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Klance wingfic and they can also hide their wings away and it looks like a large back tattoo.

Everyone has wings and would fly around but lance is the only one who hasn’t shown his wings, the reason being is that he was born without them.

Hes too scared to tell anyone unsure on what they think when his pack finds out.

Then lance gets seriously hurt during battle and hes left unconscious and that when they see he has no tattoo.


Was thinking that later something tragic happens to lance and sort of dies but doesnt and then he has beautiful large wings that look like angels idkk 🥴

Also can be A/B/O

Omega: lance & pidge

Alpha: keith & shiro

Beta: hunk

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Concept: omegaverse but with ROBOTS

Some things I think robots could do in the omegaverse:

  1. they could release a certain scent to make omegas more comfortable ESPECIALLY omegas that don’t want a full relationship
  2. they could serve as something for alphas to protect so they feel needed
  3. they could be like some futuristic pack pet like imagine a little robot skittering around with 8 legs name him herold cherish him forever
  4. there could be ai that either don’t have a dynamic and feel alienated, gain a dynamic and cope with the weirdness of it all, or are just naturally programed to have a dynamic but still feel like they’re disingenuous because they’re a robot, this could lead to their mate comforting them or them coming to terms with themselves naturally
  5. robots that build nests for omegas and controversy surrounding it because it’s labeled as unnatural and therefore the wrong way to do it
  7. a couple can’t have children so they get or BUILD robots to serve as their pups
  8. Robots help too much around the house and alpha starts to spiral because they don’t feel needed
  9. instead of that omega-must-have-heat-or-die trope an omega gets their scent glands (and areas around them) removed and replaced with robot parts so they have to cope with the side effects of that (feeling like less of an omega, feeling unnatural, maybe some new kinds of abilities like shooting fucking FIRE out of their wrists, and maybe feeling betrayed because x experimented on them and they didn’t want these new abilities then revenge arc).
  10. Robot tries to act like they are an alpha/beta/omega bonus points if their creator teaches them how to exist as one or they’re just naturally pretty clunky

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All Nighter Tips (a/b/o edition)

  1. Have snacks nearby in your nest or den. It will eliminate the excuse of 😰 I will get a snack then study when we all know you’re going to be eating that snack for the next three hours and procrastinating. ( not a self callout no never *stability noises* )
  2. Clean your nest or den up before you study so then if your assignments go missing before you complete them like my dumbass you’ll feel some sense of accomplishment at least. or just have a comfy place to fall asleep in
  3. Light some candles that’ll keep you awake but also make you feel all pleasant and aesthetic. Some candles that make me go 🤪 but also make the room smell good are peppermint, lemon, anything by yankee candle oh my god they’re the equivalent of huffing an entire can of Febreeze (unless it’s like caramel or vanilla or something two in particular are pretty mellow for some reason).
  4. Do NOT light any candles containing lavender or your typical comfy scent you will crash, burn, and fall asleep. Plus those are reserved for the comfy times you don’t want to subconsiously associate everything that’s supposed to make you comfortable with work.
  5. Take a bath or a shower beforehand so you don’t feel all crusty just make sure to turn it on i c e mode before you get out so you get that extra ✨jolt✨.
  6. Our sleep works in cycles so if you ARE going to live life on the edge and take a nap either opt for 15 to 20 minutes or a whole hour and 30 minutes. Anything that is in that grey area for you will make you wake up feeling like shit. Everyone’s sleep cycles vary in different ways so just sleep a lot ig. Nesting motivation ✨✨✨
  7. PUT THE NESTING PLAYLIST DOWN!!! It will make you slump because nesting is associated with cosy times and usually sleep. Plus it’ll just like ruin the mood when you do nest because you’ll be thinking about that due at 11:59pm type beat instead of your lofi beats.
  8. Get a cold pack to wake up. They’re good to have regardless in case your nest gets hot and you don’t wanna move or you’re feeling some sort of injury/cramp.
  9. Coffee can make you schlump if you have adhd so don’t do that the goal is no sleep because mommy capitalism said so and sleep is for the weak you ARE going to finish this math assignment. If you don’t have adhd just be warned that a lot of caffeine can make people in general feel like shit and caffeine addiction is very real. If you can’t have caffeine DRINK WATER!!! Water can help wake you up and it improves your overall health instead of damaging it like caffeinated drinks.
  10. Get a playlist of songs that hype you up but not enough to dance. This is especially good if you have a special interest that has music to go along with it (granted you WONT get absorbed into the music the second it turns on 👁️👁️) or you just want to learn more about something. For example I’ve been wanting to learn more about worker’s rights movements so I’ve been listening to work songs that people used to sing and songs people made about worker’s rights. (Talking about worker’s rights and neglecting your basic need for sleep in order to get work done is an oxymoron but 🤩🤪🤩🤪🤩🤪🤩🤪🤩🤪🤩🤪)
  11. Get into an outfit that makes you feel like your type??? Like sweaters make me feel more omega-y and especially help when I’m having depressive episodes and can’t slip into comfy warm space because I feel nasty and don’t want to exist so ig this tip just works in general.

Fits I associate with alphas betas and omegas (do what you want with this everyone’s fashion sense is different):

Omegas: Sweaters, anything big and poofy, loose fitting stuff in general.

Alphas: The same hoodie every day, I know y'all don’t wash your jeans after 3 days of wearing them but don’t we all, and those grandpa slippers that are surprisingly comfy once you put them on

Betas: Sweatpants but they look aesthetic, fortnite t-shirt, and probably one of those hoodie cloaks



Your worth isn’t defined by your grades. Don’t completely neglect your health for the sake of work. I know sometimes you really need to get shit done but don’t make it an every night thing you’re better than that. It’s genuinely important that you take this seriously even though you’re probably going to be like me emulating that sweet sweet gifted kid burnout and going FUUUCKKKK YOU but if you cut out the all nighters in favor of some better time management and some genuine REST you will feel much better. Idk how to get out of this rut because I literally just shat out an essay and a quiz an hour ago and it’s currently 1am, BUT I’m going to make an actual schedule tomorrow and follow it so the work is done earlier to avoid another all nighter so uh do that ig. Take care of yourself.


Message to people who aren’t in the omegaverse fandom that get this on their feeds: this account is sfw and doesn’t engage in the fanfiction-y side of a/b/o as much as it does in what it would be like if our biology were different and how that would impact history/me making textposts like this as a self callout/coping thing because a/b/o is generally a very nice coping mechanism for me and many others.

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✧・゚: ✧・゚:  Miscecanis United  :・゚✧:・゚✧

We are a server dedicated to those who practice the ABO lifestyle and to those who take interest in it! We have many topics to choose from and even other communities to participate in such as otherkin. Theres also plenty of chances to make new likeminded friends! 18+ only.

What we have to offer:
1. Friendly staff
2. Relaxed atmosphere
3. Easy to Follow Rules
4. Tons of abo and nsfw abo channels
5. Packs to join
6. A space for Otherkin
7. A space for agere/petreg
8. Venting Areas
9. We have pluralkit for systems (all system friendly)
10. A safe space for everyone in the abo community
And More!!!

✧・゚: ✧・゚:  Join us today!  :・゚✧:・゚✧

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Alpha Steve x Omega Reader

Summary: Work takes Steve out of the house, and when he comes back, nothing is as he left it.

Warnings: a/b/o dynamics, fluff, mentions of sexy times (nothing graphic), angst, attack, violence, characters’ death, blood, broken heart

Word Count: 4080

A/N: Once again, took me a while to finish this, and I hope you guys won’t be too mad at me after this, but we all knew this had to come. And so, the angst begins and I can’t wait to see your reactions. Let me know what you thought of it :) xx


Series Masterlist __ Masterlist 

< Previous Chapter 

“For the last time, Steve, no, I cannot come with you,” you groaned, only half annoyed at the sweet man you got to call your Alpha. He had been staring at you with puppy eyes for the last twenty minutes, trying to make you come with him to the city to handle some business. And it wasn’t that you weren’t interested in the said business, namely at the state of security against all other natural disasters that might have been coming. Of course you were, but there were other things you needed to handle at the mansion, and Steve knew that all too well. 

“I know, ‘Mega, but I thought if you could reschedule then-“ 

“Let me stop you right there, babe. You know that I promised Bruce to see him today, and honestly, if you wanted to be here or wanted me there with you, you should have checked the calendar where I clearly marked the appointment,” you said not unkindly and raised your brow at the big Alpha in front of you, looking more like a lovable puppy than a scary wolf. You chuckled for yourself thinking how people were actually afraid of Steve a lot of the time when all you could see was this sweet man willing to do anything to spend more time with you. 

“I know, I know. I just thought I could sway you, but my Omega is a tough and stubborn woman, just the way I like it,” Steve turned the conversation, and this time, you chuckled out loud. You knew he still tried to get you to go with him and thought it was pretty sweet of him, but there was no way you were missing the meeting with Bruce, where the two of you wanted to talk about the possible ways of removing the devices lodged between the tissue and veins in your arm. 

Keep reading

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So it took me a while longer than I would’ve liked, but I finally finished my entry for the IronStrange Fanfic Challenge hosted by @stark-strange-love2, with @kitkatfat15 and yours truly as co-hosts.

Didn’t go as I initially planned, but when does it ever? Be sure to check out the other works posted for this challenge! You can find them here, here and here, or go through the challenge tag

Tags: @stxphxn-strange @ironstrangeislove @katninjagirl97 @lokis-leah @get-me-some-chai-bitch @lilbrownbutton @robertdowneyhiddlesbatch @donfalcone-is-kinky @aelaer @supervengerslock @ironstrange-is-the-endgame

(Never understood the thing with tagging - yell at me if you don’t want to be tagged)

- -

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Fandoms: Doctor Strange (2016), Iron Man (Movies)

Relationships: Tony Stark/Stephen Strange

Characters: Tony Stark, Stephen Strange

Additional Tags: Tumblr Prompt, Established Relationship, Domestic Boyfriends, Carnival, Plot, Insecure Stephen Strange, Omegaverse, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Omega Stephen Strange, Protective Tony Stark, Angst With a Happy Ending, Additional Warnings in Author’s Note


When an exclusive fair hits their town, Tony is dead set on getting Stephen out of the house. Stephen just wants to lay in bed and wait out his troubles.

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Turning thirty should be celebrated, right? Not for one Dean Winchester, parent to two toddlers who spent his entire birthday battling a war zone of poop and vomit. So, Castiel does his best…he cleans the house, brings him pie, and even manages to sneak in some birthday sex.

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“It was a mistake.”

He feels Hannibal’s hurt through their bond, stronger than it should be, and pushes away his own need to console him.

This stranger isn’t his omega, not really, and he needs to remember that for the next few days or he won’t be able to go through with this.

“Why does it feel otherwise?”

Will closes his eyes, gripping the balcony’s edge.

“Because it’s new and—”

Hannibal grabs Will’s hand and he stares up at him. The longing and distress that’s already building makes Will want to comfort him.

They were strangers.

The sex had been amazing, yes, but they didn’t fit in each other’s lives. Will had come here for a wedding, not to find a mate. He had seven dogs and a quiet life to go back to when this was over.

Breaking the bond was the only option.

Hannibal leans in and the smell of his need makes Will’s body ache. “You feel it too, Will. Don’t deny it.”

He lets out a breath. “It’s…the bond. When it’s gone…”

Hannibal presses himself up against Will’s front and scents his cheek. “When it’s gone….we’ll never be able to bond again. Are you willing to take that chance?”

Will shivers. “I…”

Hannibal kisses his cheek and runs his teeth over Will’s mating bond bite. He groans. “Seven days. Give me seven days to prove to you that we’re meant for each other. If I cannot, we will sever our bond.”

Will closes his eyes and breathes him in. “Oh…ok. Seven days.”

He lifts his head and smiles at Will. “You’ll realize very soon that this was the best decision you’ve ever made. I promise you.”

Will touches his cheek. “We’ll see.”

“Yes alpha,” Hannibal purrs, “We will.”

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Submissive Alphas are still Alphas💕

Alphas can’t be in charge all the time and that’s ok, no one can be the one in charge of everything all the time, it’s literally impossible. Everyone needs a little help, a little guidende and direction. I know I sure as fuck do.

Things to do with an submissive alpha/when you’re Alpha is in subspace

  1. Pet them! Make them feel comfortable and loved 🥰
  2. Positive reassurance!! Alphas are sure to get a little self conscious about being submissive, especially to an omega due to all the stigma about how to be a proper Alpha one must dominant and only dominant
  3. If you’re comfortable, take charge! I know it can be hard to be the dominant one, especially if you’ve only been submissive before. Switching things up can be fun 😏
  4. Don’t force yourself to dom. Nothing is ever fun if it’s forced. It’s ok if you can’t handle being the dominant one, even if it’s hard to accept
  5. Have fun! You don’t need to do anything sexual at all. Sometimes one likes to be held or petted or snuggled, even getting all cozy in the nest and watching movie would be fun for you and your Alpha🥰
  6. Most importantly of all, love them for who they are💕

I wish this list was longer, but I really can’t think of much else, if you wanna add, please do!

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!!I’m looking for new members to my pack!!


- Have a discord

- Needs to be active in the pack. (Most important criteria).

- Needs to be willing to follow the rules imposed by the pack’s entrance conditions (rules given through chat once I talk to you).

- Alphas, Betas and Omegas all acceptable, I have no preference.

- Ages 15 and up only.

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Ok, hear me out! What if betas not having scents is a common misconception because they were forced to hide them in older times!?!

In early civilizations it was perfectly normal for all the dynamics to form all sorts of mated bonds unaffected by secondary genders. But at some point that changed (*cough* much like homosexuality was ok in some cultures until westernisation *cough*) and alpha/omega bonds became more valued because they are considered to be the “most fertile connection” which brings the most offspring (to raise city numbers, more money, bigger armies who knows). Betas then were expected to be perfectly neutral beings and often worked as house staff to nobles of the other dynamics. Chamberlains, marshals, grooms. Betas born to the head family of the house got higher ranking roles like stewards, but were not treated equally to their omega or alpha siblings. Alpha and omega children born to beta parents were taken away after presenting to be raised “properly”. A beta caught giving off any kind of recognizable scent was shunned and in some cases even punished. Betas caught reacting to alpha or omega pheromones, or even mingling with those dynamics, were taken to jail at best and executed at worst. Because of that, young betas were taught how to hide their scents and how to behave in a world, not dominated, but ruled by alphas and omegas, the moment they presented. Some betas who had a scent considered too strong may have even had their scent glands removed completely. Bonding was only legal for betas among their own dynamic and then it was still looked down upon (“look at those silly betas, acting like true mates.”).

In modern day society it’s of course not like that anymore but the prejudices of betas being neutral, scentless beings are still prevalent. Especially in conservative households it is still considered risqué for a beta to proudly show their scent or date someone with a secondary gender different from their own. And it is still hard for betas to get proper healthcare when it comes to hormonal issues and problems affecting the scent glands.

Disclaimer: This is not meant to paint alphas and omegas in a bad light! It is more about omegaverse society/history as a whole if you will XD

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[submitted by korktroup]

I am looking for a pack!

Name/Wishes to be referred to as: Romeo, Nora, or Brutus.

Age: 18

I am looking for a: Digital or physichodigital if possible.

Nationality/Lives in: Colorado

Dynamics: Omega

Wishes to be identified as/Gender: Other

About me: I’m annoyingly reserved at first, I will admit. I love video games (co op ones are my favorite way to get to know people). I adore affection, especially physical affection since I don’t get much. I’m a very physically active as well as very creative. I tend to be quite weird and I defiantly have some interests that are considered strange

I am looking for a pack because: I’ve always desired to be a part of a pack even before I was into a/b/o

You can contact me through: My tumblr @korktroupe and my discord upon request.

Additional information: I have depression and psychosis so sometimes I just sorta vanish for a while. I don't mean to, interacting just becomes difficult for me and I often feel like I need to be invited into conversations in order to interact. Also I am a tulpamancer.

Want to fill a form to find a pack as well? Click here.

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Poly Packs HC’s Pt.1

1. The classic Alpha/Omega/Alpha pack!

The omega gets twice the knot during their heats, twice the protection and most importantly, all the lovins they could ask for! Not to mention, so much fun! They want to have so many pups and the omega has to remind them that their omega is only one person.

2. Traditional Trio! Alpha/Beta/Omega pack!

They all start out as friends, but when it came to presenting, the beta was confused as to why their friends were acting differently. So they talk it all out.. the omega really likes the beta but likes the alpha just as much. The beta sees the alpha as a beautiful pillar in their life, the alpha sees the beta as sweet calming factory. The omega sees the both of them as beautiful humans they couldn’t do without. They decide to form a pack and the rest is history, they are inseparable. They have two pups amongst them. After all the alpha pestering the omega and getting the approval from their beautiful beta.

3. Sweet and Gentle pack Omega/Omega/Beta:

The omegas are both the doting type, always making sure the beta is ready for all their meetings or interviews if they looking for a job. During their heat cycles, the omegas help one another and the beta helps as well. They have often very long lovemaking sessions and they love it. Between the three of them, they have one pup, the beta doting and worrying for the carrying omega while the other omega spends way too much on things for the little one to be.

4. Topsy Turvy Pack Alpha/Beta/Alpha:

The two alphas are often at each other’s necks deciding which one has more reason to have the beta by their side during their rut cycle but ultimately the beta steps in and cuts that shit out with them. The beta is the peacemaker but they enjoy having two alphas to accompany them wherever they go, making sure that their mate is content and has all the things they need, one of the alphas wants to start making pups and the other isn’t necessarily ready and is more or less terrified of fucking up their pup and their beautiful connections to one another. Eventually they have a pup, they have a surrogate for their pregnancy after trying a few times and getting frustrated. Their omega surrogate has grown very fond of the pack and is around their home around the holidays and takes turns holding the pup during family photos.

5. The Simplicity is key Pack! Beta/Omega/Beta

They meet at a little coffee shop some where and hit it off. Starting off as friends and then slowly finding romance to be something they wished to pursue. The betas together take care of their precious omega, making sure they don’t feel uncomfortable or scared of going out for simple things. The betas are always helping their omega through their heats. When the omega expresses a long period of pup fever, the betas come up with a sweet little announcement to let their omega know just how much they want to have a pup.

If you have any recommendations for more headcanons and such don’t hesitate to let me know. 🌿

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Hey I painted :3

I already posted this yesterday, but it was in a reblog. And I was too embarrassed to leave it on my page.

I’m very proud of this artwork (since I’m not painting very much, it’s kind of a happy event when I do) because I worked a bit rougher and didn’t smoothe everything out (which I usually do).

And I also used a harder brush.

I’ll explain the context under the painting.

Constructive criticism is very welcome <3


So this happened in a private rpg with my trans friend (I mentioned him in a blog post) in which we have much fun exploring different tropes and AUs.

The blog post↓

We’re currently doing an ABO AU (alpha, beta, omega) in which John is an omega, and Sherlock an alpha.

John got pregnant and had a miscarriage in the fifth month, resulting in their baby dying.

He called him Billy.

At his funeral Sherlock brought Billy a black rose (don’t ask me where he got that from, might be plastic) and a teddy bear with a blue cord around its neck.

John brought him a white rose (innocence) and requested lavender (I initially thought it just looks good, but after a quick google search I found out that it stands for purity).

In our storyline Sherlock also had a former bond with Irene Adler, but she aborted the child she had from him, so Sherlock still had a box with baby stuff.

John gave Billy the blue hat in it, but I forgot to paint it :P.

I hope this is not too weird…

I’m already very embarrassed, but I do hope it’s okay and the piece is at least good.

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The problem with the debate over whether A/B/O is good or not stems from the fact that it sometimes is used to talk about reproductive rights in a detached enough way that is comfortable escapism for the audience to deal with trauma and the other half is just porn

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Imagine if royal families built nests but they had chandeliers and stuff hanging over head and it was just unnecessarily huge

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