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Fantasy AU where Steve's a virginal omega who's chosen to be sacrificed to a fearsome dragon, in the hopes that his kingdom will be spared from its wrath. Even as his blood runs cold at the sight of the beast, a nightmarish thing of red and black descending upon the rock he's chained to, he keeps his head held high, choosing to face this unfair death with courage. But everyone is shocked when the dragon instead breaks the chains and carries Steve off to the distant northern mountains (1/2)

(2/2) Once they reach the beast’s lair, Steve finds himself gently laid down in a pile of furs, watching in shock and confusion as the dragon slowly transforms into a naked human alpha named Thor. His movements slow and gentle, Thor kneels before Steve and pledges to be his mate, body and soul. As the weeks pass, Steve gets used to his new living situation and slowly starts to fall in love with this strange alpha, feeling warmer and more protected and loved then he can ever remember.

Okay, I love this concept, I’m weak for turning this “dragon capturing a maiden” trope on its head like this. Also, this sounds like my kind of monster fucking fic and I kinda want to write it. I kinda hate and love you for putting this idea in my head because I love it so much!

Once upon a time, Steve was wandering in the mountains. A dangerous pastime for a young boy, but his mother was the town’s apothecary, and that meant Steve had to learn where to find medicinal herbs, roots, and berries. It’s not exactly the most glamorous job in the world, but he enjoys it.

One day, he was looking for herbs to stock up for the winter. Every year was the same, of course. People got sick in the winter and his mother would make them medicines. There were rumors that she was a witch, but that didn’t keep people from coming to her when they were sick.

On that particular day, Steve went further up the mountain than usual. He was older, nearly 12 years old. His mother said he could handle it, but to be careful. Strange things sometimes lived in the mountains and the forest that covered them. Steve heeded her words, even if he wasn’t sure what exactly she was talking about. He had a bow and a quiver of arrows to protect himself and to hunt for food, should the opportunity arise. He was small and weak, but if he had the chance to shoot rabbits or fowl, he could take it.

He heard rustling in a bush and took out his bow. His pack was full, but if he could bring food home, that might be worth just as much as the herbs. When he emerged from the bush, though, what he found wasn’t a rabbit or a bird, but a small, strange lizard fighting a fox. The lizard was striking; red and black swirling over its body. Steve had never seen one like it before.

Between them was the carcass of a pheasant that the lizard seemed to defending rather desperately. Without thinking, Steve drew his bow and shot an arrow into the fox’s chest. The lizard squawked in shock, and growled at it caught Steve’s gaze. Steve held up his hands as he approached to collect the body and his arrow. A fox wasn’t good for meat, but the pelt could be used to make something warm or sold to the tanner in town so he could make use of it.

The lizard scented his hand and Steve tried his best to stay calm. It was said that an omega’s scent could calm even wild animals. How much of that was true or old wives’ tales, Steve had no idea, but it was worth a shot. The lizard calmed, picked up the pheasant in its jaws, and ran off faster than Steve could blink. Regardless, he bent down to pull the arrow out of the fox and put the carcass in an empty sack.

The fox made a warm hat that lasted many years. Steve never saw the lizard again, though. Two years after he found it, he went into his first heat. It was the talk of the town for more than a year afterwards. Many families made offers, especially the rich ones who thought that having a male omega would be a novel idea. Steve turned them all down. The last thing he needed was for some noble prick to take him from his work.

In time, rumors began circulating that he, too, was a witch. It didn’t matter if Steve had never actually done anything more than heal the sick and turn down offers of marriage from wealthy families. It didn’t even matter that his mother had, in fact, taught him actual magic in addition to his healing arts. He kept it secret and didn’t practice anything where others might intrude.

Then, ten years after he met the strange lizard, his mother died. It wasn’t unexpected. Her health had been failing her for years before it finally claimed her. Steve wept bitterly at the funeral. Many people turned out, but few offered comfort to Steve. His friends in the town were few, indeed, and none of them could fill the gaping hole her death left in his life.

Only months later, the dragon appeared.

The kingdom was in an uproar. Every effort to drive the beast away had been met with disaster. An army had been ravaged, fields burned, and towns pillaged. The entire town was in a state over the news. There was talk of preparing a sacrifice in the event that the dragon appeared in their region.

Steve scoffed at such talk. What kind of dragon would be placated with an omega virgin? Many of the men who made such suggestions were becoming eager to marry off their omega offspring in the hopes that someone else’s child would be chosen to be offered. Steve didn’t think it would really happen.

Until it did.

The powerful families of the town were increasingly anxious. Many of them were still offended that Steve had refused all offers of marriage. As the dragon entered their region, the rumors of his being a witch became louder. People stopped coming to his shop for remedies, they slammed doors in his face, some refused to do business with him. A few days after Steve consumed the last of his food, soldiers approached his door. The city council had agreed to offer him up to the dragon. Weak with hunger, Steve went willingly.

The next day he was taken out to the battlements. He was chained to the ground as the dragon approached. Steve gasped, his blood went cold at the sight. The dragon was huge! It was nearly as big as the fortress itself. The scales gleamed crimson red with black swirls, like a sunset with teeth that could set the entire town ablaze.

The head of the council shook violently as he read their declaration of offering Steve to the dragon. Steve took a deep breath and shook as the dragon sniffed him. Then, the dragon extended a huge, clawed paw and snapped the chains like they were nothing more than twigs. The dragon took Steve in its hand and flew away. Steve didn’t even have the sense to scream as he watchd his town fade into the distance.

The dragon flew for what seemed like hours until it arrived in a part of the mountains Steve had never seen or heard of before. The mountains were tall and huge and covered with snow. Then, the dragon began to descend and walked into the mouth of an enormous cavern. It was decorated with lavish furs, torches, and rich furnishings. The dragon set Steve down on a pile of furs when it began to shine. A moment later, a large, very naked man stood before Steve. What’s more, the man smelled very strongly of alpha. Steve had never scented one more potent. His blond hair went past his shoulders and his chest, arms, and legs were all covered in tattoos of the same red and black swirls as the dragon. Steve swallowed and backed away as the man approached.

“Well met, little one,” the man—dragon— said.

“Do I… know you?” Steve asked.

“Of course,” the dragon said with a smile. “You saved me from the fox when I was a starving babe.”

Steve’s eyes went so wide he was surprised they didn’t fall out. “That was you?!? How?”

“Dragons grow quickly when magic and food is plentiful,” the dragon replied. He knelt in front of Steve. “I have been searching for you.”

Steve blinked. “Why?”

“Your scent has remained with me night and day these past 15 years,” the dragon said. “I have bided my time until I could return to you.”

“But why me? And why did you cause so much destruction?” Steve asked.

“I did nothing that was not in self-defense,” the dragon replied. “I attempted to reason with them, but they refused to listen. Knights preferred the prospect of becoming famous heroes than to help a dragon find the man he loves.”

Steve blinked again. “The man you love?”

“Yes, little one,” the dragon said. “I am Thor, the king of dragons, and I have searched these many months to find you. I will pledge my eternal love, service, and devotion to you, my sweet, if you will have me.”

Steve reeled. He couldn’t deny the attraction he felt for the still very large man, but no one had ever declared their love for him, at least, not in a way that he found convincing. Thor, though, seemed sincere.

“I didn’t know the dragons had a king,” Steve said. Thor smiled.

“We do, and I am he,” Thor said. “I would have you be my queen, if you consent.”

“And if I don’t?” Steve asked.

“Then, with sorrow, I will return you to your home, or you may reside here to find another you deem worthy, or you may name the place and I will take you there and never return,” Thor said. “You are free to do as you wish.”

Steve considered this for a moment. His home had willingly turned him over, expecting him to be eaten. A dragon, and a king at that, had emerged as a suitor for his hand, who also happened to be the strange creature Steve had saved as a boy. It was a strange turn of events, to be sure.

He looked around the cavern. It was a surprisingly warm place for a home so high up in the mountains. The air smelled of jasmine and ginger, too, not like a den for a wild animal. Human kings and lords lived in less splendid conditions. Still, that wasn’t a reason to accept such an offer.

“May I have time to consider?” Steve asked.

“Indeed you may,” Thor said. “Take as much time as you require. I only have one thing to ask.”

“Yes?” Steve asked.

“May I court you, in the way humans court a mate? I suspect that you would find the way dragons court a mate to be less appealing,” Thor said. Steve smiled.

“I think I would like that,” he said. Thor smiled, his teeth gleaming and sharp. The look made him appear wild, but also charming, in a way. He also looked excited, in a way that made Steve shiver with anticipation.

“Thank you, little one,” Thor said. He bent to kiss Steve’s hand, and despite the chaste gesture, Steve blushed furiously. Thor made a sound that was similar to purring, but deeper. The sound made Steve shiver again. “I promise you will enjoy your stay among us.”

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🐸 would Thor be more formal and court Peter before bonding?

I totally forgot about this ask! I’m sorry @frobster!

Thor would be a mix of formal courtship with the barely restrained desire to claim. Thor tends to be intense, too, so he would probably shower Peter in gifts, too. At the same time, Peter would be able to scent his arousal. Thor wouldn’t really try to hide it, but he is also one for tradition, so he is very careful to follow it.

No spoilers, but things tend to work very differently on Asgard. Once all the traditions have been observed, Thor would probably pounce on Peter like a lion on a gazelle. Not that Peter would complain, of course. 😉

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Alpha!Thor x OmegaReader

WARNINGS- ABO, kidnap? I guess,smut, breeding kink

Word count-931


- first time doing smutty stuff with this ♡


Rainbows lit the night sky and the ground shook beneath your feet. He has come, like they said he would. Each year the golden alpha arrived and each year he selected a mate. One who would travel to his world, carry his pups, and become a part of his pack. However, this had only begun ten years earlier.

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Life after the “End”

Thor was excited to be back with the team and eager to tell them about his and Steve’s news. Not only was his omega going to become his queen, officially, but they were expecting their first children too which made him feel a deep pride for their little family.

When the rest of the team returned to the tower the alpha was sitting with his omega on the couch, snuggling but he helped his mate up so they could greet their pack. “Our friends, our pack, we have missed you!” The thunderer greeted, giving all of them a hug. @heroesofbr00klyn

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summary: falling for him felt as easy as breathing, but could she really handle the burden of being in love with the most powerful werewolf in the world?

main pairing: alpha!thor x omega!reader 

warnings: top of my mind, swearing, sex and violence. the trifecta i suppose.  

last updated at: 17/08/2019 (and in US language: 08/17/2019)

chapter session:


chapter one

chapter two

chapter three

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Thor hitting his rut and going all berserker rage on Loki??? Loki counting the days until Thor’s rut hits 😩💦💦💦💦💦

absolutelyyy~ like maybe thor’s a little more aggressive than a normal alpha and it’s been remarked on by others, so he’s worried about going into rut bc loki’s an alpha too so what if it turns into a blood match?

but instead his hormones start raging and loki is all over him and feels so right that thor just throws him down and fucks him hard and loki couldn’t be happier about it

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Alpha Thor and Beta Loki. In Asgard, there are only alphas or omega, Loki desperately wishing he isn't attracted to his older brother but also wishing to present as an omega, so he could entice thor with his scent. On the day of loki's presentation, he didn't came out as an alpha or an omega, but a beta, which confused all of Asgard, and only the king and queen knows why (yes Jotunheim only has betas) after years of not knowing what was wrong with him, loki was told he was adopted (1/2)

Of course loki didn’t take the news well and was hurt, but thor doesn’t love his brother any lesser, in fact thor has always loved loki and his plain/‘scentless’ scent (even before loki presented as beta), thor was always afraid of what loki will present as since thor has a powerful sense of smell and the smell of alphas and omegas are overwhelming for him and not once is he attracted to others smell, aside from the calming plain scent his brother always exude *they got together eventually (2/2)

This is honestly such a lovely twist on the normal a/b/a tropes. Although this is probably the only time anything to do with Loki could be described as calming and plain. 

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Thor is a single alpha dad. His is the ceo of a company and is extremely busy. He hires a babysitter to look after his baby/toddler. The babysitter is loki, who is also a single omega. Loki is a babysitter he loves kids and want to have them so much, but is afraid to try again since he was already left by his mate when loki miscarried. So loki babysits instead. After spending months, thor's child start to think loki as his mom. Thor also wants to ask loki out but loki is still hurting

This is both painful and soft and I am enjoying it! 

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Please do a sequel to your sequel of ABO Thorki! I want to know what happens next!

A continuation of this 


“What’s wrong with us?”

Frigga didn’t know what to say. She let Loki lay his head in her lap and weep, stroking her fingers through his dark curls, trying to soothe him as best she could. She let magic slip from her finger tips, but Loki was too distraught to allow her to heal him. 

“We’re brothers! I don’t understand how this could have happened.”

He looked up at her, his lashes wet with tears and Frigga kept her face placid as she stared back.

She had told Odin that they should be careful. She had warned him that with Loki’s first season soon approaching they should discuss Loki’s adoption with both their sons, but her husband had scoffed at her fears. 

He didn’t see the closeness they had, didn’t see the danger. 

Thor had been showing off, performing displays of strength designed to impress his potential mate. Loki had been coy, keeping Thor on his toes, but giving just enough encouragement to coax his brother on and make his willingness known. It was a mating ritual Frigga had seen a hundred times over and she had seen the danger.

She never would have allowed them to go off adventuring together, but her husband had overruled her. 

Frigga pushed Loki’s hair away from his neck, ignoring her son’s whimper, and looked at the dark, fresh bite. 

Loki was mated to Thor now and there was nothing any of them could do  to change that. 

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Summary: It’s rut season at the compound. Omega Reader plans to ride it out alone, locked in her room away from any unwanted Alphas. But she finds that to be a lot easier said than done when the team’s strongest Alpha pays a visit.

Pairings: Alpha!Thor x Omega!Reader

Type: Series (A/B/O Dynamics)

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 2,159

A/N: This one was stressful to write guys. I’m struggling with angst so much lately! But I hope you like it :)

Part 9, Part 11


It was a beautiful day. The sky was clear and the sun was warm on your skin as you stepped out onto the field behind the compound where Sam, Steve and Bucky were hanging out by a pile of gym bags. 

You jogged over to them and put your things down. “Hey guys!” you greeted them and began stretching your legs. 

“Hey (y/n), how are you feeling today?” Steve asked you as he walked over and helped you deepen your stretch. “I’m good, I’m good.” You replied. “You have no idea how nice it is to just be outside.” You groaned as Steve put more pressure on your stretch.

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Summary: It’s rut season at the compound. Omega Reader plans to ride it out alone, locked in her room away from any unwanted Alphas. But she finds that to be a lot easier said than done when the team’s strongest Alpha pays a visit.

Pairings: Alpha!Thor x Omega!Reader

Type: Series (A/B/O Dynamics)

Warnings: some swearing, 

Word Count: 1,774

A/N: Angst and subtle drama are not my thing. So please bear with me.

Part 8, Part 10


When the next morning came around you were more than ready to get out of Thor’s room. You had been cooped up there for well over 36 hours and you were getting cabin fever. You planned to have breakfast with the pack and then go to the gym or even just to spend some time with the girls.

Thor used everything is his arsenal to convince you to stay in bed though. If he had it his way you would stay in there until your heat cycle had fully completed. But you insisted and he was forced to give up. It worried him that another fever could hit you when he wasn’t around and made you promise that you’d call him immediately if you needed him. 

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Alpha! Medieval! Thor x Omega! Medieval! Reader

Summary: You are on the run, thinking back to where it went wrong, and why you must be running for your life. Tony learns what you mean to Thor, and how crucial it is to actually find you safe.

Warnings: a/b/o dynamics, angst, memories (in italics), mentions of rape of underaged (very brief, nothing graphic)

Word Count: 2070

A/N: We finally learn the truth! What do you guys think? Oh, maybe go back to chapter 2, just to remind yourselves of what happened there, and who Thor met. (*hint hint*) Let me know your thoughts, please! Love you all!! xx


Series Masterlist __ Masterlist

< Previous Chapter

You woke up with a start. Where were you? And how the hell did you get there? You thought as you slowly in all your surroundings. You only then realised that you made a bed of leaves last night and that that’s exactly where you woke up that morning. Cold and sore, but determined to continue on your way. You didn’t want to be the reason why Thor would be beheaded, and that reason alone was enough for you to swiftly get up, pick up the sack you had with you with the remaining of your food, and set on foot once again.

It’s been three long days since you ran away like a coward. No, you thought. You had your reasons, and you knew that.

But still, you ran away without saying goodbye to your friends and to Thor. Just the thought of him and his beautiful smile with his warm eyes looking deep inside your soul made your skin tingle. The Omega in you whined and demanded to be taken back to where she belonged, but no could do.

You had your old compass in one hand, trying to head as much west as you could, staying off of lands which you knew were part of some kingdoms, and tried to stay on the borders as much as possible, until you’ve entered the land of nobody.

It was a long stretch of land which has been fought over for centuries, but there has never been a winning party, letting the land to be unattended, which then made it perfect for you. You knew you had to reason to trespass to different kingdoms, and you also knew that if you were to be your true self, nobody would believe you. And if you weren’t… being an unclaimed Omega was difficult enough. You could only imagine some people treating you like a whore, and you tried to keep that as far as possible.

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So I’ve been trying to write an essay for 2 months due to writers block. WELL I FINISHED IT TODAY GUYS! I think I may post some one shots (nor sure of what but I’m turning this blog into a multi Fandom blog for writing) send me requests cuz I lost all the ones I have. Dont worry I’m keeping the name

Cuz Loki is now a marvel, 5sos,supernatural and any other subject I want to write about


Originally posted by maryxglz

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Medieval Alpha Thor x Medieval Omega Reader

Summary: There is only one thing left to do to protect Thor from your past. Run. And neither Tony nor Thor are too happy about your decision.

Warnings: fluff, angst

Word Count: 1710

A/N: Things are getting angsty you guys, hope you’re ready. If you like this story, please let me know. I know that not that many people are into it, but I hope those of you who read it at least enjoy it :) xx


Series Masterlist __ Masterlist

< Previous Chapter

Waking up the next morning, a warmth surrounded you. You knew that the warmth came from the sun shining outside of the castle’s walls, but you had the feeling as if it came from inside of you. Just from the warmth, your heart has been basking in ever since Thor said goodbye to you the night before. You stayed up talking for the better part of the night, sharing little information about each other, enjoying the other’s company.

Thor left with a huge smile on his face, and you loved how his cheeks reddened when you complimented him on something he wasn’t used to. Thor was a beautiful man, you were aware of that, and you were pretty sure he also knew about this quality. He was used to people complimenting him on his golden hair, on his strength, on his body, all of it. But when you told him you admired his intelligence, he couldn’t help himself but feel like a schoolgirl.

When you noticed this little trait of his, you tried to highlight the things you were sure some people didn’t care to see. His strength was admirable, sure, but it was the strength of character that you elevated when talking to him. However bad he thought himself as a prince, you assured him that he was still acting like the heir of Asgard’s throne, not giving his father the chance to doubt him. You were sure all kings when talking to Odin would tell him that Thor was the example of eloquence and royalty, that he wasn’t just the bratty child they expected.

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