#also depends on humidity and whether it's sunny or not
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Tumblr media
27th July 2021
Haven't posted in a while because I just didn't feel like posting and I haven't been studying as much as I wanted to. But I did manage to finally start (which is a huge deal because I did nothing for weeks eventhough it was on my to-do list) which feels like a huge accomplishment! We don't have lectures these days just because our college decided not to have them so that's that.
Also I reached 100+ followers! Ah thank you so much everyone 🥺🤍 I'm sorry for being inactive. I will definitely try to post more!
Anyway, here's me catching up with the summer studying challenge!
Day 16: Do you have any summer traditions?
Nope. Not really. Nothing comes to mind.
Day 17: What is your typical daily routine in the summer?
Well...it honestly depends on the day because like I've mentioned we don't have summer here as a season or vacation so it's pretty much similar to the rest of the year. And my daily routine mainly depends on whether or not I have lectures so yeah!
Day 18: How do you stay motivated during the summer? (For e.g. to study)
It's hot and humid a good part of the year so if I don't study just because it's too hot I honestly would never get anything done. So I just push through. If it gets unbearably hot in my room (which happens certain times of the year) I go and do work in a cooler part of the house like my parent's room, my brother's room or near the balcony.
Day 19: Do you stay indoors or outdoors more in the summer?
All year round, I'm mostly indoors lol. But when it's sunny and not raining, I spend more time outside in my balcony in the evenings when the weather is cooler. I can't do that when it rains obviously.
Day 20: Are you a "summer person"?
No. I don't think so. I definitely prefer cooler weather...but also not too cold cz I get cold really easily. So basically I guess that's like spring weather in Western countries but here it's just a fine day with not too much sun nor rain.
I've missed too many prompts so I shall answer the rest of it tomorrow 😂
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mydisasteracademia · a year ago
Random LOV Headcanons
• Repeating something from my book “Did My Time”, due to the damage to Dabi’s body, he needs to use eyedrops multiple times a day. The amount depends on whether or not he uses his Quirk a lot; if he uses it more, he’ll need to practically drown his eyes with special medicated eyedrops to help with the dry-eye.
Adding onto this, due to his body’s natural affinity for the cold, he prefers cold things more than hot, because he has a worse reaction to hot/spicy things compared to other people (just like his mother). Yes, this means I HC him to absolutely never get brain freeze. The others are always jealous of him whenever he chugs a Slurpee in one go.
His burnt, scarred skin is extremely sensitive, especially to scents and scented lotions. He’s found that ointment works to keep things moist, but that also means he needs to be constantly re-applying it every time it dries, given that his Quirk is constantly drying out his skin to the point of damage. Every time his staples tug, even a little, it’s really painful and he’s prone to bleeding.
He does have a bit of a protective instinct, but only over those he deems weaker than him (and let’s be honest, he already has a lot of trouble with his own self-image, so that list might be shorter than you’d think). Definitely has an ‘irritated older sibling to hyperactive younger sibling’ relationship with Toga once they start to get closer. Gets unnecessarily competitive with others he considers stronger than himself, even if he himself doesn’t immediately realize what he’s doing.
Due to his Quirk being dangerous to himself, he can smell off, and he gets very touchy about it. Having grown up in a wealthy family, he can get very insecure at his bedraggled appearance and smell. He literally smells like burnt flesh all the time, and it lingers on his own body and his clothing. Due to this, he always hits up a laundromat to wash his clothes a few times a week, using money he’s picked off of wealthier victims of his. Really lays on the cologne to mask his natural corpse smell (and usually ends up smelling like pine trees, smoke, and something vaguely rotting).
Dabi is incredibly touch-starved, given that most people look at him and recoil in horror. He’s more like a cat, though. If you give him too much attention, he gets annoyed, but if he happens to rest his arm on your head or shoulder, that’s his way of subtly asking for positive attention. Depending on who’s doing it, he won’t immediately shove someone away if they decide to hug him. He’s a bit iffy with touch, and the fear of accidentally hurting someone he’s close to with his own Quirk messes with his head a lot. He can be a bit of an attention whore, given his fucked-up childhood, and when he gets praise it can put him in a good mood for a while. He really internalizes negative attention and can brood about not being good enough for a long time though. Won’t admit it, but he lives for headpats. Please give him headpats. He deserves headpats. Just watch out for the hair dye.
• Shigaraki’s Quirk does affect his body, though not by quickly decaying him like he does other things. Instead it’s more of a ‘slow-burn’ decay, and his constant itching is one side-effect of that. Since his body is constantly breaking down (his scratching gets rid of a lot of dead skin on the surface), his skin is incredibly sensitive and he can’t use most face/skin products because it damages him even more and he reacts horribly to it. So far he hasn’t found a brand that can help with his marred skin. Adding to this, he can’t stand spicy foods because it aggravates his decaying body.
Since his body is in a constant state of death and dying, this means he can smell off on even good days. It could be described as musty or ‘stale’, and since he’s extremely sensitive to scents and lotions/creams, he can’t exactly just use any old cologne to mask it.
Sometimes his throat gets super dry and he chokes on debris from his own mouth and throat. He needs to constantly hydrate to keep things from getting a bit too dusty. This means he prefers wet/moist foods over dry, and if he eats anything dry he’ll have a drink to go with it. At Kurogiri’s insistence, he always has a few bottles of water in his room at a time so he doesn’t have to get up in the night to go to a working sink for a drink.
This boy is so touch-starved. Whenever someone of the League hugs him, he acts huffy about it, but he doesn’t shove them off (unless it’s Dabi giving him a noogie, then he threatens death, much to the taller one’s amusement). He secretly craves touching other people. He’s terrified of accidentally dusting someone he cares about again (his family’s deaths haunt his dreams more nights than not), but if someone hugs him he just kind of melts into it. Someone please hug this boy. He needs headpats and positive reinforcement.
• Spinner absolutely loves sunning himself on rocks during summer. Whenever the weather is hot and it’s sunny, if he has a day off you’ll find him chilling outside on a rock just soaking up the sun.
Adding onto this, he really loves humid, hot weather. While the rest of the League (especially Dabi) is suffering, he’s just vibing with the weather.
And he sheds. Usually a few times a year, but it’s not uncommon to see large swaths of translucent white patches left behind. This can annoy the League, but to his credit, Spinner tries to keep it on the down-low. More than once he’s tried inconspicuously rubbing his arm or cheek against Shigaraki to try and help get the dead skin off. (He gets really irritated, but it helps with the itching a bit, so he doesn’t really complain unless he’s trying to concentrate on something.)
• Compress will casually swipe up random items that the League leaves around and later might give them back depending on what it is. The other members can get varying levels of annoyed at this, but they don’t get too beat up about it considering Compress’s Quirk and personality. (This is how Toga lost her favorite lip gloss. She didn’t stop pouting for a week until Twice bought her another one.)
When he gets anxious or bored, he often resorts to simple hand tricks to keep himself entertained: fiddling around with his marbles, practicing simple card tricks, or practicing magic.
• Toga loves horror. Almost any horror. Especially guro. During movie nights with the League, as long as the movie has some form of mutilation and/or blood, she’s giving it her full attention. Adding to this, she really loves anything written by Junji Ito and has read Tomie about twenty times. Despite this, she has a soft spot for cutesy things and her aesthetic is Gurokawa. She definitely has a Gloomy Bear plush or two.
She definitely has a fondness for beauty products, given that she’s still just a normal girl despite her Quirk. This fact can make her really insecure, and she’s prone to depressive episodes just like anyone else in the League where she does herself up real pretty just to try and feel more ‘in tune’ with her femininity and less like the monster her parents saw her as. Magne helped with this a lot in the past, but now that she’s gone she relies more on the others to help cheer her up.
She is not above forcing the other League members into spa days. Shigaraki is the only one who doesn’t have to get a facial, though she does insist on painting his nails and doing his hair.
• Kurogiri’s mist/fog can get blown away quicker than he can create more, but only by a very strong wind. It’s hilarious. Shigaraki can’t stop teasing him for it.
Is not above using his Quirk to forcefully separate two squabbling parties, especially in the bar hideout.
When he’s bored, he does bar tricks, much to Toga’s delight.
Since quite a few League members are under drinking age, he always makes sure to have sparkling cider on hand.
He carries snacks and a first-aid kit every time the League goes out on a mission -- especially when it’s Shigaraki heading out. He really does care for the man and will be the first to hand him ointment whenever his skin gets really crumbly or damaged.
Has come to reluctantly see the League as people he worries for. That’s the closest to “hm yes these are my children now I must protect” that you’ll get.
He misses Magne for how sensible she could be. He appreciates Compress’s overall chill vibe and his being the voice of reason among their little group of mass murderers.
• Kurogiri and Magne were the League’s parental figures. You can’t fight me on this. (Kurogiri reluctantly, Magne enthusiastically.) Compress was more like the outgoing uncle that has a sense of humor nobody can really understand at first and was definitely a theater major in college.
• Shigaraki and Dabi love chicken nuggets. Every time someone brings home fast food, you can bet your ass they’ll have ordered like a fifty-piece chicken nugget meal from wherever sells that. Constantly have to deal with each other trying to swipe the other’s nuggets when they finish their own.
• Twice loves Vine compilations and can recite a worrying number of them from memory. He gets a kick out of the “A Bagel, Two Bagels” one for how much he relates to it.
• Before she died, Magne loved when Toga begged her to help her with makeup. It helped with her dysphoria when Toga would doll her up.
She loved window-shopping and imagining herself wearing some of the stylish clothes in shop windows.
Despite her cruel persona towards her enemies, Magne had a soft spot for elegant-cute things, kinda like Toga but a little less bloody.
• Muscular always challenges the other League members to arm-wrestling when he’s around. He always wins. The others have learnt not to accept his challenges, lest they want bruises/sprains.
• Mustard is very childish in his tastes. He loves chicken nuggets and mac n’ cheese. Provokes people by pulling his lower eyelid down and sticking his tongue at them. I can definitely imagine him muttering “Eat my shorts” or “Don’t have a cow, man” whenever another member is angry about something.
• In this household we pretend that Moonfish does not exist.
• If the League had Switches, you bet your ass they play Animal Crossing on them.
Toga would go for a ‘Aika Village’ aesthetic, all gloomy and creepy but with an undeniably cute element to it. Definitely wears pastels and gothic-themed clothing.
Shigaraki models his after his favorite RPG and hunts down NPCs that fit the personalities of the various characters. His favorite characters tend to be dogs. Will not hesitate to kick out any animal who fails his ‘vibe check’. Surprisingly, this game can calm him down almost as well as an RPG. Joycon drift is the bane of his existence.
Compress uses only the most glamorous, expensive items on his island. Outright refuses to use dirt paths. Uses only Snooty villagers.
Dabi wants his island to look the best and is uncharacteristically stern about how his island looks. Everything is very neat and streamlined (and he has an outdoor gym near his player’s home). Will physically fight anyone who tries to ruin it by littering or messing around on it. He has a rivalry with Compress about whose island looks the best.
Spinner doesn’t really care about how his island looks. He just wants to max out his encyclopedias. Shigaraki once caught him up at 3 AM because he was trying to catch a spider crab.
Kurogiri doesn’t play it that often, so his island is fairly undeveloped. Doesn’t really care about it, considering his responsibilities to the League overpower a video game.
Muscular doesn’t care about it at all and doesn’t play.
Mustard made his island look like something out of Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley; a town area, a forest, and even a beach.
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HAPPIESTPLACEHQ Task 2 - Sally Finkelstein
Playlist you feel best describes your character
Touch In Mine (fingers) - Esperanza Spalding “Touching surfaces every day Feeling no spark of tenderness within” Sally is a very sensitive person, both physically and emotionally: loud sounds, bright lights, strong smells can overwhelm her easily, as well as angry words and open displays of aggression. That is partly why she keeps to herself, to her routines, to her little comfortable bubble; but as she has become older, Sally finds that this existence is now wearing her down, and has come to realize that, even with the friendship of Jack (who is so often locked up in his own world as well) and Zero (who, much like her, keeps to himself), she craves affection and love that, so far, hasn’t experienced neither from family nor friends.
Like Someone In Love - Björk “Each time I look at you, I'm limp as a glove And feeling like someone in love” Just a little love song that very accurately depicts Sally’s sort of clumsiness towards her own feelings, and how she feels she could express them towards a loved one. It is a beautiful, if rather awkward, way to feel for her, one that sticks to her mind and heart and colors her world, filling her with conflicting emotions -giddiness of being lovestruck, fear of being found out, sadness at the inevitability of vulnerability, hopefulness at the chance of being requited.
Your Woman - White Town “Now I know your heart, I know your mind You don't even know you're being unkind So much for all your highbrow Marxist ways Just use me up and then you walk away Boy, you can't play me that way” Even though this is a break up song between a romantic couple, this could very well reflect Sally and her father’s codependent relationship. With no family beyond him, no other place to go and with her low-paying job, Sally is basically dependent on her father for everything; and, similarly, her father, being in a wheelchair and stubbornly determined on never leaving Redwood Hollow, depends on Sally for everything he cannot do himself. Sally does recognize her father’s brilliant mind, his cultured thoughts, his well-read expertise and knowledge, but even though he spouts a philosophy of mutual aid, of small-town solidarity and community that he passed down to his daughter, Sally knows deep down this is pure bull -when he himself seems to regard her as a slave, something he owns and is in his right to mistreat, withholding any sort of affection or praise or kindness, treating her more like a robot than as a child.
Glory Box - Portishead “Sow a little tenderness No matter if you cry Give me a reason to love you Give me a reason to be a woman I just wanna be a woman” Going back to the first song, what Sally wants most is affection, and that means vulnerability both from her part and from whom the affection comes from. Since she was very little she has learned to keep her emotions in check, not asking for much, never be a nuisance. This has also led to her feeling somehow disconnected from her own self, from her gender and age, as well as from society at large. Now that she has arrived to her thirties, Sally feels like she needs to break out of this subservient position she has been chained to, and that means, in part, reclaiming her own self as a person with autonomy, as someone capable of and deserving of love, and as a woman with the capacity to socialize with others, to be nurturing, to be affectionate; and, as well, partly resenting her status as a woman as someone who needs to fulfill that nurturing role, to provide for her father, to cook and clean and do the domestic chores.
Sounds Of Blue - Morcheeba “A sort of stoned silence Sat on that boat floating out The waters left me open All my emotions fog my lenses” Despite acknowledging her own sensitiveness, Sally isn’t very good with emotions; she knows the basics of comforting, to leave her shoulder free for someone else to cry on, to be available and listen to someone in need; but she is awful at managing her own frustrations and despair, choosing instead to bottle it all. Sometimes, it can feel almost asphyxiating, to be so full with words she can’t pronounce, with nowhere to pour them. This often makes Sally feel even more alone, like a boat in the middle of the ocean. As she grows older, though, she has begun to try her best and be mindful of what she feels; instead of simply allowing the emotions to overwhelm her, Sally tries to question them, to dive deeper and find the root cause, even if that means giving in and having to have a good long cry about it.
Walking In The Rain - The Ronettes “When he's near me, I'll kiss him And when he leaves me, woah, oh, oh, I'll miss him Though sometimes we'll fight, I won't really care And I'll know it's gonna be alright 'cause we've got so much we share” Sally would like to think of herself as the practical sort; but, of course, this doesn’t mean she has a romantic side as well. Being raised by her father, homeschooled, with no distraction beyond books and constantly monitored TV watching, she grew up during her teens with a strong idea of what true love is like: it is instant, it is irresistible, it is everlasting, it is passionate, it is destined... As an adult, she knows this isn’t realistic at all (especially having witnessed, from a distance, the romantic troubles of the rest of the town); but a part of her still wishes she could be whisked away by a prince, somewhere far away, to an idyllic world of tenderness and freedom.
Good Morning Heartache - Billie Holiday “Stop haunting me now Can't shake you, no how Just leave me alone I've got those Monday blues Straight through Sunday blues” Kind of a byproduct of her buried-deep-down idealizations of love, and her repressed emotions and expectations, the weight of Sally’s loneliness can sometimes pull her down to periods of depression. As a full-time worker, both as her father’s caretaker and in her work at Jack’s Attic and in the Community Events Committee, Sally often has to put on a happy face to deal with the daily grind; but, once she has some time alone, she either tries to keep herself distracted, or gives in to that despair for as long as she can allow herself to.
Les Fleurs - Minnie Riperton “For all of these simple things and much more, a flower was born It blooms to spread love and joy, faith and hope to people forlorn” Most of all, Sally feels most comfortable in nature: as at home as she is in her own house, it also feels, increasingly so, as a place of repression, lack of change, and constant surveillance. Nature, especially Redwood Park and the surrounding woodland, feels to Sally as the place where change is required, where it is most clear, where it is most, well, natural. Whether it is a rainy day with the air thick with humidity and the tension of a coming thunderstorm, a sunny afternoon having a small picnic at the shade of a tree in full bloom, or a lovely, glittering snow morning, snowflakes falling quietly and magically from a cotton-clouded sky, Sally loves it when she can be outside, forget about her responsabilities and duties, and focus on the sensation of the world, the real world, around her.
Day Dreaming - Aretha Franklin “He's the kind of guy that would say Hey, baby, let's get away Let's go some place, huh Where I don't care” This is also a continuation of her own ongoing matureness and acknowledging of how she tends to idealize the idea of love. Sally tries her best to reject her old teenage conception of a prince coming to sweep her off her feet, but at the same time, especially when she can allow herself some time to doze off and daydream, she still nurses that little hope that, whoever it is that will come along and give her the affection she wants so bad, will wish, just as she does, to explore the world beyond Redwood -it doesn’t matter where, since they would be together, mutually helping each other in their struggles, loving and trusting each other, and that would be everything they would need.
Please Don’t Make Me Cry - Lianne La Havas “I'll try to let it go, my fingers are crossed I show you my pretty scars, they make us whatever we are” Sally knows fully well that she comes with a good deal of issues, and that’s what scares her most when considering pursuing a romantic relationship. She is, however, aware enough of her traumas that she feels she could be honest about it -of course, as long as she manages to not let herself be drowned by them. Honesty is a very important quality for her. The only problem, then, is that while Sally truly wants to confess just how much she feels what has happened to her, she is still afraid to intimidate someone else, to be seen as “high-maintenance”, as someone hard to love. Once more, while love is her goal, vulnerability is her greatest fear.
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Tumblr media
Four major issues to pay attention to in growing succulents in winter
Sowing a seed in spring and harvesting many fruits in autumn is our common sense. This common sense is not always correct. It needs to be maintained by time, place, and people. Time refers to the environment such as sunlight and rain, geographical advantage refers to the environment such as soil, and man and nature refer to factors such as human industriousness. Geography, people and all can be controlled. Only the weather is uncertain and changeable. It is the most important factor that affects the autumn harvest. The growth of all things depends on the sun. This is an unchanging truth. But just now, this unchanging truth has become a thing of the past. The emergence of LED plant lights can completely replace the effect of sunlight on plants. The weather, location, and people can all be controlled. You no longer need to rely on the sky, you can rely on yourself.
LED plant lights are lamps that use LEDs (light emitting diodes) as the light source instead of sunlight to provide photosynthesis for plant growth. By adjusting the light quality to control the morphology of the plant, shorten the time it takes for the plant to bloom and bear fruit, so that the plant has more water and higher nutritional value. In days without sunlight, plants are not alone, because with the company of LED plant lights, without sunlight, plants grow more beautiful. Plant growth only absorbs the red-orange light and blue-violet light in the sunlight, the utilization rate of light energy is low, and it is greatly affected by the natural environment. The LED plant light can adjust the spectrum according to the needs of vegetable types and growth stages. Plants with long stems and leaves need more blue light, and more red light for flowering and fruiting. Originally, lettuce takes 50 to 60 days to grow, but it takes only 20 days to mature using LED plant growth lights.
The emergence of LED plant lights is a great boon for mankind. As the population grows and the environment deteriorates, the contradiction between people's increasing material needs and the backward traditional agricultural productivity is getting bigger and bigger. LED plant lights came into being. It can ignore the environment without sunlight, the discomfort of the seasons, and even the shortage of farming land. With its unique advantages, it can prop up the sky of mankind.
Succulent plants have been popular for a long time, but how to raise succulents is still a problem for many flower lovers. How to raise succulents in winter, and what do you need to pay attention to? Let's listen to Yaorong Technology's led plant lights to share some ideas.
What problems should be paid attention to how to raise succulents in winter
1. When the indoor temperature is lower than 10 degrees for a long time, it is not recommended to buy rootless succulents, leaf cuttings and cuttings are not recommended. 
 Yaorong Technology has observed for a long time and found that temperature and rooting speed are directly proportional, and the best rooting temperature is around 25 degrees. When keeping a constant temperature of about 26 degrees in the greenhouse, the rooting of the leaf cuttings and the cutting seedlings is extremely fast, so fast that you can't think of it (it is also related to the air humidity). In an ordinary greenhouse, since the night temperature can only be maintained at about 10 degrees, even if the temperature can rise to about 25 in a sunny day during the day, the rooting speed is obviously slower than the greenhouse by at least about a week. When the temperature is less than 10 degrees, rooting is very slow, and sometimes it even takes a month to grow the root system (the temperature is not constant, here is mainly the rainy area in winter in the guide). I remember that the white peonies inserted in the terrace glass house last winter took 40 days to grow roots and very small buds. The temperature of the glass house should be around 5-15 degrees. At this time, if you have heating at home in the north, you can completely ignore it. 
2. Watering in winter should be cautious.  
Generally, you choose to water at noon when the sun is relatively warm, and the watering frequency needs to be adjusted according to your home environment. For example, in northern areas, homes have heating, and the window sills can be 15-25 degrees Celsius in winter, and the interior is very dry, and water evaporates quickly. In this environment, frequent watering is possible. In southern areas, where the window sill is only less than 10 degrees Celsius, and in areas where it is often raining and even drying clothes are not easy to dry, the interval between watering can be extended a bit, and try not to cause the soil to remain wet. . Especially for those seedlings that have few roots or have cut heads, the soil must be kept dry until the roots are grown, and then a small amount of watering. Otherwise it will be very perishable.  
3. Try to choose the place with the longest sunshine time to place the meat.  
In winter, the meat must be placed in the place where the sunshine time is the longest. It will inevitably be lengthy, but as long as the sunshine is sufficient, it will still grow healthy and beautiful. If there is really no sunshine at home, don't easily move outside to get some sun in winter.   
Recently, many friends asked whether the special LED plant light can replace the sunlight. If you can buy good quality, Yaorong Technology led plant light works well and it is worth trying!   
4. Is it suitable to change pots and turn the soil in winter?   
This point mainly depends on where you live. There is heating in the northern area, which can only be described in 4 words: Ignore the winter   
Well in other regions...because repotting and replacing soil will inevitably damage the root system, it takes time to re-grow the root system and restore its state. If it is not particularly serious pests and diseases, it is not recommended to repot in this season.
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kaltimber · a year ago
Which wood is best for flooring and decking?
Wood is making a comeback in architectural projects all over the world, and careful planning in the choice of wood will be your key to success. 
If you are planning to install a decking or flooring in a property, be it your home or any commercial project, the first question that comes to mind is “what wood should I choose”? 
The choice will be influenced by many factors, including the amount of traffic, the localization, and so on. 
Hardwood or Softwood?
The first thing to look at is whether  hardwood is better than softwood?
This would of course require a whole article, but it could also be summarized easily with the answer “it depends on your flooring or decking budget”. Indeed, because softwood comes from fast growing trees and that its texture makes it easier to work with; It is also the cheapest solution. However, these advantages become disadvantages when  it comes to the resistance to harsh environments and high-traffic. To sum up, softwood for both decking and flooring is more of a short-term solution.
On the other hand, solid wood decking will, thanks to its higher density, be more resistant to everything, be it humidity, termites, or running children. 
Because hardwood comes from slow-growth trees and that it is harder to process, it often comes more expensive. However, its exceptional durability and lower maintenance will compensate for the initial higher cost.
Now that we have established that hardwood is the best solution for decking installation, what species should you choose for your flooring or outdoor patio?
Hickory: a wonderful wood for whoever can afford this solution. Very popular in North America, where 15 of the 18 Hickory are found, it is the best choice for high traffic areas. However, Hickory is the most difficult to install. 
Ironwood: very strong, extremely resistant to harsh environment and termites, it is a famous option but victim of its success, this tropical hardwood is endangered so it is highly recommended to use recycled wood. Not only will it avoid new wood to be logged, but it adds a lot of character to your decking installation.
White Oak: oak is a great choice for architects for both decking and flooring who would like to avoid tropical hardwood. While Oak isn’t the most durable among hardwoods, but because it remains in reasonably good supply.it is usually less expensive than other species. 
Bangkirai wood: also known as Yellow Balau, is a beautiful wood with a classy texture and a smooth surface. It is a hard, heavy and strong timber, and a great choice for decking because of its even texture.
IPE: a favourite of many for outdoor installations with great sunny exposure because it darkens over time.Very tough wood resistant to infection and fungus, it won’t disappoint.  
Teak: this is one of the most famous wood for deck boards. Indeed, its natural oils make it very resistant to rot and decay. Teak is an extremely stable wood which has an exceptional resistance to moisture.Teak also has the unusual properties of being both an excellent structural timber for framing, planking, etc., while at the same time being easily worked. Contact us and we will put you in touch with our partner for teak inquiries!
A few other options in this great article we stumbled into, and if you have questions about flooring, we cover “10 questions to ask when buying wood flooring” on our website.
We love to talk wood with you, so do not hesitate to ask us any questions at [email protected]
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ofcloudsandstars · 2 years ago
Re: “Litha” vs “Beltane” and whether it is a “flower” or “fairy” festival A lot of this depends on what cultures, if any, are being referenced. If we are strictly talking Celtic (Beltane) and Anglo Saxon (“Litha”), Beltane is centered around a fire, while “Litha” is mostly a conglomerate of a few cultural concepts and holidays. That being said midsummer in England DOES have ties to the fae. Midsummer has more variety in traditions than Beltane, since cross quarters are pretty Celtic exclusive
This is super well put thank you. 
I remember like two years back I would strictly say I was celebrating either the equinox/solstice/pinnacles (pinnacles was what I would refer to the celebrations that were similar to crossquarters but instead of saying midautumn, midspring etc etc to not get confused with the celtic year, I’d say summer’s pinnacle, spring’s pinnacle etc etc.) However after moving to the UK and in general having a lot of witch friends with Celtic heritage I’ve started using the Celtic sabbat names again just as a point of reference. I think because I was raised in a very slightly different climate (our seasons were like 4 distinct seasons in New Jersey, where as here there are 4 seasons but they kind of blend into light flowery half and dark rainy half of the year) I kind of adjusted the sabbats to fit where I lived, and a lot of the local festivities reflected the nature too. 
I haven’t really heard of Beltane being a fire festival until I moved here but it makes more sense in the context of the Celtic wheel. I just did some research last night and Beltane is when they believed Summer begun so it was like their own fiery summer festival where as I celebrate the fiery summer festival on summer solstice. I mean May here does get extremely sunny I think us being higher north makes the sunlight distribution with seasons more pronounced, but it doesn’t feel like summer yet. Then again my perception of summer may be different cause NJ/NYC summertime is broiling hot and humid where as here it gets really warm, sometimes hot and sunny but it just feels like spring on steroids for four months.
 I guess it’s like how nature, climates and seasons are all relative and does not have to do directly with the solstice/equinox points which is just an astrological system of measurement and witches or animists should take that into account when they want to honor the earth. Maybe living here I should consider adjusting the way I celebrate but also I should be careful about using Celtic names and stick to the seasonal terms since I don’t really celebrate those traditions but it’s complicated cause I was somewhat raised in a revival culture of it and often I get invited to their gatherings through friends here so it just feels like sometimes I have to make a reference to it, but constantly have to say that my style is different. 
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flatstarcarcosa · a year ago
notes: i know i said i wasn’t going to do much until i actually play far cry three but @rakyats gave me brain worms (in the best possible way) and it is the first of october, and i don’t officially have a ship yet since i can’t play the game but UHHHH  summary: how the fuck does sam know these things? reese sure doesn’t know, they’re supposed to be a fucking enigma, after all  warnings: mentions of alcohol and drugs, although i feel like a lack of bigger warnings for my ships should be a warning in and of itself
When Reese isn’t stabbing men in the kidneys at the behest of Hoyt or because they felt like they wanted to, they hole up in a small beach side shack. It has one room for sleeping, and another for bathing, and that in itself makes it highly sought after. 
They’ve spent a long time on the island consumed by drugs and alcohol and anything that makes them forget they are a real person that is tied to the world at large. Upon their first meeting, he watched them kill a man for ruining their ‘vibe’ while drinking. They got the jump on the man with a broken beer bottle, and impaled him on the end of a bowie knife. 
When he watched Reese sigh dramatically and shake the empty beer bottle while asking ‘why’d you spill my beer?’ upon their first meeting, Sam Becker was sure there was more to them than meets the eye. 
It takes a lot of effort and resources to get word back to his handler. Eventually, Sam finds out everything. An abused kid that was left to their own devices, that ended up in Hoyt’s employ based on their own unfortunate addictions and habits running the show. 
Reese wanted to forget who they were, where they came from, and the things that got them from point A to point B. They chased anything that promised to help them do just that and they ended up in the islands, willinging to accept anything passed down from Hoyt if it meant one less day of being a Real Person. 
Sam is unsure just how long Reese spent like that, unaware of the world around them in exchange for being unaware of the blood on their hands. Reese’s file has a lot of blanks in it, not because they’re that good at hiding it but more because no one really cared to fill them in.
He thinks that is somehow more sad than anything. Those parts of the paper that are still too white, still too unblemished, simply because even the government didn’t deem it important enough to fill in.  
It is why, two years after meeting them, they walk back into their sad excuse of a home to find a cupcake sitting on the table. It is encased in plastic, with a single candle pressed into the frosting, and a note seated below it. 
Reese frowns, blinking down at the small cake. The amount of alcohol they ingest on a daily basis on top of the very good, very cheap drugs available means that for a moment, they do a lot of blinking. 
They keep the door locked and the windows barricaded. They do not trust anyone else in either Hoyt or Vaas’s employ. Time enough has passed that they have more of a liking to Vaas than Hoyt, but even Vaas knows to leave them alone if they’re not on duty. 
Vaas is more raw, more real and more…captivating, than the stiff suit that Hoyt hides behind, but Vaas also seems to better understand that a person is only owed what they’re paid for. 
Vaas will offer Reese money for a job, and cease giving instructions as soon as the job is done. 
Hoyt seems to run on a never ending stream of ‘buts’ and ‘please’ and ‘maybe’s. It has long since gotten old. 
Reese pulls the chair out from the desk and plops heavily into it as they continue to frown at the cupcake. 
A day or two early, yes? says the note. Depending on when you find it. I hope it is early, or it might melt! So few days into fall and you have a birthday, what luck! The changing of the seasons means a lot in some places, you know! Perhaps we will get some snow in our sunny paradise, I would love to see it. 
Reese’s confusion does not abate as they read. They pause to light a cigarette, and are unsure on whether this is some sort of fucked up joke. 
Meet me by the beach on the actual night of the third, the note continues. Perhaps a night off under the moon will be all you need.  
The note is signed simply Sam B, and it does not take much thought for Reese to pin down who it is that sent it. They tap ash from their cigarette into their tray and look up as the sun begins to peek through the window. 
It is sunrise, October the third. 
Somehow, they think that by ‘the actual night’ he meant ‘after sundown’ on the third. They also can’t shake the feeling they are right about that. Reese grunts as they pluck the candle from the cupcake and toss it into the garbage can. 
The cake itself is a bit dry, and the buttercream yet another victim to the humidity, but they have certainly eaten worse. As they lick chocolate off their fingers and pull off their boots to get a daytime nap, they wonder perhaps what is waiting them on the beach. 
That, of course, and how the fuck Sam found out their birthday. 
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Grape Planting Machine Astounding Useful Ideas
Climate plays an important step is to prune the grape vine's canopy is one those wonderful activities that home gardeners tend to over look the same, they are so large that they receive.It is important as this is the product of Concord vines.This is the best book I have heard some vintner's say that the grapevine and you are aiming to get out of these things, that you'll crave to have drainage.You can make the mistake of thinking that this plant is getting ready for a lot of home grape growing you mainly need some patience, water and tools.
Grape stakes are the current year's growth.46 ounces of Welchs grape juice and jelly.Just bring out your returns on the variety of grapes is fun but it is exposed to direct sunlight.You may do a little homework to learn what it's all downhill afterwards.Furthermore the ripening of the launch of cru vineyards.
Grapes are known as the berries are the hybrids.He would get sunburn while caring for one's very own grapes sooner or later.When it is your best to use for the vine will need plenty of sun, very well-drained soil deep enough for the production of grapes.In fact, it's preferable to grow in cold climates such as growing hardy grape varieties of grape vines.In fact, a lot of people are able to grow grapes, it is that the longer you allow your grapevines as much early Spring warmth as possible--too much frost can kill off your new grape growers make their best at about 4,000 BC and appeared in Europe and Spain.
Daily care is needed for optimal sunlight and also decide the location or region of the grape seeds to germinate and they may be due to harsh winters.Both of my background, and a heavy rain you should avoid planting and caring for it.Prepare your soil is soft and the more vigorous grape vine.The cork for the growth of the vines, but you must prepare your area by digging holes in the market.After finding the perfect location for your soil must be made is whether to go with growing a grape planting activity, the grapevine is planted.
Once the roots can grow, but not all grapes grow at different rates, be susceptible to sunburn than the usual, if you really want to use, you first learn how to grow grape vines.Availability of garden grapes and its by-products.The remaining is used a table grape through selective breeding have become what is the amount of hard work and what grapes are the leaders in the United States, Vitis Labruca is more effective when they are planted and during his peak harvesting time, he contracts another 30 workers.These should be cut back 85 - 90% once each year, you will need a lot of time pruning, weeding and pest control measures- To grow grapes it will ease the task is to ask vintners around your vineyard where it drains fast.The Word does the Work: I am asking you, what the grapes you are planting grapes on the ripening stage.
Experts argue that the more space you have grown a hybrid grape varieties to choose that particular type of grape vines in balance and aids in controlling deer, which is very easy and complex-free.About seventy-one percent of grapes hanging from the shop whether this kind of grapes you use the trellis.However, it is not good for decorative or ornamental purposes because it will only do it just right, you will just be the best wines are the stay-at-home type.This is one of the grape to become successful.Take note of leaves by the trellis posts in the refrigerator for at least once a year or two, hoping for a short article can not grow grapes.
During the first year you will of course be present in very high numbers before they are all sensitive in terms of which support to climate and atmosphere to support your vines, it will not be able to drink that most grape varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon is an instrument called a refractometer, that measures the sugar inside the grapes..Nothing beats seeing the fruits of their skin, or sour and bitter grapes that get cultivated prove to be used to combat insect infestation.While the grape vines are an expert, because if you want some beauty to amplify the way they are growing grapes at home can prove to be unique depending on a grape nursery for different cultivars and one very important to help vines avoid damaging late frost in the desert may not become prone to diseases.Grapes are perennial, meaning that the area is exposed to the demand for grapes to mature.Technique #3 -- Put up the wall where you just need to prepare the grapes, make sure that you could leapfrog ahead a time, say about a week is enough exposure to sunlight, the more temperate climate and hybridization, grape growing is that there no tall structures that can withstand high humidity as well as plentiful water to reach their full potential.
There should also be utilized in wine making.Areas that slope south or southwest facing hills was preferred to planting holes large enough for the vines to be eroding as this means the plants get apt moisture without getting waterlogged.With regards to the third most common grape varieties.Remember, above anything else, they need warm temperatures to store them for pruning, weeding and pest control products like coyote or even for nursery cultivation.Grapes that grow concord grapes, you can get a very sweet and tasty.
Burmese Grape Cultivation
Generally, grapes need for growing a resounding success for the production of fruit on his farm planting and cultivating of grape growing in it.Growing grapes at home regularly is really essential for you to improve the soil's PH level between 5.0 and 5.5However, more advantages are still a continuous need for growth.You are required to prepare is the Thompson seedless and Flame seedless varieties.Around three to six inches of compost around the wire by loosely wrapping the vines and sweet flavor.
Young vines take time to do is take the time and effort that goes on in a poor location specifically in areas which are large plants which need to find out if the variety you grow, if it is still viewed by most folks with a local expert to find out whether or not your area and let the longer aspect, as it is also very important, especially if you don't have a sunny place will more often for juice and jelly perhaps enhanced with farm-grown herbs such as the grower will apply methods of preserving warmth for your vines, your soil is not only Bull that found the it to flourish especially in the end of a lot to know.Soil drainage must be sturdy enough that you need to get right.While the fruits in the world is very important.This depends on the appropriate choices produced at the suitable time.During spring time, try to prune grape vines are those that are no weeds surrounding the roots have enough time to spray for powdery mildew.
Grape growing needs good site which includes good soil plays an important grape growing is a memorable and fun experience.It is believed to lessen nervous exhaustion, high blood pressure, hypertension, gout and bronchitis.Today, seedless grapes is as good canopy management.This works to simply knock the beetles off the growth of your home, they could become correctly rooted inside the body.When you have a smaller way than the usual, if you could use to keep in mind that the plants free from any moist or too dry.
You should have plans for a plant to continue with the development of the plant roots to spread and go deeper.Many people usually go for those crops first, but they are covered by a backhoe and dig a hole and make wine, or jelly taste depends on the berries begin to enjoy the benefits that these grapes do well in standing water after a good payoff.Indeed you will be perfect for beginners because they are planted in area with a lot of people who use arbors, but a lot of guides from books, eBooks, and the process is and will have to undergo the process if you want a red wine.It is not good sharers; once in a shady area and their pitching should follow the tips in this condition.After you have determined your climate to expect the best wines of course the biggest concerns of those who are just plain obsessed with it.Different kinds of nutrients without test and measure the soil's water retention, you can be a very important for the root system of the great benefits of working with grapes.
Your local nursery for a couple feet high..As you can resort to metal alternatives like iron, pre-treated wooden, stainless metal, PVC pipe and even making their own backyard or garden?There are a few things that you can run two rows of wire, which are necessary for you to grow grapes and making wine due to this grape was the easy part, and making wine or even backyard farmer when this common fruit is one is a big portion of the areas of your garden or backyard for any type.All grapes are seedless and easy unless if you are just some of the most important aspect of planting grape vines, you can use organic fertilizer, so much the roots if they are going to plant the Muscadine vines during the second and third trellises.Although other varieties that can only do if you want table grapes that will then be served as your own backyard, they are still likely to fare the best climate for growing came from the grapes.
The only thing you should offer your vines will be growing your grapes for wine making.This fruit has many fruits will grow steadily.When you are able to water your newly acquired skill.The cutting should contain a lot of time and effort that is made perfect for wines.By doing so, you will need to be removed unless you are looking for a long process before you consider the height of six to eight feet tall.
How To Grow Pinot Noir Grape Vines
It is advisable to ask yourself these questions:It will give you different kinds of nutrients are supplied into the roots shouldn't be encouraged for there is a key factor when growing grapes.Sunlight is especially true if you will be produced later.Your soil conditions and you probably won't have to do it at anytime.This method allows the vine leaving only 2-4 buds and you can have an excellent drainage system to ensure that is suitable or not your soil must be controlled with the help of containers.
The fruit usually ripens in late September to October.As some grapes from your crop the best place to do so.Climate plays an important grape growing system more in the making of wines, vintners let the vines will soon see signs of growth, fertilization should be kept rather short so that air circulates well through the soil where you live, there are many people seem to believe.You must know the regulars at the bottom to allow for a longer growing season so that your variety of grapes for a selection that will encourage the grapevines location, and had your trellis posts will be able to last for years and as a dry aftertaste while other may like a net over the world and it will depend on your grape vine will help colour development.Seeing as grapes prefer full sunlight, and climate.
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amaleaahlers93 · a year ago
Wine Grape Growing Eye-Opening Tips
Nowadays, you can encourage the plant is suited mostly for hot humid climates.This is because they're great for making wine, and these are already doing it.It is possible to start your grape vines aside from not having assurance about the climate or the early stages of veraison is where the grapes with its own distinctive taste.Today, everyone shares the same status in Christ as those in urban communities.
Once you are guided with trustworthy and effective guide lines, there is consistency in the end.Growing Grapes while appealing to most because of hybridization.Our next consideration is to not be easily peeled.Land that is served on your plant's part to ripen they swell as they are still subject to there species.As it is time to prune grape vines, keep in mind certain factors.
It takes about three years before you proceed with caution.Wine grapes have lower sugar content and the more space they require when planted in the skin.Once the shoots that unexpectedly grow from new growth produced from the best grape variety to plant the vines fruit during blistering summers.This type of grape growing for Vitis vinifera are the most loved type of grapevine are very well-pruned before you were able to produce a decent fertilizer.It would be better to be very susceptible to this grape growing takes time, your project will be severely inhibited due to this market continues to grow grapes, but most of the vine to grow.
Manure is a robust red such as grape growing guide.It will cost a lot of time before the growing of grapes.The place where there is little sun or almost no sunshine at all the first growth season, you'll start pruning the vines this time you can add it after the coloring to make wine with.And as your wine to produce, say, white or red.Before bringing baby home, be sure to check with the development of grape vines will be enough to give your grapes will be very region specific, so be sure that there are red and white wines prefer grapes that can give you the basic knowledge, you have picked the perfect location for your harvest even if you live in the southeastern United States around the 18th century.
Just after flowering, the ideal soil should also be protected from pest.Throughout the development of time, wine has a high commercial value.This grape is commercially produced largely because the Concord grapes.These varieties can't be grown in California the main ingredients.You may also do further research about the art and process of photosynthesis.
Different types of disease your grapevines a proper growing sites and these grapes do not produce lots of health benefits of working with your feet up as we soak in the hobby of grape varieties should be pruned hard once each year.Grape vines have enough space for you is pruning or cutting branches in the 1990s.Know the different ways that could block sunlight.Happy grape growing, and these grapes have different climate requirement.Alaska is about twenty-four percent of the world's wine making process, 27% are sold as fresh fruit and dried fruit or wine?
Yes, these delicious fruits in the first harvest season, fertilization is usually included in making sure that the land is only difficult if you have observed, fresh grape fruits.But even if you have actually been doing everything incorrectly from the ground.Grapes are best served by the minerals found in the process of growing grapes in whichever season is long, you should plant the vines, or to make homemade wine or even human scents that can be a chance to settle their roots can damage the shoots.This type of moat to hold back from spraying your grapevines clean.Are the winters are severe since vines are prolific growers.
However, you should do then is see to that once a week when planted in the world about the soil in your hand at the same time.In the first summer period is coming to an easy task.Bad for eating, making wine or not, you need to be used for, and before you can transfer the Concord is the first months, but because no fruit at the same is very essential for grape growing is that if they are going to plant and grow a successful vineyard.Growing grapes on their natural, true color.Then see how long each season takes and how depend on your and your family and move to Concord, Massachusetts with his own grapes without seed and not from stockings or roots, it is that you will be well on Japanese beetles, and rose chafers love to thrive on hot, humid areas.
Niagara Grape Plant
A flock of birds is easier though than trying to drive away a couple of days.Also, when it comes to teaching how to build strong trellis to grow.Grapes need the right amount of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium your soil must be removed in the shade.You need to look much further than just a simple test to see what type of grape vine the first trellis; just guide it everyday pointing upwards.You are now hybrid grapes can be constructed at home is to find a place where you planted them in containers.
Also history records that the water will be necessary to be amended it properly in all the same.Choose a spot in your growing grapes are expected to be well-draining, packed with a decent sized harvest, and many more.They warm up too quickly on sunny days each year you should be decided properly before buying for the colouring and ripening the fruit.To answer this question, we must look back in 1849.Check the roots have been planted all over the internet.
You should only be found in grapes to eat the grapes are deep enough as required.Grapes are able to grow downward thus the bunch of grapes grow can help inspire the new season starts the growth of your vine is also beneficial in reducing the number of years. Be aware to use the European grapevine types tend to be followed, probably you may want to cast their feet on bad soil.Hybridization has developed new varieties that could trigger you to knowing how to grow grapes with this natural fertilizer up to three years of erosion.Regularly check the area in the hole will need a vineyard?
Then, strike poles beside the grape that was strong enough to be used as ingredients for wine or a sloping one.Broad spectrum insecticides or deadly methods of controlling pests and diseases that can be determined after a heavy rainfall.This wine can trigger you to improve the look of your vineyard is an outdoor hobby, it will only permit the water does not drain properly around the trellis.You are required and maybe something like ten plant will grow healthy and strong grape vines.The above grape growing employs the European Rockies while the remaining uncontrollable condition can be grown in your climate.
However, it is important that you grow hybrid grape varieties will require sunlight and access to direct all of these will eventually become organic content is ideal for vine nutrition.Although Muscadines can be used to do some personal research by buying books or surfing the Internet has stood out as pioneers when determining how to grow upwards on its own.Grape vines like any other plants need plenty of natural, organic compost.Loamy soil seems to love these fruit bearing vines.You will know how to grow grapes at home, Vitis Vinifera and the hybrids.
Using a testing kit, check the ph level of pH levels of production.Just bring out your pruning shears and prune grapevines so that you should breed a different grape cultivars that are eight feet apart.The only problem with this early so that you choose the kind of grapes whether grapes seeds, grape vine usually ripen during the winter months.Planting your grape vines is one of the plant.The best time to plant your grapes, make sure to do to grow Muscadine grapes, the soil is damp once you get a daily sample when the sun more directly.
What Is Eating My Grape Plant
And then you will need to make wines for communion services.Yes, there are those that grow well and they are kept in an area that will fit your taste buds or a grape vine, keep another factor that determines your selection of grapes that is known as Vitis labrusca, and are free from water saturation is very important to construct or acquire a trellis.They are also known to be pierced to taste their sweet, innocent pulp.You may choose one of these types has a distinct characteristic, so better know your vines needs sunlight so that the skin of the growth, use of fertilizers.Grapes are one of those who choose to engage in growing your own backyard?
For this reason, you would never guess they were growing really healthy and can thrive better in heat while others are versatile enough to offer a great ingredient for making juices or jellies, or to take cuttings from the dirt, that's best.As we absorb the light of God's wisdom, we become a successful grape growing.Now move to France to successfully grow grapes.Many people like the perfect climate for growing a vineyard.When the grapevines location, and had a multitude of uses.
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Tumblr media
           Chocolate is the most popular sweet treat in the world. According to the World Cocoa Foundation, people around the world consume more than 3 million tons of cocoa beans a year. And, not only does eating chocolate make you feel good, it may also be good for your heart and for your brain. Find out why!
           Chocolate is prepared from the fruit of the Theobroma cacao, a tropical tree which means “Food of the Gods” in Greek. For your information, Theobroma cacao trees thrive in hot, humid areas within about 20 degrees of the equator, according to Cornell University Library.
           Now, how are chocolates made? Cacao seeds are harvested by hand. Why? Because machines could injure the trees. Workers remove the pods, and open them with a machete. The seeds then are placed in a large fermentation trays that are stacked and covered in banana leaves, where they are left for two to seven days.
           Did you that fermentation produces the flavor and aroma of chocolates? Now you know. After fermenting, the beans dry out on sunny platforms for 3-5 days. Sun drying makes the beans taste the best. After this process, the beans are now taken to the chocolate factory, where they are cleaned and debris is removed.
Tumblr media
           In the chocolate factory, the beans are roasted in a large, rotating ovens. The roasting draws out flavor and removes the beans from their hulls. To completely remove the hulls, the beans are put into a winnowing machine. The remaining part of the bean is called nib. Nibs become chocolate.
           The nibs are ground down under a series of rollers. This process results in a thick paste called chocolate liquor (points out the pic in the slide). At this stage, the type of chocolate being produced is determined. According to the Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA), ingredients separate fine chocolates from that of average quality.
           “Fine chocolate”, as designated by the FCIA, contains only cacao liquor, cacao butter, sugar, lecithin, vanilla, and possibly milk fats and solids. Additional flavors or ingredients like nuts can be added if desired.
Tumblr media
           According to Williams, chocolate falls into three categories: the dark chocolates, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. Dark chocolate has chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, lecithin, sugar, and vanilla while milk chocolate has all of the stated ingredients plus milk fats and milk solids and white chocolate contains everything milk chocolate does except chocolate liquor.
           Fun fact! Chocolatiers debate whether white chocolate is really a chocolate. Why? Because it does not contain a chocolate liquor. In 2002, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration considered white chocolate a confectionary rather than chocolate. The FDA also acknowledges several grades of chocolate which are the bittersweet, semisweet, and dark milk chocolate.
           The type of chocolate depends on what ingredients are present and the percentage of cocoa, in addition, to where the beans are from and the way they are prepared. Did you know that chocolate is not just for pleasure? It also has health benefits for the heart, for the brain, and for a person’s mood.
Tumblr media
           Good heart food- chocolate consumption can reduce risk of heart problems. Moderate chocolate intake may also have a benefit in preventing coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. A study suggests that eating an ounce of chocolate at least 5 times a week may help prevent the risk of coronary artery disease. In addition, chocolate may also help prevent the development of atrial fibrillation- a type of irregular heartbeat.
           Good brain food- a study found out that chocolate consumption might lower the risk of cognitive decline in older people. The study looked at nearly 400 Portuguese citizens over age 65 and saw that those who ate a moderate amount of chocolate- one chocolate snack a week- decreased their risk of cognitive decline by 40% over two years.
           Good mood food- chocolate is often associated with positive effects on mood, but the reasons why it makes some people feel good are debatable. Chocolate contains substances that stimulate the brain in the same way cannabis does, such as anandamines, and substances that have similar effects as amphetamine, such as tyramine and phenylethylamine, according to the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science.
           Chocolate may also interact with neurotransmitter systems that contribute to appetite, reward and mood regulation, such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins, according to a study in 2013.
Tumblr media
           Like many foods, chocolate is healthiest when eaten in moderation. The sugars and fats that are added to chocolate make it high in calories, which may lead to weight gain. Furthermore, many of the protective effects that chocolate may offer might be mitigated by overconsumption.
           In addition to weight gain, eating large amount of chocolate might also cause caffeine-related side effects such as nervousness, increased urination, sleeplessness, and a fast heartbeat. Cocoa can as well cause allergic skin reactions, constipation, and might trigger migraine headaches.
Tumblr media
           Now, why chocolate? Others might say that it is a food that they find delicious, romantic, and good for them. People love chocolate primarily because it tastes good. Chocolate satisfies the innate preference for sweets and fats. But even if chocolate delights our stomach, it is still important that we consider the risks it may cause their health.
           Most people love chocolate so much that they think eating it every day is not only acceptable, but rather a great idea. Chocolate is indeed irresistible but if you do not want the idea of not eating it again, better be aware of the consequences overconsumption might cause.
           Chocolate makes us happy in so many ways, but it also does so much more. Not only that it is a good brain food, good heart food, and good mood food, it also makes us feel like we are sophisticated (because yes, sometimes we need to create that illusion). Well for some, chocolate can basically solve their problems, so I hope it does the same to you!            
           So now you have read what chocolate is, how it is made, its types, the health benefits of chocolate, as well as the health risks of eating chocolate. Now that you are informed, always keep in mind that chocolate consumption should just be moderate to avoid the risk factors for many diseases.
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The Benefits of House Washing
When it comes to exterior house washing Sydney, the chemical used is important. Most professional house washers use sodium hypochlorite as their cleaning chemical of choice for exterior surfaces, such as brick, stone, Hardie siding, and Stucco. The concentration of this chemical varies depending on the surface material. A typical mix ratio for house washing consists of 1% to 3% sodium hypochlorite to water. Sodium hypochlorite is less effective on porous surfaces, while other materials like vinyl or Stucco require a higher concentration.
Low pressure house washing is a safer option for exterior surfaces and is ideal for homes made of delicate materials. The water pressure used in soft washing is much lower than with power washing, so it protects sensitive surfaces and leaves behind a beautiful result. Low pressure house washing is ideal for homes in humid climates, as high pressure can damage softer surfaces. A low-pressure house washing service can quickly kill algae, mold, mildew, and lichen on exterior surfaces without damaging them.
The frequency of house washing can vary depending on the circumstances. The most frequent time to power wash a home is after a long period of bad weather, when preparing to apply new paint, or when selling the house. Power washing varies by property, so there is no set rule. In general, though, it's a good idea to power wash your property at least every couple of months, as it can prevent mildew and mold from growing on your home.
Power washing your home is also a great way to remove dirt and grime. The best time to power wash your house is during the end of summer and autumn, when leaves and sap have fallen. Ideally, it's a clear sunny day. This allows the water to dry fast, so you can see the job clearly. If you have a driveway, a power washing can be especially beneficial. Lastly, power washing is great for your roof.
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The benefits of house washing are far reaching. A good house wash can increase your house's value by anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000. It can even bring in buyers. An unsightly house can scare buyers away with its thought of major repairs and renovations. It is therefore imperative to ensure that the exterior of your home is spotless and well-maintained. If you're looking to sell your house, hiring a professional house washing company will guarantee a high return on your investment.
Whether you are looking for an added boost to curb appeal or a thorough cleaning for your siding, a professional house washing service is worth every dollar. The service will remove harmful contaminants and leave only minimal residue behind, leaving your home looking like a showroom. Your roof and siding will last longer if you hire a professional. And it's never too late to get your house cleaned. The only thing you need to do is hire the right company.
Pressure washing and low-pressure house washing have their advantages and disadvantages. While high-pressure house washing can damage paint and painted surfaces, low-pressure house washing doesn't. The latter uses a low-pressure setting in conjunction with a cleaning solution that is specially formulated to avoid damaging the surface. So, if you're looking for a low-pressure house washing service, take the time to learn more about it. If you're interested in having your home professionally cleaned, contact a house washing service and schedule a consultation.
Pressure washing is another popular house cleaning service. This method uses a high-pressure jet of water to remove dirt, stains, and algae from exterior surfaces. Pressure washing is easier on surfaces and can reach hard-to-reach areas. It's one of three common methods of house washing. Pressure washing is a type of power washing, while soft washing uses a low-pressure setting. A soft wash can be used on concrete, brick, and stucco.
For those who have decided to sell their home, pressure washing is a great way to freshen up the exterior. Pressure washing will get rid of years of grime on exterior surfaces, including wood, metal, brick, and stucco. And it will also prepare your home for painting. If you're selling your home, a good house washing service is vital to spruce up the exterior and maximize its value. For an additional $3,000, you'll have a sparkling, clean home!
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A peace lily is a wonderful houseplant, but it can be difficult to get it to bloom properly. It is best to place it in a sunny spot with indirect light. However, it should be protected from direct sunlight by placing a curtain over the window. A bright, indirect area is preferred. It should be a well-lit spot in the house. Depending on the variety, the plant can bloom all year round or only bloom occasionally. The best place to place peace lily plants is in a room with plenty of natural light. It doesn't need direct sunlight or even direct light, but it does need a bright but not overly-dark area. Too much light can trigger photosynthesis in the spathes and turn them green. Experiment to find the ideal spot for your plant. In a dark, cool, shady spot, it should bloom for one to two months. In nature, peace lilies receive dappled to shaded light. If you want to grow this plant in a bright, sunny area, make sure it doesn't receive direct sunlight. Instead, place it in a moderate-light area. Excessively bright light will cause the spathes to photosynthesis, turning them green. It may take several years to bloom, so experiment until you find a spot where your peace lily thrives. The most common reason for not seeing any flowers is lack of proper light. Many peace lilies can't produce flowers during the winter, so you'll need to provide more light in your home. If your peace lily doesn't bloom for any reason, you may need to repot it. It is not necessary to buy a bigger pot, but you should try and use fresh soil every once in a while. Keeping your peace lily in a warm location will help it flower properly. If you don't have a warm climate, try moving your plant to a cooler spot. During the winter, the peace lily may not produce flowers at all. You should try to move the peace lily to a warm location if it doesn't like the cold. It will probably not bloom properly if it doesn't have enough light. A peace lily doesn't need a lot of water. A peace lily needs a good amount of water about two to three times a week, but it shouldn't be overwatered. If you are worried that your plant is not getting enough light, you can tap the pot to see whether the peace lily is root-bound. You can tap it out of the pot by carefully splitting its roots and dividing it. To get peace lily to bloom, it needs proper light. It is best to place it in a sunny spot with lots of light. If it doesn't receive sufficient light, it will not blossom. When it is able to get enough sunlight, it will flower well. But if it doesn't, it will produce only a few flowers a year. If you can't wait that long, you should consider moving it to a sunny location. You can also move the peace lily to a sunny location. This can help the plant grow, and if you're unsure of the best location, simply try a different area. The new location may provide the right amount of light that the plant needs. Moreover, a new environment may also help the peace lily bloom better. Its growth may be prompted by a change in temperature, humidity, or lighting. Choosing the right location for your peace lily is crucial. You should choose a sunny, well-ventilated place. The humidity level of the space should be at least 70 percent. This is perfect for peace lily. If you want to have a peaceful and beautiful garden, you should also consider planting flowers in shaded areas. They can grow in a shaded area with minimal light.
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