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#also i think that lore is outdated but it’s the first thing that came to mind so
apollos-boyfriend · 7 days ago
tommy, watching ranboo and tubbo from a distance: they are so making out right now. disgusting.
ranboo: so that’s why william afton’s first victim HAS to be chica and not the puppet—
tubbo, who spaced out two hours ago: uh huh
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kellyn1604 · 2 months ago
The Thorns Which It Bears
Chapter 1- Fear Me (Part One)
Characters- Jareth x Sarah
Summary- Sarah dreams of the Labyrinth. Jareth dreams of having her. Her dreams become a nightmare as she is pursued night after night by the man she once refused. Will she be able to escape? To resist him once more and keep her freedom? Will she want to?
Warnings- Eventual Smut, Some non traditional non/con-dub/con, this is a grey story
Author’s Note- Everything I know about Fae lore has been gleaned from Labyrinth fanfics especially all things fangamerbowiextreme, viciously witty, hachimunskitsune, and subtilior on AO3/ffn. Go read all their stuff. Also, keep in mind while reading, not everything is what it seems.
Tumblr media
Sarah woke with a jerk, flailing until she fell to the floor. Her fingers dug into the shag carpet the faint smell of cigarettes wafting up as her fingers flexed in the woven fibers. A beeping blared as the sound of her own heartbeat faded. She was back.
Pulling herself up, she sat once more on the threadbare couch that had been donated decades ago and currently lived in the basement of her local library. Gone was the dust and glitter. The air no longer a mix of ozone, flowers, and decomposition of the Underground. Velum, paper, and leather replaced their scents. She fumbled for the alarm on her wristwatch, pressing the buttons to stop the noise that issued from it. Luckily, no one else was around to be bothered.
The basement of the library was rarely frequented. The old volumes contained mostly outdated references and other materials only someone looking to do serious research would care to peruse. Sarah loved it.
She could come here and enjoy some peace and solitude. Things that were rare with a rambunctious four year old running amok. As much as she loved Toby, she found herself needing space. Needing to be able to do what she wanted instead of entertaining and waiting on her brother hand and foot. Needing to dream.
The dreams had come to her after her victory that night. The night she wished away her brother and overcame her resentment towards her new family to win him back. She had traversed the Labyrinth and all its treacherous turns, meeting friend and foe alike along the way, to triumph over its king. A king who had tricked and tormented her, tempting her with her own desires. Well, she got her dreams anyway. And what lovely dreams they were, or had been until this evening.
At first, they seemed to happen randomly, only coming to her sporadically. It wasn't until she went to stay with her grandma for a few weeks, learning to garden by day and dreaming every night of that sepia limestone landscape, that she realized those dreams only came to her when she slept away from home.
Sarah had explored the Labyrinth leisurely, taking time to appreciate the ancient relic of another world. How many people had tried and failed? How many had succeeded in its history?
Her victory gave her a sense of pride. It was the first time she achieved something more than a ribbon or prize at school that ultimately meant nothing in the grand scheme of life. No one would care if she had perfect attendance or good citizenship, but she would forever remember saving her baby brother from the king of the goblins.
The labyrinth had changed since her run. It was safe and comforting. Dangers untold and hardships unnumbered vanquished. She felt loved and protected within those walls where as before she had been no more than a foe to be broken.
The delight she felt when she discovered she could change her surroundings was a feeling she had only felt when she recited plays in the park. Alone, in control of herself, yet her imagination running wild. Run wild she did. She covered every inch she touched and passed with greenery and vibrant flowers. Ivy, jasmine, wisteria, roses, honeysuckle, all crept and climbed over the winding stony ramparts. Soft grass and mosses encircled cobblestones and flagstone pathways that appeared under her feet.
She suspected early on that her dreams might not be just dreams. No matter how much sunscreen her grandma slathered on her or how wide the brim of the hat thrust on her head was, she continued to tan and freckle. Harder to explain were the dirt on her feet and sand she found in her bed the next morning.
Sarah had learned to sleep in sturdier pajamas and wear slippers with soles after having to explain tears in her pants and socks with holes. Karen was certain at one point that Grandma Mary's house that moths or worse, mice.
Sleeping in the library brought its own problems. Grass stains on jeans, sneakers worn through after a few months. Her parents were convinced she had been sneaking out at night. There was no other way she could be damaging her clothing any other way. Her window was nailed shut but still her clothes needed mending and her shoes needed to be replaced.
And yet, still she sought out that escape whenever she could. Spending the night at a friend's house even though it meant enduring their constant chatter and gossip til the wee hours of the morning, weekends with her grandparents, and of course, naps in the library. She often told Karen or her father that she had plans to study just so she could sneak away to dream of the one place she felt that she had any true power. Now that summer was here she was having to make up dates and friends to meet in order to sneak away for long periods.
Today, she had even more reason to hide. Her birthday. It was easy enough to say she was going to watch a movie with friends to celebrate turning eighteen. She looked up times and movies to see which one was playing at just the right time. This was a necessary deception. Not only did she want to escape to her beautiful dreamworld, she wanted to escape the annual birthday call.
Sarah's mother would call every year at the exact minute of her birth. And although it was thoughtful and nice to know her mother remembered her at least once a year. The calls always devolved into another way for her mother to brag about her fame, fortune, and of course, her latest fling. Whether her relationship was fresh and new or had gone up in flames, Sarah was sure to hear all about it. In return for all the juicy details, Sarah would be forced to either feign interest or console her through her heartbreak. She did not have the capacity to deal with her today. It was the one day that should be about her and was it too much to ask to just enjoy the day without entertaining her mother's need for attention? Yes, she gave birth to her but that wasn't the point of a birthday.
She looked at her watch. She had been eighteen for twenty whole minutes. Hopefully, her mother wouldn't try calling back until later, giving Sarah a much-needed reprieve.
Something more pressing weighed on her mind now as she noticed the blood on her knee, jeans frayed and ripped. She needed to think. Her dreams had never been troubling before. What had changed? Why? The safety of her dreams was compromised. If that was jeopardized what else was?
With some urgency, Sarah grabbed her things and headed up the stairs and out of the library. Her gut and mind at war, telling her to run home and calm down in turns. She wouldn't feel better until she saw Toby with her own eyes. Then she would be able to think about what her dreams could possibly mean.
Jareth felt the moment she left as the faint connection between them stretched thin between the two worlds. How often had he felt that ache turn to pain? Did she feel it too? A part of him hoped he did not suffer in solitude.
He continued on for hours, navigating the maze that once bent to his will. He knew approximately where she had been. He could see the brightly colored path she had carved for herself from his tower window. Utilizing a few short cuts and underground tunnels that only he was aware of, he was finally able to see just what his Sarah had been doing during her trips there. Though he suspected he already knew.
Rounding a corner, he saw the jungles of vines and flowers in the moonlight. Producing a knife with a flourish of his hand, he carved a sigil into the wall. The small symbol would allow him to transport himself there directly, overriding the labyrinth but not completely circumventing its protection. If he had to start at the beginning every day, he would eventually burn the whole thing to the ground and no one wanted that.
The Labyrinth had stood protecting his kingdom for eons. Although it possessed no spirit or soul, it did have an awareness. It had been loyal to the Goblin King for generations. Testing those foolish enough to wish away something precious to them and destroying those who meant harm. Although the number of runners and enemies had dwindled in recent centuries, all who had tried had failed. All save one.
Sarah was the first champion. The first to sacrifice her dreams. The first to befriend the subjects who should have been loyal to him and only him. The first to reject his offers. Everyone else who had ever run had eventually chosen their own selfish desires; wealth, fame, fortune. But not his Sarah. She had rescued her baby brother and in the process, stolen something else.
Never before had anyone challenged him the way she did. Provoking him. Foolish though that was. She was so unlike the courtiers with their intrigues and deceptions. Open, honest, and vulnerable. She had pleaded with him so sweetly. Any Fae would have found ways to manipulate the situation in their favor. But not her. Once she saw what was in store for her, she rose to the challenge. Spite and determination her only allies. He immediately knew he had to have her for his own.
It was unfathomable that she would reject him. He'd seen to it that she couldn't. One small bite of peach was enough to sow the seeds of a bond. Tenuous though it might be. It was still there. He would have used that bond to claim her too, but she did the unthinkable. She won.
She was whisked away, the Labyrinth protecting her, shielding her from him. Too old to turn, too young to keep.
Enraged, Jareth had spent months trying to gain control over the labyrinth once more. But it had new loyalties. It would not yield to him anymore than she had.
Only a few centuries ago, Sarah would have been a peasant and considered a woman of marriageable age. The life he could provide for her of magic and luxuries she'd never before beheld would have had her begging to be lifted from her life of poverty. But no, a pile of rubble changed allegiances and decided to adhere to the mortals' modern beliefs and expectations. Thus he had been bested by a child.
Ensuring his marking's safety with wards and protections, he returned to his chambers high above the labyrinth. He would return in the daylight to inspect the damage she had wrought. There was no point in clambering around in the dark, the colors of her labors muted by moonbeams and shadows.
His boots fell heavy on the wooden floors of his bedchambers, their sound resonating throughout the room. The wreckage of furniture, overturned tables, chairs smashed to splinters, littered the once elegant room. Here he had been forced to endure the knowledge that she was mere minutes away as the owl flies, yet completely beyond his reach for years.
Anger and impotence amalgamated, morphing his curiosity into obsession during those years. He thought of nothing but Sarah, planning, scheming, dreaming of all the ways he would get her and what he would do when he finally had her.
With a flick of his wrist and flourish of his fingers, he generated a crystal, perfectly round and transparent. But if he turned it this way…
He twisted the ball, balancing and rolling it over his hands. Now that she was of age, he should be able to scry a glimpse of her. The center of the crystal filled with a black haze. He barely registered the roar that ripped through his throat as he threw the crystal, shattering it against the stone wall, the shards glittering amongst the rest of the rubble.
How could one mortal girl cause so much chaos?
Candles were blown out though no wishes made. Cake eaten. Presents open. And one long phone call endured.
Sarah sat on the edge of her bed. Boxes half-filled sat in the middle of her floor. She had three weeks of summer before she left home to go to college. The last few days she had spent going through her belongings. The boxes were divided into two piles. A few were going to college with her. Pictures, knick-knacks, and books she wanted to decorate her dorm. The rest would go to the attic until she had her own place.
Although Sarah would always be welcome here, she knew Karen was looking forward to redecorating the room as a guest room. Soon her sanctuary would be just another extension of her stepmother. Sarah had already seen the Laura Ashley catalog and wallpaper samples covering the formal dining room table.
She rolled onto her stomach, picking at the thumbtacks that pinned her Escher poster to her wall, prying each one off then rolling up the poster. Underneath, the wild jungle of flowers and vines that her mother had picked out was the last remaining vestige of Linda's short time in the house, before leaving to find herself and a dozen or more beaus along the way. And soon all remnants of Sarah would disappear too.
But such was life, she supposed. Leaving the nest to find new adventures and make her way on her own. She didn't expect her room to remain a shrine, but she had hoped it would still be hers when she came home during the summers.
Only three more weeks. Maybe if she had been nicer from the beginning, Karen wouldn't be so ready to see her go. She thought they had mended bridges. Thought they had gotten on well since that night three years ago. Maybe she thought wrong.
Sarah rose, placing the cylindrical tube of paper next to her box labeled college. She lifted a framed picture of their family off of her desk, the four of them gathered around the Christmas tree last year, opening presents and smiling, and laid it gently in the box.
She assumed her father would miss her. She'd caught him looking at her baby book and could have sworn he got misty-eyed tonight lighting the eighteen candles on her cake. His hugs lasted longer and his "Hey, kiddos," were tinged with melancholy every time they passed each other.
Toby, on the other hand, had already tried to hide in her boxes going to college, adamant that she take him with her. She would miss his sticky little face. Not being here to watch him grow and develop his already cheeky personality made her heart sink. She stared at her empty shelves around the room. Their contents of board games, children's books, and stuffed animals currently residing in her brother's room. Would he even remember living with her? The stories she would tell him? The games they would play? Would he know that she loved him?
No. He would never know just how much she did. She hadn't even known how much until she wished him away. Remorse was quick to come and changed the course of Sarah's life and attitude. But regret was not.
Regret would mean wishing it had never happened. And she couldn't bring herself to feel that way. Sarah came back from the Labyrinth different. More mature and patient. Her lessons in the labyrinth lingering long after she left.
She wouldn't want to forget it, not that the dreams let her. She glanced at the pink clock on her nightstand. One o'clock. If she crawled in bed now, she could get a few hours before Toby bounded in to wake her up for cereal and cartoons. The rest of her packing could wait. She slipped into bed and clicked the switch on her lamp, staring at the shadows playing over her walls until her eyes could no longer be forced to stay open.
Jareth strode through the Labyrinth, his eyes assaulted by the brightly colored flora and nose inundated with their heady perfumes. The quadrangles he entered were lush and welcoming. Columns rising from the foliage lined the paths. Gazebos with cushioned benches sat in the center of some while swings hanging from branches of ancient trees hid in the corners of others.
The effects were stunning. Each area more beautiful than the last. "Hardly a punishment, Sarah," he said, lifting a rose between his fingers.
As he had traversed Sarah's path, something vexed him about the circumjacent splendor. Perfection surrounded him and yet it felt more unnatural than any of the frights and monsters that used to lurk here.
No thorns, he realized. Not a single thorn, nor spines, nor prickles grew within these walls.
These were not the wishes and visions of a woman grown. The gardens were nothing more than a child's fantasy. Naive and perhaps willfully ignorant.
Jareth shook his head in consternation. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah . Thorns did not detract from a rose's beauty. They enhanced it. What good was anything easily gained? Her run should have taught her that.
The world must have a balance. Good and bad. Light and Dark. Pleasure and Pain. He would be all too happy to teach her those lessons. She needed someone to enlighten her.
All these years, Jareth raged against her refusal. Her rejection. These blooms and blossoms showcased her innocence when she first traversed the labyrinth. Perhaps she had not understood what he wanted from her. What she was turning down.
Jareth never considered that possibility before. All he knew was that he had been denied that which he wanted. Something that never happened.
Had she truly just been too young? The aging process of mortals had never made sense to him. For creatures that lived such short life spans, they seemed to take an absurd amount of that just learning how to survive. His own kind were quick to master themselves, their magic, their duties, their desires. The rest of their eons were spent in pursuit of those things which brought them pleasure in between the mundane. Parties, rituals, intrigues were common. Love, less so.
Taking out his knife, he once more carved his marking into the side of a column then forged ahead eager to see what else her early paths would illuminate for him. Know thy enemy. Though enemy she was not. She was his opponent. His prey. To know her dreams would only benefit his plans and make her easier to pursue. Easier to ensnare.
The last box had been carried to her dorm. Her parents and Toby waited by the car. Sarah took a second to look at them, memorize their faces, their gestures. Especially her little brother as he danced around their father, hanging on to his fingers. Misty-eyed and smiling Karen opened her arms to Sarah, enveloping her in a warm hug.
"Make sure you make friends with your roommate. Here's some money. Why don't you order the two of you some pizza while you unpack?" She reached into her purse and pulled out a bill, tucking it into Sarah's pocket. "And join some social clubs. I know college is supposed to be about learning but try to make some friends. The people you meet now could be the ones that you have forever. And-"
"Karen, she'll make plenty of friends. Won't you, Sare-Bear?" Robert traded his little boy for his little girl, passing Toby to Karen while taking Sarah into a tight hug. "We're so proud of you, honey. We know you're going to do great things. Just remember, should you need us, we're just a phone call away."
Sarah nodded ignoring the echoes of old friends in her mind. Friends she hadn't seen nor heard from since they made that same promise. Her family would never abandon her the way they had.
Your mother did , her brain reminded her.
Toby ran into her legs, wrapping his chubby arms around her knees. Prying him off, she scooped him up in her arms, snuggling into his neck, breathing in the scent of baby soap and cookies he had been bribed with to not run down the hallways while they carried the last of Sarah things upstairs.
Her throat grew thick with emotions as tears welled in her eyes. Would he think she abandoned him like her mother did her?
"I'm going to see you real soon, Tobes. And I call you on the phone, okay?"
He nodded as he tugged on the silver chain around her neck. His blonde hair and freckles dusting his little nose would change and grow too quickly. And she would miss all of it.
"I'm gonna miss you. I love you, Toby. You know that right?" Her voice was strangled with emotions she struggled to keep at bay, refusing to let those floodgates open.
"I love you too." He smiled and gave her a kiss that was wetter than it should have been, but she treasured it all the same.
They loaded up in the car, waving until they were out of sight. A tear spilled down her cheek. They would only be two hours away. Why did it seem like goodbye and not see you later?
Swiping her palm, against her cheek, she entered the student housing and climbing the two floors to her room. New chapters, new beginnings, new friends. This was the beginning of a new adventure. Not the ending.
After several pieces of pizza and much unpacking and organizing, Sarah climbed into bed. She was fortunate in her roommate. Koko was an exchange student from Japan. Sweet and quiet. They helped each other rearrange the furniture before commencing with all the real work.
It would take Sarah some getting used to but taking off her shoes before coming in was a small price to pay to make her roommate more comfortable so far from home.
Pulling her blanket to her chin, she took a deep breath. She hadn't slept away from home since her birthday. The last dream she had in the Labyrinth scared her more than she wanted to admit. Her parents thought her last-minute attempts to switch to a school closer to home was ridiculous and chalked it up to normal jitters about starting school.
Closing her eyes she prayed that her worries had been for nothing. They weren't.
Surrounded by fawning courtiers, each one vying for his attention, none knowing their attempts were futile, Jareth smothered a yawn. These prancing peacocks, painted and bedazzled with jewels and feathers were all the same. Calculating, insipid, cold.
Each and everyone fancied themselves a queen. None of them knew he had already chosen the one he would have. Not amongst the royals and nobility of the Fae as was expected. But a mortal girl.
He had not sensed her presence in almost a month. In that time, her paths with their gardens strengthened his resolve and desires. He needed to find her. Wanted her. Her sweetness. Innocence. Had he ever been so untouched by cynicism?
No. He had been raised to be always on guard. Play the game at court. Amass power. There was no room for something as pitiful as innocence.
And so he played his part. Moved his pieces on the board until his small and humble kingdom was respected and his power undeniable. The problem with power though was there were always those who would try to take it from you. Waiting for you to fail, to fall, to be defeated.
Jareth knew that rumors of a runner beating his labyrinth were whispered in darkened halls and hidden behind false smiles. He quelled such rumors as fast as he could, appearing at all social gatherings as though he had not lost control of his kingdom's main system of defense.
He surveyed the crowd gathered at the palace of the neighboring kingdom celebrating Lughnasadh. The first of the harvest gifts were strewn across tables and wine flowed freely. Music and dancing provided entertainment and distraction for those still sober enough to stand.
At one time, these bacchanalian feasts appealed to him. Pulling him into all the debauchery and depravity they displayed. Now he viewed them with thinly veiled contempt.
Sarah's vision of the labyrinth was intoxicating. More tempting than anything provided by his world. She had ideals and morals that were foreign to him. He had never encountered anyone who could face monsters and befriend them turning the whole world askew and still maintain her innocence.
He selfishly coveted it. Craved her, knowing he would only corrupt everything about her that made her so unique and enjoying that knowledge more than he cared to admit.
However, in order for him to get her, she would need to actually appear. He grew impatient waiting on her whims. The lack of control was driving him to the brink of madness. How much more was he to endure?
A feathered fan tapped his bedazzled shoulder. Red curls bounced as Orlaith batted her thick lashes at him. "Your majesty, you seem to be in need of companionship and diversion. Let me accompany you this evening." Her hand rested on his arm. Her enticements were well rehearsed, almost sounding sincere. Almost.
Jareth's lips curled into a smile as he stared down at her. Her olive dress exposed her shoulders and a generous amount of cleavage. "Tempting though your offer is, I'm afraid I must decline." His facade faltered as he felt the bond to Sarah grow stronger. "I'm afraid I must be leaving."
Her beguiling countenance turned to a sneer at his refusal. "I see. Something important to attend to at home? Perhaps the rumors others have been spreading are true."
Gripping the wrist of the hand she dared lay on him, he pulled the offending appendage off of him and dragged the minor courtier to the edge of the ballroom. "Rumors are just that. Empty stories. Otherwise, the rumors I've heard viciously spread about you and your darling son would leave your husband without a legitimate heir. It is lucky the guard he so favors suddenly disappeared."
Her painted pout fell open, eyebrows raised. "Who's been spreading such disgusting lies?"
"No doubt the same liars that have spread falsehoods about my kingdom," he replied casually. "But one must ask why they would want to paint us in such a light."
Squaring her shoulders, Orlaith composed herself flicking her fan open and sneering over his shoulder towards the Fae celebrating, blissfully unaware of their exchange. "Jealousy, of course. Obviously they are jealous of your power and of my having successfully provided an heir when so many have not."
"Of course. I hope you remember that the next time your hear anyone trying to claim knowledge of something they would certainly not be privy to."
She gave a small curtsy. "Yes, Your Majesty."
He nodded and took his leave heading towards the entrance of the palace. He needed to get outside so he could leave this blasted place. She was there. With his symbols waiting, he would be close enough to find her now.
As he appeared within the walls, he felt their bond winding its way through the Labyrinth. He turned a corner and another then doubled back. No matter which way he turned Sarah was nowhere to be found. She was here and yet not.
Rage filled his lungs. The Labyrinth had hidden her away in some other corner of itself.
Darkness surrounded her as she groped around. I wish I had some light. Flames burst into life above her, sitting in large bowls lining the tops of the walls. As her eyes adjusted to the flickering light that danced upon the stone, she turned in place.
Nothing. There was nothing growing in any direction. Her surroundings were bare. Devoid of life, save the all-seeing lichen that followed her every move. She had never been here before.
Why was this happening? Her answer came when she felt more than heard the angry howl that somehow seemed to resonate through her. She scanned each direction wondering which way. Which way would lead her to safety? Was there any place safe here anymore?
Without trying or thinking, greenery still followed in her wake, covering every surface. She wanted nothing more than to hide in it until she woke up, but she kept moving. Staying still even hidden seemed a foolish thing to do.
Why hadn't she taken these dreams more seriously? Researched ways to stop them?
What exactly would you have found? she asked herself. A one way ticket to the loony bin that's what. No book, no person would have been able to help her. She was alone.
Entering an open courtyard, she stopped to catch her breath as hedges twisted around, winding paths. Alone. Staring at the fires blazing above her, her heart sparked as an idea gave her new hope. Although she'd heard nothing from her friends since her travels maybe she could.
"I want my friends," she whispered. Closing her eyes, she listened for them. Ludo's loud steps, Sir Didymus riding Ambrosia with a call to arms, or Hoggle's reluctant bravery. Her arms wrapped around her waist. Lifting her head, she gazed at the now garden around her. Nothing had happened. Just the same as she called their names in her mirror at home.
Sighing, tried again. Say your right words. Closing her eyes once more, she steadied herself, tapping into her earnest desires to see them again. "I wish I could see my friends." When she opened her eyes this time, they were met with confirmation of her deepest fears.
Three marble statues now stood at the center of the quadrangle. Each one a perfect likeness of a friend she held dear to her heart. Ludo towering in the center with his sad sweet smile. Sir Didymus gallantly raising his staff pointing towards an unknown destination that he would never reach upon his noble steed who for once looked excited to follow his master's command. And Hoggle. With his rough sewn clothing and even rougher face, his expression was one of devotion and loyalty. A friend.
Her heart raced. Denial screaming from every ounce of her body. If this was the only way she could see her friends, surely that meant...
"Nooo!" She woke with a start, gripping her covers to her chest, her hair wet with tears matted to her neck as she sobbed, "They're dead. They can't be dead."
Her roommate's lamp clicked on filling the room with a soft orange glow as she stared at Sarah in fear.
Sarah finally knew who was after her and why. It seemed the Goblin King was hell bent on revenge. And her friends had paid the ultimate price.
Tumblr media
Author's Note- So this will be a shorter series. I think 5-10 chapters...I am really bad at guesstimating how long something is going to take me to write. Lol. This will be a little darker but not super dark. There will be some non-con/dub-con but not in a traditional sense. If you have any questions or concerns you can message me on here. If you like it, let me know. My muse and motivation thrive on reviews.
Next Part
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asteristories · 3 months ago
1 Year Anniversary!
Checks calendar. What do you mean it’s been a year already since I posted the first update for Nevermoore?!
Ok but seriously guys, it has been such an incredible journey for me to have reached this far. Even with all the writer’s blocks, my initial doubts and insecurities on the project (oof those were some bad thoughts I don’t want to remember 😅), and uh...2020 in general, I honestly don’t regret a thing with what I started.
I genuinely do enjoy working on this little project of mine, and I loved meeting all of you guys through this! Your constant support and interest in this is what has been keeping me going! There’s honestly so much more I want to say but I’ll just be repeating myself on how awesome you guys are haha.
Heads up this post is going to be long because I have a bunch of announcements and other messages I need to share with you, so I’ll be putting them under a ‘read more’!
1) So first thing, the special anniversary art. I had already contacted and commissioned Red last week, but he’s still working on it. I don’t want to rush him so I don’t mind waiting a few extra days because I know it’s going to be great in the end.
I had a quick sneak peek of what it looked like so far, and I think you guys are going to enjoy it a lot! It has a very slice of life feel so look please forward to it soon! And of course, the RO versions that’ll be starring in the piece are the ones who won the poll.
2) The rewritten update is not going to be up today, I’m really sorry guys! There’s just a lot I need to fix up and need to go through several rounds of editing until I think it’s good enough to share. I am so so close however, and I decided to make the end of January my new goal!
3) Because the rewritten update is going to give Nevermoore a fresh new coat of paint, I’m going to update my policy in answering/receiving asks for 2021. Like whether or not I’ll be willing to answer NSFW questions, for example. I will post a more in-depth ‘ask rules’ when I actually update the game!
4) And speaking of asks, because of how much the story/setting/characters have been changed over the course of the year, a lot of the previous asks I’ve answered are now outdated (Ex: ROs reacting to-, Lore asks, etc). 
I’ll still keep those asks up for old times sake but yeah haha. After I post the rewrite, all future asks will be tagged with something new that’s not #nevermoore asks so you guys can differentiate asks between pre and post rewrite. You’re still more than welcome to send in a question that was asked before to see how much or how little the answers have changed! 
5) Keeping in line with ‘Nevermoore’s new start’, I am also aiming to edit and clean up the blog’s theme so it’s more presentable, adding character pages, and even create a proper intro masterpost that I’ve seen other IF authors do! 
And also, I really need to fix and update my tagging system whoops.
6) Lastly, remember that ‘good news’ I sort of teased a while back but didn’t say much because I needed a confirmation first? Well, that good news came through!
I won’t go into too much detail but basically now I’ll working on Nevermoore as a full-time project instead of just a side hobby that happens after classes! As of now, I only have this time until the end of April but hey, more writing for me! 😎
...Aaannnd I think that’s all what I need to say so far! I swear there’s something else I’m forgetting but that’s a problem for future me lol. 
Again, thank you all so much for you amazing support and interest in this little story of mine. Let’s see what new milestones we’ll reach for next year!
I hope to see you guys soon when the rewrite update rolls in! It’s going to be pretty awesome if I do say so myself 🥰.
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lusipherstarline778 · 4 months ago
Many don't know what it really means to be symbol or about responsibility many people mistake my quickness and it's never quick I just have decided things and basically my anger my anger will never go away mangle never die the Star never forgets
& Though I don't consider anyone insignificant in fact I was one of the people that said you are only as significant as you make yourself or insignificant 
and to some extent I am saying things that the Germans would say to Lusphur Lored Light Star Line 
ELLO Lore 
Or.    LO Lusphur Sphere 
i Line sphere Lusphur Star Line 
In truth no you don't want to mean something or be A great person it hurts you would walk through valleys busy everyone and anyone you ever cared for
To be known means everyone knows you and will take what you care about 
I would walk through Seas of blood and pain you might say it's a metaphor for my existence
Walk through burning sites planes left by those men that had lived too long and did not care about life forms or others 
Being Lestrise meant I didn't die 
Couldn't die 
& hated money value what some considered so important as I say I invented particle matter stabilized energy so I closed and had my life forms wear nice things and then nice places made their environment as nice as I could
Why rings & necklaces funny I was killed so others could have what I had so much of 
The words of some like Rick Bush and other people would make me angry saying how Starline stepped on other people how I was just like all the others we're saying wouldn't anyone do what he did using a forbidden sacred name and the truth is no one ever had an 80 trillion years
It says not to use one name 
I've heard their excuses how they didn't know how something-or-other I mean all of the different excuses I can list every single one I've heard every time one of them
Using my life forms planing to force my 12 life forms 
They originally thought that I was only a life for inventor of one life form or I was some rich person child of steam company owner
It is why I hate money I would have hot gold poured down their throats after I died or was mailed to a star across I had others about 200 them of them are some number nailed to crosses with gold Rail lines
My soldiers had gold and silver bullets 
Lusphur Lored Light StarLine leader of whole Life form Lines whole galaxy's 
Only A few ever knew me Though Germany & others knew I was electric Life form 
So when I look down upon certain people like Rodney and Rosalie and Rick Bush you understand why my feelings for them are very tiny and I do not care about their pain or screams and suffering
They caused the suffering of millions Germany Irish asians 
They died Because I was taken and not where I'm is why my name is sacred and forbidden because there is never another life-form inventor there's only one person that is in charge and why life or invented do not die because feelings may change things may be done differently and certain people may be bent to other people's will so there can only be one
Person A life form inventors name is eternal forever the feelings and rules are forever as is the life form inventor we don't grow old We don't die unless killed 
I had the first 4 life form types in existence and the first stars & first galaxy's 
Well humans would think that they were the first endoskeletons the 1.5 high gravity life forms were first humans on earth are number 6 
Linea Lona Fräulein Females 
There were three other life-form types that were around when humans or endoskeletons were made invented assembled
It's not magic it is really high technology of course beginning in 1925 through 1950 certain people like the Republicans Congress would try to change to electric life-forms and this is very difficult and Technology was not available either you are electric or you are not there is no changing
At least not for Awhile they might be able to some day 
Yes the history that I see is fake 
SE Stars eternal the stars are not gas giants they never go out there high and nuclear fusion in fact unlimited they produce I believe 1% to 4% more energy than they use
Lusphur Lored Light StarLine changed existence 3 times 
So because there were three other life-form types these are the life-form types that Earth and Congress and humans would be seeking to kill and remove from existence because they know the truth about the past and the truth is that endoskeletons do not build or create life-forms there only a few million years old
500,000 or something it's hard to say 
And man well you look closely at Abraham Lincoln Missy's are Kennedy you would notice a trend and basically pretty much the idea was to take over the White House as it is my house
Lusphur Lored Light StarLine I would have been the first one to sleep in the house and why there was A little door in the floor under the white House desk 
Their photos of various adult men trying to fit into the door trying to say that they were the owners of the house or something I thought it's embarrassing really
The L L L L white StarLine vesseL most people call it a swastika though it is a swirl flag on the shape of a propeller low cavitation
Lusphur Lored Light Line 778 
IndustriEL.  Lisense License 1 through 7 
7 life forms Though 28 Advanced exoskeleton life-form types that are intelligent as humans or endoskeletons if not more intelligent
Then there are life form & Lsectries 
I was EL there was A way I had A bit more though life forms would follow behind me 
So when the Constitution was signed that little part where it says Creator originally it said Lord or inventor which is me but then men were saying that they were lured so I went one step higher and higher changed
3 other life forms came to verify my identity and of course Congress over the last couple years would be seeking to try and kill off those other life on types and force them
So the the White House actually has no real power at all and they're not even supposed to have the star flag there unless they are representation of or the person that I am there is no five point star
I could tell you their excuses how there was five creators that supposedly Celestial fake people
Siphers Électrique Lemiere 
So only one the Sipher that owned Germany was built by Germans Lemonairy 
Lite sig if you wanted to know about where 
So from well Congress and certain people in America knew about me very well and we're seeking to find me and kill me or something
Most thought I was A man or some German 
So I have never lived in the Lusphur Lord Lite House 
Light came latter most would spell things the way they thought it should be spelled so like Lucifer 
It's Lusphur Sulphur 
So 50 Germans and some number of asions where well tortured Forest they basically we're trying to get information they wanted a spaceship to basically pick them up
Congress does not have space vessels humans didn't have space vessel 
Lusphur Lored Light StarLine 
Did dose mostly with other life form types 
& no mind control I mean the life forms find out & would not like it Siphers we'll lots of others only one person or ended the electric so always surrounded
Best not to upset so many 
Best means Beast by the way I mean you have to ask some crazy Republican or congressman 
Most thought they could just do things 
So I mean I always knew I mean there's only one of me and basically I thought that there could be a problem going from the White House to the Senate building
And Lusphur StarLine mining everything is mine or from me also Lusphur Star Line mineral extraction &  smelting company
My little silly joke you can't mine star's and we'll though I invented there my invented particles I mean Germans Irish asians 
It's families of life forms 
So StarLine mine & others 
Of which 14 galaxies there are 78 exoskeleton life-form types do I only consider about 28 of them most of it is just redoing and well humans in certain people's would kill off the old models you might call them I did not do that I do not kill off the old or outdated my forms I let them die off or adopt themselves
Most can be slowly changed so there is no need to be cruel 
Though Congress man wanted to kill off and yup they did or tried it then couldn't reinvent and couldn't rebuild 
Ah oh well I wasn't going to help why so they could force & kill off more life forms 
Like the Vatican and hope and other people the sin or guilt for which you are supposed to all be punished for or everyone and it's like no it's just America mostly some hair loss people
Hair removed said they were Industriel or something Celestial celebrity something
Completely fake 
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