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#also back <3
jonghan · 27 minutes ago
AAA thank u !! i’ve been well - just sleep deprived. it’s not soonyoung day anymore on my end but that’s mainly because i didn’t see this until now since i’ve been catching up on sleep haha
noo omg i’m glad that you’re better now, though ! we’re twinning though bc i was also sick throughout my exams bc of lack of sleep 😅 nearly passed out during one of them so that was not fun but it’s fine since it’s over :)
aaa but i can’t wait until you’re free. i think my dash has been waiting for your dino posts haha
uni students literally need to hibernate for at least 3 weeks i'm cheering u on this agenda <3
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isachaes · 2 hours ago
this is a tumblr hug, pass it on to your ten favorite followers and mutuals 💗
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beneviolence · 3 hours ago
I’ve been in bed sick for like 2 weeks already and I’m still really sick 😭 any tips for perking myself back up?
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mothglade · 5 hours ago
me playing pvp: srry i suck i'm more used to pve haha me playing pve: srry i suck i'm more used to pvp haha
#fern.txt#so what's the truth fern? what is it?#the truth is i might just be bad at Video Games in general if i'm being honest with ya#perhaps....... always has been..............#i probably just had a good streak in pvp for? unknown reasons? i was good. no i was great.#i don't know how or what happened that i'm mediocre again but#anyway#legit just used the ''i mostly play pvp lol'' while doing expunge with a newly acquired Pardner today#after dying for like the 4th time and seeing them somewhere in the distance across the map when i was. at the start#i should've just said that i simply suck at Not Dying no matter the mode#they helped me with this week’s challenge tho to do expunge under 6 minutes#after like 3 terrible expunges i was like bro there is no way i will do it in 6 mins and they were like i believe in you#and then they did like several more expunges with me to help me with that........... love wins#no but like back to the topic. the ''i mostly play pvp lol'' is half-true actually#i have been playing pvp obsessively and i only did each expunge once so like. i completely forgot what to do#and in general i am slow when i do things solo. i die however many times i want. no pressure. no one to disappoint. i do it at my own pace.#and also in strikes i'm just kinda useless. strolling. chilling. sometimes i kill enemies when they are shooting at me#but generally you don't want me on your fireteam lmao i'm like the worst that can happen to you i am terrible at co-op i'm realizing that#i love the score at the end when the other two people have like 80-100+ kills and i have. 30.#i’m just in strikes to bring good vibes and to look pretty :^)
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hyunnie · 6 hours ago
“On whether Hyunjin will be participating as he has halted activities since February, JYP Entertainment explained, “The various questions being asked will be answered once confirmed and sorted out.””
yeah no shit that’s how answering questions works bitch 🙄 this is the most non-answer answer i’ve ever heard in my life lol
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raysofcrosby · 10 hours ago
You are such a positive presence on my dash and I love that. I just wish I was brave enough to talk to you!!
anonymously tell me how you feel about me!
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