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#also bills girlfriend in f&a
kimnjss · 8 months ago
uncharted territory | kth
Tumblr media
⤑  series: kinda hot
⤑ pairing: campus flirt!taehyung x sweet girl!reader
⤑ genre: lmao i don’t even know... angst? smut?
⤑ rating: explicit
⤑ word count: 7.5K // unedited.
⤑ warnings: use of alcohol and weed, cursing, dirty talk, slight hair pulling, over-the-shirt nipple play, dry humping, ruined orgasms.
⤑ A/N: hihihi! just here to remind you how much i appreciate all of you guys reading this story nd getting as invested as you are!! don’t hesitate to let me know what’s on your mind - no matter what it is ., feedback is my favorite!!
Tumblr media
JANUARY 30TH, 2021 | 19:07
Hoseok is leaning handsomely against the side of his car when you're stepping out. Arms crossed over his chest as his teeth nibble on his lower lip, eyes seeming to sparkle when he's looking at you. The shine only getting brighter when the corners of his mouth lift into a smile. Body lifting from the side of the car to pull the passenger's door open, gesturing to it with his hand.
“Ooh, check out the gentleman,” You're teasing with a laugh, ducking into your seat as he rolls his eyes. Jogging around the front of the car until he's sinking into the spot beside you, taking another moment to let his eyes travel over your body.
Nodding slightly to himself before he's grinning, “You look hot,” His warm hand landing on your thigh to give it a little squeeze before he's pulling from his parking spot and onto the road.
Compliments from Hoseok came sparingly, wasn't really one to gush over your appearance with mere words. He was more of a show-er than a talker in that sense. So when he was paying you a compliment, it was never anything all that deep. Never once compared the brightness of your eyes to the sunlight or whatever Shakespearean shit he could muster up. He was just going with what he thought and you appreciated that.
It kept things from getting confusing between the two of you. If he was constantly dotting on you and telling you how amazing he thought you were (and you were amazing, no doubt about that), but if he was telling you.. it would definitely put a damper on your whole arrangement. You were a simple girl to be completely honest. Words got to you, you'd be head over heels in love if he was calling you beautiful every chance he got.
Hot was good. Hot was fine. Hot was safe. Because catching feelings for Hoseok? You'd be better off standing in the middle of the road waiting to be run over. And then getting the driver to put it in reverse. Hoseok was brutal when it came to girls and relationships, didn't waste time on feelings or the overly emotional.
A bit of an asshole, but that was why you liked him. He knew how to keep things fun and exciting, loved being surrounded by people. But he wouldn't hesitate to tell someone to fuck off if the circumstances called for it. He was cool. To put it simply. A very cool guy taking you out on a date. Anyone would be giddy about that, it was Jung Hoseok for crying out loud!
“What you got a taste for?” His eyes don't move from the road in front of him. One hand steering the wheel while the other keeps its hold on your thigh. Skin easily warming under his touch, you force yourself to focus on what he's saying.
Having to keep yourself from suggesting, (for the first time in person but the eighth(?) to him) skipping dinner and going back to your place to make proper use of your time. You bite that down. He wanted to take you out to eat, so you planned to humor him. Eat with him so he can eat you out. Simple.
“Anything, really. You like pasta. Should we just go to that Italian place?” With a slight nod, he's directing the car toward the restaurant. The smile on his face lets you know that he had been secretly hoping to get to eat there tonight. It was his favorite place to go, knew the menu like the back of his hand.
So he's pleased that you're suggesting it.
The car ride is filled with soft music and playful banter about whatever comes to mind. He's challenging you, saying things that he knows will get under your skin just to hear you argue why he's wrong. Laughing as you outline all the reasons why mints and chocolate should be far away from each other.
He keeps a gentle hand on the small of your back as he leads you into the restaurant. Still egging you on with why he thinks you're wrong, laughing at the way your face twists up at him. Pausing only briefly to get your table, but the debate is in full swing the moment the two of you are settled across from each other.
There's a subtle type of competitiveness in his tone, paired with the playful smile on his face. Not even a full hour here with him and you were starting to see what Jimin was talking about. Being out with Hoseok, talking beyond where you should do it next, was something you never considered. 
It's nice.
Tumblr media
JANUARY 30TH, 2021 | 19:59
Conversation between the two of you doesn't die down even after your food is being set down in front of you. You're only now noticing that you never really talked to Hoseok before. You were friends, of course, that's what the 'F' in FWB stood for, but you were more like group friends.
Never really hung out alone until some months ago when you were starting this whole thing up. And fucking didn't really account for all that much talking. You knew nothing about him aside from the fact he was Taehyung's asshole womanizer roommate. No idea how witty, how animated, how attractive he could be.
It made you want him even more.
He's in the middle of explaining the King Henry VIII drama he had seen the other night, which is also surprising. He almost seemed 'too cool' to be this interested in a period piece starring Natalie Portman. But he's speaking so excitedly, that you can't help but hang on to every word from his lips. All until your phone is flashing on the table beside you, Taehyung's smiling face lighting up the screen.
The buzz steals both of your attention from the conversation, your brow furrowing slightly. A part of you knows that he's only calling for nonsense, probably in the midst of a fight with his girlfriend and he's calling for you to tell him he's right. It's hardly ever an emergency when he's calling you, so there should be no problem with letting his call go to voicemail.
Especially this close to the end of your date, you'd be heading back home with Hoseok in no time. Plus he could just text you if it was something important. There was no reason to answer, and yet, you can't keep your hand from reaching for the device. Shooting an apologetic smile over at Hoseok.
“He knows I'm with you... he wouldn't call if-,” The nod of Hoseok's head cuts you off, waving you away with a smile to take your call. And you're excusing yourself quickly, pressing the phone to your ear once you're far enough away from the table.
He better have his dick caught in a mousetrap or something to justify interrupting your dinner. “Tae. What's going on?” You listen, for any telling sounds of things being out of the ordinary. All you hear is the hum of the TV and his heavy breathing hitting the line.
“Yn, you've gotta get over here.” There's an urgency in his voice that has the hairs on the back of your neck standing. “Why? What's going on?” It's probably something stupid, it usually is when it comes to Taehyung. But curiosity has already set in and you find yourself thinking of how to tell Hoseok you have to go. 
“I can't just tell you... you have to come,”
Groaning into the phone, your hand lifts to pinch the base of your nose. A deep sigh leaving your lips. “Tae. I'm out right now. If this isn't urgent-”
He's quick to cut your words, “It really can't wait.” He almost sounds serious, which has the slight annoyance you feel melting away. “Okay, okay. I'll be there in a minute,” Quick to hang up the phone and head back over to the table.
Hoseok has his head bowed, full attention on the plate of lasagna as he shovels forkfuls into his mouth. Reaching for his glass as you slip back into your seat, gulping down his water. And you're two seconds from telling him that you have to go when he's reaching for his napkin, wiping the corner of his lips.
“Taehyung needs you to rush over?” How he was able to just guess that is beyond you, but you're nodding your head a sheepish smile taking over your features. “He says it's urgent,” You genuinely feel bad. Even though things between Hoseok weren't any deeper than hooking up, you still had agreed to come out with him. To stay out with him.
To leave in the middle of it (not to mention before you could wrap everything up and go back home) felt shitty. You were having a good time getting to know him, but if you didn't go see what was going on with Taehyung, you knew it would bother you for the rest of the night.
Despite everything, Hoseok seems to understand. Insisting you finish the rest of your risotto before he's paying the bill. He even keeps up with the bubbly conversation from earlier, enjoying the sound of your laughter all the way to the car. Guiding you in with a gentle hand on the small of your back.
He lets you choose the music and hums along with the songs you play. It's not long before he's pulling up in front of his house, car staying on as he steps on the brake. You wait for him to put the car in park and when he doesn't, you're shooting a confused look in his direction.
“You're not coming in?”
He's quick to shake his head, fingers tapping against the steering wheel. “I'm gonna go see what's up with those girls in building E.” Oh. Right. You almost forgot for a second who you were dealing with. Jung Hoseok, notorious fuck boy. If he wasn't sleeping with you, then he'd just find someone else to do it with.
Feeling bad for cutting your date short was useless. “See you later, then.” He meets your words with a nod, waiting patiently for you to get out of his car. Spares a moment to lift his hand in a wave before he's speeding down the road.
Tumblr media
JANUARY 30TH, 2021 | 20:21
Taehyung is sat on the couch when you enter the house. Hunched over a bowl with chopsticks in hand. Torso bare and hair falling in a ruffled mess around his face. He doesn't budge at the sound of the door, too focused on pushing long strings of spicy noodles into his mouth.
He could've at least put together a fake emergency if he was going to call you over like this. Pretended his arm was broken or something, instead of coolly sitting on the couch trying to gulp down his beer around the mouthful of Ramen.
“Hey! What's so urgent? Why are you half-naked?” Your loud voice startles him, droplets of beer falling from his lips and rolling down his chest. He swallows, reaching forward to grab up a napkin, using it to wipe at his well worked on pecs. 
Your eyes follow the movement of his hand, long fingers brushing the droplets from his tanned skin. It must be the anticipation of getting fucked tonight because you're finding it hard to tear your gaze from the ripples of his stomach. “I'm in from the gym,” He explains the no shirt, the tightness in his arms that have fallen victim to your greedy stare. Flexing obviously as he reaches for his drink again, taking a few sips before he's picking up his bowl. His chest tenses with the movement.
Has he always been this... wow? Quite literally staring in the middle of the room, greedily enjoying the sight of your best friend without his shirt on. Yet, it's not the first time you've seen him sans shirt. Countless sleepovers and pool parties, but his bare stomach seemed different now.
Seriously. Did he always have abs like that?
You're forcing yourself to look away, face grimacing at the loud burp he lets out. Enough to snap you from your thoughts, wherever they were going was uncharted territory. And you had no interest in exploring that, especially when you were supposed to be annoyed with him!
“What's the problem? Why'd you make me rush over?” Wearily, you step closer to him. Eyes scanning over his body in a less pervy way, trying to detect any sign of injury. Maybe even a paper cut a little too deep. “Are you okay?” Your face inches from his, still searching.
He's laughing, hand lifting to rest on your forehead, pushing your head back slightly. “I'm fine. Want some?” Taehyung lifts the bowl between the two of you. And your gaze drops to the spicy scent. And normally you'd be letting out an excited whoop, accepting his generous offer and plopping down beside him.
But right now, all you are is annoyed. Annoyed and frustrated. If it wasn't for him, no doubt you'd be off somewhere with Hoseok, minutes from having your eyes rolled back, nails scraping against his skin. Instead, you're here, no emergency in sight. You shaved for this! Matched your lingerie for this! What a waste.
“Are you fucking kidding me!? I was out with Hoseok, Taehyung.” As if he didn't know. And he had the audacity, to sit there, slurping his noodles as if he wasn't at fault for this annoying ache in the pit of your stomach. Something that would've been long taken care of if it wasn't for him.
His shoulders lift in an uninterested shrug, jaw falling slack as he shovels another mouthful into his mouth. “Well... now you're not. It's extra spicy. Your favorite,” He's offering more food up to you and all you do is roll your eyes, letting out a frustrated huff.
“You're fucking ridiculous,” You scoff, hands rummaging through the contents of your purse until your fingers are catching onto your phone. “I'm calling Hoseok,” You announce for no real reason, especially because he acts as if he hasn't heard your words. Attention back on the hot bowl in his lap.
He's being weird and you don't know what it is. Noticed it in doses these past few days and assumed it would just blow over... but he just seemed to be acting more and more out of character the more time passed. It confused you. And you hated being confused.
Part of you was convinced that it had something to do with him now knowing that you're sleeping with his roommate. The side comments, inadvertently trying to cock block, and now this being proof enough. But there was another part of you... a much smaller, poorly trained part, that was convinced these were the actions of a jealous man.
What would he have to be jealous of, right? It wasn't like he wanted to be the one sleeping with Hoseok. Well, debatable... but seriously, the way he's been acting lately has led you to believe that there was something else going on that he wasn't telling you. Tae's known the guys you've fucked around with before and never has he acted so... stiff?
Something changed. Something was different. And you can't help but wonder if the picture incident had something to do with it. Highly unlikely, as Joon said, he has probably already forgotten about it. But, nothing else made sense.
Hoseok doesn't answer. Not like you actually expected him to. He went to 'see what's up with the girls in Building E'. No doubt busy with that, why would he answer his phone? “Come on, Yn.” Taehyung is beside you now, you're not sure when he stood up, but you can smell the sweetness of his body spray. Even after the time, he spent in the gym.
“Listen, I'm sorry I interrupted you.” His hand is reaching to lower your phone, halting your request for an Uber. “...but you're here now. Just stay. Relax.” Flashing that breathtaking smile of his and it's becoming apparent how he gets away with so much. This boy knew how to use his looks to his advantage, there was no denying that.
But, you're not easily fooled. “You can't just interrupt my dates because you're lonely,” Some of the bite is gone from your tone. Not entirely sure how upset with him you really were. Of course, calling you out when he knew you were with someone else was shitty... but it was Taehyung!
A terrible reason, but the best one you could come up with. There was no way staying mad at him was an option, when he has done the reverse many times with you involved. He's smirking at you, picking up on the anger melting away from your features. “So it was a date. You told me it was just dinner,” He teases.
Not entirely pissed at him anymore, but that didn't mean you'd just let his stupidity slide. This was the second time he's interfered with your much needed Vitamin D and it was about time he heard something about it. “Just dinner. A date. A fucking square dance. Taehyung, you can't just cut in because you want.” He's looking at you funny, this dazed expression that you've never seen directed to you before. From him.
It makes your heart stutter, so you ignore it. “What if I did the same with you? If you were out with Ailee and I called you up with some stupid excuse?” He doesn't even hesitate, dark eyes glued to yours. A stare so intense, you feel the heat rising to your cheeks. “I'd come running,” The deepness of his voice and the seriousness of his tone has your breath hitching.
There was no way this was happening. You were used to flirty Taehyung, got pretty good at compartmentalizing your feelings when it came to the Taehyung that you dealt with on a day-to-day basis. But this... this was different. Uncharted territory, indeed. The way he was looking at you? Talking to you? Nothing like you've ever handled before when it came to him.
No idea how you were supposed to react, so you decide to just leave to keep from making a fool of yourself in front of him. “I'm leaving. Goodnight, Taehyung. Call your girlfriend.” A halfhearted request, you're really just reminding yourself that he has one. And while 'The Other Woman' was a great song, that wasn't you.
“She broke up with me like an hour ago,” Again? You want to say, feigning disbelief. Their routine breakups were far from surprising and they always ended up in the same way: them back together and holed up in Taehyung's room for days on end. Only to end in a pointless fight that would repeat the cycle.
They were always broken up, but that didn't mean they were done with each other. It never meant that. “Please, stay.” He's pouting obnoxiously, so you're confused why you find it so cute. Fingers laced with yours as he lightly shakes your arm. “I miss hanging out with you,” Puppy dog eyes aimed right at your heart.
He's not wrong. It's been a little while since the two of you just hung out. Lounged around in sweats, ate, and watched bad TV. And it was very unlikely that Hoseok would be returning your call. Jimin is surely busy with Jungkook or something. You'd just be going home to sit around and do exactly what you could do here.
“Fine.” Eyes rolling to exaggerate your annoyance. “Go make another packet while I change,” Soft hair bounces as he nods his head, turning to pick up his half-empty bowl from the coffee table, carrying it into the kitchen.
You're halfway up the stairs before he's calling out to you, smiling when he sees your head poke around the corner. “I'm really sorry I ruined your date. That was not cool,” There's sincerity in his tone and in his eyes, every last bit of annoyance or frustration you felt dissipating at the sight.
“It's fine,” The prettiest smile he's ever seen pushes onto your lips, nearly stealing his breath away. “I'll just have to text Hoseok and explain your issue with separation,” Giggling at your own lighthearted joke and he's matching the sound. 
Silently praying you hurry upstairs so he can get his heart in check. So he could think. Something he's been skipping out on that since the moment he picked up his phone and decided to call you.
Tumblr media
JANUARY 30TH, 2021 | 21:43
You're wearing basketball shorts. His basketball shorts. Paired with a sports bra that you must've left here for one reason or another. It takes everything in him not to zero in on the jiggle of your ass as you pass him. The pebble of your nipples pushing against the fabric. You always complained about how cold his apartment was.
He tries not to stare as you stretch to pull a bowl from the cupboard, laughing out loud when you realize that he's already taken one down for you. Thanking him as you move to stand close. Your cheeks are red and irritated from the quick way you removed your makeup with the dried-out wipes you left in his bathroom. Hair let out of the tight ponytail, cascading down your back in pretty waves.
It's not until you're pinning him with a furrowed brow and an upturn of your upper lip, does he realize he's literally gawking at you. With this unmistakable love-struck look in eyes. “Why are looking at me like that?” Spoken while plucking a piece of meat from the pan and pushing it into your mouth.
Caught and he doesn't even think of trying to backtrack. With a shrug of his shoulders, he's turning his attention back to the food in front of him. “I don't know. You just look beautiful or whatever,” He can hardly look at you as the words leave his lips, afraid you'll catch the blush on his cheeks.
“Or whatever?” You joke with a laugh, ignoring the flip of your stomach at the compliment. Instead, you move to the fridge, retrieving a couple of eggs while chastising him on forgetting the best part. Not sure what was up with him, but you refuse to let yourself get carried away.
You've spent so long accepting that he has and only will see you as a friend. Best friend, even. And just because he was throwing a few compliments your way didn't mean that everything all of a sudden changed. Nothing has changed. The two of you were still in the same spot you had been two years ago.
 Taehyung serves you with a smile ten minutes later, fingers lingering on yours for a moment longer than normal. Not long enough to be weird, but definitely long enough to get the wheels turning in your brain. And then he's plopping down across from you like nothing, head ducked as he takes the first steamy bites of his food.
It takes everything in him not to profess his unclear feelings. Trying to limit how often he looks at you, censoring his thoughts as they teeter between mushy and cringe. It's hard with the way you're joking between bites the way you always do, he can't help but notice how pretty you are.
He felt lucky to have you like this. Even if it wasn't truly having you. Just the fact that you were comfortable enough around him to be like this. Even if it had been years, it felt different now somehow.
Everything felt different since he's started to notice little things about you that he failed to see all along. Your cute habit of flicking and tossing your hair as you spoke, more often with how animated you got. How your eyes lit up when you were excited. That tiny dimple at the corner of your mouth, which only made an appearance when you were laughing really hard.
On top of it all, he was noticing how obvious you were. Not exactly sure when it clicked in his mind and it could very well be his ego talking, but he was starting to feel like he wasn't the only one keeping a mental scrapbook. The more attention he paid to you and your little mannerisms, the more he picked up on the fact that you were doing the same.
Whenever he'd bite his lip, rest his cheek on his palm, angle his head in a certain way – your eyes would follow. And how could he forget the lust-filled look on your face as your eyes devoured him, it hadn't even been a full ten minutes since you got there and you were so obvious.
A wonder he didn't notice it before, but now that he thinks back... all of the signs were there. Everything that he missed has been screaming at him for the past-however-many years. And as much as he wanted to do something about it, he knew he had to be careful.
Extremely careful.
Tumblr media
JANUARY 30TH, 2021 | 23:52
Right now, you had your legs in his lap – ankle inches from his junk, but that's the least of your concerns. You're more focused on tucking every last crumb of weed into the paper, eyes flickering between your fingers and the TV screen. 
“How is she this oblivious?” You're commenting with a wrinkle of your brow and Taehyung has to act like he's been following the plotline all along.
From what he was able to pick up with your brief summary of the plot and the way you talked over every scene with backstory, the main character was set the be married to a man with much more experience than her. In life. In the bedroom. The scene playing in front of you right now she was just finding out that he had been lying about not being able to have children.
You had suggested starting from episode one, but he denied the offer. There was something about watching you explain a show while getting frustrated about the scenes that played out before you that he found endearing. Not a new feeling, but holding a new meaning now.
He can hardly hear what's being said because you're in the middle of a rant on how there was no reason for her to be so clueless and sent into a marriage. And how her mother should've gone into the nitty-gritty before shipping her off. And how her husband was just a compliment douche bag for taking advantage of her ignorance.
Taehyung is positive he looks like you just agreed to go riding off in the sunset. Leaned back against the couch and watching you with this dazed-dopey expression that you sum up to him just being high. You were working on rolling the second joint you'd share.
His eyes follow as you lean forward, hovering over his lap as you reach for the lighter on his side. Not even thinking to ask him to pass it over, not that he's complaining about the closeness. Elbows holding your body up as you fiddle with the spark, bringing it toward you when it stays.
You catch his stare as you exhale, handing the joint off to him before moving back to your end of the couch, legs falling back in his lap. He doesn't pull his gaze from you, letting the weed burn out between his fingers. “What?” You're asking with a soft laugh. He's hissing out a breath, bringing the smoke to his lips and inhaling.
“You're fucking gorgeous, it's annoying.” He says with a shake of his head, a thick cloud of smoke leaving his lips. “You're always talking shit,” Speaking through a burst of laughter, but he doesn't entertain the thought any further. Extending his hand to pass it over, eyes flickering up to the screen.
There had been something that he had paid attention to when you first turned this show on. The conversation that was being had on the screen about best friends and getting married and falling in love. And how that's how you should do it. Marry your best friend and it would work out.
No matter how many porn-like sex scenes appeared after that, he was still stuck on that one conversation. And the thought that if you looked so pretty next to him right now, there was no telling how much prettier you'd look done up and dressed in white. He has to laugh at himself, though.
Blaming his raging thoughts on the half-empty bottle of liquor on the table and the green you're handing back over to him. Which is why he doesn't bother to stop the question that slips out next. “Do you think that's really the key?”
Half forgot that even though you never left his mind, you couldn't read it. So you have no idea what he's talking about. “Key to what?”
“Being happy in a relationship?”
He hardly ever really talked about his feelings being with Ailee. You just knew what he told you and that was very limited. She annoyed him, but she was sometimes funny and knew what she was doing. That was pretty much it.
So you're a little shocked that he all of a sudden was bringing this up as if you knew their relationship from a hole in the wall. “Are you not happy with Ailee?” Someone who fought with their significant other as much as Taehyung did, couldn't really be happy. But you could be wrong.
“I'm sure I could be happier,” He's looking at you with those eyes again, flicking the ash off with his finger before bringing the joint back to his lips. “Do you think falling n love with your best friend is the key to all that?” He pauses, the blurts the last part out like he's lost control of his tongue. “Like you and me,”
You're letting out a harsh cough that has nothing to do with the smoke cruising through your lungs. Eyes tearing up while your back shakes. “Me and you?” You manage, letting out a gasped breath. “Like me falling in love with you and you falling in love with me?” Finger used to point between the two of you, just to be sure.
Taehyung nods his head, unphased by your dramatic reaction. “Yes, that's exactly how that would work. A money-less transaction,” You're letting out a laugh and a shake of your head, pushing the thought from your head. He was only joking, talking shit for whatever reason.
“Yeah, no. That would never work out,”
His words chase yours, “Why not?” You don't miss the small pout of his lips, as if he's actually asking. Wondering why you thought the two of you together wouldn't work out.
“I know too much. You know too much,” Going with the first reason that pops in your head, one that you've used countless times with convincing yourself. “There's gotta be some mystery,”
Taehyung is rolling his eyes, “Oh, come on. We're not the Scooby-doo kids, Yn. Mystery is overrated.” He's really pushing for this and you're not sure why. Most likely entertaining the thoughts that pop into his foggy mind, so you don't allow yourself to think too hard on his words.
Or what they could mean. “It's perfect,” He continues. “You meet someone, become best friends, decide to fall in love and now you're married to your best friend. That's the dream,” He says with a grin. And you're not sure if he's actually talking about you or if he's just talking.
“That's lazy,” Either way, you attempt to get the race of your heart to slow down. No matter how much closer he was to you now, backs of your thighs pressed against his. You're nearly seated in his lap and you just now noticed the mindless way his fingers drag over your knee. “You can't pick off from your existing friends. You meet someone, fall for them and then you become best friends,”
His laugh rings through your ears, then your entire body. Just the sound has you feeling warm all over, something that you were sure you had gotten under control a long time ago. “You just said the same thing as me, except you changed the last two steps,”
“It makes a huge difference,” It did. One was the two of you and the other could be any two strangers on the street. For the sake of you, your version was the one you'd go with. Anything else and it would be hard to talk yourself out of it.
But Taehyung has been a lot more attention, putting the pieces together as they appear. And one thing he was always good at spotting (except when it came to you for some reason) was when someone was into him. And judging from the subtle changes in your demeanor throughout this entire conversation, you were so into him.
With caution on his mind, he's shifting focus. Hand lowering to discard the dead bit in the ashtray. Leveling you with a squinted eyes and a purse of his lips. “What's the real reason you didn't want me to know about Hoseok?” Sort of had an idea of what this might be, but he wanted to hear it from you.
“What do you mean? I already told you,” You're reaching for the bottle on the table, taking a swig to keep your hands busy. And to keep you from having to look at him, no doubt the unfiltered thoughts in your mind would be slipping out with one glance. 
He doesn't pull his gaze from you, though. “No, you said you didn't want things to get awkward. I think that was a lie,” His face is much closer to yours now, you can clearly see the faint beauty marks scattered against his skin.
Just a simple stretch of his leg and you're pushed further on to his lap. Back resting against his arm now that he has his hand is pressed against the armrest. He's close, but not suffocating, has left enough space for you to get up and move if you wanted to. But that's the farthest thing from your mind right now.
“Wanna know what I think it is?” Voice so low he might as well be mumbling. His eyes flicker down to your lips, noting how soft they look. And he finds himself wondering just how they'd feel pressed against his. “What?” You sound breathless like you had been thinking about the same exact thing.
He's smoothly moving his arm from you, guiding the way your back falls against the couch. “I think you're into me, like how I'm into you... and you didn't want me to know because of that,” The risk of fucking up your friendship takes the backseat because he knows he's right. Took his time and put the signs together.
“Yeah, right.” You laugh it off, but he's learned how obvious you are.
A grin spreads over his features, hand dropping to your hip. “You're making the face you do when you've been caught,” The heat of his palm spreading from your side to your entire body. And you've come to terms with the fact that you've lost control of your heart. Wrapped up in the moment where Taehyung, Kim Taehyung, your best friend and former crush revealed he was into you.
His head bows, nose nudging against yours. It's embarrassing the way your lips instantly pucker, eyes falling shut as you wait for the soft press. Eyes fluttering open after a moment of waiting and receiving nothing, catching the devious smirk on his lips. 
“You're into me, aren't you?” While he was sure, positive after seeing how ready you were to have him kiss you, he needed to hear it. Needed to be sure that he wasn't missing something, he's been doing a lot of that lately.
The nod of your head is answer enough, followed by your warm hand reaching to rest on the back of his neck. Not sure who moved first, if you were pulling him down or he was lowering himself and you really didn't care. 
A tiny moan escapes from your lips as he shifts above you, the sound being sent straight to his crotch. His mouth is pulling from yours, brows raised and eyes wide as he stares down at you – surprised by the fact that you could actually sound like that. Before he's given a chance to comment on it, you're pulling him back down.
Kissing you is everything he's imagined it to be and more. The soft push of your tongue paired with the deliberate scrap of teeth on his lip. Your hummed moans fill the room and stir him on, his grip falling from your hip to your thigh. Easily pulling your legs apart to slot himself between them.
Fingers tangled in his hair and heavy breath hitting his lips each time you pull away, only to dive right back in. Mouths moving over each other messily, Taehyung can barely ask the groans that die on your lips. Free hand pressed against his chest, you can feel the hammer of his heart.
Thighs squeezed to his hips, bodies so close the thinnest of papers wouldn't fit. So it's no wonder you feel it. The twitch of his cock hardening against you, so enticing you can't help the way your hips lift to meet his just as he's dropping down to press into you. A hissed moan falling from your lips at the contact.
“Fuck,” He's groaning, a switch seemingly turning on inside of him. Mouth breaking for yours and hand moving up the toward your chest. His thumb brushes over your hardened nipple through the fabric of your bra as he rolls his hips into yours.
Just the heat from pressing against you like this was enough to rile him up, mind reeling with thoughts of what it would be like to really fuck you. And the sounds you'd make. You sounded so pretty with the simple rolls of his hips, what if he was actually buried deep inside of you.
His head drops, mouth latching onto the crook of your neck to suckle at the skin there. Your senses are fogged with nothing but him. The smell of him, the feel, the taste. Still lingering on your lips and hitting your taste buds as you lick them. There's a definite heat growing between your legs with each drag of his covered cock, angled perfectly that he's just barely tapping your clit.
You want more. So much more and it's making you delirious. Needy. Hips rolling up to meet his and he's pushing you down every time. Teeth scraping against your skin and fingers pinching at your chest. “Taehyung,” It sounds more desperate than you intend it to. He's groaning back in response, face lifting from your skin to admire the red mark he's left behind.
Tongue dragging over it, soothing it with a simple swipe. Hands re-positioned on either side of your head, his gaze drops to watch the way your hips move in order to meet his, a smirk pressed on his lips. “Fuck, look at you... such a mess.” He's pushing forward, cock meeting your clit perfectly.
Strained whimper ripping through your throat as you brace your hands on his side, back arching into him. “Grinding that pretty pussy all over my cock, didn't even let me get undressed. You're so wet, huh?” Now you knew what the boys were on about when they clowned him for being mouthy. Had laughed along before, but having his words directed to you was no laughing matter.
You knew what you were doing. You could feel the effect of what you were doing but something about having him point it out in that breathy tone of his was hot. What you didn't expect was for him to want you to talk back, but the slow of his hips is quickly warning you of your role.
“Don't stop,” You're gasping, hands reaching out to him. “I could cum like this,” Your whispering, cheeks heating up at the admission. How embarrassing, losing it over dry humping, you half expect him to laugh it off as a joke.
But he doesn't, instead, he's lowering his body back onto yours, the movement of his hips picking up in speed. “Me too,” He breathes out, fingers tangling in your hair as his tongue teases against your covered lips. “Wrap your legs around me,”
His words are muffled, but you understand him enough to lift your legs, ankles locking behind his back. He drives into you like he's balls deep inside of you, pulling gasps and moans from your lips. Nails pressed into his skin as you beg him not to stop, chanting your near release. And just as you feel it bubble up in your stomach, his low pants of your name getting to you. Just as you're about to be knocked over the edge you've been teetering on, Jin's voice is breaking through.
His loud laughter bleeding through the door behind you, followed by the low grumble of Joon's voice. The jingle of his key is what snaps Tae out of it, body freezing as his head lifts to glare at the door.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” You're quick to push him off, looking away as he adjusting the throbbing bulge in his pants – leaving you to wipe at the slobber-dampened mark on your chest. Jin and Joon are stepping in just as you're rushing upstairs for a shirt. Their laughter filling the downstairs as you rummage through drawers for something to pull on.
All while shoving your raging thoughts out of your mind. Still in shock that that actually happened... whatever that was. Taehyung was into you. He had said it and then kissed you. God, he kissed you. Would've been to be able to fully enjoy it if you weren't so damn greedy.
Just one taste and you were wanting the whole thing and from the look of it, he was willing to give it to you. But what if it had been a fluke. A one-off because of whatever happened to Ailee and the fact that you were there. Into you, but what did that really mean? Would that change anything?
You dare to hope, even though you're sure you're wrong. There was a lot going on tonight. Him fighting with Ailee, you being torn away from Hoseok before you can do anything properly. You were high! Still, high to be honest. Would he still be into you when he was sobering up?
Finding out is the last thing on your list. Fitting yourself as his best friend after your quiet crush was one thing. Doing that after he's taken back being into you was another. You didn't want to think about what a disaster that would be, you'd rather just go home and sleep.
Jin is turning to happily greet you as you make your way downstairs, while Joon makes room for you on the couch. Taehyung doesn't look up, cheeks flushed and eyes glued to his knees. You'd give everything to know what he's thinking.
“Yn! Tae said you were here. We're gonna open Monopoly, wanna play?” It's an invitation from Jin that you'd usually be jumping at. Claiming your designated money bag piece without a thought, so he's shocked when you're shaking your head. “Think I'm gonna just head home, turn in early.”
Tae looks up at the sound of your departure, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. He had hoped you would want to stay, so he could have a chance to talk to you properly. Tell you how he was feeling even if he didn't fully understand it yet. He wanted to tell you that he liked you and he wanted to hear you say it back.
Let you know that he wanted to try to be good at relationships because he wanted to try with you. He's standing with that in mind, shrinking back when you're looking at him. There before did he feel nervous around you, but with all this weighing on his chest, he doesn't know how else to feel.
“Let me walk you home,” He offers, it's a twenty-minute walk across campus. Enough time for him to talk to you... or just be around you for longer.
You're shaking your head, though. Pushing an easy smile onto your lips. “It's fine. I texted Jimin,” It's a lie and he knows it is, but he doesn't call you on it. Obvious that you didn't want to be around him. Most likely regretting the whole thing.
Nodding as he plops back down beside Jin. He watches as you pull your shoes back on, throwing a quick goodbye over your shoulder before stepping out. Not even sparing a proper look in his direction. A huff leaves his lips as he sinks into the couch, hands tugging through his hair.
He really screwed up.
Tumblr media
— you’ve always been cute, soft, tiny in taehyung’s eyes. but that’s changing one night when you’re accidentally sending him a naughty picture. forcing him to realize, maybe his best friend is kinda… hot?
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gm--requests · 8 months ago
Coffee Shop Puppy- Daddy! Matsukawa Issei
g e n r e - s m u t.
w a r n i n g s - daddy! mattsun, squirting, fingering, degradation, pussy slapping (once), light! praise, sub-space (breifly), dumbification/bimbofication, massive horse dick mattsun, virgin! reader, breeding kink, use of pet name (puppy)  mention of jay park’s music, if i missed any please lmk
o r i g i n a l  c o n t e n t - i did write this
w o r d s - 5221
r e q u e s t s - closed
inbox thirsts- OPEN
a / n - this was first inspired by @introloves coffee shop worker with Aone fic and then somehow along the way it turned into what it is now... uhm i had two really close friends help me write this, so it is a special piece to me. this is written with a plus-size reader in mind anyone, of course, can read it, and i highly encourage it because i worked hard on this piece. also please leave feedback if you have any. please do not engage in unprotected sex unless you are in a long term relationship with a trustworthy partner.  that being said please enjoy sex as much as you want with the use of aforementioned protection!
When you first met Matsukawa Issei it was at the coffee shop. It was a rainy day and business was dead to say the least. You worked hard to keep yourself busy, alternating between either wiping off the countertops and tables or studying for your upcoming final exams. The dreary weather made the soft music and Christmas lights around the store seem like something out of a movie and you couldn’t help but feel happy and content. 
You’re humming along to some G.Soul song when the bell above the door rings. Your head shoots up excited to have a customer after so long of nothingness. You greet the man with a large, warm smile, he meets your grin with a subtle smirk. He was dressed from head to toe in black and taller than any man you think you’d ever seen. You couldn’t help but size him up. Though the height was impressive you thought better of asking him how tall he was and instead asked him what he’d like to order. 
“The largest iced americano you can legally make me,” he replied, his kind and playful tone not at all matching his lazy, almost sleepy gaze and seemingly disinterested expression. 
“Well all our gallon buckets are being put to use right now, so will this be okay?” You ask, laughing softly, grabbing at the stack of your largest cups. 
The smirk he carried earlier finds its way back to his lips, “I s’pose that’ll have to do.”
You nod to him and turn around, “How many shots would you like sir?” 
When he says five, your head whips around and you look at him a bit shocked. He quirks his eyebrows a bit at your obvious surprise, “F-five?” You ask dumbly, holding up your hand. 
He chuckles, and holds up his hand mimicking your motion. He spreads his fingers and you notice the tattooed lines wrapping around each digit, “Yea, five.”  
You turn around and begin running the espresso machine, two shots at a time, “You must be very tired sir,” you comment as you breeze around the barista’s area. 
“Are you normally this chatty?” He asks, intently watching your plush body move with practiced intent, pouring two of his five shots and starting another two. His question makes your face flush in embarrassment. 
“Sorry, sir,” you say hurriedly bowing to him before returning to making his drink. 
Your apology flusters him a bit, as he was only joking, one of his large hands comes up to scratch at the back of his neck awkwardly, “No, I don’t mind, I was just asking if, like, you were always this friendly?” 
“Oh, uhm,” you begin as you scoop a bit more ice for his drink, before putting the lid on and turning to him with the same bright smile you greeted him with when he walked through the door, “I try to be! Not to seem cheesy, but you never know what someone’s going through and sometimes all they need is a smile, y’know?” 
He hummed in response and reached out to grab his drink from you, giving you a good look at his tattooed fingers. You can’t help the small ‘wow’ that leaves your mouth as you ogle them. 
“I love your tattoos sir! They are super unique,” you compliment still holding onto the cup that he is trying to grab from you. When you realize you draw your hand back quickly and clear your throat, turning your attention to the cash register to ring him up. 
“My name is Issei, Matsukawa Issei,” he says, his simper small and sly, as he reaches into his back pocket for his wallet, “that way you don’t have to keep callin’ me sir, and thank you for your kind compliment...” he trails off the end of his sentence, wanting you to fill in the pause with your name, so you do. 
“I’m y/n, it’s a pleasure to meet you! If I may, uh could I ask why do you have those red x’s on your two middle fingers?” 
“Hmm, y/n, a pretty name for a pretty girl,” he flirts as he grabs his card from the leather holder and hands it to you, his eyes catching yours with an intensity that you don’t remember seeing earlier, “and y’know what they say, ‘x marks the spot’.” 
Despite him not actually saying anything worthy of the heat creeping up your neck, it does anyways and you just nod, trying to convince your body not to get red. Matsukawa watches you with an almost predatory gaze. You were so damn cute. The panicked blush that settled across your skin and your flustered mannerisms had him quickly enamoured. He knew he’d be coming back. 
“Well that is, uhm, very clever,” you say softly as you hand him his card and receipt. Matsukawa doesn’t say anything, just pulls out a few bills before putting away his card and wallet. He moves the cash in between his index and middle finger, passing it to you, his lazy stare returning. 
“Oh no sir,” his eyebrow quirks and you backtrack, “I mean, Issei, that goes in the tip jar,” you scoot the sticker covered container to him and he shakes his head.
“No, I want you, in particular, to have this,” his tone was non-negotiable, but you try anyway. 
“I really couldn’t possibly take all of that, I made you our most basic drink, and,” he cuts you off. 
“Then how about you give me something else?” 
His low voice, met with that scandalous insinuation, had your eyes almost bugging out of your head as you look up at the tall man, but he just laughs, “I meant, why don’t you give me a
nickname? I think I’ll be coming in here more often and the title ‘sir’ just doesn’t sit right with me.” 
“You want to pay me for a nickname?” You eye him with confusion. 
“Well since tipping you for doing your job wasn’t a good enough reason, I s’pose so,” he leans in a bit, making your breath hitch, “Did you think I was trying to pay for something else, someone’s got a dirty mind hidden behind that cute face.”  
You sputter out a flurry of no’s and I'm sorry’s, only to be met with his snicker. Matsukawa places the money on the counter, and turns towards the door, coffee in hand. 
“Y/n-chan, when I come back, I expect a nickname,” he calls out over his shoulder. The bell above the door rings as he steps back into the wet darkness of the rainy, early evening. 
Over the next few days Matsukawa comes in around the same time, always hoping to see you, but instead is greeted by the cafe’s other employees. On day 5 of coming in and not seeing you, he took a little longer pulling his card out, “Uhm, excuse me, you wouldn’t happen to know when y/n is working next would you?”
He looked up to meet the barista’s eyes as he passed the card to him. The barista grinned slyly, “Oh, like, my girlfriend y/n? The one who works here?” Matsukawa tried to keep his gaze empty and lazy, but the surprise did hit him, “I’m Atsumu Miya,” the barista extended his hand outwards, still holding Matsukawa’s card in the other, “Are you a friend of hers?” 
Matsukawa meets the boy's grin, with a smirk of the same intensity, “Yea, something like that,” he takes the boy's slightly smaller hand in his own, giving it a firm shake. 
Just as Atsumu goes to say something, you walk out of the backroom, still tying your apron around your waist. When you see Matsukawa a full smile blooms across your face, “Mattsun!” you exclaim and his gaze falls from it’s intense staring match with Atsumu to you, softening a bit. 
“Ahh, is that the nickname you came up with, little one?” 
Your face is set ablaze by the ease with which he says the pet name, “Mhm, I- I thought it was very cute. I- Is that my new nickname,” you ask, surprising both Matsukawa and Atsumu. Atsumu’s grip tightens on Matsukawa’s hand and Matsukawa shoots him an amused look, before pulling his hand away. 
“Yea, I think it will be,” his eyes back on you, “think it fits you real well.” You beam up at him and his heart melts, but he can’t ignore the sharp dagger like glare Atsumu has on him, “Well, maybe I shouldn’t call you something like that, don’t think your boyfriend here would be too fond of it.” His voice is smug. 
Your eyebrows furrow, “My boyfriend?” 
Matsukawa works hard to hold back his laugh, “Well yea! Atsumu, was it?” He glances at the boy feigning ignorance before looking back to you, “just told me that he was your boyfriend and I’d hate to cause any problems.” 
You turn your head slowly towards the boy behind the counter with you, glaring, “I’m sorry he told you something so insane Mattsun,” you say through gritted teeth, before your voice becomes more matter-of-fact, “I’d never date someone with piss colored hair.” 
Matsukawa swears he sees Atsumu’s soul leave his body as the boy cries out dramatically, “Whose hair ‘re ya callin’ piss colored y/n?! Ya used to say ya loved my hair!” 
“No, ‘Tsumu, I said I loved ‘Samu’s hair. Maybe I’d like your hair more if you stopped lying to valued customers!” You exclaim before turning back to Issei, your lovely smile returning, “Are you all taken care of Mattsun? Is there anything else I can get for you today?”
“Well actually,” he pulls his phone from his back pocket and taps on the screen a few times before handing it to you, “I’d really love to have your number, that way I can see you outside of ordering coffees.” 
You reach out your tiny hands and grab the phone from his one large tattooed hand, “Oh sure! I’d love to see you outside of the cafe! Maybe, uh, maybe we could go out to lunch!” 
“Make it dinner and you’ve got yourself a deal, little one,” he replies, watching you quickly type in your number before handing the device back. 
Happy with the new contact information, he bids both you and Atsumu a farewell with a cocky smirk and a wink. You blush and Atsumu growls. 
The first dinner date came a week after exchanging numbers, he invited you to some swanky upscale place that needed reservations. It had dim lighting and you felt a little out of place. He chuckled at the way you nervously fidgeted with the end of your dress.  He ordered for the both of you and he paid. The whole time acting like a fine gentleman, but a dark hunger never left his eyes. 
The second dinner date went the same way, some fancy restaurant you didn’t know even existed; you in one of your only few dresses, him in fitted black dress pants, and black dress shirt that was unbuttoned enough to have your eyes wandering a little too much. You tried to play it off each time, but he caught you regardless. As he drove you home from the restaurant, he tried his luck and placed one of his large inked hands on the fat of your thigh. You jumped in the seat and he fought back a smirk. His roughened thumb, rubbing back and forth on your soft skin. You wondered why just a small touch like that had heat pooling between your legs. 
Things were progressing slowly and honestly Matsukawa was proud of his patience, but by date seven it was more than wearing thin. That night he passed the turn to your house, his hand on your thigh, the radio playing some Jay Park song real low. His grip on your thigh tightens a bit and you feel your whole body straighten up. You try to calm your breathing, but soon his hand is grabbing at the sensitive flesh on the inside of your thigh. 
“This okay?” his eyes never leaving the road. He sees you nod out of the corner of his eye and tsks, “Use your big girl words, I asked if this was okay.” 
“Yes s-sir,” you stammer out as he pushes your legs further apart. You sink down a bit in the seat to give him room between your plush legs. He smacks your inner thigh in warning and you inhale sharply, “Didn’t I tell you that ‘sir’ shit wasn’t for me, little one?” 
“You did,” your response was quiet. 
“So I guess you’ll have to think of something else to call me, huh? ‘Cause Mattsun isn’t gonna cut it in these situations.” 
In your head you’re mulling over his words. ‘These situations? He wants another nickname, something respectful, but not sir.’ Then his fingers press purposefully against you and the title leaves your lips almost involuntarily. “D-daddy,” you whimper and he smirks. 
“Ah, there she goes,” he murmurs as he continues to rub against the growing wetness of your panties, “what a good girl, you’re a quick learner huh?” 
You nod and this time he slaps at your pussy causing your hips to jump and a high pitched squeal to come tumbling out of your mouth, “Big girl words or Daddy’ll stop right now.” 
Instantly you’re speaking, “Yes Daddy, I am.” 
Matsukawa chuckles, “Gonna have you trained for me in no time,” he remarks as he pulls into the parking garage of his apartment building.  
The walk from the car to his apartment seemed never ending, but now that you were both in nothing but underwear, and you were splayed out on your back in his king sized bed, you couldn’t help but to wonder how things moved so quickly. 
As Matsukawa’s large frame towered over your small one, he couldn’t help but smirk at the way your chest rose and fell heavily despite the fact that he hadn’t even touched you yet or how your pretty eyes stared up at him in some mix between fear and excitement. You looked so soft and vulnerable. 
While one tattooed hand held him up, the other came to grab your face as he harshly pressed his lips against yours. A quiet noise of surprise leaves your throat, but it is smothered by the ferocity of the kiss. His tongue quickly presses into your mouth and he hums as you try your best to keep up. Though your hands come up to grab at his shoulders, the rest of your body softens, sinking into the mattress beneath you, becoming almost limp with want. 
Matsukawa’s leg presses between your thighs and up against your once again dampening panties. The pressure making your hips jump, a small whimper leaving you. He pulls away, letting you catch your breath. His eyes dark as he stares down at you, taking in your swollen lips and slightly glazed over eyes. 
“I’ll be easy with you since this is our first time,” he begins, but you cut him off, your voice shaky and your gaze avoidant, “It is my first time.” 
His normally hooded eyes widen in surprise, before his shock turns into subtle enthusiasm, “Awe puppy is it really?” 
You nod, embarrassed. You can’t help but avoid his gaze as you try to explain yourself, “It’s just- I don’t ever- I don’t go out much and I don’t often find lots of people sexually appealing and it’s like I-” 
That all too familiar smirk lands on his lips again as he watches your face heat up and your words fumble on your tongue, it’s cute. You’re cute. He isn’t surprised that you’re a virgin, but it wasn’t something he thought you’d be so embarrassed about. 
Matsukawa cuts off your innocent rambling by bringing two fingers to your mouth, shoving them in while you’re speaking. While it was precious, he was tired of hearing you say useless things, especially when your mouth could be so much more useful. His tattooed fingers pressed down on your tongue and you immediately began sucking on them. You whimpered around them as he pressed his thigh against your core with a bit more pressure. 
From there Matsukawa moves a bit quicker, his lips pressing against your neck, his tongue running against your pulse point, before biting it roughly. You mewl and tears prick at your eyes, but he doesn’t stop, his large hands grab at your fleshy body, bruising it up easily. The further he moves down your body the less patient he becomes. Every noise or jerky movement you make only stokes the fire in him. You were bombarded by the pleasure, overwhelmed didn’t even begin to describe it. Every time you went to open your mouth and ask him to slow down, the words would get lost behind your pleasured moans.
“Y’know puppy, for someone who’s such an inexperienced, innocent little girl, you sure are eager.” You try to remove his fingers from your mouth to protest his words, but he just shoves them further down your throat, making you gag, “No need to try and deny anything, I can feel how wet you are. You’re soaking my thigh, even through your panties,” he gags you on his fingers again, you wrap both your hands around his big one and he smiles something sadistic, “S’cute,” he finally pulls the appendages from your mouth, spreading the drool across your cheeks messily, “So pathetic.” 
He knew it was a lot for you. He was sure of it, but he couldn’t bring himself to care as much as he should. To put it bluntly, his dick was hard, so much so that it was beginning to be a bit painful and the thought of sinking into your leaking virgin cunny only made the twitch in his cock more violent. So why would he slow down? Especially when he got to hear your cute noises and watch your eyes start to glaze over. He was going to break you, without hesitation.  
After making sure his teeth marks and handprints littered your plush body, he finally made it to your panties. Sitting back a bit he stared at your watering eyes and heaving chest, bringing his hands to the band of your plain black panties, “Puppy, I’ll buy you a new pair,” is all he said before ripping them away from your body. 
You gasp sharply at the feeling of the fabric cutting into you and then ripping away. Before you can reply to him or his actions, he is pressing a long finger into your wet hole. Instantly you are clamping down around him. The moan that leaves you has his eyebrow quirking, “Oh, are you really that sensitive puppy?” 
Honestly, you couldn’t answer if you wanted to as his finger slowly moves in and out of you. The new feeling has your chest tightening and you gasping for air, even more so as he slips a second finger in. Matsukawa licks his lips as he watches his fingers gather more and more of your wetness. He marvels at how it seems as though he isn’t stretching you at all, even as he scissors his fingers. You can’t help the way your back arches off the bed at the menstruations. When he slides the third finger in and presses his thumb to your clit, you all but scream. The pain and the pleasure blinding, too quickly. Already, you feel the tightening in your stomach, “D-Daddy I-,” your words get lost as your brain starts to swim. 
He feels you flutter around him as you speak, your eyes rolling back as his  fingers stay steady. He laughs at how quick you are, how sensitive, and despite the humiliation you cream all over the three digits he has pressed into you. Matsukawa is even nice enough to let your ride out your orgasm, legs already shaking as he keeps pressing into you. When he removes his fingers, he holds them up, letting the light catch the wetness, “Look at the mess you made puppy,” he says as he brings them to your lips, “Clean them off yea? It’s your filth anyways.” 
You nod and open your mouth, bringing your tongue to lap at each inked digit. He hums in satisfaction, “You’re so well behaved, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think that despite you being a virgin you’re a filthy slut anyways? Is that true?” You stop cleaning his fingers to answer, “N-no Daddy, I’m not dir-” A sharp slap comes to the outside of your thigh and you cry out in surprise, “I didn’t say to stop, did I?” You shake your head no and he smiles, shoving all three fingers into your mouth, “See, I bet you thought about me treating you like this after every single date.”
He wanted to keep teasing you, but he didn’t have it in him, not when you were being so damn good for him, “It’s okay if you did puppy, cause I’m gonna fuck you just how I know you want it. Don’t worry I’ll try and be nice with ya,” he pulls his fingers from your mouth and shoves them back into your sensitive cunt, “I know you can barely take these and I’m a lot bigger than this.” 
Your eyes widen at his words, you were able to focus on the pleasure enough with three fingers for it to feel good, but you can’t imagine how anything more than that will feel. It’s already too hard to think and when he removes his boxers and grabs your fat thighs in his big hands, spreading them apart, you begin to feel dizzy. 
Matsukawa watches the worry wash over your features and stops his movements. Taking one hand from your thigh to bring it to your face. His eyes a bit softer as he makes you look at him, “D’you still want this?” 
You hesitate and then both hands are on your face, cupping it gently, “Need you to tell Daddy you still want this before I continue. We don’t have to do this tonight puppy,” you look at him with big wide eyes, surprised by his demeanor change, “I can fuck you dumb some other night, if you aren’t ready.” 
His words catch you off guard and make your breath hitch, he just chuckles, his lazy eyes never leaving yours. Despite being scared, the heat of his body is keeping your warm and you can almost feel the tip of his dick touching your aching cunt, “Daddy, I wanna…” 
“What do you wanna do, puppy?” he asks amused. 
“I wanna,” you try and look away but his presence is all enveloping and you can already feel yourself getting more turned on, “I wanna be fucked by you.” You whisper nervously. 
“Good girl,” Matsukawa praises, his hands leaving your face to trail down your body again this time a bit slower, a little more self control regained. 
His hands end at the underneath of your thighs as he pushes them back, “I’m going to fuck you absolutely stupid and I’m sorry if it hurts a bit at first, but I know you’ll be good and take it all for me, right?” 
You go to nod, but catch yourself, “Yes Daddy,” you huff softly, “I’ll be good, I-I’ll take it.” 
He doesn’t reply, instead just brings one of your legs to wrap loosely around his waist while he lines himself up. Tapping the tip of his dick against your clit, watching your hips jump a bit each time, slowly he drags it through your glistening folds, stopping at your barely stretched hole. Slowly he pushes against you, just to watch you pant for him, but when you look at him over the swell of your breasts, his want to tease fades and he finally gives in. The tip pushes into you with an almost audible pop, and instantly Matsukawa hisses. 
“You’re so damn tight, think I might break this little pussy of yours.” You cry out as he continues to ease into you. His pace is slow and his cock is never ending. Tears stream down your face as your hands grab at the bed sheets and then move to claw at his back as he folds himself over you and pushes your thigh back further.
“Please, please,” you sputter through your tears, and he chuckles. 
“Please what puppy? Daddy is only half way in.” 
This realization makes you sob harder. How could he possibly only be half way in when you already felt so damn full. 
“Aww puppy, are you really crying?” His voice mocking, hooded eyes alight with amusement, “Are you really crying for Daddy’s cock… It’s okay puppy, I know you can handle it.” The whole time he speaks, the drag of his cock against your tight walls makes your eyes screw shut and your breath labored. 
“Just listen to yourself, puppy, you’re panting like a bitch in heat and I haven’t even been able to begin fucking your properly.” 
In reality he knows it hurts, he knows it’s going to hurt quite a bit before the pleasure hits, but he can’t help the words he says, nor does he really want to because he likes the slight quiver in your bottom lip when he says degrading things to you and he really likes the way you unknowingly tighten around him each time. 
When Matsukawa is finally fully sheathed inside of you, you’re barely conscious to know it. His hand tapping firmly against your tear and drool stained cheek is what brings you back to reality. 
“Daddy’s fully inside, puppy,” he says, the lilt in his voice playful as he watches you struggle to focus your eyes. Really you don’t know if you’re blinded by the pain or the pleasure. You can feel him all the way in your throat, his cock pressed snuggly against your cervix. Without him even moving you feel as though you’re going to cum. It’s all you can do to keep yourself in your right headspace, but as he slowly pulls out, you lose your grip on reality. 
He watches it happen eagerly, watches your eyes finally glaze over, the permanent glassy sheen in them. Your jaw falls open, slack, your tongue threatening to lull out. Matsukawa has fucked lots of people, girls, guys, everyone alike, no preference and you definitely weren’t the first virgin in his book of fucks, but already you were the best. Unlike any other he’d ever seen, the way your back arched as he fucked back into you slowly, the way your body shuddered as he picked up speed, you laid there pliantly for him as he worked up to genuinely ravaging your body. 
Begging him over and over again not to stop, to fill you up, all your words slurred, the tears falling freely from your eyes as you screamed for your Daddy. He was losing it, genuinely, you were all he could think about. The rock of your soft, squishy body, your sweet voice as you cried out for him, the way your cunt took all of him, each orgasm milking him of everything he had. 
“Gonna squirt on my cock again, puppy? Gonna wet my dick some more? Fuckin’ disgusting,” he grunted as you came undone for the umpteenth time. 
“Daddy’s s’good, s’deep Daddy,” you whimpered as you covered your thighs, his abdomen, and the bed in your arousal, “Can’t stop-,” you huffed, a broken moan leaving your lips, “cumming Daddy. Please don’t stop, ts’too much but p-please don’t stop.” 
He knew you weren’t really aware of what you were saying, you had long ago forgotten the words leaving your mouth, but that just meant that you meant them even more. You were so drunk on his cock, that you were honest. He knew you meant it the most when you begged him to stuff you full of his cum. Matsukawa knew because even when he told you no, you kept begging for it, until you started crying all over again, you begged for it. 
“Daddy, please, please” you warbled, “Want you to cum in me Daddy!” 
He opened his mouth to grunt out a no, but you cut him off, “I’ve been a good puppy, I can take it Daddy, won’t waste any of it Daddy, please please plea-” 
Matsukawa shoved his fingers down your throat to get you to stop, “Shut the fuck up and quit begging. You’re such an insatiable little whore. Do you really need me to cream in these pretty walls of yours so badly?” 
You nod fervently, softly choking on his fingers, “You’re so eager for Daddy to fuck you full, is that it puppy? You want Daddy to breed your nasty little cunt? Will that shut you up?” 
You gargle around his fingers and the spit spilling from your mouth trying to yes and despite himself Matsukawa laughs, pulling his hand from your mouth and bringing it to help fold you down. He pushes your legs as far back as he can, your breath catching in your throat at the new angle. Issei is so deep that your body involuntarily tries to pull away from him as he batters against your cervix, fresh tears falling from your eyes as his pace increases, his cock so deep your eyes cross. 
“Just to think an hour ago you were an innocent little girl and now you’re nothing more than a dumb, cock hungry slut, you’re so pitiful begging for my cum, but I’ll give it too ya. You’ve been a good puppy for me, so I’ll reward ya.” 
And he does, he presses his hips flat against your plush ass as he releases into your spent cunny. His cock twitches inside of you as he throws his head back in pleasure. The feeling of warmth flooding makes you cum one last time, weak and painful. 
When Matsukawa comes down, he slowly pulls his softening cock from your pulsing cunt. You’re too tired and spent to do anything other than whimper at the emptiness. He watches happily as his cum runs down your folds. He gently places your legs back down on the bed, staring at your limp body. 
He climbs over you and kisses you deeply. You try your best to return it, but find yourself too tired to even do that. A soft dopey smile graces your fucked out face and it makes Mattsun smirk. 
“You did good for your first time puppy, made Daddy real proud. Such a good girl for me,” he says patting your head softly. He goes to get up, but feels you weakly grabbing at him, bottom lip jutted out and quivering, tears already prickling at the corners of your eyes. 
“Daddy please don’t leave,” you whimper and his heart melts. 
You were gonna be the death of him for sure. “M’not goin’ anywhere puppy, don’t worry.” He wasn’t one to take care of the people he slept with, but you had been a little different from the start anyways, so there was no surprise that he cuddled up with you, pulling your small plush body into his tall, muscular one. 
You were his puppy after all, not just a good fuck… But you were definitely that too.
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neopuppy · 6 months ago
Dive Into You: Part 2. (M)
Tumblr media
Preview: “You’re not seriously just fucking with her to get back at me are you? It’s not like everyones talking about you being dads problem child here.” Jeno’s arms fold over his chest. Bicep muscles straining under tight sleeves.
“Shouldn’t you be happy? I’m allowing you to spend alone time with your church girl. You should be thanking me nono.”
Pairing: brothers Jeno/Haechan x female reader
Word Count: 3.8k
Genre: pwp, church boys AU, smut, love triangle, brothers nohyuck
Warning: daddy issues, sacrilegious themes, explicit language, master manipulator Haechan, innocent Jeno, virgin reader, corruption, bible quotes
Smut Warning: oral(F receiving), slight sensory deprivation, fingering, all in church.
Part 1–>
“I told the new family in town that you’d be showing their daughter around boys. I expect you to be on your best behavior.” Pastor Lee slaps a hand over Jeno’s shoulder with a firm grip. “No funny business.”
“You got it, father. You know, like because you’re a pastor.” Haechan snorts, pouring hot steaming coffee into a ceramic mug.
“Ha ha ha, you’re hilarious. Make sure your brother acts right. People around town are already talking enough about my atrocious parenting skills. Word travels fast in these small towns you know.” Pastor Lee adjusts his tie in the mirror. Stepping out of the front door with not even a wave goodbye. Jeno left rubbing at his shoulder with irritation.
“What time do you want to head out?” He questions, eyes burning into Haechans back.
“Oh, I can’t do that ‘show the new townies’ around thing today. Got a brunch date in the next town over with someones mom.” Haechan turns, leaned back along the kitchen counter blowing steam from his coffee.
“What?? She’s your girlfriend now. Aren’t you supposed to hang out with her tonight?” Jeno’s eyes widen befuddled. More in disbelief his brother would be two timing you, familiar with his antics.
“Your point?” Haechan scoffs, checking messages through his phone. Petty smirk on his lips sending you a ‘miss you’ text.
“You’re a dog. You’re not seriously just fucking with her to get back at me are you? It’s not like everyones talking about you being dads problem child here.” Jeno’s arms fold over his chest. Bicep muscles straining under tight sleeves.
“Shouldn’t you be happy? I’m allowing you to spend alone time with your church girl. Should be thanking me nono.”
“Dick..” Jeno mutters, grabbing his bag to head out. Not wanting to spend another minute around his brother.
“Wait a minute..” Haechan grabs a hold on Jeno’s arm, pulling him back into the kitchen. “Take good care of my girl today yea?” Jeno’s eyes squint as his brother sneaks a $20 bill into his side jacket pocket.
“Maybe get her a milk shake or something. Whatever it is you kids drink. We’re not really going on a date tonight if you know what I mean.” Haechans eyes shift around mischievously. Knowing damn well Jeno knows. Knowing exactly what to say to get under his skin.
Jeno grips at Haechans collar, huffing against his face. Anger seething through fingertips aching to bring his brother physical pain. Jaw tightening, resisting the deep urge inside building for years everyday.
“Gonna give me a black eye nono? What will father think when he finds out his bad seed is also abusive?” Lips curling with a slick grin. Haechan the expert on how to push Jeno’s buttons. Worked on himself well to get exactly what he wants.
“That’s what you want isn’t it?” Jeno clenches the fabric between his fist, arms shaking with rage. “You’re the perfect one, I’m the fuck up. You’re the one dad brags about, I’m the one he pretends doesn’t exist.”
“You think your daddy issues would get your little church girl turned on? Should I tell her how you cry yourself to sleep wishing you were me?” Haechan snorts, loosening from of Jeno’s grip. Hands smoothing out his freshly ironed shirt.
“I’ve never wanted to be anything like you. You don’t care about anyone but yourself.”
“That’s not true nono..” Haechan pulls on a jacket. Fingers twirling around keys. “You know how much I love my car” with a cocky wink matching a shit eating grin Haechan heads out. Leaving Jeno festering in his anger. Fists slamming against the counter. Back tense with underlying hatred, hatred for himself. Tired of how easily Haechan manages to provoke him.
Jeno’s nervous, pissed off, feeling anxious. Pacing back and forth in front of your house. He didn’t have much of a choice with the looming threat of getting shipped back off to Jesus camp hovering his mind. The idea to ditch this whole ordeal passing his thoughts more than once. It’s not that he liked you, but it’s also not necessarily that he didn’t like you. Convincing himself he just hasn’t gotten any for too long now. Dick probably desperate for anything at this point. Nothing related to how cute you looked with your lips all swollen after kissing him. Jacking off at home that night reliving the events long forgotten.
Forget about stroking himself off in the shower the next morning again. Or the other five more times since. No he didn’t like you, not really..
“Aren’t you one of Pastor Lee’s sons??” And older woman carrying bags of groceries approaches. Lipstick covering her two front teeth, over sized dress hanging from her body.
“Oh uh.. yes I am. I’m supposed to.. show your.. daughter? Around today..” Jeno stutters out, mentally slapping himself.
“Oh..” the woman adjusts a bag in her hold, throat clearing. “What about that lovely brother of yours? What’s his name again?”
“Haechan..” Jeno’s eyes shift, looking away. How did his brother manage to convince everyone he was such an angel. A modern day fallen angel, roaming earth in disguise.
“Ah that’s it..” she makes a sound of disapproval, bag dropping on the porch. “A polite young boy would have offered assistance.” Voice lowly whispering as she unlocks the front door. Jeno’s eyes darting between the groceries and woman, cursing himself yet again for coming off exactly how everyone says.
“I’ll call her down.” She steps inside. Loud shouting vocals calling out your name. The sound of foot steps against stairs following. Your figure appearing, dressed up to impress. Jeno’s throat itching, swallowing, adjusting his collar.
“That’s not your bike- is it?!” Your mothers shrieking voice questions. Eyes bulging out, taking in the sleek black motorcycle off the sidewalk.
“I’m here!” Your smile falls, only spotting one brother waiting for you outside. Not the one you’d expect even. You subtly give a look around, searching for someone else maybe hiding in surprise. Jeno unfortunately does not fail to notice.
“That is my bike Ma’m.. it’s safe. I promise.” He holds up two helmets. Craving to crawl into a hole under your moms scrutinizing gaze.
“I’m not so sure about this..” she mumbles. Eyes glaring into Jeno, trying to put the fear of God...fear of a strict crazy mother, in him.
“It’ll be fine mom! He has a helmet! I’ve been on a motorcycle with dad before!” You lean up, pecking your mothers cheek. Summer dress twirling up with air as you run forward. Jeno catching a glimpse of your underwear. Shifting a helmet over his groin momentarily.
“I thought Haechan was coming too?” You asks, taking the helmet held out for you. Typically being his brothers helmet, little did you know.
“He’s busy.. errands out of town or something.” Jeno mumbles, avoiding your eyes. He’s being weird, but then again you didn’t know him well enough to confirm he wasn’t always this way.
“Oh.. well I guess I’ll see him later anyway.” You frown, tugging at the light fabric of your dress. What a waste. “You ride a motorcycle?”
“Yea.. I don’t have a car so.. you’ve been on one before you said?” Jeno’s brows furrow. Eyes trained on your feet, teeth digging into his lower lip. You had to wear cute strappy sandals with a summer dress. That just made sense, to show off your cute freshly painted toes..Jeno’s brain feels like its turning in his skull. Lips begging for mercy to let out a scream.
“I actually haven’t. Just said that to make my mom shut up.” You lean in close. Lips grazing his earlobe as you whisper. Words muffled, Jeno blinking slowly. Perfume wafting around his head, as if this could get any worse.
“Uh..” Jeno steps away abruptly. “Put that on!” His voice awkwardly shouts to you, chin jerking toward the helmet in your hands. Head shaking, pulling on his own. Straddling around the bike seat, engine coming to life.
“Am I supposed to hold on to you?” You stand to Jeno’s side. Admiring the shining black bike, fitting for his character. At least physically.
“I..” Jeno’s breath catches under his helmet shield. Only now realizing you’ll be riding with him around today. Legs parted on him.. arms squeezing his abdomen.
“Jeno??..” you pull on your helmet with confusion. He wasn’t much for words it seemed. So opposite of his brother.
“Uh.. yea.. just hold on to me..” he sighs to himself. Sounding more displeased than intended. Uncomfortable awkwardness travels through you watching his shoulders slump. With reluctance, you lift your leg. Straddling Jeno’s back, bad day to wear a short dress..
“This is kind of..” your lips purse together, center a little too close to Jeno’s body. More than close, right on him. Cotton airy smell coming off his black jean jacket. Scent fresh and clean, hair lingering of lightly scented shampoo. His broad shoulders covering majority of your view.
“You should.. hold on tight.” Jeno licks his cracking lips. Foot kicking up the bikes lock. With another look toward your mom motioning the sign of the cross. You lean your body forward, chest pressed up on Jeno’s wide back. Arms circling around his small waist.
Jeno’s own thoughts rolling in like rapid fire. Throat squeezing in, heat between your bodies pressed together moving between his legs. Trying to focus on anything, anything but your breasts pressing into him. Anything besides your smooth thighs around him. The memory of kissing you too vividly choosing to repeat itself.
“God be with you!” Your mothers voice screams out. Bike engine too loud as Jeno rides off. Your dress blowing behind you, smile covering your face. Chin on his shoulder, admiring the view of your new home.
Could only be an even more perfect moment if it was Haechan you were wrapped around..
“That’s it? A diner? That’s the tour of the town?” You twirl around the cherry sat atop melting whipped cream. Chocolate shake looking unblended and less than appetizing.
“There really isn’t much to do here..” Jeno mumbles, chin tucked into his chest. Basket of half eaten fries more interesting than you apparently.
“I could have told you that..” you murmur in response. Sitting back in the booth with boredom. Jeno does the same, brows furrowing in thought. A minute or five of silence passing. He grunts lowly, pulling his phone out.
“Look at you two!” Mark jogs over sporting a huge smile stretched across his cheeks. Red and white striped apron covering what looks like an all white uniform.
“You work here?!” You sit up, eyeing the uniform. Almost too fitting, a too old altar boy working part time at a cheap fifties diner.
“Well of course, phone bills don’t pay themselves! Timothy 6:10 For the love of money, is the root of all kinds of evil!” Mark proclaims, finger waggling about like a mad man. Your lips pulling back over your teeth in...displeasure.
“Fucking shit” Jeno groans, kicking at a foot under the table. Tsking as thumbs slam down at his phone screen.
“Ah Jeno! Proverbs 21:23! Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble!” Mark places hands on his hips. Lips pursed together with disappointment.
“Yea..sorry Jesus. Whatever.” Jeno mumbles again, eyes not moving from his phone.
“Gamers right” Mark shakes his head your way. Eyes lighting up, taking your own phone out.
“What do you play??” you scoot in closer to Jeno. Closing the space between the two of you in the booth. His shoulders stiffen, curling in hunched over the table.
“Kartrider..” Jeno barely whispers. Catching enough of it, familiar with the game.
“I play too! Oh! I bet I have a better rank than you!” Laughing unlocking your phone, swiping the game open. “Look at my character, she’s so cute!”
“There’s no way you’re better than me....I’m always top ranking in this county..” Jeno’s eyes widen. Forgetting about his current race, watching you hold up your phone with laughter.
“Come on, let’s race. I’m gonna kick your ass!” You lean in closer, reading out Jeno’s ID as you enter it in. “Add me!”
“Language!” Mark sighs, head shaking with both of you. “God’s children have truly fallen. After everything the lord has done for us.”
“Come on Jeno! Play me! I’ll go easy on you” nudging at his side with a wink. Your smile grows, finally something you can do together. Jeno dragging you around downtown past rusty antique shops. The only thing that caught your interest a quant little family owned bookstore. Learning fast he wasn’t much for conversation. Face appearing pained and uninterested with every word from you.
“Don’t feel like playing anymore..” Jeno shuts his phone, screen turning black.
“What?! Aw come on. Can’t stand the thought of a girl beating you?” Jeno leans back, eyes taking in your face slowly. All he cared about was winning, competing in stupid games just to achieve a high ranking. You’d win of course, he’d never let you lose.
“Just don’t feel like playing anymore.”
“Thanks for showing me around, the one street you took me to.” Your voice drips with sarcasm. Hopping off the back of Jeno’s bike. He removes his own helmet, hair flopping around messily. “Was fun I guess.”
“Yea well” Jeno holds out his hand for the helmet you borrowed. You hold it under your arm, brow quirking in confusion. Your hand slowly lifting, placing in his. Jeno’s eyes widen, staring at your hands held together. Too many feelings rushing at him all at once.
“Helmet!” Jeno shouts abruptly, hand flying away from yours like you’re too disgusting to touch.
“Geeze, fine. Sorry...” you place the helmet on the back end of Jeno’s bike. Turning away, without even a goodbye. He grabs your elbow, your foot stopping mid-air.
“You..” head turning, staring down where he holds you.
“Yes?” You implore him to continue. Jeno’s hand dropping from you when you fully turn to face him again.
“You.. you really like my brother..?” Jeno’s eyes fall to the ground. Thick dark eyelashes shadowing across his cheeks.
“Yea of course. Is that what this is about Jeno? I really do like him, I would never use someone.” You smile, bouncing back on your heels. Jeno’s lips suck in with frustration.
“Wish I could say the same about him.” Jeno mumbles, turning his engine back on.
“What was that?” Voice raising, trying to speak above the loud roar from the motorcycle. Jeno flicks down his helmet shield, speeding off. Cloud of dust surrounding you. Smacking at the air coughing out, bike disappearing behind dusts.
“Fucking jerk.”
“Haechan! Where are we going? The church?!” Your shoes lift up dust. Arm in his hold pulling you toward the small old building.
“Where else would we go baby? Can’t go to my place, the holy spirit’s home.” Haechan laughs, pulling a lanyard from his back pocket. “Besides, this is my dads church you know right? It’s like my property too, we’re safe here under God’s watchful eye.”
“Isn’t this.. I don’t know. Sacrilegious?!” You anxiously follow him inside. Haechans easy smile comforting you, arms wrapping around your waist. He steps back down the center aisle. Pews displayed at your sides, Haechan leading you one in front. He pulls you to the center of the pew, sitting with hands on your hips.
“This feels..” you start, chest rising and falling faster as guilt passes through you.
“Wrong? God didn’t make us this way..” his hand smooths down your bare thigh. Passing the fresh new dress just for your date tonight. Fingers skirting between your thighs, one playing at a side covering your mound. “..for us to not touch and explore..”
“It’s just..” your hands grip at the front of the pew behind you. Where you’d normally kneel to pray..
“Just?..” Haechans eyes gaze up at you. Pure sin and danger hidden in the face of an angel. Tongue sliding up your other thigh. “You’re so sweet.”
You sigh in defeat, legs quivering, upper body doing the work to hold you up. His head dipping under your dress, nose pressing into your slit. Cotton from your panties shoving between you. Soft moans sounding from underneath, Haechans tongue licking at your underwear. Enough to properly soak them up, allowing drool to freely fall from his mouth. You gnaw at your lip, gathering up your dress fabric in one hand. Admiring the way the beautiful boy between your legs eats you up.
Haechan lets out a dreamy sigh. Long fingers stroking up and down your thighs. Teeth biting your at core with cloth between. Your stomach folds in, curling closer to where he sits below you. Fingers wrapping around the sides of your panties, tongue lapping at your inner thighs.
“Body of a virgin can heal more sins than body of christ you know..” underwear at your knees. Haechan leans back in, lips wrapping around your clit. Tongue swirling around, suctioning between. Your other hand lifting to your mouth, biting down on your thumb. Muffled moans and whines echoing around the church walls.
Haechans eyes stay on your face, tongue rolling your clit around. Hands squeezing your inner thighs, pulling back, clapping down slaps. Your hips jolting forward with suppressed cries. Everything about him was absolutely depraved. Looks deceiving from the boy your mother had always warned you about.
“Don’t hide your pretty sounds baby.” Haechan pulls away. Lips shining, coated in your wetness. Glares from the colored glass reflecting off his skin. Red tinted eyes sparkling up at you. Haechan reaches for your wrist, yanking your hand out from your mouth. His lips part open, tongue swirling around your entrance. Sucking up the wetness gathering around.
“Oh God!” You shout out, neck loosely dropping back. Tears on the brink of escaping the corners of your eyes.
“That’s it baby. You pray to me now.” Haechan groans, mouth closing over your entire mound. Eyes rolling back into his head, swiping up and down your core. Hands finding his hair, fingers digging into his scalp. Haechans tongue thrusts into your tight entrance, muscle working extra hard to enter.
“Oh my God!” Body shaking, ass digging into the pew. Hips twitching forward, grinding against Haechans face. Chin covered in your wetness, tongue wiggling inside you. Fingers finding way to your clit, pinching and rolling the bud. “Oh my God!!”
Haechan groans inside you, scalp in pain from your pulling. Cock hardening in his jeans, taste of innocence in his mouth nearly orgasmic. You taste too fucking good, nothing like that used up whore from earlier..
“I-I c-can’t!” Haechans fingers work at your clit. Rapidly sweeping back and forth. Tongue sliding out, jaw hung open. Eyes return to your face, smile breaking out over his cheeks.
“You can.” He pants, tongue hung out lazily lapping at your hole. Clit pinched between two fingers, massaging every little nerve. “Cum on my tongue.”
Your head drops forward, tear slipping free. Haechans raspy tone saying those words driving you past your limit. Ass lifted off the pew, core convulsing. Haechans tongue placed against your fluttering entrance. Catching all of your release. You weakly fall forward again, forehead resting on top of his messed up hair.
“So good.” Haechan moans words out, licking clean the wetness seeping from you. Neck lifting, hands cupping your cheeks. “Taste.”
Tongue pushing between your parted lips, trying to catch your breath. Haechan laps at your tongue, realization hitting you in seconds what he’s making you do. Tasting yourself between your lips. His tongue covering every corner inside your mouth. Haechans hands return to your hips, pulling you off the front of the pew to straddle his lap.
“You want it?” His hand digs into the back of your hair. Jean clad dick shoving between your thighs at your heated core. Weakly nodding, eyes half open lazily pecking pouty lips. Haechan lays back down flat across the pew. Warm hands rubbing up and down your back soothingly. “Come here.”
Your head nods, under his command. Mind controlled by whatever he’s saying, telling you ‘I want it- no matter what it is.’ If it’s from Haechan- give it to me, now. You lay down on his chest, kisses continuing. Hands squeezing around your ass, pulling up your dress. Hands flying down hard with mean slaps. Fingers gliding down finding way between your legs again. Skimming up and down your slit from the back. Soft moans passing between your swollen lips.
Body tensing, sounds of the large entrance doors opening up with a slam. Haechans eyes open up staring into yours, brows lifted. His lips purse out with a silent ‘shhh’, earning a rapid head shake from you. Familiar smirk pulling at his lips, free hand clamping over your mouth. Your eyes widen, lips pressing into the palm of Haechans hand. Fingertips circling around your needy entrance. Panic rushing through you as loud foot steps approach closer and closer.
Your forehead shoved up against Haechans. Mouth closed off, silent whimpers falling out behind his hand. Finger sliding inside you, his lit up eyes watching your expressive eyes react. The fear and curiosity alone could make him cum.
“Are you kidding me!” A flash light shines over your faces. Mark standing at the end of the pew in disgust. Your head lifts quickly, ripping Haechans hand off your mouth. Cheeks heating up absolutely mortified. Moving fast, adjusting your dress to cover up. Haechan stays laid down, eyes fluttering shut with irritation.
“Fucking cock block.” He whispers to himself, sitting up. Tent in his jeans extremely evident.
“I knew you stole my keys again Haechan!” Mark clicks the flash light on and off angrily. Both of you covering your eyes. “and you! Mary of Magdala! You should be ashamed! Think of your mother!”
“Dude, chill.” Haechan stands, hands held up trying to block the bright light from his eyes. “We weren’t doing anything.”
“Weren’t doing anything?!? If people found out what you were doing, this one would be getting pelted with stones!” Mark passes the light over your face. You cringe, hands coming up to hide yourself.
“Mark, quick, what’s the verse about fucking that really cute voice of an angel choir boy?” Haechan throws him a knowing look, pulling a lanyard from his pocket. Marks eyes widen, snatching his keys away.
“Don’t steal my keys again! Next time I will be telling your father!” Mark scurries away, door slamming behind him.
“Oh my God he’s gonna tell your dad!” You panic, pulling your dress down. Attempting to wipe away any mascara that could be on your cheeks.
“Nah he’d never, can’t risk everyone finding out about Renjun. Don’t worry baby, I got something on everyone.” Haechan pulls you in, gently pecking your lips. Your senses relax, mind torn with stress still. Who the fuck were you right now..
“You know..” Haechan turns you around, hand scooping your chin. “I’m gonna fuck you. Right there.” He holds your jaw up. Eyes on landing on the altar.
“Jesus will know all your sins after I’m done with you.”
Part 3–>
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kimvvantae · 5 months ago
the misadventures list; 1 (m)
Tumblr media
➜ the night shift can be very wild at times. you’ve witnessed so many strange, concerning and absurd situations happen inside the tiny convenience store that you could make a long list with everything that got you stunned - and the situation that takes the prize of being the weirdest of your list is the night a desperate millionaire, for the sake of saving his fortune, asks you to pretend to be his girlfriend.
pairing: playboy!jimin x (f) reader
genre: smut, comedy (?), fluff • fake dating au
warnings: explicit sexual content in future chapters. coarse language. me trying to be funny i guess
rating: 18+
word count: 6k
A/N: so excited to finally share this one with you guys!! i really needed to write something lighthearted after so much angst (even tho yall know me so there's definitely gonna be a lil bit of angst in the future). feedback is always much appreciated!
let me know if you want to be added to the taglist!
➜  Chapters: check out masterlist in bio!
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Tumblr media
Working in a 24h convenience store is quite the experience.
Despair leads humans to take drastic decisions. Living alone as a college student in a big city is in itself a situation of despair - especially if you have no family to help you out with the bills and not enough professional experience to get a decent job. So, when you saw the rent coming just around the corner and you had a spectacular amount of $15 in your bank account, you accepted the first job offer that appeared in front of you.
Yes. You accepted the night shift.
Does it mean that you barely sleep these days and you feel that your brain is going to actually melt? Yes. But at least the salary is a little higher than your last job and the store is two blocks away from your apartment.
Also, sometimes you end up witnessing interesting things.
The store is pretty empty most of the time - which means that you just sit behind the cashier counter for hours straight trying not to die of boredom. You can study a lot, which is good, but sometimes, when you already did everything you had to do - from organizing items on shelves back and forth to wiping the floor twice or feeding the dog that always passes by around 2AM -, you have no choice but sit there and question your life choices.
When customers do come, though, it's usually the same type of people. You have already memorized the pattern of customers: sad college students that come to buy dinner (usually noodles. Delicious, cheap and unhealthy. What else could a broke young adult want?), or drunk college students that come after leaving clubs to buy some snacks, or drunk and sad college students that don't have that many friends to go out with, so they buy beer, eat noodles and cry alone in their respective apartments/dorms. You somehow relate to all of them.
From time to time, some people out of the pattern show up, though. There was that homeless man that once came in to simply buy Oreo but you ended up discussing the consequences of the 2008 financial crisis for about forty minutes (a really smart man, that one). There was also that time when a woman walked in wearing nothing but lingerie and bunny ears; she bought some condensed milk, called you pretty and left (you never blushed so hard in your life). Or that time you had to chase a 12 year old down the street holding a baseball bat because he tried to steal a vodka bottle (fortunately, you didn't need to actually beat him up. The little devil threw the bottle and ran away while people stared at you like you were crazy). Oh, let's not forget that time a group of people with questionable fashion sense tried to lure you into becoming a part of their cult (something about aliens and illuminati. That time you got actually scared).
After three months of working here, you got convinced that this small convenience store is actually an anomaly in space-time. A place where dimensions merge. Universal rules don't apply here. One day a talking polar bear might just walk in to buy Coca-Cola and you'll be like oh, that's neat.
And tonight is one of those nights when the matrix seems to fail and a weird ass dude shows up.
It's true that you heard the front door open a few minutes ago; you simply lifted your head from behind the counter, trying to peek at them, but the person disappeared behind the shelves quickly. Because you were too focused on highlighting your textbook, you didn't really pay mind to whoever it was. After around ten minutes, you felt your body itching and your vision blurring after so much reading (tax law is one of your least favorite subjects) and decided to reorganize the items on the snacks section once again.
That's kind of how it went for around four minutes.
Then you notice that there is an actual person sitting on the floor behind the refrigerators.
You gasp.
The person turns his head to look at you.
The first thing you notice is the unusual silver hair. The second thing is the fact that he's holding two phones in his hands. The third thing is the Rolex on his right wrist.
The fourth thing is the smile he opens as he sees you - an actual smile, so big that his eyes almost completely close.
"Hi!" he says in a happy voice. As if it's completely normal of him to be sitting on the floor of a store, knees close to his chest, for almost twenty minutes.
You immediately step back, ready to run the fuck out if you need to, your heart still beating rapidly from the scare.
"May I help you, sir?" you ask, unable to not scowl at him.
He's still smiling. He shakes his head. His hair and earrings sway as he does. "No, thank you! I'm fine. Just… sitting here." he laughs. "Oh, I know what you're thinking. I'm definitely not a weirdo. I'm just…" one of the phones in his hand starts ringing. He clicks his tongue and frowns. "Wait a second."
He slams it on the floor.
Like. Literally fucking slams it.
And steps on it a couple of times with the back of his foot until you hear the noise of glass shattering. When the screen doesn't turn on anymore, he sighs in relief.
"Anyways, as I was saying… I'm not a weirdo." he smiles again. You step back. "It's just that I had a fight with my brother and all… you know how siblings are, right?"
You don't reply. He doesn't seem to notice how you look at him as if he's indeed the weirdest dude in the world - or he's simply too good at ignoring it.
"Oh, so you're an only child, I guess? Well, lucky you." He laughs again. It also seems that he's talking to the voices in his head. "I'm actually hiding here for a while. So don't mind me! Really, I'm just gonna sit here for thirty more minutes until it's safe to go outside again."
And he smiles prettily once more.
You just stand there, staring at him like he's got a second head, for long seconds. His smile doesn't falter. His cheeks might be hurting at this point.
"Your brother isn't a gang leader or something, right?" is the first thing you ask. His eyes widen and he quickly waves his hands dismissively.
"No! Gosh, of course not," he laughs again. "He's just… kinda tall."
You stare at him for a few more moments.
Well, it's not as if he's committing a crime anyway. It also looks like he's being honest. So you just shrug.
(After seeing so many strange people during the night shift, very little things surprise you anymore).
Before you can say anything, though, you see him widening his eyes as he spots something behind you.
"Shit!" he exclaims before, once again, disappearing behind the refrigerator - he comes so close to the wall and hugs his legs so tightly against his chest that he might as well become a ball.
Confused, you look back to the glass front door - just in time to see a man walk in.
It honestly looks like one of those stupid drama scenes.
He's tall. Really tall. Wears a black long coat that looks very expensive, has pitch black hair styled to the side and a suit that also looks very expensive.
You can almost imagine the slow-mo camera, the pink filter and the romantic drama OST playing in your head.
To say that you're starstruck is an understatement.
The only thing that kind of kills the moment is his expression of pure fury.
The man looks around, tip-toeing to have a better view of the entire store (not that he needed to tip toe to have a better view). He walks to the cleaning products aisle with heavy steps, seemingly in search of someone.
Then, it hits you.
He's just… kinda tall.
If he turns the corner, he'll definitely see the weirdo sitting on the floor behind the fridge.
Maybe it's compassion. Maybe it's the fact that the man is indeed very tall and looks like he could break the other guy in two. Maybe it is God whispering in your ears, saying, my child, if you don't intervene, that poor weirdo will probably show up on the news as a murder victim.
You don't know what it is, but you end up quickly following him to the other corridor.
"Excuse me, may I help you?" you say, forcing a smile.
He stops and turns around - just before turning the corner and coming face-to-face with his prey.
"Oh." Gosh. He's even better from up close. "No, thank you. I'm just…" He tilts his head and caresses the back of his neck, stepping closer to you. "Actually, have you seen a stupid-looking guy with bleached hair walking around here?"
You have to swallow a laugh.
"No." You say, sounding apologetic. "I guess I would have remembered someone like that."
The man sighs, seeming slightly disappointed.
"Alright. Thank you anyway. Good night."
He walks away slowly.
The store goes back to silence for many seconds, the only audible sound being the buzz of the refrigerators.
Then, the bleach-haired weirdo shows up from behind the aisle. You've honestly never seen someone look so relieved in your life.
"Thank you so, so much!" he says excitedly, putting his hand over his chest. "Oh my God, I thought he was going to kill me. You saved my life. My heroine!"
Now that he's standing close to you under proper light, you can't help but disagree with his brother.
This man right here is anything but stupid-looking.
Albeit shorter than the other, you notice that he has… well… nice body proportions. His skin is so ridiculously clear that it reminds you of fine chinese porcelain (it makes you feel self aware of your own oily skin and you quietly regret not exfoliating your face those last few weeks). When he smiles, his eyes almost completely close, which makes him look somehow cute. However, the thing that most draws your attention is his lips. They're just so… plump. And healthy. You can notice the subtle gloss of lip balm.
His clothes are quite simple - white buttoned shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black pants -, but you see the little Prada written on his belt and yet again you see the huge golden Rolex on his wrist - like his brother, everything about him screams I am rich.
On top of that, he smells good.
You're conflicted.
You don't know if you're feeling attracted to him or if you're just plain jealous.
Quirking your eyebrow up, you cross your arms. "Well, I also felt that he was going to kill you. You must've done something really bad."
"Oh, no. My brother hates me for simply existing in the same space as him." He says it so light-heartedly that you don't know if he's serious or not. He lifts the shattered phone in his hand. "Also, I stole his phone, so… I think his reaction was fair this time."
"I would have wanted to kill you, too." you blurt out in pure honesty.
He laughs again, covering his mouth with his fist and slightly throwing his head back. He's the type that laughs with his entire body. Does this man know how to fake laughter very well or does he genuinely think everything is funny?
"Don't bother! This is one of his phones. I just gained some time before he can call my parents." You can't help but frown. Did he seriously destroy his brother's phone just so he couldn't call his parents? "Anyway, I'm sure he left. I think I should, too."
"Yeah. Hm… Good night. And good luck with your psycho brother." You say awkwardly, starting to feel a little weirded out by him - because when he looks at people, he actually looks at them. Like. For real.
"Thank you. Good night!"
He opens the front door and only leaves after peeking his head outside to check if his brother isn’t sneakily waiting for him, waving at you cutely.
You stand there for some moments, putting your hands on your waist.
This is one more situation that will make you say "you won't guess what happened to me this time" to your friends; now, two handsome rich guys were playing mortal hide and seek during your shift. And you think it'll be just it - another strange story to your list about people you're never seeing again.
This time, though, you're wrong.
Tumblr media
It's around the same time at night when, once again, your eye catches silver hair walking into the store.
You feel forced to put your textbook down this time.
He smiles and waves excitedly. Today, he wears a red turtleneck under a long black coat, black pants and leather black shoes that look very expensive. He takes off his sunglasses as he walks in (sunglasses at 1AM? Really?). "Hello!"
You stare at him, straight-faced, for long moments.
"May I help you?" You can't hide your suspiciousness.
"I just decided to drop by and say hello to my heroine!"
Oh no. He really is a weirdo.
"Okay." You're speaking and moving slowly as if you're facing a dangerous and angry dog. "Hello."
He nods, still smiling.
You watch as the silver-haired man puts his hands on the pockets of his coat, trying to fake a nonchalant act, and slowly walks around the store, humming quietly. He looks at every shelf and refrigerator but it's obvious that he's not searching for anything in particular.
It goes on for a few minutes.
It's painful to watch.
Finally, he comes to the cashier holding a can of Pringles and a Coke, making you get up from your chair. He pays for the items with a black card that feels heavy when you take it on your fingers.
"Do you want a plastic bag?" You ask, as usual.
He takes around two seconds to reply.
"No. I'm… I'm eating it here."
You stare at each other in silence.
"Are you hiding from your brother again?"
"Yes." His shoulders drop as he says this, finally letting go of his façade. "Can I just stay for some time? I know he won't search for me here again. I won't bother you, I promise!"
He sounds whiny. Like a little kid begging for more cookies.
This grown ass man is literally pouting at you.
You exhale heavily. "Alright. No problem, I guess." You still eye him suspiciously as he sighs and smiles, relieved. He does have a pretty smile. "Are you sure your brother isn't a gang leader?"
"No. He's just unbearable." He taps his fingers on the counter. "Do you… have a stool or something?"
You blink. "A stool?"
He tilts his head awkwardly. "Yes. I don't wanna sit on the floor again."
Oh. Sure.
There is actually a tiny stool hidden under the counter. You give it to him and he puts it on the other side of the cashier counter, happily sitting on it and opening the Pringles can.
You sit back, still moving slowly. This situation is awkward.
“Do you want some?” He offers you, his cheeks full and his eyes round. You shake your head.
“No, thank you.”
He just keeps eating in silence for a few moments, humming happily as he chews.
Your eyes slowly fall back over the textbook.
“Oh! I didn’t even tell you my name! That’s so rude,” he says out of sudden with - once again - a type of excitement similar to a child’s. You don’t know if it’s cute or creepy at this point. “I’m Jimin. What’s your name?”
“Y/N.” He repeats your name under his breath, nodding.
You lay your eyes on the textbook once more. Everything you hear is the quiet sound of him chewing his crunchy chips.
“What are you reading?”
When you lift your head again, he’s kinda closer than he was a second ago. His eyes are gleaming with curiosity, stretching his neck to try to see a glimpse of it.
Awkwardly, you close it to show him the cover. “Hm… I’m just studying.”
He scowls. “Tax law? God, that's awful. What’s your major, by the way?”
He chuckles.
You cross your arms slowly, frowning. “What’s funny about it?”
“Nothing.” He licks his fingertips. “It’s just that… I think of old bald men with huge goggles when I hear the word accountant. I don’t imagine someone like you.”
“Is this a compliment?” You quirk one eyebrow up.
“Half and half. This kinda makes you boring.”
You stare at him in silence.
Is this dude you just met calling you boring?
“Well, I’m sorry if my attempt at having a better life sounds boring to you.”
“Don’t get me wrong!” He’s quick to say, waving his hands. “It’s just that… all the math… and sitting behind a desk your whole life, reading papers, analyzing numbers… it sounds terrible.” He scowls as if he has a lemon inside of his mouth.
“It doesn’t sound terrible to me.” You defend yourself. “I like when things are organized and working the way they should.”
He licks his lips. That was a little bit distracting.
“I have a different mindset.” He explains. “I’m a free spirit, you know? I don’t like feeling tied like that. The idea of being just a gear inside of a big company that gives two shits about you is suffocating.”
“Really? And what’s your profession?” Honestly, you don’t even think he went to college.
“International Relations.”
You snort. “And doesn’t it mean that you have to be a gear inside of a big company to work with something like that?”
“I know.” He nods vehemently, lifting his eyebrows. “And I hate it.”
“Why did you major it, then?”
“It wasn’t really my choice.” He taps his fingers over the counter. “My family wants me to be in their business, you know.”
You watch him in silence.
As curious as you are to know why the hell does this man keep hiding from his brother, you kind of feel that he’s even more eager to tell you what’s going on.
“That’s why you’re hiding?” You bet. Jimin clicks his tongue.
“Kinda. If they find me, they’ll definitely force me into a position.” He sighs tiredly. “They don’t understand that I’m not like my older brother! He wants to be CEO or whatever. Why don't they just let him carry the family business if he wants it so bad? I was never interested in the first place!” He pouts a lot as he talks. It's stupid - everything about this guy feels a little bit over the top; definitely not the type you'd normally be into -, but you have to control yourself not to stare at his lips all the time.
You shake your head incredulously and rest your back on the chair.
“Why do I feel that you’re judging me?” Jimin asks, narrowing his eyes suspiciously.
“Because I am.” You say. “I would love to be forced into an important position in a big company. What’s your family’s business, by the way?”
“The Aurum Steel Company. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it.” He says nonchalantly.
You gasp.
“Aurum Steel Company?! Are you kidding me?” You stare at him, jaw dropped. Sure, it was obvious since the beginning that Jimin was rich… but being the heir of one of the biggest steel companies in the world?! “You know what? I wouldn’t just love to be forced into a position. I would actually kill to be in any position.”
“It’s a freaking steel company! Do you know how boring it is?!” Jimin says as if you’re the crazy one.
“Oh my God. Rich people problems have never been so real.” You shake your head, staring at him wide-eyed. “That’s offensive, even”
“You’re saying this because you don’t know how those people live.” Jimin gesticulates a lot as he speaks. “Being honest, they don’t even have lives at all. They just work, work, work and work. I would honestly rather die.”
"So you don't like to work, basically."
"I never said that." he crosses his arms. "I don't wanna work with that."
"Then, what do you want to work with? Maybe you could convince your parents to leave you alone if you give them enough of an excuse."
He leans his elbow on the counter and rests his face on his palm, thoughtful. "I don't think they'll accept any excuse at all. You see, they kinda let me do whatever I wanted to do for the past few years. My dad was like, 'it's okay if you want to enjoy life for now, but some time you'll have to assume your responsibilities.'" He deepens his voice, mimicking his father's voice, which makes you want to laugh. "I've been living overseas and all. But… now that I turned 25, they decided to corner me from all sides. They said that if I didn't come back, they would block all of my bank accounts."
"And did they?"
"Yes." he nods. "But I came back, talked to the bank manager and they unblocked it."
"So that's why your parents and brother are mad at you?" you quirk your eyebrow up.
"Yes. They've been hunting me around the city. But I don't want to go see them." Jimin whimpers, dramatically pretending to cry. "Hyungsik found out in which hotel I was, so I had to escape. And that's why I'm here."
You stare at him in silence while he pouts at you.
"Wow. What a tragic life of yours." Jimin nods, closing his eyes. It’s hard to guess if he didn’t get the dripping sarcasm in your tone or if he simply ignored it.
"I know. I don't even have a place to sleep!"
You stare at the Coke he bought resting near his elbow. "Well, I think if you want to escape, you'll have to figure out a place to sleep and leave real soon."
He frowns. "Why? Are you kicking me out?"
"No. It's just that you used a credit card to buy those things. If they're really hunting you down, they must probably already know that you bought something here."
Jimin freezes.
His eyes widen.
"Shit!" he swears under his breath and gets up in a jump. "I'm so fucking stupid!"
"Do you want me to agree or…?"
"Don't." He takes the Pringles can and - believe it or not - manages to smile once again. "Thank you for letting me stay again, Y/N!"
He waves goodbye and runs out of the store.
Again, the only noise to fill your ears is the buzz of the refrigerators. You sigh and open the Coke he left behind, drinking a little bit.
Whiny millionaire man complains about having responsibilities and runs away.
One more goes to your list.
Tumblr media
It’s not like you totally weren’t expecting it at this point.
Just like he simply entered the store and acted as if his presence was 100% normal - and even acted as if he had some sort of intimacy with you, spilling his whole life in the span of ten minutes -, he took a place in the back of your thoughts and stayed there throughout the day. The strange, dramatic, spoiled yet charming man.
After spending some years of your life in a particular school as a scholarship holder, you unceremoniously learned to hate rich people. Most of your colleagues were spoiled, selfish and arrogant, with only a few exceptions. Sure, being rich doesn’t mean someone is inherently bad. But, as you noticed after years of watching teens cry because their parents won’t take them to Paris this vacation, growing up with so much money makes someone be so self-centered and so unaware of real life problems that it makes them unbearable. As Rousseau said: humans are born just fine, society (capitalism) fucks them up.
Yes, seeing Jimin whine about not wanting to work at his family’s billionaire company sure offended you somehow. Yet… there was something different about him. Some type of naivety and honesty that refrained you from hating his guts.
The fact that he’s stupidly handsome and has the prettiest lips you’ve ever seen in your life helps? Of course.
So… Yeah. You kind of were expecting him to show up again.
It made you feel stupid. What, do you think you’re in a cliche drama now?, you scolded yourself as you sat behind the counter, ready to start the long shift. Hot millionaire falls for poor hardworking girl?
You probably shouldn’t get your hopes high.
So, as you go about your nightly routine - wipe the floor, feed the dog, restock the refrigerators, throw expired food away, serve two customers in the span of three hours -, you sometimes peek at the front door, expecting to see silver hair walking in.
At around 2AM, he indeed shows up.
This time, you fully drop your textbook, a deep frown covering your features.
Jimin looks… different.
First of all - his hair is a mess. Not perfectly styled at all. He wears a pink oversized hoodie, blue patterned pajama pants that do not match in any way, socks and flip flops. No earrings, no rings, no watch on his wrist.
On top of that, it looks like he either discovered all of the world’s dirtiest secrets or was chased by Satan himself.
He’s pale. His eyes are widened by default.
You watch, frozen, as Jimin opens the first refrigerator he sees, takes a water bottle, walks on a bee line to the cashier, slams some money over the counter and sits on the stool.
He literally gulps the whole water bottle in, like, five seconds - then stares blankly at nothing.
You don’t move for a few moments.
“Are you okay?” you finally ask hesitantly. “It looks like you’ve seen a ghost.”
“My parents want me to get married.” He blurts out.
You almost choke.
“They found a candidate.” He holds the empty pet bottle so tightly that it smashes. “My brother told me that they want to arrange everything as fast as they can.”
You simply stare at him, jaw-dropped, for more time than you can process.
“This can’t be serious.” You say, tilting your head slowly. “Maybe your brother was messing with you.”
“Hyungsik is not the type that messes around with people.” Jimin says, shaking his head.
“They can’t force you into marrying someone. What, are we in the XIX century?” You cross your arms. It sounds so fucking surreal.
“Their minds are stuck in the XIX century. And this type of thing is much more common than you think.” Jimin exhales and rests his head on his hands. “I’m so fucked up!”
“Well, you… you can not agree with them.” You weakly try to elaborate. “You can say no.”
For the first time, Jimin lifts his head and looks at you as if you just said the stupidest thing in the world.
“Yeah, I could say no and have my name erased from the testament. Actually, they’ll block all of my accounts for real the moment I say no.”
“But you have some savings of your own, right? I mean, your own money, right?”
Jimin goes silent.
It hits you… Jimin is so rich that he never even considered not having money. Why would someone with “endless” money save money?
“Wow. You really are fucked up.”
“I have a little money saved!” He tries to defend himself. “But I think what I have is enough to pay my apartment’s rent...”
“You could, I don’t know… be like 99% of the world’s population and find a job to sustain yourself.” You shrug.
He, once again, stares at you as if you just said something very stupid.
“Aw, come one. You’re making things harder.” You whine.
“They’re making things harder!” He grabs his own hair as if he wants to rip it out. “I either chain myself to a company I hate or to some random woman for the rest of my life!”
You, once again, fall silent as Jimin whimpers as if in physical pain. You can see his side of things - it’s easy to tell someone to live independently and find a job, but honestly, if you’re a stupidly rich person going through the risk of losing all of your fortune, would it really be an easy decision?
Hesitantly, you lean closer to him. Why are you even caring to give advice to a man you barely know anyway?
“Have you ever tried talking things out with them, Jimin?” You ask in a quieter voice. “Have you ever been honest to them?”
He crosses his arms over the counter and rests his chin on them. Although his hair looks like a bird nest, he still somehow manages to look cute. “They would never listen to me or accept me. They’re so… ugh.” He rolls his eyes. “They’ll never understand that I don’t want to work in an office for the rest of my life. They won’t understand that I would never marry someone because of business. I know many people that are in fake marriages like that and all of them have affairs. I’m sure my parents would say, it’s not even real! Why are you hesitating so much?, but, look, call me old-fashioned, but I kinda wanna marry someone someday because I like them, you know?” Once again, he ruffles his own hair. “And what if I want to marry a guy? My parents would try to fucking exorcise me! That’s how backwards they are!”
You gulp, starting to feel honestly sorry for him.
“Well… I don’t know what to say.” you shrug. He sighs, pouting, and looks at you.
“You don’t have to say anything, really. Just the fact that you’re listening to me already helps.”
You frown a little bit. “Why did you come here again, anyway?”
“Because any of my ‘friends’ would say I’m being dramatic and that a fake marriage isn’t a big deal.” He’s pouting so much that his voice comes out a bit muffled. “I had a feeling that someone normal like you wouldn’t think like that.”
You lift your eyebrows. “Someone normal. I don’t know if I should feel offended.”
“I just don’t know what to do!” He completely ignores your last sentence, ruffling his hair violently and tapping his feet on the floor like a kid throwing a tantrum. “If there was anything I could do to at least delay their plans!”
“You’re saying as if they’ll make a surprise wedding tomorrow.”
“That’s kinda it! Hyungsik said that they want to introduce me to this random girl at their wedding anniversary next week!”
“Wow.” You rest on the chair back once again, silently thanking the Heavens for not being in his shoes. “With all due respect, your parents really suck.”
“I know!” He growls painfully and rests his cheek on the counter. You think of a sad puppy as you watch him. “If I could at least convince them a little bit… make them believe that I’m a responsible adult…” at least he recognizes he isn’t. “If I did something that would make them give up introducing me to this girl, at least for now…”
Jimin mumbles his own pain quietly for a few seconds.
Then, you see the exact moment an idea crosses his mind.
He freezes.
His eyes widen.
Then, he looks at you.
Really looks at you.
Slowly, Jimin straightens his back.
“If I showed up to their wedding anniversary with someone… someone that looks like a decent, nice person, someone that put me on the right path… if I seemed to be so in love with this decent and nice person that they would feel embarrassed to introduce me to the girl…”
You feel the corners of your lips going down as you nod accordingly. “Do you think it would make them give up?”
“Yes. At least for some time.” He says quietly and slowly.
“It still sounds pretty fucked up, but if it’s the best solution you would have for now…” You shrug, nodding.
“Mh-hmm.” Jimin nods.
He’s still staring at you.
You frown. “What?”
Jimin keeps silent.
You finally notice it.
The tiniest ghost of a smile in his lips. His eyes gleaming with mischief.
It hits you.
“No.” You shake your head vehemently. “No fucking way.”
“Aw, come on, Y/N!” He brings the stool closer to you, so much that now he sits right in front of you. “Do you have a boyfriend? A girlfriend?”
"Then why not?"
“Because- no!” You’re borderline hyperventilating. “It’s just absurd!”
“But you agreed that it’s a good idea!”
“Well, not with me included!” You cross your arms, as if protecting yourself from this crazy man. “Why me anyway?! I just don’t fit this role!”
“Why not?” He asks again, tilting his head. “You’re perfect for the role!”
“Well, first of all, I’m fucking broke. Do you think your parents would approve of you dating someone that owns anything but unpaid bills and a goldfish?!”
“Y/N, listen.” He puts his opened palms over the counter. His eyes are gleaming way too much. He’s excited. “My father has a heart of stone, but my mother… well, she also has a heart of stone, but let’s say that, hm, it’s eroded? Like, if you press really hard, she kinda gives in.” Okay. His metaphor was a little bit impressive. “She wouldn’t like to see me dating a poor girl, but if said poor girl is actually a dream girl that knocks some sense into her son’s reckless head, she would soften! My mom likes rom-coms, I know what I’m saying!”
“Dream girl?” You snort. “I’m anything but a dream girl.”
“I’m 100% sure that you’re on summer break and yet there you are, reading a freaking textbook about tax law. What’s more perfect than the image of a humble, hardworking person? Sure, at first mom will say you’re a money grabber, but after she gets to know you…”
“Oh my God- stop. Just stop. I’m not doing this.” You wave your hands. If you still had any doubts that Jimin is crazy, now you have none.
He tilts his head, quirking one eyebrow. “Don’t tell me you don’t wanna do this because you’re the low self-esteem type? Come on, you’re pretty. Basic, but pretty.”
Your jaw automatically drops. If looks could kill, he would be dead.
“Did you just call me basic?!”
Jimin sends you an apologetic look. “I’m sorry, but I can’t see an ounce of style in you. This ponytail is especially awful.”
“I fucking work in a convenience store! Of course I won’t get all dressed up!”
“Really?” You hate the way he quirks that damn eyebrow. “What about the split ends of your hair?”
You immediately feel yourself holding your own hair, as if hiding it from him. Your body heats up in anger. “Who are you to talk about my split ends?! Your hair is so dry that it looks like fucking hay. I can see the black roots from miles away!”
“Look, I’m having a pretty stressful week. It’s not like I had a lot of time to take care of myself.” Jimin crosses his arms defensively. “Besides, I’m going to the hair salon tomorrow morning.”
“Oh, yeah? You’re having a stressful week, I have a stressful life.” You pat your feet on the floor impatiently. “And no, I’m not ‘the low self-esteem’ type. I’m fucking pretty.”
“I know.”
There’s something about the way he agrees with you so quickly that makes your stomach drop for a second.
Just for a second.
“Anyway.” You clean your throat, adjusting your position on the chair. “You said yourself that you’re against fake relationships, didn’t you?”
“I said I’m against fake marriage. A life-long thing. We’ll pretend to be dating for a weekend.”
“And you think your parents will believe this theatrical act in a weekend?”
“I see them once a year. Sometimes twice. They don’t spend enough time with me to know me that well at all.” He presses his palms together and puts them in front of his face as if praying, looking at you with round, begging eyes. “Please, Y/N! All of my other girl friends are too well-known, no one would believe in me. It’s just three days! Besides, it’ll be fun, I promise! My parents booked a resort in Hawaii this year-”
You choke on thin air.
“I know, right? Last year it was in the Alps. Personally I prefer a tropical place much more-”
“Wait, wait.” You raise your hands, making him finally stop. “Are you seriously talking about a resort in Hawaii?!”
Jimin nods. He is serious. “See? A weekend in Hawaii! It’ll be great, right?”
He throws his hands up and groans. “Sweet Jesus, what do I have to do to convince you?!”
“First- I don’t even have a passport.”
“I can get it in time for you. We still have a week.”
“Second- my job. If you don’t know how jobs work, you can’t simply tell your boss ‘hey, I’m spending three days in Hawaii’ out of sudden!”
“I can also-”
He stops as if choking on his own words.
Once again, you see his eyes gleaming - and you shiver as you realize that he had another (probably awful) idea.
Jimin leans his arm on the counter, a determined smirk on his lips.
“Yesterday you told me that you’d kill to have a position in my family’s company, isn’t it? Alright, then. If you go on this trip with me, I’ll give you a job in the company.”
You think of your egg-sized apartment. You think of eating noodles constantly because it's what you can afford on a daily basis and the gastritis you’ll probably develop because of it. You think of the same old tennis shoes you wear everyday because you either buy your noodles or you save it to buy new ones. You think of working on this night shift that gave you an awful sleeping routine and purple bags around your eyes.
And, for the first time, you seriously consider doing this.
“Are you serious?” You ask with suspicion.
“Of course.” Seeing your sudden interest, he gets excited. “The company has a lot of those trainee programs. I’m sure I can put you in the financial department easily.”
“But… but if we’re going to pretend that we’re dating, won’t it be weird that your girlfriend will join the company as a trainee?”
“Do you know how many people work there? My family doesn’t even bother to know who works for them, except for the higher positions. You don’t have to work at the headquarters, either. They’ll never know.”
More tense silence.
You bounce your leg nervously, passing your hand on the back of your neck. I can’t believe I’m considering this. I don’t even know this guy at all. He might just be a freaking psychopath.
Jimin stares at you expectantly. Damn, this guy really likes to stare at people.
You should take your own morals in consideration. Are you seriously selling yourself to this spoiled manchild? Is it that easy to take things from you? Weren’t you the type to hate rich people and capitalism overall and-
Fuck it.
“A weekend, right?”
“Right.” He nods.
“Three days, right?”
“We impress your parents, convince them that you’re a changed guy, then you find me a job and leave me alone.”
“I’m not so sure about the leaving you alone part, but yeah, exactly.” You frown.
“And why wouldn’t you leave me alone?”
“Well, you might fall in love with me. Who knows?” He wiggles his eyebrows.
You roll your eyes, making him giggle.
I can’t believe I’m doing this.
Before you can fully comprehend the consequences of your actions, you sigh heavily and nod.
“Alright. I’m in.”
Jimin claps his hands excitedly, opening the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.
“You really are my heroine, Y/N!” He extends his arm over the counter. “We have a deal!”
You gulp and shake his hand firmly.
Your friends will definitely get shocked when you tell them the newest strange thing happening in your life:
You accept to fake date whiny millionaire man mentioned previously.
The list is increasing rapidly.
“You better do what you promised, otherwise I’m killing you.” You threaten very seriously.
Jimin laughs and - once again - quirks that damn eyebrow up.
“Of course. I wouldn’t let my girlfriend down.”
He fucking bites his bottom lip.
A heat creeps the back of your neck.
You’re in trouble.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
The CEO and His Assistant
Tumblr media
Pairing: CEO!Matsukawa Issei x f!Reader 
Rating: 18+ because this is smut 
Length: 6.66k words
Warnings: smut, sex, oral sex (f and m receiving), impact play (spanking), Daddy kink, use of ‘kitten’ and ‘princess’, size kink, elements of dom/sub, slight degradation but with a mix of praise, silver fox Mattsun
Summary: Matsukawa Issei is a CEO. You’re his personal assistant and more recently, his girlfriend.
A/N: This is my entry for @cherrytenko ‘s CEO collab! This is my first time doing a collab and it was really exciting and fun to have a prompt to work with 💙 Thank you for letting me participate!
Tumblr media
Matsukawa Issei never expected to become CEO of a company at all, much less one that owned a chain of funeral homes across the area. He had gone to college years ago, obtaining a business degree he had no idea what to do with. An ad in a newspaper for a funeral director had him applying with no experience. The owner of the funeral home had liked him and suddenly Issei had a stable job after graduation that paid enough to cover both his and Makki’s rent in their apartment. He received the appropriate training and quickly became very good at his job, selling the most expensive packages the funeral home offered to grieving widows. He was promoted quickly and when then owner was retiring and offered to sell him the business, Issei made the leap, got a loan, and bought the funeral home. 
Owning one funeral home had been easy. Issei had hired fresh blood to replace himself and brought Makki into the company as well, hiring his friend as his assistant for the first year before he had learned the ropes and earned a promotion. About a year after Issei took over, he was contacted by the previous owner and informed that another funeral home was going out of business and asked if he would want to expand. Issei found investors this time, as well as a silent partner, and expanded Matsukawa Funeral Services. Over the next few years, he bought up more funeral home businesses until his company owned 15 funeral homes and held a small monopoly on the area. His company, Mattsun Incorporated, also bought up several florist establishments, using them to supply flowers at lower costs, as well as buying out several woodworking businesses to supply coffins. His company had expanded to other areas of business silently, investing in property under a shell company with Makki’s name, Hanamaki and Co. Years later, Issei was no longer doing the day to day work of a funeral home manager, he was CEO of a company that profited millions of dollars each year. 
Sure, Issei felt a little weird sometimes that he was profiting primarily off of death, but his rationalization, that death was inevitable and at least his company gave families some peace of mind, kept him from going down that rabbit hole of thoughts. Makki had worked his way to Chief Marketing Officer after having gone back to school. He had a knack at marketing, specifically for the subtle marketing that was necessary for funeral homes. Once the company expanded outside just funeral homes, Makki’s position grew to helping Issei oversee the other parts of the business. Overall, Mattsun Inc. was doing well and he was considering even more expansions. Before expanding though, he had a few necessary positions to fill and that is when he met you. 
You had never expected to work for a company that ran funeral homes but when you’re fresh out of college with debt and bills to pay, you take what you can get. You had first applied for a position in the marketing division, but after meeting with the hiring committee, they had passed your resumé along to Issei. Buzz words like “organized” and “hardworking”, alongside past experience working as a secretary and your dual degrees in business and marketing had him intrigued. He had invited you in for an interview for the position as his personal assistant. 
The interview had gone well and he had liked you immediately. He explained that he relied a lot on his assistant and needed more than a typical assistant doing menial tasks like getting coffee. He needed someone willing to learn the in’s and out’s of the company. Someone who would be able to take initiative and do things he needed done without being told. He needed someone he could send as his proxy to meetings he couldn’t attend. He essentially needed another of himself. He explained that eventually this position would lead to a big promotion, as his last assistant moved up to a very high level position already after merely 2 years as his assistant. You were still hesitant, an assistant position wasn’t really what you expected, but the job seemed to almost be too good to be true. Finally, when Issei said that the salary of his assistant was double what the position you applied for in the marketing department was, you were sold. After all, you had debts. So a few weeks post college, you became Matsukawa Issei’s personal assistant. 
Tumblr media
The job was a dream. You were given many responsibilities, it was hard work, and you were nearly always busy. However, you were also unaware upon your interview just how many different things the company was involved in. The networking opportunities the job provided were unmatched. In only the first month, you had met many other CEO’s, executive board members of other top companies, and countless others that would benefit any future career path you chose. Of course after only a month, you couldn’t ever imagine leaving Mattsun, Inc., much less the man himself. 
Issei was impressive in more ways than one. At 37, he had built up an empire around him and yet, he remained humble. Just meeting him, you’d never know just how many millions he is worth. He was kind, playful, extremely intelligent, and a complete flirt, but he still had this serious side, a no nonsense attitude that attributed to his success. Whether he was in a boardroom meeting with the other executives or alone with you in his office, his personality never really changed. He was always unapologetically himself, for better or worse. He was still fit, preferring to work out with his high school friends in the mornings before work, he maintained a well toned physique. The muscles of his body were clearly visible through perfectly tailored designer suits. His curls were grown out and messy, curling around his ears and at the nape of his neck. The dark curls had begun to grey at his temples, adding to the salt and pepper appearance of his hair. The stubble on his face, something he had adopted in the last couple of years, was greying as well. He loved it, thought it made himself look distinguished. You just thought it made him look hot.
Issei had not begun flirting with you until about the third month of working for him. Really, it had been your own fault. You had been helping him prepare for a meeting, choosing which suit and tie he should wear, when you had said the navy suit made him look the hottest. It wasn’t the most eloquent thing to say, but it had just come out. One perfectly arched brow and a smirk on his face, Issei had proceeded to interrogate you. “Oh really kitten, have you compared my ‘hotness’ in all my suits? You must if you have a favorite. Just what makes this one so much hotter than the others?” His flirty questioning had gone on until the start of the meeting, his confidence only growing the more flustered you got. After that, it had taken him only a week to convince you to go out on a date with him. Issei admitted that he had wanted you since he met you, but that he intended to remain professional. However, at the first indication you felt something more for him, he pounced on the opportunity. 
Three weeks after that, Issei had reported your relationship to HR. You two were no longer just CEO and personal assistant: you were the girlfriend of Matsukawa Issei. It wasn’t against company policy to date coworkers, but as there was such a power imbalance, it was important that the company knew right away. No one was truly shocked, though several women and men in the office did begin to give you dirty looks every time they saw you. According to Makki, it had been rather obvious how much you both pined for one another. You knew on your end, you had most certainly been attracted to him, but never expected the successful, older man to give you a second glance. 
For Issei, it wasn’t your beauty that drew him to you, but the passion with which you did everything. He’d been able to see it during your interview, the passion of someone who hasn’t been kicked down by life yet, someone still hopeful for the future. When you did anything, you gave it 110%, trying your hardest when others do not. Issei admired these traits a lot. At 37, he had lost that youthful view of the world and being around you made him feel young again. 
For you, Issei offered you a joy and excitement you hadn’t had in a boyfriend before. Sure he was serious at work, but even there, he had a playful side. Always a joke to be whispered to you or Makki, always a wiggle of his eyebrows. Alone, he was even funnier, always making you laugh and yet, still very in control, very dominant in his mannerisms and speech. He made you feel alive in a way no one ever had before. He made you feel safe, loved, protected. You had thought the age difference might bother you, but it never seemed to interfere with anything. If anything, he had been through everything you had already and always offered solid advice on things you struggled with. The relationship evolved quickly and soon enough, the two of you had been together for three months, six months after your initial interview. Neither of you had ever been happier.
Tumblr media
You show up at Issei’s place a little after 8, fully intending to order some takeout and spend the rest of the night curled up in your boyfriend’s bed mindlessly watching anything he wanted, so long as you were in his arms. You had taken the day off and spent it pampering yourself, engaging in serious relaxation and self care. Issei looks up from his paperwork as you enter his room, having let yourself in with your key, and he takes in your attire. His eyes wander up your body and burn into you. You were wearing his old Aoba Johsai hoodie and from what he could tell, no pants, though he suspected there were some black spandex shorts underneath. White knee high socks covered your legs and Issei felt his cock stir at the sight of your legs encased in the knee highs. You smiled at your boyfriend and made your way over to him. You placed a kiss on top of Issei's head and one of his arms wrapped around your waist in a hug. As you started to pull away, he grabbed your wrist, and said, "Come sit in my lap darling."
You smile at Issei and plop down into his lap. He's reading through some paperwork he needs to finish tonight but the entire time he reads, his hands are on you. He reaches down and trails his fingers over your bare thigh. When he trails them up high enough to confirm he was right about your spandex shorts, your breath catches as he pulls at your shorts and allows the spandex to snap against your skin. 
After Issei finishes the last of his work for the night, you climb off of him and stand in between his legs in front of him. He sits the folder of papers down on the desk and places his hands on your hips. His hands slip under the edge of his sweatshirt, gliding up your sides to rest higher on your hips, gripping the soft skin firmly and pulling you closer. He buries his face in his sweatshirt, nuzzling his face against your covered stomach as he wraps his arms fully around you and hugs you close. He rubs gentle circles against your skin and sighs contentedly at having you in his arms. 
"How was your day my love?" you asked him, your own hands carding through his curls, twirling the strands around your fingers.
"Fine," he whispers, muffled by your stomach. "Missed my baby though. I hate when you have the day off, even if I know you deserved it princess.”
You smiled down at your man, hands trailing to the back of his neck and playing with the soft curls at the nape. He shivers slightly at the nice feeling. "Why don't we go watch a movie, Issei?"
Issei finally loosens his arms, looking up into your face with a little smirk. "I have a better idea, kitten."
"Oh yeah, what's that?" you mused. 
Issei releases you completely from his arms and stands, looking down at you. The look on his face quickly morphs from content happiness to a more predatory look. "Why would I want to watch a movie when I have you here to entertain me, sweetheart?"
Your skin felt hot at the deep tone his voice took on. Looking down shyly and then back up into Issei's intense eyes, you gave him a soft smile.
"What exactly did you have in mind," you asked him before adding the word you knew would make him feral, "Daddy?"
Issei growled, arms wrapping around you and lifting you into the air. Your legs wrapped around his middle, arms around his shoulders as he carried you swiftly out of his office and into his bedroom. He stopped at the end of his bed before throwing you roughly onto the mattress.
"You think you're slick, huh darling? Using that word when you know what it does to me?" His voice was quiet and deep with a firmness to it. He never had to be loud to make you obey him. He could look at you a certain way and you were docile and obedient, listening to everything he said. You mewled at his words, clenching your legs together as Issei stared down at you, flustered and squirming on his bed.
He grabbed your ankles, pulling you toward the edge and stepping between your legs. "Don't worry doll, I'll give you exactly what you need tonight. You need Daddy's cock don't you?" You let out a soft noise at his words, something between a ‘yes’ and a whine, and he allowed a smirk to grace his lips once again. You nodded, unable to form words and let him know that's exactly what you needed.
"Well then kitten, by all means, I'm going to give you what you want. But first, I’m going to take my sweet time prepping that little cunt to take my cock." Issei put his hands on your knees, fingers fidgeting with the tops of the knee high socks. "Did you wear these for me? You know how much I like when you wear socks like this." You nodded at him once again as he pulled at the sock and let it snap against your skin, the same as he had done earlier with the spandex. "I think perhaps, we'll leave these on tonight, sweetheart. I quite like them." He snapped them once more against your skin and moved his hands up past your knees and onto your thighs. Issei stopped his movement on your thighs, gripping onto them roughly. You arched your back on the bed, enjoying as his large hands squeezed your flesh. He moved his hands higher, slowly, up your thighs. His sweatshirt on your frame came to mid thigh and as he reached the bottom of the sweatshirt, he pushed it up as he continued his movement up your thighs. Pushing the sweatshirt up around your stomach, he moved his hands to the sides of your hips, massaging roughly. He could see the slightest expanse of stomach and he wanted to see more, but he knew that taking the time to tease you would be more than worth it.
His hands fluttered down your hips to your knees before running back up your thighs. As he ran his hands up your thighs, he began to spread them apart ever so slightly. As he reached the apex of your thighs, he began to gently massage the flesh there. Long fingers squeezing the tender flesh of your inner thigh. The spandex shorts doing little to hide the lace he could see outlined beneath them. Issei's fingers on your inner thigh began to dip ever so slightly past the spandex and ran slowly back and forth under the edge. Issei continued his movements, fingers sliding back and forth under the edge of the spandex, and then beneath the lace covering you. Finally, just as he had nearly touched you where you most needed it, desperate for friction, Issei pulled away completely and stepped back. 
"Where are my manners sweetheart? I have my hands in your pants and I haven't even kissed you hello yet." His voice was cheeky, playful, a smirk etched onto his face.
You were not amused at his antics, clenching thighs together and desperate for some friction. 
"Sit up love. Give Daddy a kiss."
You had no choice but to oblige him, pushing yourself up on shaky arms until you were sitting up on your knees in front of him on the bed. With the height of his bed and sitting up on your knees, you were nearly eye level with Issei. You scooted forward on your knees and wrapped your arms around his neck. You leaned in to kiss his lips but as his eyes closed, you swerved and gave him a peck on the cheek instead and immediately pulled away, a mischievous expression on your own face. You quickly released him and scampered backwards, out of his reach.
Issei's eyes opened and saw you several feet away from him on the bed and they darkened. A vicious smirk graced his lips as he began to undo his belt.
"So my little kitten wants to be a brat today, huh? Guess Daddy will have to make you behave."
Before you could stop the words, they fell from your lips, "Make me then."
Issei growled, pulling off his belt in one motion, a loud sound slicing through the air as he whips it. You turned around in an attempt to quickly crawl away and make him chase you, but Issei was faster. He gripped onto your ankle as you turned and began to crawl up the bed himself, pulling you back down to the end of the bed, face down. He climbed on top of you to straddle your lower back so you couldn’t escape him again. His hands found your wrists and he gathered them in one of his hands and bound them in his belt behind your back. 
"Little brats don't get to use their hands,” his voice came out in a growl.
He stood up, looking at you lying face down, with wrists bound and resting on your lower back. Your face was turned to the side, little whimpers leaving your lips every few seconds from the way he asserted his dominance, manhandling you as he pleased. Feeling that simply being tied up wasn't enough of a punishment for your obviously challenging remark to him, he stared at your ass, a smirk once again gracing his lips. 
"I guess Daddy has to teach you a little lesson tonight since it seems my precious princess has forgotten how to behave." 
He placed his hands on the backs of your knees and began to run them slowly up the backs of your thighs. When they got to your ass, he ran his hands over the spandex covered flesh and held back a groan. Squeezing roughly, he removed his hands from your ass before roughly pulling the spandex and lace down and off your legs. When your lower half was suddenly exposed and hit with the cold air of the room, you whined and whimpered at the feeling, squirming on the bed. Issei's hands returned to your bare ass, massaging bare skin with rough fingertips.
"My bratty little kitten just had to talk back tonight. You'll have the usual punishment for your behavior. Count for me, kitten. Once I'm satisfied, I'll let you know." His voice was low, quiet, barely above a whisper but firm in his statement. His palm came down on your ass, the smacking sound resounding about the room. He watched as your flesh rippled beneath his palm and smiled at the way it darkened as he removed his hand.
You let out a loud cry at the first spank and then managed to get out, "One, Daddy."
He continued his smacks, on both cheeks, enjoying as your voice became breathier with each smack, cries leaving your throat involuntarily. A particularly powerful one brought tears to your eyes, but you clenched them shut, crying out, "SEVEN, Daddy." Finally satisfied with the way your skin bruised and darkened,
Massaging your sore cheeks gently, he soothed you. "Such a good girl," he cooed. "Taking your punishment so well for Daddy. See kitten? Daddy only wants you to be his good girl. Are you going to be my good little obedient kitten now?"
You nodded, tears on your cheeks. 
"I need you to use your words kitten,” his voice was softer but still forceful.
"Yes Daddy. I'll be good for you,” you own voice was barely above a whisper, whimpering as your skin throbbed from the punishment.
Issei smiled at the meak tone your voice now had. "Good girl."
Issei pulled your legs off the edge of the bed until you were bent over the bed. He pulled at your wrists, making you to stand up on shaky legs. He pulled your back against his chest, groaning when your bound hands landed directly over his growing erection. He quickly spun you in his arms so you were facing one another.
"Now give Daddy a kiss. A real one this time."
You obliged immediately, pressing your lips to Issei's passionately. He kissed you lazily, but still maintained control of the kiss. His tongue slipped past your lips and you moaned into his mouth when his hands moved around you to gently massage your sore cheeks. His tongue swirled against your own and he pulled back every now and then to nibble on your bottom lip, biting gently. After several minutes of savoring your mouth with his, Issei pulled back and you whined. Without the ability to use your hands, you had no choice but to let him. Issei placed a hand against your chest and pushed you back until the back of your legs hit the bed.
"Sit down on the edge of the bed, kitten,” Issei cooed. “Daddy wants to play his favorite game."
You whined at his deep tone and immediately seated yourself on the edge of the bed, whimpering when your raw cheeks made contact with the fabric of his comforter. He crouched down, getting to his knees in front of you and you groaned in anticipation. Issei smiled at you devilishly. 
"You like it when Daddy gets on his knees in front of you?" He puts his hands on your knees, snapping the knee high socks against your skin once again, and spreading your legs wide for him. "Daddy would only get on his knees for his kitten, you know that right? Only for you, my good girl."
His hands pushed up the inside of your thighs, spreading you wide for him as he leaned in further. His long fingertips ghosted over the slit between your legs, spreading it and taking in the glistening heat. 
"Did you get this wet from your punishment kitten? What a naughty little kitten you are my love," Issei smirked up at you from between your thighs. As you nod in response to his question, Issei wastes no more time, sliding a single, long finger up the wet slit in front of him. He trails it from top to bottom, brushing quickly over your clit and stopping to press against your hole that is just waiting to be filled. Taking both of his hands, he uses his fingers to spread you apart, completely exposing yourself to him. One hand holding you spread open, he uses the other and presses a finger into you, slipping easily into your dripping cunt as his thumb finds your clit, rubbing smooth, slow circles into it. You throw your head back, moaning at the sensation and make to put your hands in Issei's hair before realizing they are still bound behind your back. Whimpering as Issei adds a second finger and finds a steady rhythm pumping his fingers in and out of you, you thrust your hips forward, wanting and needing more. Issei just smirks, continuing his irritatingly slow pace.
"Please," you gasp out softly. "Daddy please," you whimper. 
Issei looks up at your face. "What is it, kitten? What do you want from Daddy?"
"Faster. More," you cry out, tears gathering once again as you pray he'll give you the release you are craving.
He smiles, "Is that how you ask Daddy a question?" He withdraws his fingers and moves both hands back to your knees, far away from where you need them. You cry out at the loss of him, body clenching around nothing.
"Daddy," you whimper desperately, "Will you please go faster and give me more?"
"More what, my darling?" He smirks and places a kiss to your inner thigh, closer to your knee and further from where you wanted him.
"Daddy, I need more fingers,” you finally cry. “I need those pretty fingers buried deep in my pussy. Please Daddy. I need you."
Issei smiled triumphantly, his fingers resuming their original position. He pumped two fingers in and out at a much faster pace before he added a third. His other hand moved to rub your clit in rough, faster circles. Issei loved listening to the sounds leaving your lips. Soft whimpers, quiet moans, and the occasional louder cry when he made a movement that felt particularly good. The sounds you made were sweeter than any symphony. You had your head thrown back and eyes closed, trying very hard to keep yourself sitting up without the use of your arms. 
Since your eyes were closed, you didn't see as Issei leaned his face down to your thighs. When he felt you begin to clench around his fingers, a tell tale sign you were about to cum, he leaned in, latching his lips around your clit and sucking it gently. The sensation caused you to shoot your eyes open, looking down at Issei as he sucked at your clit, fingers roughly thrusting in and out at a relentless pace. The sight of him and the sensations pushed you over the edge.
White flooded your vision as you cried out with your climax. Your cunt clenched around his fingers, trying to pull him even deeper. He continued sucking on your clit and pumping into you as you rode out the orgasm, body shaking and hips rutting against his hand and face. Your thighs tried to close on their own around his head, but he used his free hand to hold one of them back. Issei removed his lips from your clit and his tongue licked a stripe down your folds, lapping at the new wetness that formed when you came around his fingers.
You cried out at the overstimulation as Issei continued working his tongue between your folds. He allowed his tongue to dip briefly into your pussy, enjoying how you cried out and bucked against his face, before he pulled away and stood up. Looking up at Issei's face, you watched as he wiped his lips with his thumb before stepping forward and placing the thumb against your lips.
"Suck," he commanded.
You immediately draw his thumb into your mouth, sucking hard. You twirl your tongue around his thumb, hollowing your cheeks around it and making sure to clean it thoroughly.
"What a good girl you are, so obedient for Daddy. Are you trying to show Daddy how good you can use that mouth of yours?" You nod your head 'yes', still sucking on his thumb. "If that's the case, why don't you get on your knees and show Daddy just how talented that mouth is."
He tries to remove his thumb from your lips but hisses when your teeth bite down on his thumb playfully. He watches as you practically slide off the edge of the bed and onto your knees on the floor, waiting expectantly. 
"Daddy," he hears you as he begins to unbutton his pants. "May I use my hands?" He smiles softly at your pleading expression, appreciative of how good you are being.
"No kitten, Daddy just wants to fuck that pretty little mouth. I don't need your hands right now. But thank you for asking so nicely, you'll be rewarded for that later." He uses his hand to softly caress your cheek as he speaks.
Issei removes his hand from your cheek and rids himself of his jeans. You smile at his boxers, despite the obvious large tent in them. They were pale pink and had little white kittens all over them. They had been a gift from you and they were his favorite because the kitten reminded him of you. So soft and innocent. The smile faded from your face as your jaw dropped open in anticipation as the boxers were pushed quickly down and pooled around his feet. He stepped out of his boxers and moved closer to you. 
His hard cock was resting against his stomach, fully erect and large. No matter how many times you were with Issei, the size of his cock never ceased to amaze you. Each time he fucked you, you were still lost for words over how he even managed to fit inside you. Issei gripped his cock in his hand, roughly fisting it a few times as he got ever closer to you. Your mouth was open, tongue sticking out the way he liked.
"What a good girl you're being for Daddy, open and waiting for Daddy." He moved his cock and smacked it softly against your cheek a couple times. 
"Are you going to suck Daddy's cock? Or am I going to fuck that dirty little mouth for those cheeky comments earlier?" He smacked his cock against the other cheek, watching as you whine to take his cock, turning your mouth towards it and trying to take him in your mouth without the use of your hands.
"I'll let you suck my cock kitten since you're being such a good girl right now. But you better behave or Daddy will be fucking your throat until you're hoarse." With that, Issei positioned his cock at your lips and you immediately brought the head of his cock into your mouth, groaning when you heard Issei let out a gasp of his own. 
You moved your head forward, bringing more of Issei into your mouth until you feel him hit the back of your throat. Normally, you would ease Issei into your mouth and work the rest of his length with your hands. However, you didn't have use of your hand. Not wanting to displease him, you begin sucking what you can, hollowing your cheeks and swirling your tongue on the underside of his cock. Slowly, you start to move your head, bobbing up and down his shaft, tongue pressing firmly up against him. Each time bob your head, you allow him to nearly slide out of your mouth until only the tip remains, then you thrust your head back onto his shaft and take more of him into your mouth each time. After allowing some time to adjust, you feel him start to push past the back of your mouth and into your throat. Fighting the urge to gag, you take him in until your nose is pressed against his pelvis and his cock is buried deep in your throat. Issei looks down, sees the involuntary tears on your face from taking his big cock in your tiny little mouth and your saliva coating your lips as they stretch around his cock, and he smiles. If his phone was closer, he'd take a picture because he loves seeing you like this: slightly broken and worshipping his cock on your knees. The image makes Issei twitch in your throat. Realizing he is close to finishing, Issei pulls himself out of your mouth and steps away from you.
"Daddy please," you whine, "Let me make you cum like you made me. Please Daddy. Let me make you feel good." Issei places a hand on your cheek, caressing softly. You nuzzle your face into his hand, enjoying the simple act of affection after having him fucking your throat.
"You did so good taking Daddy down your throat, kitten,” Issei cooed sweetly, voice containing the slightest bit of condescension. “In fact, you've been such a good girl, Daddy is going to fuck you so good and cum in that gorgeous little cunt." You whimper at his soft tone, still nuzzling into his hand.
He reaches down to help lift you into a standing position. Once you are standing in front of him, he grips your jaw, pulling you in for a long, deep kiss. One hand on the small of your back, the other on your cheek, you whimper at the love you can feel from him. Even on days when he punishes you, Issei always reminds you that you are loved. He moves the two of your towards the bed, reaching behind you to undo the belt. 
Hands finally free, you shake your wrists to regain some feeling in them and then thread your fingers into his hair, tugging the dark strands while he tugs at your lower lip with his teeth. Realizing only now that you're both still wearing shirts, you move your hands down his chest to the bottom of his tshirt, tugging it upwards. He pauses in your kiss for you to take off his shirt and hisses when you scratch your nails gently down his chest and across his abs. You move your hands to the hem of Issei's sweatshirt still on you, but he stops the motion.
"I want to fuck you in those knee highs and drowning in my sweatshirt,” his words are hungry, tone dark and mischeivous. “Fuck kitten, you look so fucking good in my sweatshirt. Makes me wanna hide all your clothes so the only thing you ever wear are my clothes, kitten." Issei pulls away from you, climbing on the bed and sitting with his back against the headboard. You watch as he strokes himself slowly, your thighs clenching as you await his next command.
"Come here kitten,” he motions you with his free hand, two fingers curling in a ‘come hither’ motion. “Come sit on Daddy's hard cock. Show me how good you can ride me."
Without needing to be told twice, you clamber onto the bed, moving toward Issei as fast as you can. You straddle him, grabbing his cock and lining it up, before sinking down onto him. Your hands go to his shoulders as his own hands grip your waist. You cry out as you feel Issei stretching you open. It takes you several minutes of slow movements before you are finally stuffed full with his cock, a ring of cream coating him already where your bodies meet. Issei lays his head against your shoulder, breathing shallowly and trying not to move until you are ready, the tight fit of your cunt overwhelming him once more. Finally, you start to raise yourself up and sink back onto his cock quickly. You both groan as he moves his hips to meet your thrusts, pushing him even deeper inside of you.
Riding his cock, you start to feel the heat building in your stomach as your body tenses up. You move faster, more erratically, trying to find that peak of pleasure waiting for you so you can topple over the edge. Issei notices the change in your movements, how you are going faster and grinding against him whenever you sink down. He gives you what you want, moving one hand between the two of you and rubbing your clit roughly in the exact motion he’s come to learn makes you most weak. After several seconds of this, you sink back down onto Issei, nails digging into his shoulders and leaving marks as your cunt convulses around his cock and you find your orgasm for the second time of the night. Issei thrusts up into you while you ride out the high, making sure to help you prolong it as long as possible. 
Realizing you were now in no shape to ride him to his own orgasm, Issei lifts you up and pushes you backwards until you're laying on the bed. He moves to hover over you, giving you a tender kiss and lining himself up to thrust back inside. Grabbing one of your knees, he pulls it up roughly to hook around his waist, spreading you wide for him to pound into. Issei starts a relentless pace, thrusting in and out roughly while you have your arms wrapped around his shoulders, fingers threaded through his curls and holding on for dear life. When Issei moves a hand to your other knee, lifting that leg to also wrap around his waist, he starts hitting that spot inside of you that always makes you see stars. The spot only Issei has ever been able to hit. This new angle has a third orgasm building, so quick after your second one. Issei drills into you, grunting and groaning, while you cry and scream out his name with each thrust. Finally, he feels his own climax approaching and he pulls out all the stops, trying to get you to your third.
"Such a good little slut taking this big cock in that tight little cunt. You feel so good wrapped around Daddy like this. This tight little hole feels even better than your slutty little mouth, kitten." Issei knows that these words are doing their job when he feels you clench around him. "I need you to finish for me, kitten. Cum around Daddy's cock one more time."
He reached down, roughly rubbing at your clit once more. You exploded around him and this time, he was close enough that the clenching of your cunt around his set off his own orgasm. He thrusted erratically several times before spilling deep inside you, painting your walls white. As you both came down from your high, Issei hovered above you. 
He pulled his softening cock out of you before leaning down to press kisses all over your face. He kissed the tear stains under your eyes. He kissed each of your fluttering eyelids. He kissed your cute little nose. He kissed both of your cheeks, brushing his own cheek against yours lovingly first. He kissed your chin, nipping at it and making you giggle. Finally, he captured your lips in a slow, affectionate, loving kiss. When he pulled away, he smiled down at you with that  smile only you ever got to see. It was your smile and Issei had told you time and time again that you were the only one who ever got to see it. The full, satisfied smile that brightened his whole face. 
"You did so good tonight my princess," he whispered against your lips. "You're such a good little one for Daddy, aren't you? You make Daddy so proud my love."
He kissed you gently one more time. Rolling away from you, he moved to stand up. You whined, wanting him back in your arms. He laughed softly at you, "Don't worry princess, I'll be right back. I'm gonna go run you a bath and clean up. After I clean you up, then we'll cuddle up for a movie. As long as I am holding you, you can pick the movie. Deal?”
You smiled at him, feeling very lucky. “Deal.”
Tumblr media
A/N: This was long. So long. Took me forever to edit this. I really hope anyone who read it enjoyed it 💙 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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suhkusa · 9 months ago
in the ring
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing. Kotarō Bokuto x f!reader
synopsis. Your brother’s best friend was someone you completely hated, though the both of you knew nothing about each other. And when you find out one of Bokuto’s secrets, things get a little messy. The both of you are now trying to keep each other quiet, but you weren’t expecting things to get out of hand. Not in the way you planned.
genre. slow burn, fluff, angst, tiny bit of smut, brothers best friend au, (underground) boxer au, slight enemies to lovers
warnings. fighting, mentions of blood and injuries, alcohol usage, ooc!characters, harassment, akaashi’s a bad brother, smut including: creampie, unprotected penetration, toxic friendships.
wc. 24k+ (im so sorry)
a/n. this is a SLOW BURN!! like literally they don't start “falling for each other” until 10k words LMAOO. this also took a while to write and me and rae worked pretty hard on it so we hope you enjoy. (did i mention its a slow burn)
this fic is also apart of a valentine’s day collar hosted by @cafemiya !! #hqpromptlyyours is where you’ll be able to find the other fics in this collab, and feel free to check them out
playlist inspired by the fic. 
Tumblr media
Your friend grabbed your arm and led you down an alleyway, the smell of rotten food and cigarette smoke made your nose crinkle. There weren't many people around especially since it was nearly 2AM on a Thursday, the street lights barely lit up and various bars and convenience stores closed. 
“I swear if you’re kidnapping me right now-” You glared at your friend while she was practically dragging you by the arm. Though she just shook her head and laughed, reassuring you that you’re fine. Everything about the situation screamed unsafe, so you couldn’t really say you believed them. 
“We’re almost there anyways, just make sure you stay near me. Even when we get there, alright?” A beaten down building came into your view, and just when you thought you were going to turn somewhere else, your friend busts through a door and sighs. 
And there’s another door, except this one was guarded by two tall figures. Both are disguised behind some dark glasses and a mask, wearing all black, apart from the bright blue lanyards that hung off their neck. 
“How much this time?” Confused by whatever the hell was happening, you just decide to hang back behind your friend. She pulled out her wallet and takes out two $50 bills.
“That’s enough, who are you gonna bet on today?” One of the guards grabs her money and tucks it into his pocket. 
Your friend gestured towards the door, which the second guard proceeded to open. “We’ll see, I don’t wanna waste my money on some weak bastard.” 
As soon as the door opened a bunch of lights beamed through and the sound of multiple yells and roars evaded your ears. There were crowds of people, all with their fists in the air and voices chanting a person’s name. A small boxing ring with rope surrounding it was in the middle of the room, two boxers with loose shorts and dirty looking boxing gloves swung at each other. 
What the fuck did you just walk into?
Your friend gripped your wrists, clearly showing an ecstatic smile on her face. She was nearly jumping up and down from excitement, “I’ll introduce you to Tanaka. He’s the one who got me into this mess anyways.” 
“Who’s Tanaka?” You had to shout towards your friend in order for her to hear you as she guided you through the thick crowd. 
“I’m Tanaka.” A guy with a buzzcut greeted you, holding his hand out expecting you to shake it. You didn’t. 
“Say hello at least! Trust me he’s like the sweetest person ever.” It was then clear to you who this ‘Tanaka’ dude was, he was your friend's boyfriend. And she seemed to be smitten over him. They had already exchanged a few kisses, one on the lips and multiple on the cheek. His hand was gripping the side of her waist.
“Hi, I guess.” You looked around to see many faces, most of which you didn’t recognize. Plus, everyone here looked quite old─︎ at least middle age. Some had half empty beer bottles in their hand, some had bundles of money, and some had blunts and cigarettes. Clearly that was where the smell was coming from. 
“She’s not as nice as you made her seem,” Tanaka uttered to his girlfriend, who now had her arms wrapped around him tightly. It seemed as though she was starting to forget about you entirely, especially since she wouldn’t stop staring at Tanaka. And you sure as hell weren’t about to stay around her if she was clinging to him. 
“Oh, just let her warm up to you. I promise you then, she’s a sweetheart. Like you are!” You shook your head and cringed at her, feeling even more grossed out when they started violently making out. 
You gazed at the boxing ring, the match had just finished and blood was dripping down the face of one of the opponents. The other guy looked just fine, a bit sweaty, but barely injured. As a nearly naked woman walked on stage, a bell sounded through the room and everyone boomed into a cheer. The perfectly looking guy raised his fist up, obviously the winner. 
And then once the people got out of the ring, a person began announcing the next opponents for the following match. 
“First up, we have the powerful Wakatoshi Ushijima!” A tall looking dude with a stern look on his face walked into the ring, he looked very intimidating. “And going against him, is the champion, Kotaro Bokuto!”
Did you hear that correctly?
You couldn’t fucking believe it. At first you genuinely thought you had misheard the name. But the face of the person who walked into the ring was too familiar for you to be wrong. 
“No fucking way…” you were nearly breathless as a smiling Bokuto raised both his fists up, the crowd around you shouting and bursting into a supportive shout. 
What was even more outrageous, was the fact that the announcer said “champion’ right before he said Bokuto’s name. He was a damn champion?! 
For some reason you were feeling so confused, there was no way that it was actually him. No real way that the Bokuto in that ring was the Bokuto your brother was friends with. The Kotaro Bokuto that came over to your house almost daily to hangout with Akaashi and mess with you. 
But it was. And it was weird. 
Firstly because he seemed like a totally different person. It also felt wrong to look at him while he was shirtless, his gray shorts hanging quite loose on his hips. Secondly, because he definitely was totally unaware about your presence here. You wondered if Akaashi knew anything about this, and if he did, why did he never tell you? 
You watched in complete shock as the two opponents quickly prepared for the fight, shaking their limbs loose and releasing any kind of nerves they had. Bokuto looked fine, you couldn’t really tell if he was nervous or not anyways because of all the people blocking you. 
Turning to your right you nudged the person beside you, “Is that Bokuto guy here all the time?” The person nodded and chuckled a little. 
“You must be a newbie here, huh?” They took a swig of their beer and offered some to you, you declined them of course. “Bokuto is the best here. This Wakatoshi guy is a new one, never seen him before but I have a feeling he might win this one.” You nodded and thanked the stranger, hearing them mutter after you turned back around, “Should’ve betted on the new guy instead of Bokuto, hmph.” 
There was a loud ding followed by a bunch of shouts, the match had started. 
Immediately the Ushijima guy swung his fist towards Bokuto’s face, thankfully he ducked right on time and delivered a blow to Ushijima’s torso. Another loud roar of cheers broke through the crowd, everything just felt tense now. You knew nothing about boxing, so all you could really think while watching this match was nothing. This all looked so goddamn brutal. 
Bokuto dodged another one of Ushjima’s hits, nearly backing up into a corner. But then Bokuto swung at his opponents face, striking so hard, blood began to drip out of their nose. 
“Ouch,” you whispered, disgusted by literally everything that was going on. At this point, you had forgotten about your friend and Tanaka, and were totally engrossed in the tense fight happening in front of you. Bokuto was a good boxer so far from what you saw, he dodged nearly any punch and it looked like his stamina was holding up. 
Not until Ushijma locked his fist on Bokuto’s jaw, uppercutting the shit out of him. It caused Bokuto to tumble backwards, his body hitting the rope and his feet nearly making him fall out of the ring. A hushed yell was heard from everyone around you, nobody knew what to do or say. The once crowned “champion” was almost knocked out by a new opponent here. 
You frowned when you saw how beaten Bokuto’s face had gotten, the cuts with blood dripping down, the part of his jaw that was a bit swollen. All of it definitely hurt. 
And then, Ushijima used his chance to hit Bokuto as many times as he could. Swinging his arms and punching Bokuto with all his power, causing the champion to fall to the ground with an awfully looking bloody face. 
Your hand came up to cover your eyes, it was a messy sight to see, and part of you felt bad for Bokuto. But if he’s always usually here then he must be used to it, right? 
The referee stopped the match, deciding to just declare Ushijima as the winner. You saw someone swiftly bring Bokuto offstage and check his face, using a small white washcloth to soak up the blood. As the referee was congratulating Ushijima, you gazed at Bokuto. Wondering why he did this, why have you never heard he was a boxer? 
Bokuto flinched every time the washcloth touched his face, you could tell the person handling him wasn’t being that gentle with him. They were pulling his face around and genuinely being extremely rough. 
People around you scattered to get closer to the winner, Ushijima. A large number of people avoided Bokuto, and you didn’t want to get closer. You didn’t want him to see you were there. 
It was almost as if he heard you thinking or something, or maybe he could feel how intensely you were eyeing him. Because right after the washcloth was removed from his face, Bokuto turned his head a little, but just enough for him to lock eyes with you. 
The both of you immediately had a panicked look on your face, his eyes widened and so did yours. You quickly twisted around to try and find your friend, but she was nowhere to be found. Not even Tanaka was near you. 
With nowhere to really go, you scurried around, trying to find the door that you went through before. Though there were so many people in the room that it was impossible to see any sort of exit. You heard Bokuto’s voice call out your name, and it sounded like he was near you. 
“Where are the fucking doors at?!” You shouted frustratedly as Bokuto yelled your name out once more. 
He was even closer. 
“Get over here!” His voice was more raspy than usual, “Goddamit.” You jumped when you felt his fingers curl around your wrist, his strength was still there even after a fight. Bokuto turned you around and frowned down at you. “What the fuck are you doing here?” He sounded frantic, even a little nervous, but there was also so much anger in his voice. 
You couldn’t say anything, you just stood there in fear as Bokuto glared at you. If he told your brother you were here, the amount of trouble you would be in...
“What the fuck are you doing here?” Bokuto repeated as he began pulling you along with him, bringing you somewhere and guiding you through the crowd. His hand was slick with sweat and was shaking a little bit, “Why- Who are you with?” 
“I didn’t know you were a boxer,” You were finally able to speak, “A bad one too.” Maybe responding to him with an insult was not the best idea.
Bokuto rolled his eyes at you, grabbing your arm and pulling you into a hallway, you assumed you were somewhere in a backstage area. There was frustration practically rolling off him. You tried squirming out of his grip but it was no use, “Let go of me! My friend is waiti-” 
“Friend? Which friend? And why’d they bring you here?” Bokuto pushed some doors open and led you down the hallway, torn up posters litter the floor and you saw water bottles scattered all over the place, he then threw you into a room and shut the door. There was almost no mistaking that he was angry, his face was twisted into a scowl. Specifically, one directed at you. 
You cross your arms, “How come you never told me you were a boxer?” He slid his gloves off and tossed them to the ground, grabbing a towel out of nowhere and using it to wipe his face. 
“Since it’s none of your business. Who’s your friend?” 
“None of your business,” you decided to stroll about the room, eyeing the dirty trophies that sat on shelves. “This place is cool.” You muttered, not noticing the droplets of blood that were on some of them. And although the place was “cool” it smelled like a sewer dump. Does no one clean around here?
“This place is dangerous, I can’t have you here.” Outside the room, you could hear a loud roar of yells, another match must’ve started.
“And when have you ever cared about my safety, Bokuto? You never paid much attention to me whenever you’re at the house. Besides, any encounter we had with each other always resulted in some sort of annoying banter.” It was true though, the both of you weren’t exactly fond of each other. Akaashi even knew that, which is why he always advised you to just stay in your room if Bokuto was ever over. 
“Never, but I know Akaashi would be pissed if you came home hurt and I was the reason for it.” Suddenly the door busted open and in came Bokuto’s panting manager, obviously looking pissed. He hurled towards Bokuto and grabbed onto his shirt, slamming him into a wall. 
“You piece of shit! You weak, pathetic, piece of fucking shit!!” Bokuto’s manager pushed him once more into the wall, huffing violently as they slapped him. Your eyes widened in shock as the manager scolded Bokuto, how had he not realized there was someone else in the room? 
“You wanna know what you did? Bokuto? Hm?” He pulled his pockets inside out, “I lost over $5,000 fucking dollars because of you.” 
“It’s not my faul-” 
“Not your fault? You lost.” 
“Well you didn’t tell me shit about that guy, you gave me no warning. You never do!” Bokuto was yelling at this point, veins were becoming prominent on his forehead and neck, his ears had now turned red. 
His manager still hadn’t noticed you, “No warnings my ass. I told you to train harder than you usually do, is that not a warning?” He scoffs, “Fuck you. And good luck finding a new manager.” 
As the door slammed shut, you were left alone with a tense Bokuto. He was staring at the ground silent, maybe even he had forgotten you were there. Out of nowhere Bokuto bursted into a fit of anger, punching the first thing he saw. Which was a trophy case. 
Glass shattered everywhere and fell onto the ground, his fist was bleeding severely and you could see that a bunch of bruises were already starting to show. Bokuto screamed out a few curse words, followed by more, and a few more. 
You were frozen in shock, not quite knowing what to do, “B-Bokuto?”
He turned to you furiously, “I’m taking you home, you won’t tell anyone about this. Not even Akaashi. No one. Got it?” His tone felt a bit threatening, truthfully you were a little scared. He was never this intimidating.
Without saying a thing you just nodded at him, and he stormed over to you and grabbed your wrist before leading you back out towards his car. Once the both of you were in, Bokuto drove quickly to your house. 
When you arrived, he spoke lowly, “And don’t ever go back there. Ever.” 
The sound of the doorbell rang inside the house, Akaashi chugged down the water he was drinking to go and answer it. You were washing dishes as always, cleaning up the mess your brother left whenever you were out of the house. 
There weren’t many dishes to wash considering the fact only you and Akaashi lived in the house. You still hadn’t found a place to move into yet since college was taking most of your money, so Akaashi had offered you to live with him. It was also just because you were his sister, of course he wanted to be nice to his sister. 
Akaashi opened the door and welcomed his guest, the guest he had over all the time. “Dude, how long did it take you to get here? I’ve been waiting for hours.” 
You peeked over your shoulder to see someone walk in, their loose fitting clothes hiding what was underneath. Bokuto kept his gaze off you as he entered the house, clearly limping and wincing whenever he used his arms. He probably thought he did a good job of hiding his injuries, but you could clearly still see some cuts on his cheek and a nasty bruise on his jawline. 
“Yeah, I had to, uh, deal with something real quick.” Bokuto’s voice was awfully raspy, as you eyed him more he turned around towards you. Quickly you swirled back around to finish washing up the dishes, pretending as if you weren’t just staring directly at him. Observing him like some sort of artwork in a museum. 
Bokuto closed the door behind him and took off his shoes, you just kept paying attention to the rest of the dishes left in the sink. Three plates and 2 bowls, after you were done cleaning these dishes you could run upstairs to your room and stay in there until Bokuto left again. Then after he leaves you won’t have to face him or talk to him for a while...and that while would only last a day or two. 
You sighed as you rinsed a plate, trying to quicken your pace. They usually hung out in the living room, watching TV or playing video games, or simply just doing whatever they did. Bokuto never really spoke to you that much, but any time he did it always was the two of you playfully fighting. Though you weren’t sure “playful” was a way to describe it. 
Akaashi glanced at the visible injuries on Bokuto, “What happened? You look like you got jumped or some shit,” he pointed at the bruise on Bokuto’s jawline.
This made you stand up straight, you wondered what Bokuto would say. Had this ever happened before? Did Akaashi ever see any of Bokuto’s injuries, if he even had any? 
“Ah, got in a fight at a bar. It’s alright though. Hurts a bit but nothing serious.” 
So he had excuses. A bar fight. Believable. A drunk person would have definitely punched him the jaw hard enough to cause a bruise, for whatever reason. Maybe a glass bottle broke and he got cut on his cheek. All reasonable. 
But you knew it wasn’t a bar fight; it was a fight, just not at a bar. 
You finished up washing the dishes and dried your hands, keeping your gaze low as you scurried past Bokuto and Akaashi to get to the stairs. Without even making it to the first stair you felt some grab onto your arm, pulling you back just a little. When you turned around you saw Bokuto, his eyebrows furrowed together and his eyes were bloodshot. He probably got no sleep last night. 
“Akaashi is in the bathroom, did you tell him anything?” Bokuto asked you harshly, he was acting as if you were some sort of tattletell. 
You shrugged off his arm, “No, besides he was asleep when I came back. I don’t tell my brother everything that happens in my life, y’know?” Curiosity was building up in you and you wanted to ask him so much. More importantly, why Akaashi didn’t know. But before the both of you could talk more, Akaashi came out of the bathroom and ruffled his hair. You took your chance to bolt up the stairs and back into your room. 
Suddenly your phone rang, and you saw it was your friend calling. The one who took you to the boxing match last night. Hesitant to pick up, you merely just stared at their name on your screen, waiting for it to go to a black screen. Except when it did, her name just popped up again, and again. 
“Hello?” In the background you could hear some music and some other voices, you immediately heard your friend sigh when you finally picked up. 
“Ugh, how long does it take for you to answer? Seriously, if I call more than twice then it should alarm you right away that maybe I might be in trouble! Hm!” You rubbed your eyes and flopped onto your bed, she didn’t even sound like she was in danger. “Anyways, how did you enjoy the fight last night? Pretty fun to watch?”
Truthfully the fight actually was sort’ve interesting, especially since one of the boxers was right downstairs hanging out with your brother. But you knew if you said that you enjoyed watching it your friend would invite you to go see another one. And you did not want to risk Bokuto spotting you there again, if he even went back there. 
“Eh, not really.” You could hear the TV downstairs, it sounded like they were playing another one of their video games with the volume on high.
“Whatever, Tanaka is making me go to another one tomorrow night and I want you to come. Don’t say no! Besides I already told your brother that you were gonna be hanging out with me and he said it’s fine. Can’t get your way out of this,” she laughed. Obviously you liked hanging out with your friends, but when it was at some other place, not a secret super-sketchy boxing arena. 
Scoffing under your breath, you gave in and agreed to hangout with her, the two of you talked for a bit before you hung up and screamed into your pillow. You could go downstairs and ask your brother why he was making decisions for you without telling you, but the fear of having to talk to─︎ or even look at Bokuto kept you up in your room. 
You were now getting ready to go back to that arena, putting a little bit of makeup on and fixing your hair so it didn’t look like such a mess. Akaashi was asleep, probably taking a nap. And Bokuto was at his house, well, hopefully he was. 
Tanaka had gotten your number from your friend and had texted you asking for your address, apparently he was going to pick you up right after he got some food. 
Honestly you weren’t that excited to go back to that arena, to be surrounded by those smelly people and crowded into a small space. You didn’t want to see your friend making out with Tanaka. You didn’t want to make Bokuto mad either. 
Or maybe you did. 
This was gonna bother him. Simply just you being there, in the crowd, if he saw you then he would definitely get angry again. Possibly pull you backstage again to scold your decision for coming. 
Although a part of you wanted him to be mad, wanted him to be irritated and angry with you. It would only make him hate you even more, that was for certain, but it would be fun to mess with him. 
“Hurry your ass up!” Tanaka shouted from the driver's seat as he pulled up in front of your house while your friend sat in the passenger’s seat. “The shit starts in like 20 minutes, and I don’t wanna miss any of it.” 
He seemed comfortable around you, even though the two of you had only recently just met. Yet he was speaking to you as if he had known you for a long time. You ran towards the car and jumped into the backseat, as soon as you clicked in your seatbelt Tanaka pressed on the gas and the car urged forward. 
You stayed pretty quiet the whole drive, staring mindlessly out the window as your friend turned up the radio to listen to some music. Tanaka hummed along to some songs, honking at cars that got in his way or cursing people out beside him that honked at him. A reckless driver, you noticed. 
When the streets started looking more darker and scarier, you knew you likely were getting closer. And as you expected, you were right. He had parked the car along a sidewalk, after everyone got out he made sure to lock it at least twice. Then your friend grabbed onto your wrist and made sure you were following her. 
It was the same path from last time, same alleyway you had to walk through that led you towards the building. Darker than before though. 
You entered the same way as well, but the only difference was that before you went to the guards, Tanaka handed you $25 and told you to bet on someone named “Atsumu Miya” who you just assumed was one of the boxers. You wondered if Bokuto was here tonight, maybe you could say his name instead. But you didn’t want to embarrass yourself and say his name if he wasn’t here, so you gave the money to the guards and repeated the name Tanaka told you. 
Once you were let inside you were met with a similar smell of cigarette smoke and beer, also a bit of vodka and sweat. This time you actually had a seat as well, not too far from the ring, it actually was a little close. 
“I’m friends with Atsumu, he let us get front row seats.” Tanaka briefly explained to you, “Do you know who he’s going up against?” 
You shook your head. 
Tanaka had a little smile on his face, “I think you know him, guess we’ll have to find out.” 
What the hell did that mean? 
A few minutes went by before the announcer came onto the ring, a microphone in his hand and a tray full of cash in the other. He spoke into the mic, welcoming everyone and thanking everyone for betting. After that he said some nonsense, plus a few jokes that got the crowd laughing which you paid no attention to, then he began to announce who the opponents were. 
“First up, we have Atsumu Miya!” A decently tall dude then came into the ring, his boxing gloves were a maroon red color, and his shorts were black. He seemed confident, he held his head up high and smiled when the majority of the crowd cheered for him. 
“And of course, going up against him, is the one and only Kotaro Bokuto!” You looked away once Bokuto ran into the ring, attempting to make sure that he couldn’t see you by accident. What made it even worse was the fact that you were pretty close to the ring, if he glanced your way, it would be pretty easy to spot you. This was when you wished you were standing in the pit, surrounded by all those people. 
You didn’t watch the two of them shake hands, you just stared at the floor. As much as you did want to watch, the risk of looking at Bokuto and him somehow catching you was terrifying. So as long as you tried your best to seem invisible, you would be fine. Well you hoped you would. 
The bell was rung indicating the match had started, everyone had gone a bit quiet as they intensely watched the beginning of the match. The air around you began to become more tense. 
Tanaka leaned over to you and pointed at Atsumu, “He’s a good one, hard hits and focuses on attacking the body rather than the face. Bokuto on the other hand usually goes for the whole person, oh gosh you should’ve see-” 
The crowd all stood up and shouted loudly, you looked up to see Atsumu on the ground, his whole body already shining with sweat. 
“Ah shit! You saw that right?” Tanaka turned, you nodded, but in reality you literally saw none of what happened. “Anyways, you should’ve seen all of Bokuto’s past matches. Most of them he won which then got him the champion title, he’s good.” 
Your friend nudged Tanaka a little, “He’s good, but that Ushijima guy seemed to crush him. Let’s hope Bokuto isn’t burnt out.” 
Deciding to take a quick little glance at Bokuto, you could see he was also pretty sweaty. His bruises were badly covered by makeup, but it was easy to point out all the injuries he had gotten, they looked even worse than before. 
The second round had started and Bokuto already got in a few punches, some of which Atsumu was able to block. Whenever Bokuto was able to catch his opponent off guard, he struck wherever was open. It was usually the torso, but sometimes he would be able to strike the head. 
Each punch towards Atsumu’s face though, was blocked. 
After a few rounds, Bokuto had won the majority of them. Though you could tell that the Atsumu guy was starting to get a little bit agitated, he had a harsh scowl on his face especially when he looked at Bokuto. For the most part you kept your eyes low, not paying attention to any of the rounds and only looking up when the next round had started. Bokuto hadn’t noticed you yet.
But he was eventually gonna see you, sitting next to your friend and Tanaka, fumbling with the loose threads on your clothes and listening to whatever Tanaka told you about this shit. Eventually he was gonna look over in your direction and either catch you staring at the floor or staring at him. 
When he did, he was fucking pissed. 
He had told you not to come back to this place, it was dangerous. Yet there you were, sitting in the first goddamn row. He remembered Tanaka’s face, he was friend’s with Atsumu and he had seen the two of them talking yesterday at the training room. Bokuto was blaming Tanaka for dragging you here. 
Even worse though, was that seeing you got him all distracted. He wondered if Akaashi knew you were here, if he knew you were out hanging with your friends watching an illegal underground boxing match. He knew Akaashi was completely clueless to it.
Bokuto swung back into the new round, trying his best to keep up with Atsumu and not get distracted by his own thoughts. It was really bad that you were here. Akaashi would absolutely get furious with you if he knew where you were at, would it be more distressing to him knowing that Bokuto was there too? 
Atsumu hooked his arm into Bokuto’s face, causing one of his cuts to open back up and bleed. A wave of dizziness took over Bokuto before he shook his head to clear it away, he tried to focus as hard as he could. Atsumu was visibly getting more and more tired, his stamina seemed to be wearing off. There would be no point in letting him win, Atsumu was a bit of a show-off, and winning against Bokuto would boost his ego even more. 
Focus. Bokuto thought over and over about his next move, which one would cause the most damage? Which one would let him win? 
Bokuto took a jab at his opponent, leaving him open for any hits and Atsumu took this chance to punch Bokuto right in the stomach. It hurt. A lot.
The pain from that punch combined with your presence just made Bokuto want to puke. He didn’t feel good whatsoever. His last match left his whole body sore, every time he moved it ached, every time he blinked his headache worsened, the noise from the crowd made his ears ring. Everything hurt. 
Losing one match couldn’t hurt though. His title was still “champion” and he was still seen as the best. Losing this match wouldn’t ruin that reputation. 
Atsumu would of course have a massive confidence boost if he won this match. He would relish in his win, in the money he would earn. All his mind would be thinking was about winning this match. 
A rematch, that’s it. That was Bokuto’s solution. 
He would lose this one, let Atsumu bathe in all his fucking dumb glory, ask for a rematch, and then beat the shit out of him. 
So that’s just what he did, making sure he looked like he was slightly giving up. Throwing weaker punches when he knew Atsumu was able to block them, putting down his guard to let his opponent punch him. 
And he let Atsumu win. He let everyone cheer and boo at their loss of money betting on him, he let everyone feel disappointed in the champion for beating someone so obviously weak. 
He was the weak one now. 
Wasn’t he? 
Right when he was allowed to go backstage he did, he ran and threw his gloves on the ground. Bokuto slumped on his chair, chest heaving up and down rapidly as he tried to recollect his thoughts. Even though he planned on losing the match, he knew people would now start talking bad about him and how he was weak. 
He wasn’t weak.
He didn’t want to be weak. 
Yet as he sat in the chair, face all bloody and body all bruised, he felt weak. Everything about him now was broken. Bokuto lifted his head up slowly to look up at his reflection, scoffing lowly to himself. Any of his cuts from the match with Ushijima had now become terribly worse, they looked so swollen and nasty and he grimaced at his own reflection. His bruises were surely going to turn into a dark blackish-purple color that wouldn’t fully fade away until after a month or so. 
What made everything seem more miserable was the fact he had lost his manager, and he couldn’t fix himself up. He never learned how to treat his own wounds, which was stupid of course, but he always just depended on his manager to heal everything. 
He heard someone humming softly outside, their shoes dragging along the floor as they passed by his room. 
When he peered at the doorway, he saw you peeking in, a scared and nervous look etched on your face. 
“Bokuto?” Your voice was nearly a whisper. 
He grimaced as your eyes scanned his broken face. “What the hell are you doing back here? How did you- What the fuck?” 
“I was let in, I just wanted to like...I don’t know,” 
“Talk to me? Congratulate me on losing?” He was angry. Very. You saw that he was much more angrier than last time, much more. He couldn’t really do anything though. You noticed that if he moved even in the slightest bit, he winced. 
“No, not really. Akaashi doesn’t know I’m here just so you know. He thinks I’m hanging out at my friend’s house.” On the floor Bokuto’s clothes had a water bottle on top of them, as well as some money. Assuming it was money from some bets, you wondered how much money he earned on a daily basis just from this “career.” If this was even considered a career. Was it even legal? 
“The friend you’re with right now? The one who brought you here?” You nodded. “I don’t like them that much, neither Tanaka.” 
“Well I never really asked-”
“Can you just go? You’re making me more annoyed than I already am.” A frown grew on his face, “I don’t need your help.” 
“I never offered.” You then realized where you were, and who you were talking to. Why were you acting so calm? He was Bokuto. There was no point in really being nice to him anyways. He obviously didn’t care. So you turned your back towards him and began to walk away, crossing your arms in annoyance. 
Bokuto scoffed, “You’re so fucking dumb.” 
You stopped in your tracks surprised by his words, “I’m sorry, what?” 
“You heard me, I know you did.” He stood up and looked at you. “Why didn’t you listen? This place is dangerous, I don’t want you here and you should’ve gotten that when I told you. You’re the reason I lost.” 
This made you laugh a little, when you turned around his brows were furrowed together and he had that same angry look on his face. “Me? I’m the reason that you─︎ the person who was fighting─︎ lost?” You shook your head and chuckled, “I wasn’t even watching you.” 
Something in Bokuto’s face expression changed, you couldn’t tell what but he obviously didn’t expect you to say that. 
You tried not to look at any of the cuts on his body either, the two of you were just bathing in tension. But you couldn’t just insult him and then leave him in physical pain─︎ you weren’t that big of an asshole. Would he even appreciate it though if you helped him clean up, maybe not. Akaashi would definitely question Bokuto about everything, if Bokuto came over tomorrow and your brother saw any bruises, he would be totally confused and basically interrogate him. 
Your eyes scanned the room before they landed on a small first aid kit, as you went to go and get it Bokuto glared at you. He was lost as to what you were doing, why were you just walking around the room? 
“Go and sit down,” you ordered him to do, he didn’t at first, but when he saw you pick up the first aid kit he grabbed a chair and sat. You walked over to him while you opened up the first aid kit and grabbed some of the things inside. “I’m only doing this because you’re my brother's closest friend, nothing else.” 
“Do you even know what you’re doing?” He asked you, Bokuto glanced at the multiple bandages and alcohol wipes on the ground. You grabbed his water bottle and asked him if he had a clean washcloth or towel, he pointed to his backpack and you went to go get it. 
You zipped it open and began rummaging through it, “Of course, Keiji used to get really drunk at parties and come home hurt. I was usually the one to fix him back up.” 
When you found his clean towel, you scurried back over to him and sat down on the floor. The injuries on his torso were much worse than the ones anywhere else, so that’s where you first focused on. You poured some water onto the towel and wiped a cut as gently as you could, he winced a little and you jerked backwards. 
“Sorry,” you immediately said. He was pretty sweaty so you wiped around the cut, cleaning the outside of it carefully. After that you placed the towel on it, soaking up some blood before you took it off and poured some water on it. 
“Shit-” Bokuto twitched, he heard you apologize again, he wondered why you said sorry so much. Obviously it would hurt, there was really no need for you to say sorry. 
You found some ointment in the kit and slathered a little bit onto the wound, then covered it up with a bandaid. Repeating the process a few more times on the other cuts around his body, Bokuto soon had multiple bandaids placed on him. 
He was shocked at how gentle you were being as well, he noticed how hard you tried not to put too much pressure on anything, and you avoided touching any bruises on him. Even when you placed the bandaids on him, your touch was so light. 
“Are you coming over tomorrow?” 
Bokuto tried to shrug but he could feel the tension in all his limbs, “Not sure. I might be too sore to even walk.” 
“Mm,” you finished cleaning and covering all his cuts and sat back, “If you want to you can come over, I can help make these bruises hurt a little less.” 
“What about Akaashi?” 
“Um, well if he saw how badly hurt you are I don’t think he would mind me helping you out.” You snickered, Bokuto just nodded. 
“Oh,” he sighed and cracked his knuckles, immediately regretting it afterwards. “Do you need me to take you home? Or can that stupid friend of yours drive you?” 
You had totally forgotten about them. “Goddamit, they’re probably looking for me. Hold on, let me call them.” Pulling your phone you called your friend first, and when she didn’t pick up you decided to call Tanaka. Luckily he did pick up. 
“Hey, where the fuck did you go? We were trying to look for you but nope, you were missing!” Tanaka was laughing for some reason, you could hear some people singing awfully in the background. 
“Ah, um, I needed to talk to someone, are you guys still here?” Crossing your fingers you hoped that they didn’t leave without you, riding with Bokuto would just be...awkward. 
“Are we still there? Hell no, we took Atsumu to this karaoke bar restaurant place, I’m sure you can call someone else to pick you up right?” Tanaka spoke loudly into the phone. 
You peered down and uncrossed your fingers, “Oh, right okay. Sorry for asking, are yo-”
“Fucking Ats- I gotta go, just got vodka on my shirt. Bye!”
Bokuto’s head tilted a little at you, “What’d he say?” 
“They uh...they already left.” The disappointment was clear in your tone, you were sure it showed on your face too. “It’s alright though, I was supposed to stay near them but I didn’t so it’s partly my fault I guess.” 
“I’ll take you home then.” He winced as he got up, “Your brother will be asleep right?” 
You shrugged when you stood up, “Either that or he won’t be there at all.” 
“Why not?” 
“He parties a lot, I thought you would know that…?” Bokuto motioned towards his backpack and so you picked it up, shoving his water bottle and dirty towel into it as well. 
“I’m usually not hanging with him most nights, cause, y’know...this.” Gripping his backpack in his hand he began to walk towards an exit, you followed, ignoring the stares both you and Bokuto got from people who were lingering in the hallways. “Why don’t you move out anyways, isn’t Akaashi annoying to you? Plus you’re old enough to buy a house.” 
He pushed a door open for you and let you out, “Houses are expensive, I can’t find anyone who I’m willing to be roommates with, and finding a decent paying job around here is hard.” 
“What do you mean? I earn a couple thousand from my job like every week,” 
“You also earn a good amount of injuries from your job, everyday.” He didn’t laugh at you, all he did was get in his car and wait for you to sit in the passenger seat before turning it on. The car looked pretty much the same as it did last time you were in here, except it became just a tad bit dirtier. You noticed Bokuto still didn’t have a shirt on and he had his boxing trunks on too, “Do you um─︎ not have a shirt? Or...anything to cover up?” 
Bokuto almost did laugh at you this time, “A shirt? I’d rather not try and put on one right now, might mess up one of these patched up cuts you did.” He then pointed to one of the bandaids you put on him, “Besides, you’ve probably seen countless shirtless men before.” 
It was around 12PM and you were still laying in bed, not wanting to get up and shower or change your clothes. Keiji still wasn’t home yet and the house was silent, up until you heard the sound of the doorbell. 
You perked up, rubbing your eyes and fixing your hair with your fingers to make it somewhat nice. Expecting to see your brother or maybe some random delivery guy with a package, you slipped on your bunny slippers and stretched, slowly going down the stairs before opening the door. 
“Hi─︎” Your eyes widened at who you saw, “Bokuto?” 
“Hey,” he suddenly felt like maybe you changed your mind after last night and didn’t want him over anymore, or you just didn’t feel like tending to him. You looked very shocked when you saw him, Bokuto could tell you definitely just got out of bed. “Bad timing?”
“Yeah, no, well yes, but─︎ no...come in,” opening the door further you stepped backwards as Bokuto entered the house. 
“Your brother home?” He asked, you shook your head. “Where is he?” 
Shrugging, you replied with a simple, “I dunno.” 
“How do you not know where he is?” Bokuto took his shoes off and set them next to the door, having to hide his groan of pain when he slightly bent down to move them. 
“He wasn’t home when you dropped me off last night, and when I woke up, he still wasn’t here.” You briefly explained, though as troubling as that might’ve seemed you were ultimately quite used to it at this point. Coming home to an empty house and waking up to one wasn’t unusual, Keiji would come home around the afternoon either extremely drunk or extremely tired. “He’ll be home soon though, probably.” 
“Oh, alright.” Bokuto felt a little awkward...the two of you never had been alone together in this house before, Akaashi was always here. And now he wasn’t. It was weird for him mostly, because he barely knew you and knew you didn’t really like him anyways, so he didn’t know what to say. And it was so quiet too. 
“How are your bruises? Are they bad?” You walked to the kitchen to grab some water for yourself, sitting on the counter you watched as Bokuto limped when he came near you. 
“Red and a little purple already, some of my jaw has swelled up for some reason and my mouth always tastes like blood.” After he said that he gave you a tired smile, he was used to being in pain most of the time because of how badly his ex-manager treated him. He would slam a half-melted ice pack to Bokuto’s bruises and call it a day after 5 minutes, then would tell Bokuto that he had another match against someone the next day. 
“Have you showered?” Showering would help him with some of the soreness, it wouldn’t help a ton but it could definitely soothe him. A hot bath would be even better, maybe after the majority of his cuts healed. 
“Yep, and I replaced all the bandages after.” Bokuto took a seat by the counter and grimaced, the feeling of the water touching all his fresh and new cuts just made him squirm, it hurt so bad he literally had to back away from the showerhead for a moment to gather himself. 
“Did you eat breakfast yet, or lunch?” It was important that he ate too, after a match like last night he should keep his body full of food. Bokuto’s body was probably so fucking tired of the countless punches and beatings he took during boxing. 
“You ask too many questions, just do whatever you’re gonna do to my bruises and shit so I can go.” 
“Fine then,” going quickly back upstairs and grabbing a first-aid kit you had, you pulled out some ointment to put on his cuts and also a few bandages just in case some needed to be replaced again, then you grabbed two washcloths and one of your stuffed animals. When you went back downstairs and Bokuto caught sight of the plushie in your hand, he burst into laughter. 
“Why the hell do you have an owl stuffed animal?” He chuckled, shaking his head when you set it down in front of him. 
“For you to grab on when something hurts.” You scowled, “Would you like a different animal instead, Bokuto?” 
“No, nah this one’s good.” Rolling your eyes you placed everything else on the counter and opened the freezer, grabbing some ice cubes to wrap inside the washcloth. Carefully, Bokuto tugged off his shirt and showed off his array of wounds. 
Heading towards Bokuto you started off with a smaller bruise, this one wasn’t as visible as the others so far. After only one day you couldn’t believe how bad his bruises had already gotten. You placed the washcloth over it and applied a bit of pressure, when the tension in the swelling of his bruises slowly faded,  Bokuto’s body loosen up. 
He also loosened up at how once again, you were being so gentle with him. Making sure that you were putting a reasonable amount of pressure on the swelling, and softly peeling the bandaids up just so you could double-check the cuts. 
“Some of these we gotta clean again, and I’m gonna put some ointment on them too so they can heal up a bit faster. Also, tomorrow I want you to do this ice-pack stuff on any bruise you have. Then the day after that either take a warm bath for a while or hold warm washcloths over them, it’ll help.” 
Bokuto nodded, he glanced back over at the owl plushie next to him and disguised his humored smile by rolling his eyes. He didn’t think he would actually need it until he saw you grab an alcohol wipe, taking one of his bandages off and wiping the cut. 
His hands turned into tight fists as he nearly punched the counter, “Ow! Shit- what the fuck! Why did that hurt so fucking- shit.” He sucked in through his teeth.
“Sorry, I mean it’s obviously gonna hurt. It’s an alcohol wipe, dude.” You muttered, “Gonna wipe this other cut so prepare yourself I guess.” 
Bokuto cursed even more when you cleaned a few more of his cuts, at this point his fingers were practically digging into his palm. He honestly didn’t want to, but it would be useful, he grabbed the owl plush and nearly popped it’s head from how hard he was squeezing it. But it helped. 
You applied the ointment onto the cuts and covered them back up with fresh bandaids. “And there we go! Pretty much done, but you’re gonna need to rest for at least a week. You don’t have any matches for the next week or two, right?” 
He cracked his knuckles and frowned, “No, my whole body is in pain and I genuinely think if I went into another match anytime soon I’ll die. So the next two weeks are off, but I still need to train.” 
“Train? No, you need to rest.” 
“How do you expect me to stay fit if I’m just lying in my bed the whole day?” Bokuto complained, he wanted to cross his arms but he was pretty sure if he tried to, it would hurt. 
“Your body is pretty beat up and I’m sure a little bit of not doing anything will be fine. Just try not to do anything vigorous or whatever.” Cleaning everything off the counter you stared at the owl plush, its body was a bit deformed and so was the head. “What did you do to it!”
Bokuto looked back at the plush and snickered, “Oops.” He laughed at your annoyed face, “Why doesn’t it have a name?”
“Because, I couldn’t come up with anything.” You picked up the owl and began heading upstairs to put everything away.
“Should I stay or do you want me to go?” 
“Do whatever you wanna do, Bokuto.” 
Keiji had come downstairs laughing, “Party time!!” 
Earlier this afternoon when your brother had finally come home, he told you about the birthday party the both of you got invited too. It was for one of his friends, Yamamoto, and even though you weren’t specifically invited, you were expected to come. 
There would be at least one person you knew there, hopefully. 
So you got ready for this birthday party, putting some casual clothes on. The party would probably just be full of drunk people and sweaty, dancing bodies. Keiji was bringing a whole bag filled with various bottles of alcohol, as well as one family-size bag of chips. 
He drove the two of you to Yamamoto’s house, immediately getting out of the car when you arrived and greeting his friend happy birthday. You did the same and walked into the house. 
Glancing around it was obvious that there was no one here you knew, not a single person looked your way either. Everyone was already drinking, red plastic cups in everybody’s hand and some people were stuffing food into their mouths. 
“Gross,” you muttered under your breath. You then decided to just stay in a little area where no one really was at, pushing through the dancing bodies you successfully made it over to a corner, feeling a bit more safer and less crowded. 
A few minutes passed by, you weren’t being bothered by anybody yet. 
A guy stood in front of you and was clearly drunk, “Where you goin’?” His eyes raked over you and he licked his lips. 
Already, you were pretty fucking uncomfortable. “Uh, nowhere.” Being cornered by this random guy was something you did not want at all, so you tried to walk away, but he only grabbed you and pulled you back towards him. 
“C’mon, don’t act like a bitch. Want me to get you a drink?” His words were slurring together more, and the guy was swaying side to side a bit.
You looked around for Keiji, but he wasn’t anywhere near you. “No, can you just-”
“Just one drink, look, you can finish the rest of mine if you want.” He grabbed a cup from behind him, sloshing the random liquid inside it around. 
You didn’t even bother looking at the drink before declining it, pushing his hand away and turning around. Then suddenly the guy’s hand gripped on your upper arm and he pulled you closer towards him, his hot breath now hitting the side of your cheek and neck. 
“Don’t walk away from me, I was trying to offer you a drink, be nice.” He tucked a piece of your hair behind your ear, “If you’re headed towards a room, can I follow?” It didn’t sound like a question to you at all, it sounded more like a suggestion. 
You shook your head, “Let go of me,” his grip on you only tightened. 
“How ‘bout, a drink first.” The guy lifted the cup near your face, giving you a view of the unknown liquid that was in it. “It’s a good drink, trust me.”
“And trust me if you don’t let go of this girl right now, you’ll probably be dead.” Bokuto’s voice came from behind the guy, your eyes met with his stoic face, he was now standing to the side of the guy and had his arms crossed. 
“I’m sorry? Who the fuck are you?” Thankfully the guy let go of you, nudging you slightly away from him. 
“Drink it.” 
“If that drink in your hand right now is “good”, why don’t you drink it yourself?” Bokuto looked very annoyed. You recognized the look he had on his face, it was familiar to the look he had whenever he was boxing. 
Uh oh. 
“Shut up,” the guy had muttered to you, “I don’t understand why you interrupted our nice little conversation, what’s your name anywa-”
“Was the conversation nice? Because I’m sure I saw her trying to push you away.” You could see some people already starting to form a crowd around the two men and yourself. “Are you not going to drink that?” Bokuto pointed to the cup in the guy’s hand, “Or do you need me to make you drink it?” 
You tried looking for your brother but he was nowhere to be seen, not even in the visible crowd that was getting larger. 
The guy chuckled and furrowed his eyebrows at Bokuto, then, he raised his fist and swung at Bokuto. 
He missed. 
Bokuto dodged the punch and immediately hit the guy in his abdomen, causing him to hunch over and spill the drink. You covered your gasp with a hand and watched as Bokuto kicked the guy, before picking him up by his shirt and spitting on his face.
Now everyone was watching, phones were out and you were almost 100% sure you could hear some girl crying. 
You thought at this point the small fight was over, but no, the guy was able to stand back up and push Bokuto backwards. He insisted throwing another punch but missed, instead his fist hit thin air. 
The guy stumbled towards where you were and nearly bumped into you, but Bokuto grabbed him by his shirt again and punched his face. His nose was all bloody now, “You fucking asshole!” 
Bokuto smirked when he dodged another one of the punches, and didn’t realize how close they were to you before he swung again, instead of hitting his intended target, he hit you. Right by the shoulder, causing you to lean down a bit and wince. 
When Bokuto had realized who he hit instead, he immediately stopped. “Shit, I─︎ goddammit,” he grunted as he helped you up off the ground and pulled you away from the crowd, with an arm around your waist Bokuto guided you up the stairs quickly, making his way through the floor to find a random room without anyone in it. 
He opened the door to a room and was empty, he pulled you towards the bed, you were quietly cursing from the pain that was spreading down your arm. “How bad does it hurt?” He glared at him like he was stupid. 
“How bad do you think it fucking hurts?” 
“Sorry, I do punch just a little hard.” He snickered but stopped right away when he saw how irritated you seemed. “Are you gonna tell Akaashi?”
“Seriously? You accidentally punched me and I’m in pain...and the one main thing you seem worried about is whether or not I’m gonna snitch.” You nearly laughed at how funny this whole situation was, well it actually wasn’t that funny, getting punched by him was not really something you had planned on. 
“Right, yeah, you won’t tell him though right? ‘Cause like, if you he’ll either be super pissed at me or-”
“Can you shut up and get me an ice pack.” 
Bokuto sighed and got up, leaving you in the room as he went to grab you an icepack and also some water, he also tried to find Akaashi, but there was no luck with that. 
The scene downstairs had somewhat cleared, the guy was gone somewhere and the crowd was scattered around now. When Bokuto appeared at the foot of the stairs, some people turned their heads to look at him. 
As he made his way to the freezer to grab some ice, he noticed how people moved away from him even if they weren’t near him. Some widened their eyes in fear and some began whispering to their friends, he didn’t quite mind, not really. 
He took a ziploc bag from a drawer and filled it with some ice cubes, then grabbed a water bottle from the fridge before running back up the stairs. “Fucking weirdos,” he muttered. 
Once he opened the door to the room he found you had exposed the area he accidently hit, your shoulder now visible as you poked at it and winced. It didn’t look that bad, though he was sure it would swell up and bruise in a few days. 
“Was my brother downstairs?” You asked Bokuto when he handed you the ice pack. Keiji was either drunk as hell and sleeping somewhere, or he was doing...other things. But you would at the very least expect him to do something about a fight, especially if it involved his little sister. 
“Didn’t see him, but it seems like a few people went home.” Bokuto was sure that someone would tell Akaashi what happened, and sooner or later there was a lazy knock at the door. 
When it opened, Akaashi stumbled inside. “Woaahh, heard what happened, are you hurt?” He was fucking drunk. Very fucking drunk. He shut the door and then wobbled over to you, tilting his head at the ice pack pressed against your shoulder. 
“No shit, how much did you have to drink?” You asked, Akaashi just shrugged and then flopped onto the bed. 
“I found you a job,” he suddenly said. 
“Bokuto, tell me about your manager.” Akaashi waved a finger in the air at Bokuto, “Tell me!”
“I manager?” Bokuto said confused, he did not know where any of this was going. But he was glad Akaashi was drunk enough to not question his job, whatever it was. All Akaashi really knew was that Bokuto made good money and that he worked at night. 
“And you need a new one, right?” Akaashi glanced over at you, the idea clicking in his head. This was a business opportunity for you, if Bokuto made good money from his job then you becoming his manager would get you good money. He praised his drunk mind. 
“What?” You raised an eyebrow at him, moving the ice-pack a little bit up to your collarbone. You looked at your brother to see him pointing at Bokuto. 
“Guess what, new job.” Akaashi smiled. 
“Huh?” Both you and Bokuto said this at the same time, confusingly looking at a drunk Akaashi. 
“It’s perfect! Bokuto needs a new manager, and you,” he waved a finger at your face, “Are very managing and bossy and blah blah. Plus, you need to get more money so you can get the hell out of my house and get one for yourself.” 
“Wait-I-I’m not gonna be his manager.” 
“She literally cannot be my manager, Akaashi you’re drunk and being stupid, I think it’s a good idea if you shut up-“
“No, no, no, hear me out. My sister can keep her day job and then be your manager at night, she can do both I’m pretty sure. And also you get a new manager! Works out right!” 
“I-” Akaashi stood up before you were able to get another word out. 
“My genius self will be waiting in the car,” he made his way to the door, “Bokuto I expect you to drive me and my sister home safely!!” 
He left you and Bokuto in this random room alone. Both still trying to process whatever Akaashi just said. 
You...Bokuto’s manager...the two just did not sound good together. The idea was shit, but at the same time, it almost made sense? 
“We’ll talk about this tomorrow, get up and let’s go.” 
Work started in a few minutes, you were busy tying the back of your apron while your co-worker was handling the cash register. 
You worked at this small cafe, squashed in between two other buildings. It was on a busy street, so having many customers was ordinary. Today though, it seemed as if there was barely anybody out. Or maybe people today just preferred to make their drinks at home.
Dez, your co-worker, came panting into the break room where you were at. “I need to use the bathroom, badly. I know your shift starts in five minutes but do you think you could start now?”
“Of course, how many are in line?” Dez shrugged and ran off to the restroom, leaving you scurrying to the cashier. And to your surprise, the first person in line was none other than Bokuto. 
“There you are,” he muttered, “I’ve been waiting in line for a while now!”
You frowned at him, wondering how the hell he figured out where you work, and also why he was even here in the first place. “I─︎ Uh...may I take your order?”
Bokuto grinned and pointed at the menu, “I’ll take a large coffee and your favorite thing.”
“A large coffee and your favorite thing off the menu.” He repeated, pulling out a $20 bill and handing it to you. 
You looked at him blankly for a few seconds, not really knowing what to do. But after you typed in his order and the one item you always get off the menu, you finished his order. He left without saying anything, Bokuto just went to go sit at a table. Seat for two. 
Dez came back from the bathroom and let you go to make some drinks, since usually she was the one who did the cashier. 
Making Bokuto’s coffee was very easy, and making your drink was fairly easy as well. You set it down on the counter and called his name, walking away to fulfill the rest of the orders while he got the items. 
He spent the rest of your shift just sitting at the table, scrolling on his phone and answering a few calls as well. You weren’t sure what he was doing or why he was staying, but you were just thankful he wasn’t trying to bug you.
Well, he wasn’t planning on bothering you until after your shift. 
He had asked your co-worker what time your shift ended, and (un)luckily she told him. So he waited until that time, saving the second item he ordered for you. 
“Y/N,” he shouted from the table, you instantly turned your head towards him and cringed. Your apron was already off and you were planning on going to the break room, but seeing that he was gesturing his hand to the seat in front of him, you knew that he wanted a little talk.
You sighed and pulled the seat back, “What do you want?”
Bokuto pushed the drink towards you, “It’s a little melted but I’m sure you won’t mind. Got it just for you.” 
Eyeing him suspiciously, you took a seat. “Why are you acting nice?”
“Hm? Oh! No, no, this is my normal self.” He showed a cheeky smile, “Just wanted to talk to you.”
Suddenly his whole expression changed and he looked serious, “You can’t be my manager.”
Did he really expect you to want to become his manager?
You merely just scoffed and sipped on the drink, “I don’t want to anyways. You think I care about any of that boxing cra-”
“Shh! Jeez, you talk so loud.” He rolled his eyes as he shushed you, “Akaashi has been bugging me all morning about it. Apparently he forgot everything that happened last night except his suggestion, and he seems really intent on getting you a job.”
“He just wants me out of the house, huh?” You said, Bokuto surprisingly nodded. 
“I can see why though, you’re a real pain in the ass.” 
You slapped his arm, “Ow! Hey, I’m an injured man, fragile!” He grunted at you. 
“How did you know where I worked?” Akaashi never really told any of his friends about his personal life, let alone you. Bokuto was the only friend of Akaashi’s that really “knew” you. 
Bokuto didn’t answer your question, “Can I start boxing again? My body doesn’t hurt as much,”
“It’ll hurt more if you go back, you do know that right?” He was just beating up his body too much, probably without even realizing it. 
“I need to go back though,” he told you. 
“Do you?” 
He didn’t really need to go, neither did he want to. Bokuto was glad he was finally getting a little bit of a break. But money was being spent awfully fast, and it would be a matter of time before he was broke again. 
“Yes, actually.” Bokuto looked down, even though he could technically go back, it was gonna be harder without a manager to handle everything for him. He didn’t know how to arrange matches by himself, he was completely clueless on how to manage everything behind the scenes. He knew the basic gist of it, though. 
“Then go back if you need to, I won’t stop you, just warn you.” Glancing at the clock you saw that you only had a couple minutes left of your break.
“About what?” He saw you stand up, realizing that you needed to get back to work. 
“Getting hurt, Bokuto. I don’t like it when my friend’s get hurt that much, Keiji doesn’t either. And you seriously think you can hide what you do from him forever? He’ll find out eventually, especially if you always come over with some sort of new injury.” 
Bokuto stared at you, shocked at what you just said. Partly because you were right, Bokuto didn’t want Akaashi knowing about his job because he knew how much he would hate it. And he definitely wouldn’t be able to hide it from him forever, sooner or later he would find out. 
And secondly because he didn’t know the two of you were considered “friends” now. 
“Friends?” He said, you stopped in your tracks and turned back towards him. 
“I meant acquaintances, not friends.” 
You settled down in your bed all comfy, fluffing up the pillows behind you.
It was around 1AM now, and you were pretty tired. Work had stressed you out so much that you were nearly jumping from excitement when it ended. You turned off the TV and set the remote on your nightstand, but just before you were going to turn your lamp off someone knocked on your door.
“Keiji?” You said out loud. 
“It’s Bokuto, can I come in?”
You were surprised that Bokuto was still awake at this time, but what was even more surprising was why he was knocking on your bedroom door. He decided to stay the night, mostly because he was too lazy to drive back home especially at this time. 
“Uh, yeah,” the doorknob twisted and in came Bokuto, his hair all messy and his eyes were a bit droopy. “You okay?”
He closed the door behind him and nodded, “Just couldn’t sleep, so I went to get water but I saw your lights still on.” Bokuto laid on your bed and sighed, “And I’m bored and decided why not talk to you, maybe you’ll make me even more bored and help me fall asleep.” 
“I’m not boring,” you pouted, but he just laughed. His voice was rough and he definitely sounded tired, “You’re the boring one.” You said. 
“How am I boring? I’ve got a much more eventful life than you,” Bokuto looked at you, “Why are you awake anyways?”
“Couldn’t sleep either, I was just about to fall asleep though until you barged in.” 
“I didn’t barge in, I knocked.” He said before snickering, for some reason you felt your stomach… tingle? Like you had just gotten...butterflies in your chest. 
He had only just laughed a little and your mind went blank, his laugh wasn’t even that nice. It wasn’t. Why did it feel like you were trying to convince yourself of that? 
His hair too… he looked good with messy hair. 
What the fuck was going on with you? You shook your head and cleared your thoughts, “I assume Keiji is sleeping right now, which is why you chose to bother me instead of him.” 
“Mhm.” He grabbed one of your pillows and placed it under his head, taking in the sweet scent of your shampoo. 
You crossed your arms and laid down facing away from him, “Well I’m very tired, so I’m going to sleep.” Right after you said that you felt a pillow hit your head, “Hey!” 
“No sleep yet, stay up.” Bokuto swung the pillow at your torso and laughed, a soft smile playing on his lips. 
“You’re annoying,” 
“At least I’m not boring.” He seemed like a whole different person than the one you usually knew, Bokuto was being so playful and not acting like a complete asshole, but honestly he was pretty annoying most of the time. In a way he was also being somewhat nice. You guessed sleep deprivation was the cause for all of this. 
“I’m too sleepy to talk about anything.” You yawned, the mattress felt so comfy, so did the blanket over you, and the pillows under your desperately you wanted to sleep. 
“Then I’ll do the talking, you just listen, please?” 
“What do you wanna talk about?” 
Bokuto sat up a little, there were many things he wanted to talk about, but first he had a few questions. “You.” 
You glanced over at him, “Hm?”
“Okay, first thing, why have you not snitched on me yet? Like, with my boxing and everything, I still don’t get why you choose to keep it all a secret.” 
“There’s no point for me to tell anyone, so I don’t.” You say. It was the truth though, there was no real benefit to telling people about Bokuto’s (possibly illegal) job. Besides, you would probably get in more trouble Keiji found out where you were all those nights. 
Bokuto was thankful for your honesty, and also your ability to keep promises so well. But it also made him a bit worried, not for him, for you. He knew that he was a little mean to you. Not the rudest, but unfriendly per say. And he was confused as to why you let him be like that.
The more he thought about it, the more he realized out of the two “friends” he had seen you with, they both were shitty people. The friend who invited you to those boxing matches along with Tanaka, they always left you afterwards not caring about your safety or whatever. Tanaka wasn’t the best person either, Bokuto only knew this because of the things he would say to Bokuto after certain matches. 
Especially the matches where Bokuto went up against one of Tanaka’s friends and won. 
He realized that even your own brother wasn’t the most protective of you, mostly whenever he hosted parties.
“Why are you friends with such shitty people?” He suddenly asked, genuinely sounding curious. 
Your eyes widened at his question, both from shock and also shame. Because it was true. And you knew that. 
But you didn’t answer him. 
“Seriously though, and you apologize for a lot of things when you don’t need to, it’s stupid y’know-”
“I’m tired.” You groaned, sleepy Bokuto was bitchy. 
It seemed as if Bokuto was the only person in your life who actually kinda cared for you, specifically your safety. The times where you were at the boxing arena, the party, he was always there to protect you somehow. Without even knowing. 
He was so far, the only person who didn’t treat you like complete shit. 
Bokuto’s eye locked onto the owl plushie, it was sitting on the end of your bed nearly about to fall off, he leaned over and grabbed onto it. “Have you named this thing yet?” 
You sat up and saw the plush in his hand, “No, not yet.” 
“Hm,” the corners of Bokuto’s lips curled upwards into a smile, “Name it after me.”
“What?! Hell no, ’m not gonna do that.”
Bokuto chuckled and held the stuffed owl next to his face, “It kinda looks like me, huh?”
You couldn’t help but laugh as well, it actually did look like him, surprisingly. 
“Sure, whatever, it does.”
“Which is why it’s a great idea to name it after me!” The both of you laughed in harmony, then faded into a softer laughter when remembering that your brother was still asleep. 
“Fine, but if I agree to name it after you will you finally let me go to sleep?” Bokuto nodded and set the plush down, he was also pretty tired too, but he kinda wanted to stay up a little more to talk to you. “Then there, Bokuto the owl. Goodnight.” 
“Night, Y/N.” He watched as you yawned and snuggled back into bed, grabbing the owl along with you and hugging it. 
Sunlight peeked through your window as you rubbed your eyes, it was morning now, yet you felt so tired. 
Your head flopped back onto the pillows, it definitely was way too early for you to be up. Before you even yawned you felt some movement beside you, and then a little more, and then suddenly there was an arm creeping along your waist.
Bokuto snuggled his face into your back as he wrapped his arm around you, half awake to even realize what he was doing. You on the other hand, were completely aware of what was happening. 
The memory of last night washed over you, Bokuto sleepily talking to you and laughing. He must’ve fallen asleep on your bed. 
“Bokuto?” Whispering his name, you tried to loosen his grip around you. But when you attempted to peel off his arm, he just hugged you tighter. 
He mumbled an incoherent sentence into the pillow, groaning when you tried to get yourself out of bed. “Stay,” you heard him say. 
You froze right in place, “I need to get out of bed, Bokuto.”
“No you don’t.” 
Did he even know that it was you he was hugging? Did Bokuto even remember falling asleep in your bed? 
“Bokuto─︎ let me go, please?” Tugging your body away from him was no use, the more you tried, the more he clung onto you. 
“Ugh, just stay for a few more minutes.” He grunted, a bit of sunlight reached his face and he squinted from the exposure of light. The blinds were pretty open, why did you leave them open at night?
You sighed and glanced down at his arm, his hand reaching under your waist to keep your back pressed against his chest. He seemed perfectly comfortable. 
Maybe this wasn’t Bokuto though, he would never want to cuddle you at all. Wait...was this considering cuddling? You flinched at the thought. If your brother walked in your room at this moment, the amount of confusion he would be in. 
Two slow minutes had passed by and you said Bokuto’s name again, hoping to be free from him, but he just groaned more and complained. “It’s too early, and I’m already comfortable…”
“Bokuto, you do know who you're hugging right?” 
This got him awake, his eyes popped open and he immediately recognized his surroundings. Your pillows and sheets, your hair, your voice honestly should’ve been the first thing he recognized. Sleepy Bokuto was a fucking dumbass. 
He pulled away from you, gasping when he realized what he was doing. You...he was in your bed...and he was hugging you.
Though, he had to admit, it wasn’t honestly that bad. 
“Shit─︎ sorry, fucking hell.” Bokuto rubbed his eyes and sat up, rolling his eyes when he saw you do the same. “I must’ve fallen asleep here last night,”
“Yeah, probably.” You said in a mocking tone, no shit. 
“It’s your fault for having a comfy bed, otherwise I wouldn’t have slept here.” He watched as you stepped out of bed, stretching your limbs before standing up to go to the bathroom. 
“Just get out, Bokuto. Before my brother sees you and assumes we fucked or whatever.” 
And he immediately did, quietly stepping out of your room and heading downstairs. Thankfully Akaashi wasn’t awake yet, he was still soundly asleep in his room. Bokuto got himself a cup of water and began making some breakfast, he decided to make some for you as well, just to be nice.
He couldn’t believe he was in your bed, nor could he believe that he put his arms around you. And the worst part, he enjoyed it. Every second. A small part of his brain surely knew what it was doing, the other part, probably fucking not thinking at all. 
He liked the way it felt to hold you, though that sounded a bit weird, he had never held someone like that in a while. Last night was a little fun too, he was glad someone was willing to talk to him for a little bit, even if the conversation was not about much. 
Bokuto stopped his thoughts when you came striding down the stairs, wearing an awfully short shirt. Not that it was cropped or anything, the shirt reached right about mid-thigh. If you were wearing shorts underneath, he couldn’t see it. 
“You’re making breakfast?” You lifted up your arms a bit to stretch, exposing the bare skin on your thighs. You weren’t wearing shorts. 
Oh shit. 
“Uh─︎ Um, yeah, is y-your brother awake yet?” Bokuto coughed to cover up his stammering, he averted his eyes away from your body as he turned up the stove a little.
“Nope, still asleep. He’ll wake up in a couple minutes, or hours, you never know.” Sitting down on the couch you turned on the TV, letting Bokuto do whatever he wanted in the kitchen. 
“Hey, just a question,” he started, once he saw you turn around he cleared his throat and spoke again, “Are you gonna keep going back to that boxing place? That is, if your “friends” invite you again.” 
You hadn’t really thought about that, truthfully you didn’t care about that place. Plus Bokuto didn’t want you there, “Probably not, I mean unless I’m super bored then maybe.” 
He saw you turn back to the TV, after last night’s talk Bokuto felt like you needed to learn how to defend yourself. In case you were ever in trouble and he wasn’t near you, but he didn’t want to bring you back to that arena. 
“Okay, well are you free today?”
You lifted an eyebrow, “Huh?”
Bokuto quickly flipped the eggs in the pan, “Just wondering. If you are, well I was thinking about teaching you some boxing moves.”
Laughing, you faced him and gasped, “Boxing moves? As in, you want to teach me how to box?” 
He nodded. 
“What has gotten into you? First you’re all, “never come back to this place again!” and “I don’t want you as my manager!” And now you’re offering to teach me boxing...did I accidentally hit you in the head last night?”
Bokuto rolled his eyes, “You need to learn how to defend yourself from creeps and shit, and since I won’t be back in the ring for a while, why not help you out?”
A few seconds passed by before you answered, “1 hour. That’s all the time you have.” 
Honestly you did not really know where you were going, Bokuto just told you he was gonna drive you somewhere...and he never said exactly where. At first you thought he was going to take you back to that boxing arena, since he most likely did his training there. But when you saw the car come to a stop in front of a small house, that thought vanished. 
“Where are we?” You asked hesitantly, the house was in a quiet area, no one really around. How come you always somehow got yourself into sketchy situations? 
“My house, duh.” 
Bokuto got out of his car and headed towards the front door, you followed after him, glancing around at the surroundings. His neighborhood was actually pretty nice, it did seem a bit empty though, but maybe people weren’t home.
“Your house?” He pulled the door open and led you inside, “Woah…” His house was...clean? Definitely not what you were expecting at all, there were a few dishes in the sink though, but overall, it wasn’t that messy. 
He side eyed you as he walked you to his little training room. The walls were littered with posters, different sized punching bags in every corner, weights all stacked up on a rack, and a place for any of his gear. 
“Put on those gloves,” he pointed at a pair of boxing gloves on the floor. 
You walked over and picked them up, sliding them easily onto your hands. They did seem more fitted for Bokuto’s hands though. 
“We’re just─︎ just gonna start? Like, right away?” Flexing your fingers inside the gloves you saw Bokuto scoff. 
“Yeah, what else are we gonna do? Besides, you said I only have an hour, so I’m gonna make sure I don’t waste any of it.” 
He gestured to a regular punching bag, it was hanging from the ceiling and appeared to be a bit beaten up. Bokuto curled his fists and striked right in the middle of the bag, sending it swinging back and forth. 
“Do that.” He said. 
“I─︎” He steadied the punching bag and nodded, “What do you mean do that?” You stepped up in front of it, standing still not knowing what to do.
“Copy me,” Bokuto expected you to do as he said, but you didn’t, instead you just stood there absolutely clueless. “You never learned how to punch, haven’t you?” You shook your head. “Ah, right, well then.”
He showed you how to put your fists up, and then when you did he told you how your stance should be. It took at least two times before you were “properly” in a stance, “Like this?” 
“Good enough.” He tilted his head to the side, “Punch.” 
You threw a steady punch, sending the punching bag flying back and swinging back towards you. “You’re better than I expected,” you heard Bokuto say. “But go like─︎ extend your arm real quick for me?” 
You extended your dominant arm, shocked when Bokuto straightened it and turned your wrist. His touch elicited a sort’ve fire on your skin, or ice, or whatever the hell it was─︎it made you tense. 
“When you hit the target, make sure your arm is at least straight, do it.” He backed away a little as you striked the bag once more, hitting it harder than last time. “See? Better.” 
He taught you a few more basic moves, and after a couple minutes you were already tired. Your shoulder hurt the most, working your upper body whilst still having a healing bruise was probably not the best idea. 
When you hit the bag again, it accidentally went flying towards Bokuto and hit his arm, “You serious?” He said, furrowing his eyebrows at you. 
You suppressed a laugh, but then gasped when he pushed the punching bag back at you, chuckling as it hit you. 
“Bokuto!” You glared up at him, he did it again, and again, until you were both playfully trying to dodge each other’s attempts at fighting. He laughed as he walked towards you, gently poking your sides. 
Using the bulky glove on your left hand you bonked the top of his head, bursting into a fit of laughter. 
“Oh, two can play that game.” He sent you into a laughing frenzy as he began chasing you around the room, poking you when he got close enough. 
You accidentally stumbled over something on the floor and nearly fell, when you opened your eyes, you were in Bokuto’s arms. 
The two of you just stared at each other, your mouth partly open while his lips were trying their best to keep a smile from growing. His arms were hugging your body, keeping you off the floor by a few inches. Bokuto’s hold was...warm. His whole body radiating heat and making your cheeks warm up too...or maybe...your cheeks heated up from the close proximity between him and you. 
Chests nearly touching each other, faces awfully close, his hands holding your body tightly. You were too afraid to say anything for some reason and couldn’t muster up enough courage to speak. 
Bokuto felt completely flustered. He had never really been this close to you before, never realized how...beautiful you were. The softness of your lips, he could not help but look at them. His eyes could not tear their gaze away from your lips, and you noticed. 
“B-Bokuto,” you softly spoke, freezing up when his eyes flicked back up to yours. The warmth in your cheeks was overwhelming. 
He said nothing, though. Because he had felt like he had almost forgotten how to speak. 
Bokuto’s grasp tightened, “C-Can I kiss you?” 
You swallowed and nodded lightly, your brain suddenly going blank when you felt his lips press against yours. The feeling of your whole body just melting in his arms was something you never had felt before, his kiss was gentle. 
He couldn’t help but notice how sweet your lips tasted, how comfortable it was to hold you. When he pulled away, his cheeks were a warm vermilion shade. 
You carefully stood up, gazing down at the ground not knowing where to look. He still had his arms around, but they had lowered to your waist. Once he realized that he was still holding you, he let go, and backed away.
But for some reason, his arms felt empty now. 
“S-Sorry,” you muttered, too flustered to look at him. 
Bokuto fumbled with his fingers, not knowing what to say. 
You finally looked at him, only to see him momentarily glance away, “You should uh, I─︎ I should get going.” 
Couldn’t you maybe stay for a little longer? Bokuto hoped, though he was so confused now. He wanted you to stay. But at the same time, he felt like it would be better if you left so he could compose himself and clear his mind.
And figure out why the hell that kiss was the best kiss he had ever had. 
“Right, mhm, I’ll drive you home.” That was a bad idea. Driving you home would only mean being in a tighter space together, the atmosphere would be suffocating. 
You realized that, and suddenly─︎ desperately wanted to walk home. 
Because you needed to find out why you wanted to kiss him again so badly. 
“Keiji will be wondering where I am, and stuff.” 
“So─︎ I don’t want him worrying and asking me anything.”
“No, no I get it, yeah.”
He was stalling, wasn’t he? 
“Or I can ask my friend to pick me up, either way is fi-”
Bokuto shook his head, “I’ll call Akaashi, tell him that we were talking about you becoming my new manager and such and that he needs to pick you up. He won’t question it, I promise.” 
“Okay, um, sounds good.” 
You spent the whole next day just pacing back and forth in your room, saying how stupid it was of you to kiss him, how even more stupid it was of you to like it. 
Akaashi actually didn’t question anything either, when he picked you up he just rambled on about his own personal life. He never asked why you were at Bokuto’s house. Maybe he just didn’t want to really know the answer to that, even if it wasn’t a bad one. 
Bokuto hadn’t come over for at least a day, more like a few hours. Not until you heard the doorbell ring one night and Bokuto’s voice downstairs. Him and your brother hung out for a while before Bokuto decided to head back home. And that’s how it was for the past two weeks, you staying cooped up in your room whenever Bokuto was over.
You even kept your door locked, afraid that he would knock and come in to try and talk to you. He walked past your room a few times, and you saw, but you did nothing. 
Practically ghosting him after he kissed you was not the best idea, you realized. It just made you seem like a bitch in a way, truthfully though, you were just utterly terrified of having to face him. Fearful of the fact that you would most likely faint, or burn up again, or be too shaken up to speak that you would run away. 
In reality, you were just ultimately afraid to embarrass yourself. 
“Y/N!” Keiji shouted from the other side of your door, “Can you please come out now? Bokuto left,” your brother had no clue why you suddenly were avoiding his best friend. He assumed that maybe the two of you had a bad talk when you were at his house, for whatever reason. 
“He is?” You climbed out of bed, stretching out your limbs and fixing your hair. 
“Mhm, you’ve been in your room all day, at least get something to eat or drink.” Your brother wriggled the locked door knob, “Why is this thing locked? You sneakin’ in boys up here? Hm? Hiding som-”
“Just shut up already, Keiji.” You said to him as you opened the door. 
He squinted at you and peered into your room, appearing pleased to see that there were no other humans inside it other than you. “Drink some water, and eat, I ordered some food.”
You pushed passed him and went down the stairs, yawning as you reached the end of it. Going into the kitchen you grabbed a cup of water and easily drank it, going to refill it. Then you opened the freezer and peered into it. 
Shocking...your ice cream had gone missing. “Keiji! Where did my ice cream go-” 
There he was. The one person you were trying to ignore. The one person who your brother said was gone. 
But there he was, hanging his arm loosely around a random girl, his eyes set on you. The girl was touching all over his body, running her fingers over his shirt, tracing his ab lines that peeked through the thin material of his shirt. Bokuto’s lips twitched, a devious smirk teasing them. 
You sighed and took the cup of water, pushing the sudden feeling of unwanted jealousy down to your chest, which only made it worse. 
“Hey, Y/N, come sit with us for a little.” His stupid voice rang through your ears, you turned to see him waving at the couch closest to him. 
“I was actually gonna go back upstairs, need to do something.” The grip you had on the cup tightened as the girl sitting beside him looked at you. Her lips swollen, obviously from most likely making-out with him. This jealousy shit was getting fucking irritating. 
“Ah, c’mon. You can’t hangout for even a minute?” Bokuto finally showed a smirk, “Just wanna introduce you to my friend here.” He never took his gaze off you as he quickly kissed the girl on the cheek. You were flaming up. 
Taking a step on the first stair, you shook your head and scowled, “No actually, I’m busy. I have friends too, y’know?”
“Right, right, ah well. Too bad though, I’m sure you and my little lady would’ve gotten along.”
You stormed up to your room angry. Once again pacing back and forth, questioning yourself entirely on why you were feeling this way. Jealous. Nervous. 
Why for some reason, you wished you were that girl beside him instead. 
Being petty was something you rarely thought about, mainly because you never felt like there was a need to. 
But Bokuto had just gotten you so stressed out that you decided it would be fine to maybe be a little petty, just a little. 
Your brother was inviting some of his friends to the beach, which of course included Bokuto, and he was most likely going to invite that girl as well. At first when Keiji had asked you to come, you declined. There would be no one you could talk to and it would honestly just be awkward. 
And then Sugawara called you. 
That’s when the idea popped up in your head. Now, you knew it was pretty silly of you to do this...but why not? 
You were stuffing two towels into a duffel bag while Sugawara laid on your bed, talking about random things to you. He was excited when you had invited him to go with you, saying that it had been a while since he had gone to the beach. You also invited Tanaka and your friend, but they said they would meet you there at the beach.
“Make sure to pack my extra clothes, oh and yours too.” He reminded you. 
“They’re in here already, I’m pretty sure we’re all set.” 
There was suddenly a knock at the door, causing the both of you to turn your heads. “Is it your brother?”
You shrugged and began walking towards the door, “Maybe.” Expecting to see Keiji, you opened the door and gasped, it was none other than Bokuto.
“Hey,” he said grumpily, “Need to ask for a favor.” Bokuto strided inside your room, “Do you think you can-”
“Hi! You’re Bokuto, right?” Suga waved from your bed, he had a friendly smile on his face as he sat up to greet Bokuto. 
Bokuto had to ball up his fists inside his pockets to hide his frustration, why was he here? Why was this guy on your bed, too? And why the hell was he shirtless?
He faced you and groaned, “Nevermind.” 
Before he could leave Suga shouted out his name, standing up to pick up the duffel bag, “Ah, I can bring this down to the car now Y/N,” Then he just left.
Leaving you in your room alone with an obviously angsty Bokuto.
It was silent for a few seconds. Not a word said as the two of you stared at the ground. 
“You invited him?” Bokuto scowled, “You have to be kidding.”
“Is there a problem with me inviting someone?” Judging from his obvious facial expressions (that he was clearly having a hard time hiding) you could tell he did have a problem with it. Bokuto looked jealous. Just as you hoped. 
“Y─︎No. No, there’s not.”
“Okay then,” you scoffed and went to put on your shoes. 
“I─︎I need you to cover up my bruises.” 
Your eyes widened and you stopped what you were doing. 
“With that makeup shit you have, I dunno. I just don’t want anyone to see them and ask me shit.” Bokuto sat on your bed and winced, wondering if you and Suga had done anything beforehand. 
You looked over at him, debating whether or not you should do it. 
“Fine.” You weren’t mean, no, and you understood why he wanted to cover up any of his bruises. So you would just do it quickly, slap some concealer on and then tell him to leave. 
Grabbing some of your makeup, you tossed them onto the bed and then laid them out. Bokuto tugged off his shirt, hoping to see some kind of response or expression on your face when he did, but you seemed like you didn’t care. 
You began to cover up a bruise, blending the concealer out and reapplying until the bruise was no longer there. Then you continued to do this, trying your best not to touch him too much. 
“What’s that?” He asked many times, pulling his head back whenever you had an item in your hand. You always responded and explained what it was, and what it would do. Apparently this thing called ‘concealer’ was the miracle shit, the thing that would help cover up all the bruises that would be visible. 
It felt a little weird at first when you applied it on him, Bokuto didn’t like the way it felt. But as soon as you began blending it out, he glanced in the mirror and gasped when the bruise slowly started to disappear.
Your hands were cold against his skin, you ran your fingers over the half-way covered bruised and nodded, “I’m almost done here, just make sure to not really get wet or anything.” 
He surprisingly didn’t flinch at your touch, instead he unconsciously leaned into it, feeling his skin light up whenever he felt your finger graze over his torso. It was odd, and once he had realized what he was doing you had already moved onto another one of his bruises.
The two of you sat in a comfortable silence. You covered him up while he just watched and examined everything, gaping in awe at the mirror when his injuries began to go away. 
Arriving at the beach you immediately saw your friend laying down on a towel, soaking up the sun while Tanaka drank a beer. They spotted you and called you over, Suga greeted them before going to help out Keiji bring out the coolers and some other things.
Bokuto saw Tanaka and wanted to scream. Him. You had to invite him as well. And his stupid little girlfriend. The two people who had left you in that dangerous place, expecting you to just drive home yourself or something.
God, how dumb were you?
He stayed close by as you spoke with them, doing his best to ignore Sugawara mindlessly flirting with you, and laughing when you didn’t notice. Bokuto smiled at your clueless face, but whenever he felt or heard the girl next to him, that smile instantly vanished. 
She was just a replacement, and she knew that. He didn’t get why she let him use her, she saw the way Bokuto watched over you. “Go and talk to her, you just look like a creep.” 
He chose to ignore her as well. 
Bokuto just sat in a chair, letting his friends and Akaashi have their fun while he gazed at you. Curiously trying to listen to your conversation, make sure none of them said anything mean to you or rude. Around people like Tanaka, Bokuto had this sudden urge to want to protect you.
Maybe he was even starting to fall for you.
Because the more he admired you, the more he realized how much he wanted you. That time when he had caught you before you were able to fall, and that was a moment he desperately missed.
Bokuto rubbed his eyes, he couldn’t fall for you. He shouldn’t. 
He just thought you were pretty, that’s all, right? I mean it really meant nothing, everyone must’ve found you pretty. ‘Cause you were. 
“Y/N, you should stay away from that Bokuto guy.” His ears perked up at the sound of his name, bitterly coming out of Tanaka’s mouth. 
“Hm?” You had said, crossing your arms over your body as a gust of wind came your way. 
“He’s not the best, guy boxes for a living, he’s dangerous too. You should know that.” Tanaka took a swig of beer before continuing, “Saw him beating up a guy last week, nearly killed ‘em.” 
“Really?” You quickly glanced at Bokuto, seeing him look away when you did. 
Tanaka began explaining to you what happened, and what the guy had looked like. His description of the dude oddly reminded you of the dude who harassed you at Keiji’s party. 
“Oh, well thanks for letting me know.” You muttered, suddenly feeling awkward. 
“You asshole,” Bokuto stood up and headed over to where you were, calming himself down as he glowered at Tanaka. “I need to talk to her, steal her for a moment. Do you mind?”
Bokuto extended his hand down at you, restraining himself from balling it up into a fist and punching Tanaka. And maybe Sugawara too. 
You hesitated for a bit, looking at Bokuto’s hand and his angered face. “Can’t you just talk to me here? I doubt it’s that importan-”
He grabbed your hand and pulled you up, yanking you away from everyone. “Bokuto─︎ Why did you do that?” You wiggled your fingers in his grip. He had pulled you far enough from everyone that you could barely see them. 
“I’m taking you home,” his keys magically appeared in his hands, “We are gonna have a talk on the way there.” 
“You brought your car?” You thought he drove with Keiji or another one of his friends, but obviously that wasn't true when you suddenly spotted his car. 
“Y’know you ask a lot of questions, it gets irritating.” Bokuto dragged you to his car and opened the passenger door, waiting for you to get in. Once you did he slammed it shut, rushing his way to the driver's seat. 
“Won’t they wonder where I am?” You felt bad leaving Sugawara with them, he barely knew your friends neither did he know your brother that well. It would probably be awkward on the way home for him. 
Bokuto started up the car as soon as you put on your seatbelt, driving so fast that you were all of sudden in front of your house. Someone was a bit angry. 
He got out and slammed his door, walking around the car to open your door. “Out of all the people, you had to invite them? Tanaka? Him too?” You shuddered at the tone in his voice, “They don’t even like you.” 
You flinched, displeased at his words. “What makes you think they like you?”
All he did was laugh at you, “I know they don’t like me, I’m not fucking stupid, unlike you. You still hang around them even though they treat you like complete shit─︎you don’t deserve it.” He said that last bit under his breath, hoping you didn’t hear it. 
“I seriously don’t get you Bokuto, one minute you’re kissing on some random girl and the next you’re telling me I need better friends. Why do you care for me all of sudden? I didn’t think-”
“Can I not care?” Bokuto stalked towards you, when he realized how tight his fists were he groaned, unraveling them and flexing his fingers. “Her lips felt nothing like yours, and I’ve kissed her more than you.” 
“Then why-“
“You were ignoring me, what did you expect me to do?” He was so frustrated with you, why were you acting like this? When you were the one who chose to ignore him? You couldn’t blame him for feeling this way, “If the kiss was that bad you should’ve told me, but you said nothing.” 
“I-I didn’t know what to do! I was nervous, Bokuto.” You felt your back press up against a wall, body tense and stiff, you gulped as Bokuto inched nearer to you. 
“So was I. I was even more nervous when you wouldn’t come out of your room. When you wouldn’t talk to me.” Even when he knocked, expecting you to maybe open it and ask what he wanted. You telling him to go away would’ve been fine as well. 
He had never kissed a girl and felt so─︎affected, so goddamn affected by it. And when you ignored him afterwards, it only just affected him more than he ever thought it would. 
“I didn’t know what to say,”
“Well you could’ve said something, at least.” Bokuto had both of his palms pressed against the wall on either side of your head, his body was close, closer than last time. 
“I wanted to kiss you again. I still do.” 
It felt like someone had just vacuumed all the air out of your lungs, out of your whole body.  
“Then do it.”
“Fuck,” one of his large hands rested against your jaw, tilting it just a bit before his lips met with yours. This kiss felt nothing like the first one, in fact, this was anything but gentle.
A mellow whimper left your mouth as his tongue pressed between your lips, entering the warm cavern of your mouth. His hands slowly dropped down the sides of your body, finding place onto your hips, squeezing and rubbing at the area as he continued to elicit sighs and gasps from you.
When you parted, his face was flushed, all the way up to the tip of his ears. Your hand grabbed at his shirt, “Kou- more,” you pleaded with glassy eyes.
He said nothing more as you two rushed up the stairs, quickly entering your room and locking the door behind you. You fell back onto the bed, he toppled over after you, catching himself on his hands. 
His large frame caged you in. You locked wrapped your legs around his torso, attempting to bring him closer. “So impatient, hm,” he teased. He sat back onto his legs, breaking your legs apart from each other.
You watched as his eyes glazed over your form, the way your chest rose and sank with each heavy breath. His hand came to rest on your pelvis, his thumb dangerously close to your heat. You swallow as you watch his thumb lower down onto your swollen clit. His owl-like eyes observing every little twitch of your legs, every time your eyebrows slightly crinkled, and every time your breath hitched.
He loved every second of it. 
He rubbed smooth circles into the bud, listening to the way your wetness sounded through the fabric of your clothes. “You’re teasing me,” you complained. 
“No ‘m not, just need to make sure-”
“Please, I just need you.. So bad,” you turned your head in embarrassment. He let a laugh escape as he made quick of your bottoms, throwing them somewhere on the floor. 
You felt your face warm up as he stared so intently at your cunt. He sat up to take his own pants off, his cock slapping against his stomach almost immediately. You felt your head get lighter at the sight of him. It was mouth watering, the girth bigger than anything you’ve felt, and the length definitely longer than your fingers. 
He leaned back over you, his hand on his dick as he guided it to your entrance. “Are you ready?”
“Of course, I am. You act like-'' All your words cut short as the tip of his cock began to press into you. Your cunt stretching wide─︎ too wide─︎ to allow his cock to fit into you. Your legs tightened around his waist as he continued to push in. 
“Oh─︎ fuck, fuckk,” you squirmed against him, borderline crying as he bottomed out inside you. Your walls twitching around him, still attempting to get used to his size. 
“You’re so tight, Jesus,” he dipped onto you, kissing and nipping at your neck. Allowing you the time to get comfortable. He sucked at your shoulder, anywhere that he had access to. Unknowingly, one of his hands had begun to massage your breast. Kneading the soft flesh, nimble fingers flicking the perked buds.
Your body relaxed against him, “Please move, Kou,” your hands wrapped around his neck, pulling him down towards you. He rested on his elbows as he began to grind his hips into you at a slow, sensual pace. You could feel every vein that protruded from his cock, every throb, every time the head of his dick bumped into your cervix. 
You whined into his neck as the pace slowly got faster, but not too fast. It was a steady pace, his hand rested on your chest as some sort of leverage. “Aah─︎ feels so so good─︎” you whine.
“Y/N, holy shit,” he grunted into your ear, your cunt clenched involuntarily at his voice. Your eyes squeezed shut as his dick scraped against the spot that had you nearly screaming. His hands reached between your heated bodies, finding your swollen, wet clit once again. He rubbed at the bud as he sank his cock into you over and over again.
Causing the sweetest moans and words of pleads to come out of your mouth. “Fuckin’ hell, I’m gonna come, where should…”
“Inside, please- God-” 
“Are you sure-”
“Yes!” your nails dug into his back as he drove you closer to your orgasm. “Kou- I’m gonna-”
Bokuto shut you up with another kiss, your eyes rolling to the back of your head as he pumped himself once, twice, and another final time before his hips pressed against your ass. You nearly choked him with your arms as you came around his cock, trembling legs struggling to stay around him. 
He groaned as he pulled away, leaving you empty. His head went lax against your shoulder as he came all over your stomach. “Christ…” his voice was hoarse.
Your arms fell back onto your sides, legs finally relaxing against the sheets. Soft sighs left your mouth at your post-orgasmic state. Bokuto inhaled as he sat up, reaching over to your bedside table for a tissue, wiping away at the mess he made.
Laying still on the bed, you began to feel the cold air around you cool your skin. The both of you stayed quiet while cleaning up, and surprisingly, it wasn’t awkward. 
But it hadn’t hit you yet...what you had just did. 
Not until Bokuto began tugging on his shirt, “No one has to know about us,” he said, “I know how your friends feel about me. I don’t expect their opinion to change either.” With his back facing you, Bokuto ran a hand through his head and sighed. 
What did he mean by us? 
“We─︎we aren’t dating though, none of them know─︎”
“Sugawara thinks we are. I can’t really see how he thinks that, but he does. And he doesn’t like me.” Bokuto explained, “Your co-worker too, shockingly...when I asked if you were working she looked at me like I was some weirdo, even when I told her I was Akaashi’s friend.” 
Your fingers dug into the soft duvet beneath you, Bokuto still didn’t look at you as he put his pants on. 
“Tanaka hates me, though I doubt the two of you are really friends. And his little girlfriend he got─︎” he scoffed, “She fucking hates me.”
You glared at Bokuto, wondering why he even cared about what your friends thought about him. Again, you guys weren’t dating. He never showed public affection towards you─︎there was no reason for him too, anyways. And he didn’t have feelings for you, at least not romantically. 
“Are you going to” Your words came out as a whisper, pulling the sheets over your body to try and warm up. 
Bokuto finally faced you, “Well last time we did something, you ignored me. I was expecting you to do it again.” 
You shook your head, “I won’t, I wasn’t thinking properly at the time.” Truthfully, it seemed like even now you still weren’t thinking properly. 
“So, you’re asking me to stay?” 
He looked at you unexpectedly, feeling happy you actually wanted him to be with you. To stay in your room after...whatever the hell you guys just did. He was glad you didn’t seem that embarrassed, or at least you didn’t show that you were. 
Bokuto smiled and crawled into bed next to you, propping a pillow under his head before he yawned. “When I wake up, I’m hoping you’re still next to me.” 
You saw your shirt tossed on the ground beside your bed and picked it up, “I’ll still be here.” Bokuto hummed in response and sank into your bed. 
Looking at the blinds, you realized it was beginning to get dark and Keiji hadn’t come home with his friends yet. Your phone hadn’t rung either, indicating that none of them texted or called you to ask what happened. 
Bokuto’s words resonated in your head, “They don’t even like you.”
As you fell back onto the bed, cuddling up the blankets tighter, the realization finally hit you of what just happened. You and Bokuto. Abruptly just...fucking. Out of nowhere. Shit, you would have to come up with excuses in the morning for sure. Prepare for the intense questioning you were gonna get by your brother, and possibly Suga as well...maybe even Tanaka. 
“What did we just do?” You asked Bokuto, though in reality, you were mainly asking yourself. 
When you didn’t hear Bokuto respond, you glanced over at him and sighed—he was asleep.
Morning came by fast, the sun reaching through the small cracks in your blinds and flooding your bedroom. 
The house was still silent, apart from the sound of Bokuto’s soft breathing and your yawn. The both of you were still alone. 
You rubbed your eyes, taking a glance at the time to see it was already around noon. “Holy shit─︎” You had work in about 30 minutes. 
Getting up out of bed, you rushed to the bathroom, rinsing your face before taking a brisk shower. You did some basic hygiene before rushing back into the bedroom, finding Bokuto awake. 
“I thought you said, “I’ll still be here” last night?” He groaned, ruffling his fingers through his bedhead. 
“I did, but I did not expect to wake up at 12PM, Bokuto.” You hurriedly tossed on some clothes and slid on your sneakers. “My work starts in─︎” glancing at the clock, you only had about 15 minutes left before you needed to leave. “Soon!” 
Bokuto laid in your bed, holding the sheets close to his body while you frantically got ready for work. It was kinda funny to him, seeing you so panicked. 
“I’m going back,” he said, causing you to turn your head towards him, “To the arena, just wanted to tell you.”
“Oh, but your injuries are still bad, are you sure?” Bokuto nodded, he felt fine enough. Besides, you would be there to patch him up─︎hopefully. 
“I need money, can’t keep living off Akaashi.” He chuckled lowly, being reminded of how generous your brother was with his money. 
You got your phone and wallet, 10 minutes. “But I thought─︎don’t you need a manager for it? Your last one…”
Bokuto sat up and huffed, “I actually-” he was struggling to get the words out of his mouth, purely from anxiety on what your answer could be. “I want you to uh, be my manager.” 
You nearly dropped your phone, “Bokut- I can’t─︎I wouldn’t be able to.” 
Of course he got the answer he was desperately trying not to get. 
“Why not? You would only need to really work at night, you don’t even need to go to any of my matches if you didn’t want to.” Bokuto felt a bit embarrassed. “I just thought y’know, you’d be good at it.”
“And I thought you didn’t want me to go back to that place, Bokuto.” 
Shit. You were right. He said that before...probably multiple times as well. But people can change their minds, he changed his. And when he thought about the idea of you becoming his new manager, he made sure it would be reasonable and safe─︎ especially safe. 
He would make sure you were around one of his friends, people he trusted and knew trusted him. They could keep you safe from all the creeps everywhere and also from any danger that crawled your way. He also would let you get a bigger portion of his earnings, not that it was necessary, but he remembered how you wanted to move out. Giving you more money would be beneficial. 
And he knew he would win the matches if you were there, motivation, you would be his motivation. 
“I planned it all out, don’t worry. You’ll even have security guards.” That wasn’t a joke, his friends knew how to box as well, so technically they were security guards. “And Akaashi wouldn’t know either, he won’t ask.”
You thought about it, thoroughly. And honestly, the idea didn’t really seem that bad. You would definitely be able to get more money and save up for an apartment, and the job was at night, so you could still work your day job. Which you actually needed to leave for right this instant. 
“Fine, sure, but I gotta get to work so I’ll see you later?” Bokuto nodded as you ran out the house. 
You didn’t know “later” meant Bokuto coming to your work an hour after you left, he smiled at you as he stood in line. Groaning, you couldn’t really do much, as you had a stack load of orders coming in every second. Today was a particularly busy day. 
He ordered the same thing as last time, plus a few other pastries that he planned to eat while he waited for your shift to end. 
During your break he wanted to talk to you, explain the rules of being his manager and the things you would be required to do and know. It honestly wasn’t much, just an explanation on how to do everything, probably take a few minutes if you listened. 
Bokuto sipped on his coffee as he sat in the corner, scrolling on his phone waiting for you. 
“Excuse me, Bokuto,” an oddly recognizable voice rang in his ears. 
When Bokuto looked up, he nearly split his drink. “Ushijima?” 
He pulled the extra seat out and sat down, propping his folded hands on the table. “Haven’t seen you box in a while, what’s that about?”
“Needed a break.” Bokuto glanced over at you, you were distracted enough to not notice Ushijima’s presence in the cafe. “Why are you here?”
“Wanted coffee, why else?” 
You looked at the screen displaying all the orders you needed to do, eyeing a name you swore you’d seen before. “U-Ushiji-” Your eyes went wide at the realization. 
Just as you turned around to look through the crowd of people in the shop, you spotted Bokuto sitting in the corner accompanied by another figure. One that had been in the ring with Bokuto before.
“So then go wait for your order, I don’t see why you had the nerve to come and talk to me.” Bokuto scolded, he felt his fists curl up when Ushijima laughed. 
“Bokuto, don’t be so salty. I beat you, ‘the champion.’ But that doesn’t mean it hurt your reputation,” Ushijima said briefly. “And somehow I was able to knock you down, rookie verses champion.” 
If there weren't this many people here right now, Bokuto would lean over and punch the living shit out of this asshole.
“I can tell you’re still angry at that though, aren’t you?” 
Bokuto gulped, a scowl etched into his face, Ushijima was right. Bokuto was fucking enraged at the result of his previous two matches. When he could’ve easily won them, he ended up losing. 
“Ah, don’t respond, it’s fine.” Ushijima laughed once more before leaning into the chair, “We can have a rematch, if that’s what might ease your stress.”
“Rematch?” Bokuto had never had a rematch against any of his past opponents, mainly because whenever he suggested they could, they all wimped out and declined. 
But now he was the one getting offered a rematch, and even though he wanted more time to think about it...saying that to Ushijima just sounded stupid. 
“Yup, you can schedule it anytime. And we can fight again. Let all your anger out.” He added, Ushijima could see Bokuto considering his idea, it made him glad. Tanaka was right, Bokuto had a strong pride when it came to boxing, specifically his title as champion. He would even do a rematch if it meant gaining a better reputation. 
Bokuto scoffed, was this guy really willing to box again?
Nonetheless, Bokuto agreed. 
“Good,” Ushijima heard his order getting called out, “Just have your manager talk with mine. I’m sure it will be a great fight, even if you lose again.” 
Your shift had ended and you rushed over to Bokuto, instantly asking him what Ushijima was talking to you about. 
“I’ll tell you after I explain your new job, it’s more important than what that bastard said.” Bokuto leaned forward on the table as you sat down, grabbing one of the pastries he ordered for you and stuffing it in your mouth. Thankfully your break was a bit longer today, the customers had died down and it wasn’t as busy, so your co-worker said she could handle it by herself for a while. 
“I doubt there’s a lot I need to know about becoming your manager, shit seems easy.” 
You were completely wrong about that. Bokuto spent about 15 minutes telling you about the basics, the stuff you would be in charge of handling; planning out his matches and taking care of any money that Bokuto got from bets, as well as writing things down that he did in a match that needed some improvement. 
You would also need to do some research on the opponents he would be going up against, so that he knew what he should focus on and their fighting habits. 
“Is-is that all?”
Bokuto snickered, “Nope.” 
He then went on to explain everything else you needed to know; the layout of the whole arena and where you would be going, the people you would be talking to and the owners of the whole underground arena. He told you about the dangerous stuff too, warning you to stay away from basically everyone whom he didn’t approve of. And creeps.
“That’s important, stay away from creeps. If some drunk guy comes up to you and tries anything, you either call me over or tell Konoha or Washio.” Bokuto sternly said. 
“Who is Konoha? And who’s Washio?” 
Bokuto leaned back and folded his arms behind his head, “Your two personal bodyguards.” 
“Bodyguards? Bokuto, you fucking got me bodyguards?” You were shocked to say the least, he was literally throwing all this information at you and now bodyguards? 
“Of course, I won’t be able to protect you while I’m fighting.” He said, “They’re good friends of mine, and they know how to fight so you’ll be fine.”
“Right, makes total sense.” 
“So, you think you can remember all of that?” Bokuto asked, smirking as your eyebrows furrowed together, you looked like you were trying to piece all the information in your head and shove it into your memory. 
“I think, though I’m sure I’ll ask you to remind me of some things in the future.” It had been around 30 minutes, and you definitely needed to get back to work. 
“That’s alright. Also, um...question for you.” 
You glanced at him and nodded, “Do you think you’ll be able to start today?”
Now he was doing a bit too much. He should at least give you a few hours─︎ days even─︎ to let you memorize everything and prepare, but here he was, throwing you right into the job while you were at your regular job. 
“You asked what Ushijima was talking to me about, and he wants a rematch, and since you’re officially now my manager…”
“Seriously?” The cafe was starting to get busy again, and you heard your co-worker call your name. 
Bokuto heard it too, and gestured for you to go, “I’ll give you his manager’s number, you need to talk to them about it and plan out the date.”
“Alright, are you-”
Your co-worker groaned in frustration, yelling out your name for the third time, “Get your ass over here!”
Bokuto had driven you back to his place, he wanted to show you how he trained and also remind you of your new duties as manager. He also partly just wanted to spend time with you. 
You entered into his home, scanning your eyes around the place to see it was completely spotless. It smelled pretty good too. 
“How long do you usually train for?” As you walked about the house, you were able to get a much better look at it than last time you were here. Last time. 
He had two rooms, one was his training room and the other was his bedroom. He only had one bathroom though, which was in the hallway. Bokuto’s house was small, but quite cozy. 
“Depends on who I’m fighting, but around 4-5 hours a day─︎ if not more.” He said, pulling back towards the training room. “While I’m training I want you to remember all of the things you need to do as my manager, I expect you called Ushijima’s manager last night.” 
“I-oh shit…” you paused, clutching your phone that was safely in your pocket, along with the number Bokuto had given you yesterday. 
“Already failing the job, I see.” He opened a water bottle and began to drink some, hydrating himself before stretching. 
“I’ll call them today, don’t worry.” There was a yoga mat on the floor that you could sit on, “Maybe later though, after I leave.”
Bokuto stretched out his limbs before putting on his boxing gloves, “Alright then, in the meantime, you should try to recite the things I mentioned to you yesterday. Hopefully you can do math.” 
As Bokuto is the punching bag in front of him, you jotted down important information that he had told you the day before. Organizing matches and needing to communicate with the opponents managers, organizing bet money that was placed on Bokuto, having to watch the matches close enough to see if he made any mistakes─︎ there was a lot of stuff that needed your brain. 
And a shit ton of organizing. 
On your phone, you made sure to dial in the number given to you, ready to make the call as soon as Bokuto finished. 
Bokuto worked himself out until he was tired, mostly until he was bored of doing the same combinations and same routine he did everyday. What bore him even more was your lack of attention to him, the only matches you ever saw him do...he lost those. 
You never saw any of his actual skills. 
“This will be the first match you’ll see me win,” he said out of nowhere, stepping away from the punching bag to catch his breath. When you looked up you saw his whole body glimmering with sweat; his hair clinging onto his damp forehead as he gulped down water. 
“Or the third match I’ll see you lose, you never know.” You replied back, a smug look grew on his face.
“I got my champion title for a reason, Y/N, obviously.” 
“And obviously lately, you’ve been lacking.” 
“Who says I haven’t been fighting recently?” 
Bokuto grinned at you, being reminded of the satisfaction of beating up that guy from the party. The adrenaline that rushed through his veins when he saw the same guy heading to the bar, probably going to meet up with friends. He instantly remembered his face and headed straight for him, giving no second thought as he socked the guy in the nose. And his chest. And he might’ve kicked his legs too. And cursed at him. 
“But didn’t I tell you not to get hurt?”
“I told you that you needed to heal up, and you shouldn’t box for a while.” You frowned at him, though you were also quite certain that most of his cuts would’ve healed up by now─︎ possibly some of his bruises as well. 
He was just gazing at you, barely breathing without noticing, “Stop staring at me.” You interrupted his foggy thoughts. Before Bokuto spoke he went to go put his gloves away. 
“Oh, yeah sorry. But it has been a while, I haven’t been in matches or anything like that, just...little fights here and there.” Bokuto smirked, inching closer to you, “I got myself a girl that patched me up pretty well, so it didn’t take that long for me to get better.” 
As you were sitting on the floor Bokuto leaned down on one knee, his body caging you. 
“I’m not your girl.” You informed him, feeling a sudden wave of dizziness when Bokuto’s eyes scanned your timid body. 
“Is that right?” 
You nodded slowly, gulping when one of his fingers curled underneath your chin, picking your face up gently to meet his. 
Bokuto chuckled at your surprised expression.
“Not yet, at least.” He got up without another word and went to dry off his face and neck. 
This room is cursed, that was the only thing you could think of as you stood up, leaving to go to the bathroom.
When you came out you saw Bokuto in his kitchen, scooping some type of protein powder into a cup and shaking. 
“I was thinking,” he began, “y’know how you’re gonna be with me for most nights now? Since I work at night and stuff?”
“Yes, what about it.” You sat on the couch, confusingly looking at him. 
“Won’t it be better if...if you just stayed here?”
“No.” Was the immediate answer that came out of your mouth, it was also the answer that made Bokuto’s head instantly twist towards you.
“Why not?” He asked, setting down his watery protein milkshake on the counter. 
You leaned back on the couch and rolled your eyes, “A number of reasons, Bokuto. Firstly, it would just be weird and all. And I don’t think Keiji would quite like the idea of his little sister sleeping at his best friend’s house.” 
“Uh well, firstly, I doubt he would care. He wants you out of the house anyways, remember?”
Dammit, he made a good point there. 
There was no hiding the frown on your lips as you continued, “It’s gonna be too much work to move some of my stuff here, and you only have one bed.”
Bokuto smirked, “You act like we haven’t slept in the same bed before.”
“Yeah- well─︎”
It made sense for you to move in with him. With your new job with him too, you and him would need to be together most nights and it would just be too late for you to drive home. 
“What if I get in trouble?”
He laughed at you, “For what?”
You were itching the back of your neck, afraid at the idea of getting caught by the law handling bet money that was dealing with illegal underground boxing. “Isn’t your job like...not legal?”
“Ah, I’m surprised you’re worried about that now.” He walked over to you and sat down, taking your two hands in his and sighing, a soft and somewhat sympathetic look on his face, “Nope. Not at all legal in any way.” Bokuto bursted out laughing. 
“Bokuto!” You pouted, pulling your hands away from him and crossing your arms over your chest. 
“But! I haven’t gotten in trouble yet, so I am positive you won’t either─︎ anytime soon, that is.” 
“That doesn’t seem promising.” He merely just waved a hand at you, rolling his eyes. 
“So you don’t have any more objections to moving in with me, other than you think Akaashi wouldn’t like it- even though he has been wanting to kick you out for the longest time. You’re too lazy to move all your stuff here, and also even though you already agreed to be my manager you’re afraid of getting in trouble with the law.” Bokuto explained. 
Him saying it out loud just made all your three reasons sound absolutely stupid. 
You said nothing in return. 
“Exactly what I thought,” he smirked, “We can start moving your stuff in by tomorrow.” 
“I need to tell-”
“Akaashi already knows, told ‘m beforehand.” 
During the past few weeks, you moved in with Bokuto. Keiji was ecstatic about it, he was finally happy to have the house to himself and host as many parties as he could─︎ and fuck as many people as he could without the worry of you hearing, he was very happy about that.
Bokuto was also pretty excited about the whole thing, he cleared out some space in his closet for your clothes and also bought some new sheets, you hated the ones he had. He let you get comfortable the first couple days, and the both of you spent countless sleepless nights just talking about random things and rambling to each other. 
It helped you guys get to know each other─︎ it helped Bokuto realize how much he really did like you as well. 
Moving you in was a great idea, Bokuto was happy, and you seemed happy too. 
You had called Ushijima’s manager a few weeks ago, and they scheduled the date for the match. 
Which was today. 
For the past couple days, nearing closer to the match, Bokuto trained himself until he couldn’t even lift his arm up. He was strict on himself, wanting to desperately win. You let him do what he wanted, seeming as though all your complaints about it just didn’t matter to him. 
Bokuto opened the door for you, guiding you out of his car. The familiar smell of alcohol and sweat wafted through the thick air around you, “Hold my hand.” 
“W-What?” He motioned his head towards your hands, waiting patiently for you to hold his. 
“Well I don’t want you to go missing in that place, duh.” Bokuto also just lowkey wanted to hold your hand. 
You gulped as your fingers interlaced within each other, his grip awfully tight as he led the way. And you couldn’t help but feel the warmth creeping into your cheeks. 
“If anyone tries to talk to you, ignore them. If anyone tries to touch you, call out for Konoha or Washio. If Ushjima-”
“Blah blah blah, stay by Kono-something and that other guy, ignore everyone and only focus on you.” You scowled, suddenly realizing that the way you two were going was a totally different way than before. The two guards weren’t in front of this door Bokuto was opening, he took a key out and twisted the doorknob, revealing a lit up hallway.
Now you remembered being here before. Bokuto brought you inside a room, the one where you recalled fixing up his wounds as he slouched on the chair. 
“There you guys are,” a voice said from the corner, when you turned you saw two men sitting on the couch, both gazing at you. “Ah, told you! She is hot, can’t believe you thought Bokuto was lying about tha-”
“Shut up…” Konoha nudged the guy next to him, you assumed he was Washio. 
“These are your bodyguards, whom I’m hoping won’t be assholes, right?” Bokuto glared at them as they nodded.
Bokuto warmed up while Konoha and Washio got to know you─︎ well, they really were just bugging you but same thing. They seemed pretty excited to be with you, and very serious about their new job. 
Then there was a knock at the door. 
“Come in,” the door opened and in came in...Tanaka?
He kept a sharp look on his face as he grinned at Bokuto, “You seem happy to be back, I bet you’re impatient for this match to start.”
Bokuto grunted and rolled his eyes, not bothering to reply. 
“Where’s that new manager of yours?” Tanaka said with a smirk, lifting his head up to look around the room. 
Stopping when his eyes met yours.
You immediately saw a displeased expression form on his face, his lips setting into a deep frown. 
“Her?” He snarled, you nearly winced at his tone. Washio straightened his back, so did Konoha. 
But Tanaka just stormed out of the room without another word.
“What was that about?” You peered up at the two guys, then at Bokuto, who merely just scoffed at you.
“I told you he doesn’t like you, that’s all really.”
It was almost time for Bokuto’s match to start, and he was fucking pumped. 
He was in the hallway listening to the sound of the crowd, all their voices combined were loud enough to shake the walls. Bokuto heard Ushijima being introduced, then a mix of cheers and boos. 
You were still in the room, finishing up counting all the bet money people placed on Bokuto. Washio and Konoha stood on either side of you, patiently and quietly waiting for you to finish. 
Bokuto cracked his neck, loosening up his tense limbs as he waited in the hallway. You finally came out of the room and smiled up at him, “You ready?”
He nodded. He would win this. Bokuto knew he would. And he was going to do his best to win this, even if it meant getting punched until his body couldn’t take it anymore. 
“You’ll be watching, right?” He had made sure they saved a seat for you in the front row, closest to the ring so you would be able to see him clearly─︎ and also be able to see how good of a boxer he was, nothing wrong with wanting to show off. He also made sure the two seats on either side of you would seat his friends, for protection of course. 
“I’ll be right there, don’t worry.” You heard his name being called up and grinned, kissing him on his cheek. “Good luck.”
Your kiss felt like a superhero powerup. He ran into the ring all giddy and excited, pumped up and ready to beat Ushijima’s ass. 
This time, he wouldn’t be weak. 
You were guided to your seat, seeing Konoha and Washio already sitting besides you. They gave you a soft smile before fixating their gaze on Bokuto, sternly looking at him and mentally rooting for him to win. You did the same. 
Bokuto and Ushijima briefly shook hands, exchanging scowls at each other before getting into their stances.
The bell rang and the match had begun. 
For this round, Bokuto’s plan was to try and get Ushijima as tired and worn out as he could, all while avoiding any punches or swings Ushijima did. Just as he expected Ushijima took the first move, attempting to strike Bokuto’s face with his left fist.
Bokuto quickly moved his head and dodged it, keeping his breathing steady as Ushijima tried again. 
“He seems mad,” Konoha muttered over to you.
“Bokuto?” They shook their head, “Ushijima.”
Taking a quick little glance over at you, Bokuto swung his fist and successfully hit his opponent's torso, sending him back a little irritated. Bokuto smirked as he yet again avoided Ushijima’s punches. 
“You sure you practiced enough?” Bokuto teased, struggling to contain his laughter as Ushijima furiously threw another punch. 
Sooner or later the round was finished, and Ushijima had gone to his corner huffing and puffing, entirely out of breath.
You scurried over to Bokuto and wiped his forehead, giving him his water bottle and letting him drink. “You’re doing good, but don’t piss him off too much.”
“Why not?” 
“I think he wants to kill you now.” Sure enough when the both of you looked over at Ushijima, he was glaring at you guys, it almost looked like he was giving Bokuto the death stare. 
“This might be one of my most fun matches ever,” it was time for the second round to start, you gave Bokuto a warm smile and ran back to your seat. Now you felt a bit more anxious, you for sure did not want Bokuto to get severely hurt, all because he pushed his opponent too far.
Ushijima swung at Bokuto the moment the bell rang, gritting his teeth when Bokuto swiveled around it. He was unaware of what Bokuto’s tactics for this match were, he just thought he was being an ass. 
The crowd burst into a synchronous shout as Bokuto punched Ushijima’s face─︎ three times. 
Blood was threatening to spill out of Ushijima’s nose now, and he definitely could taste some blood in his mouth too. 
He took a weak swing at Bokuto, getting dizzy when he felt a hard uppercut lock his jaw. 
Bokuto grinned, this would be a fairly fast match. 
You were gripping the edge of your seat when Ushijima actually was able to hit Bokuto, and it looked like a pretty hard punch as well. But Bokuto didn’t seem phased by it, in fact he was almost happy that he got hit. 
Ushijima was able to get another hit in, this time hitting Bokuto’s face. Now Bokuto was beginning to taste blood in his mouth, he forgot how hard Ushijima punched. 
The two of them were causing so much chaos in the crowd, this match must’ve been a long awaited one. 
Taking a few steps back, Bokuto realized that Ushijima was trying to corner him. He noticed the anger that was intensely radiating off of his opponent, okay...maybe he shouldn't have pissed him off. 
Ushijima punched Bokuto’s waist, and felt somewhat satisfied when Bokuto groaned in annoyance. 
But then he got annoyed, as Bokuto sprinted around him and got out of the corner. He was bleeding out of his mouth a little now, the bottom of his lip was turning into a reddish color instead of it’s usual pink-hue. The area Ushijima hit was also aching pretty badly, why’d this guy have to hit so goddamn hard? 
“Don’t go easy on him!” Someone shouted from behind you, you weren’t sure who they were referring too, but you hoped they were rooting for Bokuto to win. 
Bokuto must’ve heard that, because you saw him as he finally let out his energy on his opponent. Punching and hitting any inch of skin he was able to hit, the arms, the stomach, the face, he hit until he heard Ushijima hit the floor. 
He turned towards you and smiled, seeing you all tense and shocked at what had just happened. Everyone in the crowd was cheering and yelling, raising their half drunken beers to Bokuto. 
“I won.” He uttered, controlling his rapid breathing as he turned towards you, smiling and blushing and letting the adrenaline settle in his blood. You were smiling back at him, happy─︎ more than happy, actually.
The moment the two of you were back in the room he hugged you tight, not caring about the fact he was literally bleeding all over the place and sweating like crazy. You didn’t care either, just thankful Ushijima wasn’t able to actually kill him. 
“You saw that right! Saw all of it!? Tell me you were watching,” Bokuto sounded like he just won the lottery or something, he was nearly jumping up and down from everything. 
“Of course, Bokuto. You were great out there.” You looked at his injuries and grimaced, “Does it hurt?” Pointing to his lips and his whole body, you brushed your finger over a reddened spot on his torso. 
“Not─︎ yeah, it does. But not right now, doesn’t matter.” Bokuto shook his head and kissed you, gripping the back of your neck to bring you closer to him. His lips were rough, and so was his kiss. 
When he pulled away, Bokuto looked so dizzy. His eyes were dark and his lips were even more bruised. 
“We’re going on a date.” 
“Bokuto─︎ huh? You’re too excited, I want you to res-”
He laughed, “I’ll only be able to rest if you go on this date with me as a celebration.” Bokuto ran a hand through his hair and grinned, “A celebration for you seeing me win a match, because I am the champion of course. And a celebration for your first real day as manager.”
“Celebration for your win too, right?”
“Oh─︎ yeah, mhm, that as well.”
You lay on a small picnic blanket, cozy in the warmth of Bokuto’s hoodie. He sat down next to you, grunting as his limbs were still recovering from the fight.
It had been only a few hours since the match, nearly 2AM, and as tired as Bokuto was he did not want to sleep. All he wanted to do was go on this date with you, no matter how many times he yawned.  
And though this was a “date” you still chose to tend to his injuries, wiping down the blood on his cheek and cleaning any cuts he had. You even were able to bring back an ice pack from the place, making sure that Bokuto held it against any places that felt sore.
“I’m gonna rematch Atsumu next,” he blurted out.
“Woahh there, how ‘bout you chill for a couple days alright? I’m your manager now, so you can’t argue about it.” You put some ointment on a cut he had near his lip, covering it up with a bandaid before laying back down.
“And I’m gonna win, and you’ll be there too. And then we’ll go on another date.” The smile on Bokuto’s face hadn’t faded away even after you left the boxing arena.
“What’s up with you lately? You seem different, not like─︎ not a bad different, just different.” Bokuto chuckled, peering over at you from where he was sitting.
“I’m happy, is there something wrong with that?” He crawled over to you, hovering slightly above your body.
“No, but you used to be mean.” You pouted. He ran his calloused thumb along your cheek, being reminded of his promise to himself. After he hurt you, he felt awful about it, and spent hours just regretting everything he did. And all your friends too, god he wishes you would just ghost them or something.
But he told himself that if he was going to be with you, if he liked you─︎ and he did─︎ he was going to try his hardest to be as gentle as he could. Protect you from anyone that tried to hurt you, and at first it was a little hard for him to do that. He’s so used to being more rough with people and cursing them out, but for you, he did his best to change.
“‘Cause I was unhappy.” Bokuto kissed your forehead, “I got you now.”
“During the fight, did you get nervous? Or get scared?” You asked genuinely curious.
Bokuto snickered and huffed, “I always do, so yes, I did.”
Your fingers carefully traced along his jawline, “What did you do when that happened?”
“Think of you.”
Tumblr media
© all writings belongs to suhkusa 2021. do not repost or change.
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plentyoffandoms · 2 months ago
Hello lovely
Could I get one with Evans and the reader were she is a actress and they hit it off during a talk show but because the reader is a bit younger than him he doesn’t know if he should make a move please
I've Been Waiting
Chris Evans x f/Reader
Just like all my other stories, this has not been proofread, but please enjoy.
Gifs & photos do not belong to me.
Warnings: Some swearing. Angst and fluff.
I hope you like it.
Main Masterlist ♡ Chris Evans Masterlist
Summary: f/Reader is an actress who Chris falls for after being on a talk show together. She is a bit younger than him & he isn't sure if she would ask her out.
Chris Evans POV:
"Hello and welcome back to The Kelly Clarkson show. I have been talking with Chris here who is promoting his new movie that he not only starred in but directed as well. But he also wants to discuss his charity." Kelly said to me.
So I told her about the the charity that Anthony Mackie, Robert Downey Jr, Sebastian Stan and I are forming.
Kelly donated money to the charity which I knew she was going to do.
"Now our next guest is an up incoming actress who has been in not one but two block buster movies this year, please welcome Y/N L/N.
Tumblr media
I clapped along with the audience. I have seen Y/N in the last movie she was in and I have been following her career. Hoping I get to work with her soon.
Y/N sat down next to me with a beautiful smile on her face. "Welcome Y/N." Kelly said.
"Thank you so much for having me. I am a huge fan of your music for years Kelly."
"I am also a huge fan of yours Chris. I can't believe I get to finally meet you." She stuck her hand out for me to shake, which I did.
"Same here Y/N. I have been following your career now for awhile and I hope we get to work together real soon." Her smile got wider at the compliment.
"Maybe the next movie you direct you can give me a shot?" She asked teasingly.
"We will just have to wait and see." I said back to her.
My heart was practically beating out of my chest the more and more Y/N and I talked. I haven't felt like this in awhile.
I am always surrounded by beautiful woman but there is something missing there. I don't usually want a romantic relationship with them.
I was zoned out thinking about the possibility of asking Y/N out on a date her answer Kelly's question.
"Yes, I just celebrated my birthday. It was just something small with my friends and family at my parents home."
Kelly asked her how old she turned and my eyes practically bulged out of my head at the age difference between the two of us.
The interview ended and we all walked backstage. "Hey Chris, I had fun with you out there. I was wondering if you would like to do something if your not busy..." She said while biting her lip.
"Sure, here is my number." We exchanged numbers and we went our separate ways. I knows she pretty much asked me out but I couldn't get over the fact on how much younger she is than me.
The two of us have been texting over the next couple of days but I kept coming up with excuses on why we shouldn't meet up.
The best person to ask about this is Seb. Him and his girlfriend have like a ten year age difference. So I asked him to meet me for lunch.
Tumblr media
"So what did you want to talk to me about?" He asked as our food was placed in front of us.
"You know how I had that interview with Kelly Clarkson?"
"Yes." He said, clearly confused on where this was going.
"Well Y/N L/N was there and we really hit it off and we even exchanged numbers."
"So, what is wrong?"
"Well she just celebrated her birthday and she is a bit younger than me."
"So? Who cares?" Seb said.
"How did you handle the age difference?"
" I just wanted to be with her and the age thing doesn't even matter because we want to be together. We have fun together and she makes me laugh. Also, I don't care what people think when it comes to us."
He is right, so very right. "Okay, I'll ask her out."
"There you go. Do it now. See if she free tonight." He said to me.
"There, sent."
I got a message back just as our bill came."
"She said yes and said she will meet me tonight for 6 PM at the restaurant."
"See, this is good for you Chris."
And Seb was right. Y/N and I had a wonderful evening together. We went out the next night and even had lunch the same week.
After being a part from one another due to scheduling conflicts I knew I wanted her to be my girlfriend.
We made it official on our social media platform and even had our agents answer any questions the press had.
Yes, there were negative remarks about the age difference, but Sebastian was right, we did not care.
We keep our relationship very private and away from the public eye as much as possible.
Tumblr media
In the end, I shouldn't have been freaking out like I was because Y/N is the one for me.
Part 2
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maybemangoz · 7 months ago
Just for you.
Tumblr media
pairing : Eren x f!Reader [modern/college au] // all characters are 21+
genre : humour, pinch of angst & nsfw [18+ only, minors DNI]
word count : 3k
a/n : I’m only writing modern au Eren x y/n, because canon Eren does not exist to me. Also I wrote this at 2 am, will I probably regret it..maybe.
Summary : Eren Yeager has been your best friend since you two were in diapers. You two began to grow distant from each other since highschool. Now both of you go to the same university, Eren is rather more focused on having a higher body count then having high grades. Until one day he sees a tutoring poster up on the schools board. Little does he know it’s you. 
content/warnings : friends to enemies to lovers, use of drugs (alcohol and weed), pinch of jean x reader, fuck boy Eren, soft dom Eren, breeding kink, over stimulation, squirting, a bunch of swear words, reader is lowkey a baddie, and I think that’s it’s tbh.
It was around the end of ninth grade when you and Eren stopped being best friends. You two grew apart as soon as he got a girlfriend, Mikasa Ackerman. You never hated her, she was a kind girl, unproblematic too. But as soon at their relationship hit its third month, Eren started hanging out with you less and when he did he would bring Mikasa would always tag along. In reality, their relationship became pretty toxic, everyone knew it. You didn’t want to get inbetween tho so you decided it’s best to start to distance yourself from Eren completely. It was hard, and the closer you got to graduating high school the more you realized that you were in love with him. 
Long story short, through gossip you found out that the couple broke up because she was going over seas and was secretly an heir to some fucking royal thing. Honestly, you couldn’t care less. Eren chose his girlfriend, well now ex girlfriend, over you. Someone who has been by his side since you two were in diapers. Crazy how the world works right? One day you go from being by that one persons side all the goddamn time, and next thing you know they’re out of your life. Your parents still talked to his, and holy shit it was awkward. I mean you two are next door neighbours for crying out loud. Your mother is always nagging you to come see him, no thanks. In all honesty, your pissed...not pissed that's too kind. You hate Eren fucking Yeager. Yup- that's the word. 
Now that you're starting your brand new life away from home. You decided to rent -well your parents rent it an apartment close to your university. In all honesty, the only thing you pay for is for your wifi and phone bill. With again the money your parents give you every couple of weeks. Everything was nice until your building decided to have a fucking maintenance fee, why? just why? And you know what it covered? Nothing, butt fuck nothing. A nice three hundred dollar monthly dollar fee was added to the rent and your parents said that they won’t pay for it. So your stuck between finding a job- which you can't because it’s finals season, you have zero time -or- living in a dorm. Honestly maybe I should just jump off my balcony, that would solve all my problems. 
Being stuck with such minimum options, you decide to go with the basic. Tutoring. Yup, mother fucking tutoring and why not put up some nice posters across the campus. Your grades are high so why not take the opportunity. You’re pissed and stressed in reality and honestly, maybe getting high as shit tonight would be a good way to end the day. Printing out the classic “Tutoring 40$ an hour” with your number printed vertically multiple times at the bottom of the page, taping it across campus -I swear to god I hope I don't get to some perverts. Done with the last poster and its about eight thirty pm, you grab your phone from your purse and text Connie. 
You: Do you have any pre rolls? 
Connie: I have two more left, 30. But I can make it 15 for something in return
You: Hahaha you're so cute. No. I’ll take 30. Where are you?
Connie: I’m at Reiner’s, come join the party for a bit. Everyone’s here 
You purse your lips and tap the phone on your chin, fuck it. Honestly, you miss hanging out with the group. You’ve last seen them in months, because of school. Only seeing Sasha and Marco a few times since you three have classes together. 
You: I’ll be there in an hour, save on for me please.
Connie: Anything for you baby
You: Please drown 
You get ready, honestly wearing something simple, it’s just a party anyways. Exiting out of the Uber, you're greeted by the amazing smell of puke and alcohol. There's already someone passed out on the porch, adorable. You're already greeted by Reiner as soon as you step inside the house. “Y/N!!” he yells, the loud music muffles his voice. He reaches in to hug you, with a beer in hand almost spilling it on your shoulder. He’s drunk. “Well hello to you too” you tell him, “Come on in, they’re in the kitchen” he guides you through the large crowd of people dancing. You honestly thank him for being a giant since everyone practically moves out of his way making space for the two of you. Getting into the kitchen you're greeted by Jean who’s arm is wrapped around some girl- as always. Sasha is sitting on the kitchen counter top with a bag of chips in her hand and Connie is at the kitchen island grinding weed on a tray. You and Sasha make eye contact and she immediately jumps off the counter top hugging you tightly “I missed you so much” she says while hugging you. “You too” you reassure her giving her a slight squeeze. She lets go an walks back and jumps on to the countertop, you situate yourself beside her and the two of you share a bag of chips. Right across from Connie is Eren. Yup, no escaping that fucker. Your friend group ended up sticking together even after high school and he decided to stick with it too. Honestly he should’ve joined the military, like his older brother. He doesn’t do jack shit in his, is failing almost all his classes, and comes too university for what? To get pussy- BAHAHAHA. 
Well now here he is, a few feet away from you sitting at the kitchen island with two girls wrapped around him like silly string. Typical. You roll your eyes at the three of them, he’s making out with one while the other palms his crotch while kissing his neck. Honestly just by looking at the scene in-front of you, will probably give you chlamydia. “Evening y/n” Connie tells you, reasurring you that he knows you're there. You give him thirty cash as he casually hands you the pre rolled joint. Eren stops kissing the girl and looks up at you, as soon as he heard your name he felt his heart beat faster. God you looked so good tonight. You're talking to Sasha not noticing him checking you out, he snaps back to reality as Jean clears his throat looking at him. Eren, slightly embarrassed that he got caught decides its best to leave the kitchen with the two girls clinging by his side, and going upstairs. 
You look back to see if Eren is still there and you notice that the three seats are empty. Your heart aches a bit at the feeling that he’s gone, but you quickly shrug it off. “Want to take some shots?” Jean asks you, holding a Smirnoff in hand and mini solo cups in the other. The girl that was previously by him is now gone. “Why not?” you say, giving Sasha her bag of chips back. You and Jean end up taking a good four shots, you needed the buzz. It felt good to unwind once in a while. Now sitting where Eren sat previously, and Jean sitting to your right arm wrapped around your shoulder. This was normal for the two of you, and honestly you didn’t mind it. Sometimes you two would fuck around just to destress. No feelings attached at all. Just merely a friends with benefits type of thing, and it was not bad at all. His hand would graze your boob while he talks to Connie making your nipples harden. Sasha had already left to go find Niccolo, who’s most likely playing beer pong with Reiner, Porco, Colt and Marcel. The three of you converse and joke around here and there until Connie gets a call, most likely a customer.
Jean kisses your cheek and you giggle in response “You wanna leave?” he asks you “Jean, as much as I’d love too. I have a final in two days and I want to wake up early to study” he ignores your answer and starts kissing you from your cheek to your neck, slowly, teasing you. You moan a little at the sensation, thank god there’s no one in the kitchen “Okay and?” he says why he kisses your collar bone “I’ll be gentle, I promise” he says looking at you at an eye to eye level. You look down at his lips, they’re plump and a bit of his saliva glosses it, you take the opportunity to kiss him. Tasting the alcohol on his tongue, your heated makeup session is interrupted by someone clearing their throat and opening the fridge door looking inside of it. It’s Eren, how lovely and to top it all off he looks completely fucked out and messy. Honestly, him in the room alone turned you off. Grabbing your purse you checked the time on your phone, it’s midnight. “I’m gonna go Jean.” you whisper to him while leaning in for a hug. “ Goodnight y/n” he tells you as you exit the kitchen. 
The next three days you get a text from someone, asking if your tutoring is still available and when is it best to meet. Finally, I have at least one person interested. You text them to meet you at your address -probably not safe choice, but you let Jean Connie and Sasha know that your having someone by just incase. You clean up your apartment a bit, making it welcoming as you prepare to meet with the stranger soon. Hearing a knock on your door you open it to be suddenly met with a pair green eyes, its Eren. His hair is up in his usual bun with a few fly aways splaying across his forehead, wearing a basic grey sweat shirt, jeans and all black converse, holding a backpack in his hand and his fingers are accessorized with rings. “Yah....Goodbye!” You say while closing the door only for it to be blocked by a foot “You said you’ll help anyone on the flyer, isn’t that false advertising?” he says, his voice slightly muffled as the door blocks his speech impediment. You're silent, honestly you really need the money, like bad, and if this is what hell felt like then holy shit, may some god out there help you. You open the door and let him in, “Nice place” he says “Quit the act and get to the point”, you’re pissed off. “I need help with my statistics assignment, plus how are you affording this place? Wait don't tell me, you have a fucking sugar daddy?” he says while sitting down at your dining table, placing the bag alongside his feet. “Look at you, you fucking genius. Don’t tell anyone okay?” you say sarcastically “I knew it, seemed like it-” “You rock, my parents pay for this” you interrupt him as you lock the door and walk to your kitchen right next to it. “Water?” you ask him, “Can I have a beer?” he responds, you pour water into two glasses and place it in front of him “I asked for a beer” he says “It’s beer, its just diluted into a transparent colour and tastes like water” you snakily remark with a smirk on your face “Let me see your assignment” you ask. 
And this is how it went, every Tuesday and Thursday evening Eren would come over to your place and you would help him study for his tests, quizzes, assignments etc. Honestly it was weird for you to tutor your ex best friend, but it payed the bills so whatever. 
Until one evening, while you were helping Eren correct his philosophy essay he decided to step over the line. “What happened to us?” he asks, “What do you mean?” you say, you know the answer but you wanna see what he’s thinking “I mean, we went from talking to each other about everything, too you know...not talking at all” you scoff at his response- I mean its true “Eren you chose pussy over your childhood friendship” you tell him. He looks at you correcting his work, focused intently on it not even bothered to look up at him.
He takes the moment to admire you, and how much of a strong independent woman you’ve become. He truly admires you, you’ve grown into a woman and he deeply regrets hurting you. “I’m sorry” he says, you're shocked by his words “I am, I’m truly sorry. I was an idiot and I still am one now” he starts blithering on. You on the other hand have dropped the pen in your hand and look down at the paper, your eyes water at the sudden wave of emotions hitting you like crazy. Your childhood best friend, suddenly now wants to say they’re sorry, as you help them pass their classes that they’ve been failing. Your childhood friend who broke apart your friendship for a relationship that didn’t even last, your childhood friend that didn’t even congratulate at high school, your ex childhood friend who didn’t even notice you were completely out of his life up until now. You're losing your shit, you can’t believe it. “Y/n?” Eren asks you “Y/n, say something at least” you look up to him, tears brimming your eyes. 
“Say something? You want me to say something, well listen the fuck up you piece of shit. How dare YOU, how dare YOU leave me, abandon me like that. You left me out in the blue Eren. You chose Mikasa over me and now look at you. You never even bothered to question why I was upset, or why I stopped talking to you, you didn’t even bother knocking at my goddamn door asking if I was alright?!” you go off at him, practically yelling as you get up off the chair standing and looking down at him. “You're a prick Eren, you're a fucking loser and you’ll always be one.” you start pointing your finger at him pushing it at his chest. “Why didn't you tell me anything?! HHUUH? WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT? WHY DIDN’T YOU TALK TO ME” he yells back, this time more aggressively. Tears start falling down your face “BECAUSE I DIDN’T WANT TO RUIN YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH MIKASA, YOU LOOKED HAPPY WITH HER AND I DIDN’T WANT TO GET IN-BETWEEN YOU TWO” you yell back “WELL I WASN’T HAPPY GOD DAMMIT” he shouts back “I WAS HAPPY WITH YOU, I WILL ALWAYS BE HAPPY WITH YOU, DON’T YOU REALIZE THAT. WHY I ALWAYS STICK ALONG, IM ALWAYS THERE. I FUCKING LOVE YOU Y/N, AND I ALWAYS WILL BE IN LOVE WITH YOU” your shocked at his response, you don’t know what to say. You two are inches apart, he’s going to be the death of me. You look up at him as he looks down at you, his chest heaves with anger and he’s waiting for you to respond. “fuck it” you say and kiss him harsh. He kisses you back, holding your head so gently, as you deepen the kiss. You can feel the saltiness of your tears in between your lips, his tongue laps with yours as you both have a heavy make out session. He starts to slowly kiss you down your neck and taps your bum for you to jump on him. Doing at he says, you jump and wrap your legs around his waist as he props you up on the kitchen island. You take off your sweater and so does Eren, and the sudden cool sensation of the room makes your nipples harden. Your wearing a black see through lace bra, and Eren basks in the view beneath him. He takes his hand behind your neck as he pushes you back to kiss him, while taking his free hand to reach under your bra and pinch at your nipples. You moan in between his lips at the sudden sensation, he starts to trail wet kisses down your check, to your jaw, neck and collar bone. Until he reaches the valley of your breasts, unclasping your bra with one hand he gropes your fully displayed breasts with one hand as he hungirly sucks on the other tit. Your back arches at the feeling and you moan each such he sucks harder on your perked up buds. He begins to kiss down your stomach up until your pelvis bone, he looks up at you for permission. You nod and he continues to take your pants off slowly “no underwear?” he smiles “shut the fuck up” you answer, he laughs mid way and suddenly puts his middle finger inside your aching wet pussy. You wimper at the sensation, “Never knew I made you this wet” he says while wispering in your ear. He inserts another finger and rapidly starts to scissor them, inside your cunt. Lapping up all your juices, the room is filled with your moans and squelching sound from Erens fingers inside you. He bends down to your thighs, while still finger fucking you, peppering tender kisses up your inner thigh until he reaches your soaking cunt. He begins to suck on your clit, leaving you a whimpering shaking mess. He’s making you feel so good and he’s enjoying it. You taste sweet too, he could honestly taste you like this forever. Lapping your juices up and down you can feel your coil snap at any moment and Eren takes notice in it as your pussy squeezes his fingers. He begins to fasten his pace and the sudden feeling makes you prop your elbows up, letting your head fall back as you let your orgasm take over your body “Fuck Eren” you say while your legs shake around him but he doesn’t stop his actions making you feel over stimulated and whimper as his every movement. He lets go of your puffy lips and, un ties his sweat pants letting both his underwear and pants pool at his ankles.
God he’s huge. His shaft is long and thick, a good seven inches, and a vein protrudes to the side, while his balls are even sized. Good enough to palm. He grabs you by your hips and pulls you off the edge of the counter top, so that your ass hangs out a bit. Taking his erected cock, he slaps it onto of your over stimulated clit causing you to whine at the sensation. He spits on your pussy using it as a lubricant, taking the tip of his dick and swiping it through your folds. Aligning himself up with your entrance, he places your leg on his shoulder allowing better access for him. He slides his shaft into your aching cunt and you both groan at the feeling. He grabs ahold of your leg on him and thrusts into you rapidly “Holy shit y/n, your so fucking wet” as your juices wet his thighs, you pinch your nipples and arch your back at the amount of pleasure he’s giving to you. Honestly no one has ever made you feel this good. He fucks you good on your kitchen countertop, you grip onto the edge for dear life. You can feel him deep inside you and god it feels good, he presses his hand on your lower stomach feeling his shaft practically carve you up. You fit him so well, it’s like you were made just for him. Eren then takes your other leg and presses them both down to your chest, positioning himself at a better angel, he feels his dick filling up your whole womb. You become a babbling mess beneath him, he watches your cunt clench intently every time he thrusts into you. Your sectarians all over his and your lower region, “You’re so fucking sexy” he says while kissing your down ankle “So fucking hot” Eren is making you feel good and is enjoying it. He wants you to feel good, you deserve it. He sucks on his thumb and brings it to your clit, feverishly rubbing it, your juices squirt out from the arousal he’s giving you. You’re dripping down to the floor and just the sight of that is going to make Eren come in no time. He starts thrusting faster into you, and looks at you intently as he seeks his orgasm. Your eyes are squeezed shut, and your mouth is agape filling the room with moans. You don’t care if your neighbors hear. This is the best you’ve felt in months. “Fucking shit, I’m gonna come y/n” Eren tells you. “Come inside me please” you beg him, you want him to fill you up with his seed. He bends down, and his pace slows as you feel him brim you up with his cum. He releases himself from your cunt and kisses your forehead. Your eyes are closed as you slowly catch your breath, making your hands to cup his face “I love you too” you tell him, Eren smiles at you kissing you back. I guess it was worth the wait.
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illegal-spiegel · 10 months ago
“Mr. Coffee-Shop-Hotshot”
Pairing: Hikaru Hitachiin x f!reader Genre: fluff, angst, smut Warnings: jealous and possessive Hikaru, unprotected sex (wrap it up), a dash of degradation, choking, and I think that’s it lmao Summary: You’ve been dating Hikaru since high school but that doesn’t stop him from getting jealous of your coworker at the coffee shop Word Count: 4.1k words  A/N: characters are aged up!! Prompt #72 from my 1k Followers Event: “You’re Mine.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You and Hikaru have been sweethearts since high school. The thing is, when you two first started dating, no one thought it was going to last, seeing as how you two were literally enemies until Hikaru kissed you to shut you up. After that kiss, you two avoided each other until Kaoru tried talking to you while pretending to be Hikaru. You weren’t blind though. You could tell it was Kaoru instead of his twin. You played along until the end though, only revealing you knew it was really him until he got his point across. His point was “I’m sorry for treating you so poorly. I’m just not very good with feelings and I didn’t know how to face you after the kiss without arguing with you.” You figured that Kaoru wouldn’t say something like that unless Hikaru felt that way himself. So, you grew a pair and talked to Hikaru after he was done with the Host Club. 
“It appears I’m going to be the man in this relationship.” was the first thing you said to him, to which he scoffed at because A. if anyone is going to be the man, it’s him and B. who says you two are in a relationship? 
You just kissed him and that easily proved your point. From then on, you two started dating, to everyone’s surprise. Just because you two were dating though doesn’t mean you two stopped fighting. While everyone else has their honeymoon phase, you two went right to the old married couple stage. They weren’t ever serious fights though. One time you two argued about who had better eyes. Hikaru couldn’t admit to you that it was definitely you and you couldn’t admit to him that it was actually him, so you both claimed that it was yourselves. 
After that phase ended though, you two went into the honeymoon phase, which just confused everyone, including you and Hikaru. Suddenly, him leaving his used cup on your bedside table didn’t bother you anymore. You’ll just bring it down with you when you go downstairs. Hikaru realized that he didn’t mind you having your clothes thrown out in every other direction in his room anymore. His maid will just clean it up anyway. No harm done. 
The honeymoon ‘phase’ was more annoying to everyone than the old married couple phase. Now, instead of you two arguing who wants the last piece of candy, you two are ‘arguing’ about who gets to kiss who last. It makes everyone gag. Honey senpai seems to think it’s really sweet though. 
That was four years ago and now, you two are just as bad now as you were back then. Everyone, luckily and unluckily, decided to go to the same university. It is way out of your price range but that wasn’t going to stop your boyfriend of four years from getting you to go there. “I’ll pay off all your bills, babe. Don’t worry,” he’ll always reassure you despite your worries and nagging. You refuse to let him pay for it all though, so you got a job. 
It was actually pretty easy to nail the job, seeing as how it’s at the coffee shop where you and the gang always went for energy boosters and to study. You were already friends with the manager from going in there so much, so when you asked if they were hiring, they practically hired you on the spot. 
Hikaru didn’t like you having a job though. 
“Why do you even work here? I can pay for everything, babe. You don’t have to worry about it. So why don’t you just quit? I miss hanging out with you,” he complains every time you leave for work, when he shows up to your work, and when you come back to your shared apartment. His argument, in your royal opinion, is stupid. If anything, you see him too much as it is. I mean, you already live with the guy and have half of your classes with him. What more does he want from you?
It took him a month to finally accept the fact that yes, you will pay for things yourself, and no, you are not quitting just because he wants you to. Once he realizes that you can secretly give him free coffee though, not that price ever mattered to him, he was happy. “Okay, but I also want a free muffin,” he finally agreed. 
It was like that for maybe half a year before new problems started to arise. Your boss hired a new guy who you don’t even know the name of yet but, oh, Hikaru hates him already. “I don’t like him. He smells like too much Axe body spray and he has a weird, purple piercing in his eyebrow. And! And, he has a tattoo. A tattoo! Who does he think he is,” Hikaru complains to you while you try to do homework. He had gotten your schedule mixed up and when he went to go see you on your day off, he ran into the new guy. You weren’t surprised that he could tell he’s new since Hikaru is practically there as much as you are. He knows everyone and, of course, everyone loves him. 
Not this guy though, apparently. 
“When he gave me my coffee, it tasted off! Then, I realized, he didn’t add sugar! I didn’t say anything about sugar!” he continues to rant, making you sigh and set your pencil down. You turn to face him now, placing your hand over his and soothingly rubbing your thumb over his smooth skin. 
“Baby, I’m sure it was an accident. He’s new, remember? I’m sure he just forgot to add it,” you reassure, giving his cheek a kiss once he takes a deep breath and lets it all go in one breath. 
“Fine. I guess you’re right. But if he messes up again, I won’t hesitate to say something next time!” You giggle at this and nod your head, giving him a proper kiss this time to relax him even more. 
“Okay, baby. You do that,” you tease before going back to your homework. This, of course, was just not okay. 
“Babe, we’ve been studying for hours. Let’s take a break,” he coos, moving closer to you and starting to place kisses along your neck. You try to ignore him and focus but your boyfriend knows you too well. Knows your body too well. 
“You mean I’ve been studying for hours. You’ve just been talking and playing on your phone,” you tease, a gasp ripping from you when he sucks and nibbles on your sweet spot. You feel him smirk against your skin, his hands coming to squeeze your thighs. 
“Fair point. Makeout with me a little and then, and only then, will I study,” he bargains, making you roll your eyes. 
“Fat chance,” you decline him as you playfully push him away, making him whine loudly. 
“But baby—”
“No. Study and then, and only then, will I makeout with you,” you bargain right back, a smirk of your own coming to your face. 
“You’re wicked,” he says with a dramatic gasp and a hand across his heart. When you don’t reply or even react, he groans before finally picking up his pencil. “Fine! You better take your shirt off too then,” he snaps before focusing on his work. Most of your study sessions go like this. 
The next day at work, the new guy, Ritsu, came in in the middle of your shift. Your boss introduced the two of you once he put his stuff away in his locker, the guy seeming nervous for his next shift today. You smile at him and shake his hand, reassuring him that you’ll help him out today. He seems to relax at this, thanking you before starting to get to work. Whenever he had a question or messed up, you were right there to help him. The day, overall, went pretty smoothly you think. 
At the end of your shifts, he grabs his things from his locker before walking to the front with you. “Do you need a ride home?” he asks as he walks over to his motorcycle. You smile at him but shake your head, taking your phone out of your pocket to check your messages. 
“No, that’s okay. My boyfriend is picking me up and taking me out to dinner. Thank you though!” you reply with a sweet smile, Ritsu flashing you a smile back as he climbs onto his motorcycle. 
“Okay, good. I didn’t want you walking home alone at night. I heard there was a robbery a couple of roads away from here,” he explains as he pulls his helmet on. 
“Oh yeah. It was at the corner gas station. That’s so sweet of you to think of me though. I’ll be sure to let you know if I ever need a ride!” you thank once more. He nods as he turns the vehicle on, bidding you farewell with a salute before pulling out of the parking lot and onto the road. 
You check the time and see that you have a few minutes until your boyfriend gets there. Luckily, he seemed to have left early because, within the next minute, he’s stopping right in front of you. “Well, hello there, good lookin’. Do you need a ride?” he playfully flirts. You hum and pretend to think about it as you walk over to his window. 
“Well, I don’t know. Are you going to show me a good time?” you playfully flirt right back. He hums as he happily lets his eyes trail over your body despite your hideous work clothes. He didn’t seem to mind them though. 
“Oh, you have no idea, baby. Don’t tell my girlfriend though.” You scoff as you burst into a fit of giggles, lightly hitting his arm before going to the passenger side. 
“Well, that depends. Am I prettier than her?” you reply, batting your eyelashes at him as you slide into the car and pull your seatbelt over your body. He hums and nods his head, putting the car in reverse as he replies. 
“Oh, most definitely. She’s like a fat cow,” he jokes, making you scoff and hit him again. 
“I don’t think your girlfriend would appreciate you saying such things about her. What if I decide to tell her what you said about her?” you argue, crossing your arms over your chest as if you’re mad at him. You know for a fact that he’d never cheat on you. You always tease him that he’s too obsessed with you. ‘I love you! I’m not obsessed with you! There’s a difference!’ he’d always argue to your joking jab. 
Before he can leave the parking spot, he stops the car to look at you with this new glint in his eyes. “What if I eat you out so good that you can’t even remember your own name, let alone mine?” he whispers right into your ear, his tongue licking around the shell of your ear. You let out a shaky breath, not expecting his sudden change in this little game you two were playing. 
“I doubt you’re any good,” you sass, it lacking the power that you want it to have. He pulls away from the side of your head to make eye contact with you again, his eyes shining with a newfound lust. 
“Well, I’ve only ever been with my girlfriend, so it’s possible. You should hear the way she screams my name though. She’ll cum three times from my mouth and fingers alone before I even give what she really wants inside of her,” he says lowly, your eyes moving to watch his lips as he talks. You press your legs together, already starting to feel arousal bubbling low in your gut. 
“Is she any good in bed?” you decide to ask, bringing the attention off of him. You wait for him to say something along the lines of ‘no, she’s horrible’ but it seems he decides to stop playing your little game all of a sudden. 
“She’s better than good. She sucks me off like I’m a popsicle and she just got out of the desert. She’s always so desperate to unravel me but I never do only because I know it works her up even more. She then starts acting like a brat, trying to get her way. We both know that’s just her way of annoying me to the point that I punish her. Mmhm, her screams sound so good when her face is shoved into our mattress,” he replies, his voice dropping an octave or two. You gulp at this, feeling your panties dampen with your slick. 
“No wonder she’s your girlfriend,” you whisper, your throat suddenly too dry for your liking. He only hums before continuing with his driving, grabbing your hand and kissing the back of it once you two get on the road. 
“What do you want to eat? I’m kind of in the mood for Mexican,” he says to you as if he didn’t just make you so horny that the only thing you can think about is having him inside of your mouth instead of food. 
“That sounds fine,” you say softly, trying to think of anything but that. He smirks at the way you sound, which is slightly wrecked, and starts to head in the direction of a Mexican restaurant that you two like. That night ended, of course, with him deep inside of you and grunting out all sorts of deliciously dark things into your ear. 
Things continued on like normal for a while. You went to work but didn’t get to work with Ritsu again for a week, so Hikaru never ran into him again. The day you did work with him though, he seemed to be struggling more than usual. So, when there was a break in customers, you decide to ask him what was up. 
“Sorry. I got into this fight with my girlfriend, Mei, this morning,” he explains, a frown hanging heavy on his face. You nod your head, only too familiar with that feeling. You and Hikaru don’t have serious fights a lot but you, obviously, have them just like every other couple. 
“It’s okay. I understand. Do you want to talk about it? Maybe I can give you my opinion or some advice?” you offer, wanting to help him feel better. He thinks about your offer for a moment before sighing and giving in, starting to tell you everything that had happened that morning. You two occasionally pause to help a customer but always end up focusing back on his situation. As a woman yourself, you look at his story from her point of view and figure out what might be the cause of her frustrations. 
“Okay,” you say once he finishes his story, “I think I see what the problem is.” You then tell him what you think and what he should do to mend their relationship. After hearing your advice, he realized what he did wrong and gets so excited that he hugs you. 
“Thank you so much! It all makes sense now! No wonder she was so upset! You’re seriously a lifesaver! I owe you one!” He hugs you tightly, making you giggle and return the hug. 
“It’s no problem at all,” you reassure. You two pull away when you hear the bell ring, automatic smiles coming to your face to greet your new customer. Your eyes widened when you saw your boyfriend instead though. A very angry and brooding boyfriend at that. “Babe? What are you doing here? I thought you weren’t going to be here for another hour?” you ask confusedly, walking around the counter to give him your usual hug and kiss. 
His eyes are on Ritsu though. 
“Oh, I’m sorry. Do you not want me here? Am I interrupting something?” he snaps, his eyes squinting at Ritsu as he says this. Your brows furrow at his words, stopping in front of him and dropping your arms since it’s obvious that he’s not going to give you a hug. 
“What? Well, I’m working but—”
“Oh, sorry to bother you then. I’ll let you get right back to it,” he snaps, turning his glare to you before leaving without another word. He doesn’t stop or turn around when you call after him either, making you sigh as a frown comes to your face. 
“What’s up with him?” you mumble, trying to think as to why he would be mad. That’s when it hit you. You hugging Ritsu? Did that upset him? But why? You hug guys all of the time. Well, not all of the time. And then again, they’re his friends too or your family. You snap out of your daze when the bell jingles again, signaling a new customer. You sigh and go back behind the counter, smiling and greeting the customer happily. Guess you’ll just have to talk to him about it later then. 
When you get off work and you get back home, you find that Hikaru isn’t home. You think back to what he was telling you yesterday, remembering him telling you his plans for today. You check the time on the microwave before looking at your fridge for any notes. He doesn't have any plans right now that you are aware of and he didn’t leave a note telling you where he was going or when he’ll be back. Maybe there was an emergency? That just makes you worry more though.
You let it go with a heavy exhale, trying not to read too much into it. You don’t have to know where he is every second of every day. 
You go to your bathroom to take a shower and get the smell of coffee off of you. You end up accidentally using his body wash though, the smell of cinnamon and ginger filling your nostrils. It’s not your favorite but it’s what he’s been using for years. He pulls off the smell really well though. 
You step out of the shower and wrap yourself up in a baby blue towel, leaning against the sink to look at your skin in the mirror. After applying some lotion to your body to make you feel extra nice, you leave the bathroom. You stop at the door though when you find Hikaru sitting on the bed, his feet still on the floor and his hands hanging between his knees. Now you’re even more concerned. Normally, he would’ve jumped at the opportunity to take a shower with you but now he won’t even look at you. 
“Hikaru,” you call out softly to him, seeming to bring him out of his daze. You walk over to him and come to stand in between his legs, making him sit up straighter. His eyes glaze over your bare collarbones and neck, something spurring to life in his eyes as water droplets cascade down your soft skin. 
“You’re mine,” he says suddenly, his eyes snapping to yours. Your eyes widen a bit at this random declaration, your brow raising curiously at him. 
“What?” is your brilliant reply to him. You gasp when he stands and switches your positions in a flash, the back of your knees hitting the bed before you fall back onto it. You gape up at him, your hands clinging to the front of your towel. 
“You heard me. You’re mine!” he growls, his hands snagging your towel away from you before you can even attempt to stop him. His eyes wander your body, a dark look in his eyes as he takes his sweet time admiring your naked body. 
“Hikaru,” you breathe his name, goosebumps crawling over your flesh. He hums in response, one of his knees coming to the bed so he can lean over you, his fingers starting to trace random lines and patterns into your skin. 
“That’s right. Say my name, baby,” he coos, his fingers coming to tweak your nipples. You moan his name in response, back arching up into his hands. He watches you with attentive eyes, not daring to look away from your lewd expressions or wet hole for even a second. He loves how quickly you react to his touch, your body always craving his as much as his craves yours. “Who do you belong to?” he asks as he crawls completely over you, staring into your eyes as he lets his hands crawl down your body. 
“You,” you whisper breathlessly. 
“Who?” he growls, suddenly shoving two of his fingers into your drooling heat. 
“You, Hikaru!” you cry, back arching when he slips a third finger in. He hums lowly as he pumps his fingers in and out of you, scraping the pads of his fingers against your g-spot to get you really moaning for him. 
“That’s right, baby. You’re all mine, now and forever,” he whispers before pulling his fingers out, making you whimper. He brings his dry hand up to your throat, squeezing it lightly as he stares into your eyes. “Shut up! Dirty whores like you don’t get to cum until I say so,” he hisses, not letting your neck go as he uses his other hand to remove his pants and boxers. “‘M gonna fill you up, remind you that you only belong to me,” he mumbles, his hand frantically trying to pull his member free. 
Your brows furrow at this as you bring your hands up to his chest. Before you can question him though, he starts to push into you. You both groan in sync as he slips inside, your eyes rolling back into your head for a moment. You forget about his words for now, your brain only thinking about the way he feels inside of you. 
He just barely bottoms out before he’s already pulling back to thrust back in, starting a frantic pace. You moan his name loudly, your nails lightly scratching his chest, causing him to hiss. He keeps up the frenzied pace, your breasts bouncing with each thrust. 
You both cum almost at the same time, Hikaru finally giving you permission to cum after denying you your orgasm over and over again. He keeps true to his word, pushing deep inside of you and coating your walls white. He stays inside of you for a while, his chest heaving as he tries to get air back. He slowly releases your throat, and instead brushes his fingers against your cheek. 
“I’m sorry,” he whispers, his eyes shining with regret. You’re confused for a moment, thinking that that’s some of the best sex you’ve ever had. Then you remember his words from before, how he kept saying you’re his and that no one is going to take you from him. 
“What’s going on, my love?” you whisper, still a little breathless. He looks away from you, starting to worry his lip between his teeth. 
“Don’t leave me for him,” he whispers, and if you weren’t just a couple of inches away from him, you wouldn’t have heard it. He pulls out of you then and moves to lay beside you, putting his back to you. 
“What? Hey. Hey, look at me,” you say worriedly, pushing yourself up onto your elbow as you use your free hand to gently trace random shapes into his back. It takes him a minute but he eventually turns onto his back, staring at the ceiling instead of you. “What’s all this ‘leaving me’ talk about? We’ve been dating for years, Hikaru. Why would I want to leave you for someone else?” you ask with furrowed brows, starting to run your hand through his hair to help soothe him. He leans into your touch, his eyes finally meeting yours. Despite your reassuring words, he looks scared, worried. 
“What about Mr. Coffee-Shop-Hotshot? You seemed to like him a lot,” he grumbles, his mouth turning into a scowl just at the thought of the man. You can’t help but smile at how jealous he is, your heart swelling with the amount of love you hold for the man before you. 
“You dope, he was asking me for advice about his girlfriend. That hug happened because he was thanking me for basically saving his relationship,” you inform, a smirk on your face as you watch the realization come over his face. 
“Oh,” he squeaks out, his face turning sheepish and red. You snort and move to lay your head down on his chest. 
“You’re such an idiot. You should know by now that you’re the one for me, idiot and all,” you tease, gently rubbing his chest and abdomen. He huffs and wraps his arms around you, holding you tightly to him. 
“Whatever. As if you wouldn’t get upset if I was hugging another girl,” he accuses. 
“You act as if another girl would even come near someone as ugly as you,” you tease, obviously joking. 
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absolutebl · 4 months ago
Living for all The Devil Judge discord, but also really surprised why a lot of BL blogs picked up The Devil Judge, (which is to me maybe not queerbating in its wiki definition but definitely putting queercoded plot points in deliberately but not exactly for the main story ark) and not so many run with Beyond Evil - the show that definitely frames relationships between two male leads into _something_ within the show run time, but not in a "they are not giving the gay on purpose" way, but in a "right now it's not important but it can totally progress later into something". No one was given a mandatory girlfriend, that's for sure, despite the show having very stellar female characters of different ages. Korea bromanced for ages, they know this works, and they often played with this in a mainstream eye, by giving out "Best Kiss/Couple Awards" for m/m pairs (Jisung himself won for Kill me Heal me). In this way The Devil Judge is not THAT unusual.
Well there you have it.
I've not even heard of Beyond Evil. Buddy cop crime drama hum? Or is it more full cast like CSI? It seems to be billed as buddy. I like a bit of serial killer, so I'll put that into rotation.
BL fandom obsessed with Devil Judge, why?
I think BL fandom picked up on Devil Judge because:
There's very little airing in true BL right now, so we need content.
Light On Me and BLINID aired mainly in Viki and Viki promoted Devil Judge round the same time, so their algorithm (such as is is) came into play. (Then we started watching both, then the algos got linked = vicious cycle.)
SO MANY visual tropes being dropped on us from BL/romance kept us hooked.
Also lots of interesting tropes from other geeky genres (SF/F, crime, comic books) with cross over appeal.
This one:
Tumblr media
Can't discount the connection between K-pop boy idol stans and BL fandom. Especially a longer running established group like GOT7 that isn't currently producing K-pop content.
Honestly, they aren't objectively similar but the two bromance series I keep thinking about with Devil Judge are the Guardian (China) and S.C.I. Mystery (which I *think* is from Hong Kong) both censored adaptations of same sex originals.
Tumblr media
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pbandjk · 8 months ago
Delivery Boy 8
Genre: Unplanned pregnancy, Food delivery boy Jk! Slow burn, Angst, fluff, smut
Pairing: Jungkook x f. Reader
Word Count: 3.7k
Warnings: none for this chapter
Summary: You’re a business woman who has everything figured out, so what happens when the guy you didn’t see coming makes a permanent stake in your life? Aka the one where you get knocked up by the delivery boy. 
8/? series masterlist
The next night Jungkook is gone working a night shift, so you decide to invite Karla over since she has time off. You should have known the vase of roses sitting on the kitchen island would instantly catch her attention and start her prying. “He bought you flowers for Valentine's day?” She asks, settling beside you on the couch.
“He did a lot more than that.” You mutter.
“What?!” She clearly takes it the wrong way and you laugh.
“Not like that. I mean, he ran me a bath with rose petals and cooked me a nice meal-“
“And you didn’t suck his dick?”
“Karla!” You try not to laugh as to not encourage her. “You know I don’t feel that way about him.”
“Sure, Keep telling yourself that.”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“You’re telling me, you feel absolutely nothing for him? Not even attraction?”
“Well, of course I’m attracted to him.” The impure thoughts from last night come back to haunt you, and you shoo them off. “I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant otherwise.”
“And what about the rest? You don’t find him desirable as a partner?”
You didn’t like entertaining those sorts of thoughts. Of course you didn’t. “No.”
“And why not?”
Why not? Before you would have said his job, his lack of responsibility, his maturity. But you couldn’t really find examples of those things anymore. He does well enough for himself to afford this place, and he always pays his bills on time. You’ve seen how tired he is when he gets home.
It’s like he’s a changed man, but in reality nothing has changed. He has the same job, same place, same friends. He’s changed his partying and drinking habits, but he still goes out some, though he never comes home trashed.
He picks up after himself and cooks for you, both of which you were not expecting from him. Maybe you had just got him all wrong.
“Can’t think of anything huh?” Karla looks a little too smug for your liking.  
You roll your eyes. “No, there’s too many to count.”
“Sure. Because making dinner on his nights off, and running to the store at your beck and call is totally not boyfriend material. Not to mention going out of his way to give you more romantic gestures in one night than I’ve gotten in my entire life.”
Maybe you should have kept that stuff to yourself if she was going to gang up on you like this. “He’s only doing that stuff because I’m carrying his baby. He thinks he owes me something.”
“Is that what you think?”
“It’s what I know. He told me as much.” You think back to the conversation you had before. ‘This is my job.’ And you noticed the way he clarified that it wasn’t only you who was his Valentine and that he wanted to celebrate with his kid. No mention of you.
“Well, I think maybe you're both not that honest with yourselves. He was the one who wanted to take things to the next step after all. He wanted you before the baby, don’t think that he didn’t.”
You dismiss her, changing the subject. It’s not like there’s any use in entertaining these thoughts anyway.
Normally, you’re exhausted by the time you get home and you go to bed at what Jungkook calls “grandma time”. But tonight your mind is too busy to go to sleep.
It seems like all of your thoughts have been preoccupied with Jungkook ever since your conversation with Karla. Damn her and her insightfulness.
Jungkook comes through the front door around ten o’clock, the smell of fried chicken surrounding him. He hangs his jacket up and his feet stutter when he spots you on the couch. “You’re up late.”
“Couldn’t sleep.” You shrug.
He disappears to his room for a moment then remerges with his previous clothes in his hands, heading for the laundry room. You’re also surprised when he joins you on the couch. You know how tired he is when he gets off a shift.
“What are you watching?”
You shouldn’t feel this nervous about Jungkook sitting next to you. You’ve done this a million times, nothings changed, except for the fact Karla has tainted your perception of him.
Did you have a crush on Jungkook? Fuck, you can’t think about this right now.
Jungkook calling your name snaps you back into reality, and you scramble for an answer. “Just some documentary I found. You can change it if you want.”
“No, it’s fine.”
You can’t focus on what the t.v. is playing. Jungkook tries to make small talk about it with you, but you only respond with noises and go back to freaking out.
Was Karla right? Does Jungkook think about you like that? He hadn’t really made any sort of move or insuition about dating you ever since you found out you were pregnant. He was the one who wanted to make you his girlfriend, but did he still want that?
You glance at him again, only to find he fell asleep. Lucky.
Jungkook’s still asleep on the couch when you wake up for work the next morning. You try not to make too much noise as you prepare your lunch and make breakfast, but he doesn’t seem to stir, even when you accidentally drop something.
You feel flustered by merely being around him, even when he’s asleep. You definitely have a problem.
You head back to your room to get dressed quickly. For some reason, you’re running late this morning. You grab your jacket and your things, locking the door behind you.
It’s only when you arrive at work you realize you forgot your lunch.
You can still order food, but it’s costly and an expense. You don’t need much these days to put you in a bad mood and something like this can ruin your day.
However, your day is saved because right before lunch time, a very much awake Jungkook comes waltzing in holding your lunch. He stops to talk to the receptionist who points to you. He grins when he spots you, striding over to your desk. “I saw it in the fridge and thought I should bring it to you.”
Your coworkers make teasing sounds at his gesture, causing heat to tinge your face at the attention.  
“Thank you. You didn’t have to.”
He gives you a smile that you swear makes your stupid heart skip a beat. “I know. I guess I was trying to win some brownie points.” He leaves you with a wink that you roll your eyes at.
Jungkook works the next Saturday again during the day, which leaves you all alone in the apartment. You’re bored, or at least that’s what you tell yourself when you start cooking what happens to be one of Jungkook’s favorite meals.
You package the food neatly once you’re finished, and grab a sticky note to write on. You’re at a loss for a moment as to what to say. Should you try to flirt with him to test the waters? No, he’ll definitely make fun of you for it. Ultimately, you decide on,
Not that you’d ever get sick of your parent’s food, but I thought you might like some variety ;)
Was the winky face too much? Fuck, he’d probably make fun of you for that too. Still, you decide to leave it and head for the restaurant.
You aren’t sure when his lunch break is, but you’re early enough it should be fine. You enter through the front door, feeling weird about bringing food into a restaurant. Would his parents be insulted? You don’t think so, but you panic at the thought.
“How many?” the hostess asks when you walk up to the counter.
“Actually, I’m here to drop something off.” She nods and you sit the bag on the counter. “Can you give this to Jungkook?”
You can’t but notice her eyes linger on your stomach. You aren’t sure if she knows who you are or not, but the next question confirms she does not. “Do you want me to leave a name?”
You shake your head. “He’ll know it’s from me.”
Jungkook’s parents’ restaurant shuts down that night so everyone can go to his nephew’s school play. Minsoo’s been talking about his role nonstop whenever you visit his family. He goes over his lines over and over again so he won’t forget.
You were already in your room getting ready when Jungkook arrived home from work so you do a double take when you finally emerge and see Jungkook dressed and waiting for you in the living room. With the tan colored sweater that covers his arm tattoos and his hair fixed nicely, he could almost blend in with your exes. And for some reason you hate it.
“Ready?” he looks you up and down before letting out a whistle.
You laugh off the ridiculous reaction, knowing he’s only playing around. “What? I can get dressed up sometimes.”
“I know.” He smiles, causing your stomach to do funny things.
He helps you put on your coat, and you’re not sure why but he puts a hand on your back as you walk out the door. You swear he’s never done that before. You’re disappointed when he removes it to lock your apartment. You look at him to detect anything else strange, but he walks off.
“Do you mind if I drive?” he asks as you approach your car in the garage.
You know he likes driving normal cars too, which he only gets to do if it’s his parent’s. “No.” You toss your keys to him which he catches gracefully. You enjoy being able to sit in the passenger seat and relax.
“So, I was actually thinking about getting a car.” He says after a couple minutes of just the radio playing.
“Yeah. Imagine if I’m home alone with the baby and I have an emergency. I can’t drive my bike.”
You hadn’t thought of that before, but it always feels like Jungkook is a step ahead of you. “But we don’t have another parking spot.” Each resident is only allowed one in the garage. “I guess you could leave your bike at your parents, but that would be annoying having to drive back and forth.”
“Actually, I was going to sell it?” he presents the information almost like a question.
Your jaw hangs open, your head jerking to look at him. “What?!”
He chuckles at you. “Cars are expensive, at least reliable ones. And my bike is worth a lot. I could get a nice car and have money left over to help with baby stuff.”
For some reason the thought makes your heart hurt for him. You know how much your dad loves his motorcycle, and Jungkook is no different. You figured he would give up a limb before he gave it away.
“Don’t worry about baby stuff. I have money saved up, and your sister has already given us so much stuff. I’m sure we’ll be fine.”
He shakes his head. “I’m going to do my part too y/n. I know hospital bills are not cheap.”
You’ve never expected him to pay for anything concerning you. “I’ll pay for that stuff. I’m the one that’s going to be the patient.”
“Yeah, with my baby.”
“Stop doing that.” you finally say.
“Doing what?”
“Saying things like that. The baby is ours, that we had an equal part in creating. You keep acting like you owe me something for getting me pregnant.”
“You said it yourself, we’re equal, but then you keep acting like you’re doing this alone!”
You grow silent after that. Maybe he is right, but you only do it because you don’t want him to feel like you dragged him into this. You chose to keep the baby.
“Y/n.” He says your name so softly it makes you melt. “We’re a team, okay? So don’t feel bad about me doing things for us and the baby, and I’ll try not to make you feel like I’m being inscensire.”
You turn your head away from him, so he can’t see the tears that escape. You hadn’t known you were upsetting him, you thought you were helping him.
“Talk to me.” His words are almost a plea, and you instantly feel guilty for making him feel bad.
“I’m sorry. I guess sometimes it’s hard for me to grasp that you’re happy in this position.”
“Y/n. I’ve always wanted kids. Sure, I thought I would have my life more together than this, but I’m working on it.” He pauses and you’re still trying to collect yourself. “I’m glad you’re gonna be the mother of my child. I know you’re gonna be such a good mom.”
You don’t bother hiding when you cry this time. He looks panicked for a moment, chuckling awkwardly. “I didn’t mean to make you cry.”
“You’re gonna be a good dad.” You say with full conviction through your tears, and he smiles proudly at you. “And I’m happy I have you to go through this with.” You aren’t sure you’ve ever fully shown Jungkook how much you appreciate his help, and that’s a shame.
Unnie sent texts of their location, and you easily find Jungkook’s family in the auditorium, making your way to your saved seats.
“What did you do to make her cry?” Unnie looks like she’s ready to beat up Jungkook who holds his hands up in defense.
“Nothing.” you answer for him so she doesn’t pounce, though you do appreciate the sentiment. “I’m just emotional.”
She looks weary for a moment before she leans back in her seat, accepting your answer.
You sit a little bit closer to Jungkook than you normally would, and you know he probably picks up on it.
“You okay?” he leans in to ask.
You turn and find his face is only a couple inches away from yours, your breath hitching. You haven’t been this close in months. “I’m great.” Quickly, you look away from him before you grow flustered.
“Thank you for my lunch, by the way. It was delicious.” He says right as the curtains are drawn back.
Heat creeps up your face from the compliment. Your defense mode kicks in when you get embarrassed. “I had made too much and didn’t want it to go to waste.”
He doesn’t appear convinced, but lets it go as he grins up at the stage.
Minsoo is adorable as his role as a frog. He stumbles over his lines a bit, but he recovers quickly. His mom and grandma are recording the whole time, and when he spots his family in the crowd he waves, and all of Jungkook’s family wave back proudly as if to say, hey, that one’s mine!
You can’t help but picture this same scenario, except it’s your kid that’s in the play. You’re glad your son will have this support system that you always envied other kids for having growing up.
After the play, you wait around as Minso takes photos with everyone still in his costume, and you’re surprised when you hear your name called. “Y/n, we’re taking a group photo.” Jungkook’s mom says. For a second you think they want you to take the photo, then you notice someone else is already holding the camera.
Jungkook holds out his arm, and you step into it, and into their family picture. It feels weird, being a part of another family. But, not wrong. You glance up at Jungkook and he grins at you, squeezing your waist a little tighter.
The whole family meets back up at the restaurant to celebrate, and you volunteer to help prepare the food. Jungkook’s mom orders you around the kitchen to gather stuff, and you make your way out to the tables with your arms full of bowls.
When Jungkook spots you he darts up from his seat to help you, and scolds his mom for making you carry stuff around. She simply rolls her eyes at her son. “She’s pregnant, not immobile. Let her help if she wants.”
You laugh and sit next to his pouting form.
Minsoo talks about how exhilarating it was to speak in front of everyone, and you praise him along with his family. He’s warmed up to you a little after some persuasion from Jungkook, and even his grandma has started to talk to you normally. For the first time, you find yourself completely at ease with this family, and you no longer feel like an outsider.
You catch Jungkook staring at you while you’re still laughing at one of Namjoon‘s jokes. “What?”
He shakes his head, and turns away from you, smiling. “Nothing.”
You leave the restaurant feeling like your bump has grown twice in size from all of his parent’s cooking. You say your goodbyes to his family, getting in your car with Jungkook.
“Wait.” He’s about to turn left to your apartmentment when you grab his arm. “Can we just drive around for a bit?”
“Sure.” He turns the wheel, leading you back on to the main road.
You used to do this a lot, back when you were seeing each other. Driving at night with no destination, having your own personal karaoke session together in your car. Music was a huge part of your relationship with Jungkook. It was the thing you first bonded over, and maybe that’s why you continued to talk about it, spending nights discussing your favorite songs as you fell asleep next to each other.
“Do you want me to plug up your phone?” you ask.
“You sure?” He hesitates.
You grab his phone from him, plugging it into your car. You navigate his playlists through the screen on your car, finding the one you used to listen to all the time. It’s a mix of both your favorites that you share, and some that you had recommended to each other.
You’re the first to break the ice and sing along, but soon he joins in, matching your passion. You know choosing this playlist was a statement, but it’s one you don’t mind making.
Your crush on Jungkook doesn’t go anywhere, especially not as he continues to do things that wow you. You’ve yet to do anything about it, but you aren’t in any rush. Instead, you enjoy flirting with him and leaving him a little flustered at times, sometimes the reverse as well.
You find yourself waiting up for Jungkook on Friday nights, just because it feels weird going so long without seeing him at the end of the week when he works nights.
You’re sitting beside him on the couch when you start to play out your devious plan. You make a show of rubbing your back and wincing until he catches on.
“Are you having back pain?” he finally asks.
“Yeah. I already tried taking a bath. It still hurts.” It’s true, all the extra weight at the front is wearing on your back, but you may be exaggerating a tiny bit.
“Have you tried a hot or cold compress? I think I have some.”
You resist the urge to roll your eyes. “Your mom said your dad massaged her back every night when she was pregnant.” She had actually told it to Jungkook on Sunday after you mentioned your back pain. You figured he might not offer and you needed to take the initiative.
“Oh.” It finally clicks for him. “Do you want a massage?”
“That would be great!” you say like he suggested it.
You turn your back to him and he scoots up next to you. The first touch of his hands through your shirt causes a shiver to run down your spine. His touch is soft and caring, but you need your muscles to be worked. “You can go a little harder.”
If he notices the innuendo, he doesn’t say it. Instead, he digs his hands a little more into your body, and you let out an inadvertent moan.
He pauses for a second before continuing.
“Feels so good, thank you.”
Jungkook is deadly silent behind you, and you try to hold back your sounds, but it feels too nice. It’s like the muscles of your back are having their own kind of orgasm.
“Do you have to make those noises?” Jungkook sounds annoyed behind you.
You stiffen up from where your body had gone lax. “Sorry. That’s good, you don’t have to keep going.”
You turn to look at him, and find he’s clenching his jaw tightly. He abruptly stands, and you instantly feel guilty about making him massage you after he spent the day working. He goes to the bathroom and shuts the door without a word.
You’re an idiot. You thought you were being cheeky and flirty, while he probably thinks you’re too demanding and a bitch for making him do that.
You wait until he emerges again, his hair damp, and a towel wrapped around his waist. As much as you’d like to, you don’t have time to admire him right now. He’s about to head into his room, but you stop him. “Wait!”
He pauses in his doorway.
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked you to do that. I know you’re tired and you do so much for me-”
“Y/n.” He cuts you off, turning towards you. “It’s fine. I promise.”
“You’re mad at me.”
“No I’m not.”
“I’m sorry-”
He cuts you off again, “I got a little flustered is all.”
You blink up at him a few times, not understanding him. “What?”
He looks away from you, playing with the hair at his neck. “It’s been a while for me. And you were making sex noises.”
Now it’s your turn to feel embarrassed. You huff and cross your arms. “I was not!”
A grin grows on his face at your denial. “Yes you were. Trust me, I’ve heard them many times before. Although, we were doing something much different.”
You gawk at him, not believing he said that. “Well, if you think it’s been a long time for you, imagine how I feel!” You aren’t sure why you said it. You swear your hormones are clogging up your brain.
“What do you mean? The last time I had sex was with you.”
“Oh.” You aren’t sure why, but you assumed he moved on in the time you spent apart, you did see him with Stacey afterall. You guess he was telling the truth.
“Look, I’ll give you a massage again, but don’t moan like you’re cu-”
You shut his own door in his face.
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kichous · 8 months ago
✧・゚:*   i’d rather be so oblivious
summary. honesty is the best policy, especially with someone like toji. series. how should i greet thee ? | part one . pairing. fushiguro toji x f!reader. warnings. mentions of (non-explicit) sex. child abandonment / foster care. word count. 3731.
Tumblr media
If it weren’t so sad, you might find it cute how much Toji loves playing house with you. It’s all so painfully quaint, the small two-bedroom apartment you have in the city. Your car is parked safely in a garage next to his sleek, black SUV — though you’d had to fight for two spaces and you’re now fairly certain the building manager hates you for it.
You’re practically a glorified housewife. He makes enough money on contract jobs that neither of you have to work for (at the most) months at a time. Sometimes he stays at the Zen’in family home because he’s too tired from hits to make his way back to you, but that’s never for long. He has years’ worth of clothes in your shared closet. He buys groceries every other week, alternates cooking with you, and you have a goddamned chore wheel set up. All that’s missing is the ring and the two little kids running around.
Maybe that’s what the guest bedroom is actually for.
Never in your life would you have imagined that this is where you’d end up. With a man loving you so much he’d give you everything without a second thought. Toji’s not one to express his affection with words. But he holds you close, and he holds you often. Even when the nights are so hot you have both windows open and the AC tripling your electricity bill, he tugs you against him, as though he’s afraid you’ll disappear at a moment’s notice. If he were anyone else, you might have.
But maybe he’s what you needed all along. It wasn’t the fancy name, the prestige of being part of a sorcerer family (as if that would ever mean anything to anyone outside of jujutsu society anyway). It was being loved. Wanted, needed. It was the feeling of being enough.
When your foster parents wasted five years of your life making you fall in love with them, only to give you up when they decided your cursed technique was too passive to take into their line, you wanted nothing more than revenge. They ruined you. That anger fueled you throughout your life, and it festered. It became this sickly, rotting part of you — an evil, wretched part that you knew you’d be better off leaving behind. But you didn’t know what it was like to live without it.
Without spite driving your every move, who were you? Zen’in Toji’s live-in girlfriend? Then, without Toji, who were you? Nothing?
Yes, nothing. Like you’d always been.
Therein lies the problem. You don’t really mind being nothing deep inside, as long as you’re with him.
The realization comes suddenly, jarringly, when you’re in the middle of making dinner. You stand in front of the stove, stirring the stew with an even, steady pace. Toji pads into the kitchen after a post-contract nap, and you hear him yawn and crack his neck. He comes up behind you and wraps his bulky arms around your midsection. Humming in acknowledgment, you turn for a split second to give him a kiss. He smiles at you when you part, soft and tender.
“That smells amazing,” he says. As per your usual routine, he starts setting up the table while you cook. He stops, chopsticks in hand, likely because he saw both the grill and hot pot sitting on the table. “No way… Are we…?”
“Why don’t you check the fridge?” You laugh when he jumps to do so. He barely stops the door from smacking you. “Like what you see?”
“Are you kidding me?” Toji starts yanking out the trays of meat two at a time, stomach and liver, tripe and flank steak, filet slices and colon. He barely has the presence of mind to remember to wash his hands before he tears through the packaging and starts arranging them on plates. Careful not to touch you with his bloodied hands, he takes you by the shoulders by his wrists and spins you into another kiss. “I love you.”
When you jerk back, he looks as surprised as you are that the words left his mouth. Neither of you move, simply staring at each other for a few moments. You break first, when the stew threatens to boil over and you quickly turn off the burner. You don’t turn back. You don’t want to see the inevitable regret on his face.
Toji clears his throat and offers a short chuckle. “What’s the special occasion?”
His attempt to erase the last ninety seconds does not put you at ease in the slightest. But you indulge him, like you always do. “I just felt like splurging. And maybe a little thank-you sex.” You press your cheek into the expanse of his back as he washes his hands, sliding your own up and down his sides before settling on his hips. “Though looking at how much I bought, it looks like a food coma’s more likely.”
“We don’t have to eat all of it,” Toji snorts.
“But you will.” And you will too, because you grew up knowing never to waste food.
He turns in your grasp and squeezes you in a tight hug. Two seconds, then he lets go, his hands heavy on your shoulders. Just forget about it. We’re still okay. You get it. Toji kisses the top of your head. “Fuck, my mouth’s watering. Didn’t realize how hungry I was ‘til I saw all the food.” He steps over to the stove to grab the pot of stew and puts it on the portable burner.
You follow him, balancing the plates of offal on your forearms before he turns back to pluck a couple of them and begin dumping the meat into the pot. “Save some for the grill,” you chastise, and he fishes some pieces of liver out to start barbecuing. “That’s disgusting.”
“My stomach won’t know the difference, get your own horumon.” He snickers when you elbow him lightly in the ribs before sitting down.
That’s the exact moment where the proverbial band-aid ends.
You have lived with him for six months, and never before has a meal been so quiet.
The two of you don’t talk about things that normal couples do. He talks about the sorcerers he’s fought, about the weirdos who hire him. It isn’t customary (right, normal, or good) to laugh at people’s dying words over a meal, but that’s what you do. That’s who the two of you are. And before he’d said those three little words, you would have given anything to just stay that way.
But now he’s gone and made you feel terrible.
This man, this murderer, this scoundrel, this renegade — he loves you. Whether he loves that you made him his favorite meal, or that you simply thought of him when shopping for food, it’s more than you’ve ever received in your life. And the thought of that makes you sick to your stomach, because you don’t deserve it.
You entered his life wanting to use him. Before, when it had been you and him and a beat up Toyota Corolla, all you had cared about was his name. Zen’in. Of the three families, perhaps the most likely to take you in. The cursed technique that doomed you to abandonment could redeem itself in that family. It was merely luck that you’d lured a young and handsome man into your web. His body was a luxury. He’d give you a pretty baby. Above all, his name, his blood, was what mattered.
Until it didn’t. Until he called you ‘babe’ for the first time, until he gave you a set of keys and four walls and someone to come home to. Until he made you forget why you were so angry with the world in the first place. How could it be cruel, when it had given you someone like Toji? God, you love him. You love him more than words could ever say.
You’re not stupid. You know he didn’t fall in love with you at first sight. But he let his walls down faster. He opened himself to you and you took and took and never gave him a bit of yourself — and that makes you a horrible person. Zen’in Toji may not be much better, but he deserves more than that. He deserves more than you. Unlike your foster parents, this is fact, not his own personal opinion. He doesn’t even realize it.
“Look, just forget what I said —”
“I need to tell you something —”
Both of you stare at each other, wide-eyed. “No, you go first,” in unison. An awkward chuckle, again simultaneous, until he gestures with a hand for you to speak. He crosses his arms, guarding his chest — his heart — from you. Good. He should have been doing that from the beginning.
You part your lips, but you aren’t sure where to begin. You realize that he knows next to nothing about you. He knows that you’ve lived in your car since you were eighteen. He knows that you’re horrendously picky about pizza toppings, because choosing more than cheese was a luxury when you were strapped for cash. He knows that you like it when he kisses the inside of your thighs before he eats you out. He knows that you like to rake your nails down his back because of the marks you leave on him, scarlet atop the scars from his family. He doesn’t even know your last name — though, to be fair, you don’t know it either.
“I love you too.” It’s the truth. You have to say it out loud before it makes your chest implode. He needs to know. Of all the things he should hear from you, it should be the truth. And if you want to tell him a truth that gets him to smile at you, can anyone blame you? Perhaps you should have saved it for the end as a balm. But then he might not want to hear it; or worse yet, he might not believe you.
Toji nods evenly. “Okay.” He pauses, considering what to say next. “You already know how I feel about you.”
He doesn’t want to say it again. He’s afraid.
You hate yourself.
“This whole thing… It didn’t happen by chance. I’ve been lying to you — or, I haven’t been telling you the truth about me. I haven’t said anything to you that wasn’t true, but I also haven’t been honest. Transparent is the world I’m looking for, I guess.” You chance a glance at him. Toji doesn’t visibly react, but he jerks his foot backward when you gently nudge it with your own under the table. Something aches in your chest, but you know you deserve it. “I want to tell you everything. I want us to be on the same page.”
Toji shifts in his chair. He scoots back a few inches. “Go ahead,” he says after a few moments of silence. “I’m listening.”
“I was abandoned as a baby.” This isn’t the time for theatrics. His jaw tightens at your words, but you don’t dare take the gesture as sympathy. He’s been through hell, just like you. Neither of you are predisposed to pity. “ I know a sob story’s no excuse, I’m just telling it like it is. I grew up in the foster system. You know how people are, they don’t want kids that aren’t their own. I thought I was never gonna be adopted. When I was about… four, I think, a couple of curse users fostered me. They waited for my cursed technique to develop, and they taught me everything they knew.
“They gave me back when I was nine. Decided that they didn’t want me after all, because my technique was too weak, or it didn’t suit their purposes. Something like that, I didn’t bother to clarify. By then, it was too late for me.” You smile, rueful and bitter, and look down. Your finger traces a groove where Toji had nearly splintered the table a week ago. “If people decide to adopt, they want babies. They wanna watch it grow up. Nobody wants a kid who doesn’t really need to rely on you. I guess it’s just difficult to bond when they’re already their own person.”
“Sometimes it’s hard to bond with ‘em even if they’re yours,” Toji says quietly. “When they’re not who you want them to be.”
Right. He understands. Probably more than anyone else could. “Yeah. So I stayed in the system until I aged out. At eighteen, I stole a car. I’m sure you can figure out the rest,” you tell him. You watch as he nods, his eyes drifting to a spot on the wall behind you as he tries to make sense of your words. “That’s context for what I wanted to tell you.”
“There’s more?”
“What, were you going to just accept it at that?”
He shrugs. “Everyone’s got issues. I just thought you were waiting until you were ready to tell me yours,” he mutters. “I love you. I’m not gonna let a little thing like a shitty childhood get in the way of that.”
“I love you,” you say, almost reflexively. You need him to know that. He can misunderstand everything else, but he needs to know that you love him as much as he loves you. “I… When they left me, it messed me up in all sorts of ways. I didn’t trust people, and for the longest time, all I could think about was how to get back at them.”
Toji’s eyes narrow then, and you know he must be thinking the worst of you.
“The one thing I remembered most from when they raised me was how they were obsessed with politics,” you continue. His lips twist into a frown. He knows. You’ve lost him. “They were always running errands for the big three families, trying to get in their good graces. I figured the best way to hurt them was to beat them at their own game. I asked around, wanted to see how they were doing — and it wasn't well. They’re still nobodies. So I saw my chance.
“I wanted to go after Jinichi, because he seemed like the easiest to con. Your cousins, the three of them were too closely aligned with the head of the household. I thought if I could find someone less… powerful, then I could rise above with my own merits. I’d get married to get my foot in the door, then make my own way up.”
“And then you found me,” Toji scoffs. “The biggest disappointment of all.”
You reach out but falter at the force of his glare. “I didn’t plan on meeting you,” you whisper. “You scared me shitless, remember? I thought you were gonna kill me.” He might now. You might even let him.
It had been a rainy night. You were parked off to the side, your cursed technique just barely active as you dozed in your car. Exhausted from the day’s work, you had made the mistake of falling asleep. But before you did, you planted pincers. If anyone with cursed energy stepped within range of your car, into the looming shadow of the building next to it, they’d be mincemeat. Toji, of course, had none, and he walked over the cursed landmines none the wiser.
One of your tail lights was busted, he said. He was doing a good deed. You almost activated the pincers when you woke, still disoriented, but then you realized there was a handful of ways he could have bypassed them at all. The most likely was that he was the Zen’in you’d heard frequented the area. And so you played it up. Thanked him profusely, batted your lashes. When he gave you the address of a local mechanic, you told him you couldn’t afford it — but you could think of a couple of ways to thank Toji for his kindness, and he slipped into your backseat without a second thought.
And the rest was history.
“At first, I wanted to use you. I thought if I could make something out of you, the Zen’in family would have no choice but to take me in, whether or not I was your wife.” You’d promised him honesty. He would never want you to soften anything for him, and you weren’t that kind of person. Even if it meant losing him forever, you would tell him the truth. “I guess I sort of did, looking at us now. You’re practically a family man, aren’t you?”
Neither of you had ever mentioned children, but sometimes you would catch him watching the little ones at the park nearby your apartment, the way they toddled into their parents’ arms and shrieked in joy. You wondered if it was because of the love he’d missed out on, or if he was staring because he couldn’t wait to give that love himself. You once told him off-handedly that you weren’t on the pill anymore, and all he had said was ‘okay.’ But your home rather speaks for itself, doesn’t it?
“I didn’t plan on falling in love with you. For the longest time, I tried to convince myself that I didn’t. That the way you made me feel — safe, secure, happy — was just because I was glad you were playing right into my hands.” He hasn’t looked at you for a solid minute, now. Part of you wants to reach over and tip his chin upward. The other doesn’t want you to lose your hand. “But I don’t want to play you anymore. I don’t want to manipulate you, or turn you into something you’re not. I’m in love with you, Toji. I’m not proud of who I pretended to be to get you to love me, but I wanted you to know the truth. That you deserve better, that you deserve someone who was honest from the beginning —”
“You don’t have to be.” You flinch at his interjection. Toji unfolds his arms, reaching over to take your hand. He squeezes, not enough to hurt, but enough that you can’t move your fingers. “You don’t have to be proud of it. Who the fuck needs pride? We’re both colossal fuck-ups, honey. You think I didn’t notice that you were hiding things from me?”
He breaks out into sharp laughter, his grip on your hand tightening. “Fuck, the way you were carrying on, I thought you were gonna say you found out you were my long-lost sister or something. Had me real worried for a second.” Releasing you for a moment, he gets out of his chair and makes his way across the table by you. He nudges the grill a little, careful not to make the grease spill, and sits on the edge. Toji tucks your head in close and presses a kiss into your dome. “I appreciate you being honest with me, sweetheart, but I don’t really need you to be sorry about all of that shit. You love me, right?”
You nod, almost violently. “I love you,” you tell him, reaching up to hold him. He pulls you up out of the chair and tugs you into his arms. The table shakes warningly, and he hops off. “I love you so much it scares me.”
Toji reaches up to cup your cheeks, his hands engulfing your face. He tilts his head so that you’re nose-to-nose. “Don’t let it,” he whispers against your lips, then kisses you hungrily. You fall into each other. “Let’s make a promise, baby.”
“What kind of promise?” You’re lightheaded from the kiss. Toji had practically stolen the air from your lungs. You had never imagined he would take this all so gracefully — or as gracefully as someone like him could manage.
“To live our lives the way we want to. I’m no stranger to spite. My family isn’t proud of me and I’m not proud of them either, the fucking jackasses.” He pulls you even closer to him, tucking your head into his neck. You feel the steady thrum of his pulse and clutch onto his ratty t-shirt. He’s so big he could swallow you whole.
“I’m not exactly a saint, myself,” Toji continues. “I’m a murderer. Who can say they’re proud of that? And you’re a liar, so no pride there either. We don’t need it. Let’s promise to live a life without pride — in ourselves and in others. At best, we don’t give a fuck about what other people think of us. At worst, we go around making the people who snubbed us miserable on purpose. It’s a win-win, don’t you think?”
You lean back to look up at him. His returning gaze is tender, despite the resentment dripping from his words. He must read your intent, as he dips his head to meet you half-way. You love it when he kisses you softly, every nerve in your lips tingling as warmth swells in your chest. You may even love it more than when he’s rough. But then you quickly come to the conclusion that you love them both equally — because it’s Toji kissing you.
“What do you say, babe?” Toji says gently. “Should we shake on it?”
You extend your pinky to him instead. “So if any of us fuck up, we have to feed the other a thousand needles.”
Toji laughs heartily, a full body motion that brings a smile of your own to your face. He hooks his pinky with yours and bumps your noses together. “Sure thing. Pinky promise. We should hit up a fabric store later.” He lets your hands fall, fingers still entwined.
The two of you stand there in the middle of your dining room, holding each other. It feels as though a boulder has been lifted from your chest, and you relish in the weight of him against you. He’s still here. He’s still yours.
“By the way,” Toji says as an afterthought, “if we’re starting from rock bottom — I know we are; look at us — we should probably look into getting married, huh? The family elders will shit themselves.”
He must find the shock on your face hilarious, because he doesn’t stop laughing for the next ten minutes.
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bubble-tea-bee · 8 months ago
Would You Like Some Help?
Norman Bates x M!Reader
Tumblr media
Last Edited: April 1, 2021 5:40 PM
TW: mentions abuse
Requested: no
Tags: none
You park the car right next to the hotel and step out. You feel very nervous, afraid that he might somehow know who you are and why you’re running. Back home, you had a very nice girlfriend. Well, very nice to look at. Her personality was like a rotten apple. She ordered you around, threw things at you, but she mostly hurt you emotionally and mentally. You wanted out the moment you saw who she truly was. In the beginning, she was very sweet and kind. She had always been praising you for the work you did and how you always treated her right. Then, after she moved in, everything changed. She would scream and holler at you for doing the simplest things wrong. She would always beat down your confidence and just generally make you feel bad.
At the time, you didn’t know what to do so you endured it. As it got worse, you had finally had enough. When she was asleep, you packed all your necessities before throwing your suitcase in your car. After that, you just drove until you came to the Bates Motel. And here you are, standing right by the lobby door, unsure on whether or not to go in. “Oh! H-Hello!” You hear someone say. You look to where the voice came from, seeing a man approach you from a large home.
“Hello,” You say, trying to keep everything short and sweet.
“I’m, uh, sorry I-I wasn’t here. I was ten-tending to my mother,” He says, beckoning you to follow him into the lobby.
“It’s not a problem, Mr. Bates,” You tell him as you stand in front of the counter. He reaches underneath the counter and pulls out a book. He places it in front of you and opens it to a page with a few names on it.
“Just write down yo-your name and where you’re from,” He says, handing you a pen. You write down your name and hesitate one here your from before deciding to put Phoenix.
“How much for a few nights?” You ask, digging around your pockets for your wallet.
“Oh! Ho-how long are you sta-staying?” He asks, his gaze holds warmth and nervousness.
“A few nights. Maybe four I guess? I’m not really sure, just a few nights is all,” You tell him, shrugging since you’re not sure how long you plan on staying.
“Oh, well, then is th-that cash or a check? What are you pa-paying with?” He asks. You take out your wallet and pull out a few bills. You hand him the bills, watching his reaction. He gives you a small smile and nods. “This is enough f-for a week’s stay.”
“That’s good enough,” You tell him, fidgeting with your hands and fingers.
“W-Well, I’m one for nu-numerical order so you get cabin one. There were twe-twelve vacancies and n-now we have e-el-eleven,” He tells you with a smile. The smile seems kind but also nervous. Maybe he’s just as awkward as you. He grabs one of the keys that’s hanging on the hooks; the key happens to be the one underneath the number one for cabin one.
He hands you your room key, his fingers barely touching your own. You give him a small smile as you take the key from him. “Do you need to show me where the room is?” You ask him, unsure if you can go find it yourself.
“I can show you!” He says quickly, his smile seeming to be a little less nervous. He moves in front of you and takes the lead. He still seems nervous, but not as nervous as he previously was. He leads you to cabin one and gestures for you to open the door. You place the key in the lock and turn it, opening the door. He goes into the room first, you tagging along right behind him.
“Looks comfy,” You say, looking around the room. On the wall, you see two pictures of some type of small bird hanging up. It honestly doesn’t look too bad with the small vanity, bed, closet, and drawers by the door.
“Yes, it is. Th-the bed is, um, pretty soft and the she-sheet are clean. I clean th-them every day. Ju-just a habit,” He tells you, fidgeting in his spot near the bathroom.
“Well… Thank you for showing me to my room, Mr. Bates,” You say, trying to be as kind as possible. You don’t want to be rude to him since it is his hotel and he doesn’t seem to be a bad guy.
“I should g-get back to work…” He says, trailing off.
“Would You Like Some Help?” You ask him, not really ready to be alone.
“You don’t have to. I-I’ve taken care of the motel f-for so long…” He seems hesitant about letting you help him, but not against the idea. “I…” He shakes his head. “N-no. Yo-your a customer and shouldn’t do my work.”
“I was just offering is all. If you want help, feel free to ask me, I don’t mind,” You tell him, ignoring his stuttering. You’ve noticed it but you really don’t mind it too much. He gives you a small smile as a thanks before leaving you to your room. You look around the room some more before Norman comes back with your items.
“I di-didn’t mean to forget your stuff,” He says, setting your suitcase down by your bed.
“It’s fine. I forgot about it until you brought it in so no worries,” You dismiss his worries, not really caring. You would have gotten it at some point but now that he brought it in, you didn’t have to worry about going out to get it and getting caught up in the rain. It has just started to rain, it isn’t raining very hard though, just a light sprinkle.
“We-Well, have a good night,” Norman bids you farewell and leaves you alone with yourself, the room, and your stuff. You let out a large sigh, ready to get some much-needed sleep. You start to go through your suitcase and unpack everything. You hang up your clothes and place your journal and a pen on the vanity. You didn’t have very much so unpacking it all didn’t take much time. You pull out a tank top and a pair of pajama pants and start to strip out of your clothes.
You feel eyes on you, making you look around the room, holding your shirt in one hand. When you see nothing out of the ordinary, you throw your dirty shirt into your suitcase and throw on the tank top. You finish putting on your pajama pants when the feeling of being watched returns. You ignore it for now and let your body fall onto the bed. Honestly, it felt better than your bad back at your old home. You wrap yourself in the soft blankets, happy to finally get a break. The feeling of being watched doesn’t leave, even as you fall asleep you can feel it. It didn’t bother you too much and with that, you let your conscious drift away into the dream world.
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mooniefics · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— first impressions
Tumblr media
pairing : zeke jaeger / fem reader / reiner braun
word count : 7.5k
tags : sorta fluff (i can’t help myself i love reiner), eventual smut, threesome (f/m/m), situational humiliation, one night stand, spitroasting, drunk + unsafe sex
warnings : nsfw, mild sexual coercion
summary : a chance meeting between you and reiner leaves you enjoying an evening with the warriors upon their much anticipated return from the war. but doing your new friends a favor leads to a night you'll never forget.
Tumblr media
— originally posted 12 / 22 / 20 on ao3 —
Tumblr media
"reiner! is that really you?!"
you stood quickly from your place at the booth, unable to stop yourself from scrambling up to the small group of soldiers, who were all looking down at you with a mixture of confusion and amusment.
"you didn't tell us you had a girlfriend back home, braun." the dark-haired woman to his right teased, earning a crossed frown from your friend.
"not my girlfriend." he muttered, ignoring their chuckles as he turned his attention back to you, "i haven't changed that much in a few months, have i?"
you sighed, a relieved grin breaking out across your face as he opened his arms to you, gratefully accepting his invitation and squeezing him tight, face pressing into his shoulder. the scent of gunpowder that usually clung to him in his uniform was absent on his civilian clothes, replaced instead with the pleasant smell of fresh linen. "a few months? felt more like a whole year to me."
you stayed cognizant of the people behind him, now exchanging curious glances at the sight of their comrade's affection, the woman who'd initially teased him whispering something to the stern looking man by her side that made his expression crack into a small grin. he pulled away from you after a moment, a soft smile warming his usually sullen features, which dampened at a hand being placed on his shoulder.
"would you care to introduce us, reiner?" a low voice asked, the speaker stepping to reiner's side to get a good look at you.
you instantly recognized the man, face flushing with embarrassment as you scrambled to find your words. "c-captain jaeger! i apologize for interrupting your evening, p-please forgive-"
"nonsense." he said, holding out his hand for you to shake, "and no need for the formalities, feel free to call me zeke."
you clasped your hands gratefully around his, shaking vibrantly much to his amusement. you exchanged names with the remaining three, the tired looking but jovial woman, pieck, insisting that you join them on their night out. seeing as you had already planned to be at the old bar for the rest of the night by yourself, you had no qualms with inviting them all to fill the remaining seats of the booth you'd been occupying before they entered.
"pock here isn't much of a talker," she said after everyone got themselves situated, poking the cheek of the man she'd been whispering to earlier, "he's a little shy, but don't hold it against him."
"i thought i told you not to call me that.." he grumbled in reply, smacking away her hand and earning a small round of laughter from everyone at the table. the freshest face among them, colt, flagged down the barmaiden that was milling about the tavern floor, ordering a beer for everyone at the table with a kind smile.
"this'll be the only one for me tonight." you told him across the table after the woman had sauntered away, "i kinda didn't budget to be drinking more than one beer tonight anyways.."
"don't worry about it." you turned at reiner's voice beside you, gaze flitting down to see him thumbing through the bills in his wallet, "i'll pay for you tonight. my treat."
"nice to see that you know how to treat a lady." zeke quipped with a grin from his place on your left, earning another unreadable frown from reiner, but you could see the flush creeping up on his cheeks as a result of the implication.
before he could dismiss his friend, the barmaiden had returned, toting six mugs filled to the brim with beer on her serving platter. everyone murmured their thanks as she passed them around the table, her eyes lingered on colt before she slipped away to attend to another awaiting party.
"look at you, colt! haven't even been here for thirty minutes and you've already got the ladies swooning." pieck drawled, taking a long sip from her mug with a smile on her lips as she watched the young man stammer out an excuse.
you couldn't help but laugh along at the display, taking a generous drink of your own as you watched the conversation pick up around you. pieck seemed to be more than comfortable with everyone at the table, fueling the majority of the discussion with her playful words. porco, as she'd said, didn't seem to be much of a talker, but nodded along to what the others said, contributing a brief input when he saw fit and staying silent for the rest of the time. colt wasn't naive, but he was easy to tease, the perfect target for little jabs here and there from around the table that drew irritated, flustered protests from him and made everyone laugh.
the dynamic that had intrigued you the most was that between zeke and reiner. they didn't speak directly to the other often, mostly relaying remarks through their responses to the others, but when they did, there seemed to be an odd sort of tension between them. not exactly rivals, but not exactly friends either. they were on the same team, but there was a clear disconnect between them despite that. you felt every slight shift that reiner made when zeke addressed him, debating on whether you should request to move from your place between them for your sake or stay as a buffer for reiner's.
everyone was on their third glass—the only exception being reiner, who was nearly through his fourth—definitely loosened up though not quite drunk yet, but before you could put much thought into how you'd go about doing that, porco spoke to you for the first time. "so, how do you even know reiner?"
"oh! i'd also like to know too!" pieck piped up between sips, downing the rest of her mug in one go and resting her chin in her hands. everyone's attention had turned to you in an instant, intently waiting for your response, making your posture stiffen as you twisted your hands in your lap.
"well, it was a few years ago, when the war with the mid-east had just started ramping up." you began, tensing up the slightest bit when you felt your hand brush reiner's under the table, "i was working at the produce shop down on kaiser lane, and one day reiner came by with his mother on one of her grocery visits, she had always spoken to me about him when i was counting up her total. i asked her if this was son she was always talking about, and she said yes and introduced us. reiner looked tired," pieck giggled at that. "so i tried to hurry it up a little for his sake, and then she paid and they both went on their way. later that day i came here, and i saw him sitting alone at the counter, so i decided to sit down next to him and see if he could put up with my insufferable small talk for a little while. we ended up talking all night, and we've been great friends since then."
"well, isn't that the sweetest thing," pieck smiled warmly at you from across the table, balancing her head on one hand so could pensively drum her fingers across the wood, "if i didn't know any better, i'd say you two made a lovely couple!"
"pieck, would you stop bothering reiner." porco chided, waving a hand at your friend, "just look at him, he looks like he's one more girlfriend comment away from popping a blood vessel."
reiner grumbled out a low 'fuck you', gulping down the rest of his beer and flagging down the barmaiden as the rest of the warriors shared a hearty laugh at his expense. you yourself were similarly blushing at their constant assertions of something more between the two of you. it's not as if you hadn't mulled the idea over in your head many times before on all the previous outings you'd been on together, and the few times the two of you had gotten drunk enough to fool around a bit before one of you came to your senses and excused yourself for the night.
there were some days where you were glad you kept a modest distance between yourselves, and there were others where you wanted to do nothing more than throw all caution to the window and just enjoy one irresponsible night of doing whatever came to mind, no doubts or worries or responsibilities to get in the way, politics and the war be damned. you started to shake away those unnecessary thoughts, but zeke did a much better job of distracting you when his arm fell around your shoulders, giving you a friendly squeeze as he spoke.
"i see that even in good company, my colleagues' manners still aren't up to par," he said, directing his words at you but talking loud enough for anyone to hear, "allow me to apologize on their behalf."
"oh hush, zeke, you're the worst out of all of us!" pieck argued through her laughter, playfully kicking his shin under the table, "you're only playing nice because she's here."
her words didn't draw his attention away from your face, gleaming grey eyes intently drinking in the emotions passing over your flushed features. you laughed nervously, turning away to face the rest of the table, sneaking a glance at reiner as the barmaiden swept by to clean up the empty glasses and replace them with filled mugs. he had an irritated frown drawn across his lips, worry lines creasing his face as he gulped down half of his mug in seconds.
"look's like you're finally not the one overdoing it, huh colt?" you heard pieck whisper into the young man's ear, snickering at him when he turned away from her and huffed.
just glancing around at them all made you forget that everyone of them were living on borrowed time, that in less than a month they would most likely be shipped out on their next assignment to defend marley against any one of the neighboring nations that were just waiting to pounce at the slightest slip up. aside from reiner, they all seemed to be forgetting that fact as well in favor of just enjoying this night while it was still young.
another banter-filled hour passed, your table not noticing how the bar had been steadily emptying as closing time drew near. zeke had kept his grasp around you for the entire time, much to reiner's dismay, which was evident on his face each time you tried to coax him back into the conversation, always faltering each time zeke peered over you to repeat your question to him with a thinly veiled haughtiness. reiner had gone through more beer than anyone at the table, his flushed face and low-lidded gaze along with his slurring words letting you know just how drunk he'd really become. but aside from his borderline unpleasant exchanges with your friend, zeke was incredibly charismatic, almost overbearingly so, your own intoxication making it easy for you give in to his infectious energy and laugh along with him and everyone else at the table.
sure, you were worried about reiner, but he knew that you would always be friends at the end of the day, and you had to make a good impression on these newly introduced people who were so kind as to invite you in on one of their rare leisurely getaways from the military barracks. so you let yourself lean into zeke's side, relishing in the warmth that you'd been craving for so long—a warmth that the alcohol only made you want more and more—the break in your routine that you'd been searching for in an evening alone turning into a night that you were sure you wouldn't forget for a long time. they didn't even seem to care that you weren't an honorary marleyan, or even that you were a lowly blue-collar worker that made a measly sum at her meaningless job on a forgettable street corner.
but alas, the blissfully ignorant fun of the table's atmosphere was dampened by the arrival of the barmaiden with your table's tab, setting it down in front of colt with a coy smile as she gathered up the rest of your empty glasses and disappeared into the back of the tavern.
"aw colt, you never made your move!" pieck chided, giggling as she dug into the pocket of her skirt to reach for her wallet just as everyone else around the table was doing.
"reiner.. are you okay?" you gently nudged his arm, looking over with concern at the sight of him. his elbow was propped on the table, forehead resting in the heel of his palm as he stared down at his lap, mouth drawn into a slight frown.
"shit, he's loaded." porco commented snarkily.
"we can't let magath see him like this!" colt said nervously, looking around at his colleagues, waiting for one of them to come up with a plan to deal with this new issue.
you glanced from colt to reiner, then up at zeke, turning back to everyone as you made an offer. "well.. i have a guest room at my house, he could stay there for the night if it makes things any easier for you all."
"oh, you're an angel!" pieck sighed, reaching across the table and clasping your hands in hers, "and if the commander asks, i could say that he decided to stay with his family!!"
"sharp as always, pieck." zeke chimed from beside you, "though, i don't think it'd be fair to make her watch him all by herself, so i think it'd be best if i help her out with him for the evening, just to be sure he doesn't cause her any trouble."
he met eyes with pieck, and for a moment you thought you saw the briefest flash of realization cross her features, the slightest smirk perking up at her lips before her face relaxed back into its natural smile and she nodded at him. "great idea." she said, tugging at porco and colt's sleeves, "i'll deal with these two, and i'll tell the commander that you had a change of heart as well. reiner, hand me your wallet if you can't count the bills."
"i've got it." he grunted, fumbling with his wallet for a few moments before slamming a fistful of bills down in front of her.
"thank you very much!" she sang happily, getting all the money in order and putting her own small tip for the barmaiden before she slapped colt's arm a few times, prompting him to start scooting out of the booth.
zeke finally retracted his arm to begin leaving the booth, standing out on the floor and offering his hand out to you. you flushed, taking it and allowing him to help you to your feet. everyone got themselves situated, stepping out of the bar and saying their goodbyes, pieck, colt, and porco turning to make their way back to the barracks, zeke slinging reiner's arm over his shoulder and following you along as you gave directions on how to get to your home.
there wasn't many words exchanged between the three of you on your short walk, only having some small talk with zeke between the bouts of comfortable silence hanging around you in the warm night air. you arrived home within minutes, wrestling the key into the old lock and holding open the door for zeke to help reiner in.
"i can walk myself, jaeger." he muttered while kicking his shoes off, earning a low chuckle from the older man.
"then why aren't you doing it right now?"
he didn't get a response as you directed them to your bedroom, hoping to settle him down as soon as you could in the hopes of him being able to get enough rest to sleep off the worst parts of his hangover. while zeke assisted him, you scampered over to the guest bedroom to get it ready for your other, less intoxicated guest. but as you opened the door to the bedroom, you were mortified at the sight of your mess upon looking into the room. in the moment of wanting to do something nice for your friends, you'd completely forget about how you'd basically turned your spare room into more of a storage closet.
looking around to try and think about where to get started, hopefully make it look like you didn't completely neglect this room for the past few months before zeke finished putting his friend to bed, you felt a hand on your shoulder, stiffening in surprise as you slowly turned to look at him.
"i-i'm really sorry, i totally wasn't expecting guests tonight, and i promise i've been meaning to move everything to the basement-"
"don't worry about it, really." he stopped you before you could continue to profusely apologize, offering you another one of those warm smiles that made your knees feel weak, "let me help you, it's the least i could do after you opened your home to a couple of irresponsible soldiers." to your surprise, he brushed past you, picking up one of the many boxes that had accumulated on the bed and floor over the months. "you said you had a basement, right? would you mind showing me where it is exactly?"
unable to find your words, you pointed halfheartedly to the door at the end of the hall, watching him carry one of the few boxes that had left you panting by the time you'd transported them across the house with ease, not even having to set it down to open the door and begin descending the steps. his quick return up the steps finally spurred you into action, hauling another box into your arms and repeating his path of depositing it down in your basement and returning to your room to grab another, making sure to take it slow on your way down the steps from how heavy the alcohol made your limbs feel.
within a few minutes, you both had everything squared away. you let yourself take a seat on the now empty bed, breathing out a sigh of relief and wiping the sweat that had begun to bead around your forehead with the back of your hand, watching as he settled down next to you. "sheesh, you made all that heavy lifting look so easy! and thank you again, for doing such a generous favor for me."
"there's no need to thank me." he replied earnestly, a hand settling on your thigh, making you suppress a small flinch, "you have a lovely home, do you really live all on your own?"
you tried to laugh off the warmth of his hand on your skin through your long skirt. "y-yeah, it's just been me for a while. sometimes friends come over for the night, but for the most part, it's just me."
zeke hummed pensively, grey eyes shining with something dangerous as he gazed down at you. "makes sense that someone such as yourself hasn't found anybody qualified enough to settle down with," he grinned at your flustered expression, openly appreciating the way your eyes widened and you breathed out a soft, indecisive 'thank you', "though, i was so sure that you and reiner had something between you.."
"n-no! it's not like that." the words spilled out of your mouth before you could even think about them, the desire to answer him overriding any clear thought that might cut through your intoxicated embarrassment, "i'm sure s-soldiers such as him and yourself don't really have time to play around with people l-like me."
you mentally slapped yourself for coming to such a conclusion, let alone allowing it to actually exit your brain and be heard by the most esteemed guest you'd probably ever have the honor of hosting.
"oh?" he peered curiously at you, thumb rubbing a slow stroke over your leg, face seeming much closer than it was a few blinks ago, "and what exactly is that supposed to mean?" you knew just how intentional his word choice was, practically setting up a verbal trap for you to fall into, but how could you not take the bait when it was marley's strongest warrior dangling it before you?
"i-i-i'm sorry, s-sir— zeke!"
you scrambled to correct yourself, looking any place except his face and wanting to do nothing more than hide away somewhere where neither him nor reiner could find you to sober yourself up before you could humiliate yourself any further. but you felt the desperation that was now gripping your pounding heart start to squeeze like a vice around it when a rough hand found your chin, gently turning your head to face him again.
"again with the apologies.. what am i going to do with you?"
your bottom lip quivered, more frantic sorries threatening to spill out, but stopped by the lack of air that you were able to take in from his proximity. you hadn't even realized you were holding your breath until you felt a tight ache seize your chest, exhaling an alarmed breath as you stared up into the glinting grey irises studying your face, mirroring their actions at the tavern but containing all of the hunger he'd been hiding in front of his comrades. the hand of your thigh slid up your leg just an inch, zeke breathing out a chuckle at the feeling of you tensing under his touch.
"if you must know," his face was so close that you could even see the pale freckles dotting across his sharp cheekbones and the bridge of his nose, the shadowed contour of his face looking even deeper in the dim light of the guest room, parted lips exhaling a warm breath that fanned across your face, the scent of alcohol still evident as he slowly spoke, "a soldier such as myself can make plenty of time to play around with someone like you."
you couldn't barely contain your awe, drawing in another shaky, shallow breath at the feeling of his lips brushing across your own, just daring you to indulge in his offer. you could barely form a cohesive thought before your brain forced a new topic into your conscious, confusion and shock and abrupt desire drowning out all the rationality that you were so desperately grasping for in this moment.
you'd just met this man tonight, it didn't matter that you'd known of his grand legacy even from when you were a young girl or felt like you'd gotten to know him quite a bit in that short amount of time, you'd only shaken his hand and drank with him and sat face-to-face with him for the first time just a few hours ago. not to mention how the person you were truly familiar with, the one who wasn't nearly a decade your senior, the one you had really been yearning for was just down the hall in your bed, only two shut doors and a few thin walls away from this spectacle. but, zeke was right in front of you, and he was offering out an opportunity that was impossible to refuse—an offer that you really, really didn't want to refuse.
so you didn't. you gave in to the sinful temptation of his warmth, his skin, his soft touches with calloused, work-roughened hands, the knowledge that this kiss was only just the beginning of something unforgettable.
in contrast to his hands, his lips were soft, ridiculously soft as they pressed over yours, the fingers at your chin unfurling to cup the length of your jaw. you leaned into his touch, earning a pleased grunt from him when your trembling hand found his hair, slowly carding through it as you focused on maintaining the easy rhythm of his kiss. you stifled a small sound when the hand on your leg smoothed up to your inner thigh, not pressing any further, just gently stroking and giving the occasional squeeze to the pliant flesh through your skirt.
you could feel the light flutter in your chest heavy and knot into something familiar, twisting deep in your stomach as he sucked at your bottom lip, nipping at it before his attention wandered across your cheek, the hand at your jaw tilting your head up to expose more of your neck to his eager mouth. faint kisses gave way to teasing bites and licks, drawing a soft whimper as he sucked with the intent to bruise where your shoulder met your neck. he seemed to appreciate the way your grasp in his hair tightened, the hand on your thigh traveling across your waist to find the knotted string holding up your skirt.
the progression of his actions felt natural, but almost too fast at the same time, your hand giving an apprehensive tug to his hair when you felt the waistline of your skirt go slack with the undoing of its lacing. he groaned lowly at the sensation, spurring you to do it again when his teeth grazed over the forming redness just right. you could feel the haze of arousal fogged your mind already, all rationale dissipating under the influence of the alcohol and the hands that were now roaming your body, searching for a moment for the top button of your shirt before they began to messily undo those as well. each brush of his fingers across your bare skin sent goosebumps across the expanse of your chest, making quick work of your blouse as he pushed it over your shoulders, guiding your arms out of the sleeves before tossing it aside in favor of working on the clasp of your bra, never pulling away from his place at your neck for more than a moment before returning the bruising attention of his mouth back over the flushed skin.
you breathed out a weak whimper at the feeling of his thumb and forefinger taking one of your nipples between them, bra forgotten somewhere on the floor with your shirt, baring the entirety of your naked torso to him. he could feel how you squirmed when another hand smoothed down your stomach, slipping beneath your skirt's waistline and settling just between your legs, only a sheer barrier provided by your thin underwear, the arousal threatening to soak through the fabric leaving it clinging to every fold. he hummed appreciatively at the welcome surprise, drawing more stifled sounds out of you when his fingers slowly stroked over your clothed cunt.
"all this just for me?" he murmured lowly in your ear, thumb pressing down on your clit, rubbing slow circles over the sensitive nub.
his touch was electrifying, almost overwhelmingly good as you arched into it, the hand at your breast now groping at the supple flesh, palm offering a much-needed friction over your nipple. you finally registered his teasing question, barely managing a disoriented 'mhm' and a small nod, unable to think of anything else besides your heartbeat pounding loud enough that you though he might be able to hear, and the fingers prodded at you and teasing your body as they pleased.
your half-lidded gaze drifted to the door, blinking away the fogginess when you realized it wasn't actually properly shut. you opened your mouth to try and murmur out your observation, but the words in your head spilled out as an incoherent moan, feeling his mouth detach from your bruised neck before he urged you down onto the mattress. but the sight of him standing above you, tugging off his shirt and revealing the impressively toned physique of his stomach and chest, made you forget the ajar door behind him entirely. your hands moved without a second thought, pushing your skirt and underwear down your legs as far as you could, kicking them the rest of the way off as he began to unbuckle his belt.
you couldn't help the way your eyes widened when he shoved down his pants and underwear in one go, unable to choose between focusing your gaze on the smug smirk drawing across his lips or his achingly hard cock, already looking like more than you could handle even at a distance. he plucked his glasses off his face, setting them on the bedside table before he moved over you in bed, your hands tugging him down into a kiss and earning a low chuckle against your lips.
"eager little thing, aren't you?" he only pulled away for a moment to speak, knuckles dragging down the swell of your breast and curving down your waist. your legs spread in anticipation, back arching off the bed when his fingers finally trailed down between your thighs to smooth a finger down your pussy. "and so, so wet."
you squeaked at the intrusion of two thick fingers pumping into you, sliding in easily with a soft, wet sound. the rhythm of your lips faltered, whimpering as his tongue slid between your teeth, tangling with yours, mouth greedily swallowing every desperate sound you made for him. you were grateful for how he was muffling you, just barely remembering that there was another presence in your house besides you and zeke that you had to worry about, heat sparking up your spine at the feeling of his fingers curling just right inside you.
the thought of reiner finding you in here with the captain of his squad, so pathetically obedient and practically dripping from just his fingers, was horrifying and unnervingly thrilling all at once. would he be angry with you? why would he be? what did he even consider you as?
you couldn't dwell on that thought for too long, hips bucking and toes curling when his thumb rubbed firm circles over your clit, wordlessly begging for more. he seemed to be just as impatient as you were in the face of your desperation, pulling away from your lips and removing his touch from between your legs, rolling himself onto his back and tugging you on top of him in one swift motion. you flush even deeper as you watched him drink in the sight of your naked figure, large hands finding your hips, pupils blown wide enough to nearly swallow up the silvery grey of his irises as he eased you down so his cock was just at your aching cunt, offering a sliver of mercy by allowing you to seat yourself onto him as fast or slow as you'd like.
just the first few inches had you whimpering, hands settling on his chest to steady yourself, teeth worrying the skin of your bottom lip, trying to contain the borderline humiliating sounds that were making him grin so smugly up at you. you could feel tears pricking your eyes by the time you finally sank all the way down, deep, shaky breaths giving away your lack of composure even more so than the way the thighs on either side of him tremble, or the nails now digging into the toned muscles of his shoulders. he gave you just a moment of respite, letting you get used to the feeling of something so big before his grip on your hips fastened, fingers sinking into the soft flesh as he began to guide you up and down on his cock.
the low groan your motion earned from him was enough to make your already pounding heart race even faster, heat echoing through you in a way that made it impossible to silence the heated whines that were spilling out of you. the bed squeaked in protest beneath you, but you could care less as you quickened the pace he'd started you at all on your own, admiring the flush that had darkened over his handsome features and the parted lips breathing out low curses and appraising groans.
his eyes fell shut, head falling back before he forced it back up, gaze wandering across your face, then your body, then flitting elsewhere for the briefest moment before they returned to you, hips now thrusting up with even more vigor to meet your own. you moaned openly, struggling out a meaningless string of pleas, the ache beginning to burn in your legs drowned out when he reached out to rub tight, fast circles around your clit. he was grinning now, licking his lips before he spoke in a knowing slur, "you're gonna cum soon, aren't you?"
"yes, f-fuck yes..!" it took you a moment to find your words, embarrassed by how fast he'd managed to work you up to this point but unable to be dishonest in your current position.
his motions didn't falter in the slightest, only seeming to grow more and more urgent as you quivered and whined, bouncing yourself up and down on his cock like it was the last time you'll ever get the chance to do it. and while that's likely the case, you don't care to think about it, too wrapped up in the way you could feel that pressure that had been welling in your stomach finally reach a breaking point, stammered curses devolving into breathless cries as you came hard around him.
you could feel the movement of his hips slow significantly, still rocking up into you to let you ride out your high but not nearly enough for him to push himself over the edge along with you. but you're grateful for his mercy, knowing that if he'd continued at the pace he was going you probably wouldn't be able to walk the next morning. so you took it as a testament to his goodwill, falling forward onto his chest in a whimpering heap, trying to steady your breathing and calm your heart rate, remaining seated on his still hard cock.
you felt a strong arm wrap around your waist, the other resting across your shoulder so he could settle his hand on the back of your head, fingers working their way into your hair and gently carding through it. the attention was comforting, unexpected but definitely comforting as you pressed your face into the crook of his neck, still too hazy off of your post-orgasm bliss to have any shame about wanting to be close to his warmth. you didn't think about whether he was expecting you to get him off at some point, or if he was just content letting you rest on top of him like this, but you soon found that he had a much different answer—or rather, a question—that didn't at all take you into consideration.
"so, reiner, are you just going to stand there and watch all night?"
there was confusion for a brief moment, then a horrifying realization that made an ice-cold fear prick under your spine, blood draining from your face as you felt the fine hairs on the back of your neck raise, completely frozen at the knowledge that the worst of the night you had imagined had come true. zeke's hand didn't stop its slow petting across your head, arm fastening around your body, seemingly in preparation for you to start squirming or fighting to get away. but you couldn't move an inch, not even enough to turn your head and risk a glance at your friend who was apparently right at the door.
"well?" his voice rumbled low in his chest once more, dripping with arrogance, entirely absent of any shame, just tempting him to step past the unseen boundary that had kept him there for however long he'd been watching, "i know, i know, you haven't your fair share all night. it's just so, sohard to let go once you finally get your hands on her. you should know all about that feeling, right?"
"fuck you."
you felt a warm curl in your stomach at the sound of his voice, breathing short and fast as your heart skipped anxiously, but mentally almost enjoying the fact that he was feeling something for you, even if it was some sort of possessive envy. the sound of his heavy, uneven footsteps making their way towards the bed.
he clearly still sounded drunk—who wouldn't be after so many beers in one sitting—and that was probably why he didn't hesitate at all to start tugging his clothes off, the ruffle of fabric and clinking metal of a belt being unbuckled finally snapping out of your compliant state, shaky arms trying to push yourself in bed. zeke allowed you to sit up, hands dropping to your thighs as your foggy gaze wandered from his face over to reiner at the bedside, heartbeat nearly drowning out the other sounds in the room as it drummed loudly in your ears.
"you don't mind, do you?" zeke called your attention back to him, gently stroking up and down your thigh just as he had been when you'd first accepted his offer.
your mouth had gone dry, leaving you struggling to get enough saliva back for your tongue not to stick to the roof of your mouth, feeling the heat of arousal flickering back to life when his cock twitched inside of you. did you mind? well you definitely minded the humiliation, the anxiety taut within your chest that made each breath an effort, the fact that you had no idea what was going on or would happen next. but did you mind enough to force yourself off of him, to struggle to collect your clothes from the ground and stagger out of the room with shaky legs that you weren't sure were capable of doing even that right now? did you really want this?
but it seemed that the choice had already been made in both of their minds, your answer—or lack thereof— speaking for your choice in the matter as zeke's hands lifted you up off of his lap, enough for him to slip out from under you. the sudden emptiness after being so full made you whimper, falling back down onto your calves in the middle of the bed and staring down at zeke's cock, slick with your arousal and still aching to be tended to.
the sinking weight of reiner clambering onto the bed behind you made you exhale a shaky breath, still in disbelief as his hand settled on your cheek, turning your head to face over his shoulder to press his lips onto yours. his kiss was messy but familiar, his low moan making you shiver alongside the feeling of zeke's stare wandering across the display before him. your exchange didn't last long before he pulled away, gazing at you with an unreadable look in his golden eyes for a moment, hand moving to the back of your head to push you down onto your hands and knees.
you obediently complied, met with the sight of zeke's cock once more, peering up to meet his gaze, features showing a mixture of eager expectancy and relaxed pride, just knowing that you were willing to do whatever he asked of you. and he relished in the changes your expressions went through in the next few seconds, the way your eyes widened when reiner's hands grasped your soft hips, how you swallowed thickly to try and get enough saliva down your tongue to get your mouth ready, and finally your mouth falling open and face twisting when reiner eased himself entirely into you in one solid thrust, finding little resistance from how soaked you were. you whimpered out a shaky curse, fists bunching up the sheets under you as he picked up a steady rhythm from behind you, zeke's fingers tangling into your hair and guiding onto your parted lips onto his awaiting cock.
he groaned out at the wet heat of your mouth engulfing him, tongue laving up over the underside of his length as you did your best to take as much of him in as possible without gagging. you wanted to be ashamed of how much you were enjoying the feeling of being entirely overwhelming, fuller than you'd ever felt in your entire life, but you'd be lying to yourself if you said that you'd made a mistake by giving in to the lustful temptations. you could feel your eyes water as zeke hit the back of your throat, your teary gaze and muffled moans against him only seeming to enthrall him further. reiner's hands felt up your waist, one reaching down your front to pinch and roll a nipple between his fingers, driving more stifled sounds and shaky breaths through your nose out of you.
you felt yourself squeezing around his cock, earning yourself a few low, muttered curses as he began to pound even faster into you, evidently approaching his limit just as fast as you are. the hand in your hair was guiding you up and down on the cock in your mouth, the tip of your nose just brushing zeke's stomach each time you surged forward with the momentum of the thrusts from behind you. it was all far too much in the best way possible, vision going hazy at the edges from the lack of proper air you could get into your lungs, insides aching from overusing alongside the tight knotting deep in your gut that was threatening to send you over the edge.
it was zeke that came first, heat pooling over your tongue and spilling down your throat, nearly too much for you to swallow as you tried not to choke. but he kept himself in your mouth and his hand firmly grasping your hair, if not to feel the hum of your desperate whines across your skin then to admire your pathetic expression, half-lidded eyes barely able to hold themselves open enough to stare back at him as you came hard for the second time that night. you could hear reiner give a generous groan of your name, thrusting as deep as he could go just a few times more, having enough sense to not cum inside you, pulling out and making a sticky mess of your trembling thighs.
only after you'd blinked away the glossiness in your eyes did zeke pull himself out of your mouth with a wet pop, holding your head up to appreciate the way your mouth still hung open to gasp in much needed gulps of air, tears and saliva dripping down your chin, halfhearted whimpers still escaping you as you trembled.
"you have good taste, reiner." zeke said, releasing your hair and letting you rest your cheek down against the mattress under you, grabbing his glasses off the side table and putting them back onto his face.
you watched as he stepped off the bed, picking out his clothes from the messy array of garments strewn about on the floor and tugging them on. he fished a handkerchief out of the the pocket of his pants, tossing it at reiner's side and glancing over your body, offering you a lazy smile when he caught your gaze.
"clean her up," he instructed, reaching out to give one last soft touch down your back, "and don't give her anymore trouble, alright? i expect to see you bright and early tomorrow."
you assumed that reiner nodded, since zeke turned without another word and exited the bedroom, making sure to shut the door behind him. for a moment, there was uneasy silence, only occupied by your breaths and the faint sound of zeke pulling on his boots somewhere in the living room and leaving out the front door. you gave a low hiss at the feeling of the fabric smoothing down the backs of your thighs, skin far too sensitive for your liking and legs aching uncomfortably.
you lifted your head up enough to wipe your chin with the back of your hand, eyes and limbs heavy with the desire to sleep. there were no words exchanged as he helped you move to lay down on your back, his face just as tired as he'd looked at the bar, but there was something else weighing down his expression as you took his face in your hands, staring up at him with a soft look of concern.
and though he still said nothing, he kissed you, so much gentler than he'd ever kissed you, with a tenderness that made you want savor this brief moment for as long as you could. but he eventually pulled away, and the brief worry that he might leave just as his captain had minutes before, but he rested down beside you with a low sigh. he didn't protest when you curled into the warmth of his body, head finding a comfortable place on his chest, not even bothering to try and venture out onto the floor to turn off the lamp before you settled down and let your eyes fall shut.
it was easy to fall asleep after he wrapped his arms around you, firm chest rising and falling with steady breaths, heart slow in your ear. you didn't think about the fact that you'd probably wake up alone in the morning, or that walking properly would be a monumental task on its own without even considering going to work to stay on your feet for the entire day—just appreciated this night while he couldn't slip away from you like all the other times before.
Tumblr media
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luxurybeskar · 2 months ago
𝑤ℎ𝑜𝑙𝑒 𝑙𝑜𝑡𝑡𝑎 𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒 —
kinktober day three - threesome w/a hint of exhibitionism + hair pulling
70’s rockstar! frank castle x hollywood starlet! f! reader x bandmate! billy russo (set in the me decade universe fic forever in debt to your priceless advice) a/n: YES I AM AT WORK. AND YES I WROTE THIS WHILE I WAS ON THE PHONE OMFG WHO AM I. also ngl, i am using a prompt from day 2 bc i couldn’t think of anything for today’s prompts but this idea has been in my mind rent free. and i still wanted to write something] prompt list from @the-purity-pen
warnings: mmf threesome, slight hair pulling, clit stimulation, cream pie, uhhhayeee if I missed anything let me know. it's just the TWO of them together phew 😮‍💨
not my gif, credit to owner!
Tumblr media
Touring with Frank and the rest of Kandahar was a dream. You adored life on the road, Hollywood was getting to be too suffocating, but out here you were free. The glamour that came with your name was starting to fade. You loved the spotlight--not the microscope. You were adored by hundreds of thousands, but you valued your private life more. You didn’t like people’s reactions to the announcement of yours and Frank’s relationship, and you couldn’t think of a better way to put that all behind you than to tag along with him for months on end, leaving the bubble of glitter and camera flashes behind you.
You adored Frank more than anything and his bandmates were the best. They didn’t treat you in any special way and you loved them for it. You spent your evenings on the tour bus listening to them play their music and tell stories. You guys would play cards and they taught you how to win poker, which was met with regret as you cleared them out over the course of a few games.
They admired how tough you were, they tried bringing girlfriends on trips before and they always got antsy and wanted to go back to a routine, but you met every leg of the trip with awe and curiosity and you never complained.
The one thing you will say you missed is having Frank all to yourself. You were used to staying with him in his or your apartment. Now you were stuck in a cramped space with all these other men and it was hard to find time alone.
You often had to wait for rest stops to have a quickie in the bathroom of a gas station or in the small bunks that you all had--romantic right?
One particular stop had you all but begging Frank to stay in while the boys went to get dinner.
“Please.” You whined in his ear, all breathless and hungry for him, you gently nipped at his earlobe where one of his piercings was and pulled back to look at him.
He didn’t fall easy for theatrics but looking at your sweet face he couldn’t help but give in.
He looked up to the rest of the boys as they filed out of the bus and watched as his best friend and the bassist of the band Bill Russo left last. Billy stopped to see what was taking you both so long and gave a quizzical look to which Frank only smirked, his tongue pressing into the side of his mouth and then he was full on grinning. He held your waist and leaned down to kiss you. “Sure baby...let’s stay in.”
Fast forward to a few minutes later when he is pressing you into the couch and fucking into you deep. You were choking on your sobs, it had been so long since he fucked you so good.
“Yes, yes Frankie! Fuck, yes.” You whimpered.
He kissed between your breasts, his one arm pressed by your head. He shifted his angle, bending  up one of your legs and moving to support himself on his elbow while his fingers tangled in your hair and pulled. And he had you arching your hips up in frustration at how close you were. It almost hurt but it felt so good. The sounds he strung out of you were depraved and you were teetering on this edge of euphoria.
A low whistle sounded from the front of the bus and then a chuckle. “Damn Frankie...I love to watch you work.” You knew that smooth New York accent anywhere.
You gasped and tried to sit up but Frank just shushed you. “It’s okay baby, it’s just Billy…”
“Please, don’t stop on my account, I just came back for my jacket.”
“What do you think baby, should we give him a show?” He thumbed at your cheek, watched as you panted and then he felt it. He felt how you clenched around him tighter, how you flooded and drenched his cock, you let out the softest mewl and then nodded.
“Yeah…” Your voice was almost shy at how much you enjoyed the idea. You only had eyes for Frank of course, but Billy was always a sweet-talker and he was attractive in a way that Frank wasn’t. He was clean and well cut and you often wondered how he ended up here instead of Wall Street but you loved him too. He was a great friend to Frank and to you and you knew he’d take care of you if anything ever happened.
Then Frank is rolling his hips into you again and again and kissing on your neck, squeezing that bunch of hair at the nape of your neck and tugging ever so slightly. You groaned, gripping on to his shoulders and raking your nails down his back.
“Frank...oh my g--” You melt into his mouth and try to formulate your thoughts. “Can he touch me?” You manage to get out.
He pauses and then grins, “You hear that Bill? Baby girl says she needs your assistance with something.”  He nods him over and Bill kneels at the edge of the couch.  You turn your head and lean in to kiss him. He pulls away for one second to look at Frank, just to make sure. Once he has Frank’s approval he’s kissing you hungrily, holding your face and slipping his tongue past your lips.
You take his hand and pull it towards your chest, asking him, showing him what you want and he’s more than happy to oblige, gently rolling his fingers over your nipples and then pinching. You gasp into his mouth, you can feel him smiling.
“You’re so soft.” He admires as he gently massages you. His hand skates down to your hip and squeezes gently and then you feel his fingers circle your clit and you think you’re going to die right there between these two men.
“She’s so sweet. So wet, huh Frankie-boy?”
“And all ours.” He grunts in response, it was getting harder to push into you, you were squeezing him so tight.
You were practically vibrating. “Frank..B-Billy..I’m gonna come..I’m gonna come!” Your voice gets so high pitched you’re sure every dog in the neighborhood heard you. It fell into frantic and desperate incoherent words.
Your begging them to not stop only fueled them to keep going, they were both kissing you all over, Frank was holding your hand now and quickening his pace as much as he could. Billy’s fingers worked fast hard circles over your clit and then it washed over you, your whole body tensed up, back arching off the couch and you flooded them, at the same time Frank was filling you up. He couldn’t help it when you were so pretty like that.
“Holy shit…” Billy breathed out with a grin.  He pressed a kiss to your temple and stroked your hair back
Once your vision returned from being fuzzy and blissed out, Frank smiled at you and watched as a steady stream spilled out of your cunt when he pulled out.
“Maybe...maybe we should skip out on dinner more often.” You breathed out with a grin, looking at your boys.
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Tumblr media
remember, forever. (7)
↳ kageyama tobio x f!reader
description: in which the boy you’ve loved for years unexpectedly becomes your baby daddy. the catch? he’s in love with someone else.
genre: angst, cheating, unrequited love
a/n: surprise, it’s a fast update! what will be the advice you’ll give to y/n if you’re in her position? let me know what u guys think (:
You just wanted Kageyama to stop giving you mixed signals. It was confusing and all the more frustrating. One minute he’d act all sweet and caring, the next he was running after his ‘ex’ girlfriend.
Yeah, you had no right. Yeah, both of you were just in this for the baby. Yeah, you were the only one who had feelings.
But did you really deserve the way he was making you feel?
Even though you were just the mother of his child, you deserved better than this. You did nothing wrong. You just simply loved the wrong person.
It was already late at night to even bother with these depressive thoughts. You wondered if it was the pregnancy hormones making you feel this way.
To distract your mind, you took the sonogram and stared at your little bean with a smile. It was a good decision to keep the baby, but it was a bad decision to keep the father. Even if you loved him, the pain in your heart wasn’t worth it.
“My angel,” you whispered, touching your bump.
The doctor said it would take around your 5th month before you could tell the gender of the baby and you were already on your 2nd. You were excited to know what your baby was going to be.
You felt your stomach growl and it made you chuckle thinking about your baby telling you that you were hungry.
“Okay,” you spoke to your unborn baby. “Mommy’s gonna make food.”
Truly, since you became pregnant, you didn’t feel alone at your apartment anymore.
You went to your fridge to make your usual blueberry and yogurt combo. You always had plenty of stock because it had been your craving for the past month, but you realized you had run out of yogurt and it was already late at night to even go out.
But you were going to lose it if you didn’t get to satisfy your cravings tonight.
You decided to check your phone and text the only person you could count on.
You: Oikawa, you look extra handsome today. I was wondering if you can go out and buy a tub of yogurt for me ;)
It wasn’t even a minute in until the said guy replied to your text. Just how much did he check on his phone all day?
Tooru: No
You: but i’m pregnant >:( you should be nicer to me!!
Tooru: :P
You: pleaseeeeee?
Tooru: Fine, hold on
There were days where you felt truly grateful to have Oikawa nearby. He was such a good person to count on whenever you felt down and he expected the same from you. You were also the first person he talked to when he was having trouble with his girlfriends or volleyball or other stuff in general.
You weren’t really close to him back at Kitagawa Daiichi but you knew that he’d always been popular to girls your age. Maybe you were just too focused on Kageyama that you paid no attention to other guys aside from him.
You only got close to Oikawa during high school when Iwaizumi started dating Jina and the four of you would ‘hang out’ together.
You sat back at the couch, turning the TV on as you waited for your delivery man to arrive. It only started to bother you when it had been half an hour and he still wasn’t back.
You were about to type in another message when you heard the doorbell ring.
Jeez, about time.
You walked to your front door and swung it open. “What took you so long—”
“Sorry.” Kageyama stood in front of you, dressed in his training gear while catching his breath. He held a bag full of yogurt tubs and pouches. “There was a long line down at the store and I bought a lot just in case.”
Your first reaction was to freeze on the spot. Because... How?
How did he know?
Even more, why was your heart beating dangerously fast?
“Uh, how did you...?” you asked.
“Oikawa-san, he messaged me about it.”
Fuck. Of course he would!
You were already thinking of ways on how you were gonna beat him up the next time you see him. You could almost hear Oikawa saying ‘I did you a favor~’
“Can I come in?” Kageyama asked and cut you off your trance.
Right. You made way for him as he stepped inside your apartment, placing the bag on your dining table.
“Neat,” he commented, looking around your apartment.
“It’s not as big as yours, but this is just the right size for me,” you said, taking the tub of yogurt out of the bag. “Thanks, by the way.”
He nodded once before taking a seat at one of the stools. It looked like he just got out of volleyball practice before rushing straight to your place to get what you needed. It somehow felt weird and out-of-character.
“Did you eat dinner yet?” you asked out of courtesy. “I can make a quick one for you.”
He nodded. “Thank you.”
You decided to cook Tamagoyaki and you realized it was the first time you’ve cooked for Kageyama. Suddenly, this situation made you feel like you were husband and wife for real.
You tried not to get carried away with the thought as you quietly prepared his dinner. He maybe nice now, but you know he’d just remind you how he loved another woman and you were just nothing.
It was awkward because you could see from the corner of your eye that he was looking at you.
“The baby’s into yogurt too, huh?” he asked.
You casually smiled. “Yeah, just like you.”
“I’m more of a milk guy,” he corrected, smiling in return.
“Same thing.” You suddenly remembered a distant memory. “Do you remember back in Junior High when we met at the vending machine?”
He searched from his memory. “The one that broke down?”
You nodded. “Yeah, and you got me another carton during lunch period.”
“Because I thought you were gonna cry about it,” he said in his defense.
“Hey, no I wasn’t!” You pouted, putting the omelette into the plate. Somehow, it was nice to have this simple talk with Kageyama.
No feelings involved, just casual conversations.
After he ate dinner and after you satisfied yourself with your intense yogurt craving, you thought maybe Kageyama would be going home.
But actually, he stayed with you on the couch for awhile, making sure you were okay before he left.
You were careful not to fall for the same trap again because you knew Lara was still very much the one for him.
You knew he was just doing this out of obligation. Nothing more.
“Do you still have practice tomorrow?” you asked, sitting more comfortably.
He had his head leaned back on the headrest with his eyes closed. “No. Rest day.”
“I have a day off work, too,” you said, as if he cared.
He opened his eyes to look at you. “Don’t you think you should quit work?”
You understood his intention but you loved working and it was the only thing that made you happy.
“I’ll file a pregnancy leave near my due but I’m not quitting overall, if that’s what you mean.”
“I’ll cover everything,” he offered. “Bills and whatever. Everything you or the baby needs.”
You shook your head. “Tobio...”
His eyes flickered at the mention of his first name. He rarely heard you call him by his first name and you wondered if he preferred it.
“You just need to stay at home and take some rest. And also,” he hesitated, taking a deep breath. “My father’s kinda right. You should live with me.”
You could not believe what you were hearing. Did Kageyama knock his head on a wall or something?
This was strange.
“You mean move in with you?” You laughed nervously. “You know we don’t have to take this marriage thing very seriously, right? Not when we’re in a situation like this.”
He sighed, positioning his head back to where it was while he stared at your ceiling. “I know, but... I’ve thought about this over and over. I promised you that I’ll figure this out with you.”
Why did he have to be so difficult to understand? It was starting to get upsetting.
“You literally told me you love Lara two days ago,” you responded, bitterly. “Stop giving me mixed signals! Stop confusing me. I get that she’s not easy to forget but—”
“It’s gonna take awhile!” he answered back. “I know I suck right now, but I’m always just honest. She’s the person I love, but her and I have already talked about the situation and agreed that it’s best to go our separate ways. Give me time to adjust.”
You fell silent. Maybe that day Lara called him, they met after to talk about it in person. To have a proper closure. You felt silly getting hurt when he did tell you he loved her, because what did you expect? For him to suddenly love you overnight?
“I still love her and I won’t deny it to you,” he pointed out. “But I’m gonna have a family with you now, so I’m trying to own up to it. I just need your patience.”
You hugged your knees to your chest. “Why?”
He didn’t speak.
“Why, Tobio?” you repeated. “Why did you make me keep the baby? Why are you forcing yourself into this relationship with me?”
This wasn’t how you wanted to gain Kageyama. You wanted him to be in a relationship with you because he was in love with you. You wanted to be the person he loved, the person he’d brag about, the person he’d smile at.
“Sonogram,” he said.
“What do you mean?” you questioned.
He blinked, still staring at the ceiling.
“When I looked at it, it hit me,” he spoke honestly. “That we made a life together. I don’t wanna be the kind of father that my father was to me. That’s why...we should consider this a blessing, not a mistake.”
You let yourself drown in thoughts of him and the day of your abortion. You remembered the look on his face when he saw the ultrasound scan for the first time, but didn’t expect that it would change his outlook towards the situation.
There was nothing else to say. You just understood his side. He obviously still didn’t have any feelings for you, but if he was trying to be a father to your child, then you shouldn’t take away his right. After all, you wanted your baby to have a father that loved them. As long as he was willing to be a father to your child, you’d be fine. You’d be okay.
A few minutes have passed as the both of you sat there in silence. You still didn’t know what the plan was after this, but you weren’t just ready to talk about it right now.
A sigh escaped your lips as you gathered your thoughts. “It’s getting late, you should—”
Kageyama was already fast asleep on your couch. He must’ve been so exhausted for him to sleep in an uncomfortable position like this and you felt bad.
You traced the hair out of his eyes and touched his cheek. You could never understand why you loved this guy so much to put up with the endless pain.
Without waking him up, you placed a warm blanket around him and whispered goodnight.
When did he start loving Lara?
Kageyama couldn’t exactly remember when. It just happened. He just suddenly realized that he loved her one day and decided to make her his girlfriend.
What he did remember was the day they first met. Kageyama did photoshoots for the cover of a famous sports magazine and he got paired with a Japanese-Russian model. His first impression of Lara was that she was beautiful, but not enough to make him fall head-over-heels at first sight.
Everyone started saying how they looked good together and would make a good-looking couple in real life.
He was a man after all. Of course, he’d try to get to know her.
But the moment he genuinely felt something was when she started watching all of his games. It felt nice to have someone look forward to seeing him play. To cheer for him during his wins and comfort him during his losses. It felt nice to have someone that reminded him of you, the girl from Junior High who had always been his number one fangirl.
And, just like that, Lara became someone special.
She’d always be special to him, but he couldn’t really love her the same way anymore. Not when he was going to have a family with the girl she’d reminded him of. It was unfair.
Lara deserved a better guy. She didn’t deserve a guy who would cheat on her like he did. She was meant for another guy that would never look at anyone else. Maybe Kageyama had to accept his version of reality.
“Don’t tell me you’re letting your guard down again,” Jina reminded.
It was your usual ‘hang out’ day with the three of them. Tonight, you guys chose to watch a movie because Oikawa had been pestering you about it all week.
“I’m not,” you stated firmly.
Iwaizumi came back with your movie tickets while you two lined up for popcorn. You looked around.
“Where’s Tooru?” you asked.
Iwaizumi pointed to his far right. “He’s hitting on someone. What a sleaze.”
You saw Oikawa trying to have a conversation with some girls from a reasonable distance and it made you chuckle. It was concerning how normal it was to see this.
“You should’ve invited Kageyama and not this guy,” he added in a playful remark about his best friend.
“We’re not together,” you claimed.
Jina looked at you weirdly. “Uhh, you kinda are now. You said he broke up with the girl and he’s trying to just be with you.”
“But that’s...” Well, you weren’t sure if you consider yourselves ‘together’.
“Fine. He’s just your baby daddy,” Jina added. “Let’s put it that way if you’re more comfortable.”
Iwaizumi held his girlfriend’s hand. “You moving in with Kageyama now?”
You shrugged. “I don’t know.”
By the time you guys got inside the movie theater, it was already packed with people and Oikawa couldn’t help but complain.
“Why are there so many people!” Oikawa whined as the four of you went to your seats.
“Shut up,” you muttered, sitting between him and Jina.
He nudged you. “You’re still mad about the other night?”
You weren’t really mad, but it was nice to tease the guy. “Maybe.”
“Come on.” Oikawa rolled his eyes. “I had to make him do his own duties. He’s responsible for you. You should be thanking me instead.”
You pouted. “Does that mean you’re tired of me?”
“No. If Tobio-chan isn’t around, I’d still be there.”
You ended up chuckling. “I know. I was kidding. Pretty sure you’d be busy with your girlfriends by then.”
“I will not!”
Halfway through the movie, the scenes were getting so intense and you were suppressing a laugh when you saw how Oikawa was so into it.
Your phone buzzed from inside your bag and you checked to see the message.
Tobio: Hey, I finished practice. Can I pick you up?
Your heart skipped a beat.
You: sounds good! the movie will end in about 20 mins :)
You didn’t realize that you had a smile on your face when both Oikawa and Jina looked at you teasingly.
You hid your phone.
“What?” you asked innocently.
Jina leaned her head on your shoulder. “I’m happy for you. Just make sure you’ll take care of your heart.”
Her advice may be simple, but it held the purest intentions. She was right. Every time you felt happy, you knew you were still going to get hurt.
Because that was an unspoken rule that came with loving Kageyama. You had to be strong enough to endure the pain.
For now, you were contented with this.
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juminsmysticmc · 5 months ago
Okay, request are open and inwas like *gasp*. Can we have RFA and minor trio with MC who wants to be financially independent even if she doesn't have a job with high salaries? Thank you and I love you blog very much
RFA + Minor Trio with a Mc who wants to be financially independent even through she hasn’t a high salary job
As soon as I saw that request I was like *big eyes* hey! Sorry yes, it took me a while, hope you enjoyed it!
Tell me your opinion please! Ps. I know that this sucks I am sorry but I still wrote it and I am proud of myself that I didn’t drop the request lol 
Tumblr media
,,I don’t really think we need a contract, my love. What’s mine is yours too,“ Jumin said, a bit worried as you demanded to make a contract for your marriage.
,,I know, Jumin, but I do have my own job and I want to pay my own shares, have my own savings, and buy my own meals,“ you said, sitting upright on your chair.
,,Can’t I even pay for your meals?“ Jumin asked you, almost disappointed that he couldn‘t even buy you a meal.
,,I mean, of course, but I don’t want you to buy me so many things like, I have money on my own and I can use it,“ you said, by now sounding a bit annoyed.
,,Will you even be able to pay it all?“ he asked you, perhaps regretting his words immediately as you looked at him in disbelief.
,,I’ll prove it to you Mr Han,“ you told him, wanting to show him how strong you were.
,,So your girlfriend is the man in the relationship?“ a co-worker of his asked him as you both paid separately for your meals.
You turned your head around, angry at the comment you heard.
But before you could say anything, Zen already opened his mouth:
,,Why should my girlfriend be the man of our relationship? Just because she isn’t like other people who try to take other people’s money? My girlfriend wants to feel free and pay for her own meals and clothes! But just because she decided for herself what to do with the money she made, doesn’t mean that she‘s the man! We just value our equity! And one day when we’re married, we will share the costs differently!“ he hissed, making his co-worker go into a defensive mode.
,,People these days,“ he mumbled as he quickly went away, leaving you behind. 
Sweetly you observed Zen, smiling at him as you gave him a big kiss on his cheek.
,,For someone who was against it at first, you sounded pretty cool,“ you chuckled, making Zen smile too as he finally relaxed.
,,Okay, nice. I got my monthly paycheck,“ you told Yoosung.
Your husband smiled, proud that he found someone like you.
,,Is it okay that you pay your own ticket for the train?“ he asked you, trying to count how much you still had left to go to Japan with him.
And like always you counted, being prepared as you told him that you still had something left from your savings.
Yoosung and you both paid ⅓ of your pay on a bank account you owned together, paying for the house and food and then used the other part for your own expenses.
Yoosung usually didn’t have any problems with his pay as a vet. You on the other hand had a normal paycheck with only the pay of half a day.
,,I won’t starve,“ you laughed and kissed him, knowing how much he cared for you.
This one was a bit difficult since they both own the coffee shop, so won’t they both gain the money together…?
,,I checked your money and-’’
,,Who allowed you to?’’ you asked him, stopping him immediately.
Something you hated was talking about money.
Saeyoung began to bite his tongue as he watched you.
,,Hey, I know growing up in debt wasn’t easy, I’m sure, but we’re living together. Can’t you rely on me a bit more and-’’
,,Saeyoung, I do rely on you, but I still want to be financially independent,’’ you told him immediately, glaring at him.
,,I know but… you don’t gain a lot. You save a lot of money and also pay the bills with me. I think we should-’’
,,No,’’ you shook your head.
,,It’s either we both pay or I will move out,’’ you told him.
You grew up with parents who always asked other people for money which was something you hated. It made you uncomfortable and this was the last way you wanted to grow up or live.
Saeyoung sighed. ,,Fine, then pay the bill by tomorrow please…’’ he groaned and kissed your cheek.
,,You know, you don’t have to pay,’’ Saeran mumbled when he saw you taking money from the bank.
You nodded. You knew that for Saeran, paying for you wasn’t a problem, but for you it was.
Besides, you both still had to make more money to pay Jumin back, who was nice enough to make you both live in a very wonderful apartment.
You hated being in debt. You hated not being independent and not being free to spend your money the way you wanted to, or save the way you wanted to.
No one ever understood, but Saeran was very respectful towards your wish and actually thought of you as a very strong person.
,,I admire that you still go to work even though your husband is famous and probably makes so much money,’’ a mother of Lucy’s friend said as she came over to drink some coffee.
You smiled at her, actually feeling uncomfortable. ,,I want to be independent and it’s not a big job. Of course for 20 hours a week I can’t do much, but at least I can pay off my part,’’ you told her.
And again, there it was, that one smile of the people judging over you for gaining your own money and having your own savings, as well as paying for things with Jihyun.
,,Well, my parents give me money whenever I ask him too,’’ she said, feeling proud of herself.
,,Oh, really? Well, I don’t have to ask. I have my own money,’’ you smiled back, feeling proud for real.
It took you a long time to get financially independent.
You actually worked a lot and saved up a lot of money, but you finally did it, allowing yourself to work less and instead pay for your needs.
Vanderwood was really amazed. Not a lot of people your age were independent and some people didn’t even work at your age, but you could do everything so easily and could achieve things that were impossible for others.
,,Like, I can’t imagine how Agent 707 would be able to live with so little money,’’ he mumbled, looking at how good you were actually coming around.
,,Well, I think, once you change your mindset, you can achieve anything,’’ you nodded and put your purse with your notes to save money away.
Already ⅓ used up, you smiled and looked at the calendar.
02.07.2021// 23:59 MEST
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Rushingly Bittersweet (Javier Peña x f!reader) part 18
Pairing: Javier Peña x ofc//f!reader with name.
Summary: After the fall of Escobar everything starts happening way too fast for Javier; his raise, his new office, his new team, the Cali cartel’s operation, the sudden arrival of a new agent that was transferred to his team for no apparent reason, the way he was falling in love with her almost unintentionally.
And he couldn’t seem to stop any of that.
Word count: +3.8k
Chapter warnings: mentions of captivity, kidnapping and death, hints of misogyny, even more feels omg
A/N: This chapter is set in season three, episode eight. // look guys at this point its all plot lmao, so yeah... also, please, please get ready, next chapter is gonna be almost the double of words and feels so... just a heads up
ao3 // fic index // Masterlist // fic playlist
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
gif: @bratdjarin ​ 
The time after that call went faster and faster. 
You found yourself running through the embassy hallways along with Feistl to let the ambassador know Javier had Christina Jurado with him, then assuring him she would be safer staying in your house, making sure Feistl backed you up so Crosby wouldn’t be a pain in the ass and asked you if you could handle any strong situations that may concur while she was with you.
Then you went and made some arrangements to get another field agent to be your second as Feistl and Van Ness still had to fix their own shit. By the time you finished running around, Javier was back.
The office was almost empty, spare from Stoddard furiously typing into his computer, from the entrance you could see Javier standing in the middle of his office with his arms crossed on his chest and Christina Jurado sitting in front of him in the loveseat, both in complete silence.
You almost ran through the bullpen when you saw him, crossing the doorframe to his office and throwing yourself at him.
“Fuck, you’re okay,” you whispered, wrapping your arms around his neck and fisting his shirt while he let out a soft oof. Javier let himself embrace you back, letting his arms down and around your waist, you shoved your head in the crook of his neck, not caring that he smelled like sweat and smoke and gunpowder and death. 
You didn’t want to ask him what he had to do to bring back Christina, and you were sure he wouldn’t tell you.
Javier let out a heavy sigh when he felt you finally inside his arms again, for a moment he forgot where he was and let himself breathe you in and out, using you yet again as an anchor to the real world.
You broke the embrace and cupped his face, making double sure he was unscratched, making double sure he was whole, making double sure he was good, at least physically.
He didn’t hold your gaze; he was looking behind you and you turned around.
“Christina,” you muttered, she looked up at you quizzically and for some reason that you didn’t want to dive in at the moment, you wanted to hug her.
There she was, a gorgeous, brave woman who had spent days in a place you were sure was worse than hell, with people that didn’t care about her, sitting there in one of the safest places in Colombia, just waiting for her fate to happen.
You couldn’t stop your brain for comparing and making parallels of your life to hers; she was the wife of a narco accountant; she had been living under the radar for a long time and she seemed to hate it, she merely loathed it and everything that had to do with what her husband was doing; and you, unmarried, oddly loved and chasing down the guys that practically paid her bills. You were about the same age and yet your lives had taken deeply different paths. And both of those paths had brought you both there. To a shitty office in an american government facility in a country neither of you had been born in, looking into each other’s eyes, relating to each other on more than one level.
For a moment you let yourself think what would’ve happened if you would’ve been the one that talked to her instead of Javier. It was a horrible thought; it was terrible to think and utterly useless, but maybe, just maybe, some things wouldn’t have happened.
“Hi,” she whispered, her voice was deep and quite hoarse, she leaned to rest her hands on her legs and you stepped towards her.
“I’m agent Martín, I’m gonna be with you until your flight tomorrow morning,” you explained to her, and you saw her let out a sigh, as if she was more relieved with you there “I’m gonna take you to my house so you can clean up and get some sleep, if that’s okay with you,” you saw her look at you with precaution and pondered the answer, then she just nodded.
“Is Javier gonna come?” she asked, bewaringly, you looked at her attentively and she glanced at him behind you for less than a second. You knew she had seen what he did to get her out of the place she was in and you understood, with the way she was sitting and staring at everything but him, that she wasn’t really fond of the methods.
“No, he’s not,” you assured her, feeling the deep stare of Javier in your back. Christina deflated slowly and breathed in, as if relieved, you stretched your hand to her. She looked at it and then looked at you for a few seconds, deciding if she would trust you or not, you tried to give her a reassuring smile and she took your hand, standing up, “have you eaten?”
“No,” she looked at the floor as you guided her to the door. You turned to look at Javier and he was frowning at the way you were managing the situation. You didn’t need to read his expression or his body language to know he just felt guilty because he didn’t have the same rapport in him. At least not anymore.
He wanted to ask you what the hell were you thinking to take Christina out of the building, but instead just looked at you, trusting you would at least read in his face how insecure about it he was feeling. You shook your head once and gave him a hard stare. He stiffened, and tightened his jaw, then mimicking you and nodding as well, knowing he had to let you do your part.
“Let’s get you some food as well,” you muttered to Christina, who turned to look at Javier one last time.
“Thank you,”
“Don’t thank me, let’s go, someone is waiting for us downstairs and you have a flight early in the morning,” you said, pulling her softly a bit closer to you, as you both walked out of the office.
The next morning came by. You and Christina were sitting in the backseat of Javier’s suv, him driving and another agent sitting next to him in the co-pilot’s seat. Christina was looking through the window, watching Bogotá waking up with her arm curled around yours.
The drive was quiet but tense, and while you felt Javier’s staring at you through the rearview mirror, you remembered the conversation you had with Christina when you arrived at your place the night before.
“Are you Javier’s girlfriend?” she had asked you, sitting on the couch, waiting for you to finish talking with the other agent that had to spend the night at your door and settle next to her. By the way she had asked you could notice it had no double meaning, she was genuinely curious.
“You… could say that,” you replied, biting your lip to stop yourself from smiling, “we don’t really have a name for… this,” for some reason you didn’t know you found Christina really trustworthy. You reasoned that it was maybe because she was trusting you to take care of her safety until she could be in her own country, so it was the logical thing to trust her back. She sighed at your reply.
“I don’t think you really need a tag, y’know,” she had said, and you nodded. She kept quiet for a moment and then grabbed your hand, her skin was cold and her hands were shaking, “I also fell in love with a dangerous man,” she said, making your breath hitch.
“Don’t let him do to you what being married to Franklin did to me,” she muttered, almost as in secrecy. You looked at her and wished you could just take away all the shit she had lived in all the time she was captive.
The sentence lingered in your mind and settled itself in that nagging part of your brain that made you overthink things. You didn’t know exactly if she was referring to the inevitability of danger into the jobs her husband and your… Javier had, or maybe something else.
She tightened the grip on your hand, bringing you back to the moment, and for a second she lost herself, staring at everything and nothing at the same time. You wanted to ask her so many things and make sure she was okay. You didn’t find the strength in you to take her out of her trance, knowing maybe that was just her way to cope with… everything. 
“I didn’t know if I was going to get out of there,”
“Christina,” you called her and she looked at you, still absentminded “I’m sorry, I have to ask, did they… do anything to you?” the question took her by surprise and her eyes watered. You could see she was already tired of crying and by that point she was past feeling sad. You watched her take her time to answer with expectation, and she shook her head, provoking your chest to fill with air, contented that at least they had spared her that one horror.
“No, they didn’t, but they wanted to,” she had muttered, making you shiver.
It amazed you how receptive your body was being to what she said. And yet again, you realized that you couldn’t avoid comparing yourself to her.
“I’m so sorry you had to go through that, Christina,” you told her, putting your other hand on top of hers that was gripping you. She looked at you and narrowed her eyes slightly.
“Are you really?” her question caught you off guard more than you would’ve expected, she was asking again, genuinely, still having some barrier that wasn’t thrown for you, and you couldn’t blame her for that. You could see she still was scared of something or someone and you could also see that she was angry, not exactly directly at you, but angry.
“Of course I am, I was supposed to bring you to a safe place when you were… when they took you,” her trembling hands moved awkwardly and she stared at you “after Javi arrested your husband, he told me to go to your house and get you to safety, but when I got there, you called him and told him you saw cops and left,” you remembered the call Javier had given you after that, you still recalled the tone of his voice, desperate and frustrated, similar to the one Franklin Jurado had in one of his calls with Christina. You wondered if that could be taken as a parallel of your relationship, but decided not to go there, wasn’t really useful to keep comparing.
“That’s when he told me to go to the embassy,” Christina muttered and you nodded, her gaze got lost again and once again, you saw something inside her eyes that screamed and shouted even though she was sitting in front of you in almost utter silence. She was angry, so, so angry. And you couldn’t blame her for that either.
“I was actually waiting for you,” you told her, she sighed and you bit your lip again, “and when you didn’t arrive I just… I’m just really glad you’re safe, you didn’t deserve any of that,”
Christina shook her head a few times and took a deep breath.
“No, I didn’t” her reply confirmed what you were just seeing. You wanted to tell her so many things, you wanted to tell her that she wasn’t alone, that she was going to get through all the shit, that she was going to see her husband and that even though he was in jail, he was protected and she would be able to rebuild her life, no longer in the shadows, you wanted to tell her that everything was going to be okay… But you didn’t, because you didn’t know that. “what’s gonna happen to me now?” she asked, and for the first time since you’d been talking, you heard a tremble in her voice, hesitation, insecurity, and it didn’t suit her.
“He’s gonna fly you home, you’re gonna see your husband” you had said, trying to make things at least a little more bearable, but she just let out a huff and turned to you.
“Are you coming?” Christina asked, her eyes set in you. You weren’t sure if you had that kind of power.
“Do you want me to?” 
After that you showed her the bathroom, gave her some of your clothes and almost forced her to sleep in your bed. Then, when you were sure she was at least more comfortable than she was when she arrived, you had called Javier to tell him she wanted you in the plane with her.
You arrived at the airport and Christina was escorted by you, Javier, the other agent that had spent the night at your place’s door, and two police officers. You got settled in a private waiting room and Javier made sure the only ones inside it were Christina, you and him.
“I’m really sorry for taking away your clothes,” Christina said, still grabbing your arm, you were watching Javier looking through the window of the room and turned to her, shaking your head.
“Don’t be, they look better on you,” you reassured her, feeling quite better with yourself for having her smiling at you, a female voice talks through the speakers and Javier turns to you, he captures back your attention and you give him a small smile.
“In less than an hour, we’re on that plane,” he says to Christina and walks to sit behind the two of you “your husband knows, he’ll be waiting for ya,”
Christina said nothing, she just squeezed your hand and you for once tried to be silent, not wanting to meddle in whatever they had, as the mood inside the room had changed and apparently you were the only one that could feel and almost see the palpable tension they had with each other.
“It’s all behind you now, Christina,” Javier muttered, you turned to see him with narrowed eyes and a quirk in your face that asked him if he really just said that.
“And you think I should thank you for that?” Christina rhetored bitterly at him, not even bothering to look at him, you turned to see her and realized who her anger was directed to. And you… understood.
“No, no I don’t” Javier deepened his voice at her.
“No, you think you’re a hero because you, what, executed a bunch of farmers to get me out so that my husband would testify for you?” Christina’s hand gripped yours harder and you tried to keep your calm. You could feel Javier’s gaze glued to your face and you didn’t turn to see him. Not ready to see in his face what you thought you had heard in his voice.
“I did what I had to do and I’m sorry for what happened to you,” your head snapped almost involuntarily at him, your eyes wide and your mouth parted in surprise. He tried to remain serious but he knew you almost completely and you knew him as well. You saw in his face that he really didn’t mean it, you saw in his face that he was only saying it because his ego was hurt. And you noticed in the way he was avoiding your eyes that he knew you already knew. Un fucking believable.
“No,” Christina looked at him and made a quirk that told you she really didn’t believe him, and you couldn’t help but notice the difference at the gesture her face made the night before, when you told her the same thing. You bit your lip to avoid popping out and ask her why she did believe you but didn’t believe him, but you were pretty sure you already knew why. “no you’re not, and you know it,” your gaze stayed in Javier’s face, in his thumb brushing his lower lip, in how his eyes looked at everything but you or her or himself, on how he had stretched his legs to the sides and left his hand hanging, and you saw it, one of his many faces but not the one you were expecting to see, not the one you wanted to see. The agent face. The police enforcement mask, one that showed, maybe even unconsciously, that he only cared about the operative, about the mission, about the main goal. Not about the woman that had lived through hell and he had pulled her out of there himself “you’re a piece of shit.”
Christina turned to the front, still holding your hand and your eyes were trying to get Javier to look at you.
Javier knew himself, he couldn’t bear to look at you because he knew you already had a pretty clear idea of what was going through his head and he was embarrassed. Because he knew you cared, he knew you cared deeply and he felt guilty that he didn’t care as much as you did, he felt embarrassed at the fact that he couldn’t bring himself to care. He wanted to, he really did, but he was just so damn tired.
Exhausted didn’t convey exactly how he felt, he didn't even know if there was a word that could fully express how he was feeling sitting there in the middle of an almost empty waiting room in an airport waiting to take a woman he had promised himself to take care of to convince her husband to risk his life and betray his employers.
Javier thought Christina was right, he was a piece of shit. A piece of shit that didn't deserve to look at your beautiful, ever understanding eyes.
Javier didn’t look at you, and you didn’t like the way he was acting. And for a brief moment you saw a flash of something running through his face. It was anger but wasn’t, it was sadness but not quite, it looked like pride. Was his… ego, hurt?
The time to board the flight came and you felt Christina relax besides you. The whole convoy of police enforcement was escorting Christina to the gate when Javier’s phone rang.
“Yeah,” Javier answered the call and you turned to look at him next to you, “yeah, we’re about to get on the plane, we’ll be in Miam–” he was suddenly cut off, he stopped walking and you did too, Christina saw you and turned to see what was going on “when?” he asked into the phone and a shiver went down your spine, the woman beside you felt your body stiffen as Javier finally looked into your eyes and with one single glance told you everything, “let me call you back.”
“What happened?” Christina asked, trembling next to you, as if she already knew the answer.
“He’s dead” you murmured, still looking into Javier’s eyes. You felt a heavy pull next to you and suddenly a pair of officers were next to you. Christina was collapsing on the floor.
Javier’s eyes fell to Christina as yours filled with unwanted tears. Why were you crying? you quickly tried to analyze what you were feeling and learned that it wasn’t really because of the case, the case and the trial and the testimony was all shit anyway, you knew it, but he didn’t.
It was because your mind was playing with the parallels. You related to Christina even if she didn’t relate to you, and now she lost her husband, while Javier was standing in front of you feeling guilty for all the pain he thought he had caused. You could see the irony, then the question was if you were about to lose Javier as well.
“She needs to go to Miami anyway,” Javier said to you a few moments later. You nodded. His eyes were in yours and he stole a handgrip from you “let’s go,” he said, aiming to walk away from the gate, you frowned at him, giving him a look that asked him if he was out of his mind. He felt a tug in his chest, knowing already you would fight his plea.
“Don’t leave,” Christina was being helped to stand and she grabbed your other hand, making Javier drop the one he had taken, you could see the hesitancy in his face.
“She’s gonna be escorted all the way back to Miami,” Javier’s tone was dubious, the way you were looking at him made him doubt himself for the briefest of moments.
“I’m gonna go with her and make sure she gets to safety” you said. Javier sighed at your willful tone of voice.
“Florencia,” he called and you tightened your jaw, you knew he knew better than to try and contradict you right there and then.
“I’m going,” your voice softened slightly and you turned to Christina “can you go ahead and board? I’ll be right behind you,” you reassured her, she nodded slowly and one of your partners helped her get to the gate, you turned back to look at Javier, noticing how much he was struggling to come up with something to say. “whatever that was, back in the waiting room, I need space from that,” you blinked your unshed tears away and he just nodded back at you, knowing exactly what you were talking about and understanding, begrudgingly, why you wanted to be away from him for a while “I’ll be back tonight and maybe we can talk,”
“I don't thin–”
“Javier,” you cut him off, shaking your head softly to stop him “I’ll see you when I get back.”
Your hand reached to his wrist and you gripped it as strongly as you could for a few seconds, his eyes seemed a bit lost and even though you knew he was having a thousand and one reasons to not let you go, to keep you in Bogotá with him, to need you with him, you had one strong reason to get away from him at least for a day.
One that made you feel hypocritical and traitorous; if he reacted with little empathy and pride to what Christina had told him, how the fuck would he react when you told him the truth?
So you let go of him, gave him a last stare and turned around to walk to the gate, board the plane and take Christina home. For the first time, while flying through the Gulf of Mexico, you had plenty of time to think about all the mess that you had gotten into. And your mind came to one conclusion: there was no way on earth that Javier would forgive you for what you were doing to him.
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Shower Friends (Miya Atsumu x F!reader)
The dorm you live in has co-ed bathrooms. Why that’s remotely a good idea is beyond you; and recently, your precious shower time is being interrupted by a certain blonde haired setter for the volleyball team. When he lies to his teammates that he has a girlfriend, somehow you get roped into his scheme.
genre(s): college!au, fake dating, angst, fluff, mutual pining, enemies to lovers (kinda), eventual smut (no longer a maybe lol, chapter 5 = smut) words: 3.6k warnings: suggestive at the very end as chapter 5 is nsfw
a/n: hope you all enjoy this cheesefest lmao 
one | two | three 
Chapter Four
Nothing much changes between the two of you, save for the fact you kiss him a lot more frequently and certainly feel no guilt about it. He happily indulges you, never tiring of your lips on his, nor the looks of jealousy he gets. He doesn’t think you know it, but as envious as his fan club is of you, the sentiment is not reserved solely for you. He’s definitely garnered attention from bitter onlookers whenever he’s with you, and if his ego wasn’t big before, it’s doing nothing to deflate it.
His teammates are ecstatic that you got back together, never once doubting it’s validity, and the two of you agree to keep it that way. It’d defeat the entire purpose anyways, no harm was done, and now that you’re actually together it doesn’t matter. He also begrudgingly tells you that his family is equally as thrilled, as he had to tell them the bad news when you ‘broke up’ because they incessantly asked about you.
“Poor Osamu,” you’d joked. “Now his chances really are slim.”
He’d narrowed his eyes at you. “Slim? You better take that back right now.”
You didn’t and he’d tackled you onto his bed, smothering you in his arms and peppering kisses all over your face until you begged him to stop.
When he’d relented, he sat up, arms folded and a cheeky grin on his face at your completely flustered expression. “Yer mine,” he’d told you with all the seriousness in the world. Your answer had been to throw your arms around him and pull him back to you, murmuring your agreement against his lips. Not much else got done that night.
The only thing that changes is Atsumu insists on taking you on a proper date. “Fancy dinner, moonlit walk in the park, the whole shebang,” he’d claimed, working those pleading puppy dog eyes to convince you.
Of course, you’d agreed.
But standing here in front of your mirror in the 3rd outfit you’ve tried on tonight, you’re beginning to feel a little ridiculous. Why are you so nervous? It’s just Atsumu! You could show up in your pajamas and he’d think you look great—you’re working yourself into a frenzy over nothing.
Though, it’s nothing compared to the tizzy you spiral into when you open the door for him after he knocks. You nearly drop dead at the sight of him. He looks so attractive you have to resist the urge to yell at him—how dare he look like that? So casual in his black slacks and white button up rolled to his elbows. The cut of his shirt accentuates his build and he practically looks like he’s come straight out of a magazine. He styled his hair a little, and there’s a part of you that wants to tell him to forget the date and pull him inside for the rest of the night.
You have to blink several times to bring yourself back to reality while Atsumu is chuckling at you. “I can’t look that good,” he jokes. In all honesty, you look amazing yourself and it’s only serving to build his anxiety about this night. Something about this being an ‘official’ date has created a strange expectation that it has to be perfect. It’s your first real outing as a couple and he wants to get it right.
“I—,” you blink a few more times, composing yourself. Then you scowl. “Shut up.”  
You take his offered arm and the two of you head out of the building towards a restaurant nearby that Atsumu chose (with the help of Osamu, but he won’t admit that). On the way, he leans down to whisper in your ear, “Don’t worry, I doubt anyone will be lookin’ at me tonight.” Your brows knit at that, opening your mouth to question him, he continues, “Not with you lookin’ like that.”
He can confess, he knows he can be a smooth talker but the way you react to his words is unlike anything else.
“I see someone took their charming pills this morning.”
“Extra,” he winks. “For good measure.”
“Is it possible to be charmed to death?” You muse, playfully putting a finger to your lips in fake contemplation.
“If so, I would have buried ya weeks ago.”
Sidling up next to him you grin cheekily. “Aww, but you’d miss me.”
He’s glad it’s getting dark out so that you can’t see the color threatening to crawl up his neck. Whether you know it or not, as much as he goes out of his way to fluster you—you’re pretty good at throwing it right back at him.
The restaurant is nice, cozy, and not so fancy that it puts even more pressure on tonight. But it’s enough that he thinks it conveys to you that he’s serious. Plus, he thinks you would have smacked him upside the head had he chosen anything ridiculously expensive. Not like he can afford it anyways, but for you—he’d make anything work.
The two of you get seated, and when he sits down and glances over at you, he’s a little awestruck at how the dim lighting in the restaurant is making you look. Every single damn day he’s reminded that he really is lucky as hell. The warm glow from the single light at the table is projecting on your face, highlighting your features. He can’t help staring at you, eyes roaming over your face and fixating on the curve of your lips before he’s jolted back to reality by you lifting the menu and hiding your face from view.
Blinking a few times, he picks up his own menu, wondering if you caught him staring.
You did, and it made your stomach tie into such nervous knots that you snatched up your menu to hide behind it and settle your thoughts. You catch him doing that a lot, staring at you like he can’t quite believe you’re there. Or like you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever seen. It always makes your heart thunder against your ribcage and you try to either break his trance or shy away from it in an effort to calm your racing heart.
Once you order, he leans back in his chair and stretches his legs beneath the table. His knee presses against yours, and instead of pulling away, he leaves it there. There’s always some part of him that wants to touch you, whether it be his hand in yours, or his arm around your waist, or even something as simple as his leg against yours. You think he does it subconsciously.
“My family is adamant ‘bout meeting you over the next break,” he says, far too casually for the implication of what he’s just said.
You freeze a second, anxiety washing over you at the thought of meeting his parents, but even scarier still is the prospect of meeting Osamu.
He notices your demeanor, eyes meeting yours reassuringly. “Ya got nothin’ to worry about. Besides, screw ‘em to hell if they don’t like you.”
A small smile quirks your lips at that. But despite Atsumu saying what they think doesn’t matter to him—it matters to you.
“So, what about me? Yer family dying to meet me?”
You bite your lip and he cocks his head at you. Like him, you never actually told your parents. They happened to stumble upon the same video his parents did, but unlike his parents—they aren’t too fond of him. “They saw the video too,” you admit, grimacing. “And aren’t too happy I kept it from them.”
Now he mirrors your expression. “Yeesh.” Then he gathers himself, grinning at you in that way that makes your heart stutter and other girls extremely jealous of you. “Guess I’ll just have to ramp up the charm, yeah? No way they won’t love me by the end.”
“One can only hope.” You smile sheepishly, knocking your knee against his. Though, knowing Atsumu, he sees this as a challenge now and won’t stop until your parents are just as head over heels for him as you are. It’s one of the things you think is so great about him, his incredible drive to excel.
Thankfully, you move on from the topic into easier territory. Discussing school, the looming end of the semester, Atsumu’s game coming up, and what you’re doing over the break. When the food arrives, you get the sneaking suspicion that Osamu picked this place out based on Atsumu’s reaction. He goes on and on about how good it is and how he’s never known someplace like this was so close to campus. Though you keep your thoughts to yourself, happy to let him take the credit. It is pretty good.
Finishing up dinner, you can tell Atsumu is getting antsy. He won’t stop fidgeting in his seat or drumming his fingers on the table waiting for the bill. The next part of the date is a complete mystery to you, he insisted on keeping it a secret and so far, he’s done a spectacular job of keeping it.
He’s pretty proud of himself for planning the second half of the night without anyone’s help, and he’s getting restless now that the time has come. He’s shamelessly excited for your reaction.
So, once the bill is paid, he’s eager to get up, offering his hand to you to lead you to your next destination. On the way there, you tease him, “From the way you’re acting, I think we’re going to a volleyball game or something. And while that would be fun, I’m hoping that’s not what it is.”
“It’s not a volleyball game.”
You wipe your forehead dramatically. “Phew, I was getting worried there for a second.”
“Would that really be so bad?” He pouts.
Smirking devilishly up at him, you reply, “Not if it’s you playing.” You swear his chest inflates a little, and you have to resist the urge to laugh at him. Patting his arm, you say, “No, I think I’d actually like that. I just—um, I guess I was expecting tonight to be…uh, special.”
You finally spit it out, acknowledging the weird air between the two of you tonight.
He opens his mouth to reply, but you continue, “I don’t know why though. I’d be happy with anything as long as it’s with you.” He jerks his gaze over to you, finding your attention is on the darkening sky, the reflection of the lampposts shining in your eyes. You shake your head, feeling embarrassment crawling over your skin and laughing nervously, “Did I really just say that out loud?”
You cringe at yourself, hating how unbearably cheesy that was. However, Atsumu seems to have thoroughly enjoyed hearing you say that, his ego being boosted to new heights tonight curtesy of your compliments. And it’s sure to get even bigger once you see what he has planned.
The two of you ‘round the corner, heading towards the park near the canal, and in the distance you can make out some tents set up around the paths. “A festival?”
“Of sorts,” he shrugs. It’s really just a little night market he heard one of his teammates talking about a few weeks ago. He’s been waiting to take you to it since then.
When you approach, he takes one look at your face and knows he could die happy with the expression you’re wearing. The soft glow of the lanterns are just enough that just like at the restaurant, he’s in awe of you. Truly, he’s so smitten, it’s embarrassing.
You seem to pay him no attention, too occupied with your interest in the market, pulling him to one of the stalls to look at what they have. You stroll around the market hand in hand, mostly window shopping at the small trinkets some stalls have and drooling over the array of desserts available.
The market isn’t too big, so it doesn’t take long to look at all the stalls. Once you’ve emerged on the other side of the market, no longer swathed in the lights from the tents, Atsumu directs you towards a bench and then fervently demands to know what dessert item you want him to get for you.
“You know I can just go with you,” you protest. But he’s adamant about it, and eventually you concede telling him, “In that case, might as well surprise me.” There wasn’t anything that didn’t look delicious to you. He beams in his excited, childlike way, and leaves you; disappearing into the crowd moments later.
You wait a couple minutes, smiling to yourself at his ridiculous behavior, but secretly enjoying it all the same.
Abruptly, a figure blocks the light coming from the market, casting a shadow over you, and you lift your attention expecting to see Atsumu toting two surprise dessert items. Instead, there’s a guy standing in front of you, grinning in a way that makes your skin crawl down at you seated on the bench.
“Don’t tell me you’re all alone here,” he drawls, his expression far from playful.
You stare up at him, unamused. “I’m not.”
Leaning down, he rests his hand on the back of the bench near your shoulder, getting far too close for your comfort. “Oh, you got another pretty friend nearby?”
Instinctively, you lean away from him, and in doing so, you catch sight of Atsumu at the edge of the crowd standing still as a stone with an expression on his face you’ve never seen before. Feeling confident, you sneer, “I do.” Fully meaning you have quite the head turner of a boyfriend who looks like he’s about two seconds from tearing this guy to shreds.
It never crossed Atsumu’s mind that this was something he’d have to deal with, and he’s unprepared for the wave of pure rage that washes over him seeing someone treat you like that. He nearly crushes the dango in his hands with how he instinctively balls his fists. To your credit, you look just as annoyed as he feels, obviously giving this guy ‘I’m not interested’ vibes that he definitely isn’t picking up on.
Striding over to you, Atsumu sets the trays of food down on the bench, which from your vantage point confuses the guy before his eyes widen as Atsumu’s fingers curl into the back of his jacket to haul him away from you.
“Hope you got somewhere else to be ‘cause it sure as hell ain’t here.”
The guy visibly panics as Atsumu tosses him to the side, not giving him a second glance as he scurries away. Instead, he crouches in front of you, eyes full of worry as he asks, “Ya alright?”
You smile at him and nod. “Peachy.”
Though he doesn’t relax at your words. “I shouldn’t have left you alone.”
You can see him settling into that mindset where he’s determined to get better. Since you’ve known him you’ve noticed that his outlook on volleyball—that constant drive to improve—sometimes bleeds into other parts of his life. And while for the most part, it’s pretty benign, you aren’t convinced that’s the case for this.
He doesn’t need to beat himself up over something that was, in your eyes—harmless. And pretty commonplace for that matter. Terrible as it is, it’s something you and many other people deal with on a semi-regular basis.
With the intention of lightening the mood, you place your palms on his cheeks and squish his face together saying, “You’re gunna have to leave me alone at some point.”
He tries to shake his head in your grip, pouting. “Watch me.”
“I think I will definitely die from a charm overdose then.”
He huffs. “Better than gettin’ hit on by some sleazeball like that.”
Refusing to relinquish his cheeks, you nod placatingly. “Admittedly, yes. But not the point.”
Now he frowns, voice quieter than before. “I didn’t realize that would happen.”
There’s a part of you resisting the urge to laugh at him. It’s downright adorable watching him be so openly protective and jealous and not knowing how to deal with it. If he wasn’t so distressed about it, you might have told him how endearing he’s being.
Instead, you school your face into neutrality. “I didn’t either. And it wasn’t fun—for me or you. But we can sit here and let our dango get cold, or we can move on with our night and I can pretend like I’m cold, so you’ll give me your jacket.”
Finally, his shoulders loosen, and he lets a small smile rise to his lips, even with your hands still mushing his cheeks together. “You can let go of my face now.” You oblige and he rises, grabbing the food and taking a seat beside you, his leg pressed against yours as he hands you one of the sticks of dango. After a moment, he takes a breath to calm his racing thoughts and is able to smirk down at you. “If you wanted my jacket, all ya gotta do is ask,” he teases.
Fake pouting, you take a bite of your food. “That wouldn’t be half as much fun. And don’t lie, you would have ate that shit up.”
He can’t help the heat that crawls up his neck at your accusation. You aren’t wrong.
You fall into a comfortable silence, just enjoying each other’s presence, the sweet treat, and people watching. He finds himself subconsciously scanning the crowd for any other guys eyeing you up, and if you notice him doing it—you don’t comment.
He was surprised with the wave of emotions that flooded through him when he saw that guy standing over you. He wasn’t expecting to be so angry, or scared, seeing someone cornering you like that. He can’t help his imagination running wild with the thought of: how many times have you had to deal with that before? When he wasn’t around? Before you even met him? It’s hard to explain the way his blood boils at the thought of anyone treating you like that.
Even if he knows you’re right, that he can’t possibly be with you all the time, he still makes a note in the back of his head to give you one of his extra jackets he has lying around. If anything, he can at least pretend that will thwart any vying suitors.
He’s snapped out of his thoughts at your hand on his thigh, asking him if he’s ready to go. He nods, a little blankly, but takes your hand and the two of you start heading back towards campus. On the way there, he glances over at you, caught off guard by how unabashedly you’re smiling. It fills his heart in such an unexpected way it feels like it might burst.
Though, after a few more minutes, he’s startled by your laughter suddenly filling the air. And when he stares at you bewildered, it only makes you laugh even harder.
“What is wrong with you?”
His expression is priceless. He’s looking at you like you’ve gone crazy, which you admit, it sort of feels like you have. Swallowing your giggles, you try to explain, “I don’t know why I was so nervous! It’s just you, what was I so worried about?”
He narrows his eyes, poking your side saying, “Maybe it’s how unbelievably hot your date is?” Then he blows a hair out of his face and mutters quietly, “It’s just me…”
That only makes you burst out laughing, but you pat his arm all the same and nod. “Yes, that is obviously it.”
Catching on to your tone, he tugs you close to him and whispers in your ear, “You better not be playin’ with me.”
That makes a smirk curve your lips that makes his heart do flips in his chest. Shaking your head, you say pretty unconvincingly, “Definitely not.”  
The two of you reach campus and the building you both live in, and as he opens the door for you, he says, “I swear yer gunna be the death of me someday.” You breeze past him, smiling, and shooting him a wink as you do so. He just shakes his head and follows you, part of him certain that he’d be content to do just that.
You reach your door, and you stand there with him a moment, wondering if this is where you’ll part ways for the night. He was so adamant about this being a ‘proper date’, you wouldn’t be surprised if he left you in the name of being ‘gentlemanly’. But you also wouldn’t be surprised if he threw that all out the window. You hope for the latter.
“I had a good time,” you say softly. It always feels so intimate with him when you let all that teasing fall away and all that’s left his how much you actually like him. It’s embarrassing and definitely would boost his ego if he knew how taken you are with him.
He looks at you in that loving way that you’ve only ever seen when he looks at you. He takes your head in his hands, presses his lips to yours, then murmurs, “Me too.”
He opens his mouth to say something further, but before he can do so you look up at him with something in your eyes that makes him snap his mouth shut. “My roommate went home for the weekend,” you say, your arms wrapped around his neck, almost pulling him into your room before he can even reply.  
His brows raise. “Did she now?” Your smile widens, but you say nothing as he starts walking you forward into your room. “How convenient.”
Then the two of you are engulfed in the darkness of your room as he kisses you again and kicks the door shut with his foot.
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