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let’s talk about the way Sterling looks like she just won the lottery
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He’s just like the sun. Daryl Dixon x Reader 18+ Smut
*Second ever Fanfic! Exciting! I hope you guys enjoy this! Please let me know if there is anything you’d change about it or anything you like! I would love some tips on how to improve!  I will warn it does get pretty dark at points, but the story just kind of got away from me again haha! Younger reader and Older Daryl for the anonymous request! Hope this has lived up to your expectations! Hope y’all having a lovely day <3*
Warnings!: Domestic violence, Heavy cursing, Violence and Smut 
Summary: Daryl had saved you from a herd of walkers, When you reached Alexandria he became distant and you started dating Spencer. He stayed away from you fully until Carol brought it to his attention that Spencer could be hurting you. Long slow burn. Smutty ending with Confessions of love :) 
Part Two              Part three 
Tumblr media
“Good morning baby” He said rolling on top of you kissing you swiftly. 
“Good Mornin’ Spence' You replied squirming uncomfortably.
He enveloped you in his arms around you pulling you closer to him. 
“Sorry Spence, but carol’s expecting me. I really have to go!” 
His eyes flashed dark, He finally released you. “So just Carol? Or is there anyone else you will be seeing today?” 
You pushed your hand to the back of your neck rubbing it uncomfortably. “Urm yeah i think it’s just carol, She did say something about Rosita popping by to give us a hand” 
“Well you know what to do if anyone else turns up right? Or should I remind you?” He said with a smirk now. 
Your eyes met his panicked now “No i promise only Carol and Rosita. I know what to do i promise baby”
Ugh you hated calling him that but you knew it worked. You looked back at him and could see your words had placated him for now. Running to the bathroom you quickly got ready for the day, Checking over your appearance in the mirror you were satisfied that everything would look normal to anyone looking at her. You tucked your shirt into your jeans wincing as you did to make sure this didn’t rise up and left the bathroom. Sighing a breath of relief when you saw that Spencer had gotten up and left. Running a hand through your hair you ran downstairs, laced your boots up hastily, Leapt off the porch and headed towards Carol’s house.
You always loved your days with Carol, She was the most incredible woman. Tough, unrelenting and takes no nonsense but yet the mother of the group and loves everyone unconditionally, You’re pretty sure she would die for any one of you. She made you feel safe and at ease which is two feelings that were hard to come by these days. 
Smiling as you saw Carol in the front garden digging. You ran over and saw that there was a tray sitting on the porch with two cups of tea and some pancakes waiting. She nodded towards the porch “Go on help yourself Y/N. I'll be over in a minute” Another reason you just loved Carol. She. was. The. best. Cook. Even something as simple as pancakes you knew were going to be delicious.  “So I heard through the grapevine it’s your birthday soon?” Carol asked. You smiled at her “Yeah,I’ll be 22 on April 16th. Not that i’m even sure when that is now” 
“It seems silly now but sometimes i wonder what it would of been like to have my first drink, Never got a chance with the end of well….everything”
Carol looked over at you and checked the calendar. “Deana told me the date when we got here and I've been marking it ever since. Looks to be a week on Tuesday! Got anything nice planned?” “Nah, Just another day to me now!” You said shrugging. 
“Is Spencer planning anything?” 
“Um not sure, I don’t think i’ve told him if i'm honest”
“Well tell me then. If you could have anything in the world what would it be” 
You smiled the answer coming so easy to you now “A sunflower, I would really love to see a sunflower again” 
Carol nodded at you. “Now that would be something” 
Smiling happily again as you sat down you pulled a plate of pancakes on your lap and ravenously ate groaning as you did. “Carol, these are sooo good. What’s the secret?” 
“Y’all know if i tell you, i’d have to kill you” She said with a light hearted laugh and a wink. 
You had quickly finished your plate using the tea to wash it down. You thanked Carol, Grabbed the tray and walked in to clean the dishes. Carol followed in behind you talking about the day’s tasks. You didn’t really pay much attention as you were happy to do whatever as long as you weren’t stuck at home or with him. 
That’s when you heard him “Mornin’ Carol any o’ those fer me?” You body froze with fear, You needed to get out of here NOW. You scrubbed the plates and mugs as quick as you could and set them on the side of the sink to try. Spinning around you grabbed a dish cloth and wiped your hands. “I’m so sorry Carol, I just remembered I promised Spencer something, I have to go. I’ll see you soon?”
You started making your way briskly towards the door when a hand grabbed your wrist. “Y/N There a problem here?” You were too scared to look him in the eye, Those were your weakness so bright and beautiful. “No Daryl, Just cant be here” You muttered staring at your feet silently begging him to push and save you, But in true shy Daryl fashion he released your arm still staring at you. 
Carol cleared her throat “I thought you had made a promise not that you couldn’t be here?” She walked over to you, also staring at you intensely. “Same thing, Not allowed. Promised Spencer” Carol’s eyes burned looking at you she grabbed your face pulling your eyes up to meet yours. “Not allowed?” She asked softer than you expected. You nodded your head slightly “Please Carol i have to go” You begged her scared. She gripped your face tighter, Her eyes wandering quickly across your face. You ripped your face from her hands and Carol gasped. Panic building in you again you turned and ran through the front door with Carol and Daryl hot on your heels. 
As you hit the pavement you ran straight into him, You froze again,Fear in your eyes, your eyes downcast..
Spencer looked at you then looked at the porch seeing them both there he wrapped his hand around your lower back digging his nails painfully into your side. You jumped slightly. Spencer put his lips to your ear and whispered “Smile and wave and say goodbye to your friends” Putting an emphasis on the word friends. Tears stung your eyes. 
You looked up at carol placing an unconvincing smile on your face, “Bye guys, Thank you for breakfast Carol” The second the words had left your mouth Spencer was dragging you by the hip back to the house your eyes still not leaving Carol’s in a wordless plea. 
Back on the porch Carol turned to Daryl “Fuck, We gotta do something about that” “Bout what?” he asked puzzled “God Daryl you can be so blind sometimes!” “Didn’t you see her neck when she was leaving, Those bruises were finger marks. I’d bet my life on it” He looked over at Carol shocked “He like Ed?” She nodded mouth forming a thin line “The one thing that bastard was good for is he taught me to see the signs of that evil in others, That fear was mine not too long ago” She continued “We can’t just get involved that won’t help we need to watch him and catch him at it so he can’t make her lie” 
Daryl felt like something inside him had broken, He couldn’t believe that prick was doing this to her, To Y/N, A Girl like that deserved to be treated like an angel. He wished he could have told her how he felt before all this and saved her the pain. 
He had loved her from the first moment he had laid eyes on her. He had been the one to find her when they were on the road to DC. She was alone trying to fight off a herd of walkers with a determined look in her eye. Daryl had known he wasn’t supposed to get involved; he was supposed to be just observing and reporting back to the group. But the look in her eye  had made him charge forward “Hey!! Over here! Follow me!” She hadn’t even given it a second thought she just ran towards him and swung her leg over the back of his motorbike and they had ridden off. It had happened so quickly neither of them had the chance to wonder if the other could be dangerous. They both had connected at a base level without suspicion. 
Daryl had forced his bike to its limits, hightailing it back to the group with her arms around him. When he got back to them Rick had rushed forward to greet them looking warily at the pair, Daryl stopped the bike and started trying to explain to his friend when she fell sideways from the bike. Having to explain to the group that he didn’t even know her name was difficult but he just had to save her. By way of an explanation he just said “Any woman tha faces down a hoard alone earnt her chance” 
Daryl hadn’t left her side until she woke up. Seeing his reaction to this woman the group didn’t question it and just accepted her as one of their own. 
Daryl smiled thinking back to all the moments you two had been together on the road to here, To alexandria which had quickly become home. Before here he had barely left your side, He had thought you were incredible. A complete badass. From the first day you had defended and helped the group as if they were already family. You were a perfect fit. You were everything he wasn’t Light and beautiful. He knew a woman like you would never want the dark twisted man he had become but he couldn’t stop himself from being around you. You were magnetic. 
He never had the guts to tell you all of this, He knew you would reject him and everything your presence had healed in him would be shattered again. When they had gotten to Alexandria he had started seeing less of you as you had taken up your post at the infirmary and he had been going on more and more runs to keep the community fed and taken care of. He had started to wish for injuries just so he would have an excuse to feel your eye’s meet his again. He craved your touch with everything in him. But of course he could never tell you that, It would be so wrong of him. He was no good for you, he was atleast 20 years older for a start, An old redneck like him could never deserve a young beauty like you. 
About a week after you had all gotten here someone else had noticed you. You seemed to rebuff his advances at first which gave Daryl hope. A few weeks later Daryl was sent on a long run and when he came back there you were on Spencer's porch wrapped in his arms, Laughing at his words. That memory was the most painful for him, He had just gotten up the guts after a very close call to tell you how much he loved you and needed you to be his and there you were, Someone else’s now.
He couldn’t help but imagine what would happen if you had in fact been his, He spent all of his nights wondering what it would be like to have you in his arms lay next to him, Wondering what your lips would feel like on his, How your skin would feel under his fingers, Your breath on his skin. All of these nights ended in a hurried and urgent tug as he let his mind imagine your hands were his. Moaning your name night after night. Always opening his eyes to the empty space beside him and the gripping pain in his chest. 
“Daryl, Come in Daryl” Carol was waving her hand in front of your face. “Uhh Sorry, What did you say?”
“I said,'' Can you make an excuse to go to the infirmary tonight?” He balled his fists. He could definitely do that. He waited a few hours and then stormed towards the garage with Carol hot on his heels. He drew a deep breath and then punched his hand through the glass cabinet. Drawing his hand back and watching the blood seep down his wrist. Looking up at Carol expectantly “That’ll do nicely Daryl” With a glint in her eye. She turned and grabbed a rag off the side and wrapped it around his wrist. You go to the infirmary ill get Y/N. Daryl couldn’t feel the pain of what he had done yet, He could just feel the adrenaline rushing through him. 
Carol ran across and down the street stopping to take a deep breath before knocking she heard a whimper from inside. Fixing a panicked look on her face she knocked urgently. A few moments later Spencer tore the door open, “What?” He demanded. Unfazed Carol replied “Hey spence! I’m sorry to intrude so late but we need Y/N Its urgent” She smiled sweetly at him. “Whatever you need her for you either tell me or you can wait till tomorrow” Showing him the blood on her hands. “Well um there was an accident and we can’t find denise.” She said in an innocent voice. Hearing this you appeared at the door and looked up at spencer. “I need to go, I promise i'll be quick…. Please?” You smoothed your hair over your neck again and started out of the door towards Carol when Spencer caught your wrist pulling you back to him. “You better be, I aint done with you yet” He growled into your ear, Then pushed his lips to yours put a fake smile on his face “Okay honey, Be Careful”
You took this moment to pull your arm from his following Carol pressing her for more information. You arrived at the infirmary and saw Daryl on the steps blood dripping down his hand onto the steps. You unlocked the door and ushered him and Carol inside. 
Sitting Daryl down and not meeting his eyes you delicately removed the rag from his wrist and grimaced. Knowing better than to ask questions you set to work with a pair of tweezers and started removing the glass shards from his hand and wrist before cleaning the wound, Stitching and bandaging it as quick as you could. You braved a glimpse upwards and saw his eyes searching your body and then your eyes. 
Seeing those beautiful blue eyes hit yours you were fighting the tears. You wanted to spill and tell him everything. He had always had that effect on you all he had to do was look at you and you wanted to pour yourself into him. You had loved him from the very beginning, From the moment your eyes met you had craved him, Craved those beautiful strong arms around you keeping you safe from the world. 
You had always wished he would show even a spark of interest towards you, Well he was always around but he acted so indifferent. 
Engrossed in his eyes just staring at each other it was like there was no one else in the world, He was the sun pulling you in. His hand came up and moved the hair from your face, His fingers lingering before moving your hair completely away from your neck, his eye’s darting downwards inspecting you. His eyes grew dark then “Please Y/N what has he done to you?” his eyes were fixed on your neck as he reached forward and brushed his fingers across your throat tracing the bruises. 
Your breath hitched in your throat enjoying his touch. Carol cleared her throat from the corner “Guys we got company” Daryl dropped his hand and darted forwards blocking the doorway as it flung open. 
Spencer, He was fucking everywhere. 
“Can i help you?” Daryl growled. “What are you doing man, Where’s my girl?” Spencer asked. “She’s Busy and she’s gon be busy for a long time. Why don’t you take off kid” Daryl said still not moving from spencer’s way “I’ll take off when i’ve got my girl, Get the fuck out of the way” You could hear the change in his tone turn from polite to the voice that sent fear through your bones. 
You stepped forward. “I’m right here. It’s okay i won't be long” Daryl looked back at you pained “Yeah ya will. We aint letting ya go back with him” Roaring “Fucking look at yaself Y/N look at those bruises!” He span back at spencer “Ya needa take a fuckin hike, Touch her again ill kill you” He growled. Spencer looked amused “Yeah, Ok redneck scurry on to your moonshine and skinning possums'' He half laughed. “You think that little bitch wants you? She’s mine. Now get your ass here Y/N before i get fucking angry.” 
Daryl was heaving now Carol rushed forwards and grabbed his arms as he went to lunge forward. You forced your body forward in between them both tears freely running down your face now. “It’s okay, Daryl I’m okay. I’m not worth it” You winced when you felt Spencer's hands dig into your already bruised hips again. Daryl saw this “Ya gotta be kiddin me Y/N Ya worth 10 o’ him'' His eyes searched yours again desperate. “Please Daryl don’t make this any worse” “You heard her white trash” Spencer then pulled you from the room back down the infirmary steps, Daryl watched as he pulled her down the street and threw her back through the front door” 
Anger boiling through his veins he took off in the other direction, grabbed his bike and took off out of the gate and into the night. 
A week had passed since that night, It had taken a week to recover from the beating he gave you. You knew the rules No talking to either of them now. You were to go to work and come home, No more out of hours calls. You watched when Daryl finally rode back into town. Covered in walker blood his face still contorted in anger when he rushed back into the house. You saw the light come on in the basement and watched as he smashed up what few belongings he had before settling onto his bed. This had become your favourite pass time you loved that you could see straight into his room and the garage when he was in there. Spencer had already noted they could see into this house and had kept the curtains drawn on all rooms at all times. 
When you finally did go back to work Spencer walked you to and from the infirmary for the first week until he started to relax again. You liked it better when he relaxed, He could be sweet and loving towards you and you did everything you could to prolong it to avoid his rages again. 
On the tuesday you now knew was your birthday, You went to work with a half smile on your face. Denise pointed over to a desk “That was dropped off for you earlier” You walked over and found a slightly dirty Pin. Flipping it over you saw it was a beautiful painted sunflower. Beaming you turned back to denise “Who was it?” “Ahh sworn to secrecy! Sorry Y/N” You playfully growled at her “ooh terrified! I’m more scared of them, than I am of you Y/N Sorry still not telling!” You laughed and decided to let it go and just enjoy your beautiful thoughtful gift. 
Since Spencer had relaxed he had let you walk to work and back alone on the second day of this you heard him. “Y/N wait up!” Shit not now! What if he’s watching. You darted your eyes around and picked up the pace towards home. Running to catch up with you, Daryl ran in front of you and made you stop. 
“Please not now Daryl, If he sees...I’m not allowed….I’m not allowed to be near you” You stuttered. You gazed up at him pleading. His eyes went hard. “No! NO! I aint allowing it! Ya not going back to him Y/N I aint allowing him to hurt ya again!” You started shaking at his raised voice. Daryl noticed this and looked to be struggling with himself before finally lunging towards you and taking your head in his hands making your eyes stay on his. There it was again he was the sun and you couldn’t pull away even if you wanted to. 
“I love ya Y/N, I fuckin love ya! I can’t watch him not treat you like how you deserve! I’ll take care of you please, please let me i'll protect you with everythin i have!” His eyes looked wild and desperate. You couldn’t stop yourself, you pushed your lips forward meeting his hurriedly matching his desperation. The world could have ended again right then. You wouldn’t have cared one bit as he wrapped his arms around you and you melted into him feeling safe at last. 
Your hands made their way to his hair no longer caring who was watching and pulled him closer to you. He pulled away reluctantly. “Come on we’re getting ya stuff now. I’m not having ya there for another second '' Your brain still foggy you nodded giggling and let him pull you towards your house. Panic setting in again. Spencer should still be on guard duty the house should be empty so why were you so afraid. 
You looked back at Daryl and melted again. “Wait here, I won't be long, there's not much I need” He nodded at you taking a defensive stance and staring into the street. 
You ran up the stairs and threw the door open shutting it softly behind you and ran up the stairs grabbed your bag from under the bed and stuffing clothes in at random, Next you turned to the bathroom and grabbed your tooth brush and other bits. Smiling at yourself in the mirror not recognising the happy woman in front of you. 
It was then you saw him leaning against the doorway behind you. “That was quite a show Y/N, Well there’s only one thing for it! You ain’t goin nowhere with him with fuckin nobody but me bitch” He smirked at you and dove forward grabbing fistfuls of hair in his hands he threw your head forward smashing it into the mirror. You screamed begging him to let go as he continued to pull your head back and hit it back into the wall. You could feel the blood running down your face. Clouding your eyesight. Suddenly the hands were gone you gripped the sink fighting to stay up right. Grabbing a cloth and rubbing the blood out of your eyes you saw Spencer being dragged from the room. You followed as quick as your stumbling legs would carry you. 
You made it out onto the street to see spencer in the middle of the road and Daryl over him punching everywhere he could “I fuckin told ya, I’d Fuckin told ya i’d kill ya” He was screaming into his face. You looked around and saw a crowd had formed. Deana, Spencer’s mother was screaming for Daryl to stop. Which brought Rick and the others running. Carol ran straight for you taking your head in her hands and pulling you close. Whispering “It’s okay now Y/N. It’s okay i’ve got you” 
Rick ran straight at Daryl pulling him away from Spencer. Spencer pulled himself up and spat the blood from his mouth glaring at you now He pulled himself to his feet stumbling, eyes locked on you glaring he screamed “You little bitch” and ran at you. Rick couldn’t restrain Daryl any more as Daryl ran forward grabbing Spencer and throwing him to the ground again just before he reached you. Rick and a few others ran forward again and stood in front of you guarding you from Spencer. Daryl saw the fear in your eyes and rounded back on him. 
Crouching over Spencer on the floor Daryl yelled “Ya don’t listen do ya, Rick was trying to save ya miserable piece of shit life” He punched him again. “Me, I want to see ya as an undead asshole and I wanna be the one to do it, So keep pushing it Spencer” He pulled his crossbow from off his back and pointed it at the man on the ground, his chest heaving now. A strangled cry left your throat then.
Pushing yourself out of Carol’s arms you made your way to Daryl, You put your hand over his on the bow and pushed it down. Internally begging him to look at you. He finally did “Please Daryl it doesn’t matter, I don’t matter. I won’t have you being a murderer for me” 
Daryl’s eyes softened before turning back to spencer “Twice in a day someone else has saved ya fuckin life. Don’ even think about coming near her again. I even smell you near her or catch you looking at MY WOMAN again. ill rip ya fucking eyes out” He roared
Deanna was at her sons side now “He gets it please, Please leave so i can take my son home”
Daryl turned to you “Come on baby, We need to go home too” He dropped his crossbow back over his shoulder and wrapped his arm around your shoulders pulling you to him and pressing his lips to your forehead. You instantly relaxed grinning into him and you let him guide you again over to his house and down to his basement. You looked at him sadly when he pulled his arms from around your shoulders and turned to lock the door behind you pulling the deadbolt across. 
He turned smiling at you “Come on let’s get a good look at ya” Putting his hand in yours he brought you to the bed and sat you down inspecting the gash on your head. “We needa get you to Denise to get ya patched up” You grimaced “No she will be busy with him, I can do it. You got a needle and wire?” He looked at you shocked “Um yeah somewhere here” He busied himself getting those for you. He came back to you with them and some rubbing alcohol and bandages “Ya sure ya don’t want Denise? I’d do it but i'd probably make it worse” You smiled at him again sighing “It’s okay Daryl, It’s not my first rodeo” You made your way to the mirror and calmly cleaning and stitching yourself up. 
Daryl was half fascinated and half horrified as he watched you work. You looked so calm and didn’t even flinch when you were stitching yourself. It disturbed him to know you had probably gotten used to giving yourself medical attention. He waited patiently for you to be done. When you finally made your way back to him he pulled you back into his arms breathing deeply “I ain’t ever gonna let anyone hurt ya again Y/N not ever.” 
You reluctantly pulled yourself away now looking up at him with tired eyes. “I um didn’t get a chance to get my bag. Could I borrow something? I think I need to lie down, If that’s okay? Or I could go ask Carol if she minds me going upstairs?” 
“Ya kiddin aren’t ya? I aint letting you out of my sight” Getting nervous suddenly “Unless ya don’t want to be here. I aint gonna force you to stay or anything else'' You smiled at him again “Daryl i want to be here, With you. It’s all i’ve ever wanted” He grinned relieved, turned to his dresser and pulled out one of his shirts. “This alright?” You pulled the shirt up to your face smelling it briefly, It was clean but still smelled distinctly like motor oil and cigarettes. Just like him. You smiled sweetly at him “It’s perfect, Thank you” 
You looked pointedly at him, He laughed awkwardly, lay on the bed and looked at the ceiling above giving you your privacy. You slowly started removing your clothes wincing at points where your skin was still tender. Gratefully pulling his shirt over you and Scooping your hair out of the neck. 
“I don’t suppose the infamous Daryl Dixon owns a comb or brush does he?” You said amused. He jumped up again grabbing a brush from another drawer and bringing it over to you. His eyes assessed you “I don’t think ya going to manage to brush that out. Needs washin” 
“Oh and you're the authority on washing now?” You winked at him. You brought your hand to your hair and realised he probably had a point, Looking at him meekly this time. “Sorry I'm being such pain. Would you mind?” “Course not Darlin” He led you to the bathroom just off his room. He grabbed a towel and some shampoo from the cupboard and handed them to you, He turned the shower on “Give it a sec, Generator needs ta kick in” 
You shooed him out of the bathroom, Unwillingly pulling his shirt back off you and stepped under the shower. You couldn’t help but cry out the pain in your head was back, You ran your hand through your hair and felt a sharp pain in your palm. Reaching back you pulled out a piece of mirror that had embedded itself in your scalp, dropped it and let your head back into the water again, Whimpering again as you did. 
Daryl came crashing back into the bathroom “Y/N You okay?” “I'm okay” You stuttered. Not convinced he lingered in the doorway a moment more before leaving. 
The pain had started to recede and you enjoyed the water cascading over you. Once you had managed to wash the blood from your face and hair you turned the water off and stood naked in front of the mirror assessing the general damage to your body. This isn’t something you usually liked to do but it was time for the denial to be lifted and face facts. 
Daryl heard the water shut off and when you hadn’t reappeared after a few minutes he went to check on you again and thats where he found you on the floor sobbing holding your chest. He rushed down to you and scooped you into his arms still naked and shaking from the cold. 
“It’s okay Y/N I got ya now, I got ya always” He carried you to the bed pulling the towel with you and wrapping it around you. He lay you down on the bed stepping back. He finally saw the marks he had been searching for on you for weeks and he wished he hadn’t. They were everywhere old and new mixed together indistinguishable from each other. 
He dropped to his knees at the side of the bed burying his head into the mattress at the side of you. “Y/N please tell me what to do, Ya want him dead. I’ll do it, Ya wanna leave, I’ll take ya. Ya want to be alone, Ya can have my home. Please tell me what you want. Anything. I’ll get it Ya.” 
You looked at him sleepily “I just want to sleep” He looked at you standing and pulled the covers over you. “Okay, Ya need me shout and i'll be upstairs” You looked at him and panicked “No please don’t leave me” He ran his hand through his hand and was suddenly nervous again. 
“Ok, Y/N move over” He put his arm around your shoulder and pulled you toward him, You nuzzled into his shoulder. “Thank you” You murmured groggily and fell into a deep sleep instantly feeling safe.
Daryl lay by her side all night. Watching over her as she slept. The adrenaline was still pumping through his veins from the day's events, He looked over at you worried as you started mumbling and thrashing in your sleep. He tried to calm you by pulling you closer to him and whispering “It’s ok Y/N Your safe now.” Her mumbilings became more frantic “noo, Pleasee stop” Daryl’s heart felt like it was breaking as he held you. 
Suddenly you jolted upright sitting up with the ghost of a scream on your lips. You jumped up and dove across the room panicking, Collapsing into the corner hyperventilating. He was on you in seconds pulling you close again. Telling you it was going to be okay. It took you a minute to realise you really were safe and you relaxed into his arms allowing him to carry you back to the bed. 
You stayed by Daryl’s side for the next few days, They had been amazing, Everything was starting to feel like it was before Spencer; Spencer had been staying with Deanna while he recovered from the beating Daryl gave him which gave you a chance to clear everything of yours out of there. You were offered the house but with the memories you had there you couldn’t stay and besides you were much happier in that little basement room with Daryl than you had been in that huge house with him. 
Rick had agreed with Deanna that Spencer was to stay in her home and be monitored for as long as it took to see he had learnt his lesson and would stay away from you. The alternative being that Rick would let Daryl do what he wanted to him or he would be banished from the town. Depending on the severity of his possible future actions. 
Daryl hadn’t said a word to you about that day since, You can understand him not mentioning Spencer or those events but he hadn’t brought up the kiss or made any form of move since. You had come to think that he hadn’t meant it and that was just him trying to get through to you.
You really wanted to hate him for it, For making you believe someone as amazing as him could possibly care about you but Maybe Spencer was right, Maybe he was the only one who could ever love you. The thought was painful but just as you had decided to face facts about what he had done to you, You also needed to face facts about yourself and your limitations. 
It was only when you were both alone in bed that he ever slightly lowered his walls, When he would open his arms to you in bed and you would both snuggle while you slept. You would always wake alone with Daryl either working in the garage or out running jobs for Rick. 
One morning you woke up alone as always and found Daryl in the kitchen waiting for you, Trying to keep the grin from your face “Good morning!” You said brightly. He looked at you exhausted. “Mornin Y/N, I have to go on a run may be a day or two, You gonna be okay?” 
“Oh, Yeah sure. Do you need me to find somewhere else to stay while you're gone?” The happiness at seeing him already dissipating. “Course not, Me and Carol want ya here. Ya welcome for as long as ya want.” He then muttered “I don’t ever want ya to leave” under his breath. 
“Thank you Daryl, You don’t know how much this means to me, so…? when are you leaving?” 
“Uhm, Now actually. Just wanted to wait for ya to get up to let ya know, Anythin ya want me to keep an eye out for?” “No Daryl it’s ok. I couldn’t live with myself if anyone got hurt looking for something I wanted. The only thing I need is for you to come back to me, Unhurt…. Promise?” He smiled briefly at her taking her hand in his. “I promise Y/N. I promised to protect ya, It’ll take more than a few walkers to stop me keepin tha promise” 
Cuddling up in bed that night you knew it would be difficult to get any sleep, It always was when he left even before when you were with Spencer. You could never quite get a decent night's sleep until Daryl was home safe. You snuggled up to this pillow on his side of the bed breathing in his scent imagining his arms were wrapped around you safe. 
Half way through the next day he returned. Daryl and the group came flooding through the doors of the infirmary carrying an unfamiliar woman between them, She was passed out with blood covering her clothes. Wishing you had a moment to greet him, You and Denise flew into action looking over the woman and cleaning any wounds you could find. Once you were done and determined that she hadn’t been bitten and had no life threatening wounds, You stepped back “Is it ok if i leave you to finish?” You asked denise. She looked to you and then to Daryl pacing at the other end “Yeah” She nodded. “Can you fill those guys in?” You nodded back at her and walked over to them. 
“Hey, She’s ok. No severe injuries Just a bit dehydrated and probably hungry. Shouldn’t be too long before she wakes up.” A few relieved mutters were shared around the group before they departed for home to see their loved ones. You ran into Daryl’s arms and then held him in front of you checking over him for any cuts or marks that may need to be seen to. “m’ok , Really Y/N I’m ok jus’ tired. Can we go home? I needa talk to you” He looked at you desperately.
You nod your head taking his hand and following him towards your house. 
As you were walking you could feel his fingers nervously gripping your hand. He stopped suddenly and stepped in front of you. Reaching his hand to your jumper brushing his fingers over your sunflower, You looked at him with sudden realisation. “It was you?” 
“I heard ya with Carol that day, I couldn’t let your birthday go by and not get ya anything” He blushed looking away from you. 
You reached up and caressed his face gently pulling his face to face you again. “Thank you Daryl. That was incredibly sweet.” You pushed yourself up towards him pressing your lips to his softly, He moaned and tangling his fingers into your hair pulling you closer.” Just like last time it was over far too quickly, He started pacing in front of you. 
“No.no.no” he muttered “I can’t do this, It will take me weeks to forget again” He started pacing faster, his hands ripping at his hair. 
“Daryl stop!” You grabbed his hands pulling them out of his hair. “Please look at me! Why can’t you do this?! You told me you loved me for fuck sake and then act like it never happened! Tell me why!!” You were almost screaming, battling with your tears. How could he turn a moment so perfect into such a mess! 
“I’m 24 years older than ya, Did ya know that Y/N? I’m a filthy good for nuthin OLD redneck, I aint go no right to be with someone like ya! No matter what i want!!” He stopped pacing and looked straight at you again.
“I don’t care about your age! Why would that matter? What about what I want Daryl? You told me that night if i wanted anything you would get it for me, Well i’ve decided. I WANT YOU! It’s always been you!” Your tears are flowing freely now. The nosey neighbours of Alexandria started to gather at the noise, Trying to tune them out and you turned back to Daryl. “WELL? Don’t go all broody Dixon on me now!” 
He looked torn between pain and anger at the scene you two were now creating. Still not speaking to you. 
“You know what, Fuck you Dixon” You put your hands up to the sunflower pin he had got for you, You pulled it off and threw it at his head. He caught it easily, finally breaking his silence. “Ya got any idea what i went through to get this for ya!” He charged back at you, stopping inches from you.
“Ya should care, I’m no good Y/N, I don’t deserve ya” He gazed into your eyes those brilliant blue eyes misting over. “That ain't your decision or your place to tell me what i deserve. It’s mine” You glared at each other for a moment before he couldn’t take it any longer he gripped your face again slamming his lips to yours now, His tongue urgently pressing against your lips begging for entrance. You opened your lips moaning as his tongue touched yours and took charge of it, Kissing you furiously. You moaned into his mouth feeling your eyes rolling back in your head. 
You had never had anyone kiss you like this before, Everything else melted away all of your anger, pain and fear. All that was left was him, Glorious, Gorgeous all consuming Daryl fucking Dixon. 
You heard Carol chuckle behind you “Hey guys, You might wanna think about getting a room. You’ve got quite an audience here” Daryl smiled into your lips as he pulled away. He turned to Carol “Ya know what i think we will” Quick as a flash he had bent down and grabbed you behind your knees throwing you over his shoulder and running with you back to your home and down into your favourite place. When he had locked the door he turned to the bed with you still over his shoulder and put you down gently on the bed. 
“Did ya mean it Y/N? Ya really want me?” He looked down at you searching your eyes for an answer. “I have never wanted anything more in my life, I want you. I want all of you and i want it right now Daryl” You replied feeling the hunger from him burning you. 
Still standing over you, His eyes growing dark. “Lie down” He growled.. 
Grinning you kicked off your shoes and pushed yourself up the bed laying your head on the pillow. He followed you shadowing your body with his pressing himself to you before leaning close to your face lips barely brushing yours. 
“Tell me what else ya want Y/N…..Exactly what you want” 
You looked at him nervously for a second seeing the lust in his eyes matching yours you decided to just go for it. 
“I want your hands….Everywhere” As you spoke you felt his hands grab your hips moving slowly to your stomach then up and under your top. Frustratingly slowly, Your breath hitched as he finally pushed his hands to your breasts gripping them roughly. 
He pulled his hands away and back down to the bottom of your shirt grabbing it and pulling it upwards you raised your arms and let him remove it fully. He reached back down to you, His hands quickly unclasping your bra and throwing it harshly at the wall. His hands were back to your chest, Rolling your nipples with his thumbs. 
You moaned arching your back pushing your chest into his hands. He hit his hips into yours grinding on your core. “Oh shit Darylll” You moaned feeling how hard he was for you. 
He moved his mouth to your chest feverishly kissing your breasts and nibbled on your nipple making you squirm. Daryl then kissed a line down your stomach to your hips stopping to bite each one gently. 
Every touch was heaven, Every time he dragged his tongue over your soft skin it was like a thousand shocks spreading across your skin. He was undoing the zip on your jeans now, You lifted your hips to help him pull them off you. He settled between your legs pushing them wider open and running his finger over the material of your gratefully black lace underwear. 
Daryl looked up at you. Lifting and turning you slightly to look at the back “Holy Shit ya need to wear these all the time!” Still without removing your panties he pressed his lips to your sensitive nub while his fingers scooped the lace out of his way. His fingers then moved to your opening feeling how dripping wet you had gotten for him. 
“Shit Y/N that cuz of me?” He moaned as he pressed his lips back to your clit starting slowly circling his tongue around it and sucking gently. “Oh godd” You had never even get close to going down on you before, It was everything and more. You had to fight yourself from coming undone too soon, You wanted to savour every delicious second of this.
He plunged two fingers into you eliciting an even louder moan from you “Oh goddd Daryl! Please don’t stop, Don’t ever fucking stop.” You moaned between breaths. His mouth and fingers started moving quicker as he could feel your walls tightening on him and your breaths growing shorter, Panting for him. You couldn’t take any more and erupted feeling the wildfire of sensations running across your skin, Screaming his name. He slowed his fingers allowing you to ride your orgasm out onto him. When you slowed he put his lips further down on you licking every drop that gushed out of you. You entwined your fingers into his hair gently pulling him up towards you. 
“You taste so sweet baby, I could do that all day” Your eyes grew hard as you felt your core growing hot again and the wetness returned at his words.
He leant down and gave you another kiss, You put your hands to his chest and pushed him onto his back on the bed. 
“Your turn baby, I've been dreaming of getting my lips around you” You purred. “But first i need to see you, The man i’ve been dreaming of all this time” Moving your hands to his buttons he nodded at you briefly watching you crawl over him almost naked. 
You quickly pulled his shirt off of him, Roaming your hands all over his tight muscled chest and down over his thick arms. Biting your bottom lip trying to memorise every single inch. 
“If ya don’t stop biting that lip woman i ain't gonna give you a chance for those dreams to happen” He winked at you eyes blazing. You quickly dropped your hands to his jeans, Ripping his jeans and boxers down together and throwing them without a thought. You knelt between his legs licking your lips as you saw the size of him. He must’ve  been at least 9 inches long. Your eyes went wide with need as you wrapped your hands around it you brought your mouth to his tip slowly licking the dew from the eye. Moving your hands you licked him from base to tip and swirled your tongue around the tip. 
“Fuck Y/N Get that cock in your mouth now” He demanded. You didn’t need telling twice! You lowered your lips over him, Sheathing your teeth and pushing most of him in your mouth moaning as you felt his huge length hit the back of your throat.
“Y/N no gag reflex? Oh god how did i get so lucky” He groaned putting his hands into your hair and pushing your head back down. You choked as your mouth hit his base, your eyes watering, You hummed to vibrate your throat on his length before pulling up again. It was your turn to watch his eyes roll into the back of his head “Fuck Y/N fuckkkk Your mouth’s incredbile” You could feel your pressure building as you watched him fall apart under your lips. You bobbed your head faster and faster over him. 
“Oh shit, Stop Y/N I’m gonna cum ” He moaned looking down at you seeing you had no intention of stopping. He started thrusting into your mouth meeting your lips in perfect time. It wasn’t long before he exploded down your throat holding your head down to his hilt while he emptied his load straight into your stomach. When he released your head you pulled off slowly then licked his full length clean swallowing every drop. 
He watched you in wonder “Come here Y/N” You crawled back up him straddling his hips staring down at him sweetly. “Ya soooo fucking good at that” You brought your lips to his hungrily biting his bottom lip and started to grind your core onto him. You both moaned into each other's mouths enjoying the friction. You could already feel him below you growing harder again by the second. 
“I need to feel you baby” You moaned into his lips. Daryl pushed himself upright and pulled you with him as he sat up against the bed head. Daryl put his hands under your hips lifting you up and positioning you over his cock, Swiftly moving your panties to the side he started to lower you on to him. 
You wrapped your arms around his shoulders holding your weight as you tried to fit more of him into you. 
“Yesssss, So tight Y/N”. He groaned trying to push further. His eyes locked yours and saw you were struggling; he held you in place for a moment. “Ya ok?” 
“I’m good, You're just so big.The biggest i ever…. It hurts a little” Softening his gaze He kissed you softly. “Let me help ya with that. He brought his mouth to your nipple swirling and nipping here and there while his hand snaked its way to your clit again following the same circle as his mouth, You could feel yourself getting wetter and able to take more of him in. You cautiously tested it out moving your hips slowly up and down until he had filled you fully. You thought he had felt good before it was nothing on this. Pure unadulterated ecstasy. You started moving faster, becoming more confident with the lack of pain. 
Soon you were bouncing wildly onto his length screaming his name as he quickly brought you to another earth shattering orgasm. He brought your mouth to his kissing you swiftly “Shh baby ya know how thin these walls are. Carol & everyone on the street will be listening to ya!” 
“Mmphh, I don’t fucking care let them hear how good my man is fucking me” You rode your high out enjoying every second when you slowed again Daryl lifted you again standing up with you still skewered on him, Carrying you over to the wall beside the door he slammed you into it. Bucking his hips into yours furiously. 
“Y/N I’ve been waiting all ma daym life for a girl like you” He pushed his lips back to yours again. You melted into his lips his words dampening you for the third time, You hadn’t even known it was possible for someone to turn you on so much, To make you want them with every fibre of your being. 
Daryl started panting faster now sweat dripping off of his glistening muscles, You could feel his cock twitching inside you as he jackhammered into you harder and harder each time. 
“Ahhhh” You screamed “That’s it baby….Right there....Your cock is filling me so fucking good. Cum in me Daryl i need it” 
“Oh fuck Y/N Ya so fucking tight, Ya fuckin incredible, I’m gonna cum for you Y/N” 
You both hit your highs at the same time, You screaming his name into the air, eyes rolling backwards and him sinking his teeth into your shoulder exploding deep into you. You collapsed into his chest seeing stars as you felt him pulsing inside you, Your tight pussy milking him of every drop. 
Panting Daryl carried you back to the bed laying you down gently and collapsing with you, He leant forward and pressed sweet loving kisses on your lips. 
You curled into his chest exhausted, Looking up at him with pure love in your eyes. 
“By the way, What you said that day….” He looked at you puzzled brain still cloudy coming down from his climax. He murmured into your hair. “What baby?”
“Well...I love you too. I always have” Daryl smiled into your hair. He chuckled “Well what a relief, How could i have ever known otherwise”
You jabbed him in the ribs gently “Hey, Not fair!” He pulled your face up to his and stared lovingly into your eyes. 
“Ya know i love ya Y/N” His eyes grew serious. “I’d do anything for ya, I’d die for ya even” 
Your lips met his in a sweet kiss. You couldn’t believe he was finally yours, Allll yours. 
You snuggled into his chest feeling him tighten his arms around you and fell into a relaxed deep sleep. 
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Tumblr media
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wand3ringr0s3 · a year ago
see you again (george weasley x reader)
(or 4 times george says goodbye and 1 time you get to say hello)
a/n: Im working on a few things but this idea came to me and I really wanted to write it because i’ve never done one of these types of stories. I really hope you enjoy it! 
warnings: mentions of Umbridge, mentions of death, no major character death, blood/injury. 
Tumblr media
1. June of 1990
With your first year at Hogwarts done it felt very bittersweet to say goodbye to the castle you came to know and love for the past school year. It was even harder to say goodbye to your new best friends Fred and George. You really hated goodbyes. You always did. You avoided it as best as you could. When all your dormmates were saying goodbye you snuck out to distract yourself. 
It felt silly. You knew you’d see them again in a few month’s time but just the idea of having to say bye hurts. The whole train ride back to Kings Cross George noticed something was off with you. You joked around with everyone but he could tell you held sadness in your eyes. 
“You alright?” George leans over as his brother was busy proving to Lee that he could eat a handful of Bertie Botts Jellybeans without getting sick. 
“Just fine George.” You flash a smile at him and nudge his shoulder playfully. 
He bites his lips and tilts his head, not fully believing you but putting it to rest for now. When King’s cross came into view you could feel your stomach drop. Such a bittersweet moment. Getting to go home, to what was familiar but for the next few months you had to leave the friends you had come to love. 
“Darling!” Your mum shouts as you hurry off the train. Running up to her you give her a big hug as your father takes your trunk. 
“We missed you.” She says pulling away from you. You know that as muggles, it must have been hard to send their daughter to some magical boarding school for 9 months. 
“Are you ready to go?” She asks putting a hand on your shoulder. 
You quickly scan the crowded platform for that familiar ginger hair. As much as you hate goodbyes it doesn’t feel right to not say something to Fred and George. Luckily for you they stand out in the crowd. The whole family of red hair was easy to spot and it also helped George was scanning the crowd himself. The moment his eyes landed on you he started waving his hands like a mad man to get your attention. 
“One moment, I need to say goodbye to some friends.” Your mother smiles knowingly and sends you off to say goodbye. Weaving between the people you meet George somewhere in the middle of the crowd. 
“Here I thought you forgot about me.” He pouts playfully as he rubs his arm nervously. You nod along and look down, your nerves overtaking you. 
“We’re really going to miss you. Home is so boring without friends you know? With Mum always on our backs and Percy scolding us every-” He stops talking as he notices the sound of quiet sniffles. 
Even with the chaos of the platform George could hear them. In a moment of panic he begins to stumble out apologies, worried he upset you somehow. You shake your head as you try to say what you needed to. 
“What’s wrong darling?” He carefully lifts your chin so you can meet his eyes. Your watery eyes and quivering lip sends a wave of shock and sadness through his body. 
“I don’t want to say goodbye.” You hang your head in embarrassment at your silly worries. 
“Hey, you’ll see us soon. Summer is only a few months and think about it, you won’t have to deal with Snape for a whole 3 months.” He stands awkwardly as one of his best friends cries in front of him. Something Fred would tease him about for years to come. Looking up at George you wrap your arms around him in a tight hug. He tenses up at the sudden contact but he quickly relaxes. 
“If you want I can ask mum if you want to come over and visit for a week or two, if it’s alright with your mum that is.” He wraps his arms around you and rests his chin on your head. 
“T-That would be n-nice.” You mumble as you tighten your grip on George. You stay together for a few moments before Fred comes running up to the two of you. 
“Hey! You weren’t gonna leave without saying bye to me were you?” Pulling away from George you shake your head. 
“Course not Freddie.” You give Fred a quick goodbye hug as he rambles on about all the stuff he’s planning for next years pranks. 
“You don’t wanna say goodbye right?” George asks you with a soft smile. 
“Then how about see you later?” You giggle at the cheesy nature of the line but in all honesty it did make you feel better. Looking between the two gingers you wipe your eyes and smile brightly at your two best friends. 
“Alright Freddie, Georgie. I’ll see you later.” 
2. May of 1993 
“Egypt?!” Your voice went higher than you meant it to but it wasn’t often your best friend tells you that he’s leaving for another country for the summer. 
Ever since first year you had gone to the burrow for at least a few weeks in the summer but now George was telling you his family was going to visit their brother Bill for the summer. You couldn’t lie your heart was broken about it. You loved spending time at the burrow. 
You loved home but it was quite, boring without your best friends. George watches as you pace back and forth. He was sitting down on the couch, he did feel bad about it. If it was up to him he would have stayed at home with you all summer. 
“It’s only one summer love.” George opens his arms for you to come sit next to him. He’s found that when you get stressed you felt most comfortable when someone held you and played with your hair and he was more than happy to help. 
“Georgie.” You whine as you collapse into the couch, your head coming to rest on his shoulder as he throws an arm around you. 
“What am I supposed to do all summer without you?” His heart skips a beat as you don’t correct yourself. 
Without him. No mentions of his family. Just him. It was no secret to George that his feelings for you have changed. From the sweet girl he met on the train you had changed into his best friend, the one person apart from Fred where he felt comfortable. Like he could be his whole self around you without fear of judgment. 
“I’m afraid you’re going to have a really boring summer love.” George jokes as you smack his chest lightly. 
“It’s only a few months, I’ll write you a letter when I can.” He offers making you grumble in response. 
“Me and Fred will shove Percy into a tomb for you.” That makes you smile as you move closer to George. Your head now resting on his chest and your arm casually resting on his waist. 
“Promise?” He chuckles and kisses your head lightly. “Anything for you my love.” Your heart flutters as hand falls to your waist. His hand mindlessly drawing shapes, the motion soothing you from your previously angered state. 
“Always the flirt Weasley.” You tease trying to mask the way your heart suddenly started to beat faster. 
“Only for you.” Pushing yourself off him you meet his eyes which hold nothing but pure love. His tone coming out as joking but his eyes proved he meant it. 
“I hate saying goodbye, especially when its you I'm saying goodbye to.” You say softly. Your body moves faster than your brain as your hand comes to cup his face. His skin was surprisingly soft but not as soft as his lips looked. 
“I really fancy you, love,” George mumbles as he covers your hand with his own. 
“I fancy you too Georgie.” His eyes travel to your lips, in a moment of courage he leans forward and connects his lips to yours. 
Your hand moves from his face to his hair as you lightly tug on it, deepening the kiss. Sparks shoot through your whole body at the feeling of his lips. Pulling apart his hands remain holding your face. 
“Now I really don’t want to say goodbye.” You joke. George laughs and pulls you onto his lap. 
“Well, we still have a month left of school. Besides its not a good bye. It’s a see you later.” 
3. April of 1996
The silence between you two was horrible. It had been an hour since George told you about his and Fred’s plan to leave. You knew they had that dream. They had been selling their products all year long, you just thought they would finish school before taking off and leaving. 
You don’t blame them. Umbridge had been terrorizing the school for months and you could tell George was itching to get out. He left you alone, not wanting to upset you further but when he came back with a few treats you were in the exact same spot he left you at. Sitting next to you he sets down the napkin full of sweets. You glance at them briefly before going back to staring at the fire. 
“Are you mad at me?” He asks nervously. No you weren’t. You couldn’t blame him for leaving. It was just. He never told you that he was thinking of leaving and now he would be up and gone in a week. 
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” You mumble sadly. George takes your tone to mean you weren’t mad at him so he moves closer. He wraps an arm around you and kisses your shoulder. 
“I wasn’t sure if it would really happen, we got the owl today that we secured the shop.” He sighs and leans back against the couch. “I didn’t want to tell you about it in case it failed. I didn’t want to be a disappointment to you.” The last part barely inaudible. 
“Georgie you could never disappoint me, you know that right?” He nods but refuses to meet your eyes. 
You were aware of the insecurities he had. Being a disappointment to his mum. to Fred, to you. It was his biggest fear. All the years of being scolded for not being like Percy, the professors who were sure they’d amount to nothing, all of it was motivation for him to prove them all wrong but he couldn’t lie it would bother him. 
“Hey,” you tilt his chin up with your hand. He smiles but it doesn’t reach his eyes. 
“I love you George.” You mumble softly as you lean forward to kiss him. He melts into the kiss, wanting to hold onto the feeling of being with you like this and keep it in his memory. 
“If I knew all it took was to drop out of school for you to kiss me like that I would have done it years ago.” Your face drops as you take in the reality of it all. 
That he was leaving and even if you weren’t mad at him. You couldn’t ignore the pain in your heart at the thought of having to face Umbridge alone. Not that you’d ever tell George that. He already feels guilty for being the cause of most of your detention with Umbridge.
“When you step off the Hogwarts express I’ll be the first face you see.” He wraps his arm around your waist pulling you closer to him. “I’ll have the shop all ready and the little flat will be ready for you and-” You shoot up in surprise causing him to stop talking. 
“What is it love?” 
“Ready for me?” George’s eyes widen as he realizes what he said. His face flushes red but he doesn’t deny anything. 
“If you want love, I want you to move in with me after Hogwarts.” He waits for your response but you just have shock written all over your face. 
“Unless of course you don’t want to.” He adds quickly, a part of him fearing that he mucked something up. 
“No I’d love to I just, I didn’t think you even thought about that.” You admit sheepishly. 
It was safe to say you were head over heels for this boy and nothing was going to change. Even though you knew he loved you, you never thought he’d be one to think about stuff like this. Especially with the shop on his mind. Grinning wildly he kisses your nose making you giggle. 
“I think about it. I think about what our life after school will be like a lot. A ring on your finger in most of those fantasies.” He kisses your hand and squeezes it tightly. 
“You want to marry me?” Your voice raising by a few octaves in surprise. “Of course I do sweetheart, I love you.” A smile creeps its way onto your face as you think about getting married to George. 
A week until he leaves. A week left to spend together before a few torturous months without him. Though with George’s sudden confession about your future, it will make things a little more bearable. 
4. July of 1997
The war was getting real. Too real for your liking. You always knew what was coming. It was hard to ignore that Voldemort's return was real and it meant something big was coming. If George’s ear getting blown off wasn’t a sign, then death eaters running Bill and Fleurs wedding was. With the Ministry being infiltrated nothing was safe anymore. 
Especially for you being muggleborn. You had warned your parents long ago what was coming and they begged for you to come back home, to move with them to America but you couldn’t leave George. The Weasleys were a target. Being so close to Harry they were already under heavy surveillance and with you it would make them a bigger target. 
So knew what you had to do. 
You tried to leave without any fuss. Not telling anyone your plan besides Ginny who walked in on you writing your letter to George. It was working as you packed the essentials into a bag. 
“What the hell do you think you’re doing!” Your heart stops as George’s voice booms through the flat. Instead of answering him you keep packing, knowing if you turned to face him that you would breakdown right there. You hear as he walks towards you. His hand grabs yours stopping you. 
“I’m leaving George.” You wince as your voice wavers. You wanted to stay here with George. You want to spend every night by his side and wake up to him every morning but you couldn’t stay here. 
“Leaving?” He asks in complete disbelief. “You aren’t just going to leave.” You rip your arm away and face him. 
“Yes I am George. I can’t stay here. Not when you know who is after people like me!” You shout stomping your foot down. 
“I refuse to put you in anymore danger.” George scoffs and rolls his eyes. “My family is already in danger! I refuse to let you just leave on your own!” George shouts back. 
“Where will you go? What happens if you’re found?” His voice increasing in volume with every word. His voice straining as he tries to control his emotions. 
“Use your head George! The war is coming! It’s not safe anymore. I-I, I-” Falling to your knees you burst into tears. 
This wasn’t how your life was supposed to go. You and George were only 19. You should never have had to think about your life being in danger. George collapses next to you. His arms holding you tightly as he lets his tears fall. George was absolutely terrified. He couldn’t sleep anymore because of the worries that kept him up at night. 
“Please don’t go.” He chokes out as he buries his head in your neck. His hands gripping your hair and back as tight as he can. Your familiar smell washes over him and he does his best to commit it to memory. 
“I can protect you, I need to protect you.” He whimpers. 
The mere thought of you being alone and scared without him made him sick. He knows you can handle yourself but he doesn’t want you to have to take on something like this alone. 
“Georgie you know I can’t.” You say sadly. It breaks your heart to have to leave like this, and the worst part was you couldn’t guarantee either of your safety. You might say goodbye today and never see him again. George scrambles way from you and starts to throw clothes out of his drawer. 
“George what are you doing?” He doesn’t answer you. He moves clothes around until he finds what he’s looking for. 
“Take this with you, please.” He opens his hands to reveal a small black box. You drop your bag in surprise as you admire the sparkling diamond ring that sits in the small box. 
“It’s a promise. That as soon as its all over you’re going to walk down that aisle and become my wife.” His hands shake as he carefully takes out the ring and places it on your finger. 
“Darling, Will you-” 
“Stop” You hold up your hand. He looks at you confused but you close your hands around his. 
“I’ll wear the ring but don’t ask me until its all over alright? Because we’re both going to get out of this okay and then you can get on one knee and ask me. Got it?” Tears fall slowly down your cheeks as he nods along and pulls you in for one last desperate kiss. 
His hands wander all over your body as he kisses you with such desperation. Like its the last time you would ever see each other because in his mind, it might be. Pulling away hurt more than words can express but if you stayed for one more moment you would never leave. 
Standing up you grab your things and your wand and get ready to leave. George grabs your face for one last close look at the girl he fell in love with all those years ago. 
“I really hate goodbyes love.” He mumbles, his lips ghosting yours as they ache for another kiss. 
“Me too.” Squeezing your eyes shut you use all your willpower to step away from him. 
“I’ll see you later Georgie, I love you.” 
“I love you too sweetheart.” 
And with a pop you’re gone. 
1. May 2nd 1998 
It was over. Finally over. Hogwarts was in complete ruin. George could barely recognize the place he once called home. Sitting in the Great Hall he felt a mixture of emotions. Relief that this war was over and that they had won. They really won. He was happy that he no longer had to worry about death eaters patrolling Diagon Alley. His family was safe. 
Everyone was safe. 
Fred was the worst off with injuries that would take a while to heal but he was okay. Yet the Great Hall was filled with bodies. Classmates, friends he knew are now lying under a thin white sheet and many more bodies were still being discovered. It was so much to take in. He almost didn’t believe that it was over. That a Voldemort was going to come back and ruin it all again. There was one thing his mind kept drifting to. 
For the past year he’s had no contact with you whatsoever. Nothing. Not a letter or a sign that you were okay. Did you even know the battle happened? Were you still in hiding? Where you here? Under the rubble of the castle. No. He couldn’t think like that. George missed you so much and sitting in the Great Hall with his family he just wanted to run and run until he finds you. He didn’t see you at the battle but you could have been here, he was focused on not dying for most of it but if you had seen him then you would have said something. 
Resting his hands in his face he curses his brain for running wild with all kinds of possibilities. The Great Hall doors creak open. George doesn’t even bother looking. For the past 30 minutes he’s been torturing himself think you were going to walk in through those doors and every time he has been wrong. 
“Hey Georgie,” Fred elbows him harshly making George groan in pain and glare at Fred. If he only all his ribs weren’t bruised at the moment or he would have hit him back harder. Fred points towards the door and George looks over. 
His feet move before his mind can even comprehend that you’re standing a few meters away from him. You had a cut on your forehead and a limp but nothing was going to stop you from finding George. All your pain faded as you finally spot the ginger haired boy sitting on a bench. In only a matter of seconds you’re on your knees in his warm, familiar embrace. For the past year you had nothing to keep you warm at night. No arm around your waist. No George to tell you that you were safe. You missed it all so much. 
“Hi George.” You say with a watery smile. He just buries his head in your neck as he lets go of all his emotions. 
“You’re okay.” He chokes out as he hugs you tighter than he ever has before. Like he’s scared you’re just going to disappear if he lets go. He was crying. Mumbling nonsense and he could care less because you were here. In his arms. Pulling away he checks the rest of you for injuries, his protective side coming out as he lightly traces the cut on your face. 
“How did you know to come here?” Smiling you pull out a coin. You brought it with you just in case it would have some sort of use again and thank merlin you did because it’s what alerted you about the battle. 
“I thought about you every day you know.” You cup his face and trace the small scratches he had from the battle. 
“Every day I hoped that you were safe and okay and that you would come back to me.” You wipe away some of his tears with your thumb. 
“I’ll always come back to you George.” Letting out a sob of relief he smashes his lips onto yours. 
It was messy and desperate but exactly what you needed. His hand travels to your back to pull you closer to him as he deepens the kiss. It had been 5 years since your first kiss but it felt just the same. The passion, the sparks shooting through your body electrified you. All the pain, the lonely nights, the fierce battle had all been worth it when you got to hold him tightly and never let go. Gasping you pull away from the kiss but stay close to him. 
“Oh!” George lets go of you in order to get onto one knee. Grabbing your hand he’s happy to see the ring still on your finger. 
“The war is over darling,” He kisses your hand softly making you smile. “So it is.” You reply knowing exactly where this was going. 
“Will you marry me?” Looking up you purse your lips as if you’re thinking. “Mm I need to think about it.” You tease lightly making George chuckle. 
“Then I guess I need to take this back.” You quickly jump into his arms before he could touch the ring. 
“Of course I’ll marry you big idiot.” Looking over you see the rest of the Weasleys beaming at the two of you. Fred throws you a thumbs up making you laugh. 
“No more goodbyes?” You ask softly taking his hand as you stand up. 
“No more goodbyes love.” Squeezing your hand he takes you over so you can reunite with the rest of his family, your family. 
The world wasn’t going to be perfect. Recovery would be long and it wouldn’t be easy. But there was no more threat. No more war or fear. No more hiding. 
Just love. 
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shania-twain · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
au. the met.
She caught his eye from across the way. He was leaning against a column, looking at her curiously.
Used to men staring at her, she quirked a brow at him and he shook his head slightly, looking away. His cheeks were pink from embarrassment. She found that a little endearing. Usually men didn't give a shit if they were caught ogling her.
Amanda is enthusiastically greeted by her friend Lara with a kiss on the cheek and a friendly hug. Over Lara's shoulder, she spots the tall man again. He's turned slightly and she takes the opportunity to study his side profile, her interest piqued. A quick glance to his hands to check for a wedding ring and she's excited to find it bare. His hair is gray, but she likes the silver fox look. Face clean shaven, body lean and a lopsided, closed mouth smile.
"How are you liking the gallery so far? Isn't it neat?" Lara interrupted her thoughts and Amanda tried to focus on her friend. "Find any pieces you like?"
"I like most of 'em," she answered with a small shrug. Her first time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City was uneventful, as she wasn't the biggest fan of art pieces. Though she chalked it up to never having been to a real museum like this and her parent's lack of interest in taking her and her sister anywhere cultured.
Her friend Lara dragged her here with a promise to return her to her hometown in Georgia "a sophisticated lady." She had scoffed at that, but agreed to go, glad to have a reason to dress up nicely.
With it being her last night in New York, she wanted to have a nice dinner and then maybe a bar afterwards with a group of her friends from college. They had been at the museum for nearly an hour and she was ready to go. She could use a drink after another full day of activity. She was really dreading the flight home tomorrow.
"Hey," Lara told her, taking her out of her thoughts. Her friend probably sensed her discomfort by the way she had her arms crossed, but really she was just chilly. "Let's go say goodbye to Steven and then we can get an early dinner. Sound good?"
Amanda nodded, smiling pleasantly as Lara began to lead her over to a friend of hers she had been introduced to earlier. Catching the gaze of the stranger again, she watched him curiously this time. He doesn't look away, even goes so far as to send her a small, friendly grin, dimples in his cheeks. She thought he was damn adorable.
She briefly wished she was alone so she could approach him without ditching her friend.
She watched him try and smoothly break their gaze by pretending to be interested in a painting nearby. She let out a laugh as he placed his large hand on his chin, feigning contemplation on the artwork. He glanced at her from the corner of his eye, seeing her smile flirtatiously at him. He swore his heart jumped at the sight.
She was beautiful. Sexy in every way. Her long legs were accentuated by red heels. She wore a white dress that complimented her figure and hugged her curves. His eyes didn't miss the plunging neckline either. Her hair was golden, styled on her head and flowing in waves down her back. She was elegant, classy, and had a smile as bright as the sun.
Noticing that she seemed to be leaving with a girl friend, he felt himself moving toward the exit. He hoped to have some sort of interaction with her, somehow.
He found her outside the museum, shivering, her friend nowhere to be found. Taking a deep breath, he casually walked up to her.
"Hi," he said, trying not to sound too eager. He was shoulder to shoulder to her, though she was a tad bit shorter than him in the heels.
She glanced up at him, a surprised look on her face. He felt his own face flush at the delighted smile on her lips. She detected an accent from him, a smidge different from the regular New York one she had been hearing for days. "Hi," she said.
She had a deep southern accent. It may have been the first time he ever thought it was adorable. He may already be a little biased, though.
"Did you friend ditch you?" He looked around and didn't find the other woman she had been with.
"Nah, she's still inside," she said, gesturing behind her to the building. "Ran into someone. I told her I'd wait out here."
He smirked at her slightly bouncing in place, clearly freezing. "Ya regrettin' that?"
"I'm fine," Amanda defended, rocking on her heels now.
Sonny found himself taking off his jacket and offering it to her. She raised both eyebrows so high, he almost laughed.
"Thanks, but you're a stranger."
He held the jacket over one arm, holding out his hand to her. "I'm Dominick, nice to meet you."
When she took his hand and shook it, she shivered for a different reason. His hold was light, hand warm, his eyes gentle and soft on hers. "Amanda."
Letting go of her hand, he offered his jacket again with a dimpled grin. "Now we're not strangers. Take it while you wait, it's fine."
She still looked doubtful but she did grab it. She was shivering in front of this handsome man and it was embarrassing. "I didn't know it could be so cold in April." As she slipped the large jacket over her shoulders, she gave him a look. "Sure you're not a serial killer?"
At his nod, she left the jacket on, eyeing his professional suit underneath. His blue tie had polka dots on it and she got the sense that he wasn't like the guys she was usually attracted to. "I'm a criminal prosecutor."
Impressed, she lifted a brow again. "So you've been in the room with serial killers?"
He laughed and she found herself mesmerized with the sight of his eyes crinkling. "Not very much, I usually prosecute sex crimes."
"Oh, wow," she said in surprise, "that's gotta be a damn hard job."
"It is," he said honestly. "What do you do?"
She tugged his jacket closer to her, smelling the cologne inside of it. "I'm a social worker. I help kids in difficult domestic situations at home. Among other things."
Her eyes held something dark in them, he noticed, as she told him this information and he thought maybe she could find the same darkness in his. She stepped closer to him, excusing it for the body heat and not the way he smelled and the way he looked at her. Like she was something more. As if she could offer something more than just a body.
"That's incredible," he smiled, "you must be a hero to those kids."
She shook her head humbly. "They're amazing kids. It's wonderful to see kids in awful situations thrive despite the odds against them."
Amanda couldn't believe she was opening up in any way to this man. A stranger, no less. But she figured he could understand, as he's probably seen troublesome things in his own line of work.
"Anyway," she tried to lighten the subject, "back home people don't believe in these kids enough. I want to help them as much as I can."
Smiling softly at her, he asked, "where's home?"
"Georgia," she answered, waving her hand, "small town."
"Amanda!" A voice called out and she turned to see Lara waving at her from the entrance, the person she had been talking to still at her side. Amanda waved back and turned her attention back to Dominick.
"I think she wants me over there," she told him. She started sliding the jacket off but he stopped her.
"Keep it," he said, "I have plenty, trust me."
"Oh, no, I'll be fine," she reassured. He was about to tell her again not to worry about it when her friend walked up.
"Hey," Lara said, looking him up and down. "Who's this?"
"Lara, this is Dominick," Amanda introduced, "we kinda just met."
"Oh," Lara blinked, then when she realized Amanda was wearing the man's jacket, the woman's eyes widened. "Oh!"
"Yeah," Amanda deadpanned, slightly amused. Lara caught the hint Amanda was giving with her eyes and gestured back to her friend. "I'm gonna - forgot to tell them something."
Dominick watched her friend walk away, also amused. He didn't catch Amanda taking something out of her red wallet.
"Hey, so," Amanda said, capturing his attention again. Her eyes were gorgeous. Light, bright pools of blue he could drown in. "I'm actually leaving for Georgia tomorrow."
Ah, damn.
He couldn't even pretend to hide his disappointment. He really thought he might have had a chance with her. Or at least even one date.
"But," she said, pressing her lips together to keep from smiling at his obvious disappointment. "I'll be coming back for a visit pretty soon. Maybe you can show me around?"
Grinning widely at her, Dominick enthusiastically agreed. Amanda could feel butterflies swarm inside her at his excitement. She had never encountered a man quite like him before.
"Amanda, you ready?" Lara called again, from a distance, this time alone. Amanda sighed as she had to part with him, wanting to know more about him but she had made plans already with others.
"It was great meetin' you," she told him in her charming accent.
"Yeah," he stumbled over his words, not quite ready to let her go yet. But he knew he had to. "Yeah, definitely."
She smiled brightly again, taking his jacket off and handing it to him. He took it numbly. "Call me." He watched her walk away, hips swaying, heels clacking against the pavement as her and a friend got into a cab further down the street.
It wasn't until she was out of his sight that he realized he didn't have her number. Cursing to himself, he pinched the bridge of his nose. Why didn't he get her last name? Why?
How many Amanda's in Georgia could there be?
Grumbling, completely irritated, and feeling like a moron, he put his jacket back on. He harshly shoved his hands in his pockets when he felt something in his left pocket. Taking it out, he noticed with extreme delight it was a business card.
Amanda Rollins - Social worker. With a phone number at the bottom.
He smiled.
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Danger Days - Chapter nineteen: "If you're gone (maybe it's time to come home)"
Tumblr media
Word count: 16,9K
Summary: Joey is not ready to start touring, but being away from Matthew sounds like a good plan to get over him. But... Matthew has other plans, and he is determined to be forgiven. Gerard is not letting his illusions go either, but he has to realize he is wasting his time.
Warnings: Cursing, there are some arguments, a little angst, and some fluff.
A/N: I'm soft.
Chapter one | Chapter two | Chapter three | Chapter four | Chapter five | Chapter six | Chapter seven | Chapter eight | Chapter nine | Chapter ten | Chapter eleven | Chapter twelve | Chapter thirteen | Chapter fourteen | Chapter fifteen | Chapter sixteen | Chapter seventeen | Chapter eighteen | Chapter nineteen | Chapter twenty | Chapter twenty one | Chapter twenty-two | Chapter twenty-three | Chapter twenty-four |
::: March 30th, 2011. Los Angeles :::
Frank sighed and looked around. It was early morning, and there was chaos around him. It was video shooting day, and his family was with him at the small indoor venue where MCR was recording the “Planetary Go” music video. Five hundred kids were outside, waiting in line to get there and be part of the show. Meanwhile, inside the arena, his wife and kids hung out with Joey, Ray, and Mikey in the dressing room. They were still waiting for Gerard, who was late, as pretty much always.
- "I brought some things you might need through these next months"- Jamia said to Joey as Frank walked closer- Mostly books and a few maternity shirts I loved.
- "Thank you! I’m gonna need all your help, ‘cos I have no fucking idea what I’m doing."
- "You are gonna be just fine! You have mom material!"- Jamia pointed out as the young woman held Lily in her arms, smiling- "You are glowing"- Joey grinned- "Now tell me everything about, have you seen him? Have you talked to him? Did you tell him?"
The drummer widened her eyes and held her breath for a second. Mikey looked at her and kissed her temple.
- "I’ve seen him, I told him, he is thrilled, he has been..."- she made a pause and tried to find the right words to describe how the last ten days had been for her- "Incredibly caring and supportive. I hate him"- Mrs. Iero frowned.
- "He is making it hard for you to hate him, right?"
- "Awfully! I swear I have to do some exhausting mental work to keep myself from forgiving him each time I see him! It’s awful!"
- "If you want to forgive him…"- Jamia started, but Joey shook her head.
- "No! This is not about forgiving him because I won’t! once a cheater, always a cheater!"
- "Yeah… that’s true."
- "And I don’t trust him!"
- "I know…"
- "And..."
- "It’s ok, Joey. Don’t worry"- Jamia smiled and changed the subject- "Did you tell your parents yet?"
- "No, we are gonna be in Seattle in four days, so I’ll tell them in person."
- "Are they going to the show?"
- "Yeah! They are thrilled! And they want to meet the band, which I know is gonna be weird. I’m so glad you are coming along for this leg."
- "I was dying to come with you, and now you have two babies to get used to"- Joey chuckled, but her happiness was clouded when Gerard walked into the room with Lynz.
Ever since her talk with Mikey, Joey had successfully managed to stay away from Gerard. And the best part: no one had asked if there was something wrong, ‘cos though neither Frank nor Ray knew the details of the story, they both knew there was something definitely wrong in the way Gerard looked at the drummer, and she was clearly awkward around him.
Gerard was in hell, and he knew he deserved it. He had crossed the line, and the distance between him and Joey was the proof. Gerard was afraid even to talk to her, and he felt the wall his brother had created around her. Mikey wasn’t mad at him anymore. He was just worried about him and also a little disappointed. Gerard had always made sure to give him a positive example- even in his darkest times- and suddenly, that whole mess fell upon them.
- "Hey guys!"- Lynz said with a happy face and arms wide open as she walked into the room and started hugging everybody, including Joey, who felt like a whore the second she saw her. She had promised her she was never going to do anything with her husband, and she had failed.
- "Hi Lynz! How are you?"- Joey tried to keep a straight face and smiled.
- "Congratulations! Gerard told me about your baby!"
- "Thank you so much!"- the drummer was making the biggest effort to look happy and natural- "Wanna see the ultrasound?"
Gerard looked at the scene, and his stomach tightened. Joey seemed to be so happy. The drummer gave Frank his daughter and took the ultrasound from her backpack.
- "Hey! I wanna see it too!"- Ray said, moving closer.
- "That little bean is my baby!"- Joey pointed and chuckled- Can you believe that tiny thing is gonna be a person?!
- "Shit!"- Ray sort of mumbled- "It’s so small!"
- "Ok, kids! outfits ready?"- Brian walked into the room and looked at them- "Neither of you is ready, come on! Move! We are late!"
Matthew finished packing and smiled. He wasn’t carrying much, but it was enough to follow Joey for the next eighteen concerts she had with the band, starting march 21st and until April 23rd. His plan was simple: standing in the first row of every show and cheering for the drummer. He wanted to show her how much he loved her, and he was willing to postpone his whole life for her. He had gotten in trouble in his job for doing that, and he didn’t care. He wanted to be with Joey, and he wanted her to know how much he loved her, and if that meant being fired from Criminal Minds, so be it.
He put the eighteen tickets for the shows he had already gotten in an envelope and smiled pleased.
- "This has to work"- he said out loud- "I mean… it has to, ‘cos I don’t know what to do next…"- he grabbed his phone and looked at the hour.
- “Good luck with the video today”- he wrote and sent.
The latest days had been weird for him and Joey. She would accept to see him when it came to things related to the baby, but of course, she would never let him get too close. The nap they had shared had been the last time he had held her in his arms. The rest of the time, she had been distant, and though he had done his best to stay calm and positive, sometimes it scared him to think maybe he was really going to die trying to get her back.
But “weird” didn’t mean bad, though. And Matthew had made the best of the time he had shared with her. He would bring her treats she liked and would call every morning to know how she felt. She always picked up. That was good; it meant she didn’t hate talking to him.
He also took her to see a nutritionist, to help them make a meal plan, considering Joey wasn’t the healthiest person when it came to meals. They also had a conversation with a personal trainer to help her identify the exercises and movements she could do to train and stay fit those first months. Besides, Matthew kept getting thoughtful presents to make her pregnancy more comfortable, and he brought one every day as an excuse to see her, even for a minute. He got her the pregnancy pillow and customized it as one of his stuffed monsters. He got her natural spa products for her bath to help her relax. He even got a tiny drum for the baby. Joey hated him because she couldn’t stay mad at him if he was being so adorable. He bought her so much food she was sure she was getting fat for eating too much and not because of her pregnancy.
- “Thank you”- his phone dinged, and he quickly read the text, smiling.
- “Wanna come for dinner tonight?”- he wrote and held his breath. It was a bold move, but he needed to play all his cards.
- “Better not, I’ve got an early flight.”- she replied. Joey held the phone in her hands tight, locked in the bathroom. She really didn’t have to change for the video, she just had to put on an MCR t-shirt, and she wanted to fix her hair. Joey wasn’t really going to be in many shots anyway, she just was a support player in the back. She couldn’t take the eyes from the phone, though she knew she had to. She was waiting for Matthew’s answer.
- “Can I stop later to say goodbye?”- and a smile lodged on his lips as he wrote those words. Joey had no idea he was going to be on tour. Joey bit her inner lip as she considered the options. She wanted to see him but didn’t want to give him hope, but he was the father of her kid, but… he cheated.
- “I can bring some dinner, in case you get home tired and you don’t want to cook.”
- “Mother fucker!!”- the girl coursed and sighed- “See you at seven.”
- "Yes!!"- Matthew jumped from his bed and danced around his room on his own. He just had to be calmed and try not to fuck it up. He could do that, right?
Lynz kept a good eye during the whole day, trying to see if Joey would look at Gerard, but she didn’t. They didn’t really talk at all. She knew Joey had told her they weren’t close, which made sense with the scene in front of her. It was like Gerard didn’t exist for the drummer.
- “Isn’t that weird too?”- Mrs. Way thought. She could notice Gerard was concentrated entirely on the whole “making the video” process. He kept checking with the director and making sure everything was ok. Joey talked with Mikey and laughed a lot with Ray. Her husband and the young woman never interacted except during the show. Gerard wouldn’t stop going back to the drum and looking at her every time they had to perform. Just like Lynz had seen in the Valencia show. Joey didn’t seem to pay that much attention. She would be playing, their eyes would crush, they would nod, that was it.
- “Ok, if it doesn’t seem to be anything going on, why can’t I shake these thoughts from my head”- the bassist asked herself as she kept staring at her husband performing.
During the break, Joey walked away from the stage and the noise and locked herself in the bathroom again. She checked her cell phone and read.
- “Do you think we could ever get to be friends?”- and she held her breathing, nearly in shock. The text was from Gerard. When the fuck did he text her? He had been there the whole time. She looked around, but she was alone in the bathroom. She reread it, frowning. Why was he texting her? They had managed to spend weeks talking the minimal, and she was completely in favor of keep doing the same for the rest… of her life, basically. And so she didn’t reply. It was clearly easier for her to stay away from Gerard than from Matthew for obvious reasons.
- "Hey!"- Lynz walked into the bathroom and smiled. Joey kept looking at her reflection in the mirror, fixing her makeup- "How are you feeling?"
- "Like I could puke everything I’ve ever eaten, and at the very same time, so fucking hungry"- the drummer answered with a smile- "How have you been? I haven’t seen you since London."
- "Good, busy, thank God. That’s the only way I can stand being apart from Gerard for so long."
- "It was an eternal tour!"- Joey added- "It felt like a lifetime! Are you coming along these following dates?"
- "Yeah! I’ll be there on April 5th, I have to finish a project I’m doing with a friend, and I’ll take a plane to Canada."
- "Awesome!"- Joey was doing her best to be as normal as possible. Besides, she honestly liked Lynz- "You and Jamia! Finally, I’m not gonna be the only woman around! You have no idea how exciting this is for me. I’ve been around guys my whole life, but I really need a break after these last months. I’m actually hoping to have a girl"- Joey guided her hand to her stomach and chuckled.
- "What did Matthew say, by the way?"- the drummer sighed and closed her eyes- "Sorry, I didn’t mean to… Gerard told me what happened between you two."
- "No, don’t worry"- Joey smiled and sighed again- "Matthew is happy with the baby news."
- "That’s good."
- "He is thrilled, actually. He cried when I told him, cried during the ultrasound, cried when he realized the baby due is close to Halloween."- Joey couldn’t help but smile, remembering his face, tears filling his eyes as she told him she was pregnant. She had never imagined he would be so happy.
- "And how is everything between you two?"
- “Did that little shithead tell his wife everything going on in my life or what?!”- the drummer didn’t answer. She felt pretty awkward knowing Lynz was aware of the whole story.
- "Sorry… I didn’t mean to intrude."
- "It’s ok… I…"- Joey scratched the back of her neck, honestly nervous about explaining her mind- I’m sorry, I’m just not really used to talk about things with people.
- "No, please, I was out of place, I just… Gerard was in shock when he told me, and he said you were pretty affected"- Joey nodded and looked down.
- "Yeah, I was a mess, but I’m better now…"- the two of them stayed in silence for a few seconds, that felt like hours- "I should go back"- Joey pointed to the door, and Lynz nodded.
- "I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable"
- "Don’t worry, I’ve got problems communicating with people… not just in this matter"- Joey tried to smile, though she knew she still looked pretty awkward- "It’s a long story."
- "Hey, no need to explain, really"- Lynz opened her arms and hugged her.
Joey didn’t get a thing. Why was she being so nice? Did Lynz want to be her friend? Was she being honest or just trying to be friendly under the circumstances? Did she want to get closer to her to know if she was crushed on Gerard? There were too many questions around Joey’s head, and she didn’t have the time or the energy to try to find an answer to any of them. She just hugged Lynz back and cut her a friendly smile.
The whole recording process took the entire morning and part of the afternoon. By the time they were done- and gave the kids in the audience a short show of five songs - the band and their families were ready to go home.
- "Bug, we are gonna go grab dinner together. Wanna come?"- Mikey wrapped an arm around Joey and kissed her temple as they all grabbed their things in the dressing room.
- "I’m too tired. I wanna go home."
- "Want me to go with you? Ask for some take-out? Maybe from the Vietnamese place you wanted to try, watch a movie… you know, rest before the tour that’s coming, what do you say?"- Joey smiled but declined.
- "I have plans…"- Mikey raised an eyebrow and nodded.
- "You are gonna see Gubler"- and by the tone in his voice, she knew he wasn’t happy with the news.
- "He is gonna drop by to say goodbye."
- "Sure… are you sure you are ok with him?"
- "What do you mean?"
- "You have been hanging out with him a lot."
- "No, I haven’t!"
- "Name one day this week you haven’t seen him"- Mikey furrowed his brows and crossed his arms on his chest, staring at the drummer.
- "Today?"- she answered, thinking.
- "See?"
- "He keeps bringing presents for the baby. What am I going to say? Stop being such a good dad?"
The whole band was overhearing the conversation. They were all pretty nosey, actually. And the whole Matthew/Joey drama was their favorite subject at the moment.
- "He ain’t trying to be a good dad! He is trying to win you over! Are you gonna let him break your heart again?"
That escalated quickly. Joey stood in front of his friend, not knowing what to say. Lucky for her, Lynz was the one to talk next.
- "Are you jealous, Mikey?"- though her words weren’t really the best to be spoken at the moment. The bassist looked at his sister in law almost in shock, nearly insulted.
- "Not jealous, worried. I am concerned about her ‘cos I don’t want her to get hurt again, is that a fucking sin or what?"
- "No, it’s not! I’m just asking ‘cos you sound like a jealous boyfriend worried his girlfriend is gonna cheat or whatever."
Joey hated Lynz’s comment, every single word in it, ‘cos it was meant to start a fight. Had she said it with those intentions?
- “No, she didn’t… did she? Is she trying to know if Mikey and I are into anything? No, stop being paranoid!”
- "I’m not jealous, Lynz"- Mikey’s words were cold as he responded with a serious face- "I’m just worried and taking care of her. That’s what friends do."
- "Sorry! There’s no need to get all serious."
- "Ok, dinner?"- Ray clapped and tried to lighten the mood- "Let’s go before Frank gets all cranky."
They all nodded and started walking. Gerard made sure to stay a little behind as his wife talked with Jamia and moved closer to Joey.
- "You didn’t answer my text"- he whispered, and the drummer froze in shock, even a little scared. Why was he talking to her? They had managed to spend weeks without saying a word directly to each other. Why did he decide to talk to her the only day they had been around his wife?
- "Sorry, I’ve been busy"- Joey mumbled and started walking quickly to get away from him.
- "And would we ever be friends?"- Gerard asked, following her and talking under breath, making sure no one except her could hear him.
- "Sure, if you stop saying nonsenses, we can be friends."
- "Nonsenses? You mean telling you that I love you?"- the young woman widened her eyes and turned to him immediately.
- "Don’t say that! Ever again!"
- "But I do. I am in love with you, Sugar."
- "And that’s why we can’t be friends"- Joey sentenced and walked to her car, never looking back. She said goodbye to the rest of the band, kissed Cherry and Lily a few times each, and drove home.
- “What the fuck Gerard?!”- she yelled inside her head- “What the fuck is his problem?! His wife was right here? And he keeps telling me that he loves me? is he stupid? Has the stress affected his brain functions? Did he start drinking again?”.
There was no explanation for his behavior, and it freaked Joey out, ‘cos a new leg of the tour was starting the day after, and she didn’t want to face it that way. She didn’t want to travel with Lynz knowing her husband was trying to get into her pants again.
Again, that was the worst part. Joey felt like a whore knowing what had happened with Gerard. She didn’t want to even think about it, but the image kept coming to her mind. His lips on her, kissing her jawline, her neck, her breast… If she hadn’t thought he was Matthew, would she have let him go on? If she wasn’t in love with her ex, would she had sex with Gerard, even knowing he was married?
The answer could actually scare her, ‘cos it was against everything she had ever believed in. But she thought it was possible. The only thing that kept her from having sex with Gerard was that she was in love with Matthew.
If she had sex with Gerard, would she stop loving Matthew? The girl shook her head, frowning, disgusted by her own thoughts. That was never going to be a good idea.
Gerard was in silence, staring at the food in front of him. He didn’t want to eat. He didn’t want to be there. He could hear his friends talking, his wife laughing, but all his mind could register was the fact Joey was now in her apartment with Gubler. With the guy he hated the most in the whole world. With the guy Gerard wanted to be. The guy he was jealous of. The one she loved instead of him. Just the thought of what could happen between them made him sick in the stomach.
Was she going to forgive him? Was she going to have sex with him? Was she going to marry him after all? Matthew was going to be with her that night. He was going to make her laugh, he was going to lean over her slowly and whisper sweet words in her ear. He was gonna make her blush, he was going to get her wet and cream her undies.
The singer shook his head and tried to think of anything else. But he couldn’t.
- "Are you ok?"- his wife asked, frowning- "You haven’t had a bite."
- "I’m not hungry"- Way whispered and tried his best to cut her a nice natural, all innocent smile.
- "Sure?"- Lynz touched his forehead in case he had a temperature, but he was ok- "Do you want to go home and rest?"- the singer nodded right away
- "Yes, I think I need to lay down for a while."
- "Ok, I’ll tell the guys."
Gerard was full of it. But going home and locking himself in his studio sounded like a nice idea. At least there, no one could see him freaking out over the idea of Joey being with someone else but him.
Matthew counted to ten as he stood outside his car and took three deep breaths to calm himself down. He had done the same, like a mantra, each time he walked into Joey’s apartment those days. He had to control himself from running over, from making a mistake. He had to make sure he wasn’t going to mess it up with her, Paget had told him over and over again: he only had one chance to make things right, and he couldn’t fuck it up.
His friend was the only one who knew Matthew was gonna be a dad, and she was as thrilled as he was, mostly ‘cos she knew how badly Gubler wanted to have a baby. And the fact he loved Joey more than anything made it even more perfect. Well, it would be perfect if he hadn’t cheated, but both of them hoped to fix that any time now. As soon as possible, as a matter of fact.
- "Hey"- Matthew smiled as his ex-girlfriend opened the door. She was already in her pajamas, make-up swept off her face, a messy bun on her hair, and some chocolate around her lips. Matthew had never seen her as beautiful as in that moment.
- "Shouldn’t you be quitting sugar already? We agreed no more lava cakes from this week on."
- "I’m eating the leftovers from the fridge, ‘cos it’s all gonna be rotten when I come back, and the whole place is gonna stink"- Joey answered, cleaning the corner of her mouth, turning back to the kitchen.
- "You know chocolate won’t get bad… wait, where did you get chocolate from?"- Joey turned to him and grinned.
- "Frankie got me some"- Gubler nodded and left the take-out boxes on the counter.
- "Are you hungry?"
- "Actually… I don’t know… are you?"
- "A little. But I can wait a while if you want…"- he smiled at her and stared in silence. The young woman turned away to the fridge again and opened it.
- "Anything else that’s gonna spoil while you are away?"- he asked.
- "Not much… peanut butter will live, I guess."
- "Yeah."
- "And ketchup."
- "Yeah… but ketchup was making you sick a few days ago."
- "But who knows next week..."- the conversation between them was so natural, neither of them remembered how bad things were between them for a long while.
They talked about the fridge, the new self-watering system Joey had gotten for her plants, and how excited she was to see her parents again. And that was when Matthew pushed things a little too far.
- "Are you going to tell them about the baby?"
- "I don’t know"- Joey simply answered and walked away from him. She had been walking away from him most of the time he had spent in her apartment, and he kept following her like a lost puppy through the whole place.
- "Why not?"
- "‘Cos they are gonna ask too many things. ‘Cos I want to know if everything is ok with the baby first, wait until he is twelve weeks. And mostly, ‘cos I’m gonna have to tell them you are a cheater mother fucker and that we are not getting married, and I haven’t seen them in forever… I don’t wanna ruin the trip."
- "Maybe you don’t have to tell them we broke up,"- Joey raised an eyebrow and looked at him, standing on the frame of the bathroom door, staring at her putting all her beauty products (the few she had) in a “go-to” bag.
- "Sure, Matthew"- her answer was snarky, and she refused to turn to him.
- "I mean… we don’t have to break up"
- "Again? You wanna do this again?"- her voice was annoyed, making it clear she was tired of talking about their relationship.
- "We’ve danced around the subject all week, and we haven’t properly talked about it."
- "We are over because your cock was in your ex’s mouth the night of your birthday a few weeks ago. That’s all there is to know about that subject. That’s why we are in this fucking shitty situation. And no, Matthew Gray Gubler, I am not going to forgive you! So can you just drop it?!"
A heavy silence hung in the room. Joey lost it, and she ended up yelling. She was tired, she was sad, she was stressed. And most of it, she was anxious and slightly depressed over the whole deal.
- "I’m tired of this shit! We are gonna be parents together. I swear I am doing my best to get along with you and have a healthy relationship. Still, the fact is, I am doing my best to stop fucking loving you ‘cos I am not going to get back together with you! Ever!"
Her words were full of anger, and she couldn’t stop herself from screaming at him.
Matthew looked at Joey in silence. He didn’t know what to say at that. He had a lot of ideas in his head, but all of them were probably just going to get her even more upset. And that was the last thing he wanted to do that minute. And so, he just nodded and turned around and left the room. Joey sat on the edge of the bathtub and bit her lips.
- "I got this for our baby today"- he murmured a few minutes later when he walked back to the bathroom.
- "What is it?"- Joey mumbled and looked at the iPod Matthew gave her- "What? You know the baby won’t use one of these in probably another ten years, right?"
- "It’s not the iPod, it’s what’s in it"- the drummer nodded and wondered what was in it- "I just…"
Matthew cleared his throat. Words came painfully slow from his lips as he spoke.
- "I recorded a few stories and tales and things for the baby, so they can listen to my voice while you are away. That way, they won’t forget me"- Joey’s heart ached in love at those words.
- “This is one smooth loving bastard”- she thought and took a deep breath- "Thank you, that’s very thoughtful"- he shook his head and took a few steps back from her, ‘cos he knew all his body wanted was to lean over her and kiss her.
- "It’s nothing"- he sighed and made a pause- "I’m just worried if we are not gonna be together again, my baby might forget about me."
Those words broke Joey’s already broken heart. The sadness that Matthew’s face reflected showed her how bad he was feeling and reminded her that this was also a troubled time for him. Even when he was the one that had brought those problems to their relationship.
- "I promise you, that’s never gonna happen. You are always going to be our baby’s dad, and you are always going to be part of their life, no matter what"- he nodded and looked down, biting the inner part of his cheeks.
- "I think I better go"- Joey didn’t want him to go. He didn’t want to go, but her words had been so hard, they had left him speechless. Uneasy. Depressed.
- "You…"- the young woman stood up and took a deep breath, not know what to say- "You can take your part of dinner if you want."
That was not what she wanted to say. She wanted to say, “I’m sorry I just said all that in the nastiest way possible. I fucking love you, stay with me and hold me ‘cos I am scared and sad and alone”. But that was not what came out from her lips.
Matthew nodded and walked to the kitchen. He sighed and closed his eyes as he grabbed his box of Chinese noodles. That evening hadn’t come out as he was hoping. It had actually been the complete opposite. He had fucked it up. Making Joey upset only caused more pain to the two of them. He knew she would say things in the most painful way possible, not because she wanted to, but because that’s how she reacted when hurt. Hurting back. Hurting deeper.
Joey stood in the middle of the hall, watching Matthew grab all his things and turn to her.
- "Take care"- he whispered, and she nodded slowly.
- "You too."
- "I’ll call you to know about the baby bean"- she nodded again.
- "Of course. I’ll see you when I come back, and we’ll have another check-up"- he looked at her as she whispered those words. Each one of them hurt as they left her lips, ‘cos they were goodbye words, and she didn’t want to say goodbye.
Matthew just stood there, staring at her, not knowing how to move. He didn’t have the strength to walk away from her at that moment. Still, the words she had just practically yelled at him were a warning he was pushing her, and by pushing, he was never going to make things better. He had such a sad look in his eyes, Joey took a step closer to him. He kept his eyes on hers, almost holding his breath.
- "And… thank you for being here with us"- she held her hand on her tiny belly as she spoke- "I know it’s hard and all, I just… want you to know… I appreciate it."
- "They are my baby too"- he simply answered with a short and sad smile on his lips- "I would do anything for the two of you, any day."
Joey bit her lips and took another step closer. He stood still, not knowing what to do. Joey walked slowly to him and stood right in front of him.
- "Sorry about what I said"- she managed to whisper.
- "No, Joey, please don’t apologize, you said what you said ‘cos it’s the truth, and I understand how mad you are… please don’t say you are sorry for something I brought to myself, to the two of us"- Matthew made a pause and sighed, his eyes stuck into Joey’s- "To the three of us, actually"- she nodded slowly.
- "I didn’t want you to leave with an argument if we were not going to see each other until another month"- Joey managed to murmur but couldn’t hold her eyes in Matthew’s for another second, and so she looked down.
- "I didn’t want to start a fight either…"
The two of them stayed in silence. The distance between them was so small Matthew could hold her tight if he only took one step ahead. But he controlled himself. It was one of the most challenging efforts he had ever made, and he moved his hand to her chin, lifting her face sweetly.
- "Take care, ok?"- his eyes traveled slowly from her lips to her eyes, and he noticed how her cheeks blushed sweetly.
- "Ok"- she whispered, nodding.
- "I’ll call you"- she didn’t say a thing and just nodded again. Matthew moved carefully over her and landed his lips on her forehead. It was the sweetest touch Joey had ever recalled feeling from him. So delicate and tender, and at the same time with such intense love. It was impossible for her not to close her eyes and feel her knees trembling. He stared at her in silence and smiled shyly before whispering “Goodnight” and walking out of her house.
Joey stared at the door and restrained herself from the deep desire to run after him and wrap her arms around his neck, to kiss him deeply. She didn’t. She couldn’t. She shouldn’t. Instead, she walked to her couch and laid down, wrapping her arms around her legs, feeling how warm tears fell from her eyes. How many times can a heartbreak after being broken? ‘Cos every time Matthew said goodbye, her heart ached, just like the day they broke up. And her body ached, feeling the empty space he left by her side.
- "I love you so fucking much"- she mumbled, sobbing. Tears kept falling like a waterfall until she fell asleep.
::: March 31st, 2011. Oakland :::
Mikey looked at Joey as they walked into the hotel and checked in. They had hardly shared a word that day, ever since they left California. She sat with Jamia and helped with the babies the whole trip, and her plan was to continue to do the same until it was time to play the show.
- "Are you mad?"- he asked out of the blunt as he stood next to her in the middle of the lobby, both waiting for their room keys.
- "No, why?"
- "You are not talking to me."
- "You haven’t talked to me either"- she answered with a shrug- "Are you mad at me?"- Joey furrowed her brows as she spoke, thinking maybe that was the point, and she never actually noticed it.
- "No"
- "Then?"
- "Are you ok?"
- "I’m tired and puked breakfast on the plane, you?"
- "I’m tired and drank three coffees on the plane ‘cos I couldn’t sleep"- Joey nodded at her friend’s words- "Why does it feel weird?"- Mikey pointed out and crossed his arms on his chest
- "I don’t know... - the drummer answered and looked at his shoes- "I love those boots."
- "I’m not gonna give them to you. They are not your number."
- "Shut up"- Joey cut him a short smile, and he did the same- "I hated Lynz’s comment last night"- Joey confessed and kicked Mikey’s boot friendly
- "Me too… Gerard said I was too rude to her."
- "You were, but she kind of deserved it"- Mikey chuckled at Joey’s confession- "Really, I just hated so much how she was insinuating you were jealous of whatever, considering she has no idea we are best friends!
- "I know! I thought the same"
- "That’s ‘cos we are best friends"- Joey added and smiled, giggling. Mikey looked at her and wrapped his arms around her slowly.
- "Did you have a good night after you saw that asshole?"
- "Yeah, it was ok"- Joey lied, hiding her face in his chest- "He brought dinner and left."
- "Good"- they rocked slowly, still hugged. Mikey kissed the top of her head and whispered- "I’m not jealous."
- "I know"
- "I’m just scared"
- "Why?"- Joey moved apart from him but never got an answer. Jeffrey showed up and gave them their keys.
- "Get ready. We’ve got an interview in an hour here in the conference room"- the bassist frowned, nodding.
- "Good news for me, I get to get some more sleep"- Joey added and stuck out her tongue to Mikey.
- "I hate you"
- "I know."
Gerard looked at his brother talking with Joey. He saw how they hugged. How he kissed the top of her head. How she smiled at him sweetly and hid her face on his chest. They looked like a fucking couple, and he hated everything about it.
- "Stop it"- Ray said and stood next to him- "I thought you were gonna be over your fucking obsession by now"- he pointed out with an eased tone of voice like he was just talking about the weather.
- "You are gonna fuck everything up if you keep looking at her like that"
- "What do you know?"
- "I know she won’t talk to you at all, and I think there has to be a reason I don’t know"- Gerard stayed still, pretending those hadn’t hurt him. Or scared him. He didn’t even look at Ray as he spoke.
- "And I know you like her, so stay away from her before you do something that ruins everything."
- "I’m not gonna ruin anything."
- "Your wife is gonna be here soon."
- "I love my wife."
- "I know… just try not to stare at Joey drooling, like she is the object of your undeniable desire and love when Lynz is around."
Gerard turned to his friend and tried to say something back, but nothing came out.
- "And for the love of God, don’t fuck it up!"- Ray tapped on his back and walked away.
Gerard Way was busted. He was fucked. And it was the first day of the tour.
Matthew laid on his bed and sighed. He was in Oakland, staying at a hotel two blocks from Joey’s. He had made sure not to book his room in the same place as her, to keep a safe distance in case she got too mad- which was always an option with her, especially under those circumstances. Those were the worst circumstances they had ever faced, so Matthew was being extra precautious. Even more after what had happened the night before. He was still angry with himself for pushing her too much. He had to be patient.
- “Let’s hope she won’t get angry with me for doing this.”- he thought and stared at the ceiling. He could only stay still for a minute or so. He quickly moved to his bag, grabbed a book and his phone.
- "Hey"- Joey’s voice at the other side of the line made him smile right away
- "Hello, how was your trip?"
- "It was ok"- Joey cleared her throat and looked at her feet as she walked around her room. She felt weird and awkward talking to Matthew after what had happened the night before- "How are you?"
- "I’m ok…"
- "How are you feeling from the bruises from the car crash?"
- "Like nothing ever happened"
- "Good…"- there was a silence on the line. Matthew could hear Joey’s breathing as she scratched the back of his neck and said the first thing that came to his mind.
- "So at what time is the concert tonight?"
- "At eight"
- "Good… and… are you having lunch soon?"
- "I don’t know. I was thinking about napping now and maybe grab a late bite before going to the arena."
- "Remember the nutritionist said you shouldn’t skip meals"- the drummer sighed, knowing he was right.
- "But I’m so sleepy, I’m gonna fall asleep on the table eating."
- "You couldn’t sleep last night? “God knows I couldn’t.”
- “I did. “No, I didn’t. I stayed up crying and thinking about how much I love you, damn it!”
- "Then why are you so tired?"
- "Maybe because I’m turning food into a human being"- Matthew chuckled at those words, and Joey smiled, listening to his reaction.
- "That seems to be a good reason. I’m sorry I questioned you"- the girl kept the grin on her face for a second
- "That’s ok. I should really go grab something to eat and then nap. You are right about that."
- "Talk to you later?"- he asked as casually as possible- "Maybe after the show, to know how you are feeling?"
- "Yeah, sure. Talk to you later, bye."
Matthew hung up and sighed. Just a few more hours and his plan to get his girl back would start. His stomach tightened as he imagined what Joey was gonna say when she saw him. Was she going to be mad? Was she going to be happy? Was the band going to hit him? There were too many questions for him to answer, so he did the only thing he could do: lay on his bed and grab the book he was carrying.
Jamia, the babies, and Joey had lunch together. The drummer loved having her around ‘cos she wasn’t alone back in the hotel all the time like she was in Europe, and that meant less time to overthink everything. She loved hanging out with Jamia ‘cos she was too nice and understanding with her. It felt like they could be friends. Jamia considered Joey her friend already, meanwhile the young woman still had trouble opening up with people.
Though she had to be honest with herself. The latest months had changed a lot of the things that made her a loner. It was all Matthew and My Chem. Except for Gerard. But for Joey, Gerard wasn’t really in the picture anymore. He was the guy she needed and wanted to avoid at any cost. Even if that cost meant to leave the band.
- "So… have you thought of any name already?"- Jamia and Joey were at the drummer’s room. The babies were napping, and the two women were laid on the bed, eating Oreos.
- "Not really… I just…"
- "It’s not real yet?"
- "It’s so not real yet"- Joey whispered and chuckled- "I keep looking at the ultrasound, and I can’t believe there’s a baby in my tummy… I bet I ate a sea monkey at some point, and that’s what’s been growing inside me"- Jamia snorted as she tried to keep it down and nearly laughed out loud.
- "Wait until the sea monkey starts kicking. That’s the weirdest thing of all"
- "You are not making it magical, J"- Joey made a pause and chuckled- "You are so gonna be J from now on"- and Jamia smiled.
- "Sounds nice coming from you."
- "Good, ‘cos I think I’ve got no more brain cells to think of anything else."
- "Oh honey! You are just starting!"- Mrs. Iero tapped on her friend’s leg as the two of them laid back next to the babies- "You have months of exciting emotions, like pregnancy arousal, cravings, hormonal changes, hair coming in weird places, and my personal favorite, pregnancy brain"- Joey frowned disgustedly.
- "I’m afraid to ask about the arousal, the hair, and the brain shit"
- "Whenever you are ready, I am here."
- "You are my Jamia San Kenobi"- Joey chuckled and sighed- "My pregnancy Jedi master"- and Jamia smiled.
- "I’m glad I can help"- and after a few minutes, they were both asleep as well.
The doors to the theater opened at five, and Matthew ran inside to make sure to grab a spot on the first row. He nearly tackled a few teenagers to get there. But he did and sighed, relieved at his success.
- "Hey! Where are you? did you make it?"- Paget called and didn’t even say hello to her friend. She just started asking questions right away, making him chuckle.
- "Hey! Yeah, I’m in Oakland, already at the theater. It’s a very cool venue, small, intimate… I’m almost sure Joey is gonna get to see me."
- "Are you in the first row?"
- "Of course, I am"
- "Good"- Paget smiled and nodded- "We miss you around here."
- "I’ll be there when everything is ok."
- "We know."
- "Is anyone mad at me?"- and Paget chuckled.
- "No, actually everybody thinks you are the sweetest and most romantic guy on earth following your girlfriend like that."
- "I’m following her to get her to be my girlfriend again, actually."
- "You get the point"- and Matthew chuckled- "Ok, Gubler, gotta go, please call me and tell me how this went."
- "Of course!"
- "Hey! Wait! Did you make a banner?"
- "Yes! I remembered your advice and got a banner."
- "What does it say?"
- “The distance is nothing when one has a motive”- the actor confessed proudly
- "Pride and Prejudice?"- Paget asked, puzzled.
- "Yes, her favorite, I’m making her banners with quotes from her favorite books"- and his friend sighed.
- "Stop it! I am gonna end up falling for you!"- and the actor chuckled- "If she doesn’t take you back, I am single!"
- "Shut up!"- Paget laughed, knowing Matthew had blushed, though he knew she was joking.
- "Call me later."
- "Sure thing!"
Joey kept jumping on her spot. She was backstage, feeling really psyched to play that day. She didn’t really know why. Maybe it was the two hours nap she had taken that afternoon with Cherry and Lily. Perhaps the fun size Snicker Mikey had just given her, breaking her meal plan on the first day on the road.
- "You look extra happy today"- and it all stopped the second she heard Gerard’s voice next to her.
- "Hey, yeah… I think it’s a sugar rush"- she answered and looked around, feeling safer knowing everybody was around her, including Jamia and the babies.
- "How are you feeling?"
- "Good"- Joey smiled and nodded- "You?"
- "Good… but I’m not pregnant"- the girl smiled and looked away from him, trying to keep that conversation as casual and distant as possible.
- "You look gorgeous, by the way"- Gerard whispered and even blushed as he moved a little closer to her- "I guess it’s true pregnant women glow and grow in beauty."
Joey took a step back and gulped as she felt her cheeks burning red as Gerard just continued talking.
- "‘Cos each time I see you, you catch my breath."
- "Please don’t..."
- "I’m just being nice"- Gerard smiled, pretending to look as innocent as possible.
- "You and I both know that’s not what you are doing."
- "Hey Iceland"- Frankie appeared all of a sudden and wrapped an arm around the young girl, kissing her temple and giving Gerard a glare that forced the singer to take a few steps back.
- "What are you guys talking about?"- and Joey sighed, relieved to feel him next to her, like a little guardian angel, though Frank Iero had nothing angelic.
- "I was just telling Joey she looks gorgeous today and that pregnant women are beautiful"- Gerard answered like it wasn’t a big deal at all. Joey wanted to run away or hide under a rock. Frank just tightened his arm around her and nodded.
- "Yes, she does… wanna help with my warm-up?"
That was the most random question Iero could come up with that second, but it didn’t matter, ‘cos Joey smiled and quickly said yes, escaping from Gerard’s presence. But not from his eyes that followed her through the room. He wasn’t worried anyone could see how much he loved her, ‘cos he didn’t want to hide it anymore. Not until Lynz was there, at least. But that was a problem he would face when the right time came, in a week or so.
- "What can I help you with, Jersey?"- Joey asked as Frank grabbed a few kettlebells and started making bicep curls.
- "Absolutely nothing, you just looked like you wanted to get the fuck away from him, and I decided to rescue you"- the young woman wanted to deny it all, but at that point, she was just so glad Frank had taken her away from Gerard, she just nodded and smiled.
- "You are such a smart guy"
- "You are gonna make me blush…"
- "Can I use one?"- she casually asked, pointing out the kettlebell.
- "Definitely not! You’re not lifting any weight until we talk with your doctor"- Joey rolled her eyes and shook her eyes.
- "We already did that. I am ok to work out… I just can’t… run and… carry heavyweights"- Frank raised an eyebrow, and she smiled guilty- "Sorry, I just love lifting weights."
- "Have your baby first, then we care gonna train like we are fucking CrossFit athletes"- the soon-to-be mother chuckled and reached out her hand to her friend.
- "Jersey, we’ve got a date."
The crowd was running anxious, and so was Matthew. He had stayed put on his spot in the first row, right in front of the drumset like his life depended on it, no matter how much kids would try to push him away.
- “This is gonna work, this is gonna work, this is gonna work,”- he kept repeating in his head as he felt the weight of two thousand people pushing him against the security fence.
The crowd started yelling louder and jumping as the band appeared on stage. And along with them came his girl.
His breath was caught in his throat as he looked at her walking to the drum, a huge smile lodged on her lips. She looked so happy, happy like she had always looked when playing. There was nothing Joey loved more than her job. She had fought so much to get there, Matthew could barely get a glimpse of how good she felt playing as a professional drummer.
Looking at her sitting behind the drum in a My Chemical Romance concert, with that sweet and happy grin on her face, made him fall a thousand times harder in love with her. He felt proud of her and jealous of all the people who had been able to see her glowing in joy in the latest months when he had been away from her.
- “You fucked it up! Now fix it!”
Gubler never noticed the countdown of the music had started, and all the kids were yelling every word in “Look Alive Sunshine” until Gerard’s voice took him from his thoughts. Joey started playing, and the singer yelled.
- Oakland!! Make some noise!!- and the show started.
The whole crowd jumped, and Matthew jumped along with them, his eyes locked in Joey, who was lost in her drum. He smiled, watching how her lips now moved along with the song, murmuring the lyrics. Of course, she had toured with them long enough to learn all the lyrics of each song. She would probably deny it but sing them in the shower when she knew no one was listening.
The first one who spotted Matthew was Mikey. He frowned as he looked at Gubler standing in the first row, not getting what the fuck was going on. But Matthew never cared -he hadn’t actually considered- the fact the band could spot him in the audience. There was no one else on that stage but Joey for him, and that’s why she was the only person he had eyes for.
As soon as “Na Na Na” ended, Mikey walked to Frank. The intro of “Mama” started, so the bassist talked as fast as possible.
- "Dude, Gubler is here"- Iero looked at him frowning- "The first row, staring at Joey"- Frank looked over and saw him. He hadn’t seen him ever since New Year, and if there was one thing the Jersey boy was dying to do was to break Matthew’s face so hard no one would ever recognize him again.
- "Mother fucker"- he said and didn’t take his eyes from the actor- "I’m gonna kill him!"
But at the moment, he didn’t have the chance, ‘cos he had to play a show. But for a second, he and Mikey shared a look and turned to Joey. She was playing, eyes shut, smiling. They knew she still had no idea what was going on. And that was ok for them.
It wasn’t long until Gerard found the actor. It wasn’t hard to see him ‘cos he was the tallest guy in the front row and the only one who wasn’t looking at him. Matthew was the guy who stood still, hypnotized with each movement of the drummer, drooling over her like a kid staring at his first love. Gerard felt how his whole body shook in anger. Even his hands shook with a deep desire to kill him. Right there, in front of everybody. But he couldn’t. He had to keep on singing, keep on playing. Keep on pretending everything was ok, not just for the show and the kids, but for Joey too. He kept wishing she hadn’t seen him yet. Maybe she could never see him.
But the singer needed to let Gubler know he was fucked. And so he stood right in front of him, at the very edge of the stage, and managed it to catch his eyes. Both of them looking at each other in such deep hate, it was obvious the pair knew they despised each other. Gerard didn’t think about it twice. He had the higher ground. It would be a shame not to take advantage. And so, he spit on Matthew, and an evil smirked lodged on him as he saw him cleaning his face in anger. That was a little piece of sweet, sweet revenge. But it still wasn’t enough to make the actor pay for everything he had put Joey through.
Ray widened his eyes when he spotted Matthew, just the second Gerard spitted on him. He saw the whole moment in action and knew it was gonna be hell after the show. What was Gubler doing there? Trying to get Joey back. Ray knew that moment was gonna come, eventually. Toro knew how much Matthew loved her. It was crystal clear for everybody to see.
Ray was the only one who could keep a cold head to analyze the whole picture, and that’s why he always tried to remind his friends Joey and Matthew weren’t a subject they could decide on. It wasn’t something related to them at all, though they were friends with her. They were their own thing, a thing they could merely watch but never ever control. It was clear neither of his friends had listened, and so Toro sighed. He was going to have to stop a big fight after that concert.
- "The next song"- Gerard said after “House of Wolves” was over. It was Joey’s favorite song, and they played it as often as possible- "It’s about being a kid, about you being a kid, about me being a kid, about us being a kid, about you having a kid"- Joey raised her eyes from the drums and looked straight into Gerard’s eyes. That’s when she heard him.
- "Yami!!"- it was Matthew’s voice, but it couldn’t be. Joey frowned and looked around.
- "Yami!!"- he yelled and raised the banner. Frank, Mikey, and Gerard looked at him in the most honest and pure hate anyone could have ever seen from them. Ray tried to concentrate on Joey. She was the one he cared about at that second. And when he saw the puzzled expression on her face as she looked at him, asking what was going on, Ray couldn’t control himself and pointed at the actor.
Joey’s heart stopped. It was Matthew, it was really him, standing there, on the first row of the concert, staring at her with the biggest smile anyone had ever had around her in her life. And he was holding a banner that read, “The distance is nothing when one has a motive.” She couldn’t move. She didn’t know what to do. He just smiled at her and mouthed, “I love you.”
- "Bug!! Bug, are you ok?"- Mikey waved in front of the drum and looked worried at the girl. She just nodded at him and then at Frankie, who stood next to the bassist.
- "Yeah, I’m ok"- she smiled and started counting. It was time to play “Kids from yesterday.”
Everybody loved that song, and she wasn’t going to fuck it up, not even if her eyes and mind were stuck looking at Matthew in front of her, as he kept smiling like a kid on Christmas morning as she played.
Gerard stared at the scene, and it felt he was gonna make a tantrum in the middle of the stage. Joey was staring at Matthew, and her whole face had lit up, even if she didn’t want to. And just like a little child, Gerard made sure to stand right between the two of them to stop them from looking at each other. And like if they could all build a fortress, Frank and Mikey stood around the drumset, protecting Joey, trying to make sure Matthew knew he wasn’t going to get anywhere near her, over their dead bodies.
Matthew didn’t give a damn. He just wanted to look at her. He just wanted her to know she was the most important person in his life and that he was willing to drop anything and everything just to be near her.
The song was ending. Joey kept playing drums, her eyes glued to Matthew’s, until Mikey stared at her, counting the beat at the song’s end. She nodded at her friend and kept playing, both of them, the two of them, to finish the song together, just like they had done for over five months now, in perfect timing. Joey loved that part, and he knew it, ‘cos it was the only part of the show they had a little solo. Mikey was happy Matthew didn’t take that moment from them. At least he felt Joey was still in the zone, playing and being present at the show and not lost in thoughts.
Joey was lost in thoughts, she was making her best to play a good show. But Matthew’s appearance had moved the ground underneath her feet. It had been the biggest and warmest surprised she had had in a long time.
“I’m not ok” set the mood for the rest of the concert. No one on that stage was ok. But Gerard was the one affected the most. He would sing, giving his back to the audience and looking at Joey as often as possible. He knew that was going to drive Matthew insane, but it also helped him stay focused.
His eyes locked in Joey’s face tried to read her. She looked… happier. And that hurt, ‘cos though Gerard knew she didn’t love him back, it didn’t help to know he was still in her heart. It was so obvious she was in love with him even a blind man would see it. Even Joey would try to keep her eyes shut or look away, she would always end up looking at Matthew, and Gerard could swear a smile lodged on her lips each time she saw the actor. It made him want to punch a wall, or Gubler’s face, whatever came first.
- "Give me all your fucking money!!"- Gerard yelled and ran to the drum set as Joey started playing “Vampire Money” with a huge smile- "Are you ready, Ray!!"
- "Yeah!"
- "How about you, Sugar?"
- "Yeah!!"
- "How about you, Frank?"
- "Fuck you, Gubler!"- he answered, and Joey turned to him in shock, though Iero looked at her with the cutest and most adorable smile on earth.
- "How about you, Mikey?"- Gee yelled
- "Fucking ready!"
- "I think I’m alright."
Gerard would always call Joey “Bug” when he addressed her in that part of the show. It was the only moment of the day he could call her by a nickname, and “Bug” was her official band nickname. But that day, Way wanted to make a difference. He wanted to make it sound a little more personal than it was in real life. “Sugar” fit perfectly, and in his mind, Gerard would always call her Sugar.
Somehow, being so angry brought a different energy to the band while playing. They were mad into it. Gerard sang as his life depended on it, while Mikey wouldn’t stop moving, and looking in the most threatening way possible at Gubler, every once in a while. Frank would jump and yell and shout, playing his guitar with the energy of a caffeinated hyper ten years old. Matthew never even saw them. He couldn’t care less. All there was for him on that stage was Joey behind the drum, looking at him with the corner of her eye every couple of minutes.
She didn’t know what to think or what to feel. She was in shock. What was Matthew doing there? What was he going to do next? What was he planning? Joey needed to run away from that stage and hide under a gigantic pillow ‘cos she had no idea how to face what was going on, though, at the same time, she was dying to run to Matthew and hug him. She just felt so good to know he had followed her to see her one more time. She felt special like he always made her feel.
Gerard started singing Cancer, and Joey turned to one side of the stage. Jamia looked at her, literally waving. She could perfectly read her lips, “What the fuck?” and the drummer could only shrug.
- "Hey"- Mikey appeared in front of the drummer and cut him a quick, shy smile- "Are you ok?"
- "Yeah, just surprised."
- "You knew?"
- "I had no idea"- he nodded and looked around
- "Just a few more songs, then we can go hide and eat a pretty good dinner"- Joey smiled at him and watched him walk back to his side of the stage.
But Joey didn’t want to hide in her room and eat dinner with Mikey. Though she refused to admit it, all she wanted to do was to stand in front of Matthew and feel his eyes fondling her skin as he talked to her, just like he was doing at that moment, from a distance. She could feel his eyes running up and down her skin, though she didn’t look at him.
Jamia nearly jumped on Joey as soon as the girl reached backstage. The babies were miraculously sound asleep. No one got how, considering a huge rock concert had been happening that whole time a few meters away from them.
- "Oh my god, what the fuck??!"- Jamia made her best to whisper/scream to not wake the babies, but to make Joey wide open her eyes and frown.
- "I swear I have no idea!!"
- "He is adorable!!"
- "He is a cheater Jamia"- Frank interrupted his wife and took off his shirt, frowning- "And you shouldn’t be that excited. He is just trying to win her over."
- "He is being romantic, Frank"- Jamia corrected him and looked at Joey again- "What are you gonna do?"
- "I don’t know"
- "Call him!!"
Jamia was the closest to a best friend from high school Joey had ever had. Sure, back in the days, she had Tabatha, but her friend had her share of social life, and Joey was always shut down to any kind of social interaction. Now Jamia was talking about boys and telling her to call one. If that was high school talk, Joey had no idea what it was.
But before she could actually make a decision, her phone rang in her backpack, and J widened her eyes in excitement.
- "I swear to God, Jamia! you are just acting like this ‘cos you think he is hot!"- Frank turned around to see his wife, clearly annoyed, as Joey grabbed her phone and held it tight in her hands, not knowing what to do.
- "I’m just being honest with my friend. He is being cute and asking for a second chance. Coming unannounced to a concert with a cute banner is the sweetest thing I’ve seen a guy doing for love!"- Jamia stopped talking, and Joey’s cell stopped ringing. She looked at it feeling disappointed, until a second later, it started ringing again.
- "For Christ’s sake! Answer!"- Jamia sounded annoyed, and Joey did as told, not really thinking about her own actions. She just… deep down wanted to do it.
- "Hello?"
- "Hey..."- Matthew stood still in the middle of the arena, waiting for the kids to leave the place, he was anxious to know what Joey thought of what he had done, and though he had thought about waiting for a while to call her, he just couldn’t control himself.
- "What was that?"- Joey asked, blushing, as she locked herself in the bathroom.
- "That was me dying to see you, traveling to Oakland to be with you, even from a distance"
- "Why did you do that?"- Joey managed to ask, feeling she was nearly mumbling each word.
- "‘Cos I love you, ‘cos I miss you…"
Neither of them was able to say another word. Matthew was nervous and didn’t know how Joey managed the whole situation, though her voice sounded peaceful and calm. That should be a good sign.
- "You shouldn’t have…"- she whispered and felt her heart was about burst inside her chest
- "Do you wanna come out for a minute and talk?"- she wanted to, so badly, but it scared her to think what would happen if Frank, or even Gerard, got near Gubler.
- "Where are you?"
- "Still here"
- "You haven’t moved?"
- "Nop"- Matthew smiled and looked around- "I don’t know if they are planning to kick me out though"
- "Give me five minutes, I’ll change into something dry, and I’ll be right there."
Gerard Way was in hell. Literally burning alive as he watched Joey walking out of the bathroom in a fresh shirt and combed hair made a ponytail. She had even fixed her makeup.
- “God! She even got pretty for him!! What the fuck?! How can she be so eager to forgive him?!”- his eyes could burn holes in the wall as he did his best to look away from Joey.
- "Hey Bug, what are you gonna do?"- Mikey asked her as he stood next to her and held her hands. Gerard hated that too. He had managed to decode each movement from his brother around Joey like he was her couple. Lynz’s words had really fucked up with his brain. And if he was jealous of Mikey before, now it was turning into something worse.
- "I’m gonna go talk to him"
- "Are you sure that’s a good idea?"- Mikey looked worried, but Joey smiled at him and held his hand tighter.
- "Yeah, don’t worry, I’m gonna be ok."
- "If he does anything to you, I’m gonna break his fucking face"- Frank added from the other side of the room, already in a clean shirt and now holding one of the babies in his arms. For someone who sounded so threatening, he surely didn’t look the part.
- "It’s ok kids, let Joey take her own decisions, ok?"- Ray finally spoke up and sighed- "She knows we are here for her no matter what, but she has to do what her heart tells her to do."
- "Thank you, dad, but don’t think for a minute I’m gonna forgive him"
- "Even if you do, Bug. You will always count on me"- the guitarist walked to her and kissed her temple.
- "Best dad ever"- she whispered and opened the door.
Matthew felt his heart stop in his chest when he saw her walking over to him. He did the only thing that came to his mind and raised the banner he still held in his hands, so she could find him. It wasn’t hard to see him. There weren’t many people left at the arena, mostly just the crew setting everything to go.
- "Hey"- Joey said and waved as she walked to him and stood right in front of him. Just like she had imagined, she could feel the warmth of her eyes traveling down her face as he stared at her in pure bliss and love.
- "Hey"- he replied and smiled. He didn’t really want to talk. He didn’t know what to say. All he could think of was to kiss her and hold her tight.
- "What are you doing here, Matthew?"- she finally asked and crossed her arms on her chest to remind herself she couldn’t feel anything but anger against him and that she shouldn’t be so happy to see him. Or worse, she shouldn’t be showing him how happy she was to see him.
- "I just wanted you to know how much I love you"
- "By traveling to San Francisco to see a show?"
- "With a handmade banner"- he added and smiled.
- “That damn fucking adorable smile is gonna be the end of me,”- Joey sighed, thinking what to say next, making her best to stay calmed and not drooling over him.
- "That was a good touch."
- "Thanks, just like Lizzy, I would walk any distance just to be with you ‘cos you are my whole purpose."
Joey nodded, melting inside, as she made her best to stay cold and look indifferent. She didn’t know if it was working, but she wanted to believe so.
- "I’m not gonna forgive you just 'cos you showed up unannounced to a show"- that was all that came to her mind, it wasn’t the most intelligent answer, but it was all she had.
- "I wasn’t expecting you to forgive me today"- he simply replied and shrugged. There was a weird mix of security and happiness around his whole attitude Joey couldn’t wrap her mind around.
- "Good"- that was the whole answer she could give him, furrowing her brows. Matthew stared at her in silence for a second and took a step forward, closing the gap between them a little.
- "It was an amazing show, by the way"- he said and smiled. Joey’s knees shook as a response.
- "Thanks"- she whispered and looked down
- "How’s the little bean?"
- "Good… floating, I guess. I’ve felt pretty good today."
- "That’s great"- the two of them nodded at the same time and stayed quiet- "Remember to play the tracks I made for the bean."
- "Yeah, I will tonight."
- "They are just for the baby, so no peeking, ok?"- Matthew’s voice felt velvety as he talked close to Joey. She managed to raise her eyes from the ground, and Gubler swore his heart could be heard from any corner of that arena as it beat harder just to feel her looking at him.
- "I’ll put the headphones on the belly, so it will be the first secret you can share with your baby"- she smiled at the end of her answer, and Matthew held his breath.
- "That’s the cutest thing I could think of"- he mumbled, and the two of them stared in silence, sharing a moment that was a mix between love and angst.
Joey was still fighting to get away from him and stay mad at him. She had to play over and over again, like an old movie, the pictures she saw of Matthew cheating, just to keep herself from wrapping her arms around his neck.
- "Does she look in pain to you?!"- Jamia pushed Frank back as he kept trying to walk towards Joey and Matthew and drag her away from him.
- "She is gonna cry! He is gonna make her cry!"
- "Frank! This is not your war! Look at them and tell me they are not in love! If this was a cartoon, there would be hearts above their heads!"- Jamia was right, but Frank didn’t want to listen.
- "Hey!! Asshole!!"- Frank yelled, and Joey turned to him, frowning- "Stay the fuck away from her!!"
- "Oh shit!"- the words sneaked through her lips as Matthew looked at Frank and didn’t find anything better to do but to wave, infuriating Iero even more- "You know he wants to kill you, right?"
- "I am aware… the way they all looked at me made it pretty clear during the show, Gerard actually spit on my face."
The way Matthew said, it didn’t sound like it was a big deal. But it was, and Joey’s eyes were wide open as soon as she heard him.
- "He did what??!"- and she shouted- "Who the fuck does he think he is??!"
The young woman’s face was red in anger, and she quickly turned around and headed to the backstage area. But Matthew stopped her, grabbing her hand quickly.
- "Hey! Hey! Calm down, it’s ok! I don’t care!"
- "But I care!! This has nothing to do with him! He is not even my friend!! What the fuck does he think he is doing?!"
Unfortunately, the scene didn’t really look good from a distance, and Frank watching them, not getting what they were talking about, could only see his friend trying to get rid of Matthew and him not letting her go.
- "Take your hands off her!!"- Frank shouted and ran over, Jamia following close behind- "I said let go!!"- he pushed Matthew and put an arm in front of Joey, trying to keep her back.
- "What the fuck, dude?"- Joey shouted.
- "I don’t want him to hurt you, Bug!"
- "I’m not hurting her!!"- Matthew frowned, feeling insulted- "Why would I hurt the mother of my baby?!"
- "He ain’t hurting me!!"- Joey supported him, ‘cos Frank actually ignored Gubler’s words
- "Doesn’t look like he is being pretty nice either!!"
- "Frank! Stop it! Joey says nothing is going on!"- Jamia held Frank’s arm as Matthew tried to cool down the mood.
- "Hey! Nothing is going on"- Gubler used the calmest voice he could to talk to Iero- "I understand you wanna protect Joey from me ‘cos I was an asshole and fucked it up, but I am not gonna hurt her!! Ok?"
- "What fuck do you know! You broke her, and I am not gonna let you near her again!"- and just like the day Mikey had told him the same, Matthew’s heart tightened in his chest, listening to Frank yelling how badly he had hurt the woman he loved.
- "I can take care of myself!!"- Joey shouted- "So stop it! Now let me go kill that mother fucker!!"- the drummer turned around and started jogging to the dressing room. But Matthew followed her quickly and grabbed her hand again.
- "Please don’t! Joey, I don’t care! He can do whatever he wants to do. That ain’t gonna stop me!"
- "You don’t get it! I hate the guy! And the fact he thinks he can come and spit on your face like he is the fucking king of the world, or that he can avenge my sorrow, it’s wrong!!"- Joey pushed and let go of Matthew’s grip and continued her way until she opened the door and found Gerard, Mikey, and Ray playing with the twins.
- "Hey Bug"- Mikey turned and smiled, but Joey ignored him, ‘cos her eyes were locked on Gerard’s, staring at him with pure hate.
- "What the fuck is your problem, kúkalabbi (scumbag)?"- she spit every word with contempt- "You fucking think you can come and do whatever you want ‘cos you are the fucking lead singer of a band?"
Gerard frowned, though he had a hint of what might have happened.
- "I don’t care what the fuck came through your mind at the moment! You can’t spit on someone’s face! You can’t spit on Matthew’s face!"
Mikey wide opened his eyes as soon as he heard those words. Even for him, that was a little too much.
- "Joey, I think I can…"- Gerard tried to explain.
- "Haltu kjafti! (shut up!) No, you can’t!"- but Joey shut him up in a second- "This is my problem, my battle, and my fucking business!! You have no right in trying to avenge me! None!"
- "He fucking cheated on you, and you are mad at me?!"- he frowned, surprised, not getting what was going on.
- "Yes! I am mad at you! You are not even my friend, and you were doing shit I never asked you or wished for you to do!"
- "If I want to spit on his face, I can fucking do it!"- Gerard shouted back- "I hate the fucking bastard!"
- "So I can spit on yours then!!"- and Joey was about to do it when Matthew rushed and covered her mouth.
- "No! No! No!"- he held her tight, but sweetly- "Calm down! please! Calm down!"
- "What the fuck are you doing here?!"- and Gerard freaked out at the sight of Gubler- "Get the fuck out!"
- "I will be gone as soon as Joey asks me to leave"- Matthew simply answered and looked into Gerard’s eyes with the same hate yet calm he had the last time he saw Way at Mikey’s New Year’s eve party.
- "Who the fuck do you think you are?! Get out before I kick you out!"- at that point, Jamia and Frank were in the room as well. Jamia had an eye put on her babies, playing in their cart, while holding Frank back to keep him from getting into that fight.
- "Stop it!"- Joey managed to move from Matthew’s grip and looked into Gerad’s eyes in a fury- "I hate you!"
She didn’t yell, but her words were a dagger and cold as ice. The honesty was evident. Maybe now Gerard was going to understand he had to step back. She looked at him in the eyes for a second, then grabbed her things and stormed out, followed closely by Matthew.
- "What the fuck?"- Mikey asked to break the awkward silence that hung in the room after Joey had stormed out.
- "I spit on his face today, when I saw him there, looking at her with his stupid fucking puppy eyes, I just… lost it and spit on him- Gerard murmured, and his voice broke.
She hated him. She meant it. How was he going to win her back if she hated him? Jamia’s jaw fell as soon as she heard him. One thing was hating the guy, even trying to punch him, but spitting on someone’s face, that was… well, it seemed offensive and degrading. It was over the top.
- "Not that I wouldn’t think about doing something like it, but…"- Frank started, but Jamia’s eyes stopped him
- "That was out of line, Gerard"- Ray said with a calm, though stern tone of voice- "I told you all, the only thing you are gonna accomplish by acting like a bunch of possessive friends is to push her away. If you all call yourself her friends, you can’t fucking do this shit!"
It felt like Ray was scolding his kids. Mikey wanted to argue, but it was true, just like the day he had hit Matthew in Joey’s house, and she had freaked out and gotten mad at him.
- "I would do it again if I could"- Gerard whispered and sat down, fighting the urges of smoking a cigarette.
- "That’s why you ain’t her friend"- Ray added, and the look coming from Way’s eyes let him know he wasn’t happy with the reply- "Her words, not mine."
Matthew followed Joey on her way out of the arena. The cold air hit her skin and made her shiver as they stood foot outside the building.
- "Here"- he quickly took his hoodie off and gave it to her. She didn’t argue. She was too mad to argue about anything else. She was also too mad to talk about it. She just wanted to walk away from everything. Walk and ease her mind.
- "Excuse me, Joey?"- a girl walked over with a huge smile and forced her to take her eyes from the ground- "Can I have your autograph, please?"- Matthew wide opened his eyes in amazement. Joey quickly smiled and grabbed a sharpie from her bag. She signed the girl’s ticket to the show and smiled for a selfie with her.
- "Wow"- Matthew chuckled as the girl was gone- "That was…"
- "Weird, I know"
- "That was amazing! Kids are reacting to your work! Kids are looking at you and being excited about what you do! I am so fucking proud!"- he didn’t really stop himself to think. He just wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tight.
- "Thanks"- she whispered and felt how her cheeks turned pink- It’s still pretty weird. It’s not something that happens all the time, but…
- "It’s impressive, Joey!"- Matthew nearly yelled- "I mean it, sometimes it shocks me how cooler and greater you can be!"
He sounded honest. He sounded proud. Joey’s heartbeat in joy with those words but didn’t say a word. She was thankful it was night, and the street lights weren’t illuminating his face properly, or he would be able to see how blushed and nervous she was.
- "Don’t overreact"- she murmured and kept on walking in silence. Matthew sighed and walked with her, stuffing his hands in his pocket to stop himself from trying to hold her hand.
- "Are you hungry?"- he asked after a while
- "No"
- "When was your last meal?"
- "An apple and a fun size Snicker before the show"
- "Mikey keeps controlling your candies?"
- "Yes… but Jamia is a horrible influence"- Joey chuckled at the thought of the two of them that afternoon acting like kids- "She gives me Oreos"
- "That’s drugs!"- Matthew acted shocked- You shouldn’t!
- "I know! But they are so good!"- the drummer smiled. Talking about anything was better than addressing the pink elephant in the room.
- "And how’s Jamia?"
- "Great, she is baby training me with the twins."
- "That’s very nice of her"
- "Yeah, and the babies are the sweetest…"- Joey made a pause and sighed- "She is the only rooting for you."
- "I knew I liked her for a reason."
- "Frank keeps saying it’s because she has the hots for you."
- "She doesn’t"
- "She totally does"- and the young woman laughed at her own words. Matthew only smiled widely to hear her happy for a moment- "I was actually considering selling Frank a picture of you in underwear for her birthday."
- "Double the price, and we go halfsies"- Gubler answered and chuckled- "I can even pose like a french model."
- "Deal"- there was a silence between them that lasted a few minutes. Gubler didn’t know what to say, and Joey didn’t know either.
- "Are you sure you are not hungry?"- he asked, just to ask anything
- "Do you think I overreacted back there?"- she just spit it. She was scared she had exaggerated the whole deal, and now the guys were going to fire her. Gerard could. He definitely should after how she acted with him. He was, after all, the closest thing she had to a boss. They were all the people she worked for, not with.
- "No, Joey, you didn’t… I mean… I really don’t care how he acts with me ‘cos I know he is a mother fucker asshole in love with you."
Joey’s heart froze at those words. She widened her eyes and looked at Matthew. She had almost forgotten he had always said that about Gerard. And he was absolutely right.
- "I know it’s true. I don’t care what he says, he is crystal clear, but that’s not the point."
- "The point is, I totally yelled at him in front of everybody, told him I hated him and stormed out the room like a brat after I tried to spit on his face… thank you for stopping me, by the way."
- "You are very welcome"- Matthew sighed and looked at his hand- "You totally spit on me, though"- he joked and cleaned his hand on Joey’s sleeve.
- "Gross!!"- she argued and chuckled- "This is your hoodie, by the way"
- "Damn it!"- the two of them smiled and just walked around.
- "Maybe I could eat some pizza"- Joey whispered and pointed to a little restaurant in the next corner
- "Pizza it is."
Mikey looked at his clock as he stared at the ceiling in his room. It was eleven-thirty, no news from Joey. He was worried but didn’t want to call her, ‘cos after hearing Ray talking, he didn’t want to push her away. He didn’t want to make her feel like he was mad at her. He was just worried. Worried as fuck. Feared to lose her, to see her sad again. Worried she might leave forever.
A knock on the door made him jump from his bed and run to the answer. It was Gerard. He looked like shit. Mikey left the door open and let him in, walking back to his bed.
- "How are you?"- his question was pretty stupid considering Gerard’s puffy eyes.
- "I fucked it up, right?"
- "Yeah… but in your defense…"- Mikey stayed quiet and thought about his words- "Well…"
- "I know, it wasn’t the way to deal with him"
- "It definitely wasn’t… but I don’t think it was so bad on its own. I think when you mix this with all the stupid shit you’ve done to Joey."
- "I haven’t done anything"
- "But keep harassing her and telling her that you love her"- Gerard groaned, annoyed, and laid back on the bed, hiding his face under his hands.
- "But I love her"
- "Dude! You are mad if you think this shit is gonna work. She clearly loves him. I’m starting to think she is gonna forgive him though I don’t want her to. And you are fucking married. There is no way you can get anything with her."
- "But maybe..."
- "She doesn’t love you, Gerard!"- Mikey shouted- "She doesn’t! You never stood a chance! And now she hates you! You can’t even be her friend. After today, you can’t even fucking try! You dig your own grave!"
Gerard heard his younger brother’s words. He wasn’t even sugarcoating it. Maybe that way, Gee would understand. Maybe he was doing it ‘cos he loved him. Mikey was being tuff ‘cos he was also pretty tired of his brother’s attitude. Gerard wasn’t being rational. He was acting like an animal, with no clear thoughts, just based on his instincts.
- "And what do I do now?"- Way whispered, and Mikey sighed.
- "Start with apologizing and pray she doesn’t want to leave the band"- the singer wide opened his eyes. He hadn’t thought about that, but it was a serious chance. Maybe he had pushed her too far.
- "Do you think she can quit?"
- "I don’t know what can happen. She isn’t the kind of girl who can take these kinds of things very easily"
- "If she can forgive Matthew, she can forgive me"- Gerard thought out loud
- "She loves him, she hates you, you do the math."
- "But we are in the middle of a tour. She can’t leave like that."
- "I think the same, but it all depends on her."
- "What does Ray think of this?"
- "I haven’t talked to him"- Gerard grabbed his phone and dialed Toro’s number.
Ray frowned as he stared at the brothers. Mikey was lying on the bed, looking at his phone, waiting for a call or a text from Joey. Gerard was walking in circles in the room, rambling about making Joey stay in the band.
- "If she wants to leave, she can leave"- Toro said when there was finally silence in the room. Both Ways looked at him, shocked, but Ray just smiled- "Hey! It’s her fucking decision! Not ours!"
- "Do you want her to leave?!"- Mikey nearly yelled
- "No way! I love her in the band! I’m just saying if she decides something, we should respect her."
- "You keep saying the same shit! And you are not considering the fact she could make a mistake"- Gerard frowned and kept walking in circles.
- "Come on! She ain’t a baby! And she ain’t yours to take care of! She can manage herself pretty well, so stop it! You just don’t want her to leave, I can understand that! but just stop giving her reasons to do it!"- Ray didn’t know if Mikey was aware of how fuck up his brother was. And Mikey didn’t know if Ray knew Gerard had given her plenty of reasons to leave already.
- "She is not even here yet!"- Gerard was thinking to himself, but his friends could listen to him clearly- "I bet she already forgave him."
- "Still not your problem!"- Ray added, frustrated.
- "I love her! How can’t it be my problem!"- it felt so good to take it out of his chest, but Ray’s shocked face made Gerard realize he had said too much- "I mean, she is my friend, and…"
- "Oh come on!"- Mikey argued, sick of listening to his brother talking about his feelings- "You are in love with her, and it’s sick! Deal with it!"
- "And it’s not like you are making it hard to guess anyway"- Toro added- "Frank has been arguing you have feelings for her for months now."
- "And you told her your “feelings,” and she rejected you!"- Mikey said, making Ray insanely curious. He needed to know the details of that story.
- "What I feel is not your fucking business"- Gerard said defensibly.
- "It is if you are making this kind of show! Your wife will be here in a few days, so get your shit together and be professional for once!"- Ray argued and sighed- "I’m going to bed now, please try to leave that woman make her own desitions and her own life, and just focus on being good friends"- he said and waved- "And don’t fuck it up!"
The night was cold. The wind played with Joey’s hair as she stood outside her hotel, biting her lips, holding her backpack tight, and making her best not to look Matthew in the eyes as he stood in front of her, smiling. It all gave her the first date vibes. Like they hadn’t been down that path already.
- "Well… I better go. I’ve got another flight tomorrow"- she whispered, and he nodded.
- "Yes, you have to rest, you just played a kickass show"- he answered and smiled- "And our little bean must be exhausted with all the walking we just did."
- "Little bean is floating carelessly inside my tummy, making me crave for a brownie"- Matthew chuckled and opened his backpack.
- "I just have cashews"- and he handed her a paper bag. She couldn’t help but smile at him as she grabbed it and opened it in a second.
- "Your addiction coming in handy"- he chuckled and nodded.
- "I’ve got more if you want"- Matthew started looking in his backpack, but Joey stopped him.
- " Thanks, but these are enough for today"- they stayed in silence for a second, Joey staring at the bag, Matthew staring at her, caressing her skin with his eyes, looking at her eyes, her lips, her hair- "Are you going back home tomorrow?"- she asked and still didn’t dare to look at him in the eyes.
- "Not yet"- he whispered and bit his lips, wishing she wouldn’t ask him if he was going to keep on following her. A part of him wanted to keep it a secret surprise for one more show, at least. And a huge part of her was too scared to ask if she was going to see him at another show.
- "Well… take care"- she said and finally managed to stare into his eyes. It was a mistake, considering how badly she wanted to kiss him and how much she had to argue to herself to avoid doing it. And he was looking at her in adoration, with such love she felt she could melt like an ice cube under the July sun.
- "Remember to play the bean my tracks"- he said, and she nodded.
- "I surely will"
- "I don’t want the bean to forget about me."
- "That won’t happen, I promise"- they just stared in silence for a moment, Matthew almost leaning over to kiss her- "Ok, bye"- Joey waved and turned around.
- "Wait!"- Gubler held her hand and stopped her. He walked to her and wrapped his arms around her. She stood still, not moving an inch, as his warmth filled her skin under her clothes, and his lips pressed a kiss on the top of her head- "Take care"
- "You too"- she mumbled, words having trouble to leave her lips ‘cos his closeness was killing her- "Wait, I still I’ve got your hoodie"- she tried to move away from him to take it out, but Matthew looked at her and shook his head.
- "Keep it… please"- Joey had left all of Matthew’s clothing back in her apartment, ‘cos she didn’t want to carry anything that reminded her of him for the next month. Having his hoodie was against her own rules. Then why did it make her feel so happy?
- "Thanks"- she moved apart from him and watched his smile for one last time- "Good night Matthew Gray"- her words were a whisper that made him shiver. He loved the way his name sounded like coming from her lips.
- "Good night María Josefina."
The actor waited until Joey was out of her sight to walk away from the hotel. He headed it to his hotel, a few blocks away. Ignoring the whole problem with Gerard, he thought things had been pretty good after all. He really didn’t care about Way at all. He knew he would give him a hard time. He just didn’t want him to make Joey feel bad. Joey was all that mattered to him. Mikey and Frank could threaten to hit him, even fulfill their threats. He didn’t care. He even agreed with them. He deserved to pay. But Gerard? No, he didn’t have any right to get into that fight. Gerard was an asshole who needed to stay away from Joey. He was the one Matthew hated.
- “I don’t think I had ever hated someone as bad as I hate that son of a bitch”- but that didn’t matter at the moment, now Matthew had a bigger issue to tackle: Which was going to be the phrase in the banner he had to make for tomorrow’s show?.
There was a knock on Mikey’s door, minutes after Gerard had left. He groaned and walked to answer, to find Joey standing at the other side, with a shy smile on her lips, almost a sheepish look.
- "Are you mad at me?"- she whispered right away, and he opened his arms to hug her.
- "Never."
- "You swear? ‘cos I yelled at your brother I hate him in front of the whole band and tried to spit on his face"
- "He was out of place, and he deserved it"- Mikey whispered and kissed the top of her head. His touch felt so different from Matthew’s a few minutes ago. It almost made Joey feel guilty that her friend had kissed her head after the man she loved had done the same. Almost like she was cheating.
- "And are you mad Matthew was there?"- Mikey let her go and invited her in.
- "Are you ok with him being there?"
Joey stayed in silence, walking into the room, standing next to the bed instead of sitting down. She looked down at her hands and didn’t say anything. Ray’s words were starting to make sense to Mikey as he looked at her and thought she was going to start drifting away from him if he continued being an ass.
- "Bug, it’s ok. I am not gonna get mad at you… if you love him, if you want to be with him, I’m still gonna be your friend."
- "I just don’t know what I want"- she whispered and scratched her eyes, feeling tired and sleepy
- "Anything you want to talk about, I am here, and I swear I’m gonna be the best friend in the world, and I am not gonna judge you, I am not gonna freak out, and more than anything, I am just going to worry about your happiness, ok?"- Joey pouted at her friend and wrapped her arms around him.
- "I just don’t want you to be mad at me ‘cos you are my best friend."
- "I will never get mad at you Bug, you are my little sister, and I love you. I just want to take care of you."
- "I don’t like it when people try to take care of me. I know what I’m doing."
- "I know…"
- "But I’m gonna let it slide with you ‘cos you are my brother"- she said and chuckled against his shirt. Mikey kissed the top of her head again, and she chuckled- "Just don’t push me."
- "I won’t…"- Mikey chuckled and moved to look at her- "We are cheesy, though"
- "So fucking cheesy!!"- Joey chuckled and sighed, relieved- "Ok, now that I took that from my chest, I need to go to bed. I am so fucking tired."
- "Did you eat?"
- "Yeah, Gubler bought dinner"
- "And he also gave you his clothes apparently"- Mikey pointed her hoodie and noticed she blushed.
- "Yeah… I’ll still steal yours, you know"- he smiled and messed with her hair.
- "I’m counting on it. I actually had them washed"
- "Thank you so fucking much!!"
Mikey felt a little better after Joey left. She was worried he was mad at her when he was concerned about the same. She didn’t say a word about leaving the band. That was even better. And she didn’t look sad after being with Matthew. That was enough to let him sleep calmly that night.
Joey was weary. She kicked off her shoes and laid on the bed, closing her eyes. Matthew’s smell surrounding her made her smile and sigh. Yes, he had been romantic. Yes, she had butterflies in her stomach. Yes, she loved him. None of that took away the fact he was a cheater, but he was trying to make amends. That was undeniable. How much was he willing to try? And how much was enough for her to forgive her? Neither of that she knew, but it didn’t matter at the moment. For a few seconds, Joey allowed herself to be in love.
Before she drifted off in her sleep, she remembered Matthew asked her to play the songs he had put on the iPod for their baby. She didn’t want to move from that bed, but she was way too curious to know what was in it.
- "Hey Bean, we are gonna tell your dad you are the only one who listened to it, but mom is gonna sneak a little bit, ok?"- the young woman whispered to her tummy, feeling like a dork.
- "I’m gonna take that silence as a yes"- she put on a headphone and placed another on her belly.
- "Hey Bean!"- Matthew’s voice caught her breath as soon as the first track started- "It’s me! Your dad! I wanted to record these for you so you can remember my voice while you are away with your mommy, ok? Sorry, it’s not the most soothing voice you’ll ever hear, but I love you, so I guess it’ll have to do the trick"- Joey chuckled and closed her eyes, refusing to take out that hoodie, listening to Matthew’s voice, and drowning in his scent.
- "So let’s start with a bedtime story, I’ve got the feeling you are doing a lot of sleeping in there, so I’ll read you one of my favorites growing up"- Joey’s heart melt with each word recorded on that iPod
- "I promise when you are out of your mommy, I’m gonna reread it, and you’ll tell me if you like it, ok? Now, let’s get to business:"
“I am Sam. I am Sam. Sam-I-Am.
That Sam-I-Am! That Sam-I-Am! I do not like that Sam-I-Am!
Do you like green eggs and ham?
I do not like them, Sam-I-Am.
I do not like green eggs and ham.
Would you like them here or there?
I would not like them here or there.
I would not like them anywhere.
I do not like green eggs and ham.
I do not like them, Sam-I-Am.”
Slowly and softly, Matthew’s voice relaxed Joey like a sweet lullaby, and she fluttered her eyes until she fell asleep safe and sound as his reading continued reading Dr. Seuss's stories to their baby.
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raincoffeeandfandoms · a year ago
Near, far, wherever you are (James P. March x Reader)
Tumblr media
Warnings: Angst, AU!Story
words: 3.2.k
Dear readers, Titanic welcomes you aboard. Make yourselves comfortable, have a drink and enjoy the reading.
And fasten your life jackets, just in case.
“Titanic was called ‘the ship of dreams’.
And it was… it really was”
April 10, 1912.
Before the disaster, before the iceberg, everything was a dream. A luxurious dream sailing in the Atlantic Ocean with more than two thousands souls on board. From the richest people to the poorest ones, all of them going to America with different purposes and goals but in the same ship called Titanic.
James Patrick March was one of those first class passengers. "A new rich" some of them called him, but sincerely James didn't care. He knew he was smarter and probably with more money than those who dare to criticize him. Dressed with his best suit, James got on board. His stateroom had an exquisite decoration, the finest woods, sheets made of silk and a comfortable bed to sleep like an angel during the following nights until arrive at New York. His maid, a middle-aged woman called Ms. Evers, was organizing his things meanwhile he decided to go to the bow of the ship and watch it set sail. It was full of people saying goodbye to those who were on land. Everything was a mix of joyful screams, laughs and tears. Nobody knew that in a couple of days almost 70% of the passengers will be dead.
James was sitting in one of the benches enjoying the beautiful weather. He saw a young blonde guy from third class screaming something like "I'm the king of the world". That made him laugh. James couldn't deny he was happy and he had big expectations with that trip.
At the same time, a rich family was in their own staterooms ready to start the new adventure. The daughter of that family was ready so she decided to go alone to see the ship and her magnificence. She couldn't deny that the ship was amazing. On the bow of the Titanic, people were already enjoying the trip. The city was now a little thing in the distance. New York was nearer.
The blue ocean was hypnotic. She leaned her body to get a closer look at the water. Some dolphins were swimming next to the ship.
"You should be careful, milady" a voice said.
She turned out to see a young man near to her.
"No need to worry, sir"
"I'm not worried. It's just precaution. The Titanic was constructed to make history, you don't want to be the one appearing in the newspapers because you were who died here".
"Maybe that is my dream, how can you be so sure?"
"I'm not. I'm just guessing" he said "my name is James Patrick March, and who is the lady in front of me who wants to appear in the front page of the newspapers because of the Titanic?"
You said your name not without giggling at his words. You recognized James’ name because a man, one of the closest friends to your family, named someone called “March” who was going to travel on the ship. One of those cases of discrimination you saw daily in your life. You didn’t pay attention to the words of that man at that moment. But looking at him now, you knew why that idiot was trying to discredit James March; because he was an absolutely piece of art. You smiled at him.
"Beautiful name for a beautiful lady" he answered kissing your hand, looking you directly in the eyes “And, what are you doing in this majestic ship?”
“My family and I were going to enjoy New York. People said it's an amazing city and its citizens, too. Personally I want to visit the museums, walk by the galleries and visit the theatres. Everything sounds fantastic to me. And you?”
“It is, indeed” he said “Me? I'm going to a reunite with some business men, you know, work”
“Yes, I know. Maybe you would like to join my family one of these days, Mr. March. They are good people and they’re in the business world too. I'm sure they’d give you some advice or tips. Or just enjoy a nice chat”
“Thank you very much for the invitation, I appreciate it”
One of your maids appeared looking for you and you said goodbye to him.
“See you around, milady”.
Walking to your own stateroom you crossed paths with a rich woman and her daughter. The young lady with red hair seemed sad and angry at the same time. Behind them a young man, smiling arrogantly, was talking with an older one.
The first night in the Titanic was, in your opinion, amazing. The orchestra was outstanding, people were enjoying the music while they were eating the most incredible food. Some meters away James was sitting at the table with other men you didn’t know. You smiled at him and he did the same too.
After dinner you went outside to the night and the stars. Never in your life you contemplated the sky in that way. It was truly infinite.
The same ginger girl you saw earlier that ran past you. She was crying.
“I hope she's okay” said James appearing at your side.
“Yes, me too. How was your dinner, Mr. March?”
“Delicious. I expected nothing less from the Titanic. But called me James, please”
During the two following days, James and you talked a lot. With no business to attend and no places to go, except the restaurant, the gym or the deck; you spent the whole time together. He was smarter and more fascinating than you think at first. He told you about his life, his ideas and dreams. Walking in front of you, the young ginger woman was talking too with a poor boy. You smiled thinking that they look like Romeo and Juliet, because her family could never accept a boy like that in their family, it was a pity because they looked cute.
“Are you here?” James asked.
“What? Yes, sorry. I was thinking about those two” you said “and how the high society doesn’t accept people like him. When she is with him it's the only part of the day that she's happy. Why sacrifice their daughter’s happiness for money?”
“Because the world it's not a fair place. And because her mother is a shitty person”
“Amen to that”
“Your family is the same? I mean, they discriminate against people because of their money?”
“No. At least not in front of me. Why?”
“Because, you know, I'm a millionaire now, but years ago I wasn’t. Do you think they could accept talking to me?”
“Of course! They have no problem! I can't say the same about their friends, but my family is not like them” you said.
“Even if I am interested in you?”
Your heart stopped. You weren’t sure if you listened to that or not. You looked at him and you saw that James was talking seriously. When you asked, he confirmed that he wasn’t joking. You remained in silence for a couple of minutes and James started to believe that he didn’t read you well.
“I'm sorry” he said “It wasn’t my intention to offend you”
In one quick movement, you touched his lips with yours, “No need to sorry” you said smiling at him. James put one of your hands in the back of your neck, to kiss you properly. The Titanic continued on course to America, and in the meantime, you kissed each other; forgetting where you were.
If in the previous two days you spent your time talking, the following two you spent your time kissing. Against a wall, near the bow, sitting in one of the benches, at the restaurant… even under the water in the pool. And when you weren’t kissing, people could see you walking on the deck holding hands or him behind you hugging you waist, both contemplating the Ocean. Your family knew it, Cupid had shot his arrow and there was nothing that could be done against that.
The evening of April 14, James was sitting at one of the tables in the restaurant. He was talking to your family about business. Fortunately, they were open enough to accept “a new rich” between them and James seemed very gratefully about that. Men preferred to drink an Irish coffee; you and the other women chose tea. The pastries that the Titanic had were the best you ever taste.
The slightest looks that James made at you, didn't go unnoticed by you. But you couldn’t say anything there. Women couldn’t talk about men's business or that was what they taught to you. But James was teasing you between smile and smile, so you decided to play his game. You took off one of your shoes and first you touched his knee with one of your foot, under the table. Then, slowly you guided it to his crotch, where you moved your foot up and down touching his member. He tensed at the contact. You noticed how James was trying to continue his conversation about charcoal and also how he tried to dissimulate a groan with a cough.
“Faster” he said, not looking at you, but at the men of your family. But you knew he was talking to you, “faster than we think, the world could discover a new kind of fuel”
You smiled behind your cup of tea. You were moving your foot really fast now. You saw when he grabbed the edge of the table in the exact moment he cum. You could see sweat droplets on his forehead meanwhile he tried to pay attention to the other men who were laughing really hard about God knew what. You put on your shoe again and you pretend that nothing happened. You never saw so many lust in a gaze like the one James was giving to you.
Later that night, he found you on the deck of the ship. The night was really cold and surprisingly calm.
“You're a bad, bad girl” he said purring towards your ear. You felt his lips on your neck and his hands on your dress grabbing your thighs “You don’t know in the trouble you are now, darling”.
“I think I know. I want…” but you couldn’t finish the phrase “oh my god…”
“What do you want?” he asked but then he looked in the same direction as you were looking at “Hell…”
The iceberg. And a second later, the impact. James protected you with his body. Big pieces of ice fell near you. You watched how the blonde guy and the ginger girl were there too, the same young couple you saw during those days. They ran. You and James did the same.
“James! James!” you called him “What happened!”
“I don’t know, but I don’t like it a bit, darling. Stay with me” he said and you nodded.
Inside the Titanic people were asking the crew what that noise was, the answer was always the same “Nothing to worry about. Do you want champagne?” James and you knew the reality was different.
An hour later, it was obvious that the damage the iceberg did to the Titanic was fatal. The ship, before calm, now was in chaos. Both of you ran to the staterooms where one of the members of the crew gave you life jackets. It was ridiculous, you were on vacation. You didn’t want to die there in the middle of the ocean.
“They’re preparing the lifeboats” he said “This is the end”
“It can’t be. Probably there are ships near, they are going to save us”
“I don’t know. It can take hours to came here”
“You are being pessimistic, James”
“I'm being realistic, love”
“So, we’re going to die. Great” you said looking around “I imagine my death, but not like these”
“Because you are not going to die here. A rich young woman? You had your ticket direct to one of the boats the moment your first foot touched this ship” he said.
“My foot” you grinned, “Did you enjoy my foot, James?”
“It's a pity I'm going to die in about an hour or two, because that mean I can't return you the favor”
“You know what? Come with me” you said grabbing his hand. You walked through the crowd. Every minute more and more people were there. Kids and women were crying, men were trying to calm them but without success.
You arrived at James' stateroom. He opened the door and both of you entered there. He was looking at you with curiosity when you started to unbutton first your coat and then your dress.
“It's not the best time, you know?”
“It's the best moment” you said with your arms around his neck “Make me yours, James. Take me as if you are going to die in the next hour”
His fingertips were caressing your cheek, his eyes were on your lips “You're right… Having sex it's the best way to die”
James kissed you and you did the same. When his tongue touched yours and he gave you the most passionate and hot kiss ever, you lost the reason. Outside the stateroom you could hear people screaming but you didn’t care at that moment. You unbutton his pants, his cock was ready for you but he wasn’t to give you what you wanted that easily. No matter you were in the middle of the ocean near to your own death. You played with him and now he wanted to play with you. Because he was James Patrick March, after all.
You hated more than ever the stupid corset, it was in the middle of you and him. If he didn’t want to give you pleasure yet, at least you wanted to feel his hands against you. James finally could untie it. You were on his bed and he was on top of you.
“If we had more time, I swear I'd make you want me more” he said, making you open your legs “If more is possible because, darling, I didn’t touch you yet and you are more wet than this ship”
James went down and his tongue, that a moment before was in your mouth now was touching your clit. You moaned at the contact. First was slow, very slow. He was imitating the movements you did to him that evening. He was fucking you with his tongue.
“James, please…” you begged, feeling you were near to cum “faster”.
“As my queen commands” he said, increasing his speed.
A loud groan escaped from your mouth when your first orgasm came. You felt your legs weak and you were trying to catch your breath, but James was just starting.
“Do you want more?” he asked. This time you could feel his cock near to your sex but each time you tried to get more contact, he denied it. Watching you needy was fascinating for him. In another time, in another life, maybe in a hotel he could play the game much longer. But time was something that James didn’t have right there.
“I want more” you said and that was enough for him.
Both of you moaned at the same time when he finally pushed his dick into you. James leaned towards you and placed kisses on your neck. Your nails were digging on his back.
“If we survive” he mumbled on your ear “I swear… I swear we’ll have to repeat this in a safer place. God, darling, I waited for someone like you for a long time”
“If we survive, I promise you we can do this in every free moment we’ll have. I like you, James, a lot.”
You kissed him on the lips sealing the promise. James started thrusting into you with a quick pace now, his own body was screaming him to do it. For a second time an orgasm filled your body but this time you said his name. He did the same seconds later. James lay on the top of you trying to catch his breath for some moments. You were stroking his hair, feeling him, smelling his perfume. He was incredible, you refused the idea to die after that.
“Water, James…” you warned.
He looked at the floor and he saw it too. Water was filling the stateroom. “Time to go, my love”
You dressed up quickly. The frozen water woke you up and you trusted in your survival instinct “you have to live”. James was ready to do the same. You could see some boats already on the distance, maybe your family was there. You wished that.
“Sit in the next boat!” James ordered you. “Do it!”
“No! We can go out of here together”
“No, we can't. You know that. I'll try to get the next one. I promise you”
‘Women and children first!’ was saying a man, calling near the boat. A lot of ladies crying were getting aboard. James was hugging you.
“Do it, please. I'll be okay, really. And if not… you gave me a beautiful last night. Don’t forget that”
James put his arms around you and he kissed you one more time. You could hear the orchestra playing music despite people running, crying and screaming around them. Desperation, fear, rage, sadness… all negative feelings aboard the Titanic but between you two: hope and the beginning of love.
Your boat was far from the Titanic. After the kiss you didn’t want to see anything else, James helped you to sit and you touched his hand one last time.
Even in the distance you could hear the screams. The sight was horrendous, distressing. The Titanic split in half. The lights flickering and then, the absolutely darkness. That was the first time you cried. Thinking in your family, in James, even in that young couple… All the people in your boat were in the same situation. Probably in all the others too.
One of the halves sank rapidly. Your memories travelled to that place were you and James kissed for the first time. The other half followed seconds later.
The ship that ‘not even God could sink’ was gone forever.
The Carpathia arrived at the sunrise. The captain and his men rescued you and a bit more than seven hundred people. They gave you a blanket and a hot drink, you thanked them. But you didn’t want to talk or even think. In silence, watching the sky you felt your tears running down your face.
“If you continue crying, I'll cry too”
You gasped and you dropped your drink when you heard him. You turned to see him and you didn’t know if he was real or part of your imagination. But he seemed very real.
“James…” you couldn’t help but cry again. He hugged you and you buried your face on his chest. He was cold, wet and only dressed with a thin shirt and pants, but alive and at your side. James kissed you and you kissed him back.
“It me, darling. Like I promised you”
“How do you… how?” you wanted to know.
“I was one of the six people that one of the boats rescued. I don’t know how I survive because I was near death… but not. I'm here. The ginger girl survived too, he was in the same boat as me…. The guy didn’t have the same luck”
“It was horrible, James… I think I was the only one… my family I know they didn’t…” you couldn’t continue. But James didn’t need to know anything else.
The Carpathia arrived in America on April 18. James held your hand and you rested your head on his shoulder. You and him together until the end of the time.
Maybe God could sink the Titanic, the ship of dreams, but with you two; he could never do it.
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inevitably-johnlocked · a year ago
Do you know any good movie aus? Not as in they're actors, but fics written based on movie plots?
Hey Nonny!!
OHHHH! This is fantastic! Because I actually have ANOTHER ask looking for crossovers too, and the list is HUGE. So I’ve used this opportunity to split the list up into two. This one here is for my MFL list, and if anyone has any of their own to suggest, please add them to this list! 
So, check out Below!
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Crossovers and Fusions Pt 1
Two More Miracles by PatPrecieux (T, 221 w., 1 Ch. || Good Omens Crossover || Angst With Happy Ending, 221B Ficlet, Temporary Character Death) – Tragedy and miracles go hand in hand.
Here, Though the World Explode, These Two Survive by TheTyger (G, 1,194 w., 2 Ch. || Good Omens Crossover || Post-TRF, Ineffable Husbands, Fluff, Reunion, Rings, Hurt/Comfort) – Tomorrow, it would be three years from that day. Three years with no rude text messages, no experiments being conducted while London slept, no body parts in the fridge. And John still sometimes caught himself buying extra milk and looking for cases and making two coffees.
Just the Book by Carenejeans (G, 1,495 w., 1 Ch. || Good Omens Crossover || Humour, Aziraphale’s Bookshop) – John's looking for a book. It's Aziraphale's bookshop, but Crowley provides customer service.
The Case of the Missing.... by Beth H (G, 2,601 w., 1 Ch. || Sherlock Crossover || Case Fic) – Crowley has gone missing, and Aziraphale hasn't a clue how to go about finding him. Luckily, help comes from above...or rather, from the side.
The Curious Case of the Missing Antichrist by Aedemiel (G, 2,865 w., 1 Ch. || Sherlock Crossover || Vignette, Case Fic, Desperation, Bad Ideas) – What if Aziraphale and Crowley had consulted the great consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes, about finding Adam Young?
Eye of the Storm by Calais_Reno (G, 2,996 w., 1 Ch. || The Day After Tomorrow AU || Survival, Cold Weather, Boy Scout John, No Major Character Death) – Weather has become the fifth horseman of the apocalypse.
Nice and Accurate Deductions by htebazytook (T, 3,179 w., 1 Ch. || Good Omens Crossover || Romance, Humour, Fluff) – Sherlock drags John to a certain bookshop in Soho.
Snake In The Flat by PatPrecieux (T, 3,293 w., 1 Ch. || Good Omens Crossover || Magical Realism, Fluff, Humour, Ineffable Husbands) – There can be a snake in the grass, snakes on a plane and now there's a snake in the flat.
The Picture of Sherlock Holmes by CarmillaCarmine (M, 3,306 w., 1 Ch. || Victorian Dorian Gray AU || Angst, Paris, London, Travel, Painting, Major Character Death, Opera, Captain John, First Meetings) – Sherlock Holmes, a rich and frivolous man, after a lifetime of debauchery finally falls in love. His heart chooses Captain Watson.
The Old Town by a_different_equation (T, 3,573 w., 1 Ch. || Hans Christian Anderson Fusion || Magical Realism, Christmas, Fairy Tale Elements, Love Stories, Fluff, Friends to Lovers, Museums, Sweet Sherlock) – Once upon a time there were two boys. This is the story how once upon December, they found the missing Christmas Spirit, true love and new beginnings. A Queer fairytale for all seasons.
Holmes vs. Harkness by coinin (T, 3,960 w., 1 Ch. || Torchwood / HHGTTG Fusion || Crack, Mystrade) – In which Captain Jack gets in a little over his head and is introduced to the myriad joys of bureaucracy, Mycroft is smug, the Guide offers up some helpful advice, John Watson doesn't share, and, in a strange turn of events, Jack doesn't get laid even once.
Perfect by TrufflesTheMushroom (T, 3,984 w., 1 Ch. || Good Omens Crossover || The Apocalypse) – Crowley and Aziraphale have made a huge mistake. It's the end of the world and it all boils down to one fight. Crowley has picked John Watson. Aziraphale has picked Sherlock Holmes.
Limbo by Calais_Reno (T, 4,070 w., 1 Ch. || Good Omens Crossover || Waiting Rooms, Ineffable Bureaucracy, Paperwork, Explosions, Apocalypse, Second Chances, Declarations of Love, Nobody Dies) – Ordinarily Sherlock would be quite impatient by now with all this pointless waiting (for what?), but at the moment he feels as if he has all the time in the world.
The Baker Street Flat by Anonymous (PG-13, 5,000-20,000 w., 7 Parts || Lake House Crossover || Angst, Romance, LIVEJOURNAL Comments Fic) – John’s pretty sure it’s a sign of mental imbalance — of which he has been all too frequently accused of late — that he is actually entertaining the possibility that he is communicating with a total stranger two years in the future via the magic mail slot on the door of his new flat. He certainly won’t be mentioning this at next week’s session. On his way out the door to interview for a part-time position at a local surgery, another meeting where he has no intention of mentioning his most recent hobby, he drops a fairly sarcastic note: If you’re really from 2012, is the world about to end?
In the Shadows by Laur (M, 5,029 w., 1 Ch. || Loose Shutter Island Fusion || Disturbing Imagery, Psychological, Angst, Major Character Death, Grief/Trauma) – Do you believe in ghosts? When Sherlock’s eyes snap to him they are anguished.
come be my april fool by a_different_equation (M, 6,473 w., 1 Ch. || Great British Bake Off AU || Writer!Sherlock, Est. Rel., Fluff / Humour, Baking, Marriage Proposal, Military Kink, Domestics, POV John, Romance, Sherlock Wears Glasses, Sweet Sherlock, Bookstores, Queer Themes) – After leaving ‘The Great British Bake Off’, Sue Perkins has written a book about Victorian baking. Tonight, on April 1st, she is reading at ‘The Bard’, Mike Stamford’s bookstore in central London. It is the exact same spot where John Watson, battered and bruised, had learned all about his magnificent bastard – one Mr. Sherlock Holmes, famous gay crime fiction writer – for the first time. A story about found family, DRAMAtical lesbians, how to react when your boyfriend has a military kink but he doesn't want to act on it, oh, and popping the question. Sequel to 'i read your book, you magnificent bastard'. Part 2 of Magnificent Bastard!AU
The Babadook by CatieBrie (T, 6,886 w., 1 Ch. || Babadook Fusion || Post-TRF, Horror, Demonic Possession, Violence, Halloween, Grief, Angst with Happy Ending) – “A children’s book,” John mutters as he flips it open. The pages are scrawled with beautiful charcoal lines and thick black ink. The cover, bright red, edges the open pages and something tugs at the back of John’s brain. It’s a familiar feeling, black and tarrish and thick in his thoughts. He shakes it off and picks the book up off his bed, turning so that he can sit on the edge and spread the book out across his knees. If it’s in a word or it’s in a look, you can’t get rid of the Babadook. He turns the page, ignoring the pressure building beneath his chest. There’s a closet on one page; paper doors meant to be opened by the reader flutter as John reads the text on the other page.
What To Do With An Atypical Animal Within by HarveyDangerfield  & swimsalot (E, 7,804 w. || Harry Potter AU || Animagus, Porn With A Little Plot, Tail Porn) – Sherlock is determined to be an animagus. But what happens when it isn't a fox or a horse or a dog he's turning into?
The Lonely by elwinglyre (E, 7,888 w., 1 Ch. || Twilight Zone AU || Major Character Death, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Firsts, Sad Ending) – Witness if you will a distant planet with a dungeon made of desert sand and mountain stone. This planet holds one inmate, a man wrongly accused, serving a life sentence. His only solace, his notebook and the thought of the day when the supply ship brings him a pardon. Instead, salvation comes to John Watson in a large box and a visitor from The Twilight Zone.
Friend by esama (G, 7,909 w., 1 Ch. || Harry Potter Crossover || Character Death, Kid Fic) – Sherlock finds the skull when he's five.
Spell It Out by prettysailorsoldier (M, 8,344 w., 1 Ch. || Harry Potter Fusion || Teenlock, Christmas, Love Potion/Spell, Pining Sherlock) – Remaining at Hogwarts over break has become something of a tradition for Sherlock and John, staying behind together ever since their very first year, but, when Irene throws a gift of doctored coconut ice into the mix, plans quickly change, even if John doesn't. Part 6 of 25 Days of Johnlock
The Long Goodbye by elbereth (M, 8,367 w., 1 Ch. || Time Traveller’s Wife AU || Doomed Timelines, Time Travel) – Sherlock travels in time. The ending is known even before they meet, yet they choose to live this love. One of them knows the past, one of them knows the future, yet their deepest secret is safe from each other. Limited time, but unlimited love.
Sugar & Spice by Ttime42 (T, 8,476 w., 1 Ch. || Great British Bake Off AU || First Kiss, Baking) – Sherlock Holmes and John Watson compete on The Great British Bake Off.
Pygmalion by ancientreader (T, 9,136 w., 2, Ch. || Pygmalion AU || Magical Realism) – The spell to turn a statue into an animate being has been illegal in the UK for a hundred and seventy years when the -- body? -- is found on Hampstead Heath. It changes everything.
Am I the Current (Tiger) King of England? by Dee_Laundry (T, 9,360 w., 1 Ch. || Tiger King Fusion || Post-S4, Dreams, Friendship, John’s Sexuality, Sherlock’s Sexuality, Quarantine/CoVID-19, Past Character Death, Mentions of Violence, Mentions of Dom/Sub, First Kiss) – “I had the weirdest dream last night,” John said. Seven times.
I Could Try by Arcwin (T, 9,583 w., 5 Ch. || Greek Mythology Crossover || Post-TRF, Orpheus and Eurydice Myth, POV John, Pining John, BAMF John, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, Horror, Angst with Happy Ending) – John is grieving Sherlock's death post Reichenbach until one day, he sees the violin case, and something inside him tells him to pick it up. Crossover between BBC Sherlock and the Greek tragedy Orpehus and Eurydice, wherein Eurydice is killed for her beauty and taken to the Underworld. Orpheus, being the son of Apollo (the God of Music and Medicine) travels to the Underworld to convince (via playing his lyre) Hades and Persephone to let Eurydice go. Orpheus then must travel with Eurydice behind him, not looking back, until they exit to the land of the living.
Puzzlebox by  standbygo (E, 9,867 w., 5 Ch. || Hellraiser Fusion || True Love, Supernatural Elements, Psychological Horror, First Kiss, Post S2, Angst with Happy Ending) – A love story with horror. A horror story with a happy ending.
you are a paradigm by 1electricpirate (M, 10,013 w. || Harry Potter AU || Wizard!John / Muggle!Sherlock, Magic) – Sometimes, only sometimes, when Sherlock is very far away and absolutely guaranteed not to return for at least three hours, John sits on the sofa and lets the tea make itself. In which John is (reluctantly) a wizard, Mycroft is (apparently) omniscient, and Sherlock is (surprisingly) oblivious. Part 1 of More Things Than Are Dreamt Of
Already Gone by johnwatso (M, 10,078 w., 8 Ch. || Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Fusion || Non-Linear Narrative, Memory Loss, Ambiguous / Open Ending) – Dear Mr Greg Lestrade,  Sherlock Holmes has had John Watson erased from his memory. Please never mention their relationship to him again. Thank you, Lacuna Inc.
A Real Deal by toyhto (M, 10,339 w., 1 Ch. || Black Mirror-Inspired ||  Science Fiction, Post-TRF, Canon Divergence) –  Please be real, he thought and pulled Sherlock closer.
You Don't Need Wings to Fly by Laiquilasse (T, 11,326 w., 11 Ch. || Wonderful Life AU || Bullying, Angels, Suicidal Ideation, Christmas) – John, an angel, is sent from Heaven to help a desperate Sherlock Holmes by showing him what life would have been like if he had never existed.
Backup Copies by etothepii (M, 13,332 w., 3 Ch. || Dollhouse Crossover || Major Character Death) – When John dies, Sherlock doesn't know what to do. But Mycroft does.
Silent Night by khorazir (M, 15,060 w., 1 Ch. || Codebreaker / WWII / Imitation Game-Inspired AU || Care Fic, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Dev. Rel., Reunion, PTSD John, Christmas) – It’s Christmas Eve 1944, and Sherlock Holmes has received his most precious gift already: after a long, dangerous deployment, Surgeon Captain John Watson of the Royal Navy has unexpectedly returned from the front. As if this weren’t enough, there’s a case. Both events make for a night full of promise, excitement, and the difficult task of getting reacquainted with the man Sherlock hasn’t seen in three years and feared he’d lost forever. Part 2 of Enigma
In Arduis Fidelis by Raliena (T, 18,628 w., 10 Ch. || GI Joe Crossover || Captivity, Surgery, BAMF John, John “Three Continents” Watson, POV John Watson, Prisoner of War, Cobra - Freeform, soldier John, John-centric, Doctor John Watson, John is a Very Good Doctor, Violence) – Once upon a time John was a Soldier and a Doctor. And he was known John or Doc or Doctor. But things change. And he *earned* his right to the name “Three Continents Watson”. Part 1 of the Three Continents Watson series
Serendipity by Calais_Reno (T, 18,222 w., 3 Ch. || Serendipity Fusion || Christmas, Romance, Coincidences, First Meetings, Misunderstandings, New York City, Fate and Destiny) – A bit of New York Christmas fluff, based on the 2001 movie.
Magnificent by esama (T, 19,477 w., 1 Ch. || Harry Potter Crossover || Crossover Pairing) – The birth of the Ministry of Magic and his relationship with the British Government.
Much Ado About Nothing or Get Over Here and Kiss Me Already! by MorganeUK (NR, 19,847 w., 13 Ch. || Much Ado About Nothing AU || Mutual Pining, Angst, Lestrolly) – AU in modern time where the Holmes' are a powerful noble family, Mycroft is the chief of defences and Sherlock is working for secret service. Lestrade is a high rank officer in the army. Ms Hudson is an old Lady that took care of her niece and nephew Molly and John since their youth. Part 1 of the Sherlock / Shakespeare series
Dead Letter Office by a_different_equation (M, 20,364 w., 15 Ch. || ‘Bartleby’ Fusion / Office Setting AU || Different First Meeting, Epistolary, John's Blog, Angst with a Happy Ending, Pre-Canon, John Watson is Sherlock's Boss, PTSD John, Military Backstory, Writer John, Drug Use, Texting) – John Watson comes home from the war, gets a new job and meets Sherlock Holmes through Mike Stamford. Same tale since 1891, except this time it’s 2008, John is Sherlock’s boss, and they work together at the Dead Letter Office in London. It's not a love story, until it finally is.
When John Met Sherlock by MorganeUK (T, 21,293 w., 10 Ch. || When Harry Met Sally AU || Friendship, Friends to Lovers, Developing Relationship, Faking It, Mutual Pining, Background Lestrolly, Fluff and Smut, Rom-Com) – At first they thought that friendship was impossible. Then meet again and become friends. After dinners, texts, cases and discussions they become more, best friends. Faking orgasm before falling on the floor together to get real one... Then going back to pushing each other away again... Before falling in love!But not necessarily in this order.
You're The One by Mazarin221b (E, 21,768 + w. || WiP || Underage Dirty Dancing Fusion ||  Period Typical Homophobia, Sexism, Angst, Fluff) – John Watson is seventeen years old and has his life planned out: medical school, a commission, and an opportunity to change the world. He just has to get through three weeks at The Copper Beeches - a resort owned by one of his father's patients - with his annoying sister and his perfect parents before he's off to Cambridge. But John has a secret he's trying desperately to keep, and, it seems, so is just about everyone around him, including the incredibly gorgeous and amazing dance teacher, Sherlock Holmes, and his partner Irene Adler. Too bad Jim Moriarty seems to know precisely what everyone is hiding.
Into the Multiverse by AnAnYaH (M, 21,958 w., 18 Ch. || Avengers / Sherlock / Dr. Strange Crossover || Multiverses, Everstrange, Parentlock / Teenage Rosie, Sad Sherlock, Angry Sherlock, Sherlock/John Fight, Magic, Strange John, First Kiss, Whipping, Graphic Depictions of Violence, Threats of Rape / Non-Con, Mental Anguish, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Heavy Angst with Happy Ending) – Nothing lasts forever. I am beginning to think it's the same for you and me. In a world where we don't co-exist how long will it take to finally break us ? Or are we already broken in need of a fix ?A multi-chapter fic where Sherlock and John had to leave their lives to save the world from universal threats and pursue as Doctor Strange and Everett Ross.Will they ever reunite? Part 1 of the Everstrange series
Addicted to a Certain Lifestyle by KatsatheGraceling (M, 22,751 w., 1 Ch. || James Bond Crossover || Bondlock, BAMF John, Assassin John, Q is a Holmes, Clueless Sherlock, Omniscient Mycroft) – The one where John is a BAMF assassin. With an affinity for cuddly warm jumpers.
Impossible Improbable Truth by KaraRenee (M, 24,308 w., 9 Ch. || Labyrinth AU) – John and Sherlock take a case investigating the disappearance of a teenage girl and her toddler half brother. What they find is an impossible adventure that leads them on a journey of discovery of their sexuality.
The Art Of Seduction: A Study In Pulling by flawedamythyst (M, 25,279 w., 1 Ch. || Queer As Folk Inspired AU || John/OMC, Additional Tags to Be Added Upon Reading) – Sherlock ran a website called The Science Of Seduction, on which he gave advice on the best ways to get laid, wrote blog entries detailing the results of his various sexual 'experiments' and generally contributed to the stereotype of 'every gay man is a sex-mad playboy'. John avoided the thing like the plague. AU in which Sherlock treats sex like he does crime in canon. Inspired by Queer As Folk UK, but it very quickly went its own way. Part 1 of The Art Of Seduction
False Advertising by ravenscar (E, 27,722 w. || Office AU / Devil Wears Prada Inspired || Victor Trevor, Flashbacks, Hurt / Comfort, Angst with Happy Ending, Younger John/Older Sherlock, Marriage Proposal) – Sherlock is John’s boss and mentor at an advertising agency. Can they find love in the cut-throat workplace?
A Wizarding Barista's Field Guide to Seducing a Muggle by paradigmfinch (T, 29,344 w., 9 Ch || Harry Potter Coffee Shop AU || Wizard John, Muggle Sherlock, Bisexual John, Flirting, First Dates, Secret Identity) – To help pay for Healing tuition, John Watson gets a job at a coffee shop in Muggle London, where he soon sets his sights on a particularly gorgeous customer. John's seen plenty of Muggle films. How different can it really be to woo a Muggle?
Time Of My Life by fiveainley_ohmy (E, 29,719 w., 8 Ch. || Dirty Dancing Fusion || Bisexual John, Dancing, Gay/Demi Sherlock) – John Watson takes his alcoholic sister to a summer camp in attempt to rehabilitate her. He didn't expect to fall in love with the dance instructor.
Through Dangers Untold by hogwartswitch (E, 32,003 w., 13 Ch. || Labyrinth AU) – The Goblin King has fallen in love with John Watson and visits him in dreams. But the evil wizard who cursed the Goblin King cannot allow that to continue. Will John survive the labyrinth? Or will he become a lost goblin like all the rest?
Unsettled by AxeMeAboutAxinomancy (E, 33,879 w., 10 Ch. || HIs Dark Materials AU || Daemons, Dark Themes, Non-Con) – Sherlock's dæmon hadn't settled. Once John realised that, so much made sense. Though so much else didn't, because it practically wasn't possible. Part 1 of the The Utmost Edge of Hazard series
The Last Companion by standbygo (E, 34,101 w., 14 Ch. || Firefly Fusion || Prostitution, Case Fic, Falling in Love, Angst with Happy Ending, Slow Burn, BAMF John, Discussions of Non Con But Doesn’t Happen) – Thirty years after the Miranda Wars, there is peace, both on the Rim and the Core planets. There are a number of old social mores still in place, such as the Order of Companions, but there is a sense that even such respected practices are coming to an end… Sherlock is a Companion - the best Companion on Persephone. With a bit of detective work on the side, of course. Then he meets a man named John Watson, encounters a series of bizarre cases, and finds his world is getting turned upside down.
The Great Bakerstreet Bake Off by Elphen (M, 38,058 w., 8 Ch. || Great British Bake Off AU || Caring Sherlock, Sweet John, Fluff, Baking, Accidental Touching, Pining, BJ’s, Banter and Bickering, Oblivious Characters) – John has decided to watch The Great British Bake Off this year and he is determined to do so. As Sherlock joins him, he is certain that that plan is ruined. He's in for a surprise when he's allowed to watch it but the real shock comes when Sherlock decides they ought to bake themselves. What's more, they should bake what they make in the Bake Off. John's not so sure it's a good idea but when his insides flutter at the thought, he finds it hard to complain.
Toe to Toe by standbygo (E, 44,971 w., 26 Ch. || White Nights Crossover || Ballet/Dance, Slow Burn, Spies/Secret Agents, Angst with Happy Ending, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, First Kiss/Time, Shower Sex) – Sherlock Holmes is an international ballet star. After a favour for his brother goes south, he finds himself trapped in a foreign country, with a man named John Watson who could be an enemy... or an ally.
Silence by halloa_what_is_this (T, 44,993 w., 13 Ch. || The Piano Fusion || Victorian Sherlock, Dub Con, Voyeurism, Permanent Mutilation, Johniarty, Mute John) – In 1850, John is a mute young man forced to marry to save his father from indebtedness. His sister as his interpreter and his piano to keep him company, he travels to London to live with his husband James Moriarty. Without John's consent, James sells the piano to his friend Sherlock Holmes, who only asks for lessons from John in return. The lessons turn into a power play between the two when Sherlock proposes a deal: John may earn his piano back one key at a time, certain conditions attached. Part 1 of the Aborted Wings series
Crime is of the Essence by K8BNimble (M, 45,569 w., 18 Ch. || Harry Potter Crossover || Mystery, Slash) – When a man he hasn’t seen in almost ten years appears in his home with a man he thought was dead for twenty years, Harry Potter knew his evening had just gotten complicated. Written for Snarry Swap 2011. Named Hot Rec by "The Daily Snitch"1/18/2011. Snarry, past Harry/Sherlock. Long plotty mystery with light graphic slash sex.
Always 1895 by standbygo (E, 45,901 w., 19 Ch. || Oxford Time Travel AU || Time Travel, Friends to Lovers, Case Fic, Victorian, Period-Typical Homophobia, Pining, First Kiss/Time, First Meetings, Slow Burn, Angst With Happy Ending) – Time travelling historian John Watson goes to Victorian era England to study, and meets detective Sherlock Holmes. He finds himself torn between the work he was sent to do, the exciting life of solving crimes, and the extraordinary Holmes himself.
Curled (A Tangled AU) by crimsonwinter (G, 46,330 w., 13 Ch. || Tangled AU || Alternating POV) – Sherlock lives a limited life, high in a tower, and all he's wanted in eighteen years of isolation is to someday break free and see the floating lights. Somehow, a string of events leads him to John Watson, a surprisingly kind thief who steals his heart. Will they escape the selfish advances of Moriarty, Sherlock's paternal guardian, and will Sherlock find the meaning behind the silver lanterns?
The Boy Who Balanced on the Train Tracks by SinceWhenDoYouCallMe_John (E, 54,894 w., 5 Ch. || Harry Potter Crossover || John/Snape, Period Typical Homophobia, Character Death, Underage Sexual Attraction, Sexual Awakening, Time Turner, First Time, Poverty, Domestic Abuse, Death Eaters, Canon-Typical Violence, Angst with Happy / Bittersweet Ending) – Every year, on the 2nd of May, John Watson dreams of long black hair.
Say You’ll Stay With Me by justacookieofacumberbatch (E, 63,349 w., 21 Ch. || Pretty Woman Fusion || Prostitution) – It was just supposed to be an ordinary business trip, but when John’s car stalls out on Hollywood Boulevard, he meets someone who just might change his life.
Whispers in Corners by esama (T, 64,402 w., 10 Ch. || Harry Potter Crossover || Deathly Hallows, Crossover Pairing) – Everything started with a stumble - his new life in a new world as well as his surprisingly successful career as a medium.
Masters of Ink by Indybaggins (E, 67,382 w., 7 Ch. || Ink Master Tattoo TV Show AU || Angst, Banter, Body Modification, Cheating, Desire, Developing Relationship, Disability, Falling in Love, Feels, Happy Ending, Hurt/Comfort, Kissing, Married John, Past Drug Addiction, Pining, Requited Love, Sex, Slow Burn, Smoking, Tattoo Artist John, Tattoo Artist Sherlock) – First-meeting-on-a-reality-show AU, Ink Master edition! There is expert tattooing, slightly less expert flirting, and two men falling hard. But John is married, and they can’t all win.
The Craving in Between by love_in_mind_palace (E, 69,349 w., 16 Ch. || Wedding Planner AU || Infidelity, Romance, Angst with Happy Ending, Misunderstandings, Sexting & Texting, Alternating POV, Mary is Not Nice) – Sherlock Holmes, The wedding Consultant. Picky about his projects and a nightmare to work with. Rejects ninety percent of the couples after just having a look at them and can predict how long a marriage will last. But when unassuming, plain, John Watson reluctantly limps his way in his office, with his more than enthusiastic fiancée, Mary Morstan, instead of dismissing the ill-assorted couple on the spot, he promptly decides that the project, and the groom.. are definitely worth working on.
The Loss of Flesh and Soul by deuxexmycroft (M, 69,712 w., 6/8 Ch. || WiP || Silence of the Lambs Crossover || Serial Killers, One-Sided Relationship) – Five years after John Watson puts the murderous Sherlock Holmes behind bars, a vicious copycat killer emerges. A reluctant John is pulled out of retirement to seek the expertise of the only man who can help, a man who has developed an unsettling obsession with John himself. Part 1 of The Loss of Flesh and Soul
The Vampires of London by consultingdetective (E, 72,660 w., 21 Ch. || Dracula AU || Pining Sherlock, Army Doctor John, Sharing a Bed, Porn With Feelings, Plot Twists) –  Over one hundred years after the first battle, a series of murders have caught the attention of London's police force and Sherlock Holmes. While most of the city has forgotten the vampire that once walked its streets, the descendants of the Van Helsing, Harker, and Seward families have not.
Save Me or Let Me Drown by GubraithianFire (E, 72,986 w., 16 Ch. || Shameless AU || Dysfunctional Family, Alcoholism, Recreational Drug Use, Angst, Humour, Clubbing, Bipolar Disorder, Custody Battle, Mutual Pining, Family Fluff, Smut, Handcuffs, Anal Sex, Shower Sex, Rimming, Come Shot, Angst With Happy Ending) – How Sherlock escaped from his family, John sacrificed everything to his, and how, together, they built their own. Part 1 of the The Watsons series
This Is Your Song by agirlsname (E, 79,990 w., 19 Ch. || Moulin Rouge Fusion || Prostitute Sherlock, Poet John, Acting, Singing, Dancing, Writing, Poetry, Musical, Song Fic, Heavy Angst, Unreliable Narrator, Sherlock is French, Love at First Sight, UST, First Kiss/Time, Frottage, Coming in Pants, Anal Sex, Switchlock, Clothed Sex, Crossdressing, Secret Relationship, Forbidden Love, Jealousy, Terminal Illnesses, Grief/Mourning, Breakup/Makeup Sex, Past Drug Use, Attempted Rape, Canon-Typical Violence)– When John Watson is invalided home from the army in 1895, he moves to Paris to rediscover his writing and find a new meaning in life. His old friend Stamford invites him into a group of artist friends, and suddenly John finds himself auditioning to write a show for the famous brothel across the street. There, he meets the most beautiful man he’s ever seen - Sherlock, the star of the Moulin Rouge. But Sherlock is already promised to the investor of the show, the rich Duke Moriarty.
Sherlock, P.I. by Callie4180 (E, 83,264 w., 11 Ch. || Magnum P.I. Fusion || Past Relationships, Implied/Referenced Drug Use, Canon-Typical Violence, Stalking, Creepy Moriarty) – For the Fall TV Sherlock fusion project. Sherlock, P.I. is an American television show that follows the exciting adventures of genius private investigator Sherlock Homes and his friends as they live their lives on the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii. Sherlock solves crimes as he wrestles with the ghosts and demons of his past.
Saudade by tunteeton (E, 96,952 w., 30 Ch. || After That Very Much AU || Case Fic, Non-Con Drug Use, Dubious Science, Canon Compliant up to THoB, John’s in Denial, Sub!Sherlock, Fake Non-Con Drug Use, Dom/Sub Relationship, Mutual Masturbation, Oral Sex, Kidnapping, Threatened Torture, Mary is Not Nice, Anal, Fluff, Non-Con Domming, Verbal Abuse, Slapping) – saudade (port.): a deep and melancholy longing for something or someone that is gone and not coming back. Homesickness, an emptiness in one’s soul, a love that remains after the loved one dies. John loses Sherlock, gains Sherlock and learns to never, ever, ever pray. Part 1 of the The Untranslatables series
Rosethorne by suitesamba (M, 98,888 w., 28 Ch. || Secret Garden AU || Injured Sherlock / John, Recovery, First Times, Minor Character Death, Disability, Past Domestic Abuse [Mary/OMC]) – John Watson, WWII army doctor, is injured in the line of duty and can no longer wield a scalpel. Sherlock Holmes, Britain’s best code-breaker, is side-lined by his own devastating injury. In a work inspired by Frances Hodgson Burnett’s “The Secret Garden,” the two men must find meaning and purpose in a world which seems to have taken away all they hold most dear. But of course, it really hasn’t.
Cake and Other Sins by  Indybaggins (E, 100,670 w. || Great British Bakeoff AU || Alternate First Meeting, Angst, Baking, Desire, Disability, Incest (Holmescest/Holmescest with John), Masturbation, Falling in Love, Oral, Outdoor Sex, Past Drug Use, Poisoning, Voyeurism) – Sherlock and John meet as competing bakers on The Great British Bake Off. There’s intense baking, lush recipes and enticing food. Mycroft, guilt, past sins in chocolate and gingerbread. And love. That too.
Fallen Through Time by susandwrites (E, 102,040+ w., 39/? Ch. || Outlander Fusion / Victorian AU || WIP || Time Travel, First Meetings, Meet-Cute, Frottage, Blow Jobs, Anal Sex/Fingering, Riding Crops, Rough Sex, Floor Sex, Breath Play, Light BDSM, Implied/Referenced Drug Use, Switching, Romance, Sex to Love) – Inspired by my love of Outlander, but not exactly an Outlander AU. Sherlock Holmes, the world's only consulting detective, finds himself in Victorian London while investigating a murder. The first person he meets is Doctor John Watson, formerly of the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers and his world is irrevocably altered.
Reichenbach Falls - Déjà vu by VeeTheRee (M, 180,436+ w., 29/303 Ch. || WiP ||Gravity Falls / Multifandom AU || Alternate First Meeting, Gay Sherlock, Mutual Pining, Unilock, Summer Romance/Love, Fluff, Insecure Sherlock, Villain Mary, First Kiss, Slow Burn, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Canadian John, French Canadian Lestrade, Insecure Sherlock, Mystery, Domestic Fluff, Developing Relationship Summer Love, Light Angst, BAMF! John, Case Fic) – Two Canadians, two Brits studying in Canada, and an upkeeper walk into a Mystery Shack…. and live there. Summer holidays are here, and the step-siblings, Irene Adler and Sherlock Holmes, find themselves in a boring town called Reichenbach Falls, Oregon, USA. It isn’t as boring as it seems, however, once Sherlock stumbles upon a mystery journal, and the author is unknown. The journal contains ciphers, a strange colour wheel, and information about magical creatures that are said to be looming in the Northwestern forests. With mysteries to solve in hand, he and Irene set out to get to the roots of the town, and the abrupt disappearance of the author of the journal. But they’re not alone - John Watson, quite the handsome nephew of the Mystery Shack owner Greg Lestrade, is on their side to help out, plus mess with Sherlock’s feelings, in a good way. Shenanigans, romance, fun, danger, and deductions ensue. Oh, and there’s also occasional SuperWhoLock and two dorky Winchester brothers to spark up the action later on. Part 1 of the Reichenbach Falls series
To the Sticking Place by blueink3 (E, 121,973 w., 20 Ch. || PODFIC AVAILABLE || Musical Theatre AU || Showmance, Friends to Lovers, Bickering, UST / RST, Fluff, Virgin Sherlock, BAMF John, New York City / Broadway) – Renowned Shakespearean actor Sherlock Holmes has finally burned all of his bridges in the theatre industry save for his constant director, Greg Lestrade. John Watson has made a name for himself in the musical theatre circuit, but age and injury are working against him. Can they reinvent themselves for an all-male Macbeth without killing one another? Part 1 of the Screw Your Courage series
Bel Canto by bendingsignpost (T, 127,481 w., 16 Ch. || Phantom of the Opera AU || Secret Identity, Sherlock’s Violin, Operas, Aristocracy, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Disguise, Inheritance, Genderqueer Character, Classical Music, Singing) – After years of waiting for wealthy patrons to faint, Dr John Watson discovers a far more interesting patient in the opera house basement.
Welcome to Silent Hill by Cleo2010 (M, 130,227 w., 37 Ch. || Silent Hill Fusion || POV First Person Sherlock, Unrequited Love, Psychological Horror, Violence / Gore, Monsters, Nudity, Drug Use, Harm to Children, Cults, Distressing Imagery, Torture, Death) – John is missing. When Sherlock receives a text summoning him to Silent Hill he's intent on reclaiming his friend but the town has other ideas. Our detective must battle through a world shaped by his own troubled psyche as he uncovers the town's secrets, attempts to find John and hunt down Jim Moriarty. Part 1 of the Welcome to Silent Hill series
Drift Compatible by J_Baillier (E, 130,380 w., 26 Ch. || Pacific Rim Fusion || PODFIC AVAILABLE || Alternate First Meeting, Angst, Family Drama, Accidental Telepathic Voyeurism, Martial Arts, Sci-Fi, Internalised Homophobia, Rubbish Siblings, Army Doctor John, Medical H/C, Bullying, Neurodiversity, PTSD, Drug Use, Depression, Mourning, Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, UST/URT) – A washed out war hero struggling with his past. A prodigy who wants nothing to do with his family legacy. Both are looking for something—and someone—worth fighting for in a world where human civilisation is constantly under threat.
Out There by DiscordantWords (T, 131,695 w., 10 Ch. || X-Files Fusion || Slow Burn, UST, Case Fic, Government Conspiracy, Aliens, UFOs, Mutants, Mutual Pining, First Kiss, Coma) – FBI Special Agent John Watson, medical doctor and army veteran, is assigned to assist eccentric genius Sherlock Holmes with paranormal investigations on the X-Files project.
Omens On Baker Street Series by WorseOmens (NR, 155,294+ w. across 3 works || Series WiP || Sherlock / Good Omens Crossover || Post S4 Sherlock, BAMF Aziraphale, Soft Crowley, Jealous Crowley, Fluff, Angst, General Idiocy, Misunderstandings, Crimes, Humour, Pining, Crimes, Magical Shenanigans, Unlikely Friendships, ?Slow Burn, True Forms, Ineffable Dads, South Downs) – Sherlock and John are no longer the only crime-solving disaster duo in London. After Sherlock unknowingly wrongs a demon, he finds himself with two mysterious rivals in the detective scene. For Crowley and Aziraphale, it's just a bit of fun, but they end up learning more about human nature than they bargained for.
Skeletons by flawedamythyst (T, 174,262 w. across 3 works || Nightmare Before Christmas Fusion ||  Implied Character Death) – Sherlock's refusal to talk about his past hides far more skeletons than John could ever have guessed at. Halloween-esque AU.
In the Deep, Where Dark Things Sleep by HardlyFair (M, 184,979 w., 26 Ch. || Scorpio Races AU || Graphic Violence, 1960′s, Slow Burn, Past Drug Use, Bed Sharing, Water Horses, Folklore, First Kiss/Time, Horror Elements, Vet!John, Protective John, Magical Realism, Horse Racing, Mutual Pining, Angst with Happy Ending, Hurt/Comfort) – The closer time crawls to November, the more water horses the Scorpio Sea spits out. The colder Thisby becomes. Sherlock Holmes is an islander - completely surrounded by the water. John Watson, he knows, comes from the mainland and lives for the Races. On the first of November, Sherlock will race. The man holding steady by his side is someone he never expects. A Scorpio Races AU (Maggie Stiefvater), but no knowledge of the book needed.
Rom-com adaptations... Series by MorganeUK (T, 211,229+ w across 8 works || Series WiP || Assorted Crossovers || Rom-Coms, Friends to Lovers, Fluff, Friendship, Additional Tags Per Story) –  Mostly Johnlock with Mystrade or Lestrolly. If you want a movie to be johnlocked, let me know :-) Each story is completely different from the other!
Enigma by khorazir (M, 289,667 w., 23 Ch. || Codebreaker / WWII / Imitation Game-Inspired AU || Case Fic, Espionage, Period-Typical Homophobia / Sexism, Pining Sherlock, Inexperienced / VirginSherlock, Implied / Referenced Drug Use, Non-Graphic Violence) – It’s the autumn of 1941, war is raging in Europe, German U-boats are raiding Allied convoys in the Atlantic, the Luftwaffe is bombing English cities, and the cryptographers at Bletchley Park are working feverishly to decode their enemies' encrypted communications. One should consider this challenge and distraction enough for capricious codebreaker Sherlock Holmes. But the true enigmas are yet waiting to be deciphered: an unbreakable code, a strange murder, and the arrival of Surgeon Captain John H. Watson of the Royal Navy.
Over/Under Series by khorazir (M, 319,561 w. across 5 works || Cabin Pressure Crossover || Post-S2 / Reichenbach, ReunionFriendship, Angst, Humour, Pining, Cycling, Mountains, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Dev. Rel., Case Fic, First Kiss, Pining, Family Issues, Inexperienced Sherlock) – After his Fall, Sherlock travels the world to destroy what remains of James Moriarty's criminal empire. When things don't go according to plan and he finds himself in desperate need of a discreet means of travel, cue MJN Air ...
100 notes · View notes
mgopalace · 12 months ago
Things That Come In Three - S.R
Tumblr media
A/N // let me know if I should do any follow up parts to this pls <3
Tags n warnings// Steve Rogers x fem!reader, Bucky Barnes x reader at a push, mentions of alcohol usage, light smut minors DNI, infidelity but not really but also kind of
Summary// you grew up and moved away from your hometown. Now, at the turning point of your career, you meet up with a childhood friend and become reacquainted. A lot of canon information about these characters does not apply but I hope you’ll be able to figure it out by the plot :)
Baby pink plastic with an open toe cut, the bridge from your heel to your toes is almost vertical to the floor as you navigate your way through the crowded floor. One foot in front of the other, hips swaying; you’re walking like your agent taught you to. The scent of bad decisions and no inhibitions hang in the air tonight, promising the presence of the gospel three: a huge fight, a massive mistake, and a colossal coverup. Make no friends, take no prisoners.
Younger sisters with a tendency to be a little reckless, the first two of the three show up without invite, but always in style. As expected, chaos ensues and at some point their victims remember exactly why they didn’t invite them in the first place. The last and oldest sister- a colossal coverup- arrives fashionably late to pick up the pieces, though often has a nasty habit of always wanting to be the centre of attention. Never apart are these omens, and never far from a setting like this.
Neon lights flash in strobe, and blind near faded dancers in cut out mini dresses and well pressed suits. Adhering to latest trends, you yourself are in a blush pink silky slip dress, hair pinned half up with a metallic claw clip. According to cosmo, nineties fashion is in right now and it shows in all the guests around you.
“Babe. Baaabe. Babe, listen. I love, love, love what you’ve done with your blush right here.”
Lilliana Lagos has been your makeup artist the past two times you’ve been shot for Soledad, the Italian magazine. Always fighting with her girlfriend, you think every time you see her at one of these functions there’s a new story about how she suspects theres another woman. It’s getting pretty tiring memorizing who she likes or doesn’t like... and you’re pretty sure her real name is Jess.
She has her arm linked round yours as you walk together to the bar, telling you all about how her girl is probably out in the back of a two star club right now, flirting with some second year sorority chick. At least, that’s what you can make out; the music in this place is too loud to hear anyone speak. It doesn’t matter anyway; you’re not here for Lilliana.
Circa 2009, Brooklyn- picture it. Heat waves one after the other, no consideration for the elderly or kids who burn easily in the sun. After the first wave of stragglers had been rounded up and picked apart, all who were left in the park picked a territory and occupied it. Defending your newfound homeland was a difficult feat to accomplish due to the fact that you were on your own. Christine and Kim hobbled home with heatstroke, Jen struck out after a nasty fall, and even April succumbed to dehydration soon enough.
Alone you held your ground on the red plastic swing. Legs propelling you forward, in spite of unholy heat you stayed everyday that week, until you happened upon a new clique. Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers had been scouting the area for a while now. Sandpit, swing set then picnic table, the boys had an agenda for playground domination and needed manpower to pursue it. Tied together you were that summer, and for many more following it.
Tonight being one of your last nights visiting New York before you fly home to Milan, you asked your old friends to join you here at an exclusive fragrance event. Some excuse about how his cat is sick, Bucky passed up on the invitation- not that you can blame him, it’s not really his scene- so that leaves Steve, who you’re waiting for now by a mini bar in this overcrowded, overpriced condo.
“And then I said to her, ‘bitch, if you don’t get up and walk those knock off red bottoms right out of my apartment there will be hell to pay-“
“Is that my buttercup?”
Wave of hair sent whipping round into Lilliana’s face, you turn with a wide smile to greet Steve. Damn. Dressed in plain tac pants, he wears a black sweater with his signature brown leather jacket overtop. He looks good. A few steps forward and you throw yourself into his open arms.
Damn. He’s never seen you in a dress like this before. You look good.
“I can’t believe it’s been so long.”
“Right? I tried to connect with you in DC when Buck had that thing, but then I had to go do a thing in Montreal.”
“Oh don’t worry about it. You seem really busy nowadays anyway.”
He says that last part a little more quiet than before; you barely heard him over the loudspeakers that are shaking the glass top of the mini bar, drinks threatening to spill over. Swimming through the sea of sell outs and wannabes, the pair of you dock at the balcony, a little more quiet and definitely less crowded.
New York skyline cutting through a thick inked atmosphere, Steve catches you up on everything you’ve missed. Apparently, he’s a bodyguard now for some human rights activist with a price on her head, and Bucky fixes up bikes at the garage. Promotional shoots and advertising is what you tell him your career consists of currently. You can’t help but think it’s funny how it all comes back to childhood: sickly Steve, always the victim of some offense, now protects people for a living; Bucky, ever finishing his friends fights for them, now fixes other people’s messes professionally; and the last kid standing at the playground, whose friends have all stayed home, is a stark mirror image to your figure right this moment.
Fame and fortune does not come without cutting a few heads off. It is a given fact that the players in this game will all have- at some point -their knees broken by a ‘friend’ who wants to get ahead. Then, in the true essence of show business, you will stay silent or face being blacklisted. A huge fight, a massive mistake and a colossal coverup: these are the guaranteed gospel three. Make no friends, take no prisoners.
“D’you remember when Bucky made us ride cyclone at Coney Island?”
“Yes! You threw up-“
“And you two laughed at me!”
“Yeah because it was funny,” you giggled, hand placed on his bicep as he leans his arm on the cold steel railing. Cold night breeze, but you couldn’t feel warmer with the way he’s staring at you.
“I went again a few months ago with maybe six of the girls from my agency. We kept getting split up and then two of the girls had a huge cat fight in the middle of a ride.”
“I guess good things come in three,” he says softly, taking a sip from the glass he has one hand wrapped around.
“I guess so.”
Promises are rarely kept in your line of work, but threats are always honored. The widely (yet not so fondly) anticipated arrival of the first of the sisters came with furious footwork that left flamed footprints behind, a sure sign of danger. A huge fight- one between you and your not-so-boyfriend boyfriend- ensued as per expectation.
Aspiring actors forming a crowd around you, they took pointers from the way you spat in his face, stamped your feet. Some men who grow up without authority assume it themselves; he demanded your leave as if he had the right to dictate your life choices. You, not ready to go home or say goodbye to a certain old friend, refused, and here was when the sister saw her moment. A dramatist at heart, she salted wounds and poured gasoline on the flaming heap. Her finale was the abrupt storming out of your beau, leaving the crowd to disperse with a parting gift of rumors to spread at their own behest.
At the height of the heat, a hand wrapped around your wrist guides you out of the place and into the elevator. One, two, three floors up. Steve has his arms crossed over his chest as he leans against the wall of the elevator. Stern looks sent your way that you’re avoiding, checking your reflection in the metal doors.
“What was that about, huh?”
You shrug your shoulders, plumping your lips with two fingers. Being difficult has become sort of a speciality for you; this kind of industry requires a little willpower if you hope to get anywhere. The silence elicits a sigh from Steve. Doors opening, he follows you out into the corridor where you push open a door, enter a room. Green canvas suitcase discarded in the corner, your clothes are split between a neat folded pile on an expensive looking chest of drawers, and a heap cast into the seat of a tulip chair by the window.
“This is where you’re staying?”
Twisting the key in the lock behind him, you nod to Steve and kick your heels off by the door.
“A friend of a friend owns it. I fly back to Milan tomorrow though. That’s where I live.”
Oh no. There he goes with that slow downward cast look, chewing on the inside of his cheek. You can already tell what’s coming by the way he sits on the end of the bed, lightly like he’s afraid of breaking it, and pats the spot beside him.
“Steve, I don’t want a lecture.”
“Who said I was going to lecture you?”
“Everything about the way you’re being right now says you’re about to lecture me. I’m fine really, just a little tired.”
He pauses for a moment, nodding his head he looks away.
“It’s just that-“
“Steve! You’re lecturing me. This is a lecture.”
“No, I’m just suggesting that-“
Lips on lips, you cut him off with a kiss, two hands either side of his face. Knees bend against the duvet, he pulls you closer as you hover over him. The second sister has made her entrance and what an entrance it is. A massive mistake in tow, Steve runs his palms across your back. You move one hand to the back of his head, fingers threading through his hair. He pulls away for air, forehead against yours as his tongue runs over his bottom lip.
“What are you doing, hm?”
Thumb stroking his cheek, you shrug your shoulders in response.
“Shutting you up.”
Sage and citrus scented room, you fumble for the light switch by the bed. From the texture of the sheets as your bare shoulders hit them, whoever owns this condo is loaded. A fine feel, Egyptian cotton perhaps, though you couldn’t care less about ruining them right now. Painted in hues of electric blue and vibrant orange, the city lights illuminate your body as Steve works his way down it. Light kisses on exposed skin, he pushes your dress up and over your shoulders. Sweater tugged over his head, you admire the shape he’s in. Sculpted like a statue with chiseled marble that has been polished to smooth curves on soft skin. Deep set scars in small numbers, collected in the corner of his abdomen; it’s a very different sight to the Steve you grew up with. Stronger and taller now, but spirit still the same. Some things never change.
Fingers move lace underwear to the side, start slowly circling your clit as he planks above you. He hooks his arm around one bent knee, holding it in place and holding himself up. Breath gone ragged, your moans mix with the sound of traffic down below. New York has no curfew, and it proves this in the way red traffic lights are bouncing off glass panes and resting on the ceiling. He maneuvers his fingers in and out between your legs as car engines rev below . It reminds you of hot Brooklyn summers fresh out of high school.
Waiting tables at the Cash-In Club, you’d come home to Steve most nights. As per his father’s wishes, Bucky had continued a family tradition of enlisting in the Navy. Two kids alone in the summer, one thing led to another and you and Steve spent many a night together. Autumn brings reality back around, nothing more was ever said about that summer shacked up in a dingy one bed apartment, or the curtains that couldn’t quite keep out the street lights.
Down below, the traffic lights turn to green and project onto the walls above the headboard. Some things never change.
Clink- the sound of your hoop earrings colliding as your back arches off the bed. A soul who bears the same inscriptions as yours, he’s studied you well enough to know how to show you stars. Legs squeezed tight together around his wrist. Steve’s tearing the underwear from your body, reminiscent of summer loving so far out of reach. Returning the favour, you sit up to rid him of his clothes until he’s overtop of you again. One, two, three kisses pressed to your temple as he bottoms out inside you.
Its times like this that -despite your best intentions- your mind wanders back to Bucky. Long chestnut hair that framed his face had to be shaved in accordance with Navy regulations, and he’d asked that you be the one to do it. Dead silence despite the busy streets that night, you held back tears as you took silver drug store scissors to his locks. Tomorrow he would be leaving town, training with wolves and huntsmen. Neither of you spoke, but as you swept up the pile of hair from the white tiles, you couldn’t help thinking childhood was over. It was the end of swing sets and sandpits, and Bucky wanted to spend the final moments with you.
And now, with Steve’s lips on your shoulder, slow pace set relentlessly and sweat beading on your forehead, that shoebox one bedroom apartment is calling you. Something different from the sage and citrus of this condo, Steve smells faintly of gasoline and cinnamon. When he dips the curve of his face against yours, he tastes like maple syrup and home.
You wonder what life would be like if you’d never left Brooklyn. The summer of love, one spent with Steve, was soon succeeded with a winter of revelation. The trio reunited by Recruit Barnes’ first visit back that November, the three of you celebrated three holidays in one night. Gift giving, a communal meal, and a count down to midnight. You should’ve been concerned about the cast over Bucky’s arm, but instead you worried about who to sit by. Met with job loss in January, the added pressure of determining where the boys slotted into your life now caused an impulsive decision. Bold career choice, your bags were soon packed and on the way to LA. Steve watched the plane take off; you were gone when Bucky got back.
Nails raking down Steve’s back, you push Bucky to the back of your mind. Your legs are tightly wrapped around his waist as he rocks back and forth. Minutes on the clock come one after the other, you try not to think about Brooklyn and soon you’re not able to think about anything. Rigid spine, your breath catches in your throat and then all at once, a release. It’s this feeling you chase, and no one spurs you on like Steve.
The crook of his neck fits your head perfectly; he’s laying somewhat on his side, and you leg is hooked over his hip. Held in place by strong arms, you feel the same kind of security that you must have forgot to pack in your case on the way to LA. Unchanging, ever present, it’s a luxury you can’t afford in your career. Slow and steady, you feel your childhood friend’s chest rise and fall while you wait for the arrival of the third omen of the night.
“Hey, Steve?”
“Mhm, what’s up, doll?”
“Please don’t tell Bucky about this.”
“I never do.”
Everybody loves a good old fashioned cover up until you’re on the receiving end. The missing piece, the key to completing the trio has been the victim of a colossal coverup for years.
A huge fight, a massive mistake, and a colossal coverup: these are the guaranteed gospel three. Keep no friends, and take you prisoner.
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1drarepairfics · a year ago
Tumblr media
Below is a selection of completed 1D rare pair fics that have been posted to AO3 in the month of April. We hope you enjoy reading them and encourage you to leave kudos and comments for the authors!
Hearts & Aortas by bluecolouredlou / @bluecolouredlou
Louis/Niall | General Audiences | 347 words
Louis just wanted to sleep, but somehow Niall kept coming up with topics to talk about.
Louis New venture by BodhiTree
Liam/Louis | General Audiences | 544 words
Short story about Louis informing Liam about his new management company.
First Traces by bluecolouredlou / @bluecolouredlou
Niall/Zayn | General Audiences | 577 words
Zayn, a long waiting line for his audition at the X-Factor and a really cute omega that is auditioning before him.
That time Louis stole a cow by Itstilliswhatitis
Louis/Karen The Cow | General Audiences | 1.3K
Louis says that he stole a cow once when he was drunk. This is that story.
Purely fictional.
Drank by tilda
Louis/Nick Grimshaw | General Audiences | 1.9K
It’s after The X-Factor live show. They’ve all been at the afterparty even though Nick had to get up for the radio the next morning. These days, he could do the show not just standing on his head, but on half an hour’s sleep and a bottle of whisky.
Call Me By Your Name by Theyfit / @falling-fineline
Harry/Niall | Explicit | 1.9K
Narry roleplay and sex ensues.
we’ll be alright by dawnmay
Harry/Niall | Explicit | 2.5K
They don’t talk about it. They don’t talk about anything, really, except for money, and how much they’ve made. How soon until they can get more of it.
Or, rentboys in love au.
need a little sweetness in my life by sarcoline_sails
Harry/Niall | General Audiences | 2.6K
Harry watches as Niall shuffles toward his pantry, growing smaller on the already too-small phone screen, and Harry really wishes he could just step right into it and scoop Niall into his arms.
Niall and Harry bake some brownies over FaceTime.
Baby let me love you goodbye by harrysbabyboo
Louis/Zayn | Teen And Up | 2.9K
Zayn comes back from a meeting with management and spends one last night (unbeknownst) with Louis.
Tease You, Unease You by bluefaze
Harry/Zayn | Not Rated | 3.1K
Harry reconnects with Zayn in a hotel room in Hong Kong, the night before Zayn leaves the band. However, newly established friendliness quickly reverts back to bitter intimacy.
I Got a Lump In My Throat by Theyfit / @falling-fineline
Harry/Niall | Explicit | 3.3K
Niall has a hard time saying "I love you" to Harry.
I hope we never change by Anonymous
Harry/Niall | General Audiences | 3.7K
He doesn’t stay too long though, wants to get a good night’s sleep before the hike. He hugs and kisses everyone goodbye before setting off, and shoots one last text to Niall before shutting his phone off and heading home. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.
A sweater a day keeps the cold away by harrysbabyboo
OT5 | Not Rated | 3.9K
Based on Louis saying in that one interview ‘I get cold easy. If you have the window open in the car and it’s cold, I’m gonna get a bit moody.’
Right Back Home to You by behindmeday / @behindmeday
Harry/Nick Grimshaw | Teen And Up | 4.0K
It wasn’t the first time Harry and Nick were cut off before they really got started talking. In fact, it seemed to be happening more often than not. Nick had an insane schedule that no rational person would choose, but Harry's was even worse. Between the early mornings on The Breakfast Show and the never-ending time zone changes of tour, it seemed that Harry and Nick weren’t really meant to have any real conversations these days.
Or, Harry writes Nick a song.
Mercy by zanni_scaramouche / @zanniscaramouche
Niall/Shawn Mendes | Explicit | 4.0K
“I-” Shawn licks his lips, eyes bright and wide with the shock.
Balls in his court now. He could refuse, step away from the line they're toeing and laugh it off. But he doesn’t, just like Niall knew he wouldn’t. Because Shawn wants this. They both do, and that’s what makes it so fucking insane.
Stuck In An Eternal Spring by flamboyo / @chrysopon
Louis/Zayn | Teen And Up | 4.9K
Louis is about to go crazy in the silent solitude of London's lockdown. The only breach into the grey monotony of his days is the hope of catching a glimpse of the dark-haired guy who lives in the building across the street. One night they have their night cigarette together while both in their flats, twenty meters and an empty, quiet street between them.
It becomes a habit, but maybe there's hope for it to become something more.
An I Love You That Isn't Words by Theyfit / @falling-fineline
Harry/Niall | Teen And Up | 6.5K
5 times Harry runs away from Niall, and the 1 time he stays.
Valentine's Day by Eclarelover96 / @eclarelover96
Harry/Niall | Not Rated | 6.8K
February 14th. It was just another day to Niall. For most people it meant spending time with their better half. Making a kind gesture by sending them flowers or chocolates, maybe even cards. Some people got engaged and married on this day, believing it was somehow better or more romantic than any other day out of the year. Countless movies revolved around the day and Niall had seen just about all of them.
Niall knew before he got together with his boyfriend he sat at home with a tub of ice-cream, on the couch, watching those sappy movies. Never one to go out and spend the night with friends or attending some party.
Niall didn't have anything against Valentine's Day; it's just that it's not his favorite day of the year. It was no secret that he wasn't the most romantic person either. Everything was planned by Harry, who in fact was a hopeless romantic. He just found it strange that people felt the need to shower the ones they love with gifts and other things on this one day. Why not do it on any other day of the year? There shouldn't be one set day for this.
or a sickeningly sweet rendition of Niall and Harry spending Valentine's Day together set and (written) in 2014.
cash in by 1degenerates
Harry/Zayn | Mature | 12.0K
Just your same old, same old Rich Boy/Poor Boy story.
Controlling the Curve by CordensAngels131 / @cordensangels131
Harry/Niall | Explicit | 12.2K
Harry Styles is baseball's hottest phenom, signed first in the draft and ready to light up the big leagues. The team, however, decides he needs a little seasonsing first and sends him down to play for their Tripple A team in Florida.
Niall Horan is a minor league catcher, a player’s player, bouncing around from team to team, trying to hang on for a few more years. Now he's charged with preparing Harry for his big league debut by teaching him control on the field.
Their dislike is mutual and instantaneous. Harry thinks he knows all he needs to know about baseball and Niall thinks Harry is a spoiled pretty boy who doesn’t respect the game or his teammates.
the beautiful ones by pallomharry / @pallomharry
Harry/Niall | Not Rated | 27.8K
Harry pulls away sharply, chest rising and falling, eyes searching Niall’s face, almost as if he's expecting him to curse him out. “Is this okay?” He asks so quietly, voice barely above a whisper.
And no. It’s not, but it feels okay, and that's more than enough to get Niall to duck back in to continue kissing him before he can change his mind.
It's 1984 and Harry Styles wants Niall Horan to help him write his new album.
New York Kiss by wordsnnotes / @quelsentiment
Louis/Zayn | Mature | 47.2K
“Also, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m quite the narcissistic type, and I didn’t want that cute guy to have a bad opinion of me for the rest of his life.” “Who, me?” Zayn bats his lashes jokingly, ignoring the fact that his heart skipped a beat at Louis’ words. “Yeah, you. So, shall we go?” Louis drops what remains of his cigarette on the floor and steps on it to light it off. Meanwhile, Zayn makes a reckless decision. “Alright. Lead the way, De Niro.”
Or: A strangers to lovers AU where Louis is an actor, Zayn is a writer (among other things), and they meet each other literally by accident in NYC, just as the world is about to turn upside down.
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carelessannie · a year ago
maybe it goes like this: tony courts peter (part 8)
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Word count: 10.1K
Starker, WinterSpider, SpiderShield, Peter x Clint x OFC
Peter’s POV -> it’s been a rough semester, and pack related stress isn’t making anything easier. Maybe a packmate (or the whole pack) can help him out?
Major warnings: D/S Au, A/B/O Au, explicit d/s abo smut, femdom, edging, face-sitting, come eating, uhhh light CBT and hair pulling, light bondage, subdrop, and non-apologetic long discussions of sex-ed
Maybe it goes like this:
There’s only a few weeks until finals, and of course this is when the pack has decided to move forward with officially mating and bonding. It’s not like Peter wants to postpone it, per se— it’s just, there’s so many steps involved with combining packs, and Peter can’t deal with dividing his attention between home and school.
And the lab. Dammit.
Until the end of their lease, his pack is living at their apartment during the week and at Tony’s place over the weekend. The whole upstairs of their house was built with bedroom suites, so each of them not only get a room of their own, but they have also built a makeshift nest upstairs that’s separate from Bucky’s nest downstairs. It’s been an easy transition this way— taking claim of a part of Tony’s home before a more intimate bond takes place— but Peter feels more and more stressed out as the weeks pass.
Currently, he’s staring at a screen in the lab, failing to comprehend any of the information in front of him. Over winter break, Peter was moved to a permanent position in a lab away from Tony. Pepper had insisted on it since they started getting serious, and Peter agreed. It was unprofessional to do that much cuddling at work.
The one downside now is that work has become mind-numbingly boring for most of the day. After this semester, Peter can transfer back to working in chemical engineering, or mechanics. Or even robotics. And after spending the last few months in software development and computer science, Peter is so ready for the change.
He checks the clock for the third time in the last five minutes. Still four o’clock. Still the same information in front of him.
If he squints hard enough, the code on his computer looks like Hieroglyphics.
“To- neeeey,” he whines, turning fully to face the Beta, “thank god, I’m dying. I can’t go on.”
There are a few snickers from other scientists in the lab, but Peter could care less as he watches Tony’s face crumble, “Oh sweet baby, come here,” and he opens his arms, pulling Peter in for a hug.
It only lasts a few moments, but Peter absorbs as much of Tony’s scent as he can while the Beta rocks him back and forth, stroking down his back and kissing whispered reassurances into his hair. He holds onto Tony’s tie, using it as leverage to stand up and nose around his collarbone.
Tony laughs and murmurs, “That tickles, Pete,” but Peter ignores him, dotting small kisses up the side up his neck until he can smell HappyArousedCalm coming off of his Beta.
There’s a hitch in Tony’s breath after Peter nibbles on his pulse point, “Need something from me, Omega?”
Peter hums, even as Tony pulls away slightly, “Yes, Beta,” he pauses as Tony tilts his head expectantly, “I need you to take me home.”
Peter hums, even as Tony pulls away slightly, “Yes, Beta,” he pauses as Tony tilts his head expectantly, “I need you to take me home.”
He watches Tony laugh, stepping back and looping an arm over Peter’s shoulders, before calling out to the room, vaguely, “Whoever’s in charge here, I’m taking him home. Because I’m actually in charge here. Okay— have a good weekend, goodbye.”
He’s towed away, barely sparing a second to grab his phone and shut down his station. They practically run out of the building— holding hands and laughing wildly as they throw their jackets into the back of Tony’s car and jump in the front seats.
“So— what are we doing with the long weekend, Tony?”
Tony starts the car, pulling out into the city, “I thought we’d go out for dinner and spend the evening in with our pack— how does that sound?”
“ Ooo,” Peter claps his hands, “that sounds perfect, Tony, oh my goodness. What do you have in mind?”
“How does seafood sound? I have a place I’ve been dying to take you.”
Peter turns, grabbing his boyfriend’s arm, “Where? Tony, where are we going?”
“Nope, not this time,” Tony shakes his head, weak, “it’s gonna be a surprise, dammit.”
“I’ll get it out of you— no secret is safe around me, Tony Stark.”
He winks and blows a kiss when Tony looks over, and the man looks terrified. Peter laughs, pulling a pair of sunglasses out of the center console and reclining back in the seat. It’s a little chilly still in early April, but the change of season means more sun, and the Omega is happy to roll up his dress shirt sleeves and bask in it like a pampered cat.
The drive passes comfortably and Peter adores sitting next to his handsome Beta— the whole world seeing that Tony is spoken for and claimed by the young Omega on his arm. Peter never thought he’d want to be a trophy Omega— and, technically, he isn’t— but something about being pampered and loved by the most powerful man in New York City has him preening where he sits.
He’s thankful the windows are down, or Tony would be able to smell it on him.
They pull around 59th and up to the curb across from Central Park. Tony exits the driver’s side, throws his keys to a waiting driver, and rounds the car to open Peter’s door. He steps out and grabs their jackets from the back seat, handing over Tony’s as the two of them link arms and hop onto the sidewalk.
“Where to, Tony?” he blinks up at his date, smiling innocently.
Tony hums, distracted, “Marea, just through the—”
“— Aha! —”
“— dammit! No! That doesn’t count!”
“Yes it does! I win,” Peter skips forward, doing a little dance in victory.
He feels Tony catch him around the waist, nuzzling into his neck, and knows the Beta is enjoying his HappyOmega scent. The two of them joke and tease for the rest of the walk into the restaurant, but Peter notices something as they walk through the door to be seated.
“Uh, Tony?”
“Yeah, Pete?”
“Where is everyone?” he asks, gesturing around the empty room.
Tony looks around and gives him a suspiciously innocent face, “Well... they may not be open, officially, for another hour.”
He tries to pull them further into the room, but Peter is frozen— speechless.
“Don’t give me that look, baby, I made some calls today and everything’s set, I’m paying for the extra hour, the service and the meals—”
“— and even extra for the inconvenience, okay? I just wanted to treat you—”
Peter grabs his shirt collar, shutting him up with a kiss. Tony inhales against Peter’s lips and immediately takes control, snaking his hands up into Peter’s hair and pulling gently, tipping his head back to deepen the kiss. Their lips move together, perfectly synchronized, and Peter opens his mouth in an invitation. Tony just chuckles— briefly licking underneath his upper lip before pulling away and looking at Peter with a mixture of awe and amusement.
“You never have to justify treating me, Tony. I feel so special when you do,” Peter reaches up to brush his fingers through Tony’s short hair, feeling safe and warm in his hold.
The older man just grins, eyes bright, and leads them to their seats. Right in the center of the Ravello Room, their table has been set and lit with candles— a bottle of wine is chilling in an ice bath, and the maître d' stands nearby, greeting them and explaining the menu for the afternoon.
When she walks away, Tony reaches over and grabs Peter’s hand. They sit like this through the first two courses, and Peter’s content to share each of them with Tony, even if that means being basically hand fed by his boyfriend.
And it’s pretty hard to hand feed someone oysters.
The food is incredible, though, and their conversation is even better. Peter tries not to complain about work and school, but even when he inevitably does, Tony is patient and listens. He asks questions when necessary, and they even work through a few solutions to tougher problems together.
“I guess... I wish a few of the things with our pack were more definite,” Peter picks at his meal, separating the shrimp from the pasta.
“What do you mean, baby?” Tony asks, reaching over to steal a piece of shrimp.
Peter tries to defend his plate, jabbing at Tony’s hand with his fork, but misses. His pout deepens, “I dunno. I wish it wasn’t still up in the air who’s going to bond. I wish I knew how synchronizing goes, with our heats. I wish there was more communication about sex, and scenes, and who’s comfortable with what. I wish I knew the timeline,” he shakes his head, finally putting his fork down, “I don’t know, Tony, it just feels so out of control most of the time, I don’t know how to handle it.”
“I don’t think you can control it, sweetheart. There are six different people in this pack, and fifteen different individual relationships. Plus, two unique pack dynamics that need to merge. It’s uncomfortable, Petey, and it’s gonna take time.”
“I know that, Tony, it’s just… I’m supposed to be the center of this pack, and some days I don’t even know if you want to bond with me, so how—”
“I do.”
“— am I… what?”
“I do want to bond with you. God, I want nothing more in the world,” Tony reaches up to cup his cheek, “I can’t believe you doubted that, Peter. You know I love you, right?”
“I… I don’t…”
Tony’s eyes start to tear up, and he looks absolutely devastated, “I’m so sorry, baby. Dammit— I love you. I am completely gone on you. Every day I have to stop myself from keeping you all to myself; running away and starting a familial pack, just the two of us. There are so many steps: mating and bonding and collaring and marrying, and Peter— I want them all with you.”
Peter’s vision is blurry, tears falling freely as he frantically tries to wipe them away, “Tony, I— I had no idea. You never… we didn’t… I just assumed that we were getting there, you know? I’ve never been in love before, Tony—”
“It’s okay, Peter, you don’t have to—”
“— but I am in love with you. God, we’re stupid, aren’t we?” both of them laugh, wet and joyful, “everything’s just so confusing right now.”
“I know, baby, I know,” Tony coos, pulling on Peter’s wrist until he’s up, out of his seat, and moving to sit across Tony’s lap. He loves that when he sits like this and curls up, his head fits perfectly under Tony’s chin, and his mate’s arms wrap soundly around his waist.
“Da— Tony,” Peter whines, barely catching the slip up— not time for that conversation yet, Pete— as Tony holds him tighter.
“Need me to help you, baby?” Tony murmurs right next to his ear, making him shiver, “you know, you don’t have to do it all alone.”
“I know— Steve is supposed to help—”
“Not just Steve,” Tony grips his arms, looking him in the eye, “all of us. Especially me. I want to help you. Will you let me?”
It’s a heavy question, Peter knows. He knows that he needs help— but trusting someone else to do the work and do it right… only Clint, Annie and May are close enough for that. And barely so. It takes a lot for Peter to trust, it’s uncomfortable. But if he claims to love Tony—
“Yes, Beta. I need— I need your help.”
The restaurant around them is forgotten as Tony whispers, “Good boy,” and Peter starts to float, only tethered down by the warmth of his mate’s arms, the scent of Cinnamon and smoky Bonfires holding him together.
“Eat this, baby,” and he opens his mouth, biting down obediently. It’s chocolatey and creamy and crunchy— he has to focus on chewing, and Tony’s fingers around his mouth and on his arms are helping to pull him back up. “Stay up for me, Peter. I’m gonna talk and then we’ll have a conversation, baby.”
Peter finds himself switching focus between eating the dessert and following Tony’s story about… his mom? And a secret hideout?
“— mom could never find me, but, I don’t know, I don’t think she ever tried, you know? It wasn’t that hard to find.”
“She probably knew and just wanted you to have a place to yourself,” Peter mumbles into Tony’s neck.
Tony pulls him away, holding him at arm’s length and looking into his eyes for a long moment.
“You up, Pete? Ready to talk?” he asks, and Peter nods, moving to get off Tony’s lap. The older Beta lets him, and Tony stands up to move their chairs closer together. When Peter sits down, Tony immediately takes his hand and continues eating like nothing happened.
“Okay— I’m gonna start. First, we need to talk about your pack Pete. I know Bucky’s gonna want to bond with everyone, he’s told me as much, but especially you and Annie need to decide who you’re bonding with. Have you talked to Steve at all about it?”
“Yes, we’ve been going on dates, and... everything is so natural with Steve, which I guess makes sense since we’re so compatible,” he pauses, thoughtful, “I think I want to bond with everyone, too. I can’t speak for Annie, but I think you and Steve are the only ones who she’s hesitant about.”
“I get that. Have the three of you talked about going to the O clinic?”
Peter gives an affirmative hum, “Yes, but Tony… I don’t think Bucky’s ever been. I mentioned going together, and he looked so confused.”
“Yeah, that sounds about right.” Tony chuckles to himself, eating the last bit of his mousse and wiping his mouth with a napkin, “I’ve never seen him go to an Omega doctor… I think he’s had a semi-permanent suppressant implant since he presented.”
“Well, yes. I do, too, but hasn’t he been sexually active with multiple partners for like… years? You’re saying he’s never had a pregnancy scare? Never had an internal exam or pap—”
“Uh… I don’t—”
“What about an STD test, Tony? Have any of you guys ever been tested? I swear, what on earth were you doing before us—”
“Okay, okay— to be fair, it’s worked so far. And Steve makes us all go to our primary care and the dentist once a year. It’s like… hell week. When all of us have appointments.”
Peter buries his face in his arms, groaning at the utter idiocy of his future bondmates, “Thank god I met you, Tony. You guys are worse than Clint,” he laughs a little bit, picking up his head and glancing over at his properly chastised boyfriend.
Reaching out, he gives Tony a boop on the nose, startling him out of his sad expression, “I’ll talk to Bucky, okay? Annie and I are going to the O clinic next week, and we’ll help him make an appointment. They’re flexible about pack stuff, I think. And… I guess we’ll talk to the doctor about the steps we need to take to bond.”
Tony makes a flicking motion with his hand, and Peter sees the maître d' walk across the room and silently collect the black card Tony hands her.
“Sounds good. Let’s talk about the rest on the way back, okay? I’m gonna call Steve and see if he wants us to pick them up anything to eat.”
While Tony makes the call, Peter thinks through a few of the questions he has. He’s thankful for their overall dynamic and compatibility, but there are so many variables and unspoken limits—
“Tony?” Peter tries to interrupt, tapping on his arm, “hey, Tony? Can I talk to Steve?”
“Yeah, hold on,” Tony responds, turning back to the call, “yeah, Steve? Peter wants to talk to you… okay, okay here he is,” Tony hands over the phone with a brief, “here ya go, baby.”
“Hey, Steve?”
“Hi sweetheart! What’s going on?” Steve sounds like he’s in the car, probably heading home from work.
Peter glances at Tony’s questioning expression before answering Steve, “Nothing bad, Alpha, no worries,” he ducks his head, a little embarrassed at his small smile. The low rumbly voice hasn’t failed to affect him yet, “I’m wondering if we could have a talk tonight. You know, as a pack.”
“Of course, Peter. What do you want to talk about?”
“I think we need to discuss sex,” Peter says, bluntly, and has to keep himself from laughing as Tony’s eyes almost pop out of his head, “specifically, we need to talk about scenes and dynamics— especially before everyone bonds this summer.”
He hears Steve clear his throat before responding, “O— okay, sweetheart. We can do that. Do you feel comfortable leading this conversation tonight?”
“Yes, Alpha, I’d like that.”
“Okay, thank you for bringing this up, Peter. Bucky mentioned something similar this week, but I just haven’t thought too much about it. You’re stepping into this role so beautifully, Peter, and I’m constantly awed by you.”
“Oh— well...” Peter feels his face flame red, and he puts a hand up to hide from Tony, “th— thank you, Alpha.”
Steve laughs— a low, rumbling sound even over the phone, “You deserve it, sweet Omega. Let me talk to Tony, and I’ll see you tonight.”
Peter mumbles his goodbye and basically throws the phone back to Tony, who takes it with a curious look, “What did you say to him, Alpha? He smells so sweet… oh, really? Mhm… I know he is, he’s my soulmate, Steve…”
After that, Peter tunes out the conversation and hides his face in his hands. These doms are really trying to kill him with the constant praise. They haven’t even had a proper scene together— he hasn’t even kissed Steve, for goodness sake— and they are already onto the things that make him tick. Is he really that transparent?
On the way back home, Tony stops briefly to pick up a take-out order of Chinese food. They don’t talk about the pack again— but it’s okay. Peter feels like everything that needs to be said will be brought up tonight.
One of his favorite things about their combined pack is spending evenings together. All six packmates sit in the living room, eating take-out and sharing quiet conversation. Every so often, an innocent argument will break out— usually between Tony and Clint— and the volume level will raise. But for the most part, all of them are content to touch, and eat, and snuggle in close stillness.
“Did Bucky pick out these couches?” Annie asks, sitting on the loveseat with Steve while the other four packmates squish together on the larger couch. She keeps grabbing his muscles, and Peter can tell their Alpha loves showing off for the pretty Omega.
Bucky is sitting on the floor, leaning back in between Tony’s legs. Both Betas have an arm around Peter, and he sits in the middle of them on the couch, reaching over every so often to play with Bucky’s hair.
The question makes Bucky look up, jostling the couch behind him and almost overturning Clint’s bowl.
Tony answers first, “Kind of. We all picked out the furniture together, but Bucky did have the final say.”
“Damn right I did,” Bucky says around a mouthful of noodles, “gotta be comfy for the whole pack. Tony wanted these ugly leather things,”
“Hey! They were tasteful—”
“— I’d rather sit on a concrete slab, Tony, they were so bad—”
“Steve, you liked the leather couches, right?” Tony tries to get the Alpha’s support,
“Uh,” Steve looks between his packmates, “I liked them until Bucky vetoed.”
Bucky lets out a whoop! in victory, and both Clint and Annie dissolve into laughter as Tony sinks back into the couch, pulling Peter in close for comfort.
Tony turns to Peter, “You like my couches, don’t you, baby?”
Shifting to face the Beta, Peter makes a small cooing noise while reaching up to stroke his hair, “I love you, Tony— but I’m on Bucky’s side. I like these ones.”
With a gasp, Tony practically dumps Peter off the couch, “Betrayal! My own mate betrays me!”
Bucky finishes pulling him off the couch, hauling the smaller Omega into his lap with a greasy kiss on the cheek. Peter can’t help but giggle as his Beta pouts and lets Clint pull him in for a hug, whispering to Tony that no, leather couches actually sound fuckin’ awesome.
Peter turns sideways, looping his arms around Bucky’s waist and tangling their legs together as Bucky continues to eat. He feels a familiar hand in his hair and hums, happy to have Tony’s touch back, even if it’s reluctant.
After another half an hour, Annie and Steve get up to clear the dishes, talking softly and spending a few extra minutes in the kitchen cleaning up. Peter takes this as his cue to start their conversation. He moves to a large, chaise barrel chair, facing the couches, and waits for everyone to grab their drinks and settle down.
When Steve walks back in the room, Peter extends his hand— an invitation that the Alpha takes and gently rearranges them to sit together on the sofa. He watches as Clint opens his arms and Annie runs to join the rest of the pack on the long couch.
The room gradually quiets down, and Steve clears his throat, getting their attention. Peter gives him a quick peck on the cheek and addresses their pack, “So I realized today, while I was talking to Tony, that we should probably have a serious talk about sex before moving in together and bonding, uh... forever.”
A few of them chuckle, but the room feels uncomfortable. Peter looks to Steve for help,
“Yeah, so it’s gonna be important that we have open communication about this,” Steve continues, “especially ‘cause our separate packs already have established dynamics and such. Uh,” he looks at Peter, shrugging, “maybe it would be easiest to talk now about personal preferences for scenes, and later we can share official limits? I have paperwork!”
Both Bucky and Clint groan— causing Steve to roll his eyes— but Tony interjects, giving Peter a secret wink, “Should we update our existing papers, Steve, or just use the old ones?”
“Probably update them. I assume you guys have your own contracts, right?” he asks, turning to Peter.
“Yes, but it’s mostly non-intimate stuff. We only scene if I really need to go down, and we rarely do intimate scenes,” both Clint and Annie nod in agreement, “Oh! Plus we’ll need to talk about heats, too.”
“Have y’all hadda heat together yet?” Bucky asks, motioning toward Annie and Peter.
Annie answers, “No, we’ve both been on suppressants since before we met. I only had three heats before I went on them.”
“I only had one— I presented late,” Peter adds,
Bucky nods, “Okay, yeah I only had one in high school.”
“And none of you have shared a heat with someone before?” Tony asks, giving Bucky’s shoulders a squeeze.
There’s a resounding no from all the Omegas, and Steve lets out a long exhale, “Are you guys plannin’ on goin’ to the Omega clinic?”
“Yeah,” Annie confirms, “we have an appointment on Monday.”
Peter looks over at Bucky who’s looking back at him with wide, uncertain eyes, “Can you come with us, Bucky? That way we can talk to the doctor together.”
“Yeah, I’ve just… I’ve never—”
“It’s okay,” Peter stops him, “we’ll do it together.”
Tony reaches down and pulls Bucky up by the armpits, earning a squawk of surprise as he’s wrestled into Tony’s lap. Everyone laughs a bit as Bucky struggles and eventually submits to Tony’s hold on his waist, relaxing with a sigh.
The rest of the conversation is awkward, but easy. Each of them talk a little bit about their orientation and what they prefer in their current pack dynamics. For Peter, it’s interesting to hear from his Versatile packmates about their experiences swinging dominant and submissive. Bucky has spent almost six years being Steve’s submissive and three years submitting to both his Alpha and Beta, so it’s uncomfortable and different for him to be dominant in a relationship, since he’s never had to dominante a partner before.
In contrast, both Annie and Clint have experiences swinging both ways in their relationship with each other and with Peter. Clint has reservations about permanently swinging dominant, because of his past with abusive dominants, and similarly doesn’t want to swing permanently submissive. Annie feels comfortable both ways, which is something Peter already knew. She is very vocal about her preferences.
Peter shares about what it’s like to be a SubOmega, and his preferences during a scene— which, at this point, are very few. He lost his virginity to Clint and Annie, and has never taken a knot before. He smells SmugHornyAlpha coming off of Steve after this confession, and giggles slightly as Steve shamefully apologizes.
Steve and Tony both keep their time short. Peter knows a bit about Tony’s past, and knows he’s been in an intimate and unique familial pack before. Steve and Bucky have both been in other relationships, but only Steve was sexually active before they officially got together.
Possibly the most interesting part of the conversation is learning about how Steve and Tony balance being Dominant over the same Submissive.
“I think the most important part is to realize that Dominant, Submissive, or Versatile, the purpose of our orientation is all the same: service to others,” Steve explains, holding Peter tight around the waist, “so whether it’s five Doms and one Sub in a room, or a balanced pairing— Tony, Bucky, and I have all decided to love and serve each other. To put one another first. And because of this, our scenes are always fun and satisfying.”
“Ya soun’ like ‘n infomercial, Stevie,” Bucky mumbles, eyes blinking slowly— dangerously close to sleep.
“Shaddup, jerk— you know it’s true. Our scenes always build trust and support between us. And that’s what I want for our intimate pack.”
A few voices hum their agreement, but with a glance around the room, Peter realizes most of them are falling asleep. He yawns and pulls on Steve’s sleeve, getting his attention.
“Alpha, can we finish this later?”
Steve hums, distracted, and then suddenly focuses, his hum shifting— changing to a deep, rumbling growl. It startles Peter into looking up, and the Alpha’s eyes are half-lidded, dark and intense. Peter’s breath picks up. He watches as Steve moves closer, reeling him in, and leans to press his nose against the base of Peter’s throat.
Peter keens, and lets his body go limp in the strong, safe arms of his Alpha. He feels each of their breaths align, he feels their hearts beat together. He’s not sure what he smells like right now, but assumes it compliments Steve’s ProudContentStrongAlpha scent pretty well.
It doesn’t matter, though, because there’s a cloud at his back.
Gentle fingers run through his hair.
He feels the shuffle of clothes against his skin.
Floating, weightless.
It’s light when he wakes up again, surrounded by warmth and the sound of gentle snoring. He knows who he wishes were next to him, breathing into his neck. Drooling down his neck.
“Clint, my god,” Peter pushes at the big Beta, trying to get him to roll over, but only gets a loud snore in response.
He flops back down and tries to scoot the other way, happy to burrow into Annie’s soft curves, trailing his freezing fingertips up her hips and underneath her t-shirt—
She gasps awake, “Peter! Dammit!” and tries to squirm away from him as he cackles, waking Clint up with a snort.
“Wha— what,” Clint flails around, aimless, as Annie shoves Peter his way. One of his arms catches Peter across the back of the head, and the small Omega yelps in pain.
“Ouch, Clint. The hell?”
“Aw, poor baby,” Annie coos, pulling Peter into an octopus embrace and incidentally shoving his face right in between her breasts, “I’ll make it better.”
Mngh mmngh mngghh, Peter tries to beg Annie, and she finally releases him to heave a deep breath of relief, “You trying to kill me, woman?”
“No, Petey, just suffocate you a little bit.” Annie gives him a shark’s grin and starts to crawl towards him on her knees. He retreats, scrambling backwards until his back hits Clint’s chest and the Beta pulls his arms behind his back, holding him still.
Peter struggles, grunting, “Hey! What is this? Let me go, Clint,” but there’s no mercy as Annie finally reaches him, kneeling between his legs and leaning forward to kiss his nose.
“Wanna play, bunny?” she purrs, trailing a finger down his chest, clothed in a loose t-shirt, down to the waistband of his tight, black briefs. He can’t take his eyes off her face, and finds himself nodding in a daze, entranced by her wicked smile.
She looks over his shoulder and tilts her head at Clint, and he stutters, “P— please, Omega,” the desperation in his tone making Peter tremble.
“Good boy, birdy,” Annie mocks him, reaching around Peter to run a hand up Clint’s thigh and settling over his boxers, in between where he’s pressed up against Peter’s ass. She crawls a little closer, grabbing Peter’s chin and tipping his head up to look at her, “gimme a color, little bunny. Want me to make you both feel good— use his body to make you come?”
Peter struggles to blink, and his sight goes crossed for a second as he mewls, “Green, Omega.”
She keeps eye contact with Peter and asks Clint, “How about you, baby bird? Gonna keep you on edge, share your body with our sweet bunny, and control your pleasure. Color?”
Clint is physically shaking behind him, and he barely whispers, “Green, Omega, please,” before Annie is encouraging him to lean back against the headboard, shifting to hold Peter’s arms even further behind his back.
His Omega grabs him around the hips, and uses her knees to keep his legs spread.
“Strip him, birdy.”
The command is sharp and has Clint moving instantly, yanking Peter’s shirt up over his chest, and effortlessly moving his arms and legs to pull the shirt and his briefs off completely. Peter doesn’t have a moment to shy away from his Omega’s stare, because his arms are restrained again and she’s spreading his legs wide.
Clint’s breathing heavy on the back of his neck, and he can feel the Beta’s hardness pressed up against his back through the thin layer of boxer shorts, rutting against him lightly.
It seems that his Omega knows this, because she orders Clint’s clothes off next. Once they’re naked and rearranged to her liking, she runs a finger down Peter’s waist, scratching gently through the sparse hair above his cock, and feels underneath his balls, humming thoughtfully at the mess of slick she finds there.
He squirms as her small fingers trace around his rim, panting and throwing his head back at the tease. He hears her laugh and tries to hide his face in Clint’s neck, instead getting a whiff of HornyDesperateBeta scent from his mate.
His Omega dips the tip of one finger into his hole, up to the first knuckle.
“Play with his little titties, birdy,” she instructs, and immediately Clint readjusts his grip on Peter’s arms so that he can pinch and tug on the smaller man’s nipples.
“Oh, dammit, Omega more, please,” he begs, bucking into the torture across his sensitive chest and grinding down onto the finger inside of him.
“Patient, sweet bunny,” she shushes, pulling her finger out and swiping three of them through the slick leaking out of him. She lifts up her hand, acting surprised, “wow, feeling needy, little bunny rabbit? How about a taste?”
He nods his head yes, opening his mouth wide, but his Omega just shakes her head with a fake, sad pout, “Aw, baby— not for you,” and he watches as she reaches over, and—
— and feeds his slick, finger by finger, into Clint’s open mouth.
“That’s my good baby bird,” she coos, pushing her fingers in and slowly fucking his face with her hand. His eyes close in pleasure as he sucks desperately, eager to get all of Peter’s taste off of her fingers.
Peter whines as Clint pinches his nipple a little too hard, and his Omega turns her attention back to him.
“Hungry, baby bunny? Need something in your mouth?”
“Yes, Omega, please— anything, ‘m so empty—” he begs, and his Omega shushes him.
“Put your fingers in his mouth, birdy. I’m gonna put him on your cock.”
Both of them groan at her words, and he can feel Clint twitch against his back. The Beta reaches up and hooks two fingers into the side of his mouth, pulling slightly and forcing his head to tip backwards. He releases Peter’s arms and uses his left hand to flick across his nipples. Peter grabs at his thighs, desperate for control.
His Omega uses the distraction to work a second finger back into his hole, twisting and scissoring until Peter is grinding down, rhythmically, against her hand. His tiny, Omega cock is rock hard, and Clint has started alternating between flicking his nipples and his cockhead, making him cry out in torment.
She adds a third, and he begs around Clint’s fingers, “Oh— Omega, I can’t, please. Please, I need. I need—”
“Hush, baby bunny,” she shushes him, and Clint pushes his fingers deeper into Peter’s mouth, giving his cock a pinch with his other hand. Their Omega wipes away a few of his tears and pulls her fingers free, “why don’t you lift up, bunny?”
It’s torture. He can barely move, and his arms are trembling where they hold onto Clint’s thighs. After trying twice and failing to pick himself up, tears are flowing freely from his eyes and he looks to his Omega, blubbering, “I— I can’t,” sobs, “O— omega, please, I can’t!”
“Help him, birdy,” she instructs, leaning back to watch as Clint moves his hands down, cups under his ass, and effortlessly lifts him up. He cries harder, humiliated, as he feels Clint’s cock line up with his fluttering, empty hole.
There’s a soft hand on his cheek, and he realizes his Omega is waiting for something. He blinks through his tears, opening and closing his mouth— unsure of what she wants.
He must make a sad noise, because she’s quick to repeat, “It’s ok, Peter. Can you give me a color?”
Oh, okay. “Green, ‘mega,” he slurs, trying to give her a reassuring smile, and hears Clint whisper his agreement.
“Good boys, so good for me. Alright, birdy— you can lower him. Slowly.”
Peter lets his body go limp, helpless, as he’s worked slowly onto Clint’s cock. He feels every inch as his body is split in half for his Omega’s pleasure. For his pleasure.
Clint is shaking and panting, whimpering cries of please, Omega and holy fuck.
After a few long, agonizing moments, Peter is fully settled into Clint’s lap. The Beta is still cursing, and moves his hands from Peter’s hips to underneath his knees, pulling his legs back and exposing him wide.
“Fuck, Petey, how are you so fuckin’ tight, my god,” Clint breaths into his neck, and Peter rests his head back against the larger man’s shoulder, relaxing in his arms.
He feels a hand stroke up his tummy, and across his chest. His arms are moved again and settled onto the top of the headboard with a command of, “hold on tight, bunny.”
All of his focus is on obeying the command, so he almost misses his Omega’s next instructions—
“Baby bunny— you can come as many times as you’d like—”
— Peter whines in relief—
“— and baby bird, you can fuck him now,” Clint sighs, “but don’t you dare come, do you understand me?”
“Fuck, holy shit—” Clint curses, “green, Omega. Green, oh my god.”
The first thrust takes him by surprise. It’s almost like a levee breaks, something that was holding Clint’s hips back, and he pulls Peter up by his knees— like a fucking cocksleeve— and slams him back down on his cock with a howl.
All Peter can do is hold on as Clint begins an unforgiving pace, chasing his own pleasure. He feels the hands on his skin, the praises rolling over him, and he tries to say something but can’t, buried under pleasure and praise and—
— and he almost loses his grip on the headboard as his orgasm shakes through him. His lips open and close in a wordless plea as he clenches down on the thick cock still hammering into his hole, slapping wet against his ass.
His Omega moans her encouragement, “Fuck, baby, so good for me. Come for me baby bunny, so pretty, so good,” and he faintly feels her lips, her tongue, tracing around his cock and cleaning up the clear cum pouring out.
“Shit, Omega, I’m— I’m close, fuck,” Clint curses, still moving inside Peter even as he starts to shake from overstimulation.
“Absolutely not,” their Omega commands, standing up on the bed to move them. Clint drops Peter with a heave, both of them groaning as he bottoms out, and their Omega carefully moves his hands off the headboard, setting them back on Clint’s hips. She looks down into Peter’s eyes and then into Clint’s, “two more orgasms, birdy. Two more times— either me or him— and I’ll let you come.”
She kicks a leg over, stradling Clint’s face, and Peter realizes that at some point she took her panties off but left her shirt on. She’s beautiful, and he tries to say as much. Sadly, it just comes out as a choked gasp.
Clint’s pleas turn into moans as their Omega settles on his face, grinding down against his mouth with a firm grip in his hair. Using him. Clint flails, grabbing at Peter’s knees, and picks up where he left off, lifting him up and dropping him fully onto his cock, over and over.
Peter struggles to keep his eyes open, staring up at the vision of Clint licking, hungry into his Omega, but spiraling quickly, floating higher as he feels his orgasm build again.
Knock, knock.
“Fuck!” his Omega curses, and slaps Clint’s shoulder when he slows his pace, “keep going, they’ll go away.”
Clint hums and picks up his pace when—
Knock, knock, knock.
“Dammit,” their Omega jumps off of Clint’s face and looks into his eyes, “keep fucking him. There’s a reward in it for you if he comes before I get back,” and she jumps off the bed, grabbing a pair of their boxers on the way.
Clint resumes his pace, gathering both of Peter’s legs together in one of his long arms and using his free hand to turn Peter’s face, capturing his lips in a wet, sloppy kiss. Peter can taste their Omega on his lips, and suddenly his orgasm is right there.
“Clin’ oh, uh, uh, ‘m gonna,” he tries to warn, but it more or less comes out as a high pitched squeal.
“Yeah, pretty Omega, come on. Come for me. Come on Peter, give it to me, fuck, you feel so damn good, baby—”
His eyes roll back as the second orgasm overtakes him, shaking through his legs and bursting out of his chest in a desperate wail. Clint’s thrusts slow back down, but he barely feels them. He opens and closes his fingers, trying to hold on, and fails, floating high above his body. Below his body.
There’s a release of pressure.
Warmth shifts from his back to his side.
Small wet noises and low rumbles of begging.
His eyes blink open, soft and slow. He feels light. He feels empty.
As his vision starts to swim into focus, he realizes his Omega has moved him to the side. She’s now riding Clint into the mattress. Hard.
A flash of Clint’s face— it looks like he’s seeing heaven open— and Peter smiles, curling into the Beta’s side and clinging to one of his arms as he floats away again.
An hour later, Peter is up and cuddling with his pack. It took awhile to bring him back, but his pack let him float— content to relax in his submission and forget about the hundred other things going wrong outside their bedroom.
Turns out the interruption was Bucky, coming to check on them after hearing a “horrific dying animal noise.”
“Was it the noise I made or the noise Clint made?” Peter asks.
Clint rolls his eyes, and Annie answers, “Clint howled like a fucking Alpha when he dropped you on his cock.”
“Oh my— Annie!” Peter yelps, hiding his face in Clint’s arm as his mate cackles.
“You’re just too delicious, Petey. Couldn’t help myself.”
Peter rolls his eyes, but still nestles closer, “Did you float, Clint?”
“For a bit— definitely not like you did, Pete.”
“Hey,” Annie buts in, “drink this, Peter,” and she presses a bottle against his lips.
He takes a few moments to down the whole thing— he is exceedingly thirsty— before asking, “Did Bucky say anything?”
“No, he brought us water, though. And snacks. And then he ran away.”
Peter yawns and pulls Annie’s arm around him, “I wish he’d stayed to cuddle.”
His packmates snuggle in closer and pull up the blanket, cocooning themselves and drifting off for a nap before starting the day officially. When they wake up around noon, the first thing Annie does is call the Omega clinic to book Bucky an adjoining appointment with theirs.
Monday comes sooner than they expect, and all three Omegas pile into the small clinic for their appointments.
Peter keeps looking up at Bucky. The older Omega has been quiet since they left the house, and it’s starting to get concerning. Annie went into her appointment a few minutes ago, so the two of them are alone in the waiting room. He threads their fingers together, placing a small kiss on the back of his hand.
No response.
“Bucky? Buck? James? Jamie?”
At the last one, Bucky blinks a few times and shakes his head.
“Wha… what did you call me?”
“I— I don’t know, I was just trying to get your attention—”
“Only my parents ever called me Jamie,” Bucky says, looking down at Peter with wide eyes.
Peter tries to apologize, stuttering, “I’m so so sorry, Bucky, I swear, I wasn’t trying to—”
“Pete,” Bucky squeezes his hand, “it’s okay, darlin’. I… I enjoyed it, is all.”
“... what?”
Bucky sighs, “Stevie called me Bucky for the first time when we were in middle school, ya know? I’d always been James or Jamie, but hated it when I was little. After that day, I only went by Bucky— I guess that was his claim on me, even back then. But now, it sounds good to be called Jamie by someone I consider home, alright?”
Peter scrubs at the tears forming in his eyes, looking up at Bucky as he asks, “I feel like home?”
“Yeah, Pete, you do. You don’t have to, but I’d love for you to call me Jamie. Damn... okay maybe that’s actually a bad idea, you know what, forget—”
“No, no,” Peter interrupts, “I’d love to call you Jamie. Really. We should… we should spend some time together. Like, alone together.”
Jamie finally smiles at this, nodding along, “I’d love that, Pete. Wanna go away for a weekend, or just spend a few days in my nest and kick everyone else out?”
“Either, but I’d like to do it before… before we have sex together. Or share a heat. I’d like to know you a bit more.”
“So no sex on our weekend away?” Jamie asks, and Peter looks up in surprise— and he’s laughing. Oh.
Peter gives him a light push, “I swear, you’re no better than Clint.”
Both of them end up laughing, leaning against each other and getting dirty looks from a few other patients that they ignore.
Within a few minutes, the nurses call their names and they go back for their appointments. Separately. Everything goes normally for Peter, but he can’t stop worrying about Jamie the whole time. He knows his scent must reek, but the doctor, thankfully, doesn’t comment on it. Once he’s given a clean bill of health, plus a negative pregnancy test, the nurses usher him into a larger exam room where Annie and Jamie sit waiting for him.
They take a few moments to scent each other, holding on tight, before specifically checking in on Jamie. They’re relieved to hear that his STD and pregnancy tests are negative, and all of them share details about their own exams, ultrasounds, and other blood work they had to do.
After a minute, there’s a knock on the door, and an older, female doctor enters the room.
“Hi, I’m Doctor Michaels,” she says sitting in the chair across from where they’re piled on the large exam couch, “I’m told you would like to talk about pack bonding today, correct?”
All of them exchange a look, but stay relatively silent. Great. Perfect time for them to swing submissive.
Doctor Michaels is patient, and Jamie finally speaks up.
“Yeah, Doc. We need’ta know how to bond. We’ve got an Alpha and two Betas at home who we want to bond with, but none of us have any idea what to do.”
She laughs lightly, politely, and Peter gets a whiff of sweet Omega scent from her.
“Here, all three of you take these booklets,” she passes them out, and Peter almost scoffs at the title: How to Make Your Forever, Last.
She continues on, “I’m sure you’ve had conversations with your whole pack about bonding, so the only reminder I’ll give is that a bond, when formed correctly between two consenting parties, will last indefinitely. If any of your bonded pack members were to leave and start a separate, familial pack, the bond you share will still remain and that member would be unable to rebond with another person. Understand?”
All three of them nod their heads affirmative.
“Good, now— are you all living together yet?”
“Yeah,” Jamie answers again, “we have a home and by the summer we’ll be livin' together permanently.”
“Okay, that’s imperative for testing compatibility and establishing territory. You will also need to set rules and guidelines for sexual intimacy, especially regarding gender dynamics and orientations. Speaking of which, do you have designated spaces for nesting and scenes?”
“We do. Right now, we have two nests, two dens, and two separate scene rooms. I think Stevie— that’s our DomAlpha— is plannin’ to build out a main den and the Omegas will rebuild one nest together durin’ a heat or somethin’.”
She hums in acknowledgement and makes a note, “Let’s talk about heats. I see here on your charts that none of you have shared a heat with a partner, is this correct?” they all nod, yes, “The only way a pack can bond is when an Omega mate is in heat. If all six of you are to share a bond, it will be strongest if the Omegas are synched. Have you heard this term before?”
Annie speaks up, “Once or twice. My mom used to talk about it— where Omegas off their suppressants and intimate together will get on the same heat cycle.”
“Right,” the doctor agrees, “you’ll need to go off your suppressants and wait two or three cycles before your bodies officially synch together. I’m going to suggest that each of those heats you spend with each other and try to keep other packmates from interacting unless absolutely necessary. It’s best that your hormones aren’t affected by other mates during this time.”
Jamie makes a small displeased noise, but quickly clears his throat, motioning for her to continue.
The doctor smiles again, “I know, it’ll be hard spending a few heats without your full pack, but truly, it will be for the best if you want to form a strong bond.”
“So,” Peter asks, “what about during the heat that we all have together? When we’re ready to bond— what happens then?”
“Well, it depends. I have to ask— will your bonded pack have a Dominant Alpha and Submissive Omega present?”
Peter nods, “Yes, me and Steve.”
“Okay, that will help the process significantly. You’ve probably already talked about your role as the cornerstone of the pack, but during the bonding process, it is essential that the two of you bond and knot first. It’s going to be hard for the other pack members to refrain from mating during that time, but it will help to establish an order of bonding before the occasion to curb any confusion during the hormone-fueled heats.”
“So, we have to… Steve and I have to bond before anyone else can?” Peter asks, avoiding his packmates’ attention.
“Yes,” the doctor agrees, “the whole pack can be with you, if you desire, but he will have to knot you and both of you exchange a secure bite on the neck before other packmates can join the process.”
The three Omegas shift uncomfortably at the description, and Peter slips his hand into Jamie’s, holding on tight.
“After this, just make sure all of the desired bonds are completed before the end of your shared heat. I assume your Betas know of their ability to satisfy an Omega during heat?”
“Uh…” Peter pauses, looking to Annie and Jamie, but both of them seem confused, “probably not?”
“It’s okay, it’s all in the booklet, too. Betas have the ability to help Omegas in their heats and Alphas in their ruts by simulating biological responses necessary for satisfaction in their partners. For instance— when the three of you enter heat together, your Beta packmates will both be able to knot you temporarily. It’s a shorter duration than an Alpha’s knot and only happens for the heat, but their semen still has calming properties, and under the right circumstances, can help an Omega conceive.”
At this, Jamie makes a sad noise that has both of them turning to him.
“Doc,” he starts, head down and body language tense, “is it true that only the Dominant Alpha and Submissive Omega can pup?”
Peter spins to look at him in surprise. What?
“Yes, after bonding, the cornerstone pair in the pack will undergo a hormonal shift in their reproductive system, creating a symbiosis and making it so that only their systems are compatible. The Alpha’s semen only works on the Omega’s uterus, basically.”
“How… wait, so— my body… what about Steve and Jamie? What about Tony?”
“I can only assume those are your other mates. It will still be possible for the two of you, James and Annie, to be impregnated by either of your Betas should the desire arise. Because of this,” she transitions, ignoring the ShockedDevestatedUpsetOmega scent overtaking the room, “I will still keep all of you on contraceptives unless you are wanting to conceive during your first heat. Is this okay?”
They nod, wordless and still shocked.
“Perfect. And lastly, what is the general timeline for bonding? I need to know in order to schedule appointments to retract the semi-permanent suppressants.”
“It’s,” Jamie clears his throat, “it’s as soon as possible, I think. We wanna be bonded this summer.”
“Great, then we can remove the suppressants today before you leave. Are there any other questions you may have for me?”
They shake their heads, no, and she excuses herself from the room, promising to send a nurse to complete the procedures.
When the door shuts, the three of them crowd together, hooking their chins over shoulders and shifting into each other’s laps. Peter feels Jamie grip him tight, and looks into his eyes, which are glazed over and blown wide.
He’s dropping, Peter thinks to himself, and he’s dropping dominant.
Because of this, it isn’t surprising that Jamie growls when the nurse enters the room. Peter shushes him, lacing their fingers together, and the nurse waits for their permission before approaching the chair where they sit.
The nurse pulls out a few of the tools, and asks them, “Alright, who wants to go first?”
Jamie growls again, but answers, “I will,” before lifting his shirt, giving her access to his suppressant site.
They watch as she squeezes around his stomach, feeling for the insertion. His face is screwed up in discomfort, breathing heavily.
She finds the site, a small bump underneath his skin that feeds directly into his endocrine system, and squeezes it towards the surface of his skin. Grabbing the syringe, she warns him about the sharp pain and quickly inserts the needle, puncturing the suppressant site, and injecting a clear liquid. Jamie hisses through his teeth, clamping down hard on Peter’s arm, as the nurse changes out her tool and attaches a suction to his stomach, turning on the corresponding machine that starts to massage his skin.
“It’s going to break apart the remaining parts of the suppressant site, and it will be absorbed into your system with little side effects,” she says, turning off the machine and starting to sanitize it again.
“Alright,” she turns back with a new syringe, “who’s next?”
“I’m never goin’ back to that damn clinic ever again.”
After their procedures, Jamie had towed both Omegas out of the clinic and back to the car, throwing them in the backseat, buckling their seat belts, and taking off towards their house.
Annie tries to get his attention, “Bucky, we should probably call—”
A deep, feral growl cuts her off, and both Omegas remain silent for the rest of the ride. Peter pulls out his phone and sends a quick text to Steve, letting him know about Jamie’s drop. He also texts Tony and Clint, asking both of them to be ready to help when they get home.
Jamie isn’t driving fast— honestly, he’s probably going under the speed limit— but Peter and Annie are still holding on tight to each other, struggling to keep themselves from dropping submissive as Jamie pumps AggressiveUpsetDistressedOmega scent into the car.
When they pull up, Jamie is immediately around the side of the car, hauling both of them out of the back seat and stalking towards the front door with a low, persistent growl.
Before they even reach the door, Steve steps out with Tony and Clint not too far behind him. Jamie lets out a louder growl, straightening up, shoving both Omegas behind him— facing the Alpha head on. Steve steps closer, meeting his challenge,
“Stand down, Bucky.”
The command washes over all of them, and Peter feels his knees give in, crumpling to the ground. He can’t tear his eyes away from his Alpha— standing in front of Jamie with an expectant look on his face and ordering him to his knees in submission.
He sees Jamie finally collapse, sinking to his knees in front of their Alpha, and then there’s suddenly a set of hands on his shoulders.
“Peter, come with me, baby,” Tony croons into his ear, and he nods his head, letting his Beta scoop him up and carry him away, far away, into the house. They settle onto the nesting couch, and Tony starts to wrap him in blankets, whispering sweet encouragements into his ear that make Peter feel safe and warm.
Distantly, he hears sniffling and crying. Tony takes a moment to help him drink water, and he hums his appreciation.
“Tony?” he whispers, cursing himself quietly for how weak he sounds,
It surprises his boyfriend, though, and he’s immediately shifted to stare deep into his Beta’s eyes, “Yes, baby? Are you okay? What happened?”
He ignores the question for now, “Where’s Annie? And Jamie? Are they okay?”
“Yeah, sweetheart, they’re fine. Steve’s got Bucky in the den and Clint has Annie up in your nest.”
“Oh, okay,” he closes his eyes, “I’m fine, Beta. We had a rough time at the clinic— they gave us a lot of information and then we had a painful procedure to get our suppressants removed— and I think that caused all of us to drop.”
“I can tell, Pete. I’ve never seen Bucky challenge Steve like that before— it was quite a sight.”
Peter sighs, “I think he felt like we were in trouble. I should be with him.”
“No, not right now,” Tony’s tone is firm, “we can talk tonight, but right now he needs to spend time with our Alpha.”
“Beta, I need to talk to you about something,” he whispers, ducking his head to avoid eye contact. Tony grabs his chin, not letting him get away, while motioning for him to continue, “the doctor said… she said I can’t have your pups, Tony.”
His tears start to gather in his eyes, and Tony wipes them away tenderly,
“I know.”
“... you know?”
“Yeah, baby. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, but we figured it out a few years ago when the boys were courting me.”
“Don’t— no, I’m really sorry, I really am Peter. I would have told you before we bonded if the doctor hadn’t mentioned it today. Bucky is devastated that he can’t have Steve’s pups—”
“I know—”
“And— oh, okay. So I can assume that’s one of the things that set him off?”
Peter rolls his eyes, “You think, Tony?”
“Damn, okay, I’m really fucking this up,” Tony scrubs his face, “Peter. I’m… you gotta know, baby, that I love you regardless. So does Steve. None of us expect pups from you, and you know that you don’t have to bond with Steve, right?”
“Stop it, Tony. I heard the news and then got my suppressant removed. I made this choice. I’m just pissed that we got so far without anyone bringing it up. I mean— we’re already living here! Dammit Tony, you asked me to trust you and I’m trying.”
“And I know that, sweetheart,” Tony says, caressing a thumb across Peter’s cheek, “I didn’t mean to keep anything from you, Peter. I respect you— you know that, right?”
Peter mirrors his touch, putting his smaller hand on Tony’s cheek, “I know, Tony.”
Tony looks relieved and leans closer. Peter closes his eyes, ready for the kiss—
“Hey— oh, sorry—”
They whip around to see Steve waiting next to their chair, shifting awkwardly where he stands and holding one of his hands behind his back. Peter scans the room, and sees Bucky curled up with Annie and Clint on a nearby couch, watching them intently.
“It’s okay, Alpha, what’s going on?” Peter untangles from Tony’s arms, sitting up straighter to look Steve in the face. Tony rubs his back encouragingly.
Steve looks to Tony, looks behind him towards their pack— all of whom give him a thumbs up— and then slowly gets to both knees, pulling a red, velvet box from behind his back, and opening it to reveal a sparkling, diamond ring.
“I— what?”
“Peter, I realized that I shouldn’t wait to ask you this. You’ve stepped so gracefully into the role we’ve required of you, and it happens to come with a lifelong bond to an Alpha you barely know. I want you to know— I’m falling in love with you. I don’t want our bond to be built out of necessity, I want it to be built out of affection and commitment to each other. I don’t just want forever with this pack— I want forever with you,”
At this, Steve bares his neck in submission and holds out the ring, “Peter Parker: will you be mine? In love, in bond, and in marriage?”
Peter feels Tony’s thumb on his cheek and realizes he’s crying again.
“Y— yes, Steve. I’ll be yours. I’m—” he takes a deep breath, “— I’m falling in love with you, too, Alpha.”
He slides off the couch, joining his Alpha on the floor, and melts into his arms as the room erupts in excited cheers.
With Steve’s ring on his finger and nose in his neck, his problems start to melt away. They’re strong together, they’re right together. And even though his pack won’t make his worries disappear— with all six of them celebrating around him and embracing each other— it seems as though they can face anything, together.
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FTLOAP: Chapter 50: Just One Chance, Just One Breath
Tumblr media
For The Love Of A Princess Masterpost
Alpha-reader: @athingofvikings​
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! 3 YEARS! !
Today (April 3rd), it's been three years since I posted the prologue to this story. Meeting this anniversary served as a great deadline for me to finally finish editing this chapter.
Also, I can't believe it's really been that long! I never planned for this story to grow so big or to only write so little for it. But I'm going to power through, I still love this story very much.
I want to apologise it again took so long. January and February were bad for me, mentally, and I barely had enough energy to get through the day, let alone do just about anything in addition. Even the 'short' one-shots I posted in this time took me weeks to write instead of the usual one or two days. And I can't predict how long the next update might take, life is just chaos these days.
Now to this chapter. Finally, things are happening! I'm very excited about this chapter and the following event, and about your reactions, too.
This chapter's title comes from the song Far Away by Nickleback. It's one of my favourite songs all around, and the sentiment of this one quote felt very appropriate for this chapter.
. o O o .
There was a constant drizzle coming from the grey sky above them. It made Hiccup wish he was already wearing his warm travelling coat instead of the colourful attire that marked him as Eret’s squire so he could pull it tighter around himself. He couldn’t concentrate. Right at this moment, the King was giving his opening speech for the Dragon Hunt, with them all being packed and ready to get going any minute now. He should listen, should pay attention, if not for any important information then at least out of respect.
But no matter how hard he tried, he didn’t hear a single word; his heart was beating in his throat and drowned out every other sound. His eyes kept shifting away from the King too, constantly moving a bit to the left to where Astrid stood a step behind her father and beneath a hastily built canopy. As if she was too delicate to be subjected to the weather. She wore her mask of a pleasant smile, her eyes gliding around slowly, resting nowhere.
Gods, he hadn’t even left yet, but he missed her already! They hadn’t really talked since their saying goodbye in Eret’s suite two days ago. Yesterday had been busy with the journey to Oramond—which Astrid had been made to spend in a carriage—and she’d taken all her meals with Eret, Dagur, and their fathers. Frigga, they’d barely even seen each other, and he’d missed her so much. Could he really leave and endure several days without her? It felt so wrong.
But once again not being able to interact with her in over a day had reminded him of just how much he needed her in his life. It reminded him of why he had to follow through with their plan. They only had this one chance to ensure their future by following the path the Gods had wanted him to take, by doing what came naturally to him. He could do this! He had to…
Eventually, the King ended his speech with a reminder of the glory and the new life that was waiting for the winner—as if he needed that reminder. Then he, Eret, Dagur, and their small group of guards rode through the crowd to set out as the first participants. They all turned their heads as they rode past the King and the group around him. Silent nods were exchanged and to satisfy those watching, Eret even blew a kiss in Astrid’s direction. Her smile grew a little warmer, making Hiccup’s heart beat in his throat. Then her gaze glided on, over the rest of their group, and eventually, their eyes met. It lasted for less than one second before she looked away again, but to him, the emotions and the meaning in that brief exchange were tangible. Real, full of love and reassurance. The promise that they would soon be together again. It was a moment he would cherish, something to hold on to.
Then he took a last deep breath and turned away, toward the road ahead of them.
It felt like ripping out his heart.
. o O o .
Hiccup wasn’t sure whether to call it a lucky streak or just good preparation, but as everything worked out as planned, he was willing to go with either.
Both Eret and Dagur had been given a group of three guards from their fathers and a couple of pack horses. They rode hard—trying to bring as much distance between themselves and the other participants that would follow—and by noon, they reached their first stop.
It was a village of medium size. The people here obviously expected visitors, the hunt was no secret, after all, and it didn’t take long until the high lords and their entourage had gained rooms to stay in during the following days.
Hiccup spent an hour visibly busy with getting them settled in. He unpacked his and Eret’s things, arranged for them to get their food delivered to their rooms, and made sure that Cassie, Crusher, Squish, and the other horses were taken care of. But once he was sure that nobody paid him much attention anymore, he focussed on his main course again.
Back in the room he was supposed to share with Eret, he quickly changed his clothes; out of the flashy attire of a squire and into nondescript but practical travelling clothes made of wool and leather.
With his hand lingering on Astrid's key around his neck, he gave himself a moment to think of her. Now that there were actually dozens of miles between them, he felt their separation even more acutely. It felt as if something was tugging at him from the inside, urging him to get back to her, to hold her, to never let go. And a major part of him wanted nothing more than to give in to that urge, too. No matter how confident he was about this whole plan, Astrid had been right as well. Being apart from her was just wrong.
Taking a deep breath, he pushed these thoughts and feelings aside. He couldn’t afford to be distracted now. Now, he had to concentrate on his plan; being with her had to wait until he was back. Until he’d killed a dragon and returned to become a count. Until he had the land and title necessary to ask for her hand. Until he was truly worthy of her. Oh, he couldn’t wait.
Feeling a little lighter, he reached for the bundles he hadn’t unpacked earlier. They contained all he needed for the Hunt, some weapons, a few emergency rations of food, and more practical equipment he needed for a couple of days in the wilderness. And, most importantly, the bola shooter.
He threw the bags over his shoulder, then reached for the last thing he needed, the cloak Astrid’s servants had provided him with. In itself, it was an ordinary cloak, black with a blue border. What made it special however was the badge and sigil that came with it, marking the wearer as an official royal courier. It would allow him to change horses whenever he needed and ensured that he got a bed and a meal as long as he travelled along the road. He even had a letter to top off his disguise, complete with a wax seal of House Jag’r. He just hoped that he wouldn’t need this and that Eret wouldn’t get into trouble for providing him with this false message.
He didn’t pause to say his farewell to his cousin. Too easily someone could overhear them, could stop him, or could pin his leaving without permission on Eret. He and Dagur already had done enough for him; he didn’t want to risk any further trouble.
Instead, he sneaked into the stables and readied the two pack horses Eret and Dagur had brought, then left without anyone paying him any attention.
Being on the road then was a relief. It meant another part of their plan had worked perfectly. Hiccup rode for another two hours before he changed the tired horses at the next way station. A part of him wished he could take a break as well, to eat and to warm up at a hearth. He’d missed out on the meal he’d ordered for Eret in that inn and the drizzling rain was wearing on his strength. But taking a break wasn’t possible, not if he wanted to stay ahead of everyone else and out of reach of whoever might or might not be following him. So instead, he just switched to the well-rested horses a helpful stablehand provided him with and, chewing on some dried meat from his travelling rations, continued on his way up north.
He again got remounts in the evening, then rode on until long past nightfall before he stopped at an inn for the night. But despite being tired to the bones, from the second day spent in the saddle and the cool drizzle having crept through all his clothes, sleep didn’t come easily to him. His mind couldn’t find rest and for a long while, he just kept shifting from one side to the other. His thoughts kept circling around the task that lay ahead of him, around the dull sense of someone possibly following him, and around Astrid.
Gods, he missed her so much. What wouldn’t he give to hold her in his arms now, to listen to her soft breathing and breathe in her mayweed scent? Trembling, he curled into a tight ball, his hand pressed to his chest, and took a few deep and calming breaths. She was always with him; he reminded himself. Within him, their bond was tangible, pulsing like a second heart. It was warm and reassuring and real. Nothing would ever come between them, not even distance…
And soon, he would be with her for real again, too. Just a few days…
. o O o .
On the second day of the Hunt, Hiccup’s lucky streak still seemed to go on. Or that was what he tried to tell himself, at least. He was still tired, even after some hours of rest, but after a quick but tasty and filling breakfast, he was back on the road in no time. And while the rain had kept on during the night, it had stopped by now. The sky was still cloudy and the air cool, but thanks to the trees and hills around them, the wind didn’t affect him too much.
Not once did he encounter other participants of the Hunt, not by chance and not someone who might be searching for him either. Apparently, he was safe from any followers, and all Astrid’s worries had been for nothing.
Around noon, he reached another village. Although, it wasn’t even that, really, mostly a way station and a few additional buildings around it. But it was nonetheless an important place as it was the last station of his journey before he would have to leave the road and head into the swamplands.
“Now, things are getting serious,” he murmured to himself, then chuckled. Talking to himself had been a habit he’d picked up during his years of travelling on his own, to not feel quite as lonely. Almost a year had passed since then, but apparently, old habits died hard.
Pressing his legs against the horse’s sides, he rode toward what had to be the stables. “Hello?” he called, looking around for someone to take over his tired horses.
There was a grunt followed by heavy footsteps, then a burly man in a brown leather vest and with a bald head came into sight. “Oi, stranger.” He looked Hiccup over, his eyes pausing on the badge on Hiccup's cloak. “A messenger, eh? We don't see many of you around here. I’m Owen. You need horses, boy?”
Hiccup nodded, but then directly shook his head. “I do. But before I ride on... Do you have a tavern around here? Somewhere where I can get something to eat?”
“No tavern,” Owen said, but nodded toward a building on the other side of the road. “But you can get food in the main building over there. There’s not much to choose from, but my wife makes a fine stew. Just perfect for this weather.” He threw a glance past Hiccup and up into the grey sky and grimaced. “I’ll have your fresh horses ready when you need them.”
With a grateful smile, Hiccup took his bags from the horses’ backs and wandered over toward the other building. He couldn’t agree more, a good stew was just what he needed, warm and filling. When he stepped inside, he was greeted by a wave of wonderful warmth, the scent of hearty food, and a middle-aged woman of a comfortably rounded shape coming over from another room.
“Oh, a visitor!” she exclaimed, looking him over with curiosity. “But look at you. Come in, come in. You look exhausted, boy. What do you need? A room to rest?”
With a tired sigh, Hiccup shook his head. He had no time to take a rest, no matter how appealing that thought was. “Just something warm to eat, if you would be so kind. I need to be back on the road as soon as possible.”
She frowned in motherly disapproval, but nodded when he inconspicuously turned so she could see his messenger badge. “I see.”
She ushered him in and before he’d even sat down, she placed a steaming bowl of stew in front of him.
“Must be a mighty important message you’re delivering when you can’t even take a minor break.”
Hiccup smiled into his spoon. Even tired as he was, the food and the comfort of the hearth fire was enough to refuel at least some of his energy. And the woman had been kinder than she had to be, so giving her some gossip in exchange seemed only fair.
“I guess it is,” he replied between two mouthfuls. “A wedding invitation, if I’m informed correctly. From House Jag’r. I’m supposed to deliver it and return with an answer right away.” That was the story they’d decided on, giving him a good reason to head back in a couple of days as well. Even as he didn’t look forward to the question that would inevitably follow.
The woman’s eyes grew and she leaned a little closer. “A wedding invitation, you say? So the rumours are true then. The princess is going to marry our young Lord Eret?”
Hiccup dug his head and had to bite his lip to keep himself from scowling. Of course, these rumours would have spread by now. And the fondness in her voice didn’t surprise him, either; House Jag’r was well-liked among its subjects. It wasn’t this woman’s fault, that the idea of Astrid and Eret marrying didn’t fill him with the same joy as her.
“Maybe,” he suggested casually. “Or it’s about Lady Esther’s wedding.”
“Lady Esther is going to marry too?” the woman exclaimed, and she clapped her hands in delight. “Oh, what wonderful news. Are you sure it’s true?”
Smiling a little more genuine now, Hiccup gave something between a shrug and a nod. “That’s what I overheard, at least.”
She seemed excited, but before she could say more, another woman called her over from the room next door and she left him to eat in peace. Clearly in a good mood now, she probably couldn’t wait to spread the gossip.
Content to have made at least one person’s life brighter today, Hiccup finished his stew, left a coin as thanks for his meal, and then headed back to the way station outside. Grimacing at the gust of wind tearing at his cloak, he waited for an older boy—surely Owens son, judging by his looks—to bring him his horses. He remembered the woman’s offer of a room to rest, and dreamily imagined taking her up on it, to get some sleep until the weather—hopefully—turned more agreeable soon. But he didn’t have time for that. He had to stick to their plan, couldn’t make an exception just because the weather wasn’t playing along.
As he rode on, his thoughts kept circling around the task that lay ahead of him, and slowly, he became nervous. Over the past few days, he’d repeatedly assured Astrid and the others that he knew what he had to do, that he had the knowledge and training necessary to hunt and kill a dragon.
But the truth was… It was years since he’d been out to learn how to hunt dragons, another life. He’d only been a youth, accompanying the experienced hunters to learn just like his father had instructed and everyone had expected of him. But back then, he hadn’t been interested in the best techniques to track and find wild dragons. Instead, he’d only been excited about seeing and studying them, leading him to pay little attention to what the more experienced men had tried to teach him. Now, he could only hope that enough information had stuck with him nonetheless.
. o O o .
When Hiccup reached the swamps, what awaited him was just what he’d expected. A vast plain where grass-covered hummocks seamlessly merged into muddy lakes as far as the eye could see, with lonely trees or small corpses strewn in-between. Sadly, the weather still hadn’t changed, the air cold and close to freezing. So far, the forest had kept him mostly safe from the biting wind, but out here, he wouldn’t have that protection anymore. Even his travelling cloak could only do so much in shielding him.
Hiccup grimaced but tried to focus on any advantages the wind could give him. It would carry scents and sounds over far distances, but maybe it would also confuse his prey, making it hard for the beasts to locate him. If he managed to track one down in the first place…
With a tired grunt, he dismounted and took the horses’ reins to lead them behind him as he made his way deeper into the swamps. He needed them to carry his equipment, but carrying him over the muddy ground would needlessly tire them out. So he went on foot, regularly leaving the animals fixed to a branch or rock when he found one to search the area for any signs that a dragon might be close by.
But there were none.
When dusk came, Hiccup was starting to feel anxious. For hours, he’d been wandering through these swamplands now, but not once had he spotted even the hint of wings larger than those of a hawk on the horizon, let alone found any traces of a dragon being nearby. And he was exhausted . The wetness from the ground had soaked into his trousers, his boots, and up his cloak, making it even heavier. Dragging him down. The sky had cleared, but without the sun that only meant the temperature was dropping even lower, further wearing out his remaining strength. And in addition, the three days of travelling hadn’t done his leg any good to begin with. By now, every step was painful, his back hurting, and his limps felt like jelly. He stumbled and fell more often the farther he wandered through the swamps, and soon, his hands were muddy and cold. Numb.
And still, there were no signs of any dragons. Which meant that he was wasting his time here anyway.
With a tired sigh, Hiccup sank down onto a damp rock and buried his face in his hands. Gods, he was so exhausted. He didn’t want to waste any time by just sitting here, couldn’t really afford to do so. But he couldn’t go on like this, either. He needed to rest , something to eat and some hours of sleep. Which probably was the more sensible thing to do, anyway. Yes, he would break off for today and get some rest. And tomorrow, he would travel farther north along one of the marked paths. Maybe he would have more luck there.
“It’s the only sensible thing to do,” he muttered to himself, reluctantly resigning to this plan. “But first, I need to find a dry place to make camp. And preferably something warm to eat…” The clear sky promised a freezing night, warmth would be essential.
Gathering his remaining strength, Hiccup fought himself back up on his feet and kept going. He wandered further through the swamps, but now, he wasn’t looking for hints or trails of any dragons anymore. Instead, he was looking for prey to hunt. A deer would be nice, enough meat to keep him full through the coming days. But just a rabbit would do, too. He still had some dried rations in his pack, but he would only touch those if he had no other choice.
This time, his search didn’t take long. It was less than half an hour, the sun gone and the night illuminated by stars only, until he spotted movement in the high grass ahead of him. The rustling of the blades of grass was distinctly different from that of the wind, and it seemed as if his tiny lucky streak was still going; from the size of it, it had to be a deer and not a rabbit.
He stopped, grimacing as he found nothing to tie the horses to, but it couldn’t be helped. He wouldn't be gone for long anyway. As quietly as he could, he took one bag off the nearer horse to reach the bow and quiver strapped beneath. Then, with one arrow loosely nocked, he sneaked up the hummock behind which the deer had disappeared.
Slowly, without making the slightest noise, Hiccup made his way to the top and looked for the deer. He’d heard the rustling of grass from the dip on the other side just a moment ago, the animal had to be here somewhere. He looked around, squinting to see in the near-complete darkness of the night—but when he spotted the beast, he barely believed his eyes.
From one moment to the next, Hiccup froze in fear, eyes wide and unable to move. The animal that stood with its head bent down to drink from a shallow lake just a few feet away from him was not a deer.
It was a dragon. And not just any dragon, no. Hiccup had never seen one of these before, but he’d heard stories and had seen drawings in old books. Deep black and almost invisible in the night, Hiccup could only make out its sleek body and powerful wings by the starlight reflecting on its shiny scales. A long tail with spiky tail fins, some odd earlike protrusion on its head, it was—
A Night Fury!
The ultimate prize!
Hiccup’s heart began to race uncontrolled. This was why he was here! For whatever reason the Gods had led his way here, this was it. It had to be! The legendary beast from the old stories, so tightly linked to his name. This couldn’t be a coincidence. Now, all he had to do was incapacitate the monster with the bola shooter, and—
And the bola shooter was still at the bottom of one of his bags, back with the horses.
At the last moment, he remembered to suppress his groan; alerting the dragon to his presence could have fatal consequences. But that was the problem. There was no way he could go back and return with the shooter without the beast hearing him. It was a miracle that he’d managed to sneak up on this stealthy dragon, to begin with.
His mind was working at a rapid speed. Only seconds had passed since he spotted the dragon, but it was unlikely that he would get much more time. Any moment now, it would notice him, hear or scent him. He had to do something now.
His eyes dropped to the bow and nocked arrow in his hands. A horribly insufficiant weapon to fight against a dragon, but it was all he had.
Feverishly, he tried to remember his lessons.
A downed dragon is a dead dragon.
The wings! If he incapacitated the beast’s wings and it wasn’t able to fly, couldn’t flee and could only attack him from the ground—then he might have a chance. He carried a hunting knife strapped to his belt; not much but, it could work. It had to!
Hiccup forced himself to calm down his breathing and lifted the bow. Archery wasn’t his greatest skill, but the shot should be easy enough. He just had to tear a big-enough hole into one of the leathery wings, that was all. Manageable from this short distance. Right?
Adrenalin made his hands shake as he pulled and aimed. But he only had this one chance. So he took a deep breath and held it, forcing himself to calm down. For Astrid! he thought, and released the arrow.
And for a brief moment, Hiccup thought he’d made it.
The dragon screamed—in pain or surprise, Hiccup couldn’t tell—and whirled around. Hastily, Hiccup dropped the bow and pulled his knife instead, and in rapid speed, instructions he’d thought long forgotten popped up in his mind. He had to keep moving, had to circle the beast, somehow corner it and if possible make it use up his shots. Now that it wasn’t able to fly, he had to attack its other wing, its legs, weaken it, and—
The Night Fury roared in his direction, its large black wings stretched wide. And to Hiccup’s dismay, they were unharmed. He’d missed. Cold dread filled his stomach, but he had no time to think about his failure. For the beast had spotted him. For an endless heartbeat, its cold eyes all but pierced him. Then it jumped into the air, wings covering the entire sky, and screamed. Purple light gleamed in its throat, growing brighter and brighter and—
Hiccup reacted without thinking. At the last moment, he threw himself to the side and out of the way of the dragon’s fiery breath, and the blast of purple light missed him by inches. However, instead of landing in the grass as he’d anticipated, the world was suddenly spinning around Hiccup, leaving him without orientation. Up became down, the ground turned into thin air, and as Hiccup tumbled down the hillside, he could hear the beast screech angrily.
The landing was hard, jarring. Icy darkness closed around him, the momentary numbness only pierced by a sudden sharp pain in his left leg. He screamed as something cut deep into his flesh and doubled over to reach for his leg, but jerked back a moment later, spluttering and gasping.
For an endless heartbeat, there was only chaos; the pain and cold made Hiccup blind to what happened around him. There was another scream from the dragon, whinnying from the horses, and a noise that sounded like a sudden gust of wind—and then, only silence.
With a low groan, Hiccup tried to sit up. It took him a few tries; the ground was muddy and slippery. He’d landed in a shallow pool, and the water was icy. It stung like countless needles and made his fingers go numb. His clothes, already uncomfortably damp before, now clung to his skin. They dragged him down, and crawling up the embankment was more difficult than it should be.
Between the pain and the freezing water, Hiccup had forgotten everything else around him. But once he was back on—relatively—dry land, he remembered that he wasn’t alone. Where was the dragon? Was it watching him, waiting in some shadow and ready to attack again? He looked around frantically, eyes darting here and there, with fear blocking his throat and making it hard to breathe. He was defenceless, wouldn’t be able to dodge another attack in his current state.
But no attack came. The surrounding shadows were empty, the dim starlight enough to see at least that much.
Slumping in on himself, Hiccup let out an exhausted sigh. The threat seemed to be over, for the moment at least. And if the dragon was still around… well, then there was little he could do to defend himself anyway. A quick search showed him that he must have lost his knife during his fall, and as poor of a choice of weapon it had been, without it, he felt even worse.
Accepting that he wasn’t in immediate danger, he took a minute to catch his breath, then shifted to inspect his leg. The sharp pain made him grimace. Adrenalin and the cold water had numbed the pain after the initial burst, but now it became nearly unbearable—and horribly familiar.
Hissing in pain, he peeled back the torn fabric and tried to inspect the wound as best he could without light. His fingers were shaking and he had to grit his teeth, but after a minute of prodding and probing, he had a relatively good idea of the state his leg was in. The wound was a clean and straight cut, matching the edges of the fabric. It wasn’t so deep that it was directly threatening, but he would need to treat it and pray that the wound didn’t get infected.
“Oh, wonderful, ” he cursed under his breath, as it dawned on him what must have cut him. “Just perfect! I manage to dodge the dragon’s attack, only to fall into my own weapon. Typical! I’m… I’m such an idiot!”
With a hopeless groan, he let his head fall against the knee of his good leg, feeling a horrible sense of déjà vu.
The night and the cold wind. The failed fight against a dragon. His injured leg.
It was all happening again.
But no! No, he wouldn’t mess everything up, not again. There was still time, he could still find and kill a dragon. He hadn’t failed, not until he gave up.
Gritting his teeth, Hiccup fought himself up to wobbly stand on his good leg. This new injury had hit his already weaker leg, which was good. Maybe his sort-of-lucky streak wasn’t over just yet, despite the mess he was in. He just had to focus on the positive things...
But the wound needed tending, and he was in dire need of some dryer clothes, too. Looking around, Hiccup found that his weird luck really hadn’t run out yet. Only a few steps away, he spotted a long branch. Crooked and not as strong as he would have preferred, it was still sufficient enough as an improvised crutch. It didn’t make walking easy, but at least it became a little more bearable.
Slowly, he made his way around the hummock to where he’d left the horses. In one of the saddlebags, he had clean cloth for bandages and a small flask of willow bark tincture. It probably wasn’t enough for a wound as big as this one, but it would have to be enough for now. However, even with his crude crutch, the way was difficult, especially on this uneven ground. Hiccup hobbled more than he was walking, putting as little weight on the injured leg as was possible. Time seemed to stretch endlessly as he went on and on, forcing himself to endure the pain.
Just a little longer...
Just until he’d reached the horses, then he could rest…
The way around the hummock seemed to take longer than was logically possible, but Hiccup passed that off as fatigue and the slight daze he was in with the pain and after the shock of the dragon attack. He felt like the beast had still to be around somewhere, and it took him way too long to realise his mistake.
The horses were gone.
He’d possibly rounded the hummock for the second time when he spotted a leather bag lying on the ground a small distance away from him. Hobbling closer, he recognised it as his own and after throwing a glance around was sure that this was the place he’d left the horses before he’d approached the Night Fury. Except that the horses were nowhere to be seen.
“ Of course, they aren’t here anymore!” he groaned, slumping down to the ground next to the lonely bag. “The dragon probably scared them and they ran away. And I run around like an idiot, looking for...” He trailed off, laughing at himself and shaking his head. “I’m such an idiot…”
Hiccup leaned against a rock and gave himself a few moments to regain his strength. He needed a rest… Just a moment to breathe, to gather his thoughts.
First, he had to find the horses. Maybe there was another silver lining waiting for him and they’d only run a little further away from the fight. Maybe, he could recapture them easily.
With more effort than he liked, he climbed back on top of the hummock, looking around, searching. By now, the moon had come out, a full moon, bathing the landscape around him in cool silvery light. But no matter how hard he looked, he couldn’t spot the horses anywhere. Instead, he spotted a patch of burned grass nearby, right next to where he’d left the lonely bag. He let out another groan. If the dragon’s attack had hit this close to the horses, it was no wonder they’d fallen into a panic and run. They were probably still running at this very moment, and were irrecoverably lost to him by now. Walking around looking for them wasn’t just nearly impossible in his current state, it was entirely useless, too.
The curse came as merely a weak groan. Without these horses, it would be difficult to get fresh ones at a way station. And without horses in general, it would be tricky to make it back to Eret in time for the Dragon Hunt. If he was lucky, the messenger’s badge and a good story of how he’d lost the horses would be enough but—
Then the full range of this development hit him. The horses hadn’t just been meant to carry him back.
This time, he yelled. With the horses gone, he had no equipment anymore either. No bandages or medication for his leg. No dried food for emergencies. No oiled blankets against the weather. In those bags had been everything, clothes, equipment—his weapons!
Burying his face in his hands and pulling at his hair, he let out an inarticulate scream. Astrid had been right, after all. He should have listened to her. This whole idea had been madness right from the beginning. He never should have left her side. No matter how bad the odds, holding her hand when they tried to convince Daniel to support them… that would have been leagues better than dying out here, alone. Never to see her again…
“No…” He looked up, a small flicker of determination blooming in his chest amidst the ocean of despair inside him. “No, I won’t give up! I… I promised that everything would be all right…”
Behind his mind’s eye, an image of Astrid appeared. He’d barely ever seen her truly angry, but he could imagine so well how she would look, with her fists in her sides, leaning forward a little and giving him a well-deserved scolding. He could almost hear her, telling him that she’d told him so, that he was an idiot for going through with this stupid plan, and that he should have listened to her. Oh, what would he give to hear her voice for real now… Even if she were to yell at him, he wouldn’t mind.
With a weak smile on his lips, he raised his hand to press it to his chest. There it was, the pulsing of their bond, warm and reassuring. Urging him on. He wasn’t defeated, not yet.
Looking around the top of the hummock, he spotted his bow where he’d dropped it before. That was something, at least. Taking it, he made his way back to the one bag of equipment he had left. Every movement hurt, but that didn’t really matter. All that mattered was that he wouldn’t let himself drown in self-pity now. He had to do the best of his situation, no matter how bad it may seem.
Just like with the injury being on his already weakened leg, he found that he was lucky in that of all the bags he’d originally brought with him, this one was the one he still had now. It contained little that was of use to him right now. A woollen blanket and a spare tunic occupied most of the space within—both things he would appreciate once he’d found a dry place to rest—but so much more importantly was what he’d stored at the very bottom of this bag. Hidden beneath the layers of cloth should anyone have taken a look, he’d stored part of his weapons. A few additional arrows for the bow, a spare dagger…
And the bola shooter.
Apparently, the Gods were still on his side. He still had a chance. The thought was reassuring, enough to keep the rising hopelessness at bay. He hadn’t lost, yet.
Studiously, he pushed all other problems aside and only focused on the next step. First, it was the spare shirt he needed. Putting it on beneath his other dripping clothes would be pointless, but at least it was clean. Using the dagger from the bag, since he’d lost the other one somewhere in that muddy puddle, Hiccup cut the shirt apart and used the cloth to put an improvised bandage around his leg. Not perfect, but it was better than nothing. At least it helped staunch the bleeding for the moment.
“All right,” he muttered to himself as he lifted the by now damp bag off the ground and onto his back. “On to looking for a place to rest. Maybe I’m even lucky and I find something to eat after all.”
. o O o .
Eventually, Hiccup’s lucky streak ran out. It had to happen sooner or later, but he still cursed that it had to happen now.
What he needed more than anything else was a fire to warm his body and to dry his clothes, a place that wasn’t too damp and wood and flint and stuff to light it. Food or treatment for his leg would be a welcome bonus, but those could wait until tomorrow. First, he had to make it until then. And that proved to be more difficult than he’d anticipated.
After last night’s rain, finding dry wood or a dry spot to rest was all but impossible. With the injury on his leg, he only made slow progress, the pain getting worse with every step. More than once, he cursed having lost the horses, not just because of his lost equipment but because them carrying him now would have been an invaluable help. But it was more than just that. The exhaustion of the long days of travel eventually caught up with him, and the blood-loss combined with his wet clothes draining his strength did the rest to leave his mind clouded and fuzzy.
Two times, he noticed the movement ahead of him too late, a rabbit disappearing before he even had the chance to ready his bow. But even as his stomach grumbled, he found it more and more difficult to care.
His crutch hadn’t lasted long, had broken and left a long gash on his forearm in the process. Since then, he kept stumbling and falling, jarring his wound even further. And every time he fell, it became harder to get up again. He was beyond exhaustion by now. The cold wind was tearing at his clothes and slowly draining him of any energy that was left, cutting into his hands and face, and oftentimes made it hard to keep his eyes open at all. Every step was agony, his arms and legs were growing weaker with every minute, and fighting himself back up on his feet seemed more and more futile.
What even was the point? What was he trying to achieve by stumbling through this hostile landscape? Killing a dragon? Earning himself the right to be at Astrid’s side? Regaining his honour, proving to himself that he was not a failure? How was he supposed to do any of that here?
Maybe it was impossible, especially the last point.
Maybe, he was nothing but a failure, after all…
The next time his tired feet got caught and he landed face-first in the dirt, he couldn’t find the strength to stand up anymore. Maybe he should just stay here, sleep for a few hours. His skin was so numb that he wasn’t even feeling the cold anymore. And he was so tired...
Somewhere in the depth of his mind, he knew that these were not good signs. It meant hypothermia, meant that he most likely wouldn’t wake up again if he fell asleep, if he didn’t get up right now. But he was just too exhausted to move, every part of him. His body, his arms and legs, his head, and most of all his mind. Everything was so heavy and slow, so exhausting. Maybe, he should just stay here. Maybe he should give up…
It was then, in that moment of resignation, when he sensed it. A whiff of mayweed reached his nose, seemingly out of nowhere, and with it came the memories. An impression of golden hair. Eyes as endless as the sky. The ghostly touch of fingers, so soft yet also strong. And a voice sweeter than the sweetest music.
You promised . You promised that you ’ d come back to me. Please, Hiccup. I… I can ’ t imagine a world without you in it.
Groaning, Hiccup rolled onto his back.
“I… promised…”
Moving was difficult. His arms and legs were so numb he barely felt them anymore. But he had to get up. He’d promised Astrid that he’d come back to her, and it was a promise he was going to keep, no matter what. Grimacing and with a shaking hand, he reached for his left leg and pressed his thumb into the wound.
Hiccup screamed. The pain was intense, burning hot along his nerves and bringing tears to his eyes. But it also ripped away the haze around his thoughts and brought him the clarity he needed.
He couldn’t stay here, couldn’t give up and die. He had to go on, to live. For her. Sitting up, he found himself halfway up a low hummock, the ground here slightly dryer. Tentative hope bloomed in his chest, but this wasn’t good enough. Maybe if he found another hummock with some trees, some ripped-off branches and something to shield him from the wind and further rain…
Clinging to that hope, he crawled toward the hummock’s top. By now, the moonlight was flooding the land around him, so maybe the raised position would help him find what he was looking for; any form of shelter against the weather would do.
What he saw, however, made him doubt his sanity again. There, less than half a mile away, was the glow and smoke of a fire.
Hiccup stared in wonder and disbelief. With his eyes clinging to the flickering light, he even thought that he could feel the fire’s warmth on his skin, smelled the scent of food.
He made an unconscious step toward the promising campfire but then paused again. If he truly went there… what would await him? If he was lucky— very lucky一then it was just a group of travellers, hopefully friendly enough to share what they had with a stranger in the night. But he wasn’t fooling himself. Who would wilfully travel through the swamps, and this far off the paths no less? No, far more likely was that somehow other participants of the Dragon Hunt had found their way here as well. And if that was the case…
Biting his lip, Hiccup pondered his options. Going to this camp might very well end in him getting killed on the spot. No matter whether those were the same people who’d killed Snotlout’s squire or whether they were regular participants and trying to win County Ravenledge; if they saw him as a rival then they wouldn’t hesitate to get rid of him. After all, out here, nobody would ever find out what really happened. But if he didn’t go to this camp…
Hiccup’s shoulders slumped in resignation. If he didn’t go to that camp, then he was as good as dead. There was no point in deluding himself; without the warmth of a fire, shelter and care for his wound, and maybe even some food, he wouldn’t survive the night.
“I promised,” he murmured into the breeze, his decision made. “I promised I’d come back to you. And I will, Astrid. Nothing will come between us. Not even death.”
So he made his way toward the campfire in the distance. He was still just as tired and cold and in pain as before, but the hope that maybe he would survive the night after all gave him the strength he needed. The hope that he might see Astrid again.
However, when he reached the edge of the light, he paused, confused. As far as he could tell, the camp was empty. There was the fire, burning brightly, a shelter made of oilcloth, and to the side stood two horses tied to a tree. There was even something roasting over the fire, two rabbits if he wasn’t mistaken. But whoever had hunted them or had built this camp, they were nowhere to be seen.
Maybe it was a trap. But at that moment, Hiccup didn’t care anymore. All he cared about was the heat of the fire beckoning him over, the scent of meat that made his stomach churn.
Slowly, he came closer, eyeing the shadows for any hidden movement even as he had no idea how he was supposed to react to an attack. Stumble against them and hope they would hit their head on a rock when they fell? Yeah, that would totally work...
With a heavy sigh, he slumped down by the fire. Warmth soaked into the skin of his face and hands, and with his weight off his leg, it already felt so much better than just moments before. He eyed the roasted rabbits but left them untouched. He was no thief, after all, still hoped the people here might help him. Instead, he just curled into a ball and sat as close to the fire as was possible without burning himself, and stared into the dancing flames.
Time passed—minutes or hours, he didn’t know anymore—until the sound of footsteps made his head whirl around. With wide eyes, he gazed at the figure emerging from the shadows, his heart pounding. He recognised them immediately, their armour, and knew exactly who was standing in front of him.
At that moment, he knew that he was dead.
. o O o .
AN: Soooooo... I'm incredibly curious about the reactions to this chapter! Finally, we met a dragon, if only briefly. But Hiccup is in a bad shape, not good for hunting down a dragon. And who was it he met there at the end? So many questions...
I'm already working on the next update, but as always, no promises for when it might be done...
Next Chapter
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Hi guys! As promised to that Anon, I wrote the timelines. I decided to write only the key points though because these are things we already know, and then, I’m sure there are more than a thousand proofs around and people who have already spoken about it. Enjoy.
Drum roll, please 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁
Let’s start with the first competitor: Tyrone William Griffin, aka Typical Dish Snacked Ty Dolla $ign 04/13/1982, the man who liked to tweet things like “I’m the curator of lesbians”.
PRen Tyren: As I already mentioned in the post “There is a light at the end of the tunnel”, it all started on the evening of November 15, 2016, when 5H went to the Epic party. Due to Laucy’s picture of the wedding and the ‘official’ coming out then occurred a few days later, on November 18, 2016, Lauren needed a boyfriend. That same night at the party, Typecast accepted the management’s proposal.
Typo tweeted “LMJ” on January 4, 2017, and then immediately deleted it. First move to create speculation since, presumably, Lauren ‘was’ still with Ludicrous. Shortly thereafter, a blind item about L who was having an affair with a married man came out. On January 10, 2017, Nicole Cartolano posted that picture of Laucy in the snow with a piñata. After wishing her a happy birthday, as we already know, luBYE. On February 13, 2017, there were the first PRren pictures at the Grammy after-party, so that people would start believing the blind item, BUT, making it clear that he wasn’t a married man, but a taken one, and yes, MAN, since Tyred is 14 years older than her, and therefore inculcating the idea that L was really cheating on Luggage. On March 9, 2017, Tymbal posted a picture of them together, coincidentally, the day after he advertised his upcoming album ‘Beach House 3’.
On March 22, 2017, we had ‘Bare With Me’ and Nicole Cartolano’s interview with MTV News. On the 23rd, we had, still very coincidentally and totally unplanned, “no I hate it because it’s invasive, scary, delusional, disrespectful to us both and was never real…Ever”, because, because, SHE DECIDES. NOT US. PERIOD. (sorry, I had to 😂. This is another of L’s tweets dating back to July 2, 2017: “I decide. Not you. Period.”) Joking apart, because she was single and she certainly couldn’t let the fans have hope for her and C, so she tried to kill the Camren ship for the umpteenth time. “Hey, hey, Lo, how’d it go? That bad, eh?” “Let me try again in 2020.” “Laur, babe, I’ll tell you what. I’m from the future, okay? It didn’t work, honey. And I don’t think it’s gonna work either in, I don’t know, in 2030.”
Back to the program.
The day before Nicole’s MTV article and eight days later, Twix posted a series of tweets (21: “Lo” - 30: “You look better on me 👀”, Cuban flag, and “I think she like me 😍”) [👈🏼 ‘Great grammar’ said in Lauren’s voice] which he then of course deleted to make everything more and more mysterious, and thus making people connect and figure out who was that ‘LMJ’ tweeted in January. On April 14, 2017, we had a picture of L with TyPod and his family dating back the night before when they celebrated Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’s birthday, followed by the blurred picture of the 15th of them together at Coachella. On April 18, 2017, Alycia Bella, Tinky Winky’s ex, tweeted “when you get cheated on w a 5th harmony member & all you can do is laugh.”, and then immediately deleted it, thus giving even more confirmation to people that both had cheated, despite Teletubbies denied and defended himself: “been moved on :) no cheating. Keep it Taylor’d. gang gang 🤘🏽🤘🏽”. The same Alycia who complained of being cheated on by Telly for ‘another girl’ during the reality show ‘The Platinum Life’ which aired on October 15, 2017 and that was recorded MONTHS BEFORE.
There were other tweets that Tyronic continued to tweet and then delete (April 1: “I think about you all the time” - April 3: “You my favorite” and “I don’t know what I did to deserve you” - April 7: “Really like what you’ve done to me”), Insta-stories and posts by both, and other public appearances together to increase the public’s curiosity. Such as: 1) Mani’s birthday. 2) August 16, 2017, when 5H did that famous and messy phone interview with The Sun for Dan Wooton’s podcast, one of Salmoned Cow’s well-known puppies friends, during which Dan asked Lauren about his relationship with Twinkly and she replied that they were just vibing. 3) Lauren’s birthday. 4) On September 11, 2017, Lauren posted pictures about the FentyxPuma party, and in one of those posts with pictures of her and Troglodyte, she put the caption with three hearts emojis, thus confirming to people that she and Tipsy were together.
February 2017 was the chosen month for Pukeren to ‘become’ official, confirmed by Typed in an interview at the Power 105.1 FM morning show The Breakfast Club on October 31, 2017, though, so a long time later and when the waters had already calmed down. By saying February, Tyring confirmed the cheatings exactly as it was planned. In another interview with BigBoyTV made on November 2, 2017, Typology showed the interviewees how even the background of his phone was a picture of Lauren. Picture that, by the way, Lauren herself posted 21 days before that by wearing Tijuana’s merchandise sweatshirt, so not even a personal picture that you’d normally expect to see from a real boyfriend.
Blah blah blah, Lauren never needed to defend a person so much in her life, blah blah blah, weed and booze and parties, blah blah blah, dogs (and fake allergies when convenient), blah blah blah, #Laurenthegroupie, blah blah blah, Tara and social media don’t get along very well, blah blah blah, #freepoorTweed ⛓️👮🏼 who was just having some fun with his friends, blah blah blah. We know the rest of the farce, and moving on to two years later, and therefore at the end of the PR, on April 15, 2019, Tic Tac tweeted a broken heart before zeroing his social media and Lauren a post on her social media, both implying the end of their oh so real ‘relationship’.
Let’s move on to competitor number two: Maturely Hushed Matthew Hussey, 06/19/1987. The scammer par excellence (since 2012). The salesman who pretends to be a life coach/dating advice expert by deluding poor women who fall into his bullshit. The charlatan who has an infinity of fraud charges and even a restraining order for stalking and harassment by a woman named Samantha C. of San Diego. [this woman continually talked about the situation on her Instagram account, cheating_matthewhussey. Even Chelsea Briggs liked a picture.]
Ewmila Mattmila: The skit was supposed to start a lot sooner in reality. They ‘met’ for the first time on September 29, 2017, on the set of NBC’s Today show (performance that C dedicated to the Dreamers), but nobody has heard much about it, right? There was only a single Billboard article that did that. Following that meeting, it was supposed to start in October 2017, when they also started to follow each other on IG, but everything was postponed because C’s album was postponed. The album was released on the 12th, and by pure coincidence, on January 11th, 2018, during the interview with Elvis Duran, and COMPLETELY OUT OF THE BLUE, C mentioned Matilda for the first time by saying she was a fan of his. The same Mattress (10 years older than her) who coincidentally was there that day, so a setup for the public to make believe that they’d met that day.
The next day, at the release of the album ‘Camila’, C performed at Good Morning America, and Macaque, again by pure coincidence, had a small slot in the same program. On January 15, 2018, during the interview with Zane Lowe, when he asked if she had someone special in her life at that time, she replied with “maybe”, which was a big yes when she read “I can’t say your name without smiling” just before from her phone notes. On January 22, 2018, on Zach Sang Show, C said that she’s a private person and that she doesn’t like the ‘public thing’ since the Austin fiasco. Another bullshit said to make the public believe that it was the truth and take advantage of the events that would happen shortly thereafter, since, literally 18 days later, on February 9, E! News exclusively posted the first Burpmila pictures on vacation on a beach in Cabo, Mexico.
Blah blah blah, we know, blah blah blah, they lived in airports to get papped, blah blah blah, they even paid fans to do it, blah blah blah, “He’s great”, blah blah blah, “She’s great”, blah blah blah, #They'reGREAT!, blah blah blah, let’s kiss in a children’s playground #Sinu #needyCamila #someonepleaseteachStMatteohowtoholdagirl #SofiwasdecidingwhethertoreturntotheSagradaFamiliaorgoontheswingratherthanwitnessthatugliness, blah blah blah, let’s get to the first oh so real oh so important obstacle in their story.
On August 12, 2019, a Dutch singer named Elieve did an interview in which she confessed that she and Camila were dating the same guy (Matchbox) at the same time. Elieve was in London from the beginning of January to the beginning of February 2018 and Matzo was in London from January 14 to 19, so they met on one of those days.
Blah blah blah, let’s pretend we’ve overcome this obstacle, blah blah blah, let’s pretend we’re a super happy couple, blah blah blah, Disneyworld, blah blah blah, let’s go skiing, blah blah blah, trip to Italy, blah blah blah, Shawn’s entry, blah bl- wait… Oh yeah, it’s the second PR’s turn. Goodbye Ew! ‘Thank you very much for nothing. Bye-bye!!’ said in Lauren’s voice. End of ‘story’ on May 11, 2019, that is, the last time they were photographed together, news confirmed on June 25, 2019, only 4 days after the release of Señorita.
Even if it wasn’t part of the request, this is a bonus of mine just because.
Señorita + Shitmila Showmila Shawmila: On January 27, 2018, Camila, Shaky, and Andrew, Shavable’s manager, were papped in a restaurant eating pizza before the Pre-Grammy Gala in New York City. That meeting took place to propose the idea of ​​the PR to C to help increase both Shallow’s music sales and his image. Camila was uncertain. 2017 had been a great year for her as a first time as a solo artist, and she knew that she would’ve to play her cards even better during 2018; plus, the PR with Matryoshka hadn’t even officially started and had already been postponed for a few months because the release of her album ‘Camila’ had been postponed.
Andrew explained to her that the PR with Chauffeur wasn’t going to be done right away at all, also because as C would have her PR relationship with EatchEW, Shanty would have that kind of PR relationship/not relationship with Hailey Baldwin (now Bieber) that only served to make people speculate and maintain the idea that Shazam wasn’t gay. Andrew also explained to her that their future PR relationship would benefit both of their careers because there would be a collaboration, a number 1 hit, which they would look for and use as a launchpad for the narrative. #friendswhothenfallinlove #RomeoandJulietbullshit
This perfect duet, went first to knock on Camila’s door, and then to Shuttle’s one in April 2018 in the form of Andrew Watt who already knew everything about the charade. Watt (he also worked on Havana and 7 songs for Romance including Señorita) co-wrote the song in April 2018, shortly before contacting Shitto, along with Jack Patterson, Ali Tamposi (she also worked on Havana, Consequences, and 6 songs for Romance including Señorita), and Charli XCX. [The same Charli who did an interview on October 21, 2019, in which she gave the true version of the story without even remotely mentioning Scab: “This Latin Pop flare just wasn’t right for who I am because I am not a part of that culture, I’m not from there. Whereas Camila has that in her blood, so when we wrote the song we thought about her and sent it to her.”]
Now that they had found the perfect song, and with the addition of Benny Blanco and Cashmere Cat in the production, all they had to do was convince Camila and her team. Charli XCX and C were the opening acts for Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour from May 8 to October 6, 2018, during which Charli tried to persuade her to do the song by explaining how perfect it was for her. And who knows, maybe even since then they started working on it together since Camila, as she used to do, rewrote almost completely the lyrics to make it more her own. Ask that also to ‘Care About Me’ who turned into ‘The Boy’.
On August 4, still during the Reputation Tour, Shampoo went to the concert date in Toronto, and Taylor posted an Insta-story in which she put make-up and glitter on Shank’s eyelids. Sweaty regretted giving Taylor permission to post the video because people have always thought he was gay for years, and on November 26, 2018, the RollingStone interview was released in which he admitted that he felt the need to be photographed and seen with a girl to prove he isn’t gay. This was a great leverage they used with Camila since she could understand and help a friend in need. The work of persuasion lasted for about 9/10 months, from January 27, 2018, to the end of November/beginning of December 2018. Indeed, on December 5, 2018, both posted a picture taken on the 4th in the backstage of KISS 108’s Jingle Ball 2018 in Boston. Thanks to those pictures and C’s comment, word of their possible future collaboration began to spread. The plan was by then in place.
P.S. remember what happens to Romeo and Juliet, don’t you? Yeah. They die. And like Romeo and Juliet, they’re gonna (metaphorically speaking, of course) die too. Be patient, my babies, be patient.
I want comments now, guys. Which of these competitors you can’t stand the most and why, I’m curious. Put this 🐙 for Tissue, this 🐽 for Matte, and this 🐔 for Shrunken accompanied by the motivation. Let’s have some fun. 🥂
🖕🏼 this is mine for all of them, by the way.
As always, thanks, Mari. 🥰 Bye guys, I love you. Always with love, F. ❤️
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writingmyanxietyaway · a year ago
Cloacked Heart | Jackson Avery
Tumblr media
Requested by anon:  Hi😊💕 Are you taking requests? Also, I wanna tell you that your works are very good💯👏👏👌🏻 and then, I was thinking on using “Oh, do you ever shut up?”; “You can call me whenever you want.. Even if you don’t have a reason to.”; “Tell me I’m wrong.” where the reader is DeLuca's sister and gets to work for the first time with Jackson but they don't get very well at first :) xx
Word count: 2.7k
Warning: none
Note: not my gif! kinda enemies to lovers
Thank you so much, darling! It really means the world to me :) Hope you like it xx
#11 - ‘Oh, do you ever shut up?’
#46 - ‘You can call me whenever you want.. Even if you don’t have a reason to.’
#67 - ‘Tell me I’m wrong.’
Today was your third week at your new job. Thanks to your brother Andrew, you got in at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Before, you worked in a hospital on the other side of the country which you thoroughly enjoyed but due to staff cuts, you had to leave. Being incredibly good at what you do, you got offered some jobs but none of them interested you. So Andrew spoke to his superior and got you a job as an attending in OB/GYN. Your sister Carina worked in OB/GYN also, so that’s where your fascination and passion for this specialty came from.
‘Hey, Y/N! How’s moving in going?’ Arizona asked, handing you a coffee. You took a sip and let the hot beverage slip down your throat. Warmth spread through your whole body as you enjoyed the bitter taste on your tongue.
‘It’s going okay, actually. All I need to do is paint the walls and I’m done,’ you nodded contently. Moving in was less stressful than you thought it would be, thanks to your newly made friends here at Grey Sloan. Arizona was the first person Andrew introduced you to and since he’s her roommate and head of Ped’s, you knew you would most likely see each other more.
‘Cool! Hey, you wanna come over for dinner on friday? I’ll kick Andrew out and we can have a girls night. If you want I’ll invite the other girls too,’ she said, pointing to the three sisters at the end of the hallway who waved at you.
‘Yeah, that would be fun. If it’s not a bother to you, that is,’ you said. You hated being a bother to anyone and always did your best to keep to yourself. Especially since you were new, you didn’t want to intrude. All of the staff seemed really close to each other by what you had seen so far.
‘Oh it’s no problem at all!’ she waved off, ‘And besides, after such a stressful time you deserve a glass of wine. Or bottle.’ She winked at you and left to check up on het patients. You knew you had surgery tonight, so you decided to lay down for a little in one of the on-call rooms. Thinking about your life before and now made you smile. The job you had was great, but they didn’t let you do what you did best; save lives and deliver babies. There was always someone who was better than you or stole your patients. It was unfair and definitely uncalled for, but being here made you feel appreciated and welcomed. You hadn’t met everyone yet, but so far you got along with everyone.
You heard a knock on the door and got up. It was one of the interns who told you the surgery had been moved to the afternoon. You decided to check on the patient before surgery, but someone already beat you to it. A man was talking to your patient. He was tall, muscular and had piercing blue eyes. You knew it was Jackson Avery, as you had seen on the board earlier today, but you had yet to meet the man. Your breath hitched for a moment and that caught the attention of both your patient and the still unknown man.
‘Hi, sorry to interrupt. I’m doctor DeLuca. I’ll be performing your surgery with doctor Avery,’ you introduced yourself to the patient with a smile. She shook your hand and then turned her attention back to Jackson. He explained every step of the surgery. She was pregnant with twins, but her skin had been completely stretched out, making the continuation of the pregnancy very dangerous. You would deliver both babies safely while Jackson restored the skin. It wasn’t a risky procedure, but it did require some skills. Hence the two of you being here. Once he was done explaining, she felt safe enough and two interns took her to pre-op. You handed the tablet to one of the nurses, who you remembered was called Linda, and turned to Jackson.
‘I don’t believe we’ve met yet. I’m Y/N DeLuca, ’ you said with a smile and held out your hand for him to take. He shook it and nodded at you.
‘Jackson Avery. Let me be clear straight away. Don’t try anything funny with me or anyone in this hospital. This hospital is funded with the money I provided, so this placed is owned by me, no matter what anyone says. I can kick you out as easily as you came in. So, let’s do this surgery, because I have more to do today.’ Not waiting for an answer, he turned around and left to prep for surgery. You stared at him until he left and shook yourself out of your haze. What crawled up his ass and died?
When you tried to leave, you bumped into Andrew.
‘Hey, Annie,’ you asked, hearing him groan behind you. You had called him that since you caught him singing along to Annie: The Musical one night. He hated it ever since, but after doing it for so long his actual name sounded weird so you just kept using it. ‘Is Jackson always such an ass?’ You turned around and watched his face turn into a frown.
‘No.. most of the time he’s the nicest guy around, why?’ he asked. He saw you frowning and stepped towards you, placing a hand on your shoulder. ‘Did he do something?’ 
Your sister was older than you and he was younger, making you the middle child, but he always protected you like an older brother. Whenever you felt sad or angry, you came to him first before anyone else.
‘No, nothing happened. I just introduced myself and he started going on about me not trying anything funny here because he could kick me out if he wanted to,’ you mumbled.
‘Hmm.. maybe he has a bad day? I can talk to him if you want me to?’
‘No, it’s okay. I’ve got surgery with him, so I’ll talk to him. I gotta go, see you tonight?’ you asked. He nodded and smiled. 
‘Goodluck, peanut! Page me if you need anything.’
You scrubbed, changed into different clothes and stared operating. You could see how tense Jackson still was, so you tried to lighten the mood.
‘So, Jackson, how long have you been here for?’ you asked. Your hands worked flawlessly and Jackson noticed. He was pissed off at someone new coming to work at the hospital again, thinking it would only cause more drama again, but you seemed actually nice and talented. It sparked a little jealousy in him that he hadn’t felt before.
‘Long enough,’ he grumbled. You couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was. His eyebrows were furrowed and he watched the skin he worked on closely. You had seen his work before and it was incredible.
‘Okay, well..’ you started, ‘Not to kiss your ass or anything, but I think you’re a great surgeon and I am really looking forward to working with you more in the future.’
There was no response as you continued on delivering the babies. You soon delivered a boy and shortly after a little girl.
‘There they are. Please take them to either doctor Robins or Karev. They’ll check up on them and inform the parents. I’ll be right there,’ you told the interns with a smile and they quickly left.
‘That was really nice, you know.. Saving the hospital and all. I couldn’t-’ you got cut off by a load groan of Jackson.
‘Oh, do you ever shut up?’
Shocked at his sudden snap, your hands froze and your breath hitched. He seemed to be okay with what he said, since he just kept going. What you didn’t know was that he didn’t mean to snap. It was like he lost control over his mouth, because when the words left his lips, he was shocked himself. Snapping at a woman like that was very unlike him, so when you mumbled out a sorry, he wanted to apologize, but the words were stuck in his throat.
The ‘shut up’ incident had been almost a year ago. You had worked with him a few times after that and he talked to you more often now, but luckily Arizona offered to take your surgeries with him so you could take over hers. She had truly been your best friend since you started at Grey Sloan, besides April. The three of you got along incredibly well and you even went out for dinner once a month. Andrew and you had switched apartments, so you now lived with Arizona and he lived in your apartment.
It was saturday and you were about to leave, but you wanted to check on you patient Amy one last time before she left. She was allowed to leave tomorrow and you had the day off, so you wouldn’t see her anymore. Sofia was 18 and was now a mother of a healthy baby girl. Her parents refused to see her as they were religious and didn’t approve of their daughter having sex before marriage. So you kind of took her under your wing until she left.
‘How are you holding up?’ you asked her, sitting on the end of her bed. She smiled at the little peanut laying on her chest as she wrapped her little hand around Amy’s finger. 
‘I’m okay. I guess all the cliché’s are true. Whenever I look at her everything just falls away. I’m going to be okay. We will be okay. I know we are,’ she spoke and you felt extremely proud of her. When she came in, she was terrified, alone and hurt. Now, she was all grown up and not scared of what the future would bring.
‘I’m proud of you, Amy. I really am. You have my number, so if anything happens or if you need anything, just give me a call, okay?’ She nodded and you hugged her goodbye. You caressed the little girl over the head and was about to leave when suddenly her heartbeat picked up and she started seizing. You took the child away as you yelled at nurses to help you, but to no avail. She had a heart attack and didn’t survive. The baby was taken away to the pediatric wing and her body was taken to the morgue. You sat in the middle of the room, staring at the place Amy laid alive and smiling just a little over an hour ago. Your bottom lip trembled and you could feel your throat closing up as you choked back a sob.
Jackson was about to leave too, when he saw you sitting alone in an empty room quietly crying to yourself. He glanced around to see if anyone knew what you were doing there, but when he saw no one even noticed you were sitting on your own, he stepped in. 
‘What are you doing here?’ he softly asked you. He noticed you tensing up, but something inside him told him you needed someone to be there for you. Clearly you were shaken up, so he couldn’t just leave you here alone. He grabbed a chair and sat down next to you. He followed your gaze and it didn’t take long for him to realise you’d lost a patient.
‘How old was she?’ he whispered. You let out a shaky breath and wiped away your tears.
‘Eighteen. Heart attack,’ you whispered back, your voice breaking. His heart clenched when he saw you so broken. You always wandered and skipped around the halls, a smile on your face and carrying positivity with you everywhere you went. Seeing tears falling down your cheeks and a frown on your face was nothing like you.
‘I’m sorry,’ he said, placing a hand on your thigh. You felt a spark of electricity flow through your body and turned to face him. His eyes held remorse and his eyebrows were furrowed in worry.
‘I’m sorry too.’
You two sat like this for a few minutes. Sitting in silence cleared your head. You enjoyed Jackson’s company and it made you feel safe and warm to know he wanted to know if you were okay.
‘Come on. I’ll take you home,’ he offered, holding out his hand for you to take. You gladly took it and placed the chairs back on their spots. You got in his expensive car and silently drove to Arizona’s and your place. When you arrived, you didn’t get out right away.
‘Thank you Jackson. You didn’t have to do that, wait for me, I mean. But thank you for waiting and being there. I appreciate it,’ you told him, not daring to look him in the eyes. You could see him nod in the corner of your eye.
‘No problem. If you need anyone, you can call me whenever you want.. Even if you don’t have a reason to.’ 
Your heart fluttered at his words and you blushed. He reached out for your hand and kissed the top of it.
‘Goodnight, Jackson. Thanks again.’
Three years you had been working here. Since the passing of your patient, you and Jackson got along surprisingly well. Others seemed to notice as well, because both of you got invited to parties and dinners more, because you finally could be in a room with each other without one killing the other. Either of you were unaware of the feelings you shared for each other, that seemed to increase more every day.
‘Hey Jackson, wanna come over for dinner tonight? Arizona is out and I don’t wanna sit alone all night,’ you asked him, flopping down on the couch next to him. He seemed to ignore you as he continued playing on his phone.
‘Jackson? Are you okay?’ you asked again, this time softer and turning your body to look at him. You saw him swallow thickly and nervously play with his beard. It felt like a slap to the face when he ignored you. After three years you could finally have a decent conversation and now he was shutting you out again..? It simply didn’t make sense.
‘Did I do something wrong?’ you whispered. You swallowed the lump in your throat and Jackson finally looked up at you. He had to say it. It was now or never.
‘Tell me I’m wrong,’ he stated. His eyes held fear as he looked you in the eyes.
‘Wrong about what?’ you asked, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. ‘Jackson, what’s going on?’ Placing a hand on his knee, his eyes flickered from your hand to your face.
‘Tell me I’m right to believe you share the same feelings I have for you,’ he breathed out. Your heart beat loudly in your ears and you felt like he could hear it. He placed his hand over yours that laid on his knee and interwined your hands. You couldn’t believe it. Taking you silence as an answer, he chuckled bitterly and let go of your hand.
‘I guess I was wrong,’ he mumbled, standing up. You quickly stood up too.
‘I want to tell you you’re wrong, but that would be a lie. And I can’t lie; not to you. I actually wanted to tell you the same. Tonight. If you wanted to of course.’ You stumbled over your words as you tried to tell him how you felt. He chuckled at your rambling and he cut you short by placing a hand in your neck and pulling you against him, kissing you softly. His lips were soft and full and he smelled amazing. You closed your eyes, wrapping your arms around his neck and standing in your tip toes to pull him closer.
‘Only if it’s a date and I cook for you,’ he whispered against your lips. You giggled and nodded, making him smile.
‘I’m sure we can arrange that.’
You leaned in again, but froze when you heard a voice behind you.
‘Oh come on! Not you too. Now I’ve lost both my sisters to my co-workers. I shouldn’t have offered you the job, damn it,’ Andrew grumbled.
‘Oh, shut it Annie. Your time will come,’ you called after him, earning a middle finger in return, making you and Jackson giggle.
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hxney-lemcn · a year ago
Seven Stages (Pt. 5)
Word Count: 0.6k
Pairing: Five Hargreeves x reader
Fandom: The Umbrella Academy
Warning: Season 2 spoilers, death slight swearing, omg cute fluff with Five 
Main Master List | TUA Master List
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five
╔═.✾. ═════════════
Tumblr media
Five gasped out, waking up riddled with bullets. He felt something in his hand and notice that (y/n) was holding it. Dead...the one person who has always kept him sane...gone. All around him laid the lifeless bodies of his family. Once again he had to witness them die. The handler said some meaningless words to him before she herself was shot. 
Five watched as the Handler fell to the ground dead. There stood the last Swedish brother who walked over to Five. Lifting his gun, Five got some flashback. 
“Maybe your apatite is disproportionate to the size of your ability,” His father spoke out. “Start small. Seconds, not decades.” 
Five’s hand glowed a vibrant blue as everything started to reverse. Standing up, he rushed to the barn door as everything continued. His family stood back up, the Handler out of the barn. He glanced back to see (y/n) stand up once more taking a defensive position where he was standing before. Their eyes locked, almost like she could see what he was doing...but she couldn’t. Right?
I gasped out as Diego once again asked Lila that she could be apart of our family. How did...Five- 
I looked to my side to see that he wasn’t there. Looking around I found him behind the barn door, like he was...wait this all seemed like a deja vu moment. Like this happened before. Before I could think any harder Five disarmed the Handler who walked in with an automatic gun. I felt my breath hitch as flashes of us all getting shot filled my head. 
What the hell is going on? 
Before the Handler could answer Lila’s question she got shot by one of the Swedish brothers. We all took a moment to watch as she fell to the ground. After a few seconds Lila took a mad dash towards the case and Luther tried to stop her, but Diego stopped him. I took my pistol and went to shoot but she vanished with the case before it could hit. 
Five aimed the gun he held at the Swedish man, who did the same. I also aimed my pistol at the platinum blonde man as the other siblings seemed to be shocked that I actually used my weapon. 
The air was tense as Five lowered the weapon and dropped it to the ground, holding up his arms, “Enough.”  The Swedish man looked at us all, first staring at Allison, then me, who still held a weapon. Slowly, I placed the pistol on the ground, trusting Five. 
“Tillräckligt“ The Swedish man replied, also dropping his weapon. He walked out of the barn and we all somewhat relaxed. I walked over to Five and place my hand on his shoulder. I gave him a look letting him know I had something to tell him when we had the chance and he slightly nodded. 
“Who the hell was that guy?” Klaus asked. 
“Vanya!” Sissy shouted. “Help!” I forgot this was her place. We all trickled after Vanya into the cellar. I kept a grip on Five’s hand as he still seemed distressed and he didn’t let go, in fact, he gripped my hand tightly. 
Vanya successfully took her power back from Harlan and Sissy held her child in a tight hug. I smiled at Vanya proudly as she smiled at us all. Five, Diego and I exited the barn as we noticed Herb and Dot from the Commission appear. 
“Herb, Dot,” Five acknowledged, not once letting my hand go. 
“Hey,” “Hi,” The two greeted back. 
“Sup Herbie,” Diego greeted.
“My man!” Herb replied as they did some sort of handshake. Five and I looked on in amusement and I had to hide a chuckle. “I can’t believe it,” Herb said with a smile. “Is she...” Herb trailed off motioning a line to his neck.
“Really dead this time?” Five continued for him.
“Definitely,” I said. 
“Now that the Handler is gone, what happens at Commission?” Five asked. 
“Just tell them,” Dot whispers excitedly to Herb as he stumbles over his words. 
“We need to elect a new board of directors,” Herb explains. “But, until then, I um...I’ve been voted in as acting chair person.” Dot claps excitedly and I felt myself smile at her enthusiasm. 
“No shit,” Diego breathed out, happy for his friend. “Congrats Herbie, that’s huge.”
“I’m so goddamn nervous,” Herb replied and Five smirks. I can tell Five is glad that the Commission is in good hands, in hands that are our allies. I’m glad too. 
“You’ll do fine,” I said smiling at the nervous man. 
“Oh, thank you,” He thanks. 
“Herb we need a favor,” Five says looking at him and Dot. 
“Oh sure anything!” Herb exclaims. 
“A briefcase,” Five continues. “Go back home where we belong.”
Herb and Dot looked at the dead bodies that littered the field and he gestured around, “Take your pick.”
Five and I sat in the entrance of the barn silently. 
“Five,” I whispered out breaking the silence. He looked at me and I looked at him. “What...what happened?” I asked and he gave me a confused look. 
“What do you mean?” He asked back.
“I...have two sets of memories,” I explained to him to the best of my abilities. “I remember us all dying so vividly. The Handler-” I choked out as the image of Five’s dead body crossed my mind. I put a hand to my mouth as I felt tears gently slide down my face. 
Five took my face in his hands gently and wiped the tears away. I grabbed his wrist gently with the hand that was over my mouth as I stare into his hazel eyes. We leaned closer together.
“That never happened and it never will,” Five murmured, his breath fanning over my face. 
“But-” Five cut me off by kissing me gently. I kissed back immediately, warmth filling my entire being. His lips felt so soft and tasted slightly bitter like coffee. After a few seconds we pulled away slowly, my eyes fluttered open and I watched as his did the same. “I love you Five,” I whispered, fearing that if I talked any louder it would shatter this moment. 
“I-I...I love you too (y/n),” Five stuttered out, not used to saying such words. A smile made it’s way onto my face as I nuzzled Five’s hand that still held my face. I noticed a smile ghosted over his lips as I kissed his palm. 
We all stood in a circle, done saying our goodbyes and whatnot.
“Everybody ready?” Five asked looking at us all. 
“Let’s do it,” Luther said. “Yeah.”
“Okay,” Five said, done setting the right time into the briefcase. 
“All right,” Diego nodded. 
“Wait!” Klaus shouted out. We all gave him confused looks as he went and grabbed a cowboy hat, put it on, then came back. 
“Fifty bucks and we leave him here,” Diego muttered to Five and I gave Diego a playful glare. We all gathered into a circle, I stood in between Five and Allison. I held onto Five’s shoulder and also held onto Allison’s hand. Opening the case, we were all transported to the Hargreeves mansion along with us being in the time of April 2nd, 2019. 
We did it. The Hargreeves are back to the right time. 
“Day after the apocalypse,” Five stated looking at the newspaper. We all looked at each other in astonishment and congratulated each other. We made our way to the liquor cabinet and had a fun night, worry free. 
What else would you do after stopping two apocalypses? 
╚═════════════.✾. ═
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Title: Kismet {6}
Tumblr media
Henry Cavill x Famous OFC Aliya Taylor
Warning: Plot Heavy, Slow Burn, Mild Cursing, Flirtation
Words: 4.5k
Summary: Aliya is a singer turned model turned actress. Since she was fifteen, she’s been creating her empire in the entertainment world. As the daughter of a famous fashion model/designer and Hollywood director, you’d think life is easy for her, but her past has been anything but easy. Due to past trauma, she’s forever changed and no longer trusts any man that is not in her family and a select few in her team. She’s sworn off love and serious relationships and has planned never to fall again, but love isn’t something that can be planned. It just happens when it’s meant to. Can Aliya outrun a love that seems hellbent on holding tight to her, a love that is Kismet?
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As always, thank you so much for reading. ❤️❤️
***Loosely Edited/Proofread***
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He couldn’t believe you had this effect on him. He hadn’t been able to think of anything else but you since bumping into you now more than three weeks ago. He thought the weeks you were in England and him in LA would have lessened how he was beginning to feel, but it hadn’t. Then he expected after a few dates that he would have realized that he was working himself up, but one date turned into two and another.
 Every time you opened your mouth, he found something else to mesmerize him. If it wasn’t the way you spoke about your friends and family, it was your intellect. If it wasn’t that, it was your sense of humor or your cynical side. There was nothing about you that he tired of. You were fascinating, and he wanted to be around you more and more. That was what took him off guard. He tired quickly, and usually, after a few dates, he usually found characteristics that had him fading into the night.
He knew it was only a matter of time since meeting to exchange phones before you kissed. Every second he was tempted to claim your lips; every minute, he found himself either staring at them or inching closer. He was surprised you hadn’t been able to tell. He felt so transparent and open. It wasn’t a familiar feeling for him. He liked to be cautious of those he spent his time with because no one was ever who they said they were. Everyone had a hidden agenda. He didn’t feel that way about you.
 The minute you kissed him, he had no idea how he remained in control. Every internal instinct told him to push you against those cave walls and rip your dress off of you. His palms itched to feel your skin underneath, but he wanted far more than your body. He knew that the minute the first “goodbye Henry” came out of your mouth. He wanted so much more that he didn’t dare voice or confront—not yet at least.
 “What in the world has got your attention?”
 Turning, he found Halley, Nik’s wife approaching him with a bright smile on her face. Once she plopped down beside him, he returned it. “Nothing—work,” he lied.
 “You should have told me that you were coming by earlier. I would have had Kal bathed and nice for you.”
 He looked out to see Kal speeding through the dog park and the obstacles that were laid out. He may be a bear of a dog, but he was agile as the most athletic pup.
 “It’s okay. I stopped by the house; Nik said you were here. I don’t mind.”
 “How long you in town for?”
 He shrugged. When he considered work, it could be weeks or days, but now there was you. Right?
 “Uh--,” he began rubbing the back of his neck. “Not sure. I left LA a few days ago and had to fly to Prague.”
 Halley observed him for several long moments. When his eyes met hers, she gave a contrite grin before she looked down. “You look tired, Hen.”
 Sighing, he nodded. He felt tired.
 “Yeah. I just have to push on for a few more weeks then a holiday.”
 She nodded, and like a mack truck in came Kal crashing into him, knocking the wind out of his lungs to lick all over his face.
 “Hey, buddy. How are you? I missed you too, yes I did.” Kal kept licking at his face and nipping him on his excited state. He couldn’t keep his laughter back any longer.
 For the next several minutes, he sat on the bench, embracing his best friend that he hadn’t seen in a few weeks. He hated traveling without Kal. He truly was one of the only comforts he had in his busy life.
 “You think you want to come over for dinner tonight? I have a friend I’d love to introduce you to,” Halley mentioned.
 Scoffing, he shook his head. Nik, Halley, Piers, and Amee had tried several times to hook him up with one of their friends, and none of them had ever been a success. It all came back to those hidden motives he couldn’t trust. Plus, none of them ever seemed to get past the celebrity thing. It was really a thing of fascination for many.
 “No, I think I’m just going to lounge with Kal tonight.”
 Halley nodded and stood just as he did after harnessing Kal back onto his leash.
 “Thank you, Halley, I appreciate you guys looking after him.”
 “You’re kidding; we’re family, Hen. Plus, the boys love Kal. He’s such a good boy,” she said as she scratched behind his ear. Like the good boy he was, Kal sat there happily accepting the affection.
 After a quick hug, he was on his way to gather some groceries for a quick dinner. London was his town, and unlike America, he was left alone for the majority of the time. The only time he was approached was when he had some project looming for release, and the press had been rampant with promotion. Otherwise, he would walk down the street and have people recognize him but let him carry on with his day. Celebrity was handled differently by the Brits.
Tumblr media
When he made it home, he began Kal’s grooming routine, which went on for almost two hours. Once that was complete, he worried about his own hygiene then began cooking dinner as he had the TV on in the background. When he was home, things were relatively quiet. He was a simple kind of man. He wasn’t into the extravagant thing many celebrities were. The most he’d splurged on was probably tech products. If it was a six thousand dollar gaming computer, he had to have it, or a collector’s building item, he owned it within days, or if it were a motorcycle, he’d splurge. The fancy clothes and everything else didn’t appeal to him, as did extravagant women.
 That was before you. He could tell you were as extravagant as they came, but he could also feel that there was more to you than that. There had to be; he couldn’t be wrong there. Grabbing his phone, he scrolled to your contact and paused. This would be the fourth time he’d called you in the last two days. The fourth time he’d called with no answer. The first two times, he didn’t worry about optics because he knew just as he was busy you were probably even more so. The third time a nagging feeling took over that you were dodging his calls.
 The first few days after he left LA, you answered. You’d talk for hours as if neither of you had anything better to do. When your conversations ended, you’d text throughout the day with only short lags between due to time zones. That went on for three days. By day four, the legs stretched. You didn’t call back as much until you’d stopped picking up altogether. Today was day six. He didn’t know what he’d done wrong.
 Tapping your number, he left it on speakerphone as he stirred the mushroom gravy for his pot roast dinner. It rang once, twice, and a third before it went to voicemail. Sighing, he dropped his head back. He’d left you two messages already. He wasn’t inclined to leave another. Once he ended the call, he focused on the meal before him and not the feeling of rejection beginning to settle in the pit of his stomach.
Tumblr media
-Two Days Later-
It was unseasonably warm for April in New York. It was pushing seventy degrees and had been for the last three days. It wasn’t something you were mad at or even complaining about because you’d rather warm weather to model in the rain and snow. Thanks to the weather, your shoots had gone down without any problems or delays for the last three days. That meant you had a little time to yourself. Tonight you found yourself enjoying that time.
 “So you need to tell us what’s going on with hunka hunka fine man,” Amaya began.
 Rolling your eyes, you sighed then finished your glass of wine before filling it again. “Nothing, god.”
 “What do you mean? Last we talked, you went to exchange phones, and Leece said you stayed for dinner, and we found out about how it was. What then?”
 Debating in your head if you should even go down this route, you took a mouthful of your wine. You couldn’t even stop your smile when you thought of him. “He asked me out again, and I went. We ate, talked, then he took me to the beach to this—amazing cave and then he took me home,” you cliffs noted.
 Amaya didn’t look convinced at all. “Wait. He took you home? He saw your house?” Her eyes were bugged to match the shock on her face.
 “It’s no big deal. He didn’t go in or to the door,” you lied again while pushing to the side that it was, in fact, a big deal.
 “Oh my god! You broke a rule,” she accused.
 Rolling your eyes again, you tried to push down the anxiety that the accusation brought on.
 “I guess I shouldn’t tell you I broke the no kissing on the second date rule, huh.”
 The loudness of their gasps had so many eyes drifting to your table. Both Amaya and Alicia sat there, stunned and speechless. You didn’t blame them. This was unheard of.
 “Who did it?” Placing your glass down, you looked to Alicia to answer her question. “He went for it, and I stopped him, then—I let him.”
 No one spoke. You just knew they were about to make this an even bigger deal. “It’s not a big deal,” you anxiously lied again as your anxiety continued to rise. “We won’t be seeing each other anymore.”
 “What! Why?”
 “Because he has drama. He’s juggling two women. I will not be the third.”
 “Oh god,” Amaya lamented as she rolled her eyes in unison with you.
 As you rolled your eyes to the right, they landed on Henry, who was approaching your table.
 “Oh holy mother of Christ,” you muttered just as he made it to the table.
Tumblr media
“I thought I saw you,” Henry started.
 Recovering like the pro you were, you plastered a smile on your face. “Hi.”
 “How are you?” Henry bent to kiss your cheek, allowing you to smell him and have all the memories you’d tried to push down resurface. A moan escaped you before you could stop it. You were sure he heard it. When he pulled back, the look on his face confirmed it.
 “Good, good—busy, so busy.”
 He smirked and nodded. “I figured. I’ve been calling and texting. No response,” he threw out. You were impressed at his candor. Usually, people would keep pleasantries or even not let it be known. You liked that he called you out on it, but you didn’t like the position it put you in.
 “Work. It’s been so crazy,” you weakly lied.
 Thankfully Amaya clearing her throat brought the attention from you, giving you a needed reprieve.
 “Eh-em!” Shaking your head, you took several breaths and looked him over. He looked good.
 “Introduce us to your friend, Aliya,” Amaya badgered in her sweet voice.
 “Of course. Amaya, Alicia meet Henry, a friend of mine. Henry, these are my best friends.”
 For an inkling of a second, you saw a disappointed look on his face before it was gone and replaced with a pleasant smile.
 “Henry,” Alicia began.
 “Everyone usually calls me Hen or Henners,” he informed.
 “Oh, Henners. Interesting,” Amaya gently teased with a smile.
 “It’s a pleasure to meet you, ladies,” Henry said, slightly bowing his head in that respectful, charmingly British way.
 “Join us,” Amaya insisted, jarring you completely.
 “Uh—I’m sure Henners has other things to do than sit with a couple of chicks,” you averted. The way Henry looked at you had you closing your mouth instantly.
 “Actually, I was coming in for take-out, but I can stay.”
 “Great,” Amaya elated as she raised her hand at a nearby waiter.
 As the waiter brought a chair over, you finished your glass of wine, a sinking feeling settling in your belly. Just like your luck, the chair was set between you and Amaya, leaving Alicia across the table, the perfect location to observe you and Henry.
 “Are you ready to order?”
 “Henners just joined us, maybe a few more minutes,” Amaya informed the waiter.
 “It’s alright. I know what I want,” Henry announced.
 “Great. I’ll have the sriracha shrimp with mashed potatoes, please,” you nervously began.
 “Any appetizer?”
 “Chicken Samosas, please. Also, can you bring another bottle of Moscato? I’m sure this will be gone in no time,” I requested as I poured myself another glass.
 The waiter took Amaya’s and Alicia’s order leaving Henry’s for last due to his insistence that the ladies went first. Damn his charm, you thought. Once he’d ordered his food and the waiter left to put it in, Amaya wasted no time beginning the conversation.
 “I saw the first trailers for The Witcher and the teaser trailer for the next era in Superman and Justice League. I am looking forward to both of them.”
 His smile was soft. “Really? Thank you. I appreciate that.”
 “Are you in New York for business or pleasure?” As she said, “pleasure,” she raised her eyebrows.
 Oh, dear God, you thought, beginning to toy with your wine glass.
 “Business and promo. I left my pleasure in LA,” Henry stated, slipping a glance your way. Your belly fluttered.
 “Oh no. I’m sorry. Maybe you can find some in New York,” Amaya added.
 Henry took a sip of his wine and shrugged. “I wasn’t optimistic about that, but here I stand corrected bumping into you ladies.”
 Alicia and Amaya giggled like love-struck schoolgirls. You wanted to laugh. You were able to not laugh outright, but you couldn’t stifle the snort that escaped.
 “Guys watch out, Henners here is British. The capital of charm,” you teased.
 Henry smiled again. “Not my fault the British were bred somewhat different than the rest of the world. We appreciate simpler things, charm being one of them and beautiful women.”
 “Cocky,” Alicia slid in.
 “Not at all. I prefer confident,” he finished raising his glass to her. Smirking, you took a mouthful of wine.
 “How can you stand to work for so long and so frequently away from family and friends?”
 Henry looked to Amaya before he answered. You liked one thing; he paid attention to who he spoke to, ensuring they felt seen. “It used to be tough. I dealt with loneliness a lot but not so much anymore. I’ve learned how to handle it.”
 After another sip of wine, you butted in. “Plus, there are a slew of beautiful women dying to aid you with your loneliness. It helps, I bet.”
 The look he gave you was a questioning one, but he didn’t speak. He just shrugged with a smirk.
 “I don’t notice the women. They all tend to blend together, same attitudes, same motives, same antics. Finding someone original in the sea is rare, and I have better things to do than vet.”
 “So, you’re not looking for love?”
 It was a bold question, but it was right up Amaya’s alley.
 “Never looking,” Henry answered.
 “That’s good. When you’re not looking is usually when it finds you,” Alicia added.
 “Or something finds you. Love, lust, whichever,” you argued before you took another sip of wine.
 “Don’t mind cynical Cathy over there,” Amaya taunted.
 “It’s all right. Usually, those who are cynics just need something to believe in or to be showed they can believe in something—or someone,” Henry said as he stared at you.
 No one spoke or moved for quite a while. You were the one to look away and knock back the rest of your wine.
 The remainder of dinner was interesting. Henry continued to charm your friends with almost every word out of his mouth. It didn’t take long for you to see how much they liked him. Part of you was happy because who didn’t want their friends to like someone that was showing attention. The other part of you hated it. They were typically a lot more difficult to melt than this.
 You found yourself watching him, and his body langued for the rest of the night. If he moved his hands as he spoke, your eyes were focused there, noting how large and strong they looked. If Henry took a sip of wine or a bite of his steak, you focused on his mouth. From there, your mind always went back to the feel of his lips on yours. You were still attracted to him.
 The week had done nothing. There was a reason why you’d created distance and space from him. It was supposed to serve a purpose, and you thought it had, but this dinner proved nothing had changed. You wanted him, and it was driving you crazy.
 By the time the three of you left the restaurant after Henry paid, the night air was cool but not cold. It was pleasant. When you turned, he was there, and your friends had mysteriously wandered off. Henry took a few steps closer to you, leaving only a few inches between you.
 “How are you?”
 “I’m good. You?”
 Henry took a deep breath and stuffed his hands into his pocket. You remembered that move. Biting your bottom lip, you glanced at his lips.
 “Feeling the burn out coming.”
 Nodding, you answered, “I understand.”
 “I’ll be in town for one more day. I fly out tomorrow night. Would you want to do breakfast tomorrow?”
 There it was. You sighed, looked down, and shuffled your feet. “Okay.”
 “Pick a restaurant. This is your stomping ground,” Henry said with a smile that made you smile.
 “You remember.”
 He leaned in softly, bumping you. “I remember everything you’ve told me.”
 One simple sentence took your breath away. You watched Henry lean into you to place a sweet kiss on your cheek.
 “Good night, Aliya.”
 Taking a breath to slow your racing heart, you replied. “Goodbye, Henry.”
 He scoffed before he walked off down the street, leaving you to watch as he walked. Groaning, you bit your bottom lip. “Damn.”
 -The Next Day-
Tumblr media
With plenty of debate about canceling or keeping the breakfast plans, you gave in and kept it. After putting in way too much effort into your hair, makeup and outfit, you found yourself rolling up to the designated meet spot—Sarabeth’s twenty minutes late. Once you approached the restaurant, you saw him sitting by one of the windows with a newspaper in one hand and his phone in the other. Once he saw you, his smile widened, showing you his sharpened canines that were longer than his other teeth and slightly poked out. It was an endearing quality.
 As you approached, he stood to greet you, then kissed your cheek.
 “I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long.”
 “I’m pretty sure from now on I’ll be waiting for you happily,” he joked.
 Once both of you had settled, you looked at him, almost losing your train of thought.
 “Have you ordered?”
 “Just some tea,” he informed, motioning to his white ceramic teacup.
 “Tea? You’re not a coffee drinker?”
 “I am British,” was all he said.
 Snorting, you laughed at his serious expression.
 “Let me guess, Earl Grey?”
 “Now, I’m just cliché, aren’t I?”
 Giggling, you shrugged, pleased with yourself for guessing correctly.
 “Welcome to Sarabeth’s. Can I start you guys off with something to drink?”
 Glancing to Henry, he motioned to you to go first.
 “I’ll have an Earl Grey tea, please.”
 Henry snorted, making you smile.
 “Coming right up.”
 When the two of you were alone again, his smile widened. “You too, huh.”
 “I start my day with Earl Grey. Guess it comes from the British part of me.”
 “Must be,” he replied.
 “I saw the trailer last night. Amaya is right. It’s amazing,” you elated.
 His smile was adorable, but he looked embarrassed. “You think so?”
 Nodding, you placed your hand over his as reassurance. “I promise.”
 Henry looked down at your hand, bringing your eyes to it as well. Pulling back, you cleared your throat.
 “I’m excited. I’ve been doing this for the last year. I’ve put a lot into it, blood, sweat—everything.”
 His passion shone through, and it pulled you closer to him. “I can imagine,” you responded before you flipped through the menu.
 “I take it you’ve been here before?”
 “Yes, one of my favorites. The food is fresh and organic,” you answered.
 “So you’re health-conscious,” Henry filled in.
 “Not at all. I just like good food.” His laugher echoed around the small restaurant. You had to shrug off the shiver that ran through you.
 Hoping to change the subject, you inquired, “Ready? I’m hungry.”
 Henry nodded and waved the waiter over. Again, he allowed you to order first before he went ahead. Once the waiter got your orders, the conversation turned to work. He told you about the plans for season two of The Witcher and even gave some tidbits about the new Superman project. It was clear he enjoyed what he did and took pride in it. Many actors saw acting merely as a means for millions and fame—that was until you got that intrusive fame.
 “Your friends are great.”
 “Ha. That’s because you just met them,” you teased. “Over time, you’d be whistling a different tune.”
 “Sound like my friends and family if I’m honest.”
 You laughed together. “Mine too. Aren’t they the best?”
 Picking up on the sarcasm in your voice, he nodded, giving you a quirky face.
 The connection between you was evident, as was the attraction. It was something challenging to repress or pretend wasn’t happening. When you spoke, you noticed he watched your mouth and even picked up how his body swayed to you. It was similar to what happened to you. As you explained to him how you enjoyed traveling when you were promoting an album, his phone rang. Seeing as it could have been important business, you insisted he answer to his protests. Before he did, he promised it would be quick.
 The look on his face was instant shock.
 “Um—It’s—it’s not a good time. I will call you later,” Henry rushed out lower than he’d began.
 Thanks to the lowness of his tone, you could hear a woman’s voice from the call. That was all you needed to be slapped to reality.
 “Tomorrow. I’ll be home, and then we have to talk,” Henry stated. Your jaw clenched before he ended the call to look at you.
 “Everything all right?”
 After clearing his throat, he nodded. “Yes.”
 His smile was forced, but he forged on with the conversation. A conversation you were ready to check out of entirely. Pushing through the remainder of the meal, your only goal was the end. Once breakfast was finished and the bill settled, this time by you, the two of you found yourself outside together.
 “If I call you in the next few weeks, will you pick up?”
 Another bold question. Too bold, considering you’d just heard a woman on the phone. Sighing out, you tied your trench again.
 Henry moaned then sighed out. “Chris, my name on your lips sounds so much more different than anyone else saying it. I like it.”
 He truly spoke what he thought, no concealing. Shrugging it off and pushing through your stupor, you stepped back and continued. “This has been fun. You seem like a really good person on top of being uber-talented. I wish you nothing but continued success in your career and life, but—for anything here—I don’t think it’s going to happen,” you said surprisingly steadily.
 His confusion was apparent. Tilting his head to the side, Henry’s brows knitted. “Why?”
 Quickly you searched for a reason deciding on the plainest answer. “Because it won’t work.”
 “Give me a reason,” Henry pressed but not in a disrespectful way.
 Feeling cornered, you straightened your back. “Why do you need a reason?”
 “I’m a man. I need to know the reason why I’m being rejected. I thought we were progressing on the same page,” he honestly revealed. You could see the confusion and hurt increasing in his eyes.
 Fuck it, you thought. “I don’t do drama or messy, and your situation screams drama and mess,” you blurted out.
 “My situation?”
 “Henry, I had your phone for two weeks. I saw the messages and calls from Francesca and Abby. That is messy and the potential for more drama than I have the energy for. I don’t do three ways. I don’t share. I’m not a juggling ball. I will not be juggled.”
 “How do you know you’re being juggled?”
 “That call in there. Was that Francesca or Abby? I’m going to guess it was Abby since you said you’d be home, and she’s sent messages asking about you coming home before,” you deduced. Henry nodded and looked down.
 “Downside to a woman having your phone for a long period of time,” you mumbled.
 “Have you been juggling me with Jesse and Liam? I’ve seen the messages and calls too,” Henry countered.
 “I don’t juggle. Juggling means one or both do not know about each other. Jesse and Liam know about each other. I don’t juggle,” you finished.
 Henry sighed and nodded.
 “So, you’ve been seeing the three of us.”
 “I haven’t, and that is my honest answer.”
 Henry glanced down the street. His whole disposition changed. Where he was warm and inviting, he was now cold and rigid.
 “So that’s just it?”
 Shrugging, you nodded. “Pretty much.”
 “Even though we both felt it.”
 Keeping a straight face, you proceeded. “I don’t know what you mean. The bottom line is I’ve broken three rules already when it comes to you, and I will not break this one.”
 With that, Henry nodded.
 “Have a safe flight. Goodbye, Henry.”
 Staring at each other for a few moments, neither of you moved. Henry nodded, and you took that as your out. Walking down the street away from him, you did your best to keep your head up and your back straight. You’d talked the talk, and now you had to walk the walk.
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gleedeservesbetter · a year ago
Alex Rewrites: Rumours!
Born This Way Rewrite
Summary: Samcedes is a thing, Fuinn is a thing, Klaine is a thing, Brittana is a secret thing, and Artitanny is about to not be a thing anymore. 
Rumours is a great episode when you consider how well they tied in all the little plotlines into one theme, as well as connect that theme to the music directly. That also makes my job a bit harder, but I can go for it. 
I’ll start with the least important plotline, which is still overall important, but episode-wise, is not that important. 
Schue and April
It stays the same since this plot only lasted one episode. All I’ll say for this man is that he just does a good job as a teacher and stops them from gossiping, at least in glee. 
Fuinn: Perfectly Imperfect & The End of the Sam v Finn feud. 
I have always believed that Fuinn was the couple that loved the idea of each other, and not each other as individuals. They provide popularity, the safety and the praise that goes with it. This is the beginning of the real end of Fuinn, and it’s pretty much them who don’t realize it. 
Anyways, they aren’t a huge focus of this episode, but I feel its important to add the little details: the obvious tension during “I Don’t Want to Know” and “Go Your Own Way”. They’re infighting and incompatible, and pretty much everyone can see it but them.
Also, I just really like that the end of the episode (which I’ll tackle in a minute) is where Sam and Finn finally, truly build a bridge and start an actual friendship, but I’ll tackle that in a minute.
Artie x Brittany vs Santana: Brittany’s story. 
Was Brittany cheating? Yes. Full stop. Was Santana manipulating her? Yes, she was. Is it also complicated? Yes, all of the above. So, the scene is still the same, but I’m adding another element to it: Brittany gets Santana to admit she was manipulating her. I really feel as though this adds a good element to Brittana as a whole; because sometimes it feels as though it’s just Santana with only a bit of Brittany.
It’s after “Songbird” but even though Brittany is moved by the performance, she’s also upset at her entire situation in general; Artie calling her stupid (and thus ending her relationship) and also being upset at Santana for manipulating her in the first place. 
As for Brittany, I feels like it adds more to her character. Yes, she is very ditzy, but I want her to keep her sweetness, as well as add in some self-respect: she’s not going to be with someone who insults her intelligence (Artie) and though she really loves Santana, she doesn’t want to be with someone who manipulates her but wont show her love publicly. (More on this at the end.)
So, this is where Brittany’s journey with Artie ends, and where Brittana pauses.
Sam: Kurt, Quinn + Mercedes. (Ending with Finn.)
So as we’ve established, Samcedes is the pairing and Heavans is the bro friendship. Since Kurt and Sam are close as well, the whole “Kurt” plot is kept.
But, instead of Quinn being added because of a previous relationship with Sam, Mercedes brings her in for babysitting help (with Sam’s permission) because both of them live closer to the hotel. Kurt and Mercedes are already close with Sam’s family, so they knew pretty much when his entire situation began.
So when Finn and Rachel spy (and end up seeing Quinn leave) they themselves end up leaving early, and don’t see Mercedes leave after her, and give a warmer (a kiss : ) ) goodbye to Sam. Mercedes, for her part, is not involved with the gossip and doesn’t join in, and her, Quinn and Kurt try to stop the rumors before they can get too wild. 
Mr. Schue (who gets some development) stops them in glee club from bothering Sam (and, he knows about Sam’s situation, I’ve decided) but that doesn’t stop them from confronting Sam later, and Sam reveals his true situation; he’s living in the motel. 
Later, Kuinncedes makes the group feel even guiltier, and informs them Sam had to sell his guitar. Finn does buy it back, and with a one-on-one scene (No Rachel) he apologizes for all the crap he’s put Sam through and always thinking the worst of him. They talk for a bit, more about Finn’s insecurities, especially how Sam is everything he’s not, especially since his relationships with the glee club (specifically Kurt and Mercedes, two people he’s known longer than Sam).
Sam is thankful and can tell it’s a true, real and hopefully final apology, and they both try to be friendlier for Kurt’s (their connection besides Glee) sakes.
Also, I just like the scene ending with Finn realizing Sam has some of Finn’s clothes, that he didn’t know went missing. Sam comments on how many plaid and striped button-ups and polos Finn has. 
Thus...Rumours ends! With some relationships finally repaired and some ending. 
We’re in the endgame now. 3 episodes left after this one. Next one (Prom Queen) is my biggest one, as I’ve said before. Please don’t be surprised when I change a lot. 
Onto the Brittana bit: For one, I don’t think it’s not important that Santana is afraid of coming out or being publicly in love with Brittany at all. Its real, its raw, and it makes a whole lot of sense. People should come out when they feel most comfortable, when they’re ready. (looing at you, Mash-up and IKAG) As for Brittany’s sake, however, (and for people who could relate to Brittany) it is also that person’s (who might be with someone who is not out yet) right to also not wait for that person to be ready, especially at their own comfort levels. 
Relationships involve compromise and though Brittany can compromise by being secretly with Santana, she also has those same rights to be uncomfortable being secret, especially if Santana is with someone else publicly (espeically to win something), and especially if she was just being manipulated to do the same. Does this give Brittany the right for The Muckraker article about Santana? No, not at all. But Brittany does not have to wait and be there secretly while Santana has a fake relationship to win Prom Queen.
TLDR: Santana has every right (and is fully in the right) to come out when she wants and when she’s comfortable, as well as showing love publicly or privately. Brittany has that same right to not be with someone who won’t love her publicly and has a fake-public relationship as well.
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artificialqueens · a year ago
You Light a Fire in My Heart (Rosénali) - Moonshot
A/N: I wasn’t expecting to write a follow-up to the first diner au this fast but I’ve genuinely fallen in love with the little au verse I’ve created. For context, this is set about a year after the events of ‘On The Ground’, and it spans across three months (March, April, and May). Flashbacks are in italics, and I hope you enjoy it x
Summary: The time(s) Rosé tried to be the best girlfriend to her Nali
Also on Ao3
If you had told Rosé a year ago that she would be dating one of the most amazing girls she’d ever met in her life, she would have believed you. Who wouldn’t want to date a fine bonnie lass like her?
What she wouldn’t have believed would have been that she was admittedly a tiny bit jealous of her girlfriend’s crush for a K-pop singer that shared her name.
Rosé was working on her laptop, busy mixing a track she had recorded with Jan and Lagoona when Denali had walked into the living room.
“OH MY GOD! I just finished watching Blackpink’s interview with James Corden and Rosé’s got the CUTEST accent! Her Aussie accent is so sexy too…” she remembered her girlfriend saying as she walked into her living room, her eyes glued to the phone in her hand.
“Hey!”, the pink-haired girl puffed out, “my Scottish accent is sexy too!”
Denali looked up, her left brow raised, “Says who?”, she asked teasingly.
“…My grandma”, Rosé replied unconvincingly, causing her girlfriend to laugh out loud.
“My Rosie is so cute when she’s jealous!”, she sing-sang, stamping a sloppy kiss on the older girl’s cheek.
“I’m not!”, she huffed as the black-haired girl sat next to her on the couch.
“You know she’s not my favorite in the group. Wanna know why?” Denali asked, draping her arms around Rosé’s neck.
“Because you’ll always be my favorite Rosie”, she whispered in her girlfriend’s ear.
Rosé was sure her cheeks were matching colors with the shade of pink of her hair.
“Cheesy bitch”, she muttered as Denali hid her face in the crook of her neck.
“Yours truly”.
She remembered letting her girlfriend rest on her chest, the sweet strawberry scent of Denali’s shampoo filling her nose as she tried to focus on the track she was working on. 
However, another thought was buzzing in her head. 
The brunette’s birthday - the first one since they had started dating - was coming up soon and Rosé had absolutely no idea what to get her. 
Dedicating her a song, while definitely in her range, was too obvious of a gift. She really wanted to surprise her, to give her something she would remember for years to come.
With less than a month to the date, Rosé decided to go to the very familiar diner to pick up something quick to eat before going to grab the equipment she needed for her weekly set across the street. 
As she walked up to the register to pay up after having grabbed some pastries, she couldn’t help but notice the absence of a familiar face. She was sure Denali was set to be on shift at that hour.
Her attention was drawn back to the guy behind the counter.
“Hey, gorge! Looking for me?”, Mik asked as he took the pastry bag from the pink-haired girl.
Rosé rolled her eyes playfully, “Hey to you too, Mik,” she replied as she took out some cash, “Sorry to burst your bubble, short king, I was just wondering where my lovely girlfriend is”.
The shorter guy shrugged, “Your loss. I’m always open for a tall glamazon like you, gorge”, he winked before presenting her the receipt, “it will be 4,99$ for that, and also Nali was allowed to go home early by Miss Iman because she was trying to get tickets for some concert, I think?”
Rosé gave a little nod of acknowledgment and was handing over the cash when a voice caught her attention.
“Oh, no!”, both Mik and Rosé turned their head to another of the diner staff, Olivia, who was looking down at her phone pouting, “Nali just texted me saying that the Blackpink show in Chicago she wanted to go to sold out before she was able to get a standing ticket and the VIP ones are too expensive for her! Oh, poor baby Nali”.
“What other tour dates are they doing?” the singer asked, an idea forming in her head.
The other girl furrowed her brows, trying to remember, “Well, Nali wanted to go to the Chicago one with some of her friends there, that one was in mid-May. If I’m not mistaken, they are doing one in Newark at the end of May, and then the other ones are down south and on the west coast as well? Pretty big tour from what she has told me”.
“Wow, that’s an impressive gig,” Rosé commented, genuinely surprised.
She grabbed the paper bag from the counter, waving goodbye to the two employees, “Well, divas, I’ll leave you to do your jobs. Thanks for the info, I guess my set has to be delayed a bit to deliver these to my girl, and hope to cheer her up a bit, wish me luck!” 
The other two waved her off as she exited the diner. 
The pink-haired girl grabbed her phone from her purse and quickly texted Jan and Lagoona to meet her at her place after her set. 
Maybe she had just found the perfect birthday present for her Nali.
Rosé and Lagoona were sitting at the kitchen table, the Scottish girl’s computer between them open on the ticketing site while Jan was busy gushing with her girlfriend over the phone in the living room.
The blue-haired girl stared at the laptop, clicking her tongue, “Is that the VIP price for both…?”
“Nope, just one. I could afford to get only one VIP ticket for her so she’ll get to enjoy it all by herself”, Rosé replied.
“Holy shit, I fucking wish you were this in love with me to spend that much money for my birthday!” Lagoona commented jokingly before noticing a small detail, “Wait, did you see the date of the concert?”
The pink-haired girl nodded, “Yes, I am aware that the concert happens to be on my birthday. However, this is an opportunity I can’t let Nali give up on,” she reasoned, “Also, I plan on spending many more birthdays with her, so her spending mine doing something she loves makes me happy as well”.
Lagoona shot up and started reaching for kitchen drawers, seemingly looking for something.
“Can I know what the fuck are you doing?”, Rosé asked, arching her manicured brow.
“Looking for a whip because you’re fucking whipped for the girl! I can’t believe it!”, her best friend cackled, actively avoiding the kitchen towel thrown at her.
“Oh, fuck you, bitch!”, the pink-haired girl said in return, unable to hide her own grin at the situation.
At that moment, their purple-haired friend entered the room, saying her goodbyes over the phone before she sat down on the opposite side of Rosé.
“Oh look, who decided to join us!” Lagoona teased as she sat back next to the Scottish girl, “how was the call with the sugar mommy?”
Jan blushed furiously, “Shush, you two! Jackie’s not my sugar mommy! She just… happens to be richer and older than me. Also, she called me because she’s stressed from organizing this big event in May and needed some advice!”, she blurted out, only causing the other two to laugh even harder.
“Yeah, sure whatever you say, Stuntalina the sugar baby. C’mon, I’ve got a new piece I wrote for us to show you!”, Rosé said as she closed the ticket receipt.
She opened her music editing program, pressed play on the last recorded file.
While her best friends were busy enjoying the new song she produced, Rosé checked her phone to find a new text from Denali.
10:52 PM:
thank u so much for the pastries, I really needed them today. You always know how to cheer me up. Goodnight my Rosie <3
The singer smiled. 
She couldn’t wait to show Denali her birthday present.
Denali was lying down on the couch, her eyes on her best friend - and soon-to-be ex-roommate - as she packed the last few things she needed to move out.
“I still can’t believe you’re moving out,” the brunette pouted, “You’re leaving me allllll aloooooooneeeee”, she said dramatically.
“Nali, you’re acting as if I’m moving across the country”, Olivia chuckled, “I’m literally moving in with Utica and Symone, and they live across the street”.
The Alaskan skater threw her head back, “So close, yet so far”.
The younger girl rolled her eyes, reaching for a silver sharpie before throwing it to Denali, “Okay, miss Dramanali. Will you get your ass up and help me finish labeling these boxes?”
It took them a little over an hour to have most of Olivia’s things labeled and boxed, ready to be taken to their new home.
A bottle of soju later, they sat together on the couch in front of the TV as they ate some take-out for dinner, reminiscing of their time as roommates.
“It’s going to be weird to live alone,” Denali confessed as she took a piece of kimbap with her steel chopsticks, “We’ve been roommates ever since I literally moved in from Chicago. But I know it’s the right thing for you, you know”.
Olivia nodded, “I didn’t expect it to take this turn, I mean, I started it out a year ago single and now I’m dating not just one but two of the most awesome people I know?”
“I remember you being bummed when Utica started dating Symone. I sneaked out way too much ice cream from the diner to cheer you up, but look at you now, dating both Utica and Symone, moving in with them? You won the jackpot, Liv!”, the older girl replied, smacking her free hand against the other girl’s thigh.
“Girl, I could say the same about you and miss Rosie. All lovey-dovey, sweet kisses and I love you’s”, Olivia winked as she saw Denali’s cheeks take a pink tint.
“Actually…”, the skater confessed, “she technically hasn’t said the big L word out loud, not like that at least”.
Denali was sure Olivia’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets, “WHAT?”
The brunette smiled shyly.
“It’s just… this past year everything has been so perfect with her and what if forcing her to say it will ruin that?”
“Nali, baby, the girl basically lives here. Do I have to remind you just how many times I’ve walked in on you two doing the whole devil’s tango while she looks at you like a lovesick puppy and you are worried about her not saying I love you back?”
The Alaskan girl tried to lighten the mood, “To our defense, you did say that you were spending the night out and that movie was very intense-”
“I love her, Liv. Like really really love her. And I do see a future with her, but she is such a free spirit, someone who says and does things her own way and I’m worried that I’m going to scare her away,” Denali bit her lower lip, trying her best to not let the emotions get the best of her.
The younger girl took her hand, “Do you remember what I told you that day at the rink when you were scared to ask her out?”
“That you would unleash Kandy on her?”
They both chuckled.
“That’s still on the table if she breaks your heart,” Olivia replied honestly, holding Denali’s hand, “I told you to give it a chance. Tell her about how you feel your relationship is heading, and I got a feeling that she feels the same as you do”.
The two friends savored the moment, only the sound coming from outside the window to fill the void.
Denali was the first one to speak up after a couple of minutes of silence, “See? Who am I supposed to have those heart-to-heart conversations with if I’m alone? The wall?”
Olivia laughed out loud, “The cat lady that lives on the first floor sure seems like a good replacement for me!”
“Donut would run away before I could even let her in, girl”.
“True that,” she took another bite of her rice bowl before setting it down and getting up from the couch, “maybe, after you have your talk with your pink highlighter girlfriend in time for your birthday next week, she can babysit your pillow princess ass!” 
Denali’s mouth was wide open in shock but unable to restrain the laughter. 
“Liv! How dare you!” she said as the younger girl bolted into her room, prompting a not-so-sober chase.
They would totally be getting an angry noise complaint the next day.
Denali felt like her birthday went faster than she would have liked.
It had started with a call from her mom while her friends were trying to make her breakfast in bed - emphasis on trying - only to end up ordering delivery from the bakery two blocks down the street. 
Since she would have still had to work that day, they had opted to hang out at her place the night before, waiting up to midnight to wish her a happy birthday. 
What Denali was really looking forward to was the cute night-in her girlfriend had promised along with her mysterious birthday gift that was seemingly months in the making.
Having barely made it home from the diner, the brunette had just taken off her jacket and scarf when she heard a familiar knock pattern on her door.
She smiled as she was greeted by a small bouquet of forget-me-nots, a bag seemingly full of takeaway boxes, and a bottle of Rosé.
“Isn’t it cannibalism if you drink Rosé?” she teased, letting her girlfriend in the apartment and closing the door behind her.
“I’m letting that slide because it’s your birthday, baby,” the pink-haired girl replied as she set everything down on the kitchen counter.
Denali took a moment to take in how her Rosie looked.
The signature pink leather jacket was open to reveal a very deep low cut top that left close to nothing to the imagination. The black high-waisted jeans hugged her curves in a way that drove Denali crazy just to think about. 
“Liking the view, mama?”, Rosé’s smirk was one of the few things able to make her weak to her knees like that.
“You’re a tease-y bitch”
“Thank you for noticing”, she winked as she walked over to Denali and sneaked her arms around her girlfriend’s waist, towering over her thanks to the pumps she was wearing.
The brunette couldn’t help but smile as she wrapped her arms around Rosé’s neck, getting on her tippy toes to kiss her.
“Happy birthday, my angel”, she whispered against her lips before her strong arms picked Denali up with a small yelp from the younger girl.
“What about dinner?”, she chuckled.
“I’m in a mood to eat something else right now…”, Rosé simply said as she reconnected their lips and started taking her girlfriend to the familiar bedroom.
Denali lied with her head on Rosé’s chest like she always did after they slept together. She could fall asleep just with how the older girl was gently combing her hair with her fingers.
“Don’t fall asleep on me, mama. You still got my birthday gift to open up”, she whispered, making Denali chuckle.
“What? Wasn’t the mind-blowing sex your birthday present?” she teased.
She could feel Rosé smile against her hair, “Thanks for the ego boost, diva, but I think you’ll like the real present more”
She went to reach for the pink jacket on the floor, taking out an envelope and giving it to Denali.
“What is this?”
“Open it up and find out for yourself”
The brunette straightened herself, not caring about the sheets pooling at her waist, and opened the present.
She couldn’t believe her eyes.
“You’re kidding me?!”
“Well, it’s not my fault your birthday happens to be on April Fool’s day but it’s all real, angel”, Rosé smiled at her.
“Ahhh! VIP Tickets for Blackpink’s concert?! I love you!”, Denali blurted out and went on to hug her girlfriend.
When she felt the older girl get slightly stiff, she realized just what she had blurted out and did what she did best: she panicked.
“Oh gosh, sorry I didn’t-”
Rosé didn’t reply, just went on cupping her face to calm her down.
“Baby, it’s okay. Don’t ever feel sorry for how you feel”, she reassured, kissing her forehead, “I just… don’t have the best track record when it comes to being told those three little words. I know how strongly I feel about you. I just want to mean it 100% when I say it, okay?”
Denali nodded, not trusting her words as she knew how hard it was for her girlfriend to talk about her feelings.
Rosé tilted her head, “Now, let me snuggle my…”, she looked over Denali’s shoulder, the clock read 11:05 PM, “birthday girl for another hour”.
She went on to press her girlfriend’s body against hers. She let a couple of minutes pass, making sure that the shorter girl had calmed down.
“Sing me to sleep, Rosie?”, she heard the faintest voice coming from the younger girl, whose arms held her sides tightly.
“Anything for you, angel”.
Almost two months later, Denali couldn’t believe she was actually there, waiting under the smaller stage for the concert to begin.
The soundcheck had been overwhelming, she definitely had almost cried when the girls waved at her section of the crowd. She was sure Lisa was waving at her.
She had even managed to become friends with some of the other fans in the VIP section, having gone to the concert alone - she still was a bit sad that she was missing Rosé’s birthday but understood the argument that this was one in a lifetime opportunity that she couldn’t pass on. 
“I can’t believe how close we are to the stage!” one of the girls to Denali’s right, Sakura, commented, “Based on the videos from the other dates, this is definitely the best side to be on, especially during Lisa’s dance solo!”
“Girl, I know! I’m ready to see her shake that ass!” Denali replied, making both of them chuckle.
“Oh, is that how it is, mama?”
Denali froze.
Was that…
There was her girlfriend, sporting the VIP tag around her neck and around her wrist.
“How did you get in? I thought you didn’t manage to get another ticket?”, while she was beyond ecstatic to see her girlfriend there with her at the concert, she was also very confused.
“Up until a couple of hours ago, I didn’t have it, so that was as much of a surprise to you as it is to you,” she smiled, “Remember I told you about how Jan’s girlfriend was busy organizing a big event?” she asked as she recollected what had just happened hours prior.
Both Rosé and Lagoona were sitting on the former girl’s couch, watching reruns of America’s Got Talent and commenting how there would totally be no competition if they decided to audition.
Jan walked in, sipping on her frappuccino, “I know you love us but why aren’t you spending your birthday with your girlfriend?”
“I told you she’s at that Blackpink’s concert today” Rosé reminded her, lowering the TV volume.
“Blackpink? Oh! That’s the project Jackie was helping with organizing. She even offered me a full VIP ticket. Do you want it? It’s barely 3 PM, you just missed the soundcheck”.
The two friends sitting on the couch looked at each other, then at Jan, then back at each other before bolting up from the couch.
“I can’t believe it, Jan is really something else,” Denali smiled, now feeling that everything was complete.
“Me neither, baby. That girl is a mystery,” Rosé replied as she positioned herself behind her shorter girlfriend to hug her from behind, kissing Denali’s cheek “Now, I can check out my competition with the other Rosie in your life”, she joked.
“I promise you’ll be a Blink by the end of the night,” Denali said confidently, melting against the embrace.
“We’ll see about that, little diva”.
When people said time flies by when you’re having fun, Denali just realized how fast.
The concert was a rollercoaster of emotions, from the powerful beginning to the member’s solos - she definitely didn’t miss her girlfriend’s ‘mom dancing’ behind her. 
And now, the soft guitar notes of Hope Not filled the stadium. The ballad had always been one of Denali’s favorites, those raw emotions she had felt so many times were being so beautifully sang out loud and it made her teary-eyed.
Rosé kept her arms secured around her waist, rocking her from side to side. The brunette closed her eyes, fully letting the song guide her.
That’s when she heard Rosé’s voice in her ear, so quiet yet overpowering everything else.
“I love you”.
Denali’s eyes shot open and quickly turned around to be met with the most beautiful smile Rosé had ever given to her, she could only see pure love in her eyes staring back at her. 
She hadn’t even realized the tears spilled down her cheeks as she went in to connect their lips.
Nothing else mattered to her at that moment.
It was just her and her Rosie.
The warm autumn air filled Denali’s living room as they cuddled on the couch, watching a movie.
It was almost midnight when the end credits started rolling, the younger girl was already half-asleep, clinging to her girlfriend like a koala bear.
Rosé turned off the TV and turned her attention to her girlfriend, “C’mon, little diva, let go of me, I have to catch the bus home”.
Denali grunted, “Noooo, don’t leave meee,” she protested, her cheek firmly against Rosé’s chest.
“I gotta get home, baby”, the pink-haired girl tried to reason.
“This is your home too. You should just move in already,” Denali replied, slugging her words.
Her heart skipped a beat. 
Rosé stopped for a moment to think about it. She smiled looking down at her girlfriend’s serene face. 
She definitely could see herself wanting to wake up to that every day for a long time.
Denali woke up in her bed the following day, not remembering how she had gotten there. The last thing she remembered was falling asleep on the couch with-
She shot up and went to the kitchen. She found a still-warm cup of coffee and a note.
She almost choked on the drink as she read the small piece of paper.
I thought you’d never ask
to move in together
Get those papers ready, angel
Your Rosie
PS: we’ve some remodeling to do, mama
Denali couldn’t help the pink tint from erupting across her face. She definitely blamed her sleepy self for being so open with her girlfriend.
On the other side, she had to call her landlord.
Her search for a roommate was over for good.
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there-must-be-a-lock · a year ago
wings & the way down - part 2
Derek Morgan x Spencer Reid
Word Count: ~1580 this chapter
Warnings: Mild angst. Allusions to ~mysterious~ backstory. Strangers with cookies. 
A/N: Thank you all for your lovely comments on the last part! Catch up here if you missed it. Tag list for this is open. 
Tumblr media
Friday, January 3: Derek
Derek is playing it cool. 
Or... he would be, if he could stop freaking the hell out. Whatever. 
He wants to be there early, just in case, and he hesitates. He should grab his basketball — tryouts next week, he should be practicing as much as possible — but then he’d have to carry it around while they walk. He grabs his dog-eared copy of Slaughterhouse-Five instead. 
Spencer seems like a reader. Maybe he’ll be impressed. Derek doesn’t have much experience trying to impress adorably geeky college guys, but that seems like a good start. 
He looks at himself in the mirror one more time and thinks, I can’t do this. 
Then he shakes it off, like he’d shake off the nerves before a big game, and he gives his reflection a smile. What’s the worst that can happen, right? He embarrasses himself in front of a pretty boy, he avoids the park, he never sees the guy again. After the year he’s had, some good old-fashioned rejection would be a cake walk. 
Playing it cool. He can do this. 
He walks downstairs, locking up behind himself and leaving the spare key in its spot — its “hidden” spot, which is a totally obvious fake rock, but apparently here in the suburbs you can just do that sort of thing. 
He walks, enjoying the sun, because January here feels like Chicago’s April. He’s not going to get used to this any time soon. 
Yeah. This was the right choice. 
You deserve to do it on your own terms, his mom said, when she hugged him goodbye in the airport. You can be whoever you want. 
It didn’t feel like he was trying to be someone else yesterday, though. It felt like he was being himself. 
He didn’t realize it could be easy like that, flirting with a guy, teasing and laughing and making Spencer smile. The stupid line came out like it was nothing. The fear only kicked in afterward. 
Derek knows he’s charming as fuck; he’s been making girls smile like that since he was fourteen. And it’s not a skeevy thing — not even necessarily a sex thing — he just likes making people smile. He likes the way they stand a little straighter when you compliment their shirt, or the way they bring a hand to the back of their neck when you admire their hair, and the way one nice comment can startle someone right out of a bad day. 
Speaking of. 
He’s walking into the park, now, and there’s a girl walking toward him, blonde with pink streaks in her high pigtails, wearing thick neon pink glasses and several violently colorful patterns. She looks like Miss Frizzle’s ditzier sister. He kinda loves it. 
“I like your glasses,” he tells her cheerfully, as they come face-to-face on the path. 
 Most people look startled, at first, when a stranger compliments them; they’re caught off-guard. Spencer looked like a deer in headlights, yesterday, when Derek caught his attention. 
Not this girl, though. Without missing a beat, she tosses back, “I like your face, sugar.” As their paths cross, she gives him a cheesy over-the-top wink. 
He retorts over his shoulder, “I ain’t that sweet, babygirl.” 
“I don’t believe you,” she sing-songs, and he’s laughing as they both continue on their way. 
Derek makes his way over to the same spot as yesterday, a round table between two curved benches. He pulls out his book and settles down to wait. Spencer isn’t there yet (which makes sense, considering that “same time” meant “two-ish” and it’s more like one-ish right now) but there are two older men playing chess at one of the tables nearby. Otherwise, it’s quiet: two women jogging, a few families on the playground, a guy throwing a ball for his dog. 
For a while, it’s actually a pretty awesome way to spend an afternoon. He doesn’t really notice how much time has passed until he shifts, stretching some cramped muscles. Then he checks his watch. 
They didn’t really set a definite time, though. It was vague. It’s not a big deal. 
Twenty minutes is a normal amount of time to be late. Derek has pulled that move on more than one first date — which begs the question: is this a date? — but he didn’t expect Spencer to be the type, somehow.  
He starts to get anxious around half past. He can think of a dozen excuses Spencer might use, but they’re all excuses he’s used himself, and they all boil down to I don’t actually care. 
He turns back to his book and tries to forget about the time.
At three, after re-reading the same page for the fourth time, he accepts that it’s a lost cause. He sets the book down on the bench and rests his face in his palms for a moment, taking a deep breath. 
Fuck. He is so not playing it cool. 
There was something about Spencer that Derek can’t stop thinking about, and it’s not his bone structure or his eyes or the way his fingers looked as he fiddled with his chess piece. It was the way he blushed and stuttered, completely flustered and unable to hide it, and the way he brushed it off with, “I’m not used to being flirted with.” It was a genuine reaction. He was being honest. He wasn’t trying to pose or posture or do any of the things Derek would’ve done to protect himself. 
It was the little crease between his eyebrows as he studied Derek intently — too intent to be polite — like Spencer was figuring him out, looking under the surface, seeing him in a way that people usually don’t, because most people don’t care enough to look. Most people miss what’s right in front of them. 
It was the way he sat, legs crossed, unpretentious and almost childlike. 
It was different. He wasn’t hiding anything. Derek’s been hiding a lot, these last few years. It was nice to be around someone who wasn’t, and who made it look easy. 
And yeah, it was also his cheekbones and eyes and fingers and smile, because Derek is only fucking human. 
At quarter past, he starts to wonder what he did wrong. 
Yeah, I’m flirting with you. 
It was like a free-fall, the pause after the words, that frozen moment of can’t take it back now and this is going to change everything. It’s the same hot-cold-terrifying-exhilarating shock he felt in the pause after he came out to his mom — same as the moment right before the jury gave their verdict — same as the moment he walked into school the next day. 
But it was different, because Spencer smiled, all slow and shy. No betrayal, no creeping disgust, no pointed questions or even more pointed silence. 
That easy acceptance took Derek’s breath away. It felt like freedom. It felt like the moment the plane’s wheels lifted off the tarmac, the sickening lurch in his stomach, the blaze of something like defiance as he watched Chicago recede into the distance. 
Spencer smiled, and Derek felt like he could’ve ignored the laws of physics and flown away. If that was what “being out” usually feels like, he could see why people might want to do it. The moment of free-fall — this is going to change everything — was worth it, for that. 
This, though? There’s something cold and leaden sitting in his chest, dragging him rudely back down to earth. He should just go. This is an embarrassing amount of time to wait around for some random guy. 
“Tell me who I need to punch,” somebody calls. “A face like yours should never be frowning, sweetness.” 
It’s the colorful girl from earlier, and Derek can’t help but smile at the way she stomps over and sits down across from him, matter-of-fact and brazen like they’ve known each other for years. 
“I was just waiting for you, babygirl,” he tells her, turning the charm up to eleven, and she rolls her eyes. 
“Penelope. The pleasure is all yours.” She holds her hand out for him to shake — her nails have tiny daisies painted all over them — and Derek kisses it instead. 
“Derek Morgan. Charmed, I’m sure.” 
“So who’s the girl that’s got you all tragic-looking?” she asks, and rummages in her massive bag for a minute before pulling out a tupperware of cookies. “Want one? They’re still warm. I was at my friend’s house, she needed some cheering up, we baked. I promise I’m not some creepy creep who’s going to lure you into their white van, oh my god, I just realized that I’m a complete stranger, and this is totally weird! But — cookies?” 
“I’d follow you anywhere, babygirl. And I will totally take a cookie.” He takes a bite of melty chocolate chips and moans. “Marry me?” 
“Alas, your heart belongs to another,” she says solemnly. “I know that face. Spill.” 
“Got stood up, but...” Derek chews as slowly as he can manage. “Wasn’t a girl.” 
He’s starting to get used to that free-fall sensation. It’s not so bad this time around. 
“Oh my god, I shouldn’t have assumed, I’m sorry! Men, right?” She heaves a dramatic sigh, and Derek tries to hide his own quiet sigh of relief. “The worst, I swear.” 
“No biggie. Other fish in the sea, right?” 
“Have another cookie.” 
“Woman, you are a goddess. I am so glad I met you.” 
“I’m glad you met me too, Derek Morgan.” 
part three here! 
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before-we-get-started · a year ago
Dream Come True
Colin Shea x O/C Corinne MacAdam
Multi-Chapter Story - Complete
Summary: Colin Shea and his band Rock the Cradle are finally making it big - until something unexpected happens. When he meets a girl that makes him reconsider his player ways, he thinks his life may be coming together, until she blows it apart.
Warning: Bad language, smut, suicidal ideations - no one under 18, please
Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction and classified as 18+. Please do not read if you are underage. I do not own the character of Colin Shea; the rest are my original characters. By reading beyond this point, you understand the disclaimers as posted.
Chapter Four
Cori’s dad set down the last box on the kitchen counter. She couldn’t believe she was finally moving into a new apartment.
“This is it kiddo,” he said, wrapping her up in a hug. She smiled into his shoulder and hugged him back.
“Thank you so much Daddy.” She watched her father’s face spread into a smile.
“Corinne, I can’t tell you how happy we are for you. You’re getting a fresh start. The world is your oyster, you know.”
She wrinkled up her nose. “I hate oysters,” she said with a giggle.
“Well, you never know, there might be a beautiful pearl inside.” He kissed her on the forehead.
Cori walked him to the door, the daunting task of unpacking ahead of her. She opened the door to see him off and stopped in her tracks. Directly across the hall at apartment 6A, a guy clad only in flowered boxers had a blonde in a tight embrace, kissing her passionately. She pulled away from the guy and said goodbye.
“Bye April,” the guy said with a wave.
“Annie.” There was irritation in her voice.
“Annie, right. Bye Annie.”
As the blonde huffed down the stairs, Cori got a good look at her new neighbor. Tall, fit, a bad case of bedhead but adorable. His upper body was chiseled muscle, his legs long and sexy. He suddenly realized she was standing in her door and gave her the once-over. He licked his lips as he admired her in her jeans, tight Red Sox t-shirt and bare feet. “Well, well, well,” he said, walking around the bannister towards her. “Helloooo 6C.”
Cori smirked at him, crossing her arms without realizing it, protecting herself. “Hello.”
He prowled toward her like a cat stalking a mouse. “And what is your name? And how did I get so lucky?”
Just as he approached, her dad stepped out the door.
“Her name is Corinne. And unless you want to press that luck, I suggest you make a U-turn and go back to your apartment.”
Colin’s eyes were wide, a startled look on his face, but he recovered quickly.
“Well hey Corinne, welcome. I’m Colin, Colin Shea, from across the hall in 6A. I’m the official welcome party for the building. Just wanted to say hi.”
“Do you always welcome new neighbors in your boxers?” said her dad.
Colin looked down, as if he’d forgotten he was barely dressed. “Ah, that, well, I wasn’t sure when I’d get a chance to say welcome, thought I better seize the moment.”
“The moment after you couldn’t remember the name of the girl you just slept with?” said Cori, not sure where she got the nerve.
Colin gave a smile, shaking his head. “Ok, I know when I’m beat. It really was nice meeting you Corinne. I promise I’m a good neighbor.”
“Be neighborly and keep your distance,” said her dad with a smirk.
“Dad,” Cori hissed. “Don’t mind him, he’s just an overprotective dad. And everyone calls me Cori.”
Colin visibly relaxed, walking backwards towards his door. “Cori it is. Talk to you later Cori.” He gave her a little salute and disappeared into his apartment.
“Oh brother,” said her dad, “now I have to worry about that guy.”
Cori laughed. “No you don’t Daddy, I’ll be fine. This is a nice building, don’t worry.”
He pulled her into a warm embrace. “Your mother will call and check on you later.” With that, he made his way down the stairs.
She stared over at 6A’s door. She was still trying to register the gorgeous Welcome Wagon across the hall. Those long muscular legs, defined pecs and a six pack, biceps for days, blonde hair and blue eyes, absolute pure sexiness, and quite evidently a heap of trouble. Her heart fluttered a little. There were lots of reasons to love this new apartment.
She’d given herself the weekend to unpack and get the apartment set up. She was finding it easier each day to look forward. The disappointment of losing her fiancée and being betrayed by her best friend was still there, but she’d managed to push it away. The experience she’d had when she’d flatlined was always at the surface but she’d always had an active imagination and was a romantic at heart. Instead of seeing a light when she passed, she guessed she’d seen a hottie by the ocean. She smiled at the memory, tucked away in her heart. She owed that guy big time, even if he didn’t exist.
She’d run downstairs to throw some boxes in the recycler and met another neighbor, a chatty girl named Cathy who invited her to a party. “It’s so nice out, we’re taking advantage of the rooftop deck. Come and join us, you can meet some more of your new neighbors. Seven o’clock, bring something to share that we can nibble on. Drinks are provided.”
Cori had thought all afternoon about it and decided what the heck, she had to start somewhere. She was still putting clothes away but found her favorite shirt, a pullover with tiny bright flowers on a black background and a deep V neckline trimmed in lace with lace-trimmed bell sleeves and her favorite black capris. She pulled her chestnut curls up into a ponytail and lightly applied makeup, squirting her favorite perfume in the air in front of her and walking through. She slipped on black flats and because she was still unpacking her kitchen, pulled a bottle of wine from a box and headed to the stairs to the roof.
As she opened the door, a warm breeze hit her. She could hear light conversation and laughter, the sun just beginning to set. String lights with Edison bulbs were strung from a large brick chimney that rose from the roof to a canopy set up nearby. Folding chairs and an old couch sat under the lights, along with a long table holding chips, dip and other finger foods. A large cooler sat next to the table.
Cori approached the group slowly. Suddenly she was regretting her decision. It would’ve been so much easier to just order a pizza and finish unpacking.
“Cori!” Cathy from the trash room was waving at her. She shyly walked over to her.
“Everyone, this is Cori. She just moved in to 6C. Please make her welcome!”
Her new neighbors took turns approaching her with warm greetings. One offered to get her a drink, taking the bottle of wine to go with the others. Each introduced themselves with a name and apartment number. They were all ages, and all very friendly.
“I just moved in as well, 4B. It’s nice to meet you,” said a nerdy looking guy in khakis and a button down with glasses. Cori shook his hand.
From behind, she felt a hand on her lower back. She turned and found herself face to face with sexy 6A, her underwear clad neighbor from moving day. At some point he’d gotten dressed – disappointing.
“Hey,” he said with that incredible smile.
“Hey,” she squeaked out.
“Now how didn’t I know you already met Colin,” said Cathy, laughing, and the group chimed in, cajoling Mr. Sexy.
“Hey, hey, hey,” he said, his face turning pink. “Can I help it if I’m friendly?”
“Friendly. Is that what they call it now?” said an older man with a laugh. He patted Colin on the back.
“Colin is our resident Casanova,” said another female resident, probably in her 30s. She gave him a bit of an eye roll and Cori wondered if they had a history.
“We met the day I moved in. He was saying goodbye to his girlfriend.”
There was a moment of silence, followed by raucous laughter.
“Girlfriend, that’s a good one,” the older man said, bending over he was laughing so hard.
Colin chuckled. “Hey, you don’t buy the first shirt you pull from the rack. You gotta try them on first, right? Gotta find the right fit.” There was a collective groan among the other tenants with a few giggles (mostly from the men).
Cori smiled. So he was too good to be true. Nothing that looked that good could be good for you. She’d guessed right.
“Cori, don’t let them get to you. I’m a heckuva nice guy. I look forward to being your neighbor.” He reached down and pulled her hand to him, kissing the back of it. Catcalls came from every direction.
“Don’t drink that Kool Aid Cori, you’ll be sorry.” It was the bitter lady from earlier. Yep, they definitely have a history.
“Well, I’m sure you’ll be a wonderful neighbor,” she said with a smile, and he returned it. Man, was this guy trouble.
She learned everyone’s name and they told her a little about themselves. She shared that she was starting a new job and had moved from her parents’ home, leaving out the part about getting cheated on, stepping into the path of a moving car and being brought back to life in a weird dream by a kiss from a hot guy that doesn’t exist. That might be a bit much for a first intro. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming. She enjoyed some food and chatted with her new neighbors.
“So, tell me about this new job.” Colin plopped down next to her on the couch where she sat. He casually slipped his arm behind her on the cushions.
She stiffened a little and sat forward. “I’ll be the personal assistant to a family friend in the city. Running errands, shopping, and helping her with a book that she’s writing. She also has a foundation so I’ll help her with fundraising events. That’s kind of my specialty.”
She made eye contact with him and was struck by his eyes – so blue. “Well, that sounds great,” he said, sounding only a little interested.
“What do you do?”
“I’m in a band. We play some of the bars here in the city.”
She smiled. Hmm, t-shirt and cargo shorts, Chucks with no socks, spikey hair, eating appetizers with no abandon – yep, definitely a starving musician.
“Cool, are you a cover band?”
“We do play some covers but we do a lot of original songs too. Got discovered by a label but something came up and we lost the chance to audition, but another shot will come along.”
“Wow, must’ve been something big to miss something like an audition for a record label.”
He pulled his arm from behind her and rubbed the back of his neck, the smile leaving his face. “Yeah, it sucked. But I refuse to believe it was our only shot. We’re too good not to get noticed.”
“Well, maybe what you lost with bad luck you can gain with confidence,” she said, a little snarky.
“Exactly! That’s the positive attitude I’m talking about!” He raised his hand to give her a high five and when their hands touched, a shock went through both of them. They both jumped. Cori felt heat flood her neck and face.
“Did I do that?” he said, staring at his hand.
“I don’t know, but if you did, that hand could light up the city,” she laughed.
He rubbed his hand. “What can I say, you turn me on.”
She groaned. “Really? Did you just say that?” They both laughed out loud.
She spent a little while longer, then said her goodbyes and made her way to the stairs. A girl was standing at Colin’s door, knocking and calling for him.
“He’s on the roof,” she said as she passed her.
“Oh,” said the girl, as Cori walked into her apartment.
After pouring herself a glass of wine and grabbing some cheese and crackers, she set about unpacking some more. She’d turned on some background music and was enjoying reminiscing over pictures and albums she was putting away. Things were great until she opened an unmarked album and was suddenly face-to-face with Matthew. Hikes they’d made, college parties, birthdays, nights out with friends – it was all there. She slowly paged through the photos and was overcome with sadness. The tears pooled and fell. She hadn’t healed at all. It was all as fresh as the night before her wedding.
There was a soft knock at her door. Probably chatty Cathy checking up on her. She closed the album and dabbed the tears from her eyes and headed towards the door. She wasn’t up for company so she cleared her throat and said softly, “Who is it?”
There was a pause, then softly, “Hey, it’s Colin.”
Shit. Now was not the time. “Hey Colin, I was headed to bed, can I catch up with you later?”
Another pause. “Uh, yeah, ok. I have something for you – no big deal. Good night.”
She undid all the locks but the chain and pulled the door open enough to peek out. She caught a look at him from behind – those long legs and a perfect round ass in just-right jeans. His hair came down to a little V on his neckline. The sound of the door made him turn. He was holding a cupcake in a blue cup with a daisy icing flower on top. He stepped toward the door and extended the cupcake to her. “For you,” he said with that crooked smile. His voice was deep and smooth as velvet. “I wanted to make sure you were ok after that electric high five.”
She felt like she might melt. His voice was so sexy, and those blue eyes. She couldn’t help it – every time she saw him, it took her breath away.
“Hold on.” She pushed the door closed and undid the chain, re-opening it a little more. She reached out and he came closer, handing her the cupcake.
“Thank you,” she said quietly.
He studied her for a bit. She looked sad, as if maybe she’d been crying.
“You’re welcome. Look, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about me. I know everyone was joking around up there – well, maybe kind of joking – but I really am a good neighbor. I promise I’ll be on my best behavior. I’ll look out for you. Ok?”
She smiled, one that didn’t quite reach her eyes. “Ok. Thank you Colin. I mean it.”
He shook his head and smile broadly. “Good night Cori. I’ll see you around.”
“Good night.”
She went back inside after locking the door, set the cupcake down on the table and walked straight to her bed. She was suddenly exhausted. She was awkward and broken and no fun. The hottest guy she’d ever met was entertaining all kinds of girls across the hall and she probably wouldn’t be one of them. Some fresh start this was.
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succubusphan · a year ago
Summary: A disgruntled Phil comes home after some work meetings and finds his naughty Neko boyfriend in a compromising position. Sequel to: Caught With My Hands in the Cookie Jar
Rating: E
Tags: Smut, Neko! Dan, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Rimming, Blow Jobs, Watching, Porn Watching, self-sucking, does this count as self cest? idk maybe, don't say I didn't warn you. Established Relationship.
Word Count: 1.7k
A/n: This is part of my project 100 fics: I'm posting 7 fics before April 22nd so that my OSPBB fic can be my 100th story posted. I don't have them written so this could fail but I'm pretty set on it, so I hope to do it. PS: I wrote pretty late so I'm sure there are mistakes but I'll catch them in the morning.
Read on ao3
Dan felt a bit stuffy and hot in Phil’s ‘York’ hoodie, but he needed to be close to Phil and this was as good as it would get for a while, the comforting scent taking the edge of the pain prickling in his body. He sat on the sofa with a huff, making sure not to squish his tail or his frilly skirt, and texted Phil again. He knew for a fact that Phil was busy, running from meeting to meeting but he couldn’t help himself. He was just about to snap.
To Phil:
How long do you have? I miss you :(
Dan pressed his legs together and started purring to try to calm himself down but it wasn’t really working. Fifteen minutes later he got a reply.
To Dan:
You know perfectly well I’m in a meeting. Dan, please. Can you wait until I’m done? I can’t focus like this.
To Phil:
I just miss you so much :( I wish you were here.
Feeling a little daring, he snapped a selfie looking at the camera from under his lashes, biting his lip and letting his cat ears peak from between his curls. It was a low blow, but he was desperate. He hit ‘Send’ before he could regret it.
To Dan:
I can’t believe you are doing this to me when you know I’m working!
To Phil:
I’m sorry! It’s ok. Just keep working.
Dan closed his eyes trying not to cry. Not only was Phil not coming home early but he was also mad at him. It hadn’t been a huge argument but this was their first fight and they weren’t even in the same room for him to determine how bad this was.
Phil made the effort to work from home because he knew that Dan tended to have some separation anxiety when they were apart, but he had to go to meetings with his clients from time to time, often opting for scheduling them all on the same day if possible. Maybe today’s argument would make him realise that Dan was more trouble than he’d thought. Maybe he was already considering dumping him.
Dan shook his head, trying to get a hold of his emotions. The heat hormones often left him feeling a lot more emotional than usual, making him snap or cry at the most minuscule problems. He focused on remembering how Phil’s voice sounded this morning when he kissed him goodbye, telling him that he loved him and he couldn’t wait to be back with him. He took a few deep breaths and decided to handle things on his own. It wouldn’t be good enough but it would have to do.
He turned the TV on and switched to a porn channel. He cocked his head when a Neko appeared on the screen. Dan rolled his eyes when he yowled as the man licked his twitching hole. That felt good but not that good. Still, it was a nice feeling, so Dan decided to spread his legs, extend one over his head and lick his own rim softly. He shivered at the feeling. It was a bit uncomfortable to bend down that far but he didn’t want to stop. He kept his eyes on the screen and tried to mimic the movements from the screen, circling his hole and slowly dipping his tongue inside, tasting the sweetness there with a soft moan. Maybe he should do this more often.
Even though his cock was hard and leaking, he decided to ignore it completely despite the temptation. He wanted to take his time and make this last so he could come only once before Phil was back. If he got too oversensitive, they would have to wait and Dan had no intention of waiting. Eventually, the teasing licks became more purposeful and he started to dip it in as far as he could, running it on his inner walls, enjoying the slightly textured feeling quite a lot.
At some point, he must have lost the notion of time because Phil was standing right beside him with wide eyes. Dan froze, his tongue still inside himself and purring madly.
“I didn’t know you could do that,” was all that Phil said before he took notice of Dan’s outfit. “Did you put on my hoodie because you missed me?”
Dan cleared his throat and sat up, lowering his leg and laying his skirt down on his throbbing cock. “Yeah. I’m sorry that I texted you so much, my heat is starting and I felt really uncomfortable.”
That spurred Phil into action. “Oh, Dan,” he said kneeling on the couch and pulling him into a kiss. “I’m so sorry that I wasn’t here to take care of you, baby.”
“It’s ok. I was waiting for you,” Dan mumbled.
“Do you think you can come from rimming yourself?” Phil asked curiously, but Dan noticed his pupils were blown wide.
“Yeah, I just don’t do it often because it takes a while and I prefer it when you do it.”
Phil smiled. “Ok, come here,” Phil said, easily picking him up and carrying him to the bedroom. He placed Dan on the bed and started removing his clothes.
Dan grabbed at the hem of the hoodie but Phil stopped him.
“Leave it on. I love it when you wear my clothes.”
“Ok,” Dan smiled and wrapped his hand around his shaft, stroking his cock slowly. “What should I do?”
“Show me how you rim yourself, how deep you can go,” Phil said, the tone of his voice much lower than before.
Dan nodded and settled back against the headboard, slowly spreading his legs for Phil to see and pulled one of his legs back before bending over and tasting himself, his eyes never leaving Phil’s.
“That’s really hot,” Phil said, finally climbing onto the bed and sitting in front of Dan. He wrapped one hand around his cock and thumbed the slit before stroking himself lazily. A moan escaped his lips as he watched Dan unceremoniously shove his tongue into his dripping hole and started to fuck himself with it. Phil tried to match his rhythm but the scene before him was proving to be a bit much for him, he didn’t want to come until he was inside Dan so he let go of himself. “Wait!”
Dan frowned, laying his cat ears flat, but stilled nevertheless.
Phil grabbed Dan’s hips and pulled him closer, causing him to lay more on his back than he was before, leaving him more exposed before him. “Do you think you can suck your own cock while I eat you out?”
Dan’s ears perked up. “Probably not without giving us a concussion.” His tail twitched in interest though.
“Ok,” Phil said, slowly pushing two fingers past Dan’s rim. “Go on, show me how good you are.”
Dan smirked and hooked his hands behind his knees, making it more comfortable to bend over and take the tip of his cock in his mouth, running his tongue around the edge and purring softly. He let his eyes fall closed for a moment as he savoured the feeling.
Then, he felt Phil’s fingers work inside him, patiently working him open and occasionally pressing against his prostate. It was a bit weird to feel his own cock twitch in his mouth under Phil’s ministrations, but he wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world. He was definitely going to ask Phil to do this again.
“Look at me,” Phil said in a commanding tone. Staring straight into Dan’s eyes he leaned down and pressed his tongue inside the Neko's rim, carefully avoiding hitting him on the head.
The tip of Dan’s toes curled as the pleasure hit him in waves. He carefully bobbed his head, taking more and more of his cock until he was deepthroating himself. Before he could even realise what was happening, he was coming down his own throat with a choked moan.
That took the edge off the pain, helping his hormones settle a bit, but his body was already asking for more, for a real mate. His cock was still hard so Dan pulled off carefully and looked at his boyfriend with huge eyes.
Phil pulled his fingers and licked his way up his perineum, sucking at his balls and running his tongue flat against the underside of his cock, briefly stopping to suckle at the crown and continuing his way up Dan’s body, removing the hoodie and skirt swiftly. He pressed the tip of his cock to Dan’s hole and looked him in the eye. “Ready?”
“Yes!” Dan moaned, feeling much more comfortable without clothes, and wrapped his legs around Phil’s waist.
Phil shifted his weight forward onto his elbows, bracketing Dan’s face as he leaned down for a kiss at the same time he pushed in. He moaned and finally let his hips snap, letting his instincts overtake him. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh sounding like music to his ears. As he got closer and closer to coming, he buried his face in Dan’s neck, panting as he mouthed at the skin there. “Ah! Fuck! You are so hot. So hot. Did you like to feel your tongue inside your little hole kitty?”
“Yeah, It was amazing. My tongue is just textured enough to feel like a hot wet sex toy,” Dan said with a smirk. He knew Phil enough to know that he was curious.
Phil let out a loud moan and grabbed onto Dan’s curls a little too tightly, pulling his hair.
“Do you want to know what it feels like? Hmm? Do you want your kitty to eat you out and put on a pretty little buttplug in you with a fluffy tail attached?”
“Fuck! Dan... You can’t say things like that. Fuck!” Phil said, but he pressed deep into Dan and came, shaking like a leaf.
Dan snaked a hand between them and finished himself off, Phil still trying to catch his breath.
“Did you mean that?” Phil mumbled.
“Yeah,” Dan panted. “Of course.”
“Will you fuck me too?”
“I’d love that,” Dan said, pressing a kiss to the side of Phil’s head with a smirk.
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