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#also I just bought two
hedgehog-moss2 months ago
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My latest fence-building news: I am starting to add gates. I initially planned to have 5 openings in strategic places, but seven doors felt like a more interesting number, so I added two idle gates that haven鈥檛 yet found their life鈥檚 purpose. The llamas鈥 pasture will have five doors that lead to known locations (the house, the spring, the barn, the road, and the pond) and two mystery doors waiting for the woods to give them something to open onto.
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wearynerdkat18 days ago
So I love crafting, crotchet specifically. Yarn is expensive online so Joann's Fabric store is a lifesaver. So I was just getting some yarn, stopped by in the marker section. I needed some sharpies, oh look people have drawn on the shelves in the marker section.
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Wait a minute-
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orchardknita month ago
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i was on the spinners marketplace forum on ravelry a few nights ago while VERY drunk and ended up buying these in a destash. the big one is clun forest (which is a breed of sheep I'd never even heard of, so that's fun), the white is angora (which I've never had the chance to use before) and the multicolored one is merino, which i kind of hate spinning BUT it matches my chair. so. had to buy it, obviously.
also it turned out the person i got it from literally lives in the next city over. kind of wish i could have just taken the train to pick it up from them instead of paying shipping (though i get why they didn't offer, what with the pandemic)
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In need of help from ppl familiar with Russian literature/Anna Akhmatova's poetry :]
I'm looking for a poem in Russian and I haven't been able to find it for hours now. I have an Anna Akhmatova poetry collection in Hungarian, copy from 1978, and in it there's a poem titled "distant voice" that seemingly has two parts. I tried to find it in Russian and I managed to find the first part of it, titled "小泻邪蟹邪谢, 褔褌芯 褍 屑械薪褟 褋芯锌械褉薪懈褑 薪械褌" but the second part is nowhere to be found.
From this I'm guessing that they're separate poems that for some reason got translated together? It's about love, I haven't been able to find even the English translation, but the starting line would be something like "long ago, when love ignited in our damned hearts like cross of an altar"
The Hungarian translation is this:
R茅gen, mikor kigy煤lt a szerelem
el铆t茅lt sz铆v眉nkben olt谩rkeresztk茅nt
szel铆d galamb-asszonyk茅nt nem hajolt谩l
sz铆vemre: t茅pted kesely疟-karommal.
脕tok b疟n茅vel, els艖 hitszeg茅ssel
ittad szomjuhoz贸 t谩rsadat.
De itt az id艖 z枚ld szemedbe n茅zni,
kegyetlen ajkadt贸l hi谩ba k茅rni
茅dess茅ges ig茅t, vagy olyan esk眉t,
amilyet m茅g soha senki se mondott,
amilyet nem hallott谩l m茅g te sem.
脡s mik枚zben megm茅rgeztem a forr谩st
a pusztas谩gban vizet keres艖nek,
elt茅vedtem magam is, szomjan 茅gek,
a s枚t茅tben a forr谩st nem lelem.
Hal谩lt iszik, aki a v铆zre hajlik.
De szomj谩t a hal谩l sem oltja el.
If anyone has guesses maybe reply or message me, I'd really really appreciate it <3
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ash-callenreese7 months ago
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BANANA FISH Memorial Plate Collection (all seven designs)
#banana fish#ash lynx#eiji okumura#BF merch#I took these pictures back when I had just came back from Japan last year but I never posted those since there are pictures around you know#but I still absolutely love them!#so when I first found those I was just looking around this small animate store in a train station#there are some huge animate stores right like taking up even 5 floors with lots of anime merch and stuff#but this one was very very small so they didn鈥檛 keep a lot of stock there#anyway there were only two of these that you pick at random and hope it鈥檚 the one you want like many anime stuff#I bought one and it was this Eiji one#but tbh I just wanted all of them so later on when I spent some time in Tokyo I went to ikebukuro鈥檚 animate and bought the whole box#and I got all the seven types plus another one bc I wanted to try my luck and see if I could get the one saying 鈥業 couldn鈥檛 be any happier鈥#anyway so there鈥檚 that I didn鈥檛 get the one I wanted but XD#I was just missing my animate compulsive shopping and Japan in general these days#wanna go back asap#also the clerks there must be used to this but I really had LOTS of BF and Code Geass stuff#I was a bit whoopsie how embarrassing#I even didn鈥檛 eat for a few days or had like half an instant noodle a day bc I was short on money and didn鈥檛 want to take it from my family#not proud don鈥檛 do this guys... but it was 100% worth it#please eat guys#anyway lmao rambles#also I am working on a new translation I just don鈥檛 have a lot of free time lately :(
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mjvnivsbrvtvs5 months ago
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鈥--Desmond,鈥 says Shaun slowly. 鈥楬ave you listened to a single word I鈥檝e said?鈥
鈥極h, definitely,鈥 replies Desmond mildly. He鈥檚 still looking at Shaun and not at the entryway of a very important building that Shaun has spent the last fifteen minutes explaining the importance of. 鈥楨very word: memorized, and filed away.鈥
Shaun stares back at him. 鈥榊ou need to work on your sense of humor,鈥 he finally says. 鈥楥ome on, let鈥檚 go. I want to see the back rooms of this place before it gets dark.鈥
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deadmomjokes3 months ago
So I signed up to bring cake to the big family dinner tomorrow night (now that everyone鈥檚 fully vaccinated huzzah!) so I鈥檓 in the baking aisle at the store thinking聽鈥淗m, 20 people, should probably do 3 round cake pans鈥 worth, so that鈥檒l be 3 boxes.鈥 And into the cart they go.
It鈥檚 only after I have them all dumped into the bowl and I鈥檓 adding 9 EGGS and 3 FULL CUPS OF MILK that I start to wonder,聽鈥淢aybe something鈥檚 a little off here?鈥
And behold on the back of the box the instructions say it makes enough for two round cake pans.
And now it鈥檚 10pm and I鈥檓 on the verge of tears because trying to mix so much sludge at once activated my carpal tunnel and I have run out of pans trying to cook the 8 pounds of chocolate doom I鈥檝e created, and now I鈥檝e also run out of places to put them and there鈥檚 STILL 3 MORE IN THE OVEN
moral of the story, and i cannot stress this enough: read. the. BOX.
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