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You know what bothers me the most. The way I was raised mentally. Like I had a good childhood, I guess. But I know I’ve changed a lot A Lot from what I was instilled.

Like I was just doing an exercise from my English class. And the sentence was “My mom said I can invite either Jenny or Sarah to come to the beach” a guy said that. And I thought why would a guy invite a girl to the bitch, does he like one. And dude what the fuck. No. Bitch a guy can have girl friends and vice versa. And also he doesn’t necessarily has to be straight.

And I hate that. I was teach that I should be a cute, delicate and feminine girl. And I grow up knowing only straight relationships. And that I should know how to clean, and cook and that stuff. And wear pink.

For ages I used to hate the color pink and everything I have was pink, still is. But I hated being put in that box of girls and sparkles and fluff. Until I realized, after a lot of self learning and research based on series and artists, that it is just a color.

I’d like to say that I’m proud to be a girl, but where live, even if we know women are strong, cause they fought our wars, we are still opressed. I don’t really know the situation about murders and everything, but, the difference between men and women sends.

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Don’t apologize! Believe me, I actually look forward to getting asks on this blog. It’s a nice distraction from my shit life lmao.

You know, I’ve actually thought about writing a chapter series that kinda follows a character that ends up being kidnapped by Danny and having it go through the day-to-day with staying with him. But you know. Knowing me, it’d probably be updated once every other year lmfao

But to actually answer your question, their first day, like always, depends on the scenario in which they were taken (I just really like multiple outcomes ok) and it would also depend on their personality. The ultimate outcome is to break them down and earn their complete submission, so Danny’s probably watched them for long enough that he would know just how to go about that. Chances are though, he’s not gonna waste time and is probably going to jump right in on the “fun”.

So let’s say it’s an obsession-type scenario. Danny’s watched this person for so long, he knows every little detail of their life: their routines, their habits, their social life, etc. To him, this is the closest thing to love he’s ever going to feel. They don’t know it yet, but they’re his. And so one day, he takes them. They wake tied up either in a basement or in a closet, depending on where he lives. Say it’s a basement. Maybe they take a moment to take in their surroundings, maybe they struggle against their restraints, maybe they scream. Regardless, nothing happens. At least at first. Eventually Danny gets tired of watching them, maybe he’s too excited, and steps out from his hiding spot. They don’t know who they’re looking at, but they know the mask he’s wearing. “I’ve waited so long for this moment..” he says. From there, he toys with them. He can’t help it. He needs to make sure they’re worth it. He rewards them for any obedience, but they fight hard at first. He doesn’t feed them for a few days. Eventually, under the mix of abuse and rewards for good behavior, they break.

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I love y’all so fucking much <33 Thanks for all the support on my Peter Parker fanfic. I’m currently working on another fanfic (maybe songfic, depends on how it goes) for Peter Parker and a wedding fic for Manorian so keep an eye out for that. Another big thank you to all of you guys! Hope all of you have a great day :)

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i am a simple woman i see an ask from may and i go :D A Win For The Bisexuals and then i see it’s not only a long ask, they’re talking to me about the New Thing and i go :D A True Win For The Bisexuals

i was totally thinking the same thing as 1) and like kinda it bothers me a little? (which is stupid cause it’s none of my business) cause that’s what i feel like is probably the case and it just kinda irks me that despite phil making content regularly (also big gay pride vibes) it seems like people kinda like put him on the back burner, but that brings me to 2). because that would make a lot of sense and i honestly hope that’s what it is!

i can have as many opinions as i want but they don’t actually matter and what actually does is whether they’re both happy or not with what they’re doing; if phil doesn’t want to be in the spotlight then i’m glad that he’s not! i think the fact that we don’t really know exactly how he feels about that kinda stuff we’ll never really know if he isn’t being chosen for this kinda stuff or if he just chooses not to. so i honestly should stop caring and just accept things at face value instead of thinking about all the other possibilities. and yes i agree with 3) 🥲

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I know nobody knows who I am but I’m here to say i’ve personally seen the damage people who make bullshit callouts and accusations does, so if you’re associated with that sort of thing I would appreciate you not hanging around me. I’ve watched people I respect get hurt over and over because of serious lies backed up by nothing and endless harassment and I want nothing to do with it.

(TLDR: This is a YJJ stan blog, and I’m a huge fan of Lunaris games too. Dislike them and their content all you want, but if you condone the lies and harassment, or take part in it in any way, please see your way out)

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for the following content creators!


THANK YOU ALL for helping us celebrate Sasori’s birthday this year!

Fans - if you like their work, please give them a like, comment, reblog, or follow! Show your support!

And with that, the @sasori-mini-bang is closed for this year. Feel free to drop an ask with suggestions for the next!


~ Mods Jashfem and Kitty

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I starded decoratin it!! I gotta find a cute thing fr the button (I wanna find a littul fox!!!🦊 or maybee a unicorn f I cant find uh fox 🦄) but I got th rest f it decoraded!!!

Th stars ar iiiiirriidecsant an change colors n th light!!!

S all jus glued on wit e6000 so itul stay furEVer but I gotta wait uh while ntill I can use it agaainn 🥺😞

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tbh the most common iconography of Volund /Weiland / Wayland the Smith seems to be that ( it’s a statue in Norway )


but reading an essay about his figure it seems that he had basically no physical description except for ‘fair-white neck’ and ‘the eyes of a snake’ so basically I can depict / imagine him in any way I want as long as him matches those traits. 

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