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#almost 5'4 but that's irrelevant
humansdni · 12 days ago
what is ur height bestie
no one needs to know <3
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eremiie · 7 months ago
Tbh height is irrelevant, to most plebeians I appear to be 5'4 but when I stand on my money, like Uzi said, I'm 6'4. However Eren being 6ft does something to my mind
that’s almost a whole foot taller than me like
size kink going crazy rn
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panshiko · a year ago
Vyvanse vs. Adderall
Amphetamine molecules exist as two enaantiomers (two different molecules that are mirror images of one another). Adderall in generic is called amphetamine salts because these pills are a combined mixture of the two mirror molecules. Each Adderall generic or brand name pill is 75% dextraoamphetamine, which is the more active of the two, and 25% levoamphetamine.
This combination is relatively recent compared to dextraoamphetamine in a pill all by itself without its mirror, which is more commonly known as Dexedrine, and Dexedrine has been available for a long time.
Fun facts about Dexedrine: it was used in WWII to eliminate fatigue in soldiers and Ayn Rand was into it.
My experience with Adderall was, like alcohol but worse, very dependent on the contents of my stomach. So if it were empty the effects would be stronger, and if totally full, almost nonexistent even at a high dose. To be fair, my tolerance to amphetamines seems to have a high baseline, so others don’t take as much issue with this.
The duration was short, a little longer in extended release (XR) format. XRs are more expensive. They work one of two ways: as tablets which contain part of the dose in a wax coating, which takes longer to digest in your stomach, and so some of it is absorbed by your stomach immediately and the rest not absorbed until after the wax is dissolved during digestion. Or as capsules, containing many tiny beads that take various durations to digest. The capsule tech is a bit better but either way, I was still unhappy with duration of both XRs, so I don’t recommend them for the price.
If you are doing Adderall I would recommend getting the cheapest that are immediate and not extended release, get a 30 day supply of 10–20 MG tabs (90 pills) and use an average 2–3 times a day whenever the fuck you want, which for me was anywhere from 1–4 hours apart, which is about how long they last, depending on lots of different variables (but mostly hunger)
It is easy to skip lots of these smaller doses because you will forget. A drawback to forgetting is that it won’t always be active, you will sometimes realize in retrospect you forgot and will wish you hadn’t. A positive is that you will accumulate extra to use outside your typical schedule at will. Or share with your friends and their small children. Whatever.
In any combination, separately or all at once, I don’t want to take more than 60MG (more or less) for a typical day, and on rare occasions maybe twice that (120MG) at max if if I want it to be more recreational and feel really high and speedy. These were my doses at 5'4" and various weights between 140 and 120lbs, to determine a better idea of exactly what dosages you like, seek erowid for safety guidelines and experiment.
Adderall capsules can be crushed and snorted instead of swallowed. I’ve never done this.
Vyvanse was came onto the scene during the 21st century and isn’t available for purchase as generic but the generic/scientific name is Lisdexamfetamine, note the similarity to the name dextraoamphetamine (Dexedrine).
Vyvanse is a prodrug of Dexedrine. A prodrug is an inactive compound that, when metabolized, is converted within the body to a different compound that is active. Vyvanse’s chemical structure is one part identical to Dexedrine and another part an additional amino acid — the amino acid renders the Dexedrine inactive. The amino acid is removed by your liver, and when the amino acid is gone the drug Vyvanse transforms into Dexedrine.
Because the transformation happens in the liver, it becomes the active form of the drug Dexedrine only after it passes through your stomach. This is important because it means that none of the Dexedrine is absorbed by your stomach, most of it is absorbed by small intestines instead, making how full you are way less of an issue. For other reasons the contents of your stomach are not totally irrelevant but Vyvanse is much more resistant to the variables of your digestive system therefore its effect is much more consistent. The intestines also absorb the drug more slowly and steadily which is another reason why the effect is more consistent compared to Adderall.
Essentially, Vyvanse as a prodrug of Dexedrine is chemically similar to Adderall but subjectively quite different and IMHO better. As far as duration, it is far superior to a time release formula of Adderall. You can expect Vyvanse to last 6–12 hours. Most people who compare like Vyvanse better for productivity because it lasts, while some people enjoy the experience of Adderall because it hits the user much faster. But as Adderall hits more suddenly, it also wears off more suddenly, so there’s more of a feeling like you just crashed. The effects of Vyvanse fade away more gradually over a longer period of time, so it’s less likely to make one feel cranky when it’s over. Also, because it needs to be metabolized by the liver, Vyvanse doesn’t work if you snort it. So some people don’t like that about Vyvanse, but as a result Vyvanse is considered less vulnerable to abuse and so safer.
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rageprayer · 3 years ago
get to know your followers 💕
i got tagged by @plutosmoons, thank you so much! ^___^
Rules: Answer the questions (which you can change if you don’t feel like answering certain questions) then tag 20 followers you want to get to know better!
1. Nickname? i've never had a cool nickname but people in school used to call me gluten (or any variation of rye/wheat/oat boy) because my surname in my language literally means 'an ear of wheat' :') i actually liked it just because it was a running joke between all of us
2. Gender? male. i'm trans too
3. Star sign? taurus sun scorpio moon leo rising
4. Height? i'm 164cm which is like, almost 5'4 i think? i'm a smol boy
5. Favorite feature? i'm just gonna list some things i like about my body ok are you ready - my pupils are always slightly asymmetrical, and noone knows why. it happened around the time i started getting migraines and my right one is constantly slightly more dilated than my left. it's just a neat random thing that looks cool - my nose. i have hands down the best nose from my entire family and i'm damn proud of it, it's cute - my hands and lower arms in general, i've always liked them but i have like. visible veins on there now which is.. my kink tbh. i have really small wrists and my forearms are covered in scars which i used to hide but i love them now and i'd never get rid of them, even if i could. i also really like the shape of my nails. - i've been on t for so long that my midsection/hip area and neck/shoulders/arms actually have some definition to them now and ngl, it's kinda hot. i constantly stare at myself in mirrors @__@
6. Favorite plant? i fucking love plants, all of them. BUT my favourite ones are any that have purple leaves instead of green, they're like the goths of the plant world and i want some in the epic garden i'm gonna have someday. in terms of flowers i am obviously in love with roses and anything that blooms dark purple or black, but also dandelions! they are rays of sunshine and the fact that they're so common just adds to the magic. joy really is everywhere my favourite trees are pine trees - they smell amazing, and poland is covered in pine forests so they just really remind me of home and i feel connected to them. my favourite plant of mine that i'm growing (i love them all equally though, they're my children) is currently my tomato bush because like, it's turned into an actual bush. it's only in a box on the balcony but i had to put a stick in there to support it because of how big it is. and i grew it from seed too :o
7. Favorite animal? dogs! i will always have at least one dog, i love dogs with my whole heart and i want several when i have my own place and space for them all :D some other animals i really like are rats, bats, spiders and ants
8. Favorite Bands? What have you been listening to lately? i'm changing this because i suck at picking favourites. i actually haven't been discovering much new music lately; in terms of albums, it's been type o negative's october rust and bloody kisses, and this fabulous remaster of depeche mode's violator (i am IN LOVE with what they did to personal jesus at the end, seriously. so good. if you scroll down the comments far enough there's some people hating on it but honestly? i don't know music and it all sounds gr8 to me so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) i'm not religious at all, but i discovered this collection of russian hymns and it's one of the most haunting and beautiful things i've heard in a while. the fact that i can kind of half understand the words just adds to the mysterious magical feel it has. i really like the first one on there, and it kind of makes me wish i could sing in any way because like, it's SO beautiful, i actually had a dream about it. also lots of adam lambert, placebo, some random fifth harmony songs from the reflection album and helena by mcr because it was stuck in my head all day yesterday >__< (yes, i am perfectly aware that there is no coherency here. i thrive on chaos)
9. Dogs or cats? dogs all the way, but i can apprecieate a good cat. i'm not one of those weird cat haters
10. Number of blankets you sleep with? two, and i hug pillows because i'm l o n e l y
11. What’s your dream trip? somewhere warm because i am so. tired. of whatever the heck this is and i need the sun. i'm thinking warm but not too tourist-y? if i do go somewhere, i want to see interesting things but also be surrounded by nature. honestly take me anywhere though. surprise me. i love going places and i have no expectations show me a big rock or something and i'll be like !! WOW
12.  What’s your dream job? i have no idea .___. i know i want to be self-employed eventually because the perspective of having to arrange my entire life around strict work hours is depressing at best, but i don't know what i actually want to do
13. When did you make this account? i don't remember precisely, i know it was a few months before i started using it so i'm guessing sometime in summer 2017
14. How many followers do you have? i'm choosing to keep that a mystery, but my follower count is actually quite close to the number of people i follow so that's cool
15. How many pets do you have? I HAVE A DOG i love him so much he's an angel <3
16. Best places to visit in your town or country? my town isn't the biggest or most exciting place to be, but we do have a very nice central area with some impressive views over the river, a very old cathedral, some good cafes poland is mostly fields and forests, we have the sea up north and mountains at the bottom, and a cool lake region too
17. Favorite ice cream flavor? mint chocolate chip, pistachio, coconut and lemon sorbet. anything fruity is good too
18. How often do you read? not nearly as often as i used to. i read things on the internet all the time but i haven't touched a book in a few months, and i don't really have the attention span for it anymore. which is sad because i used to regularly take things out from my school's library and i loved reading so much, my brain just doesn't work like that nowadays. it's also really hard to find interesting books without some hetero bullshit in them, but maybe i'm just looking in the wrong places
19. Favorite study locations? this is irrelevant because i'm not in school anymore lmao
20. Favorite book series? Favourite movie? yes, i’m that bitch that chooses films over books. fight me about it. i’m sure you’ve all seen me post about it, but my current obsession is the lost boys. i actually wasn’t that impressed by it the first time i saw it, but it really grew on me when i realised just how gay it was. gay vampires are like. My Thing and the tension between david and michael is SO there i just can’t unsee it. it was filmed in the 80s too so it has that sligthly odd vibe to it and i love the idea of a group of vampires on motorbikes so much, it’s so cool
Now tag 20 of your followers! i'm tagging 13 of you because i do what i want (no pressure though, you absolutely do not have to do this if you don't feel like it)
@sinistergouache @bugzrule @cerise-cutie @gendermenace @bitchinpoison @softvamps @necrocomicon @garbage---rat @sableyesmaw @queer--cryptid @gutlessghostboy @killrot @that-spooky-boy
i'm also officially tagging any of my followers who aren't mutuals but see this and want to do it anyway, go for it!
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ohnocarmillasmean · 4 years ago
0, 16, 21
I'm 5'4 (or ~164 cm), a little short ahah. I could love you if you are a girl; someone sweet, smart, at least little feminine could do. I don't mind body types, things like that are irrelevant. What I love about myself? I don't love myself. I could bring myself to like some aspects of my body, but not love. I like my eyes, I've got gray eyes, and my hair, almost blonde. I like my scars too, I don't care about what other people think. I like to be strong, but only physically. I like liking girls too; it's beautiful, even if sometimes, like right now, it could lead to difficult moments.
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