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#also like JOHNNY CASH
breadedsinner · 2 years ago
When Bull and Blackwall have that one banter about Dawnstone and Blackwall gruffs, “It’s pink,” it’s not because of toxic masculinity you dummies!!! It’s because he is clearly Country Goth and that shade of pink clashes with his aesthetic.
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yes-i-write-fanfiction · 3 years ago
Optimus of course likes classical music but he also enjoys 70’s rock’n roll. He unironically likes Never Gonna Give You Up with Rick Astley and is an avid fan of ELvis
Ratchet would rather die than let anyone know he likes country, it’s his guilty pleasure and he will take it with him to the grave. His favorite singer is Johnny Cash.
Bumblebee likes hip hop and pop! Anything that’s easy to move to and that is upbeat and catchy is his jam!
Bulkhead likes the same music as Miko, the louder the better. Shriek metal is his favorite but he also like rock.
Arcee enjoys listening to jazz and R&B. She fucking loves Beyonce, don’t even argue with me on this. She recognizes a fellow queen when she sees one.
Smokescreen likes dupstep, pop, hip hop and rock. But his favorite artist of them all is Taylor Swift and he can frequently be heard singing I Knew You Were trouble.
Wheeljack likes country, just like Ratchet, but he doesn’t hide it. He also likes Metallica, Kiss, Guns and Roses, Queen and AC/DC.
Ultra Magnus is a true lover of classical music. Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin are his all time favourites. Secretly he also enjoys Twisted Sisters but don’t tell anyone, shhh!
Megatron denies liking any Earth music but he actually really enjoys classical pieces. He’s also found himself taking a liking to Frank Sinatra.
Starscream likes Beyonce, something that he denies furiously but if you listen closely you can sometimes hear him humming All The Single Ladies.
Soundwave enjoys every kind of music there is, from classical to dupstep, there’s simply nothing he won’t listen to.
Knockout likes jazz and rock. Just like Arcee and Starscream he also likes Beyonce and just like Arcee he recognizes a fellow queen when he sees one.
Breakdown loves Queen, he just can’t stop listening to them. He also really enjoys listening to Elvis Presley and the Beatles.
Shockwave prefers opera. Specifically Phantom of the Opera. Change my mind.
Dreadwing also likes opera, his favorite being Carmen. He also rather likes Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash.
Skyquake would have liked R&B and rock.
Predaking likes powerful music with a lot of HUMPF in them, if you get my meaning. Also likes choirs since he likes the sounds of voices mingling.
Steve likes k-pop and anime openings.
Arachnid likes the sound of her victims screaming and people crying.
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May I get a matchup for Resident Evil Village please?
I am 5'3" and plus size, biracial African American and Caucasian who wears white glasses. She/her pronouns but I don't mind they/them.
My personality is a bit more on the shy side, being an INFP, but I tend to get extremely defensive about the ones I love. I wouldn't hesitate to defend them if anyone insults the ones I love. Which probably shows that I'm a bit feisty.
Also, I have black hair and dark brown eyes that are nearly black. Sexually and romantically, I'm bicurious.
I love to listen to music of any type, except new country. I prefer older country artists like Johnny Cash.
Also, I love to read books even if it takes me weeks to finish.
I prefer to work with my hands, even if I'm not decent at it.
I also love to play games of any type ranging from imagination to board games to video games.
I match you with....
I don't know why but literally everything about this match-up screamed Heisenberg for me.
So lets just start off with how much taller he is than you! Expect a lot of teasing and him using your head as an arm rest.
He actually wouldn't mind you being shy at all......because he's the exact opposite so it would make a good balance.
He does notice how much you care for the people around you and appreciates it!
He also loves how feisty you can get.
He loves your hair and how dark it is! He might even try to put it in a ponytail if you let him.
Okay.......PLEASE make him listen to your I think would love 80's rock and maybe even a little bit of 90's but please make him listen to Johnny Cash because he would love it!
He would start buying books for you to read from the Duke.
He could also teach you a couple things about metal and building things if you want to learn.
If you ever notice that he's overworking himself and he hasn't taken a break them force him stop and maybe play fun little board game with him.
At first he might be reluctant but once he relaxes he'll be having fun.
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variablejabberwocky · 25 days ago
okay this is out of nowhere but i fell down a myth research hole and landed in music on youtube. ANYWAY, i've noticed a difference between when dudes sing 'ghost riders in the sky' and when ladies sing it
the dudes are all 'BRO YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT KICK-ASS SHIT I JUST SAW' about it, while the ladies are all 'i am going to make you have FEELINGS about this, probably sad ones'.
like the lyrics are (mostly) the same but the tone, holy shit.
so far my least favorite was supposed to be from a country band but was actually a fairly heavy 70s rock band doing a heavy 70s rock cover of a country song. mostly didn't like it for the overuse of vibratto. like dude i know you wanna sound like Johnny Cash but this ain't helping you. also kind of...changes the whole point of the song to be all SICK YEAH DEMON GHOST COWS AND SHIT LET ME RIDE THAT COOL TRAIN WITH YOU when like...the lyrics are about warning a dude to cut his shit out or he'd be left with the devil setting him on a sisyphean task for the rest of eternity
which is probably why im liking the ladies versions of these better because pretty much all of them i've listened to so far are singing in ways that enhance that message instead of...completely missing it if not counteracting it. like this one i listened to nearly had me in tears before the first stanza was done. and the whole reason i looked it up in the first place was Red from OSP sang it in the end of one of her videos and she's got a really good singing voice.
thankfully some dudes seem to get it and also go for that "OH SHIT BRO WATCH OUT" tone
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johnsonshildy · 14 days ago
lucie, my mutual, the struggle with outfits is real but (and i know i'm partial cause i'm a lesbian) but flannel and 1940s pants are amazing. it's like johnny cash meets humphrey bogart? (in my case i guess it would be jimmy stewart im too dorky for the Bogart Look). but listen my point is you're doing great, looking cool. the right person will fall for your Bogart Look (or KH vibes whatever you prefer). Just...make sure it's not in Paris, hum, there's something about Bogart in Paris...can't quite figure what 🤔😂. this is a very weird ask but my point is: flannel yes. 1940s pants yes. feeling confident wearing outfits you like yes. feeling inspired by old hollywood yes. unfortunately don't know much about getting a gf but yes to that too *mic drop*
ana i love you this is the greatest message i have ever received and also "johnny cash meets humphrey bogart" is like. the ultimate vibe to go for... i'm probably going back to school in person in august and i do have some extremely powerful vintage-inspired looks either already existing or as future sewing projects so. we shall see.
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