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#also i didn't watch any movie :o
unproduciblesmackdown · 5 months ago
just finished lotr (films) & throughout i was thinking about all the wealth of posts i’ve seen. remember the one like “going to a place called cirith ungol was just them like ‘spider pass? watch out b/c rumor has it there’s something scary there’” & then i think of a tweet i saw just the other day like “dickpilled i logged in today to defend a lotr plot hole” like yeah you know what. everyone was just assuming it was figurative language
#i also want to know what plot hole. unless it was the The Eagles thing. but in 2021?? yet also ppl are still like. ranking the fellowship so#that's analysis babes...but truly sometimes Posts are as good or better Analysis(tm) than a serious lengthy essay...dobbo. i cant cope??#that one was Commentary but an instant classic. anyways i mean i was reminded of such truly classic & ye olde Posts while watching#but also that i've been seeing Fresh Lotr Posts fairly regularly for like years. a rich vein of w/o looking for any i've seen#a solid handful of related tweets in the past month or 2...production lore...illustrations...humorous references / analysis....#funny Semi Serious Analysis as well like ''cirith ungol would just mean Pass Of The Spider and not even in any obscure language'' like yeah#plus the bonus that frodo is fluent in sindarin...doesn't quite come up in the movies and maybe contradicted by that fotr bit like asking#What's The Elvish Word For Friend...he was just letting gandalf help / pretending he'd only just now figured it out. imagine lol#anyways and other humorous but earnest enough observations like saruman being known for his strong anti weed stance. straightedge#or ''can't stop thinking about the 'meat's back on the menu' line like do they have restaurants in isengard?? what's going on there''#then saw some completely earnest Literary Analysis post a while back like oh i didn't really think about this b/c things simply do not occur#to me but So True how gandalf & pippin spend a good amt of rotk hanging out for a reason in that gandalf's going ''oh right i guess we're#kind of similar'' like Same Name wanderer / pilgrim thing...a fool's hope...being a little chaotic & dealing w/frivolous things...wild card#then also to get back around to cirith ungol 1 of my fave They Definitely Added This movie exclusives is the one like 30 sec scene#where we get galadriel and frodo interacting again tbt lothlorien....could juxtapose the characters as well but really the tl;dr of it is#i enjoy both and it is a delight to me and also ;m; b/c of course...also seeing the extended edition stuff was a journey like Ah...material#going <_< at that mount doom bit about The Star and the Light like. i vaaaguely remember that maybe being a specific moment from The Book#as many of the added scenes were...but then i was like am i just going ham now or are we vaguely invoking that other wild book scene#the He's Like That Sometimes A Light Shines Through But I Love Him Whether Or No....can't say it Wasn't#anyways i can go on and on abt [film] or [book] b/c natch. holding it back in the tags here lmao but what Form can it ever really take excpt#real time endless comments abt Whatever All...everyone is safe as we're clearly not having an irl All 3 Films Marathon Watchalong so.#to just throw out another couple random notes. watching it for the first time in like 6 yrs having a great time towards the end of fotr#where boromir starts monologuing at frodo who is simply warily considering this like King Of Just Not Saying Anything honestly lmfao#role model. this after an instance of my own [i simply do not answer] in the face of what Tf are you talking abt / is the intention here lol#anyways that was fun. an icon....but it wasn't b/c that whole ending re boromir is sad and makes me cry :'/#pros and cons....great moment in ''just don't say anything until the other person clarifies their point'' representation...bummer scene/s...#and one of like a half dozen scenes of having Wariness conveyed by elijah wouldn't going >_> at someone specifically lmfao#or sort of wanguish (wary anguish?) well you know what i mean. all those scenes. and they were right to keep including it#well anyway's it's 7:30a (': better just determinedly lie down...good Streaming Hours don't hit until around 1am or later :/#couldn't fire up a film before that smh. rip to not having physical media onhand...rev up those dvds i'm [impromptu lotr marathons]
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ritahayworrth · 2 years ago
what is your favorite new movies? I'm just curious :)
i’m not 100% sure what you mean by “new”? but within the past year i really liked the following:
Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse
Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral
The Favourite
Love, Simon
Crazy Rich Asians
Christopher Robin
Avengers: Endgame
edit: I also really like Booksmart which came out like yesterday? or was it the other day?? basta yeah
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bemylord · 5 months ago
ᴊᴜᴊᴜᴛꜱᴜ ᴋᴀɪꜱᴇɴ ʙᴏʏꜱ ʙᴇɪɴɢ ᴄʟɪɴɢʏ ʙᴏʏꜰʀɪᴇɴᴅꜱ ᴡɪᴛʜ ꜱ/ᴏ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: yuuji, megumi, toji, satoru, kento, sukuna.
warnings: nothing actually but sukuna. aged up.
a/n: i already made s/o being clingy where s/o got into 'argument' with the characters. today is almost similar, only their reaction to the fact that you always need attention. or they being clingy.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ɪᴛᴀᴅᴏʀɪ ʏᴜᴜᴊɪ:
you and yuuji are too needy buns.
whenever both of you may cuddle - you cuddle.
to be honest, yuuji is freaky amazing as you always need some physical contact - whether it's a momentary kiss on the cheek or you get a chance to ruffle his pink hair, he's always happy as a child.
the one who would be happy to be the little or big spoon - what's the difference anyway? both of you will be stuck together like a sandwich, so he doesn't care whom to be.
you wake him up with ticklish and playful kisses in the neck area. 'mm, y/n, why don't you kiss my lips'
yuuji being himself annoying after training or mission, sluggishly jumping under the blanket, pulling you closer. 'kisses. i wanna kisses. y/n, you kissed me only once today!'
when itadori is tired, his clinginess [?] indicator rises rapidly, demanding a lot of attention.
if you half-mutter 'i wanna cuddle' or 'yuujii~ let's watch a movie together.' expect him to combine these two acts into one, cuddling you on the couch while watching the show.
kissing as a pleasant surprise <3
Tumblr media
ꜰᴜꜱʜɪɢᴜʀᴏ ᴍᴇɢᴜᴍɪ:
megumi isn't good at showing his emotions.
he wouldn't call himself pesky yet calling himself a little-eager-to-get-your-attention man.
megumi likes when you sneak under his cardigan to get extra kisses from him, feeling the warmth radiating from his body.
he likes spending evenings playing computer games with you, he gives in to you to see your radiant smile and your smug look. 'yes, gumi-gumi, it was i who won you.' 'but the loser gets a dozen kisses.'
you guys sometimes walk in the park near to the dorms with his shikigami dogs. although the dogs don't need a walk but watching as to how you pet and play with them, megumi couldn't reject it.
it melts fushiguro as you ruffle his naughty hair, as he lays on your knees on the couch.
he likes the way you gradually but confidently melt his heart with kisses in the morning.
i think megumi's a manifestation of love would be cute, little gifts like a bar of chocolate.
Tumblr media
ꜱᴀᴛᴏʀᴜ ɢᴏᴊᴏᴜ:
i think you and gojou annoy the others. cause you're the kind of couple that takes selfies at any second. in the middle of a fight with a dangerous curse - you'll post it on instagram. do you have a new haircut? gojo takes a million photos and puts the best one on his lock screen.
i'm certain he'd be the clingiest in the couple.
and when i said the clingiest i mean it.
and naturally, you're both so cocky - he can kiss you all over the place while you hug him from behind 24/7.
at the home, you always do everything together, it may seem you can't keep your hands off each other.
he likes to tease you while you are his mini-copy.
actually, gojo lives to tease you.
you might think that gojo is acting more clingy than you are - he's like a spy following in your footsteps, trying to get all your attention. 'your lips are in the wrong place.' '??' 'they should be right on my lips.'
and more such foolish jokes from gojo.
Tumblr media
ɴᴀɴᴀᴍɪ ᴋᴇɴᴛᴏ:
the first phrase would be: 'darling, i have to finish my report.'
the second would be: 'don't go away, just.. could you massage my shoulders?'
kento loves when you came to his desk to rest him a bit by doing a massage or cup his face with your small palms, coating cheeks with small smooches.
you and kento love to bake bread or try to cook something new.
while cooking, there's a lot, no, a hell of a lot of kissing and uncomplicated dancing - he has both hands on your belly, standing behind you, kissing the top of your head.
nanami isn't good at making food, yet certainly good at kissing.
sunday morning you spend by cooking new recipes, the day you spend by eating the food, whilst the evening..
you're cuddling. just cuddle. hugs in the bed or the bathroom.
if that is might be counted as the clinginess the sorcerer likes to call you darling and never miss the chance to show how much he loves you.
Tumblr media
ʀʏᴏᴍᴇɴ ꜱᴜᴋᴜɴᴀ:
you are the one sukuna allows to sit on his throne.
actually, he will do everything for you, only for you.
he allows you to cup his tattoed face with your palms, tantalizingly staring at his mouth yet no kissing the enticing lips. 'don't tease me, girl.'
with one finger he connected your lips, kissing eagerly you.
on the one hand, he gets sooo furious when you ain't coming at his domain after a mission. on another hand, it excites him - he obviously knows how much you needed his embrace.
like toji, he won't admit he also is clingy.
can't describe sukuna being a clingy type around you, but definitely needs your arms around his neck as he takes you to bed.
well, he.. secretly l-likes, when you grab his face in your palms with all your sincere love, kissing the tip of his nose. he wrinkles, because you are so funny. 'i know you need something more than kisses.'
Tumblr media
ꜰᴜꜱʜɪɢᴜʀᴏ ᴛᴏᴊɪ:
yeah, i've replaced toji to the end bc, i've something to say.
toji fushiguro is disgruntled and angry when you ask him to kiss you for the hundredth time on the day.
once toji called a demanding puppy, you didn't talk with him for two days, as the man is used to fall asleep to your barely audible mumbling.
toji was irritated when saw you fall asleep on the couch. he's already used to being hugged in his sleep, what the hell?
although toji will deny the fact he loves when you're being pesky and annoying and also bothersome by kissing his face.
nevertheless, the thing you've started to notice as you didn't give him good night or good morning kiss, the sorcerer killer will be grumpy.
no! of course, he isn't clingy. never. well, it's one percent of toji being clingy. okay, fine, it's two but not more! 'give me the goodnight kiss.' 'ask more politely, toji.'
he tsks, bringing you closer and kissing you with undisguised greed. after all, it's your fault - you didn't give toji his kiss.
↳ back to the main game menu.
kudos and reblogs are welcome <3
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vquacki · 2 months ago
You're so beautiful.. BUT
Tumblr media
You're so beautiful.. BUT
Scandalous Outfit Prank 
Characters: BONTEN - Rindou Haitani, Ran Haitani, Sanzu Haruchiyo
Warning ⚠︎︎ : Mature content, cussing,  MINORS DNI
Note : This was requested! I'll probably start working on other characters as well, so if you have any specific character you want me to write about and a certain prank or idea you have in mind then feel free to inbox me! I hope you enjoy these shorts! <3
Also i’m half awake rn, so it's kinda unedited, LMAO
Tumblr media
R I N D O U 
“Rin! I'm gonna go to Walmart, okay?” You yelled, muffled through the closet door. It was early afternoon, the day had barely started. Both you and Rindou were just relaxing at home, planning to binge watch movies later that night. 
You eyed yourself in the closet mirror, you had on a skin tight outfit, the fabric outlining every curve you had. The purple-nette rarely had days off, so this was your perfect opportunity to just have a whole day filled with romantic cuddles and kisses. But you had something else in mind. 
A prank, a scandalous one at that. 
Twisting the door knob, you made your way into the kitchen where your boyfriend was sitting.
He was slouched against the stool, one of his legs crossed over the other as his fingers tapped at his phone. 
“While you're there, could you also get me-” His sentence stopped once his eyes grazed at your figure. His mouth hung open, ready to catch any flying debris that flew his way.
“Baby, do you like my outfit?” You grinned, clasping your hands together on the kitchen table in front of you. Trying your best to accentuate your chest. But your question only fell on deaf ears.
“You're going to walmart..? In that?” Rindou’s eyes trailed down to your stiletto heels, all the way back to your decked out face. All kinds of jems and jewels wrapped around your neck, your collarbone visible for the lucky people at ‘walmart’ to see. 
“Yeah, do you like it?” You repeat the question again. You could hear a light hum from the male as he set his phone down on the counter. Crossing the table, to where you stood. 
“Yeah, you look really good,” He complimented, wrapping his slender arms around your waist. Pulling you until your chest pressed against one anothers. 
“Buttt, you're not going to Walmart in that” Rindou quickly added, his smirk fading away as fast as it came. 
“What! Why not?” You scowl, placing your bag on the table, your now free hands pressing against the males chest. 
“Cause who the fuck goes to walmart showing their fucking cheeks like this?” Rindou replied, his hand moving down from your waist to caress the fabric over your bum. 
“Rindou~” You whined, wiggling your body like a tantruming child.
“Y/N no '' His voice stern, it's not that he didn't trust you. In fact, it was the complete opposite, he didn't trust the men that would be at the forsaken store. 
“Whatever, I'm still going” You huffed, your hands slapping his arms away from you. You grabbed your purse, swinging the strap over your shoulder. You reached for the car keys that sat nicely displayed on the kitchen wall, before an arm yanked you back.
“Rindou.” Malice dripping off of you, trying to sound as warning as possible. 
“Y/N i'm not joking” Rindou’s hand wrapped around the string of your bag.
“I'm not either” You bit back a smile, his possessive reaction causing sparks to fly throughout your body. 
“I'm just going to Walmart Rin,” You sighed, turning around to face your boyfriend.  
“Okay I get that but like why in this?” his finger tracing your body, scanning your rather revealing attire. He leaned his body against the table behind him, crossing his arms in an opposed state. 
“Because it's cute” You deadpan, waving your arms around your body. 
He didn't disagree, not in the slightest. You looked absolutely stunning, in anything you wore, whether it be pajamas or scrub. The male loved everything about you, from your weird habits all the way down to the last fiber of your hair. 
You saw the male roll his eyes before pinching the bridge of his nose in annoyance. You could tell the more you insisted on going out the more aggravated he started to get. His reaction riled you up even more, maybe you would actually go out in this outfit just to piss him off. 
“Your not going”
“Yes I am-” You instantly shut up when a hand collided with your throat. The digits wrapped around you, tugging you by neck, almost making you trip as he dragged you until you stood before him. 
“No, you are not” Rindou stared down at you, his eyes practically throwing daggers at you. 
“I think i've been too lenient on you, the way you're acting right now is really starting to piss me off Y/N '' Rindou clenched his jaw, his hand giving the base of your neck a firm squeeze. 
You stared at him, eyes widened. A shiver ran down your spine, while your stomach was filled with euphoric tingles. It took a few seconds for your brain to comprehend the situation before your lined lips bursted into a smile
“Rin~ it's just a prank” you giggled, hands discarding the purse, letting it fall to the ground. Your arms gently making their way around the males waist.
A sigh escaped the males lips, releasing your neck. Heat immediately rising to his cheeks, waiting for the feeling of embarrassment to kick in. 
“Why are you like this?” Rindou muttered while he let you sink your body into his.
“I love you~” you cooed, placing a kiss to the males cheek. 
“Get off me” Rindou turned his head away, refusing to show you the rosy color upon his cheeks. Maybe it’s okay to tease the uptight male more often, especially if you got to see the less dominant side of him. 
R A N 
“Woah doll, where are you going?” Ran attention ransacked from his phone when you came through the door.
“I’m gonna have dinner with my friends” you replied, giving the make a twirl in your brand new outfit. Having bought it just for this special occasion. 
“Doll, why are you going to a casual dinner with half of your ass hanging out?” His question coming out hesitantly. 
“And even worse, without me” Ran’s inflated frown peered at you, his eyebrow quirking in the midst of your anitics, it wasn't often you would dress up just to attend a mere dinner.
You shrugged, tilting your head back to glance back at the bottom half of your attire. 
“We’re all wearing stuff like this” you answered, your hands smoothing out the front of your rising bottoms. 
“And we were thinking, maybe going to the club after.?” You clasped your hands together, basically begging the man to allow you to go. Mentally bracing yourself for his obstructive reply.
“Nope” Ran shook his head, not entertaining the idea one bit. 
“I'm going with you” Ran hooked his arms with yours, your hips touching one another at this motion.
Making it obvious he wouldn't allow you to go out, especially without him being by your side. 
“Ran~ cmon im gonna be late” You whined against his tight grasp around you. 
“I'm ready! Let's go then” Ran dug into his pants pocket, revealing a key dancing around the ring of his finger. 
The key getting whipped away when you tried to reach for the significant item.
“Ran, it's only gonna be me and some girls” you reasoned. 
“Then you're not gonna go to the club?” Ran brought the key back down to your height, dangling it above your head.
“No, we are but-” the jingle of the item getting snatched from your horizon once again. 
“Then nope!” Ran smiled, teasing you with the only article accessible that could promptly even get you near the club. 
“And you didn't even tell me you were going to a club after.” Ran sulked, eyes squinting at your form. 
“But I did-” You opened your mouth to disagree, only to shushed. 
“Yeah, not until you were gonna leave” Ran’s arm outstretched in front of your face, palm open. His finger almost poking you in the eye. 
“Ran please,” you pleaded, your hand reaching to remove the males hand that was waving in your face. Pouting face staring up at the man, making his heart flutter against his ribcage.
 You knew he could never resist your begging, it was what he lived for.
It was what he was drawn to, he was considered strong by countless people. But don’t strong things always come with a weakness? 
It was all for you. 
That weak side he hated showing so damn much? 
That weak side so many other women wanted to see? It was only for you. 
No doubt, you were strong, whether it was mentally or physically he loved it. He acknowledged all of it. He worshipped that strong aroma you withheld, along with the delicate tang that lingered behind it. 
But no way in hell would he allow you to leave without him, his poor ‘defenseless’ darling. He still wanted to protect you, even if you were perfectly capable of doing so yourself. 
“Honey, are you deaf?” He raised a brow at how dense you were being.
“I said either I come, or you're not going at all.” He sighed, his hand coming up to your face, tucking your disarranged hair behind your ear before lowering his finger tip to trace the starting line to your jaw. 
“Or you could change” Ran suggested, hand suddenly tightening around your jawbone.
“Or what?” You smirked, still determined to get that pleasurable reaction you strived for. 
“Want me to show you?” Ran’s devilish smile ridiculed your grin. 
Even so, he knew how to hide that oh so weak side from you, only every once and a while showing you that vulnerable side you seeked. 
“No need! It was just a prank” You clapped as his hand dropped back down to his hip.
“That's cool and all,” Ran rolled his eyes sarcastically, effortlessly waving off your ‘prank’ confession. 
“But shouldn't I show you anyways?” He imitated your thrilled clap. A malicious smirk fixated at you. 
S A N Z U 
His legs were lazily tossed up on the coffee table, arms resting on the back of the couch as he doused himself in his afternoon alcohol break. Whirling the cup in his hand, watching as the ice cubes spun around in the glass. 
“Haru~ i'm gonna go to the store real quick” You spoke, hands struggling to zip up the back of your high heel zipper. 
“Umm what store?” His eyes scanned you up and down, savoring how delightful you look all dressed up. 
“Probably target” You answered, walking over to him to give him a farewell kiss before you went ‘shopping’. That's when it all clicked, his eyes ran up to your face, all dolled up. But for what? Grocery shopping?
Crouching down, pressing a kiss to his cheek. You backed away, surprised to see his crystal blue eyes glaring at you. Before you could even interrogate him of his blazed glare, his hand wrapped around your wrist, dragging you down onto the couch cushion next to him. 
“Why are you testing me right now?” He raised a brow, did he seem that gullible? He swallowed his thoughts, gulping down the rest of his drink, lifting himself up to place the empty beverage back on the table. 
“What are you talking about, Zu?” Your innocent act was almost enjoyable for the man.
“Pretending to be clueless huh?” Sanzu chuckled, his elbows resting on his knees, dominant hand pouring himself another glass. 
“Going to the store? Dressed like this?” He gave you a side glance, scoffing before downing another glass. 
You couldn't even protest, his empty cup slamming against the table along with his scowl quickly silencing any words that were about to come out of your mouth. 
“My patients is running low, sweetcheeks” Sanzu’s toothy grin appeared, running a hand along your thigh until it stopped at your low cut bottoms. 
“You're acting like a brat princess, and it's starting to drive me insane” he whispered, his ravishing words declining in your head as his other hand ran down your scalp, combing through the locks of your hair. 
“Your drunk baby~” You muttered back, grasping at his hand that was tangled in your hair. 
“I beg to differ,” Sanzu mocked as he rolled his eyes. 
He wasn't even close to being tipsy yet, and you knew that. 
“I'll be leaving then.” undeniably you were so good at testing him, drilling him until he was on the brink of exploding. 
He was a ticking time bomb waiting to be set off by you. 
“I suggest you behave” He growled, squeezing the meat that rested between his fingers. 
“Sanzu, I'm just going to the store.” You whined, kicking your legs against the ground in hopes to delude him for your act.
“Like hell you are, who goes to the store half naked” His aluming demnor fading as soon as he saw your puppy like pout.
“I have clothes on, Zu”
“You have napkins on babe.”
“No, unless you want me to shred those nice little shorts of yours, I suggest you simmer down, love” 
“Actually- why don't we do that? Since you love testing me so much I think it's your turn” He beamed, inching closer to you by the second. 
“Sanzu, It's just a prank! Im sor-” You were interrupted when his lips collided with your own, hands roaming your body, mounting every piece of flesh that was roped on you. 
Your prank had failed, quite miserably. On the contrary at least you got one good thing out of it. 
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turtleweens · a month ago
Tumblr media
mating season headcanons
Summary: headcanons for Horny Season but they're not as sexy as you wanted lol @agatorcat
Warnings: some sexual content
Usually mating season headcanons are represented as either the turtles being super horny all the time but still in control OR the turtles going absolutely dicko mode and I just wanted to throw some fluffy stuff out there
all everyone talks about is how mating season makes the guys horny
but no one brings up how emotional they get??
like yes they definitely have the territorial instincts so they're angry and pissy but also. they're so emotionally raw in this state you gotta treat them with care
Leo runs out of a specific tea he's craving and he just spends the rest of the day in bed because he's that upset by it
Donnie drops something in his lab and when it breaks he gets so angry he just curls up on the floor and cries
Raph is a little more in control with his emotions since he's used to the Turmoil, but he does tear up and spend a lot of time alone
you need to be ESPECIALLY careful with Mikey his rejection sensitive dysphoria is off the fucking charts.
Mikey will assume you're super upset with him bc you told him you didn't want to play mario kart
you're walking on eggshells with these hormonally charged men
also. they are mortified by the thought of crying in front of you they'd literally rather die
although a cuddle session will probably lead to something more spicy, they absolutely need cuddles now more than ever
YEARNING for touch
he is gonna bury his face in YOUR chest. tables are fucking turned this season. You are the pillow.
he wants shell scritches, and loving touches
lots of comfort and physical affection
hold him!!!
give him kiss!!
he needs love
also some sloppy toppy
but mostly love
once the turtles get a little older, like in their 20s?
the turtles have. such intense baby fever.
god help you if he stumbles across a video of some baby turtles
Raph will NEVER let anyone know about this but he does knit little baby clothes when he's feeling really sentimental during the season
he also watches a lot of feel-good family movies from childhood
((his favorite is stuart little but don't tell him i told you))
Donnie always looks up toy tool sets for little kids at some point and it makes him tear up every time.
Leo has a hidden stash of parenting/baby care books because even though he knows its not likely, he does still have a little tiny part of him that thinks, "just in case"
((absolutely has "what to expect when you're expecting" stashed))
Mikey's might manifest differently, but God does he have the Fever
any baby fills him with longing.
tortures himself by binge watching baby animal videos
sees a video with a baby orangutan and he fucking breaks down. saves like hundreds of pics of baby orangutans
baby animals become this man's special interest and it's all he thinks about
the lair is FILLED with longing sighs
can get a bit angsty depending on if you guys can have a family (either biologically or through adoption)
any time one of the guys encounters something Small they have a crisis and you have to bring them out of it.
the whole season you have to be there for your turtle-- he's having a rough go of it.
He can survive on his own, don't get me wrong, it's not the end of the world if you're not there. He's managed without you for years before.
it's just the season's a lot more manageable with you around.
yes he's horny but also. more than anything he wants attention and care.
depending on your turtle he may not be the type to Seek the affection even though he desperately wants it (*side eyes leo and raph*)
you must be proactive in displaying your affections, and take matters into your own hands
the truest desire of the Mutant Turtle during mating season is to be curled up in a cozy nest of pillows and blankets with lots of snacks, cuddling their S/O, watching feel-good movies, and also having tons of sex.
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everafterkeiji · 3 months ago
Hello can you do kawata twins, Draken and Taiju with a soft and sensitive S/O?🥺
hey heyyy!! one of the past reqs I've gotten so im sorry for delay:(( i also like ur username >_< but stay safe and hopefully this is ok!! this was my first time writing for taiju so it was a little rough
Tumblr media
PAIRINGS: Draken, Kawata twins, & Taiju x gn! reader
GENRE: fluff
Tumblr media
♡ 𝐃𝐑𝐀𝐊𝐄𝐍 has always been fond of your genuine care towards him and the others. It was your ability to empathize any situation and settle it maturely, understanding both sides to the problem which was a trait he had himself.
- He likes how before you think you would ponder on the possible outcomes to be able to move freely without hurting anyone in the way. He sees it in how you always looked after him as well as for the boys, just constant kindness handed to them.
- Whenever Mitsuya brings over Luna and Mana, the girls go up to you and tells you countless of compliments stating how pretty you were and the next second you're spoiling them with ice cream, laughing and the beam of genuineness you had is something Draken could never not love to see.
- When you two are out on a date and have some leftover as a takeout, you leave for a second and Draken finds you giving it to the local kids on the street, patting their heads with a smile and he swore his heart grew twice as big.
- There are more instances where you'd run off to help an elderly walk the street or just help whoever those who needed it which leads to Draken just seeing you in a corner as an old man pats your head for helping him carry his groceries.
- The only backlash he gets from you is seeing how upset you'd get to see him this badly wrecked after a brawl. You didn't question his strength but this view had been replayed for so many times that it concerns you how he's willing to risk it all.
"Stop frowning, Y/N. I promise you that I'm fine." He assures you but it doesn't work like usual. "C'mon, if you kiss me I'll be okay again." He jokes to ligthen up your mood to which you sigh.
- He also doesn't like to see you cry during some movies because—he also cries. It was a really depressing scene so he can't blame you but he tries to avoid horror movies just so you don't get nightmares.
- You like to thrive in the beauty there is whenever he takes you to a museum or just outside having a picnic. He sees that appreciation in your eyes and how you smile at them so it was often that he'd buy you flowers or little trinkets of art.
- He notices how you get easily flustered by him which he actually thinks it's cute so he does it so much that it frustrates you knowing he just liked to see you blush and stammer around him.
- Despite being the one whose usually sat on the safer side, you can't really help but defend him or the rest of Toman when they get bad mouthed for their acts and Draken always had to make sure you don't get insulted in return knowing how that would affect you in the process.
- He's also careful with his words so he doesn't strike a nerve to you.
- He tries to not drag you in messy and noisy crowds because he knows you get agitated by them and it leads you to be overwhelmed.
- Whenever you do get breakdowns, he's right at your side comforting you how you needed to take a few breathers for you to reach your goal. Even if your attack hasn't sprung yet, Draken likes to caress your back or grip onto your hand to remind you to calm yourself before it happens.
- He knows you tend to shut down from being too emphatetic and being too tired from your own emotions so he'd give you a bit of space but come back when you let him know you need him then he'll arrive with a few blankets and some snacks.
"C'mere you lughead, let's watch some movies."
Tumblr media
♡ 𝐍𝐀𝐇𝐎𝐘𝐀 has a very friendly smile but the things that come out of his mouth are sinister dialogues so he had to volume that down when he got to know you more.
- You know him, he'll say that he can murder you under 5 seconds with a toothy grin and act so nonchalant about it so he had to warn you that those type of phrases would never be directed to you.
- He sees how you resemble his brother—how caring and gentle you were towards others so he just stands from afar with a proud smile.
- He's aware of how you avoided harsh comments or any brutality so before he'd go into a fight, he's always going to leave a kiss to your forehead to your lips just to assure you.
"I'll drop by when it's done, okay? Don't worry about me!" He says while you just sighed in defeat. "You better."
- The funny thing is after the brawl, he went straight to his house and ask Souya to patch him up or at least cover his wounds so you wouldn't get anxious but that was until you see him walking with bandaids when you've gone to the store.
"Heya! What a funny coincidence huh? I was actually on my way to your house!"
- He always pauses to stare at you when you'd help others. You just look like a gem making those people happy just by your simple acts of kindness and he's thinking to himself how lucky he was and by the time you go back to him, he's placing sweet pecks to your cheek.
- He can tell how uncomfortable you were whenever you'd be stuck in a noisy environment so he tries his best and leads you to somewhere quieter for you to feel better.
- At first he thought that you were just kidding when you began to feel tense at one of those horror or brutal television series but when he noticed how it still bothered you the next day, he took a mental note to avoid those situations.
- He can feel it in your touch too, how you patch him up, asking if everything was okay for you to continue or even when you're just embracing him as you reach your hands to go through his hair. Everything about your movements were dainty and cautious which he actually liked a lot.
- You're also a very observant and appreciative person which is something he'll never get tired of. It's shown too many times when you'd compliment him or other people, pure genuineness to your voice with a kind smile to them and he's at awe and will always return the gesture.
"Don't forget to call yourself beautiful too." He says to you.
- Speaking of pretty things, you began to buy him some objects that were so pleasing to the eye and when he gets to your room, he can see charms or little stuff toys. He doesn't mind though, he thinks its cute since you'd give him a few of them too.
- The jokes he'd say would often be revised because he was also thoughtful of how you were going to react but you'd tell him how okay it would be.
"I love you." You whispered to him, craddled in his arms.
"Eh, I like you too." He joked, while you pull away momentarily staring him down with teasing eyes as if to challenge him as he shakes his head and buries it to your shoulder.
"Hey, cutie pie, I was just joking~"
"I like you too, Nahoya ♡"
"..not love?"
"Well." You joked, laughing while he rolls his eyes.
- Through your actions, he can sense whenever you had something unpleasant stuck on your mind. He sees how you kept zoning out and how your touch to him always felt loose like you were growing distant so when you two get home he seems to have figured it out when you embraced him once you sat on his bed.
"Everything okay there?" He whispers, caressing your hair while you shook your head that was on his chest. "Do you wanna talk about it, babe?" He asks.
"Let's talk about it later." You answered, closing your eyes and just enjoying his comfort while he understood. "Then take all the time you need."
- Lastly, he likes to hear you spill all of your problems on him because you liked to keep those negative emotions and hide it with a smile so when you finally break from keeping them for so long, he just wants to bury you deep in his arms, lending you his ears any time you needed them.
Tumblr media
♡ 𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐘𝐀, is a softie like you so you two would get along so well.
- He doesn't need to worry much of the wrong things he can possibly say to you because he was always thoughtful of what he does alike you.
- When you first met him, you thought it was quite ironic how he wore a very indignant expression but deep down he had the biggest heart that was bound to be kept by you.
- He feels like his emotions were gonna burst whenever you would be so gentle with him. Combing through his hair, asking him of his day, embracing him tightly or just complimenting him.
- You have a habit to pinch his cheeks or kiss his forehead when you'd look at him fondly and it takes his heart by a storm.
- You were so supportive of him and he hated to see you get so worked up to see him hurt but his attempts were funny.
"Heya! I missed you so much, Y/N." He says covering your eyes while you walk as you chuckled and he makes his way to run to the bathroom and lets go of your face.
"Babe, c'mon let me help you."
"You're not mad at me?"
"I can never be so come out of there, Angry."
- What more is that when you're putting flowers on Mitsuya's sister then they hook a flower to your ear which makes you smile—he is seriously whipped, to the point it could possibly bring him tears on how beautiful you looked so he's rushing to hug you from behind.
"YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL, Y/N." He shouts from your back while you laugh and hug him in return.
- One time when he took you to a petting zoo, he could've sworn you wanted to adopt every animal that was there—regardless how dangerous but he understood since some of them were really cute. If you were moved by such creatures, he was too. He'd snap a few photos of you just for remembrance and he'd look back on them and smile.
- He himself doesn't like to stay in tense situations but if you were to be there, his hand is with yours using his thumb to circle around your skin to ease your anxiety.
- He was part of a gang and even if he knew he could protect you, there were still those who wanted to try and break that barrier so he promises to protect you and make sure you never hear any of their negativity.
- When you do breakdown, he likes to sit across from you with hands to your thigh, patting it for comfort while he talks you through your problems. You can be easily worn out from stress or from dejection so he lets you style his hair, do a little skin care night—anything just to help you but you told him that all you needed was for him to hold you as you calm yourself down.
"I'm right here, I've got you always." He whispers through your hair before landing a kiss to it.
- You like to cling to him during murder scenes in a horror movie and often just doze off on his shoulder but he tries to act tough for you two but when there's a jump screen, he screams along with you and hugs you tightly which erased your shock to chuckle at how cute he was.
- Just because of who you are, you'd be rewarded multiple hugs and pecks from him—well, he doesn't even need to claim it as a reward because he'd do it on purpose anyway.
Tumblr media
♡ 𝐓𝐀𝐈𝐉𝐔, would really like this personality of yours.
- You were so selfless and caring that it does make him want to be a better person and show those same emotions to his siblings.
- He loves to see you help other people at church when he'd ask you to come with him or just those outside the church who weren't able to enter. It makes him awestruck that someone was able to fit through his own personality.
- He likes to buy you flowers just to see that lit up reaction from you and he could see it in your eyes how happy you were to receive them and the appreciation for it so he reminds himself to do it often.
- Despite being so prideful of his strength and the gang he led, he didn't want you to catch him in the act in terms of brawling. He can already imagine the look of worry flashing through your face so he disregards the wish for you to see him win just for you to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
- He does promise you how he'd be able to protect you and you know that he can stick to his word but sometimes your own enemies were the cause so comforting you seemed to be the hardest that he had to encounter but he tries to pull through.
- His love language wasn't ideal if you look at how he treats his siblings so he wonders if he can change that for you. You were in a bad situation, if he can't help you, you'd be stuck in it for a while. So he tries to suggest if you wanted to clear your mind by going for a walk which you agreed.
The night was just filled in silence since you were able to calm down on your own thanks to the comforting sceneries and Taiju was contented that he was able to bring back your old self.
- He'd slip up a few times—not gonna lie. His aggressiveness would peak through and he'd soon regret how shocked and hurt you were which gave him more difficulty to approaching you knowing he was the one to cause it this time.
- It affects you a lot to know his abusiveness so it takes a lot of time for you to return to him and make sure he'd never do it to you again.
- The next morning he does show his regrets by his acts of service towards you. He tried to come off nicer this time, showing how he kept his promise that he wouldn't hurt you so you just thank him for the extra effort.
- He's now extra cautious when it comes to situations that could affect you now that he's seen what it brings you to and he didn't want you to go through that again.
- He just likes how you sympathetic you were and how willing you were to understand their point of view before jumping to conclusions and being tactical your own moves when he'd ask you for some opinions regarding the Black Dragons.
- He was still processing how to act around you to dismiss his attitude but he won't stop until he proves to you that he was capable of change.
Tumblr media
TOKYO REV : @strawberrieas @kwrg @raya-sano @kimrena-stuff @heavensbeloved @rosewood1999
OVERALL: @stesphy @itsmeaudrieee
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MCYT Headcannons :
Who Asked The Other Out First ?
Tumblr media
Masterlist tw : cursing
Tumblr media
- Dream -
He did, but it was a complete accident-
From the moment that you two met, he made it pretty clear that he thinks your cute.
He flirts with you at every chance seen. Whenever you met with him or talked to him, expecting a " Heyyy cutie ;) " instead of an actual greeting was normal.
But even with the excessive name-calling and winks, he never seriously asked you out. He was absolutely confident in smacking your ass and running in another direction, but thinking about asking you on a date was, for some reason, scary?-
But one day Dream was just flirting with you as usual, when he made a joke which went along the lines of " Y/n, we would make such a good couple, we should go on a date lol "
You just looked him straight in the eyes and went
" Okay :) "
" Wait what ?- "
- GeorgeNotFound -
You did-
Let's not lie lol, he was too much of a pussy for that kinda stuff :D
Even before asking him out, you've flirted with him countless times.
You've also been subtly dropping lil' hints that you would like to go on a date with him, like-
" Y'know that new cafe down the block would be a nice place for a date, right George ?? "
Sooo you could say you did do enough "setting up the stage" for the final question.
No, no, George was still surprised when he was finally asked out by you.
He just froze up for a solid minute, which to be honest, you were expecting.
Normally, someone would be concerned that this would mean the other person would say no, but George was blushing and looking at you with big eyes, which you took as a good sign.
When he finally said something.
" I didn't see this coming O-O "
This man, you swear-
- Sapnap -
He did.
Of course he did-
He made it the most obvious too-
This man has done everything he could to help you get the hint, if you haven't seen gotten it by then, you never will-
He has called you hot, cute, pretty, beautiful, and every other abbreviation of the word "attractive" in existence. The best part was that none of it was for the sake of flirting, and you could see that. Everything he said while complimenting you was legit. He meant it, and you could see it.
I mean, it was a different case with all the "Deez Nuts" jokes he made, did he mean it or did he not?-
You'll never know I guess :D
( He meant it- )
He did try to be special about asking you out though. He flirts with you so much, but the first time he asked you out on a date? He didn't want that to be any small memory. So he tried to show that he meant business.
He bought a bouquet of your favorite flowers and a box of chocolates. ( Yes, he did see this in a movie. Yes, he watches romance movies. Yes, he did cry at the end- )
After double-checking the chocolates and flowers, he showed up at your doorstep. He was nervous, he won't deny that. But it was a happy nervous, not a scared nervous, so he was nervous AND jumping up and down at the same time-
After you opened the door, you just saw your friend Sapnap standing there with a bunch of flowers and a chocolate box? He was hopping around a little and he had his puppy eyes mode on-
" Y/n, will you please go on a date with me ?? "
- Karl Jacobs -
Both of you did.
Honestly, ya'll should've seen this coming-
To be close to Karl means to be fucking spiritually connected. He's sad? You feel iffy, maybe you should go talk to Karl. Oh, guess what lol, you're here, he's good now. Wait, you don't feel so bad now either-
So when he realized that you too are getting a lil' bit more closer than "friends" usually are, that's when it hit you too.
You were both too scared at first. You didn't want to risk your friendship with Karl, just in case he didn't feel the same way. He was thinking the same thing and didn't want to risk anything either.
By the time he finally hyped himself up enough to ask you out, you had done the same-
The day of said asking out was one filled with excited and equally nervous screams and hyper-excitement from BOTH OF YOU.
When you both met up, you ran towards each other at the same time, the both you almost face-planted and ended up on the ground. Luckily you acknowledged the tall man running towards you at high speed before he did himself, so you stopped sprinting halfway and braced for impact.
Luckily, there were no deaths that day-
" Karl, honey, I think we did that telepathy thing again- "
- Quackity / Alex -
You did :D
But only after countless failed attempts from Alex lol-
He tried, he really did. Too bad he's too much of a PUSSY-
No, but actually, you had to give him an A for effort lol.
He's been crushing on you for so long, you had been doing the same too. And he's made so many attempts at asking you out, but he always backed out at the last second cause he always psyched himself out. It would honestly be adorable, IF NOT FOR THE FACT THAT HE'S DONE THIS TO HIMSELF ABOUT 7 TIMES BY NOW-
Once it was over text, another over a call. Then he tried to do it over dinner, then while hanging out. Then over a drive. And the list doesn't end there-
At first, it was cute and entertaining. Just watching him stumble over his own words while you're just sitting there, waiting to say yes. You wanted to let him do it, because fuck, he definitely seemed persistent-
But after the fourth time of him dropping right before reaching the big question, you started getting more and more annoyed-
And this was it. This is the last chance, cause by now you're about ready to grab this gremlin by the collar and just kiss him if he backs out one more time-
Aaaand, guess what he did, lol.
Yeaaa, no.
" Alex, sweetie? "
" Y-yes y/n? "
" - "
And that's how you get that done people.
Tumblr media
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Mammon Breaks From His Brother's Comments Part 5
[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]
Tumblr media
Never had Satan imagined for it to be so peaceful.
Whenever the brothers came together—to watch a movie, go shopping or even sit in the same room, it always ended in chaos, with one running after the other, or in petty fights that lasted a whole week.
It is truly a miracle that the brothers are existing in the same room right now.
Mammon and Levi are having another go at the game—'Devilcart,' as Levi claimed. Asmodeus is applying face masks on everyone in the room, muttering something about their skin drying out. Belphegor is trying to restrain Beel from eating the cucumber placed on his eyes. But Satan slipped from the room.
He didn't want those facemasks on, having given the excuse of 'taking a bath.' A bath was needed but first, he needed to talk with Lucifer.
"I know you're inside. Ignoring me won't help anything." The blonde demon had knocked thrice on the door, and threatened to even break it down, if Lucifer didn't let him in.
"We need to talk."
He can hear shuffling from behind, the turning of a lock, a muffled spell to break the curse, and the door slowly creaks open, sanguine eyes glare at him from the darkness before vanishing.
Satan walks inside the dim room, the only source of light being from the fireplace and the moon—the Sun of the Devildom. Lucifer sits on a chair, one leg crossed over the other and his arms in his lap. Like a cat on a throne.
"Speak. If it is about what happened today, then please show yourself out."
"That is exactly why I've come to talk."
Satan hisses, glaring at the demon who sits poised on his chair. He's been in this room for merely two minutes and his hands are already itching to grab the poker from the fireplace and impale Lucifer with it.
"You need to apologise."
"Mammon's hurting," He trails off, voice wavering slightly before he takes a deep breath. He won't be so vulnerable in front of him, of all people.
"Mammon's hurting, and we—"
"You've all made it up to him, I suppose?"
Satan can feel his temper rising. Were Mammon's words of begging to be killed not enough to knock some sense into his brother? Was he that thick-headed, or simply too cruel? Was he only interested in maintaing his stupid pride—
Calm down, he tells himself, and his gaze falls on the tray lying on the table.
Belphegor's tray. The one he gave to Lucifer. It's empty, and that means there's hope.
"We have. But we need you too apologize too, apologize for your sordid actions and words." Satan take a deep breath as he waits for an answer. He sees Lucifer get up from the couch, towards the vinyl player, and growls as a warning, which Lucifer pays no heed to, of course.
But Satan waits patiently as the demon chooses a record, and he swears Lucifer is taking his sweet time to agitate him. But he bears the wrath that's begging to reveal itself, for lashing out at such a moment will bear no fruit.
The record starts playing, and Lucifer turns around, poised and composed as ever, and declares proudly.
"I won't."
In a flash, Satan's demon form comes to life, and his nails dig into the stone walls as he jumps forward at the demon with his teeth bared in a display of hostility.
Lucifer's form materialises too, his wings unfurling and blowing away the documents on the desk. Satan pounces at his brother as he grabs the ruffled collars, nearly smashing his forehead against Lucifer's own as he stares into his eyes.
"Why?" It's a straightforward question, spoken through gritted teeth, and nearly ends in a snarl. Lucifer stands calm as ever, and Satan envies him for a brief moment—seems like the bastard gave him all his wrath and left none for himself.
"Why can't you admit you're a part of the problem too, Lucifer? Why can't you admit that it's also your fault that Mammon was begging to be killed this morning? Or are you so oblivious that you can't even see your own mistakes?"
Satan taunts Lucifer in the hope that his brother will lash out and attack him, so that he can finally make the demon see the problems he created with his own eyes, because he refuses to acknowledge them.
But he doesn't waver. Lucifer still stands tall, an unwavering pillar of Pride.
Seems like the circumstances call for more drastic measures. Seems like Satan will have to bring him into this, the someone he's sure Lucifer will rush to defend.
"Or I should go and ask your wonderful Lord Diavolo to convince his lover to apologize?"
Lucifer's fist clench at that, and something dark swirls in the red of his eyes—and Satan grins in triumph, because the arrow has hit its mark.
"He's not my lover."
Satan shrugs tauntingly, merrily striding towards the papers on the ground, and promptly picks up one and tears it into pieces, testing Lucifer's patience. "So, he's your master then?"
Lucifer growls as a warning and Satan revels in the sadistic joy it brings him. It only fuels his wrath even more, and gives him satisfaction to rile his brother up, to make him feel what he's feeling too—anger.
He gazes outside the window, in the woods which are devoid of any leaves, barren and lacking life. Time for the final blow, the final hit on his pride.
Satan knows his brother considers himself the best, acts full of himself, and looks down on everybody else because he considers himself to be the top dog in the room, as his pride dictates. Lord Diavolo and Barbatos are the exception, and Satan wants to know why.
"Why do you stiffen up when matter concerning your 'Lord' Diavolo come up? Just because he's royalty, doesn't mean that you keep kissing his behind."
Lucifer's eyes seem to burn even brighter at the comment, and Satan grins internally.
"Or have you sworn allegiance to Diavolo, sold your soul and given your loyalty in an act of humility? Is that why you can't bear to hear anything bad about him?"
It's a joke in bad taste, to get Lucifer to lose control and get angry, but the demon stays eerily silent, his gaze falls on the fire raging in the fireplace and Satan can see the flames dance in those red irises.
"No," He mumbles, striding forward until he's face to face with his brother, whose still avoiding his gaze, still staring into the fireplace, and Satan makes his eyes forcefully meet his own. "Tell me this isn't true."
But all that Lucifer does is nod, and in that moment, Satan doesn't see Lucifer, the Avatar of Pride, he sees a defeated demon.
"How?" He asks desperately, searching in Lucifer's eyes for any trace of dishonesty, any sign that he's lying, but all he sees is helplessness.
"My loyalty to Diavolo is my duty and my burden."
"I—I don't understand." Satan confesses, his voice cracking at the end. He didn't expect for a joke to be true. He's even more surprised at how a demon like Lucifer could swear loyalty to a demon like Diavolo.
Lucifer smiles sadly.
"When I dived after Lilith when she fell," His voice shakes lightly at the end, and he turns his attention to the papers lying on the ground. He begins collecting them one by one—to perhaps distract himself from the eons-old pain as he speaks.
"She was severely wounded. She wouldn't have lasted in the Devildom air much longer. I begged Diavolo to save her, and in return, I pleaded my loyalty to him. It's because of him Lilith lived a happy human life."
"She was born as a human," Satan's voice trails off as he tries to take in the fact that Lilith lived. She lived and the brothers didn't know. Satan had no connection to her, but the brothers did.
"Why didn't you tell the others? Why keep it a secret?"
Lucifer puts a paperweight on the stack that has been formed as he turns around. "Lilith was alive, yes, and there was nothing stopping you from seeing her. But it was forbidden." He walks towards the record player, and pus in another one—a classic, which Satan recognises because it was the record that Lucifer played on rainy nights.
"Imagine what would have happened if it came to light that the Prince gave a second life to someone whose supposed to be dead."
"There would have been a reckoning." Satan whispers, only able to imagine what would have happened if word would have gotten out that the Prince helped a fallen angel. They'd be imprisoned, or worse, they'd be executed according to the demands of both angels and demons.
'I thought it was best I be the only one who had to live with the pain of knowing that."
At first, Satan feels pity for his brother. Standing all alone, bearing the burden of the truth alone. but then, he feels anger.
"If you can keep such a painful secret from us, why can't you apologize? You're part of the problem too, Lucifer"
"How can I apologize, when I'm doing it to protect you all?"
Mad, is what Satan thinks. Mad, his brother's gone mad, lost his head. But he stays quite, waiting for Lucifer to answer the question he himself created.
"Ever the curious one, aren't you?"
"Get straight to the point." Satan snaps, and Lucifer smiles on seeing his irritation.
"I was the one that rebelled against Father. Lilith's sentence wasn't the only reason, but it was the catalyst that started it all. I was the one that fought against fate, and look what it yielded me, yielded us all."
He points at his horns, and Satan briefly imagines the halo that must have been there. Instead of black, he imagines his wings to be white, and three instead of two pairs. How must it feel, to be feared rather than revered.
The utter humiliation.
"Charity turned to Greed, Kindness to Envy, Chastity to Lust, Temperance to Gluttony, Diligence to Sloth, and Humility to Pride. And you, Satan, were born out of my emotions, you are Wrath."
Wrath, that's all he was. Born out of Lucifer's emotions, the demon being the very reason he was so imbalanced in the first place, the reason he felt so angry.
"You must hate me for what I've done to you."
That's true, Satan curses Lucifer for making him like this, he is the reason he can never be at peace for long.
Lucifer knows, knows it all.
The demon walks towards the alcohol cabinet and pulls out a bottle of Demonus, the expensive vintage one that Lucifer kept hidden with a spell.
He pours it into two glasses and hands Satan one as well, before retiring to the couch near the fireplace.
"Virtues turned into sins." Lucifer resumes after taking a sip of the intoxicating beverage, to perhaps make the alcohol loosen up his tongue. "Our sins might have become the cause of destruction, if left uncontrolled."
He pours himself another glass, and Satan wonders how the demon managed to finish the first when he had barely taken a sip of his own drink.
"That is why I keep Mammon's greed in check, made Levi turn his envy inwards so that he doesn't go destroying others lives too often, monitor Asmo's parties and how many demons he brings home, ensure that Beel is sated enough to not go on a rampage, and make sure Belphegor completes the tasks assigned to him and not sleep the days away."
No mention of Satan, because there wasn't anything virtuous in him to begin with. There was only wrath. There is no way to let his wrath out in a regulated manner, despite Lucifer's efforts.
Lucifer doesn't mention Satan, because he knows.
"What about your pride?"
The Avatar of Pride swirls his glass as he gaze at his own reflection. He pauses, but not for long.
"I let it fester. Let it free because there was no way I could keep it in check. I started taking pride in the way I work, in the way I am Diavolo's right-hand man, in the way I keep you all together, in the way I lay waste to your pranks."
Satan stays silent, letting the demon finish his words, even when Lucifer stares at him, almost waiting for the blonde demon to interrupt, but he doesn't.
"I am proud of being the most reliable out of all of you,of the way I punish you all, of the way I keep us all together, even if by force. I am proud of all my brothers. I am..proud of you."
Satan stares at Lucifer in surprise. Never had he imagined that he of all people would say such things. Perhaps that is the Demonus at work, but who knows? Lucifer is hard to read, but in this moment, he's revealing a part of himself to Satan, a part he never did before.
"But are you proud of Mammon's suffering?"
"Then why do you punish him incessantly?"
Lucifer chuckles softly.
"Mammon has always been a troublemaker, since our time in the Celestial Realm. Even Michael had trouble with him."
There he goes, talking about someone he's never met and somewhere, the somewhere he hasn't seen. But Satan doesn't voice that out loud, instead, he waits for Lucifer to continue.
"Mammon slowly grew on me, and it seems he did too, because he came to see me and talk everyday."
"Then why be so harsh on him if you adore him?"
Lucifer's face delves into something darker, something incomprehensible as he stares at the burning embers of the fireplace, and takes a long swing from the glass before speaking.
"I adore him and his troublesome ways, that is very much true. But this isn't the Celestial Realm anymore. This is the Devildom."
Satan remains quiet.
Lucifer finally gazes into Satan's own eyes.
"His antics, which might have been dismissed with a scolding in the Celestial Realm won't be taken so lightly in the Devildom. Stealing from the Demon Lord's treasury will have its consequences. And I saw it fit to punish him."
Satan knows what Lucifer is referring to. Last month, Mammon had attempted to steal gold from the Royal Treasury, and had been caught. Satan doesn't know what took place between Diavolo and Lucifer, but he knows that the latter had a long talk with Leviathan, who seemed shaken up for a week after. Oh, and Mammon was strung up from the ceiling on one foot.
"Granted, Mammon deserved to be punished for his actions. But isn't your strict behaviour, your insults and punishments too a part of the reason that Mammon broke down today?"
"Mammon needs to learn. If you think I am going to apologize, I am not. I have to do it to protect you all."
Satan's anger flares up.
"This behaviour is the reason why Mammon was begging to be killed this morning!" Satan shouts these words, and Lucifer stares into the glass he's holding, gone silent.
"This behaviour is the reason why Mammon thinks we regret that he lives instead of her! This is the reason why Belphegor longs for the brother that has hidden himself away since he came here!"
Satan hadn't meant for that last line to slip past his lips, but wrath made him loosen his tongue. He can see the effect it has on the demon. He's stopped sipping on his drink, and Satan swears he saw him flinch.
"Do you simply not care, Lucifer Morningstar or—"
The glass in Lucifer's hand shatters, spilling Demonus on the floor. "Do you think I not care? The reason why I am like this is because I care, dammit!"
"But your 'care' is the reason why we're having this conversation! Staying away from your problems and assuming they'll resolve on their own won't cut it! You need to be honest with your feelings!" The blonde demon swears as he shatters his own drink against the floor.
"I sound like a fucking therapist at this point." He mutters angrily.
"We are demons, Satan. Demons don't lose themselves to emotions that make them weak. I am doing it to protect you all, remember that. My care is the reason you are what you are today."
"Your 'care' is ruining us!" Satan spits these words at Lucifer's face, trying to pull off the mask he wears—the mask of apathy.
"You are not protecting us by doing this—you are ruining your family with your own hands! You're the one tearing us apart!"
For a moment, both men stare at each other, with their chest heaving and rage burning in their eyes.
"Then tell me." Lucifer mutters, walking forward to sit on the couch as he grabs the bottle and drinks from it, an action that Lucifer would never be caught doing, too prideful to drink like some uncultured swine. "Tell me how."
"If you really want to protect us," Satan begins, as he grabs the bottle out of Lucifer's hands to take a sip for himself. "Open up to us."
Lucifer gapes at Satan on hearing those words.
"Relax, I'm not asking you to offer your head on a platter, I'm asking you to share your problems with us." Satan chides him on seeing the bewildered look on his brother's face.
"You can't protect us by keeping your burdens to yourself. You kept LIlith's rebirth a secret, and chose to bear the burden all alone. The others would have been happy to know their sister lived."
"I had no choice back then."
"But you do now."
Lucifer raises an eyebrow.
"Open up to us, ask us for help if needed, just like how we ask you for things every day. Ruling with an iron fist might ensure order in a kingdom, but it makes the people hate the ruler. So, if you want to rule over us proudly, and keep us all together—apologise."
Lucifer looks terrifying—with his eyes narrowed and wings puffed in hostility, he truly looks like a demon, and not of a brother who keeps his emotions locked in his heart.
"Consider this the way to protect us, if you will, Lucifer." Satan mutters, hoping his last sentence wil have its desired effect on the demon. Lucifer says nothing, but takes out a handkerchief from his pocket, and begins wiping his hand clean of Demonus.
Satan waits.
"I am not even sure if they respect me even more, look up to me the same way they did before. They must listen because they fear me."
Satan scoffs at the oblivious demon he calls his brother.
"They fear you, yes, but they also respect you. And Mammon respects you the most."
Lucifer's eyes widen as he takes in the weight of Satan's words. If he could, the blonde demon would have taken a picture of his shocked face—surprise was an emotion rarely seen on Lucifer. But then shock changes into a smug smirk, and Satan can feel that the tables are about to be turned.
"And what about you? Do you respect me too?"
Satan groans.
Lucifer smiles.
When he moves towards him, Satan stiffens. Lucifer has always been unpredictable, a quality Satan both admired and loathed.
"Do you think you can take care of yourself?"
Oh, a challenge then.
"I can."
"What is the first thing you'll do when given that jurisdiction?"
Satan pauses as he tries to think of some elaborate rules, one that would surely make his older brother's life miserable. Perhaps he would let cats in the house, or enchant his books to—
"You would let cats inside the house, won't you?"
And there it is, the smug shit-eating grin on Lucifer's face. Satan hates it that Lucifer knows his first move already, and he blushes.
The Avatar of Pride moves towards the door, and Satan can sense the pride radiating from the demon, but this time it's welcome.
His gaze falls on the empty tray.
Satan smiles.
But as the sound of footsteps fade away, something comes in Satan's mind, and he nearly breaks open the door while running out and into the hallway.
There's a crowd near the bathroom. Satan winces when he hears the cacophony of curses.
"Why are you here?"
"I hope you're here to make amends."
"Why were you cooped up in your room all day?"
The brothers are in their demon forms, because Lucifer was in his too, and Satan rushes forward.
"Where were you?" Asmodeus questions when he sees Satan approach. But the demon is relaxed, and his eyes tell Asmo everything he needs to know.
Satan is the only one whose not gawking at Lucifer. Instead, standing alongside him.
"I've come to make amends, just like the rest of you."
Everyone's jaws seem to have fallen on the floor in that moment, because the Avatar of Pride isn't the one to apologise so easily. But, here he is.
"So, get out everyone."
When his red-faced brothers rush out, red in the face due to the masks or due to disbelief, Lucifer sighs, but not before giving Belphegor a firm pat on the back.
The latter stares at him in shock and confusion, and Satan has to pull away Belphegor, whose still bewildered as ever.
But, when he stands outside Mammon's door, he feels the urge to go back into his room and drown himself in Demonus. But Lucifer remembers Satan's words, and adjusts his shirt, before opening the door.
Mammon's head perks up instantly as he puts down the switch, already speaking the words, not seeing the demon at the door.
"Levi! I can't pass this level! What did you do to—"
He goes silent when he sees whose there at the door.
"Oh hey, Lucifer. The others are in the bathroom, Asmo's making them put on facemasks. You can find them there—"
"I need to talk."
Lucifer wants to bang his head into the wall, because he has come here to apologize, dammit! And not sound like he's about to dish out a punishment!
" I'm good!" And with that, Mammon jumps out of bed, and Lucifer rushes after him. "Mammon, that's not what I meant! Mammon—Mams."
Mammon stops in his tracks when he hears that nickname. That name hadn't been taken since....since their Fall.
Lucifer slowly walks towards Mammon, whose still staring at him in disbelief. "I've come to apologise."
Mammon slips past Lucifer at an inhumane speed, and the demon grits his teeth in frustration. This isn't how it is supposed to go! Maybe Satan was right, when he said that his care was ruining his family, Lucifer thinks when he sees Mammon hidden under the bed covers.
As childish as it is, Mammon is trembling under the blanket, and Lucifer wants nothing more than to reach out and comfort him.
But Mammon slinks further back into the covers the more Lucifer grows close.
He feels helpless.
"It must be strange, seeing me apologising, won't it?" Lucifer chuckles sadly as he sits down on the edge of the bed, and when Mammon doesn't attempt to get away Lucifer sighs in relief.
"It's alright."
"You don't have to apologize to me. I was the one that stayed out late, and that's very scummy of me, I know—"
"Idiot. Moron. Scumbag. You are none of that, Mammon." Lucifer cuts him midway, and his heart feels heavy with guilt. He was the one that started with the insults, and Mammon took them to heart.
It's all his fault.
And now he must make reparations.
Mammon has stopped trembling, and now sits silent under the blanket. HIs posture awfully resembles the same as today morning's. Lucifer's gaze is laced with guilt.
"You are Mammon, Avatar of Greed. My brother, one whom I adore the most." Mammon's shifting under the covers stops.
For a moment there's silence, the only noise being the ticking of the clock. Lucifer swallows harshly, for the more he speaks, the more the lump in his throat refuses to go down.
"Never once did I regret taking you under my care. I—I find you adorable." Moments when he and Mammon spent time together in the Celestial Realm, under its eternal Sun come flashing through his mind.
But when he looks outside the window he sees the Moon. The Devildom.
They are in the Devildom now. Lilith's gone and his family is being torn apart by his own doings, his own words.
"You spoke quite harshly back then."
Mammon shifts under the covers as he adjusts his position. "You were quite direct with your feelings, borderline rude, but that's what I like about you."
Is Lucifer the same now? Does Mammon still like him?
"You were such a troublemaker back then. You are still the same." The dark-haired demon speaks, breaking into a soft laugh at the end.
But then he remembers the reason why he was so harsh towards Mammon in his punishments, and he chokes.
"I'm afraid, Mammon."
The demon under the covers freezes.
"Afraid of what?"
"I'm afraid that you will be taken away from me. This isn't the Celestial Realm anymore, Mammon. This is the Devildom. Your antics will have severe consequences here."
Lucifer doesn't mention how severe. Because even he doesn't know.
What if, one day, DIavolo finally snaps?
Throw Mammon into the dungeons?
Kills him?
All because he attempted to steal from the Demon Lord's treasury? As his sin commands him to?
The very thought makes Lucifer shiver. But he says nothing, doesn't voice the storm brewing in his mind. He silently traces patterns on Mammon's hand that hasn't been covered by the blanket.
"You adore your brothers. Even more than me sometimes." He clears his throat as he traces a heart on Mammon's skin. "I know it was Belphegor who broke the vase. But you took the blame."
He can feel Mammon blush under the covers.
"So you knew.."
"Yes." The white-haired demon blushes in embarrassment when he realizes his older brother knew all along, and the demon sitting on the edge of the bed smiles in adoration.
"You don't need to call my name every time you speak, you know? I know your talking to me, 'cause you aren't the type to hold conversations with yourself or furniture—"
"I don't regret that you lived, Mammon."
The words slipping past his lips almost feel like stones at this point, and Lucifer freezes when his voice cracks at the end. But he collects himself, and resumes tracing patterns on Mammon's hand, which froze in its movements.
"I don't know what I would have done without you. You were the one who took care of us when we fell, took care of Satan, took care of Belpehegor. You are our pillar."
There's a pressure on his hand, and when Lucifer looks down he sees that Mammon is holding his hand tightly.
Lucifer chokes back a sob.
"You were the one who told me to be full of myself because—"
"Because we all rely on your strength and you, so act be so proud that others think you're full of yourself." Mammon completes his sentence for him, and his tone is that of an embarrassed one.
Those words were spoken eons ago, and yet their impact can be felt even today.
"But I wonder, Mammon, if I am the same reliable brother from all those years ago? Do you only fear me?"
Mammon holds Lucifer's hand tighter.
"Look, you're scary, that much is true." Lucifer's stomach sinks. "But you're also the most reliable. You're still the Lucifer who combed my messy hair when I strode into your office when I needed anything."
For the first time, he doesn't know what to speak. All he knows is that his brother still sees him the same he did all those years ago. But Lucifer doesn't see himself the way his brothers do.
"I want you to know something." Mammon holds his hand tighter as a response.
"I blame myself for Lilith's death."
Lucifer can feel the atmosphere shift in the room. His chest feels inexplicably tight, and his shoulders heavy.
Yet, he perseveres, just like how he always did. Even if he was covered with scars.
The grip on his hand loosens and he chokes back a sob at the action. "I—I was the one that started the rebellion, and you joined me. You trusted me. And look, look where I led you all."
He doesn't realise his voice is shaking, or that he's trembling badly. Lucifer wants to cry out loud, but his mind doesn't let him.
"I'm sorry for failing you, Mammon."
The world suddenly turns dark, and the demon has to blink away the tears to see clearly. Mammon has draped the blanket over him too, and now his face is squished against his younger brother's chest.
Mammon's heartbeat is loud.
"What happened has happened. You—you never failed me, or any of us, for that matter." His voice wavers, but he continues. "You're still you. We don't regret following you, what you did was right."
His hands come to rub soothing circles on the demon's back, and Lucifer sighs in relief.
"You're my favourite." Mammon confesses, and suddenly he feels embarrassed. But Lucifer hugs him tighter.
"You're my favourite too."
Their relations have tangled a bit, but the threads are strong as ever, and they won't break so easily.
Mammon smiles when he feels Lucifer's breathing go shallow, and he smiles sleepily.
This is home. No matter how much the brothers fight, their relations are made of unbreakable threads that might tangle and twist, but not break so easily.
A rowdy home, Lucifer adds, because the sheets have been torn off and now two very grumpy brothers stare into the eyes of the other five brothers, who look equally startled.
And then, a scream is heard.
"You're too heavy!"
"Your foot is on my face!"
"My back will break!"
After everyone has settled down after receiving their share of kicks, Lucifer speaks. "We're ordering in tonight."
A cacophony of cheers can be heard.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you @paradisoperdita and @amor-immortalem​ for your lovely artworks! I’m grateful for them all. Thank you so much.
I have abandoned my inbox for too long *stares at 68 asks* 
I gotta get to them soon-
TAGLIST: @the-divine-enchantress​ @galaxaesthetics @raissatajra @leeloominai22 @mammons-baby @secret-realm @jellojoyishere @random-fandoms7 @dominican-dumbass @canakatsaros @iris-archives @whatishappinesswhatislove @geirahoed @breezethroughthesummertrees @lazarustrashpit-art @leeloominai22 @kamiaka @greenlit-mess @kittykitkatstrawberry @aimlesswanderingsoul @pleasantthingsheep @scorpiris-sideralis @killthedisapperingstars @rayanicaraynbow @tanspostsblog @sintheyokai @muslim-mc-on-crack @aluntitledled  @nxkkooo @young-aleyska @kamiaka @ameike @gallantys @silentw-lkr @giulia2372 @lizziestudiesstuff @uh-kay-shuh @frmbw @forever-hero-trash​ @the-mourning-stars​ @monachopsisray​
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ikigaicoeur · 5 months ago
𝔞𝔰𝔱𝔯𝔬 𝔬𝔟𝔰𝔢𝔯𝔳𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫𝔰🪐
This was in my drafts from so long but i wasnt ready to post it😭. So here you go my first astro post❤
This might or might not resonate with some people because its completely based on observation of people around me.
🍒 Leo mercury, if afflicted, will literally dry text when the topic doesn't revolve around them but gets mad when their friends aren't hyping them up whilst they type their drama in the groupchat. Getting ignored might threaten their self esteem.
🍒 Discussing some important stuff in the groupchat:
That one gemini placement: *randomly sends out of context memes*
🍒 Underdeveloped or afflicted capricorn venus really likes the idea of toxic relationship¿ They tend to attract manipulative people who clouds their definition of love.
🍒 Saturn in 4th, saturn/sun aspect are the person who always have the "plan B". Like you can always expect them to have a way out of a troubled situation. Ideas are always racing in their mind when they're in home or alone. Its fascinating how my friends who have this placement started an online business during the pandemic.
🍒 3rd house gemini/ venus in gemini always sounds like they're flirting. No babe its just the way they talk.😭🦋
🍒 Uranus in 12th house might get so unexpected dreams they never even thought about that will turn into one of their biggest fears.
🍒 People with chiron in the 11th house, please. Adopt me😭. Y'all are literal angels. You will go to any extent to help your friends. But always be aware of the people you trust, are they reciprocating the love?💌
🍒 Venus in 6th house, do you get the sudden urge of getting that perfect hourglass body and randomly starts looking up for workout videos?
🍒 Pluto in the 3rd or pluto/Mercury aspect lowkey are the best advice giver but you aren't ready for that. They'll not say what you want to hear. They'll come straight to the point, might even hurt your feelings in the process of explaining.
🍒 Venus conjunct north node are always on the hunt for love, but when they get it, they start to question everything, like "am i even worthy of love"? (opposing South node)
🍒 I've noticed that the transit of your 12th house ruler might affect your dreams. For ex: 12th house ruler transiting the 8th house might dream about death, some kind of transformation or even sex. Transiting the 5th house, dreams about your s/o or even doing any fun activities. The aspect to the planet matters too.
🍒 I have seen people with jupiter in 1st house being really skinny and all of them have afflicted jupiter. They're also the people who never easily gains weight. Or the complete opposite.
🍒 Venus in 8th people can be the "you before me" type. They're ready to share everything with you if they love you even if it means them being empty handed.
🍒 Weird observation but people with prominent venus, asc/venus aspect, ascendant in venusian degree are the one who gets obsessed with cosmetics and makeup at early age. All of my cousins have these placements and idk why my 6yr cousin asks me for that branded lipstick on her birthday and the other tries to apply nail paint when she's just 4.😭
🍒 Earth placements loves to watch romantic movies.
🍒 5th house stellium people are those cool famous kid in school.
🍒 Lilith in 11th house person might meet envious people who tries to backstab them.
🍒 Fire mars in a chart with earth placements probably loves to challenge themselves. They know they're exhausting their body but just cant stop. It gives a big hit to their ego and self esteem if they didn't complete the task.
🍒 Pluto/moon aspect can either control their emotions very well or literally outburst. There's no in between
🍒 People with Moon/Neptune hard aspect gets confused with their emotions. They can't quite find out what they feel or why they feel. They can sense someone's emotions but doesn't know how to react in that situation.
Tumblr media
— ℑ𝔨𝔦𝔤𝔞𝔦𝔠𝔬𝔢𝔲𝔯
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angeloroki · 5 months ago
prank where you’re not saying i love you back with shoto;bakugo;izuku
Tumblr media
— character : shoto x gn!reader,  bakugo x gn!reader, izuku x gn!reader
— request : omg if u take requests: for the tiktok famous s/o thing you did for bktddk, how would they react to that prank of not saying i love you back to them?
— warnings : none except A LOT OF FLUFF
— a/n : thank you for your request :p
Tumblr media
you were already in a relationship for almost 6 months
and to your great pleasure, shoto managed to get used to the proofs of love,
a little too much even
what i mean is that he would come up to you and say i love you at any moment. he would turn to you when you go to your next class to tell you how much he loves you, or when you are shopping he would come to you with his arms full of bags to say the 3 words in a whisper.
he had this constant feeling that he wasn’t showing you enough, so he had to come and tell you directly. to reassure you, and also him.
and you would always answer him with a smile on your face “i love you too shoto.”
but it’s never something you would complain about
you were on tiktok, when you saw the prank that was trending right now on the app.
it consisted in not answering i love you too to your partner.
it wasn’t that funny, but the reaction of the other one was always so hilarious.
so you had to do it to shoto.
you were patiently waiting for your boyfriend in your bed, while he was taking a shower.
« oi, y/n i love you. » he said loud enough for you to hear.
you didn’t answer, biting your lips to keep from spoiling the prank.
10 minutes passed and you heard him arrive, toothbrush in hand, his mouth rinsed.
his usually stoic expression now seemed a little saddened.
his mouth made a pout that made you want to kiss his right away.
« are you mad at me ? »
he’s coming to you.
« i don’t remember doing anything to make you angry, sorry. » he said in a soft voice.
you pick him up and hold him close.
oh my god, you loved him
« no sorry sweetie, that’s a prank. i was just kidding! »
you cover his face with loving kisses.
« oh. »
you took his face in your hands.
« i love you too baby. »
« i’m glad it’s only a prank then. » he said, smiling slightly.
you and bakugo were now used to the "idiot" or "moron" always accompanied by affectionate pats on the forehead
but you knew that it was just your way to confirm your love for each other
weird, isn't it?
but you didn't mind, you knew that Bakugou loved you unconditionally
so when your bf says you those 3 words ? (something he rarely did since he preferred to prove his love by acts of service)
you were fan-girl-ing.
you always answered him by coming to kiss him lovingly, "my favorite softie" you said which had the gift to irritate him (and make him blush too)
in short, you had seen many tiktoks of people praising their partners by not saying I love you back
you had to try with bakugo
it was an evening when you were on the sofa watching a movie.
he was on your lap, and you were stroking his hair.
« y/n, i love you. »
he said it in a voice so weak that you thought you were dreaming.
you were about to answer when you remembered the prank. you weren't going to waste the chance!
you said nothing, which intrigued bakugo.
« oi, are you sleeping? »
« no.»
he sat up and stared at you.
« i think you forgot to tell me something in return. » you could feel a hint of disappointment in his voice.
you looked at him with a questioning look.
« did i ? »
his eyebrows furrowed.
« you want to play that ? »
he shifted from you to the other side of the couch.
you burst out laughing, what a kid.
« it was just a prank, baby ! »
« tch. »
you jumped on top of him and gave him a hug.
« i love you too silly. »
« i like that better. » he said smirking.
izuku and you were really in love.
you had been together for some time already,
and yet
your boyfriend always blushed a dark red when you came to put the 3 little words in his ears
which always made you laugh in the end, so it reassured him
but when it was him who came to tell you,
you were no better
your cheeks warmed up and you avoided his gaze
what a beautiful pair !
but in the end, you always came to tell him I love you back, you would never forget to do it
you were in love
you'd been wanting to do this prank on your boyfriend for a while now.
but, every time he came to say those 3 words you couldn't help but say them back to him
his beautiful face was too tempting, you couldn't help it !
but that night you were determined to prank him
he had his back to you, cooking and telling you about his day.
« the patrol was tiring today if you knew. hh by the way y/n, I love you. but yeah, the villain of today was... »
you hiccuped in surprise, he was so casual about it.
you didn't answer. but deku continued to talk about his day. before he realized that you hadn't told him in return.
« y/n, are you okay ? »
he put down the ingredient he had in his hand and came directly to kneel down in front of you.
« are you mad at me ? you were talking to me and i didn't hear you. why didn't you say i love you ? » 
he was clearly panicking when you finally laughed.
« it's a prank, honey calm down ! »
he finally huffed, his cheeks flushed.
« oh sorry. »
« stop apologizing, handsome, and come here. »
you took him in your arms and came to slip into his ears.
« i love you too. »
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mggswhorificlover · 7 months ago
never stop loving me
Summary - Spencer lashes out at y/n after being upset for a while, only to be far too harsh and push her away.
TW: mean spencer, swearing, bomb, injured reader, kissing
WC - 5,647
Tumblr media
spencer had been acting weird lately.
and it wasn't his normal, quirky, adorable weird self. it was quiet. too quiet. he didn't ramble like he usually did when you brought anything up.
he was distant. he didn't sit beside you on the plane ride home, or hold your hand as you drove the both of you to your shared apartment.
you didn't want to push him to say anything he didn't want to, but you were getting worried. you rarely had to corner him into talking, but there was the occasional time where you knew he wouldn't get through whatever it was eating himself up until he spoke up and voiced the words in his mind.
so when you both entered the apartment, you hung your coat up on the hook and placed your bag beside the couch as you plopped down.
"spencer?" you asked quietly as he hung his coat up. he turned to face you as you began to pat the seat beside you, wanting him to sit down. he complied with a huff as you took note that he sat at nearly the other end of the couch.
"what?" he asked without looking at you, you could sense the attitude in his voice.
"i'm worried about you," you whispered. "can you open up? what's bothering you right now?" you moved closer to him and placed a hand on his lower thigh comfortingly.
"you're worried about me?" he spat out, looking at you incredulously. "i'm sure that's true," he scoffed sarcastically, rolling his eyes as he flicked your hand off his leg.
"spencer why would yo-" you started as you scooted closer to him on the couch.
"why would i what? why would i not believe you when you ask me that? you're a smart girl, y/n. figure it out," he nearly yelled at you as he began to get up from the couch. you grabbed his hand with both of yours, not wanting him to leave you like that.
"please, spence. i just need to kno-"
"you should be able to figure it out yourself!" he shouted. "and stop touching me! oh my god all you ever do is touch me! did you ever think that maybe something's wrong with you if you have to always be touching someone? god! just don't ever touch me! you're so annoying! what the hell is wrong with you?"
"i-i'm sorry. i didn't think it wa-" you started apologizing.
"exactly! you didn't think! you never think about anyone but yourself! you never stopped to think about how fucking uncomfortable you touching me is! i hate being near you. i can't do it," he started shaking his head as he ran his hands over his face.
"wh-what?" you asked as the teas you didn't know were gathering in your eyes began spilling down your cheeks.
"you heard me," he said as he started to turn around. "i'm just gonna sleep alone tonight," he started walking towards your bedroom.
"i'll sleep on the couch," you spoke up before he made it to the room, he stopped in his tracks. "your back's been hurting lately, and you're too tall to fit on the couch comfortably. i'll sleep on the couch," you whispered, partially afraid that he wouldn't be able to hear you, wiping at the tears.
"whatever," he said as he finished his journey into the bedroom, not bothering to look at you.
you wanted to wait until he was asleep to get any blankets or anything, so the only things going through your mind were his words to you.
what the hell is wrong with you?
i hate being near you...
just don't ever touch me!
you weren't sure what was bothering him this much, but if you knew anything about spencer it was that that man could hold a grudge.
when emily had 'come back from the dead' it was like it was a different kind of person. it wasn't the spencer you fell in love with and you knew it, but that doesn't excuse his words.
so, you did what anyone in your position would do. you gave him space. you dialed the number of a trusted friend and colleague, praying she would pick up.
"hello?" the groggy voice rang out from the phone speaker.
"hi," you meekly replied. "sorry, i know it's pretty late. i umm," you sniffled, "i just didn't know who else to call."
"what happened, y/n? are you hurt? is everything okay?" she asked worried.
"yea, yea. everything's okay," you sighed. "i think spencer might just need some space is all."
"ummm, okay. is there anything i can do?"
"actually, yea? i hate to ask you this or put you in a weird position, but i was wondering if i could stay with you for a while?" you rambled out.
"of course you can. do you even have to ask?" she replied quietly.
"oh my gosh, you're a lifesaver. i-it might not be for long, i'm not really sure," you began. "it might be until spencer is ready, o-or maybe until i umm," you sniffled again, "until i find my own place?"
"that's okay, honey. i promise," she answered sweetly.
"thank you so much. i owe you, em," you sighed as you wiped the tears from your cheeks.
"don't even worry about it, y/n. i'm glad you came to me. are you coming here tonight?"
"if you don't mind... i'm not sure if spencer would want to see me when he umm, when he wakes up," you nodded even though she couldn't see you.
"okay. i'll be waiting."
"alright. i'll probably leave in like half an hour. bye."
"bye," she replied before you hung up.
you snuck into your bedroom, and noticed how spencer was sleeping peacefully.
you had began as friends at the bureau. you didn't even think of him in a romantic way until he admitted his feelings after one drunk night out with the team. it was sweet, a bit sloppy, but sweet.
he kept rambling about how beautiful you were, and how good you smelt when you would lay your head on his shoulder to fall asleep or when you were cuddled up on your couch watching movies. he told you about how you made him feel like less of a weirdo when he would ramble about things he knew, just wanting to be liked by others.
he mentioned how he loved that he could come to you for anything at any time. he also told you about how he appreciated that when you met him, you didn't try to shake his hand. you knew how uncomfortable he was with touching a stranger and allowed him to make the first move. you let him be the one to cross the bridge that was physical touch because you were just that caring for others, and that's truly what he loved about you from the beginning.
then he said that he would never tell you how much he liked you because he never wanted those things to stop.
by that time, you had already driven him back to his place, and helped him into bed. he begged you to stay, so you obliged kindly and opted to take the couch. he told you to stay in the bed with him. he was the one to pull you closer onto his chest. he was the one to stroke you hair as you fell asleep to the rhythm of his heartbeat.
he didn't even remember that night. he woke up with you in his arms, content with the warmth you provided him. he loved the way you instinctively curled into his chest even more.
you never brought it up.
then you realized that you felt the same for him on one of the later cases. you wanted to hold him while he cried, and rejoice with him when he had his wins. you wanted to hear his stupid rants about something as miniscule as sprinkles on a birthday cake. you wanted that closeness he graced you with. you just wanted him.
and now, as you picked a few more pieces of clothes to pack, you heard rustling coming from the sheets. you turned to see spencer now sitting up in bed, looking at you.
"...hi," you whispered with tight lips.
"what're you doing?" he asked. you couldn't tell what he was thinking since it was still dark.
"i'm umm, i was gonna stay with emily for a while," you said as you wiped the tears from your cheeks for the thousandth time. "i um, didn't think you'd want me to be here when you woke up," you nodded as you folded the clothes in your hands. "i was going to leave in about 20 minutes, so i'll be out soon," you felt your lip quivering.
you didn't want to cry in front of him. maybe it was that you wanted to have a sense of dignity, but if it came down to it you would bet that you just didn't want him to feel bad. even after he basically said he hated you.
because that's who you were.
you were a touchy person. that's how you show love to others. that's how others know you care for them.
but now he said he hated that about you.
he hated the way you would gently graze his hand with yours when you could tell he was upset. he hated the way you ran your hand through his hair when he was stressed. he hated the way you placed your hand on his shoulders when he was sad or frustrated.
he hated you.
and he just looked at you standing there. he didn't say anything. he looked at you as tears welled in your eyes from his words.
the words that felt like a burning blade being dragged along your spine. the words that felt like bile rising from your stomach.
"i'll just go now," you said as you ran out of the room and into the living room, not noticing the way that spencer followed you.
"hey," spencer spoke up as you piled the clothes into your go bag that was still beside the couch.
"yea?" you sniffled, not bothering to look at him while pulling on the sweater that was keeping you warm.
when you finally turned to see him he was looking at you with a blank expression. he was looking at the sweater you were wearing. you looked down at it, not remembering it was one of his he had let you worn during the case in north dakota. it was the one you wore when you realized your feelings for him, almost a month after he admitted them for you.
the one you wore when you shared your first kiss in the snow.
"oh," you said as you felt the tears build up again. "you... want it back?" you asked as the tear fell down your face, leaving a burning sensation that felt far better than what you felt inside.
he didn't say anything. you couldn't even see him since the tears were blinding you. so, you slowly unbuttoned the sweater and folded it nicely as you handed it to him.
"i-i'm sorry," you sniffled. "i didn't um - i didn't want to make you un-uncomfortable," you said as you zipped the bag up and grabbed your keys, heading to the door. "just know that i um, i love you."
and you were gone. you rushed out of the door. you didn't want to wait to see if he would tell you he loved you back, scared that you'd be waiting for a lifetime. so you ran to your car and drove off to emily's place, leaving spencer standing in the living room, frozen from what just happened.
but you couldn't see his heart breaking in return. he pulled his sweater up to his face and recognized the sweet scent of you on it that made him break down.
when he noticed how cold you were from the snow from forgetting your jacket at the hotel, he automatically gave you his. he didn't even care how cold he would get - just that you'd be a bit more comfortable.
he draped the sweater over your shoulders to help you put it on, and rubbed your arms for more friction to get you more warm. then, when you turned to look him in the face, you leaned in slowly and grabbed his face.
"can-is this okay?" you asked kindly.
he didn't even respond. he just connected his lips with yours after giving you the brightest smile. he relished in the moment of feeling content, whole, peace. you.
and now you gave him back that very sweater.
in reality, he was looking at the sweater you were wearing as a sign of hope. he thought that maybe since you were still wearing it, he hadn't completely squandered his chance of forgiveness with you.
but you gave him his sweater back with tears in your eyes.
he made you cry.
he drove you away.
when emily answered the door, you broke down in her arms, which was quite the role-reversal.
you were always the one to comfort the other team members. you never really went to anyone for help, you never wanted to burden them with your problems when they all had lives. you just wanted to help them. that's just how selfless you were.
"i'm here, y/n," emily consoled you. "let it out, sweetie. that's it," she stroked you hair as she led the two of you to the couch so you could cry in her arms.
when you finally calmed down a little bit, you started apologizing.
"i'm so sorry. i know it's really late, i just didn't know who else to go to and i'm just so..." you sniffled.
"don't worry about it. i'm glad you came to me. now, care to tell me what happened?"
so you told her. everything.
okay, so you made him seem like less of a douche bag, but you told her. you just tried to explain to her his side of the story, trying to be more understanding.
"and you feel bad? you aren't mad at him?" she questioned in disbelief.
"yea, of course i feel bad. being myself has made him uncomfortable, em. how could i be mad at him when i'm so hopelessly in love with him?" you asked in question.
"oh, sweetheart," she said as she pulled you back into a hug.
she had a plan.
okay, it wasn't much of a plan.
it was more of just chewing him out.
but she knew that would work.
because she also knew how much he loved you. and she knew there had to be a reason he was treating you like that.
the next day you had gotten called in at 4 a. m. with a new case. you drove to the office with emily and walked in behind her. once you saw spencer sitting at the round table in his normal seat beside yours, you felt a kind of rage boil inside of you.
he was just sitting there with a gloom look on his face, not trying to apologize for what he had said to you or anything. you'd thought that maybe he'd even look at you by now but he hasn't even noticed your presence. nothing.
you huffed, walking over to sit in a chair you normally wouldn't be in. spencer finally turned to see it was you who sat down, so you looked him up and down before turning your eyes towards hotch who was giving you all the briefing.
there was a bomber in charleston, california. he would send bomb to local corporations that had a history of animal testing. He was essentially trying to rid the world of those who harm animals, which is quite ironic since that involved killing humans.
each of the buildings were two stories, yet the bomb didn't level it. that's how you knew the bomb was meant to send a message rather than kill more people.
so until his message was spread and out in the open for all people, he'd continue to kill people without hesitation. human life wasn't valuable to him, so it was your job to stop him.
once you had gotten to california, you had all been divided into teams. you went with morgan and spencer to the most recent bomb site to analyze anything they might've missed.
the entire scene smelled like burnt papers, no surprise there. aside from the fact that people had previously died where you were standing, the tension in the air was so thick it felt as though the smoke had remained from the explosion.
you had avoided spencer, tried to talk to him as little as possible when you had to. unless it was for the case, you didn't speak. until hotch decided to room the two of you together.
you had asked the girls if you could room with them, only for them to refuse and make you 'work things out with your beau.' so essentially, you were screwed.
you trudged into the room before spencer had made it, being sure to lock the door behind you just to annoy spencer. was it petty? sure. did he deserve it? yes. would you apologize? absolutely not.
once you turned around, you realized there was only one bed. of course hotch would do that. what a dick. you sighed before placing your things on the couch, deciding that spencer's back pain is completely different than being temporarily locked out of your room. you were truly doing it for yourself so you wouldn't have to hear him complain the next day about his back hurting.
after you had gotten out of the shower, your body in only a small towel, you heard the door knock. you knew it was spencer, his signature knock giving it away, and decided you could open it for him. when he realized you were practically naked and everyone had a view of you from the hallway, he quickly pushed you further inside along with himself and slammed the door shut.
"what the hell, y/n?" he whisper-yelled at you, gesturing to what you were wearing. "anybody could've seen you and you're practically naked!"
"and?" you crossed your arms over your chest. "i don't see why you should have any say so in what i'm wearing."
"you're wearing a towel," he stated as if you hadn't already known.
"and?" you shrugged. "is my body making you uncomfortable? is that why you don't want to touch me, spencer?" you rolled your eyes before turning to get your clothes from your suitcase.
you decided to just strip right in front of him, just to tease him a bit more. you slowly slid the towel down your body, your back still towards spencer as you shimmied into your shorts that barely covered anything. you turned around to get your shirt, revealing your bare chest to spencer who stood in awe of what was happening in front of him. you put your thin shirt on tantalizingly slow, aware that he could probably see your nipples through the fabric, but that was the entire point.
spencer walked over to you slowly, you smiled at him happily as he approached you. when he brought his hands up to cup your face gently, you swatted his hands away from you.
"ah-ahh," you shook your head no. "there's no touching allowed," you rolled your eyes one last time before getting comfortable on the couch, pulling the one extra blanket in the room over your body in an attempt to keep warm.
as the minutes turned into an hour, you felt yourself becoming more upset. his words, even if he didn't mean them, had an impact on you. he couldn't just unsay the words or take them back, that's not how it works. instead, he made you live with the thought and constant worry that you made him uncomfortable by touching him.
and that pained you. that pain turned into tears, which ensued sniffling because of your runny nose. and your tears and sniffles pained spencer even more. he listened in wait as you cried yourself to sleep once more, the sniffled slowing down which told him of your slumber.
when you woke up, you had realized you were awake before spencer. you quickly got ready and made your way downstairs to retrieve some mediocre coffee. deciding to not be a complete asshole, you got spencer his own cup as well just how he liked it and placed it on the bedside table for when he would wake up.
when he did wake up, it was to the smell of coffee beside him. he had obviously realized you had gotten it for him, he wasn't a complete idiot other than the fact that he had hurt you in the first place. when he took a sip of it, it was just as he liked it.
of course it was, he thought, it's you.
since there were so many animal activists that were recorded online, you couldn't really narrow down the suspect range. once you had all made it back to the precinct that morning, they had widdled down all the companies that have ever used testing on animals. there were four companies in total, so you would all split up and investigate each one.
you, of course, had been paired with spencer once again. it was obviously the rest of the team conspiring to get you two to make up, but he hadn't even apologized. and you refused to make the first move.
so as you drove to the company you had been assigned, there was yet again that irritable tension in the air that made it seem like someone could choke on it. you pulled into the parking lot and got out as quickly as you could.
making your way inside, you asked where the owner of the company was while flashing your badge, spencer making his way inside just in time to catch where you were going and follow.
"hi, ma'am," you introduced yourself, extending your hand for her to shake. "i'm here in regards for the-"
"recent bombings? yes, i figured you would be," barbara cooke sighed as she released your hand.
"yes, i'm agent y/n yl/n/ and this is dr. spencer reid," you motioned to him as he gave her an awkward wave. "we were wondering if you've received any recent threats concerning your history in-"
"animal testing? we get those all the time, agent... what was it again?" she asked disrespectfully.
"y/l/n," you informed her once again.
"right, well we get those too often for it to be significant. in fact, we get those almost weekly," she rolled her eyes before turning back to the computer on her desk.
"ma'am, if you wouldn't mind just trying to think of a threat that stuck out to you. one in particular that made it seem as though they might follow through?" spencer asked kindly.
"i actually do mind. i have a company to run and don't need to waste my time on something that won't ever affect me. so please, see yourselves out," she motioned to the door with a sigh.
you and spencer looked at each other before turning around and leaving her office. instead, you decided to ask the employees if they saw anyone that seemed as though they were landscaping the office.
"no, not really. i'm too busy trying to finish the work cooke gives me."
"i'm sorry, no. i try to just ind my own business around here."
"i'm sorry, there have been bombings?"
there wasn't much luck.
you were making your rounds right back to the front of the office, asking nearly everyone that you passed if they noticed anyone suspicious until you noticed a mailman near the front of the room.
he was dressed in an all-brown outfit, but with no logo of what company he worked for. not even a hat to display the name. all the companies that delivered had company logos displayed on the outfits, just to display for publicity.
when you looked around at who was near you, your eyes locked on spencer who was walking towards you, his head down. once you saw the mailman walk out of the office and saw the lady at the front desk begin to open the tape, you grabbed spencer by the arm.
it all happened so quickly.
you pushed spencer out of the door and locked it, blocking him from the blast that would surely ensue, and ran as quick as you could to drag the woman away from the box. you shielded her with your body, turning your back to where the bomb would go off to lessen the impact on her body. before you could even register what happened, you were pushed into the wall cati-corner the desk, knocking you unconscious.
spencer didn't know what was happening until he heard the bomb.
he assumed the blast wasn't as intense as it was previously by the fact that the second story was still standing. the blast from the other bombs at least made a bit of a dent in the second story.
in an instant, he realized that he might've lost you forever. the love of his life. gone.
and you were still mad at him. you hated him. you thought he hated you.
once he was able to form a coherent thought, he pulled his phone out and called 911, being sure to tell them there was a possible agent down in an explosion. once he hung up, he mustered up his inner derek morgan and kicked the doors in, it helped that they were already frail due to the explosion.
with the doors now open, smoke flowed out of the now open space, looking for an escape as spencer was looking for his love. all he could hear were coughs and whines of the employees around him. then he felt a hand on his shoulder, he looked to see the face of the lady from the front desk.
"she-she saved me," the woman told spencer in reference to you. "she's over here," spencer helped her navigate himself to where your body lay limp on the ground, drywall covering your face and body.
"oh my god, y/n," he called as he moved the rubbish from your body before looking for a pulse.
he found himself whispering a series of pleas that you were okay, that he would find the pulse in your neck or wrist. that he would feel the warmth off your body against his, be able to touch your skin and have you grab his hand when you were nervous. he wanted you to never stop touching him.
because ever since you had joined the bureau, you had been a touchy person. you were the person people went to when they needed comfort because they wanted a hug. you were the person the team counted on when comforting the mothers or children because you had a comforting touch.
and he wanted that comfort. he needed that comfort right then. but the one person he needed the comfort from didn't think he wanted it from them. you didn't think he wanted you anymore.
so you had to be okay. because he couldn't imagine a world where you weren't his, which sounds so cliche but couldn't be any more true.
ever since you waltzed into his life, he could never remember what it was like without you. what it was like without your hand running through his soft hair. without your hand on his knee underneath the bau table during a meeting. without your face buried in his neck while you were cuddling at night. without your kiss...
without you.
he needed you.
and he found the small, faint, minuscule pulse that beat throughout your body. a gentle but safe way to know you were alive and still with him. maybe you'd still want to be with him.
when the ambulance arrived, he didn't hesitate to hop in the back of the van, opting to call the team to inform them of what happened.
they had put an oxygen mask on you to ensure your safety and had told him that you had a concussion from the blast. they would do further tests once they got to the hospital, which felt like it took forever, according to spencer.
once they had wheeled you away, spencer sat in wait once again. the team slowly trickled in, trying to comfort spencer but ultimately failing. when the doctor finally came in, spencer was the first to jump up and ask how you were.
"she'll make a full recovery, she's rather lucky," he nodded at spencer before checking his chart. "she has three bruised ribs and a minor concussion. she'll be able to fly in a couple of days, but will have to stay out of the field until her ribs are fully healed. she shouldn't be doing any strenuous activities until then as well," he informed the doctor. "other than that she's healthy as a horse."
"thank you. can i see her now?" spencer asked eagerly.
"yes, of course," he nodded before turning around. "right this way."
when spencer came into your room, your eyes were barely open. it looked like you were struggling to stay awake. your face and arms were littered with an occasional bruise, which he's sure were worse on your stomach and legs. your skin was a bit paler than usual, it didn't have that glow you normally had, that liveliness.
but you still looked like you. you still looked beautiful.
spencer took the seat beside your bed and moved it closer to you, taking your hand in his before you snatched it away, turning on your side to face the wall opposite of where spencer sat.
"y/n, please..." spencer pleaded, feeling his eyes well with tears. he thought you were just angry at him until he heard your soft sniffles. "darling, please look at me," he placed his hand on your shoulder, gently pulling you back to face him. you turned yourself back around to face him, eyes red and swollen as your lip was quivering.
"what?" you spat out, trying to maintain your own composure until you saw he was crying himself. you raised your brows in shock before asking him, "what's wrong?"
he laughed, "you're asking me what's wrong?" you nodded. "i'm just so, so sorry i'm sorry i said all those things about you. i'm sorry it took you almost dying for me to apologize. and i'm sorry for ever making you feel like i didn't love you, y/n. i love you so much. every part of you, your touch included. it's anything but annoying. it's comforting, and sweet, and calming, and does so much more to help me than it does hurt or annoy me," he took your hand in his once more, placing a kiss to your knuckles. "i love you so much and i'm so sorry."
"and i'm sorry i had to touch you to push you out of the way of an explosion," you rolled your eyes with a chuckle so he knew you were joking.
"thanks for that, by the way - saving me," he shrugged. "which brings me to my next point... do you know how reckless that was? how dangerous and stupid and how you could have died? because you could have died and if you died i don't know what i'd do with myself. especially knowing you were mad at me when you died," he held your hand to his chest so you could feel how his heart broke in those moments he didn't know if you were alive. the moments he thought he might've lost you forever.
"but i'm alive. i'm right here," you assured him, bringing his hand to your lips this time to press a kiss before holding the one with both of yours. "why'd you say those things anyway? why were you so upset?"
"well remember the officer that was on the case?" you nodded. "remember how he kept touching you?" you rolled your eyes with a nod.
"god, it was so annoying," you interjected.
"well it didn't seem like you thought it was annoying," he avoided eye contact with you, you pulled his arm to get his attention once again.
"are you saying you thought i wanted him to be so handsy?" you questioned, he nodded guiltily. "spencer, are you kidding?" you chuckled. "i had to do that because if he knew i hated him he wouldn't have been so cooperative. i promise, you are the only one for me. you're the only one i want to touch me like that. but that doesn't excuse you talking to me like that. you saying those things hurt me, a lot."
"i know, i know they did... and i plan on making it up to you. i will make it up to you, i swear," he nodded along eagerly.
"yea, you better dr. reid. i'm holding you to that," you huffed out a laugh, spencer following suit as he leaned forward to press a kiss to your forehead.
then to your nose. then right and left cheeks. then your lips. it wasn't a kiss that demanded anything. it wasn't hostile or passionate. it was content. it was a way of showing you love and saying that your love was enough. that you were enough.
"i love you, spencer," you whispered as he pressed his forehead against yours.
"and i love you, y/n," he whispered back. "please never stop loving me the way you do."
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scary-lasagna · 6 days ago
Ooo requests are open. First off I wanna say how wonderful your writing is? Like, I was a fandom writer for a bit and you’ve always been an inspiration. If possible, could I request Masky, Hoodie, and Toby accidentally hurting/killing their s/o’s? I saw the prompt for E.J. and Jeff on your masterlist and just, wow that hurt
The original
Masky has always destroyed Tim's life at every turn.
Right when it gets better, right when it seems like he has a somewhat normal life again, it all comes crashing down in broken shards of what he once was.
So he does what he knows.
He leaves. He runs far away from you, and leaves no trail for you to follow him on.
It's less dangerous for you, and less damaging to Tim, knowing he ha to sleep at night and wondering if you're going to wake up in the morning with a black eye or not.
Would Masky kill you? Tim doesn't know. And he really doesn't want to find out.
He woke up from Masky's switch, standing over your limp body. And he just couldn't handle it.
He's sorry, he's so sorry, but he couldn't even stomach staying long enough to help you up and explain everything or...anything about this curse he has.
He didn't give you closure, and he's not planning to anytime soon.
Tim loves you, [Y/N].
And in order to keep you safe, he has to pretend you no longer exist.
If you even still exist. After all, Tim never checked for a pulse.
Brian loves you with all of his heart.
And it really felt like it was ripped out and mutilated to shreds when he heard you scream.
Brian was in disbelief, and he thought you were joking before he even moved to help you.
As a proxy, Brian's private life can be dangerous. And he wanted you to know how to protect yourself, just in case any problems should arise when he's not there.
A gun is a simple point and shoot mechanism, and very easy to adjust to the recoil of shooting.
Or so he thought.
Brian wanted you to watch as he demonstrated the safety mechanism, and put a little too much faith in it as he pulled the trigger.
He has enough common sense to teach you the number one rule of not pointing a gun at anyone, loaded or not. But that didn't that the bullet from deflecting three fucking times to circle back towards [Y/N].
If it was a movie, he would have laughed. But sadly, your screaming and wailing didn't provide a comedic effect.
Brian is a field medic for the proxies, and he's thankfully dealt with bullet wounds before. He knows how to stop the bleeding until the ambulance arrives.
But that doesn't stop him from blubbering all over your bullet wound. His apology is full of "I didn't mean to" and "I'm sorry, I didn't know this would happen" and also just straight sobbing.
You've never seen this much blood before, and at this point you wonder if you'd bleed out before the ambulance arrived.
Brian held you in his arms, stuffing the bleeding with his beloved hoodie that always smelled of fresh lake water and cinnamon.
You weren't sure if he heard you soothing his cries over his desperate pleas to stay awake.
You wanted to stay awake, but when he pressed his forehead to yours, you never felt more at peace with Brian.
The way he loved you was so beautiful, and you hated to miss a moment like this by falling asleep.
Now if only that ambulance would drive faster down the street.
An absolute bawling mess.
Toby has never felt pain before in his life, nor has he felt extremely hot or cold temperatures.
Toby cannot feel the heat of a hot pan after take the boiling water off the stovetop.
And he wishes he couldn't feel the emotional turmoil of hearing you scream when he accidentally set it on top of your hand.
Then, of course, it fell, spilled, and massively fucked your bare feet.
It was not a pleasant experience for anyone involved. And Toby cannot stop feeling terrible as he sobs on your thigh.
"Toby, I-"
"You're not okay, [Y/N]! You're gonna have to live with this be-because of me!" He buries his face into your leg as you stroked his hair. "You have to walk on it everyday, and it'll scar, and it'll hurt and you won't even want to make boiled eggs anymore and-"
"I need to go to the hospital, Toby."
Toby immediately stopped crying, and stared at you in shock, "Why?"
"It doesn't hurt anymore."
Confused, Toby inspects the burn through the cool water tub you placed your feet in. "But th-that's good, right?"
Toby says by your side at the hospital, dehydrated from sniffling, and barely understanding what the doctors say about nerve damage in his shocked state.
Toby neglects his own needs to care for you, feeling undeserving of basic wants and needs, including medicine and water. His vision gets hazy over time, and his mouth is unnecessarily dry.
Toby is tired, and weak. He can't even cry because there are no tears left to squeeze out.
He's so sorry [Y/N]. He's so sorry.
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saintzjenx · 7 months ago
a special edition astrojenx
— The twelve Venus signs and Elizabeth Taylor✯
part 1/2
Tumblr media
Hey loves, for international women's day I wanted to honour a few iconic women that resides very close to my heart. My mom is a big fan of Elizabeth Taylor and so was my grandma:) I have grown up watching her old movies and admiring her elegance and beauty. So today I wanted to do a fun astrology post featuring this icon for you guys! I hope you guys have fun reading this as much as I do writing it🤎
Inspired by Vogue UK's Elizabeth Taylor's life in dresses and diamonds by Naomi Pike, Feb 2021.
First and foremost, we'll skim through Elizabeth's birth chart.
Our queen is indeed a Pisces Sun 7° in 2nd house, Scorpio Moon 15° 11th house, MC in Libra 14° and Sagittarius ASC at 13°, with her chart ruler being Leo Jupiter in 8H 🤎 You can find Elizabeth's full chart here.
However, Elizabeth's MC in Libra explains everything. A Venus midheaven in another Venus degree? No wonder why years later, she's still talked about and seen as the one who define that century.
Venus heavy people are usually popular and well-loved, they're also given effortless class and charms that help them get anything and almost literally anything they desire.
Looking at someone's venus signs can tell us a million things about them. Venus is not just love, it is your love language, you choice of clothing, your taste to almost everything, what you value&need to feel secure(2H energy), your love for the art.
But Venus is also hope, intimacy, popularity. So for today, we'll talk about what Venus in the Signs mean to me, enjoy love<3
🤎Aries Venus🤎
Tumblr media
Fiery. Flamboyant Aries Venus. Being in a fire sign, Venus feel comfortable and happy here. Aries Venus people tend to have an air of youthfulness to them that's extremely distinct.
Grande lovers. Not in a Leo Venus way but more silly and carefree, very straightforward and honest with their feelings.
Aries Venus individuals thrive off the seretonin they get finding a new subject of interest. They love the chase and they put excitement and depending on their other placement, here we have some real fighters in relationships.
More than any other fire sign, Aries is known for being the leader. They have a go getter personality thats appealing to people. Once they have set their eyes on someone, it is their conquest, it is their mission to hunt down their prey.
Lustful. Sexual compatibility is so important to these natives. A placement that tend to fall in love at the first sight.
Tumblr media
Imagine going to a party with bright lights and loud music, yet amidst it all you meet eyes with an Aries Venus. She's the embodiment of fire, her eyes flame chaos and her smile lure you in. Fast yet hot&heavy. The instant attraction is mutual and as you zoned out in awe of her beauty, she chuckle and pass by you, intentionally get a little to close to your back before grinning again and head to the other section of the party.
Playful. They love to act hard to get or they love cheeky people, people who are out of their league or act cold and refuse to give
Value independence above all else. Love to them can seem like a cat and mouse game. They love the feeling they get from that talking/getting to know each other stage.
Hate feeling tied down a lot of the time. But will have a hard time getting rejected by others
Looks spectacular in red! Tend to have a striking note to their appearance or personal style.
Shows love by actions/services and physical touches. Can be very dreamy individuals💗
Very sincere. Will be straight up with you. Can be very selfish sometimes. Need to learn that partnership takes 2 people.
Attract Scorpio, Libra, Sagittarius placements and cardinal or fire energy. Especially Venus/Mars. (Venus+Plutonic energy)
🤎Taurus Venus🤎
Tumblr media
Love like it is the 80s. High standards but also fall in love with the smallest thing.
Glamour and drama. They want security, stability and sex, a lot of em. They want to indulge in their partner and want their partner to lose themselves in them too.
Seductive demeanours. Charming smile. Taurus Venus can be seen as a real flirt sometimes but they rarely fall for people. When they do they just fall hard.
Curves. The men loveeeeee women with curves. They would literally worship thicker women. To them, the softness aspect and the comfort 2 people bring one another is unmatched.
Gallant. Will hold the doors for you, will listen to you speak and will want to know how your day went. The women with this placement are gorgeous. Venusians by nature.
Have a soft spot for sassy and intelligent people.
They love an independent person. To them, self love and self care is so attractive.
Tumblr media
Patience and consistency. Small actions mean so much more. Waiting for you to finish your class. Hold the grocery bags for you. Look at you in awe randomly.
Have BEAUTIFUL eyes. They would honestly fall for someone's appearance first LOL. Very realistic in that sense. Also need a lot of attention.
They like it when people talk back LOL. They actually value someone's backgrounds a lot, not the type to get with any rando. They would want to know and to test you to see if you're well-educated and capable of taking their love.
Loyal and are actually very affectionate. God for them it's really hard to move on from someone. So if they ever break up with you first, know that they had enough.
Men can be serial daters but once settled down they will turn into simps, want your attention and validation 24/7
Women tend to be attracted to older men. Men with resources and power.
Power play >
Hate compromising. Can even become needy and too realistic.
They value aesthetics a lot. Might be into expensive thing too!
Attract Scorpio, Libra placements and fixed energy. Also other earth placements would also work.
🤎Gemini Venus🤎
Tumblr media
Amazing with words. Can be seen as so so flighty but are actually very loyal inside.
Scared that they will eventually get bored of someone. But tend to fall for the mysterious type somehow.
Late night talk. Giggles and heart felt confession.
Bright, care free aura. They look like a little child in love, want someone to be their bestfriend and their partner.
Diverse taste, they like it when someone introduce them to things they didn't know. Really value intelligent individuals! To them brains is the new sexy.
People that they can talk and vibe with for hourssssss. Can be very anxious sometimes yet would be hesitant to show this. Entertainer.
A lot of Gemini Venus are actually pretty jealous. They like challenging people and people who can play mind games with them.
In love with blunt, even a bit harsh partners.
Tumblr media
Communication is so so important to them.
Very beautiful souls with different fragments of colours. So different to people you used to know. Once you started to talk to them you can't stop. They always know what to say.
Awkwardly charming. Suave and so sweet.
An air of innocence to them. Interesting to talk to and usually can be very knowledgeable about almost everything.
Brains is so so attractive to them.
Imagine the jock guy falling in love with the nerdy girls who have piles of books next to her. The couple that would be very intellectual to one another. Amazing advice and inside jokes.
Can be very superficial and flighty sometimes. Indecisive and have a harder time committing.
Attract Virgo, Sagittarius and mutable energy. (Mercury+Jupiter energy) also would love airy placements.
🤎Cancer Venus🤎
Tumblr media
Secret nurturers. So gentle with their s/o. Want to be adored and will give back love x1000 times more.
These people's feelings work on an unconscious and instinctive level, and they usually affect everyone with who they're tied to.
Cancer Venus natives have a very soft spot for babies and children in general. If well aspected they can be great baby sitters too :) Kids just seem to love em!
They are also very likely to have close links with their family. To them,family is something very important. Might care a lot about security in general and get extremely defensive when it comes to their family.
Work hard to provide for their family. A dreamer deep down and a BIG need to nurture and protect.
Might try to hide their sensitivity by putting up a tough facade but underneath it all they're big softie.
Tumblr media
Women with this placement are homebodies deep down no matter how fiery or airy their chart are. They care a lot about the aesthetics of their living space.
Won't stop until they find the one. Look for their other counterparts whom they can trust and build a home with.
Heart eyes. Gorgeous lips and cheeks. Women are blessed with great boobs or skin. The men have a very moody beauty to them, but people are very drawn to this.
Too sacrificing in love. Once they love someone they let the love consume them. Would have high expectations and plans for their future. Hate having their hopes up as they get older.
Amazing eyes for anything home-decor related.
Extremely dependable people.
Attract a lot Capricorn, Aquarius (Saturn-Uranus) and other water&cardinal placements!
🤎Leo Venus🤎
Tumblr media
Drama. Drama. And more drama. They love the honeymoon phase in the relationship. When they're interested in someone love dominate their world.
Prideful yet very determined. They truly hate it when people disrespect their personal style of love life.
Protective and dramatic lovers. Would spoil you until you can't handle them no more. Drown you in playful banters then spoil you with heart felt compliments and gifts.
They don't like people who promise too much, they prefer to see it. Once you have lost their trust best believe that's it. They don't turn around for old lovers often. Even if their chart has a lot of water, they love the drama but once they deem that they're no longer in control, they'd retrieve.
Spontaneous but controlling. Know exactly what they want at one point but would be confused when they meet a person that they fall for for no reason.
Dress to impress. Faux fur, expensive bags, renting the whole restaurant just for date night. They love attention. Give it all to them.
Would always want to hear you compliment them. Tell them you love them. Tell them you love everything about them. Worship their bodies during sex.
Even more shallow than Libra Venus sometimes. Care SO MUCH about looks.
Expressive and fun. Life of the party. They dress like they're rich. They know what to wear and what would work best on them.
Gift gifting is their way of showing love. But they'd also expect their friends and lover to return this affectionate nature too!
HATE betrayal. They can't handle being jerked around by people. As they grow older they know how to discard people who don't value them effectively.
Want to be worshipped like a god. Their partner's attention need to be on them 24/7 and they have to be able to see that their partner is putting in the effort. Value honesty and intimacy in a relationship.
They like to be noticed. Can dress very simple but still very attractive.
Their personality usually drawn a lot of people in
Creative and have expensive taste. A lot of them could have been the party animal when younger but slowly turn into a much more professional in later years.
Lowkey extremely obsessive and dramatic deep down. Would want to control you. Sometimes can't take no for an answer.
Generous hearts. Believe in giving back and can be very soft with the unfortunates.
Attract a lot fire placements, Aquarius, Cancer energy.
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mypoisonedvine · 7 months ago
artificial scarcity || (soft)dark!Jake Jensen x reader
summary: you'll realize how good he can treat you, how badly you need him, one way or another. you just need a little encouragement, that's all.
word count: 4k, somehow...
warnings: smut! (dubcon; she is fully consenting but under dubious circumstances), drugging (technically), kidnapping, imprisonment, starvation, touch-starved reader, bed sharing, grinding/thigh fucking, size kink, spanking, implied stalking/voyeurism, implied noncon (kinda?), jake being possessive and manipulative and creepy
a/n: this was supposed to be a drabble which is why the pacing might feel a little rushed in the beginning but I hope you guys don’t mind!
Tumblr media
Jake was normally a relatively patient guy, especially with you since he had an obvious soft spot for the newest member of the team.  But after months of trying to get your attention, of his abysmal flirting not getting him anywhere, of you becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of him as a friend and nothing else, his patience was running thin.
He was tired of waiting for the perfect opportunity to rescue you and show you that he was the perfect guy for you.  He was tired of waiting for you to figure out that he could be everything you needed if you just let him.  So, he figured he needed to manufacture a chance to save you; he needed to take away some things just to bring them back, show you what it was like to let him take care of you.
Getting close to you was easy, you were teammates and friends so you trusted him.  The tricky thing was he didn't want you to know it was him, so he used your trust to lure you right into his trap.
Movie night tonight? There’s some cheesy slasher playing at the drive in at 1930, he texted you as soon as he could to the showtime to decrease the odds of you having any time to tell anyone about your plans to meet up with him; he’d rather not have the heat of being the last person to see you before your disappearance.
yeah sure!  are you driving? you replied almost instantly.
Yep, I’ll pick you up at S Lamar and Hanover in 10, he informed you, knowing it was close to your apartment but far away from any security cameras or likely witnesses.
He parked a block away and walked around the corner to see you standing there under the flickering streetlight looking at your phone.  You were waiting for him, and as he hid behind cover to come closer, you were clearly looking around for where he might be.  Thankfully, you didn't see him or his tranq gun, and he got your neck on the first shot.
He ran to catch you before you fell, relishing the weight of your body limp and pliant in his arms.  Somehow, he resisted the urge to play with you now, knowing it would be worth the wait to let his whole plan come to fruition.
The room he locked you in was dark and damp, barely any light but enough to see the half-full water bottle he left for you; your chain was short but you could reach everything you needed.  It broke his heart to hear your cries but he had to ignore them, if he came in now it wouldn't make sense.  He needed to be patient.
When the video feed from his camera inside showed that you'd fallen asleep for the night, he snuck in to bring you a new water bottle and a little granola bar since you'd screamed all day about being hungry.  You seem surprised when you woke up and saw it, quickly grabbing the bar but taking a long time to examine and smell it first before eating, like you were afraid it was poisoned.  But you ate, and drank your water, and waited for rescue.
Day 3 was the hardest to watch.  You tugged at your chain so much that he worried you'd hurt yourself.  He decided tomorrow was the last day because he couldn't take any more of this.
On the fourth day, he waited until you started to cry yourself to sleep before shutting down his equipment and finally coming to the door; he took a deep breath, preparing himself, before dramatically kicking it down and gasping when he saw you.  He called your name into the dark and you barely had the energy to open your eyes, poor thing.
"Oh my god, are you okay?" he yelped, dashing over to where you were chained and picking at the lock.  "I'm gonna get you out, don't worry, you're safe now."
"Jensen...?" you mumbled sleepily, making him smile and stroke your face a little.  
"Yeah, I'm right here."
He carried you to his car and drove you home-- not your old home, your new one which also happened to be his apartment.
"I think it's time to wake up, I'm guessing you wanna take a shower," he cooed at your sleeping form, watching you stir in his arms before finally blinking your eyes open and looking up at him.
"Oh," you whispered.  "Did I fall asleep?"
"Yes," he laughed, "you've been out the whole ride here."
"Oh…” you repeated, “and where are we?"
"My apartment.  I didn't want to leave you alone right now."
You nodded, seemingly in agreement.  "You can put me down now."
He reluctantly did as you'd asked, watching you carefully put weight back on your legs.
"Woah!" he chuckled when you wobbled a bit, reaching out to catch you, but you recovered.
"Thank you," you whispered, and he smiled at you.
"Just wish I'd found you sooner.”
"Um, you said I can take a shower?"
"Yeah, down that hall, first door on the right.  I'll bring you some clothes,” he explained, and you smiled weakly before navigating your way to the bathroom.
You looked so good in his clothes that his heart skipped a beat when he saw you step out into the living room.  The t-shirt that was almost too tight on him was baggy on you, reminding him of how delicate you were in so many ways, how much bigger he was than you.
It reminded him that if he really wanted to, he could force himself on you and you'd be helpless to stop him.  But that wasn't what he wanted.  It was going to be so much better this way.
"Wanna go to bed now?  I'll take the couch," he offered.
"N-no," you stammered, and he gave you a quizzical look.  "I don't… I don't want you that far away."
"Okay, I could sleep on the floor," he bargained instead, "in my room, with you."
"No," you sighed again, "then I won't be able to see you."
"I'll be right there," he reminded you.
"It's a king, right?  You can share with me."
"Are you sure?" he pressed.  "I wouldn't want to make you uncomfortable."
"No, please, this is the only way I'll be comfortable."
"Okay," he smiled, guiding you to the bedroom.  He let you watch him take off his shirt and smirked a little when he saw you ogling.
"I usually just sleep in boxers," he admitted nervously.  "I'll put on some pajama pants at least."
"It's fine, really," you smiled.  "I don't wanna be any more of a burden than I already am."
"You're not a burden."
"And I'm not gonna wear pants to bed anyways," you shrugged.
But he hadn't given you a new pair of panties to wear because he didn't have any to give you.  Which meant that if you took off the sweats he'd given you, that'd leave you in his shirt and nothing else.
He tried not to let that thought go straight to his cock as he unbuttoned and pushed down his pants, seeing you conflicted on where to look, before getting in bed.  You did the same, taking the sweats off once you were under the covers and tossing them out from under the blanket.
"Goodnight," he smiled as he turned off the lamp, hearing you whisper it back before starting to shift around and get comfortable.
He didn't have to wait nearly as long as he had expected to hear you meekly whisper, "Jensen?"
"Yeah, is everything alright?" he asked, voice full of concern.
"I… I don't want to ask you for anything else…" you sighed.
"No, hey, it's okay," he assured, "ask for anything."
"Would you, um, would you hold me?" 
He cleared his throat a little.  "If you need me to."
"Please, it's the only way I'll be able to sleep."
He sighed a little but relented, coming over to your side of the bed and spooning you, gingerly laying one arm over you and trying to avoid touching you anywhere too personal.
"Thank you," you sighed sleepily.
"Whatever you need,” he assured.
"Jake, why are you doing all this for me?" you asked quietly, turning back a little to look at him.
"You're my teammate, nobody gets left behind,” he explained.  “Besides, this is all my fault anyways.  You were waiting for me when they got you."
"No, Jake, don't say that.  It's not your fault."
"Alright, but it's not yours either.  You didn't deserve that."
“You’re right, but I don’t deserve this either,” you mumbled.
“Yes, you do.”
You shifted slightly against him, humming contentedly, and he groaned.
"I think maybe we should stop," he hissed, pulling away— but you stopped him by grabbing his arm.
"No, wait," you whimpered.  "Why?  What’s wrong?"
"I, uh, I guess I'm just experiencing some of the consequences of laying in bed with a beautiful woman…"
"The, um, the biological consequences."
"I— oh,” you whispered.
"Yeahhh...” he trailed off awkwardly.
"No, hey, it's okay.  I don't mind, I mean, you can't help it,” you shrugged.
"Sorry, I'm not normally this easily amused but it's been a while, so…"
"I understand," you assured, "really, it's okay… just don't go."
He just barely heard your gasp as he pressed himself against you, his shaft cradled perfectly between each soft globe of your ass.  "Is this okay?" he asked quietly.
"Y-yeah," you answered, making him suppress a laugh since it was obvious you were noticing his size.  He would bet a grand at least that you were getting wet right now, if he had anyone to bet against.
Your back arched a little, pushing your ass into him with more force, and you actually started to rock your hips ever so slightly.
"Stop moving," he hissed through his teeth.  
"I'm not…" you denied weakly.
"Yes you are, you're… rubbing yourself on me."
"I'm sorry, it just feels good,” you admitted sleepily, surprising him with your forwardness.  “You like it too, right?"
"Yes, but I feel like I'm taking advantage of you,” he admitted worriedly.
"You're not,” you promised, “you did so much for me— you saved me— and I want to help you, too.  You said it's been a while since you were with anybody, I could help you out… you know, you could rub up against me until you…"
He groaned a little but leaned in closer until his lips were right against your ear.  "Are you sure?  Don't do me any favors, you don't owe me anything."
"I want you to," you assured, making him smile and nod a bit, taking a moment to enjoy a deep breath as he prepared himself.
Carefully, he began to rock his hips forward, rubbing his cock on you through his boxers.  Even with a layer of cotton in the way he could feel your warmth, he could imagine how smooth your skin was.  If you hadn't been able to make out the shape of him before, you certainly could now— the ridge of his head was probably digging into you, and on particularly long thrusts he could feel your ass against his balls (which, inversely, meant you could feel his balls against your ass).
He held your hips as he picked up his pace a bit, grinding into you and breathing heavily in your ear.  You gasped and tried to hide a moan by biting your lip but he heard it.  It was even more obvious when he whispered your name to you, heavy with desire, and rubbed your spine with his finger.  Your back arched even further, inviting him to push harder against you until he felt the slightest wet patch forming on his boxers— not from him, from you.  It made his cock throb and his breath catch in his throat.
Overcome with need, he pushed his boxers down quickly before getting back to it, both of you moaning at the feeling of his skin on yours.  He was so close to your pussy he could hardly stand it, and he knew you must be dripping right now, desperate to be filled.  He could probably slip right in and you wouldn't even stop him, but that wasn't what he needed from you right now.  You needed to ask him for it.  He knew you wanted it, but he needed you to know you wanted it.
A drop of precum formed at his slit, smearing onto your skin and easing his way further.  
"I want you to feel good, too," he whispered.  "I don't just want to use you."
He pushed his cock down and slipped it between your thighs instead, sliding right against your wet, silky folds.  You whined beautifully as he thrusted forward, your thighs clenching (and therefore gripping him even tighter) when his cock slid right over your clit.
Your wetness was plentiful enough to drench him just from this, so he already knew the answer but he still asked, "does it feel good?"
"Yes," you sighed.  "Yes, it's good…"
He knew he could make you come like this, and he knew exactly how to, but that wouldn't get him what he wanted.  Instead he only gave you enough to keep you on the edge, moving too slow to really let you finish.  You even tried to move faster but his grip on your hips was too tight, keeping you still so he could savor his own pace and keep you desperate.
"Fuck me," you moaned.  
"I don't have a condom," he whispered nervously.
"I don't care, just please…"
That was all the encouragement he needed, pulling back enough to guide his head to your entrance before sliding right in.  Your wet, hot walls stretched open to accept him, struggling against his girth but eventually giving way.
Your hand shot back to grab onto his thigh, trying to keep him from going too deep, but he had no intentions of holding back now that he was inside you; he delicately grabbed your wrist and guided your hand back to your chest where he wrapped his arms around you and held you tightly.
"Baby," he moaned into your ear as his hips met yours.  "This is my pussy now."
You gasped and shivered in his arms, eyes falling shut as he pulled back and pushed in again, incredibly slow but as deep as he could push himself.
Your moans were perfect, even better than the ones he'd heard when he hacked into your webcam because it wasn't just your fingers or toy anymore, it was him— exactly what you'd always needed, whether you knew it or not.  He'd dreamed of this for so long and now that he had you he couldn't imagine ever letting you go.  Every inch of your channel was like heaven, every moan was somehow more beautiful than the last.
"That's it, baby, take all of me," he purred when he pressed deep into your cunt, holding your hips so the tip of his cock hit the deepest parts of you.  You made the cutest little choking noise and he kissed your neck while trying his best to make you do it again, moving faster and slapping his hips against yours more firmly.
"Jake," you managed to whimper, and he groaned through his teeth.
"Yeah, I'm right here," he promised.  "That's me inside you, sweetheart, that's my cock filling you up."
He leaned back slightly and pulled your ass apart so he could see his cock stretching you out, disappearing into your body.  It made his head fall back for a moment before he pulled you close again and started thrusting faster.  He reached around and brought two fingers to your clit, rubbing it fiercely as he kept thrusting.
"Oh fuck," you moaned, "Jake, right there… I'm gonna come…"
He laughed a little, kissing your ear as a show of approval.  "Baby, you're so sensitive," he praised, giving your clit a little spank.  You cried out and shuddered, bouncing yourself back on his cock, meeting his thrusts.  Amused by your neediness, he stopped moving and watched you go.
"There you go, sweetheart, fuck yourself with my cock.  Make yourself come."
You whined and kept going, your ass slapping against his hips loudly.  He kept rubbing your clit as you worked his cock, your walls starting to clench down on him rhythmically and your body beginning to shake.
The absolute second he heard you cry out with pleasure as you reached the peak, he grabbed you and rolled both of you over until you were on your stomach and he was brutally fucking you into the mattress.  He could still feel you pulsing around his length, gripping him tight and pulling him deeper.
"That's it, keep fuckin' coming for me," he groaned.  "Gimme one more and then I'm gonna fill you up."
"Jake!" you yelped, grabbing onto the pillow and even biting it as he slammed into you.  
"You're so good, baby, your pussy feels so good," he growled, pinning you down by your shoulders as he sped up even more.  He laughed when he felt your walls weakly fluttering, his balls hitting your swollen clit with each thrust.  "Gonna come again already, baby?  Just from my cock?"
"Yes," you sobbed hoarsely, "yes, Jake, I'm gonna come again— oh my god, please don't stop…"
"Oh, I won't stop," he assured.  "You take it so fuckin' good, sweetheart, like you were made for it.  Like you were made for me."
You moaned loudly and he took the opportunity to spank you— not incredibly hard but enough to make you whine a bit… and get even wetter.
"Oh fuck, you like that huh?" he purred with a grin.  "You like it rough."
"Yes, fuck, I love it," you agreed with a moan.  "I'm— I'm coming, Jake, don't stop."
"Yeah, I know," he chuckled, "I can feel it.  Feels so good when you come on my cock, baby…"
You went suddenly from arching your back and gripping the pillow to falling limp and relaxing, your body his toy now as he fucked you to the point of overstimulation.  Your moans were exhausted and muffled now, your walls clinging to him desperately as he continued stroking every sensitive place he could reach (which was all of them).
He could so easily pull out and paint your back, or jerk himself off over your ass, but if he was going to claim your body then he was going to do it right.  
He didn't warn you in advance, just in case you suddenly decided to tell him to pull out, but he did make sure you knew what he was doing.  "Fuck, I'm coming!" he moaned as his cock flexed and his seed filled you, still thrusting in time with each pump of his release.  It was nearly overwhelming, physically and psychologically.  He was finally filling you like he'd fantasized about basically every time he got off since he met you, finally making you his the way you should've been from the beginning.
He sighed and laid down on top of you, smiling as he kissed all over your face, neck, shoulders, and back.
You giggled sleepily, but whined when he tried to pull out, bringing your legs up to hold him inside.  "Don't go yet," you pleaded.
"Okay, baby, I'll stay right here until you fall asleep," he promised.  "Goodnight, beautiful…"
Not only could he not think of a night he'd slept better in his life, but he was pretty sure this was the best any man had slept in the history of sleep.  But even then, he wasn't at all disappointed when you woke him up.
"Good morning," you whispered in his ear with a giggle, making him blink his eyes open and look down at where you were resting your face on his chest.
"Good morning," he returned with a grin, wrapping his arms around you and holding you close.
"Last night was… pretty amazing," you smiled coyly, and he stroked your cheek as he felt it warm even more.
"Yeah, you have no idea," he chuckled, lifting your head so he could give you a kiss.  It was supposed to be quick and wholesome but you deepened it instantly, wrapping your arms around his neck.  
Just as you started to climb up to straddle him, he heard your stomach loudly growl and he pulled back to laugh.
"Sorry, sweetheart, but it sounds like you've got some other needs to take care of first," he smirked.
"Ugh, you're right," you sighed, "I'm going raid your kitchen."
"No, let me do that, I'll make you something— whatever you want," he offered, starting to sit up, but you pushed him back down.
"Jake, you've done enough for me already.  I don't even know what I want, that's why I wanna go look at what you have."
"If you insist," he relented, watching you hop out of bed and playfully smacking your ass when it was within reach.  You giggled and scampered away, leaving him to lay back and put his hands up behind his head, taking a deep breath of satisfaction.  His plan had not only worked but gone beyond his expectations— clearly you had wanted this, on some level, from the beginning, you were too eager for him to believe otherwise.  But that didn't matter now, because you were finally his and it was exactly as he'd dreamed it would feel: right, undeniably and overwhelmingly right.
He decided to take a break from basking in his own glory for a while to get up and find some food for himself as well.  After all, he planned on fucking you at least one more time today so he'd need lots of energy to keep him going.
He slipped back on his boxers and walked to the kitchen, finding you there standing oddly still.  "What are you doing?" he asked with a bemused scoff.
"Jake…" you mumbled, staring into the cabinet blankly.
"What's wrong?" he asked, stepping closer but stopping in his tracks when he saw what you were looking at: a six-pack box of granola bars.  He sighed a little as he internally chided himself for such a rookie mistake.  "Baby, seriously, what's wrong?"
"I… these… this is the same kind they gave me… it was the only thing I ate for almost four days."
"Oh my god," he whispered, stepping up behind you and wrapping his arms around you to try to soothe you.  "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring back any bad memories.  You only ate granola bars for four days?  Honey, you must be starving, please just let me cook you something—"
"No, not only granola bars: only a granola bar.  Just one…"
You reached up to grab the box but he held you tighter, trying to stop you.  Instead what happened was you accidentally knocked the box over, exactly five bars sliding out and landing on the floor with a crinkly thud.
You gasped with realization and tried to squirm away but his comforting hug turned into restraint instantly.  "Jake, let me go…"
"I'm sorry, baby, but I don't think I can do that."
"Jake, please," you begged with a sob.  "Why did you— how could you?"
"I know you had feelings for me, you just needed a little encouragement."
"Feelings for you?  I hate you!"
"Huh, that's odd, because I distinctly remember you begging me to fuck you last night,” he taunted.  “I remember you coming for me, twice.  Is that what you normally do when you hate somebody?"
"You're a monster," you sneered.
"And you're stuck with me, whether you like it or not," he chuckled, spinning you around to bend you over the counter, pressing his hips against yours as you whined and failed to squirm away.  "So you might as well let yourself like it."
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pietrosgf · 7 months ago
something more
Tumblr media
(originally posted by alpha-bug)
summary: where pietro confesses his feelings to you without actually confessing them to you, through a necklace. inspired by this prompt list.
content warning: pietro maximoff x fem!reader (i’ll try to write more gender neutral fics in the future!) obviously set in a world where he survives and civil war doesn’t happen. (friends to lovers, mutual pining and pietro being a sap.)
note: okay so this is my first fic in a while so i’m sorry if this sucks </3 i want to write more pietro/peter fics so please send requests ! (also lemme know if you can guess the movie bucky was confused about !)
"You're staring." Wanda points out, idly watching the older twin stare at the person who clouded his thoughts, not that Wanda needed to read his mind to know that.
"Don't you have something better to do?" Pietro scoffed, unwillingly looking away to glance at his sister. She chuckled, turning away from her brother to check on the pot on the stove, before continuing to chop the vegetables scattered on the chopping board.
"Don't you?" She simply asked, humming to the song playing out loud from her phone, Pietro's eyes were drawn back to you.
You were explaining the plot of a movie to Bucky who stared at the screen in pure confusion. "I don't get it? He killed her but he loved her?" Bucky asked you, in response you shook your head exasperated. "You saw her give birth right after, how could she be dead if she was naming her kids Buck?" You asked, glancing up when you heard the footsteps of someone approaching you.
"You're not replacing me with this old man, right?" Pietro teased, moving to sit next to you, reclining back on the couch, arm around your waist. You rolled your eyes at what he said, automatically leaning into him as the three of you continued to watch the movie playing on the big screen in front of you. The two of you barely noticed when Bucky decided to leave, too caught up with one another to bother caring about what's going on in your surroundings. You pushed him away from you when he tried to steal the m&ms you were currently snacking on only for him to pour most of the packet into his mouth.
"You disgust me Maximoff." You scoffed, biting back the smile forcing its way up. "And you love it Prinţesă." Pietro retorts, his eyes meeting yours. You opened your mouth to say something but nothing could come to mind, it was common for Pietro to randomly call you nicknames but that doesn't mean you were used to it, especially when he'd use pet-names.
Your friendship with Pietro came as a surprise to the rest of the Avengers years ago due to the differences in your personality but if you asked any of them what they thought about your friendship now they'd complain about how clueless the two of you are to the other person's feelings.
Somehow in the chaos that the two of you called your 'friendship', the line between platonic feelings and romantic feelings blurred. Pietro isn't the type of guy to steer away from romance but this situation was entirely different to anything he experienced. He cant just tell his closest friend that he loved you, he couldn't tell you how when he holds you in his arms it pains him to let go. How could he tell you that? After everything that happened to him in the past, the wall he built around his emotions to protect himself began to crumble and you were the cause of it. Pietro always struggled to talk about his feelings, his past. He felt the urge to protect himself and his twin from anything that could hurt them, he didn't want to make the same mistake again.
The unintentional movie night led to the two of you continuing to hanging out in Pietro's room hours later. It was your nightly ritual to watch an episode or two of a show that Pietro usually wouldn't want to watch before the two of you go to bed. Pietro was in the far end of his room, fumbling with something in the palm of his hand while you sat comfortably in the middle of his bed, head resting on one of his pillows as you set up the show on the laptop.
"For someone as quick as you, you sure are taking your sweet time doing whatever it is you're doing."
Pietro glanced back at you in surprise, almost like he forgot what he was supposed to be doing, too busy staring at the dainty chain tangled in the palm of his hands, with a small engagement ring at the end, in place of a pendant capturing all of Pietro's attention. It was fit for a petite woman. The silver was slightly scratched. Two slightly larger silver stones surrounded a slightly larger stone, although quite dull at first glance the engraving on the inside showed was still noticeable.
"I'm in no rush, dragoste mea." He chuckles, shoving the necklace into his pocket before moving to take his shirt off to put on a different one while continuing to speak. Your eyes followed his movements, subtly admiring his body as his muscles unintentionally flexed which resulted in you feeling your cheeks heat up, quickly looking away to not get caught checking out one of your best friends.
"You know I still don't know how I feel about Vision hanging around my sister." Pietro confesses, his overprotectiveness towards his younger sister evident as he continues to replay what occurred during dinner hours ago, Wanda confessing she wouldn't mind moving to a rural neighbourhood with Vision instead of staying at the Avengers Headquarters.
"People can't control who they fall in love with Pietro." You sighed tiredly not realising the irony behind your words, it wasn't the first time Pietro mentioned his hesitation towards the Android.
"People can't, robots can." He scoffed, walking to the dresser to put away his shirt, now wearing a pale blue shirt instead of the charcoal grey T-shirt he was previously wearing.
He moved to the bed, sitting beside you before shifting around to get comfortable. Your hand reaches out to the laptop to begin the episode only for Pietro's hand to place his above yours, stopping you.
"Since we're on this subject..." he paused to pull the necklace from his pockets before holding the necklace out towards you, letting the ring dangle from the chain between the two of you, twisting and turning because of the sudden movements.
You glanced at Pietro in confusion, eyebrows furrowed. He then pulls the hand that was covered by his own and turning it so your palm faced upwards, dropping the necklace in your hand. You held the necklace between your fingers, admiring the gems on the ring before noticing the engraving etched on the inside of the engagement band.
"I+O?" You read out the engraving in confusion, eyes meeting Pietro's soft gaze. He paused for a bit, struggling to put together a sentence that wouldn't cause the wall he created to completely collapse.
"Irina and Oleg, my parents. This was my mother's engagement ring. It was apart of the few belongings they've managed to find after what happened." He gently takes the necklace from you, signalling you to turn away from him so he can put it around your neck. Gently pushing all your hair to the side you felt goosebumps rise wherever Pietro's fingers grazed on your skin, the familiar heat rising in your cheeks once again.
You were secretly relieved that he couldn't see your reaction, the unspoken tension between the two of you currently was unbearable. You looked down at the ring, twirling it around with ur fingers while Pietro continued to speak.
"We decided that Wanda should keep our father's ring since he barely acknowledged me as his son, let alone a person." Pietro chuckles dryly.
Pietro turns you to face him, palm resting on your left cheek. "It looks good on you Draga Mea." He compliments you, eyes glancing down to your lips ever so often. "Why did you decide to give it to me?" You whispered, struggling to find your own voice.
Pietro's mouth curved into a smile, his thumb gently stroking your face
"Can't you tell?" He asked.
"Hmmm i think I'm going to have to hear you say it." You teased, smiling up at him, arms sliding around his neck pulling him closer towards you. He rolled his eyes feigning annoyance before telling you what you wanted to hear.
The next morning Wanda lightly knocked on her brother's door, wondering why he wasn't at breakfast. Waiting a couple moments for a response Wanda slowly opened the door only to be met with with the two of you lying in bed in each other’s arms,  the laptop ended up at the edge of the bed as you completely forgot about it after the events of last night. Pietro had his arms tightly wrapped around your waist while your head rested on his chest, the two of you smiling contently.
"They're good for each-other." Wanda whispers to her partner who stood beside her.
"They are indeed."
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angelsunflowers-fanfics · 4 months ago
Hello Alex! 😃 Can I request the fluffy headcanons about Fluff relationship with their shy female reader for Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet), Stanford Pines (GF), Dipper Pines (GF), Hiccup (How to Train your Dragons: Race to the Edge) and redeemed!Dagur the Deranged (How to Train your Dragons: Race to the Edge)?
Jim Hawkins:
Jim first met you when you started working for his mom
He didn't see you very often since he was busy with school work and trying to graduate as soon as possible.
But he remembered seeing you for the first time, interacting with the customers, your shy personality immediately drew him in, and he was very quick to ask his mother about you
It took him about a week to gain the courage to ask you if he could walk you home, so he could get to know you better
You felt flustered at the offer, but agreed
You thought Jim was quite cute, and you certainly didn't have the courage to ask him out yourself
Seeing your shy nature, Jim is cautious with any and all physical contact, especially with kisses
PDA between the two of you is pretty minimal, Hand-holding, short kisses
Though anything beyond that is saved for his room or a locked closet on your break
Jim likes to see how far he can make you flustered before you hide yourself in the crook of his neck, it fills him with delight and makes him smug
Stanford Pines:
Stanford is quite shy himself when it comes to interacting with people he's romantically attracted to
They say that opposites attract, but when he met you it was like a flip switched
Stanford didn't get shy around you which baffled him
He guessed that it was because you were the shy one in the relationship, usually
Which he was more than fine with
Most days consisted of him working while you brought him snacks and his meals at the usual times
He would thank you by giving you a passionate kiss and watch as you would become flustered before dashing out of the room yelling about how you needed to do something
Stanford would stare after you until you disappeared from sight, a small smirk on his lips.
Dipper Pines:
Dipper always thought of himself as pretty shy but instead of him becoming more confident because you were shy, you were able to confide in your shy problems with him
He finds it comforting that his s/o is shy as well
To be with someone that won't try to force into social situations where he'll panic and feel uncomfortable
Being said, your dates with him usually include inside dates, binge-watching dumb movies while making fun of them, for instance
Hiccup Haddock:
Hiccup doesn't like to make any of his friends uncomfortable knowingly and that goes double for you
So, he tries to only kiss you or be intimate during times when the two of you are alone
He likes to have you near him while he works on new equipment for the dragons or himself, he said that it made him feel safer knowing that you were just a few feet away
It was also nice because you were able to sneak in a kiss every so often, coaxing him to take a break
He always found himself drawing you flustered far more often than he'd care to admit.
Dagur the Deranged:
Dagur's personality is the exact opposite of yours
and though he's very brash, you seem to level out between the two of you
You pop out of your shell just a little and Dagur tames out with his deranged personality, just a touch
Being as excitable as Dagur is he tends to forget that you're more shy than the average person and always brings you into a tight hug and a passionate kiss, usually in front of a large audience
Any of the Berserkers could find Dagur always wrapped around your frame, and though you always looked thoroughly embarrassed, you still loved the attention from Dagur, not to even mention his kisses
But his personality is much appreciated when you get unwanted attention as Dagur would just swoop in, sling you over his shoulder, and march away to a secluded house for comforts, cuddles, and passionate smooches.
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katsumox · 6 months ago
here’s to cherry cokes and bloody noses, it’s 1965
Tumblr media
i need to write smth w/o burning out so here are the bnha boys in the outsiders au:
Tumblr media
IZUKU MIDORIYA is the "runt" of the group. he's the greaser that the socs pick on relentlessly until he bulks up due to fights with the gang. he's too sweet for his own good, but he grows thicker skin as he ages. he started going out with you, with much dissent from the gang, after you yelled a group of sleazy socs that were bothering you and your friend. let's just say he took care of that relatively quickly. he's a true softy, he loves taking you to the drive in movies, to hang out in someone's yard, or take you riding in his mom's busted car. he works on it with the noys, occasionally, and when is hair gets a bit too long, he'll ask for one of your hairties to hold it :)
SHOUTO TODOROKI is a soc, but one that minds his business. he's well liked, because he's rather indifferent and daddy's money helps and all. he's never seen without a very specific sweater he likes and expensive gifts and candies he gives to his friends and aquaintances. he's not typically seen antagonizing any of the greasers; he finds it beneath him, until some socs starts turning on him when he took a liking to you, a greaser. he didn't think much of it; he's an untouchable, not a greaser nor soc would dare fuck with him and what's his, and that includes you now.
SERO HANTA is a soc, but honestly crosses the line between soc and greaser pretty often. he's the resident casanova of the town, like denki, is seen with a new fling almost every week. that is, until you came along. he likes making a show of picking you up in his dad's red 1964 mustang, making all the girls around gasp, and everyone else quite envious. he's never seen without a toothpick inbetween his pretty teeth and a cocky smile on his face. not much of a fighter, he's much more of a friendly preson, he often says, "make love, not war, baby." he can be a sleaze, sometimes, but you love him for it.
DENKI KAMINARI is a soc, known mainly for his flirtatiousness and driving his father's expensive ass car. he doesn't do very well in school, hence you meeting him as a tutor. he offers you lollipops and always asks to take you out for tutoring him, though he's not really invested in learning the material. he's more interested in your company. he rarely actually fights people, mainly choosing to watch a brawl from a safe distance or not attending at all. he's never seen without his letterman jacket and a cherry lollipop in his mouth, it's his brand, though he'd never give up the chance to give you one, though.
KATSUKI BAKUGOU is a greaser notorious for his fighting skills and temper. he's got a penchant for pissing off socs and then beating the tar out of 'em later. it's one of his favorite activities, other than working on cars in the shop or taking you out on a drive in cars he doesn't own. he's never seen without his leather jacket and a pretty little thing on his arm, namely, you. the boys give him shit for calling you cutesy names (usually dollface, sugar, princess and angel) but he doesn't give a damn because "it's not like any of ya could find a dame like mine, anyways." he's quick to buy you any sort of sweets or small thing he can, because although money can be short sometimes, he wants to be the man to provide for you.
EIJIROU KIRISHIMA is a greaser, he doesn't go picking fights like katsuki does, but that doesn't mean he avoids 'em either. he's never seen without his hair greased and white muscle shirt on. he's also fond of working on cars with katsuki. he has a bad habit of accidently stealing bubblegum from the mom and pop shop across the street when buying drinks and stuff. they just let him take it now. he's the calmest of the greasers, not one to immediately throw punches, but sure as hell likes to finish up fights. however, all that goes out the window when it comes to you. he'd kill a grown man for ya, greaser or soc, because nobody disrespect his sweetheart and gets away with it.
Tumblr media
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genshin-obsessed · 2 months ago
I noticed you didn't have a link to a "Where he likes to kiss you" for Childe and Aether, so could you do that please? Everyone else got one and it was SO CUTE IM CRYING AAAAA. Also, I would like to see a jealous Aether... With Paimon as his back up... 👀
I think these are two requests in one o: i couldn't really tell! But here <3 Anyway, so I ended up writing both! Second request below ^w^
Tags: @stargazer-balladeer ^w^ jelly!aether plus a lil sum sum <3
Where He Likes to Kiss You + Jealous Aether!
Tumblr media
» Aether
He loves kissing your nose! Like a cute little peck!
He adores it when you scrunch your nose right after or just close your eyes and giggle. Like oh my god, can you get any cuter?!
He does it just for fun, but there are days where he notices you’re down. He’ll just take your face, lean in, and kiss your nose. It always brings a smile to your face- and his as well.
He’s also a huge fan of getting them back. When you do kiss his nose, his face goes bright red and he just can’t talk for a few seconds.
You frowned a little as you laid down on the bed. Your day had been rather stressful and you thought when you’d return home, you’d feel better. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case- your nerves from earlier were still running high. You weren’t sure what it was that caused this, but you felt the lump in your throat. Taking deep breaths, you tried to calm yourself, not wanting to worry your boyfriend.
Aether, however, knew you were upset the second you walked into the house. He decided to make you a quick snack, got your favorite drink ready, and then walked into the bedroom. You weren’t paying attention, so he was able to hide the snacks on a nearby table. He walked closer and placed his hand on your arm. You opened your eyes, immediately feeling your lip quiver.
Aether helped you sit up, and without warning, he pressed a kiss to your nose. You stared at him for a second before a smile broke out on your face. The tears still slid down your cheeks but the heavy feeling lifted a little.
“It’s ok to cry, babe. Look, I got your favorites,” he said, holding the snacks up, “why don’t we just watch a movie or something and relax for the night? I think you really need it.” You only nodded, desperately trying to dry your cheeks. Aether was one who encouraged you to let your emotions flow instead of holding them in. He was always there to dry your tears at the end.
» Childe
Childe adores your lips- not a surprise!
He loves that cute little blush that finds its way onto your cheeks, and if you’re shying away from him- oh dear god.
Although Childe doesn’t have much of a preference for kissing you in public, he does understand if it bothers you. For the most part, he tries to keep all his affections behind closed doors. Aside from holding your hand.
He loves to greet you with a kiss and tries to do so every single time. There are days where you won’t see him for a while, so whenever he comes back, he kisses you first.
You impatiently sat at the bench, looking around restlessly. Today, your boyfriend Childe was coming back home from a long mission. He’d been gone for roughly two weeks. Normally, he’d find a way to contact you during the said missions, but this one specifically required he stay away from you. It worried you more than you thought it would- you would never doubt Childe’s abilities, but you still worried.
You slumped a little, realizing it was much later than when he said he’d meet you. Childe was supposed to meet you in this exact spot at noon… it was now past five and he still wasn’t here. You felt your nerves racing and the worst scenarios popped into your head.
You were so lost in your thoughts, you failed to register your boyfriend calling out to you. He was indeed running a little late, but he was perfectly fine- not a scratch on him! When his blue eyes landed on your visage, he knew exactly what you were thinking. So, he decided to break those thoughts in a less than conventional way.
He swiftly moved towards you and took your face, barely giving you a second to register what was going on. Soon, his lips were on yours, in a gentle kiss. You tensed with fear, only to realize who it was. Almost immediately, you melted into the kiss, placing your hands over his.
“Sorry, I’m late.”
“I’m so glad you’re ok.”
Tumblr media
Jealous Aether!
Word Count: 465 Warnings: Scary Aether???
Aether’s gaze hardened at the sight as he felt his chest tighten up. A frown appeared on his lips as his hands clenched into a fist. Aether wasn’t a jealous guy- not normally, but there were days where he couldn’t control the anger that bubbled up at the sight of someone hitting on you.
You were too nice for your own good- even when you were uncomfortable, you stayed courteous and he really disliked it. No, he didn’t dislike you or your personality. He was just upset that you wouldn’t stand your ground properly.
“Ooh… Paimon really doesn't like that person.” Paimon said as she appeared beside Aether. The person talking to you was uncomfortably close and no matter how much you backed away, they didn’t leave. In fact, they almost had you pinned to the wall. “Kick his butt.”
Aether huffed as he walked towards you, feeling his anger spike when you pressed yourself into the wall in an attempt to get away from the person.
“Hey, you’re really cute when you do that.” They said as they leaned in, only to freeze like a statue when they felt a cold blade against their throat. Your eyes were equally wide as you stared at your livid boyfriend.
“Get any closer and I won’t hesitate…” Aether threatened, with Paimon appearing behind him.
“Yeah! You leave (y/n) alone you weirdo! They’re clearly not interested!”
“Y-you’re crazy! I’m just trying to talk to my spouse!” They added, backing up a little, making your eyes widen.
“WHAT?! WE’RE NOT MARRIED!” The offender slowly backed away as Aether’s blade moved with them. The blond stood in front of you protectively, holding the sword straight out towards the bothersome individual.
“Leave.” They only huffed and quickly ran off with Paimon spewing threats like she always did. Aether’s golden eyes followed the offender as his weapon vanished.
“Paimon can’t believe some people! How could they claim that they’re married to (y/n)! To their boyfriend, no less!” Paimon huffed, crossing her arms. Aether was uncomfortably silent and he hadn’t moved an inch. You were a little nervous, slowly reaching out to touch his arm.
Almost immediately, he snapped out of it, turning around to face you. That unshakable and terrifying man you’d seen earlier was gone, nowhere to be seen. He was back to being Aether.
“A-are you ok?” You asked, making him wrap his arms around you.
“I should be asking you that, are you ok? Did they hurt you? Touch you?” You shook your head, breathing in his scent. It always brought you a great amount of comfort.
“I’m ok… thanks to you.”
“I’m… sorry for scaring you.”
“Scary?! That was awesome! Paimon thinks you need to be like that more often! We’d get way more done, faster!”
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