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Daenerys Targaryen and Raquel Murillo + parallels

“They will not hurt me,” she told him. “They are my children, Jorah.” She laughed, put her heels into her horse, and rode to them, the bells in her hair ringing sweet victory. She trotted, then cantered, then broke into a gallop, her braid streaming behind. The freed slaves parted before her. “Mother,” they called from a hundred throats, a thousand, ten thousand. “Mother,” they sang, their fingers brushing her legs as she flew by. “Mother, Mother, Mother!”


“This mask has become a symbol, throughout the world. Of resistance, of indignation, of skepticism. We have inspired many people to fight. And now these people are one of us. Don’t you ever forget that.”

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So I've always been stubbornly disinterested in anything marvel/dc related but, as a fellow Dany stan, I have to admit that your love for Tony Stark is tempting me into giving the mcu movies a chance........


My evil plan of indoctrinating my followers with a love of Tony Stark is working!


On a more serious note though, as a Dany stan it is very hard not to love Tony Stark. In the MCU, Tony Stark is basically the love-child of Tyrion and Daenerys.

Tony has Tyrion’s “my dad never liked me and always preferred the blonde heroic ideal of a brother more than me” complex. Also, Tony has Tyrion’s “My dad abused me, and I hate him, and I want to undo the kingdom he built, but also subconsciously I want him to be proud of me” complex.

But Tony’s narrative, especially in the MCU, is very (almost eerily) similar to Dany’s. They are both the symbolic fire in their stories. Both are the scions of a powerful family whose legacy is either saving the world/destruction and war. Tony gets kidnapped, Dany gets “married off” to a different culture in the desert, and they both get their eyes opened. And it is here, they both emerge from fire (literally) and gets “reborn” to reshape the world. They both try so hard to do good in the world - sometimes their actions help, sometimes they exacerbate the problem - but their heart is in the right place. And despite all the setbacks, they keep on persevering and do what they know in their heart is right. They both have saviour complexes and Tony is as paternal as Dany is maternal. They both long for a simple life with someone they love, but duty and destiny push them into powerful roles. And despite being weary of war, they have to continue fighting for the good of humanity. They are both betrayed in very similar ways and they punish or forgive them in the same way. Also, both Dany and Tony are somehow the isolated ones in the group of heroes. they are both villanized for no good reason.

They are both incredibly complex characters whose power comes from their heart.

If you really want to look into Tony, I would suggest watching Iron Man, The Avengers, and Iron Man 3. They are incredibly fun movies that are a breezy watch and yet they have the best portrayals of Tony. If you would like to see Tony going down a self-destructive spiral throw in Iron Man 2 (it’s plot isn’t great, but it’s definitely a fun one-time watch. and if you would like to watch tony just make the world hate him as he is suffering from pain and inevitable death).

*tries to lure you into a new fandom*

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Your gifsets of Qi鈥檙a have me sobbing with love, my baby girl looked so damn good in Star Wars! 鈾ワ笍

She was such a bb girl. I loved her in it and actually liked the film despite the criticism. I may be biased but she was the literally the most interesting part about that movie. Shame they didn’t delve more into her character.

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I was tagged by the glorious @beks21 and @alrightsnaps to share a song starting with every letter of my name. Theme is: songs I listen to when I write fic yo.

G – Gold by Spandau Ballet

H – Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

O – Oh My God by Mark Ronson and Lily Allen

S – Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

T – Tell Me by Johnny Jewel and Saoirse Ronan

O – Only You by Yazoo

F – Fluorescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys

B – Blood by The Middle East

A – Africa by Toto

M – Mad World by KJ Apa, Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart

B – Baby, I Love Your Way by Big Mountain

I – I Feel Love by Ashleigh Murray, Asha Bromfield, Hayley Law and Camila Mendes

Tagging: @obiwan-katnobi @bcdaily @prongsno

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Except from Saturday’s update of The Fight Before Christmas for the lovely @alrightsnaps

Lily tears a strip of tape from the roll, severs it with her teeth and affixes a silver balloon, the last of the bunch, to a spot above her head. “Is she staying overnight?”

“Nah, she’ll drive back later.”

“Is Fleamont coming?”

“He’s got a cold, so he’s staying at home.”

“That’s a shame, I would have liked to see them both before we leave.”

“Just Fleamont and Euphemia?”

Lily leans over the banister and fixes her mum with a glare worthy of a moody teenager. “Mother.”


“You know what.”

“I’m sure I don’t have a clue what you mean,” says she, the picture of innocence. “But he is coming, in case you were interested.”

“I don’t care either way,” Lily retorts, to hide the fact that she does.

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