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#also cinnamon rolls cuz... she's one
liamcowles · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mason & Winter Collins for Love in Wayhaven
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO THE WONDERFUL @narrativefoiltrope! Or, you know... just a happy regular day!! This is my (humble) offer for @loveinwayhaven which I'm very nervous to share lol but I hope Mason and Winter are doing great ♡ I fell in love with them going through Erin's blog and I *tried* to do them justice... I don't know whether I was successful or not, but I sure put all my love into this and I truly hope you like it!
#loveinwayhaven#the wayhaven chronicles#agent m#twc edits#I'VE HAD THIS READY SINCE FEBRUARY 1ST WAITING FOR ACTUAL VALENTINE'S DAY SOUNDED LIKE A GOOD IDEA BUT IT WAS TORTURE SDFGHJK#anyways i hope you like it ahh *uwu face* hkjdd i've been annoying lyu a lot because i was so nervous loll#ok so ngl i wanted to write a ficlet about W knitting a jumper for M bc i saw a hc and i'm so into the idea...#but then i got intimidate because i've read your stuff and you're such a good writer *cries in simp*#this isn't the biggest gift i know but i promise i put my heart and soul in it#(for you but also for Them because their relationship makes me so soft!!!!!!!!)#i carefully selected every pic lol like. there's homer because of the greek thing (yeah it's ancient greek but still lmao)#and that quote about touch bc u said winter is v tactile and we know m is very particular about touch!#mmh and the one about feeling to deeply can literally be read in so many ways i saw it and i HAD to use it bc head full of thoughts#plus yk some details about winter like the milky tea the french the freckles the type of apartment etc...#also cinnamon rolls cuz... she's one#don't think i have to explain that Hades quote but i'd like to point out that it did make me cry and all my clown makeup ran#i believe in 'AU where winter f*ck*ng lives' supremacy SJDJKDHJKDJKAD#i went through your blog to read some fics and meta (without liking or rb just because i didn't wanna expose myself lol but i'll fix that)#and everytime there was angst i was like SUDDENLY I CANNOT READ<3 so this is where im at emotionally hdjkdhjks denial#myposts#myedits
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levinneheart · 6 days ago
❝ 👉👈 could you write a Yamamoto x fem reader where she is one of karasunos managers and when they go to the practice game at Nekoma they find out that they are dating. ❞ — requested by @okaytate
a/n: of course, loves! tnx for my 1st req on this blog! sorry for the wait, I had a lot of fun writing my soft feral cinnamon roll of a bby 🥺
I love you too, silly
➳ ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢ(s): yamamoto taketora x f!reader
➳ ɢᴇɴʀᴇ(s): fluff, kinda crack(??)┊hcs
➳ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢ(s): kinda long (sorry), self-indulgent, cursing
Tumblr media
tora and you were childhood friends that’s why he isn’t so shy around you
until middle school and adolescence came, he suddenly started seeing you in a new light like how and when did you began looking so pretty and cute? He’d be so whipped
head empty, only yn 😍💗✨
he’d lowkey start kinda avoiding you cuz he highkey thinks these feelings will ruin his friendship with you but it’s already too late for him since you also have feelings for him too
i feel like tora and yn will be oblivious to each other’s feelings but it’s super obvious to everybody else 😂😂🤣
e n wayz... it’ll take him literally three wholeass years to confess cuz he’s bby 🥺 he’ll probably do it after graduation
or he’d try confessing you multiple times but it wasn’t the right time so you ended up get distracted by smth and he’d be left there, feeling embarrassed and lowkey disappointed
but not today, he imagined and visualize it in his mind after all those failed attempts
“Hey, yn.” He approaches you and you flash him a smile, bidding farewell to your friend and facing him.
“What’s up, Tora?”
“Can I we meet later? I have something to tell you after graduation.”
You tilt your head slightly to the side in confusion. “Why can’t you tell me now?”
“Nerves.” He simply replied with a nervous smile and you just nodded in understanding cuz MOODT
so timeskip after the graduation, he was waiting in anticipation by himself and starting to have second thoughts about this — too late for him cuz you’re already on your way towards him
You waved your hand in front of his line of sight but he’s FROZEN like a deer in headlights
“Um.. Tora? Hellooo?”
“I fucking love you, damn it!” He suddenly blurred out.
You blicked, processing this information he gave you before giggling at him struggling to explain himself. When you calmed down you came up with a devious plan to shut him up by tugging his collar and giving him a quick peck. “I love you too, silly.”
that’s how you guys started dating
ok now onto the req cuz i got distracted by tora – can you blame me? i freaking love him and i miss writing him
you recently moved from Tokyo to Miyagi cuz you wanted to be an independent girl and not live with your parents, you were kinda worried that ldr would be hard but Tora assured you it’ll be fine
once you settled in your new house and high school which happens to be karasuno’s, you ofc joined the vbc
you had always mentioned you moved from tokyo so everybody in the team knew that however they didn’t knew you had a boyfie cuz you were quite a heartbreaker
so when the team managed to get a practice match w/ nekoma, you were ecstatic to see your lovable bofie although the team thought you were just excited to go back to tokyo lmao
after one too many practice games, nekoma and karasuno noticed how taketora seemed on point and totally in the zone, and also noticed how close you and him were
their taketora talking to a girl without being too awkward?!?! this isn’t their ace, who is this imposter?!
shoyo would be the first one to ask you about your relationship with this mohawk dude and tora being nearby overheard it so he proudly wrapped his arm around your waist and proclaimed that you’re his
you teased him by telling everybody how he confessed, and he’s all like “shutup” embarrassed and stuff
overall fun and games uwu
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daiskken · a month ago
My Hero Academia: SEASON 2 thoughts
Tumblr media
Onward we go with season 2 that is half UA Sports Festival and then we get the Stain brawl and some exams to end on.
It’s not the most exciting season, but it holds a special place for me cuz for some reason i enjoy the school activities as much as fights against villains. The sport festival intruduces many characters, Shinso is presented like a bad guy and i really like the misderection with his character, that also started to show some flaws on how “heroes” are selected, setting the stage for Stain. I live in the internet so i know he will play a bigger roll on season 5 and i wanna see ehat happens.
Mei’s first scene is also meant to make us feel like Ochaco, towards her and while her lack of boundaries is kinda creepy, she knows what she wants and goes for it (much to Iida’s pride) and i respect that
We also meet a few students of Class 1-B, some intrigue me (like the guy that’s all black with white hair) some are cool (like Tsuburaba and Honenuki) and some are great comic relief (Tetsu and Monoma) Season 5 trailers show Class vs Class, so i’m excited for that.
On the character development side it’s all about Deku and Todoroki. i like their rivalry much more than with Bakugo cuz even before they consider themselves friends, they respect each other. Todoroki story is a bit too dramatic, (in the sense that it’s obvious this is fiction) but i still like him cuz his whole character isn’t just that. 
Other things worth talking about are Momo’s lost of confidence that is adressed later on. A point i wanna make is that it wasn’t just her tournament performance that had her down, she also had the worst intership experience and it’s a shame. Ochaco’s motivations are indeed nobel. And we see in a more practical way than season 1 how clever she and Bakugo are in their respective fights.
Stain/Hosu attack
“Heroes should not want fame and money in return” is an idea i honestly believe too. Not that i’m saying firefighter shouldn’t get paid, but it’s true that celebrity culture in the real world is kinda dumb. i’ll never get why football players gain millions or how someone can become famous not for their work but cuz social media exists. But in the MHA world celebrities are saving people no matter the reason behind it so the morals are a bit less clear.
It was a good section of episodes seeing Iida bent on revenge learn his lesson with Todoroki’s and Deku’s help.
The aftermath of Stain was also a nice surprise, it was a master move on All for One’s part, but we just get teased and briefly meet Toga and Dabi in the season finale so not much to say for now.
A highlight was seeing Endeavor kick some Nomu ass and see that even awful dads can be good heroes.
All for One
In episode 20 we get to know the full story behind All Might’s power and it turned out to be what i expected. But i gotta say knowing that Deku’s powers will be explored in season 5 has me kinda worried on how everything will fit into what we know from this episode and the One for All legacy.
Final exams
They were a blast to watch, loved each pair, tho it’s a shame that the show who was capable of giving us a Tsu filler episode about her internship, based on a comment she makes in the manga didn’t feel the need to flesh out teachers like Powerloader or team-ups like Shoji and Hagakure.
That said the exception is the quiet cinnamon roll that is Koji, he has the cool power of talking to animals which makes me wonder how he passed the UA tests to begin with. and i’m glad that even if he’s a background student he starts to break out of his shell from now on.
As i said before Momo’s mini arc this season was a favorite, and my only dislike from this section is that “Bakugo: Origin” wasn’t really his origin just a step forward in his development, good, but the few flashbacks we see don’t feel that relevant unlike the ones in “Todoroki: Origin”
That’s it for season 2, with a heavy focus on “school life” and character interactions, sets the stage for the awesome action and plot development of season 3
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i-imade-a-thing · a month ago
The First Temple Breakdown!
OK, this will be a list of breakdown and easter eggs found in this episode! I’m just gonna say this episode is REALLY good! Ughhhh cant contain the hype! Anyway, dont click read more if u haven’t seen the episode yet!
Tumblr media
There is no intro. You know things are about to go down.
So at the start of the episode, we already get the gist that there are consequences from After the Rain, glad they did that!
Tumblr media
MARCY! She’s such a freaking cinnamon roll nerd!
We get the info that Plantars’ house is build in 2nd century before something....
The Birb’s name is Joe Sparrow, and dammmnn they used the charm toward Bessie
We can see them flying by “Ruin of Despair”
Marcy is REALLY confident in her intellgience
She’s: Head of the chess club, master RTS(?) player, straight A students except gym cuz she’s reading in class
Flappy bird references
Marcy is over-fixated
Marcy’s theme can be heard during the flashback
Tumblr media
The punk girl from reunion can be seen
Also: Pirate Sasha
The First Temple’s wood is called Amygdala Woods
They still didnt tell Marcy about the rain incident?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also we can see all three puzzles when the room lit up
Marcy just yeet thousand years old artefact on to the ground
Callback to after the rain when Anne and HP is arguing
Spongebob Title Card reference
“I even beat King Andrias!” “They say King Andrias is one of the best Flip-board player around!”, this either meant Marcy is smarter than the King.....or he just let her win to fuel her ego
2 hints that puzzle wont be solve by winning the game:
1.U can’t kill the “king”
2.The “pieces” that are ur friend can’t be kill in 1-hit
Also Anne is riding a heron statue
You expect the feels to end After the Rain, well guess what? Have some feels!
Anne’s theme played when she and HP reconcile
Marcy’s theme played when Marcy said “of course, why didnt I think of this sooner! The temple isnt just testing for intelligence...”
Tumblr media
Well it seems like the gem’s power has been drained from Marcy(there’s sound of energy draining), no more green-eye glow Marcy :(
The political situation is worsening
The toad-lords agreed to meet, maybe we’ll get glimpse of that in Barrel’s Warhammer
Andrias seems to doesnt care about this at all
Seems like Andrias doesn’t know Sasha is with Grime (thx wasp-mail)
Tumblr media
Andrias’ weapon of choice seems to be...whatever that double-axe-spear looking thing called
Shadowfish are scared of Andrias
Andrias’ basement seems to make out of same technology as Frobo and the Ruins
Tumblr media
“The Prophecy are being undone as we speak, my lord. Soon we will have our revenge”
OK so this episode change everything! The current theory I have is that King Andrias is planning to drain power from the girls, take the box for himself, maybe kill the girls, and unleash Frogthulu. Maybe in the end the girls have to choose between going home or saving Amphibia? UUUGHHHH THIS SHOW IS SOO GOOD! 
Anyway, this is an analysis of this week episode, next week we’re taking a break from the lore stuff, and finally introduction of Frobo! Can’t wait til next week!
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oldschoolkiddo · a month ago
hi! congratulations on 100 followers!! if it’s alright could i maybe get a narnia ship?
i’m a hufflepuff(ravenpuff but more hufflepuff :)), an INFP, 9w1. I prefer she/they pronouns, and am graysexual and biromantic. i really like to write, read, and paint. i guess i’d think of myself as friendly, helpful, and kind but also sometimes bit of a pushover, a bit awkward, and quiet? but also hyperactive/distracted and can be very passionate about things i love and with people i’m comfortable with. i love marvel movies, pride and prejudice and the perks of being a wallflower! oh and i’m around 5’2, ashy brown hair, and dark eyes. sorry this is a bit much but also thank you so much!! <33
why are we so similar its kinda freaky- 
i ship you with... SUSAN PEVENSIE 
- the two of you have kind of an opposites attract kinda thing 
- or rather, hyper x calm or must protecc x cinnamon roll  - and it goes either way, sometimes you’re the quiet one and susan does all the talking and sometimes its the other way around 
- no matter what, the two of you seem to fit together, perfectly 
- susan doesn’t care about your asexuality, in that she respects it 100% 
- you’ve actually got her to consider her own sexuality because shes never really cared for or felt the need (or rather, want) to have sex 
- like i said, you fit together perfectly :) 
- you two met at a museum, you wanted to check out your favorite artist’s paintings and susan came there to prove a point for her argument with edmund  - “LOOK AT THAT O’KEEFFE, MR ‘JUST’, YOU’RE GOING TO LOOK AT THAT AND TELL ME ITS _NOT_ A VAGINA?? I’M GUESSING YOU FLUNKED HUMAN ANATOMY!!” “Jesus Su, ‘the Gentle’ my ass.”  - you heard bickering and a couple yells here and there so you decided to check it out and see if they’re okay or if anyone needs help
- only you were the one who needed help ONCE YOU HAD WITNESSED THE QUEENERY THAT IS SUSAN PEVENSIE 
- you heard her arguing about a painting, and by god was she hot
- but then... the sibling fight began to escalate and you were (sadly) snapped out of your little susan-infused day dream and ran over to help out 
- both edmund and susan stopped fighting immediately, edmund because he’s a whiny little bitch who cArES abOUT wHaT OTHer pEoplE THinK (jk i love my baby eddie) and susan because CUTIE ALERT
- suddenly the argument was the farthest thing from susan’s mind as she kicked edmund away so she could talk to you (but she doesn’t really have to give that many hints to let edmund know that he should leave cuz he’s the best wingman and just already knows) 
- you two talk for just about 15 minutes when susan blurts “would you like to grab a cuppa with me sometime?”
- obviously you say yes, but don’t you think for a second that you weren’t flustered- you were blushing your head off 
- “brilliant, i’ll see you then.” there was a lull- it wasn’t an awkward one though, you just couldn’t really tell since both of your minds were raging with thoughts and ideas about what the move was now
- but susan has never been one to cower in the face of a dilemma so she cranes her neck down and lifts your head up for a kiss 
- she tastes like blueberry scones 
hope you like it! <3 
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c0wboyc0rpse · a month ago
cowboys at da club
Thank you to @jelliebeansaregood for the prompt!
Remember, requests are OPEN!
Group Headcanon:
Lemme tell y’all, these motherfuckers go HARD to Friends in Low Places
I’m talking full on dancing with their arms around each other
Just the thought of this has me up in my feelings
Overdressed because he’s extra
Top shelf liquor ONLY because he’s def lying to himself
Works with Hosea to get into the VIP section
Chain smokes cigars in the comfy velvet seats
Chats up a few women and ignores Molly’s text messages
Only dances to a few songs
Dances way too hard to SexyBack...ends up throwing out his back
Didn’t really want to go because he’s “too old
But if he’s gonna go out he’s gonna do it right
Works with Dutch to get into the VIP section
These females are all up on him and he’s kinda shocked because he’s an old man—really boosts the confidence
Is up dancing until 4am...he feels like death the next day cuz he’s not used to this kind of life anymore
Arthur “stays at the bar until I’m sloshed” Morgan
Feels awkward at first but those whiskey shots tho
Once he’s good and drunk he’s super affectionate towards his friends—lots of “I love you, man” and slinging his arms around their shoulders
Dances super awkwardly on the outskirts of the dance floor but he’s having a great time and it shows
Chats with some ladies, and has a few dances but he doesn’t take anyone home—not the kind for one night stands after Eliza
Gets his ✨choice✨ ass slapped at least ten times by random people—he blushes furiously each time it happens
Honestly he’s happy he got to come out tonight, he wanted to chill with the boys
Abigail didn’t have an issue with letting him long as he wear a cock cage (we stan Abigail as a dom)
She’s not afraid of him cheating, she just wants to make sure any women grinding on him on the dance floor knows he’s taken in a humiliating way
Don’t worry it’s all consensual
Goes ham whenever an emo banger starts playing
Definitely requests Welcome to the Black Parade
Very sweaty
Gets drunk super fast because he’s a light weight, Arthur has to carry him to the car...and he definitely feels the cage John has on (through his pants of course) and he’s 100% uncomfortable. Thankfully John won’t remember this the next morning
Sticks around Arthur and Javier
He doesn’t drink enough to get super wasted, just has a few and offers to drive the fellers home
Dances a lot
Buys people he’s attracted to drinks from across the bar
Hella phone numbers and people grinding up on that b o d y
Doesn’t do hookups too often because it’s not as fulfilling as a sexual encounter with someone he cares about, but he does ask a pretty girl on a lunch date on Sunday afternoon
He looks incredible as per usual
He even accessorized for this y’all
Tears it up on the dance floor
Legit getting so much attention and he’s living for it
Goes hard to despacito even though he claims to hate that song
Takes home a guy and a girl ayyyy
Is confused as to why men keep coming up to him and asking if he’s a “bear” what does that mean
Instantly regrets it when he asks Sean what it means
Orders Miller Lite even though he’s out on the town
A bit awkward at first, but he loosens up
Don’t even talk to him when the cha cha slide comes on because he’s ‘bout to risk it all on the dance floor
Requests Cotton Eyed Joe and goes HARD to that shit
Definitely took some mdma, he’s having a fantastic time thank u very much
He and Lenny fuck it up on the dance floor to the point where people gather around them to watch
Starts a bar fight when he gets overly fucked up, gets kicked out
Vodka shots every five minutes
Takes people’s leftover drinks because hey it’s a free drink (clearly has no regard for his own safety—the gang keeps tabs on him)
Tries too hard to chat up the ladies but manages to charm one woman enough to dance with her and take her home later
Super sexual dancing—if it weren’t for the clothes, it would look like he’s all up in them guts on the dance floor
When I say boy’s got moves I mean boy’s got moves
He also went ham to Cotton Eyed Joe
Took shots with Arthur so he’s super fucked up
Is embarrassed when people hit on him because he’s a sweet cinnamon roll who doesn’t know how to romance
Still manages to get a phone number or two as well as a few dances
Throws up in the Uber back home
Sweet, shy, anxious angel boy didn’t want to go out so he’s home in his softest pjs watching tv with Mary-Beth
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Survey #327
starting to run outta steam... haha.
What design is on your shower curtain? It doesn't have one. Did you get in trouble for cussing on accident when you were a kid? Ha ha yeah, for yelling "HOLY SHIT!" once, lmao. Ever made a snow angel? Yeah. Do you laugh at racial jokes? Absolutley not. What’s the highest you can count in a different language? 999, in German. How’s your flirting skills? I wouldn't know, ask those I've flirted with. Have you ever cried over a breakup? For a whole year and then some. I still have episodes. What does your dream life look like? Living isolated in the woods by a river and waterfall with a fantastic spouse, me being a very successful photographer and at least somewhat above *just* financially "stable," maybe having at least one poem published, lots of pets (mostly snakes), plenty of travel opportunities (mostly for photography), being free of my social anxiety and actually being reasonably confident, back in great physical shape... I'm really daydreaming now. What’s something you wish would happen, but know won’t? bleh Where did you meet your current or last significant other? YouTube, back when it was a much more social platform. Do you enjoy wine? No, it's way too bitter. What did you last ask your parents permission for? I asked Mom if I could snack on some chocolate chips she was saving for fudge (since Christmastime...). She was fine with it. Periods are fun. Do you get annoyed when you hear babies crying? I shouldn't, but I do. Me and babies just don't mix. Why were you in a waiting room the last time? I was at a doctor's appointment. What’s your lawyer’s name? I don’t have one. Do you own a lot of scarves? I don't think I own any... Would you ever get a face tattoo? I doubt it, but maybe something very small and subtle. Are your expecting anything in the mail? No. What would you like to see out of your window everyday instead of what you see now? Nature. The woods. Would you rather have a house exterior made from wood, brick, or stucco? Aesthetically, wood, but I don't support the continuation of wood housing in a society where we have many other options that don't harm the environment as much. So, realistically, brick. What is your favorite breakfast? Cinnamon rolls. Do you own a diamond ring? No. Have you ever stripped? No. Do you remember the last movie you saw while on a date? IT with Girt. Whose house did you last sleep over at? Sara's. Yes or no: foreplay? Lmao who the fuck does it w/o foreplay first. Would you ever record you having sex? No fucking way. Something nobody’d ever guess about you? I used to be in great shape. Would you like to be a journalist? I actually wouldn't mind it. It was almost my minor the last time I was in college, actually, but the required courses were a no-no for me. Last year for school, we had an assignment where we had to choose a popular song to write a story based on. What song would you’ve picked? I don't know popular songs, so I'm picking any song. Off the top of my head, given my love for dark and morbid shit, maybe "Voyeur" by Otep. That song is messed up as fuck. No, it's actually not about sex, 'cuz I ain't interested in writing about that. Did the vacuum scare you as a child? I don't think it did. Do you have a long driveway? No, it's actually very short. Have you ever begged someone to stay with you? Oh yes. Are you friends with anyone missing one of their five senses? Not to my knowledge. Are you good at Pac Man? I'm no better than anyone else. Do you have an embarrassing period story? If so, what is it? No. Have you ever gotten high off a prescription medication? No. Do you prefer tampons or pads? Tampons. Pads are mega uncomf. How old were you when your parents talked to you about puberty? I don't know, actually. What stereotype do you fit the most? Geek, maybe? Emo? Idk. If you’re a worshipper, how do you worship? I don't worship anything. What’s your favorite pain reliever? Advil. Do you have a lot of people blocked on Facebook? Not a lot, no. Does your father have facial hair? Yes. Have you ever had a hamster? Yeah, we went through a few. All of 'em were evil. Grape or strawberry jelly? Absolutely grape. What language would you most like to know fluently? German. Do you remember the last song you slow danced to? "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin. Do you plan on having alcohol at your wedding? I don't know. Do you have an idea of who you might kiss next? I know who I WANT to kiss next, but that doesn't mean it'll happen. I hate psychic questions. Who’s the most controlling person you know? She's not in my life anymore. Do you own a microphone? No. Do you enjoy trailers at the cinema? I do. Name a pet you definitely wouldn’t want. A centipede, to name one. I've gotten more into the idea of owning invertebrates, and centipedes are in that hobby, but they creep me the fuck out. They're cool to watch, but I don't want one in my house. Do you have a picture of you throwing up the peace sign? Yeah, it's actually one of my favorite pictures of me without makeup. Has a very "me" vibe. Do you enjoy romantic movies, even when they’re cliche? Ha, yeah. Can you tell the difference between a Scottish and an Irish accent? Nope. Can you read music? Probably not anymore. Ever sang someone to sleep? No. What is the movie that you have waited the longest for/which film do you remember anticipating the most/are still anticipating? Finding Dory takes the cake. What is something that an interested guy/girl could comment about you, that would make you instantly open to them (e.g., “That book you’re reading is from my favorite author”)? If you compliment my Markiplier tattoo because you get it, we are immediately family. Out of all your usernames for websites, which one is your favorite? Do you use it for more than one site? Ozzkat. I use it essentially everywhere. Have you ever spent the whole day (or multiple days) just looking up one thing on the internet (e.g., videos of your favorite band, how-to videos, quizzes, etc.)? HA, way more than once. Hyperfixation is a friend of mine. Bow ties on guys, dorky or adorable? C U T E ! ! ! What are your thoughts on mini-skirts or mini-dresses? ALSO C U T E ! ! ! Have you ever died in one of your dreams? Yes. What appliance in your kitchen do you use the most often? The microwave. Do you use Skype to talk to your friends? Sara, yes. And Sam once in a blue moon if we're playing WoW together. Are you allergic to any animals? No. Have you ever had to go to the police department? No. Have you ever been called bipolar? Well yes, because I am. Have you ever made fun of a handicapped person? Hell no, and fuck you if you ever have. If a necklace/ring gives you green marks, do you still wear it? No. Have you ever had food poisoning? I don't think so, no. Favorite emoticon? Probably c: Do any emoticons annoy you? No, but an excessive amount of them I find disruptive to whatever I'm reading. Do you think there will be a WWIII? Yup, someday. Has anyone ever asked you if you were emo? Yeah, back in high school. The most interesting thing that’s ever happened to you at a grocery store? I dunno. Probably running into someone unexpected. Do you have any good book ideas? Having written RP since I was 10 years old... I could by now write a dozen dictionary-sized novels encompassing what I think are the greatest storylines. I genuinely do believe there's some fantastic stuff we've got, but there's just too many horribly dark and twisted parts in the evil mobs that I am not comfortable publishing. Are you gonna see Cars 2? Well, this is old. I never even saw the first one. In all honesty, can a person be too nice? Yep. *points at Weed from GDW* Have you ever posted a video onto YouTube? Yeah, mostly "meerkat music videos," I guess you could say. Some tributes to certain MM characters, others just music with meerkat clips. How often do you compliment other people? I try to any time I have a sincere one. I am very much for complimenting people openly and often. The Legend of Zelda series: Twilight Princess or Ocarina of Time? I'm not a fan of the franchise, honestly. Never got the hype. Do you even game at all? Most certainly, but not nearly as much as I used to... You can only replay old games but so many times before you just can't anymore. And the "newest" console I have is the original Wii, so... I definitely don't have the modern equipment. Would you give Zumba dance lessons a try if presented the opportunity? Probably not. Definitely not while my legs are in such bad shape; the dancing is pretty intense and would seriously hurt. I could easily imagine myself fainting. Do you own a rosary? No, but I did in my Catholic-raised childhood. Do you like Adult Swim? No. Sorry excuses for humor everywhere. What’s the first thing you do when you get on the computer? Do a quick check on KM just to ensure everything's in order. What’s one thing that you just wish you could do all of your life? Not have to pay bills, haha. If someone asks for your honest opinion, do you give it? Yes, if they emphasize they really want honesty. When was the last time you felt uninformed or out of the loop? Apparently some politician (I think) died recently and people practically rejoiced on Facebook. I knew zip about him. When in a car, where do you like to sit? Passenger seat/shotgun. Have you ever fought with a good friend over something completely stupid? Oh, absolutely. There have been plenty of RP-related arguments with multiple people... In the big picture, it's laughable to fight over a game, but when you're so invested in your own creations, in the moment, it can seem like a big issue. Those drama days are long behind me now. Would you ever visit a third-world country? I don't think so, no. It would shatter my heart, especially seeing children in poverty. Are you the type that’s too ashamed to ask for or use directions? No. You overhear two people gossiping about you; what do you do? Probably call over something like, "I'm not deaf, you know." I highly doubt I'd sit there with my mouth shut. Have you ever felt manipulated? Yes. If you were homeless, how would you cope? If I was truly, entirely homeless, quite honestly, I'm almost positive I'd kill myself. Have you ever done something just to fit in? Yeah. When was the last time you tried to impress someone, for whatever reason? I'm not sure, but I've certainly done it at one point or another. Do you think that the world could function in a state of anarchy? Definitely not. How well do you know your U.S. [or your country’s] history? I mean, I know the bare bones of it, but I'm far from well-versed in history. It was one of my weak subjects in school. Would you ever wish to move to another country? I'm not kidding when I say if it weren't for family, I would probably move to Canada. What is something that you do that others might consider “nerdy”? The way I write, particularly for academic purposes. I'm very descriptive and have an exceptionally large vocabulary. Have you ever had anything expensive stolen from you? Not from me specifically, but our basketball hoop was stolen from my childhood home. I doubt it was very cheap. Do you understand/notice when someone’s using sarcasm? Usually, anyway. When was the last time you were fooled? HAHA there was this drama video suggested to me on YouTube that involved Mark in the title, and I was mega confused and inevitably clicked. Now it's basically a YouTube meme just how "perfect" Mark is, so there was no real drama; apparently some newer fans are just upset at him for playing the sequel to HuniePop, a very sexual puzzle/dating game that's honestly entertaining and can be really funny. Like... he's played the original and despite the discomfort of some scenes (which are censored, mind you), he still had fun, and it was a big hit on his channel. So him playing the sequel isn't surprising, but apparently some people got shit to say. What first Impression do you hope you make with other people? Something along the lines of "wow, she's very nice." Have you ever thought about how you make other people feel/think? Well of course. I think everyone should take time to consider this. What is your stance on getting revenge? A petty waste of time. Any wise/truthful/witty quotes that you live by? Ha, another Mark answer. He once gave the casual innuendo of, "Life's hard; shouldn't you be, too?" (this might have actually been in a HuniePop video!), but when you take the... uh... sexual theme out of it, it's a good way to look at life???? Have tough skin, unmoving willpower, y'know, that stuff. Who was the last person you sat beside at a restaurant? My sister Ashley. Spongebob or Patrick? Patrick is a whole-ass mood. Would you rather watch little kid’s cartoons, older kid’s cartoons, or adult cartoons? Hm. Probably little kid's, given my love for Pokemon. How about watching regular cartoons or anime? Anime. Who is the last person you spent money on? Myself. Do you own a copy of Roller Coaster Tycoon? No; I had SeaWold Tycoon instead. I loved that game. Do you have any birth marks in embarrassing places? No. Have you used Limewire before? Of course. Free music for the low price of a catastrophic virus. :^) When was the last time you required a band-aid? I think when I cut one of my toenails way too short. Are you afraid of snakes? Oh no! I adore them so, so very much. Not saying I'm gonna go scoop up the first copperhead I find herping or something, but I love and respect them so very much. They are such fascinating animals. If you believe in reincarnation, what animal would you want to become? I don't think I believe in reincarnation, but hypothetically, maybe a lioness. Who do you tell everything to? Pretty much whoever reads these surveys, haha. Did you have candles on your birthday cake? Not my most recent one. Exactly, how old are you? I just turned 25 years and one month old. Have you ever been bitten by anything? Besides bugs, I don't think so. I've had cats and dogs playfight with me, but none have ever seriously bitten me with actual effort. Do you wear hats? No. What was the last song you sang along to? "Lunchbox" by Marilyn Manson. Do you think you’ll be married in 5 years time? I'd like to be, but idk if it's realistic.
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opalthefluffmaker · a month ago
What´s up bro ;)
“Ah yeah, there’s that too |D But that makes me wonder, do you think that Pesto’s as into skating as the rest of them? I know the developer said that everyone in Hell is obsessed with skateboarding, but the closest thing I could tell that Pesto was passionate about in the game was playing bass, so I’m not certain o:”
– Capable when he says everyone, he refers to the vast majority, or she’s simply able to skate with her mates but she isn’t passionate about it. I’m left with the 1st, since there isn’t indication of that in the game.
I also like to think that if they have to go fast somewhere, Pesto goes with Death or Fam and has nervous attacks cuz they accelerate more and more and Death isn’t very careful. I find it funny to think Pesto is scared for her safety even though she’s immortal XD
“Just replayed the Switch version and I think I found him! Don’t think he had an eye on his shirt though O.o”
– If you want, you can see MS anniversary edition trailer, there they make a comparison of that scene ;)
“Assuming you’re talking about DeviantArt, do they not even put a mature content warning on their works? I’ve been away from dA but I know you have to do that if your art is NSFW o_O If they don’t, then that’s super uncool of them >A> And if you’re talking about another site, I…am probably not so knowledgeable :P”
– DA has changed a lot, one of their changes is it recommends you more easily, which is good for new artists but is also bad because it recommends things like… several times I saw NSFW in DA simply by checking the main page and at night! How am I going to sleep after seeing that? D:
And yes, that artists are on Insta and Tumblr, I can’t search for those characters on Tumblr anymore because there are NSFW and my family can see my computer :)
I prefer the previous version of DA and not out of habit but cuz Eclipse is very vague, if you have many groups or many folders in the gallery, it is quite a mess to find them, I always hope they put a search engine for the folders and they didn’t add it and they removed the search engine from the groups! Damn Eclipse that doesn’t do a market study >:/
“I’m so glad to hear that!! It makes me happy to know that you look forward to my art ;;u;; I also get excited seeing new drawings from you, whether it’s here or on the discord ^___^”
“Bjørn and Milky would have very similar problems with me :P I’d just be hugging Bjørn all day and be all like “don’t hurt my son or I will curse you” to anyone who passes |D”
– Now Milky found you, it’s the opposite day! XD
Talking about it and talking about Bjørn and Milky…
New drawings ;)
“Well seeing your submission made me smile all night, so I guess we’re even ^_^ And yes, the whole world must unite to protect the best boy!!”
– He’s a very good boy, how not to love him? ♡
“I figured you would notice that >u>”
– Curiosity: that comic came to me after seeing your Christmas drawing of Bjorn and Pesto with the gifts, I saw the gift had Pesto said “Bjorn” in Norse Code and I asked me if Pesto could read it cuz she doesn’t know how to read in Norse Code XD
Helloooooo! ^____^ I’m all right, I hope you’re doing well too!
Hmm, that does make more sense :o Although…Pesto skating could potentially be super cool >u>
One of my headcannons for Pesto is that she has anxiety, so I think that fits in well with her ^_^ You might also recall the Bear Death chase sequence in the game: “There are fates worse than death, Bjoharn! Like unimaginable pain or going far far away for a long long time! You don’t wanna risk it!”
I guess I coulda just checked the trailer for Red-Eye’s appearance in general :P But I also noticed the runes on the typewriter guy’s bag…they’re a bit too small for me to discern though >_> Oh yeah, that’s the reason why I’ve been avoiding dA lately =A= Eclipse is the most inconvenient, hideous, and just absolutely horrid website design I’ve ever had the unfortunate displeasure of experiencing in my life. But they don’t even censor NSFW stuff anymore? What a complete mess >:| I only go there for this one webcomic I follow nowadays :P
That one Milky took me by surprise >.> I was never expecting to find him in a cutscene…
…OH HOLY GOSH DARN!! I love love love love love that picture of Milky and co.!!!! ♡♡♡♡ I’m guessing the lady behind him is Bat-Dung? And I wonder what Salmon Guy’s doing there o.o But oh my gosh Milkyyyy…pardon me, I’m in love |D
And I also love the cinnamon roll one!! It’s just too accurate >u> Bjørn is a perfect cinnamon roll, I love my son so much ♡♡♡♡
Not thinking Bjørn is totally adorable and wonderful is physically impossible :P
I just figured that Bjørn would probably be more used to writing in runes, or maybe did it as an inside joke o: I don’t think Pesto knows how to read it, but she didn’t really need to in order to know the gift was for her—but later on she might see the tag with the runes and be all faux-annoyed like “Bjoharn you cheeky little—“ |D
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thebigqueer · a month ago
Drew Tanaka for the ask game
1: sexuality headcanon - pansexual or omnisexul!!!
2: otp - i know i said i’m not as interested in drillie as i am with my other otps, but i think drillie is def my otp with drew. 
3: brotp - okay listen i read this fanfic (& several headcanons) where drew and will and some other people all had this group of friends so like i think drew and will would maybe be my brotp?? but also i like to think that she and silena were actually close (which would explain why she was so mean to the campers afterwards - like shock or a trauma response cuz she may have been mad that silena ended up dying) (obviously not an excuse for her meanness but like i think that’s why she was mean in the first place)
4: notp - hmmm i don’t really have one
5: first headcanon that pops into my head - drew does hip hop. it clears her head <3
6: favorite line from this character - i don’t remember anything she’s said im sorry alskjdfjfd
7: one way in which I relate to this character - well for one if i were a demigod i would also be a child of aphrodite <33 and i think there are times where even i can kinda be mean as a result of my own insecurities and anger
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character - this is more to do with the fact of the way that rick portrays her, but the fact that she says “sweetie” LIKE- HAHAH THIS IS JUST KINDA CRINGE IM NGL. and also like the way rick portrayed her entire character.
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? - i think she’d be a problematic fave just cuz of the way rick portrayed her.
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tiochesnaughty · a month ago
okay so, having finished the Persona Trinity Soul anime, my rank of the animations for the Persona Franchise is:
1 - Persona 3: The Movie (all four of them obviously)
It’s far and beyond the most solid of them. all characters have a good personal growth, you can understand each one’s motivations (protagonist included), the final delivers it, just *chef’s kiss* all around. Also as a game about the ~power of friendship~ they also feel like friends because they are all related to the main plot so you can see them moving forwards together
2 - Persona 4 The Animation
I might be biased but I definitely think they did a good job with this one. Due to being a movie, P3 can’t give much focus to the social links which is understandable due to it being a movie, P4 on the other fully utilizes it’s given time well by making all the side characters, if not liked, at least understood. Also we got a lot of fillers that are genuinely good and help us see the main gang as just kids being kids and friends and I really enjoy it. Two downsides I wanna point out are: The protagonist feels... kinda bland? idk I love Yu and he has a lot of cool scenes but you don’t really... feel him like you do with Makoto (P3 protag). The delivery of who’s the murderer (have I mentioned that this show is about teens catching a serial killer?) also feels... weak.
3 - Persona Trinity Soul
Out of the gate I have to say that if you’re a fan of persona franchise you have to watch this series as if it weren’t a part of the persona franchise. It has a lot of similar things to it like “teens have to fight cuz adults are useless”, “man with little to no morals is fucking shit up”, “fight against god” (?), “robot waifus”, the usual but... idk it just feels different. the pace is more slow (sometimes a bit too slow) and the persona action is definitely more spaced out but... it just feels right? i guess my thoughts on the matter is just that the series is solid. not great, by most certainly not bad. the characters aren’t like other persona characters that you latch on because they’re “the bad boy that is actually a cinnamon roll” or “the artistic dumbass” or whatever but they do have their struggles and personalities if that makes sense? the final showdown is really good but I do feel like the ending was just... too vague about everyone’s future but still.
4 - Persona 5 The Animation
*sigh* If I am very biased towards P4, I’m also very biased towards P5 but in the opposite direction. So before I start chewing it now like a rabid dog, my positive thoughts on the series: The “mini bosses” are actually very engaging to watch cuz is more engaging to watch an abusive jerk being kicked in the ass than it is to see a fight against... some weird tarot concept or the embodiement of someone’s fears y’know? also some points in the game look better done in the anime than in game.... AS for the bad points: There’s no real filler episode? these guys live and breath being phantom thieves??? their beach episode (both of them) we see them talking about phantom thief stuff and while, yes I don’t expect them to drop the plot completely I just... missed the feeling of persona 4 of “kids being kids”, which also stunts their growth as a group because... I don’t really buy it how they see each other as friends, a fact that is even worse for the side characters like there’s a couple of cameos of the goth doctor lady but she.. doesn’t do anything? Iwai only is shown being grump like, if I didn’t knew how they are in game I would be like “who the fuck are those bitches? why they appear on the oppening? why they are given some spotlight at the final battle?” because they are just that? random people that really don’t interact much or at all with the main character, much less the plot. speaking of main character he’s another dissapointment to me cuz his only trait is being “oh so cool” like.... the later fights seem to be only the protagonist’s merit which makes the whole ~power of friendship~ thing even worse I... I guess that the better way to say it is that the series has a sprinting start and then trips middle way through and don’t really gets back up.
Last but not least:
Unranked - Persona 4 The GOLDEN Animation
Didn’t watched yet, can’t say nothing lol. I assume is P4A but slightly to the left?
So yeah, that’s my thoughts on the matter! Don’t forget to like and subscribe and hit the notification bell
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disablednicodiangelo · a month ago
ms joke bnha cuz I think shes neat
1: sexuality headcanon : she’s a big lesbo
2: otp : WOMEN the lesbian energy she gives off..amazing
3: brotp : I think her and Aizawa is funny actually and they should banter more also she should of been like allowed to talk to a single woman dhdhdhdhg
4: notp : Aizawa and her they’re both gay
5: first headcanon that pops into my head : autistic queen uses “scripts” to get through social situations and jokes to avoid conversations getting any deeper than she can handle or navigate
6: favorite line from this character : her banter w Aizawa it was funny 💕
7: one way in which I relate to this character : I too use humor as a coping mechanism 💕
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character : ma’am pls get your gaydar fixed leave Aizawa alone ma’am he’s gay ma’am
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? Problematic fav-she’s not dating me 😔
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vivianweasley · 2 months ago
Pride and Prejudice (Chapter 6)
Summary: Your father is Lucius Malfoy’s cousin, and after the war, it was really difficult for you to find a job because of your last name. So your mother and Mrs. Weasley came up with a crazy idea. A fake marriage between you and Fred Weasley.
Last Chapter! (I combined the last chapter and the epilogue cuz they are not too long.)
Pairing: Fred Weasley X Malfoy!Fem!Reader
Warnings: food mention, mention of divorce, people pretending to choke, proposal.
Word Count: 1.8k
Disclaimer: photos used in the header are from Pinterest. Credit goes to the original owners.
Please do NOT repost or translate my work on any platform! Thank you! Reblogs and comments are always welcome:)
Pride and Prejudice Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Fred walked downstairs, noticing a faint smell of apples in the joke shop. “So are we selling apple juice now, Georgie?” he joked.
But George looked confused, “What apple juice? I could only smell caramel-” And then the answer finally came to George, “Amortentia!”
Fred followed George to the shelf displaying amortentia and immediately realized a firecracker just exploded next to this shelf, causing at least four bottles of amortentia to break and the love potion inside to spill.
George waved his wand and cleaned up the mess, but a satisfied smirk soon appeared on George’s lips, “Strange. Didn’t know you liked apples this much.”
“Shut up and go back to work!” Fred raised his voice, covering for the fact that he’s a complete mess now. 
That fainting smell of apple that’s still lingering in the shop also had a dash of the scent of book pages in it. And this combination could only remind Fred of one person. 
The person whom he married out of a dare. The person who he fell in love with during the process. The person who just walked out of his life.
George noticed the change in Fred’s expression. How defeat was now written all over his face. “Mate, you need to do something. You can’t just let her walk away like that.”
“What can I do?” Fred sighed, “Maybe she’s been waiting for this all the time.”
George sighed with Fred. This wasn’t like his brother. Soon the lingering smell of amortentia caught his attention, and a brilliant idea popped into George’s mind. “She has feelings for you too, and I can prove it to you!”
You pushed open the door of the joke shop. George just called you claiming that there’s an emergency, so you rushed to the joke shop immediately after work.
George approached you with a small glass vial, “Y/N, this is the new perfume I just made. I need your opinion.”
So this is the emergency??
You looked at George, couldn’t decipher what his smile meant. But you did know one thing. In fact, everyone who went to school with the twins should know the rule: be careful of what they handed to you. So you stepped away from that vial and asked with caution, “When did the joke shop start selling perfume?”
“Oh, we are always trying to expand our business,” George noticed how you became alert, so he added, “I swear to Merlin, this is not a prank!”
Still finding his smile suspicious, but for Merlin’s sake, you still decided to take the vial.
“Does it smell good? What does it smell like?” George asked carefully.
“Hmm...” The perfume did smell very good. You could smell the sweetness of cinnamon, a dash of gunpowder, but it also smelled so familiar. It smelled like...Fred’s cologne? “George, I’m pretty sure someone else has already made a perfume like this.”
“Really? How so?” George felt his heart beating at his throat, so scared that you might say another person’s name.
“Isn’t this just Fred’s cologne?” You were finding this unbelievable. How could George not recognize his own twin’s cologne?
“Oh really!!” Hearing a definitive answer from you has made George so happy that he pulled you into a hug. “Got it! Thank you for your opinion! You’re the best!”
“You’re welcome...?” Watching George being so happy that he could start dancing at any minute, you were beginning to think that the chemicals in the perfume were toxic. How could making a plagiarized perfume make a man so happy?
Two days later, you apparated to the joke shop again. It was raining outside. Maybe the weather was trying to set the tone for what was about to happen next. After taking a deep breath, you knocked on the door of the twins’ apartment, the apartment that you called home for the past year.
Fred opened the door, letting you in without saying a word. You tried not to look at him so you could appear indifferent and won’t be affected by his expressions.
“Here’s the divorce document,” you said as you took out all the paper in your bag. He took the documents and flipped through the papers quickly, still not saying anything at all.
You couldn’t tell if his silence meant he’s also not ready to say goodbye or he just had nothing to say to you. But you tried not to overthink as you continued, “Oh, before you sign it, you still have one wish left. What do you want me to do?”
“What if I said,” he finally looked at you, his eyes capturing yours, “I don’t want you to go?”
His words were like a drum in your ears, rendered you speechless. Before you could fully process what he just said, Fred continued, “It might sound crazy, but for the past few days, I realized I just couldn’t imagine a life without you anymore.  I know I’ve lived 20 years without you perfectly fine, but now that I’ve had you in my life, I don’t ever want to live without you again. I know I could be insensitive sometimes, and I probably did something stupid that made you mad in the past year, but I’m willing to change if you tell me to.”
“All I’m trying to say is,” he took a deep breath and continued, “Please allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you. And please don’t divorce me.“
You finally let out a soft laugh. That’s Mr. Darcy’s line in Pride and Prejudice. You remembered reading this part to him during Christmas, and you couldn’t believe that he actually memorized this line.
Fred panicked when you weren’t talking, “But of course, if you really want to, I wouldn’t stop you. I-“
“You know, you don’t have to use your last wish on this,” you stopped him, “I was going to say yes anyway. But If you insist, that won’t be a problem with me.”
Fred’s eyes widened as he processed your words, “Wait, does that mean-“
You answered his question by pulling him down and pressing a kiss on his lips. He was shocked by your sudden action but soon kissed you back with his hands finding your waist and pulling you closer to him.
So this is what it feels like to kiss him, and it’s so much better than how you’ve imagined it would be. It started a soft kiss but soon became more passionate, as if you were making up for all the time you two spent on being oblivious.
“Should’ve done this earlier.” A smirk appeared on Fred’s lips when you finally pulled away.
“Idiot,” you rolled your eyes, but your cheeks were still heated.
He chuckled before giving you another soft peck on the lips. His hands were still resting on your waist.
“And you’re still this idiot’s wife.”
~(warning: people pretending to choke, food mention)~
“Y/N, there’s a Mr. Weasley looking for you,” the receptionist raised her eyebrows and smiled at you.
“Thanks! I’ll be done in a minute!” You quickly finished the last sentence and looked at Luna from across the table with your puppy eyes.
She chuckled, “Alright, you can leave early today.”
“Thanks, Luna, you’re the best!” You flicked your wand to pack up your bag before running to the door.
“Tell Fred I said hi!” you heard Luna’s voice behind you.
“I will!”
A month after your fake marriage ended, you quit your job at Whizz Hard Books. You didn’t want to work in a place that wouldn’t accept who you really are.
Ginny introduced you to Luna Lovegood and The Quibbler. You immediately fell in love with the whimsical ideas and style of The Quibbler, and Luna gave you a new job as you two hit it off very quickly. So this is where you work now. No need to hide your background and use a fake last name. This place accepted you for who you are.
Fred was at the door, opening his arms when he saw you running to him. “Happy one-year anniversary, darling!”
You giggled as you ran into his arms, “and this time, it’s real.”
“Yep,” he pressed a kiss on your forehead, “ready?”
You nodded, and the next second you two apparated to your favorite restaurant.
The dinner was delicious, and for dessert, Fred ordered your favorite cake. But when you were enjoying the cake, you suddenly felt something hard inside. This was extremely dangerous, for you could’ve swallowed it if you weren’t paying attention. You were just about to complain when you finally realized what it was.
It’s a ring!
You were surprised. Was Fred trying to propose? But last time you checked, you two were still legally a married couple.
But this also seemed like what he would do on your one-year anniversary. You were sure he was waiting to see your surprised face, and an idea soon came to you.
You pretended that you were trying to pick up your spoon because your elbow “accidentally” swept it down on the floor a few seconds ago. When you were sure Fred couldn’t see you, you slid the ring on your finger. Then you got up and took another bite of the cake like nothing out of the ordinary happened.
A few seconds later, you started coughing. Your brows were furrowed as your hands reached for your neck like you just choked on something.
Fred was freaking out, knowing that he’s the reason behind all this, “Darling, are you alright?”
The only response you could produce was a few glottal sounds and you looked like you were almost crying.
Fred ran to you as fast as possible. He wanted to help, but he had no idea what to do as his brain was in an absolute mess now. The only thing he could manage to do was apologizing again and again, “I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have done that. Baby, I’m so sorry…”
The noise you two were making attracted the other customers’ attention, and you saw a waiter approaching you with his wand, trying to help. You knew it’s probably time to stop this prank.
“Are you talking about this?” You finally stopped acting and waved your left hand in front of him.
Fred’s expression froze, still trying to recover from the terror of accidentally hurting you. After a few moments, he finally realized, “Wait, does that mean…”
“YES!” You chuckled.
Fred’s furrowed brows finally unfolded as a bright smile appeared on his lips. He picked you up and spun you around, “She said YES!”
The crowd around you was clapping and cheering while your husband was cheering himself as well.
You giggled, “Freddie, you know we never went through with the divorce, right? So technically, I’m still your wife.”
“I know, darling, but I figured that I owe you a proper proposal,” he said while pressing multiple soft kisses on your face, “Plus, I just want to make this official. I love you, darling.”
“I love you too,” You smiled as your lips found his again, “I love you most ardently.”
A/N: I can’t believe I really finished this series asdfgfgjk Thank you guys so so much for reading, reblogging, commenting, and liking this series. I can’t tell you how much your support means to me❤️
Series Taglist: @ifilosemyselfagain @theweasleytwinsgirl @bookworm06 @unabashedbookscollector @txtdreamss @sagittarius-flowerchild  @rsheridan @ovrwd @anywherebuthere @allaroundaddict @jeminila @secretsofageek @magical-spit @freddieweasleyswife @lilypad-55449 @hufflepuffzutara @honey-honey-5644 @kyloren-peterparker @treblebeth @kyloren-peterparker @fred-sux @rodrickmalfoy @liliputbahn @its-yasbxtch @daydreamgirl8​ @305weasley​ @awritingtree​ @lucymfer​ @bberree​ @malfoy-wife15   @weasleyxmalfoyxstyles  @justfollowtheroad​  @nojamsonmytoast​  @amc723​ 
(If your name is bolded, Tumblr wont let me tag you. And I’m really sorry if I forgot you!)
(General taglist in reblogged post cuz it can’t fit in one post)
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offtopicoverload · 2 months ago
Not sure if this ask for your ocs is telling, but like if you’re willing would you mind sharing the ocs litg love interest? 🖊
its not at all telling, i cant do that intrigue, multiple li thing for the life of me asdhfkj
Violet’s paired with Marisol
Hazel with Priya in For Real
My fic Runaways is Lottie x MC, but I’ve never actually said the MC’s name, idk why akjsfdl Now I’m just attached to her being nameless I think
Daisy & Allegra 
I have an Erikah fic with Ivy as the MC, and spoiler, they're endgame cuz I’m predictable
Lilac’s endgame is Talia
Willow and Elisa, and they’re the best thing I’ve ever created
Sage ends up with Cherry if I ever get around to a part two for Bowl of Cherries, I just really liked my end line and cut it off on a cliff hanger lmao
Dahlia’s also with Marisol cuz I needed a different kind of MC than Violet for a oneshot
Same for Ash, they’re paired with Talia for a one shot that needed a shy MC. The premise is just Lucy trying fuck shit up, and Lilac would not let her at all sooo
Rose was in Hope Dumps Noah and is with Hope, surprise, surprise
I have Olive in a qpr with Chelsea cuz I’m in love with aro!Chelsea and Olive has such aspects vibes, idk how I didn’t see it before
Clover was only in a prompt that was like. less than 2k, but she’s with Hannah and they’re both dorks. It’s great
so then there's my unreleased MCs, Rowan would be a slowburn, childhood friends to lovers with AJ cuz its cheesy and I’ve never done it before
Briar’s in an AU that has such little to do with canon, but Yasmin is hers
Rue’ll have multiple cuz I think I’m gonna use her for a bunch, she’s pretty good for mixing and matching, but her only current endgame is Elladine cuz we were robbed of the running away after the reunion
Oakley was originally made for an AU, but I have no clue what I’m doing with them rn, but I will say that I initially planned for a bunch of LIs, one of which would have been Ibrahim with an endgame that has not been listed but is very predictable coming from me
Now I know this isn’t what you asked, but I kinda want to pair up my Choices MCs with LITG LIs askjsjd
Rylen - I feel like I have to say Marisol, just cuz Rylen’s actually paired with Aurora Emery from Open Heart, who’s kind of a bitch, so I’ll pair her with LITG’s standoffish counterpart
Izzy - She’s not an LI, but Vivvvvvv dudeeee. No idea why, but her and Viv would be so cute. Especially a modern Izzy would absolutely be the type to do those like colour coded journals? Yeah her and Viv would vibe so hard
Cleo - Kinda thinking Carl? Idk, they’re opposite vibes are appealing to something inside me. hmmmm
Maya - Henrik. Idk, I just feel like they’d vibe, and their combined energy? Himbo and a cinnamon roll? They’d be untouchable
Stephen - I wanna say Rohan. Just them being sweet together melts my heart and I feel like Rohan would drag him out of his shell a bit, so Rohan, end off
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My Hero Academia Time Travel Fanfic Idea (Part 3) Bakugou & Eri go back in time- Part 2 of Headcanons and Extra Ideas
While Bakugou toned down his cussing a little more in front of Eri in the beginning, he eventually started to do it more because I mean— they’re going to be around each other 24/7 and he can’t just NOT cuss. So anyways, Eri mostly just got used to it, but doesn’t cuss as much as he does. It never really bothered her in the first place though, as she didn’t really take that as something threatening. Now that she’s older, she does a normal amount, but doesn’t cuss twenty times in one conversation (more like 5-10 lol). Nobody ever really notices when she does cuss though somehow, so they are shocked when they finally notice. She does cuss a LOT when she is really mad though— like when her family is hurt or is going to be hurt. That part of her comes from Bakugou (at least the Bakugou from before everything happened).
Bakugou is also known to be blunt- and Eri gets that from him. So, she has a mix of sarcasm and bluntness that nobody is expecting- but still has the cinnamon roll type of nice-ness when it comes to certain people.
Bakugou is very protective of Eri. He knows when she does not need him to protect her, as he knows she can take care of herself, but when she does need him, well to quote Brooklyn Nine-Nine for the second time, “I’ve only had Eri for multiple years a day and a half. But if anything happened to her, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself."
Since he is very protective of Eri, Bakugou will not hesitate to bitch slap someone for her. Like if someone flirts with her- bitch slap. If someone insults her- bitch slap. If someone tries to kill her- well, they're dead.
Like I said in the first part (of headcanons & things for this fic idea), Bakugou got along with Shinsou already (before the apocalypse thing; cuz everyone died) and they become closer because of their bonds with Eri. He also already gets along with Aizawa and Yamada, so yeah, basically everyone gets along so everyone=friends (family).
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Horror Villains and: The Shovel Talk
Tumblr media
Who gives a successful shovel talk and is fully willing to go through with the threats at the slightest WHIFF of tomfoolery: 
Bo Sinclair: He’ll be waiting on the porch all night with his gun and the dog.
Debbie Loomis: Oh, you want to date her perfect boy?? Hmmmm… 
Granny Boone: She may also stalk y’all.
Inkubus: He’s very unsettling in his performance. 
Jedidiah Sawyer: The date may not survive the shovel talk with Jed.
Mayor Buckman: Boone’s better at it, but he sure as heck tries.
Pamela Voorhees: She will want to see some kind of resume and at least 3 references if you want to date Jason.
Sheriff Hoyt: Dear god I wouldn’t want to be whoever he’s threatening. He takes great joy in performing the traditional shovel *cough* or shotgun *cough* talk.
The Clown / Kenneth Chase / Jeffrey Hawke: He only half means it, but goddamn is he good at it.
The Deathslinger / Caleb Quinn: Can you imagine this man standing there before you with that big ass gnarly looking weapon telling you that if he hears even one tiny unpleasant thing about the date he will hunt you down?! Dear god. Save yourself. and ‘mark me down as scared and horny’ XD Haha
Thomas Hewitt: He’ll be keeping an eye, out…
Who is the second family member / friend / whatever, who feels bad for the person who’s getting the shovel talk and tries to cool the situation: 
Lester Sinclair: Well with Bo as the shovel talker, it has to even out somehow and Lester is happy to try!
Who is the second family member / friend / whatever, who doesn’t give a rats ass. Leave them alone.: 
Michael Myers: He’s busy eating… don’t ask what, though. THEN you might get a threat.
Patrick Bateman: “Whatever.”
Piper Shaw: “Yeah uhuh, okay. Have fun.” *Doesn’t even look up from her laptop*)
Roman Bridger: He’s too busy directing movies and running a Wes Craven horror franchise to give shovel talks!?
Who is the second family member / friend / whatever who is edging on the angry shovel talker for their own enjoyment: 
Midnight Man: Well he’s just mischievous bastard, isn’t he?
Both Pennywise’: Cheeky little shits.
The Djinn: Oh, he is just hanging totally onto the hope you’ll say something like “Oh, how could this possibly get any worse?”
The Man from Hush: Because he’s an ass.
Who stalks the couple instead of giving a shovel talk: 
Stuart Lloyd: He’s at a table in the back of the restaurant trying to act natural.
The Huntress / Anna: But she gives the shovel talk AS WELL. She’s just, you know, making sure.
Who gives the shovel talk but is joking:
Chop Top Sawyer: *Cuts off mid shovel talk into raucous laughter* “Pfftttt, I can’t do this, hahahahahaha… Have fun kiddos, and here have a joint I pre-rolled.”
Who fails at giving the shovel talk: 
Bubba Sawyer: He got cut off by one of his other brother’s. Sigh.
Who received the shovel talk: 
Billy Loomis: Ohhhh, boy. If only Neil had caught Billy in Sydney’s room that night… 
Jennifer Check: She really doesn’t care, though, hahah.
Jerry Dandridge: He’s so polite and understanding and smarmy with the shovel talker, cuz he knows he could kill everyone in the room easily in under a minute.
Kieran Wilcox: Probably from his own Dad, honestly.
Mickey Altieri: He also gives good natured shovel talks for the price of one big coffee- I mean come on, he’s in college. He’s struggling. He needs caffeine.
Who was about to receive the shovel talk, then had the person just gives up: 
Carrie White: Shovel Talker: “This small golden thing would never hurt a soul, what am I doing?? Oh my god, it’s trembling, I’m a monster- “
Leslie Vernon: Shovel talker can’t decide whether this is a secret thirst machine or a cinnamon bun.
Who gave up giving the shovel talk halfway through: 
Drayton Sawyer: “-Aghh, what do I care. Don’t get shit on your good dress shirt.”
Who got the shovel: 
Freddy Krueger: Just, you know. Shovels- right to the knees.
Stu Macher: I mean Sydney got it done but Cece and Tatum are gonna throttle him in the afterlife, too.
Who gave the shovel talk… then got the shovel from someone else:
Chucky Lee Ray: You can’t tell me if Tiffany’s mother was in the picture she wouldn’t have shot Chucky in the face at least once by now.
Is the poor lead who’s date is getting the damn shovel talk: 
Jason Voorhees: I betcha he would also give a great shovel talk, too.
Jill Roberts: Her and her innocent little act. Standing there like ?? what?? Why are you threatening my date?? This is so embarrassing…
Vincent Sinclair: Oh my god, he cannot bring (Or sneak) anyone home, friend or what, without Bo sniffing them out and starting on his bullshit. Lester immediately behind him making jokes that are ignored.
*Then there’s Luda Mae,
Who is probably the one who feels sorry for the person who’s getting the shovel talk when it comes to Thomas (While Hoyt gives the talk), but who then GIVES a threatening shovel talk to Charlie when he brings a gal home. Not to the date though XD
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for the fandom ask a while ago- She-ra
the first character i ever fell in love with:  Catra probably, like in the first episode when she sleeps on the foot of Adoras bed and was fashionably late to practice I was like yes I am in love with one cat girl abused by a fascist regime 
a character that i used to love/like, but now do not: I honestly can’t think of anyone my feelings have stayed pretty stable throughout the show
a ship that i used to love/like, but now do not: idk ive been up and down about entrapdak like their storyline of “imperfections make us beautiful” is really beautiful and how they bond over feeling damaged at some point is also really beautiful and I love that entrapta found love I just wish that it wasn’t with a fascist
my ultimate favorite character™: Adora. I honestly don’t think theirs a character that I relate more to. like shes an anxious lesbian with religious trauma and thats literally me. I wish I was big and strong tho.
prettiest character: She Ra but with muscles bc wow
my most hated character: shadow weaver bc fuck abusive and manipulative parents
my OTP: catradora 
my NOTP: castaspella and shadow weaver bc ew
favorite episode: THE FINALE like the kiss and the best friend squad and the future vision like yes
saddest death: queen Angela :(
favorite season: the last one bc catra joining the best friend squad was the serotonin I needed in my life also peak comedy
least favorite season: omg season 4 I don’t think I’ve ever been in more emotional anguish watching tv before
character that everyone else in the fandom loves, but i hate: hordak. Ik most people hate him but still
my ‘you’re piece of trash, but you’re still a fave’ fave: lol probs catra or swiftwind. I don’t remember why swiftwind is trash but I’m pretty sure hes done something to piss me off at some point
my ‘beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this’ fave: SCORPIA (Ik she worked for a fascist regime but like) 
my ‘this ship is wrong, nasty, and makes me want to cleanse my soul, but i still love it’ ship: lol I can’t think of anything
my ‘they’re kind of cute, and i lowkey ship them, but i’m not too invested’ ship: uuuuh probs glimbow even though their super cute and I should have seen that they were in love earlier cuz I was honestly a little shook when they got together. or Mara and light hope
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Since no one's bringing it up: y'all are sleeping on the potential of Gary/Gerald
I mean, Attorney-in-a-Hurry is still my favorite ship. But this has so much potential. Dare I say more than Legally Blonde? Yeah. Also it's like 1am so this is gonna be messy
If Hatchetfield wasn't blown up, they would have been together as the mall burned down. They'd both be hurting and upset, and surely Gerald would want to know what really happened. So they could've talked and maybe comfort each other until it maybe leads to something more.
Gerald seems like a nice soft dude and he's gonna need a shoulder to cry on without burdening his kids with his grief
If literally everyone just huddles up for What If Tomorrow Comes, Gary would have been with the Monroes then. And it would just be too cruel if Gerald tells him to leave them okay?
Sure, Linda and Gary canonically hook up, but it doesn't seem like there's any romo there canonically. I mean, Linda wouldn't have to keep cheating if she could settle on just one extramarital affair. Also Lauren Lopez said it didn't necessarily mean he's the father of one of the kids (which I take to mean that it's because Linda tops).
Linda wouldn't still be craving love if Gary was the one to give it to her. Plus, she literally physically hurts him too just because he was doing his job. As funny as it was, it's not justified (especially considering Gary doesn't retaliate on her when he totally could). Unless there's some other reason for her to be so pissed at him. Which brings me to my next point...
Gary could have stolen Gerald's affection from her and that's why she'll just take any excuse to hurt him. Why she doesn't give a crap about him unless she can use him. Why she's still cheating and still craving adoration.
Also, Gerald could not be giving Linda what she wants because he's not into her after all. Could've just been pressured into the marriage.
And Linda tells Gerald "no one wants to talk to him" but in the end, Gary calls Gerald instead of just leaving Linda there and go back to fighting over the doll. For some reason letting Gerald know was more important than the cult crap.
Also I can definitely see them meeting in the law firm and Gary gives Gerald Cinnabon as they talk because Linda won't let Gerald have any and he misses the cinnamon rolls okay? And it sometimes ends up as something more.
Gary would offer the option of divorce to Gerald but respects Gerald's choice of putting up with Linda for the sake of the kids.
It might have similar vibes to CharTed cuz: soft spouse with a cheating and abusive spouse + sleazeball
This could also work if either side is unrequited but Linda knows about the feelings.
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fksjskakd i know nothing about supernatural, you should do voltron now :)
I love how you told me to do spn despite knowing nothing cuz you know I love it. Anyway here’s Voltron
the first character I ever fell in love with:
a character that I used to love/like, but now do not:
I still like all the characters that I like at the beginning 
a ship that I used to love/like, but now do not:
I thought Punk (pidge/hunk) was cute at first but now I hc pidge as aroace sooo
my ultimate favorite character™:
Keith, MY BOY!! I love him sm
prettiest character:
It’s between Lance or Allura
my most hated character:
I would punch Sendak in the face given the opportunity
my OTP:
Klance for sure
my NOTP:
Any shaladin ship, but specifically Sheith or Shidge
favorite episode:
I legit can’t remember what happened in which episode oop
saddest death:
favorite season:
1 or 2
least favorite season:
Season 5 I think, the one where Keith had like 5 mins total screen time
the character that everyone else in the fandom loves, but i hate:
I don’t think I hate any popular characters for this show either
my ‘you’re a piece of trash, but you’re still a fave’ fave:
Lotor, I love him but he’s also a piece of shit
my ‘beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this’ fave:
Romelle, she’s such a sweetheart and I love her
my ‘this ship is wrong, nasty, and makes me want to cleanse my soul, but I still love it’ ship:
Keitor, I have no explanation
my ‘they’re kind of cute, and I lowkey ship them, but I’m not too invested’ ship:
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pitaya’s gender/pronouns/sexuality headcanon masterlist! under read more because... it’s long!
also includes nicknames i use for the cookies! and will be updated with each new cookie :]
ordered by rarity!
gingerbrave: trans boy, he/him, bi
gingerbright: trans girl, she/her, bi
strawberry: trans nb girl, she/they, lesbian
skater: nonbinary, they/he/it, bi
zombie: nonbinary, it/they, no brains sexuality empty
angel: nonbinary, they/them (she/her if close to them), too baby for sexuality
devil: nonbinary, they/them (he/him if you’re close to them), also too baby for sexuality
muscle: cisgender man, he/him, gay
ninja: nb man, he/they/it, gay
soda: trans boy, he/him, gay
rockstar: gender nonconforming cis man, any pronouns/he mainly, gay
cherry: trans girl, she/it, lesbian
alchemist: transmasc nb, he/they, bi, “alch” or “alchy”
vampire: nb trans man, he/she, bi, “vamp”
gumball: chaos (nb), any pronouns - he/it mostly, gay
pistachio: butch lesbian, he/she
cheesecake: nb woman, she/they, lesbian
knight: trans man, he/him, questioning/mlm
princess: genderfluid, ask for their daily pronouns, bi
cheerleader: trans girl, she/her, bi
pilot: trans man, he/him, gay
macaron: nonbinary, she/they, bi
marshmallow: trans woman, she/her, lesbian
space donut: genderless/alien, it/its, no sexuality just funny alien noises :]
roguefort: transmasc nb, they/he, gay
blackberry: trans woman, she/her, bi
popcorn: nb girl, she/they, bi
fairy: genderfluid/transmasc, they/he/she, bi
pirate: cis man, he/him, gay
yogurt cream: nb trans man, he/they, bi
peppermint: trans boy, he/him, no sexuality hc cuz i think hes like 5 or 6 so it feels weird giving him one
pancake: trans boy, he/him, also no sexuality cuz i hc him as a very young child
pink choco: transfem, she/they/it, bi
mango: trans boy, he/they, bi
blueberry pie: nb trans woman, she/they, bi
cocoa: transmasc nb, they/he, bi
dinosaur: genderpunk trans man, he/it, gay
mala sauce: trans butch lesbian, she/they
milk: trans man, he/him, gay
dark choco: trans man, he/it, bi
purple yam: trans man, he/him, bi
carrot: trans girl, she/her, lesbian
cotton candy: genderfluid but only feminine genders, she/they, bi
fig: genderless/transmasc, they/he, gay
cinnamon: gender nonconforming nb trans man, they/he, bi
snow sugar: agender, it/they, bi
dj: nb transmasc, they/it/he, bi
kumiho: trans woman, she/it, bi
lemon: nb man, he/they, gay
chili pepper: agender, he/she, lesbian
whipped cream: trans man, he/they, gay
cherry blossom: nb transmasc, they/he/she, gay
avocado: butch lesbian, she/he
sparkling: nb trans man, he/they/she, bi
matcha: nb woman, she/they/he, lesbian
herb: trans man, he/him, gay
mustard: genderpunk trans woman, she/they/it, lesbian
yoga: nonbinary, any pronouns - she/they mostly, bi
hero: trans man, he/him, gay
walnut: cis girl, she/her, baby lesbian
croissant: trans girl, she/her, lesbian
goblin: antisemitic
adventurer: trans man, he/him, bi
sandwich: cis woman, she/her, bi
peach: agender, she/they, lesbian
orange: cis woman, she/her, lesbian
prophet: cis man, he/him, bi
chestnut: trans boy, he/him, gay
ion: genderless, it/they, robots don’t have sexuality
wizard: trans boy, he/they, gay
grapefruit: genderfluid, they/he/she, bi
cream puff: genderfluid, they/he/she, bi
dr. wasabi: agender, she/they/it, lesbian
kiwi: cis guy, he/him, gay
roll cake: trans guy, he/it, gay
plum: trans man, he/they, gay
general jujube: trans man, he/him, gay
firecracker: nonbinary, they/it/he, bi
birthday cake: nonbinary, they/she, lesbian
cyborg: nb trans woman, they/it/she, bi
pomegranate: trans woman, she/her, lesbian
lime: nonbinary, she/they/he, lesbian
red bean: trans man, he/him, gay
carol: trans woman, she/her, bi
squid ink: squid/genderless, they/them, doesnt know what sexuality is at all
spinach: nonbinary, she/they/he, bi
raspberry mousse: trans man, he/him, bi
red pepper: trans man, he/him, gay, “muay thai” (he’s still that in my heart)
ice candy: butch lesbian, he/him
moon rabbit: nonbinary, they/he/she, bi
tiger lily: genderless, she/he, lesbian
werewolf: agender, it/he/they, gay
popping candy: nb trans man, he/they, bi
truffle: nonbinary, they/she, lesbian
salt: trans man, he/him, gay
rose: trans woman, she/her, bi
white choco: trans woman, she/her, lesbian
pudding: trans girl, she/her, too young for me to feel comfy giving her a sexuality
mint choco: trans man, he/him, gay
sorbet shark: nonbinary, they/he, bi
captain ice: trans woman, she/her, bi
cream unicorn: nonbinary trans man, they/he, gay
beet: nonbinary, they/them, bi
skating queen: cis woman, she/her, lesbian
shining glitter: genderfluid transfem, they/she, lesbian
melon bun: butch lesbian, he/they/she
onion: trans girl, she/her, too young for me to feel comfortable hcing a sexuality
leek: trans man, he/him, gay
apple: baby, she/her
mocha ray: transmasc nb, they/he, bi
lobster: transmasc nb, they/he, gay
chess choco: both are nonbinary, they/she
sea fairy: trans woman, she/her, lesbian
moonlight: nonbinary woman, she/they, bi
millennial tree: nb trans man, he/they, bi, “millie”
pitaya dragon: nb trans man, it/he, gay
fire spirit: genderpunk cis man, he/it/she, gay
wind archer: nb trans man, he/they, gay
timekeeper: nonbinary, they/them, bi
dark enchantress: nb woman, she/it, lesbian
ananas dragon: nb man, they/it/she, gay
cookiedroid: genderless/fem presentation, they/it/she, bi
aloe: nb trans man, he/it, bi
earl grey: nonbinary, they/he, gay
artichoke: trans man, he/him, bi
lilac: trans man, he/him, gay
energy drink: nonbinary, they/he/she, bi
piñata: nonbinary, he/they, bi
buttercream choco: a dirty capitalist (cishet man), “capitalism cookie”
cloud: nonbinary, they/she, a baby
coffee: cis woman, she/her, lesbian
cream cookie: cis woman, she/her, grandma :) (bi!)
special force: nonbinary, he/they/she, lesbian
rebel: cis man, he/him, bi
banana: nonbinary, she/her, bi
coffee berry: nonbinary, he/they, bi
coconut cream: nonbinary, they/them, gay
spearmint: trans guy, he/him, bi
choco banana: genderfluid transmasc, they/he, bi
pure vanilla: gnc nb trans man, he/they/she, bi
hollyberry: butch trans woman, she/her, lesbian
golden cheese: nonbinary, she/he, bi
dark cacao: nonbinary, it/he, gay
custard cookie iii: trans boy, he/him, baby
licorice: nonbinary, it/he, gay
poison mushroom: nonbinary, it/they, baby
espresso: nb man, he/it/she, gay
madeline: nb man, he/she, gay
rye: nb butch, he/she, lesbian
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oldschoolkiddo · 3 months ago
Two Drifters | 3/3 Jeronica Secret Santa
@fangstomysweetpea oh my god.... its finally time!!! 
The moment i’ve been aching for is finally here and i am HYPE
Happy Christmas my dear Tumblr-friend, I hope you enjoy this jeronica playlist/au/riverdale rewrite.
A couple things first, the descriptions on each song are just an outline as to whats happening in that moment/what the song calls for. Also, this is like a story, so its not really something you can play on shuffle lol. I’m confident you didn’t really need these “instructions” lmao, just want you to have a bomb-ass jeronica experience XDD
Also, you don’t have to “follow” the descriptions when you think them out, you can completely take the reigns too if you’d like!
So.... here ya go!!
And here are the descriptions-
Oxford Comma-
Locking eyes for the first time… wow. Just- everything is in slow motion.
Baby Doll-
Slow dancing in Pop’s after the dance. (V goes to Pop’s instead of Archie)
Can I call you tonight?-
Jughead and Veronica’s moments of glee when they finally set up a date with each other. Veronica squeals and jumps up and down, Jughead punches the air, they both fall down on the bed with blissful looks on their faces. Two cinnamon rolls.
“So, I’ll call you tonight?”
“Yes! *Too enthusiastic- calm down Veronica* Yes. Call me tonight.”
*Que music*
Just Like a Movie-
Jughead calls this their theme song one day when they’re just hanging out in the student lounge as a joke.
Veronica calls this Jughead’s theme song in response, they have a good laugh and Jughead rolls his eyes at the lyrics A LOT.
Space Girl-
Jughead calls this Veronica’s theme song- because she’s “oUt oF tHiS worLD!”.
She smacks his arm for being so cheesy.
Good Morning-
The morning after they do the “horizontal tango” with each other for the first time, they dance in Veronica’s kitchen, knowing all the words- only to be interrupted by an amused Hermione Lodge.
Their first Christmas together, spent snowed in at The Pembrooke. But honestly, they don’t mind.
Shake it out-
Jughead and Veronica cry together after her parents blackmail them/force them to break up. #parentssuck.
Your star-
Coping with the breakup, newsflash- they aren’t, or when they are... they don’t go the healthiest route. So. Much. Angst.
Veronica changes up her style a little bit, which really is just lower cut tops, just trying to forget about Jughead- does a lil sexy performance singing to this at a pep rally.
Out the door-
Jughead never leaving the depressional stage of grief.                                
+ Exchanging broken looks that just scream “I’m not over you.”
I can’t get you off my mind-
Drunkenly hooking up at a party because their tension recently had just been… w o w
Sneaking around- sexy times ;)
Why Do You Love Me-
Having a screaming match, then a very angry/hot makeup session, then very angry sex XD
The Wind-
After some hOrIzOnTaL TaNGo at Sweetwater River, they admit that they can’t keep away from each other, saying that they love each other for the first time- followed by Veronica crying tears of joy cuz she’s never done that before- and that they’re going to work everything out, together. They just hold each other after that.
“I love you, Princess.”
Veronica props herself on her elbow to face him (they were laying down before)
Jughead sees her widened eyes. “Y-you don’t have to say it back, I know its ha-“
“I love you too, Jug”
You and I-
Montage of working at Pop’s for summer, ending with a jam sesh in Jughead’s trailer- Veronica just in his shirt and Jughead just in his sweats. FP comes in, surprised to see Veronica, but welcomes her easily. FP and Veronica bond, and he embarrasses Jug with some baby photos. While Jug’s probably beet-red, he can’t help but completely oggle at Veronica- happy that they don’t have to hide from his dad anymore.
Start a Riot-
Jeronica send a little message to Hiram through security cameras (they just make out lmao), showing that he can’t keep them apart. They then proceed to trash Hiram’s jingle jangle lab. :)
Moon River-
Slow dancing after having been crowned homecoming King and Queen. And of course, because Veronica is 1/2 of this relationship- this becomes their song.
“That’s us.”
“What do you mean?” Veronica asks, confused.
“The two drifters in the song. ‘Two drifters, off to see the world.’ That’s us”
Veronica’s eyes start to gloss.
“I absolutely love that. And you.”
Being the badass power couple they are, being 100% team Serpent against the Bulldogs during the riots. Its all one long shot too- no cuts :))
A Sunday Kind of Love-
Looking at each other in slow motion (wow- I really love putting stuff in slow motion) when Veronica is officially named Serpent queen, they’re absolutely smitten with each other. Cut to them dancing in the Wyrm to the song, discussing how they’re going to make their big debut as Riverdale’s resident power couple… second to Choni of course.
“So… now that I’m your queen, I was thinking had a debut of sorts. Just to educate the public of this new order.” Veronica jabs, only kind of joking.
Jughead laughs, but it sounds more of a huff.
“Could you settle for a hand-in-hand entrance at school? Or would you be more comfortable with a red carpet event?”
Veronica and Jughead walking into school as Serpent Royalty with matching Serpent jackets- no special colours thank you very much. You can bet your ass its in slow motion.
Worlds Apart-
Veronica crying at Jughead’s bed-side after the Ghoulies fuck him up.
Boss Bitch-
Veronica gets revenge on the Ghoulies and Penny Peabody with the help of the female Serpents, the River vixens, Hermione, Betty, and Alice.
Le Symbolique-
Veronica and Jughead reunite from his state of unconsciousness, this whole sequence is in slow motion, with a lot of white lighting/glare. Jughead almost died and just that thought alone KILLED Veronica.
“Jug I was so scared-“
“Shush Ronnie, let me look at you.” His teary eyes trace over Veronica’s face with a beaming smile, before he brings his girlfriend closer and kisses the top of her forehead.
Harmony Hall- 
Some core four bliss before it gets chaotic again, with a side of Jeronica and Barchie cuddles.
Not Your Barbie Girl-
A River vixen performance, Jughead is so fricken in love with Ronnie right now cuz she’s just RADIATING empowerment.
Therefore I Am- 
Jeronica sends Hiram to jail again after a bomb ass one liner from Veronica:
“Mija, you have no idea what you’re doing.”
“Only one thing’s false in that sentence Hiram, I’m not your Mija anymore.”
*Proud Jughead smirk*
This Life-
Veronica meeting JB and Gladys, them getting along great- just a wholesome Lodge/Jones get-together.
Don’t Call Me Angel-
Veronica changes her name to Luna, fully emancipating herself from Hiram, and this gets Jughead really turned on XD
Sway With Me-
La Bonne Nuit’s first successful night, Josie, Veronica, Toni, and Cheryl perform. Veronica somehow convinces Jughead to dance with her in public. Think Moulin Rouge’s Diamond Dogs type editing.
My Oh My- 
Getting screwed over my Hiram, Veronica is in a TON of debt and needs some “stress relief” with Jughead. He obliges. Happily.
Veronica and Cheryl start their rum business, Jughead helps and oml he’s so proud of her. Btw, Cheronica are HUGE badasses right now.
Bury a friend-
Surviving Eversgreen Forest and Penelope Blossom…
The core four are free from the forest, successfully escaping Penelope Blossom. Jughead and Veronica share a tearful but happy kiss, laying down on the back of a truck.
Don’t Take The Money-
The core four hang out at pops and promise to have fun this senior year, Jughead steals Veronica’s cherry from her milkshake, but being so vulnerable to Midget’s (He calls her Midget. Yup.) puppy dog eyes, he makes it up to her by sharing his fries. 
“And for a brief, shining moment, we were kids again.” all that good shiz
The Four Seasons: “Winter”-
Jeronica hangs with the Stonewall psychos.
(Online Love)-
Veronica and Jughead FaceTime and Veronica has this vibe like she’s the montage of the hero’s dead girlfriend in a movie. Like her hair is all splayed out on her pillow and she’s all smiley-
“You look like an angel right now- with your hair like a halo and how much you’re smiling.”
Veronica laughs
“Well it’s your fault I’m smiling you idiot.” Her voice softens towards the end of the sentence.
“I love you too, Ron.”
El Tejano-
Party at Stonewall, Jeronica are absolutely WASTED. Fun fact- Jughead get’s really into PDA when he’s drunk
Burned Out- 
Oh shit… I guess Jughead is dead now. (dw, Betty’s still the one who “kills him”)
Claire de Lune-
Just kidding, he’s alive, and he and Veronica have a really cute moment in the bunker. Veronica starts reading his novel, per his request, and he just starts playing this on the record player and she smiles but her eyes are still on the book. He just kind of watches her, and when she starts beaming at the book he can’t help but kiss her right there. Then they just cuddle and little bit, Veronica on Jug’s lap, reading the book some more.
Girls Like GIrls-
Veronica has to prove Jughead is dead, so she and Betty kinda sorta… make out. Like, a lot. Betty is dating Archie at this point, and he’s the one who gets “mad”. But basically Betty and Veronica end up making out again cuz they spot Donna watching them. Veronica is a bi con, and Betty might be too but everyones in denial so *shrugs*.
Dream Lover-
(Time skip, because I’m lazy) Jughead’s alive again, sadly, his spot at NYU was taken by well, Veronica. Luckily, after pulling some strings, she surprises Jug with a full-ride acceptance letter from NYU starting second semester.
Magic Moments-
Yay! Prom! Barchie gets crowned king and queen (Beronica was kind of forgotten about, but thats fine, because we’re here for Jeronica first). While Betty and Archie are totally lost in each other, Jughead and Veronica are just kind of joking around on the side. While it’s Barchie’s moment, Jeronica is still looking pretty damn cute rn. Also, this becomes Barchie’s song!!
Oxford comma-
The song comes through the speaker at prom, Jughead invites Veronica to dance. As they sway, they gaze at one another like they’re seeing one another for the first time, to the song that started it all. 
And thats it! Thats Jeronica’s story from season one to season four, I hope you have a very merry Christmas and I hope you liked your presents! Also, if anyone feels like adding on to the dialogue or using any of the points in a fic or even making a whole ass fanfiction- please do!! I didn’t do this justice with my mediocre quotes so it would actually be preferred XD.
And again, happy Christmas :))
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