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#also i can't get this riff out of my head
weareallstardustfallen2 months ago
hello empiresblr i have watched pix's video and i am, once again, back with analysis, because this is just my life now. today's thesis:
pixl and fwhip are narrative foils.
there's a lot of similarities between them, both as characters in the narrative and their role with that and just in general. pixl even pointed out some of them today: they've got similar philosophies when it comes to making use of the corruption, and they're both the kind of extra that it takes to put elder guardians under sausage's base. they play off of each other really well, and it's very fun to see, but i'm getting off topic bc a good dynamic does not a narrative foil make.
their role in the narrative is really mirrored, especially in their character development. towards the beginning of the story, fwhip was one of the main antagonists, alongside sausage; that's obvious from all of their interactions during basically everything preceding the peace ravine. pixl, on the other hand, was quite firmly on the protagonist's (jimmy's) side, and that was also abundantly clear. it was fairly unambiguous that fwhip was an antagonist who was doing bad things, and pixl was a character who was unconditionally on the protagonist's side.
and then the story got complicated, and their dynamic got interesting; specifically, when it came to the dragon fight.
fwhip was, for what's basically the first time (iirc) acting as a heroic figure. he messed up by sending jimmy into the end, sure, but as soon as he realized that he started thinking about what he could do to make sure that the dragon didn't die, and immediately gave back the cod head and apologized, sincerely, to jimmy. it may have been somewhat caused by his own fear of xornoth, but regardless of his motives, he did everything right. if we look at who the protagonists seem to be for this arc; it's less clear than before, but i would say scott and shubble, and of course the anti-xornoth side of things more generally; he was aligned with the protagonists.
pixl, on the other hand, was working against the protagonists. he was trying to kill the dragon, and though he wasn't villainous in the way that Sausage and Joey were in that interaction, he was definitely acting in the interests of the main big bad. unintentionally, perhaps, but he was told that he was doing something that was wrong and he chose to ignore that. it's sort of similar to how fwhip was acting as an antagonist, except for their intent; pixl didn't know the consequences of what he was doing, and he was just trying to get home, but regardless the similarities are there.
like fwhip, pix had a moment of realization that killing the dragon was wrong, but his came after the dragon was already dead. he didn't have the chance to immediately backtrack and mitigate the mistakes he'd made, because it was a bit of a pandora's box situation; you can't shut that once it's open.
(also, unrelated to the thesis- i think it's very interesting how fwhip, of all people, is the one he called out for during his vision. mr riffs explain)
his reaction is different to fwhip's, though, in what i find to be a very interesting way! both of them share the fact that they are so protective of their citizens, and care a lot about keeping them safe- it's obvious with just about everything pixl's done since the dragon fight and how every action seems to somehow lead back to the good of pixandria, and fwhip is often worrying over and checking in on his villagers, like after he returns from the dragon fight, and after the test subject dream (thank you birch for the reminder on that one!) and both of their reactions lead back to that same protectiveness. but where fwhip's reaction is action- building up the empire to keep them safe- pixl's is overwhelming guilt. he acts, with the ghast farm and solidifying his alliances and working towards taking down sausage, but the core emotion that is driving him right now is guilt.
another point- their major mistakes in the dragon fight come down to what they know really well, and how in that moment, their knowledge fails them.
pixl is really, really good at knowing how the world works. in every interaction, he always seems to be the one who knows the specifics of the mechanics they need, and the one who is teaching the person he's talking to- he's very confident in his knowledge of what makes the world tick, and exactly how to utilize that. of course, this could come down to pixl as a player having a lot of knowledge of the game's mechanics, but i'd also point towards things like the vigil- pix is a very experienced character, as well as minecraft player.
and in the dragon fight? he knows he needs to get home, and get his allies home. he knows that to avoid dying in the void, the dragon needs to be killed. he knows how to kill the dragon. his logic leads him to a very clear conclusion, and one he's absolutely certain of- but he doesn't quite account for all the factors. he doesn't realize that xornoth is another concern, and he pays for it.
fwhip, on the other hand, seems to really get people. this is actually most clear in his first act interactions with jimmy- he's fantastic at knowing exactly what buttons to push, how to needle at him until he gets the reaction he wants. it carries over to his interactions with others, too, which is what makes him such a good manipulator. he knows what makes people tick, and how, if he so chooses, to exploit that.
and his fatal flaw in the dragon battle, just like pix's, is the fact that this knowledge isn't quite enough, or he's too certain of himself without knowing the consequences. he knew exactly what to do to send jimmy into the end- he was dead certain, and right, that jimmy would walk into a trap if he thought he could get the cod head back as a result. the problem was, well... he didn't think that jimmy would be dedicated enough to kill the dragon once he was there. he knew jimmy would take the bait; he didn't know he'd follow it that far.
a final note, which i think is probably less intentional (although you never know, they're very clever writers) but is a pretty bit of poetry- the vigil and the deepslate redstone sort of mimic each other. they're both something with a power that hasn't been or can't be quite explained, but is incredibly central to their empire and their character, and they both consider themselves sort of protectors or shepherds of it, in a sense. there is also a nice visual mirror there- a dark stone and a light stone, each full of lights.
conclusion: this story is so much fun to analyze and also gunpowder boys my beloved
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gyusorbita month ago
txt as songs i'm obsessed with
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
contains: headcannons, ANGST, fluff (maybe 馃憗)
word count: 545 words
author's note: aaaand lia strikes again with her headcannons that make absolutely no sense and shitty explanations!!!! yay !!!!!!! ok but tbh i have too much fun writing these like all my wips are just sitting there collecting dust and here i am dedicating my fave songs to txt every 3 minutes JAHDJSBDJAJ this is a cry for help 馃榾 anyway, enjoy!!
Tumblr media
this is so depressing why do i always give yeonjun the sad ones everyone say BOO LIA BOO馃憥anyway, ik for a FACT that yeonjun listens to the weeknd RELIGIOUSLY like his songs are so 馃槱 but out of all of them, this one just gives off the strongest jun vibes idk why maybe i'm just sad. i just feel like he puts up a strong front a lot and smiles even when he doesn't want to like :(( yk it's okay to be weak right moas love you so much and we have ur back always <3 AJJSJDHAJDHAJ WHY AM I SO SAPPY TODAY UGH. but also i just have like so many scenarios in my head with this song playing in the back LMAO.
the title says it all,,,,, everybody wants to love soobin. like please he's literally the most perfect person ever omfg how is he real how is he actually living and breathing everyone stop breathing your taking up all the oxygen馃NAJDJSJDJAJDJ no but for real, this song just fits. i listen to it and all i can think about is soobin and i love it (plus he just gives me dreampop-ish vibes idk why maybe i've been listening to loona odd eye circle too much).
why hasn't anyone made an edit of beomgyu to this song 馃槓 how dare you hear this song and not automatically make 193718 edits of him to the chorus of this song 馃槓 for shame, i say. FOR SHAME. ok but jokes aside, the instrumentals of this song are so 鉁 and gyu is just so 鉁 UGH I CAN'T DO THIS. i just love this song so much and i love him so much and stayc girls it's going down 鈽光樄馃挃 but also!!! y'all know those clips of gyu fooling around and running around ?? but also the clips of him just sitting there and smiling softly at the camera ???? yeah <//3 it just fits.
this song is beautiful. kang taehyun is beautiful. a beautiful song for a beautiful person. need i say more? AJJDSKBDJSJSJ okok but honestly. i have never been more mesmerized by a person than when i first saw taehyun like he's not even my bias but everytime i look at him i just fall apart PLS he's just so pretty 馃槶馃槶 idk how to explain it but this song is what it feels like when i look at him 鉂 also I CAN'T GET THAT PHOTOSHOOT WITH THE FLOWERS OUT OF MY HEAD HE WAS SO PRETTY THERE <//3
1. this song gives me so much nostalgia idek why it's just so comforting 2. i feel like he'd really like this song. like the guitar riffs and her vocals suit him so well imo. plus the beep boop sounds at the beginning of this song WHY DO I HEAR HIS VOICE PLS IT DOESN'T EVEN SOUND LIKE HIM I'M GONNA CRY. also the album cover is blue and kai's color is blue idkc i take no criticism i am correct.
Tumblr media
漏 2021 gyusorbit, all rights reserved.
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reverielix4 months ago
to keep this blog going while I concentrate on my monster of a collab Changbin fic and my last few days of vacation, here you have
The signs and music
You might want to look at Neptune, Venus, the 12th house, the 2nd house, the 7th house and where Pisces, Libra and Tuarus are in your chart for this (+ also asteroids or other placements you find have a relation with the topic at hand eg the 5th house/Leo in some cases)
Tumblr media
Aries - probably a bit rock-ish, likes to play their music loud, loves to sing along and unintentionally annoy the neighbors lol, music is a direct reflection of their current mood (maybe also true for Aries moons), might turn the music off in the middle of a song or changes the song just a bit after it's started/skips the intro, isn't too focused on the song's meaning and is the type of person that listens to a song that makes 0 sense just because "the sound is sick.", uses shuffle a bunch, head banging is their go-to move
Taurus - Sabrina Carpenter reflects this so well! classy, feeling-myself-type music, plays music after finishing a bath and dancing in front of a mirror in only a robe or something because it's all about being sexy for yourself, songs like Honeymoon Fades by Sabrina Carpenter when they're in their Breakfast at Tiffany's mood lol, just vibes softly, probably also sings along because Hello? This is about Taurus? The sign that rules the throat and singing voice? (don't lie, you still listen to Lady Marmalade sometimes haha), listens to the whole song and is possibly even one of the signs who make those "1h of *insert song*" videos on YouTube lol, basically them in a silk robe at 3pm and they just took their morning bath on a Saturday and belt out some earthy high notes, soft sensual music is a must during certain activities *cough*(Kehlani lol)
Gemini - get the road trip playlist ready lol probably has a happy and sad playlist and plays those according to the mood and then overthinks the lyrics' relation with their life, pretty versatile music taste, probably listens to the Euphoria soundtrack, interprets lyrics and analyzes albums, the fan who comes up with the theories along with maybe Aqua and Sag lol, probably can't listen to a full song without skipping (I'm very guilty of this馃槵), uses shuffle and then doesn't like the song that comes up so shuffles again, always looks for song recs, confused as to what song to recommend so they don't like giving song recs, loves talking about music with others (might've been very good in music class in school), probably listens to music while studying, hand movements to accompany the songs are almost subconscious lol, the music on their phone goes Harry Styles Kiwi - Stray Kids Gone Days - Billie Eilish idon'twannabeyouanymore - Sabrina Carpenter Looking at Me... u get it haha
Cancer - number 1 goal is for music to sound comforting and accommodating to the current mood, some type of emotional connection with the tune is almost always given in terms of liked music, perhaps sticks to a handful of artists or genres, might doesn't like sharing their music with others/doesn't like people asking about what they listen to because it feels intrusive since their emotional connection with their music is very strong, another sign that enjoys oldies and reminisces through music as they might associate music with certain memories they've made, perhaps have the same music taste as their primary caretaker or like their music to feel nostalgic
Leo - the type to play music in their head 24/7 as if they were in a movie, music is a medium of expression and so is any form of art to them, when they listen to music they make it their own as they add their own personal touches to it (maybe add some riffs or invent new adlibs lol), especially when it comes to the meaning they may interpret it in a very personal way where it relates to them, definitely sings along lol but unlike Taurus will straight up start jumping around the room while holding a fake mic, acts like they're performing, music might be one of their hobbies, loves sharing their music with others, likes musical theater and listens to many soundtracks, is the DJ at a club lol, keeps up with celebrity stuff
Virgo - I have a Virgo 12th and Pisces in the 6th so lemme guess: you listen to very depressing music and then overthink it and what the lyrics could mean + how the problems in the lyrics can be solved/asses what the problem is and how to single things out in a little mindmap of similies and other means (basically very analytical), ear phones > just playing it for everybody (in the house) to hear, you like to have music on while you workout/take a shower/do daily tasks, you probably like lofi or anything that seems raw and has that college aesthetic lol, you enjoy a good spotify library with sorted out playlists, thank u next > sweetener (because you apprechiate pure honesty in music a lot and smell when there's big masking going on + you like raw emotion and thoughts), the BEAT THOUGH?, perhaps even did special music courses in school + knows some very specific vocab on music, and STUCKINMYBRAIN by Chase Atlantic is our anthem鉁岋笍
Libra - has a dark ass side nobody gets to see where they listen to Scissorhands by Maggie Lindemann or something like that but overall appears to have a very put together spotify with various playlists on it (literally one playlist for every mood: feeling myself, edgy, sad diluted in horny,...) with self-made aesthetic covers, probably sees the beauty in a lot of styles and different songs, thinks of how to possibly work out the issues talked about in the song or deal with them best, feels drawn to songs about either a relationship (failed, rocky or happy depending on their current mood) or duets, imagines themself as one of the people in the relationship lol, most likely will cross styles with Taurus once in a while, could never choose a favorite artist or song or playlist because they find beauty in all sounds and voices (might even sugarcoat or listen to problematic artists while they know the tea lol)
Scorpio - SCARES MY AIR DOMINANT ASS IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE because the emotional intensity to the songs they listen to is out the roof but they walk around the campus like this 馃檪, tnbh/ca/acrctic monkeys type person, actually finishes listening to a song and mostly even the whole playlist (doesn't even actually have playlists because it's just one big sequence of liked songs they just play), loves those slowed or edited ones with their favorite anime as the background lol, probably doesn't like sharing their music, you probably saw this coming but listens to music while being intimate with their partner, their music could be their theme song, taste in music is very specific and doesn't usually range widely
Sagittarius - road trip playlists on the ready, probably very into pop, impressed by how music can bring people from different places together, might listen to songs that are not in their native language (e.g my mom has Venus in Sag + Neptune in the 9th and LOVES Spanish music while she's Italian and only understands half of it lol), tries to figure out phylosophical meanings and learn something from the songs, might associate songs with people they've met/places they've visited (can also occur with Gemini), skips songs a bunch, may enjoy some country in secret lol, likes listening to party music as well (possibly house), listens to rather sad or deep music only when alone to recharge and let the sadness go, listen to whatever others like listening to without any trouble in social settings, uses music as a tool to learn (might've studied music in higher education or teaches music)
Capricorn - probably doesn't even have that much music on their phone, likes background music in restaurants/caf茅s etc., knows how to use music strategically and understands what music fits with what mood/how to convey a certain message through music, music might be their work (figures out an artist's best next move to make, defines "on brand" and what it means for each individual artist, works more in the background but wants to be credited on everything, possibly better known producer,...), sticks to the songs they like, use music as a media of description for themselves (might like sharing certain songs they listen to to impact settings in a certain way), likes music that is more sophisticated and classy, enjoys the same songs a lot (probably still listens to that one song they found in 2011 lol), the celebrity world is very known to them as they might listen to artists to support them rather than to actually enjoy their music lol
Aquarius - probably knows some really specific terms when it comes to music that they're just waiting to spit out (might also apply to Virgo here), open to new styles of music and, other than Sagittarius, listens to country or some other unusual or commonly judged genre openly and perhaps even to piss people off, loves finding bands that are underrated and probably already knew ca before they blew up, drawn to breathier voices (like Ariana Grande or Olivia Rodriguez - this holds especially true for Aqua Venuses), the type to be drawn to accents in music because they add personal touches, likes to use music as a means to connect with others, mainly though to feel understood, probably enjoys all kinds of genres, might make internet friends in fan bases, goes to a concert and comes back with three new friends and a few new accessories haha
Pisces - festivals are your home, music is spiritual and helps to cope with loss or emotional turmoil, mostly likes the melodies and doesn't really focus on the lyrics, adapts to people's music tastes and takes a few songs from each person to make their playlists, will make you a playlist with the songs they think you like instead with the songs they like, heavenly vocals > whatever they're saying, finds pleasure in every type of music tbf, especially likes Lana Del Rey or artists with an indie feel to them (probably also loves Billie Eilish), enjoys feeling connected on an emotional level with the music or even the artist, overshares about their personal connection with music lol, probably plays it in their ear phones 24/7 and lets songs come on as they want to, associates feelings with music, finds comfort and understanding in music, probably most likely to enjoy classical music along with Sag
Additional thoughts: you might be drawn to singers who have the planet you have aspecting your Neptune/Venus in the 2nd house/predominantly in their chart/the 10th or the sign in your 2nd/7th/Venus sign/Neptune sign in their 2nd/predominantly in their chart/the 10th. I find this to hold true a lot for the Venus sign (so eg you have a Cancer Venus, which could make you drawn to singers with Cancer/the moon in their 2nd or afflicted with their Taurus house, Libra house, Neptune etc. This could then determine what exactly it is you like about them: their voice (2nd house), their music style (Venus/Neptune), their image (10th house),...)
The planets involved might signify the core part of your personality that is touched by music or also the core parts of your personality that influence the way you view music (moon trine Neptune individuals might see music as something that truly touched their soul and it might even be a coping mechanism to help with emotional wounds/you might listen to it to accommodate to your current mood)
The signs can suggest the style of music you like, the singers/producers/writers you listen to the most, how you enjoy music, how your music consumption looks like, what the songs might be about or what sound they usually carry (basically what I talked about in the post)
Lastly, houses can show you what area of life music has most impact on, how your music consumption looks like and how outward/inward or sunconscious/conscious music is to you (a Neptune in the 5th house individual might enjoy sharing music and is pretty aware of their music consumption + likes sharing music with others while a Neptune in the 8th might be influenced by music more subconsciously and deeply while they keep their music consumption habits to themselves)
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fashionablyfailing128 months ago
Tumblr media
鈻禕SD Characters as Kids
Tumblr media
Note: i'm an assistant teacher during summer classes (extra-curricular ones + taekwondo & judo) in this local pre-school and have heard and seen some funny shit because kids are too blunt for their own good. And I saw the latest wan ep. So I thought, imma make headcanons as I drown in more unfinished work UwU. Teaching 'em is honestly rewarding but also wtf why are u squeezing ur face into the air conditioner get the fuck down kid- so yeah, here are some headcanons of bsd characters as kids i've encountered lmao.
If y'all would like a part two please let me know so I can drink 1 liter of coffee beforehand, I found it to be a fantastically effective writing tool at 2:00 am UwU. You know what i WILL make a part two and include the other organizations + characters lmao. Was supposed to include Yosano in this one, but since Kouyou is in part two...i just had to put them together man-
Warnings: swearing
Genre: Crack
Characters: Chuuya, Kaji, Akutagawa, Ranpo, Kenji, Kunikida, & Elise
Tumblr media
the one who tells everyone to sit the fuck down and be quiet because the teacher is talking, and is immaculate at making threats to shut them up.
Plus he's good friends with every authority figure. Consistent winner of the teacher's pet award and is not one bit ashamed of it.
He's the kid that will zoom straight at you when he sees you outside of school and is just so happy that you go to the same grocery store, and his parents mutter 'sorry' behind him cuz oh boy-
It's almost closing time and he's still talking to you, he will never stop talking to you, if you kindly attempt to say goodbye he'll start another topic.
"That's great! Um, how about you tell me on monday so everyone else can hear your story, sounds good?"
"Hmm, okay," and you think it's over but-
It's really nice to see him excited and happy to talk to you, when he'd usually act mature in class and suppress his inner gremlin, because he has to be perfect and do perfect or he'll cry for days.
but you also need to buy groceries so that you can eat something for dinner-
Make him in charge of listing the rowdy kids when you get called for a short meeting, and he'll cherish you forever, he feels so proud and will do anything to fulfill his duty.
That he often takes too far.
Like his classmates can't take a goddamn bathroom break because the moment they stand up their name is written in all caps and he is glaring at them.
"But i need to pee-"
You'll get complaints the moment you get back but you won't have the heart to tell him off because he genuinely thinks he's done the right thing.
And he'll have this bright smile plastered onto his face as he hands you his notebook and report every minor occurrence.
Not a surprise, but the entire class is listed.
he can't remember your name, although he knows you and what you look like, and you'll hear him repeatedly say another name until he finally pats you on the arm, or tug at your sleeve to catch your attention.
And realization hits you that oh, so you're the one he's calling. Then he just says hi, smile at you, ask you one very specific question, and go back to whatever he was doing.
Very wholesome, and you honestly wouldn't mind to repeat it for him, but why did you just ask how old my mom is and where she lives kid what-
He's also the kid that rarely talks but is friends with everyone, he just greets them and smiles, sometimes he starts a short conversation before hanging around the group and listening happily to whoever was talking.
The nicest 'it' during tag, like if another kid says "wait I need to tie my shoelaces!" he'll chase after someone else and let them be, and when he spots a kid struggling to run after everyone, he'll offer to be 'it' again.
Is also the type to make lots of cards and give you silly gifts, like a yo-yo and cool flashcards, if he enjoys it he'll share it with you and everyone cuz it makes him happy and he wants the same for y'all too.
Everyone likes him and he's always invited to birthday parties.
Ranpo 鈫
oh god he's in every picture. And it's fucking hilarious.
So you're taking a picture of another kid who's sticking their drawing to a bulletin board? He's throwing peace signs at the bottom.
Snapping a quick shot of two best friends smiling like they're about to break their jaws? He'll just speed in front of the camera and blur everything.
Probably has a photo with each classmate and shamelessly photobombs their picture with their parents.
but like, they can't deny him so they awkwardly put a hand on his head or something and let him stay for the picture.
Will brutally correct anyone, like it could be the most subtle error and he'll just look so offended and stand up from his seat to blurt out the right answer.
And he never stops yelling talking until you finally shush him and admit that he's right.
Certified candy stealer so nobody better make the mistake of leaving their sweets somewhere visible to him cuz he will get them, and once they realize their candy is gone-
He's already eaten it.
The laziest of them all, when you tell him to finish something he'll go "but my hands hurt" or "my stomach is aching"
But when you grab a drink and come back he's running with the other kids and wreaking havoc inside the classroom.
And once he notices you're back he's gonna clutch his stomach or head and be 'sick' again.
Best actor鈩 and is the infirmary's regular guest.
Chuuya 鈫
he loves teasing the other kids but tease him once and he will explode.
And challenging everyone he comes across is his trademark and when someone dares him with a "think you can do this?"
he fucking will and you have to stop him from breaking his bones or another person's bones.
almost anything you say can provoke him, but聽teasing him about a specific crush will just awaken a different kind of violence within him.
*classmate couldn't kick the target pad* "Haha, you suck"
"You're just moody because dazai is absent-"
" no one said you had a crush on him..."
Then he realizes this and lunges at whoever said it and you end up holding him back from being outright feral and slamming a kick pad onto their face.
Naturally skilled in anything physical, teach him a move once and you'll see him use it the next lesson like he's done it a hundred times before. Pretty decent at school work too.
He hands his homework and workbooks early, and practices the exercises diligently, but this fact is often overlooked because he鈥檚 a magnet for trouble.
Oh and if anyone talks shit about said crush behind their back, he'll go off.
He also insults them from time to time but if someone else tries to-
War. Just war.
Akutagawa 鈫
dislikes most of the other kids, has one or two people he's friends with but is still a bit closed-off, and he plays with them while waiting for his parents to pick him up.
But no one knows much about him apart from his name.
Everyone is lowkey scared of playing with him, because he gets competitive in games and his strength is no joke either.
Like he'll go "tag!" And the other kid nearly kisses the ground even though he just patted them on the arm. He doesn't do this on purpose though, and struggles to apologize despite being genuinely sorry.
But a little bit of help and he'll be able to say sorry without sounding mad.
He's aloof to most people, but you'll often find him taking his sister's bags, her lunchbox and water jug, until all she has to bring is herself, and he'll hold her hand when they go down the stairs or uneven pavements.
Is really nice but has a hard time showing it, and he might be quiet, but try opening a topic about his favorite show and your eardrums are blasted into oblivion.
Kid, i'm glad to see you have something you're very enthusiastic about-
But chill.
Also he really loves Bakugo, like really.
she pits other kids against each other for fun and relishes in the outcome as she denies having anything to do with it.
*points at a random kid* "he said you have no friends"
*moves to the kid she just pointed at* "you see him? That kid called you a wimp"
And she's gonna spread the word that those two are gonna fight and make bets on who's gonna win, then proceeds to watch the chaos like it's a movie.
Has a way of knowing most kids secrets, though she won't reveal them to anyone...
That is if they abide by her rules and follow everything she says, "tell teacher you saw me break my arm so I can go home, and no will know you steal crayons"
Rich kid鈩
Has the most expensive snacks, and never gives anybody some as she eats them in front of the other kids. But she'll have one best friend that gets a small share, other than them everyone else can starve.
She's still a little mean even to her best friend, but if she sees another kid bully them she'll make sure that kid will end up at the principal's office clueless and scared.
If you give her something her intial response is something along the lines of "I've seen better" or just plain "ew" but you'll find her wearing friendship bracelets that she called 'ugly and cheap'.
the I don't even wanna know kid. You'll catch him do the weirdest most questionable shit ever and you just let him be as long as it won't get him killed and end in arson.
Sometimes he goes into an empty room and just sing so dramatically, he has riffs for each goddamn word in the song and belts out the parts that aren't really meant to be belted out.
Knows more than kids his age should know, sometimes in an academic manner, especially in science, but he has heard and seen some things.
Things you'd rather not ask.
Snitches on his parents, like he'll barge into the teacher or principal's office and spill the tea. Even if you stop him.
Let me give you an example with Gin as his classmate and Hirotsu as principal:
Gin: what is sex?
Hirotsu: excuse me??? Where did you learn that word???
Gin: I saw the word in a history book, what does it mean-
Kaji: you don't know??? It's when the bed starts to rock and your parents make sounds like AHH-
Hirotsu: ALRIGHT THAT'S ENOUGH *faces Kaji* tell your parents to contact me, we need to talk. They need to get you a separate room.
Kaji: okay * laughs and looks at Gin* I almost fell off the bed one time-
Hirotsu: Kaji.
He can never say anything without screaming and the other kids hate sitting with him on the bus during field trips.
But he's crazy smart so they love being paired with him during projects, and is a consistent winner in academic contests. Also has the most creative ideas that earn him 1st place in extra-curriculars.
Has eaten food that fell on the floor once and played it off with a smile.
Tumblr media
People please be careful around kids, they will tell everone everything they see or hear around the house, the Kaji one is something I actually heard and I felt second-hand embarassment for her parents so damn hard. But I secretly laughed too oop couldn't look em in the eyes for months JHSSHSHSG also im very proud of the kid I referenced for Kenji because she was able to call my name correctly by the end of the school year, and has improved her speech a lot, im so happy for her and thankful that her parents aren't the type to pressure kids into learning things too quickly. Also I went outside to get coffee today, and they kinda made a mistake and forgot to make the macchiato decaffeinated, but I was too shy to tell them so I guess im not sleeping tonight either UwU
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tobi-momo5 months ago
songs that i associate with the haikyuu boys/girls for some odd reason and it just makes sense to me
I just need this out of my head also this is just my opinion/thoughts on this shit so <3
Tumblr media
Still into You - Paramore | Bokuto (idk why i think its the upbeat vibe and itd make such a good fic honestly 馃槱)
All The Things She Said - t.A.T.u | Karasuno first years (OKOK HEAR ME OUT: yachi singing, tsukki on drums, yamaguch on bass (HIM AS A BASS PLAYER HOLYMKASDK), kageyama on electric (main bc im biased shut up) and hinata on the other guitar)
No Diggity - Blackstreet, Dr. Dre, Queen Pen | Haikyuu captains/Iwaizumi (i honestly feel like thay would all ESPECIALLY KUROO would get DOWN to this song oml i love this)
I Can't Handle Change - Roar | Yamaguchi (again i- I JUST- the second half of the song ESPECIALLY)
Let It Happen - Tame Impala | Iwaoi (SPECIFICALLY their friendship bc i love it and this song OH MY GOD FITS SO WELL JESUS THE EMOTINOGDLFG)
Jealous - Eyedress | Kenma (guitar riff, the vibes NOT the lyrics or the mans voice it lowkey sucks but shhh)
You Get Me So High - The Neighbourhood | Tsukishima (im actually writing a fic ab this rn bc holy shit this song??? fucking amazing and tsukishima i think would fit this so well honestly i just *chefs kiss*)
Kiss Me More - Doja Cat, SZA | all the haikyuu boys (bc i fucking said so and its just 馃槱馃槱鉂椻潡)
bad guy - Billie Eilish | Tsukishima/Suna (ok dont ask i genuinely dont know)
Dick - StarBoi3, Doja Cat | almost everyone ESP ATSUMU (dhmu currently questioning why im doing this in the first place)
Throw A Fit - Tinashe | Suna (bc. fucking bc.)
Run - Joji | some of Karasuno lemme put you on something rq: Asahi singing (it fits cmon), Tsukishima on drums, Yamaguchi on bass (my hcs have NOT changed), this one hinata is a back up singer bc honestly I love that and kageyama is the hot guitar player (THAT GUITAR SOLO THOO????? HELLO??)
On My Own - Darci | Suna (again ik I'm sorry)
The Chain - Fleetwood Mac | Iwaizumi (I don't have an explanation for this one every time hIear the song tho his face pops up)
Deceptacon - Le Tigre | Kenma (I just thinks its pretty nice)
Tumblr media
i might add more later but ya I'm not tagging this I just wanna post it anyways so ya here <3
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thestaplesa month ago
pov: you're watching the six the musical sunday matinee in the west end
... and suddenly the lights go out.
ok, back up a bit.
pre-show they were playing what sounded like the medieval version of woman like me (we stan british icons little mix)
then after what felt like an eternity the lights go out
there's smoke
the queens appear. one by one through the curtain.
'divorced... beheaded... died...' *the sound here actually sounds like a blade* 'divorced... beheaded... survived.'
the team who does lights at six needs a pay raise
'and today london we are LIIIIIIIIIIIIVE' HARMONIES baby. i transcended
actually, i think i heard an even higher harmony than usual -- might've been sophie!howard?
lights did come back around now and when i saw jaye'j, nat may paris, and lexi it was. indescribable. don't get me wrong i adore all the queens!!!! but i started with the original west end cast so it was literally a dream come true.
'listen up let me tell you a story' the little riff SLAYED ME
'my sleeves may be green' funny awkward moment there because we got cj!boleyn and no no no, those were not green sleeves. but i had green sleeves that day on purpose so i was living
sophie did the howard growl and let me tell YOU.
was there a script change i missed because she did 'prick up your ears, I'M the katherine who lost her head' not 'for'?
anyway at this point i was faint already
'LONDON! remember us from your gcses?' now i personally wasn't from this system but boyyyy do they know their target audience.
'the firmest' 'the fullest' i happened to be looking at nat!seymour here. what a gem
gonna be real with you guys i felt like the intro was a tad long. but it sets the scene and they were side-splittingly hilarious so
also i love LOVE that they intro the ladies in waiting and have the audience give them a hand. ladies!!! couldn't do without them. (my show was conducted by arlene!joan for anyone who was wondering!)
no way (jaye'j)
so we go into MARIA! give me a beat, and the queens were doing the head thing. and jaye'j!aragon has legitimately HUGE aragon vibes, like she's regal but also sassy as heck. and the way she does the 'give me a beat', she goes all soft and haughty for a sec
'i'll go' is so sad. and then immediately she jumps back into sass and cocks her head. what're you gonna do about it henry
the aragon ad lib run was So Cool what do you mean...
'ahhh donde esta my crown por favor' the amount of sheer satisfaction in that sigh. peak comedy
don't lose ur head (cj)
there's something about the tone that a lot of performers give boleyn. it's a little... nasal and positioned more to the front. icon
the sorry not sorry background dance had the part where they push their heads back into position and i really liked it
'are you... blind...' and cj!boleyn gestured to the whole of herself like... hello......
she did a hint of cockney and i thoroughly enjoyed that
the last chorus where they rock out and cj did the sorry NOT sorry high note/squeak?? the vibes!!! it sounds a bit like a cross between bratty child/rocker and i actually really respect that
'don't lose your head' BAM the lights hit and from where i'm seated wayyyy above the stage, ONLY HER HEAD IS ILLUMINATED BY BLUE LIGHT. I CAN ONLY SEE HER HEAD. do you realise how creepy that is
bonus: with feeling, 'catherine was a maaaassive --' cue everyone gasping and grabbing her. let the girl speak
heart of stone (nat may paris)
nat my GIRL
she sounded so broken... my heart.....
'i... i loved him' THE WAY she looked out at us. a little defensive. a little defeated. but standing firm. JUST.
her voice is so beautiful. the way it cuts through the silence. less is really more in this one
the high flip in 'truthfully'. angel.
'soon i'll have to go... i'll never see him grow' she smiles so sadly
the choir in the last chorus is really good though
also i can't remember where the iconic 'oh boO HOOOO!!! bAbY mArY got the CHICKEN POX' etc all the way to 'when i wanted to hold my NEWBORN SON. i. DIED!!!!!!' line goes, but i DO remember aragon looking absolutely flabbergasted. and seymour going back to being all angelic. WILDIN
haus of holbein
what can i say yall you already know it was hysterical
'nine inches' in person is even funnier than the soundtrack
'but we cannot guarantee that you'll still walk at 40' remains MY FAVOURITE HOLBEIN LINE TO DATE. the sudden posh british accent. what.
get down (lexi)
'it was just...' *looks around tearfully* *heaves a sigh* *lip quivers* *grins* '... tragic.'
YOU KNOW lexi just owns get down do i even need to tell you
get down choreo is elite. change my mind
'as he takes my fur' crowd went nuts for the red cleves costume. DANG.
the slow mo 'get down' where everyone flails in synchrony was really weird but it's so fun
the girl whom cleves picked to dance actually danced so hard she LITERALLY caused a sensation. like cleves ended up having to tell her to 'get down' i'm not even kidding you
all you wanna do (sophie)
k howard roast fest yall.
'jane. dying? of natural causes? WHEN WILL JUSTICE BE SERVED'
'catherine. surviving.'
as someone who's not often the tallest object in the room, a howard on the petite side is very much appreciated
yall know the song i don't need to tell you. the grabbing choreo before every chorus was actually very disturbing in person though.
'just mates, no chemistry' ahh love the british
chills when the lights went out. they had a single spotlight illuminating her head (like boleyn) except this time it was even more obvious somehow.
remember howard's head tilts up during the gasp so her eyeline was right at the grand circle where i was. and i don't think sophie moved or even blinked when we just BROKE OUT into applause. WELL. DESERVED.
i don't need your love (hana)
yoooo HANA!PARR GUYS. gonna admit i wasn't very much up to date on how good hana is but she was an INCREDIBLE parr. absolutely top notch, she had the vibes and the VOCALS? don't even get me started.
the bit where they're waiting for parr to start her 'song' and she's standing there awkwardly. yeah seymour held her arms up wayyyy beyond the part where parr refused to sing and cleves had to put her arms down for her.
also i'm pretty sure boleyn went 'you wot' off mic
so like hana's vocals are REALLY pretty... like she really suits parr... idk guys i have feelings about this
she's so sweet and stuff
also it was really funny how the queens collectively stood up and decided parr's song was a jam. it was so sudden. one minute they were sitting there and then they were like. yeah man this slaps.
AND IT SLAPPED YOOO. i really like hana!parr. idk.
'oh no, we should've thought of this before. then we could've done a FAKE COMPETITION... and COME TOGETHER AGAIN at the end...' 'but we CAN'T do that now...' *all six of them turn to look at audience*
'ok well that's it then' *everyone starts to walk away*
yeah i used to think it was strange how they went from wanting to yeet each other offstage to being besties in like an hour and a half tops
ok wait every time they have a section that's more speech than singing my memory gets SUPER jumbled
the part where boleyn brings the house down with her patriarchy speech. HOOOOOBOYYY!!!!
the bit where they don't know what to do with the show. and then they sort of stand around on their own at different parts of the stage. i feel like they stood there in silence for at least 2 minutes to the point where the audience was like...?..???...???????
when they do the slow bit where they pass along the line 'we're one... of a kind... no category...' and came together it was so sweet
six is like my favourite song i think. there's so much joy in it
WE'RE SIX. the pose!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!!
got my phone out, i was going to want to film it
i wanted to get on my feet but also there were people behind me and i would've blocked 'em
I CAUGHT THE 'are you ready? london, HERE WE GO!' on film and my heart. that thing BURST
i tried to get a shot of each queen during her solo, but the lighting was nasty and i was too far away
i did get hana in the signature parr pose though! the one where she... gets down LOL when she's belting her bit
also the backups for boleyn are doing the head tilt which is swag
there was so much joy in this one too!!! and i got the ending pose woooOOOOOOO
i'm sososo happy i got to see six!!!
they are absolute angels
everything is put together with so much care. and a terrific sense of humour
anyway i adore this show and it really was a dream come true
thanks if you guys read till the end!!!! <33
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fictionadventurer5 months ago
I love writing, but I can't do humour. I love to read really witty, clever, pun-filled, character-driven humour, but the problem is, anything I write ends up sounding clunky and as if a cringey, overenthusiastic preschool teacher said it. What do I do if my characters are heaps funnier than me and I can't do them justice??
I'm surprised that you asked me this question, since I don't think I'm particularly good at writing humor, but I'll try to help. From your question, it sounds like you already have the funny content in your head, but just need to figure out how to put it on the page.
Some possible tips that might help:
Brevity is the soul of wit, so try to use as few words as possible for your jokes. "As few as possible" varies according to the type of humor and the characters involved, but using the minimum amount of words makes the humor snappier.
With that said, understand the type of rhythm that you're going for in a work. A Wodehouse style of zany narration will be wordier than a modern snappy, snarky dialogue scene. Figure out the style of writing that provides the kind of humor you want.
It helps to read your work aloud. Listen to the rhythm of the prose, watch for any clunky wording that interrupts the flow, then smooth away any rough spots.
If the humor is coming from the dialogue, try to minimize the beats and descriptions surrounding them. (And minimize dialogue tags) This helps the jokes stay front-and-center, so the humor shines more clearly.
If you can, develop your jokes with someone. Talk about the work or the characters, and don't be afraid to riff on the material to find the funny points of a scene or situation. Getting other brains in there can bring up jokes you might not think of, and playing off of each other can create a more natural rhythm to the humor.
Let the humor flow from the characters. A joke might be great in isolation, but if it isn't something that the character would say in that situation, then it's going to sound clunky and out of place.
Let the characters play off of each other. You can get a lot of humor out of the wildly varying ways that different characters react to a situation or to each other.
Don't underestimate the power of a good "straight man"--the character whose sensible sentences set up crazy responses from the loonier characters. It provides two different types of voices, which can do a lot to keep the humor from sounding too cluttered or clunky.
Watch movies. Listen to radio comedy routines. Listen to audiobooks. Watch Youtube videos and sitcoms, anything that provides jokes in audio form. This can help you understand what style and speed of humor you find funniest. Humor is a lot like music--it's all about timing. Listening to it, rather than reading it, puts the humor in a format that showcases the comedic timing. It also helps those "rhythms" to get stuck in your head so the humor flows more naturally when you're writing your story.
Remember that even if your characters can come up with a witty retort on the spot, you have a lot longer to work on the material. The sentence that takes two seconds to read can be added after months of considering the scene. Even if you write a clunky scene, you can always go back and edit to make things funnier.
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matthewgreywolf4 months ago
a simple call of the wild review that is totally professional and not way too detailed by me (February)
It's gonna be a bit of comparing to previous powerwolf albums/songs and remember everything is my own opinion. If you disagree/agree we may talk about it in a civilized way, I actually love talking to others about this shit!
But otherwise (hate, insults, etc.) you can keep your opinion somewhere where I can't see it :) Also, the album has barely been out for a day and things change with time and I may grow to like certain things more. (but there's not too much that I don't like tbh) But I hope you enjoy this metalhead-gremlin's ramblings!
Faster than the flame
I had to listen to it quite a few times before I could say anything about it. It's a powerful start into the new album, however, it is (as previously stated) powerful but didn't blow me away like the first songs on the previous albums. (Fire &forgive, Blessed &possessed, amen & attack - wait am I just now noticing a pattern here? oh my god. Anyway.) Maybe I got that personal feeling that I want it to be Fire & Forgive, which is, of course, not possible and would be boring. So i think I'm not even critizing the song but rather the order of the songs.
It feels like a typical powerwolf song; both lyrics and instrumental. Fast, heavy, something about flames and burning - awesome. The two Latin parts (I think it's called the pre-chorus? man, I have no idea and will just throw around these words because my internet connection is too bad to look this up. But if you listen, you'll know which parts I mean.) already give me goosebumps. I also really, really liked the bridge (again?? idk??) aka the "flame, flame, burning wild in heavens name" part. This was the most memorable part for me after the first time listening. Of course, the guitar arrangement throughout the whole song is just... god bless. I must say that using the word "pastor" is dangerous because my stupid brain keeps thinking Attila is singing about "pasta" again... Oh well, moving on!
Beast of Gevaudan
Man, I've been listening almost non-stop since it was released as a single! At first, my head was comparing it somewhat to army of the night but after a few times this feeling was gone and it became an awesome new idea/song. The choir and orchestra part are so well placed and support the rest of the instrumental and Attila's voice perfectly. Again, much fast, very powermetal. I've grown very fond of the guitar solo. The lyrics tell us a little about the story of the beast and I. Love. Storytelling. In. Songs. Glad matthew finally came around to put his idea out there!
This song also has a video, which left me speechless at first. I love Attila's acting so much??? And making this sort of their own story of Jesus was such a cool idea. Production is high quality as well (didn't expect anything less after The Sacrament of Sin MVs) and there were really nice shots in there. I doubt that I will get tired of this song and this video anytime soon!
Dancing with the dead
That choir stuff in the beginning, following by that awesome guitar riff already had me. I couldn't stop listening to this one either. This might be, in my opinion, the most catchy song on the whole album. The intruments are in perfect harmony with Attila's heavenly voice. The transition into the guitar solo is so damn smooth and well done. I'm having a whole crisis about how good this song is.
The lyrics are interesting too! Again, there's a story to be told. As far as I can interpret it, being introduced to some darker powers and growing to enjoy them, despite previously having lots of faith, is what's going on here. It has this slight feeling of... corruption (in a good way of course). This makes me want to go dancing (with the dead)
This one also has a video! Once again, very high quality. Every band member had their "special moments/shots" and just looked stunning. But Attila left them all behind this time. Slow dancing, in a suit, with that smirk on his lips??? Well done, my dude.
This one's dark and heavy. It brings me back to the good ol' times of Lupus Dei and Bible of the Beast. Just with more orchestra, choir and overall harmony. It makes me so happy that Powerwolf is using so many real life legends and figures on this album! And they did such a good job with them as well. If this song was alive, it would be a scary beast.
The typical metal elements and orchestra/choir parts are very well balanced. And the organ throughout the whole song is fitting. It supports the dark and sinister feeling of the whole thing. My favourite part may be the "And as army we bing fire..." parts! Man, I just love werewolves. Also, I think Attila's famous gibberish singing made a return in this one!
Alive or undead
Oh boy,here we go. The piano in this one is incredible. "Here we STAAAAAAND!" Goosebumps and shivers. Everything about this is so emotional andreading the lyrics while listening just makes me want to cry, ok?! T_T Powerwolf has become so flexible, exploring different ways to make music. This could have been some kind of typical powermetal song but it's not and I'm glad about it.
Even if it's a little different, they never stray to far from what makes them special. The few parts, reminding one of typical church music would not have been necessary but are appreciated! They know when to leave out the guitars and go slowly. What bothers me a little, is that it somehow feels like Attila's voice had a tiny bit more potential up to the chorus. It could've been a little bit softer? if i can put it that way. But honestly this song is raw emotion and everything still fits together. If you thought their first ballad was emotional, buckle up, this one kicked me right in the feels.
Blood for blood (Faoladh)
Powerwolf ventures again into the folk metal territory and successfully conquers it! Could be a headline of something. Anyway, this song is a very worthy successor of Incense & Iron! It just makes me happy, its melody is so light - combined with your typical Powerwolf lyrics. Perfect song to start jumping up and down! It radiates motivational energy. Just like Dancing with the dead, this song has a very smooth transition to the guitar parts.
The melody is strong but still easy enough to quickly get into it! I can barely sit still and write this aaaa. Seriously, I am just happy with this song and will go jump and headbang a while to it!
I have returned from jumping and oh no. It's a German song. Bold of them to go all out on that Latin beginning... it works really well though! It might be because I'm German but this song hits hard. Very hard. It's not easy to make this language sound good and ( if you don't happen to know much about German) the lyrics consist of a bunch of old words and grammar you wouldn't normally use anymore. But they made it fucking work!!! The quiet verses only make the pre-chorus and chorus itself heavier and blow me away. And SOMEHOW this super epic song with (made up, at least I'm pretty sure they don't exist like that) Latin words is about.. you know what Powerwolf writes about a lot. And I LOVE that. It's so subtle and only if you read into it, you're like "wait a minute".
This song has a feeling of corruption too. But not in a good way this time. It feels evil and intimidating and - honestly, I can't get enough of it. Everyone of my neighbours will think I'm some kind of weird Christian fanatic because I WILL yell "Glaubenskraft" just as much as I yelled "Stossgebet". Worth it, tho.
Call of the wild
The song with the same title as the album! (or the other way around, whatever.) This song is just catchy from the beginning to the end. Like many other songs its fast and hard. Just how I like it. Don't take that out of context.
The lyrics and instruments go wild (haha get it), with a really neat Latin pre-chorus. It's very fun to listen to. Personally, it makes me feel like I belong to the pack. That we're strong together, that we can say fuck it once in a while and just go crazy. The chanted part near the end of the song reminds me strongly of Sanctified with dynamite (ya know "die, die dynamite" and "call, call, call of the wild") and it's really cool they pick up on old things once again. Be it intentional or not. It's a reminder that they still are who they were back then - and their music is still fucking incredible.
Simply an epic song, strong vocals, strong guitars. I really, really like the intro. Attila has to sing so many words in such little time, does he even need to breathe now and then?
Now I'm wondering what came first; the album title or the track title? Chicken or the egg?
Sermon of swords
First of all: WHAT IS THAT OMINOUS VOICE IN THE BEGINNING. Mark me down as horny and scared. Ahem.
I really like how the verse and the chorus have their own theme and melody going on and yet they're connected. The chorus is super catchy too! And just say it yourself "Sermon of swords", how cool does it sound??? The choir in the beginning is a really neat introduction into the whole song. The lyrics match the whole album, very much a soundtrack to go on a crusade to, like Raise your fist, Evangelist or Christ & Combat. Just... "AAMEEN!" Ok, I'm actually going insane here, calm down, Feb. These might be my favourite lyrics of the whole album I think?? (unless I said that somewhere else already, then i have more than one favourite.)
The whole song has a more "classical" feeling to it, not only in the Powerwolf sense but also in the Heavy Metal sense in general. BUT. Orchestra and choir are prefectly mixed, especially supporting Attila in the chorus. The guitar solo is really cool and sounds very Greywolf-y, if you know what I mean. It's just Matthew's style.
Undress to confess
The name of this song says it all. This is your friendly reminder that no matter how much they preach about Jesus or the Devil, Powerwolf should not be taken too seriously. When I first saw the title I couldn't help but chuckle a little.
The melody is pretty catchy and easy to remember, the organ and general approach reminds me of Demons are a girl's best friend. I absolutely love how the lyrics are on that thin line of somewhat poetic and ridiculous. Let me provide two examples here: "all the world we posess for desire and sin we carress" - man, this sounds pretty.
And there's also "dressed to hide the dark, and obsessed to ride him hard on the.... crucifix." Yeah, I... I don't know what I expected here. Anyway, this is how you describe church sex without actually using explicit words. (why are you booing me, i'm right)
Still really nice to listen to and have a good time!
Reverent of rats
We arrived at the last song of the album! And here we picked up on the speed and power again! The way the organ is played during the verses makes it so... sinister. Again, this piece reminds me of Lupus Dei. The verses keep the sinister feeling while the chorus picks up more... drama? An epic melody mixed with epic words make my soul ascend to heaven.
This guitar solo is also the absolute good shit. It might be my favourite from all the songs of this album?! Additionally, the drums? I don't know why but they really stand out here. Love how fast paced they are.
Aaaaand that's it! If you've read all the way through holy shit, you are actually a badass. Thank you for staying with me, my werewolf friend. Maybe we'll meet where the wild wolves have gone. But always remember: Metal is religion.
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beomglocks10 months ago
sk8ter boi ;
Tumblr media
summary : he was a boy, she was a girl. can i make it anymore obvious?
pairing : skaterboy!beomgyu x reader
warnings & other : reader already has a child with yeonjun ok, beomgyu still pining after all these years, based off queen avril lavigne鈥檚 sk8ter boi song, listen while reading if you want聽
w/c : 2.1K (i may have gotten carried away)
Tumblr media
"where'd you get that note and roses from?" your friend maria asks you when you get into class. you wipe away your smile quickly, already knowing who the mystery person was. "i don't know."
yeah, of course you knew. how could you not when the boy oh so clumsily shoved them in your locker while you were literally turning the corner. he tried to act like he wasn't doing anything but he was clearly caught. he tried to play it off in the best way possible and smooth talk his way into a conversation with you but you shut him down due to the bell ringing.
"oh- oh ok sure...yeah," beomgyu stumbled over his words, nervousness eating away at him with you being here. "yo gyu you coming? i just finished fixing my drum kit," his friend, jeongin, calls him over, interrupting your already over conversation.
"you should go...but thanks for whatever you just threw in my locker," you laugh. he nods hesitantly, rubbing the back of his head with his hand. "dude," jeongin now stands in your vicinity. he looks at you and beomgyu before pulling away his best friend to where the spare band room was.
"well open the letter, we wanna know who your little secret admirer is," maria says, leaning onto your desk. your other friends agree, eager to know who was pining over you. you laugh nervously before opening it. you're not sure how they'll react to finding out that it's beomgyu.
you see, you wouldn't exactly call yourself the prettiest girl in the school but hell it sure was close. almost everyone would compliment you every day even if it was something minor like a change in your nail color. you kind of prided yourself in that, not to gas yourself up or anything.
someone like beomgyu...well. he wasn't exactly the ideal guy, to put it simply. he was a skater boy, he hung out with the "simple boys" who skated and did music and hung out around the skate parks after school. he wasn't the scholar type like soobin or the athlete type like yeonjun, he was simple.
you liked simple but your friends didn't. they had preferences for people like soobin and yeonjun, not people like beomgyu. you could probably guess they felt like beomgyu was the bottom of the barrel, like a roach on their foot not worthy of their time.
you pull the letter out of the envelope. for some reason without even trying, you could smell his cologne all over it. you want to smile at the obvious try hard gesture but your friends don't allow it. "what the fuck is that smell, it's so strong," maria gags. you roll your eyes at her dramatics. "it doesn't smell that bad."
"yes the fuck it does," she retorts. "just see what it says." you read over the letter, smiling at certain parts where you could tell he'd done his research on the things you liked. "it's from beomgyu," you say when you finish the letter. you already knew this anyway but maria's eyes go wide and she suddenly snatches the letter from your grasp. "hey!"
"CHOI beomgyu?" she asks while she reads the letter herself. "yeah?" you confirm.
your other friends mumble amongst themselves and you can hear some snicker. "y/n you could do so much better. beomgyu is like a street rat or something. don't do that to yourself," she laughs like it's the funniest thing she's ever said. you don't think beomgyu's that bad but you also don't stand up for him, simply biting your lip as she continues.
"he barely comes to school and when he does all he does is sleep. he skates with those other weirdos and thinks he's gonna make it big with his shitty guitar playing- i mean have you heard him?" she rolls her eyes, throwing the letter back on your desk. "you should go out with yeonjun, i think yall would be a cute couple. the prettiest girl with the coolest guy, your babies would be so damn cute."
"babies?!" you laugh at her ridiculousness. "yes! have you seen choi yeonjun?" she sighs in content. "anyways, don't pay beomgyu any mind because he's not gonna make it in life. go for someone like yeonjun and please for the love of god throw that letter away!"
you never did throw the letter away. you sigh as you think back to your high school years. you had just found it hidden behind one of the closet drawers while you were looking for valkyrie's binkie. she was crying so much since her father had gone out for the day and you were stuck taking care of her, as always.
you wonder how beomgyu was doing. you both talked after the fact but fell off during college since he had gone off to do his own thing. you didn't know what that thing was but you were proud of him nonetheless. you finished high school, went to college, got a good paying job, and were now married with a kid. all at the young age of 21. the typical life, you figure.
you're snapped out of your thoughts when you hear your child crying in the next room. "shit," you mumble to yourself. you leave the letter in your drawer and head back to the living room with the binkie. "valkyrie~" you sing song.
she continues crying, not giving a fuck about your efforts to calm her. she was usually a bit of a daddy's girl. "val please stop crying," you exasperate. "daddy's not coming home until late today. cut me some slack babygirl."
you slip the binkie into her mouth but her shrill cries go right through it. "let me go see if you need a diaper change," you mutter.
before you can even get up from the couch you hear your phone ring from somewhere in the couch. "shit where did i put my phone?" you put valkyrie down to look for your phone but it stops ringing before you can begin searching. you wait for it to ring again you find it between the cracks of the couch.
"oh hey mari," you say in confusion. after high school ended, you and maria kind of fell off along with all your other popular friends. you still had that clout all throughout college given who you were dating but you kind of strayed away from her. you guys were still on speaking terms though but this call was odd since it had been months since the last time she called.
"GIRL-" she pauses for a moment, still as dramatic as ever. "what it is mari? val won't stop crying she needs attention," you sigh, looking over at your daughter. her cries had gotten softer but she was still grumpy about not being with her father.
"girl turn on your tv to MTV right now- like right now before you miss it!" she says hurriedly. "this better be good you know i dont watch those shows," you say into the phone. you place the phone between your ear and shoulder so you can hold valkyrie while watching whatever it was that maria wanted you to watch.
then you see it. "is that-?" you begin. "CHOI beomgyu! yes girl!" maria finishes your sentence. she's right. there he is, the boy you were just thinking about was on your tv screen. "he's famous?" you ask.
maria sucks her teeth, "apparently after high school and like a year or two of college, he dropped out to pursue a music career and i guess it worked out for him." you nod even though she can't see you. "he signed with a label and now he's in like some super fucking famous band, look at him," she continues.
you stare at your tv screen in silence, watching beomgyu have the time of his life on the MTV stage. he really did get good on his guitar. the camera pans to the drummer and your eyes go wide when you see jeongin. wow, they really stayed together this whole time.
"he's fine as hell," you admit. you hear maria cackle on the other side, "you said it, he looks so attractive playing guitar like that, look at his fingers."
"ok alright maria, i have a child right next to me," you say. she laughs again, "anyways, i got tickets to their next show. you wanna come with?"
you're not sure how you managed to convince yeonjun to stay home with the baby while you went out with maria to this concert, but you did it. he was skeptical of letting you go out with what you were wearing which is why you both argued before you eventually stormed out to go anyways.
when you met up with maria outside the venue she looked up and down with a knowing smile. "i thought that pussy belonged to mr. choi yeonjun? what're you all dressed up for?"
"dressed up?" all you were wearing was a black and white bandana for a top and tight leather pants and comfortable shoes. "do the pants really have to hug your ass like that though?" she jokingly slaps your butt and you glare at her. "that's what yeonjun said," you mumble to yourself.
the concert goes smoothly and you're glad you actually got to see beomgyu in person and playing guitar. one thing about choi beomgyu is that he will play guitar like it's his last day on earth. he plays with so much intensity that you almost feel bad for the guitar.
you could almost feel how the crowd's energy in this packed room transferred to the members. if it was even possible, they started to play with more vigor.
at some point, beomgyu was full on immersed in his own playing. his once fluffy hair was now soaked with sweat and covering his forehead and eyes. he kept headbanging along to the beat while skillfully moving his fingers along the strings of the guitar.
during the middle of one of their songs, beomgyu took the center stage for his guitar solo. it was a fast paced riff that just seemed to give the song more life. his head is down so that it's solely focused on the guitar but once he finished the hardest part of the riff he looked up smugly. the crowd went absolutely mad when beomgyu bit his lip during the rest of his solo.
you had to admit the boy had stage presence, you practically almost re-fell in love with him.
after the show, you and maria went to get refreshments at the nearby bar. beomgyu seemed to already be there talking to one of his members so you took this opportunity to speak with him. you wonder if he'll remember you after all these years but you take your chances.
"beomgyu!" you shout over the music that's playing in the background. he whips his head around to the sound of his name being called and smiles lightly when he sees you. when you get to him, he subtly looks you up and down, taking in your body and attire. "y/n is that you?" he says, his voice laced with something teasing.
"you remember me?" you ask him with a smile. "how could i forget a face like yours," he smiles, leaning back. you laugh and he smiles. "i just saw you on stage, i never thought you'd become this huge! congrats!"
he nods, "yeah, i always wanted to make it big you know." he trails off, looking over you again like he's entranced somehow. "so how's life? you still with-"
"yeonjun...yeah we um- we have a," you finish nervously. did he really have to bring yeonjun up right now. "a kid?" he says, surprised. "let me see."
you show him a selfie of you and valkyrie that you took at a time when she wasn't completely hating your existence and wanting to cuddle her father instead of you. he laughs and leans back once again, "she's cute like you, she definitely got her mom's features."
"yeah and she's got her dad's attitude," you say, mostly to yourself but beomgyu catches it. "oh yeah! i wanted to say, i really like that one song you played, uh- fairy?"
"fairy of shampoo? yeah we added our own little rock twist to it," he says. "you know the lyrics are actually about y-" your phone cuts him off and you apologize, turning away to answer it. "what is it yeonjun"
beomgyu sighs in frustration when he hears you say that. when you finish talking you turn back to him and he has his eyebrow raised in question. "looks like my fun is over," you laugh dryly. he nods in understanding, "before you go though, let me get your number so we can catch up sometime."
you agree, not wanting to pass up the chance to reconnect with your now famous friend.
"maybe we'll see each other around gyu," you smile, beginning to walk away.
he smiles at the old nickname, waving you off, "i sure hope so."
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writersmilex6 months ago
Recycled Metal.
Dethklok x 聽Reader.
Summary : when (Y/n) hits rock bottom. their pals are here to help.
"wheres (Y/n)? I miss them." Toki wonders. "well ah, Toki, (Y/n) is working hard to sustain themselves. You know they work a minimum wage job after all." Charles explains to Toki. "have you seen 'them lately? She's really workin' themselves to death." Pickles comments, sounding quite worried. "*Riff*ing, economy isch really schucking the schoul outa those minimum wage loschers..." Murderface murmurs, crossing his arms.
"Ja, poors (Y/n) can'ts takes it easy. They lookings like they ares goings to melts aways at any moments." Skwisgaar sighs, fidgeting with his guitar.
There falls a moment of silence before Charles speaks up again. "If it will make you feel better, you can visit them on the right time." Charles suggests. Toki stands up from his seat. "I likes visiting (Y/n). They haves a reals cutes places." he comments. Toki's band-mates seem to agree with that. Nathan also stands up, "Alright let's go to (Y/n) hou- uh... Where do they live?" Nathan cuts himself off. "no worries, i knows wheres they lives." Toki replies.
"Whats the *riff*s do you means No ones lives here anymores!" Toki argues with the landlord of (Y/n)'s apartment complex. Getting all up in the poor man's face. "I'm sorry sir, but (Mrs/Mr). (L/n) has been evicted out of that apartment." what the landlord says and it only seems to make Toki angrier. Toki grabs the landlord by his collar. "Why!!" he yells in anger.
"It-It's just that, (Mrs/Mr). (L/n), came late on her rent pay several times. They said that they were unable to pay them, I'm-I'm sorry but i can't make exceptions." the landlord tries to explain. Toki shakes the man roughly. "Hows the *Riff*s dares you evicts (Y/n) outs of theirs*Riffing* house! She don'ts deserves this!" Pickles grabs Toki's shoulder to pull him off of the landlord. "calm down Toki!" The drummer keep hold of his friends shoulders in case he jumps at the landlord again. Toki growls and pulls himself out of Pickles' grip, and calms down.
"Where's (Y/n) now?" Nathan asks the landlord. The landlord shrugs, "They just left with most of her belongings. They really can't be far."
"(Y/n)! (Y/n), Wheres ams you!" Toki is running around calling (Y/n)'s name in a panic. Worried for her safety. "C'mon guys, we can't keep standin' here. Let's go look." Pickles 聽encourages his friends. "like the landlord said, they can't be far." Nathan adds to his friend's statement.
Pickles steps near a bunch of trash can. And nearly trips over something. He tumbles but catches himself just in time. "watch your steps Pickle." Skwisgaar says as he watched Pickles tumble. Pickles looks down to see what he tripped over. "what is this?" he bents down on one knee to pick it up... It's an desk lamp. A very distinctive desk lamp. (Y/n)'s desk lamp.
"(Y/n)?" Pickles calls out, catching the attention of his band-mates . The lid of the can slides off and a head of (h/c) hair emerges out, follow by drooping tired eyes surrounded by bags. "hey Pickles..." they mumble, looking away out of shame. Pickles approaches closer the trash can. "what are you doin' in the garbage can? You don't belong there." his tone sounds genuine, trying to comfort (Y/n) as he witnesses the situation they are in. 聽 "i, uhh... dumped myself, hehe." (Y/n) chuckles weakly and tries to smile, but the smile disappears quickly. "I really hit rock bottom this time... I got fired from my job. I have worked there for 15 years! And i got replaced by two cheap teens!" (Y/n) exclaims and rises out of the trash can. "i go evicted out of my apartment because i couldn't pay rent anymore! I'm homeless!" They start to tear up, sinking back into the trash can.
"(Y/n) ams you okays!" Toki exclaims out loud, rushing up to the trash can. (Y/n) sulks, " i'm not okay Toki." Toki looks at (Y/n) with worry, looking like he's about to cry himself. Nathan walks up to the trash can also. "come on (Y/n). let's get you out of there." He says and holds out his hand for them to take. (Y/n) looks up at him, and slowly grabs onto his hand to climb out of the trash can with his aid and with their most priced belongings in a bag.
Once (Y/n) is out of the can and on the ground. They are emerged in a hug from Toki, he squeezes them tightly. (Y/n) tries to hug him back as best as they can with their arms squeezed to their sides.
"Jeschus chrischt (Y/n). You look terrible." Murderface comments carelessly. His band-mates glare at him in return. "I know, Murderface." (Y/n) replies, leaning against Toki to who's still holding them to keep balance. "Come on guys, let's get (Y/n) to Mordhaus." Nathan announces to his band-mates. His hand on (Y/n)'s back to help them to walk.
~~at Mordhaus~~
(Y/n) has fallen asleep on one of the couches, a well needed sleep told by the bags under their eyes. Pickles drapes a blanket over them so they won't get cold while they finally rest. The drummer stares at (Y/n) with worry present on his expression, lifting his hand to move a strand of hair behind their ear.
"hows is they?" Skwisgaar walks up to the couch, peering down at the sleeping (Y/n). "Well, they're asleep, seemed like they really need it." Pickles answers to Skwisgaar. The guitarist hums in agreement.
"Do you thinks that Offdensen woulds let them stays heres?" Skwisgaar wonders out loud. Pickles looks up at his friend. "why'd you ask that?" He questions with suspension.
"wells They has no wheres elses to go. So... Woulds be sad ifs we justs kicks thems outs on the streets agains." Skwisgaar brings up a good point.
"We can ask Offdensen."
"Ask me what?"
The two musicians jump nearly a full foot in the air at a third voice joining in. "ah, Offdensens." "in the right place at the time." Pickles finishes Skwisgaar's sentence. Charles raises an eyebrow. "is that ah, (Y/n) there on the couch. What are they doing here?" he asks.
"Charles!" Toki greets as he walks into the living room. "ssshhh!!" Pickles and Skwisgaar hush Toki to keep (Y/n) asleep. "sorry." Toki whispers an apology. Nathan and Murderface follow right behind Toki as they all gather in the living room.
"be quiet or else (Y/n) wakes up." Toki says softly to his other band-mates, taking the 'being quiet' very seriously. "why are they here?" Charles repeats question, also speaking slightly softer.
"we found them in a trash can, they got kicked out of her apartment and replaced at her job." Nathan explains to their manager.
"that uh, sure is troubling for them..." Charles peeks at the sleeping woman, he admits the state they are in is saddening, his expression softens slightly.
"Cans they stays here? With us?" Toki asks the manager. Looking at him with pleading big eyes. "We can't just kick them out." Nathan argues. "and it'sch nische to have schome new company here thatsch not boring." Murderface adds. Earning a glare from everyone else.
"hmm..." Charles hums as he thinks.
Everyone freezes as the sleeping figure squirms and groans. "That was the best rest I had in a while..." (Y/n) yawns, rubbing their eyes as the sits up. They look up to see all the guys looking at them. "Why are all of you looking at me like that?" they ask.
"hows are yous feelings (Y/n)?" Skwisgaar is the first to speak up. (Y/n) offers a tired smile, "a lot better than I did before." They responds with a chuckle, and then sighs.
"I can't believe that I'm basically homeless. Hey, you don't suppose that I could stay here for a while at least until I can find a new place and job?" (Y/n) asks, tightening the blanket around herself.
"yeah, oh please, Offdensens lets thems stays heres!" both (Y/n) and Toki look at the manager with begging eyes. For Charles, it's difficult for him to say no to Toki's face.
Charles sighs, "alright fine. They can stay here until They have found a way to afford their own place again."
And once Charles finished his statement, the rest of the group starts to cheer. Toki wraps an arm around (Y/n)'s shoulders. "This ams goings to bes Metals! A news friend ins the house!" he cheers. (Y/n) sighs in great relief, "glad I don't have to spend another night on the streets..."
"welcome to the family (Y/n)." Nathan announces happily.
_______________________________________ Yaya! Done!
Thanks for reading. - Missalot.
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Hand-holding, 5, Gar and Conner
Fandom: DC Titans
Title: Can't Stop The Feeling
Pairings/Relationships: Garfield Logan & Conner Kent, Core Four
Summary: Conner has no clue about dancing. So Gar tries to teach him.
Hand-holding | 5. Platonic hand-holding, Gar & Conner - for @books-life-death
also tagging my bestie @undertheknightwing because it's ya boy Gar so you should be notified
I got this feeling inside my bones.
"It goes electric, wavy when I turn it on!" Gar sang happily to the tune on the radio, not giving a damn that he's totally off key. He's been playing around in the kitchen for about an hour now and he had it all for himself, so he decided to test his culinary skills and prepare a feast.
Him and Rachel finally got Dick and Kory to get out for a date night and with other team members also spending their own free evening elsewhere, the Tower was mostly empty. When the two lovebirds finally left (or more like got kicked out because the two teenagers basically had to push their dramatically worried asses into the elevator, dodging questions and reminders like bullets) Gar asked Rachel if she'd like to help him in the kitchen but she had a slightly different idea for celebrating their victory - she locked herself in her bedroom with her pencils and brushes and got to work on another art masterpiece.
But he didn't mind working alone - it gave him more space to experiment.
He turned up the volume on the radio, singing along with Justin Timberlake and headed to the fridge, sliding on the polished wooden floor in his bright green socks. Stacking up things he needed in his arms he swayed his hips to the beat and smiled remembering how back at the Doom Manor he often caught Larry dancing while cooking. He balanced the tower of ingredients in his arms, holding the tip of it with his chin as he waltzed to the kitchen island.
"Nothing I can see but you when you dance, dance, dance鈥" he kept singing out loud as he chopped and cut vegetables and put them in the biggest pot he could find.
He twirled and jumped around the counter, busting moves and screaming the lyrics at the top of his lungs, completely lost in the music. He grabbed the chopping board and swung his arm over it, playing a riff on the invisible guitar and the crowd in his mind screamed.
"What are you doing?"
These four words worked on him like a hammer shattering glass - the happy illusion fell apart and Gar found himself awkwardly standing in front of Conner, who was staring at him baffled with his round eyes. "I didn't know cooking was鈥" he paused to find the right words, "physically demanding." He looked down at the almost empty bowl of popcorn in his arms and frowned. "I guess I've been doing it wrong."
When the initial shock faded, Gar chuckled and put his imaginary instrument away.
"This is not cooking," he said, shooting him a crooked grin. "It's dancing."
"Dancing?" the boy's face twisted, brows furrowing in something between confusion and focus. "I- I think I know what this is but I don't really鈥 get it."
"It's easy," Gar shrugged. "You hear the song on the radio? All you need to do is move. You gotta feel the rhythm, man!" he outstretched his arms as he spoke and demonstrated a perfect (in his opinion) arm wave.
Unfortunately that didn't make Conner look any less clueless.
"Feel the鈥 rhythm?"
Gar's arms dropped to his sides and his shoulders slumped when he let out a sigh.
"C'mon, let me show you."
He walked up to his friend and reached out his hands in offering. Conner glanced down at them, then back at Gar's encouraging face grinning at him and slowly, a bit hesitantly laid down his palms on top of Gar's. The green haired boy's fingers wrapped around his and then he pulled Conner into the open space between the kitchen and the lounge.
"It's easy, Conner!" he laughed, spinning them both around. "Listen to the beat!"
He tapped his foot onto the wooden floorboards, showing the other boy how his body moved in tune with the music, hitting every note perfectly in time. Gar started swinging his arms, swaying his hips, nodded his head to the rhythm as his legs stepped one way or the other.
"Got this feeling in my body!!!" he belted out as he spun Conner around and watched with a smile as his friend tried to mimic his moves, at first a bit sloppy and awkward, but getting better with each passing second.
"I think I got this!" Conner's high pitched excited voice rang over the song and Gar nodded in agreement.
"You got it, dude!"
As the last note of the tune played out and the melodic ooohhh faded into silence, Gar and Conner ended their little performance with their hands clasped high in the air, facing the windows with the biggest smiles on their faces as if the entire San Francisco was their audience. In Gar's mind the city lights glowing in the black of night were thousands of lighted up phones and glowsticks and the wind howling outside was the crowd screaming his name. The two boys looked at each other, grinning like idiots as they both tried to catch their breath - or as Gar did, because Conner with his super-everything didn鈥檛 even break a sweat.
The sound of slow, almost obnoxious clapping broke their little bubble of imagination and the two whipped around, startled, only to find Rachel standing by the breakfast table with a smirk on her face.
"That was鈥 something." she said, crossing her arms over her chest, her eyes darting from one surprised face to the other.
"How鈥 How long were you standing there?" Gar's voice sounded tight even for his own ears. He felt his cheeks slightly blushing in embarrassment as he scratched the back of his neck.
"Long enough to enjoy the show."
Something in her tone, that mischievous spark in her eyes told Gar she did more than just 鈥榚njoy the show鈥 and his gaze dropped to her left hand, catching the tip of her phone hidden underneath her arm. There was no doubt a high quality blackmail material was there and they both knew it. Their eyes met as Gar tried to find something in her gaze that would tell him he's wrong but Rachel only held her chin up and slid her phone in the back pocket of her black jeans, not even bothering to hide it anymore. It was a clear challenge and a warning, both in one sharp gaze and a smug smile.
Conner, oblivious to the silent game the two siblings were playing, smiled at her and happily announced.
"Gar was teaching me how to dance!"
He shook their joined hands for emphasis. Rachel laughed.
"I can see that. Was he a good teacher?"
"I think so," the boy replied and let go of Gar's hand, then outstretched his arms to the sides like Gar did earlier. "I mean, I think I got this now."
His arm wave was鈥 not good to say the least, but the proud look on his face filled Gar's heart with warmth. He walked over to his friend and patted his shoulder.
"You're a fast learner."
Rachel smiled at the two for a bit longer then turned towards the kitchen.
"Well, I came here to get some coffee." she said, walking slowly to the coffee pot and pouring the drink to her favorite mug. She eyed the mess on the counter on her way back, peering into the pot then stealing a piece of tomato. Gar held up his finger, about to say something but she only smirked at him and threw it into her mouth.
She stopped right next to him though, leaned in close to his face and whispered.
"Dick and Kory were very impressed."
As if to confirm her words, her phone let out a quiet ding and her smirk grew even wider. She reached for it and opened the message in front of him. It was a picture of the pair, both glammed up and pretty in some fancy restaurant. The table was set with flowers, candles, some expensive cuisine and a bottle of wine cooling in a bucket full of ice. But what Gar's eyes focused on the most was Dick's goofy smile, Kory trying to quiet down a giggle and their thumbs up in the air.
His face drained of all the color.
They are never gonna let him live it down. Like ever.
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seleneofmondstadta month ago
Hi! Cloud told me to write up a list of people I know so! Without further ado!
Tumblr media
Sorted by region;
@ohm-ambros - Ohm Ambros
I believe I recognise the name from when I was a knight. A doctor, right?
@albedoexperiments - Albedo
The big-shot Chief Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius! I've never actually met him, he was appointed Chief Alchemist after my departure from the Knights
@ventiwithalyree - Venti
That bard was quite the pain in my ass back when I was a knight. I was always called to drag his drunken body out of the Share and take him home. But, every time he'd disappear on me somehow. Not once did I make it to his house
@the-dandelionknight - Jean
Jean and I grew up together, and while she's the youngest between us she's very much like an older sibling. She was also the most supportive when it came to leaving the Knights
@glacial-whirlwind - Kaeya
I could ramble on about the old days when we were kids but... that'll take away all the mystery this guy has. Though... I have to share. That guys head? A complete mystery to me
@0utrid3ramb3r - Amber
Oh Amber? Me and her get along really well! I would love to see her again to catch up with her! I think I owe her dinner anyway!
@prettydiluc - Diluc
I haven鈥檛 seen Diluc for the longest, the last time I saw him was when he left the Knights after his fathers death. I heard he鈥檚 back in Mondstadt though, I wonder how he is..
@sweetalchemistress - Sucrose
Ah, hearing Sucrose's name reminds me how I haven't been causing trouble in the laboratories in so long, I remember when she was just starting to get into alchemy.. how time flies
@noelle-maidofkof - Noelle
Oh! I remember Noelle! One of the Knight's maids! She would tell me all of her dreams of becoming a Knight! Has she become one yet?
@shiningidolofmond - Barbara
Jeans sister! I remember when Barbara was small enough to fit between even my childhood arms. Babbling and making grabby hands at me. Though... can't say I enjoyed the smell of her nappy... Archons that was so long ago
@cloudyfischl - Fischl
Fischl intrigues me, she seems so... lonely. Probably why she has that electro bird of hers right? I can sympathise for the want of a friend... the wilds can be lonely sometimes
@theconquerorofdemons - Xiao
Xiao and I go a back a little. When I first received my vision I had nobody to teach me how to use it. He saved me from an attack and I insisted he would at least give me a hand in learning how to use my vision. As obvious as it is, I didn't learn until much, much later of his adeptal status
@bubuqiqi - Qiqi
Qiqi鈥 Qiqi鈥 oh the kid that supplies me with the herbs and stuff!! I know her memory is a little iffy, but she always tells me which herbs I need to use for which ailment!
@thecruxcaptn - Beidou
She鈥檚 the Captain of her own fleet. She sounds really cool, I wonder if she鈥檇 let me upon the Alcor to travel the world further
@haavrias - The Goddess of Salt
I've heard stories about her of varying degrees, some say she was killed by her own people, others say Morax killed her, and some even speculate that it was a completely independent god. It's a shame that truth is twisted with time...
@chyngoun - Chongyun
An exorcist that can't exorcise? That's poetic irony. I don't know much about him apart from the fact he seems interesting
@director-hu-tao - Hu Tao
Hu Tao keeps offering me coffin deals, it鈥檚 a little.. concerning. But once you look past that quirk she鈥檚 really quite funny. She pulls a lot of pranks on me and I get her back somehow every time
@sinae-unicornis - Ganyu
Oh I've heard how much she works. Makes me remember the days as a paper pusher in the knights. I respect her work, but I do not envy it
@thewangshuinn - Verr Goldet
Probably one of the more interesting women I know, mostly due to the fact she hears stories of all her previous guests. Though she never budges on stories, something about client/business confidentiality
@blazing-riff - Xinyan
I could probably count on my hands how many times I've seen her, but, she intrigues me so much. Especially with this amazing new style of music she has. I wonder how Mondstadt would react to her music..
@gilded-basalt - Zhongli
Hu Tao has told me a lot about this funeral director in particular. She has many crazy theories about Mr Zhongli... I cannot help myself, I really want to meet him
@signed-edict - Yanfei
There are only a handful of things I am thankful about, never being in so much trouble that I need legal help is... about five of them. I've heard that Yanfei is the best out there but... alas, with the craft comes the price. Her prices are steep
@tiianquan - Ningguang
I've only seen glimpses of her through my years in Liyue, mainly at festivals, she's a lot like how Beidou describes her but... I want to know what's under the fa莽ade she has
@aequante-scale - Hauteclaire
Yet another person in my list that intrigues me. I want to ask questions you know but she seems... cold feels like the wrong word but... I can't think of another word. I wonder if she'd have some tea with me if I asked
@seleneofmondstadt (yus this account) - Chrissy
(idk dhe might appear on this blog every now and again just for funsies)
Chrissy is, peculiar. A healer by trade but she seems to get herself into a lot of trouble, by various injuries and with Dr Baizhu himself... she's a bit of an enigma... and shares physical resemblance to an old friend of mine...
Apologies, but my knowledge of people don't extend too far into Inazuma, I hope you can forgive lack luster commentaries on them
@crowfeather-kaburaya - Sara
From how you've explained her role to me she seems like quite the serious person. I'm sure she'll be interesting to talk to
@kzuhara - Kazuha
I鈥檝e seen him a few times wondering Liyue, he鈥檚 from Inazuma right? Seems interesting鈥
@ninjasayu - Sayu
A ninja who's always sleeping? That's... something. Reminds me of a friend from my childhood who would always sleep 'to get taller' or something like that... funny thing is we believed it worked...
@ryuukin - Yoimiya
A girl who makes fireworks? She sounds interesting. Oh! I remember hearing the chatter that she makes fireworks for the lantern rite... though I do wonder how she got them over to the continent when the Sakoku degree was in force
@imperatrixumbrosas - Raiden Shogun
It's not hard to respect the archon of the element you possess. Though, I don't think we'd ever have a civil conversation on how to run a country... I was bought up in the country of freedom after all
@shirasagi-himegimi-official - Ayaka
Any child of large estates will always intrigue me, because there's always drama filled family secrets to be spilled..
@yashiro-commissioner - Ayato
My thoughts are the same with Ayato as with Ayaka. Though he's the head of house so there's no way he'd spill about family secrets...
@sangonomiya-resistance - Kokomi
Now that I actually think about it, it makes sense for Inuzuma to have some kind of rebellion against the Raiden's laws. I'm very curious as what the leader of the resistance is like..
@waarimasen - Yae Miko
A fox envoy of Inazuma? She sounds very pretty interesting...
@friedtofubeans - The Oni Sumo King
He sounds... strong. Perhaps a good person to spar with? That does remind me that I haven't actually sparred with anyone in quite some time...
@the-real-thoma - Thoma
Oh he intrigues me, the way you describe him to me is like Venti... but he can buy me drinks and... also clean the house? So actually nothing like Venti. Oh please tell me more about this pot roast he does
@electro-chxrged - Childe
Oh! Everyone with half a brain who was in Liyue for the Rite of Parting knows who this guy is. A harbinger of Shezhnaya, he's... interesting to chat with to say the least
@therealdottore - Dottore
Yeah of course I'm familiar with the guy. You should be careful with the Harbingers of... higher renown.. they aren't all as friendly as Childe
@sandrone-10 - Sandrone
I'm not saying I'm concerned by the amount of harbingers that I know, but I'm concerned... but I cannot help but be intrigued I want to know more, but it's dangerous to know more
@actually-scaramouche - Scaramouche
Have I mentioned how much the harbingers intrigue me? They are all... standoffish and won't ever talk about themselves. But maybe that keeps the mystery of them. Not knowing all the twisted things that go on behind closed doors...
@thetwilightsword - Dainsleif
He sounds like a curious fellow. Say, why don't you tell me whatever you know about him so if I see him while exploring I can tell him that we have a mutual friend!
@starry-lumine - Lumine
The traveller is a curious case. She seems like a seasoned adventurer I wonder if we could trade some tips
@aluxia-fanris - Aluxia Fanris
Oh she seems interesting. I haven't met many people from Fontaine! Maybe she can recommend me some good spots to explore!
@cynoxism - Cyno
He seems like an interesting fellow. And while I have little to no interest attending Sumeru's university I can't help but look up to someone who dedicates their life to the book
@ilovestickyhoneyroast - Paimon
The travellers companion, correct? While I think she's a little loud, I do enjoy the relationship she shares with the traveller. I truly hope nothing separates those two
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attilarrifica year ago
Is there any chance on you writing more of the wangxian fake dating au? No pressure at all if you can't/don't want to, i just reallyreally love your writing 鉂も潳
Ahhhhhh, you sent this to me a week ago, and I kept going (in my head), yes! I will reply to them by writing some more!
And then not doing that, because I鈥檝e been really busy and tired this week. Partly for fun reasons, partly for unpleasant reasons鈥擨 just haven鈥檛 really had much time! Anyway, we left off, uh, with Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian 鈥溾濃減ractice鈥濃溾 鈥溾溾渒issing鈥濃溾, yes? No idea what I鈥檓 doing with this, let鈥檚 go for it.
Again, this is part of an ongoing askbox ficlet series about being in a band and pretending to date your soulmate, please see parts one, two, three, and four. (At some point, if I keep doing this, I鈥檓 really going to have to come up with a tag, aren鈥檛 I?)
They kiss for a very, very long time. Wei Wuxian鈥檚 nerves are humming like reverb on an electric bass. He also might be half hard in his thin sweatpants, but surely that鈥檚 normal, because he鈥檚 young and horny and it turns out that Lan Wangji is an insanely good kisser once they got their shit together. Wei Wuxian squirms a little, trying to shift so that it doesn鈥檛 become super obvious that he鈥檚 enjoying this a little too much鈥攂ecause erections are probably a bad way to express to one of your best friends that it turns out you have noticed that they鈥檙e smoking hot and really strong and apparently the kind of domineering way they keep trying to control the kiss really works for you, not that it has to mean anything or change anything, lots of people are good-looking, it鈥檚 not a thing, it鈥檚 normal鈥攁nyway. He tries to move to hide his totally normal reaction, and Lan Wangji hisses and pulls away.
鈥淪orry,鈥 Wei Wuxian says, and then he has to clear his throat. His mouth feels used, wonderfully so, and he shivers. 鈥淒id I, um鈥攖oo much biting? I thought maybe you liked the biting, since you kept biting me.鈥 He pouts, running his tongue over his stinging lower lip. 鈥淪o mean, Lan Zhan.鈥
Lan Wangji鈥檚 hands flex where they鈥檙e gripping Wei Wuxian鈥檚 hips tightly, and then he looks away. 鈥淣o. I鈥攁lso apologize. For the biting. If it was too much.鈥
鈥淣o, I liked it,鈥 Wei Wuxian says honestly, and then he has to stare firmly past the side of Lan Wangji鈥檚 head and rapidly wrap every scrap of shamelessness he鈥檚 ever been accused of around himself like a suit of armor. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e really too good at this, Lan Zhan,鈥 he says, because if he鈥檚 been kissing his friend all morning, it鈥檚 weirder if they don鈥檛 talk about it, right? 鈥淵ou must be kissing people in secret to have gotten this good. Who is it, hmm?鈥 He taps his chin fake-thoughtfully. 鈥淲en Ning would tell me. Jiang Cheng鈥檚 probably too much of a prude to even think the word polyamory without having to kneel and confess his sins to his ancestors, so it can鈥檛 be him or Wen Qing.鈥
鈥淲ei Ying.鈥
Wei Wuxian grins, leaning closer. 鈥淚f you don鈥檛 want me to keep guessing, you鈥檒l have to tell me!鈥
Lan Wangji purses his lips in an annoyed frown. 鈥淪top being ridiculous.鈥
鈥淲hy? You don鈥檛 like it when I鈥檓 ridiculous?鈥 Wei Wuxian makes his saddest, most pitiful face, the one that gets Jiang Yanli to agree with everything he says and Jiang Cheng to yell and threaten violence. 鈥淏ut Lan Zhan, I鈥檓 ridiculous so often. How often do you not like me, huh?鈥
鈥淩idiculous,鈥 Lan Wangji repeats, and Wei Wuxian laughs.
鈥淵es, yes,鈥 he says, swinging his leg around and climbing off Lan Wangji鈥檚 lap, turning his back almost immediately, because the thin sweatpants he wears to sleep really hide nothing. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 me. I鈥檓 so ridiculous that I鈥檝e managed to get myself into a situation where I鈥檓 fake dating someone. I have to admit that鈥檚 pretty bad, even for me! My life doesn鈥檛 usually look like the premise for a Hallmark movie. Do you think we鈥檒l learn the true meaning of Christmas?鈥
This time, the hotel room is so silent that Wei Wuxian has to check over his shoulder to make sure it鈥檚 not because Lan Wangji noticed his dick being stupid. Instead, he鈥檚 greeted with an adorably bewildered expression.
鈥淚t鈥檚 August,鈥 Lan Wangji says at last, carefully, clearly aware that he missed the conversational bus somewhere, but doing his best. He鈥檚 always doing his best, no matter what Wei Wuxian throws at him, catching each riff and improvisation and key change. Wei Wuxian finds himself smiling helplessly.
鈥淲e could learn about the true meaning of Christmas in August,鈥 he says cheerfully, just to watch the confusion grow. 鈥淢aybe the true meaning of Christmas is that it鈥檚 in our hearts, not in a month. Christmas is what we make of it, Lan Zhan. The true meaning of Christmas is the friends we fake dated along the way.鈥
Lan Wangji blinks. 鈥淢n,鈥 he says, agreeing, like anything that just came out of Wei Wuxian鈥檚 mouth made even a little bit of sense. 鈥淵es. The true meaning of Christmas is you. We found it.鈥
Wei Wuxian laughs so hard he has to sit down right there on the floor where he鈥檚 standing. He laughs so hard he cries, gasping to try and fill his lungs with air, because every time he looks up, he sees Lan Wangji鈥檚 face, the serious cast to his expression spoiled by the way his lips keep twitching into a tiny smile.
鈥淟an Zhan,鈥 Wei Wuxian says once he can talk again, 鈥測ou鈥檙e really the best. I can鈥檛 believe you play along with my nonsense.鈥
Lan Wangji looks down. 鈥淚鈥︹ He stops.
Wei Wuxian smiles at him fondly. At least he鈥檚 not hard anymore, probably because he stopped being able to breathe for a while there. 鈥淚f only everyone were as nice to me as you. Just think鈥攊f our fans didn鈥檛 mind my nonsense, you might not have to pretend to date me at all. What a relief for you that would be!鈥
Lan Wangji looks up, frowning, but then he tilts his head to the side, listening, and looks at the nightstand. Wei Wuxian stands up and sees Lan Wangji鈥檚 phone buzzing there, vibrating with an incoming call.
Luo Qingyang, it says.
Wei Wuxian winces. 鈥淗onestly, I just can鈥檛 believe she didn鈥檛 call earlier. Or call me. Or teleport in here just to punch me in the face for doing this and then forgetting to tell her about it.鈥 Mianmian has tried to impress upon him more than once that when you鈥檙e in a disturbingly popular band and you do something stupid, you first call is always your manager, but somehow, he never remembers.
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 tell her either.鈥
鈥淵eah, but who鈥檇 look at this situation and think it was your fault?鈥
鈥淲ei Ying. It was my fault.鈥
鈥淣o one鈥檚 ever going to believe that.鈥 Wei Wuxian barely believes that, and he was there for all of it. 鈥淭hink we can blame Wen Qing? She鈥檚 the one who said it was a good idea.鈥
Lan Wangji sighs at him, and then he grabs the phone and answers the call. 鈥淭his is Lan Wangji.鈥 Silence, and then, 鈥淚 see. I don鈥檛 believe Wei Ying turned his phone off last night, but I could be wrong.鈥
鈥淚 didn鈥檛!鈥 Wei Wuxian hisses, honestly offended, and then he remembers that he also didn鈥檛 plug it in or anything, distracted as he had been. He looks around and then digs it out from the pocket of the jeans he鈥檇 left crumpled on top of his suitcase. 鈥淯m. It might have died?鈥 He grabs his charger, too, searching for an outlet.
鈥淵ou want to talk to Wei Ying?鈥 Lan Wangji says, and Wei Wuxian whirls around, already shaking his head.
鈥淣o!鈥 he whisper-shouts. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to get yelled at!鈥
Lan Wangji looks at him, and then he grabs Wei Wuxian and drags him across the room. Wei Wuxian stumbles after him, limbs clumsy with surprise, but it doesn鈥檛 even occur to him to protest. Lan Wangji pushes him into the bathroom firmly, and then back again, until Wei Wuxian is tripping over the bathmat.
Not missing a beat and without an ounce of shame, Lan Wangji says, 鈥淲ei Ying is in the shower. He isn鈥檛 available right now.鈥
Wei Wuxian stares at him, and then he chokes, slapping a hand over his mouth to try and stifle a shout of laughter. Lan Wangji is the most ridiculous person in the entire world. Oh, yes, he says he doesn鈥檛 lie, but does that really count when he does things like this and tells screaming hordes that Wei Wuxian鈥檚 taken. Taken by what, exactly? Probably if he asked, Lan Wangji would actually have an answer, would look down his nose and explain exactly why he definitely didn鈥檛 lie to anyone at all.
Lan Wangji walks back into the bedroom, humming in agreement to something that Mianmian must be saying on the other end of the line.
Wei Wuxian grins at him, and then he closes the door to the bathroom so that Lan Wangji won鈥檛 know that he isn鈥檛 in the shower, which presumably counts as not technically lying. Silly, wonderful man. Wei Wuxian is still smiling when he plugs his phone in and watches the missed calls and messages roll in. He ignores them all, because he really has no idea what he鈥檇 say, and opens up social media almost idly, hopping up to sit on the sink counter.
Most of the internet seems to be screaming about the 鈥渞eveal鈥 that he and Lan Wangji are dating, and he laughs quietly. A lot of overdramatic gifs, posts analyzing their past interactions, and鈥攂ecause he always checks the #LanWangji tag first鈥攆ans bemoaning the fact that Lan Wangji is no longer single. So many people declaring their heartbreak, and he has to keep himself from feeling too smug by reminding himself that they鈥檙e not actually dating. Lan Wangji is single. All these people saying they wanted to marry their favorite idol鈥攐ne of them could. Wei Wuxian scowls at his phone, almost offended that they think they might be good enough.
When he opens Instagram and checks his own post from the night before鈥攆uck, that鈥檚 a lot of notes鈥攊t takes him a minute to realize that Lan Wangji, infamously unwilling to use social media past the bare minimum, has left a comment.
There鈥檚 his own text, okayed by Wen Qing, right under the picture of him kissing Lan Wangji鈥檚 cheek: So we were totally going to wait to tell you guys this, but since SOMEONE got excited and spilled the beans early, I get to FINALLY say how happy I am about my gorgeous, talented, brilliant, insanely hot, kind, wonderful, best boyfriend ever (and seriously he鈥檚 SO HOT JFC if you鈥檙e wondering how tf I landed him: same). I鈥檓 the luckiest person in the ENTIRE WORLD.
And underneath that, clear and stark in black and white, is Lan Wangji鈥檚 reply, timestamped 5:30 this morning.
About fifty responses to that just say variations on, Backwards???
And just seconds later, like it was nothing, Lan Wangji had written, The caption is backwards. Wei Ying is gorgeous, talented, brilliant, insanely hot, kind, wonderful, and the best boyfriend. I鈥檓 the luckiest person in the world.
Most of the replies after that are just people screaming. Wei Wuxian can relate. Lan Wangji is a much better actor than anyone has ever given him credit for and also going to give Wei Wuxian a heart attack. None of this is real, and it鈥檚 very important that Wei Wuxian remember that, because his insides are squirming just thinking about Lan Wangji saying all those things in his serious, low voice. It鈥檚 too much, and he has to draws his legs up so he can hide his suddenly burning face in his knees. This, on top of everything else, is brain-melting. Lan Wangji is so nice to him, and here Wei Wuxian is, making him practice kissing and get yelled at by their manager and probably take the blame for all this nonsense.
Wei Wuxian considers drowning himself in the shower, and then he pulls out his phone again and opens up Twitter. It鈥檚 very important to me this morning that everyone know how much I love Lan Zhan, he types out, because it鈥檚 so much.
At least he can blame that on the fake dating and not on the simple fact that he doesn鈥檛 know what he鈥檇 do without Lan Wangji. If back at school, when he鈥檇 said, I鈥檓 starting a band, Lan Wangji had turned away instead of looking up. If he had to go through life without this quiet, firm, unyielding support.
The bathroom door opens, and he looks up at Lan Wangji, standing in the doorway, looking beautiful and stern. Wei Wuxian looks for the kindness that he knows is hidden like a secret behind that stiff-backed posture and blank expression. He鈥檚 glad when Lan Wangji only frowns at him. It makes it easier to control himself.
鈥淟an Zhan,鈥 he says, 鈥測ou鈥檙e my favorite person in the entire world.鈥
And Lan Wangji smiles. And if Wei Wuxian鈥檚 stomach does a dangerous somersault and his skin prickles like he鈥檚 gotten sunburned and his hands tremble, it鈥檚 all completely worth it to see Lan Wangji look at him like that. Like Wei Wuxian is something special. Like maybe Lan Wangji had meant it after all, what he鈥檇 said on Instagram.
It鈥檚 not true, but oh, it鈥檚 nice to dream.
(And a part six!)
Above is left for posterity, but there is now considerably more than that.
hidden track masterpost
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eonghwaa month ago
I have tickets for Madrid (I was there a few days before the planned date, then the concert got cancelled last minute...馃挃), London and Warsaw. Honestly I'll be happy with just one if it's possible... travelling during pandemic is so annoying, I can't deal with it, lol. Hope you'll see them as well. 鉂
I watch those videos too! If you post the video, can we see? 馃憖 The amount of times I had changed my system is ridiculous, but I finally have one that I'm sticking to. I also figured out the best way of packing the pcs I'm trading/selling.
Not Too Late is so pretty, not necessarily my every day song to listen to, but I'm so happy they promoted it alongside DV. Lmaaaao, yes ROCKY MY BELOVED, how did you know?! I've asked for Sexyteez - they delivered, I asked for Rockteez (I still need more of them tho) - they delivered. 2 seconds in and I knew I'd be crazy about Rocky, I just love the noise music, I'm a simple person: I hear guitar riffs and I go INSANE. The only song I'm not feeling 100% is (ironically) Feeling Like I Do - it's not a bad track by any means it's just not a stand out to me. But honestly Ateez can make me love any song. They're too powerful. 馃ゴ
Also, can we talk about THE Park Seonghwa singing "I get drunk, wake up, I'm wasted still"??And while making eye-contact, hello?? I have him and his stupid sexy ponytail on my mind 24/7. My soul left my body and hasn't returned ever since. - I.A.
i have the ticket for the london show! makes me sad thinking about we are three comebacks later and there are so many songs they never got to perform ): (i really just wanted the treasure ep. fin concert i deserved 馃槶馃槶)
sure!! i鈥檒l post the link here too then! but i will say it鈥檚 nothing special. i love watching the 鈥減acking pcs鈥 videos too lol i wanna change some things up in the way i store them but honestly i still don鈥檛 know how to 馃槱
tbh just a feeling you would be into rocky lol, got your vibe! true tho, i love how they just make you love any song! they stay cover was so good, i rlly love that so so much! (jongho was phenomenal omg!!) seonghwa was really feeling himself, as he should,, always looking for the camera with his eyes, that 鈥渋 get drunk, wake up, i鈥檓 wasted still鈥 is stuck in my head to be fair, i just love his voice singing that one bit an unhealty amount (and same here 馃槶馃槶馃槶 been saying this for a long time but it鈥檚 still relevant i鈥檓 still processing the ponytail,, denial? is real)
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dumdrop8 months ago
For My Evil Dark Lord
A playlist I made for my cousin. A playlist filled with songs and artists that I know she would like if she ever listened to me and took my suggestions. These songs make me think of her every time I listen to them. I picked songs that I think she's never listened to before. This playlist will probably go on for a long time because it goes back a few years. These are songs you should ABSOLUTELY know before you get kicked. These songs aren't ranked or in order because I'm lazy and stomach go ouch.
P.S. I'm gonna have sections of a band and talk about them. Also, I can't add every song here, I'm limited to 10, so I'll just pick the one I want you to listen to the most. I'll list the songs I want you to listen to first and then add my commentary.
@dangthatsalottabeans This is him!
Hokus Pokus by Insane Clown Posse
Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz
You know how much I love guitar riffs!
Helter Skelter by The Beatles
The Rockiest song by the Beatles. Also guitar riffs!
Think by Kaleide
Also a creepy song. I can't not think of John Wick when I listen to it though.
Sit down now. We're discussing Ace of Base now
All That She Wants & The Sign. Both great poppy songs! Try getting these songs out of your head! And you know I love women in bands!
Possum Kingdom by Toadies
Santa Monica by Everclear
I love this guy's voice! But it's actually a sad song, even though his voice kinda masks that.
Hush! Hush!! We're talking about a king now: Conan Gray
Generation Why, The Other Side, The Story, Maniac, & Heather. This someone I've been trying to get you into for FOREVER NOW! The Story has many stories about all the unfair things that he's seen in this world, from the effects of bullying and self-hatred to a fear of being your 100 percent authentic self. He also references a number of experiences that him and his friends had as a child, including "a boy and a girl" who are now "gone, headstones on a lawn," as well as "a boy and a boy" who were "best friends with each other, but always wished they were more." FUCKING GENIUS & BEAUTIFULLY DARK AND REAL! I WISH I WERE HEATHER!!
Zip-Lock by Lit
Even though this song is awesome, it's oddly and sadly unpopular. I think you should absolutely listen to this song. I don't think you'll like this song but what the hell?
Redemption Song by Bob Marley & The Wailers
Probably the most beautiful and important song ever in the history of music. It discussed slavery and African culture and history. The song urges listeners to "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery," because "None but ourselves can free our minds." A perfect BLM song! Also the very last song Mr. Marley did, which makes it even more sad.
Part 5 <==> Part 7
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anyways-wonderwall7 months ago
Album of the week #2
Comedown Machine
By The Strokes
Overall rating: 8.5/10
TL;DR: This album is like your favorite pair of jeans. It looks like all of the other ones you own but something about it feels like home.
Tumblr media
Hey everyone! Sorry this is a few days late but I actually got a concussion the day I was going to write this so I would argue that I have a fair enough excuse. Don't worry I am staying away from screens and I'm really only typing this in 5 minute intervals, meaning I am trying to type as fast as humanly possible. Future me is going to have a field day proofreading.
Anyways, this week's album is Comedown Machine by the Strokes, a band that I definitely should listen to more but haven't fully gotten around to it. I know more of their songs than the average person and have a few of their albums on my phone, but I haven't really fully gone in depth with them like some other bands. I actually already had this album on my phone, which worked out great because I ran out of data this week and could only play downloaded music in my car.
But enough about the interesting week I had, here is my review on The Strokes great 2013 album, Comedown Machine. (Also totally unrelated but I absolutely love the cover? It is just simple enough to not be boring. Reminds me of old vinyl covers and the red makes it really easy to pick out on my phone.)
General Thoughts:
The best way I can describe this album is that it is a very solid vibe the whole way through. It kind of falls into the trap of every song sounding the same, but at least its a good same. When prompted with a title of a song on here I 100% could not tell you what the melody is (minus 鈥淐all it Fate Call it Karma鈥) but there was not a single song on here I didn't like.
The songs in this album have a very detached old energy, that kind of feels like a hug. I kept finding myself coming back to this album as a kind of home, because I know that it would be comforting. A bad day at work? Just listen to this and I'm instantly calmed down. While I usually like variety, what is repeated in this album is so good I can't be mad at it.
Song Breakdown:
I. Tap Out
This song starts out exactly like the intro to my favorite Wii game, Guitar Hero III, so I already liked it without actually hearing what the rest of it sounded like. This song sounds so 2010s indie that I felt like I was living in a John Green book and honestly? I'm not mad at it. Its just mellow enough for my concussed head to vibe along with it but it still has enough of a beat that you can dance to it. The ideal dance would be that one kid vibing in the club with sunglasses. You know the one? I hope you know the one or I sound crazy.
2. All the Time
Okay so this one definitely belongs in a Guitar Hero game. I'm honestly surprised it hasn't been in one yet. Like the last one it makes me feel like I'm in a teen coming of age movie and this is playing in my car as I go on a road trip to 鈥渇ind myself鈥. Passes the vibe check and is a very solid song.
3. One Way Trigger
This is one of the most, if not the most memorable song in the album, and the one of the only ones that gets stuck in my head. That little riff thingy is super super catchy and repeated enough that you would think it would become annoying, but there is just enough going on that it balances off. I like this one so much that when I was listening to it right before writing this I honestly forgot I was doing a review and was just grooving along. Very very good song.
4. Welcome to Japan
My second favorite on the album babey (you'll see which one is my favorite because it will have a whole love letter written to it). This is definitely a song I want to sit down and learn all the parts on every instrument, tinkering with them until I can get them to sound like the actual song but funkier. The vocals balance goofy and good with thought-provoking lines 鈥渨hat kind of asshole drives a lotus.鈥 The vocals also use a wide range and aren鈥檛 just falsetto, thank GOD.
5. 80s Comedown Machine
This song is familiar to the point it is killing me. The main riff is so so so close to something I know but I can鈥檛 put my finger on what it is. At first I thought it sounded like the theme song from an old DS game I had as a kid, but after looking up the theme it's not that. It is so familiar sounding the song hurts to listen to because I just feel like I鈥檓 missing something. My only guess as to why it sounds so familiar is it sounds like the music used during the climax of The Royal Tenenbaums, it sounds so close that I had to look up the actual soundtrack just to check that the song wasn鈥檛 actually there. (The song is actually 鈥淣eedle in the Hay鈥 by Elliot Smith and while they don鈥檛 sound alike they have basically the same vibe to me. Wes Anderson if you need help with soundtracks call me because this song would fit any of your movies.)
6. 50/50
Meh. The songs do all sound the same in this album and this one doesn鈥檛 have something about it that makes it stand out in a positive way. The vocals are new I guess, but they just remind me of something out of Scott Pilgrim vs The World so that kind of changes it. Good song that isn鈥檛 bad, it鈥檚 just not overwhelmingly good.
7. Slow Animals
I really like this one :). Honestly I don鈥檛 know what else to say about this one because everything has kind of already been said. All the songs had the same energy so I like them about the same. This one maybe a tad more than the others though. Especially the Waluigi Pinball part.
8. Partners in Crime
This is the only super upbeat song in the entire album and both my regular and concussed brain find it too jarring. Like I was lulled into this false sense of security by calm distortion and layers of vocal harmonies and now that really violent opening riff in this song. I know I鈥檓 extra sensitive right now but it鈥檚 a no from me.
9. Chances
The teen coming of age movie that is this album is now coming to an end, and this is the song that plays on the car ride home after the climax. It鈥檚 dark outside and the bushes and trees are whizzing past, getting more and more familiar as they approach their small hometown. While not my favorite, this song is amazing and sounds especially nice to my concussed brain after the last song.
10. Happy Ending
And now the coming of age movie is over! The main character learned a lesson just before being forced to go off to college in a new town and make all new friends. This song doesn鈥檛 have anything that is super different from the others, so all I can say about it is that it was really solid and nice.
11. Call it Fate, Call it Karma
Here is another entry on the 鈥渄o you ever just want to become a song鈥 list. I want this song to be played around me for the rest of my life. I want to be surrounded in it and put into a stasis pod. Love does not cover what I feel for this song the same way Amazing does not cover how god this song is. The whole album kind of feels like a comforting hug, but this feels like home. It feels like you will be okay and that the world is calm again. My years of music education can鈥檛 even break down how it does this, it just does. 50/10, this is the song that made me buy the album. Every part of it is good. Every part.
Final Verdict:
Well I already had this album on my phone, but if I didn鈥檛 I would 100% buy it. While individually the songs don鈥檛 stand out too much, the album as a whole is something that is worth listening to time and time again. I haven鈥檛 listened to many Strokes鈥 albums the full way through, but as of right now this one is my favorite. A masterpiece of early 2010s alternative rock in my nonexpert opinion.
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Twisted Fate (Thomas Jefferson x OFC)聽Part 8
A/N: Here it folks! Part 8! I can confirm that there will be an epilogue because i鈥檓 not quite done with Adi and Thomas鈥檚 story just yet! But this is the finale of the story. I just want to say thank you for everyone who has read this story and for liking it. It means the world to me! Enjoy!!聽
Warnings: There is some racism in this part so please do be aware of that. I felt it really tied into the story but please note I do not align myself with the awful way of thinking in anyway! Fuck all the racists!聽
There is also Smut so be warned it gets steamy!!聽
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Tumblr media
Adi felt numb as she walked along the street that she grew up on, the memories of the her childhood flew past her; the little girl laughing as she whizzed up and down the road on her scooter, the water fights in the rarely hot summer days in London. The older man pushing her along on her first big bike until he let her go off on her own. That memory was one of the only times she could remember spending time with her father and feeling true joy, she knew she had to ignore the little girl telling her to come home. In her heart Adi knew there was no way she could ever forgive her farther for what he had done to her and Thomas, but that didn't stop the pang of nostalgia and it certainly didn't stop her stomach turn to knots at the thought of going through with this.
Her palms felt so sweaty despite the cold weather, she slowed to a stop in front of the house. Everything looked the same from the outside, a stranger walking by would see a regular family home not knowing that behind those closed doors was an estranged family involved in more crime that you can count on your hands. The grey, moss covered bricks dripped in unwelcoming frost, but it probably felt that way because she wasn鈥檛 welcome. Adi's 聽legs shook in anticipation as she made her way up the steps, she took a deep breath before turning down the door knob and scoffed to herself. They never changed, anyone could walk in off the street, the family and the wider mob has so many enemies and they just leave the door unlocked.
Adi's eyes adjusted to the mustard yellow wallpaper in the hallway, she was reminded of how much she had hated as a child . The hate for the d茅cor helped her switch off the emotional pull she had been feeling making her way to the house; it represented all the bad she had experienced. She beelined for the door at the back of the house, her father's office, but not before noticing that her photo was no longer on the wall with everyone else. Although she was the one that left them behind it didn鈥檛 make it any easier to accept.
Her father's men were situated outside the room, but not quiet blocking the door. She noticed the shocked expressions upon seeing her before them. The largest of the men stepped forward towards her, he looked familiar but she couldn't put a name to the face.
"Addison he's with important clients right now, you can't go in there." He spoke in his best intimidating voice.
Adi could only laugh but quickly found her composure before she replied. "I'm so sorry, but for a second there you almost sounded serious and what makes it funnier is that you think that was scary. Now if you gentlemen will excuse me I need to speak to Daddy dearest." She moved past them without another word, ignoring their protests as she walked into his office. She was was met with another set of men, sat round a table in deep discussion. There was her father and his best friend and confidant 聽Hiram on one side of the table and on the other side there were two rather stocky men that looked incredibly greasy and sweaty.
"Wow talk about representation guys鈥" Adi's words came out before her brain could stop them. The four men turned to look at her incredulously for interrupting them. 聽She could see the thunder behind her dad's eyes, it was a look she had seen so many times in her life but she no longer felt the need to cower under it. She kept her head high.
鈥淕entlemen, I鈥檓 sorry. My daughter obviously requires some attention so we will have to reconvene later.鈥 There was no protest around the table, just silent nods and shuffling towards the door. Hiram stopped in front of her and gave her a look of empathy before speaking softly to Adi. "Go easy on him, he was only doing what he thought was best." Any possibility of that flew out the window with Hiram's words. Adi knew why her father had done this and it didn't come from a place of love it came from two things; control and race. Hiram and her father had been best friends from childhood and when her father took the seat at the head of the family he bought him in alongside despite the very backwards and racist attitudes that many of the other families have. 聽Hiram's family was the first black mob dynasty and Adi could see how her father had brainwashed him to believe he was better than the rest, she now knew that wasn't true. 聽She didn't have the heart to tell him that as he walked away.
Her father had turned to look out the window and Adi spoke before him. "You know you really should start locking the front door, any old riff raff could walk in and cause a scene."
He laughed softly at her sarcasm. "You know my mother kept the front door open every day that my brother was off travelling around the world, doing god knows what. She believed that one day he would come back and she wanted him to be able to let himself back in when he was ready. We always kept the door that way after he returned; but, when you left this house I finally understood and I have never let anyone lock that door since."
"Careful Father it almost sounds like you care." Adi scoffed in response.
He sighed to himself. "Addison鈥"
Adi cut him off before he could carry on. "Are you seriously going to try and pull the emotional card to manipulate me into forgetting the real reason I am here?" She felt the anger bubble over inside her. "No this isn't some shit Netflix series, you don't get a redemption arch after what you have done. I just need to hear it from you, why did you do it?"
He finally turned to face her, pain evident in his face but she chose to look past that, she would let him suck her back in. "I just knew that with the money and that鈥 man. We would never see you again. I thought with him out of the way the thought of coming home would be more鈥 palatable."
"You are one sick bastard, how does anyone rationalise that! Why did it have to come to this? Why couldn't you just accept that I didn't want to be just someone's wife? Why was it never enough?" She pleaded with him.
She felt the shift in the air and saw the fury radiating off of the man standing before her. His voice boomed through the icy air. "That was never the plan for you! You were meant to be my legacy, your grandmother saw it when you were a child. To hell with traditions we were going to break all the rules to put you at the head of this family when I stepped down. You let my stupid brother captivate you with all of those silly ideas of running away and left before we could bring you in properly." Adi noted how hard he was breathing as he rounded off his angry speech. "I never did the leaving thing so I can't understand it. It's just my dear now you are involved with the wrong kind of man and I felt I had to step in."
Adi undercut him with baseless laughter. "There it is. You know, I almost fell for that speech but we've finally got to the real root of the issue. Thomas doesn't fit the "mould" for you Does he?" She continued when he didn't say anything, he was no longer looking her in the eye. "Dad, your family is Irish, when your father came to this country he was treated in a very similar way as the black man. How do you think you think Hiram would feel if he knew your intensions were motivated by race rather than love for your daughter?"
He still remained silent. "I think he would resent you for it, you have shielded him from so much racism over the years in this business and deep down you're the same as those who you've fought for him. You disgust me." The shame was written all over his face as her words cut him. "Look I'll get to the point as much fun as this is. Call you men off or I will use that money and I will make myself completely untraceable. I will take Thomas and I will run."
"That's not an option. I will no dictate things to me-"
He was cut off as the door flew open, clearly there was an audience to their conversation. He mother walked into room, head held high with a look that could kill. "Finbarr Lee you will listen to our daughter. 聽You have wrecked any chance of her coming home and I will not allow you to let her go missing because of your stupid ego." She sneered at him. "I have sacrificed so much for this family and more importantly you over the years and now I need you to do this for me. I'm not asking Fin, I am telling you."
Not another word was spoken, Adi's parents stared at each other while Adi stood to the side watching the internal battle take place. Her father dropped his head in defeat and without another word he pulled his phone out to make the call. There's nothing left to be said in the room and all three of them sensed that, Adi's mother ushered her out of the room.
Adi grabbed her hand as they reached the door and squeezed reassuringly. "Thank you."
He mother nodded in response before speaking. "Adi鈥 can never expect you to come home but I just want you to know I am so proud of you. Your uncle always gave me an update on what was going on in your life no matter how small it was." Her voice broke down on last word as the tears filled her mother's eyes. She lifted her hand to stroke Adi's head lovingly. "And I'm so glad you have found someone you want to share your life with."
Adi cried with her mum in hallway of her childhood home and pulled her into a hug, they stood there for the longest time as she pulled back she spoke. "We can go for coffee soon, just you and I. There's no hard feelings here Mum and maybe you could meet Thomas too." They pulled each other back in for another hug, Adi's mother nodding furiously in agreement before she felt it was the right time to leave.
The cold air hit her tear stained face, she shook off the shackles of her childhood and enjoyed the true freedom she felt. She sent a text to Lafayette to let him know it was safe to move Thomas home. They were in the homestretch now and she had hope that bringing him home 聽would help trigger his memory or at least help him feel more comfortable. That was the last piece of the puzzle.
- - -
Adi stopped in the shops before she reached the flat and picked up snacks that she thought would go down a treat with everyone. They deserved it after the turmoil of this ordeal, she still felt as though this was her fault even though none of them would ever say it. She made sure to pick up two bags of Jelly Babies for Thomas, he might not remember but she would still make sure to have his favourite sweets. The group were already back when Adi arrived, Lafayette 聽pulled her into a protective and pride filled hug and Adi felt herself well up again at the love she felt from her best friend. 聽
Thomas was very quiet throughout the night, he listened as Adi filled the group in on some of the details of her eventful journey home. He was silent when everyone decided on their take out food and he was quiet as the group bantered. Adi had situated herself across from Thomas purposely, she felt she needed him in her eyeline just to make sure he didn鈥檛 disappear again. She could see that this version of Thomas was trying so hard to appear normal but it was so obvious to her that he felt out of place and it hurt her heart. She stood up and announced that she was going out to have a cigarette and while the group booed her habits they hadn't noticed her signal for Thomas to come outside with her. The trio engrossed themselves in another heated discussion and Thomas followed her out to the balcony.
"Hi." He spoke with uncertainty.
"You looked like you needed some fresh air." Adi spoke softly as she lit up. "I can't imagine how overwhelming this all this for you right now but please know you do fit into this little family, we wouldn't even be here without you."
Thomas smiled in return. After a moment he quietly spoke. "So you and Lafayette seem pretty close?"
Adi Laughed at this as she was bought back to a memory from when they had first started hanging out and Thomas had confessed his fears that they had been involved. 聽"Don't worry champ he's only got eyes for Angelica."
Thomas felt embarrassed at his insinuation. "Sorry, I just assumed. I don't鈥"
"Hey don't apologise, you have nothing to be sorry for. I didn't mean to laugh, it's just not the first time you've asked me that's all." His eyes lit up and died out again at her words. "Look Thomas if this gets too much all you have to do is say. We want to help and if you need space then we can do that."
"Thank you." He whispered in response.
When they returned to the front room the others were clearing things away, signalling the end of the night. It was well past midnight anyway and it had been yet another long day for everyone. James began saying his goodbyes to the group and offered an awkward hug to Thomas.
"It's good to have you back bud." James spoke to him before he left. Angelica announced she was going to sleep and Lafayette silently stood up with her, ready to follow her without hesitation. They said their goodnights, mimicking James's kind words to Thomas and Adi gave Lafayette a knowing smile as he passed her.
Adi began to collect her stuff, she felt reluctant to leave but didn't want to outstay her welcome. Thomas felt disappointed at seeing her leave and though to himself of a way to keep her there. 聽
"Hey. So you gunna keep your end of the deal or not?" Thomas inquired.
Adi's face broke out in a smile although Thomas couldn鈥檛 see her and took that as her cue to get comfy on the sofa next to him. She enjoyed the feeling of being near him as she told him of their short lived love story. Thomas never took his eyes off her and when Adi began to cry toward the end he reached his hand out tentatively to comfort her. Once she had finished they both sat in silence taking in her words.
"I'm really worried I won't ever get my memories back Addison." Thomas spoke so quietly she almost missed it.
"Thom you need to give yourself time, you're body is recovering from a bad trauma. Give yourself a little bit of time to heal and if it doesn鈥檛 come back then we can try talk to a few doctors. I will pay for the best doctors and the best possible treatments and the four of us will be here to support you no matter what."
He looked at her with appreciation and for the second time that night thanked her. "So what do we do now? Me and you I mean."
"Well I think this is usually the part in the film the two lovers kiss and the amnesiac recovers because of 'true love's kiss.'" She spoke humourlessly.
"Are you trying to take advantage of my vulnerable state?" He quipped.
"Oh no Thomas I was only joking, I'm so sorry." Clearly she had not picked up on his sarcasm until she looked at him and rolled her eyes. "Well at least you still think your funny."
He smiled at her flustered words. "So you wanna try it?"
"Don't be silly." She shoved his shoulder softly.
He laughed this time. "I'm serious, I am willing to try anything and I would be silly to turn down a kiss from a beautiful woman."
Adi felt herself heat up at his words and selfishly she found herself agreeing to her silly idea.
They both shuffled closer together awkwardly, attempting to get comfy. Thomas's hand ghosted over her thighs trying to find the best place to rest, he felt like teenager about to have his first kiss, all a bag of nerves and slightly sweaty. Adi placed her hand on top of his leaving it on her thigh trying to reassure him silently. She sensed his anxiety and felt it was best to lead this situation. She moved her face closer to his never breaking eye contact until she felt his hot shaky breath on her mouth and her eyes fluttered shut.
"Just tell me if you're not okay with this Thomas." She whispered.
Thomas answered by closing the small gap between them and allowing their lips to meet softly. It was a small peck and Adi savoured it as though it was the last one she would ever have. Thomas deepened the kiss and Adi bought her hand up to his face. She felt alive for the first time since he disappeared under, she didn't want it to end but she wanted to know what Thomas felt, the anticipation was too much to bare She searched his face for signs on recognition but was met with disappointment.
"Sorry." Thomas said pulling away. "That was lovely but It didn't trigger anything."
She smiled through her silent pain. "It was a long shot. Look I need to get going or I am going to miss the last night tube. Do you need anything before I go?"
"Oh no please you can't leave at this time, stay on the sofa."
"Sure?" Adi asked unsure.
Thomas nodded turning his head to his bedroom door but didn't move, he felt like he was unable to get to the door. "I don't know if I can sleep in there yet, it doesn't feel right."
"You can stay out here with me, I've been told I snore but not too loudly." She spoke sincerely and Thomas smiled at her words.
"Yeah I think I might."
They situated themselves at opposite end of the couch and shared the blanket that lived there. Neither of them uttered another word and Adi turned out the lights. She heard Thomas's heavy breathing within minutes, she knew she wasn't too far behind in sleep; her last thought before sleep swept her away was a hope that Thomas would one day remember.
When Thomas awoke the next morning he was lying vertical and was pressed into the back of the sofa. His body felt so squashed, but his brain told him it was all worth it. He blinked a few times allowing his eyes to adjust to the room, he looked down and smiled at the person snuggled up in his arms. Adi's eyes were still closed so he assumed she was still asleep. He tightened his grip on her and tried to pinpoint at what point in the night they had ended up like this. His body called out for coffee and he peeled himself reluctantly away from Adi's angelic form. He stumbled into the kitchen, eyes still bleary from sleep and he picked up the coffee pot, filled it up, put the filter in and found his usual mug. It hadn鈥檛 occurred to him what he had just done and he hadn鈥檛 noticed Adi watching him from the sofa in awe.
"Could I get cup too?" She asked tentatively as she got herself up off the sofa.
Thomas stopped dead in his track at the sound of her voice and turned to face her, the light bulb went off in his head.
He remembered.
Adi watched as his face lit up, he ran toward her pulled her into him and crashed their lips together. Adi melted into him and kissed him with everything. She brought her hands up to his neck to hold him in place but Thomas had other ideas and backed them up towards the kitchen counter. When Adi hit it successfully, Thomas lifted her up onto it with ease. They refused to come up for air and Adi wrapped her legs around Thomas's waist in an attempt to pull him even closer, she felt his excitement press into 聽her thigh. She smiled into the kiss and Thomas slipped his tongue into her mouth expertly. Just as Adi reached for the hem of Thomas' t-shirt a cough broke them out of their pornographic scene.
"Shit." Thomas whispered under his breath and Adi hid her head in his chest as embarrassment washed over her. Adi poked her head out from Thomas's shoulder to see the four pairs of eyes looking at them in amussment, Angelica was laughing softly at the scene before her.
"Ummm鈥 Hi guys." Adi mustered up despite feeling like she wanted the ground to swallow her up.
Lafayette used his opportunity perfectly. 聽"So Thomas, my friend it seems that your memory 'as returned after all."
Thomas coughed and tired to muster up the words, his eyes returned to Adi's face and they shared an intimate giggle.
Angelica spoke up instead, her voice dripped in amusement. "Look I am happy about that and I get you want to鈥 catch up, for lack of a better term. But would you mind christening my kitchen counter when I am not in the flat."
"Sorry Angelica." They spoke in unison, their eyes still firmly placed on one another, they drank each other in. Thomas titled his head toward his bedroom and Adi nodded in agreement. They set off like love drunk teenagers, whipping straight past the other couplem as Adi closed the door she heard Lafayette shout out to them. "Don鈥檛 do anything I wouldn't do."
Thomas had sat himself on the edge of the bed and Adi stripped down to her underwear and climbed straight into his lap and reconnected their lips heatedly. Adi tried to rush everything in a needy lust, while Thomas wanted to do everything slowly. He wanted to savour this moment with her and above all else worship her body. He flipped them over so that she was underneath him, he felt as though he had more control over the situation this way. Adi was still quick to try and undress him and Thomas laughed softly in between kisses. "Girl slow down, we are not in a rush." He moved her hands up above her head. "I'm trusting that you're going to behave for me and keep your hands where I've left them." He looked down at her as though she was the most delicious snack he had ever seen. 聽
Adi felt lost for words, she hadn't expected that from him but she was perfectly fine being told what to do. 聽Before she could muster up an answer Thomas kissed her again passionately and she resisted the urge to touch him. He moved himself down to her neck, working her up and making her feel impossibly hot, he moved incredibly slow down her body and when we got to her panties he moved straight past them which made Adi groan out in frustration. Thomas smiled to himself and kissed slowly along her thighs before pressing his mouth up against her clothed pussy. Adi grew more impatient by the second and moved her hips up to smother Thomas's face in between her thighs, the minor friction made her whine out.
Thomas looked up at her with what could only be described as a silent warning. "Patience. " He hissed at her before returning his eyes to her panties.
He hooked his fingers onto the sides and pulled the fabric tight against Adi's clit, he moved it slowly up and down 聽she fought the urge to grind her hips into his touch. As quickly as he started to give her something he took it away again and pulled the panties off completely, throwing them who knows where. He swiped his tongue along her entrance slowly, savouring the taste. He moved his tongue up agonisingly slow until he reached her clit, he pulled back to look at her. She had her eyes screwed shut in anticipation and he teased her once again by blowing cold air on her exposed clit, she writhed underneath him.
"Thomas please鈥" Just as Adi began to beg for him, Thomas attached his mouth to her clit, he sucked, flicked and swirled it in his mouth all the while Adi laid there doing her best not to touch him; she didn't want him to take away the pleasure. Thomas ate her like she was his last meal on earth and Adi moaned like a porn star for him. She felt her orgasm build in her stomach just as Thomas inserted two fingers deep inside her, 聽she couldn't stay still any longer and pushed herself onto his face just as he hit her G-spot. She called out his name as her orgasm hit her hard.
Thomas stripped down quickly not allowing her time any time to recover as he lined himself with her entrance. He pushed himself inside slowly which drew out a moan from both of them. Thomas shut his eyes at the euphoric feeling he felt buried deep inside her pussy and he bought his lips down to her mouth.
In a breathless tone Adi cried out at him. "Thomas move please. I need you." Thomas moved himself in and out impossibly slow, he revelled in the tightness and it seemed he still wanted to taunt Adi, even with his own orgasm at stake.
With each thrust he buried himself deeper and deeper. "Fuck." He grunted, he kept his pace slow and steady hitting Adi's G-spot with each stroke.
For the first time Thomas opened his eyes and saw Adi's eyes bored into him. 聽Her face was a mix of adoration and pure bliss and he felt 聽his face mirrored hers. He grabbed one of her hands and interlaced their fingers and squeezed it tightly. Their eyes stayed locked as Thomas began to thrust into Adi harder at the same pace, he reached up to grab the headboard with his free hand and he finally picked up his speed. Adi's eyes began to close again as she felt her second orgasm form.
"Keep your eyes open baby girl." Thomas said in a strained voice and Adi followed his instruction as he pounded into her relentlessly. Her orgasm hit her harder than the first and she felt herself contract around Thomas who came seconds after her, he dropped his head into the crook of her neck.
As they came down back to earth together they fell into a blissful silence. Thomas moved himself off of Adi and they collapsed into each other's arms. They were silent for the longest time the only sound in the room was heavy breathing. Thomas turned his head to look at Adi, who's eyes were shut and he drank in her features. He admired her face inch by inch and was so thankful that he could remember it all. Unfortunately though, he couldn't deny that niggling feeling in the back of his head and silently worried it would all be gone as quick as it came.
"Take a picture T." Adi's face broke into a devilish grin.
"I'm sorry baby girl, I'm just trying to memorise it all so it's ingrained in there properly this time." He spoke softly as he laced their fingers together once again, he bought her hand up to his mouth to graze it with his lips.
"You said it yourself, I am the girl from your dreams, you never truly forgot me Thom."
He scoffed. "I'm never living that one down am I?"
"Never." She finally opened her eyes, that same smile still on displayed on her face.
The silence over took them again but this time Adi could sense Thomas wasn't as happy as he had been seconds ago. "Ads I'm scared that this is all going to be taken away. I don't want to lose you again."
"Hey. Thomas look at me. I'm not going anywhere, you never lost me. No matter what, It's you and me now, all in." She kissed him softly to reassure him.
He held onto her tighter as he tried to accept her words. They didn't leave the bedroom for the rest of the day save for pee breaks.
At the end of the day Thomas held onto the prospect of having Adi by his side through thick and thin and fell asleep once again with hope of remembering who he was.
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Since you still want to do the WIP Game - Those Who (Want To) Believe? :) Or maybe Can't See The Stars? Thanks!
Thank you! I鈥檓 fond of both of these. :)
Those Who (Want To Believe) is... in a nutshell, my X-Files AU for Gravity Falls. In it, Mabel was abducted by by aliens some 4-6 months before the start of summer, and Dipper was the only witness (there was also no evidence to support his story AND significant evidence in favor of a more mundane explanation). This has caused him to go FULL Fox Mulder, searching for aliens as well as a 12-year-old boy possibly can.
Worried about what they see as severe denial, Dipper鈥檚 parents hope maybe a change of scenery will help and send him to Stan... not knowing, of course, that Stan is the LAST person to go to for聽鈥渉ow to get over your twin鈥檚 disappearance and not devote your life to doomed attempts to rescue them.鈥
I only have the equivalent of the first chapter written, but the plan would be for LOTS of Stan & Dipper bonding (my favorite!) ending in them working together to save both their twins from aliens (oh yes! in this AU there is no Bill. Ford still has a portal in the basement, but he was abducted by a classic UFO).
Mabel & Ford, meanwhile, are having a grand old time in their own聽take on the Drifting Stars AU: Alien Air Vents Edition. It鈥檚 good. Mabel helps Ford get over his forty-year-old issues a little.
Have the first few lines:
The small boy--really, were twelve-year-olds always this tiny?--got off the bus at Gravity Falls with two big pieces of luggage, dragging one behind him in each hand. His head was low enough that his baseball cap covered his eyes.
Stan recognized that hat, though. 鈥淗ey! Hey, kid!鈥 he hollered. 鈥淒ippy!鈥
The kid looked over in his direction. His face was confused, yet hostile. (Stan felt an instant camaraderie. That was how he felt towards the universe most days, after all.)
鈥淢y name is Dipper,鈥 he said.
鈥淩ight. I knew that!鈥 So he鈥檇 gotten it a little wrong, whatever. Everyone called the little squirt Dippy when he was鈥ix? Eh. It was a legitimate variant, was what Stan was saying. Anyway.
鈥淐an鈥檛 See the Stars鈥 was invented as a riff on various GF future-fics--especially ones written before the finale--where it鈥檚 like four years post-canon but... nothing鈥檚 happened? The kids haven鈥檛 been back since their first summer, their motivations and characters are basically unchanged, Ford lives in the basement and is obsessed with research and Stan is allergic to open displays of emotion. That sort of characterization.
So this...would start like one of those, but a little more sinister. And it would quickly become clear that This Is Not How Things Are Supposed To Be...
Grinning, Dipper jumped out of bed. He might not have the journals anymore, but this year he had something better--the Author himself. Great-Uncle Ford had been investigating Gravity Falls for the past four years! Dipper was sure he鈥檇 let him in on his discoveries. Maybe, Dipper thought as he pulled on a flannel shirt and a pair of jeans, I could even get some kind of internship鈥?
Then he frowned for a moment. Hadn鈥檛 Ford offered him an apprenticeship that first summer? But no, the cloudy half-memory was too incomplete to be real--if it had been, he would have remembered turning it down.
He smiled wryly. Must have dreamed it, I guess.
This is another one that exists mostly not聽on paper/in a doc, but I like the feel of it. (Side note, if you want something of said feel: The title is from the song 鈥淏ring on the Wonder鈥.)
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