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#already has a fanbase when he started streaming
thefanficmonster · a month ago
Repeating History
Corpse Husband x PewDiePie’s Sister Reader (Female)
Warnings: Swearing
Genre: FLUFF, Romance
Summary: When you’re too afraid of your love story being put to an untimely end due to someone’s disapproval of it, you don’t stop even for a second to think that it could be supported or accepted by the very people you think would put an end to it. Some people are prepared to go above and beyond for the loves of their life. To hell and back, as they say. Maybe add a little scolding at the end, just to add insult to injury.
Requested by Anon. Hi darling! Thank you so much for your wonderful request! Sorry it has taken me so long to complete it but here it finally is and I hope you’ve stuck around and stayed patient long enough to read it! If you haven’t that’s perfectly understandable and completely my fault hehe. Either way, hope you enjoy the read! Love, Vy ❤
What is a girl to do when history repeats itself? Furthermore, what is she to do when she doesn’t want to prevent it from happening or do anything to change the course of what’s about to happen? Who’s to say history will repeat itself the exact same way and play out the exact events of approximately five years ago? Maybe this time it’ll be different, maybe luck will spare her a smile and allow for her to experience the love story she missed out on before. Though, come to think of it, she’s glad the previous one was put to an end - if it wasn’t she would’ve probably never had the chance to graze her fingertips against the surface of the beginning of a new relationship. Relationship she sees much more potential and maturity in than the one she’s comparing it to.
That one started off rather out of the blue and was so random she still has a tough time comprehending what happened - Shortly after her six years older brother Felix left Sweden, Y/N and one of his closest friends grew rather close. The guy was nice and sweet, attractive to go along with it, but to say they had a lot of things in common would be an understatement. They had a lot of the same or similar interests, listened to the same artists, had similar views for their futures but that’s also about where the depth of their connection ended. It only ran so deep but there was little doubt the two of them would’ve worked it out and been a well-adjusted couple. Or that was the plan until Felix found out. Neither Y/N nor her secret boyfriend at the time knew how he found out but disaster took place when he did and flew back to Sweden as soon as he could to put an end to what was going on between his best friend as little sister. No amount of Y/N trying to convince him that he was making a huge mistake was getting his decision to budge. When she took on a different approach, accusing him of being too controlling of her life, saying he had no right to influence her, especially since she was eighteen at the time, things only got worse, leading for the altercation between Felix and Y/N’s boyfriend to almost escalate into physical. Fortunately, the situation was defused in time but it resulted in the guy cutting ties with the both of them, never talking to them again. Another element of the less than ideal aftermath was the sudden decision of her brother to take her with him back to Italy. Surprisingly enough, Y/N didn’t protest too much on that field - she had always wanted to see the world and this was her chance no matter how suddenly or under how poor of conditions it arose. She grabbed that chance and held onto it, choosing to brave through her brother’s snarky comments and bitterness that lasted another month after the debacle.
Y/N ended up third-wheeling with Felix and Marzia all the way until the pair situated in Brighton and she got her own place on the other side of the city to give them and maintain her own privacy as much as possible. Despite having settled in Brighton quite nicely, the feeling of emptiness followed her around as a silent reminder that there was more ahead of her that she could achieve if she persisted. The problem was, she didn’t know how to persist, which direction to head in. She had not the slightest clue of what that big something ahead of her could be let alone how to get to it.
And then it was all suddenly so clear to her.
The enlightenment dawned upon her when she accompanied Felix to a convention in the US, the West Coast to be more specific. One step out of the airport and she was star-struck - she had never before felt so at-home anywhere, not even back home in Sweden. She had never felt that sense of belonging anywhere before. She was dazed, mesmerized by the vibe, the lifestyle, the aura of the place. The air’s warmth wrapped around her like a welcome hug, a ‘welcome home’ hug, suggesting that leaving would be the biggest mistake she would ever make. 
Sadly, she did end up leaving, but a big part of her stayed back there while she also took a big chunk of California with her back in the UK. That chunk represented that hope that one day she’ll return and remain there for good. To her, it only seemed logical for her to go back: she needed to retrieve that piece of her California stole and she needed to give back to it what she had taken before leaving. A fair exchange - one that would require a lot of work to earn a lot of money. The though of asking her brother for said money didn’t dare even cross her mind - Y/N had never, has never and will never take money from her brother or from anyone. All she has or wants to have she earns herself, with little to no help from anyone, even that little help she accepts is moral support, nothing in the material sense. She knew Felix would literally bully her into accepting his help - like the brother he is - so she kept her moving plans to herself.
In the years living with two content creators, both of different world on YouTube, Y/N too took on a content creating career, molding the two worlds she was familiar with together: gaming, lifestyle and vlogging. Marzia and Felix were really supportive of her taking on this career path and were super helpful when it came to intel regarding it. She tried to keep her relation to the number one YouTuber a secret but it could only stay that way for so long - once exposed, her siblingship with PewDiePie had her accumulating followers and growing a fanbase at an insanely rapid rate. That came with its pros and cons as all things in life do, however there was one major pro that has led her in the situation she’s currently in:
Joining her brother and his friends on Among Us streams. 
That might not seem like too much of a big deal or maybe the complete opposite, depending on who you ask, but to her - it was an opportunity of a lifetime. She had already met Jack, Dave and Joel obviously, but Rae, Poki, Toast, Charlie, Dream and everyone else was a new addition to her friends list, not to mention those were all people she looked up to and still does till this day. One of them, however, didn’t make the cut for the friends list - Corpse Husband.
Right off the bat, the chemistry between them was off the charts and the chat didn’t shy away from pointing it out as well as the people who were in the call with them. Felix was rather passive aggressive about the whole ordeal, trying to shift the focus of the conversation every time it strayed too far into the realm of shipping his sister with a friend of his. Both him and Y/N knew how shitty things ended last time they had a similar occurrence. Unlike Felix though, Y/N didn’t catch onto the familiarity of the situation herself, he had to point it out to her.
“You and Corpse have a ship-name yet?“ He asked her once when they were in a private Discord call, throwing her off completely.
“Um, no. Of course not. Why would we have one?“ Luckily for Y/N no one could see the blush on her cheeks even with the nonchalance she tried to pull off. Though she was indeed confused by her brother’s question, she got decently flustered and timid about it.
“Damn straight you shouldn’t.“ Was the response she got from Felix who was quick to change the subject afterwards, throwing her for yet another loop.
That was enough for her to read the message though - don’t fuck around with my friends, not again.
Much to the man-child’s dismay, his sister is nothing if not a rebel: his subtle warning had the complete opposite effect of what he wanted, leading to the increase in flirting between Corpse and her. In the beginning, she only sparked the flame to spite her overprotective and bossy brother, and then, like a fate coming straight out of a cheesy rom-com, her feelings got involved for real. It was no longer harmless, meaningless flirting, it was a genuine, bothersome and disturbing crush. Once you get burned you’re overly cautious, isn’t that often the case? Well, that’s how it ended up being for Y/N. In the timespan from that last horrible break-up up until her crush on Corpse she only had one night stands and short two-dates-tops flings that she ended up ghosting eventually - that ‘something more ahead’ intuition probably had something to do with it.
Unfortunately, that something more ended up being a cynical repetition of previous, less than likeable events. However, this time, she was a lot less willing to let go of what life had offered her just because her brother ordered for her to do so. For fuck’s sake she’s a twenty-five, soon to be twenty-six year old woman who can make her own decisions.
And when that on-stream flirting with Corpse turned into private text flirting, she decided not to put an end to it as her brother would’ve wanted. And when she felt herself falling for him when they first video chatted for the first time, she didn’t try to grab onto something to keep herself from getting swallowed by her feelings. Instead, she chose to embrace them.
Best yet: When he asked her to be his girlfriend, she said yes with zero to no hesitation.
Soon after she found herself on a plane to the US, having pulled all the lies in the book to get any and all suspicion off of herself so that Felix wouldn’t start bombarding her with questions and looking into the real reason for her sudden decision to move over a damn ocean. He knew she fell in love with California, he didn’t need to know she fell in love with a boy from California.
A boy who happily welcomed her at the airport where they shared a lot of firsts: first official meeting, first direct eye contact, first directly exchanged words, first hug...
First kiss
Felix wasn’t supposed to know until things between Y/N and Corpse were completely serious - like, completely COMPLETELY serious. They knew he wouldn’t take it well nor would he try to understand - Y/N knew hell would break loose on them when he’d find out. But never did they expect him to find out so soon...aka last night, a month after Y/N left for San Diego.
Felix called Y/N around seven PM which was rather unusual but not unwelcomed. He may have been protective of her all his life and annoyed the living shit out of her on more than countless occasions but she still misses him and Marzia every now and then. That being said, instead of the panic she’d usually feel when his name popped up on her phone after her move to the US, she was super happy to see his incoming call this time. “Hey Felix!“
“Hey sis, how’s it going? Forgotten me yet?“
Their witty banter went about as it always did - him masking his concerns as teasing as he asked how the US was treating her; her subtly expressing how much she’s missed him; him not-so-subtly asking if she’s ‘met someone’.
Imagine the fucked up coincidence through which he found out about Y/N and Corpse’s relationship: she was just about to deflect the ‘met someone’ question, when Corpse walked in to ask her what she’d like for dinner. His voice was picked up by the phone loud and clear and resulted in what could only be described as the angriest she’s ever seen - or, heard - Felix. That time he blew up at his best friend all those years ago was NOTHING compared to the anger he was spewing over the phone in that moment. It probably had something to do with the fact that he wasn’t physically present and couldn’t really do anything about the issue except scream his lungs out at it.
There was one thing worse than the yelling though: the hanging up and silence that followed, leaving Y/N and Corpse as anxious, nervous and unsettled wrecks. They both went into damage control mode almost instantly, Y/N calling Marzia and Corpse calling Jack for help to soften the angered lion that was Corpse at that moment. Given that the people they called for help weren’t aware of the relationship either, the pair had a lot of explaining to do which left them exhausted. The situation took an especially exhausting toll on Y/N who cried in Corpse’s arms the whole night. All they could do was pray for the following day to be better, more hopeful. 
“He’s never gonna forgive me. He’s gonna hate me forever. How am I gonna live this down, Corpse? He may be a colossal ass sometimes, but I love him endlessly.“ After a sleepless and tear-filled night Y/N is still yet to calm down and come to terms with what happened. It still feels like a disaster she saw in a movie or a TV show and not something that actually happened to her. Corpse isn’t feeling much better either but he’s been doing his best to stay strong enough for her and him both. His arms held a firmer hold on her than his belief that things will indeed get better. He obviously didn’t know Felix better than she did so he could only take shots in the dark on how or when this situation will end.
“He could never stay mad at you for long, Y/N.“ His hand gently caresses her hair, “He’ll understand. He’ll come to terms with everything, just give him some time.“ Wishful thinking, hoping, that’s all they have to hold onto until further notice. 
To say they both nearly suffer a heart attack when Y/N’s phone rings would be an understatement. She literally leaps out of Corpse’s embrace to fetch the blaring device, the screen of which displays Jack’s caller ID.
The pair exchange an anxious but hopeful look - a ‘for better or for worse’ look before Y/N answers the call and puts it on speaker. “Hello?”
The voice coming from the other end is mildly muffled as though it’s coming from computer speakers but most importantly: it’s not Jack’s. It’s Felix’s.
“I can’t get over the fact that she lied to me, Jack. I mean, this has already happened - similar shit went down, I thought she’d learn her lesson, you know? But that’s about the extent to which I’m angry. I’m more disappointed and betrayed. I don’t think her dating Corpse is a bad thing, far from it, I just wish she would’ve told me. Makes me feel like I failed as a brother if she doesn’t trust me fully.“
“It’s not about trust, Felix. Y/N was probably just being cautious. She was worried you’d take this away from her like you say you did the previous time. Look, I don’t know the details of what happened back then nor of what happened last night, but I think she’s not completely wrong for what she did. Try and see it from her point of view.“ Jack’s voice is loud and clear, suggesting he’s on a Discord call with Felix, pulling off this secret agent level stunt.
“Thing is, I KNEW that other guy wasn’t right for her. Corpse is polar opposites of him. He was my best friend, I knew for a fact he was a dick and Y/N is too good for him. I wouldn’t have been so apprehensive when it came to Corpse.“ Felix sounds genuinely hurt, bringing involuntary tears to Y/N’s eyes, causing Corpse’s arm to wrap around her and pull her close.
“I think you two should talk. TALK not accuse each other for what happened.“ Jack emphasizes, clearly addressing them both, “That’s the only way you’ll fix this.“
“I guess that’s a start. After all, I can’t just give them my blessing without dragging out their agony for a bit. They deserve it for keeping me in the dark for so long.“ He laughs a little awkwardly in response.
“But you are going to give it to them eventually, right?“ Look at Jack asking the exact questions circling through Corpse and Y/N’s heads.
“Of course! Why would I not? From what I’ve seen, they work surprisingly well together. God better help Corpse deal with Y/N though. She can be a real fucking handful.“
Corpse’s hand comes up to cover Y/N’s mouth just as she’s about to yell ‘You’re a real fucking handful’ back at her brother, blowing the how operation.
These two might really be a handful to each other as much as they’re to others. But Corpse has taken on the challenge of dealing with them both because they are both very important to him - a great friend and a loving girlfriend and he loves them both with all their sibling drama and bickering. It’s easy to overlook the thorns when the number of rose petals is bigger.
It’s easy to overlook the hardships when there’s so much love surrounding them.
They are gonna be just alright, they can bet on it.
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aion-rsa · a month ago
Psycho Goreman: Steve Kostanski on Building a Better Monster
It’s rare that a horror-comedy film gets the attention it deserves. At least, not around the time that it’s released. Even the great ones tend to be labeled a “cult classic” later on, but mastering the genre can regularly lead to bigger things. We see that happen as often as we do because horror and comedy are deceptively hard to balance, and it stands to reason that if you could pull off that balancing act once, you might be able do it again combining other genres.
Steve Kostanski has been in the movie business for the better part of two decades, mostly working behind the scenes in creature and makeup effects, but this very much feels like Kostanski’s “time” thanks to his latest movie, Psycho Goreman.
The director, who already had an established fanbase thanks to other low budget movies like Manborg and The Void, released his latest flick in the time of COVID, so it was denied what would have no doubt been a very long stretch in smaller theatres with sticky floors and worn seats – the kind that would embrace a film so “out there” that audiences might have left wondering what exactly they just witnessed. 
But all was not lost, because Psycho Goreman found a home on streaming and immediately started generating a buzz anyway.
The urge to conceal some of the joys of Psycho Goreman from other people is pretty strong. It’s definitely a movie that you’ll get more out of if you don’t know what to expect, so we’ll just sum up the plot a little for those who are uninitiated: a brother and sister accidentally dig up an alien overlord who the sister discovers she can control using a magical amulet.
We talked to Kostanski about how the movie got made, how working on The Void and Manborg taught him the lessons he needed to learn to get Psycho Goreman right, and whether there might be a sequel on the way…
Den of Geek: Last month I got a text from a friend I hadn’t spoken to for ages. It just said, “You need to watch Psycho Goreman.” Nothing else, but I could tell it was a pretty serious situation, so I checked the film out and immediately recommended it to somebody else who I knew would love it. Have you found there’s been a lot of this kind of word of mouth support?
Steve Kostanski: Yeah, I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me like, “My friend recommended this randomly and it was totally crazy. So thank you for making this movie”, which is a reaction I don’t usually get. 
I mean, I was expecting my usual fanbase to be into it. I thought I was making a pretty decent movie, but it seems to have spread a lot further into public consciousness than I was expecting it to, which is great. I guess that just means I made a really bonkers film that people like to talk about, so I’m pretty grateful for that.
We’ve been talking about the film quite a lot here; it comes up all the time. The attention to detail is incredible. How early on in life did the makeup and effects bug bite?
I’ve always loved movies. I was a video store kid. I was constantly renting VHS movies in the ‘90s and obsessing over them. My dad loaned me his Super 8 camera when I was 12 and I used that to do stop-motion animation because I was into special effects. I was a big fan of stuff like Star Wars, and I really wanted to emulate all my favorite movies. 
Eventually, I started shooting live-action movies and did the effects and animation for those, too. It’s been a constant through my whole life of wanting to make movies and monsters and effects and just tell crazy sci-fi fantasy adventure stories. It’s always been there. 
When I got out of high school, I decided I wanted to try pursuing creature effects and prosthetic effects for a living, and luckily, I was able to mentor under a prosthetic artist name Doug Morrow in my hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, who showed me the ropes and taught me about the actual job of doing makeup effects. That’s how I was able to pursue it as a career, while also making movies on the side. I’ve kind of been jumping back and forth between the two ever since.
One of the benefits of growing up in the ‘80s was that there were these wild sci-fi and fantasy concept movies basically on tap. They made it to completion so regularly. The shelves would be stacked with intoxicating covers and unique monster designs. You’d see an image from something like Xtro in a magazine and think “I need to see this at all costs.” It’s fair to say you’ve made a “see it at all costs” movie here. I know you name-checked Prince of Darkness as being a big influence for The Void, but what were the influences for Psycho Goreman?
It was really just a combination of my experiences growing up watching R-rated movies when I was way too young to be watching them – movies like Terminator 2. One of my earliest memories as a kid was watching that movie and being enthralled by the sci-fi action component to it. 
As a kid, you’re into video games and comics and cartoons, so seeing these cool chrome robots shooting lasers is really thrilling, but then you’re also seeing people get their kneecaps shot out and get impaled through the eye. It’s that kind of unexpectedly violent and brutal realism that maybe a little kid isn’t prepared for. Psycho Goreman is me working through a bit of that trauma!
Did you learn any valuable lessons from making Manborg and The Void that ended up paying off during Psycho Goreman?
I think Manborg taught me that I have to be realistic with my ambitions on making a movie. I went into that project thinking I could feasibly make a sci-fi action epic with no money, and it ended up consuming three years of my life. So going into PG, I tried to be a little more realistic about what I could accomplish on a low budget.
The Void was a punishing experience. It hardened me a little bit and gave me more experience in working within the system, in the traditional sense of working with a crew and producers. It gave me a “worst case scenario” in every possible filmmaking situation to then carry over.
I’m a very introverted person, so The Void was a real “trial by fire” for me and forced me out of my shell. It helped me as a director – keeping everyone motivated, answering questions and just being involved and present. Not thinking like an effects artist sitting in the corner sculpting monsters all day. 
Watching Psycho Goreman has become a kind of moral imperative for genre fans. Honestly, it looked like so much work went into it. How did it go from concept to final cut, and did you hit any roadblocks along the way from people who just didn’t get it?
This film was a once in a lifetime opportunity where a friend of a friend was looking to finance a feature film, and he really just bought into the “Steve Kostanski brand,” and loved my previous work and wanted me to have free reign to make the thing I wanted to make. That’s not to say that the producers didn’t chime in and have opinions on things, but they very much put their trust in me to make a movie that would be entertaining and that audiences would like.
I think I’ve always been a pop filmmaker. I love cliches and conventions and I like making things that are crowd-pleasing. I think the producers knew that. They knew that if the movie didn’t hit the mark in some way, that it would at least deliver on effects and spectacle and be crowd-pleasing. So I was very lucky to have their confidence.
It is crowd-pleasing, but still subverts your expectations. Did that happen organically while you were making it or was it always planned that way?
I always want to make a movie that would have sat on the video store shelf amongst the other movies that I loved as a kid. I wanted to make a thing that was satisfying, that delivered on its promises in a way that I felt like a lot of low-budget genre films of the past didn’t. 
I wanted to make something that delivered on the epic poster art, but at the same time make something that had a familiar emotional arc, subverting it as much as possible without taking away from the satisfying kind of build up and climaxes that those types of stories have.
I feel like in this day and age, telling a conventional story is almost taboo. The idea of having a traditional story arc is frowned upon. So I liked the idea of committing to that, but then also just using it as a through-line to hang all kinds of weirdness, and go on all sorts of bizarre digressions. I also liked the idea of shocking people a little bit and lulling them into a sense of familiarity, but then doing something totally off the wall just to throw them off.
Mimi is such an interesting twist on the wholesome little girl in the creature feature. Was casting the role hard? Did you audition a lot of actors for that part?
We did a lot of auditions. It was definitely a big concern going into the movie. On the page it all read great and everybody was excited about the idea of this crazy little girl being our protagonist, but finding somebody that could pull that off definitely had the producers nervous.
Nita [Hanna] was one of our first auditions. Even though her audition performance wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, I could tell that there was a level of professionalism there that I wasn’t getting from the other auditions. So, we had her come back for subsequent auditions, and every time I talked through the role, she just got better and better. 
Big question now, brace yourself: what was it like working with Rich Evans?
[Laughs] It’s such a small cameo from him! I reached out and asked if he’d be interested, and he agreed. I sent him a rough version of the scene that he’s in, and he recorded me a good like 15, 20 minutes of audio that I could just pull from. It was great. It was basically the barest minimum of interaction, but what he gave me was fantastic and I’m very thankful that he agreed to be a part of the movie because it’s a very weird choice of cameo.
You were into RedLetterMedia before you contacted him, I assume. 
I’m a big RedLetterMedia fan. I watch all of their stuff and love their reviews. I’m a fan of anything that brings me back to the days of watching movies with my friends, because I feel like that’s informed who I am as a filmmaker. Watching other people shoot the shit about films and have that kind of casual discourse is very comforting and entertaining to me. 
I’ve heard you’d be up for doing a Psycho Goreman sequel or a spinoff. Have there been any recent developments on that?
Nothing concrete, but there is definitely interest and people are asking about it. I think there will be more PG adventures in the future. I’d love to do more of it, I just want to figure out the smartest way forward is before actually diving into another project.
Thank you, Steve.
This interview has been edited for clarity.
Psycho Goreman is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.
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hi-gias-box · a month ago
A running commentary on BTS’s grammy 2021 weekend because it was a rollercoaster of emotions and way too many events.
I’ve done this a few times, but I enjoy putting my immediate thoughts of some of BTS’s biggest moments down in writing. This one is a little different since it’s a whole weekend and, when I started writing this, I didn’t know if bts was going to have their well deserved grammy. I almost didn’t post it when the results came out, but I’ve decided to anyway. So keep in mind it’s a running commentary as you read and that i wrote this in real time as it happened. So while we know the results now, i didn't know them as i was writing most of this.
If you want to see me go through this journey then it will be under the cut because it will be long.
The unaired category
Found out that bts will actually not have their award called on tv. The fact that BTS’s grammy category is not going to be presented at the actual award ceremony is truly tragic. The grammy’s are irrelevant. I can honestly say I have not watched the grammy’s in years. I don’t care who wins an award; I don’t care who is nominated. Of course that was before I became a fan of bts. And it is important to them, so now it is important to me.
BTS are the biggest artists in the world but they are nominated only for a minor category. Because of that, they are eligible to perform solo at the grammy’s, but their category isn’t aired on tv. Sounds a lot like the grammy’s is taking advantage of bts’s massive fanbase to get more views without actually giving them the credit they deserve by nominating them for one of the major categories. Clout chasers.
Disappointed. But unfortunately not surprised.
The Musicares performance
Apparently this is a charity event that happens annually; who knew.
Why were half of the acts just reruns of old performances? What’s the point? This event could have been like 20 minutes otherwise
I saw “coming up BTS” and got flashbacks to mama claiming bts was coming up in 10 minutes and then i waited like 2 more hours. Can never trust those claims.
Blueberry JK! Hobi’s HAT! The drums! The suits, they all look so good!
I don’t know why but I find it fascinating that jk has blue hair and the others have normal hair colors. It’s usually the other way around. But I love jk’s confidence lately and the blue is such a good look on him. Keep doing what you’re doing jk.
I know the drums thing was kinda spoiled on twt but it was still so fun. Since when can jk play the drums?? Did he learn that in between boxing, guitar, making his mixtape, and bts schedules. Do you ever sleep jk?
Jimin bby you get that spotlight! An actual angel. This part of dynamite is one of my favorites and as a jm biased army i approve of the spotlight on jm (literally in this case)
I have seen dynamite performances so many times that I can picture their choreo in my head and I’m so glad they stood up and started moving and dancing. With a song like dynamite it looks like it’s so hard for them to stay in their seats when they perform it sitting down. It’s an upbeat song, it has a set choreo, and they cannot sit still.
I immediately clicked off after they finished lol
Final thoughts: way too short. kind of wished they performed a different song since they are performing dynamite at the actual grammy ceremony. They looked amazing. Jk on the drums is giving me WAY too many ideas. Picture this: jk on the drums, yoongi on the guitar, jin on the piano, and the rest surrounding them ready to slay vocals; bts i’m ready. Also would have liked to see hobi do something with that amazing hat he wore. Was prepared for a dance break. Maybe at the ceremony
The NamJinMin Live ~making salad~
This was such a nice break from the nerve wracking weekend
Minimoni, namjin, and jinmin have some of the funnest (namjin), most chaotic (jinmin), and wholesome (minimoni) times together. So all three in one vlive?? Heaven
They all look so good! Jin’s hair though omg. Keep growing it out please. Imagine it getting long enough that he has to pull it back like jk did. *fingers crossed*
Wait jimin looks so tiny between namjin. I know jimin has a slimmer build then most of bts but he is really not that small. But between namjin and their wide shoulders he looks very tiny.
“Namjoon please say seokjin --” “oh no, no!” -- jimin always chooses chaos and i applaud him always for that
That bit with namjin fighting over joon and knives! Please they love to clown their leader so much for being king of destruction. And jimin just walking in front off the camera with some la-la-la-nothing-to-see-here kind of energy
Jimin x falling off chairs, a never ending saga
Joonie bby eat the ice cream you deserve it
This live: 10% making salads, 90% chaos
The SBS archive k
Who thought it was a good idea to show bts looking back on their career right before we are going to find out if they won their first grammy or not? My poor heart can only take so much. For real though it’s awesome to see their journey through k-media and bts’s eyes. Because it truly is unparalleled.
The pre-grammy jitters from joon
RM posting on weverse with his coffee about how he is nervous/shaking — no i could not stand it!! And it somehow makes me even more anxious that it is from joon, who is always their to provide some words of comfort. It’s fine if i’m nervous, if i’m disappointed, if i stay up late, but something hits differently when i realise they are too. Like when they stayed up all night waiting for the grammy nominations. And the fact that they filmed that and posted it (also sad hours but the missing footage of all the times they weren’t called and should have been).
It looks like that photo was from the couch in the dorms (?) so they are probably all watching it together, maybe filming it. No, it’s too much.
I was also kind of expecting them to already know the results since it’s not live this year. The fact that they did not even know if they were going to win or not was terrifying.
Well, we’re all in this together i guess
The grammy premiere ceremony 21/03/14
99.9% of the millions watching were totally army
Oh god bts are there live? No!!!
They are on weverse 😭 — J-hope ⭐️ “am i nervous/trembling too?”. the purple flowers!! Please they deserve the whole universe. Seokjin telling j-hope to go away/leave his post lol — comedy king. Yoongi talking about how it is 5 am there. He just wants to sleep hurry tf up. Reminds me of him being active on weverse during awards season while he was recovering from surgery. He has had the official army experience.
I love that weverse is where they were posting during the show. I saw someone on twt say how bts use Weverse like it’s their private Twitter account and i kinda agree. Idk i just kind of find it nice that they post about being nervous there rather than their twt main
The audio quality on some people was terrible. Imagine you win a grammy and sound like a robot that’s so sad. Or be the poor dude whose mic wasn't even on. Gotta love virtual award ceremonies.
And a big f*ck you to the recording academy.
The worst part to me isn’t even that they did not win; the grammy’s are useless and don’t define how good an artist someone is. No -- the worst part is that they stayed up all night. That they were there live. That they were talking to us about how nervous they were. That they probably had a filming crew ready for a bangtan b0mb. That namjoon had probably prepared a speech that would have made me cry. That there were so many eyes in sk on them because of this nomination. That they deserved the recognition for their unprecedented growth in the states. That they were so obviously used by the recording academy for clout over and over again. That is the worst part.
Bts = comfort
Of course they would post words of comfort after they lost. I shouldn’t have expected anything less. And all of a sudden i feel much better.
Also when I say rm best leader? I mean it. He commented on posts of jin, yoongi, and hobi. And then he had the audacity to call army’s the best? No, joon, that is you bby.
Suga -- you do not need to run/work harder this year. It’s not you or bts that is the problem. It’s everyone else. I want bts to just keep doing what they do best.
But also this meme going around twt made me laugh. And the fact that army angry streamed dynamite on yt and charted bts’s music. At least the anger was used productively
Tumblr media
The red carpet looks
LOOK at them.
Joon and tae in those warm colored suits. Joon’s teddy bear thing (what is that??). Jimin looking dapper af and his hair is pushed back! Suga in all black thank you! That sweater vest on hobi (that flower [?] looks 3d, cool). JK and his blond (gray?) colored hair. Jin in the classic suit. They all look amazing.
What is in jimin’s hand? A motorcycle toy? — update it’s apparently a scooter/motorcycle attached to his louis vuitton suit. Fancy boi
I appreciated the selcas. Joon is the most comforting human ever. I really did need jin’s handsome face and confidence right now. We got a #JIMIN. He looks so good and is way too sweet. Bby you have worked so hard and deserve the world. Truly an angel. Also that e-interview? Yeah he knows he looks good. Stan a confident king. Jk’s fluffy shirt/jacket?? He looks so good! And with his blonde/gray hair. And with his beautiful words of comfort
Tae? Where are you? You okay 🥺? I hope he’s just sleeping well
Yeah they are trying to make us feel better and it kind of worked.
The grammy performance
Fortunately (or unfortunately?) I was distracted by irl for most of the grammys. I had it on in the background and but didn’t pay attention to most of it.
Which was probably a good thing because the schedule I saw was not the schedule of the performances. No — bts was not in the middle of the show like everyone thought but at the freaking end of the show. How on earth can you not nominate someone for a main category, push them to the side premiere ceremony, not give them an award, and then ask them to be a closer of the show. They performed after those who were nominated in major categories. Make it make sense. It’s just another blatant display of using bts/their fans for the views.
Their performance was the highlight. Show stopping. Extra. Never been done before. Slightly bitter sweet.
They all looked amazing, i love how they always embrace the retro vibes of dynamite with their outfits.
And yoongi was in yellow. Don’t know why but I love that color on him. Taekook in all white! 2seok in orange! Minimoni in black (gray?)! And I have a weakness for bts and pushed back hair. Jin, jk, joon looking at you here.
I love that this performance wasn’t static — they moved stages, went up stairs, ended up on a freaking roof top. Amazing. You will never be bored watching a bts performance.
They deserved to have enough time to do a dance break. It would have been amazing.
Final thoughts — it was a little bitter sweet. This has been a long weekend, a long award show, i am sad. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed their performance; highlight of the weekend. But, i also know i would have been much more excited had it not been piggybacking off of their loss. Which i hate and wish i didn’t feel since joon said that this is what they wanted to do more that win — to perform. And they nailed it.
The vlive after grammys
The cake — no!!!
They were all so tired poor things
I wonder if they literally dragged jm out of bed to do this live. Joon actually checked on him a few times. And when he did his little speech to army he legit rubbed his eyes. My heart.
I just want bts to rest for the next 281974 years.
According to jin they had champagne and they drank it all — good
Jin talking about how they had their makeup done in anticipation of being on to. Omg it physically hurts me to hear them say things like this
I adore tae in those glasses 🤓
Their little individual speeches to the fans ♥️
The Twitter video
when I realized what that video was I honestly didn’t want to watch it. I knew in theory they had been filming in anticipation of potentially winning. But I never thought they would post them losing. It really makes you realize how humble these guys are when they share a video like that to millions of people.
But honestly I was so upset seeing that. They are so sweet to each other, going on about how it’s okay, how they worked hard. Jimin hugging joon and others on the couch. That’s not okay. It breaks my heart. But at the very least I’m glad they all had each other. That their first reaction was to comfort each other.
Also did joon say he knew this would happen? Yeah not cool 😭
The thirst traps
I would have hated to end this post on a negative note, but i forgot for a moment that i stan the most comforting human beings on the planet. Of course comfort isn’t the best word — but thirst trap? A better word. I’m 99.9% sure kim namjoon just thirst trapped millions of army to distract them from the events of grammy day and to maybe prevent them from burning the world down in bts’s name.
I don’t know why i find that absolutely hilarious but it really is. How much have fans been talking lately about how buff joon has gotten. It’s brought up constantly. And joon’s big brain really went “ah i know exactly what to do now”
Tbh it honestly worked. I laughed at the attempt and also got to admire a truly beautiful human being. Kim namjoon, you’re a pretty smart dude.
Update — and hobi is joining him. Though hobi’ s facial expression in his selca truly makes me believe he is the actual embodiment of sunshine.
Final thoughts
This was genuinely a rollercoaster of emotions. I got mad, i laughed, i wanted to cry, i admired them, i was in awe of them. I’m proud that of what they showed the world this weekend — that they are legendary enough to be the first Korean group nominated for a grammy, that they can out perform any other artist right now, and that they are the most humble human beings you have ever seen even in the face of loss with the whole world watching. As much as I hated this weekend, it also makes me happy to realize that i support such amazing people.
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permanently ~ corpse husband
word count: 1456
request?: yes!
“Corpse husband x female reader. The reader is corpse wife but they keep there really private only a few people know that corpse is married, one day people start asking corpse if he is seeing someone and corpse doesn’t know if he wants to reveal he’s married because he worried she will get hate so he talks to the reader about it and his worries and the reader comforts him about his worries. Later corpse reveals in a video that hes married and everyone really happy and supportive of his marriage.”
description: in which he reveals a surprising secret to his fans after months of questions about his love life
pairing: corpse x female!reader
warnings: swearing
masterlist (one, two)
Tumblr media
It started when his fans heard her speak during a stream.
Corpse had been careful to keep his love life a secret for so long. He loved his fans, but he knew that if he even gave the slightest indication that he was seeing someone, the more extreme of his fanbase would go looking for her. He didn’t want any hate messages sent her way, she didn’t deserve any of that.
They had been so careful. (Y/N) would stay away from Corpse’s streaming room while he was streaming, or she’d sit next to him and make zero noise. Luckily, (Y/N) wasn’t famous, so they were able to share pictures and videos on her private social media accounts.
She had slightly pushed open the door to his streaming room one night, trying her best to make as little noise as possible in case his mic was on. Corpse noticed her from the corner of his eyes and turned to look at her.
“Mic off?” she whispered. Corpse chuckled and nodded. “I sent you a text but you didn’t respond. I’m gonna go get something to eat, do you want anything picked up?”
“I’m good for now, thank you.”
(Y/N) smiled and crossed the room to give him a kiss before leaving again.
For the half hour she was gone, (Y/N) lived in ignorant bliss, unaware of the chaos happening online.
When she got home, she found her husband pacing the kitchen. Concern was written all over his face, and it deepened when (Y/N) walked through the front door.
“Baby, what’s wrong?” she asked.
“The mic wasn’t off,” he said.
(Y/N) knew what he meant immediately, but she still couldn’t help but ask, “What?”
“When you came in during my stream, I thought I had shut my mic off, but I didn’t. My viewers heard us talking, and they heard us kiss. The chat went wild and it’s trending on Twitter already; #corpsesmysterywoman.”
(Y/N) grabbed her phone and went into Twitter. It was the top trend and it was flooded with tweets that ran from shocked to supportive and happy to, of course, hateful.
“On the plus side,” she started, “they’ll never be able to identify me just by my voice.”
“Doesn’t mean they won’t try.”
(Y/N) sighed as she watched Corpse start to bite his fingers, something he did whenever his anxiety ran high. She felt bad for him. He shouldn’t have to worry about his fans having a negative reaction about their marriage, and he definitely shouldn’t feel like he was to blame if his fans found her, which she knew he would.
(Y/N) touched Corpse’s shoulder, causing him to stop and look up at her. She took his hands in hers, wiping away the blood he had drawn.
“It’s okay,” she assured him. “We’ll get through this. Besides, I’m a big girl. I can handle this if anything happens.”
Corpse nodded. “I know, I just didn’t want you to be brought into this.”
“It was bound to happen eventually. Could’ve been worse.”
Corpse wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. She hugged him back, dreading the next time he’d have to go online.
A week passed and the buzz around Corpse’s “mystery woman” did not die down. The hashtag trended for two days, and his fans were still speculating on Twitter. Corpse took some time off social media in hopes it would all blow over, but it became evident very soon that it would not. Everyone was still tweeting him about it, and it even began to escalate to people would ask Corpse’s friends during their streams.
Enough was enough, and Corpse decided it was time to address the issue.
He announced he would be doing a Q&A stream on his Twitter. Within seconds, the stream was trending.
(Y/N) sat on the floor next to Corpse’s chair as he set his stream up. She could see he was shaking with anxiety over the situation. She put a hand on his leg, bringing his attention to her.
“It’ll be okay,” she assured him. “I promise.”
Corpse gave her the best smile he could muster. He laced his fingers through hers, trying to calm himself down. Before he could back out of it, he started the stream.
The chat flooded with questions immediately, most of which were asking about her. Corpse was able to avoid these questions for as long as he could, until someone donated a super chat question specifically asking about Corpse’s relationship status.
“Are you taken?” he read. “Well, I guess I can’t get around it now. The answer is yes, I am taken, and I am taken permanently.”
The chat went wild at this. Corpse’s hands began to shake again and (Y/N) squeezed the one she was holding, trying to look up at him sympathetically. His attention was focused on the screen in front of him, trying to get the words out the best he could.
“The truth is, I was seeing someone for a long time. She isn’t a content creator or famous in any way, so I wanted to keep our relationship to ourselves. We’ve made it public with her friends and family, but as far as my YouTube life goes, I wanted to keep it a secret. At first it was because I didn’t want to announce the relationship and have it go south and we break up, but the longer we kept it a secret the more I knew I wanted it that way because it was just another aspect of my life I thought would be better to keep to myself. I didn’t want to bring her into a spotlight that she didn’t want, and honestly, I didn’t want any of my fans to know who she was.
“And marriage...well, it wasn’t something I ever expected to happen to me. We weren’t even dating all that long when we both got drunk one night and I just...I asked her. We both laughed it off at the time, but the next morning when we sobered up I realized I still wanted to marry her. So I asked her again, promised her I’d get her a ring when I could, and she said yes. Flash forward about a year and...I’m a married man.”
(Y/N) leaned her head against Corpse’s leg and smiled up at him. Through his nervousness and anxiety, she could see him reminiscing on the history of their relationship, the way she liked to do sometimes. Especially on the hilarious story of their engagement.
“I won’t be giving any more details besides that,” he said. “I will not stream with her if she does not feel comfortable, I will not be publicly stating her real name, I certainly won’t be posting her face on any of my social media. Especially without her permission as she has already said she doesn’t really want a life in the public eye. I am sorry I kept this from you all for so long, but I hope you can understand my reasoning, and I hope you will all treat my wife with respect. That’s all I really want.”
He continued with the Q&A. After enough time had passed for that information to sink in, you decided to check Twitter to see what the reaction had been. The top trend, within a matter of minutes, was #wearehappyforcorpse. The hashtag was flooded with kind messages congratulating Corpse on getting married and on finding the one. A few people were sharing Corpse’s wishes and warning the extreme fans not to go looking for whoever Corpse’s wife was until one of them made her identity public. There was very little negativity and, although (Y/N) had told Corpse this would likely be the case, she was relieved to know that it actually was.
When the stream ended, (Y/N) could almost physically see the weight that had been lifted off Corpse’s shoulders. She stood from the floor to sit on his lap. He took her in his arms and buried his head in her shoulder, letting out a long sigh of relief.
“That went well,” she said. “Almost like I said it would.”
“Don’t say I told you so,” Corpse said, lifting his head to smile at her. “Although, I also knew it would go fine.”
“Even if it went different, we would’ve dealt with it together. That’s what married couples do.”
Corpse leaned forward and kissed her gently. (Y/N) smiled as she broke away and kissed the tip of his nose.
“I’m so lucky to have you,” he said.
“You are.”
Corpse chuckled and playfully squeezed her as he kissed over her neck and face.
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Jared Putnam is one of the most prolific songwriters in Texas, and he earns that distinction in his second act.
Having already flirted with the danger of major labels when his young band The Conversation was a national next thing, in the past decade as The March Divide, Putnam has basically done it all on his own, self-releasing a barrage of singles, EPs, and albums at a seemingly non-stop pace during that time.
cinq – his fifth album (Slow Start Records, April 23rd) – was conceived as a full-length, but has mostly been released throughout the pandemic as a series of singles, with the last two arriving surrounding the album’s release date.
With Putnam’s successful regional touring business at a stand-still, he recorded cinq at home, sending tracks to friends to add bass and drums, and tending to his expanding business managing social media ad campaigns for other artists, a skill he learned while systematically building a fanbase for The March Divide that has sustained him, even during lockdown.
“I am very much looking forward to forgetting and moving on from the wrath of what still might end my career,” Putnam says, voicing the frustration of many musicians with vulnerable cottage businesses on the line. “Recording these songs was something I was able to do to get my mind off of all that. What came out is a real hodgepodge of who I am as a writer.”
This “hodgepodge” is a boon for fans of Putnam’s songs that are personal, but always safe-effacing, and with a sly humor underneath their rich production and get-to-the-point style. Think a slightly less angular Spoon with work boots on instead of pointy tips (but not too worn out!)
“I was able to revisit my rock roots in a meaningful way on this record,” Putnam explains, “but still expand and experiment with the acoustic-based pop ideas I’ve been obsessed with the last few years. I even incorporated some of the hokey melodies that have popped into my head lately by finally taking the time to go back and listen to all the ridiculous phone recordings I’ve made of them.”
One of these “hokey” melodies, that a less humble musician might just call “catchy,” became one of cinq’s two yet-to-be-released singles, “The Funk That You’re In,” a number Putnam thought would remain in his phone graveyard.
“That’s usually where my ideas go to die! It’s not that I don’t like them,” he says, “I usually just forget about them, but like everyone else, I had a lot of time to burn last year. Once I picked up my guitar and started messing with the idea, the whole song just kinda fell out of me. The kazoo solo is probably worth mentioning.”
On the other side of the conceptual spectrum from “The Funk That You’re In,” is what will be cinq’s final single and video. “I Believe,” is one of the most personal songs in Putnam’s catalog.
Written in a stream of consciousness style, and backed up by a promise to himself not to change the words, Putnam plans to work in this style more going forward.
“It’s pretty satisfying to just say what you wanna say, without worrying about how cool it sounds,” he confesses.
cinq, the fifth full-length album by The March Divide arrives on April 23rd via Slow Start Records.
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thefanficmonster · a month ago
My Menace
Corpse Husband x Reader with Tourette's Syndrome (Gender Neutral)
Warnings: Swearing
Genre: FLUFF, Humor
Summary: One cannot simply tell Y/N what to do - when they wanna be nice, they’re nice. When they wanna turn your life upside down, they do exactly that. And when they weren’t planning on ratting you out in Among Us but you told them not to anyway, you can bet your ass they’ll go against their previous plans and your order just because they can.
Requested by Anon. Hi dear! Thank you so much for sending your request my way, it means a lot to me! I hope I captured the character of Y/N properly, however if I’ve made any mistakes don’t hesitate to point them out to me and I’ll make sure to correct them. Sorry it has taken me so long to complete and post your request, I can only hope you’ve stuck around long enough to read it. If so, please enjoy! Love, Vy ❤
“Babe, I’m sorry, but you know what happened last time.“ I’ve been trying to get Corpse to let me play with the gang again after. It’s not a serious argument or prohibition on his part, of course, he’d never tell me ‘no‘ for anything, especially not something so simple and insignificant such as a game of Among Us. He’s just giving me a hard time over what I ended up doing last time when confronted about a kill I definitely committed but was not ready to face the consequences. Much to my delight, and Corpse’s dismay, my tic kicked in and saved my ass last minute so I played along with it. It went something like:
“It’s Corpse!“ That was my tic, and I just ran with it, “Guys, he’s my boyfriend! I didn’t wanna tell on him but I appreciate my ass more than his. It’s him!“
Surprisingly enough, they bought it and Corpse was falsely ejected. Poor guy’s still salty about it and it cracks me up.
“I know! But I promise it won’t happen again. I’ll kill you myself this time.“ I plead to the best of my ability, only getting a skeptical look in return, “It was nothing personal. I just wanted you out of the way without having to murder you.“
My tics are typically easy to control and are almost entirely verbal. However, there’s a slight problem - I tend to experience them more often when under pressure. That being said, I have to point out how stressful a game of Among Us can get with Corpse and his friends. Regardless, I love playing with them.
I was introduced in the group by Jack who I’ve collaborated with in the past and have been great friends with ever since. I was quick to make friends with everyone - well, only after I put my shyness aside and allowed myself to just behave the way I do when I’m playing games on my own. Corpse was one of those I stayed in regular contact with after the stream as well. We texted every day until we suddenly found each other video chatting and calling each other almost every day. And then, just as suddenly we found ourselves to be sitting across from one another in a coffee shop, geeking out about any and every show we could think of.  That was approximately half a year ago and I guess you could say our relationships has progressed rather quickly given that we’re basically living together at this point. I’m more at his apartment than my own, which I tried to play off as it being convenient cause my college is a five minute walk away from his apartment while I need to grab an Uber from mine. He didn’t complain when I said that though, he just threw on a cocky, you-ain’t-fooling-nobody smirk and said, “Aha, sure.”
That is one of the biggest, most memorable and most significant moments of the entirety of our relationship. In that very moment, seeing his reaction to my dumb attempt at playing unbothered, seeing how well he read through it, all that I could think of was how much I had fallen in love with this smartass bastard. Of course the L word is considered a big no-no by me, especially in a relationship that’s been on the wheels for less than a year, so I didn’t say it. Well I didn’t, my tic did.
“I love you“
Luckily for me, by that time, Corpse had already learned how to decipher which statements I say are my tics - they are more often than not spoken with an accent, preferred being British or Scottish - so he wasn’t thrown off by the sudden and out of place ‘confession’ of feelings I displayed. I guess you could say my tic was trying to get me to express what was really going on in my head, but I was not ready for the vulnerability just yet.
“Of course you do. What’s not to love?“ He replied, cocky and smug as ever and, despite my original intention being a light smack on the shoulder, I ended up pressing my lips against his. Must say, that is one of the best tics I’ve experienced.
When it came time to discuss when and if we’d be making our relationship public, we were both nervous, to say the least. Our friends were the first ones to find out and they were obviously nothing but supportive, though they were very shocked, considering Corpse and I had been with them on streams together so many times and they never ‘caught on’. We were never actively hiding it, but it’s not like we were walking around with a neon sign either. Then came the hard part - our fanbases. Of course, we knew the majority of our fandoms would respond positively to the news, and we already prepared ourselves for any skepticism or hate that might get sent our way but very little if any negative feedback surfaced. We were spared, for the most part, from the struggles most YouTube couples have to face when revealing their relationship to the public. 
However! - I had to go through a process of initiation to ‘officially become Corpse’s partner’. Though I was thrown off and lowkey concerned about what Corpse’s fans would make me do, it turned out to be very simple and also something I has intended to do in the past - participate in #onlyhands.
How could I have said no to that?
Speaking of people unable to say ‘no’...
“Guess who else will be joining us today.“ Corpse says mysteriously just as I hop into the call. Yeah, I managed to convince him to let me play. Not like he was ever NOT going to, he knows I’ll make sure to mess with him ten times more if he tries to pull a stunt like that.
“Hi! I can’t wait to kill you all.“ I greet the six other people in the still-incomplete Among Us lobby. “It’s all up on my dick!“ Did I mention I curse like a sailor?
“Oh my gosh, Y/N! It’s been so long! I honestly can’t believe Corpse got over the last incident.” Rae greets me. She’s become one of my best friends. I feel like I can be completely myself around her and I can tell her anything. It took no time for her and I to click and, with the added bonus of being impostors together, we bonded asap.
“Yeah, that’s my menace, I can never tell them no.“ Corpse, despite sounding exasperated and defeated, is obviously excited to have me back on the Among Us train.
“This ship is going down!“ My tics are, as I mentioned, more frequent while playing Among Us and they include a ton of curses and whistles whenever I feel in danger. Or when I am the danger *wink* *wink* You never know what you’re gonna get when playing with me. Hell, I don’t even know the majority of the time. I’m not one for making plans, I prefer going with the flow and improvising along the way. All that with proximity chat as my main weapon to pump the other players with fear and a sense of insecurity. You never know what fate will meet ya with me in the same room.
The game starts and we split up, each player heading in their own direction. Sadly, I can’t fulfill my plan of killing everyone because of the handicap of being a crewmate and not having been bestowed the power to end a fellow crewmate’s life. Entering focused mode, I scan the list of tasks I need to complete and go about my way.
“If I have to bite a hoe to stay alive you can bet I will. Nobody’s killing me today.” I say as I pass by Dream, who’s looking awfully suspicious all up in Upper Engine.
“Oh we’ll see about that.“ He replies, equally as threateningly as he starts following me.
“FUCK! Get off my dick this instant!“ I run into Reactor without previously considering my options and find myself trapped in the room with Dream, “You don’t have to do this.“
Clay laughs evilly, “No, no, no, dear. I want to.” Inching closer as though he has to get within any closer proximity to kill me. And all I can do is stand there like a deer caught in headlights, awaiting my demise.
In my last moments alive, my final word is a call for help, somewhere between a  tic and a conscious plea, “CORPSE!”
And just like that, Dream’s dead on the floor and I’m dumbfounded to open my eyes I hadn’t realized I had squeezed shut and find Corpse standing there. Motherfucker even has the audacity to say: “Someone call for me?“ so casually, as though he didn’t just murder the person I thought would murder me.
“You saved my ass, smartass! Thank you.“ I coo sweetly, recovering from my shock and giving into the relief of being out of the danger zone at least until Corpse is on cooldown. 
“Anything for my menace.“ He replies just as kindly, making me smile, “But you’ll need to do something for me in exchange.“ He says quizzically, as if luring me into a mysterious adventure, “You cover for me. You didn’t see nothing, didn’t hear nothing. Ok?“
I smirk. Such a small price to pay for my life being both saved and spared. Well, less the first and most the latter  “Best believe, babe.” Watching as he’s about to walk out of the room I take the chance to mutter something I haven’t yet thought to say. Something that probably shouldn’t be said in front of so many people, but also something I’ve been dying to say: “I love you.”
Corpse stops dead in his tracks, remaining silent for a few moments before finally speaking up: “You heard it here first, folks - Y/N, from FairPlays, loves me. You can be jealous all you fucking want, simps. They love me.”
I can’t help but giggle at this childishness though I find it adorable. “Hold up, you were doubting it? And, even better, do I not get to hear it back?”
The motherfucker has the audacity to laugh, “Only if you actually cover for me, babe. Consider yourself warned.” and with that, he leaves the room.
“ASSWIPE!“ All edge and seriousness is wiped from that word because of how hard I’m trying not to giggle.
Yeah I may be a handful, but Corpse ain’t much better either. As proven by the text I receive not ten seconds after he leaves.
~ I love you too 😉
“Ok, I take that back. Corpse is many things, but a asswipe he isn’t. He is a smug bastard at times, but I kinda love it.“ 
God forbid he overheard that - I wouldn’t be hearing the end of it anytime soon if he did, that’s for sure.
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mrcifci · a month ago
This Week in Apps: Twitter targets creators, Clubhouse security, Spotify’s plans for paid podcasts
Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the weekly TechCrunch series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the overall app economy.
The app industry is as hot as ever, with a record 218 billion downloads and $143 billion in global consumer spend in 2020. A new forecast this week expects consumer spend to grow to $270 billion by 2025.
Consumers last year also spent 3.5 trillion minutes using apps on Android devices alone. And in the U.S., app usage surged ahead of the time spent watching live TV. Currently, the average American watches 3.7 hours of live TV per day, but now spends four hours per day on their mobile devices.
App spending to reach $270B by 2025, new forecast predicts
Apps aren’t just a way to pass idle hours — they’re also a big business. In 2019, mobile-first companies had a combined $544 billion valuation, 6.5x higher than those without a mobile focus. In 2020, investors poured $73 billion in capital into mobile companies — a figure that’s up 27% year-over-year.
This week, we’re looking into what’s next for the future of one of the top social apps (Twitter), as well as Spotify’s latest announcements around its future plans for podcasts and subscriptions, along with other top stories, including the Clubhouse security problem.
Top Stories
Twitter wakes up
Image Credits: Twitter
Twitter over the years has been slow to roll out new features that dramatically impact its platform — even going so far at one time to build an entirely separate app just to test a new way to link together conversation threads. Its slow momentum and failure to build features users actually want, like an edit button, has left Twitter feeling a lot like the same experience it was in its earlier years — a public SMS of sorts (albeit one with more utilities for tweet discovery and management).
A first look at Twitter’s new prototype app, twttr
This has also contributed slow user growth, which opened up Twitter last year to pressure from activist investors to oust CEO Jack Dorsey, who was then planning to move to Africa, while also still running Square. (He decided not to go because of the pandemic… and, well, to keep his job, we’d guess.) Following this more intensive scrutiny of Twitter’s operations, the company in recent months has begun to speed things up on the product front.
Twitter Spaces is solid. Needs better discovery, but I’m certain that is coming. I can promise you we would not have built something this good, this quickly 7 years ago. Love seeing the velocity. Congrats @kayvz and team.
— Christian Oestlien (@christianism) February 26, 2021
Last year, it rolled out to its global audience a stories-like feature called Fleets, offering a place for more ephemeral content to live on its platform. It began development on a Clubhouse rival, Twitter Spaces, which is surging ahead with updates and new features. And it’s working on a community-led misinformation debunking effort, Birdwatch.
Twitter’s Birdwatch fights misinformation with community notes
Twitter also began to make a series of acquisitions to build out its product teams, with additions like social app Squad, stories template maker Chroma Labs and podcasting app Breaker. And more recently, it bought newsletter platform Revue, which is already integrated on the Twitter website.
And it’s not done. This week, Twitter announced even more new products were in the works.
One, a new product called “Super Follow,” represents Twitter’s first-ever paid feature. The idea with the Super Follow is to turn Twitter into a platform where creators can monetize their fan base — with a “Super Follow” subscription, fans can access member-only perks. These can include whatever the creator wants — newsletters, videos, deals, community access and even paywalled content like tweets, fleets and audio chats in Twitter Spaces.
Twitter’s ‘Super Follow’ creator subscription takes shots at Substack and Patreon
Along with this, Twitter introduced “Communities,” which, in addition to allowing social networking around interests, give Super Follow-using creators a place to organize their own private networks.
And it’s finally working on tools to auto-block and mute the trolls, too.
Twitter announces Communities, like Facebook Groups but on Twitter
(they’ve started working on it in the web app since at least few weeks ago)
— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) February 25, 2021
To put it mildly, this strategy represents one of the more radical shake-ups to Twitter’s platform to date. It not only challenges other networks — like Facebook, Discord, Patreon, Substack and Clubhouse — it positions Twitter’s slew of new features not just as fun add-ons, but rather as general-purpose tools that allow anyone to build and grow their own communities whichever way they want.
The one big miss on this front is that Twitter no longer has its own social video app to throw in the mix, too. Sadly, the company shut down both Vine and now, Periscope. Though Twitter itself supports video, Vine’s closure led to a hole in the market that’s since been filled by TikTok. And unfortunately, sharing TikTok links on Twitter is poor experience — they just display as previews that take you to a new TikTok tab when clicked. To get TikTok videos to play in-line, you have to download them first — something not all creators permit.
Nevertheless, Twitter is expecting the changes to help it to double its revenues by 2023, and grow its daily user base to 315 million, up from the 192 million it has today.
Twitter plans to double revenue by 2023, reach 315M daily users
Spotify looks to new subscriptions for revenue growth
Image Credits: Spotify/Anchor
Twitter isn’t the only one looking to new subscriptions to make more money. Spotify this week also announced a good handful of updates, including a high-end Premium add-on for higher-quality music streams, called Spotify HiFi.
The company also confirmed its plans to test paid podcast subscriptions. The big bet here is that some podcasts are so compelling and have such a loyal fanbase that listeners will pay for their content, or maybe just their extras. These, of course, will no longer really be “podcasts” at this point — they’re paid audio programs. The feature will be introduced to Spotify’s creation app Anchor this spring.
Spotify to test paid podcast subscriptions this spring via new Anchor feature
But overeager adoption of paywalls by podcasters (who can’t make a living from their ad sales) could push more users to new social audio platforms, like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, where content is free and conversations are more participatory. Anchor’s solution for audience engagement is to roll out Q&As and polls. But why bother clicking, when you can hit up a Clubhouse room and talk?
Clubhouse’s exclusivity leads to discovery of security problems
The demand for Clubhouse access is becoming so high that people are figuring out ways to reverse-engineer the experience, TechCrunch reported this week. A developer found a way to broadcast Clubhouse audio feeds in real time to users who couldn’t get in because they didn’t have an invite or an iPhone. Though Clubhouse blocked the effort later in the week, the fact that a developer was able to gain access to Clubhouse audio feeds in the first place was an indication that the app isn’t as locked down as one might think.
A race to reverse-engineer Clubhouse raises security concerns
In addition, other researchers have figured out ways to “ghost listen” to rooms without displaying user profiles — essentially, eavesdropping. And users in China appear to be able to listen to a room conversation facilitated by Clubhouse’s service provider Agora by using a VPN — even though they can’t technically “join” a room due to the app itself being banned.
Clubhouse’s appeal has a lot to do with how its social audio spaces aren’t recorded, so people can be themselves. There’s an expectation that you are only speaking to a group who’s listening and there’s no way to go back for a transcript or recording later. In other words, it’s not a podcast — it’s live. It’s social. And it’s semi-private.
These security breaches prove that’s not entirely true.
Weekly News
Platforms: Apple
Apple added guidance for app developers to help them complete App Store privacy labels. Specifically, it added information about data types, like email and messages, and gameplay content. Not coincidentally, I’m sure, Google added a privacy label to Gmail this week, too.
Apple’s “Sign in with Apple” button is now a part of the U.S. DoJ antitrust investigation against the company, reports The Information. Apple requires the option on all apps that offer sign-in buttons from other companies, like Facebook and Google, which has upset some developers. Investigators are looking to better understand how use of the button makes it more difficult for Apple device users to switch to other platforms.
Apple Entrepreneur Camp applications opened up for female founders and developers. The camp will run online July 20-29, 2021, offering attendees code-level guidance, mentorship, plus access to Apple engineers.
Apple tweaked the subscription “buy sheet” in iOS 14.5 beta. The new screen aims to make the price of an app’s subscription more clear to end users.
Apple hid an Easter egg in its Apple Store app to celebrate its 10-year anniversary.
Surprise! Hidden inside the Apple Store app is a new Easter egg that celebrates the app’s 10th anniversary. Search for “10 years” and watch the balloons appears. Tap each one to pop it.
— Michael Steeber (@MichaelSteeber) August 5, 2020
Platforms: Google
Google this week announced the next set of features coming to Android in its spring 2021 release. Flagship items include a password checkup tool and a way to schedule your texts (!!!). The latter means you can compose a message at any time, then pick the time you want it to send. iMessage, your turn! Other improvements included updates to the screen reader TalkBack, Maps (which gets a dark mode default option), Assistant and Android Auto.
Android’s latest update will let you schedule texts, secure your passwords and more
Google launches an Android Sleep API for use in health and wellness apps. The new API will use the phone’s light and motion sensors in combination with an onboard API model to generate information like a “sleep confidence” determination and daily sleep segments.
Food & Drink
Food delivery app DoorDash stock falls after its first earnings. The company reported $970 million in revenue versus $938 million expected and a loss per share of $2.67. But shares dropped as much as 13% on DoorDash’s forecast, which said some of the earlier tailwinds it saw under stay-at-home orders in the U.S. will turn around as the country gets the vaccine under control.
Food delivery apps got a boost during the Lunar New Year holiday week in China, thanks to COVID-19 travel restrictions that kept people at home and prompted more remote gift deliveries, in particular food orders from services like Meituan and Alibaba’s
Augmented Reality
An iPhone app called Museum Alive, reviewed by The Verge, includes narration from Sir David Attenborough as an extension of his Natural History Museum Alive film. The app includes interactive AR exhibits with extinct animals in their own habitats.
Mobile investing app Robinhood reports seeing 6 million new customers on Robinhood Crypto just this year. By comparison, the number peaked at 401,000 customers in a single month in 2020, with a monthly average of 200,000 customers trading on Robinhood Crypto for the first time.
Google emailed users of the old Google Pay app and website that they’ll lose transactional capabilities on April 5 and will need to switch to the updated Google Pay app instead.
Image Credits: Snap
At Snap’s investor day, the company projected 50% annual revenue growth for the next several years. The company spoke of the app’s main features — Camera, Map, Chat, Stories and Spotlight — each which it believes to be multibillion-dollar revenues streams in the long-term. It also talked about its investments in AR, Snap Ads, Shows, Stories and its TikTok rival, Spotlight. Investors responded favorably to the news, with shares up 11% on Tuesday, pushing the company’s valuation over $100 billion.
Instagram adds its TikTok rival, Reels, to its slimmed-down Instagram Lite app aimed at emerging markets. Some are already dubbing it “bloatware.”
TikTok partners with Portland Timbers and Thorns FC in its first U.S. soccer deal. The multi-year deal will have the clubs distributing video content in collaboration with TikTok, and will see the clubs featuring the TikTok logo on their jerseys.
TikTok owner ByteDance agrees to $92 million privacy settlement with U.S. TikTok users after a year of litigation. The claims in the lawsuits said TikTok was using a broad array of biometric data and content from user devices for ad targeting and profit. TikTok said it disagrees with the assertions but wanted to put an end to the lengthy litigation.
TikTok’s latest transparency report for H2 2020 said the app removed over 300,000 election misinformation videos, and another 400,000 from the For You page. The percentage of deletions were in line with the prior report, despite the busy election season it covered.
The Washington Post reports conservative backer Rebekah Mercer, whose family also funds Breitbart, now controls two of the three board seats at right-wing Twitter alternative, Parler. The app’s founding CEO John Matze was pushed out last month, and Mercer has since exerted more control over the company’s direction.
Twitter banned 100 accounts linked to Russian troll farms. The accounts were caught up in part of a larger enforcement action Twitter took against 373 accounts with connections to Armenia, Iran and Russia. The Russian accounts were being used to amplify talking points in favor of the Russian government.
Facebook tests new tools to combat child exploitation. One tool will pop up a message for people who use search terms linked to child exploitation that reminds them of the consequences and points them to resources to get help from offender diversion organizations. Another will alert users to the legal ramifications of sharing viral, meme child exploitative content. The company also updated its child safety policies and updated its reporting menu across FB and IG to include a section for a report that “involves a child.”
Top social apps including TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest added new features to support those with eating disorders as part of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (February 22-28). Among the changes, TikTok and Instagram added features to encourage body inclusivity; TikTok now redirects some eating disorder searches to point to support resources; Instagram added links to local helplines in Australia, Canada and the U.K.; Pinterest donated credits to encourage people to tune into NED Awareness events; and more.
Flickr rolled out a widget for both iOS and Android devices. The widget lets you enjoy a rotating selection of photos from Explore on your home screen — great for someone looking for variety, instead of a static home screen.
Messaging / Communications
Telegram adds an auto-delete option for all messages, which lets users automatically delete messages after either 24 hours or seven days. The feature was previously available only for its encrypted Secret Chats. It also added expiring invite links and an option to create broadcast-only groups.
WhatsApp details what will happen when users don’t agree to the privacy changes by the May 15, 2021 deadline. It said for a short time (a few weeks), the users will be able to receive calls and notifications, but won’t be able to read or send messages, to give them more time to agree.
WhatsApp details what will happen to users who don’t agree to privacy changes
More Google Hangouts users are being migrated over to the Google Chat “preview” experience. The company had said it would split Hangouts into two services, Chat and Meet. The transition began last year, but personal account holders had only been told “early 2021” for their migration date. Early reports (see below) say the new experience is lacking when it comes to video call integration and lack of SMS support.
My Google Chat is now showing this Hangouts "Preview" message.
It looks like all my individual contacts work and are accessible via the search bar.
The only missing feature now is group chat.
— Ron Amadeo (@RonAmadeo) February 24, 2021
Streaming & Entertainment
Image Credits: YouTube
YouTube announced it will roll out parental control features for families with tweens and teens that will allow them to graduate more safely from the YouTube Kids app to “real YouTube.” Parents will be able grant kids more access through their “supervised” Google Account, then choose from one of of three levels of YouTube access ranging from a selection that’s more tween-friendly to another that’s more appropriate for older teens. By using the account, parents are also agreeing to allow YouTube to collect personal data from the kids — something it couldn’t do in YouTube Kids.
YouTube to launch parental control features for families with tweens and teens
Disney’s adult-friendly Star channel launched outside the U.S. to Disney+ subscribers in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The additional channel combines content from Disney Television Studios, FX, 20th Century Studios and 20th Television, and bumps Disney+ price up by a small amount (a few pounds in the U.K., e.g.). Parental controls were also added to block kids from accessing the more adult fare.
South Korean media reported the country’s current prime minister, Chung Sye-kyun, has joined Clubhouse, making him the most senior political leader to join the growing app.
Image Credits: GameSnacks
Google’s mobile-friendly online games, GameSnacks, developed by its Area 120 in-house incubator, are being integrated into Chrome on iOS and Android Pay in select emerging markets. The HTML5-powered games are a way that Google is routing around app stores, and instead delivering gaming content to users without the associated app store fees. It’s also a more lightweight model for gaming, which helps in some markets where storage space and bandwidth are concerns. The company is experimenting with bringing the games to Google Assistant next.
Chinese mobile games released on the U.S. App Store and Google Play Store raked in $5.8 billion during Q24 2020, up 34.3% from a year ago, and accounting for over a quarter of the world’s mobile gaming revenues, per Sensor Tower data. Top titles include big names like Call of Duty (a collaboration between Tencent and Activision) and Tencent’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. as well as those from smaller studios such as Mihoyo’s Genshin Impact and Magic Tavern’s Project Makeover.
Chinese mobile games are gaining ground in the US
In the ongoing Epic Games versus Apple legal showdown in the U.S., Epic is now trying to locate former iOS software chief Scott Forstall to testify, after Apple said Forstall didn’t respond to its request to appear.
Meanwhile, a U.K. court blocked Epic Games from challenging Apple’s Fortnite ban. The court said Epic’s lawsuit against Apple would be better to pursue in the U.S., but allowed the suit against Google to continue.
Epic Games is sending players V-Bucks to settle its Fornite loot box class action lawsuit. The settlement is supposed to be for U.S. players only, but Epic is offering the V-Bucks to global players.
Amazon’s Luna cloud gaming service, which lets users stream games across platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, web browsers on iPhone and iPad and desktop, has now arrived on Amazon’s Fire TV devices in an expansion of its early access program.
App Annie announces new features to help customers discover gaming launches, as well as measure and visualize performance of games. The features include RPD (revenue per download), Align Apps by Launch, Cumulative Downloads and Cumulative Revenue, and a Soft Launches Report.
A floating gaming toolbar has been found in the code of the Android 12 Developer Preview. Full details are not available but one button is a picture of a game controller while the other is suspected to be some sort of option to record your current gaming session.
Social casino game Coin Master from Moon Active tops $2 billion in lifetime player spending, reports Sensor Tower. The title booked $1.2 billion in 2020 alone, up 122.4% year-over-year, boosted by pandemic boredom and in-game spending.
Zynga is creating its own first-party walled garden for ad tech, due to Apple’s push for app tracking transparency. More companies could do the same, argues Mobile Dev Memo.
Health & Fitness
The New York Department of Financial Services said in an investigative report that Facebook has now taken steps to prevent it from collecting unauthorized data about people’s medical conditions, The WSJ reported. The company had been collecting the data through its SDK installed in numerous apps, then matches the sensitive, personal data to users’ Facebook accounts for ad targeting. One app involved, period tracker Flo, separately settled with the FTC in January over its involvement.
Australia’s ABC News app hit the top of the App Store following the upheaval related to Facebook’s ban of Australian news sources on its platform. The app become No. 1 in News and No. 2 Overall, ahead of Facebook and its other apps, including Messenger and Instagram.
Funding and M&A
YouTuber David Dobrik’s retro photo app raised $20 million in a Series A round led by Spark Capital. The app’s gimmick is that it allows you to snap photos in an old-fashioned camera interface where photos don’t “develop” until the next morning. The TestFlight, capped at 10,000 users, was full within a weekend of launching.
Celebrity video platform memmo raised $10 million Series A, in a round led by Left Lane Capital. The concept is similar to U.S.-based Cameo, but Stockholm-based memmo’s strategy is both global and localized.
Snack, a TikTok-like dating app, raised $3.5 million in a round led by Kindred Ventures and Coelius Capital. The startup was founded by early (Match Group-owned) Plenty of Fish exec Kimberly Kaplan, and targets Gen Z by way of a video feed with likes and comments that lead to DMs.
Snack, where TikTok meets dating, gets $3.5 million in funding
AI-powered transcription service Otter, available on web and mobile, raised $50 million ($40 million in new funds) Series B. The service got a boost from the pandemic and its Zoom integration.
Spain’s Wallapop raised $191 million at an $840 million valuation for its classifieds marketplace. The funding was led by Korelya Capital, a French VC fund backed by Korea’s Naver. The app was previously going to merge with U.S.-based LetGo, but later shelved those plans. (LetGo instead was bought by OfferUp.)
Austrian app marketer App Radar acquired Spanish rival TheTool. At the time of the deal, TheTool provided data insights for some 400 app marketing clients. The assets-only deal will allow App Radar to expand its presence across Europe.
Indian edtech startup Doubtnut raised $31 million for its website and app that help students learn math and science. The app lets students take a photo of the problem, then uses ML and image recognition to deliver the answer in the form of short videos.
James Murdoch’s Lupa Systems leads $31 million investment in India’s Doubtnut
Design platform Canva, which works on both web and mobile, acquired Kaleido, the maker of a drag-and-drop background removal service,, for photos and videos. It also bought Smartmockups in the Czech Republic, which lets anyone create mockups for t-shirts, mugs and other items.
Podcast host and ad network Acast bought RadioPublic, a maker of tools for podcasters, including a website maker, marketing tools, and the RadioPublic podcast app. The latter will remain live and the team will stay in the U.S.
Copenhagen-based Podimo, a subscription service for podcasts, raised €11.2 million in funding. The app offers access to over 600 exclusive shows, and shares its revenue from subscriptions with its creators.
Podimo, the podcast and short-form audio subscription service, picks up €11.2M in new funding
Beijing-based tutoring app Yuanfudao is said to be raising funding at a $20 billion+ valuation. The funding would follow a prior $2.2 billion round that valued the business at $15.5 billion.
Roblox shares to begin trading March 10. The cross-platform gaming service, which is popular on mobile, has opted for a direct listing instead of an IPO.
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A new Slack competitor, Quill, launched out of stealth this week, TechCrunch reported, with its apps for the web, Mac, Windows, Linux and Android and iOS on mobile. Like Slack, Quill lets co-workers communicate through channels, video and voice. But it also addresses some of the issues Slack overlooks. One, “structured channels,” lets admins enforce threads, for example. It also automatically moves up active conversations, limits notifications, has improved pinning, supports moving threads between channels and places video and chat side-by-side, to name a few. You can even interact with Quill via SMS and email.
Quill, the messaging app backed by Index, quietly comes out of stealth to take on Slack
ANDY’s apps
Image Credits: ANDY
Andy Allen, former head of Product at WeTransfer, teamed up with Mark Dawson, the lead graphics engineer from Allen’s former prior company Fifty Three, to create a new set of “default” apps with ANDY. That is, the company’s new apps aim to update your basic set — like weather, calculator and timer.
“Most of the default apps haven’t changed over the last 10 years. Yet we’re still using them. I see that as a sign that we’ll still need basic apps like weather, calculator and timer in another 10 years,” notes Allen.
Image Credits: ANDY
What makes ANDY apps different is that they’re built inside a game engine to unlock new experiences that makes them feel more like games themselves. They’re also skinnable, with three skins available at launch and more to come every few months. The apps require a subscription to work — either $14.99/yr for all apps and basic skins or $69.99/yr for all apps plus basic and limited-edition skins, as well as limited-edition collector cards. The company plans to expand its app collection over time.
Image Credits: YouWidget
Spotted this week by the folks at iMore, the new YouWidget delivers a YouTube iOS widget that puts a live video feed on your home screen along with other stats. For YouTubers and fans alike, the app could be useful in helping to track a specific channel’s releases and their other subscriptions. But even if you don’t need live videos, the app offers a widget with statistics for any channel — including subscriber counts, views and video counts.
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