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#alpha!ransom drysdale x reader
syntheticavenger · 4 months ago
Forever and Ever More
Dark! Alpha Ransom Drysdale x Omega Reader
Warnings: 18+. Per usual, the first chapter is world building so I’ll say dubious consent in regard to touching for this chapter. Tags will be at the bottom.
gif by @ransomflanagan | divider by @royallyprincesslilly
Summary | Ransom Drysdale may be Boston’s most eligible Alpha who has his eyes set on you. With his inheritance hanging in the balance, he won’t take no for an answer, whether you like him or not.
Tumblr media
“I told you. You need to settle down. It’s time,” Harlan warns in his gravelly voice, leveling his gaze at Ransom who sits across from him with his arms crossed. “Your mother is the only Alpha left in our family, save for Jacob. It’s high time you grew up for once in your life.”
Ransom scoffs at his grandfather’s words, placing his phone down after he fires off a text to another Omega he’s been chasing. Like clockwork, they reply quickly and Ransom bites back a smirk at the vibration that gets his grandfather’s attention with a steely glare.
“I don’t want to have to cut you off. But I will. This is serious, Ransom. Our family line is important.”
“Settle down? Are you insane?” Ransom’s eyes narrow at his grandfather, his jaw clenching tight. “I’m in the prime of my life. I don’t need to be tied down by some simpering Omega.”
“You’re the eldest grandchild. It’s time to grow up. Or you’ll get not a single red dime from me going forward.”
Ransom shakes his head, grabbing his coat before he looks back at Harlan.
“What will that prove?” He asks, mouth set in a hard frown.
“That you can think about something other than yourself for once.”
Harlan doesn’t move when the door slams closed, finishing the rest of his work as he shakes his head in irritation at his tantrum.
Tumblr media
Your eyes travel back to the third shot that is placed in front of the birthday girl, amid the whoops and hollers as she slumps back into her seat happily.
“I’m gonna be sick,” Kelly whines with a slow grin, picking it up as she catches your glance. “Come on, keep up.”
“I have to teach in the morning,” you protest, pushing the shot glass away with your finger. “The last thing those kiddos need is a teacher with a hangover.”
“Show a video tomorrow,” Sarah chimes in, pushing it back to you. “It’s Kelly’s birthday! You really aren’t going to cut loose for a little?”
The music is loud overhead, the bass enough to give you courage to lift it and clink your glasses together before you down it, coughing slightly before you feel Sarah’s elbow jabbing into your ribs.
“Is that… no way,” Sarah breathes, leaning over lazily while you try to focus your gaze. “Holy shit, that’s Ransom Drysdale, isn't it?”
You roll your eyes, downing a glass of water as you feel your cheeks begin to warm up. You’re aware of who he is. Boston’s most eligible Alpha, born with a silver spoon in his mouth and the mouth of a sailor. His mother regularly gives sizable charitable donations to the elementary school that you teach at, often being called on to give speeches and hand out awards. You have more than your fair share of her business cards inside your purse and at your desk.
“If I didn’t know any better, I’d think he was checking you out,” Kelly responds to Sarah, wagging her eyebrows suggestively.
“Not me. Her,” Sarah clarifies, thumbing in your direction. “Besides. Thrombey or Drysdale, all of them are trouble. Spoiled little rich kids, am I right?”
You nod, paying no attention to the conversation swirling around you. There is no doubting the feel of the stare on you as you down more water, refusing to look up. Even if it is true, you refuse to be a notch on a bedpost or a story for some entitled Alpha to share with his friends. You were here to celebrate a birthday and that was exactly what you were going to do.
The server appears a few moments with a round of shots for the entire table. The Omega in front of you steadies the tray with a long glance back at Ransom, who pays you in mind.
“Blowjob shots from Mr. Drysdale,” she says with a hint of envy. “He says he hopes you enjoy them.”
You can’t help but roll your eyes as your entire table leans over to look at him before they reach out and take them. Declining the shot, Sarah swipes yours and downs it with a contented sigh.
“Wouldn’t mind taking him home for a night,” she admits, her words slurring.
“Ransom? He’d leave you halfway through the night to hook up with some other Omega, let’s be real,” Kelly counters, turning her attention back to you. “Though, word on the street is he’s looking to settle down.”
“Yeah, right,” comes the reply from Dana at the end of the booth as she snorts. “He’s not the marrying type.”
You say nothing, knowing that he isn’t the topic of discussion that you feel like engaging in. It’s bad enough that you know his mother and that they treat him like a celebrity anywhere he goes because of his family name and money. When you check your watch, you know it’s time to leave, giving Kelly a pleading look. She clears her throat, dipping her head in sympathy.
“Time for a bathroom break,” Kelly announces. The shuffle of hips and legs bump into each other as the booth empties and you slide out behind Kelly. She knows that you’re often the target of their jeers because you keep to yourself and she doesn’t want to have to an argument on her hands.
Once you make it to the bathroom, you wash your hands, surveying your appearance before you hear her giggle inside a stall.
“But seriously though… don’t you want to settle down and find an Alpha? Your family is super uptight, you need someone in your corner when you visit for the holidays.”
“One day,” you answer, waving your hands slowly under the motion detected paper towel dispenser. “I’ll wait for you outside.”
When you open the door, the scent of cedarwood mixed with a slightly spicy scent catches your attention. The Alpha in front of you smirks and your heart drops at the sight. It’s Ransom, arms crossed against his chest as he looks you up and down with an appreciative gaze. He’s handsome, classically so, but you know his type and no chiseled jaw and beautiful blue eyes will change that.
“You turned down my shot,” Ransom greets you, taking a step closer to you as you take one back. “Didn’t like it?”
“Not really into shots,” you answer, shifting your gaze back to the bathroom door.
“Your friend seems a little drunk. Can’t handle her alcohol. Not that I can blame her. Omegas don’t have that much of a high tolerance, do they?”
The tips of his shoes meet yours and you bump against the wall. The alcohol in your system is still there, the Uber that you’ve called only minutes away and you try to look anywhere but at him. His scent makes your mouth water and you realize why so many Omegas are drawn to him. Your hindbrain reminds you that he’s powerful, good for protection and would be a good father. Even as you try to blame it on the fact you’re inebriated, the instinct - the longing - simmers under your skin and you inhale sharply to center yourself before he leans in.
“You smell incredible,” Ransom purrs against your neck, his arms on either side of you as he noses your gland with a satisfied growl. “Not mated.”
He’s scenting you in full view of anyone who comes by. Not unheard of but for your standards, you know better, even if the urge to pull him closer throbs at your fingertips.
“Please... I... I have to get back to my friends,” you whimper, feeling a shiver go down your back.
“I’m sure they know you’re in good hands.”
When his knee presses between your legs, you swallow hard, trying to come to your senses while you hear your name being called, your friend appearing in your peripheral.
“Come on,” Kelly urges, pulling your arm as she glares at Ransom. “Not this Alpha.”
You hear a low growl of displeasure as Ransom lets you go, smirking as Kelly pulls you close. “Let’s go get you to your Uber.”
Once Kelly closes the door behind you, the Omega in the driver’s seat looks over at Ransom, who is strolling to his car as he looks in your direction for a brief moment.
“Everything okay?” he asks, looking at you from the rearview. “He wasn’t bothering you, was he?”
“No,” you lie, shaking your head as your mind begins to swim. Your body had already started to react to him and you’d never had that happen before. “Just trying to flirt. Not my type.”
As the car pulls away from the curb, you roll down the window, inhaling fresh air and trying to get his scent out of your nose. It was still early enough for you to get home and get some sleep.
And forget all about Ransom Drysdale.
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
Alpha, May I?
Summary: What if there was no Marta or a suicide? What if Harlan Thrombey had willed everything he owned and his entire legacy to the nurse who cared after both him and his mother?
What is Harlan Thrombey’s nurse was an omega who was good in nature, caring and kind hearted, to the fault of others?
What if Harlan Thrombey had a grand plan, to get his grandson to step up to the plate and finally do something with his life?
What if you were an omega who kept on a strict suppressant schedule to avoid attracting an alpha, only to have one technically willed to you?
Harlan has decided that you will have everything. And so will Ransom Drysdale.
Only…in order for Ransom to get the money, to get the assets he selfishly wants, he also needs to get you.
He needs to be mated to the omega who is willed everything while simultaneously keeping the rest of his family from tearing you apart.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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syntheticavenger · 2 months ago
Forever and Ever More - Part Fourteen
Dark! Alpha Ransom Drysdale x Omega Reader
Warnings: 18+. Language, dub-con due to Alpha commands, unprotected sex, breeding kink, I’ll tag dub-con due to Ransom being in rut, Ransom’s emotions (what. a. warning.)
I love comments and re-blogs!
moodboard by the talented @titaniumstark​ | divider by @royallyprincesslilly​
Previous: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen
Summary | Ransom Drysdale may be Boston’s most eligible Alpha but he has his eyes set on you. With his inheritance hanging in the balance, he won’t take no for an answer, whether you like him or not.
Tumblr media
When the door closes behind you, Ransom leans against it, crossing his arms over his chest. He’s trying to keep it together. You can tell by how he’s trying to steady his breathing. Another shirt ruined by sweat, Ransom’s muscular frame a clear outline as the material sticks to his chest.
“Is this how you want to play your game?” he asks you, his hair slightly falling over his forehead that creases slightly with his frown. “You don’t tell me what to do.”
“Because that’s your job, right?” you respond, his eyes now half-mast. You know he’s trying to scent you without taking a step toward you. “Alphas love commanding us. It’s in your nature, right?”
“This isn’t about me. This is about you leaving.”
“Which I told you I was going to do,” you point out, his hands falling at his sides.
“And you conveniently left out that you were staying at another Alpha’s place.  Your place is with me. In our bed.”
Our bed.
The simple word makes your heart flutter. For someone not good with emotion, that little sentence almost sends you spiraling. But you remember how you got here, how you were once free and without the mark that he’s currently staring at.
“Come here.”
His voice leaves zero room for you to try to fight the command, your footsteps heading toward him as he smirks.
You reach him, his scent strong enough to make your mouth water. It’s your Alpha and the biological response is strong, your hindbrain registering that he wants to mate. The look in his eyes, the way his pupils are blown wide, means it’s more than just mating. The pheromones you inhale make your thighs clench, the bond more open than ever before.
If jealousy was the reason for his anger then his answer is simple.
He wants to breed you.
How better for an Alpha to leave more than his mark on you than for you to bear his child – the evidence of your union on display.
That would make him happy. You feel it in the depths of your gut, the way your core tightens at the thought. It doesn’t make sense for Ransom. He hates children, you’ve seen it with your own two eyes. But rut doesn’t differentiate. Biology takes over and it’s a mantra that continues on until his rut is over.
“Apologize,” Ransom tells you, sweeping a hand behind your head. He kisses you, hard enough for you to feel it, lips parting with a wet pop when he breaks away from you.
“No,” you answer, pushing away from his chest. “I won’t.”
There is nothing for you to apologize for. This bond is something you didn’t ask for but you know that you’d be lost without it. A sense of Stockholm Syndrome in the worst of ways that you wouldn’t want any other way when you shake your head at him before you brush your lips against his neck.
The sound that comes from his parted lips makes your core hum, strangled in sound but thick with emotion. But you didn’t forget what you told him before you got inside this hotel suite.
Even if he looks like he wants to devour you.
“All I can smell is you, Ransom,” you continue, pulling away as his hands grip into fists. Those hands that had lifted moments prior to when you’d scented him. “You said it yourself. You want me on your knot. Making that sound when you hit that spot just right. You’re in pain. I can feel it.”
Sweat trickles down his brow, chest heaving heavier with every deep breath. He could rip you to shreds in this state or bend you in an unholy angle to knot you without warning.
Time is all you have left.
When you pull down the first strap of your dress, he inhales sharply, eyes watching your hands as you pull down the other.
“Start talking,” you remind him of your vow before you stepped inside. “Tell me why I should keep going.”
His shirt is off in a flash, falling to the floor in a heap when you tug down your dress.
“Because you’re mine,” Ransom answers, pushing himself off from the door, taking a step toward you. “Bonded.”
“You could have bonded anyone.”
“But I didn’t,” Ransom snaps. “I picked you.”
You take two more steps, looking behind your shoulder at the open door to the bedroom.
When you finally pull down your dress, letting it pool around your feet, his stare is hot enough to make you tremble.
“You didn’t need me. At that bar, you didn’t give me a second thought until I cornered you.”
“Because I didn’t want you.”
“And look where you are now,” Ransom observes, baring his teeth when you slip your hand behind your back to unclasp your bra. “About to be on my knot.”
When it falls to the floor, Ransom reaches for you but you move just enough so he misses.
“No more games,” he demands, stopping short of a command.
“This has never been a game, Ransom. This is my life and yours. You didn’t follow me all the way out here just because of Austin. You know it as well as I do. You followed me for a different reason.”
“Because you should have stayed home.”
The backs of your knees hit the bed, sinking down on the mattress before you scoot backward. He follows suit, knees dipping down onto the bed, pants slowly coming undone with a simple movement of his hand. He’s hard and you know it’s taking every ounce of control for him not to break.
“You mean where I belong.”
Ransom pants when you hook your fingers under the material of your lace panties, looking him in the eye.
“You need this. Without me, you’re in trouble and you know it. Even if you tried to hurt me in the process.”
“I didn’t,” Ransom stammers, his hands on either side of your hips. “I couldn’t.”
“But you still tried.”
It’s emotional, you know it by the way your lip trembles uncontrollably. The thought of him with someone else hurts and Ransom leans down, kissing you again, his forehead dropping against yours.
“Please,” he murmurs, eyes closed with his long lashes on display. “I need it.”
“Need what?”
He doesn’t move but you feel the bond, storming amid the hard clench of his jaw.
“Y-You,” he pleads, voice wavering with something that you aren’t sure how to describe.
Desperation. Adoration.
You’re slick and slippery when Ransom’s hands pull down on your panties, ripping them in pieces by the force of his hand. His control is nearly gone, his upper lip twitching as you see his canines glistening in the low light.
“Mine,” he growls, his voice guttural and deeper than before. “To fill you up and breed you like I should have earlier. Gonna stuff you full of me.”
He doesn’t give you a chance to argue, lips crushing yours as his tongue takes possession of your mouth. The bond is open, probably the most expansive it ever will be and tears spring in your eyes. There’s no time for foreplay, not when he’s this full blown.
Your thighs are spread apart before Ransom drives home, a keen slipping from your lips to his own. It doesn’t feel like real, the way he sinks deep inside you. Your fingers card through his hair, hoping you’ll sink into him and meld into one entire being.
His nose bumps against yours, eyes still closed as his body trembles. He’s waited too long and his body is trying to regulate the hormones that are flowing.
“I… need you,” Ransom pants against your mouth, eyes closing when he moves again, eliciting a whimper from you.
Your hindbrain knows that this is where you need to be, fingers pressing against his scalp before they travel down to his back, inhaling his scent that makes you lick your lips with need. He knows just where to move, your back arching slightly when he grits his teeth.
With every ounce of your strength, you put your weight on him, straddling him as he looks up at you in awe, sweat glistening on his body, your hands on his chest. You’re still full of him, head falling back against your shoulders when he grips your hips.
“Please,” Ransom whispers, his fingers making small circles on your skin. “Please.”
When you lean back, the sound you hear isn’t your own moan.
It’s Ransom, loud enough for you to lean back, your hand on his thigh to steady yourself. You can’t breathe at the sight of him, nearly coming undone because of you.
When his knot pops, your lips tighten at the sensation, stifling back a cry. It feels good, the bond wrapping you up in security and familiarity, even if your heart is breaking in the best way at the sight of your Alpha’s stare when you rock your hips to meet his thrusts.
“Gonna fill you up,” Ransom pants, his hands keeping you in place as you feel warmth spill up inside you, easing the pressure you’d felt earlier. “Give you a baby.”
It’s the rut speaking. You know this.
But there’s a little kernel of truth in his words and you lean down to kiss him, gripping his face with both hands as you pull away gently.
“Do you love me?” you ask quietly, body racked with exertion. “Do you, Ransom?”
His eyes open, jaw clenching tight for a moment as you feel the bond changing. The shadows return as he clenches his jaw, flipping you over when you’re on your stomach.
Your fingers grip the sheets as he fucks his knot into you harder, taking it as you fight back tears. It isn’t out of pain but that you saw it – felt it – to know it to be true.
He got his wish. You’re on his knot, keening into the sheets and pillow, lost to his rut as he continues at a brutal pace, biting down on your mark. It reaffirms the bond, the possessive flowing through the influence.
Maybe he’s punishing you for asking. You aren’t sure.
When he comes a second time, you follow suit, choking back a sob before he hovers above you, brushing his lips against the back of your neck. You foolishly hope for him to at least kiss you, apply the sweetest bit of pressure to keep you together.
It never comes.
When his knot goes down, you’re still drowsy, eyes barely open before he pulls out of you slowly, a soft noise emitting from his throat before you feel the mattress dip again as he lies down, pulling you toward him.
The bond is still in shadows, swirling with indecisiveness before you hear him fall asleep, his breathing even.
When it’s safe to do so, you move out from under his grasp, padding to the bathroom to get cleaned up. You give him a final glance before you close the door behind you.
Tumblr media
The leather seats are warmed when you sit down, Austin’s hand on the gear shift.
“Where are we going?” he asks, pulling away from the curb as the sound of the click of your seatbelt hangs in the air.
“I don’t know,” you answer, staring up at the hotel. “Anywhere.”
“I can do that,” Austin promises, reaching out for your hand. “Tank full of gas. You be the navigator.”
You try to smile, your hindbrain on high alert. This isn’t your Alpha. The one that you want is fast asleep for the time being until the distance will rouse him.
By then, you hope, you’ll be long gone.
Tumblr media
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mypoisonedvine · 4 months ago
How about some soft!dark alpha Ransom or Andy trying to soothe their frightened omega but with some filth thrown in? 👀🥴😘
ransom OR andy you say?  what if............ ransom AND andy.......
implied kidnapping/stockholm syndrome below the cut, plus some smut!
Andy shook you awake, your body jolting from sleep as you realized you had been writhing and sweating buckets this whole time.  “Omega, are you alright?” he asked fearfully as you began to catch your breath.  Ransom had only just begun to stir awake on the other side of you, being a much heavier sleeper, as you threw yourself into Andy’s waiting arms.
“Oh, Alpha, it was so so scary,” you sobbed, “I had a nightmare...”
“I figured,” he sighed, “you were crying in your sleep, I was afraid you were in pain...”
Finally bothered enough to wake up, Ransom sat up slightly and you felt his hands rubbing over your back.  “Is she okay?” he addressed Andy.
“Bad dream,” Andy answered quickly.
“Oh, poor baby,” Ransom cooed, voice totally lacking in condescension (which was pretty out of the ordinary for him).  “What was it about?  I mean, if you want to talk about it...”
“I... I dreamt that they found me,” you struggled to explain between sobs, “and took me away from you.”
“‘They’?” Andy pressed.
“...the FBI,” you finally clarified.
“Oh, baby,” Andy cooed, “that’s not gonna happen.”
“Nobody’s gonna take you away from us,” Ransom assured, sliding in closer to press you in between his body and Andy’s.
“I... I heard you two talking, before, when you thought I was already asleep,” you admitted.  “Saying we might have to move again, because they could find us.  Saying that the news said there was a lead in my case, and it’s not going to be closed like you said it would...”
They both sighed, Andy squeezing you tighter as Ransom kissed your ear.  “I’m sorry you heard that, sweet girl,” Andy mumbled, “and it’s true, we still need to be careful... but you’re our omega and we won’t let anything happen to you.”
“But you promised they would stop looking for me!” you whined.
“Eventually,” he clarified sternly.  “Mind your tone with me.”
“Y-yes, Alpha,” you whimpered.
“Hey, she’s scared, cut her some slack,” Ransom defended before turning his attention back to you.  “We’re right here, baby, nobody’s gonna find us.  We’ll do whatever we have to do to stay together.  Because we’re a pack, remember?”
“And packs never leave each other,” you remembered, sighing a bit as relief started to calm you.
“As your alphas it’s our job to protect you,” Andy reminded you as he kissed the top of your head.
“Among other things,” Ransom added with an audible smirk.
“Maybe our pretty omega needs to remember how good we are at our other Alpha duties,” Andy decided, “so she doesn’t doubt that we can keep her safe, huh?”
“Yeah, good point,” Ransom replied as you felt their hands trailing all over you.  You weren’t sure which made you gasp-- Ransom’s hand wrapping around your neck, or Andy’s sliding between your legs.
“Such a good girl for us,” Andy groaned, “so obedient, so loyal.... we’re good to you too, right?  We take care of you?”
You nodded feverishly, unable to form words properly as you felt Andy’s rough fingertips zero in on your clit.
“And you take such good care of us,” Ransom cooed.  “Taking two knots every night like a champ.  And because you’re such a good omega, I’m gonna let you pick tonight whose you’re gonna take first.”
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holylulusworld · 29 days ago
Twice (2)
Tumblr media
Summary: Ransom broke your heart months ago – now he must face the consequences of his doings.
Pairing: Alpha!Ransom Drysdale x Omega(Plus Sized)!Reader
Characters: Linda Thrombey
Warnings: angst, language, plus-sized reader, low self-esteem, a/b/o, unplanned pregnancy, nesting, scent bond, a hint of fluff, remorse, sick alpha (panic attack?), annoying Linda, aggressive alpha (a hint), courting for an omega
A/N: Part 2/?
<< Part 1 - Once
Divider by @firefly-graphics​
Tumblr media
“Please,” he crawls closer to you, tries to touch your foot but you jerk away, shaking your head. Since that first night, the night he returned to your life you refuse to let Ransom touch, or even scent you. “I only want to scent you, ‘mega.”
“Why don’t you pay one of the other girls to let you scent them, Drysdale?” you growl low in your throat while moving further up your nest to avoid getting touched by Ransom. “I don’t need you in my life anymore. What’s done is done.”
“You said, you’ll give me another chance, please,” he whines low in his throat when you cover your swollen belly with a sheet. You don’t want the alpha to see his child. “Let me at least see your bump. I have been good and slept at the foot of your bed. Right?”
“What do you want from me, Hugh? I’m still the fat girl you didn’t want your family to know about. I don’t buy your bullshit about telling them about me and your child. I met enough men in my life treating me like trash but,” you hide your face in your pillow, sniffling silently.
“But—?” he silently crawls closer to you to get a glimpse of your belly. “Doll?”
“I thought you are different. We had fun, talked for hours and I liked you. Not for your good looks but as you acted as if I’m not the fat girl everyone else saw in me,” you wipe your eyes feeling more tears well-up. “You are all the same.”
“I lied, doll,” he moves closer again, this time he reaches for your foot to gently touch it. “Please, I only want to see the ultrasound picture of my son. Give me this.”
“Not tonight,” you choke out a sob. “I don’t want to give you anything to make you feel better. You didn’t give a shit on me for the last months. Why should I care about you?”
“You are a better person?” Ransom tries, scooting closer again. This time he touches your knee. He almost reached his goal and won’t give up now. He slowly crawls up your bed to press his head to your belly but, to his surprise, you push him away and he ends up on the floor with a loud thud followed by a yelp.
“Shit, Ransom?” you look over the edge of the bed, giggle when he curls into a ball on the floor, whimpering as you kicked him off your nest. “UH—what are you doing?”
“Y-you don’t want me on your nest,” he begins to shake, his breathing quickens, and you wonder what’s wrong with the tall alpha. “You will never let me see my pup. Oh God someone else will become his father.”
“Ransom?” slowly sitting up you eye the alpha warily. His breathing gets worse, and you can see the muscles in his arms and legs tense up. He whines low in his throat, grasping for the shirt you carelessly dropped to the floor. “You need to stop.”
“I can’t,” he buries his face into the dirty fabric, holds tight onto your shirt for dear life. “I had hoped you would forgive me one day. Now I know, you’ll never let me see my child. I lost everything…everything…”
“Alpha!” you mutter, poking his thigh with your foot. “I need to use the toilet. Can you help me get off the bed? I’m a little dizzy today.”
“You’re dizzy?” Ransom tries to get up, grasps for the edge of the bed to support his weak legs. “I’ll help you, wait.”
While you watch Ransom crawl back onto the bed, he pants and grunts. His muscles don’t seem to work, and he looks like he just ran a marathon when he finally kneels on the bed, still clutching the shirt to his chest.
“What is wrong with you, Ransom?” you clumsily kneel on the bed to press your hand to his forehead. “You’re burning up. Your breathing doesn’t sound too good, and you are sweating like a whore at the church.”
He snickers at your bad joke, scooting closer to check on you. “You look tired, doll. No wonder you feel dizzy. Wait, let me help you,” Ransom offers.
“Dude, you look like you are going to pass out on me any minute. I just wanted you to stop shaking. Lie on the spare pillow on the left side. Don’t you dare to snuggle into my pillow, Drysdale,” you warn, slowly moving back toward the edge of the bed to finally go to the bathroom.
“What about you? I can’t let you walk on your own while feeling dizzy,” he tries to stop you, but you swat his hand away. “Please, don’t go alone. I can’t let you get hurt.”
“Gosh, don’t pee your pants, Ransom,” you growl low in your throat. “I can handle walking into the bathroom. Lie down and stop acting like an oversensitive omega.”
“I’m an alpha,” he protests, snarling when you poke his chest. “A tall and rough one. Don’t you remember how I manhandled you?”
“Nah, I only remember you being an ass,” while you waddle toward the bathroom, taking your time with your seven-month baby bump, you can hear Ransom chuckle behind you.
“You look like a cute duckling, doll,” he snickers. “So cute and I’d like to bite your butt.”
“You better stop talking before I come back with the plunger I’m hiding in the bathroom. I am not afraid to use it, Drysdale,” you look over your shoulder to throw an angry look at Ransom.
“Aw, you’re so cute while being mad,” he does the one thing you forbid him to do. Ransom snuggles into your pillow; purrs low in his throat when your scent surrounds him. “Mine, you are only mine.”
“If I not for my bladder, I would kill you right now,” you threaten, walking into the bathroom, slamming the door shut. “Alphas, so needy and annoying…”
Tumblr media
When you come back from the bathroom, Ransom lies on the other side of the bed, waiting in anticipation. He purrs, eyes glued to your swollen belly. “I fluffed your pillow and got you a snack.”
“You snuggled into my pillow,” he smirks when you try to crawl onto the bed. “I dare you to do it again. I don’t want your stink on my things.”
“I don’t stink,” Ransom moves a little closer to sniff in your direction. “Can I—uh erm,” he looks at your baby bump, hand twitching, “Can I touch your bump? Please. I promise to behave, for tonight.”
“One minute and then you’ll leave me alone. No scenting, not touching, not rutting against me, Drysdale,” poking your index finger into his chest you hold Ransom’s gaze. “I’m not one of your easy girls. You hurt me deeply and your good looks and false promises won’t help you win me over again.”
“I slept on the foot of your bed for a month, Y/N,” he argues while his large hand moves over your swollen belly. “OH, little Ransom kicked me. A strong boy.”
Tumblr media
“Y/N, my dear,” you hate leaving your house, Ransom by your side. Everywhere you go you seem to bump into his family. Today it’s Linda acting as if she never looked at you like you are an insect she wants to squish under her shoe. “You look beautiful today. Ransom, your mate is glowing.”
“I’m not his mate,” growling the words you try to brush past Ransom’s mother, but she won’t have it.
“Why don’t you come for dinner tonight? Harlan would be so happy to see your omega and her pup,” Linda tries again. “Right, Ransom. Your sick grandfather would like to get to know the omega stealing your heart.”
“I stole nothing,” you huff when Ransom places his hand on the small of your back. “I was a mere rut bunny to your son. Now you all are suddenly all over me. May I ask why? Has this something to do with Harlan's money? Does he want Ransom to grow up and have a family to give him his money?”
Ransom snarls at Linda when she tries to touch your bump. “Hands off my omega,” he steps in front of you, blocks Linda’s path. “No one touches her or my pup.”
“Don’t act out now, Ransom. She’s just an omega you filled with your pup by accident. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be on your mind anymore. I know you, Ransom,” Linda pats Ransom’s cheek, “you are not the kind of alpha sticking around. Sooner or later, you’ll get bored and move on to the next willing omega.”
“That’s not true—” he growls now, hands reaching out for his mother’s throat. “Take that back.”
“Why?” Linda has balls, you give her that. Pissing an angry alpha off is not the smartest move. Not at all. “The missing claiming mark on her neck tells me everything I need to know, Ransom. You’ll never settle down.”
Linda leaves the moment Ransom grits his teeth. He growls low in his throat, and you bet, his eyes are glowing as his mother runs for the hills.
“You have a way with your family,” you want to tease Ransom, but he walks away, whining when you call his name. “Ransom, where are you going?”
“I-I need to get—” he stops in his tracks, whining again before he runs off, leaving you in the middle of the drugstore. “I’ll be back…”
He returns half an hour later, arms full of bags, a content smile on his face.
Tumblr media
“Fucking great,” he pants heavily, paces your bedroom while you try to not follow his every step. Since you bumped into Linda this morning Ransom is out of his mind. “I should’ve killed her years ago. Now she ruined any chance for me. I will never see my child grow and my omega will let a random douche mate her.”
“I’m still here, Drysdale,” you sigh deeply when he keeps on muttering under his breath while placing random bags onto the bed. “What’s all of this?” you frown when Ransom starts to unpack all the things he bought after he ran off.
“I got everything we will need,” he states, pointing toward the first things he unpacked. “More blankets and a new pajama for you. It will fit you better.”
You glance at the pajama and blankets while Ransom is busy unpacking the other paper bags. He places random things onto the bed. Plushies, shower gel, fluffy socks, snacks, chewing gum, a hairbrush, and finally he opens a small cake box, revealing red-velvet cupcakes.
“Uh—you know,” he scratches the back of his neck, nervously glancing at the useless things he bought. “I’m courting for you.” He offers. “I got more in my car. Panties, a sweater, chocolate, that ugly doll you liked so much.”
“It’s a figurine, not a doll,” you kneel on the bed to have a closer look at all the things Ransom gathered. “There is more?” you purr low in your throat. Your omega likes all the things your alpha offers to you. “What else did you buy?”
“I-I really don’t remember. I just ran through the stores and grasped for everything coming to my mind,” he drops his gaze, shrugging when you ask him how much money he spent on all the things he got. “I don’t know. A few hundred bucks, maybe.”
“You got me one of the sweaters you are wearing too?” you lick your lips, greedily grasping for the things Ransom placed onto the bed. “I need a bigger nest—”
“We could go to my house,” he chokes out. “I got a bigger bed and a huge couch, Y/N. It’s only logical to move in with me. You can have two nests or a big one on the bed. My home is safer for the pup, and I got a lot of sweaters waiting for you to steal.”
“Sweaters,” you purr low in your throat, crawling closer to the blankets he bought. “How many? Five?”
“Ten, maybe fifteen,” Ransom offers, watching you steal the pajama to move it on top of your nest. “I could get more.”
“Hmm…” nodding to yourself you move back toward the cupcakes to eat one. “Not my mom’s but still deliciously.”
“Your mom, she wouldn’t sell me cupcakes. She hates me,” he finally sits on the bed to steal one of the cupcakes, earning a growl from you.
“She doesn’t hate you, but the way you treated me. My parents love me. Of course, they don’t want to have you around after what you did to me.”
“I can be better,” he assures again. “Let me try to be a better man, a better alpha to you and my child. I can’t promise to be the best alpha ever, but I’ll try…”
“We will see that, Ransom. We will see,” you move closer to the alpha to sniff at his neck. “I want to have a look around your house tomorrow. Maybe I’ll move in with you…maybe not…”
>> Part 3
Tumblr media
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Alpha, May I?
Part One
** **
Even from outside the mansion, you could hear the chaos within, the demands of Linda, who was screaming at the housekeeping staff about her bags being misplaced and the storming of feet, which must’ve come from Donna who must’ve argued with her husband, tender loving bastard who was a little too handsy with the female staff, like most of the men in the family were.
The entire family was chaos, and it was delirium that befell the rich souls that were clinging to Harlan Thrombey like little leeches willing to suck him dry.
“Good morning, Mrs. Thrombey.” You slipped through the front door into chaos, greeting one of your employers first while most of the family completely ignored her. “I hope you like roses.”
You showed her the bouquet in her hands, watching her aged eyes and tired smile with fondness and sympathy. Since you’d started working here nearly two years ago, you’d made a point about bringing flowers once a week for the poor woman. You’d also made it one of your goals to treat her like she was a woman still breathing and living, rather than the ghost her family made her out to be.
“You don’t need to bring her flowers,” Donna, the entitled omega with the stick up her ass, who was constantly correcting you, commented from the deep leather chair she was sitting on.
“Good morning, Mrs. Thrombey.” You rolled your eyes when your back was turned and stood straighter, making your way back toward the kitchens and the clatter of pans. You pushed the swinging door open and came into the sight of flour spilled on one of the counters, burnt sugar and the unmistakable stench of an alpha that had previously been in here.
“Oh God,” you groaned as you set the flowers down, “Hugh is here?”
“Yes,” Fran hissed, dropping a wet cloth onto the floor mess to clean it up, “he drove off two omega maids just last week after….”
“I don’t wanna know.” You sighed and set the flowers down to be put in a vase and taken up to ‘Nana’s room later, and then you grabbed a cloth to help Fran.
“Harlan is throwing another party, and all the little vultures have crawled out of their holes,” Fran took a dig at her employers, finding the same irritation with them as you had, only she was more justified in speaking her aggressions than you were. She was a beta, and if she were to hear talking shit about Hugh Ransom Drysdale, the worst she would get was a slap on the wrist. But you…
“Where’s my god damned drink?!” his voice carried through the kitchen door to the pair of you.
“I’ll take it.” You offered, saving Fran the headache of having to clean up this mess as well as deal with the arrogant alpha. “I have to go up anyway.”
“Y/N…” Fran warned, her hand reaching for your wrist, “Hugh is in a mood. Harlan talked to him again about the omega’s-“
“What else is new?” You shrugged and stepped away from the island in the kitchen and moved toward the liquor cabinet and the whiskey glasses.
“Thank you,” Fran exhaled as the cook came up from the dry storage in the basement, a new bag of flour in his arms.
“Curse this entire family,” He grumbled, setting the heavy bag down on the marble top.
“If only.” You poured the drink and dropped the ice cubes in, holding it tightly in your hand as you took your few deep breaths. They calmed themselves and then left the kitchen for the chaos unfolding in the front sitting room. You saw Hugh sitting by the window, his fingers drumming against the wooden side tabletop.
You ignored everyone you could and moved toward him, set the drink down and spun on your heels, moving toward the safety of the stairs. You were halfway up when he called for your attention in the most condescending way.
“Omega,” He spoke gruffly, “I’m talking to you.”
“She has a name, Ransom.” Meg, one of the more reasonable and friendly Thrombey’s, spoke in your defence, “You could use it.”
You ignored him, you wouldn’t look back at him even though he was classically alpha, and despite your best efforts to be as lineally different as other omega’s who would’ve shuddered and compelled themselves to listen to the potent alpha, you wouldn’t allow yourself to.
“Don’t walk away from me.” He was after you to tear you a new one, and you could hear his heavy footsteps coming from behind you.
“I don’t work for you,” you state, your heart pounding as it always did when you were around Hugh Drysdale. You never knew what he was going to do or what foulness he would exude upon the poor omega’s he thought were at his disposal.
“What the hell did you just say to me?” He sneered, his scent changing to reflect his anger. He wanted you to stop, and you started jogging up the steps to get closer to Harlan and the safety his study provided.
“I don’t work for you, Hugh.” You got to to the top of the stairs and felt his hand grazing the sleeve of your sweater. You sidestepped him and hurried to the study, with his long strides bringing him too close to you.
“You will, you little omega bitch. When I get my inheritance, you’ll be working for me.” He slammed his hand against the study door. The power behind his fist and the scent that was being exuded from him, his anger rolling off him in waves, was enough to make you want to bow your head and crater.
“Well,” you pushed his arm off the door and pushed it open, slipping inside, “that will be the day that hell finally breaks loose.”
You slammed the door in his face and turned the lock, still sensing his powerful scent and his raging irritation radiating through the door. You felt Hugh just as quickly as you felt Harlan in his study, and only his presence had provided comfort instead of making you feel as if your skin was going to melt from your face from the weight of his stare alone.
“Your grandson,” you frowned and rested your forehead against the door, “is a menace.”
“Which grandson are you talking about?” Harlan spoke with delight from his chaise near the small wooden game board with the ‘GO’ pieces arranged.
“Both,” you turned around and moved toward the cabinet built into the wall that held your medical bag, “Hugh is a menace.”
“He was raised to believe that he could have anything he wanted without having to work for it.” Harlan tilts his head, watched you grab your medical bag and his pain medication within. “He doesn’t know the value of hard work.”
“He’s not the only one,” you reached into the leather bag and grabbed the needles you’d need and the vials of torridol and morphine, “most people look for the easy way out.”
“Have you finished paying off your student loans?” Harlan questioned you, despite the answer being the same as it was last week.
“The answer is still the same, Harlan.” You smiled small, pushing the head of the needle into this bottle of the torridol, filling the syringe with as much as you needed. “And while we’re at it, no, I haven’t found an alpha. No, I haven’t stopped using my suppressants. Yes, you will beat me at Go because you cheat-‘
“I have never cheated at Go.” Harlan denied the claim, naturally.
“Sure. And I suppose there are random and brief earthquakes in your study that would cause the Go board to fall.” You pulled a face and shook your head.
“I’m making an announcement tomorrow, and I want you to be there.” Harlan drew your attention away from your task of giving him the medication, which was already pre-measured.
“An announcement?” You raised an eyebrow, switching from one need to the next.
“About my will-“
“Harlan Thrombey, you are not dying.” You scolded him.
“I want to see my assets taken care of by someone who will appreciate them.” He hadn’t batted an eye when you pulled the needle out and stored it away in a biohazard bag before placing the medications back in your bag. “Will you be here?”
“You are not dying, Harlan Thrombey.” You reinforced your statement. “But if you are going to choose someone to appreciate your assets, I’d choose Meg.”
“Meg?” He pondered, “why Meg?”
“Meg seems the most redeemable. The most normal. She’s in university; even though Walt calls her an ultra-feminist, she is the most grounded of them all.” Your eyebrows furrowed. “Meg seems like she would be the least likely to ruin your reputation.”
“Unlike Ransom, you mean,” Harlan laughed under his breath and wandered to the game board.
“Hugh would waste your money on women and booze and fancy cars.” You sat on the floor, crossed-legged in front of the board. “Walt would turn your books into cheesy crime movies played on Netflix, Linda….”
You took a pause, hesitating to speak about them further.
“Don’t shut down on me now, Y/N.” Harlan placed a piece, followed by your own.
“Meg has the most hope. She has the best chance to live with such great wealth while being appreciative of it.” You chewed the inside of your cheek. “Or I could be wrong. Maybe she would be worst.”
“Your faith in Meg is refreshing, Y/N.” Harlan placed another piece, trying to block yours. “Meg is young and sheltered; she hasn’t known struggle.”
“And Linda received a million-dollar incentive from you to start her business.” You added, taking his invitation to be bold in your statements.
“Perhaps I was too generous. Perhaps I should’ve let them make it on their own.” Harlan held his piece in his hand, turning it over with his fingers. “Had I ruined them?”
“I think,” you blocked off his piece, “you should stop feeling guilty for what they chose to do with their lives. You gave them what they needed to succeed, and they tainted it themselves. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you need to give up your ability to speak with kindness and be generous with others.”
Harlan hummed, studying the board before he laid his piece down, cutting you off and winning the game.
“You let me win,” he quipped when you grabbed the piece after he celebrated his win.
“Kindness,” you countered, “can be as simple as letting a man who thinks he’s dying to win a game of ‘GO.’”
“You’ll come tomorrow, Y/N. I need you to hear the will.” Harlan tapped the edge of the board.
“Of course, Harlan.” You put the pieces back in the drawstring bag. “I can’t wait to see what grand plan you have.”
** **
Tumblr media
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Forever and Ever More - Part Fifteen
Dark! Alpha Ransom Drysdale x Omega Reader
Warnings: 18+. Language, fingering, unprotected sex, biting, violence (fighting) Ransom’s emotions (what. a. warning.), dub-con due to Omega dynamics, spanking, threats of violence.
I love comments and re-blogs!
Word Count: 3.5K
moodboard by the talented @titaniumstark​ | divider by @royallyprincesslilly​
Previous: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen
Summary | Ransom Drysdale may be Boston’s most eligible Alpha but he has his eyes set on you. With his inheritance hanging in the balance, he won’t take no for an answer, whether you like him or not.
Tumblr media
Ransom feels it before he opens his eyes. It looks on the horizon, under his eyelids that are in deep reds and black. An undercurrent that belies the false narrative of him in this bed.
The ache makes him reach out, hand smoothing over where you should be, right next to him when he realizes it’s empty.
When his eyes snap open, sweat beads his brow. He calls out your name but he knows you aren’t there. That sense of longing that makes him nearly come undone makes him stumble out of bed, looking for any sign of you that would give him a timeline if you are coming back or not.
But the bond doesn’t lie.
You aren’t coming back. In a hard pant, he pulls on his clothes, his rage building with every single minute as the deep growl in his chest rises.
Tumblr media
“Austin,” you call out, head spinning. “Pull over. Please.”
At the sight of your face, the car pulls off to the side and you scramble to get out of the car, the seatbelt hitting the side of the door loudly.
You gulp mouthfuls of air, closing your eyes at the thought of Ransom. Every time you close your eyes, all you can think of is him.
Austin’s hand touches your shoulder and you retch at his touch.
“Jesus,” Austin mutters at the sight of you on your hands and knees as you wipe your mouth with the back of your hand. “Never seen a bond that strong.”
You wipe away the tears that have gathered in your eyes, your head down in defeat. You can’t go back. No matter how much it hurts, no matter how the bond tells you that he needs you or that he’s searching for you.
Perhaps that hurts more.
“Are you okay?” Austin asks, watching you sit on the ground, still trying to inhale deep breaths.
“I’ll be fine,” you manage to say, a cool breeze skating across your forehead. “It’s Ransom.”
“Do you wanna go back?”
Your heart clenches at the thought of it, your hindbrain practically shrieking to return to him. Going back would only mean more of him denying what you know to be true, even if he shut you out. With a sigh, you force yourself to stand.
Austin’s phone vibrates in his pocket as he pulls it out of his pocket, smirking at the screen before he silences it.
“Everything okay?”
“Sure thing,” Austin responds, leading you back to the chair at the small of your back, a small wave of nausea creeping to the surface before you swallow it down. “Just Kelly checking in. She wanted to make sure you were okay.”
“I can call her,” you offer, reaching for your phone in your purse.
Besides the missed calls from Ransom, it’s almost the same amount from Kelly as Austin clears his throat.
“She was worried about you earlier,” he admits, sliding into the driver’s seat. “I texted her and told her you were with me. You’re in good hands. Are you hungry?”
You aren’t, not with the strength of the bond still on your mind, fighting the influence that makes you curl your fingers around the door handle.
“Sure,” you lie, Austin’s smile returning.
“There’s a little place I know a few miles from here. Hang on tight.”
Tumblr media
“Mr. D-Drysdale,” the front desk clerk says, his voice thin with Ransom’s hand wrapped around his neck. “I can look at the cameras. Give me… give me a few minutes. Please.”
Ransom lets him up as he sputters, coughing with a look of terror in his eyes at the large Alpha who bares his teeth at him.
“Now, Beta,” Ransom growls, grabbing him by the back of his suit jacket. “Show me where the monitors are.”
It’s useless to call for Security, even though the new Omega at the desk had called for them. Alphas in rut are bad enough but an Alpha without its mate means keeping a wide path.
Especially when it’s a Drysdale.
“S-Sure,” the clerk murmurs, scurrying toward the surveillance room, his shoes scraping as he tries to hurry with Ransom behind him. “Do you have an idea of what time she disappeared?”
“I was asleep, you idiot. If I knew that, I wouldn’t be looking at the surveillance cameras, now would I?” Ransom snaps, agitation continuing to course through his veins. The hormones that rage out of control makes Ransom all but rip the door from its hinges as the clerk slips in before him.
The clerk knows better than to waste time, heading to the camera feed from the night before. It’s a gamble, knowing the Alpha behind him could potentially rip him apart, especially with the rawness of separation that makes him even more unstable.
The clerk finds the feed, rewinding back until Ransom spies you and him heading up to the suite. He leans down, eyes focusing on you.
“Forward,” Ransom demands.
The clerk gives a nervous nod before he cycles through, stopping at what appears to be you leaving the elevator.
Ransom all but takes control of the feed, blue eyes narrowing as he watches you in a determined stride, wiping your eyes before you straighten your shoulders, heading out the lobby.
“Where’s the cameras for your valet?”
The clerk hurriedly presses another button, selecting the time and date as a low growl rumbles in Ransom’s chest.
“Stryker,” Ransom snaps, his fist banging onto the desk as the clerk jumps.
Ransom seethes, blowing out a hard breath before he turns on his heels, dialing your number. He doesn’t care if it goes to voicemail. In fact, the minute he gets sent to your inbox, he continues charging through the hotel, pushing past the guards that let him go past, the small Omega at the front desk counter reminding him that he will need to pay for the damage he’s done to his suite.
“Let’s get one thing straight, shall we, Omega? That nice little bite mark you have on your neck? That’s a claim. Which means you belong to me. You wanna leave me during my rut? That’s fine,” Ransom pants, heading toward his car. “We’ll see how much you like it when I find you and make you pay for it. You just wait.”
He tosses his phone into the passenger’s seat before he takes off, intent on finding you. The bond is too raw, flashes of your cries inside his head as he grips the steering wheel.
You miss him.
“Shit,” Ransom mutters with a shake of his head, trying to control the trembling of his hands. “I’m coming.”
Tumblr media
You push around the scrambled eggs on your plate, your french toast still half eaten. You know you should try to eat something but all you can think about is Ransom and you’re exhausted from the night prior and driving until morning with Austin. In this small family owned diner, Austin’s like a second son to them, a waitress coming by and refilling your coffee twice as she chats with you both.
“Didn’t realize you had an Omega,” she jokes, winking at you as you drop your fork to the plate.
“Oh, no, it’s not like that,” you rush to explain as Austin laughs.
“She’s getting it removed,” he speaks up.
“Wow,” the waitress says with wide eyes. “You’re so brave. I heard it’s painful. You poor thing. I’ll be right back. I’ll bring you something nice to finish off your breakfast with.”
When the waitress is out of earshot, you glare at Austin.
“Austin, I’m not getting my mark removed,” you answer. “It’s a part of me.”
Austin scoffs, taking a sip of his coffee as he looks over at you with his dark brown eyes.
“Oh, come on. Kelly told me everything. How he saw you at the bar, decided you’d be his and he bonded you by force. You can’t even see it. That’s Stockholm Syndrome if I ever saw it.”
Hearing him talk about your Alpha ignites your temper.
“You don’t know what happened,” you try to explain, Austin rolling his eyes before he places down the cup.
“I don’t? I know that Hugh Ransom Drysdale is a rich little playboy that only mated you because he was not going to get any of that trust fund money that his dear old gramps was planning to give him if he didn’t bond an Omega. And suddenly, here you are, bite mark on your neck and he’s looking for you. Coincidence? I don’t think so.”
“Take it back,” you whisper, tears welling in your eyes. “Austin, that’s not true.”
“It is,” he fires back, leaning back in his chair with a defeated sigh. “I thought you knew. I figured that’s why you went on this girl’s trip to get away from him for a while.”
“I was,” you begin as he holds up his hand.
“And you didn’t think anything of it when Harlan was trying to be nice to you?” Austin says with a dark smirk. “Doesn’t matter if it’s a Thrombey or a Drysdale. They may be rich but they come from bad stock. Look at his mother. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”
At his words, you press a napkin to your eyes, trying to maintain some sort of composure. You don’t want it to be true. Ransom had made it clear that he had picked you and you only. If he was after money, you were certain that he would pick someone with a social standing more parallel to his own, rather than yours.
“I didn’t mean to upset you,” Austin apologizes, pulling his phone out of his pocket. “It’s Kelly. Let me take this outside.”
When he answers the call, his voice is low but you understand it.
“I said I’d call you when I was done. I said relax.”
It’s an Alpha command and you watch him head outside, head swimming with his words and what he’s telling Kelly outside.
He’s known her longer than you but even as you down the last of your coffee, you can’t help but wonder what is going on. His insistence that Ransom bonded you to keep his inheritance makes you dizzy. You don’t want to believe it. Not after what you’ve felt.
The waitress returns, placing a big slice of apple pie in front of you.
“Always helps me when I’m about to do something drastic,” she says with a soft smile. “Enjoy.”
The pie nearly melts in your mouth, the buttery, flaky crust amid the sweet and cinnamon of the apples when you take a bite. Oddly enough, it makes you think of Linda and if she’s ever baked anything in her entire life before your thoughts go to Ransom. It’s silly but you wonder if his mother ever bought brownies or cake to school like your mother used to. You already make a promise to yourself that you’ll do the same for your children when you shake off the thought.
Ransom and children don’t mix.
Austin breaks your concentration when he sits back down, brushing a hand through his hair.
“Everything okay?”
“Yeah,” he mutters. “She’s just a lot right now. Don’t know what’s gotten into her.”
You blink at his comment, trying to understand what he means. Kelly has always been the levelheaded one of your group. The minute you make a mental note to call her, Austin cocks his head to the side as he looks at you.
“My offer is still on the table,” he reminds you. “I care about you. You wouldn’t have to pay me back.”
“I can’t,” you reply. “I understand how it looks.”
“It looks like an Omega still submitting to her Alpha. You didn’t get a choice, remember?”
“I know that,” you snap, pushing your plate away from the table. “That doesn’t mean that I didn’t accept it.”
“How can you accept it? Are you listening to yourself? He’s an Alpha spoiled playboy who thinks with his knot. Unless it has to do with his money, he’s only interested in himself.”
“I need some air,” you tell him, your chair pushing back with a slight squeak when you finally head outside.
Pacing doesn’t help, not with how much you want to call Ransom despite your better judgment.
And when you dial the number, he picks up on the first ring.
“Where are you?” he demands, your eyes filling with tears at the sound of his voice.
“Tell me the truth first,” you counter, trying not to cry. It isn’t fair that you miss him this much. “Did you… did you bond me so you could keep your inheritance money?”
The silence at the other end makes you sob.
“God, Ransom,” you whimper, wiping your eyes. “It’s all true, isn’t it? Everything he said… you really did it.”
“Where are you?”
“Like I’m telling you,” you scoff sadly. “Don’t try to find me. I know what I felt. Even if you don’t believe it. I know what I feel and you’ll never actually change, will you?”
You want to hurt him as much as he’s hurt you.
“I asked you a question,” you remind him. “But you won’t answer it. I should know better. If you’re looking for me, it’s too late. And you know what? Maybe you’re right, Ransom. Maybe you can find another Omega, one who will do whatever you ask. Someone prettier and more manageable, right? I’ll get this bond removed and you’ll be free to do whatever you want. I’m sure you’ve got enough Omegas in the wings that you’ll still get to keep your money.”
The hang up should have been satisfying but it isn’t, your eyes squeezing shut as you clutch your phone, silencing his call before you turn it off.
Tumblr media
Ransom stares at his phone, anger and something resembling guilt wash over him before he places the phone on the passenger seat, the wheels squealing against the pavement as he heads in your direction. He didn’t have to track your phone. Not when he could track Austin’s car.
He’ll rip Austin in two with his bare hands. Maybe, he thinks, he’ll do it right after he reaffirms your bond and fucks you over the hood of his Beemer. But as much as the thought cheers him up, he ignores the heaviness in his chest as he blows past a red light, giving a middle finger salute to a timid honk behind him.
There are two things in the world that Ransom could give two shits about. One is his car.
The other is you.
It used to be in that order. But now he isn’t so sure.
His head pounds at the thought of you removing the bond. It’s painful, he knows this much, hearing Meg talk about it at a family dinner while he was barely listening, too busy looking at one of her friends that he later knotted in a guest bedroom. Even the thought of it now makes him sick, inhaling sharply as he rolls down the window to get some air.
It doesn’t take long for him to get to the diner, watching you pace back and forth as Austin heads down the steps. His blood boils at the sight of him, Ransom seeing red when he gets out of the car, calling out for Austin as you turn around, mouth dropping open.
“Too late, Drysdale,” Austin informs him. “I told her the truth. She doesn’t want to see you anymore.”
“That’s too fucking bad. She’s mine, remember?”
“Was that before or after Harlan threatened to disown you?” Austin fires back.
“Before you decided to take what was mine.”
“She won’t be yours for long.”
Something in Austin’s tone makes Ransom snap, charging at Austin as before the first punch lands right at Austin’s jaw.
“Ransom!” you squeak, rushing up to him to try to pull him off. “Stop!”
He grabs you by the arm, hard enough to get his message across but gentle as he pushes you behind him.
“Go to the car,” Ransom commands, flecks of Austin’s blood on his shirt and knuckles. Austin staggers back for a moment, only to get his footing back. “I said, now.”
You’ve never seen an Alpha fight before. Trading blows back and forth, your instinct to comfort Ransom strong when he shakes off a punch. Compared to Austin, Ransom is still raw muscle and all fight, still hopped up on his rut when Austin finally backs off, sporting a black eye and various cuts and bruises when he stumbles back onto the ground.
All you can see is Ransom’s broad back before he sneers at Austin. Alpha posturing but it’s a sign that Austin lost.
You don’t say anything when Ransom sits in the car. You’re shaking with anger, sadness and more emotion than you know what to do with.
“Don’t,” Ransom orders, throwing the car into drive.
Tumblr media
“When were you going to tell me the truth?” you finally ask after a long silence. “Or were you ever?”
“I’m not talking about this,” Ransom answers sharply. “You don’t get to ask me a goddamn thing when you were trying to remove our bond.”
“Because it was based on a lie,” you remind him. “You couldn’t be honest and tell me the truth. God forbid you don’t keep up appearances.”
“It wasn’t based on a lie!” Ransom argues, the veins in his neck rising to the surface. “You think you know so much about me. When in reality, you don’t know shit.”
“Stop the car,” you demand, unbuckling your seatbelt as he shakes his head.
“I’m not stopping. You being pissed off at me doesn’t mean a damn thing. You tried to leave me.”
“Because you don’t…”
You cover your face with your hands.
“I hate you, Ransom,” you finish, tears rolling down your cheeks.
The car squeals to a stop on the side of the road, Ransom’s hard pants the only thing you can hear. You didn’t forget he was still in rut, his hands fisting the steering wheel.
“Say it again,” he warns you. “I want to hear your lie clearly.”
When you don’t answer, he gets out of the car, coming around to your side of the car, pulling you out and walking you toward the trunk. Ransom holds you down by the back of your neck as you whimper, your dress pulled up as he whispers harshly in your ear as your hands are splayed down on the trunk as his body covers yours.
“You thought you could leave me,” he growls, ignoring your fearful chirp. “Go ahead, say it again how much you hate me. You want to push me? I’ll show you how far I can go.”
A slap on your ass makes you yelp in pain, slick already coating your thighs since you’d scented him in the diner.
“You hate me? Tell me how much,” Ransom grounds out against your ear. “Let me hear every vile thing I’ve done. How much you don’t want this.”
His hand pulls down your underwear roughly, his fingers slipping up inside you as you let out a soft keen.
“Because you do,” he continues, his teeth grazing against your earlobe as you shiver. “Stuffing this pretty little tight cunt with my fingers and knot because you need this. As much as I need you. But it’s more than that. Building your nests for me, making sure I like them. Isn’t that right, Omega?”
“Stop it,” you cry, breath halting with every movement of his fingers, close to the edge as he continues to open you up. “You don’t need me.”
Your lips tremble when he pulls his fingers out of you when you hear the soft hum of his zipper. You’re lying to yourself and you know it. You need him, especially now when the bond is open once more, overwhelming you as you close your eyes at his body caging over yours.
“I do,” he answers, pushing up inside you as you bite down on your lip. “I like how you take me so well, nice and tight, making those little sounds that only I can pull from you.”
“R-Ransom,” you whimper, feeling him reach the hilt of you, his thrusts shallow enough to drive you mad.
“I need you,” Ransom begins, pausing for a moment as the bond overtakes you, a low sob pulling from your throat. “You know you feel it, don’t you? Because you’ve known it since before I fucking did. I love you.”
His fingers pull your face toward him as he thrusts harder inside you, kissing you to swallow the moan from your lips as tears fall, Ransom breaking the kiss only to find his mark, biting down once more as he fucks you harder against the trunk, still half feral with a hint of kindness under the surface as he laps at your broken skin.
With the bond blown wide, his influence washes over you. Fear of the unknown, anger and relief thread between the emotion that continues to build inside you. It’s the love he wouldn’t allow you to see - only to feel - now still replaying in your mind when you come apart, his knot locking you both together as his dips his head against yours, sweat still dotting his brow as your temples touch.
“And if you think I’m finished with Austin for touching what was mine and what he’s done,” Ransom mutters, slapping your ass. “You’re mistaken.”
Tumblr media
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sagechanoafterdark · a year ago
Earn A Mate
Ransom x Reader
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom x Reader
Warnings: Language, a/b/o, alpha reader, oral, asphyxiation kink, claiming kink
@albinotigerpython​ requested, “Hello. I don't want to bother. But I like the 50, “I don’t care if you’re also an alpha, I want to claim you.” with Ransom.”
Anonymous requested, “# 74 “Do you see me at all? Or am I just a couple of holes to fuck?” with Ransom.”
Anonymous requested, “Ransom, #8 “Look at your neck. Look at the marks I left. You are mine. And solely mine.” please.”
Tumblr media
You were pathetic. This behavior was absolutely disgusting. Being some alphas beck and call girl, like some desperate little beta bitch begging to get fucked. One text message and you’d showed up at the house on Kanoke Street.
Again for the third time this week. It was sickening.
But Ransom Drysdale wasn’t just any alpha. So maybe you could live with yourself. You’d known Ransom for a long time, prep school, summers spent at the Thomby estate, Yale. His family and yours were close in some respects while in others you were rivals. Both a pair of bull-headed alphas, it was no wonder you couldn’t stay away from one another. Drawn together like magnets made out of gunpowder, set to explode at any moment.
“Do you see me at all,” you said, eyes narrowed down at him as he sat on the bed. Dropping your bra next to the rest of your clothes as you stood nude in front of him. “Or am I just a couple of holes to fuck?”
“You’re so fucking mouthy,” Ransom snarled, blue eyes gazing up at you, fingers squishing into your cheeks and making your lips pucker. “I think your mouth needs to be occupied with something else right about now.”
Raising a brow at him you smacked his hand away rolling your eyes, “That a request is it?”
“You don't take requests,” he grunted as your hand wrapped around his cock.
Kneeling between his knees, your tongue reached out licking the head of his cock, feeling one hand start to fist into your hair, you slapped it away. Gaze locking with his before wrapping your lips around the head and giving a heavy suck that had his eyes rolling into the back of his head.
Bobbing your head up and down the length of his cock, you could feel the drool and spit slipping from the corners of your lips as you worked him. One hand holding his balls and feeling them twitch as you pushed him down your throat. His hand held the back of your head down until you were slapping his thigh for air, pulling away with a heavy breath through your nose before doing it again. This time his hips bucked up into your mouth and you pinched his thigh before pulling off of his cock with a slurping pop.
“God damn you're an Alpha but you suck dick like a Omega,” he said, watching as you came to stand just in front of him again, blue eyes looked at you angrily. “Did I fucking say stop?”
A smirk pulled at the edge of your mouth as you leaned down, pulling his mouth to your own and thrusting your tongue in, stroking against his own and sharing the taste of him. Snorting when the tiniest of moans pulled out of his throat and you pulled away. 
Sliding your hands down to his chest you shoved hard making the man bounce against the bed. “No, you didn’t. But it’s my fucking turn.” 
Straddling him with your legs on either side you guided his hands to your breasts. Encouraging the firm squeeze as you rocked your hips up and down the length of his cock, rubbing your slick soaked pussy against him. A low moan pulled from you as you rubbed your swollen clit against his cock. Teasing just enough to draw a heavy moan from the man before he leaned up, thumb brushing against a nipple before pulling it into his mouth.
“I don’t care if you’re also an alpha,” he grunted against your flesh thrusting up, the head of his cock brushing against you. “Fuck I want to claim you.”
“How does it feel to fucking want Ransom.”
The snark in your voice was the end of it for the man, hands grasping your hips Ransom turned pinning your hips against the bed before guiding his cock against your slick folds and pushing in with one smooth stroke. A loud moan bursting from your mouth as Ransom's lips attacked against the flesh of your neck and set a brutal pace. His thrusts deep and jarring as your nails dug half-moons into his flesh, the head of his cock stroking against your gspot over and over again. A particularly hard nip against your pulse point making you growl. 
“Fuck look at you, marked up so pretty,” he mused leaning away and hiking your leg up against his shoulder, opening you wider and drawing a moan of pleasure as his cock hit against that sweet spot inside of you over and over again.
A hissing breath sucked into your lungs, “That’s it Alpha, fucking take it.” Hips bucking back against his own as your fingers rubbed against your clit hard and fast, squeezing him tight and falling deeper into your own heat. Ransom wrapped one hand around your neck, making a gasp escape you as you arched up body begging for more.
“Look at your neck. Look at the marks I left. You. Are. Mine.” He growled, hand around your throat tightening slightly and pinning you down into the mattress as his cock fucked in and out of you. The knot swelling as his cock pumped in and out of you. “Mine and solely mine.” 
Snarling up at him your hand wrapped around his wrist, holding on tight as he pushed you deeper into the bed. “You want to knot me Alpha?” You mocked, hands drawing him down against you. Kissing him deep, feeling his knot swelling against you ready to slip inside at any moment. “Marks don't make a mate Ransom, you fucking know that.” 
Legs wrapping around his waist, you rolled him over pinning him to the bed and pulling off of his cock. A deep soul-shattering moan erupted from him before you grasped his face, pinching his lips together just the same way he had you earlier that night, “You want to knot me, Ransom. You have to fucking earn it.”
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holylulusworld · 3 months ago
Ransom’s Omega
Tumblr media
Summary: The notorious bachelor and womanizer must settle down and look for an omega. You don’t think he could ever set his eyes on you.
Pairing: Alpha!Ransom Drysdale x Omega!Reader
Characters: Harlan Thrombey, Linda Thrombey, Richard Thrombey, Joni Thrombey, OFC Caroline
Warnings: angst, language, true mates, cocky Ransom, asshole Ransom, mentions of sex, womanizer Ransom, misogyny, a/b/o, a/b/o dynamics, Ransom has an awful family, light smut, unprotected sex, implied claiming, talk about knotting, a hint of breeding kink
Words: 4k
A/N: Y/D/B = Your date of birth
Text Divider by @firefly-graphics​
Ransom Drysdale masterlist
Tumblr media
It’s an unwritten law that every woman must drool all over Ransom Drysdale, your boss and new owner of ‘Blood Like Wine’ Publishing, the company the best-selling mystery writer Harlan Thrombey's founded.
You liked Harlan, loved to work for him. But when he decided to retire and gave his company to his grandson, everything changed. 
Back then you used to start your day at work with a long breakfast at Harlan’s office to talk about the latest numbers or simply his ideas for another book, now you spend your time running after the smug alpha who loves to snap his fingers at you to get your attention.
Not that he would ever call you by your name. Ransom Drysdale doesn’t need to remember a woman’s name. Especially if she’s not one of his latest conquests.
“Faster, you should be faster,” he grunts this morning. “I can’t wait for you to catch up with me.”
“I got the latest numbers,” you pant, hating you decided to wear heels today out of all days. Ransom seems to be in a bad mood and of course, he yells at anyone around. “Sir, you should check on Mr. Barneby’s manuscript, it looks promising.”
“He’s too old,” Ransom waves your words off, not even sparing you a glance. “We need fresh blood.”
“A or B?” you snarl before you can stop your tongue. Suddenly Ransom stops in his tracks, making you shriek when you end up bumping into his wide back, face first. 
“Did you just make a joke?” he turns on his heels, brows furrowed. It’s the first time he even looks at you and you can’t help it and feel small and vulnerable when his gaze focuses on you. “Huh?”
“You wanted fresh blood, Sir. All our authors are elder than fifty. Famous and well-known authors. We shouldn’t look for someone to replaces Barneby, Mr. Drysdale. He makes a lot of money for us. People love his books,” you explain. “I know you don’t like him, but he’s a great author.”
“Bring me the manuscript later, and coffee, black,” the alpha eyes you for a moment, subtle glances at your untouched mating gland before he turns back around to ignore your presence yet again. “Hot coffee, not lukewarm. Now get the numbers and meet me at my office.”
“Yes, Sir,” you grumble, hating Ransom always reduces you to nothing but an obedient employee. Harlan always treated you like you are a friend; someone he can talk to and a confidant. “I will meet you at your office…”
Tumblr media
Four weeks later you can barely breathe when you enter the building on another Monday morning. The scent of too many omegas hits your sensitive senses and you cover your mouth and nose with your hand.
“Y/N!” your colleague squeals, waving at you. Usually, she likes to ignore you, just like everyone else but Harlan did, since you started to work at the company. “Did you hear?”
“I just arrived, Caroline. So far, I only got coffee for Mr. Drysdale and checked on my emails while I tried not to collide with all the women running around the building. What’s wrong these days?” moody and tired you look at Ransom who tries to brush past a few omegas.
“Harlan said Ransom must finally settle down. If he wants to keep the company, Ransom must find an omega and mate her. Harlan wants his grandson to have pups soon,” rolling your eyes you try to walk toward your office. “Maybe I should try to get his attention too.”
“Good luck, Caroline. I’m going to work, cause that’s why I came here,” you shake your head, ushering toward your office to avoid any contact with one of the many omegas strolling around the hallways.
Tumblr media
For the rest of the day, you ducked your head, worked hard and tried to ignore the omegas drowned the whole building in their scent. Now you just lean back in your chair to enjoy one of the cupcakes you bought for lunch.
“That’s a good one,” moaning you close your eyes, loving your office does not stink like omegas, sex, and neediness thanks to the scented candles you lit.
“Jesus, save me,” someone storms into your office, slams the door shut, locking it. Ransom almost looks scared when he rests his back against the door. “You need to hide me here for a while.”
“Did something happen, Mr. Drysdale? Shall I call the security?” getting up from your chair you walk toward your new boss, looking him all over.
His tie hangs loose. He looks like someone tugged at his hair and his jacket got ripped open. The alpha pants heavily, eyes wild, and nostrils flaring. 
“No, please no!” he cries. “One of them wanted me to mate his sister and mother. They all looked the same. Later Caroline grabbed my tie and tried to drag me into her office, offering me the night of my life or something. I didn’t listen, too busy to run off.”
“Uh-erm,” you don’t know how it happened, but you start laughing. “That’s just-“ you pat his chest, snorting as he looks at you, confused and helpless. “A tall alpha like you runs away from all the omegas wanting him to mate them? That’s priceless.”
“I don’t want needy omegas,” he sighs, glancing at the cupcake in your hand. “Can I have one too? I didn’t get any food today. I’m afraid to leave this office,” Ransom looks at your desk, eyes glued to the box with cupcakes. 
“Sure,” you clear your throat to pull his attention back toward you. “I got coffee and a sandwich too if you are hungry.”
“A sandwich sounds like heaven,” Ransom steps toward your desk, now glancing at the pictures of your family. “Your family?”
“Oh, yeah. My parents and siblings,” you point at the pictures, smiling as you talk about your family. You explain, that you moved far away from your family to work with Harlan. That your father is a huge fan of Harlan’s books and that they are proud of you. “Sorry, I tend to babble when you give me the chance, Sir.”
“So, do you like to work here?” Ransom asks, eyes drifting toward your mating gland again. He growls low in his throat, pupils blown when you tilt your head to the side. “I mean, how long do you work for me?”
“I worked here before you took over the company, Sir,” you tut. “I worked for your grandfather, Harlan. It’s been six years this March.”
“Six years, huh?” he grins, stepping closer to steal one of your cupcakes. “No alpha? No pups?” Ransom asks. “Do you have a boyfriend or someone interested in mating you?”
“No,” you utter, pointing at a chair. “Why don’t you sit and eat the sandwich. Maybe the omegas lose interest if you wait for a moment.”
“They won’t,” Ransom sighs, running one hand down his face. “As long as I do not choose a mate, the omegas will be all over me. I hate that none of the girls is interested in me. They love my money and reputation, the attention they will get, not me.”
“Isn’t that what you always dreamed of?” he growls at you, eyes narrowing. “I mean, anytime you came here you smelled like a different omega. I know alphas don’t care about things like that, but any omega could smell you had sex with someone the night before.”
“You too?” you huff, not wanting to admit you hate other women’s scent on your boss. Not that you are deeply in love with the self-centered man but he’s your boss, your alpha when you are at work, and you don’t like to share his attention. “No one could ignore the stink of another omega on you.”
“Hmm…” nodding thoughtfully Ransom smirks. He watches you grasp for another cupcake, feeling his cock swell in his pants when you open your mouth to dart your tongue out. You lick over the cream, savoring the taste. “You like to eat and don’t stop in front of me. Most of the girls I date don’t eat in front of me.”
“Damn, if a man invites me for dinner I want to eat. I would die if I sat at a nice restaurant and can’t eat a thing. That’s just stupid,” taking a large bite you moan at the taste. “Red velvet with cherry filling.”
“Cherry filling,” Ransom licks his lips. “Watching you eat is like watching-“ he stutters, eyes glued to your mouth. “You’ve got some cherry on your lips.” He points at your mouth, purring when you lick it off with your tongue.
“And?” furrowing your brows you look at Ransom. “I’m not on a date or try to impress you, Mr. Drysdale. That’s my office and I’m hungry.”
“How about we sneak out of the building and eat at my favorite Italian restaurant? Or do you like Mexican food? I know a great restaurant.”
“Wait—what? Did-did you just invite me for dinner?” you stutter, wondering why Ransom would ever invite you. “Okay, what do you want?”
“Harlan forces me to mate an omega within the next two months. He will take the company away from me and my trust fund if I don’t find a mate soon. You’re smart, not too bad to look at and your scent is pleasant,” Ransom clears his throat, hiding his cock swell anytime you call him Sir or try to keep up with his pace. “What do you say?”
“Uh-did you hit your head, Sir?” you growl the words, jumping off your chair to round your desk, hand fisting his tie to harshly tug at it. “I’m not a prostitute! And I will not lie to Harlan. He’s a good friend, a mentor to me.”
“What about-“ Ransom watches you twirl his tie around your hand to bring him closer to your face. “Hot sex? I’m good at knotting and you could have pups.”
“That’s even worse, Hugh!”
“Ransom, doll,” he husks. “How about we have dinner and talk about the details at my house? I could make you feel things you never felt before. I always imagined bending you over my desk and stuff you with my dick.”
“What the-“ gritting your teeth you watch Ransom lick his lips. “I should push you out of my office and leave you to all the needy omegas, Drysdale.”
“I could give you a promotion-“ he offers, missing you growl low in your throat. “I mean, my dick should be enough but I’m a good alpha.”
“That’s sexual harassment, Mr. Drysdale! You can’t offer me a better position to get what you want! What’s wrong with you? Go out there and find an omega you could imagine spending your life with.”
“But I did so,” Ransom mutters. “I came here as I feel relaxed and good around you. Y/N, I told you that I like your scent. Can’t say so about any other omega. Now be good and sit on my lap.”
“How can you say something charming and misogynic in the same line?” you sigh deeply. “You get that a bond is for a lifetime, not for one night. If you sink your teeth in my neck, you are stuck with me.”
“I’d like to be stuck inside of you,” the alpha purrs when you let go of his tie to start pacing around your office. “Anywhere, doll. We could just get stuck right here on your desk.”
“No way!” you twirl around to glare at your boss. “What will your grandfather think about me, Hugh?”
“Ransom,” he corrects, getting off the chair to stalk toward you. “Call me Ransom, doll. Now stop acting all coy and let me kiss my chosen omega.”
Startled you stare up at Ransom when he cups your face to press his lips softly against yours, only to cry out in pain.
“Hands and lips off, Drysdale,” you growl while Ransom licks blood off his lips. 
“Did you just bite me, omega?” you whine when Ransom addresses you with your presentation, not your name or his favorite pet name. “Oh, I will enjoy knotting you for the first time. You will writhe and scream feeling my thick cock split your cunt open.”
“Is that the way you talk to women? I’m not some random pussy you can drag into your bedroom and fuck. I have standards,” unimpressed by your words Ransom steps into your personal space to cup the back of your neck. He forces you to tilt your head to grant him access to your mating gland.
“You’re mine,” he lowers himself, lips suddenly pressing against your mating gland. “I’m gonna mark this perfect neck and make you my omega. I waited almost a year for you to break and now, I’m just done waiting.”
“A year,” you say, breathlessly. His tongue laps at your mating gland and you purr for the cocky alpha. “This doesn’t make sense, R-Ransom.”
“Say my name,” he whispers against your skin. “Say it again, Y/N. I want to hear it.” the alpha growls the last words.
“Ransom,” you quip, pushing against his shoulders but he won’t budge. The alpha decided you are going to be his mate and won’t let you go. “I want you to go out there and chose someone else.”
“I came. Chose. And will conquer,” husking the words against your skin Ransom smirks. “Now, what do you want to eat, doll?”
Tumblr media
“Ransom. Alpha,” the omegas purrs, ready to pounce on the alpha holding your hand in a tight grip. “Why don’t you-?” it’s like in one of those cheap horror movies. All women suddenly turn around to glare at you with angry, glowing eyes.
“Ladies, I’m pleased to announce I found my omega,” Ransom smirks when you try to shake the arm slinging around your shoulders off. “Y/N Y/L/N is going to become my omega, my mate and mother of my pups.”
“I will kill you, Drysdale,” you growl. “How can you tell all those people I want to become your omega? You don’t even know the date of my birth or how I like my coffee.”
“You like tea, not coffee. Your date of birth is the Y/D/B. And I know you like it when I touch your arm accidentally,” you hate Ransom makes your knees wobble. “Sometimes you scrunch up your nose when I say something you don’t like. Harlan loves you. My family doesn’t hate you. A win-win situation.”
“Not for me!”
“Oh, the moment you feel my dick inside of your tight little cunt, you’ll know you hit the jackpot. I’m the best alpha you can ever get…”
Tumblr media
“No,” you mutter, pushing Ransom's hand away when he tries to touch your hand. “You just blurted out we are going to mate! How shall I got to work tomorrow, knowing everyone will believe we had sex?”
“Satisfied and a big grin plastered all over your face,” Ransom tries, purring when you slap his hand again. “Maybe a little sore after I spanked your ass raw.”
“You won’t put your hands on me, bastard,” narrowing your eyes you growl at the waitress when she dares to sniff in Ransom’s direction. “Hands off, he’s mine.”
You gasp, not missing the devilish smirk forming on Ransom’s plump lips. He leans back, eyes drinking you in while the waitress storms off, muttering something under her breath.
“See, that’s a good omega. Defending the alpha, she chose to mate,” Ransom muses, still that annoyingly cocky grin on his lips. “Let’s eat and talk about the detail later.”
“You’re not my chosen alpha,” glancing at Ransom who enjoys the struggle on your face you huff. “Whether you like it or not, my answer is no.”
“Aw, my omega plays hard to get. I like me a good hunt,” he licks his lips, already forming a plan to get you in his clutches.
“You know, mating me means to never have another woman again. This includes betas and alphas,” this time you smirk when Ransom’s grin fades. “I will not let my alpha stray, Ransom, baby.” you purr. 
Tumblr media
“No,” you growl, pushing Ransom off you when he tries to scent you. “This is our second date. This doesn’t mean you will end up on second base.”
“Omega,” he whines, eyes glued to your mating gland, hands pawing at the pillow you press to your chest to keep him from groping you. “Please, let me at least scent you. I will not try anything.”
“I do not trust you, Drysdale. Last time I let you scent me your hands were all over me,” he smirks, remembering the weight of your tits in his hands. “Stay there, Ransom.”
“Fine,” grumbling Ransom sit next to you, sighing deeply when you scoot away. “But you’ll come to the monthly family dinner. I want to show off my omega this time. Maybe Harlan will stop nagging if he sees I did not choose a random omega but his favorite employee.”
“You’re such an ass,” he snickers, but his blue eyes soften when you move a little closer to sniff in his direction. “So, you are rich, but wear a knit sweater having more holes than your usually dates brains.”
“Who cares?” Ransom nonchalantly shrugs. “Why should I care if there are holes in my sweater or not?”
“You just don’t care, don’t you?” you huff. “You just threw it on and don’t care. There is no respect toward your family or the money they provide to you.”
“You scold me for wearing a sweater with holes?” he laughs, tugging at the white sweater. “Maybe I like it because it feels soft and cozy when I wear it.”
“Cozy? Nah, that’s not your style but, if you want to be a good alpha, you can give it to me,” holding out your hand you wait for Ransom to strip the sweater off. “Give it to me and I’ll come with you.”
“Greedy little bitch,” the alpha grunts, not wanting to give you his favorite sweater.
Tumblr media
“How did he get you in his clutches?” Linda coos, watching you lean in Ransom’s embrace. The alpha has his arm slung around your shoulders, parades you around his grandfather’s mansion like you are his most prized possession. 
“Ransom is a charming and attractive alpha, Mrs. Thrombey,” you coo, giving her your sweetest smile. “Why wouldn’t I fall for him? He’s such a good alpha when it comes to me.”
“Charming or wealthy?” you love Linda’s face falls when you don’t batt an eyelash at her rude comment. “He’s a good catch our Ransom, isn’t he?”
“I don’t care much about money, Mrs. Thrombey. My parents got their own business too. I will take it over when my father retires. It’s not as big as your business, but it’s enough,” you quip, smiling coolly.
“AH, Ransom,” Joni squeaks, or does she try to speak? You never know with her. She’s much too cheerful for your taste and you only pray this evening will pass faster than it feels. Minutes seem to turn into hours when you spend them at a Thrombey family dinner. “You finally found someone you don’t have to pay to keep you company.”
“EAT SHIT,” Ransom growls, showing his true colors when Joni implies he paid you for your company tonight. Well, he did with his sweater. “Y/N is my chosen mate, not some random bitch.”
“Ransom, alpha,” you purr, not wanting for Ransom to freak out. “Joni didn’t want to imply you paid me for my company. This would be inappropriate for a woman of her station.” you smile sweetly. “Isn’t that right, Linda. People like the Thrombeys could never sink so low.”
“Right,” Richard clears his throat, tries to pull your and Ransom’s attention toward the dinner table. “Dinner is ready, Linda.”
“We should eat then,” Linda flashes you a faked smile, missing you growl low in your throat. “I’m sure you’ll enjoy having dinner with us, Y/N.”
Tumblr media
“What do you mean everything went according to plan?” Linda growls. You and her son left an hour ago and now she tries to convince her father to let Ransom off the hook. “You want my son to claim a random omega? One working for him.”
“She’s his true mate, Linda,” Harlan chuckles. “It cost me a lot of money and time to find her. You know, it was coincident her family is a big fan of my books and that she always dreamed of working for me.”
“You planned all of this?”
“I’m a master, my dear. I knew Ransom would end up impregnating a random omega or unmated and lonely. I want him to become more. Unlike you, I have a little faith in my grandson,” Harlan leans back in his chair, a content smile on his face. “That omega can turn our Ransom into the alpha he’s destined to become.”
Tumblr media
You barely made it back into Ransom’s house before he was all over you. 
Clothes got shredded, doors slammed, furniture ruined, and you are sure the sheets underneath your body will be in shreds when he’s done with you.
Right now, he has you on hands and knees, one hand in your hair, the other on your hip. He snarls and purrs, eyes glued to his cock slide into your soaked pussy. 
“Fuck, the way you handle my family,” Ransom growls, hand slapping your thigh when you do not react. “You take me so well, omega.”
“You’re so-“ you cry out, fist the sheets harder when he gives you a dirty grind, followed by three hard thrusts. You fall on your forearms when your hands can’t hold your body upright any longer. “Big-“
“I told you,” watching Ransom work his cock into you into the mirror opposite his bed you roll your eyes. He looks like he’s posing for you, still that stupid smirk on his face. “you’ll be addicted the moment I sink my teeth in your neck.”
He speeds up, starts to hammer into you, not caring you start throwing insults at him. Your neck still throbs in pain and the way Ransom tries to take you apart doesn’t help at all.
“Fuck, hurry up. I’m sore and my neck hurts,” you grunt, pushing back onto Ransom. “Where is your knot?”
“Greedy little omega,” the alpha growls. “I’ll give you what you deserve…my knot so deep you can feel it in your belly...”
Tumblr media
“Gosh, lemme go, Drysdale,” you wiggle in Ransom’s embrace, growling at him. The alpha ignores your protests. His knot still locks your together and he takes full advantage of your situation.
Ransom buries his face in your neck, mouths his way down to your shoulder to nibble at your skin.
“I marked you good, omega,” he smirks against you, rutting his hips a few times, causing you to snarl at him. “Shh…be my good girl now.” nuzzling your cheek Ransom sighs. “Do you feel calm too?”
You hate to admit it but feeling the bond with Ransom strengthen you feel calm, warm, and safe. “Maybe.”
“We are alone, doll. You can admit you like your alpha. It’s not a crime to feel good in my arms. You know, I’m not that bad,” Ransom mutters. “Didn’t I make you feel good? I asked you before I sank my teeth in your mating gland, and you chanted my name while I was inside of you. And I know you love my knot.”
“Ransom?” humming your alpha licks your neck. “Do me a favor and stop talking. I’m tired.” you giggle when Ransom growls behind you. “I mean it. Let’s have a nap. Later I lay claim on all your ugly knit sweaters. I’m going to turn this bed into my nest.”
“Nest-“ purring low in his throat Ransom ruts into you. “How about we make some pups tonight? Could get you round, fill you with my child, or maybe two?”
“Slow down, Drysdale. Invite me for dinner before you make plans to put a pup into me,” you chortle, remembering he already claimed and knotted you. “At least let’s get to know each other better before we have children.”
“Doll, I already know you are my omega. There is nothing else I need to know,” Ransom kisses your neck softly this time. “And you gave my family hell. This makes you my perfect match...”
>> Part 2
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
Alpha, May I?
Part 6
** **
Word spread like fire wildfire in a drought that Hugh Ransom Drysdale had already fucked up the first date. The news that the inheritance and the Thrombey/Drysdale’s last hope was in Ransom, and he was failing, had reached the ears of his entire family.
And on a Friday morning following the date, they arrived at the mansion. The mix of alpha’s and beta’s entered the house without giving notice, without announcing themselves, to speak to Ransom.
“You little shit,” his father was first.
“You had one job, Ransom!” His father stormed into the sitting room, wagging his finger back and forth. “One job, and that was to fuck the little bitch-“
“Don’t call her that!” Meg snapped, following his father. “Omega’s deserve more respect-“
“Shut the fuck up, Meg!” Walt was the third to stumble into the sitting room with the thump of his cane on the carpet. “This all comes down to you, Ransom.”
“No pressure, right?” He drummed his fingers against the armrests of the chair he was sitting on, watching the rest of his family stumbling into the sitting room, each with their additives. “Brought the whole family, huh? Some intervention?”
“Ransom,” his mother sat in the chair adjacent to his, “what happened? If you tell us, maybe we can fix it?”
“His unique brand of trust fund playboy bullshit wasn’t enough to sway an omega,” Meg sneered as she moved around the back of the couch to the patterned front, “who could be surprised?”
“Hey Meg,” Ransom leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees, “would you do me a little favour and get fucked? Might settle your bitchiness out.”
“Screw you, asshole!” Meg figuratively bared her teeth and fired back.
“Ransom!” His mother yelled, drawing his attention back to her. “What happened?”
Ransom tilted his head and smirked before shrugging with his hands. What was he supposed to say? What was he supposed to tell them?
“The omega’s hot. And she has a history of dating little asshole beta’s.” Ransom answered less than truthfully, but he gave them the answer he wanted.
“Your omega ditched you for a beta?” Walt asked with a laugh, “little fucker.”
“You can’t screw this up, Ransom!” His father slammed his open hand on one of the side tables. “This is our inheritance, you little prat.”
“I don’t remember grandad leaving the money in your name.” Ransom crossed his left leg over his right and watched his face contort in anger, the furrowing of his brow and the curling of his lips into a sneer.
“Ransom,” his mother attempted a soft approach, only to quit before she even started when the rather obnoxious creaking of the stairs was heard.
You made your appearance at the bottom of the stairs to his entire selfish and twisted family. You were caught between Ransom and his family, metaphorically.
They were staring at you, all at once and with curiosity and anger. They’d blame Ransom just as much as you for not making this work. Only if Ransom failed, they lost their last chance for everything.
“Y/N-“ Linda starts again, attempting to reach out to you.
“I am not talking about this; I have an appointment.” You turned on your heel and strode to the kitchen, leaving Ransom among the thick of his twisted, money-hungry family.
“Listen to me, you little shit, you haven’t done one good thing for this family, and now if your chance to prove yourself.” Walt lifted his cane and moved it toward Ransom’s chest, choosing to remain ignorant to the look he was giving his uncle.
“Is it the little bitch?” Donna clenched her hands. “You know omega’s are only right in their head when they’re-“
“You would know, Donna.” Ransom points his finger toward her, his eyes narrowed. “Your husband has a lot of experience with young omega’s, doesn’t he?”
“You’re out of your mind, Ransom!” Walter stuttered and stumbled over his words while his wife looked horrified. “You are an imbecile! You are a cocksucker who doesn’t have the skills-“
Ransom rolled his eyes and drummed his fingers against the arm, listening to his family berate him. The routine was relatively simple; they would rant and rave about their problems, blame them on him, as he was the ‘black sheep, and quite often they made him out to be the scapegoat.
“You are going to cost us everything.”
“Our entire fortune relies on you, ya little trust fund prick.”
His entire family were hypocrites. His whole family was so driven to control the money his grandad had left you, had left him; they were ignoring their faults.
“You’re useless.”
“You’re pathetic.”
“You’re nothing but a little shit.”
“Ransom…” your voice cut through all the shit. You were standing on the edge of the kitchen, your hands on your hips and your eyes burning into his.
He lowered his right hand from where it was tucked under his chin and watched you as you moved toward him. His family had once again parted, watching you with thinly veiled interest.
“Omega.” He spoke gruffly, his chest vibrating with each beat of his words.
He would never give you the satisfaction of telling you, but damn, were you beautiful.
** **
“I thought you were leaving.” The cook chimed, studying you as you stared intently at the exit of the kitchen. “The back door is waiting for you.”
“I hate this family.” You grumbled and threw your bag on the floor. “Every one of them is little assholes.”
“Where are you going, Y/N?” The cook asked with interest and amusement. “I thought you had an appointment.”
“Who the hell says that stuff to their kid?” You asked yourself as you stepped closer to the exit of the kitchen.
“Are you going to defend him?” He asked, moving a large stockpot from the floor to the counter. “You’re going to defend Hugh Ransom Drysdale?”
“No one deserves to be told they’re useless. No one deserves to be told they’re pathetic.”
“Not even Hugh?”
There was a tightening in your belly. The thought of Ransom being spoken to as a child pissed you off. You were already aggravated by them being here, but then they had to try snd get into your business.
“No one gets to call Ransom a little shit,” you rolled your shoulders back, “except me. That’s my right, fuckers.”
You raised your head and took a slow, deep breath. You took the first step toward the exit of the kitchen and waited, trying not to show how assaulted you were by the mixing of their natural scents and their perfume and cologne, all of which was burning your nose.
“Ransom…” All eyes were on you. But the only pair of eyes you cared about was Ransom’s.
You stepped over the threshold for the kitchen and began walking toward him. Your heart was ready to jump out of your chest, and your hands shook with each step you took, but you had to do this.
They couldn’t screw with Ransom. Not anymore. You weren’t going to let them.
“I have an appointment,” you took your time; you walked with purpose, knowing that his eyes were glued to you and the rest of his family wasn’t sure what to expect, “but before I go….”
You stood before him and then slid one hand up to his shoulder to his cheek. You brushed your thumb across his cheek, and then you slowly straddled his waist.
Your eyes were locked as you sank into his lap. Ransom’s hands fell naturally to your hips as he pulled up closer. With one hand on his cheek, you placed the other on his chest.
“I had a perfect time last night, Ransom.” You leaned in closer, brushing the tip of your nose against his, your bottom lip grazing his.
His hands moved from your hips to the curve of your ass, shamelessly squeezing your flesh through your jeans. Before he let you kiss him, he turned his head and drugged his nose along the side of your neck, inhaling your scent. His teeth grazed your skin; the growl that left his lips was possessive. He could’ve marked you there, in front of his whole family. Instead, he moved your head back by his fingers under your chin, your noses touching again.
“I’ll miss you.” You closed the slight distance there was and finally made contact between his lips and yours.
The moment you kissed, Ransom shifted under you and grazed his quickly growing hard-on against your core. His chest rumbled as he made a noise of pleasure when your scent assaulted him, and he yours.
His thick and heavy scent wrapped around you like a blanket, giving you a sense of ease that could only come from an alpha. Despite how irritating he was and the reputation he had for screwing any and every omega he could and being a rich prick, Hugh Ransom Drysdale was one of the most attractive alpha’s you had ever seen.
You could feel his build beneath your hand, even though his sweater. You could feel the complex plane of his chest and the heat radiating from his body to yours.
After you needed to breathe, you pulled away and brushed your lips against the shell of his ear. “If you touch my ass again, I’ll cut off your dick and feed it to you.”
You pulled away and tapped his cheek twice before you got off his lap and righted yourself. You turned and walked back the way you came, smirking at the silence that filled the room.
“You have nothing to worry about, father,” Ransom smirked, a shit-eating grin on his face. “Everything will be just fine.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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syntheticavenger · 2 months ago
Forever and Ever More - Part Twelve
Dark! Alpha Ransom Drysdale x Omega Reader
Warnings:  18+. Language, threats, Ransom’s rut (that’s a big warning), hand job, sub dynamics, oral sex (f receiving but dub-con for Ransom due to Alpha rut). As a reminder, this is a dark story.
I love comments and re-blogs!
moodboard by the talented @titaniumstark​ | divider by @royallyprincesslilly​
Previous: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven
Summary | Ransom Drysdale may be Boston’s most eligible Alpha but he has his eyes set on you. With his inheritance hanging in the balance, he won’t take no for an answer, whether you like him or not.
Tumblr media
It’s been almost two hours since Ransom sent the message with no reply. He knows you’re gone, knuckles cracking before he regains control. If it’s a game you want to play, you’ll lose. Just like you continue to lose when it comes to him.
He’s staving off the rut that threatens to overtake him. His irritation is at an all time high. Usually he would be knot deep in a simpering Omega, using her body in any way he deemed fit, the symphony of her whimpers egging him on to finish. The thought of having anyone else but you underneath him makes him physically ill and he swears loudly when the response to his initial inquiry to his usual group of Omegas gets an enthusiastic reply. He could teach you a lesson, his mind reverting back to his old ways, if only briefly. Hurt you the way you’ve hurt him.
But they won’t smell like you, make those little breathy whimpers in the back of your throat when he hits the spot inside you just right. Nor will they make a nest the way you do, perfectly minimal and big enough for him to be coerced into sleeping in it. His mind flashes to you being alone and his chest swells at the thought. You’re not thinking straight. You could be in danger.
The bond is a curse, he seethes, blocking their numbers as perspiration dots his forehead as he recalls the moments he’s had you, begging and slicked with sweat. In his bed, on the couch, in the kitchen. It does nothing for his rut, only making him harder as his cock is taut across his tailored pants. He slams his hand on the coffee table, an imported vase crashing to the ground, shattering into pieces.
You’re smart. He’ll give you that. You’ve turned off your location, thinking that would deter him. He’s always one step ahead of you, checking the app on his phone from the tracker inside your car. You’re heading to Martha’s Vineyard. He palms his hand cover his cock, inhaling sharply at the idea of you practically in his parent’s playground.
“Bad move, Omega,” he mutters, closing the app before he swallows hard, stripping out of his sweater as his white undershirt sticks to his skin. “You just wait.”
Tumblr media
Austin is charming like you remember. He’s almost as tall as Ransom but not as muscular, impeccably dressed with a flashy smile and tender, brown eyes.
When he takes your bags, you’re careful to not get too close, his smile disarming when he places them over his shoulder. He smells good – smoky, cedar and mint.
“I don’t bite,” he jokes carefully. It’s a joke you heard before and the reminder that yes, Alphas do bite, is evident on your neck.
“You haven’t heard,” Kelly chimes in, standing next to you as she places her arm over your shoulder. “She’s spoken for.”
“Ah,” Austin murmurs, his smile fading. “The future Mrs. Ransom Drysdale. I forgot.”
You don’t like the way his voice changes.
“I’m not,” you begin to deny, Kelly’s soft smile giving you pause. “I’m not the future Mrs. Drysdale. We’re mated for now.”
“For now?” Austin inquires, lifting a curious eyebrow. “Sounds mysterious.”
“What she means is that she hasn’t returned the bite. Austin, don’t get all weird because it’s Ransom. He’s probably off at his country club, three drinks in and not even thinking about her,” Kelly reminds him.
Your eyes tear up at the mention. You know it isn’t true. You could feel the pull of the bond before you even got onto the highway and you’ve been fighting back the urge to get back in your car and face whatever discipline Ransom would met out, as long as you were near him.
“I didn’t mean it,” Kelly rushes out quickly, throwing her arms around you. “God, I’m an idiot sometimes. It’s just that Austin and Ransom used to be rivals. You know how rich kids can be. They can’t pick fights with the ordinary people like us. It just so happens Ransom used to get the upper hand. He’s still a little sore because of it. Can you forgive me?”
“I just…” you try to speak, biting down on your lips to stifle a cry. “I miss him.”
“Of course you do,” Kelly soothes, her voice soft. “You can’t help it. I’m sure if he hadn’t mated you, he’d be the last thing on your mind. Let’s get you a drink. It’s girl’s weekend, remember? He’ll have plenty of time to be an overbearing Alpha once you get back. All you need is a little liquid courage and you’ll relax.”
When Kelly disappears, you recall Harlan’s words, remembering the look on Ransom’s face the night before you left.
Tumblr media
A tear runs down your cheek when you look in the mirror, a shiver sliding down your spine.
He’s close.
You can feel him.
Even in the safety of your room, you check the door twice to make sure it’s locked as you hear the laughter downstairs. You can still smell Austin, searching through your things to find one of Ransom’s shirts, bringing it to your nose as you greedily inhale his scent. It makes you feel better, calming the acrobatics of your stomach for a moment. You know you need to breathe, opening the window as the cool night air rushes in.
The sound of the door opening catches your attention, Kelly and the rest of your friends filtering outside with Austin tow. There’s a bar at the resort a few miles away. Kelly has been talking about it non-stop but you know better than to go. Linda has friends there and the last thing you need is to be spotted.
It’s quiet when they finally leave. You let out a sigh of relief, still feeling on edge at the thought of him. Your bonding mark throbs when you think of him and a lick of jealousy goes through you. Last time you left him, he ended up in bed with another Omega and the thought of it physically hurts.
You can’t let those thoughts ruin your weekend. It isn’t supposed to be common to have Alphas stray. They are protective and loyal.
But Ransom isn’t an ordinary Alpha.
When you head downstairs to grab a glass of wine, the knock at the door is loud.
It’s Ransom. You know it without even having to check. You can hear your name being called as the door is pounded once more.
“Don’t make me break this door down. You think I give a shit if they hear me? Open the door.”
You let out a soft gasp at his Alpha command, padding to the door.
“It’s my weekend, Ransom,” you remind him against the door. “I told you I was going.”
“And I told you that you needed be home in thirty minutes. It’s been six goddamned hours. I said open the fucking door.”
When you do, you aren’t prepared for what you see. A lock of his brown hair is over his forehead, his body slightly shaking as his hands fist at his sides. His shirt sticks to his skin and his scent is strong, making your thighs clench at the virile Alpha in front of you. This isn’t just the beginning of rut.
He’s full blown.
“Ransom,” you whisper, taking a step back as he comes forward, slamming the door behind him. “You can’t be here.”
He scoffs, brushing his hair back with a shaky hand, pupils blown wide with lust.
“You left me. Me, Omega. No one fucking leaves me,” he growls, herding you backward near the stairs. “I can’t even think about another Omega. I tried.”
Tears fill your eyes at his angry confession. You lean forward slightly to scent him, trying to get a hint of another scent – another Omega.
“You wanted to?” you ask, your voice wavering. “Even after you mated me?”
“I can’t,” Ransom snaps, glaring at you. “I think about it and I want to throw up. This goddamned bond. I’m stuck.”
“Stuck,” you repeat, a tear sliding down your cheek. “Well… that’s your fault. Remember you told me that there were other attractive Omegas out there? Ones who listen? You didn’t bond them, Ransom. Why didn’t you?”
“We aren’t having this discussion,” he says, raising his voice that makes you lower your head in submission. “You have one job and that’s to get upstairs and take my knot.”
You shake your head slowly, turning around to face him while you’re on the stairs. Harlan’s words ring in your ears.
“I’d use your designation to the fullest if I were you. You can bring any Alpha to their knees when it happens.”
“No,” you reply softly. “I won’t.”
“What did you just say?” Ransom snaps, his biceps flexing as he holds onto the bannisters.
“I said no. You were going to find someone else and I’m supposed to be okay with it?”
“I didn’t. I can’t.”
You lift your chin up at his denial, fresh tears welling in your eyes.
“But you tried.”
You turn your back on him, running up the stairs as he follows behind. You slam the door in his face, locking it as he pounds on it.
“Open this door right now. I swear to God, once I get my hands on you-”
“You’ll what?” you call out as you sit on the bed. “What will you do to me? Be cruel? That’s what you do best.”
It’s quiet on the other side of door. You know he’s still there, you can see the shadow of his form under the door.
“Open the door and we’ll talk.”
His voice is strained and you perk up at the sound, leaning forward.
There’s silence for a moment.
He’s uncomfortable. You can feel it in your bond, the way he shifts under the door, his breathing now a near pant. It’s the first time you’ve ever heard him say something politely.
Still, you approach with caution when you open the door, Ransom wiping his forehead with the back of his hand as he clenches his jaw.
“Why should I let you in?” you ask, his eyes roaming down your body.
“Because…” Ransom begins, swallowing hard. “I need you.”
“Need me for what?”
He glares at you, hands still fisted at his sides.
“I just need you, okay?”
You raise up on your tiptoes, kissing his cheek as your hand trails down his chest to his cock that is straining against his pants. He lets out a stuttered breath, grabbing your wrist as you look up at him in defiance.
“Fine, Ransom. Then I won’t help you,” you answer, watching his trembling hand release your wrist.
He closes his eyes as you scent him, bumping your nose under his neck. The sound he makes is almost a whine and you rub your nose back and forth as you cradle his clothed cock under your hand.
“You need my help, don’t you, Alpha?”
Your voice is sweet but you’re still afraid, knowing that Ransom could break out of this trance and you very well could be on your hands and knees, stuffed full of his knot with the door wide open.
“Yes,” he answers quietly, eyes squeezing shut as your fingers apply pressure against his length. “I… I do.”
He sucks in a breath, lips parted slightly when your hand slips under his pants, a hiss rushing through his clenched teeth.
“I want a glass of wine,” you request against his chest. “Please, Ransom.”
His eyes crack open at your ask, eyes flickering down to how sinful your hand feels around his cock. You know hewants to tell you no and you slow your movements as he growls.
“Pinot,” you plead, kissing him gently as he groans at the loss of your hand.
He rips away from you, heading down the steps. It almost seems too good to be true when he finally returns, glass of wine in hand. His face is flushed and you know he’s in pain. When he places it on the nightstand, he paces.
Through the bond, he’s working through what you’ve told him and what has transpired. Harlan was right.
“How did you find me?” you ask, Ransom looking up at you as you notice the sweat that slides down his neck.
“Tracker,” he answers coldly. “You aren’t leaving me that easily.”
He reaches for you before you slip out of his grasp. The glare he gives you is enough for you to pause.
“You need me, remember?”
He narrows his eyes at your comment. He doesn’t need to be reminded; you know this.
You only get one chance at this – to prove Harlan’s point. That you can bring an Alpha – your Alpha – to his knees.
Your fingers slip under your dress, pulling down your lacy black panties as you inch them down your thighs and past your knees. He takes a step toward you before you shake your head, stepping out of them. You know he can smell how wet you are, his nostrils flaring as his chest expands.
Not that you can help it, his scent is strong and your hindbrain is going haywire.
“Do you want me, Ransom?”
His throat bobs at the sight of you inching up your dress as you sit on the edge of the bed.
“Then ask me nicely,” you remind him, heart still pounding in your chest. His eyes are locked on your cunt, slick and ready for him.
“On your knees,” you continue, watching in awe as he lowers himself to the ground, peeling his shirt off as he tosses it away. Your thighs tremble at the sight of him, pants undone, his bare chest thick with muscle.
Your Alpha on his knees.
For you.
You circle you fingers around your clit, Ransom’s hand at his cock as you shake your head.
“No touching,” you command, voice barely above a whisper.
His hand falls as his side, his thick and heavy cock weeping with pre-cum.
When you insert a finger inside, he growls, the sound making your heart flutter.
“Mine,” he snaps, inching toward you.
“Is it? You don’t act like it,” you respond, spreading yourself wide as he groans at the sight. “You’d rather have others.”
“That’s not true. Please,” Ransom responds, voice straining with need.
You feel like you’re going to explode at the sight of him. His once perfectly coiffed hair is a mess, his tongue sweeping over his lips. He’s wrecked, sweat glistening over his body.
“Make it up to me and I’ll let you knot me.”
He comes closer, spreading your thighs wide, gripping them with his large hands.
“Tell me you’re sorry,” you manage to squeak, his lips trailing on the inside of your thighs.
“I’m sorry,” Ransom breathes, licking a slow stripe against your slit. “I’m sorry, Omega.”
His hair is damp when your fingers slide into his hair, his mouth covering your clit as he sucks gently on your sensitive bud.
“R-Ransom,” you whimper, his mouth making lewd, slurping sounds as he eats you out like a man deprived, spreading you wider as his tongue spears into you.
“Please,” Ransom moans against your cunt. “I need it… it hurts.”
“Not yet,” you purr, keeping his head between your thighs. “M’close.”
When you come, he laps hungrily at your slick, your body boneless as he shudders before sucking a mark into your thigh.
“Ransom!” you cry out in surprise and pain.
“For making me beg,” he breathes against you. “For making me not think about anyone else but you. For this damned bond and how much I can’t get you off my mind. And how much I…”
He shakes his head, wincing at the thought as he gets up.
“Fuck me,” he mutters, leaving the room. “This isn’t happening.”
You hear him pace, hitting the wall as you pull down your dress. It’ll be a matter of time until he returns.
He has to.
The bond is stronger now, you can feel it.
Almost as if he’s in love with you.
Tumblr media
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sweetflowerdreams · 11 days ago
Be Mine
Pairing: Soft!Dark Alpha Ransom x Omega Reader
Warnings: a/b/o dynamics, angst, 18+, smut, unprotected sex, heat, knotting, bonding/biting, Slight dubcon (just to be sure, but she desires and wants him so….), social isolation, mean Ransom
Chapter summary: Ransom would do anything to keep you away from other alphas but only because he wants you for himself.
Word Count: ~1,800
Author's Note: This was a request/concept received a few days ago. Nonnie I hope you like it! Ransom is acutally not really dark, it's just Ransom, but I want to be on the safe side with the warnings. Hence I decided to tag people from my permanent taglist - I hope no one is mad because of that.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ransom had always been complicated, contemptuous, and yes, kind of obnoxious - but at the same time, irresistibly handsome. He used to be just the pretty boy but now he was your pack leader. And since he had taken over the pack he’s even more attractive.
But this was not based on reciprocity, because Ransom did everything to have nothing to do with you. But not only that, he did everything to actively exclude you from things. He intentionally ensures that you were not invited to dinners, gatherings, or other activities.
You were hurt by his behavior because it isolated you completely and you felt terribly alone. Especially as an omega. The longer you were alone and rejected, the more your inner omega cried out for an alpha who would protect and love you – and not only some alpha. You wanted him so bad.
Especially when you saw everyone else as happy and cheerful as today. You didn't know why you were here; Ransom had actually found clear words that you should stay at home. You would be annoying and foul the air with your disgusting omega smell. No one would want whiny little omegas anyway; they would repel alphas, not attract them.
And he may even have been right about that. Because after Ransom had publicly snapped at you once what a terrible omega you were, you were practically social poison. No alpha approached you even in the slightest. To be exact no one approached you.
And that was the reason why you were hiding behind a tree, alone, while all the other young pack members were obviously enjoying the campfire.
Ransom sat in the middle with an omega on his lap, her back against his chest, that you had never seen before. They were so engrossed in their tongue play that they completely forgot their surroundings and Ransom shamelessly slipped his hand under her skirt to caress the inside of her thigh.
It hurt you deeply to see the way he touched her and obviously enjoyed her closeness, even though you knew it wouldn’t last. Ransom always had omegas with him. Sometimes for days, sometimes for weeks. But sooner or later it used to end.
When Ransom caught sight of you, despite his distraction, he set her on the tree trunk beside him and rose to come toward you with quick, purposeful steps.
“Didn't I tell you to stay at home? You are not wanted here.”
“I-… I only…”
“I don't want to hear a word from you”
Yet again you opened your mouth to defend yourself “But Ransom….”
“How did you call me?” he asked you indignantly with a penetrating look, so that you intimidated took a step back and slammed your back against a tree “Ra-… I apologize, alpha”
“Go home, you stupid brat.” he angrily yelled at you with a raised forefinger. He left you standing there and went back to the campfire.
“Why are you so harsh with her? She’s such a sweet omega” joked the alpha next to Ransom as he pulled his omega of the day back onto his lap.
Ransom gave him one more biting look before he stated “I am the pack leader. I can do what I want.” and captured the omega’s lips again.
Tears welled up in your eyes watching him going back.
Crying and sobbing, you quickly turned around, stumbling through the forest. You did not see the big tree root because of your already swollen eyes from tears and you fell.
Kneeling in the dirt with abrasions on your hands and knees, crying endlessly you just wanted to crawl into your nest and never go out again.
Tumblr media
A few days later
“Have any of you seen Y/N?” Ransom asked to the group of people standing outside his house.
“You mean since you snapped at her like that at the campfire and all those other times? I wouldn't be surprised if she never shows her face again.”
The group of alphas and also omegas laughed mockingly about you. Even though Ransom would never admit it, he was worried by now. You didn't even do your weekly grocery shopping anymore. Your cottage was a little further out and you would always pass his house when you went to do your groceries. Ransom would never admit that either, but he waited for you to walk by every week.
On this day he could watch you 2 times exactly for one minute and 32 seconds in peace as you walked down the street and past his house before you would disappear afterwards at the other end behind the curve.
While he wanted you to stay away from other alphas, and especially wanted them to stay away from you, he did not want you to starve, die of thirst, or get sick. And when he heard the word sick, it occurred to Ransom that something might have happened to you. Now he could no longer think clearly and decided to check on you at least briefly under a pretext.
Without further words he left the group and got into his car to drive to you.
Tumblr media
Ransom sat in his car, nervously bouncing his foot up and down as he still considered whether or not to get out. It all seemed normal from the outside. But something literally pulled him out of the car.
You scent. It was so sweet. And it was so strong.
Ransom still didn't understand what was going on. Only after he had rung the doorbell several times and you didn't open, or even react in any way, did he open the door by breaking a small window and pressing the handle from the inside.
And in that moment when your extreme scent rose to his nose and clouded all his senses he realized – you were in heat. You were in heat, and you were alone. He needed to find you.
He just had to follow your scent and rapidly climbed the stairs until he stood in front of the attic door, which was closed.
His heart was racing. His breathing was heavy and fast. His trousers were already getting tighter and tighter. For a moment he paused and massaged his clothed erection until he heard your whimper and he just had to get to you.
He thought your smell in the house was already strong, but that was no comparison to when he opened the door, stepped into the room, and took his first breath.
You lay naked huddled in your nest. Whimpering and sweating in pain.
Ransom couldn't believe it, what had he done to you? How long had you been enduring this on your own? How long had you not eaten or drunk anything? “Oh Y/N” was the only things he could whisper, while he began to strip.
You obviously hadn't noticed him yet; you were too busy clawing your hands into a pillow to somehow cope with the pain.
Only when the soft mattress of your nest shifted under his weight did you notice his presence and turned slightly to see who it was. “No no, go away….”you tried to fight him off powerless with your hands, without actually wanting him to leave, as he slowly crawled towards you.
He hushed you immediately by grabbing your chin and pressing an intensive and wet kiss to your lips “Shh my little omega”.
He lay behind you and pulled you closer so that your back was against his chest. His hand went wandering from your chin over your neck and your sensitive breasts and nipples to your belly and your warm and wet core.
He pulled your leg over his to allow him easy access to your damping folds and when he stroke his fingertips through your southern lips the first time he couldn’t suppress a demanding moan anymore “Oh so wet my girl. That’s for me sweetheart, huh? For your alpha?”
How his fingers teasingly glided through your lips and hovered over your clit again and again, while feeling his arousal peaking at your entrance, drove you into madness and you tried to hold his hand in place to treat your bundle of nerves. Ransom gave in and pressed his flat hand onto your clit, what made you moan loudly, but he didn’t move.
At your moan, he couldn't help but slightly push his hips forward, causing the tip of his cock to slightly penetrate you, but then he pulled back again, and you were a crying mess because of the loss.
“Why did you do this to me, Ransom? Why did you hurt me so much?” you whispered heartbroken and at the same time exhausted and aroused by his teasing game with a teary voice.
His lips found your neck. Kissing, licking, and biting he worked his way to your ear and whispered seductively “Neither could I stand the way they undress you with their eyes, glancing at you like you’re the most delicious omega in this pack nor could I admit that you are mine. But you are.... mine” and with that he eventually thrusted his cock fully into your wet channel causing both of you to groan.
He set a fast but not to hard pace pounding into you from behind while still rubbing your clit with his fingers.
“Ahh Ransom” The new evoked feeling, the desire, let your walls squeeze his erection which was hitting all the right sports inside you. Ransom could feel you getting closer “There you go”.
“I knew you would be a good girl. Milking my cock like the best omega…”
He worshipped you with his body and his words without any long break.
“You feel so good baby. The tightest little cunt”
“You want me to fill you up, huh? Should I fill your sweet womb? You wanna feel me cumming inside of you?”
His words and actions blurred the world around you, as you wanted only the one thing “Yes alpha… oohhh…cum inside me”
“Tell me you want to be mine” he demanded “Tell me you’re my little omega”
And that's what you wanted, you wanted to be his “I’m yours alpha. Make me yours”
And that was it for Ransom.
While he was still thrusting into you, he shifted you a bit to get better access to your neck and his sucking quickly turned into gentle biting before his teeth completely broke into your sensitive skin at your marking spot.
His fingers at your clit, his cock inside of you and his teeth on your neck triggered a rush you had never felt before and this let the knot in your lower abdomen explode. He thrusted a few more times until your tightening pussy made him fill you with his seed and locking it with his knot. You felt him still pulsing as you tried to regain your breath and your fully consciousness. He embraced you with his arms, holding you close and moved his hips slowly. He wanted you to feel his still erected cock while it was locked inside your channel and while he was still sucking and kissing lovingly your new bonding mark. Remembering where you belonged to.
You were now his.
His little omega.
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · 24 days ago
Alpha, May I?
Part 10
** **
“How does it feel?” Harlan asked of the mark on your neck, the healed bite that forever sealed you to Hugh Ransom Drysdale.
It was healed now and hadn’t looked as bumped as raised as it once had. It appeared like it was a tattoo inked onto your neck, flush against your skin as if it had always been there.
“That shows care,” Harlan told you once you commented on it, “Ransom was careful when he bit you.”
You had hummed in response, brushing your fingers against the mark. You’d felt warmth beneath your fingertips and a pleasant buzzing that tingled.
“Ransom is speaking to a lawyer,” you chimed, sitting across from Harlan on one of the bistro sets on the patio, “it appears that Donna and Richard, Joni too, are trying to press charges. For what Ransom did to Walt.”
“What about what Walt did to you?” Harlan countered, writing a note on one of his pads to his left.
“Do you approve? Of your grandson?” You asked, looking at Harlan with some hesitancy. It was his son against his grandson.
It was his son who was so money and power-hungry that he had tried to have you split part, ripped apart by ravenous alphas for the sake of his inheritance. That was a crime, according to the Omega Law, which you had no idea was even a thing.
“He did what any good alpha would have done.” Harlan stopped writing for a minute, looking you over with the same tenderness he always had. “And I am proud of him.”
“Really? Even if it happened to your son?” You we’re incredulous, taken back by the apparent defence of one and the conviction of the other.
“He finally has something good in his life. Ransom has someone in his life who can show him the kind of affection he has been starved of. I wasn’t lying when I said that you were the best thing for Ransom.”
“And what about my insecurities? What about the things I need in a relationship?” You frowned, your hand stilling on the chess piece you were playing with.
“You’re worried about Ransom.”
“Why shouldn’t I be? What if he’s playing me? What if he’s playing us all? How do I know Ransom is genuine? He’s brilliant, Harlan. And crafty. If he found a way to act like a doting alpha only to secure his future, then where does that leave me?”
Your voice shook, and tears sprung to your eyes. You hastily wiped your tears as you tried to catch your breath. You had seen first hand what a loveless marriage had done, what it could create.
Your parents had once been in love, but after they mated, the fire died. They only kept together because of you. When you were old enough to notice, you saw the cracks. Your father was a cheater; your mother was a closet drinker.
“I’m scared, Harlan.” Your bottom lips quaked as hot tears rolled down your cheeks and neck. “I’m scared of losing my heart to him and him breaking it.”
“I don’t want him to break my heart.” You clutched the front of your shirt with your right hand, balling it in your palm.
“You’ve already lost yourself to Ransom, haven’t you?” Harlan reached out and squeezed your hand, offering you as much comfort as he could.
“I love him. I fell too fast, too hard.” You shook your head and exhaled slowly. “I love him, and I don’t think he can love me back.”
“Ransom didn’t get much love in his childhood. He wasn’t shown how to love.”
“Your wife loved him.”
“It takes more than the love of a grandparent to save a young boy.” Harlan sighed and leaned back against his chair, his hand tucked under his chin. “I think I’d ruined them.”
“They had a choice, Harlan. You can choose to be cruel. You can choose not to love someone.” You countered, defending him once more. “They had a choice-“
“And so does Ransom.” Harlan squeezed your hand once more. “You can be so afraid of what you don’t know, of what you haven’t experienced, that you try and sabotage yourself. Or you stick to something familiar. Even if it causes you pain.”
Full of wisdom like he usually was, Harlan had shut down your arguments. He had made you wallow in silence, heeding his advice while you were dealing with your unkempt fear.
You loved Ransom. You love Ransom, as whole tendencies and all.
You’d never loved another man like you love Ransom.
You’d never found yourself so drawn to anyone like you were to him.
“Ransom is new to showing and receiving love. You need to take your time, be prepared for the slip-ups.” Harlan offered you another slip of comfort. “But if I had to take my best guess, I would say that Ransom is far more taken by you than you think.”
** **
Ransom knew it was late when he came back, and the mansion was quiet, oddly still. He knew it was late, and he knew that he was out later than he said he should’ve been. He felt his heart drop into his stomach when he felt and picked up on that off-kilter twinge to your scent.
He took the stairs two at a time, driven by a sense of panic, instinctual and primal when he heard the soft mutter of your voice. Ransom was propelled forward, increasingly so, until he entered your shared bedroom and saw the bed a mess.
“I can’t get it right,” you were sitting on the floor with your knees pulled up to your chest, your eyes red and puffy from crying.
“What are you doing?”
You wiped your eyes with the back of your hand, your sniffle skewed by the snot dripping from your nose. The spikes in your scent were altering him to the blatant fact that you weren’t just upset, but instead, you seemed to be devastated. There was something wrong with you; there was something tainted.
“I’m trying to fix it!” You screeched at him, waving to the mess on the bed. “I can’t get it right!”
Ransom shuffled closer, crouching in front of you. He acted on instincts alone, letting that primal part of him take the lead because otherwise, he would be clueless.
He didn’t take care of omega’s. He usually screwed them and sent them on their way.
But you weren’t just any ordinary omega. He has claimed you. You were his. Even without his bite, without his mark, you were his.
And he was yours.
“I’m trying to nest, asshole!” You cursed at him through a slew of tears and another run of clear snot from your nose. “And I can’t get it right, and if I can’t get it right-“
“Nest?” Ransom’s eyebrows furrowed.
“A nest before heat!” You snapped. “I need to nest before I go into heat!”
“I thought you just had-“
You hung your head in your hands and started crying again; the sounds of your distress were eating at him. He was your alpha, for shit’s sake, and he was sitting there letting you be visibly and physically upset.
“Nest before the heat,” he mumbled before he stood and started ripping the blankets from the floor to pile them on the bed.
His actions had captured your attention. He knew from the quick stop of your tears and the lowering of your hands. He knew he caught your attention from the shift in your scent and the shuffling of your body as you rose to your knees.
“What are you doing?” You hiccuped.
“Nest-ing.” Ransom frowned, his lips pursed. “I’m building a…” he stopped and looked at the mess of blankets on the bed, displeasure rolling off him in waves.
“You can’t nest,” you pushed yourself to stand, “nesting is an omega’s thing.”
You reached for the blanket he was holding and gently tugged on it, pulling it out of his grip. You crumpled it up and threw it back on the floor, as you did with every blanket but one. You fussed with it, throwing it across the bed, so it was sideways, the most extended parts hanging off the bed.
“I’m helping you get it right.” He states so blatantly; there was no room for arguments. He said it, and it was true. “Hand me the blue one-“
“No.” You cut him off.
“Excuse me?”
“You don’t nest; you don’t tell me which one is next. If you want to help, you do what I tell you.” You bent down and reached for a blanket.
“Fine,” ransom rolled his eyes, “we’ll do it your way.”
He blanched when you picked up the blue blanket, the one he wanted, with this bit of self-satisfied smirk on your face.
“You think you’re funny?” He quipped, a building smirk on his face as he grabbed the edges and pulled it over to his side.
“I’m in charge of the nest.” When you were satisfied with the blanket across the bed, you clambered into the mattress and hooked a sheet to the headboard with some hidden tacks in a small bag by your hip. You draped them across the wood, attaching one side to a hook on the chandelier, creating a drape that would block out the world. It would make this little cove that would block out all the shit going on outside the room.
“Help me,” you throw an edge to him.
“Here?” He asked gruffly, both irritated and peaceably calm about the whole nesting project.
“To the left,” you rolled your eyes, “the other left.”
“Do you want it here or not?” Ransom snapped.
“If you’re going to be a grump, then don’t help at all,” you jumped down from the bed to grab another sheet to make the other side of the cove.
“Fuck,” he mumbled, “I’m sorry. I’m….”
“Did I hear you right? Did the great Hugh Ransom Drysdale utter the words ‘I’m sorry and mean it sincerely?” You took a jab at him, yet he didn’t respond.
He was too occupied looking at the nest forming, the great cove that he wished he could dive into. It wasn’t anything he had seen before, and it was filled with your scent and his scent; it was filled with endearing comfort that was beckoning them closer.
“It’s not perfect,” you grumbled, adding another sheet for the ‘roof’ and then a slew of pillows tossed into the interior, “it needs….”
Ransom watched you turn from the nest. He watched you live in his closet, throwing open the doors. He watched you reach into his clothes, his designer clothes until you found his favourite scarf. You ripped it from the hangar and wrapped it around your neck, inhaling his scent.
He felt a visceral reaction, almost a purr of sorts when he saw you wrapped in his clothes. He felt boastful, prideful. He felt like preening, like showboating the fact that you chose his clothes; you were wearing something of his.
“You want the sweater?” He strode toward you, offering up his favourite white cable knit, that same visceral purr escaping him when you snatched it and immediately pulled it over your head.
You didn’t hesitate then to jump into the nest and wiggle yourself under the top blanket. You nudged your cheek against his pillow and sighed wistfully. “It’s finally perfect.”
Ransom felt it then. He thought it is bubbling in his chest, the words on the top of his tongue.
He felt it hit him like a lead weight to the centre of his chest, and he couldn’t hold it back.
“I love you.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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syntheticavenger · 4 months ago
Forever and Ever More - Part Eight
Dark! Alpha Ransom Drysdale x Omega Reader
Warnings: 18+. Language, non-con biting, forced bonding, scent kink, dub-con unprotected sex due to Omega dynamics.
I love comments and re-blogs!
gif is not mine | divider by @royallyprincesslilly​
Previous: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven
Summary | Ransom Drysdale may be Boston’s most eligible Alpha but he has his eyes set on you. With his inheritance hanging in the balance, he won’t take no for an answer, whether you like him or not.
Tumblr media
“You’re aching for it.”
Ransom’s words are almost like a mantra, shame and anxiety pooling inside your gut at the thought of how good it feels but that he is the source of it. His fingers scissor inside you, knuckles bumping against the spongy part of you that makes you cry out once more as you break, sobbing into the sheets in frustration that you still don’t have what your body craves.
Your thighs shake as you try to breathe, his hand releasing your wrists as you try to pull up on your forearms, his hand gripping your thigh as his thumb circles your clit, lubricated with your slick.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Ransom asks curiously, pulling his fingers out of you slowly. “Are you finished? Do you want me to stop?”
The loss of the sweet pressure of his fingers is enough to drive you mad, the cramps intensifying after the orgasm begins to fade. You shake your head, dragging your teeth over your lower lip as you moan in pain.
“Tell me what I want to hear and I’ll help you,” Ransom reminds you, his fingers pressing down on your bundle of nerves.
His cruel reminder of why he wouldn’t bond you flickers in the back of your mind. Your body is too warm, the dress almost itchy against your skin as you writhe. Almost as if he can read your mind, you feel his hand at the zipper at the back of your dress, the slow hum of it being pulled down as he makes quick work of your bra.
“Clenching around nothing but air,” Ransom mocks. “Who helps you through your heats?”
At his question, you shake your head again before the dress is pushed over your hips and up your back, pulled off so quickly that you don’t have time to react before it’s discarded on the side of the bed.
“I asked you a question,” Ransom reminds you, his voice low. “Who helps you?”
When you try to ignore him again, his arm slides under you, pulling you against his sweater clad chest as his nose presses against your neck gently, inhaling deeply. His scent soothes you but not enough, the material of his sweater brushing against your skin.
“Betas,” he finishes for you cruelly. “Or your little toys, am I right? You’ve never been with an Alpha, have you?”
“No,” you answer meekly, his mouth brushing against yours. “I-I haven’t.”
“First time for everything,” Ransom counters, pushing you back onto the bed. “You need a knot and I’m willing to help. I’m a giver, after all.”
Your hands fist the sheets, Ransom grabbing your hips roughly as your mind repeats the same instruction ever and ever, hindbrain in charge as your biology takes over.
“I can’t let this pretty little pussy go to waste,” Ransom chides, pressing his fingers back inside you as you whimper. “Make it easy on yourself. Tell me what I want to hear.”
It isn’t until you feel the blunt head of his cock at your entrance that your hips push back as he drags the tip through your folds.
“Ransom, please,” you whisper, the pain intensifying with every breath.
“Speak up. I can’t hear you.”
“Please, Ransom, please I need you.” Your broken cries are almost a wail, hoping the torment will be over as another cramp ravages through your belly. There’s a quick flutter and you feel his heated skin, sweater removed as you fight back tears. You need it - you need him - so badly that you can feel your pulse racing.
When he starts to push inside, you try to push back in kind to take him in as he holds you in place.
“Tell me you’re mine,” Ransom orders, his body caging over yours as he waits for you to break.
“I’m yours!” you cry out as he pushes inside you fully. You need this, your body humming in appreciation at the feeling of being stuffed full.
But panic sets in when you realize who is responsible for seeing you through your heat and as he begins to move, you feel the last bit of resistance slip away. It feels good. Too good. Almost uncomfortable as your body adjusts when he hits that spot inside of you but in a way that makes you want it more. It makes you want to beg for more, your body folded under his own.
“So fucking tight. I knew you’d be worth it. Soaking my cock like you should have done weeks ago.”
It didn’t matter anymore. The pressure between your thighs was building again but the intensity of your cramps are now a thing of the past, Ransom’s thrusts steady and confident with every single stroke as slick smears your thighs. Your mating gland throbs in response at the feeling, body surrendering as you take what he gives you.
You wanted the first time with an Alpha to be special, not like this. Not tricked into a heat. Your cries reach a fever pitch when Ransom runs his teeth over your mating gland. The sensation sends you spiraling, wanting to please him. You’ll be his good girl, you’ll let him knot you.
You just don’t want it to stop.
“Fuck, you feel so good,” Ransom praises in a growl, drawing your skin into his mouth as you keen. It feels euphoric before you feel the sink of his sharp teeth into your gland as you cry out, his grip on you iron tight as you make a feeble attempt to move away.
Tears stream down your cheeks as the bond takes hold, Ransom’s hold on you nearly crushing as his influence seemingly coils around your mind and heart.
“Good girl, Omega,” Ransom soothes, his tongue gently circling the bite to lap away the blood as his lips draw your skin into his mouth. “All mine.”
Pressure continues to build between your thighs and you realize it’s his knot, almost splitting you open as you’re held in place to take it, to be claimed as you keep it inside you. White hot searing heat floods you, cooling the ache that you were fighting against, while you let out a relieved whimper as you finally come undone, slumping under him slightly as you struggle to breath as his influence swirls around you. It’s triumphant, confident in a way that only he can be.
“Not so high and mighty now, are you?” Ransom mocks, pulling your hand away from the bond mark while you whimper. ”In my bed and stuffed full of cock. Where you belong.”
You feel him fill you again, your once fisted hands now flat against the sheet as you’re brought back to reality, his knot locking you both in place.
“Ransom, you promised,” you whine into the pillow, your voice shaking with emotion. “You said you wouldn’t bond me.”
“I didn’t promise,” Ransom counters with a hard pant. “I said I never bonded anyone before. Lucky you.”
When the tears roll down your cheeks, Ransom huffs, reluctantly pulling you against him as you try to get away from him.
“Stop fighting it,” he orders, your body going slack as he purrs, your back up against your chest. “Sleep.”
Tumblr media
Ransom wakes, eyes opening to the fact that his arm is around you, protective and possessive as he realizes what he’s doing, pulling his hand away as he spies the bond mark on your neck. The sense of knowing you are his surges through him as he looks over at your discarded dress on the ground. He smirks at the thought of how you thought you had the upper hand, trying to dismiss him as you walked out of Harlan’s house.
“I always fucking win,” Ransom whispers against your hair before he pulls himself out of the bed, not before placing the blanket over you and then heading into the en suite.
Even when he showers and gets ready, he glances at you once more before he leaves, slipping out the door. He ignores the foreign feeling that he’s missing something before he starts the car and heads toward Harlan’s.
The further he gets from the house, the more he feels the pull of something. Like he’s left something behind. Important enough for him to return but he knows he hasn’t, shaking his head in annoyance as Harlan’s estate comes into view.
He ignores Marta as he waltzes through the door, smirking at Fran as she avoids him, merely pointing to the den where he strolls in.
Harlan sits, raising his eyebrow at the sight of Ransom who takes a seat at his usual place, far away enough from his grandfather who is going over his fan letters.
“I didn’t expect to see you so soon,” Harlan greets him. “Especially after that little reveal last night.”
“Come on,” Ransom scoffs. “She was over emotional. She had me, you and my mother all around her. Of course she was going to act out. It’s bad enough you surprised her with her parents coming over.”
“That was your mother’s doing, not mine,” Harlan corrects. “Where is the darling girl, anyway?”
“At home.”
He doesn’t specify where but Harlan raises an eyebrow as he sets down a letter.
“I assume you patched things up. Came to your senses and went after her,” Harlan qualifies, watching Ransom pick up a chess piece and roll it between his fingers. “That’s the right thing to do at least. She’s a lovely girl, Ransom. Give it a chance.”
“It was a simple miscommunication. We’re better.”
“Wonderful. When will we see her again?”
“Maybe in a few days. Why? Does Joni have another launch coming up? God knows those are a train wreck.”
“No,” Harlan denies with a roll of his eyes. “She’s learned her lesson, I think. You have to get her used to the family if you plan on keeping her around.”
Ransom smirks at the comment, thinking about the night prior.
“I did plan on keeping her around. She’s bonded now.”
Harlan’s eyes widen at his grandson’s casual comment, leaning back in his chair. He didn’t think it would be this soon, let alone overnight. So smug in the chair, Harlan lifts a letter back up as he slides it open with a letter opener before he points it at Ransom.
“You’re telling me that you have a newly mated Omega and you’re here?”
“So?” Ransom asks, looking at Harlan as if he’s sprouted horns. “She’s at my house. No big deal. I’ll be back before she wakes up. Or maybe she’s already gone.”
Harlan laughs, a rich sound that makes Ransom’s smirk fade as he clears his throat.
“Ransom, you don’t leave a newly mated Omega alone. They become extremely vulnerable without their Alpha around and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s either gone or has taken up space in your closet to build a nest. It’s been a while since we’ve had one in our midst, save for Meg but you know her and her suppressants and blockers. Might as well be a Beta,” Harlan mutters. “The point is, you don’t leave them behind. A mating bite is serious.”
“I know that,” Ransom snaps, feeling uneasy as he realizes why he’s feeling like he’s abandoned something. “She’s an adult. She can do what she wants.”
“I didn’t think I’d be around to see this day but I surely am glad that I am. You’ve got to go home and soothe her. You haven’t picked up a piece from that board in years. You’re nervous.”
“You don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“I don’t? You’re so involved with yourself that you don’t realize that you’ve made a commitment. Not to yourself but to her. You may not like it Ransom but she owns you just as much as you own her. You need to get back home. Sooner rather than later.”
He lets out a sigh of annoyance, looking at his watch as he stands to face Harlan.
“I told you, she’s fine.”
“Is that your brain telling you that or your bond?”
Ransom turns on his heels as he heads back to the car, starting it quickly as the engine roars to life. He doesn’t know why he feels like he needs to speed, breaking almost every speed limit that he passes. Maybe because he wants to prove to Harlan that he’s wrong. But the closer he gets to home, the better he feels until he parks the car and sits for a moment.
He taps his hands on the steering wheel, looking up at the house as he tries to see any sign of you. He tells himself he knows you better than Harlan thinks, the key crunching through the lock as he waits, listening for any sound as he calls out your name.
It’s silent, the door closing behind him as he surveys the first floor. It’s still quiet, his steps taking him up to the second floor as he pushes open the door to his bedroom. The sheets are missing, the bed stripped bare as he looks around.
If you left, he’s decided he’s going to go after you.
For his sheets, he tells himself, pushing open the closet to look. Three of his favorite scarves are missing. You’ll pay for those too, he mutters to himself. More importantly, he just wants to find you. He isn’t sure why but he chalks it up to the fact that it’s still new, letting Harlan’s words affect him more than they should.
When he pushes open the last guest bedroom, he spies the sheets from his bed and his scarves, placed neatly in a pile as you fold a familiar towel before you turn to look at him over your shoulder, pupils dilated as you inhale deeply at the scent of him. He notices your red rimmed eyes as you freeze.
“Are those my sheets?”
“You left me,” you accuse, hating that you even care that much. The relief that floods through you at the sight of him makes you feel better but your throat still aches with the need to yell at him. At least, it did before he closes the door behind him, discarding his jacket on the bed.
“I thought you were gone.”
His reply is rushed out, almost in a rebuttal as he acknowledges the weird feeling that settles over him at the sight of you.
“I wanted to,” you admit weakly, clutching your middle as you try to turn back to your work. “It hurts and you weren’t here.”
“I’m here now,” Ransom huffs, unsure of why he’s getting blamed for it. “Go back to bed.”
“I feel better here,” you sniffle, hating that you need him close. It’s his fault and you would much rather be alone if the ache between your thighs wasn’t so intense.
“On the floor?”
The look in your eyes makes him groan as he rolls his eyes, muttering to himself as he lowers to the ground. He won’t say it but he’s pleased when you come to him, seeking him out as you mutter to yourself. Your body responds to his touch almost immediately and he smirks, holding your jaw in his hand.
“After this, you’re going back in my bed. Understand?”
Tumblr media
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mypoisonedvine · 5 months ago
fuckboi alpha!ransom who gives no fucks about mating, just wants as much omega pussy as he can get until he smells you and you're all he can think of and he hates it
(this turned out a little darker than necessary oops lol)
“I really fucking hate you, omega,” he growled, pinning you against the wall by your neck.  “hate the way you act like you’re too fuckin’ good for everybody... how you ignore me when you know you need me... how you smell... god, you smell so goddamn good I could just eat you up, y’know that?”
you shuddered and tried to squirm away, overwhelmed by his scent, his strength, his voice so deep and commanding.
“if you hate me so much then leave me alone,” you replied, trying to sound confident and mostly failing.  “I know your reputation... you tell every omega you’re gonna give them the dream life, spend all your money on them, keep them safe... it’s another lie just like everything you say.”
“I’ve told a lot of lies but I’m dead serious right now.  you belong to me.  you’re my omega.  not just one of the omegas, not just a way to spend the night, mine, forever.  you need to figure that out and just let me love you.”
“love me?  you wouldn’t know love if it hit you in the face,” you sneered.
he pressed his body against yours, unashamedly scenting your neck before licking you there as you tried not to let a moan leak from your lips.
“you feel it too, I know you do.  I’ll show you that I mean it, I’ll show you it’s not a lie... I’ll bond you right now, put my pretty little bitemark on your neck until everyone, including you, knows you’re mine.”
your thighs clenched together.  god, you wanted it.  but the last piece of your rational mind couldn’t forgive his womanizing ways, couldn’t ignore who he’d been for the past few years in exchange for who he had claimed to be for the past few minutes.
“let me guess, you’re gonna ask me to give you one night so you can prove how much you love me?” you panted, raising an eyebrow.
“I’m not asking for a night.  I’m taking everything.”
and with that, he pulled you into a hungry, searing kiss, hard enough to knock you off your feet; soft enough to make your heart twist.
“alpha...” you whispered against his lips, unable to resist anymore, and he smiled.
“that’s my girl, that’s my sweet little omega,” he cooed.  “let’s get you to bed and get you claimed, babygirl...”
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imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
Alpha, May I?
Part 8
A/N: SMUT and depictions of violence. Be warned.
** **
It was clear that the Thrombey/Drsydales couldn’t do anything in small measures. Even a 4th of July
Party, an event that could’ve been kept simple and easy, was extravagant and over complicated. The party, which was put in the contract to help bring you and Ransom together, was the first party you were expected to attend together.
Up until this point, all your time spent together was either at the mansion eating dinner together, relatively awkwardly despite what had already conspired between you two, or that dive bar where Jake worked.
After the initial bump and Ransom being made well aware that Jake had his stable relationship, the two of you went back more than once.
Maybe Ransom liked the ease of being in a place that wasn’t uptight and rigid; perhaps he liked the atmosphere that freed him in the sense of letting him take a load off.
But this would be the first official big party. This was one of Thrombey/Drysdale’s most significant events of the year, and while Linda was hosting, it wouldn’t have been entirely exclusive. The whole ‘clan’ of rich vultures would be there.
“Keep your wits about you,” Harlan had warned you, “you think they were ruthless before? This is a perfect storm.”
“What are you talking about?” The two of you discussed the party over his favourite game in his study while you were taking the allotted time between dealing out his medicine.
“The perfect storm,” Harlan repeats himself, “alcohol which Walt will dive into, a busy crowd of alpha’s, beta’s and omega’s, and the desperation that comes from a family who are about to lose everything.”
“You think they’ll do something?” You asked from your spot on the floor with your left leg bent and your arm resting against your knee. Your right leg was extended by the gameboard and the table it was resting on.
“I know they will,” Harlan warned, “the time is closing in. If they are to win the game, that will determine their future-“
Harlan made his point by bending one of the collapsible legs of the table, sending the game board and the pieces to the floor with a softened clatter
“-they will try and cut you off by the knees.” Harlan’s warning had been adequate; it had made you shudder involuntarily while goosebumps rose to your skin.
“I don’t want you to be drinking at that party, Y/N.” he was an old alpha, seen more than most, experienced a great lifetime, yet he still had that ability to command the room.
Command you.
“Drinking will affect your ability to see what’s coming.”
“Harlan, you don’t think-“
“Don’t drink. Stick to water or virgin cocktails. Every drop of alcohol in your body will leave you susceptible to them. I mean it.” Harlan was looking out for you; you know he was.
He knew what your best interests were before even you did. Although you still didn’t understand why or how Ransom Drysdale was the best choice for you, you respected his decision.
Harlan was an alpha who never did you wrong.
This is why, when he insisted again that you don’t touch alcohol, that you stay sober for the party, you complied.
You promised him.
** **
The mansion Linda and Richard lived in was decorated with Edison outdoor lights hung around the long driveway; a series of cars parked outside were as expensive as the one in front of them or the one behind. It spoke to the wealth they had, the wealth they flaunted, as well as their guests. Everything from the entrance gates to the double doors leading to their home was immaculate and perfection at its finest. It made you already want to turn and leave.
It made you want to immediately hail the cab you’d taken and go back to the safety of Harlan’s mansion that, not that you would admit it without some liquid courage, started to feel like your and Ransom’s place.
You wanted to leave, yet they were waiting for you. The clan of life-sucking assholes who only cared when they needed to, the bastards who had the chance, every chance, to make something of themselves and ended up screwing themselves over.
The only one who had created something for herself was Linda. When you had it all, if you got it all, Linda would be the one who could survive on her own.
The rest were dying fish gasping for air.
“Y/N!” Jodi was the first to greet you, the first to wave her hand in the air when she saw you approaching.
As you passed by the vehicles, you caught the sight of Ransom’s parked along the side of the road. You walked past his Beemer, and that alone had your stomach flipping over the end. You didn’t have feelings for Ransom; you couldn’t have. He was a ‘Grade A’ asshole. You couldn’t have feelings for the arrogant alpha.
“Look at you! You look ah-mazing!” Jodi pulled you into a hug, her scent tainted by her perfume and the alcohol she was already diving into. “I love that dress.”
When she pulled out of the hug, she kept her hands on your bare arms and leaned in, her eyes staring deep into yours. Her greying blonde hair was curled as it usually was, with a few of those curls skewed. She was hunting for husband number 2, now that her prospects were drying up, due to you being willed everything.
“You are so beautiful; you know that?” She spoke condescendingly. “Ransom is so lucky.”
“I’m surprised you didn’t show up with Ransom, Y/N.” Walt’s lips turned into a half-smile, his fingers wrapped tightly around the cane that helped him move. “Trouble in paradise..?”
“I was working late.”
“Working late, huh?” Walt continued.
“Yep,” you stepped out of their circle, “work. I know that word must be foreign to you, but it means physical or mental labour to earn money—something you haven’t had to do in a while.
You turned your back to them and entered the mansion, following the flow of people as they moved throughout the entrance and the mansion layout to the back gardens.
You stepped down that first stone step and searched the crowds for Ransom. Your eyes bounced from person to person, seeking and searching for the alpha you were supposed to be here with. While you were searching, you heard footsteps following you, coming up from behind you.
“You’re so funny!” Jodi’s shrieky laugh irritated your ears, made you wince. “Would you like a drink, Y/N? My treat.”
She winked and looped arms with you.
“No. I’m not drinking.” You denied her, and the claim came almost immediately after.
“You’re not pregnant, are you? God! Could you imagine Ransom being a father?” Joni scoffed before she laughed derisively.
You felt your patience dissolve instantly. You were sick of how they treated Ransom, of how they looked down on him despite being problematic themselves. It pissed you off to no end, the hypocritical bitches.
“No, I’m not pregnant.” You glared at her, your voice taking a defensive turn. “Ransom would be a fantastic father, by the way. I mean, at this point, he’d even be a better mother than you are, Joni.”
You pushed her arm off of you and skipped down the rest of the steps, weaving in and out of the crowd looking for Ransom. You hadn’t seen him yet; you knew he was here. His Beemer was here; he called you when he arrived to let you know his entire family pissed him off the moment he arrived.
He was here somewhere.
“You little bitch-!” A startled gasp left your lips when you felt a hand wrap around your arm, the twisted and enraged face of Walt hanging over you.
“Get off me!” You pulled at him, attempting to get yourself out of his grip, yet despite your best efforts and his limp, he as a beta was still strong enough to jolt you, throw you around if he wanted to.
You were being drug behind him, almost unable to keep up with him as he pulled you back into the mansion through a side door and then up the stairs to a study. He slammed the door and clicked the lock, leaving you standing by the desk and him blocking the only exit.
“You think you’re smart? You think you’re witty, you little whore?” He took a rather aggressive turn for a beta, an angry streak from desperation to hold onto something significant like the publishing house.
“I think I get by.” You were strong; Harlan said you were an alpha in an omega’s clothing, yet at this moment, you were scared.
You were scared, and all you wanted was Ransom.
You could act as challenging as you wanted, but now that you were locked in a room with a beta that was on the verge of unleashing his anger out on you, you were genuinely terrified. You wanted the man who was both your alpha and not your alpha.
“You gave us no choice, Y/N.” Walt came closer, a needle in his hand, a clear liquid inside that you knew, in the deepest part of your soul, would not fare well for you. “You could’ve walked away.”
“Harlan chose me to get everything. You’re all acting like spoiled children.” You slipped your heels off and hooked them on your fingers, knowing that you could have used them to beat him off if needed.
“Spoiled? That is our inheritance!” He growled, a feral sound ripping from his throat as he cut you off once and then again.
You were almost past him on the third attempt to getaway. You were practically free and clear until he used his cane and took you down by swinging the end against the back of your head. You fell to the wooden floor with a cry, your vision blurry as spots danced in front of your eyes. You were too dizzy to move, too disorientated to pick yourself up.
“You brought this on yourself,” he held you down and uncapped the needle before he slammed the sharp edge into your neck and pushed the plunger down, “you’re going to be deep in your heat soon. And with the amount of alpha’s hanging around….”
He stepped back and smirked as the drugs that would’ve countered your suppressants and triggered your heat were starting to set in. They were setting in too fast, and you were too busy trying to make the world stop spinning to cry for help.
“The world will have finally righted itself.”
** **
Blood coated his fingers dripped from his knuckles, and he still couldn’t stop. He had flown into a blind rage when he found you and that alpha.
Ransom had never felt so fucking pissed off before. He had never felt that instinctual rage surging through his body until he caught the shift in your scent as it carried throughout the mansion. He had been looking for you all night, and all night he had been kept away by his father, by his aunt.
And then he found you. He saw you cowering in a corner, your eyes wide and your scent thick and dense, in the throes of heat while two alpha’s were trying to get to you.
Ransom ripped the first apart, or at least he beat him to a bloody, unconscious mess. And the second…
He dropped his body to the floor and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, the mess in his mother’s study incomparable and uneventfully droll compared to you cowering in the corner, your right hand between your legs and your left hand grasping at your breast.
“Alpha…” You crooned, too far gone to return to your normal state. You were thick in your heat, desperate to feel him. There was only one way out now, and while Ransom was a little shit and a little asshole, he had ignored his want of you until this point.
But now…
He lifts you from the floor, his thick arms holding you in his embrace before he moved toward the chaise in the room. He set you down and placed his hands upon your dress, and ripped the red silk clean in two. His darkening blue eyes were roaming your naked flesh; his lips ruptured in a smirk when you reached for his hand and shoved it between your legs.
“Please…” He should’ve turned away, but he couldn’t leave you like this. You wouldn’t get any better without feeling an alpha’s knot, and God forbid anyone else look at you. “Ransom…”
You moaned; you whined and ground yourself against his fingers. He spread your legs and used the hand that was already resting against your pussy, to stroke your swollen, slick-covered pussy lips. Your head was thrown back, and your hands were gripping the chaise fabric, your back arched. You moaned his name; you whined and cried for him.
“Omega,” he hovered above you, his lips attached to your neck where he would place his mark, “are you sure?”
“Fuck me.” You cried. “Please…I can’t take the heat. Please…”
He pulled away and fumbled with the black belt around his hips. He popped the button of his suit pants and unzipped his fly, keeping his eyes locked on you.
Your scent was coming in waves; your scent was radiating. The smell of your slick was like a second drug to him, and he knew, he had to have known, that he would be driven into a rut just as you were forced into heat.
“I’m going to fuck you.” He grunts as he wrapped his hand around his cock and pumped twice, “I’m going to fuck the heat out of you.”
He placed his knees on the sides of your legs, straddling you. Ransom lined the seeping head of his cock against your entrance and slowly started pushing this thick, veiny cock into your dripping, waiting heat. There was only one way out of this, and you knew that.
Even in your heat-filled craze, you knew how this would end.
You had a moment of clarity, a moment of sanity that allowed you to give genuine, concise consent.
“Ransom,” you squeezed his forearms, “you can’t stop. I know this isn’t…I want you to. We know how this will end. Don’t stop. I want this.”
“You need to say yes,” the head of his cock was dripping; your heat-driven lust would overtake the clarity and the sanity.
“I want this. I want you.” You moaned. “Yes. Yes. Yes.”
You were gone again, your head thrown back when the tip of his dick was brushing against your swollen pussy lips. You moaned his name as a mantra while he slowly pushed his thick, heaving shaft into your tight cunt.
He hovered above you, one hand on your hip and the other gripping the back of the chaise. You shrieked when he snapped his hips and plunged his throbbing cock into your cunt, splitting you in two and stretching you farther than you had been before.
“Omega,” he growled against your lips, thrusting his cock in and out of you, “you want to be split open, don’t you?”
You cried your approval, your nails digging into his back, and you raised your hips, your slick dripping down his ballsack and thighs.
“Yes!” You screamed your approval. “God, yes!”
He pulled out and slammed back in, your body jerking roughly from the force, yet it was all you wanted at that moment. He bent down and wrapped his lips around one of your nipples, sucking on your tit like a hungry infant, his saliva coating your goosebump flesh.
Every thrust, every angle change was driving you toward a peak you never thought you’d meet. You were nothing but a mess underneath him, a mix of pleasure sounds that was the soundtrack to your fucking.
He hasn’t even removed the alpha’s from the room, the bloodied and broken bodies of the men who tried to take you against your will. They were laying there motionless, and perhaps they wouldn’t rise again.
“Mark me,” you demanded, your legs wrapped around his waist, keeping him locked in you.
“I’m gonna give you my knot first,” he mumbled against your tit, his hips snapping as he fucked you senselessly. “You want it, omega?”
You came against him, your body shaking and trembling as you reached your first peak. You knew Ransom wouldn’t be far behind. You knew by the swelling of his cock. You knew he was going to cum in you.
“Mark me!” You demanded again, only in this instance, he listened.
He latched onto your neck and part his lips. At the exact moment, as his seed started to shoot into your cunt, you felt him bite down. He bit into your neck and solidified your future together, adding that final nail in the coffin for his family.
You rode another orgasm that came after the bite, further squeezing his cock and creating another mess against his ballsack and thighs, your shared fluids dripping onto the chaise beneath you.
When he pulled his mouth away from your neck, he gave you tender affection that seemed so out of place for him. He kissed your forehead, grinding slowly and gently against you, loosening the last bits of his seed that would’ve spilled into you.
It was inevitable. You and Ransom were now mates. You were bound together.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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syntheticavenger · 4 months ago
Forever and Ever More - Part Six
Dark! Alpha Ransom Drysdale x Omega Reader
Warnings: 18+. Non-con touching, dub-con fingering, language, angst, implied chasing, Omega heat, threats.
gif by @ransomflanagan | divider by @royallyprincesslilly
Previous: One, Two, Three, Four, Five
Summary | Ransom Drysdale may be Boston’s most eligible Alpha but he has his eyes set on you. With his inheritance hanging in the balance, he won’t take no for an answer, whether you like him or not.
Tumblr media
You’re proud of yourself when you look in the mirror. The high collar of your dress hides your marks perfectly, right down to the watch you wear to hide Ransom’s other mark. The last thing you want is to have Harlan Thrombey take one look at you and think you’re one of those Omegas who enjoy the marks.
Though the feeling of them were nice in practice - Ransom made sure to leave his mark as a sense of possession and regardless of what he said, you still aren’t bonded to him. You were able to turn in your resume and cover letter to a few schools before you left for the day, Melba complimenting your scarf with a hearty wave before you go to your car as she reminded you about Linda’s upcoming library dedication. Another reason for her to give a speech, talk about her business and her link to the school. You were already making plans to call in sick that day.
But for now, it was better to just be ready so that you could keep your guard up in case Ransom threw another curveball at you. You hadn’t expected him to show up at the school, let alone drop the knowledge that he’d been researching you. You just need to get through dinner with his family, taking a deep breath as you try to recite the words in your head that you’re going to say to him once it’s over.
Having an Alpha around you makes you nervous, especially someone like him. You examine the dark mark on your wrist, smoothing your thumb over it as you remember how he wouldn’t let you go, those blue eyes of his focused on you as he did it. Staking his claim on you before you had a chance to say no.
You were biding your time. After all, you wanted to meet Harlan and making a good impression meant that you needed to be on your best behavior. Even if you wanted to wipe that smug smile off of his face when he bent you over your desk.
Smoothing down your dress and taking one more look, there isn’t much more you can do but wait for him to come. You try to keep yourself busy in the meantime, slipping on your heels before you hear the knock at the door.
Even as you open the door, you aren’t sure if you’re ever going to get used to the sight of him. So confident and cocky, even down to the way he steps inside your apartment without waiting for you to invite him in.
“Nice dress,” he mentions, giving you an earthy up and down glance. “The high collar is a nice touch. Wouldn’t want my family to get the wrong impression about you, would you? What makes you think I won’t do it in front of them? They are my family after all. Nothing I do anymore surprises them.”
His hands delve under your dress as you try to push his hands away as you protest, a low growl rumbling in his chest serving as a warning coupled with his intense stare.
“If I’m going to knot one Omega for the rest of my life, then you need to understand that I like easy access.”
His thumbs hook under your satin underwear, pulling them down until they pool at your feet. He doesn’t take his eyes off you as he bends slightly, gripping your calves in each hand as he lifts them one at a time to make sure you step out of them.
“These are nice,” Ransom observes with a dark smile, pocketing them quickly. “But as I said, I don’t like anything in the way. Let’s go.”
Tumblr media
The car he leads you to isn’t his Beemer. It’s an Audi, one that Ransom seems to look on with disdain before he opens the door for you. It’s almost a gentlemanly gesture before he grabs your ass with a hard squeeze and you yelp, looking back at him in shock.
“It’s gonna be a rough night for you if that’s what you find shocking,” Ransom informs you as he leans down, mouth brushing against your ear. “"I plan on having that sweet little cunt of yours begging for it by dessert."
He closes the door behind you once you sit, buckling yourself in as you huff in frustration, pressing your knees together at the thought. Of all the self-serving, cocky and entitled -
You force yourself to stay calm once he sits in the driver’s seat as you look away. You’d rather be anywhere but here and your biology is interested in his scent and the way he looks at you before he finally pulls away from the curb.
“Not talking to me? After I’m about to reintroduce you to my grandfather? I thought you were raised better than that. A little thank you would be nice.”
“Why me?” You respond, still looking out the window as you look at your reflection. “What about me is so special that you have to torment me?”
Ransom scoffs at your reply, making a face of disgust.
“Torment? You mean watching your knees buckle anytime I get my mouth on you? All you have to say is that you want me to fuck you and I will. You don’t need to play games. I get enough of that with my family.”
“I’m not,” You snap, whipping your head around to glare at him. “You marked me.”
“I mark what’s mine.”
“Do you hear yourself? Your family may work like that but that’s not always how it’s done.”
“Oh, it isn’t?”
His hand slides under your dress and toward your inner thigh, his eyes still on the road as you try to squeeze your legs together.
“Keep them open,” he commands, the coolness of the signet ring on his pinky finger nudging against your clit before his fingers slide down your slit to your core. “Hmm, wet already? Nice to know that I already have that effect on you.”
“Ransom,” you manage to half-ask, half-beg, the tip of his middle finger pushing inside you as he accelerates.
“I guess there’s a benefit to having an Omega to call my own. Couldn’t bring the Beemer for obvious reasons. This is my father’s car that my mother won in the divorce. So I’m going to make sure you make a mess on that seat.”
Your stifled whine gets his attention as you feel him press deeper inside you.
“You know, between all that biting and scenting and you not being on suppressants, it’s only a matter of time until your heat triggers. We’ll see how high and mighty you are when you’re in my bed, begging for my knot.”
Your fingers grip the side of the door as you draw your lower lip between your teeth, your resolve paper thin as he hums to himself.
“Making a mess faster than I thought. Nice and tight. Gripping me like a vice.”
It’s getting harder and harder to stifle back the sound that wants to erupt from your tightly closed mouth as his fingers scissor back and forth against your slick and swollen walls.
“My mother thinks you’re such a good girl. She has no idea,” Ransom continues, the pressure building as you inhale a shaky breath as the pressure begins to build inside your core.
The soft whine that leaves your lips goes straight to his ears as the car slows for a moment.
“R-Ransom, please… I can’t…” you trail off, your hips rolling involuntarily at the sensation.
“Hmm, you’re right. You can’t. Not before dinner,” Ransom answers you, pulling his hand away as he wipes your slick off from his fingers with a napkin. “Impress me tonight and I’ll finish.”
Your legs close instantly as he continues driving, trying to will your body to calm down as well as temper your frustration.
“We’re almost there. You know, I have to say that I’m really looking forward to this dinner. It’ll be fun. I live to make them miserable, you know. So out of touch in their own twisted little realities. Joni is by far the worst. She’ll be there tonight. She always is. A parasite still sucking off his money. She’s not even legally supposed to get anything except Meg. But she always finds a way. Fascinating, really.”
You try to pull down your dress as Ransom settles his hand on your bare knee.
“They aren’t going to know what to do when they see you with me. You come from a nice family, you’re a teacher and you aren’t hard up for money. I’m going to do all the talking tonight, you understand? Answer them if you want to but don’t be fooled. They’re just curious about you to see how long you’ll last,” Ransom continues, his jaw clenching at the thought. “At least I know if it was up to me, you wouldn’t last long.”
When you try to push his hand off your knee, he squeezes it hard.
“Relax, Omega. I meant you won’t last long when I’m done with you. Consider this a formality. Just another marker until my sorry excuse of a family leaves me alone and I can do whatever I want.”
Tumblr media
When he parks, you scramble to get out, the cool air hitting your core as you pull down your dress. He waits for you at the bottom of the steps, holding out his hand as you eye it carefully.
“You do know how this goes, don’t you? Can’t Alpha command at the table. I reserve that more for my mother when she’s had one too many glasses of Pinot. Let her embarrass herself at the table,” Ransom pulls you against him, brushing his fingers over your throat gently before he cradles the side of your face, scenting you in the process. “Behave in there. Or I’ll have to put those nice satin panties in your mouth on the way home. Got it?”
You don’t answer as he all but pulls you up the steps, cursing him silently with every name in the book you can think of as the housekeeper smiles carefully at you.
“Franny, you look a sight,” Ransom greets with a smirk, handing her his jacket. “Where is everyone.”
“They were waiting for you. You’re late,” she snaps, tossing his jacket over the couch.
“Temper, temper,” he chides, pulling you in front of him. “This is Franny, my grandfather’s housekeeper.”
“Hello,” you greet, trying to give her a warm smile. The poor woman looks nervous in Ransom’s presence and you understand why. “It’s nice to meet you.”
She extends a trembling hand as you take it.
“Fran,” she corrects Ransom, as the grip that he holds on you gets tighter. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I was just leaving for the night.”
She manages a soft smile at you before she turns to leave, Ransom looking back at the door that she all but slams on her way out.
“Franny is a real piece of work but she’s been around here for ages. You’ll get used to her.”
“Ransom?” a voice calls out. “Is that you?”
“Yeah,” he calls out loudly, pulling you along to the dining room. Your gaze settles on two familiar faces and your mouth parts at the sight.
“We wanted to surprise you,” your mother coos, standing up from her chair to head over as she hugs you tight. “You didn’t tell me you were dating Harlan’s grandson.”
“I… Mom, what are you doing here?” You stammer, watching your father size up Ransom before he gives an approving gaze. Great. Just what you need.
“Linda invited us. She was returning some books to the library and we got to talking. Small world, huh?”
“Oh, it was nothing,” Linda says with a wave of her hand before she gives you that cold smile that makes you want to shiver. “But I wanted to surprise you. Your parents are so lovely. To see an Omega in such an important position such as your mother’s, I can see why you’re so successful.”
Your mother preens at the compliment, your father pulling out her chair as she sits back down. Harlan sits at the head of the table and he smiles at you, enough for Ransom to give you a nudge in his direction so that you walk down toward him.
“My dear, it’s a pleasure to see you again,” Harlan says warmly, shaking your hand as he places his other hand over yours. His scant is calming and you already feel at ease.“I hope Ransom has been treating you well.”
Harlan’s thumb brushes against your mark on your wrist and you inhale sharply before he lets you go. ou can tell that he knows something by the way he looks at Ransom briefly, his smile fading into a frown.
“Is everything alright?” He asks as you turn to look at Ransom.
“Everything okay?” Ransom asks you in return.
He’s baiting you and you know it.
“I’m fine. Just a long day today,” you lie, taking a step back.
Ransom pulls out your chair as motions for you to sit as you walk past Linda.
“You smell really good. New perfume?” Linda asks, leaning in slightly. “It smells familiar.”
“Yes,” You reply quickly, looking down at your plate as Ransom sits next to you.
“Ransom, you aren’t going to introduce us to your girlfriend?” Joni asks, waving her fork in your direction. “I think that’s proper etiquette, right? She’s your guest.”
“Give it a rest, Joni,” Linda warns. “You’re going to overwhelm her. Can we just eat in peace? That’s what the whole point of after dinner conversation is for.”
Joni sighs, picking up her glass of wine as she rolls her eyes. Your father says nothing, giving you a wink as you smile at him. It’s his way of making sure you know that everything is fine, taking your mother’s hand in his own as their wrists rub together slightly.
“How was Renata’s?” Harlan inquires. “Ransom didn’t tell me much about your date.”
You feel his eyes on you as you turn to Harlan, trying to think of what you should say versus what you want to to say.
“It’s a very beautiful place,” You begin, speaking slowly to give yourself more time. “The food is fantastic.”
“What did you have?”
At Harlan’s question, you freeze. You hadn’t gotten that far in your ‘date’ before Ransom began making eyes at someone else.
“What did I have?” You repeat. “I, uh, I had…”
“We shared a few plates,” Ransom interrupts, coming to your rescue before your body relaxes while Linda nods in approval. “It was good.”
“Ah, exciting,” Harlan says with a nod of approval. “That’s how your grandmother and I started. Dinner at Renata’s, a nice stroll down the Harbor. I used to be a romantic. A little bit.”
“Renata’s?” Your father finally speaks, his voice filled with curiosity. “Sweetheart, you didn’t tell me you ate there. You must be something special if that’s where he took you. It’s impossible to get a reservation. They’ve been booked solid.”
Linda gives your father an innocent smile.
“The owner and I are old friends. I asked for a favor. I’d do anything for Ransom and your sweet daughter,” she praises, patting the top of your hand. “She’s worth it.”
Your head lifts at Linda’s admission, your gaze shooting to Ransom who is glaring at her. Apparently it was a secret that you weren’t supposed to know but it doesn’t matter now. Your mother is all but fawning over Ransom - you can see it in her eyes and your father seems to have already taken a liking to him, judging by the way they interact.
Almost as if they already met.
Dinner is lively, Harlan and Ransom trading their usual barbs back and forth as Linda rolls her eyes. Your father takes a liking to Harlan and for a moment, you feel a sense of pride as he praises you for how hard you work.
“No wonder Ransom is so interested,” Harlan observes with a grin. “She is something special.”
“I love your dress,” Linda compliments you, giving you a long look before she glances over at Ransom. “You seem tired, dear.”
His hand settles on your thigh, warm and heavy while Linda continues to pry.
“Everything okay?” she continues. “Ransom hasn’t been keeping you out too late, has he? He has a habit of burning the candle at both ends.”
“Maybe you should rest, sweetheart,” your mother chimes in. “Linda’s right.”
“She’s fine,” Ransom answers for you.
You want to scream at how everyone is talking over you, like you aren’t still sitting at the table.
“Maybe you need a vacation. We have a cabin in Maine. It’s perfect this time of year,” Linda replies, changing the subject as Harlan leans forward with interest.
“Well, ask her first. She may not want to visit Maine, right dear?” Harlan asks. “Ransom tells me so much about you.”
“Does he?” you ask, turning to Ransom as his fingers press into your thigh. “How interesting. Considering he doesn’t ask me anything.”
“Oh?” Harlan inquires, his attention on his grandson. “What does she mean?”
“Nothing, she’s not good at telling jokes,” Ransom snaps.
“And you aren’t good at telling the truth,” You remind him.
You don’t care if he gets upset. Your patience has been shot and you’re aware of what’s happening. Your heat hasn’t started yet but it’s going to in a few days. The irritation that you feel is because you’re surrounded by four Alphas and you can’t breathe, their scent putting you on edge.
“Hmm? Tell me more,” Harlan says with a frown.
“You can’t be serious,” Ransom scoffs. As he speaks, you won’t look at him, your mother wide eyed at your admission.
“I’m completely serious. Continue, my dear.”
“Harlan,” Ransom warns before his grandfather narrows his eyes.
“Not another word,” Harlan orders.
Linda is silent as they wait for you to answer.
“He never asked me on a date. He ordered me to,” You respond, standing up as Ransom leans back in his chair, looking at you like you’ve grown two heads.
“You told me you asked her on a date,” Harlan reminds him, his voice deceptively mild. “We had an agreement.”
“Guidance, you said,” Ransom mocks. “I guided her where she needed to be.”
“You guided me to mark me. I don’t belong to you, Ransom. I want to go home.”
“My office. Now,” Harlan orders Ransom as you storm away, heading toward the door as your mother calls out behind you.
“Give her some fresh air,” Linda says as you close the door, intent on walking home.
You don’t care how long it takes but you won’t go home with your parents and you sure as hell won’t go home with Ransom. When you pull out your phone, there’s no service and it only fuels your anger, yelling to no one in particular as you march down the steps as the cool air does nothing to cool off your anger. Another cramp rages in your belly and you ignore it, still heading down the street.
Tumblr media
By the time Ransom steps outside, his pride is slightly wounded but the fury he feels overtakes him once he watches Linda give your mother and father a tour upstairs, soothing your mother’s worry as your father gives him a hard glance.
Ransom knows two things. One, that the inheritance is barely hanging on by a thread. Harlan has taken a liking to you and the lack of transparency and your innocent admission means he’s getting further away from Harlan’s favor.
Two, you’re going into heat. His plan is finally coming to fruition and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.
He smiles to himself as he inhales deeply, heading down the steps in the direction he knows you went. You aren’t going to get away with your little stunt. He had to smooth Harlan over to let him know you were overly emotional and overstimulated with your parents around.
Ransom had been worried about his money, that much he would admit.
But your outburst has now all but sealed your fate. He’s going to enjoy ruining you, hearing you beg for him. He already plans to draw it out as long as possible.
“Let’s see how fast you can run in those heels,” Ransom murmurs to himself with a shake of his head as he laughs darkly at the situation you’ve found yourself in. “Better hope I don’t catch you. Because when I do, you’re mine for good.”
Tumblr media
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mypoisonedvine · 5 months ago
ransom a/b/o drabble/headcanon?
ransom was an alpha’s alpha.  everything a stereotypical alpha ought to be.
aggressive, strong, possessive, cocky...
unfortunately he was also everything an omega would want in an alpha, except maybe for ‘nice,’ and ‘faithful.’
well, unfortunately for you, because you were attracted to him.  not unfortunate for him because he seemed to enjoy the endless line of omegas willing to hook up with him even when he was adamant he didn’t want a mate.
some of them seemed to be truly okay with that.  others were clearly hoping that he’d change his mind and stay with them forever.
but you were going to stay far, far away from him.  no sir, no one night stands for you.  especially not with a guy like that.
but fuck, he smelled so goddamn good when he walked by, he looked so goddamn good...
you needed to dash to the bathroom before you did something you were going to regret.
you fled the party and hid in the bathroom, locking the door behind you as you tried to catch your breath.  were you having an early heat?  or were you just that turned on?
you should’ve known that a locked door was no challenge for an alpha that had picked up an omega’s scent.  he kicked it open and found you inside, shivering and whimpering.
“baby, you alright?” he purred, wrapping his arms around you.  “smells like you need some help.”
“not from you,” you sneered, though his deep voice sent shivers up your spine.
“don’t be mean, sweetheart, I’m gonna take care of you,” he promised as he easily lifted you up onto the countertop, kissing your neck hungrily.
his hands were everywhere, but yours were stuck clinging onto his broad shoulders, moaning unashamedly now as you felt slick gathering at your entrance.
“I’ve never wanted to bite someone this bad before,” he admitted suddenly.
“d-don’t,” you stammered.
“I won’t, I just... you’re very tempting,” he explained.  “I like the idea of having you all to myself.”
“just fuck me,” you sighed.
“yeah?  want my knot?” he taunted proudly.
“you’re on birth control right?” he asked, but spoke again before you could answer.  “ah fuck it, I don’t care.  I wouldn’t mind knockin’ you up anyways, you’d look good round and full for me.”
you choked, hardly believing what you were hearing.
“now spread those legs and show me how bad you want it, omega.”
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buckyownsmylife · a month ago
Finding You #2 - Steve Rogers, Andy Barber and Frank Adler fluff
The one where the boys explain everything to you
When you end up being transformed into an omega without any understanding of what it entails, five Alphas find themselves responsible for your well-being.  Guess it’s only expected you’d take care of them too, huh?
For general warnings and author’s notes, please go to the fic’s masterlist.
A/N for this part: no specific warnings, but this is where I lay out the main characteristics of this A/B/O universe. Any and all observations as to reader’s height/size is because the Alphas are supposed to be massive in comparison to anyone else, but especially their omega.
Tumblr media
Steve’s P.O.V.
I smelled her before I even saw her turn the corner of the hallway and make her way down the stairs. All she was wearing was one of my shirts - it looked like a dress on her much smaller frame. I tried not to focus on how it made my cock instantly harden, just to see her wearing something of mine, something that accentuated how weaker she was in comparison to me.
Maybe I truly was a monster, after all.
“Good morning, sweetheart,” I greeted as she patted her way to me, slowly and wary of the three other pairs of eyes settled on her. “How do you feel?” Her gaze remained on them as she approached me and as soon as she was within reach, I opened my arms to welcome her between my legs, pulling her body so she’d sit on my lap.
It was incredible how instinctive and immediate this calling felt. I barely knew her, but as soon as I laid eyes on her, I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from laying a claim on this stranger. So even though this was in no way part of my plans for the evening - for my life - she was now one of us, and I knew it was my responsibility to ease her into all of this.
“I feel better now that I’m near you,” she confessed in a tiny voice, fiddling with the hem of my shirt that she was now staring at. I realized she must be overtaken by a thousand different emotions, waking up in a strange house where she had been brought to by a strange man, now feeling completely different after waking up from a three-days nap and being scrutinized by another three men she’d never seen before.
I should have waited for her in bed, I chastised myself. At least this way I’d have the opportunity to explain a few things before she was faced with my brothers, and she wouldn’t have to deal with the empty pain of being away from the stranger who bonded with her.
“Yeah, that’s… expected, under the circumstances.” I ran my fingers over my hair, clearing my throat to buy myself some time so I could figure out how to explain this. She didn’t press me, instead sitting patiently where I’d laid her, legs hanging slightly from how short they were.
I figured the easiest way to go about it would be to focus on my brothers first and count on them to help me break down our situation to her. “So…” I started, focusing on the three men sitting on the couch before me. “This is her.”
They already knew it, of course, and even though I had prepared myself for the jealousy I was sure to feel as their eyes ran up her body, taking in every inch of her, I was surprised to find out that I felt none whatsoever.
It made things easier, of course, but I knew I was still very much in a mess of my own doing as I struggled to ease everyone into this new situation. “At least you chose wisely,” Andrew smirked, eyes dark when he licked his lips at the sight of her. “Tell us, honey, do you know what we are?”
She had to think for a little bit, gaze focused on the rug at our feet until recognition sparked in her eyes. “You’re the animal-men!” She exclaimed, and although the name was less than flattering, the excitement in her tone made the situation amusing.
“The animal-men,” Frank chuckled, shaking his head at her. “You’re adorable.” We all watched her avert her gaze, clearly flushed with the comment and attention. Squeezing her hips, I drew her focus back to me.
“You’re not completely wrong. In many ways, we are more animal than men and I do believe that is one of the many names the town has given us over the years.” I tilted my head to take in her expression. She didn’t look scared at my revelation, and she still looked at me with kind, wide eyes, waiting to see what else I had to say. “We’re Alphas,” I explained, pausing to check if the expression meant anything to her.
“… What does that mean?” Looking at my brothers, I counted on them to help me explain what our different genetics meant, and how it led us to decide to live in solitude, fearing the overwhelming urge to bond that those in the same position suffered.
“With the slow disappearance of our species, it’s been getting harder and harder to find Omegas to breed. This meant that we had to evolve, and our urge to take has expanded to humans like you. That’s why we keep it to ourselves our entire lives,” Frank spoke slowly and clearly, making sure she followed. “And because Steve here has met you during a full moon, he was unable to stop himself from doing precisely what we didn’t want - claiming you and… spilling inside of you…”
“Am I going to have his kids?” She immediately inquired, a hint of panic in her tone. It brought laughter into the room, easing the atmosphere, even though it was a valid concern to someone who had been raised without any knowledge of this life.
“No, you were still completely human back then. But when he came in you, it started to change you from the inside, preparing your body for the next full moon. After the change is complete, you’d have to be in synchrony… Anyway, that’s something for another time. The important thing to know is that you weren’t able to bear his kids back then,” Andy continued, and I waited with bated breath as she processed what we were saying. “And it will still be a little while until all of the factors are aligned so it can actually happen.”
“Changing me from the inside?” She repeated, as I expected, focused on the way this affected her. “What does that mean?” Everyone remained quiet, uncertain how to break the news and unwilling to be the bearer of such a responsibility. Sighing, I accepted it was my role to fulfill, and I gently grabbed her chin and turned it to me so she’d look me in the eyes.
“You’re an omega, now,” I explained, knowing I’d have to say much more for her to fully understand what it meant. “That means you’re like us, a little bit of an animal-woman yourself,” I joked, trying to get her to laugh. She did chuckle, but she still seemed scared and it made my heart ache.
“A lot of things will change in your life now, doll. I’m sorry it had to be this way, but we’re here to help you through everything.” She nodded, eyes trusting and kind and I once again felt an overwhelming wave of guilt hit me. “I think the most immediate concern you’ll have is to understand that you are now an Alpha’s perfect match, perfectly enticing to drive even the most strong-willed of them absolutely crazy… and we’re all Alphas.”
She inhaled sharply, starting to comprehend the extent of the mess I’d brought her into. Frank leaned closer to us, resting his forearms on his thighs so he could look her in the eyes. “Because we’re not a proper pack - that means, we don’t have one Alpha that rules over the others, we all remain full Alphas, more wild and untamed - it’ll be impossible for us to live with you without killing each other… and maybe you in the process.” Clearing his throat, he pressed on, “The only way we can avoid this is if you become our shared omega.”
I flinched, knowing he’d laid out the situation as best as he could, but it was still hard to accept that this would be her life now, and I was the reason she was here, dealing with this. Beside me, she remained oddly quiet for a while, until she finally broke the silence by saying, “You want me to become some sort of sex slave.”
There was no anger or offense in her tone, but still, we controlled our urge to chuckle at the way she summarized things. It wouldn’t help our case if she thought we were making fun of her. “Not at all,” Andy interjected, mirroring Frank’s position to attract her attention to him now. “You’ll be so much more than that.”
How to explain what an Omega meant to an Alpha to someone who barely even understood what both of those terms were? We each tried to come up with something, until eventually, I settled for, “It’s a very meaningful bond. Kind of like, an instinctual calling. As an Omega, you’ll feel the need to keep us happy and satisfied, and as Alphas, we’ll feel the same way, only we also have this strong urge to protect you.”
She was quiet once more, eyes staring into the distance, taking in the view of the woods that was visible through our clear, glass doors. “Is this why I feel attracted to you?” She asked in a tiny voice, one I almost couldn’t hear. Frozen, I tried to make sense of what she was asking - if she was questioning her attraction to all of us, it would be understandable, since this was her first time seeing my brothers, but if she was referring to me, I couldn’t help but to feel disappointed. Didn’t she want to feel attracted to me?
“Who are you attracted to?” I whispered, rubbing her hips to help her not feel so overwhelmed but also to calm my anxious heart. She didn’t immediately answer, biting her lower lip as she stared at the carpet once more, but finally, she confessed, “All of you.”
I let out a breath of relief. “It’s very normal to feel this way,” Frank assured her. Her muscles immediately relaxed, and she slumped against me, her scent engulfing my already possessive body. “As an omega, your first instinct will always be to serve your Alphas.”
The room grew silent once more. She was fidgety now, while we waited for her reaction. At last, she cleared her throat and confessed what was on her mind. “I don’t understand,” she sighed. “Why would any of you want me? Is it… Is it just because Steve lost control and took me?”
I froze underneath her, but if she noticed it, she didn’t say anything. Andy, as always, seemed to know exactly what to say to comfort her in my lack of reaction. “You’re very attractive, sweetheart. I don’t know why you feel like it’s some sort of trial to be able to have you.”
His voice was pure sin, and I saw how it affected our omega. Her breath grew shorter, her nipples tightened up under my shirt. Frank licked his lips at the sight, but I was still too guilty to cherish in the sweet scent of her arousal, now slowly taking over the room.
“Believe us, kitten,” Frank grinned. “We’re all extremely glad that you’re here.” A scoff startled us, ripping us from the fun and teasing atmosphere. All of our gazes were drawn to the one person who had yet to speak since Y/N joined the room, the youngest in our family, sat as far from our little group as possible, his arms crossed in front of his body to further indicate his dissatisfaction.
Of course, Ransom had to be the exception.
“Ransom…” I started, heckles already rising to deal with the troublemaker, who had always been intent on creating discord just for the sake of it. If every little thing wasn’t his way - the way he had envisioned all by himself - he made sure to let us know he wasn’t accepting of it, even if eventually he always came around and agreed it was the better option.
“No, fuck you, Steve!” He interrupted me before I could try to reason with him, standing up suddenly. The omega in my arms tried to make herself smaller, shrinking against my chest, and it only made me angrier. “Fuck you for making this decision and changing our entire lives without even talking to us about it! I thought we were all supposed to be equal!”
I didn’t even say anything to that because we all knew our reality. Yes, there wasn’t an Alpha to our “pack”, but I was the oldest. I had always been the one to guide the group and no one had ever blinked an eye at it.
Of course, I’d never done anything even remotely similar to this without discussing it with my brothers first. But it was too late for that and as it were, the only person he was hurting by petulantly stomping his feet like this was our omega.
Because, yes. She was his too, and he knew it. He was as attracted to her as Frank and Andy, he just hated not being the one in control. It had always been this way, so I knew it was just a matter of giving him time to pout.
Inhaling deeply, I gripped our omega’s hips more tightly as I reminded my brother, “I didn’t decide this, Ransom.” But he was too far gone to care. With one last look over his nose at our girl, he left the cabin and with the disappearance of the sour smell of his distaste, I could focus on the hint of disappointment that was now starting to take over the room.
“Oh, don’t be sad, darling.” Frank approached us, kneeling down in front of her so he was able to reach for her hand and caress it. “This actually doesn’t have anything to do with you, as hard as it might be for you to believe it.”
Andy nodded, clearing his throat to gather our attention. “Ransom has always been like this,” he explained, undoubtedly remembering our childhood and how our little brother was always the one who would end up forcing us to stop playing because a game wasn’t going the way he wanted.
“He’ll come around to it,” I assured her, rubbing her back. “He won’t be able to keep himself from you, you’re… too enticing, darling. And I don’t say this just because we’re bonded,” I whispered that last part in her ear, appreciating the way goosebumps rose where my warm breath touched.
She nodded hesitatingly, a lot of questions clearly still in her eyes. “Should I… Will I stay here with you?” It took a while to figure out what she meant since to us it was so obvious.
“Yes, angel. You belong with us now.” Frank grinned, rubbing her cheekbone with his knuckles.
“And we’ll take damn good care of you,” Andy winked from the couch, making her giggle.
“I’ve already picked most of your stuff from your house while you were transforming,” I explained. I saw the question in her eyes before she formulated it. “I just followed the trail of your scent. It wasn’t hard, you’re intoxicating, sweetheart.”
It was already dark and despite her having just woken up, I knew she was tired from everything we had discussed and what her body had been through the last few days. “Do you want your own room, doll?” I asked, as hard as it was for me to imagine trying to sleep without her weight in my bed.
While she was passed out, I used to curl my body over hers, needing to feel her heart beating against my chest, needing to be surrounded by her scent to fall asleep knowing she was protected.
“I can have that?” She questioned, eyes wide and tone so surprised it almost offended me.
“Of course, you can. We aren’t doing this to take over your life, darling. We don’t want you to feel obligated to do anything, not even to sleep with any of us, by any means of the term.” I assured her, pushing past my irritation to focus on my understanding of her confusion over the situation. “You can’t go back to the town for your own safety. You have no idea how people treat us back there. And as your Alphas, it’s our job to protect you.”
She bit her lower lip, contemplating my offer. “We’ll do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable,” Frank proceeded, “We’ll seduce you into wanting to be with us, kitten. We have no desire to force you into a sexual relationship you don’t want.”
Even though she did want it. He didn’t have to say it, everyone in the room could understand the implicit statement, could see how we affected her. But it was important for her to hear us say that: we’d all go about this on her time, and not simply bend her over the nearest piece of furniture and take what we needed from her.
Although that would be fun, sometime in the future.
“Once we do start deepening our relationship,” Andy continued, and although he managed to keep his smirk away from his face, it was easy to hear it in his tone of voice. “I can’t promise you’ll spend a lot of nights there… but you’ll always be able to go back to sleep in your own bed and lock the door to your room whenever you feel like you need some time alone.”
She remained quiet for a few more minutes, processing what we were saying, but I knew she was comforted by everything that had been exposed since there was no longer any tension in her body.
“I don’t want to sleep alone,” at last she admitted, voice small when she turned to the side to look me in the eye. A smile opened up in my lips, my heart soaring at the knowledge that she truly wanted me as much as I wanted her, and so, with a hand on her lower back, I ushered her up the stairs of our cottage.
“Then let me take you to bed.”
She turned around to wave at my brothers before allowing me to lead her away for the night, but I didn’t miss the way she stared out at the door for a few seconds, like she was hoping to catch a glimpse of Ransom.
Guess I’d be talking his ear off tomorrow.
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imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
Alpha, May I?
Part Two
** **
The drive to the Thrombey mansion was slow going, and given all the vehicles parked outside, all the Thrombey/Drsydale’s had crawled out of their holes to be here. Including Hugh, with his shiny little beemer that looked like a tin can with the top skewed off.
With Hugh having his beemer, you recognized the mustang Joni insisted on driving, the SUV for Walt and his wife snd their little nazi son, and the Escalade Linda and her husband drove. The small cluster of vehicles was parked haphazardly as you parked near the grass. When you slid the automatic level from drive to park and had turned off your car and tucked the keys into your pocket, you exited your car. You stood by the driver’s side of the car and studied the family through the window in the mansion, watching them linger in their air of sophistication and high class that turned your nose and your stomach.
You had to take deep breaths and ease the slight souring of your stomach that told you something amiss was on the near horizon. Your senses as an omega were sharpened and heightened to the mixing of scents, the alpha’s and beta’s, that cling heavily in the air. They must’ve gotten here movements before you did, or maybe you were just hyper-aware of the fact that among them all, housekeepers alike, there were only two omega’s, and you were one of them.
Linda and Ransom were the only alpha’s. Jodi, Meg, Walt and his wife, and Linda’s husband were all beta’s.
Jacob was a little shit.
“Y/N!” Meg called your name from the front door, waving her hand for you to come over, “we’re waiting for you!”
You let go of your car door and crossed the grass, the small flat heels of your boots digging into the lawn as you walked from the safety of your car to the clutches of the vultures tucked in the mansion.
“Hey Meg,” you greet her before wiping your boots on the rug at the front entrance, “you didn’t have to wait.”
“Grandad insisted,” she closed the door behind you and brushed past you, her scent billeting past you as she moved into the living room nearest the front entrance. She joined her mom, but not before shooting a glare toward Jacob.
“Good morning, Y/N.” the polite and somewhat courteous greetings were standard, the blasé way they made an effort to make you feel seen without being seen.
“Do you have any idea why we’re here?” Walt stood and walked with his cane thudding against the carpet and the hardwood floor as he moved toward you. “Did he say anything..?”
He was an alpha, and yet his scent was burning your nose; it was aggravating. It was stale and acrid, and you didn’t want it anywhere near you. He was married, he was mated, yet his scent was…driving. It was as if he was no longer satisfied with what he had; there was a streak of selfishness that was tainting his scent.
“No,” you exhaled sharply, your insides twisting when Hugh’s eyes landed on you, “I hadn’t heard anything.”
You pressed yourself back against the wooden staircase, your fingers gripping the wood. Your fingertips were running along the grooves in the wood, your eyes cast to the side as Hugh studied you with the sole purpose of watching you squirm. You usually wouldn’t have been so bothered by him, by any of him, but there was too much going on. Their scents were spiking, all of them. Every one of them was radiating like a thick fog, and it was making your head spin.
But no more than Hugh’s. He was the alpha whose scent was coming through the fog; his scent was the most distinguished through the haze, through the mist that carried.
“We’re ready for you in here,” a man dressed in a fine suit stepped out from the hallway, directing your attention to one of the study’s, “he wants to see the omega first.”
All eyes were on you. All eyes were glued to you as you spun on your heels and stalked toward the office toward the comfort that Harlan extended. You enjoyed Harlan’s company, even his mother’s company was more suitable than the rest of them.
“Harlan,” you slipped into the office, ignoring the lawyers setting up their files on the desk, “this has to do with your grand plan?”
He smiled at you from his place on one of the armchairs. His leg was crossed over the other, and he waved you over to the matching set, wishing to have a conversation with you before everything began. You took his request and sat on the armchair, though you pulled your feet up and tucked them under yourself. You fiddled with the seam of your sweater, tucking it into your palm and squeezing.
“You seem nervous,” Harlan commented, judging by the way you were sitting and the tightness in your shoulders.
“You are brilliant, Harlan. You have a talent for writing crime novels and mysteries, and I’m never sure what to expect from you.” You smiled small, your stomach still wrapped in a tight coil. “But whatever you’re planning-“
“It will throw them all off their game,” Harlan nods his head, “it is about time it had. They’ve been comfortable for too long.”
His plan had to do with you. It had to do with one of the only omega’s in the room.
You were not a pushover. You were an omega, but you were not a pushover. You would not cower and cater to any alpha who looked your way for the sole purpose of having someone to fuck and finger before discarding to the wind.
You were an omega, but you were strong in your convictions and hadn’t allowed yourself to be toyed with by an alpha looking for a quick lay.
You dug your heels in and doubled down on your efforts to find a suppressant that would not only make your scent as an omega come across as unappealing but also suppress your heats and limit them to insignificance.
You were an omega who would not allow yourself to be bossed around by any ordinary alpha simply because they wanted to control you. You were an omega with a strong mind and a more robust constitution.
Harlan Thrombey called you alpha in omega’s clothing, an apparent compliment if you had ever heard one. As an alpha himself, who had married and mated with an omega like yourself, one who wasn’t part of the norm, he admired your tenacity and strength.
“You’ve got a kind heart, Y/N.” Harlan flourished his compliments of your nature, of your goodness, along with that fire that wasn’t so typical of your ‘class.’
“I like taking care of people who deserve it.” You clarified, giving him the medication he needed for the morning. “But I will not be some alpha’s plaything. My mother raised me to have more respect for myself.”
You supposed it was your fault then. You thought you had no one to blame but yourself for the events that pushed you toward the most significant problematic alpha you’d ever come across.
Maybe it was your stubbornness and your innate drive not to be saddled to an alpha who would treat you like a fuck toy that made Harlan do what he did.
“It’ll be good for you and good for Ransom.” He spoke in the late hours of the night before you left after completing your duties to him and his mother.
“What are you planning, Harlan?” You questioned with hesitancy, afraid of what his game plan was.
“My grandson needs to get his head out of his ass,” Harlan settled into his study, watching you gather your medical bag.
“Is that possible?” You joked. “Hugh has his head shoved so far up his ass; he’s become his own puppet master.”
Harlan was your friend and your employer. He wanted a friend, someone to talk to that hadn’t belonged to his leeching family. He had made a reputation for himself and built an empire that created a safety net for his family. In turn, they had become spoiled and entitled.
Jodi stole 400,000 from Harlan over four years.
Linda and her husband were living on Harlan’s dime while providing Hugh with an income without having to lift a finger.
His son was trying to defy his father’s wishes and expand his books into territories that Harlan was not pleased with.
They were all leeches, by Harlan’s own words, and he blamed himself. He wanted to give them tools to survive in the real world, and all he had done was make them entitled.
“Would you do me a favour, Y/N?” He asked that late night, his hand clutching yours with a burden, unspoken, weighing him down. “Do you trust me?”
“Of course, Harlan,” you thought of him as your family, as your surrogate grandfather, seeing as your own family had long since gone. “You’re my family.”
“You trust me?” He asked a second time; his persistence should’ve been a sign to dig deeper, “you know I have your best interests at hand-“
“Harlan,” you interrupted him, “I trust you. You’re one of the only alpha’s who hadn’t done me wrong. Of course, I trust you.”
“We’re ready for you all,” the announcement was made, and the Thrombey/Drysdale’s made their way into the study to hear the announcement.
You kept your eyes off of them; you’re kept your gaze set upon the studs that were hammered into the study chairs for decoration. You studied them; you ran your fingers over the detailing of the armchairs, ignoring the heated stare of Hugh. He was staring at you with this smirk on his face, and his blue eyes narrowed slightly. As the only omega in the room, he was trying to intimidate you with his presence, with his stare. If there weren’t so many different scents mixing in the room, the staleness and acridness of some that soured your stomach, and others that cut right through you, you would’ve cursed him out. You would’ve thrown your steely glare his way, but as it stood, you couldn’t have if you tried.
It was your fault; looking back at the warning signs you were given, you could’ve prevented this.
“Before we all get started, I would like to inform you that the reading of Harlan Thrombey’s Will has already been enacted into reality, is notarized and has gone through the lawful proceedings and will be immediate upon the last read word.” The lawyer spoke before he unfolded the letter.
The entire family was hopeful; you could see it in their eyes, in their eager stares. They were waiting for the news of their inheritance, of their rightful riches.
“This will be good for you,” Harlan mumbled, squeezing your hand, “you just need to trust me.”
“In the reading of the will created within the confines of the law, within sound mind, body, and soul, Harlan Thrombey-“ the lawyer took a pause and raised his head, his eyes zeroing in on Harlan, who gave him one quick nod.
“-Harlan Thrombey will therefore be awarding his publishing rights, the houses, his 60 million dollar fortune, the rights to all of his written works to….” There was a moment’s silence before he continued.
“…Y/N L/N…” the lawyer looked at you standing at the back of the room. “…and Ransom Drysdale under a set of circumstances surrounding a mating between the two parties, that if forfeited, will result in all assets and rights to fall to the rightful ownership under Y/N L/N. The act is immediate, and all possessions and rights upon the reading of the will, are henceforth and….”
Your head snapped up; your wide eyes landed on Harlan. Your breath caught in your throat, and the churning of your stomach became a torrential hurricane that pushed the acid of your stomach up into your throat.
“Are you out of your god damn mind?!” You felt his presence, his anger rolling off him in thick, dense waves. Ransom Drysdale, the alpha you would be bound to unless he is willing to lose his fortune.
“Do you trust me?” Harlan’s voice echoed in your head. “I have your best interests at hand-“
Ransom Drysdale was in your best interest?
You flew from the chair and hurried out of the room, your hand covering your mouth as the threat of getting physically sick was thrust upon you. You ripped the door open and stumbled out, your knees colliding with the stone path as you threw your head over the flower beds and eliminated your stomach contents into the leafy green and the vibrant petals. Your whole body shook as the acid crawled up your throat and emptied into the dirt and the grass.
“You little bitch-!” Walter, maybe Richard, cursed you.
“Back the hell off!” Meg screeched at them, rushing to your side to hold your hair back. “You’re okay? Are you okay?”
Harlan. Harlan Thrombey left everything to you.
Immediate possession of every right.
Hugh would only get his inheritance if you were mated.
To Hugh Ransom Drysdale, no less.
“He’s out of his god damn mind if he thinks we are going to sit here and let this happen!”
“Mom!” Meg whipped her head around with one hand smoothing down your back and the other holding your hair. “Grandad said it’s done. It’s gone through the courts. It’s legal.”
“Legal! Meg-“
“You’re okay, sweetheart.” Linda was to your right. “You’re going to be okay.”
You sensed them all except Hugh. He was gone.
He was gone with gravel spitting off his tires as his tin can Beemer sped out of the driveway.
** **
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