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(ONE SHOT) fit two people under your skin  STAR WARS
Febuwhump Day 1 - Brainwashing
Alpha-17 doesn’t believe in monsters.
He’s lived through too much in his life to believe in the creatures under the bed, or those that creep through the dark hallways and eat unsuspecting cadets. He’s seen real monsters, he’s seen cruelty and violence. He’s seen real life, and nothing can scare him more than that, but he comforts himself with the knowledge that everything dies, that he can fight to the death if he has to. He knows the pain of being taken apart piece by piece, of being tortured past his limits, of watching so many vode marching off to the death. He knows the pain of losing good men that he trained personally, the pain of losing those he raised himself from childhood.
He knows the pain that comes from not having done enough.
Millions of vode are dead, millions more will die, and Alpha is almost numb to it. He’s lost enough that it no longer surprises him.
But he’s never had anyone come  back from the dead, and yet, here he is.
Months ago, Alpha had been brought back to the warfront by the death of his little brother, one of the boys he had trained and raised from childhood to be one of the best. He had been on Kamino when news had reached him that Marshal Commander Cody had died in the line of duty, and he had immediately felt the world drop out from beneath him. Cody -  Kote  - the youngest and smallest of Squad 17, his  vod’ika  ,  his ad’ika ; his pride and joy. Cody had been one of his, he had watched him grow into the man he was, and Alpha had thought, had hoped, that out of any of them, that Cody would make it to the end of this Manda-forsaken War. Cody had been a leader, a viciously competent warrior that put even other A-classers to shame. He may have only been a CC, but Alpha would bet anything that he’d be able to beat even a Null into the ground if given the chance.
He had never imagined Cody being just another name on a KIA list.
Cody could have been their leader, had the spirit needed to be Mand’alor. He had a natural charisma that made people  want to follow him, a strength to his soul that shone like fire in his eyes. He could be beaten, but he’d never break.
But he’d still died. He had died and left his 212th without a Commander.
Eventually, Alpha had managed to hunt down the troopers that had survived the mission that had killed one of his boys. Had tracked them down during shore leave and demanded to know what had happened. They couldn’t tell him much, because of the confidential status of the mission, but eventually a pale-faced and haunted Echo had spoken up, staring down at his alcohol like it could take the nightmares away.
“It should have been me.” The young ARC Trooper had whispered, looking close to tears, and Fives had gripped his brother’s hand like a lifeline. “I had gone for the shuttle - Cody - he saw what was about to happen before any of us. He saved me. He threw me out of the way and took the blast instead.”
Alpha had volunteered as soon as he could, had hunted General Kenobi down and put his name forward as his next Commander. He knew what his  ad’ika  would have wanted; he’d want Alpha to teach and protect his men where he couldn’t, to lead his Ghosts and 7th Sky. He’d trust Alpha-17 to watch his  Jetii’s back, to be at his side when he couldn’t, because Alpha wasn’t blind - he knew what his Kot’ika thought of General Kenobi, knew what he’d felt for him. He had seen the way Cody had looked at Kenobi, had known that they’d work well together when he’d suggested Cody as the Commander for Kenobi’s Battalion, even if he’d never imagined his little brother actually falling in love with the man.
Despite how much it hurt to stand in his place, Alpha had put himself forward, had painted his armour gold, and taken the title of Commander. It fits like an ill-fitting body glove, but Alpha wears it, because it’s what Cody would have wanted. He could keep up with Kenobi better than any shiny commander could, could call the Jedi out on his bullshit and keep him and his men safe. He knows it hurts Kenobi too. He knows that sometimes Kenobi turns to him expecting Cody to be there to a witty quip or a sarcastic smirk, and he sees the way he falters when it’s Alpha there instead.
The troopers are the same. Alpha knows they respect him, that they look up to him, but he’s not Cody, and they all know it. Over the months though, they’d learned how to work together; he’s glad it was him who had taken over for Cody, because he recognizes a lot of the signs of his own training in the way the 212th troopers move, no doubt passed on by Cody. They don’t move the way CTs are expected to move, instead Alpha can see his own personalized ARC training shining through in them, and he knows that any other commander wouldn’t have been able to keep up. As the months pass, he whips them into shape, distracts them from their grief, and keeps them moving.
And then rumours of the Seperatists’ newest asset reaches them. Until Umbara, no one sees it, but they hear the rumours spread by the small numbers of survivors left behind. Some sort of new droid made to look like a clone in black armour, that never speaks, never hesitates, and always wins. Until Umbara, its nothing more than a ghost story, a monster in the night, but Alpha had never believed in monsters, it was just another clanker that he’d destroy if he faced it on the field.
It was called many things; monster, assassin, dark trooper, but Alpha would know it as another target.
And then Umbara happened. The asset had killed Krell, had saved the lives of the 501st troopers that the  dar’jetii  was tormenting. It had killed  only  Krell, had torn the Besalisk apart, and then walked away; it hadn’t even  touched the clones, had barely even looked at them before leaving. Rex had come to him afterwards, baring footage of the fight between the asset and the General, an odd look on his face.
“It fights like a vod, Alpha.” Rex had said, sounding confused and lost as they’d watched the footage over and over again, looking to learn the clanker’s fighting style to better combat it in battle. “It fights like  you do.”
Watching the figure in black and gold armour, styled mockingly after his own, a kama swinging around it’s waist and a gold pauldron on it’s shoulder, Alpha couldn’t help but agree. It did fight like a clone; specifically, it fought like one of the cadets Alpha had trained personally. It was reckless, throwing itself into battle without a care, twisting into powerful kicks and using its blaster like a club in ways that Alpha specifically remembers one of his cadets doing, something that had driven Alpha to a frothing rage.
It fights like  Cody.
He hadn’t voiced it at the time, had stewed in his rage at the insult aimed towards his dead  vod’ika. A droid that fought like Cody, a droid that had the exact same shade of orange-gold as his  vod’ika had chosen for his Battalion. It was an insult and an affront on everything Alpha stood for. He’d held on to that anger, had let it burn hot and harsh in his gut, knowing that the moment he faced the clanker on the battlefield, that he’d  destroy it.
He would tear it apart for the insult it symbolized. To know that the Seperatists were perverting his brother’s memory in such a way lights a fire in him that refuses to burn out.
And then he gets the chance to fight the asset. He fights it one on one, intent to destroy it and avenge his little brother, when the bucket comes off and Alpha’s heart stops. All he can think of, is that that’s a face glaring up at him, a familiar face with a familiar scar. He barely remembers the chaos that had followed.
Somehow, the asset is Cody.
Somehow, they’d managed to get the asset -  Cody, his Kote - sedated and transferred onto the  Negotiator. It had hurt all of them to need to restrain him, to strip away black plastoid to reveal prosthetics and burns. They’d gotten him back to the ship, into the medbay and under the medics’ hands, and they’d found a  chip in his head.
And now, Alpha is staring down at the limp body strapped down to the biobed, ankles, hips, chest, and arms pinned to the bed by unforgiving metal, to make sure he wouldn’t attack again when he woke up. It’s still Cody. He’s missing both his legs at the thighs, there’s metal drilled into his spine and up the back of his skull. There’s a blinking monitor embedded into his chest, scarred skin growing around it, flashing with his heartbeat. They’d shaved him, put a cybernetic implant on the side of his head, over where his ear should be and stretching around his temple to interrupt the curving, hooked scar that had become his little brother’s visual marker of individuality, the one Alpha personally remembers tending to, right before pulling Cody into ARC training to ensure that Priest and Reau wouldn’t get their hands on him again. He’s covered in twisting, healing burn scars, left from the explosion they had all believed to have killed him, and there’s dark bruises standing stark against brown skin.
Bruises that Alpha had put there, when he’d nearly broken his brother’s neck while fighting him. When he had thought that Cody was a droid programmed to fight like him.
He'd nearly killed his little brother, the boy he'd raised, and he never would have known if he hadn't accidentally knocked his helmet off.
“Manda.” He breathes harshly, nostrils flaring, and he drops down into the chair Pace had put next to Cody’s bed. He ignores the medic’s eyes drilling into the side of his head, instead reaching out to gently squeeze Cody’s limp hand like he had when Cody had been a too-small child enduring too-cruel punishments in the place of more replaceable brothers. “What can you tell about the chip?”
Pace scowls, “It only showed up on a level five atomic scan.” He says, “We only found it because we were trying to find out the cause of the strange brain activity we were picking up - it showed up as a tumour, but once we removed it -” he gestures to the petri-dish next to the biobed, “- we found  that.”  ‘That’ being an ugly scrap of what looked like flesh, pink and pocketed and flecked with old blood. “Removing it from the frontal lobe stopped the strange brain signals we were picking up, and his waves went back to baseline - what you could expect from a regular clone.” Alpha tears his eyes away from Cody’s peaceful face to glower at the strange object. “We don’t have any proof, won’t until we can see how he acts when he wakes up, but Crys thinks it could have been controlling him.”
Alpha lets out a harsh curse, “Fucking seppies.”
“Yeah.” Pace murmurs, then shifts. “Commander,” he says slowly, enough of something odd in his tone that it makes Alpha look up to meet his gaze, to see them dark with anger, “whatever it is - that chip? It wasn’t made by the Seps.”
“What?” Alpha’s eyes narrow dangerously, and Pace nods, glowering at nothing as he rubs a hand aggressively against the gray fabric of his uniform.
“It gives off a different signal than the… prosthetics -” he says the words with furious contempt, like the sentence is rotten on his tongue, “- they drilled into him.”
Alpha snarls, baring his teeth like a cornered animal as he grips Cody’s clammy hand protectively, like he could destroy whatever did this to him with his will alone. “Who  do I need to kill for what they did to him?”
“Sir.” Pace’s voice is just as dangerous, “Whatever it is? It’s  Kaminoan.”
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“Jason is wasted as a house maid” what kind of job would you have him do Bruce? 👀
Bruce has very little to do as the household descends into organised chaos to get everything arranged in time. He mainly assists by keeping out of their way and corralling Tim, Damian and Duke to free up Alfred.
But the usual household tasks must still get done, and so he finds himself a week later in his study, a stack of ledgers for Wayne Ent. to review on his desk, and Jason making his way around the bookshelves, dusting.
He has been hopelessly distracted ever since Jason knocked, and so takes the opportunity to observe Jason. For once, Jason's actions don't feel like an elaborate attempt to seduce Bruce: his skirts are short, yes, and far more of his decolletage is on display than Bruce has seen on the other maids. But it doesn't feel like an escalation. His skirt is just as short and his top as low cut as it was last week. Bruce watches his movements, they're not nearly as graceful and sweeping as they were last week.
And, most damming of all, his tail isn't the typical lush, resplendent bushel of fur, but ever so slightly ragged.
Bruce makes up his mind. He puts the ledger aside. "It must be tiring."
Jason turns around and yes, under his eyes there are the beginnings of dark circles. "Sir?"
"I know Alfred typically runs a tight ship, but there is ought to be a good balance of work time and off time."
Jason gives Bruce an almost calculating look. "Yes, compared to other places I've worked, usually the evenings and nights are ours, and Sundays too of course."
"But with this gala."
Jason bobs a nod. "There's more work to be done."
Bruce stands. "Come with me."
Jason doesn't quite back up a step but a look like he would want to passes quickly over his face. "Mr Wayne?"
"I. You need a." Bruce clears his throat and represses the ridiculous urge to blush. "You need a break. I thought. I could dust and. The bath in my rooms, it has hot water on tap. You could bathe and I would fulfill your duties."
Jason's expression shifts and eventually settles on the slightest of smirks. He leans back against the bookcases, twists slightly to highlight the press of his breasts against his top, flicks his tail to make the side of his skirt ride up. "Am I too dirty, Mr Wayne?" he purrs.
Bruce clears his throat again and doesn't think about Jason, wet and warm from a bath, smelling like Bruce's soaps and shampoos. Doesn't think about Jason wrapping himself in a towel and sitting at the vanity in Bruce's rooms intended for his future wife to use. Doesn't think about getting on his knees and brushing out Jason's tail until it's thick and shining and beautiful again.
"I've created extra work for you. This is all I can do to apologise."
Something in the set of Jason's eyes changes and he smiles, just a little. "I'd like that. But you're explaining to Mr Pennyworth, if he asks!"
"Of course." Bruce can't keep his tone from turning pointed as he says, "you know how to get to my rooms, yes?"
His pillow still smells of Jason.
Jason doesn't even have the grace to blush. "Yes."
They look at each other for a while. Bruce, usually so aware of his surroundings, cannot tell for how long.
Jason's eyes are a stunning hazel. He's never noticed before.
Eventually, Jason steps forward, and puts one gloved hand on Bruce's wrist. "Thank you, Mr Wayne."
Suddenly Bruce thinks he's do just about anything to hear Jason call him by his given name, but his jaw seems to have rusted shut, and Jason is gone before he can force his mouth open.
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TG: obsessed with lukes guy walker
TT: Luke's what now?
TG: from star war
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As a closed eye rests lashes upon a cheek — Crosshair/Echo
The hold your heart au returns!! a/b/o as usual: discussions of pregnancy & past pregnancy
Read on ao3
Echo’s hand trembles when he slides the sample onto the tray. Just slightly. Just enough to be noticeable. He supposes it’s fair when he can feel his stomach churning a violent nausea that refuses to be ignored.
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Tumblr media
OMG...they have a superpower that was so majestic and magic...here's a crossover between Yuto and Alpha from Yugioh Arc V and Inazuma Eleven Go...that was pretty cool...well, I've been Halloween time and Saint day or Soul Day in November...I'm very excited to have the Christmas Day of my life, and thank you to those who like my art☺
Please don't repost any of my art without my permission
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i'm gonna squish alpha's face and you can't stop me
Tumblr media
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hi it’s irresponsibility101 i promise i’m working on the prompt but i’m extraordinarily tired and it is very quickly running away from me and also they won’t let me send asks from my side blog—
i have a horrible horrible plot bunny regarding korriban and vox that hasn’t left me alone so now i’m sharing it with you, have fun!
fox finds out about something he shouldn’t have somehow and palpafuck decided to be creative in his murder methods and sends him off korriban. vox is a thing that happens. i don’t know how, but it does. fox doesn’t die but also has various sith planet(/stress) induced hallucinations that are very fun and angsty and probably involves his batchmates + rex. that’s it, that’s all i’ve got.
anyway i’m just now remembering that you said to talk about your fics and this... isn’t but i think i was looking at one of your quotes when i came up with it so eh it’s probably related enough.
Hi Elz (@irresponsibility101)!!!!!! And no worries about the prompt, take your time, and the ask thingy, it's fine! Sorry for taking a while to answer, got busy soon after you sent the ask!
Which quote btw?
Idea Under Cut!↴
Ooooooooo honestly, you just gave me the vision of Quinlan finding Fox a guy he had a crush on while on a mission (possibly the one where he 'fell' to get in Dooku's good side) and finds Fox, who people fought that died while protecting the Chancellor at home, who clearly hasn't eaten or drank anything in a while (while possibly either stuck in a room or chained somewhere, or both) and clealry being affected by the force.
Yada yada yada, Quinlan claims he wants to keep Fox as a pet, so he gets to bring him to the Separatist space, yada yada yada, Fox is recovering physically while refusing to speak to the guy he likes Quinlan bc "Traitor!" and also dealing with memories of hallucinations of both his vode being hurt and denouncing him, maybe even of them hurting him, AND the fact that he can now interact with Dead Sith Ghosts and see them in the Force, and them maybe being like 'You are slightly Force Sensitive, so you will be our apprentice' (which results in Fox learning stuff from the Dark Side of the Force, which he doesn't use, he just now knows what to do Just In Case) and then slowly discovering things that Palpatine did (maybe even the chips after a Sith commented that they were being 'kind' by offering him to join them willingly instead of activating the inhibitor chips) because what he found out wasn't actually anything to do with the Sith, maybe he discovered that Palpatine didn't pay his taxes in a while or whatever.
Long story short, Quinlan breaks cover when he discovers that Fox may possibly know who the Sith Master behind the War is because *stuff* and takes Fox away from there, and basically they go on a run away from Separatists while being hunted down, especially bc only a few minutes before Quinlan left Serenno had Palpatine learned that Quinlan had 'bought' a clone Marshall commander, not any, the one in charge of Coruscant, that was believed to be dead and was 'keeping him' as a 'pet'.
Anyway, they go on the run, all the while dealing with the temptation of falling bc of all the bullshit they suffered/were forced to do + the fact that they are being followed by literally Sith Ghosts also, the Jedi Order are trying to find them, because Quinlan's last message was literally 'Found someone who knows who the Sith Master is, breaking cover' and then didn't reply to any message or anything like that, for weeks, they thought he was dead.
Until he sends a message again with maybe the chip info, which possibly leads to the Bad Batch + our favourite Domino duo + Alpha-17 who was there bc it was a high stake mission and they needed the best of the best (members depending) being on the run with them (does it involve Alpha-17 watching over Fox bc even though he was recovery, he isn't still fully recovered), yada yada yada, final fight scenes where the group reconnects with a group of Jedi and clones (possibly Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan plus the main clones from 212th and 501st (or maybe the whole battalions), which includes Rex and Cody obviously) a bit before they arrive in Coruscant to confront Palpatine, yada yada, they arrive, join maybe Mace and Plo and Aayla, maybe, and other Jedi and clones to take down Sidious, yada yada yada, Palpatine is extra dead, the Jedi away from the Republic, Fox is stuck for an extra week in the healing ward recovering while being watched over by his Vode and Jedi (including his boyfriend, Quinlan, because hey definitely started dating while on the run, sorry, I don't make the rules).
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"You don't get a say in things. You're a prisoner," said Echo.
"No?" Boba smiled, cutting despite his youth. "I think you're overestimating yourself."
Echo breathed out hard through his nose. He reminded himself that this wasn't a cadet, or a brother. Despite the face. Boba was an enemy, a bounty hunter, and their shared blood meant nothing to him.
He couldn't afford to be distracted by the sneer-smile that reminded him so sharply of Cutup.
Reaching across the table, he tapped at the cuffs.
"You don't have a leg to stand on here, Fett," said Echo.
"Until I escape," said Boba.
"Until I get tired of your attitude and leave you behind on a hostile planet," corrected Echo.
Though, it was far more likely he would just ransom him back to the Empire. Boba was terrifyingly good at what he did. The Empire would pay to have him in their debt.
Alpha-17 would have killed him for even thinking it. But then. Alpha-17 was dead.
All his brothers were.
"Now," said Echo, settling back in his seat and watching the way Boba eyed the blast doors. "Tell me about Coruscant."
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Say You'll Stay Right By My Side (I'll Keep You Warm My Dear)
Alpha-17 would like to say that being Senator Amidala's bodyguard is the easiest job he's ever had. He'd be lying through his teeth, but he'd like to be able to say it.
Fox and Fives tagging along when they go on the run from her crazy ex isn't part of his plans, but he can make it work. At least he has Jango to help him out. The old man has to be good for something eventually.
Wait, what's this about a sabotaged ship and a storm on Hoth?
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jacensolodjo · 3 years ago
Characters: Boba Fett, Jango Fett, various Alpha ARCs.
Warning: None really. Rating: G
Genre: Action
Summary: Some time before the Clone Wars, Boba and the Alphas have dual custody of Jango’s time. 
Notes: @thesummerstorms asked for some happy Boba time. I fully admit I’m not that experienced writing Boba OR Jango but you can’t get better if you don’t practice right? So I apologize for any awkward dialogue lmao Also for reference they’re about 7 standard years of age, so the Alphas are actually like ~14 while Boba is 7 in all ways. 
With Jango, the Alphas had learned quickly that once they hit a certain age they would see less of him. But Boba would too. Generally, they stayed apart (by design) but sometimes, a part of the Alphas knew that they should try to include Boba sometimes whenever Jango was away. 
As Boba got older, he almost seemed to hate how often Jango was gone or busy finishing the Alphas’ training. Seventeen and the others did their best to be nice, but sometimes... 
Sometimes they cajoled the boy to join them in a sophisticated game of ‘Soldier’, using dummy ammunition and seemingly ganging up on the boy even though he was on a team. 
It was during one of those games that Jango returned from one of the missions he had been on for a couple of days. Boba was old enough that Jango felt he could be on Kamino ‘alone’. And he also knew he had the Cuy’val Dar to keep an eye on everything and make sure nothing too awfully untoward happened.
Instead of using the helmet-to-helmet comm system, Jango instead joined in the ‘game’. The Alphas were used to Jango joining in, and often expected it. Boba did not. 
He was cornered by four Alphas, including Seventeen, when Jango suddenly dropped from the sky with both blasters, dummy ammunition loaded, firing as quickly as he could pull the trigger. One by one the Alphas fell, leaving Jango as the savior of the young unaltered Fett clone. Boba had ducked down behind a rock when Jango had dropped from the sky. He slowly stepped out to see Jango surveying the area around him. The Alphas clambered back to their feet just as another half dozen Alphas joined the group. 
“You know what I’ve said about bunching up like that,” Jango pointed out, making the Alphas nod. It was a game, but it was also training. They thought they could get away with it because it was Boba. 
Boba removed his helmet then walked over to his father. 
“They did it again, buir,” Boba complained. 
“It’s good experience,” Jango said, fighting a laugh. “Alright boys, buy’cese off. Game over.”
“I told you not to move ahead of us,” Sull griped as he walked to join the small throng. 
“Settle down. Settle down. Tavo, I can see you in my peripheral. Over here,” Jango said, raising his voice a little to be heard over the griping, yammering Alphas. Tavo did as told and playfully shoved Boba over. 
“If all of you promise to behave and not gang up on each other during the next game, I’ve got the Commando Mess reserved for an extra half hour. One of you go find the rest of your brothers,” Jango said as he started herding the couple handful of commandos out of the giant training arena. 
Boba kept step with Jango, trying to match his strides but his legs were still a little too short. One day he would have the same stride, he was determined to make it happen. His armor was bits and pieces of old armor that the Alphas had outgrown some time ago and thus it was pure white with scuffs where he had been hit with the fake ammunition as well as falling and jumping. 
He couldn’t be too upset that he wasn’t going to get some time with his father without the Alphas around for a while. He understood what Jango had to do, even if it cut into the time he could be playing Starships with him. 
His face broke into a wide grin despite himself when Jango ruffled the boy’s hair affectionately without looking down, though he smirked when he could sense Boba looking up at his father. 
And shab, being included in the Alphas’ games regardless of them ganging up on him was nice in and of itself too. He was one of them, but also not. They could have easily shut him out, but they didn’t. Even with how they teased him, he always loved being included in their games. 
They were brothers. Vode an.
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jaune-arc-the-stud-king · a month ago
Jaune in the middle of reading comics when he got a text.
Take out scroll and look at the message and saw it was from Weiss. “Huh. I wondered what she wants from me?” Jaune wondered to himself as he opened up message and saw the text….and the gif image.
Weiss: I need your big fat cock in my tight rich girl twat~
Tumblr media
Jaune stared blankly at the gif for a moment before he smiled and texted back his response.
Jaune: Better get ready then. I am going to hard and rough for my naughty rich girl~
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kungfuslipper · 6 months ago
I am having plotty thoughts today.
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daemoninwhiteround2 · 8 months ago
🐻/🦊 Dick and Tim have been showing an inordinate amount of interest in Jason... Do these young men have no regard for pack hierarchy!!?
Bruce telephones Dick. If he's to throw an entire gala to assist Dick in finding a bride, he should probably make sure that Dick knows and will attend.
They have a standing call on Sunday evenings, just before when they would typically have Sunday dinner. Bruce had gotten used to having a proper British roast with his sons, and he was surprised at how much he found himself missing Dick during these meals. The telephone call isn't a replacement for Dick's presence, but it does assist in easing the ache.
Bruce honestly just counts himself lucky that Dick decided to move into a building with a telephone. If he had to rely only on letters and visits, he doesn't think he would have been able to let Dick move so far away. Bruce's alpha instincts are stronger than most's, and they insist on keeping his packmates close.
The call connects, eventually, and he finds his shoulders relaxing as the chipper voice of his eldest son comes crackling down the line.
"Bruce! Hello!"
"Dick," letting his voice reflect his true fondness doesn't come naturally to Bruce - he always feels likes he's pantomiming - but for Dick, he makes the effort. "How have you been?"
"Busy! You won't believe what happened at the corner diner the other day."
Bruce closes his eyes, leans back in his seat and allows Dick's voice to wash over him. He makes the appropriate noises; listening ones when Dick falters, amused ones when Dick jokes. His son is a surprisingly excellent telephone conversationalist, his joy comes through clear in his tone and Bruce finds himself smiling in echo of the smile he hears in Dick's voice.
There's a lull and he asks, "Did you hear about Dr Isley?"
"Yeah, we were actually gonna send some guys up to help cover the shortage while those folks recovered, but the Commissioner said that it wasn't needed. I'd feel pretty bad about the whole mess, but..."
Bruce agrees, personally. Whilst Dr Isley's medium left something to be desired, no one could argue with her message. "We're holding the opening gala for the spring season here now."
There's a beat of silence.
"Lucius arranged it with the city. Apparently we could do with some good publicity amongst the upper crust."
The line crackles.
Finally, "Bruce. Is this for me?"
"Lucius did mention that you were of an age where you might wish to settle down, and that perhaps my reputation was affecting yours."
Dick huffs. "Bruce, really? I'm barely 25, I don't want a spouse yet!"
"Just something to start thinking about."
Dick sighs. "Is Roy coming?"
"The Queens are invited." Bruce can hardly be blamed if his distaste for that family's patriarch seeps into his voice. The clears his throat and in what he hopes is a neutral tone, continues, "You can invite your friends of course, if you wish. I'll wire you the money should any of them require new suits."
Dick laughs and acquiesces.
Bruce only leaves the conversation when Alfred rings the bell for dinner, but not before reminding Dick to come down if he has time as his brothers miss him. He hopes his voice conveys that he also misses Dick, for his pride won't allow him to speak the words. Dick is the one who left so Dick is the one who must regret it. Bruce can't show that kind of vulnerability.
There's a knock on the study door and, of course, Jason pokes his head in. "Dinner, Mr Wayne."
Bruce nods and gets up. He's careful to time his breaths so that he doesn't have to inhale as he passes Jason - who barely steps back from the doorway, forcing Bruce to choose between drawing attention to it and squeezing past.
He's only human. He chooses to squeeze past and thanks his past decision to take off his suit jacket when his arm brushes against Jason's chest.
Christ he needs to find a tod pro-boy, and quick smart.
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allwaswell16 · a month ago
Tumblr media
This is a fic rec of One Direction fics where Louis is powerful as requested in this ask. You can find all my other fic recs here. If you enjoy the fics, please leave kudos and comments for the writers! Happy reading!
⚜️ the unfinished game (series) by @bottomlinsons
(M, 240k, royal au, historical, arranged marriage, Prince Harry, Prince Louis, enemies to friends to lovers, love letters, betrayal, political intrigue, war, slow burn, angst with a happy ending, engagement, wedding)
With his crown and country at stake, Harry must decide who to trust in this strange new land. And the sly Crown Prince of Ryde doesn’t seem inclined to make things easy.
⚜️ Light, Spark and Fire (series) by @greenfeelings / green_feelings
(E, 216k, Harry/Louis, Zayn/Liam, a/b/o, alpha Louis, omega Harry, alpha Liam, omega Zayn, music industry, music mogul Louis, uni student Harry, singer Harry, music mogul Zayn, pop star Liam, pining, angst, slow burn, true mates, omega drop, bonding, break up, getting back together, songwriting, smut)
Louis and Zayn run a music label, Liam is Britain’s up-and-coming pop star, Harry’s working on taking Louis’ walls down until he builds his own up, and Niall holds them all together without realising he does.
⚜️ This Multiplicity of Powers by @helloamhere
(E, 149k, Louis/Harry, X-Men au, superheros, superpowers, mutants, angst, hurt/comfort, canon typical violence, healing, courage, slow burn, teacher Louis, politics, found family)
Maybe there’s a universe where he doesn’t have to keep all his secrets on the inside. But this isn’t that universe. //an X-Men AU.
⚜️ There’s Such a Lot of World to See by @crinkle-eyed-boo​
(E, 125k, Dr Who au, Louis is Dr Who, Impossible Girl arc, science fiction, slow burn, angst with a happy ending, time travel, action, suspense, death, aliens)
A love story that defies the boundaries of space and time. Doctor Who AU.
⚜️ After Dark, After Light by @becomeawendybird / QuickedWeen
(E, 71k, historical au, medieval, Scotland, Scottish Highlander, commander Louis, laird Harry, secret relationship, self discovery, sexual tension, light angst, smut, light bondage)
Louis Tomlinson is the mysterious commander of the Sutherland army sent back with Harry on orders from his laird to help shore up Clan Edwards' defenses.
⚜️ Unveiled by phdmama / @phd-mama
(M, 60k, a/b/o, omega Harry, royal au, King Louis, Prince Harry, magic, fantasy, worldbuilding)
There are no robes. And not a single one of them is veiled.
⚜️ No Hold to Hold Onto by @kingsofeverything
(E, 47k, cowboys au, historical, Wild West, guns, rodeos, injury, farmer Louis, horses, loss of virginity, smut)
Injured after being thrown from a bronc, Harry doesn’t know if he’ll ever compete again. His only hope is a man called Tommo, a world champion rider who retired at the top of his game.
⚜️ Something Just Like This, @icanhazzalou​ / kiwikero
(E, 31k, superpowers au, superhero Louis, journalist Harry, London, action, mpreg, newspapers, angst, fluff, smut)
Newspaper intern Harry Styles can't believe his luck when he goes from fetching coffee for his boss to writing about London's own superheroes, One Direction.
⚜️ Unraveled by @allwaswell16
(E, 18k, prime minister Louis, bodyguard Harry, violence, political intrigue, older Louis, older Harry, secret relationship, closeted Louis, sex club, smut)
They had reason to believe that Prime Minister Louis Tomlinson might be in danger, and they’d like Harry to act as his personal protection.
⚜️ The Importance of being Earnest by @louloubabys1992​ / louloubaby92
(NR, 16k, coffee shop au, barista Harry, customer Louis, rich Louis, pining, getting together, insecure Harry, light angst, fluff)
Harry is a barista who's been harboring a crush on Louis for months.
⚜️ Meet Me On The Forest Floor by @taggiecb
(M, 15k, fallen angel au, angel Louis, forestry officer Harry, Canada, friends to lovers, emotional, hurt/comfort, secrets, this is such a beautiful fic with gorgeous writing)
Louis is an angel, and one day he does something that causes him to fall from heaven, and into the arms of Harry Styles, forestry officer, who cares for him until Louis can get back on his feet again.
⚜️ The Sleeping Giant by LadyLondonderry / @londonfoginacup
(T, 3k, historical fantasy au, magic, fairy tale elements, soldier Harry, giant Louis)
In the centre of the pond, there is a sleeping giant.
-Rare Pairs-
⚜️ Fistiana by @louandhazaf / YesIsAWorld
(NR, 2k, Zayn/Louis, boxing au, underground boxing ring, boxer Zayn, boxer Louis, homoeroticism, small town, strangers)
They met in the center of the ring and bumped their bare knuckles together.
⚜️ think i'm gonna win this time by 1000_directions / @1000-directions
(T, 1k, Zayn/Louis, Captain America Louis, Bucky Barnes Zayn, superheroes)
The army told Louis that he was a figurehead, just a symbol, and so Louis became a warrior in spite of them.
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xxkaeya · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
+ alpha! sanzu x omega! reader
+ soulmate au
warnings! spoilers from bonten arc, fingering, no condoms, him calling you a dumb bitch/princess 🥰
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The club was definitely a lot busier tonight since the head of Bonten and his gang were there.
A girl- whom rarely go to bars- took another sip of vodka, emptying the entire glass in one go. Her friend who works behind the counter laughed at the girl's red face, flushed from the alcohol's effect or was is it even alcohol in the first place?
A pair of eyes burned into the back of the girl's head without her knowing. She definitely looks young- way too young to be in a club occupied with dangerous men like him. The man huffed out the smoke from his cig, eyes still glued to the girl's figure. For some reason, her presence intrigued him. I mean, she does have some guts to come here anyway.
"Hey, why are you staring at the girl?" A friend of his with multicoloured hair asked. His eyes went to meet his friend's ones lazily. "Because I can," he replied nonchalantly. Rindou kept quiet after that, decided to let Bonten's Number 2 be.
A strong smell filled the room making everyone there craned their necks to see who was letting out their pheromones freely at such place. The young girl panicked. Her friend's eyes widened at her bestie's state. It wasn't alcohol that was making her all flush and hot. The young girl dropped her head onto the counter. Her face was sweaty and her body felt like as if she was in a sauna but with her clothes still on. "You didn't tell me that today was your heat day!" Her friend whispered shout at her. Y/n didn't reply anything as she was busy panting and squirming around in her seat.
The friend honestly didn't know what to do. Having a heat in the middle of a well known gang's bar was very very dangerous. She looked up from her friend, only to be greeted with another hundred alphas in the room. They were all looking at her poor friend with eager eyes. Her friend panicked. She swung her friend's arm around her shoulders, dragging her into a room specially made for an omega once their heat comes.
Y/n laid on a neatly made bed at the corner of the room. Her pheromones were literally strong. Plus her friend didn't have those pills to help with the heat. "I'm sorry y/n but this is the least I can do," her friend apologized. The girl nodded in response. She turned to face her friend, who silently cried into her knees. Y/n couldn't blame her though. It would have been bad if some random alpha pounced on her right there on the spot.
She replied a small thank you, which her friend nodded before excusing herself back to work. Y/n was all alone now. Ugh how she hated having heats in public. But this time around it was so sudden. She looked into her planner, which states that her regular heat was suppose to come by next week and not today! She groaned in dismay, turning around in the bed, facing the wall, wishing there was someone that can help her relief this shit instead of using her fingers as usual.
Actually, she did had her eyes on a pink haired man who was surrounded by dangerous looking men who had the same tattoos at different parts of their body. The thing that caught her attention was the the two scars each at the end of his lips. And to y/n, he was gorgeous.
Ran, Rindou's older brother, looked at his pink headed friend, who's eyes never left the door that y/n and her friend entered not too long ago. "Her soulmate's probably here," he said, taking another sip of his drink. Everyone at the table looked at the said man. "What? Haven't you heard that an omega will suddenly go into heat when their soulmate is around which by that it means they will go into heat without following their original heat schedule, well that is if the omega hasn't found their soulmate yet," Ran explained. "And how about the omega's soulmate?" Kokonoi asked to which Ran let out a laugh. "Simple! The omega's soulmate will have his dick hard," he laughed. With that being said, Sanzu looked down at his pants-
Y/n continued to finger herself in need to stop her heat. The fact that her finger wasn't helping at all made her pissed off even more. "What's with today's heat, sheesh!" She groaned (and moaned a bit) in frustration, fingers going in and out of her cunt as fast as she can. "Ugh, fuck it!" another groan came as she wiped her fingers with the tissue provided on the table beside the bed. Y/n hugged the pillow, still panting as beads of sweat coated her forehead and body. She took off her white button-up shirt and threw it to the floor. The room was hot.
Looks like it won't end anytime soon, y/n thought as she searched for why did her heat came so suddenly. "Pfft, is this even true," she laughed at the soulmate thing (the one Ran explained earlier). Not that she believed in soulmates- she really wishes she had one- it's just that, the explanation doesn't seem right if you look from the medical point of view.
A knock came to her door, startling her from her train of thoughts. "Who's there?" y/n asked, covering her body with the pillow. The door opened revealing a certain pink haired man with two scars each at the end of his lips. Y/n gulped nervously. And she can't help the fact that he looks way gorgeous up close and personal like that. Her eyes travelled down from his face to his- shit, is that what she thinks it is?
"So you're my soulmate, huh? Wished you were prettier," he said, rubbing the back of his neck. The girl's face fall. First claiming that she was his soulmate- she still doesn't want to believe the explanation she searched earlier- and second, she was insulted for not being pretty? Oh hell no was she going to accept this. "Look sir, I had a few admirers back in college, so I don't think you should insult me for not being pretty," she spated. "Also, who are you to call me your soulmate? Only a dumb idiot like you would do that I guess," she added. "Who are you calling a dumb idiot?" the man said, shutting the door behind him with a click. The girl smirked from behind the pillow. Now that she got him all riled up (it wasn't her fault that she was feeling this way, she needed someone to help her relief from this torture as soon as possible).
"If I were to be a dumb idiot, I wouldn't be Bonten's Number 2," he said, each of his legs were now planted at the girl's sides as he's hands hold him up for support. Y/n's cheeks flushed red at their current position, face turning to the side, trying to avoid his gaze. Sanzu took in the smell of her pheromones as the heat between them increased. The girl's sweet huffs and pants can be heard, making his dick throbbed at the thought of marking her. She was his soulmate after all.
"Okay whatever sir, can you just, please," she said with her honey coated voice as she grinded her exposed cunt against his clothed dick, her slick staining his pants. "Dumb bitch, that stain won't come off easily," he said in a low voice, making her whimper as he hold her waist down to the bed. The man took off his button-up shirt and threw it somewhere in the room. And oh lord, y/n nearly drool at the sight of his body. Screw abs, his lanky and tall figure is just perfectly perfect. Sanzu proceeds to straddle her, lips inches apart. “You sure you’re my soulmate?” he asked. Y/n rolled her eyes, panting and grinding against his pelvis again. “My heat suddenly came out of the ordinary today, does that give you enough proof already?” she groaned. The pink haired twink man smirked as he grabbed the girl’s face, squishing her cheeks. “You talk too much. I’ll teach you how to shut up, okay?” he said, unzipping his pants. Y/n’s eyes grew wide at the size of his dick. Wait, scratch that, he looked like as if he was around 10 inches (he is long bestie, you can’t change my mind).
“What? Cat got your tongue?” he chuckled in a deep voice. Y/n gulped as she turned away in embarrassment. Can she even take all of him in, cause bitch that cock is hUge! “Come on now, princess, look at me,” he squished her cheeks once more before returning her gaze to him. His blue eyes were dark, clouded with want and need. And, not gonna lie, that’s hot.  “I’m going in tonight rip that pussy ay slowly okay?” he said softly and lovingly? Y/n winced as he pushed his dick into her slick coated walls. Sanzu didn’t move until she gave him the thumbs up. That’s sweet of him for not moving right away- “Fuck!” A screamed left her lips, knuckles white from gripping the sheets and head tilted backwards due to the amount of pleasure she’s getting. “You like that don’t you? Going around in heat in a room full of alphas, don’t you, you bitch,” he said slamming into her again, folding her legs around his waist for easy access.
“S-sir please, I’m about to cum,” she panted, an arm covering her sweaty and worn out face. “No, hold it,” he tempted, holding her wrist above her head. He continued to pound into her, her legs still wrapped around his waist for support. “Shit, you’re getting tight,” he panted, thrusting continuously. “Ah! Fuck!” y/n yelped, her back arched from the bed. The knot came, locking the omega and alpha in place. Sanzu threw his head back in pleasure and satisfaction as he released his seed into her womb along with the girl’s cum dripping out onto her inner thighs. The man toppled onto her, hugging her tightly with his dick still in her as they both dozed off.
Y/n woke up to be greeted by her friend who was frantically panicking. The girl tried to move but held back by the pink haired man. “Oh my god, y/n! Are you okay? Why is he here? Did you guys mate in here? Why him of all guys? Do you even know who he is?” her friend bombarded her with questions. Y/n laughed, stroking his pink hair lovingly. Of course she knows who this man is. Bonten’s Number 2, Haruchiyo Sanzu. Sure, he’s involved in gang shit, thugs, murders and such but what can she do? They both found each other by fate and by fate also made them both as soulmates. People can’t change fate.
note: suddenly i feel like decorating this fic more than usual 😭 and this is my first time writing an omegaverse fic too lol. anyways thanks for 500+ followers!! happy reading <3
The girl stared lovingly at her soulmate who was sleeping soundly on top of her. Honestly, she’s willing to do anything for the man, as long as they both agree to love each other and be there for one another. She didn’t mind for who he is and what he did, as long as they’re together, she’s happy.
Tumblr media
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op-jessie · 23 days ago
Omegaverse and soulmate aus? How about both? Do you have any thoughts for how mihawk or shanks would react to meeting their soulmate who is an omega? You can run with this however you want to and choose whoever speaks to you most!
Omegaverse under keep reading
SPOILERS for what happens to the Warlords during Wano Arc in Mihawk’s
Red Hair Shanks:
Name of your soulmate on your wrist, you can catch your partner’s scent on rare occasions
Okay but just imagine Shanks as an apprentice pirate catching himself staring at his left wrist with your name etched on it
He endures (and bullies back) Buggy’s bullying when the clown finds him staring at his wrist during down moments
His captain told him that if he was lucky he could catch the scent of his soulmate
So there was young red hair, tracing the name on his wrist before bringing it up to his nose
Imagine the joy and excitement that leads him to look for his captain to share in the news that he caught a scent that wasn’t his usual salty ocean air
Buggy telling him that he reeks whenever Shanks is grinning after catching it
Tracing your name or gripping his wrist becoming a habit throughout the years
Imagine little Luffy spotting his wrist years later and asking questions since the little one doesn’t have a name on his wrists
Shanks grins and talks to him about soulmates, how someday he’ll meet the person who smells like a rainy night
Imagine Shanks having to comfort the boy after losing his arm but also mourning on his own when he glances down and doesn’t see your name anymore
His alpha dulling his scent in mourning as yours disappeared with his arm
Imagine years later when he reads your name in the newspaper and he has to apologize to his crew when his scent spiked up suddenly
Imagine him having an audience with your captain and your own scent spiking at knowing that you would meet the face behind the name on your wrist… who happened to be a Yonko (not intimidating at all)
His alpha almost choking up when he catches that spike and it hits him how much he missed you without even meeting you
Imagine him brushing your cheek with his hand and grinning at how your combined scents were almost as strong as haki
Imagine him gingerly taking you into his arm and burying his face into your hair, letting himself be intoxicated by your scent, which was stronger now that he had you so close
Imagine him asking for you to come with him so he would never lose you again but leaving the choice entirely up to you
Imagine picking up a new habit of holding your wrist and rubbing his name that was imprinted on your skin
Just soft Shanks excited to meet you again
Dracule Mihawk:
Everyone has a compass that shows the direction your soulmate is but will spin uncontrollably when you’re in the same space
Imagine little Mihawk rolling his eyes and dismissing all the talks about soulmates
Little Mihawk saying how stupid soulmates are
But despite it all, he didn’t throw his compass away
Imagine the compass that barely fits in his hand being his only grounding tool through the years as he sails
Imagine Marineford and, with all the chaos, as marines rush past him, he catches a scent that changes his stoic expression to shock
He looks over his shoulder but only sees a crowd of marines charging the other way
Him taking his compass out and seeing it spin fiercely
Even though the alpha in him growled internally to find his mate, the middle of a war was not it
Imagine him being summoned to headquarters and before entering the building his compass is pointing at it but it is wobbling
Once he’s in the room, his compass is spinning erratically but he doesn’t need to look at it because his nose has pinpointed your scent in the back of the room
He manages his stoic expression when he sees you take out a small compass and a blush fills your cheeks when he makes eye contact with you
Demands that you be the one to deliver messages/missions to him, stunning everyone that he’d want a Marine Captain to do that instead of someone of a higher rank
Imagine him meeting you on the dock of Gloom Island (because he has two unwanted guests that would eavesdrop) and he never brings up the soulmate thing
He keeps you there longer and longer each visit until you start visiting with no message to deliver at all
He ignores Perona’s squeals every time he comes back and his scent is (embarrassingly) sweeter than when he left
He makes sure to intensify Zoro’s training if he gets a look or smirk from the swordsman
Imagine being invited to his castle finally after Perona leaves and his alpha making sure that he is an amazing host to you
Surprising you when he initiates the softest touch of pressing his hand to your cheek
Imagine already being at the island when the order comes in that the Warlords are dismantled
That moment of uncertainty when your Den Den Mushi comes in with your orders
He looks out the window and sees the Marines surrounding his island but doesn’t move until you make your decision
As you stare at him, you raise your Den Den Mushi and state your resignation and hang up on the yelling that comes from the other side
He stands up and holds a hand out to you before giving you a proper welcome into pirate life with the ships outside his home
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ask-the-friendly-ink-demon · 2 months ago
*Smacks Bendy right in the ass.*
The Ink Demon shrieks lightly at that, suddenly grabbing and landing a huge punch to the Anon's Face with a small feral like growl, his horns completely perked up, usually that would be it, but... something snapped, Alpha yelps and ducks as the Anon would suddenly get their arm torn off, bashed from the top of their head, clawed at, and then very roughly pierced into by Prowler, Blood staining the floors and such as Prowler held the Anon close to his face, grinning widely.
Tumblr media
Prowler suddenly opened his mouth, rows upon rows of sharp teeth being seen, much like a shark's mouth almost, before he chomps onto the anon's body and begins eating them alive whole, blood staining his body and such as he devoured them, Alpha coughed and grunted as he covered his mouth in a disgusted manner as Prowler would eventually finish with the eating up, letting out a loud burp as his appearance seems to change slightly, gaining a bit more weight added to his skeletal like body, before having the same weight as any normal anon would have on their body, now stained with their blood as he burps out the glasses, staring at it, before crushing them with a small gurgle. Alpha staring with his eyes blinking rapidly... he forgot to mention that prowler wasn't himself either, he wasn't an power-hungry fuck anymore but at the same time he wasn't his friendly self that would just smack away anyone who would do that to him, this was what he was in his younger years, the template for what the former ink demon himself would be like, but far more brutal and such than this, he grunts, sighing "now im gonna have to clean up this mess, damn."
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mackjlee9 · 14 days ago
Omega!Kurokawa Izana x Alpha!Male!Reader [Angst]
Warning; rape attempt. Omegaverse AU. Toman vs Tenjiku arc. (You can skip this chapter if it makes you uncomfortable or you find it triggering)
Being a gang leader and an omega wasn't an easy task for Izana. He never had days off, having to endure his heat in his office with betas guarding the door just in case alphas wanted to mate with him. But that changed when he met (M/n), his fated pair and second in command.
(M/n) was assigned as the active leader whenever Izana needed to stay away for a while, going through his heat alone was even more painful now that he met his mate, but they didn't mate yet, deciding to get to know each other better and take it slowly.
Everyone in Tenjiku knew that Izana had found his fated alpha and they respected it, but there was one man that wasn't happy about that. An alpha, whose name is unimportant, has had his eye on Izana since he joined the gang, he fell in love with the white-haired omega and wanted him to himself.
However, Izana kept rejecting him even before he met (M/n) and his love soon turned into a toxic, unhealthy obsession. He thought, that if he couldn't have Izana then nobody could, and ended up taking drastic measures into his own hands.
He got sick and tired of seeing (M/n) so close to the omega, playing with his short hair and staring at him with hearts in his eyes, but he despised the way Izana would blush and turn all shy and flustered whenever the alpha would do as much as hold his face gently. And he came up with a horrid plan.
He teamed up with some omegas that were also into (M/n), and convinced them to help him, promising them that they'll be able to have (M/n) all to themselves, so they accepted.
When (M/n) entered Izana's office, with no beta guards outside, he made the omegas rush in as if they were panicking. Both males inside the room looked at the door in annoyance, but it soon turned into concern when they say their frightened expressions.
"(M/n)-sama! We have a problem!" One of them spoke, a frightened tone coating his voice.
"There's a group of alphas harassing lower omegas!" The other one shouted, causing (M/n) to curse and rush out the door, asking them where this was happening.
The omegas took him as far away from Izana's office as they could, an evil smirk plastered on their faces as they followed behind the alpha.
Back with Izana, he was waiting for his mate to come back or text him about the situation, when he heard steps outside the door.
The obsessed alpha stood out of the door, his hand letting go of the cylinder-shaped bottle that contained rut-inducing pills. His pheromone should be strong enough to make Izana go into a forced heat, and like that, he was gonna fuck him full of his cum, impregnating him with his pups.
Izana stepped closer to the door, but stopped when he felt another alpha's scent. The pheromones of an alpha in rut.
He started panicking, rushing back to his desk to pick up his phone and call (M/n), but he wasn't picking up.
And the door behind him opened, followed by the sound of it being locked.
(M/n) had been running for a couple of minutes already, and there wasn't any noise indicative of a possible fight nor the smell of alphas in rut and scared omegas. He began suspecting something was going on, when his phone started vibrating in his pocket.
It took him a little while to take it out of his pocket as he looked around in the rooms, but he saw nothing out of the ordinary. Now, he was getting worried.
He saw that Izana was calling him and he picked up.
"Iz-" he couldn't finish his sentence, because he heard something that made his blood boil with anger.
"Get off of me, motherfucker! I don't want this!!" Izana's desperate tone of voice made (M/n) turn around as he started running back to Izana's office. The omegas involved in the plan noticed, but they let him run away, figuring that alpha was already done with their boss. "S-stop... get off!"
Izana whimpered desperately, his weak body getting aroused at the scent of an alpha in his rut, making him feel sick and disgusted with himself at the way his body reacted to another alpha other than his fated mate.
Half of his clothes were off his body, while the other half was ripped. His hands were pinned down above his head, but he still struggled to keep his legs closed and kick the alpha away from him. However, he was too weak.
"I don't... want th-this, please... st-stop..." he cried out, tears running down his face, his body slowly stopped fighting back, and he laid there, on his desk, accepting what was about to happen to him. He closed his eyes tightly, and whispered his mate's name, "(M/n)..."
He said in a broken sob, the alpha chuckling as he held Izana's legs spread open.
"I'm gonna make you mine, boss, you'll be my bride and you'll carry my babies, not the babies of that alpha bastard you call your mate." He muttered with a sadistic smirk on his face, aligning his dick with Izana's leaking entrance.
(M/n) saw the office's door closed ahead of him and ran faster, without even trying to stop and open it, he kicked it down, successfully startling the alpha as he backed away from Izana's shaking body.
"I'm gonna kill you." He growled in a low voice, making the alpha in front of him weak in the knees as he toppled over.
Due to the commotion, other betas and omegas got closer to the office, but the omegas had to leave due to the strong smell of threatening pheromones in the air, making them sick. Izana's best friend, Kakucho, a beta, walked and took his coat off, making sure he covered his boss' body.
He looked over his shoulder at the group of betas by the door, and the alpha responsible, "Take him, (M/n)'s gonna take care of him after," the betas nodded and held the alpha up, dragging him to the basement and into their confinement cell... specially made for traitors, and Kakucho stared at (M/n), "(M/n)-san..." he called him and the alpha stared at him, soon realizing the state his mate was in.
He got closer to Izana and held his body tightly against his, making sure to release pheromones that would relax the omega and make him comfortable. "You can leave, Kakucho-kun, I'll take care of him, I have to..."
Kakucho nodded and left the room, unfortunately, there was no door on its hinges anymore, so he picked Izana up and took him to the room connected to the office, and locked the door. He laid down on the bed, and snuggled onto his white hair, making sure his scent would get rid of the other alpha's.
Soon enough, Izana's body stopped trembling and he held tightly onto (M/n), fearing he would leave and something would happen again.
"It's okay... everything is alright now, I'll never let anyone put a single finger on you... never again, baby, I promise."
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hoe-doroki · a month ago
ana's bkdk rec lists #11
Ten more complete, nsfw (minors dni) fic recs. Just in time for the holidays! Feel free to hole up away from whatever you need to get away from and squee with me about our boys. Always a good option 😌
Legend: hyperlinked title by author | word count Genre (bakudeku for top!Bakugou, bottom!Deku; dekubaku for top!Deku, bottom!Bakugou; vers for when both are present; dom! and sub! for when bdsm dynamics are present) warnings: where relevant Summary/review
💚🧡 = fave
Recs are under the cut, organized by word count, low to high.
Tumblr media
31. Asymptote by emS2 | 1.7k 💚🧡 smut, fluff (dekubaku) warning: exhibitionism A bite-sized 5+1 fic. This isn’t the first fic I’ve read called asymptote, and I love that theme of constantly getting closer to each other and I think it works well for our boys. Cute and short!
32. coming home to you (is a sweet comfort) by nymphorical | 2.4k smut (dekubaku) warning: no lube Okay, so normally no lube is a big 😬 for me, but this fic knows what it’s doing. It’s an intentional move and it works. It’s unusual smut, but I think it’s quite effective!
33. This is me by orphan_account | 2.6k smut, fluff, slight angst (dekubaku, alpha!Deku, omega!Baku) warning: a/b/o, mpreg, body image/dysphoria issues, intersex terminology, pregnant sex This one’s a bit out of left field, but I kinda read all the bkdk mpreg fics out there (I can explain) and this one hit a lot of notes right. Katsuki experiences complex feelings about pregnancy, though he is happy. And Deku’s a lovely partner and the smut is really sweet.
34. But I Wanna Feel Your Heartlines by backbones | 3.5k smut, hurt/comfort (dekubaku, alpha!Deku, omega!Baku) warning: a/b/o, subdrop (essentially), they’re 3rd years I debated this one because it has something that I really like that’s not for everyone, which is Baku experiencing something similar to a subdrop. It’s that hurt/comfort that hurts so good for me, plus, dkbk being in that early place where they just can’t get enough of each other.
35. No Time for Patience by vldofthegalaxies | 4.6k smut, fluff (dekubaku) I just love bkdk being needy for each other, being so into each other, having their sights on each other before anyone else. This is that. It’s est. relationship pwp. It’s not too racy, just cute and simple.
36. Handsome White Omega Lies by Mischief Artist | 5.9k smut (dekubaku, omega!baku, alpha!deku) warning: a/b/o Standard a/b/o surprise heat fic! BUT I think that this one has good character for Bakugou. The pining comes on slow, he’s very disagreeable, loud, angry—all the things we love from him. And poor, clueless Deku just wants to help out his Kacchan! Well…he does 😉
37. Dreams, Fairytales, Fantasies by symbolofsimpery | 7.1k 💚🧡 smut (dekubaku, dom!Deku, sub!Baku) warning: some bdsm including spitting, light angst, foot fetish Be prepared for some surprise slightly hopeful angst at the end off the bat! But other than that, this fic is just dkbk being so into each other. All about going along with the Baku foot kink that’s swept the fandom lately, lol. But as a person not into feet, I think it’s done super successfully and unless that’s a major turnoff, you should definitely check it out anyway!
38. We Sound Better Than You or Me by symbolofsimpery | 11.6k 💚🧡 smut, angst, fluff (dekubaku, dom!Deku, sub!Baku) warning: some bdsm, bkdk as exes, drunk/high sex (kinda) Angsty, pining Baku who’s still in love with Deku after having broken up 2 years ago. He makes every excuse not to see him, but there’s no excuse to miss the KamiJirou wedding, so he finally has to face the love of his life again. The angst is good, never digs too deep to where you can’t come back. In fact, we do come back, and it’s so, so good.
39. Camboy, Fanboy by tempestbreak | 19.7k smut (bakudeku) warning: Deku is a camboy As the resident AU skeptic, I’ll let y’all know that this fic has really good characterization, especially on Baku’s end. Deku gets some pretty great backstory too. The arc is really well done with some surprises, particularly near the end.
40. We Who Made This by osakakitty | 20.5k smut, fluff (mostly bakudeku, vers) warning: a/b/o-like dynamics. Heats, scenting, feral behavior (no knots) Obligatory fantasy AU. The focus really is on the boys though. Nice parallels between this AU and canon but not overdone. There’s a good balance. And the boys are just so in love <3
Tumblr media
more recs can be found here 💚🧡
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e-prentiss · 6 months ago
HOTCHNISS FIC RECS (no one asked for)
and their short plot descriptions. Said description is solely based on what I can remember of the story and mostly just my reactions. I’m sure the authors provided a better summary so go read that instead.
Intolerable Me, Despicable You by Blythechild
Slowburn, enemies to lovers Hotchniss. This fic basically screams angst.
Recovery Series by Kavi Leighanna
Series order: Endgame, Rise and Forward
Post s6 - Lauren arc. This could have been season 7 but CM writers really decided to rob us of Hotchniss. Anyway, this one is a good read. Kind of Emily centric but also just pure Hotchniss goodness.
Bonus: kind of team fic as well since it explores their relationship with Emily after the whole she faked her death thing.
Reckoning by Tigereye77
Post s6. Lauren arc (we love Lauren arc fics. Best arc in the whole series if you ask me). Badass Prentiss, Emily centric, protective Hotch. Again, this could have been s7 but we were robbed.
Small Favors by Doodle19
Emily centric. Mommy Emily! + slowburn hotchniss all rolled into one. Also, Ambassador Prentiss really be redeeming herself in this fic.
Untold Truths by Doodle19
Hotchniss secret child. Mom Emily. Slowburn, angsty Hotchniss. Really, you’ll fall in love with Emily’s child here you wouldn’t stop reading it.
Family Dynamics by DreamGoddesses’92
Sequel: Days Go By
Jack + Emily goodness. After Foyet arc. Basically, how season 5 should have been.
Glittering Mica Series by SequinSmile
Post S15. Bawled my eyes out after reading this series. Probably my favorite Hotchniss fic. Coffees and slow dances will never be the same again after reading this.
Whatever Tomorrow Brings by SequinSmile
Established/Married Hotchniss. AU where Haley and Hotch never got married. Instead she left him, he met Emily and married her instead. But here comes the kicker, Jack still exists!
A sequel entitled, If Tomorrow Starts Without You, is still ongoing.
Midnight Blue Velvet by SSA_Sparks
Established Hotchniss. Pure fluff. Hotch being a good boyfriend and seriously making me want to have a Hotch of my own.
Goddess of the Hunt and the Never Do Again List by FotobridgeT2
Emily centric. Team dynamics and Hotch lowkey pining over Emily.
Some Chicken Soup, a Box of Tissues and Little TLC by Sienna27
Established Hotchniss. Sick fic. Hotch taking care of sick Emily and basically being the best boyfriend anyone could ask for.
Falling in Love with a Girl by Sienna27
You know those platonic friendships — having that connection with someone and then said friendship blossoms into so much more. Platonic friendship turns into platonic soulmates to actual endgame!! If you love that trope, well this fic is for you. Oh and Hotch getting all alpha male and protective of Emily, then getting all soft and calling her sweetheart. I mean —
Behind the Scene Series by Luli27
Season 5 + Foyet arc and how Hotchniss was so dating and developing during that whole season (and yes you can’t change my mind).
Part 1: All She Could Do
Part 2: Break Me Out
Part 3: Coming Out to the Other Side
Part 4: Drinks and Conversation
Part 5: Evaluations, Explanations and Expectations
Part 6: First Obstacle
Part 7: Gossip at 3,000 Feet
Part 8: Hunted Hotch
Part 9: Interlude’s End
Part 10: Journey’s New Beginning
Jake and Amy by Microwavebubbles
B99 parallel and an honest to god fluff goodness.
I Was Enchanted to Meet You by Purpleplasticpurse
Again, if fluff is your cup of tea, then this one is for you.
The Wonder of You by by PrentissInRed
Forgot the premise but set around s7. One of the first fics I’ve read.
Case fics:
If you are looking for a good case fic with a side of Hotchniss (bonus: the whole team is included!) then this trilogy by Sarramaks is the one.
Calverville Point, South Dakota
When the Blue of the Night
NCIS x Criminal Minds crossover:
A Rose by Any Other Name by Tigereye77
Set after Demonology. NCIS team dynamics + Emily Prentiss goodness + 2 team leaders butting heads over Emily Prentiss — need I say more? Or Gibbs being Gibbs and Hotch trying to repress his feelings for Emily, therefore messing everything up when really he should just man up and tell the woman.
Perfect by Tigereye77
Unfinished sequel but still just as good.
Christmas fics:
Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight by Kavi Leighanna
Christmas goodness. Fluffy/domestic Hotchniss with a dash of our favorite little g-man, Jack Hotchner.
His Christmas Wish by Kavi Leighanna
Another Christmas fic. Forgot the whole premise but this one is also just as good as the other Christmas fic written by the same writer. It made me feel all tingly and soft. Again, pure Hotchniss fluff with a sprinkle of Jack.
Seriously though, if you feel like starting your holidays early, scroll through Kavi Leighanna's page and get your Hotchniss holiday fix.
Honorary mention since this is staple Hotchniss fics:
We See No End, We Don’t Know How by Purpleplasticpurse
Casual Arrangement by Microwavebubbles
Ongoing fics:
How Far We’ll Go by likingandloving
Season 7. In this universe Beth does not exist and Emily is Hotch's training partner for the triathlon.
Someone You Love by Prentissinred
First Time’s Butterflies by SSA_Sparks
Brief Encounters by Microwavebubbles
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