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Me, a month ago: omg this carpool karaoke with bts is so fun!!! I can’t believe I only saw one of their mvs and that was it! Let me check more of their songs and maybe learn their names

Me, now: bts is the greatest thing ever, I love every single one of them, they’re the most talented group of people to ever walk this earth, I’m spending most of my time watching them on YouTube, they are my happiness in the middle of this pandemic, how long until I start learning korean,

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compromise for davenzi maybe if u wanna idm ty

im sorry that im totally using this to project, but i have been playing so much animal crossing and i had this idea and im SORRY


“Babe, you’ve been playing for hours, I thought we were going to watch a movie tonight!” 

Matteo looked up at where David was sitting at his desk, now turned in his chair so he could pout at Matteo sitting on the bed.

“I told you, I’m trying to get enough things to donate so I can have the museum!” Matteo said back, rolling his eyes because he knew David didn’t particularly care about video games the way he did, but it was still frustrating. It was important.

David huffed and spun back around in his chair, angrily clicking a few keys on his laptop. Matteo rolled his eyes again at his boyfriend’s dramatics, before casting his fishing line out, cursing when the fish swam past it.

“Can you tell me what movie you were thinking of? You said you wanted to choose tonight, i can at least pull it up,” David said, clicking more on his computer, no doubt pulling up a random streaming site.

“Uh, yeah, let me just remember what it’s called,” Matteo said, focused on trying to catch the moth he saw flying around the light outside his tent. He didn’t actually have a movie in mind, and was trying to think of one fast.

A couple of minutes went by where Matteo forgot what he was trying to think about, too focused on getting one last new fish or bug, and he heard David turn around again with a sigh before he asked, “Matteo, please? Just name a movie you want to watch.”

“Okay, yeah um,” Matteo started, but paused when he noticed a fish in the pond in the middle of his island, and he cast his line out, “uh, we should watch…” he continued, and then paused again so he could press the button at the right time, and when he caught the fish and saw that it was one he didn’t have yet, he exclaimed, “fuck, yeah!”

“Oh my god,” he heard, before hearing a dull thunk, and he looked up briefly to see David’s head on the desk,

“Okay, okay, compromise,” he said, putting the game down and fixing David with a serious look, “you can choose the movie if you give me 15 minutes to finish this, and then i promise i’ll give you and the movie my full attention.”

David glared at him but then sighed, and said, “Fine,” and Matteo grinned and turned back to his game, and chose to ignore David muttering under his breath, “I hate Animal Crossing.”

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I’m sad, cause I just realized that last year when I joined this fandom, their were so many Starkid blogs that I looked up, and now I barely see any of them on my dash any more. and I absolutely love all the new friends who I’ve made more recently, but I really miss the good old days of looking up to like, 4 core Starkid/TCB/shipwrecked blogs that I can’t find anymore. I really hope that they are doing amazing right now, cause I Stanned them then, and I still Stan them now, what ever they’re doing now.

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Instead of making something for the 18th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts 1, I made this….completely self-indulgent work that’s going to be the basis of my next story. I literally am only proud of the head shot here, and can only draw ref sheets as of recently which is frustrating. Also, just ignore this, this is literally only for me lmao

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@people who are complaining about how “expensive” the Arcana is how they should have plenty money from us to make Portia’s route - I have never spent a cent on the game and have 15,000 coins. I have 50+ keys. Granted, I only have spent my coins on Asra and Portia thus far (therefore rarely spending keys). But I know that that is PLENTY for me to play all of the routes if I chose to. And that number grows every day.

The devs give us PLENTY of options to get coins (and keys!) for free. EVERY. DAY. If you do them, you WILL get coins and keys. So don’t EVEN let me see you complaining.

Anyway, go play Portia’s route!

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tagged by @foxmagpie (💖)

Rules: Put your entire music library on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come up. then tag 10 others to do the same!

So…I don’t really have a “music library” as much as I have…10 billion music stations I listen to. So I’ve randomly clicked on each station to see what pops up first on Pandora (I have recognized approximately 1% of the music you all have been listing on this)

  1. Black Swan - BTS (I discovered them like…a month ago and I am OBSESSED. I also just really like listening to a lot of music in languages other than English. 10/10)
  2. La Camisa Negra - Juanes (First introduced in high school Spanish. I’ve loved him ever since. 9/10)
  3. Can I - Alina Baraz & Galamitias (This song is one of those vibey, chill songs that I listen to when I’m in the mood to relax. 7/10)
  4. Take Me to Church - Hozier (This man’s voice SENDS ME. He could say literally anything and I would melt. 10/10)
  5. Cosmic Love - Florence + The Machine (This song isn’t my fave from this album (go listen to Lungs RIGHT. NOW. If you haven’t). I usually skip it, but sometimes I’m in the mood for the harp and the drums. 5/10)
  6. Tearin’ Up My Heart - NSYNC (I am a child of the 90s, okay! If I didn’t have at LEAST ONE boyband on this list, I would be ashamed of myself. While I love this song for the nostalgia, it’s normally when I’m in a goofy dance mood that I really enjoy it. 7/10)
  7. Thriller - Michael Jackson (It’s a cult classic. If you don’t get up and JAM to this song, I don’t know how to help you. 9/10)
  8. Black Balloon - Goo Goo Dolls (Again, child of the 90s. I STILL love this band, even though this song is no longer my fave of theirs. “Name” is probably my all time fave from them. 8/10)
  9. Chambermaid Swing - Pavlov Stellar (A band my husband introduced me to, that I didn’t even remember I had on here. So….meh? 3/10)
  10. We Can Work It Out - The Beatles (I love all types of music, and a lot of the time growing up I would lament I was born in the wrong decade because I LOVE 60s and 70s music. This is an oldie but goodie for me that stands the test of time. 9/10)

Tagging @blainesebastian because I’m so curious to see what your music taste is like!

Also tagging @johnisntevendead, @kylorenvevo, @hereliesbethboland because I don’t think I’ve seen y’all do it yet, but anyone else who wants to do it, consider yourself tagged by me!!

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Ill be honest i was genuinely worried that the corrupted steven theory wouldnt be true or the ending would be unsatisfying but im so glad suf ended the way it did

Steven’s getting therapy

Connie and Steven are together

everyone recognized how awful theyve been to him and are helping him like he helped them

hes leaving to discover his purpose/himself away from all of the tramatizing things

And so many more! Thank you, Steven Universe, for giving us an amazing farewell to an amazing franchise

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