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#also I don't really do comics so I'm pretty proud of getting this one up
deathbycoldopen · 3 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A few weeks late, but I can’t get this scene out of my head...
[Image description: A five-page comic depicting a dream sequence from Critical Role campaign 3 episode 3. Imogen, a young woman with purple hair, feeds a horse on an idyllic prairie when a bolt of red lightning crashes behind her. She turns to find an ominous red storm looming above her, and she stands frozen in fear as a sourceless voice tells her to run. She runs away from the storm and toward a distant farmhouse as the sky turns red and more bolts of lightning seem to chase after her. She reaches the farmhouse and glances behind her at the storm, only to stare in horror: an older man who resembles Sir Betrand Bell stands directly under the storm. In the last panel, she holds out her hand to stop him as he heedlessly, proudly even, steps deeper into the deadly and unnatural lightning storm.]
Do not repost. If you enjoy the art please reblog!
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Hello, do you think you could do tohma x afab reader that’s insecure abt having small breast and not being good enough so tohma shows her that she’s good enough. ✨❣️
𝐬𝐦𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐩𝐚𝐜𝐤𝐚𝐠𝐞
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐟𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: tohma
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: you think your small chest isn't cute at all, but tohma says otherwise.
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠(𝐬): nudity, hickies, nipple play, and wholesome sex.
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫: afab
𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠: singularity ー v
okay but,,,flat chest justice when? also, sum kinda wholesome sex?? don't forget that each and every one of you is beautiful, and your chest size doesn't matter. i think you're all lovely regardless of that. stay true to who you are bby♡
i was literally half-asleep when i wrote this and it's all really rushed so i'm sorry if it's bad! thank you for supporting and reading!♡
Tumblr media
You stared.
You must've stared for a whileーstaring at your small chest that barely protruded from your upper torso in the mirror. Well, there was really nothing to stare atー you were flat. You could feel yourself deadpanning at your small breasts, they honestly weren't really attractive in your opinion.
You let out a disappointed sigh as you cupped whatever of your breasts you could, attempting to fondle whatever was there. You envied the girls that did have visible breastsーthey at least had a cleavage to show off.
This continued for some time; you'd always stare enviously at girls who had bouncing breasts to show offーand it hurt. You'd stare at their chests, then back at your own, and feel like you weren't good enough.
You'd always either stare or shamefully avert your eyes, not wanting to see the source of your insecurities any longer than you had to.
You hated your flat chest.
Your envious stares didn't go unnoticed by Tohma however. Despite his goofy persona, he's perceptive of his surroundings. He noticed that you had seemed to stare at other girls' chests, and while he has all but one brain cell, he seems to finally figure out that your sad looks were ones of envy, and that you envied their bigger chests.
" I hate them," was your embarrassed and red-faced response when Tohma had decided to ask you about it. " They're not good enough for you and Iー"
" Why would I think that? " He cut you off in an uncharacteristic serious tone.
" I don't care about your chest size ( name )," he held you close, comfortingly. " Your worth isn't measured by your boob size. I love you because you're you."
He continued on, scolding you for thinking like that, and that he'd still love you regardless of your flat chest. It's comical really, him of all people scolding you. Tohma promised to make sure to show that you are enough for him, and no, he will not take for an answer. He will gladly show his love for your chest.
You're left deadpanning at his eagerness and at his retreating form trotting off to who knows where. You didn't think that he'd get this passionate over your insecurity, but it makes you feel relieved that he still thought that you were enough and beautiful. cus you are bby♡
You held up a hand to where your heart was.
It was racing rapidlyーa sure sign of your happiness.
You smiled.
Tohma will often rest his head on your chest, not caring if you protest that there's nothing to rest his head. He just lets out a carefree " Don't care," before nuzzling his head back onto your chest.
He honestly thinks that their small size is rather cute and endearing. The man has no filter around you, so he'll just say that with no context, causing you to end up as an embarrassed mess while hissing at him to shut up. He seems to be proud because he made his point.
Tohma will happily tell you words of praise about your chest, no matter how embarrassed you get. He constantly tells you how cute they are, how cute they make you look in a specific outfit, and so on.
If you're up to it, he may even buy you outfits that accentuate your chest. Tohma will make sure that you're comfortable with doing so beforehand and will hype you up about how good and pretty you'll look. He's practically your own personal cheerleader at this point.
Every time he notices your insecurities matching up with you, he'll just pull you close, and start peppering your face with lots of love-filled kisses, despite all your shrieks and embarrassing noises. Tohma won't let you go until he sufficiently feels that you know how much he loves you.
He honestly couldn't care less if you have a flat chest or notー he'd still love you regardless of that. Tohma wants you to know that he whole-heartedly believes that you're enough for him, and your chest has nothing to do with how much he adores you.
ー nsfw!
Tohma doesn't care if you protestーhe will happily suck on your nipples, alternating between the two and effectively making the skin red with his constant sucking. When he's not suckling on the perky nipples, he's tugging on them, playing with them, and pinching them between his fingers. He's in a trance-like state, completely fixated on your chest.
He'll even tug on your nipples through your clothing, resting his head on your shoulder, soaking up your squeaks, and held in moans while his other hand palms your clothed sex. If he's in a teasing mood, he'll just leave you like that and cheekily walk off, leaving you to deal with your arousal.
You're left with constant hickies, bite marks, and just overall soreness on your breasts because of Tohma constantly suckling away at them. You get that he likes them so much, but damn, he's on them 24/7.
When Tohma's pounding away into you, he'll find ways to toy with your nipples, and despite your protests in-between moans, he won't stop pinching and tugging on them, unless you really mean it. He thinks that the squeaks you make every time he plays with them are really adorable.
Tohma will make sure to kiss you the whole time, lovingly staring into your eyes while telling how much he loves your breasts, and how much he loves you, all while he's slamming his cock into you. He makes sure to cheekily kiss your cheek after the two of you are done, and will rest his head on your bare chest and sleep there, all complete with a content smile on his lips.
Tumblr media
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sohotthateveryonedied · 7 months ago
Hiii!! I really love your tumblr posts and I'm pretty new to the Batfam (meaning I have only read fics and textposts about them, no comics) and I wanted to ask about the year Bruce/Batman gets "lost in time". I know general things of what the kids have been doing–Dick became batman and fired Tim from robin, giving it to Damian, everyone thinking Tim was crazy for believing Bruce was alive, (don't really know what Jason was up to though, was he still murderous towards Tim? Does the pit still affect him? Also I have no idea about Cass and Duke, were they introduced at this point??) Anyways, my real question was why was Bruce lost in time, what villain put him there? And how did he get out? And how long was he "dead"? Was Bruce in another reality or like just asleep the whole time? Oh! And how soon did this happen after Damian got introduced to the family–a couple months?
I'm so sorry this is so long, but I hope you answer and thank you!!
(I’m going to try and cover all my bases here by going into how exactly Bruce “died,” what went down during the Battle For the Cowl, what the Batkids did while Bruce was gone, and how Bruce came back. Hopefully it all makes sense?? We’ll see how it goes lmao.)
Part 1 - What Happened to Bruce:
So there was this event called Final Crisis (which I won’t go completely into since it would make this post a million times longer than it already is), but the bottom line is that Darkseid wants to overthrow reality and release his Anti-Life Equation, which would overthrow the whole planet and turn everyone into slaves. (If you’re interested in knowing more about the storyline, here’s a Reddit thread that explains it WAY better than I could.) 
What I CAN tell you is that during his final confrontation with Darkseid, Bruce is hit by an Omega Beam and turned into a burnt chicken nugget killed. Poor guy.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Final Crisis #6
Clark and Diana bring the body back to the Batcave and break the news to the Batfamily. Batman #687 covers a good portion of the aftermath such as Bruce’s funeral, the Batfamily grieving, and Dick coming to terms with his new responsibility of becoming Batman.
Tumblr media
Batman #687
Part 2 - Battle For the Cowl: 
Musical chairs time, fellas! After word gets out that Batman is gone, Gotham erupts into chaos. Dick doesn’t want to take over the mantle, Tim needs Dick to take over the mantle, and Jason says “fuck it” and takes over the mantle himself because somebody around here has to. He becomes this murderous psychopathic Batman and starts taking out criminals with deadly force because someone’s gotta do the job, so it might as well be him.
Tumblr media
Batman: Battle For the Cowl #1
(Okay honestly, this series had some pretty bad characterization overall, which sucks since it’s such an important storyline. Jason is portrayed as this violent psychopath, which...okay, he was kind of insane after the Pit and all, but not to this degree. Personally, I choose to owe the bad characterization to Bruce’s death because as much as Jason resents Bruce for all he’s done, he does still love him and losing him would be devastating, which would exacerbate his already fragile mental health. As for Damian, this happens roughly three years after his first appearance, so we can assume it’s been a few months since he first joined the family. He’s still relatively new at this point, so nobody knows how to write him yet. He ends up being depicted as if his main two personality traits are Bratty and Assassin-Child and that’s it. It’s all just a mess.)
Anyway, Tim tells Dick to become Batman and stop Jason’s reign of terror. Dick says no, so Tim follows Jason’s lead by saying “fuck it” and putting on the cowl himself. He goes to confront Jason, which ends in Jason beating the crap out of him (again) and leaving him for dead after Tim declines his offer to become Jason’s Robin. Dick goes to save Tim and ends up fighting Jason. 
Tumblr media
Battle For the Cowl #3
Dick wins, Jason disappears, Tim is fine, and Dick finally gets his head out of his ass and becomes Batman. 
Part 3 - What Happens to Each Batkid While Bruce is “Dead”?:
As I said, Dick becomes the new Batman a month after Bruce’s death. He’s got big shoes to fill, and it takes some time for him to get used to his new role. He and Damian end up flipping around the classic Batman and Robin dynamic, with Batman now as the fun counterpart to Robin’s edginess. Dick, Damian, and Alfred relocate to the penthouse above the Wayne Foundation building, operating out of a secret Bat-Bunker in the basement.
Tumblr media
Batman #688
After Battle For the Cowl, Jason is still batshit insane and determined to make Dick’s already stressful life even harder by becoming a supervillain with an ugly costume and an even uglier hairstyle. (I know it’s just because the artist sucked, but still. Jason is horrifying to look at during this time.) He mostly just gets on Dick’s nerves by running around Gotham with his new sidekick Scarlet and killing criminals as Batman and Robin wannabes. Eventually, Dick has Jason committed to Arkham Asylum and he hangs out there until Bruce returns.
Tumblr media
Batman and Robin (2009) #5
Tim...doesn’t do great after Bruce’s death, mentally. Dick makes Damian Robin, his reasoning being that Robin is more of a sidekick and he sees Tim as his equal. By making Damian Robin, Dick hopes that it will give him the stability he needs to keep him from straying back toward the “bad” side. (It’s the right move ultimately, although his execution was pretty messed up since he didn’t discuss it with Tim beforehand, but he’s allowed to make mistakes. Dick’s father just died and now he’s in charge of picking up the pieces of their broken family. It’s a lot to handle.) 
Long story short, Tim has a breakdown, realizes that Bruce is alive, dons the Red Robin identity, and cuts ties with his family to travel the world in search of proof. It’s a rough time. 
Tumblr media
Red Robin #1
Our little guy becomes Robin! So proud of him! As I explained earlier, Dick makes Damian his Robin with the assumption that it will keep him out of trouble, and he’s right on that account. He mentors Damian, teaching him how to channel his violent instincts into something productive, and it works! Slowly but surely, Damian makes the transition from bratty assassin to actual hero!
Tumblr media
Batman and Robin (2009) #22
Duke sadly was not introduced at this point in time, so he missed out on all the pandemonium. Cass, however, has been Batgirl for years by now, but she got kind of pushed aside by the writers after Bruce’s death. Bruce disappears shortly after adopting Cass, but once he was “dead,” the writers sort of moved Cass around for a while, not quite knowing what to do with her. First she was with the Outsiders. Then they got disbanded and Cass tried forming a new network of heroes to take over for Batman if needed. Then she helped out in said network during Battle for the Cowl, taking care of a newly ravaged Gotham. Then Cass gave the Batgirl mantle to Stephanie Brown after she became disillusioned with the role, thanks to the loss of her father and mentor. Then Cass picked up and moved to Hong Kong to “follow Bruce’s plans” by continuing whatever work he had set up for her there. It was all very vague and confusing, and Cass more or less got swept under the rug during this time. Thanks, writers.
Tumblr media
Batgirl (2009) #1
Part 4 - How Bruce Came Back: 
When the Blackest Night storyline happens, the Justice League realizes that the corpse buried under Bruce’s grave is apparently not the real one and that he’s actually alive out there somewhere! How wild is that! This is further proven by Dick after he places Bruce’s body in a Lazarus Pit to revive, which has the same result because it’s very clearly Not Bruce and they should have listened to Tim from the start.
Tumblr media
Batman and Robin (2009) #9
Anyway, what actually happened is that the Omega Beams that Darkseid shot at Bruce didn’t kill him, but rather blasted him back through time to the prehistoric era with his memories wiped. The Omega Energy inside of Bruce ends up catapulting him through various time periods, which is all part of Darkseid’s plan. With each time-hop, Bruce builds up more Omega Energy in his body which, when he gets back to his original time period, will be unleashed and destroy everything.
Tumblr media
Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #5
It’s been a little under two years since Final Crisis, though in-universe it’s uncertain exactly how long Bruce has been “dead.” We can assume it’s been a year, give or take. The way he comes back is too scientific and complicated for me to understand, so uhhhh the bottom line is that Tim and a few Leaguers save Bruce at the Vanishing Point and the day is saved! Hooray! 
Tumblr media
Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #6
(If you want to read about how it actually goes down, then I seriously recommend reading Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne. It’s only six issues, so it’s a quick read and it explains the situation far better than I ever could.)
Bruce eventually reunites with his family after spying on them for a period of time as Insider to see what has changed in his absence:
Tumblr media
Bruce Wayne: The Road Home
After that, things quickly settle back into their new normal. Dick and Damian stay on as Batman and Robin. Bruce goes back to being Batman as well, with him handling Batman Incorporated business and Dick continuing as Gotham’s defender. Tim keeps the Red Robin outfit, Steph stays on as Batgirl, and Cass becomes Black Bat. Jason stays in Arkham for a while before filing an appeal to be moved to a regular prison. He kills 82 inmates in less than a week and gets transferred back to Arkham, which he promptly escapes from. It’s a ride, I tell ya.
Aaaaand that’s about it! I hope this answered all of your questions!
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hagelpaimon · 11 months ago
Can I ask you to do a fic about some numbers of the 200 prompts? If it's not a problem for you... ✨🥺👉🏻👈🏻✨
Maybe 51, 110 and 144 with Donnie and a fem reader? 🥺💜✨
I imagine that he's alone with the reader and she's listening some music. They're talking and then some songs with 'hot' lyrics or with 'sex vibe start to play, u know? Like Call Out My Name (The Weeknd), Chateau (blackbear)... They like each other so they get horny and end up fucking like animals. :)))
(The + kinky the better. I'm a horny™ girl xd)
Ps: If it's too much work or something don't worry. I don't want you to do something that you don't want/can :)❤️✨
Ps 2: I love your blog ❤️
As a member of the Donnie thirst brigade I’m more than happy to just give out some shameless smut with that tall sassy nerd. Also you had me at The Weeknd so yes. Took a small liberty with the music hope you dig it.
Goes without saying,
Rated Explicit (18+ Years Only)
“You give me energy, make me feel lightweight”
Tumblr media
It starts with a simple question, a small fixation you’ve had when it comes to Donatello and your rapidly growing crush on him.
It’s a silly question, possibly even a comical one, but nevertheless an interesting one.
You’re both in his room, the ever changing LED lights accompanying the two of you while music drones out of his speakers. Inside the nook he barely sleeps in but still smells of him. Opposite each other, with your foot buried beneath his strong legs because you’re easily cold. That small detail of having Donnie’s hand resting close to your ankle making you smile.
Being best friends naturally meant that all manner of conversations have been had. Fun topics, curiosities of life and even some personal things you wouldn’t actually discuss with just anybody.
So you ask it,
“What’s a must have song in a sex playlist” You grin, wondering if this might be the time you both reach a TMI moment, but Donnie doesn’t disappoint. “I believe the mood is a big factor there, there is no sole correct answer” He throws back with a knowing smile. You slip your feet from under his thigh and opt out to prop them up on his lap, and on auto pilot he grabs them giving the soles of your feet a squeeze.
“Define mood? mood for sex is pretty straightforward and there’s gotta be a must have on said sex playlist” You retort back, enjoying how he just starts massaging your feet. “True but what I’m referring more is the mood of the moment, is it a loving mood? A kinky mood?” You wiggle your toes when he catches a ticklish spot. His answer absolutely delights you so you prod just a little more.
“Ok follow up, you’ve got a girl on your bed and she’s got the hots for you, what are you playing to set the mood just right?” You lean back, proud of yourself with the sheepish smile Donnie sports, making him flush was one of your favorite past times.
“Depends, is this girl kinky? Is she vanilla?” He pushes up his glasses when you make an ‘oh’ sound. “I think you like vanilla girls” You enunciate your statement by poking him with your foot.
“Y/n I’m seriously hurt, all this time as friends and you think vanilla girls are my favorite?” He shook his head with a snort.
“Donatello well I’ll be, we gotta circle back to that in a bit. So final answer, what are you playing when this hypothetical girl is giving you bedroom eyes?” You found his gaze, a shy smile gracing his features. Donnie leaned over plucking a tablet from his many little Knick knacks in the nook. He scrolled for a bit, swiping his finger upwards before a pleased look appeared on his face.
The familiar bass beat made your eyebrows shoot up in surprise. “Streets by Doja Cat? Really?” He nodded placing the tablet back in its stand. “Don’t approve?” He asked, you shook your head. “Au Contraire, I’d jump anybodies bones who’d play that to set the mood” The two of you looked at one another, Donnie eyes carefully scanning over your features, assessing a mile a minute in that brilliant mind of his.
“Are you trying to seduce me?” He followed the tip of your tongue sneaking out before you bit down on your bottom lip.
“Depends. Are you seducible?” You felt his hands run down your feet, gripping your ankles.
Donnie moved your legs, scooting closer to you with an unreadable expression. You didn’t register holding your breath until you reached for his glasses. Setting them aside you inched closer towards his lips. Donnie closed the remaining space, catching your lower lip between his lips, he kissed softly chastely leaving you somewhat hanging for what you hoped would be a deep kiss.
“You’re such a needy baby” His smile spread and you felt your heart skip a beat.
Oh. So that’s how he wanted to play.
You were ready to crash your lips onto his but felt his hand wrap around your throat, the way your pupils dilated only made him chuckle softly. “Call me vanilla again” His thumb caressed your throat, the sensation soothing but only making your stomach flip flop on itself. You were about to let another sass laced comment fall from your lips when his hand slid up, cupping your chin, rubbing the pad of his thumb across your lips.
God if he didn’t jump you by now you were going to scream.
“Donnie-“ He slid said thumb into your mouth and on command your eyes closed, where the fuck and how the fuck was he being this cocky and sure of himself?
Feeling the bed dip and said digit in your mouth disappear your eyes shot open. Donnie was pleased as punch with how stricken you looked. You bit the inside of your cheeks, pressing your thighs together. Time to level the playing field. You smoothed out your skirt, sitting up better to entice him with your legs.
“Chicken” You smirked.
“You can do better than that, Y/n” Donnie made sure the space was safe and no interruptions would take place, he toned down the colors of the lights. For a fraction the air of cockiness left him. “Are sure about this? Do you want to keep going?” Ever the gentleman, you gave your answer by hooking your fingers in his belt loops and tugging him closer. You backed up into the nook, Donnie knelt on the bed, astride your hips, eyes focused on taking in the details he’d often fantasized about.
“You already know how this one will end” You ran a hand up that hard plastron, the sensation making you curious, gently you placed open mouthed kisses. You felt him inhale deeply as you slowly undid the button of his pants. His hand came to rest behind your hair, digging into the scalp as you continue your trail of kisses.
“This your plan all along?” You snapped off his suspenders. “Too obvious I’ve been wanting to fuck my best friend silly?” Donnie swallowed, hands untying his signature mask, he tugged you down onto his bed, he’d never seen an image so beautiful and right. Without hesitation his hands cupped your breast through the thin fabric of your shirt. He buried his face between them, all tension rolling off those broad shoulders in shuddering breaths. “You smell perfect” Came his muffled reply between your breast. You raised your hips, trying to find some friction which Donnie was happy to provide with a roll of his hips.
That felt big, that felt way too good. “I feel better I can assure you” That definitely caused a deep churr to vibrate from within him. Explorations can be resumed for another time, right now you wanted him to feel the mess he had caused with such simple touches and words. Somewhere around breathing each others hard gasps, you felt your skirt being pushed up, as you nudged his pants further down with your foot. Donnie was super glued to your lips, even as hands explored, cupping, grabbing, running along the product of his torture.
With a plead that you pressed against his throat you felt Donnie throw your leg over his hip, your hand disappearing between the two of your to guide his hard slick cock to your aching core. There on your sides you met eyes as he pushed into you so deliberately slow, not just to not hurt you but to watch that very second where your gaze comprehended the sensation of him. Your knuckles ran the edges of his shell before landing at his neck. Each thrust sending waves of dizzying pleasure.
Donnie pressed his forehead against yours, that cockiness replaced by pure bliss, mouth agape and eyes shut tight as he moved with each of your wanton sounds. “Donnie look at me, want you to look at me when you cum” Your voice trembled when his eyes fluttered open and you saw such a debauched display. This time you grinned breathless as you wrapped a hand around his neck. “Yes, just like that baby, for me come on” You moaned when his hips began to stutter ruthlessly.
Kissing Donnie as he started to cum was possibly going to be your favorite thing from now on. He went to limp against you but still kept a bruising hold on you as he filled you up and made you so warm. Running the tips of your finger across his cheek you saw that sated smile appear. Slowly disentangling you he slid down moving your legs apart, and already you knew that there was no stoping this.
You were both simply hooked.
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fricklefracklefloof · 20 days ago
tag game!! ty @pocketsizedquasar for tagging me :))
1- Why did you choose your url
my url is just the same un i use for other sites that i post art on (instagram, deviantart, etc) BUT the original idea came from when i was in... shudders... middle school... there was a short period of time where i kept saying "FRICKLE FRACKLE" as a substitute for fuck or something and then i just tacked on floof because i'm a furry
i've been wanting to change my url for like a month now i'm just too scared of change lol </3
2- Any side blogs?
not... really? except for @jesperofficial but that's a joke soc roleplay blog i don't use anymore
3- How long have you been on tumblr?
since 2019 i think? it's been over a year
4- Do you have a queue tag?
no because i rarely queue you get my posts when you get them
5- Why did you start your blog in the first place?
i started this blog as a throwaway account because i wanted to join the grishaverse big bang. i didn't even want to join tumblr at the time but i wanted to be a part of the event more so i made it just so they'd have something to link back to LMAO. but then i started like... yknow talking to people who only used this site... and then i started lurking when i was really really bored... and then my friends convinced me to check the site like every day... and then i started posting only my fanart and then i downloaded the app on my phone and it was just downhill from there. sigh.
6- Why did you choose your icon/pfp?
i just like guillermo i just really like how his face came out in that drawing he looks cute <3
7- Why did you choose your header?
umm i like using my own art for stuff like this bc it makes me feel better about using images that i've created myself instead of possibly stealing from someone else and i think that drawing was cute it makes me happy :) it's kinda old though i might change it plus the fact that i added like 2394587394587 filters to it to make it fit the pink aesthetic is showing painfully
8-What’s your post with the most notes?
this jon + the admiral comic i made a while ago :) it's cute i think it's a bit cheesy and also kinda old but i'm very very proud of how i drew the admiral in that one so i'm happy that this one ended up being my top post lmao
9- How many mutuals do you have?
shit idk i don't really like the whole "mutual" thing i think we should just be friends instead of pretending that we are
10- How many followers do you have?
405 :o i didn't know that
11- How many people do you follow?
368! i don't even remember who i follow sometimes lmao
12- Have you ever made a shitpost?
13- How often do you use Tumblr each day?
at least once a day </3 used to hate myself for it but now i just embrace it
14- Did you have a fight/argument with another blog once?
ummm i mean i GUESS you could call them fights i've gotten anon hate for stupid shit and have had um. Discussions with people about racism in the grishaverse but most of them were pretty one-sided i've never had full on reblog chains or Tumblr User Fricklefracklefloof Vs Other Tumblr User fights it's just. someone saying something and then me replying. i try to be civil.
although i did have a friend once (or ig we were just "mutuals") who flat out blocked me with no response after i said something mildly accusatory and i still haven't recovered from that </3 just communicate with me please goddamn
15- How do you feel about “you need to reblog this” posts?
i get the point they're trying to make but they're guilt trippy and ultimately don't end up solving the issue they think they're solving. (i'm assuming we're talking about the human rights posts that are all like "if you don't reblog this you're a monster!!" etc etc.) yes it's important to speak up about issues but by telling people they Have To Reblog This Or Else it just... scares people into supporting something without going through the critical thinking about it. at least that's how i see it. you can't truly support something if you don't understand wtf you're talking about. reblogging something like that for the sake of reblogging it is just... well it's performative.
16- Do you like tag games?
yes :)
17- Do you like ask games?
YEA THEY SEEM FUN i've never done one before bc idk i'm scared no one's gonna wanna do it with me but yes i think i would enjoy them
18-Which of your mutuals do you think is Tumblr famous?
oh i know who is tumblr famous but i don't wanna out them like that
19- Do you have a crush on a mutual?
ahaha! ahahahaha! that's funny i'm not sharing that
tagging @souleatering (or whatever blog you wanna use wybie idk) @jawbonemage and whoever else wants to :)
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foundmedia · 2 months ago
i know it's been awhile since the s5 finale, but let me just talk about my complicated feelings toward it a bit.
first off, rick suddenly trying to reform himself and become a good person over two fucking crows (of all the things he's run into throughout the course of this series) is just so out of character and undermines the buildup we've been getting over the seasons. i'm glad they finally recognized, on screen, explicitly that rick and morty's relationship is abusive, but it really, *really* should have been morty who came to that conclusion. him slowly resenting and defying rick more and more each season only for that to be left behind? let's be honest, i know we all wanted morty to snap.
(side rant, but if you also wanted to see morty realizing the toxicity and abuse of their relationship and him snapping, i couldn't recommend the multi-part finale of the rick and morty comics and the follow-up series of rick and morty go to hell more. the comics don't get nearly enough attention. also, i want to make it clear that when i say "relationship" in reference to rick and morty, i mean their platonic and familial relationship. all the comparisons to a romantic couple breaking up were... weird.)
something about the twist that "wow, rick's 'fake' memory was actually real this entire time!!!" was just so unsatisfying to me. i know lots of fans have been predicting this twist ever since the s3 premiere, and many were hoping it was true, but imo it was unsatisfying to me but i can't really word why. also not sure how i feel about how mortys are "bred". but i did love the reveal that rick separated mortys and him away from universes where ricks weren't the smartest. it's one of those twists that nobody predicted, but also wasn't surprising in the least.
overall, i was pretty satisfied with how evil morty was handled. so proud of him!! but i do wish that we got a deeper look at the citadel under his control. the foreshadowing that cop rick and maybe some other citadel citizend were returning only to be presumedly killed off by the destruction of the citadel... ugh.
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nightsoulsworld · 3 months ago
Heyo! If you have the time to do this, could I please have a match up? (Bayverse turtles)
I'm a 21 year old, 5'4 non binary alien! I'm pretty much on the curvy side, I have short curly reddish brown hair, dark brown eyes and big round glasses. I am a mix of extrovert and introvert, I can handle my own in social situations and I'm pretty loud and outgoing, but I drain out like a battery and need my quiet time. That and my anxiety is unforgiving.
I absolutely LIVE for the arts. Singing, drawing, acting, poetry I do it all! My music taste is a little of everything but my heart belongs to R&B, Jazz and soul. Especially since I was in choir and musical theatre when I was back in school 😁 I've always wanted to be a storyteller. I've made so many comics and storyboards for animation ideas, my dream is to be either an animatior for Disney's Pixar or be an illustrator for children's books. Whichever that comes my way I'm sure I'll be ecstatic for!
Staying on track isn't really that easy though, since I struggle with my ADD and anxiety. On one hand it's helpful, since I'm in my head majority of the time im thinking of so many different scenarios and different worlds I can create for a piece I'm working on or a story I can make, but on the other if I'm in my head for too long I get stuck.
Ah! Sorry I didn't mean to make it that deep! Other small things, I like food, video games, and tiny trinkets. My love language is acts of kindness and touch. I just love to make people smile, even if it is for a second it's worth it.
Hope you're having a great day 😁💜⭐
Hello, lovely alien! Thank you so much for your time and asking ! I really appreciates that you are interested in my blog 💜. Sorry for any mistakes in your match. I hope you will like it, if you don't like it, message me anytime.
Your match is 21 years old in this match 😘
Here we go
🤔I think I'd paired you with...🤔
I think this pizza lover would adore you
From the beginning, he felt a connection between you and him
He loves your artistic side and he loves to draw with you
When you draw him, he's so happy and his heart is jumping of joy
He likes how you can be outgoing and wild like him but he adores your quiet side too
When you have bad mood, you're sad or it's anxiety, he'll rub your back and he will listening to you when you want to talk about it
He loves to flirt with you but he's also a little nervous and he would blushing when you're sitting next to him and you're watching what he's doing
Your presence is everything for him
WOW!! He's amazed by your acting skills and that you were playing in musical theatre, it's so cool for him
He's proud of you
He's interested into your music taste and he would ask you to play him some of your favorite songs
When you two hang out, you are dancing but soon is from this wild dance party or dance battle; this boi likes to show you what he got
He adores your comics and storyboards and he begs you to read him, he loves your angelic voice
When you don't mind, he would love to hear you sing
He would play videogames with you and he feels so nice when he's with you
Mikey really appreciates how kind and and sweet you are to him and his family and he thanks God that he met you
You always put a smile on his face
He's your BIGGEST support and when you would to do anything in your life, he would be by your side
He's so happy when you going after your dreams
He would not let anything happen to you and he always protects you, you're so important to him
This sunshine love you so much, you're his angel and he never hurt you ♥️♥️♥️
Tumblr media
I hope you like your match 💛💛💛
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bigolbadblog · 3 months ago
What is your favourite food to make? Or a dream dish to make.
I LOVE making dumplings. I rarely get to do it bc it's so time-intensive, but when I do, I always make enough to share and have some to freeze for later.
My go-to is pierogies. They were the first dumplings I learned how to make (about two years ago now? wow), and I love the connection I feel with my ancestors when I make them. Crimping them closed with a fork and seeing my artistry when they're done is soooo satisfying, as is seeing the massive pierogi pile at the end of the day. They're also incredibly versatile- side dish, main course, even dessert pierogi!
At this point, it's become a personal tradition for me to take the last bit of pierogi dough and just go crazy go stupid with it- these experiments have included pb&j pierogi (do not recommend), aged marshmallow pierogi (better than you would expect), and my cat's wet food in a pierogi (obviously NOT something you should give your cat on a regular basis, but I think on very special occasions cats can have little a pierogi, as a treat. Anyways, he cried until I cut it up for him). Would my ancestors smile upon me for this part? I don't know, but not everything's gotta be about them. I dream of one day putting ice cream into a pierogi, but that's going to take a LOT of creative problem-solving.
There's also a lot of versatility in how you finish pierogies. You can do them plain boiled if you want less hassle, or you can fry them up in butter when you're done. For dessert pierogi, I lovvvve adding a bit of turbinado sugar to the frying pan to caramelize on the shell, but I've also tried giving them an egg wash, dunking them in cinnamon sugar, and baking them in the oven (not QUITE the same level of mind-blowing deliciousness as frying with sugar, imo, but it's still really good, and definitely a lot less work for doing larger batches and for cleaning up afterwards). My favorite way I've ever done savory pierogies was- with my old housemates, we had bacon pretty frequently, and we'd always tip the bacon grease into a mason jar we kept in the fridge to save for later. Kinda gross-looking, I will not lie, but damn if that shit wasn't fantastic for cooking brussels sprouts and frying up pierogies. With my current housemates, we barely ever cook bacon, and while I honestly don't miss the bacon itself all that much, I could cry for some bacon-fried pierogi right now, lol.
Anyways! Ravioli are also fun to make. I love rolling the pasta dough through the machine. They're not as crazy versatile as pierogi, but all the different options for saucing them help make up for that. I'm not too proud to use the good storebought stuff, especially if we're eating ravioli the same day I'm making ravioli (shit gets tiring! lol), or it's also super good to just toss fresh ravioli with some olive oil and a bit of grated parmesan and black pepper. But if we're just taking already-made ravioli out of the freezer, I have a roast eggplant pasta sauce recipe that is truly the bomb dot com.
Pierogi and ravioli are actually the only two filled dumplings I've made so far, but I'm really hoping to expand my range! Last time I was at the library, I saw a comic book style cookbook for various Asian dumplings, which looked really interesting- I almost checked it out, but library cookbooks make me so nervous, y'know? Like what if I get something on it... I guess I could just make copies of the pages I want and cook with those, that'd be smart.
So maybe that will be my next adventure! But it might have to wait a little while... a lot of dumpling-making involves boiling a lot of water, and it has been too hot for that kind of nonsense by me lately. But when dumpling weather comes again, I will be READY!
EDIT: I found the cookbook I was talking about! It's Let's Make Dumplings!, by Hugh Amano and Sarah Becan.
[inbox open!]
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kikoqueenofrats · 7 months ago
Heheh, Warning incoming angst!
Also uh, the use of ocs are used in this chapter as a thank you for all of the enthusiasts discord for being epic and inspiering me to make these two in the first place. However do not take this as a cannon event in the others ocs stories, they are only cameos! Lil Guy is the only exception to that rule.
Lil guy belongs to @toastraccoon Pink and Beage belong to @breadthecat Katum and Plava belong to Phoinix (, read their stories they're good)
If you guys want your characters removed please tell me and I will do so as quickly as I can!
Tumblr media
"I'm sorry, I don't know that game..."
That was a phrase Mari and Cel had grown all too used to during their travels and it was starting to get on Maris nerves, however Cel was determined to find his game.
"Okay, thank you!" Cel waved off the white stick figure before walking off, Mari following close behind.
Mari was about to openly complain about it when Cel spotted his next interviewee.
"Excuse me!!" Cel called out to the navy blue and orange stickfigures. They both looked over towards the incoming sticks curiously. Before the two sticks could fully react to Cels sudden arrival he asked his question.
"Do you know of a place called Petopia?'s in a game I can't remember the name of"
Cel waited for the two sticks answer in anticipation, hoping they would at least recognize the name.
However the confused looks Cel received proved that Cels hopes were soon to be dashed.
"Sorry kid, I've never heard of that place before" the blue one shrugged, the orange one nodding in agreement.
"Have you ever heard of a game with...a stick named Protag leading the community in it?" Cel asked, still latching onto the hope that these two sticks had at least a small amount of information on the whereabouts of Cels home.
The two sticks shook their heads.
"Nope" the blue one replied
"What a weird name-" the orange one chuckled.
Cel let out a short humorless laugh at that "Yeah, he's pretty proud of it too" Cel huffed looking away sadly.
Before the two sticks could react to this Cel turned to leave "Okay thank you!" He waved at them as he left. Mari looked sadly over at Cel, as he walked away, for a few moments before quickly following.
Mari could practically feel the disappointment coming off of Cel and was about to suggest that they took a short break when Cel rushed off again.
He was heading towards two sticks who looked like they were trying to avoid the other sticks walking around the flash game website as much as possible.
Before Mari could point this out Cel was already close enough to catch the two sticks attention.
The pink stick with a bow wrapped around their neck flinched at Cels sudden arrival. Quickly pulling out their weapon they swung it at Cel, Cel didn't move out of the way in time and ended up on the floor with a small scratch across his chest. Pain flashed across Cels back as it hit the floor and he tensed up, reeling slightly as it momentarily took over his senses.
Cel bit down a scream, not wanting to worry Mari anymore than they already was, besides this was normal now. There was no way of completely healing this old wound, it had been too big for the healing potion. Besides all Cel had to do was continue to keep this to himself, like he always had been; Mari didn’t need to worry over nothing after all.
"CEL!" Mari gasped rushing over to where Cel had fallen;
Before Mari could get there the pink sticks beige friend grabbed their hand and pulled them away, the duo disappearing into the darkness.
"Cel are you okay!?!" Mari asked as they helped Cel into a sitting position. Cel groaned as the once dulling back pain flared up again as Mari moved him, managing to completely forget about the small wound gracing his chest as his back throbbed. Soon however the pain dulled completely and Cel was about to reassure Mari when a small forest Green stick suddenly appeared beside them.
They both jumped slightly at the small figures appearance and the green stick chuckled in response.
"Sorry about that" they shrugged before looking over at Cels injury "I can help you with that" the stick smiled beginning to pull their comically large backpack off of their back.
"Thank you..." Cel chuckled weakly before noticing the look Mari had begun giving the new stick.
Mari continued giving this look as the small green stick pulled some medical equipment out of their bag and began treating Cels wound.
Just before the green stick had finished treating Cel a look of recognition suddenly fell upon Mari's face.
"Hey I know you!" They gasped pointing at the now bewildered green stick "You saved my life after I got my butt kicked by that Hyun dojo stick...Oxib was his name...I think..." Mari looked thoughtful for a few moments and the green stick copied their look before a look of recognition washed over their face as well.
"Oh Yeah!" They gasped before beginning to chuckle "you thought you could take on one of the most powerful fighters in the dojo, it took you about a week to recover from that" the green stick smirked "how are you doing by the way?"
Mari smiled in embarrassment at that " of my proudest moments" they muttered before going to answer the green sticks question.
"I'm doing alright, actually I'm helping this stick here find his home...hey! Do you happen to know of a place called Petopia?" Mari asked. The green stick looked thoughtful for a few moments and Cel perked up again.
"Hmmm...I remember treating a stick who said they were from there..."
Mari and Cels eyes widened, both in surprise and excitement.
Maybe they would finally find out where Cels game was.
"Do you know where those sticks are?" Mari asked, practically vibrating.
The green stick thought some more, before frowning and shaking their head.
"Sorry fellas, all I know is that they're on a different computer...that and they were both a shade of green" the green stick shrugged.
Cel frowned at that, looking down at his now bandaged chest in defeat. Mari on the other hand looked like he was about to launch off into the atmosphere.
"That's okay! Thank you!" Mari smiled and the green stick nodded in reply.
"Alright!" They nodded before standing up "oh wait before I go! Can I get your names?" They asked.
"Sure!" Mari grinned getting up as well "I'm Mari short for Maroon and this-" they gestured towards Cel and their smile faltered when they saw how downcast he looked.
"Is Cel...short for Cerulean..."
"My name's Lil Guy" He chirped, not noticing the sudden change in atmosphere.
Mari nodded in response, not taking their eyes off of Cel.
Finally noticing the sudden change Lil Guy decided it would be better if he left...he was a doctor of medicine, not phycology after all.
"I should...probably get going...see you around!" And with that the green figure hauled his large medical backpack onto his back and left.
Mari knelt down next to Cel and placed their hand on his shoulder.
"You okay" Mari asked softly with concern written all over their face.
Cel huffed "not really no-'' he chuckled "we've been at this for ages...I just...I know this new information is amazing but...We're just gonna be on another wild goose chase...and...I'm so confused...They’re both old friend were both can’t be them though...Protag always sent banished sticks into the dark forest and..." Cel sighed burying his head into his knees ``left them there...that place is full of monsters...the banished never usually survive it...un...unless..."
"Unless a certain bad guy went against his master's orders..."
At the new voice the duo jumped and turned in the direction of it.
Cels eyes widened in surprise as they fell upon a dark purple stick figure standing within the dimly lit spaces in between the flash games just in front of the duo.
"Hey there, you looking for a place called Petopia?" They dark purple stick asked, slowly making their way towards the two stick figures.
They both nodded in reply.
The dark purple stick smirked at this and Mari felt a twinge in their gut, a twinge that told them trusting this guy would lead to some sort of trouble.
But for the sake of Cel he didn't voice this issue.
"I know where that is...follow me" and with that the dark purple stick disappeared into the darkness.
Cel jumped up, being as careful with his back as he could, and quickly made his way into the space, Mari quickly following behind him.
"Cel be careful!!" Mari called behind him but Cel wasn't listening, too focused on his desire to get back home.
To notice he was walking right into a trap.
A loud zapping noise, followed by Mari screaming in pain caused Cel to stop in his tracks and turn around.
Just in time to see Mari collapsing onto the floor.
Before Cel could fully react a blunt object smacked into his head and he fell to the floor as well.
Just before he passed out he heard a voice, a familiar one.
"That was too easy" it chuckled.
And then, Cel passed out.
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millytempesta · 7 months ago
Save me.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4.
Paring: Asahi Azumane x reader
Rating: Fluff, love at first sight (?).
Summary: Asahi is a marine biologist, who is in charge of taking care of the strange creature that they found.But what happens when he discovers that other biologists are experimenting on his precious sea treasure, leaving it a shaky, scared mess?He'll need all the help from his friends to rescue the little fish and take it back to his blue house.
Warnings: This story will contain SMUT, MENTION OF DARK THEMES (Y/n past), MAY BE TRIGGERING TO SOMEONE.
A/n: Hiii, I tried my best, this was the story of a comic that I wanted to draw from a long time, but because I can't find myself taking the pen in hand, I decided to try and write it down.I hope you'll like it.English is not my first language, and I don't usually write, so I'm sorry if there is any spell or grammar error.
Tumblr media
The sea has always been a place of peace for Asahi, a place where he could submerge and forget, even for a little, all the anxiety that the surface was full of.
When he put his diving suit on, and his mask, it was like he was back into the court, full of energy and excitement, but instead of judging eyes, screams and fakes rumors around him, there were calm, silent and colourful fishes who happily swam through the blue water.
Here he could be himself, showing all his love for the sea creatures, and saving those who were sick or hurt.
Thanks to his natural talent, the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, offered him one of the most important tasks in his entire career.
Saying he was excited was a euphemism, they discovered a new species, who could apparently communicate in some sort of way with humans, and they chose Asahi as the only person who would be in tight contact with it, taking care of the creature.
What they asked was easy, feeding it, playing with it, stimulating it to see its reactions to the various situations and objects and finally finding a way to let it share its knowledge of the sea with him.
The fact that he was the one chosen for this job made him feel proud of his hard work until now, by what really got him, was that he would have been one of the first people to interact with a new entire species.
They didn’t give him much explanation of it, saying that it was best if no one, excluded the chosen one for this job, knew about it existed before they could understand better its origin and its role in the big blue mass.
Turning the small key under the red button, the colour green appeared in the last level of the elevator, allowing him to push it. After mere seconds -that seemed like hours for the poor brunette- the door finally opened, showing a long corridor full of cameras.
Gulping he started making his way through the dark walls, coming to a stop in front of a metal door. Sliding  his personal magnet card, , the door of the most restricted area of the lab opened for him.
With a new wave of excitement he moved fast to the final door, adorned with a shining targ saying “Doctor Azumane Asahi Office”.
Opening it thanks to his magnetic card, he stood shocked on his track.
The room was big, on his left was a huge bookcase that took up the whole wall, in front of it there was a big desk, with a computer, a laptop and a modern desk lamp. 
On his right there was a whiteboard and a big table filled with lab equipment that he could use during his research.
In the middle of the room were two armchairs facing what left Asahi shocked;
All the front wall was missing, letting space to a window that faced the huge aquarium that lighted the room of a light blue colour.
The aquarium was deeper than his eyes could see, not letting the light reach the bottom of it, he supposed that the huge tank was the house of the unknown creature… Talking about the creature…
He tried to search for it, but he arrived at the conclusion that it was hiding in the bottom of it.
A ‘bib’ sound was what woke him up from his trance like state. Turning to the door, the head of the project was now standing in front of him.
“Good morning Doctor Asahi, I hope you didn’t have problems finding the office”.
Doctor Furukawa has been one of the kindest people in the lab, always believing in Asahi’s potential, taking him in his lab the day after his graduation.
Bowing respectfully, a shaky smile formed in the brunette's smile.
“Good morning Doctor Furukawa, the walk was fine, I found the office pretty easily, the targ helped a lot thank you”.
Chuckling, he patted his back “Good! Now, I bet you are dying to see it, should we go upstairs?”.
A sparkle of excitement passed through his eyes, nodding eagerly in response.
Laughing at his response, Furukawa pointed to a door situated on the right wall, next to the whiteboard.
“That door will take you directly upstairs to the top of the tank. Is your special entry to the more open side of the aquarium. Other operators in the project will have a separated entry, that will land them in a more closed area, where they won’t be able to be in a more than necessary contact with the creature. We want for it to get used to you, we know how stressful it is for a wild creature to be put in a restricted place, we don’t want to put even more stress on it with lots of new faces every day.”
Walking in the water room, a light music was playing in the background, making Asahi’s nerves relax. 
The Doctor reached for a bucket full of fish.
“Apparently it likes music, that’s how we first find it”.
Furukawa passed the buck to the younger Doctor.
“I was with the rescue team near the relit, a poor dolphin got stuck in one of the fish nets on the bottom of the boat.”
Throwing the fish from the buck into the water, both men stilled, waiting for the creature to emerge.
“To celebrate we put some music on, and that’s when it appeared, like a curious child.”
Bubbles picked on the surface, indicating the arrival of something.
“We were, to say the least, shocked.”
Asahi froze.
Colour drained from his face.
He fell on his knees to the ground, staring at the creature.
A very human head picked from under the water, watching with curious eyes the man, making the older man next to him chuckle.
“We thought we were hallucinating.”
A webbed hand emerged, taking hold of a fish. (E/c) eyes studied the dead animal, bringing it near what seemed to be a nouse, as to test its safety.
With a happy hum, the creature opens its mouth revealing sharp pointed teeth, who cut the fish in half so easily, that make it look like butter.
Finishing the fish in only two mouths full, the creature moved quickly to another fish, startling Asahi.
Turning to the Doctor, a shaky finger pointed to the human head in the water.
“I-it’s… It’s… What is it?”
A hum leaves the old man’s lips.
“We don’t know, the bottom half seems to be (Favourite fish -I personally really like the betta fish), but the top half… Well it’s very human like.”
Gulping down, the brunette tried to gather his courage, slowly making his way back up.
The creature looked up at him, moving slightly closer to the edge.
Taken by surprise, Asahi stepped back, making the half fish’s head tilt slightly sideways, curiously looking at him.
Looking around itself, it quickly spotted an untouched fish.
Cautiously it moved again slowly to the edge, purging the fish to the young man, making him confused.
With a light nudge of his elbow, the doctor motioned for him to get closer.
Holding his breath, he lowered to the ground,extending a shaky hand toward the creature.
At the movement in the water, he shut his eyes. 
‘OH GOD IT’S GOING TO EAT ME! I WON’T EVEN HAVE TIME TO REACT, WITH THOSE SHARP TEETH, IT’S GOING TO EAT ME IN TWO MOUTH FULL, JUST LIKE THOSE FISHES! Oh Suga, Daichi… You’ve been the best friend ever, I’m sorry I won’t have time to say goodby one last time… And Noa! I still have to give back the film that he gave to me… And I also need to give him back those 500 ¥… I’m such a horrible friend, I deserve to be eaten by an unknown creature who is putting something on my hand- Wait…’
Cracking an eye open, he peeked at his hand.
A fish was now placed on his hand.
Confused he looked at the creature, who was looking back at him with what seemed to be an excited expression.
Sensing his confusion, it took hold of another fish, quickly taking a bite from it and showing it to him.
Looking down at his hand he slowly looked back at the half human, still confused.
Throwing the last piece of fish in its mouth, he cautiously moved closer to Asahi, giving him time to move away if wanted.
When the man didn’t move, a cold webbed hand made its way over his warm one, nudging it  toward his face.
“W-What do you want me to do?”
The other hand made its way from under the water, pointing a finger to the fish.
Following its movement, he quickly understood the fact that it was trying to communicate.
Looking back to its pointing hand he stated “The fish…?”
The hand moved again, now pointing at its mouth, showing off its teeth.
“...Oh! Eat?”
With a final swing the finger was now pointing directly at him.
“Me? You want me to eat it?”
A huge grin spread through the creature’s face, who nudged again his hand, motioning again to its mouth.
Feeling even more confused, he looked at its eyes.
“But why?”
Pointing at him, it made a shocked face, faking to faint, falling under the blue liquid.
Coming back from under the water it pointed at him, then the fish, to finally point to its face who was showing a big smile.
The creature watched patiently at Asahi, who tried to connect all its movement.
Like a light who turned on in his head, he quickly looked back at it.
“You want me to eat it because you saw me shocked and you want me to feel better?”
A loud happy chirp escapes the half human, who was now swimming happily in a circle around the pool.
Feeling like every fear washed away, Asahi finally let out the breath that was holding in his body, letting his shoulders relax and moving even closer to the water.
With a sweet smile he left the fish fall in the water, pointing with his finger to him.
“I can’t eat it”, pointing his finger to his tummy, faking to feel bad. “It will make me feel sick”.
He then started searching in his lab coat’s pocket for the small snack he always carried with him.
Showing it to the creature, he then pointed at his tummy and then to his smile “This is good, I can eat it.”
The creature quickly understood, taking the fish and throwing it far away from Asahi.
Turning back, it beamed up at him.
Without any fear left in his body, he gives time to his eyes to study the creature more closely.
Its tail was long, swinging into the water absently, reminding him of the absent swinging of the legs that people do when bored or when thinking.
It was covered in shining (F/c) scales, who covered most of its body melting with the (s/c),.more humanlike, skin under its belly bottom.
The upper part was recognized as a woman-like shape.
Her breast was covered by an intersection of sea shells and pearls, holded together by some seaweed.
Her (h/c) hair was neatly pulled up in a sideways ponytail, graced by pearls and shells, like her top.
He noticed just now, how gorgeous the creature really was.
With a blush he looked away, making her curious.
Putting her hands on the edge of the pull, she leaned her head over them, staring inquisived at him.
“It seems it likes you.”
A small yelp escapes Asahi’s mouth, who forgot the presence of the older male behind him.
With an apologetic expression he turned to look at him.
“I-I… Do you think?”
Crossing his arms over his chest, he proudly looked at him.
“It never got this close to anyone on its own initiative. It looks like you two have now a bond.”
Looking down at her eyes, he let out a relaxed hum. 
Slowly he moved his hand to her face, not wanting to scare her.
When he reached her head, he waited for her to get closer, responding to her inquisitive stare with a warm smile.
She slowly closed the space, testing the warm feeling on her cold skin.
A purr escapes her, nuzzling closer into his hand.
“It’s a she…”
Looking back up at him, a smile brighter than the sun appeared on her features.
Responding with a just as warm smile, he finally stated “And her name is (y/n)”.
Hope you did like it,
Leave a kudos if you did!
Leave a comment if you didn't, telling me what was wrong, so that I can get better!
Leave also a comment if you did like it, your opinion is very important to me.
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mcrmadness · 5 months ago
die ärzte stuff from my sketchbook 2/?
I wanted to keep these separate from the previous sketchbook post because this is all about hair "studies".
I know how to draw realistic hair, and I know how to draw comic book hair. But to draw something from between those? That was a huge challenge. So I tried out things and eventually watched some video tutorials too, and tried to use those freshly learn tips and tricks.
Tumblr media
This was my second attempt with that one Richy Guitar scene I'm (still) trying to draw, but Bela's face was too difficult to draw once again, so I abandoned this one. And that failure is under the censored one because it really looked awful. I ended up making an edit of the scene in photoshop so that I can draw Bela's face from a more easier angle. Or the angle itself was not difficult, it just made him look quite weird to begin with and that was not fun nor easy to draw because it was impossible to get to look similar but also like Bela - when he doesn't even look like himself enough in that original screenshot.
But yeah, to the hairs now. The Farin/Richy on the left was my first try of these, and the second one was by using something I saw in video tutorials. I think all those Bela hairs I drew before these and really had a hard time figuring out how to draw black hair! I tried the brush pen and I tried fineliners but nothing seemed to work.
Then I went to watch some tutorials.
Tumblr media
And this is what I came up with. It definitely was getting better and better, but this time Farin's hairstyle was causing me problems. It was really difficult to find even any tutorials because every "spiky hair" tutorial was about manga or anime, and most "hair colouring" tutorials were for digital art or real hair and that was not what I was looking for.
What comes to the texts... you see, I tend to become bilingual or even trilingual when I make notes. I switch between Finnish and English all the time and don't even notice it myself. The texts under Farin hairs go: "Meh...", "Could work." and "That is lacking something."
But otherwise I'm really proud of those Rod hairs! Finally managed to nail the black hair shading and highlighting :D And holy shit Rod's hair is actually so much fun to draw! Bela's 13 hair also turned out pretty nicely, and the last 80s Farin hair is already a step to the right direction.
Tumblr media
This is the last scan so far and with this I decided to look for Farin photos just to figure out how to exactly draw this hair. It was not an easy task but I think the right top one is the best one of these.
The middle one has too round head so it looks more like Rod than Farin, but it tried to be one of the 80s Farin photos, the same one as the middle one on the left. I can see already things to fix and practice next time - some of the "spikes" at the back in the one on the bottom are too small, and it doesn't look like pointy hair between that and the front part - unlike it does with the top right one. There's still some stuff to do and practice, but this is already a LOT better than e.g. the first sheet in this post!
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okiedokievariantloki · 16 hours ago
Loki is literally a spoiled brat with the mind of a frat boy who’s had it good his whole life and gives his adopted Dad shit for nothing. Why are people not realizing this?
I will agree that Loki can be spoiled.
I'm not sure what you mean by "frat boy"? From the movies we cannot tell if he's into partying the same way as Thor, though it does appear that he, along with many other characters of whom we know of from other movies, enjoy a good party if you look at What If's alternate universe.
As far as "adopted Dad," let's take a look here- is stealing a child truly adopting? There is a dark history of human beings doing similarly (especially if you read it as a parallel to those who stole Native and POC children from their parents after massacring, enslaving, or imprisoning their parents and then raised them in a house that is abusive or dismissive of their needs, or literally raised them to be servants to their own biological children), and I would argue that this is more the case than anything.
From what we see, Odin keeps Loki around similarly to how Mother Goethel keeps Rapunzel around- he's a tool that Odin expects to use later on. He even admits this during the scene in the treasure vault where Loki asks him about why his skin is turning blue. Just because people like Odin or Mother Goethel feed and clothe and generally take care of the physical needs of their wards does not necessarily make them good parents.
I would also say that it's pretty shitty for Odin to constantly tell both Thor and Loki that they were both "born to be king." Not only does this set up a rivalry, but it is dishonest as we know that Hela is actually his eldest child and as soon as Odin dies, Hela appears to kick their asses.
Loki also doesn't really directly give Odin shit. He disagrees, but Odin basically silences him every time. When he talks to Odin about his Jotun form, he is hurt and scared about what is happening to him because it's been hidden all his life. Odin's response is to pass out and even THEN, Loki comes up with an underhanded plan to kill the Jotun king RIGHT IN FRONT OF ODIN so that ODIN WILL SEE AND APPROVE OF HIM. His last words as he falls off into the void is that he wanted his father to be proud of him. I don't see him giving Odin shit so much as realizing by the second and third films that the only way for him to deal with Odin's increasing senility is to put him somewhere else where he can't harm anyone. And do you honestly think that Odin couldn't just get Heimdall to bring him back if he wanted to? Odin shows himself as being erratic and angry in the second film, and after the death of his wife, he loses his grip even more. He is willing to kill his ENTIRE PLANET'S POPULATION to avenge the death of his wife. Even Thor doesn't agree with this tactic, and has to go behind Odin's back to go with a different plan with a lower body count.
I do think that Loki is often portrayed in the comics as a downright nasty fellow. He is capable of great evil, and is often selfish, impulsive, and enjoys causing chaos. He is also written (at least in the MCU) as a complicated character, one who has been raised with a deep sense of duty and loyalty to his people, but who also knows that he is constantly in his brother's shadow, and there's a resentment there that comes out in conflicts between the two.
Both Thor and Loki have a very patronizing view of humanity and other races with less power. This mirrors a lot of how the British feel about, well, everyone else they colonized. Though Thor is nice to humans, his general consensus is "humans are weak and stupid but they are cute like a bunch of puppies and need me to protect them." Loki sees humans as weak and stupid and short-lived, but that they need overt control by a superior being to properly reach their potential. Loki didn't plan to commit genocide on humanity, he just wanted to rule the planet (haha, shows what he knows about humans).
These two sentiments are authoritarian in nature, but they are a product of their own society, which is also highly hierarchical and authoritarian with a king on top. Looking at how humanity segments things out and does stuff like voting and civic engagement must look like a weird backward custom to Asgardians.
Of course, I don't really think that the MCU thinks this stuff through all that much. I just think that, like most media, it's a reflection of our own society, which is often very authoritarian and patronizing towards "the masses" already.
These stories are written this way to hit a chord with the audiences that will watch them. Human beings can understand the story of two brothers fighting for the crown. Human beings recognize the narrative conflict of two people going down different paths to try and achieve the same goal.
Loki exists within the narrative to move the plot along in a specific way. He needs to act in the way he does in order to satisfy the story. Without Loki's interference, there is no plot. There is no movement. It is within the moments of chaos that he devises that the various notes of the story unfolds.
Does that make Loki a nice guy you'd want to bring to dinner with your family? Probably not. But does it make him a powerful narrative force in the overarching story? Yes, yes it does.
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a-reader-and-a-writer · 16 days ago
For the fanfic asks:
F, K, S, X
Thank you! You are the best! ❤️❤️❤️ (This is going to be long so the answers are below the break)
F. Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.
So, I already answered this question here, but this gives me the chance to talk about another piece of dialogue I love, so I'm taking advantage!
When I was writing One Bad Day....(Part 2 1/2: The Dream), it was the first time I actually started getting choked up by something I had written. And that all culminated in this exchange:
You shake your head. “Oh, Bruce. Even if that were an option, I wouldn’t choose it. I would take the pain of losing you a million times just to spend one moment back in your arms. Even if I know it’s not real. Because it was once. And because being loved by you….. it was the greatest experience of my life.” The world around you shakes and cracks apart. Everything blurs except for you and the man you loved. You trace your fingers down his face, trying to hold on to this feeling for as long as possible. “The night we met, you told me that you didn’t believe in happily ever after, but I said we would be the proof that it was real. I guess you were right after all.”
Bruce pulls you close, arms wrapping around you in a tight embrace. Your eyes flutter closed as his lips brush up against your ear and he whispers, “It’s never too late.”
Not only will this influence the future instalments, it is damn near heartbreaking and I love it!
K. What’s the angstiest idea you’ve ever come up with?
How to narrow it down..... but I think I will go with one of my WIP. I'm not sure if I will ever actually finish/post this (it is pretty dark), so this might be a good place to share the idea.
This takes place in the real world and basically, the reader is in a really abusive relationship (physically, mentally, emotionally). In her head, she keeps imagining/waiting for Superman to swoop in and save her because in the comics he always shows up in the nick of time. One night, the boyfriend goes too far and the reader is left beaten in an alley. Suddenly, a figure who looks like Superman shows up and offers to take the reader away from all the pain and misery. (It is heavily implied though not stated that the figure is actually death who comes in the form the person needs to see most in their final moments).
So, yeah..... like I said, pretty dark.
S. Any fandom tropes you can’t resist?
Angst, hurt/comfort, Whump, all those classic (though that shouldn't come as a surprise). But I also really like Fix fics because I find it interesting to see what people do and don't like about the canon and how they would have done things differently.
X. A character you enjoy making suffer.
At the moment I would have to say Jason Todd. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the boy, but he is so complex and moody that he lends himself so well to suffering. Plus, from a very young age, I have loved watching my favorite characters suffer (I was so glad to recently learn this is a common thing with a lot of people 😅)
Thanks again for the ask, I really appreciate it! And if anyone else wants to send me some letter asks, please do! ❤️
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onceandfuturehimbo · 8 months ago
I have been tagged by @winterfrosted to pick 5 of my favorites creations and tell you something behind the creative process 💛
as always I'll add the obligatory keep reading to save you from the long ass post this will inevitably turn out to be because ✨I literally can't stop talking✨
so, in no particular order:
this the queen's gambit edit I wouldn't say I'm particularly good at coloring gifs, usually the opposite actually 😂 but I'm quite proud of how the colors in most of the gifs in this set turned out. As a redhead myself, I know the best color combo for red/orange hair is green because it looks amazing, and the execution ended up looking even better than I thought. I even saved a screenshot of the before and after of the first one because I liked it so much. tbh you never realize how dull and dark movies/shows are until you try to gif them 😳
Tumblr media
this mazikeen edit The way I fought with davinci resolve for an entire day just to get that text effect. It's been a week and to this day I still don't understand what I did to get it to look like that, I have not been able to replicate it even after tracing back all my steps and at this point I probably never will 😭 my leading theory is that I clicked so much random shit to try and get it that the program took pity on me and did it by itself because otherwise it makes no sense. Other than suffering over the text and other davinci woes, I thought it'd be cool to do the dc comics parallel with the scene in which she's wearing her og mask, and I love that color scheme for her 😩👌
this merthur x shawn mendes lyrics set while I don't think the entire ensemble of gifs work particularly well together (all my gifsets 🤝 being incohesive af), I actually really like them individually! The blending is a huuuge improvement compared to a couple months ago when I was first starting out giffing. It was also the first time I tried working with a bigger size, almost square instead of the usual rectangular, and I don't think I did that bad of a job tbh.
this star wars edit I actually don't like how the first gif turned out, it looked much metter in my head but I think the rest of the set is pretty cool. This was my first time ever giffing star wars, and that scene isn't the easiest, what with all the red. I like the font I used, surprisingly enough. And also I'm quite proud of the blending in the anakin gif in particular 😍 (I may be biased bc I love anakin though, who knows)
this bbc merlin + nature set my first attempt at unnatural coloring, also I'm obsessed with shots of tiny people completely immersed in nature in general. All in all it's very calming to look at, I like how it turned out.
I'm tagging (no pressure of course!!) @mxrisacoulter @mouffetard @camelotsheart @screenwritr @arthurpendragonns @ughmerlin @witchmd13
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ari-cuno · a year ago
So, I've been working on a new ship kid for the past few days. I didn't know what ship I was gonna do. So I had a friend pick the ship. She choose Errorink so...
Tumblr media
I'd like you to meet my new ship kid baby, Oras!
Oras is a very shy around strangers but energetic whenever she's around people she likes or recognizes (example: her friends and family). Since she's barely a 5 year old, her magic hasn't really developed yet, thus she is very vulnerable if she is in any sort of danger.
The only things she can really do at the moment is teleport and use her strings. Her strings can't be used for fighting yet since she doesn't know how to use them. But she does use them for string art and knitting, which her father taught her to do. It's not the best and her string art may need improvement, but she tries her best. Oras loves art too, and often has a small sketch book with her to doodle in. She also likes to draw with mom and give her parents drawings she's made.
Teleporting is something she can do, but she can't really control where she teleports since she's young and hasn't really practiced it. This is a big problem because she may end up teleporting somewhere dangerous and possible hurting herself. Due to this, she is forbidden to use her teleporting ability unless absolutely necessary.
Oras is a very nice and wholesome child(since she's barely 5). She acts like any innocent and normal 5 year old kid would. This bean wouldn't hurt a fly. Oras loves both of her parents a lot, even though they can't always be there for her. She's very attached to them and likes to follow them around, even if they don't like it. She loves to spend time with them and when she was younger, she would often be very clingy and hold onto them(I mean, she still does this a lot). She mostly hides behind them whenever she's in public because of her shyness. She mostly does it with Ink, but also does it with Error too. Oras can also be a troublemaker, like stealing art supplies, food, or just full on causing chaos.
Speaking of Error, Oras likes to follow him the most, even though he clearly doesn't like it. She loves him, even though he's an asshole. Oras often travels with Ink to visit different universes and explore. Her favorite AUs are OuterTale and CandyTale(more on that later).
Oras has a fear of heights and absolutely hates violence and scary things, it can leave her pretty shaken up and traumatized, she avoids anything related to horror like it's the plague. Oras has an obsession with sweets and any kind of dessert(it's why she loves CandyTale). Her absolute favourites are marshmallows and chocolate. If she eats to many, she can often get terrible sugar rushes. She often needs to be locked in a room or held down to calm down so she won't hurt herself or anyone when she's on a sugar rampage. On a separate topic, Oras has an ocarina she often likes to play with her mom whenever he plays the flute. It's the only instrument she can really play and she's pretty good at it.
Tumblr media
Yes, that is a platypus. Oras has a pet Platypus.
Tumblr media
Lerry is Oras' precious pet platypus. She found him while she was exploring an AU with her mom one day. Oras immediately loved Lerry. So, Oras, being the child she was, decided to take him with her. Error was originally going to kill him, but Oras used the power of crying and begging to convince him to let her keep the platypus. So he reluctantly let her keep him. And now Oras has a platypus she likes to walk on a leash like a dog.
This took so long to finish and I'm proud of how it turned out! I may or may not make a comic or two about this bean in the future
Ink- @comyet
Error- @loverofpiggies
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msparrowscribbles · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wow, that’s a whole load of pages, dang. 
Also aggressively higher quality than the older ones lol but that’s just how these things go :)  (ignore the awful title page I didn’t really know what to do so I mocked up something quickly with the WIP title) Overall I’m really happy with the project and I’ll probably be continuing it at some point once I’ve got more of the plot worked out! But yeah this was mainly to prove I’d be able to make comics in a timely manner, which given I did 22 pages in a month and half, I’d say I succeeded! Principle of Paranoia Prologue: Pages 1-11 / Pages 12-22
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Okay, hear me out
The Outlaws re-form but it's just Jason Todd and Harley Quinn running around like chaotic bisexual messes working on their unresolved trauma and identity issues, while Poison Ivy is the Tired Lesbian Mom Friend™ trying to keep them all together.
So here's the set-up:
Via Roy's connection to Killer Croc (and yes Roy is definitely alive in this one, fuck you Tom King) Roy and Jason end up working with Harley and Pam.
It's supposed to be a one-time thing, but when Roy hangs up his quiver to be a Hot Single Dad™, Jason finds himself in need of some help, and he doesn't really have anyone else to ask.
This ties into the idea that Jason combats his social isolation by somewhat accidentally forming teams (eg Outlaws 1.0 and 2.0) that are meant to be short-term alliances but inadvertently become like family.
Ideas I have about this AU:
- Harley and Pam are absolutely canon. Not just queerbaiting where they're a bit too close to be friends. They kiss, they call each other "girlfriends" and Jason is absolutely beating the shit out of anyone who says anything remotely homophobic
- Harley and Pam definitely encourage Jason to admit his feelings for Roy (which they know about before Jason does), and eventually there's a lot of Jason and Roy being perfect gay dads
- Harley and Pam definitely babysit Lian at some point when Jason needs Roy to come out of retirement for a mission that only he can do (which also doubles as an excuse for a whole lot of sexual tension, e.g. "I miss spending time with you"-type stuff), and although Roy is incredibly skeptical, it actually works out really well
- Not only are Harley and Pam great babysitters, Roy feels empowered to start working on tech for the new Outlaws and he works as their own version of Oracle; gathering intel, sending them on missions, etc. This is kinda similar to the role he took on in Red Hood/Arsenal (2013), and it allows him to feel a sense of purpose and connection to his superhero days without feeling like he's neglecting Lian. (It's also a great excuse to spend a lot more time around Jason, if you catch my meaning)
- I know some people really don't fuck with the idea of Harley and Jason interacting, but I actually think it would work really well. We already saw somewhat of a precedent in Red Hood/Arsenal (2013) when Jason was trying to connect with Duela Dent (AKA Joker's Daughter). He's able to be compassionate towards her and connect with her despite the fact that she's literally wearing the Joker's rotting skin as a mask
- I think a similar relationship between Harley and Jason would be really healing for both of them, because it allows them to be people who form relationships that aren't necessarily decided by their trauma. I think there were absolutely points in Jason's life where he couldn't have been friends with Harley, and points in Harley's life where she couldn't have been friends with Jason, because of how much they remind each other of Joker. But Jay and Harley being able to have that friendship, and find common ground in other aspects of their identity (in the case of this AU the fact that they're both LGBT+ and don't adhere to Batman or the Justice League's moral standards), means that they've moved beyond their trauma and don't always see the Joker in everyone
- Obviously there'll still be initial growing pains, but I don't think the focus of this story should be on the Joker or any clown-related trauma. At a certain point, trauma just isn't a personality trait and it certainly shouldn't make up the majority of either Harley or Jason's personalities. They're both so much more than that
- At some point later in the story, however, there would be a situation were Harley and Jason come across the Joker and have to fight him. There's an unspoken tension because Jason is worried that Harley is worried that Jason can't handle it; and Harley is worried that Jason is worried that she's going to go back to the Joker. But they're in such an intense situation that they have no choice but to trust each other and trust the friendship they've built, and in the end they save the day because they were able to do that, which strengthens their friendship even further
- Pam routinely makes good points about radical environmentalism, and there are throwaway gags about how -- while the Outlaws primarily do the vigilante work that's too dirty for the Justice League -- they also occasionally break into animal testing facilities or sabotage coal mines/big businesses/other environmentally-damaging institutions
- There are regular cameos from other grey-area vigilantes (e.g. other former Suicide Squad members) and this story really tries to delve into the complexities of morality and why people do things that appear "criminal". It's mainly about dispelling myths and reducing stigma surrounding things like criminal behaviour, mental illness and addiction
- There's a cameo appearance from Killer Croc that deals with addiction and redemption, especially through Roy and KC's friendship
- KC is just so fucking proud that Roy is a dad, and there's probably a cute moment at some point along the lines of, "I may be a croc, but these sure aren't crocodile tears"
- Because this is my AU and I can do anything I want, I'd also like to see this story involve Dr Victoria October. I love her so much, she's one of the most underrated characters in all of DC, and I feel like a snarky, middle-aged trans woman would really round out the gigantic queer mess that this story is
- They come to Dr October for advice in a case that involves biomedical science of some kind, and it's meant to be a one-off. But then Jason gets injured a couple weeks later and Harley and Pam don't know where else to take him
- Victoria and Basil (Clayface) are definitely still dating in this one, and occasionally the Outlaws will team up with Basil for a case (although he's mostly in retirement while Victoria tries to figure out how to stop his powers from causing his brain to deteriorate like in Detective Comics (2016))
- Between Roy and Dr October the Outlaws end up with better tech than Batman a lot of the time
- Victoria is absolutely horrendous with kids but regularly finds herself having to discuss plans and gadgets in person with Roy, so she ends up sitting in his living room surrounded by children's toys, sipping tea and resisting the urge to glare at the adorable, gurgling baby in front of her
- She gets left with Lian at one point while Roy runs off to save Jason's ass, and it basically goes down like this:
Tumblr media
- Croc loves babies and the first time Lian sees him she cries (Croc probably sneaks up from the sewers to talk to Roy about something while he's out for a walk with Lian in one of those cute chest harnesses you use to carry babies). Croc is so hurt that she's scared of him
- As she grows older she stops being scared and ends up fascinated by his shiny scales and big pointy teeth
- I'd also like Lex Luthor to be involved in this at some point. I'm thinking that maybe this could slot into the New 52 canon pretty well. Maybe the Roy in this story is the "real" Roy and the one that died at Sanctuary was a LexCorp clone. I'm also just really into this idea because I like Roy's robot arm and I think portraying those types of disabilities is really important and cool. Plus, it separates him from the other archers in DC and kinda epitomises the fact that he's the "tech" guy
Okay that's all I can think of right now, but this AU is basically my OTP + my other OTP + my other favourite characters
... Guess this is another fanfiction I gotta write lol
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valkerymillenia · a year ago
Umbrella Academy
season 2, episode 7
More thoughts and live blogged reactions.
1982. I'm assuming Five used a briefcase... But in s1 we saw that the briefcase travels are tracked (Hazel and Cha-Cha got reprimanded for Klaus's Vietnam trip) so I'm not sure how the board doesn't know someone is coming... I might be overthinking.
Five being creepy.
Is that a Fudge Nutter like Handler mentioned in season 1? Oh, it is.
Jesus, Five! Anger management for you, old man.
AAHH! THEY LET FIVE SAY FUCK! Fucking finally! 🤣
How did nobody notice that destruction? 😆
Oh, the axe! Is Five going to go all American psycho? Because I'd love to see that.
That smile!
Is he using tiny time travel bursts like Reggie said? Or a briefcase? Or is he just that fast?
AJ hiding under the table 😆
Pausing to drink water and grin, what a psycho, I love him.
He's definitely using time jumps but they are so controlled that I'm guessing briefcase or Handler little time stopping trick. I'm so proud of my mass murder baby.
... Vending machine? Lady, you have interesting priorities.
Wait! AJ's human body feels pain? How?
Please make Five swallow the fish like in the comics! Please, please, please, please.
The dancers are just like
Tumblr media
I LOVE FIVE! The lengths this little killer will go for his family are unbelievable, nobody should ever doubt his love and devotion for them ever again.
This whole murder scene was incredible and Five's obvious glee made it even better. FEAR HIM!
Tumblr media
Jesus, Klaus is so afraid of being possessed that he's afraid to sleep and Ben just mocks him? 😘💋 I get that this is supposed to be a funny 'brothers messing with each other' kind of thing but Klaus feels so unsafe that it makes me uncomfortable. What happened to you, Ben, when did you become so dark? You were the nice one!
Ben just getting closer and closer every time Klaus closes his eyes just gave me Doctor Who flashbacks.
Tumblr media
"I hate your face" "I hate all of you" - Don't say that boys! You know you love each other.
Ok, Ben has a point. I'm actually liking this conversation. And I'm liking that Klaus is starting to understand his brother.
Ok, this is such a brother conversation. And Klaus constantly pretending not to know who Jill is 😆
Ground rules... Well, at least it's consensual now. That's something. See? Communication works.
Damn, the tension at the lunch table cut be cut with a knife. I'm scared what Carl is going to do.
Ray and Allison have a lovely relationship but I finally identified the problem, the tension I was feeling between since them a few eps back. It's not about Allison's secrets at all, is about Ray being so obsessed with his crusade that he completely overlooks Allison's feelings, he only pays attention to her when they are on the page about the mission. He sees her powers and his first thought is 'we could use this for the cause', Allison is clearly distressed and sad and even says she doesn't feel well and all he can think about is the damn JFK meeting. He's not a bad person and he's not doing it on purpose but he has a workaholic one-track mind that could easy turn into neglect for Allison. He clearly loves her and I'm rooting for them so much but I know that if asked to choose between Allison and his cause, he'll pick his cause.
So Five is done with the killing. I figured this might weigh on his conscience, it's one thing to kill for a greater good or survival, coldly and detached, it's another thing to slaughter for selfish reasons (even if his selfish reasons are a greater good).
Handler going all mom on him and wiping his face. 😆
"What I did today, I did for my family" -we know, baby, and they better respect you for it. You love then so much.
90 minutes??? Wtf, I knew Handler would try to screw Five over but that's just cruel, she's forcing him to uproot the family without even giving them time to say goodbye and that's even IF he can get to all of them on time.
It's not a name, you idiots. Also, that's Olga, not öga.
Don't harass the poor woman... Oh God, you guys are such morons... Diego, you dramatic little bitch...
"Wrong number. Have a lovely day" 🤣🤣🤣
I love the new dumbass buddy cop dynamic between Diego and Luther. This is the sort of positive brotherly dynamic they always should have had instead of being pitted against each other all their lives.
"you have some blood on you" "a lot of blood, actually. Five, what did you do?" -the casual, mildly annoyed way they ask is hilarious, if they knew what he did they'd be horrified (and possibly impressed).
Handler's militaristic chic dress is fabulous. I personally don't like it very much (or the message it sends) but it's haute couture and incredibly designed. Also, the bleached hair is back!
"any questions?" And then she leaves without listening. Power move 😏
Luther trying to comfort Diego like the dork he is. 🤣
Really though, I feel bad for Diego, and Five is under so much pressure that I don't blame him for snapping.
"I'm shy" -are you, Klaus? Are you really? You keep walking around in underwear in front of dozens of people, you're not shy.
So is Klaus lactose intolerant?
Ok, so far the possession thing is not as bad as some people were claiming. So far.
"stay focused" *giggle* -oh Ben, you dork 😆
Ahah, Ben enjoying all the different sensory stimuli. Adorable. He's just so happy, poor boy.
Dirt angels. SO CUTE ❤️
I know this all supposed to be cute and all but it would also be a perfect moment for Ben for experience Klaus's powers (the constant hauntings) as well as his addiction and the claustrophobic expectations of the cult. It would be an excellent chance to make Ben understand why Klaus is the way he is, seeing as Klaus is making a huge effort (and sacrifice) to do the same for Ben. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening because I think they want to keep this part about Ben.
By end of season 1 Klaus cried that people still didn't take him seriously, his compassion despite all his suffering made him likeable and deep, but this season he's back to being the family joke, I don't like that there's no resolution to that. But let's see where this goes, I'm getting ahead of myself.
Oh God, Carl's talk is freaking me out.
"who I am is not a disease" -very powerful LGBT+ statement considering it's the 60s!!!!
Oh, the blackmail...
Everybody keeps expecting Vanya to explode every time she gets emotional but this scene proves how much control she truly has. Respect!
Oh, finally Claire is mentioned! I've been rather upset that Allison hasn't mentioned her daughter even once this season (does Ray even know he has a stepdaughter?) seeing as most of her arc in season 1 revolved around her love and guilt over Claire.
Luther is right when he says they don't get live formal lives because they are special but Allison is even more right when she says that's not fair. This is why this family needs to stick together and love each other, they are the only ones that can really understand each other's struggles.
"hope" -Luther, you really are such a sweet summer child.
OH! I CAN FINALLY SEE ALLISON'S SCAR! The lighting in this scene makes it really obvious. Finally.
Ben and the strawberry. 🤣
"you're different today. You're dorkier" ah! First time anyone called Ben 'Sassy' Hargreeves dorky.
Oh Ben, you're adorable... Wait, "smell your hair"? What the fuck, Ben? You weirdo.
Holy crap! Jill is really forward, isn't she? Hippies, man.
Ben stuttering! 😆🤣 He died a virgin, didn't he?
It's funny but please tell me he isn't actually considering that in his brother's body...
Wait, did Klaus slap him because he doesn't want to have sex or because he's trying to stop Ben from ruining his own chance by saying too much?
Actually, I'm almost sure it's the second one, Klaus is playing wingman on his own body!
Ok so Ben IS a virgin but "you, me and Keechie"? What the fuck, Klaus? You slept with the fanatical crybaby and your brother's crush????
"Klaus, you're so filthy!" "Yes, you are, daddy." -Ben, this girl is not right for you. Run, boy!
Wait, AJ can speak without the body/suit/whatever?
Handler is going a little bit fascist dictator, isn't she?
Gotta admit, Handler really is such a mom in her own twisted way.
Ben giggling when he talks to Diego. Cute.
"Luther sniffs Dad's underwear" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tumblr media
I need all the siblings hugging Ben now!
"you stay in this body, we need someone responsible behind the wheel" -Diego, I understand what you mean given the situation, but you playing obvious favorites between your brothers when free will and body autonomy are on the line is a little creepy.
"no one is insignificant" -that line is so loaded when used on Vanya.
Oh no, Vanya and Five playing the blame game is so bad... They used to be so close... They are both under so much pressure, this won't end well.
Oh boy, Five looks like he's on the verge of crying and Vanya sees that! I bet that's why she backed down. 😲😢
The Lila and Diego conversation is heartbreaking without even trying...
Is that Elliot? Is Diego burying Elliot because nobody else will? Diego really does have a heart of gold.
Don't drinkit! I'm pretty sure Lila is drugging you.
Yup, there it is.
What is she planning?
Once again, it's all about the movement with Ray.
"I would take my one year with you over a lifetime with anybody else." 😭 Oh Ray ❤️
But I get the feeling this won't end so easily.
There it is, the Swedes just arrived. And the smart assholes went right for Allison's throat.
You don't need the coffee can, Sissy. The Hargreeves are loaded.
Sissy, hurry up.
BEN, YOU ARE SUCH A 90s KID!!! So the Backstreet Boys are Ben's fault, God, I love this dork 🤣
Come on, Allison, you can fight better than this!
Good girl!
Klaus and Ben running and fighting each other at the same time 😆
Holy shit, that is some Exorcist level vomiting!
Poor Klaus, I totally get Ben's side in this (pretty sure he was trying to save Klaus by getting him to Five ASAP) but this whole thing made me mildly uncomfortable. Klaus just keeps sacrificing for everyone and nobody respects his boundaries.
Holy shit, Allison! That is so cruel! I like it though, so ruthless and vicious. 😈
Problem- Allison can't just leave Ray with a white corpse in the house. Especially not in Texas, death penalty and all.
Oh Sissy, you dumbass. You're a sweetheart but also a dumbass.
Ok, Lila is pretty insane. That's for sure.
Tumblr media
"I don't want to hurt you" - well, Vanya warned them.
My baby is getting really good with her powers.
I hope that hit to the head doesn't give Vanya her memory back, that's so cliché and convenient, or would be really bad writing.
SHIT IS HITTING THE FAN. I'm dying to see more!!!!!!
Tumblr media
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karazor--el · a year ago
Tumblr media
Supergirl's Brainy Teases Intense Resolution to His Double Agent Storyline
Supergirl star Jesse Rath teased Brainy's confrontation with Lex, some 'intense' scenes, the return of his sister Meaghan Rath and more.
In the fallout of "Crisis on Infinite Earths," Supergirl's Brainiac-5 has embarked on his most difficult mission yet. On the advice of his female doppelganger, he distanced himself from the Super Friends and aligned himself with Lex Luthor in order to keep an eye on the supervillain's moves against Leviathan. As Season 5 moves into its final two episodes, this will come to a head when Brainy makes a decision that could nullify all the sacrifices he made to protect those he loves.
Speaking to CBR, Brainy actor Jesse Rath previewed what's in store for his character in the last two episodes of the season. He promised his double agent storyline will be resolved by the end of the finale, although some consequences will extend into next season. He teased a confrontation with Lex, some "intense" scenes, the return of his sister Meaghan Rath and more. He also reflected on creating a new voice for uninhibited Brainy, what it is like to work with Jon Cryer and why he'd wear his new comic book-inspired costume all the time if he could.
CBR: This season has been big for Brainy. I mean, his personality got almost an entire overhaul. How did you go about crafting this new voice for him?
Jesse Rath: I thought, for episode 10, it was important that each of the Brainies be distinct from each other. There was five of them, including my sister [Meaghan Rath], and two of them had transformations within that same episode. It was emo Brainy turning into the evil Brainy, and our Brainy Prime turning into the uninhibited Brainy. So I thought it was very important to be able to tell it was a different Brainy and a transformation through their voice. I thought it was very important that you could tell just by hearing that it was a different person. So I wanted there to be a distinct sound that could differentiate them between each other.
So yeah, the green Brainy -- uninhibited Brainy, who they referred to in the script as Suave Brainy -- is just like... I like to think of Family Matters when Steve Urkel takes the potion and becomes cool and he becomes Stefan Urquelle. It was more just uninhibited, more confident in himself and socially grounded. That's kind of what I was going for.
We've also seen a shift in terms of his looks, with a move towards a more comic book-inspired costume. Obviously, you're not wearing that getup all the time, but how has that changed your hair/makeup experience when do you get into it?
The green and blonde look? I mean, I love it. I would wear it all the time, if I could. I'd wear it home. I'm a big fan. It's made my life a lot more comfortable. I don't know if it's easier, but it's comfortable. I no longer have to wear a prosthetic forehead on on my face. That makes a world of difference, because it's very uncomfortable. There's a wire running down my back to turn on the lights and the thing is hot and I'm not very expressive in it and so it becomes hard to emote. You know, it's just a grueling process to put it on and take it off. So the fact that that's not in the mix anymore and that all have to worry about is being painted and get the wig thrown on me, it definitely is more comfortable and it's made my life a lot easier.
And you know what? Even if it was harder to do and more uncomfortable to wear, I'd still do it, because I love that it's the comic-accurate look and I know that it means a lot to a lot of fans out there that I look like this beloved character from the books and it means a lot to me too. I want to do the character justice and I want him to look the best he can. So it was a long time coming and I couldn't be more happy with the results.
Brainy has acted almost like a triple agent all season. Now, with the understanding that the season was cut a bit short due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, is that something we'll see a resolution to when everything wraps up?
Yes. You will. All that stuff comes to a head in these next two episodes. When I heard that we were obviously going to have to cut episode 20 from the schedule, I felt okay about it because episode 19 is such a strong episode. It's a great episode. David Harewood directed it. It's epic, action-packed. The whole storyline with Brainy comes to fruition. It comes to a point, and we leave on a cliffhanger. Whereas with episode 20, before we had time to resolve everything and see how the pieces landed, episode 19 will end on big cliffhanger, which is cool. I love it. It kind of puts Brainy in a very dangerous situation and I'm excited for everyone to see it. I think very strong episode. So I'm not worried about it at all.
How does Brainy's dynamic with Lex Luthor continue to evolve?
I think their patience with each other is wearing thin for both of them. I think Brainy can't really take it anymore. You know, knowing that Lex is actively manipulating him is a very frustrating thing for Brainy. You see in episode 18, he pulls the trigger on a decision and things start to crumble around him. He's aware that Lex is manipulating him and that, I think, is part of the whole reason why he's forced to work with Lex. It's working against all of his instincts that would put him opposite Lex, and so working with him, it's not the easiest thing in the world to do. I think you see, in these next two episodes, how that all unfolds.
You've been working pretty closely with Jon Cryer this season. What has that experience been like?
Well, it's a lot of fun working with Jon. He is a tremendous actor. I learned a lot from working with him, as I do with all my cast mates. It's great. He's a really down-to-earth, funny guy. Yeah, I've had a lot of scenes with Lex and then some more to come. We have a great one -- we have a couple great ones coming up in 18 and in 19, so I'm excited for everyone to see that. I think he does such a great job as Lex. I couldn't imagine anyone else playing that role now. It's so much fun working with him and I can't wait for you to see these next two episodes and see what happens with this whole Lex and Brainy storyline.
I'll admit that I'm particularly fond of the BrainNia relationship. That said, how will we see their relationship continue to grow?
Without 20 in our lineup anymore, there are certain scenes that I don't know if we'll see or if we'll have to wait till next season to see. But in this next episode, in 18, Nia does confront Brainy about everything, about him lying to her, working behind their backs and Supergirl and Nia do confront Brainy about how he's been acting. And in 19, I believe she starts seeing dreams of him. So yeah, there'll be some Brainy and Nia scenes. I don't know if it'll all be sunshine and rainbows, but we do get a lot of Brainy and Nia stuff to come in these next two episodes.
Last year, you had this frankly incredible scene where you ran through a gamut of emotions in about 30 seconds. As the season winds down, will we get to see a spiritual successor to that?
The closest thing I could think to that scene would be episode 10. I think that scene at the end of Season 4 of going through all the different Brainies maybe was like an audition in a sense to show that I could play multiple different versions of the same character. And I think that's what I really got to do in episode 10, which was physically embody all these different versions of Brainy.
But in terms of what's to come in these next two episodes, I'm not saying you should expect a bunch of Brainy cycling through a bunch of personalities, but things get just as intense and emotions are high and the situation is very dangerous. There are some epic scenes to come, and I think you'll be happy with it and I'm very excited for everyone to see. I'm very excited to it see myself!
Can you tease your favorite moment or scene from an upcoming episode?
Well, in 19, my sister comes back to the show. She will return to the show. So I have a handful of scenes with female Brainy, or Meaghan Rath, or whatever you want to call her. So I'm very excited to see those scenes. I always love working with my sister and I'm very grateful for her to come and do the show, so I can't wait to see those scenes.
Martian Manhunter actor David Harewood has directed a few episodes, and now Supergirl herself Melissa Benoist has made her directorial debut on the series. Would you be interested in directing, yourself?
I would! Yeah, I've always wanted to direct. It's something that I think is so cool, that Warner Bros. and The CW, that they allow their actors to direct. It's pretty cool. You know, I don't know any other networks that give us this opportunity and it's definitely something I'd like to take advantage of in the future. I think it's pretty cool. Yeah, I would like to do that. So who knows! Maybe Season 14 I'll be directing some episodes.
You joke, but look at Supernatural!
Exactly! Yeah. Fly in on my private jet and direct a couple. [laughs]
With Melissa directing the last episode, what was that experience like for you?
Oh, it was so cool. We were all so happy for her and proud of her and trying to support her. None of us had any doubt that she would be great. She's always filming and editing stuff on her laptop and she has a great eye for this kind of thing and, as you saw, the episode was amazing. Such a great episode! I love that whole sequence with "The Man Who Sold the World" song over Lex -- that montage of Lex giving speeches around the world. I thought it was a great episode, and I think she is a very talented director. We're all just very happy for her and very proud of her.
Do you have any game/book/TV/film recommendations for everyone stuck at home?
I've been playing a lot of video games. I play Mario Kart with my friends online. We've been doing a lot of Zoom calls and playing Codenames and games with my friends and family online. I watched all of Sopranos with my girlfriend and we really devoured that. We've just been making our way through television series. We watched Community -- for the fourth time, for me. I love that show so much.
I'm really taking this time to just consume a bunch of television and entertainment. It's really kept me going throughout this whole process. My girlfriend Holly and I, we're bunkered down here in LA, and we've been having a great time with each other, and we've been enjoying our quarantine. So we're making the most of it.
Airing Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, Supergirl stars Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers, David Harewood as Martian Manhunter and Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers. The Season 5 finale will air May 17.
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fiascotheclown · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Alright I went to Louisville Galaxycon and saw Travis and Clint twice, for their worldbuilding workshop and their Q&A. Here's some interesting stuff I learned (I didn't include stuff they talked about that's pretty common knowledge or they talked about on the last ttazz)
Fitzroy was originally going to be a jock that was weak bc he no longer had a team, Travis told Griffin that that didn't really work for the world so they reframed it as him training to be a hero, was great academically and behaviorally, but had a problem no one had seen before and no one felt like dealing with. It specifically wasn't "barbarian fails bc he can't keep his rage in check," it was that no one was willing to deal with his magic so they shipped him off
Someone asked Travis to explain fitzroy's magic, so from the DM's mouth- he's a barbarian subtype with elemental magic which has a random effect while raging, which we haven't seen yet (path of the wild soul if you want to look it up and see what he can do) and he took a feat which gives him the ability to cast 3 cantrips of his choosing. What I thought was interesting was that Travis described Fitz's magic using the word "elemental" twice, even though that isn't specifically stated in the path of the wild soul entry
Travis knows Argo's secret and is very excited about it 
Clint has a pirate fiction book he reads every night before they record to get into the headspace to play Argo, he told us the name but I forgot it 
There is one small little concept that made the whole of graduation make sense to Travis and is what the arc will be about, and he only figured it out a few days before recording. Obviously he didn't tell us what it was
Originally it was going to start with everyone starting at age 11 and slowly killing the other kids off, but Justin didn't feel comfortable playing a game surrounded by kids dying 
The accounting scene is already one of Travis' all time favorite taz scenes
The pegasus scene informed Travis on exactly how he was going to treat the firbolg
Also Travis referred to Justin's character exclusively as "the firbolg," which means "master firbolg" is solely a thing going on with the npcs in the game which I find hilarious. They just all decided to give him a dope title bc he deserves it, meanwhile no one will call Fitzroy "sir"
To Fitzroy, social threats are an extremely real and serious thing, like the Biggest thing to him (we were talking about what characters found threatening in the workshop, for context)  
There's some big concept/idea that comes up in the next episode that travis almost let spill and had to quickly stop himself from saying it
Someone mentioned eating breakfast in their question in the workshop and Travis goofed on it for a second, then said "cereal world" suddenly, and Clint had to pick up the question bc Travis had to take a second to make a note of it in his phone 
Travis started brainstorming graduation in March and they recorded the first episode in October, and his main job in that time was working on graduation 
Before Buckminster was adapted for graduation he could not fight at all, if he got into a fight he would die, he poured everything into charisma and could talk his way out of any fight (even the big bad of the game he crit 20d his check and the big bad walked away from the fight) 
Travis is really into psychology and how if you assign a label to someone they're going to act more like it (ie you tell a kid they're amazing and smart and talented and they become more like that, you tell a kid they're annoying and dumb and a problem they become more like that), and how that was a major contributor to play into hero/villain/sidekick/henchperson dynamics, you get assigned this arbitrary title of good/evil/subservient and you become like that to fit the role, and then the inevitable pushing against that mold
Travis is fully aware of his story being compared to harry potter and he doesn't care bc it's apt (people in a school arbitrarily divided into four groups and one of them is the Bad One), also he knows people describe it as "sky high meets Harry Potter meets my hero academia" and he actually finds that really flattering bc he thinks that sounds cool and like something he'd want to watch 
On that note, Travis is a self-identified Slytherin and he's always upheld that the reason Slytherin is depicted in a bad light is bc Rowling decided she didn't like them, and he's always sympathized with the idea of a first year Slytherin working their ass off following the rules and doing their work and getting points, and Dumbledore rewards three idiots for breaking like every rule and pulls the trophy away from you. This was a big inspiration for graduation, of one group getting a bad rep and being portrayed as evil for literally no reason 
Clint & Travis's favorite scene they've ever done together was Ned & Aubrey's final scene together 
Aubrey and Dani do move in with each other at the end of amnesty
Travis' main emotion around taz is pride and he's most proud of the scene in stolen century with the spirits in the robots, bc they had to record it a second time bc it got way too dark and ended in a really grim way and about 20 min after they finished they all decided that they weren't happy with it, that it didn't fit the tone, he's really proud they didn't just leave it be and they took the second pass at it to make it right
I'm pretty sure he's talked about wanting to kill Magnus off at the beginning before but he mentioned that it was only at the end of petals to the metal he actually realized he wanted Magnus to live, bc Hurley had to sacrifice herself to save Magnus bc Magnus had been so reckless, that hit Travis really hard. Travis realized that Magnus' recklessness was getting people hurt and so Magnus did too, so Magnus become a bit more cautious and took up rogue training to try not to get anyone killed again 
Dust wasn't designed to be anything more than a one off and the workload was completely unsustainable, the document of notes for dust was about 100 pages and only about 10% of it got used
The reason Travis loved it so much was bc it was a mystery and he found it really fun
Clint would love to revisit commitment, but probably not in podcast form bc he didn't find himself really being in the moment as much bc of all the different things he had to keep track of, he'd like to see a comic adaptation/continuation if possible
It was based of a comic he wrote that never got published bc the company producing it failed (he still cashed his paycheck) so he reused it bc he still liked it a lot, it was about how America was founded as a monarchy instead of a democracy and what that changed in the usa's (united sovereignty of america's) history, and how people now were fighting to establish a democracy. Also there were cowboys and spaceships and other cool stuff he put in there bc he liked it
General adventure zone
The reason why they're are able to do romantic relationships w/o being weirded out by it (they joke about it but they don't actually care) is bc it's never done in an explicit or sexual way and since it's the decision the characters would make to pursue the relationship then that's the decision they make. He reframed it as it wouldn't be weird if a family were writing a script together and there was a romance and one person wrote lines for one character and the other wrote lines for the other. He did mention that two siblings playing characters in a relationship as actors on screen wouldn't be cool though
They sometimes get comments that some of the stuff they do is "fanservice," but they feel that they owe their success to their fans and they owe some to them 
They are both aware of and proud that Justin is the best at character creation, Clint specifically really was talking about how Justin's strong suit is definitely character creation and characterization
General mcelroy stuff
They walked pretty close to me when they entered the stage room for the q&a and like… they're short, like shorter than you think
Travis referred to his unborn child as "baby dod" (I'm not 100% certain but I'm pretty sure) which I looked up and is a nickname for George, and given with their older kid being named Barbera and nicknamed BeBe and Travis talking before about how he and his wife like classic names with cool nicknames it makes sense
Travis had an earing in his right ear, I didn't get to see his left ear and I couldn't tell if it was an actual piercing or a fake, it looked really good though. Also his tinted glasses look a lot cooler irl than they do in pictures
Clint told the teenage mutant Ninja turtle story with the signatures that griffin told on mbmbam, but Clint remembered it as happening at King's Island, not Disney. This story was prompted by the question of the biggest lie he ever told his kids, and he only came clean about this a few months ago
Travis told a story about how he finished a videogame when he was younger and was so excited that he picked up a plastic knife, yelled "throwing knife!" threw it directly at Griffin who dodged it and it hit and shattered a window
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