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#also can I just say
nfxtuated · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I made another one for the tik tok gang yaaaay ✨ I was scrolling through my likes on tik tok and when I saw this I couldn’t help but think it was perfect for Andre bc of the STD part HAHAHAHA help I’m having too much fun w these
Next one will be Gigi 👀 I have something special for her and another meme idea of Gigi with A.T. - while I work on those tho I’ll also work on oc/sona interactions with A.T. I’ve been wanting to work on this week sjdjekrne
Also can I just say I’m way more happy w how this one turned out 💕 it’s the second one I’ve made but I’m more comfy w the tools that I used on this one than in the first one, so the quality of the rest of these series will be the same as this or might improve and I’m excited
Anyway this is the tik tok I used for this post
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calcium-cat · 13 days ago
So, thoughts on Empireverse, or Dreamswap?
Empireverse: I know absolutely nothing about this AU, so I don’t really have any thoughts on it. But I have seen some art (mostly of Dream) and I really love their designs! 5/10 
Dreamswap: I actually know some things about this AU, but I’m not sure how accurate my knowledge is since it comes primarily from fanfics. ^^;
That being said, I really like it! The whole “Dream is blinded by his purest ideals and sees Nightmare as the one thing preventing him from acheiving his utopian goals” is a good premise and makes for a very interesting dynamic between the brothers. I love their designs as well (I mean Dream has wings, come on-) and should really draw them someday.
Overall, it’s a cool AU and I wish there was more content for it! 7/10 
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talithakalistair · 18 days ago
Gotta admit, I'm fascinated by Tumblrs reaction to Viktor/Jayce and Jayce/Mel as someone who's spent a lot of time in the LoL community. Bc while we've definitely shipped them, it's never been as big of a ship as Cait/Vi (aka Piltover's Finest). And while I also ship Jayvik quite a bit, I never expected it to happen. Partially bc of Lore Reasons (though Arcane is considered soft canon so idk how strictly they'll stick to canon going forward) but also because Arcane is pitched to us as a "love letter to the community" and again, when I think of Big Ships in the LoL universe I don't think of Jayvik. I think of Piltover's Finest for that region. Now, I'm not sure if we are even going to see that happen. I was honestly p surprised with how far Arcane already went with Vi and especially Cait. Because Riot's track record historically has been pretty bad when it comes to queer representation, with some improvements that are still a pretty mixed bag. We're talking suppressing queer stories and bullying LGBTQ employees for a decade levels of bad. It's getting better, at least on the storytelling front, but I'm not actually sure if Riot are ready to commit to depicting a gay relationship in their big fancy netflix animated series (The League community still consists of mainly your stereotypical Gamer Bro). I would applaud them for it if they went there (at least for trying if it goes tits up). But yeah, I wasn't too surprised that they paired Jayce with Mel in the grand scheme of things. I don't know what's gonna happen with these two, bc I dont know what Mel's deal is rn and Jayce has been p shitty to her and to Viktor. But I wouldn't get my hopes up for Jayvik, and I hope we can be adult enough to not disproportionately hate on Mel bc yall I've seen too much racist misogynistic vitriol against characters who dare "stand in they way" of a gay ship and no-one needs that. Just bc Riot seems to be led by brats doesn't mean we have to be the same kind of brat about it
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random-child · 9 months ago
Enjoy some angsty Ragnvindr brother headcannons:
When Diluc quit the Knights of Favonius, he gave up his vision because he didn’t trust himself with it. Not after he almost killed Kaeya with it.
(When Kaeya gave Diluc his vision back in the vase, Diluc saw it as a sign that Kaeya forgave him).
Crepus knew of Kaeya’s origins and encouraged Kaeya to tell Diluc before he died.
(The day of Diluc’s birthday (aka the day Crepus died) was the same day Kaeya was planning on telling Diluc)
Everytime Kaeya stares at his vision for too long he flings it across the room- that vision held nothing but terrible memories for him
When Crepus adopted Kaeya, Diluc decided to grow out his hair hoping to help make his brother comfortable. Since Kaeya kept his hair long and refused to get it cut, Diluc thought Kaeya’s people grew out their hair.
However, after their falling out, Diluc cut his hair (I’d like to think that’s why manga Diluc’s hair looks a lot longer and thicker than game Diluc)
Diluc and Kaeya came to a unanimous agreement that they’d visit Crepus’s grave together on the anniversary of his death to honour the wishes of their father
When Diluc comes back from his four year journey, he hears new of Kaeya being gravely injured. Rushing to Kaeya’s house, Diluc found himself hesitating at the door. (Did he even deserve to see Kaeya anymore? No he didn’t) Instead of knocking, Diluc leaves a bottle of Death Afternoon outside the door.
When Kaeya found out the traveller was helping Diluc out with the whole ‘Darknight Hero’ situation, he felt relieved. Relieved and bitter that he wasn’t worthy to stand by Diluc’s side anymore.
Diluc would sacrifice himself for Mondstadt- Kaeya knows this and hates himself for not being able to say the same
Bonus Jean HC’s (because I can and I love her)
Jean, being childhood friends of both Diluc and Kaeya, watches the two brothers drift apart with a heavy heart
The night Diluc and Kaeya fought, Kaeya found himself in front of Jean’s door. He tried to tell Jean the truth but she stoped him. She already lost one friend that day, she refused to lose another.
(Kaeya secretly hoped Jean would listen. That her loyalty to Mondstadt would be greater than her friendship with Kaeya. That if she knew the truth, she’d finish what Diluc started)
Although neither Jean nor Diluc prefer to drink, sometimes they pop open a bottle and reminisce about life when they were kids
(And if sometimes Diluc drank a bit too much and spoke of missing his beloved little brother, Jean was always willing to lend him an ear)
Sometimes, when they know Jean is overworking herself, the brothers force Jean away from her work and take her to Windrise to unwind.
(I initially rebloged these from this post as it inspired some of these HCs, but op suggested to post them on my own blog so here they are!)
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kravkalackin · 6 months ago
I feel like Grace's initial hesitance to try and forcible separate Hazel and Tuba was a direct result from what happened with Jesse and Lake
Grace was laying it on pretty thick with Jesse, even if there were some attempts at softening it with the whole 'she's not bad, she's just not like us!' Everything else was pretty damn blunt, clearly making Jesse uncomfortable, with him going along with their raid in the most bare minimum sense.
And when they came back to Simon trying to wheel Lake and Alan Dracula, again Grace was extremely upfront about it, even doubling down after Jesse refuses and summoning the flecks. The result of all that?
Jesse left, didn't just run away but got his exit and escaped the train entirely. They lost another human.
Grace's technique with Hazel is very different after that. Sure, Tuba is a lot bigger and stronger than Lake looks, but Grace's concern is that she would put up a hell of a fight, but not that they couldn't win it. And she brings up being worried about losing Hazel if they attack.
She's much more subtle about how she talks about denizens too, she doesn't even bring up the term null until well after her and Hazel have bonded. Grace takes her time with Hazel. They can't force it, not with another human who's already so attached, or else they might have another Jesse Situation on their hands.
And of course because she takes it slow, it gives her time to open up and change. Which, we all know how that turned out.
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closelyknit · 9 days ago
what i find compelling about artem the most is that he really does have a temper and a sharp tongue when he lets himself break. i like to indulge the hc that all the boys and rosa have dealt with or are currently dealing w the practicalities of their own mental health care (as it’s such a prevalent thing in the plot and would deepen their own individual investment to nxx past like duty or ethics.)
how does luke deal w ptsd from his missions or unresolved grief from his parents’ deaths (or even the possibility of his own)? how does marius handle the anxiety of his grad school/ceo workload and others’ expectations in the absence of his main support system at the literal age of 21? how does a perfectionist-to-a-fault such as vyn take care of himself mentally dealing w patients of a myriad of cases every day? perhaps rosa had a brief depressive spell after her parents and luke’s departures during key transition periods of her life despite keeping a cheerful front. and maybe the reason why artem is so put together and calm is because he’s learned to keep his impulses and his temper on a tight leash. anyway it’s all conjecture atm but it’s still interesting to contemplate
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vox-fantasma · 6 months ago
it is so narratively satisfying that for all his self-aggrandisement and hubris, all his attempts at psyching caleb out and his talk about failure and discipline, trent gets his ass wholly handed to him by the nein, who have all this time been trying to tell him he wasn’t even a factor in their plans. his presence doesn’t even come close to lucien in that fight, which lasted, what, all of three turns? the man was so blinded by his own delusions of control he couldn’t see how tiny he’d become in the scale of things. villain degradation at its finest.  
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echodrops · 2 years ago
Yes, I know we’re all in love with how soft and dedicated and totally not nice Crowley is, but sometimes the fandom needs to be reminded that the Arrangement works not just because Crowley is rubbish at being a demon, but because Aziraphale, Stingy-Hedonist, Known-Bastard, Would-Lie-to-God’s-Face Esq., is even more rubbish at being an angel, like this bitch is really out here stopping Armageddon because it didn’t fit into his self-care routine, and it is no accident that the two things which Aziraphale most covets are food and knowledge, the central elements of the very first temptation. In this essay, I will
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queernarchy · 7 months ago
the bodies gangie green has been stealing, the mccabbage death sylvester was hired to investigate, the mouse widow saying she heard her dead husband outside her window, fletcher cottonbottom, the magnet, squire brockhollow stabbing himself, the corrupt servants. brennan what does it mean, what does it all MEAN.
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datleggy · 5 months ago
I need both of your “surprise Buck was/is pregnant with Eddie’s baby and they find out because Chris finds him” anons to finish their drabbles. I need the Buddie confrontation scene with all the angst and betrayal from both sides. (Meanwhile Chris happily keeps his baby brother occupied and whispers about how he’s gonna parent trap their dads.) Please and thank you.
he anon sent more and here it is! it's wonderful, pls read!! <3
ANON: As the anon who your last ask was talking about might I just say I am sobbiiiinnnnnggggggg 😭😭😭 that was so good omg but ALSO now I have an addition to my earlier blurb 👀👀👀
Eddie is frantic, from the moment Buck called to now. Let's rewind a bit though, for context.
After running into Buck in Austin, they did meet up, without Chris, to talk. Buck had Eddie meet him at his new fire house, which. Hurt? It hurt, in a weird way that Eddie couldn't quite place at first, but he realizes now what he was feeling; jealousy that Buck has moved on and seems so comfortable here, longing for Buck to return to them, to the 118 (if he's being honest though, it's him he wants Buck to return to more than anything, but that's hardly fair after everything), regret that he treated Buck so poorly that the other man not only felt he couldn't tell him about the baby, but that he felt he had to move states.
Eddie met him there regardless, though, because ultimately it was Buck's choice. Eddie was grateful Buck chose to talk to him at all, so he wasn't going to argue over the chosen venue.
They met up, and they talked, and Buck confirmed that the baby he was carrying was Eddie's. He was in shock at the confession, upset for the first few moments, even. And it showed on his face, because the next thing Eddie knew, Buck was backing away from him, arms crossed over his stomach and tears running down his face, begging Eddie not to try and take his baby from him.
"I know I shouldn't have ke-kept this from y-you, but Eddie pl-please! He's all I h-ha-have left, I won't make it if you t-take h-him!" Eddie was shocked, and horrified at Buck's words. It took him a few minutes to calm him down, and weeks of slowly increased communication between the two of them (and Christopher, of course) before Eddie was able to convince Buck that he wasn't planning on trying to gain custody of the baby. He had explained that, yes, he wanted to be in their son's life, wanted Chris to be in his brother's life, but he wouldn't do anything to hurt Buck anymore then he already has.
It took almost the remainder of the pregnancy, but they were finally close to where they had been before everything went to shit. Not that they were lovers again, Eddie doesn't think either of them are ready for that, and Buck agrees, but they were on the fast track to becoming best friends again.
So of course he's the first person Buck calls when he goes into labor.
"I'm sorry, you're what?"
"In labor," Buck says sheepishly over the phone. "Or at least, I think I am? I mean, I'm three days overdue so I doubt these are practice contractions, but I guess there's always the possibility, and oh my god if I called you at 3 in the morning because of practice contractions, Eddie, I am so sorry oh god--" he can hear Buck working himself into a panic attack, so he cuts in.
"Hey hey, none of that. Even if these are Braxton Hicks or whatever they're called, I'm glad you called me. We agreed we would be in this together, right?" There's a pause on the other line before Buck speaks.
"Yeah. Together."
Eddie smiles at the soft tone of Buck's voice, and he can picture him perfectly in his mind's eye as though he were there in front of Eddie. Sitting at the end of his bed, both hands framing his belly (which has gotten big since the first time they ran into each other three months ago, the doctors estimating that the baby is somewhere between 8 and 9 pounds, which Buck was Not Pleased to hear, and blames Eddie for, especially when he found out that Chris was nearly 8 pounds when he had been born), and tears in his eyes despite the smile on his face at the prospect of meeting their baby soon.
Eddie takes a deep breath to steady his own racing heart and asks "So, what do you want to do?"
Eddie can't help the breathless laugh that leaves him, every passing moment feeling more and more surreal as he realizes that /this is happening/. He's going to be a father for a second time, he and Buck are having a baby together and they're going to meet him soon.
"Do you want me with you, Buck? Because I can leave now, fly down there and be with you when he's born. Or we can stay on the phone, or you can FaceTime me. Whatever you wanna do, babe." The endearment leaves his mouth before he can stop it, but he doesn't try to back track.
"I--" Buck cuts himself off with a cry, more surprised then in pain, but Eddie still hates the sound. He starts to wonder, if Buck wants him there, will Eddie even be able to face seeing him in that amount of pain? He'll do it, of course he will, he would do anything for Buck and their boys, but god it might just break him. This isn't about Eddie, though.
"Breathe, baby. Deep breaths, just like in those classes TK took you to." Everytime he and Buck talk, the other man has stories either related to the baby, or related to his new family. Sometimes even both, like when he told Eddie about the Lamaze classes Buck's friend TK took him to, highly recommended from when TK went himself with his boyfriend Carlos leading up to their son being born. Eddie couldn't help but feel that ugly, burning jealousy, but he tried to sound as happy as possible over the phone. Buck wouldn't appreciate the jealousy, since Eddie lost out on what they could have been thanks to his own anger and mistreatment of Buck.
A few moments pass before Buck comes back on. "That hurt," he says with a small, pained laugh. Eddie can't tell if he wants to cry, punch something, or both, but he tamps those feelings down.
"I know, I know. But you've got this, Buck. You're gonna kick labor's ass, right?"
"Right," Buck responds weakly.
"Damn right, right. You're so strong, Buck. There isn't anything you can't do, and nothing you won't do for your kids. You've got this." He hears Buck take a deep breath, steeling himself.
"Yeah... yeah! I've got this. I've got this!" That golden retriever enthusiasm is back in full force, and Eddie grins.
Buck announces that he's going to start packing some stuff and getting his things together, so Eddie will be in speaker phone. For the next few minutes, Eddie listens to Buck ramble off random facts about babies and labor between verbalizing his hospital bag checklist. He hums in the appropriate places to show he's listening, asks clarifying questions so Buck knows Eddie isn't bored or just humoring him. Before too long, Eddie can tell that Buck has picked the phone back up, removing it from speaker phone.
"Hey, Eds?" His voice is quieter, more subdued then it has been for most of their time in the phone.
"Yeah, Buck?" His own voice is soft, curious but undemanding.
"I-- you said, earlier, that you would-would come down, if that's what I wanted? Like, to be here when the baby is born." Eddie feels his heart start to race in his chest, not sure if he's eager to hear Buck's decision or dreading it.
"I did," he confirms anyway, wanting Buck's comfort more than anything else.
"... Is that offer still on the table? You coming down here, I mean." Eddie can feel his breath catch in his chest, and he realizes that, yeah, he was eager to know what Buck wanted him to do. He feels like jumping into the air and cheering, knowing Buck wants him by his side as he delivers their baby boy into the world.
"I can leave in ten minutes, and be with you in four, five hours at the most." His response is almost immediate, and Buck laughs on the other end of the line. "Is that what you want, Buck? Me to be there, with you?" Eddie hears a sniffle and he knows Buck is in the verge of crying.
"I-- is that alright? I don't-- I can't do this alone, Eddie. I know I have everyone from the 126 here, and all of them would sit with me through this in a heartbeat, but... I need it to be you that's here with me. I want you to be here when our son is born, want you to cut the cord, be one of the first to hold him, all of it. I... I need /you/." And how could Eddie ever say no to that?
"Give me a few minutes to pack a bag and make some calls, okay? I'll call you right back, and before you know it, I'll be right beside you, holding your hand and letting you break as many fingers as you want." Buck gives a wet chuckle and agrees, but both men have a hard time saying goodbye, even if it will only be for a few minutes.
"I'll see you soon, Buck, okay? I swear."
"Yeah, I know you will, I know. I'm just nervous, is all. Having you here, even just over the phone, it helps. So much, Eddie." He knows what he means. Hearing Buck's cheerful voice after a long day never fails to make Eddie feel better, make him feel that no matter what, everything will be alright. He can only imagine how much better things will feel for the both of them once they can actually see each other, touch each other.
"I know exactly what you mean. I'll be there soon, okay? I'll call you back in a second and you can tell me more statistics about babies born in cars, or whatever." Buck snorts a laugh and Eddie smiles at the sound.
"I swear to God if you jinx this and I end up giving birth on the highway, I will kill you." They laugh together, but Eddie knows now that he has to get things in order if he wants to be with Buck ASAP. Neither man wants to say goodbye.
"I'll be with you soon, Evan."
"Yeah, okay. Eddie, I-I..." Eddie waits patiently for whatever Buck was going to say. His heart hammers in his chest.
"... Be safe, Eddie." He can't help the bitter feeling of disappointment that floods through him, but he returns the sentiment, regardless.
They hang up, and for a moment, Eddie simply sits on his bed, head in his hands. All he wanted to do as they said their goodbyes was to tell Buck that he loved him. He doesn't feel like he's earned the right to say that to him yet, though. He has to earn it.
With that in mind, he starts packing a bag, calling Hen to see if she and Karen would be able to babysit Chris while Eddie is in Texas.
Dhdhjajsiejsj so sorry about that again, hope you enjoy (and thanks again to that person who sent that other ask, bc that was an amazing blurb they sent 😌) 😭😭😭
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