no visible alternative. Try oat, hemp and pea milk for sure, but if that doesn’t work out for you, then you’re doing your best and that’s really all anyone can ask of any environmentalist.

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Opinion on almond milk?

I have no opinions on almond milk, I only state the facts. Almond milk is an unholy abomination created by anarchist in an attempt to play god. The anger I feel towards almond milk is rivaled only by the anger caused by not knowing the identity of the sociopathic scumbag who invented it.

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should we give up almond milk?

That’s really up to you. There are plant milks which are more sustainable, like oat milk, and ones which are in some way less sustainable, like rice milk, so if you have access to oat milk then that would be a good switch for sure.

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