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muselexum · 11 months ago
How do you need to be loved?
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Like Lovers Watching the Sunset
Tumblr media
Calm, focused, tender. You need to be loved in the way teenagers kiss in the rain and giggle behind hands. You need to be loved like a child, taken care of, watched over, focused on. You need to feel the warmth of the sun, you need to feel the love rushing through your veins. You need to be reminded that love is worth it, and it’s beautiful to experience. You need to be loved in a way that is refreshing, again and again.
Like the Burn Marks On My Hands
Tumblr media
You need to be loved gently, taken care of. You need to let yourself be taken care of. You deserve the kindness. You deserve to have fingertips pressed to yours, you deserve soft smiles and quiet laughs. You need to be kissed in the middle of the night, you need to be told it’s okay. You’re used to aggressive love, yet you, you need it gently.
Till the End of Forever
Tumblr media
You need to be loved unconditionally. You need to be reminded that love is not temporary, that you deserve it. That those who love you will not leave. You need to be loved the way angels love humanity, or how devils love angels. You need to be loved in greatness, in fullness, you need to be loved hard and fierce. Loud, shout it to the ends of the earth, your love won’t leave. You need to be loved when nothing else will be. You need to realize you are worthy even through the end.
Like the Snow Melts
Tumblr media
You need to be loved patiently. You need to feel the love slowly creeping in, a warning, a way to back away if you’re too scared. You need to be loved cautiously, as if you’re fragile. You need to be loved gently, because love is messy and muddy and makes your socks wet and hurts if the sun gets too close. But you need to let yourself be loved, because when you do, it’ll feel like spring.
Like the Burn Marks On My Hands
Tumblr media
You need to be loved gently, taken care of. You need to let yourself be taken care of. You deserve the kindness. You deserve to have fingertips pressed to yours, you deserve soft smiles and quiet laughs. You need to be kissed in the middle of the night, you need to be told it’s okay. You’re used to aggressive love, yet you, you need it gently.
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badgerbl00d · a year ago
how the one piece boys show they're in love <3
Tumblr media
with luffy, zoro, sanji, usopp, ace, smoker, shanks, mihawk
a/n: mihawk's is soooo self indulgent, i just think he's so romantic and handsome!!!! and writing this made me lowkey develop the tiniest crush on usopp :)))
luffy shares his authority. on the head of the merry, he scoots over enough so that there’s room for you, and eagerly calls you over, excited to share his favorite spot with you (a habit that persists regardless of the ship). as you sail on the open sea he gestures out to it, telling you about his dreams and plans, asking what color shirts you think he should wear when he’s king, and if you think he should part his hair in the middle so that he looks scarier in wanted posters. if he needs someone to hold his hat while he fights, he makes sure it ends up in your hands, always adding “they’re captain now!” he loves the way you give each question plenty of thought before answering, showing him that everything about him, from his smallest worries to his biggest hopes are as important to you as they are to him. and if he likes you enough, he might share his food with you. might.
zoro protects you. it starts during naps, when he wraps his arms around you, hugging you to his chest, making sure that no one can so much as lay a finger on you. eventually he urges you to train with him, and yes he finds it hard to tear his eyes off of you when you’re dripping in sweat and managing to keep up with him while sparring, but he insists that he just wants to know you’ll always be safe. he shows you move after move after move, and he only realizes how much pride he has in you when you’re facing an enemy and use a move he taught you to successfully knock them off their feet. after that he trains with you all day long, stopping only to nap. you start to love it just as much as him, especially when you pick up a move faster than he had when he was learning it and for just a split second can see an inkling of jealousy creep into his face.
sanji reminds you. not an hour goes by without the chef giving you a loving reminder, or three. from chaste kisses to your forehead and hands, to heart shaped breakfast in bed, he tries his hardest to assure you that he is completely, and entirely yours. his touches are gentle and particular, a hand resting on your back, an arm pulling you into him, a finger trailing up your cheek. he wants you to know that there is truth in everything he says, and so when he says it he makes sure that you’re looking him in the eyes, so you can see that with you he means it. with you, what he craves most isn’t your reciprocation, but your understanding. though he still has just as many nosebleeds.
usopp teaches you. he shows you how gears work, and how if you put just the right amount of baking soda and lemon juice into a sealed bottle of ketchup, it’ll explode right as someone goes to use it. he shows you the ins and outs of all his proudest inventions and gadgets. and though he knows it’s his favorite way to spend time with you, he can’t exactly say why. maybe it’s because you look up at him with so much admiration when he explains things that everyone else always told him were stupid, or maybe it's the sweet, childish, innocent reward of your laughter when a prank works just right. regardless of the reason, teaching you is his favorite pastime. that is, until he lets his guard down and falls victim to the same pranks he taught you.
ace listens to you. if you want to tell him about your day he’ll ask for detail upon detail upon detail, making sure you spend the highest possible amount of time talking so he can enjoy your presence. he’ll urge you to talk to him about everything, if you’re upset about something, exciting to see someone, sad about something that happened with the crew, or eager to talk to someone about the new book you just read, he’s your go to person. and if you don’t feel like talking that’s alright too. he listens to you hum to yourself, listens to you laugh when he makes a bad joke, listens to your gentle breaths when you fall asleep on him, your head against his shoulder. your openness with him secures his trust, and the fiery boy can’t help but love watching how you warm up to him.
smoker indulges you. when he comes home exhausted from work all he needs is a quick glance at your face to pick himself back up. his stoic demeanor forbids him from being too obvious, but you recognize the gleam in his eyes when he’s around you. walks around the city on cool, quiet nights are his favorite way to spend time with you. it gives him an opportunity to spoil you, and he makes sure to point out any stores you might miss while talking to him about your day. he’ll discreetly point out the ice cream shop on the corner, making it seem like it was really your idea all along, but nothing warms his heart more than seeing you smiling up at him as you remain adorably oblivious to his methods. a busy man like himself has little time for the usual romantic expectations, but for you, he would move mountains… of paperwork.
shanks stays sober around you. occasionally, he might slip up and get as drunk as he’s used to getting, but when you’re around he always wants to make sure he remembers everything. from your melodic, soothing voice to your heart warming laugh, and how you look on a gently rocking ship under a moon that must also recognize your beauty because it only illuminates it. you bring joy and laughter to a ship that has seen a fair amount of misery after all her years on the sea. and to the emperor, you’re nothing short of treasure. a priceless beauty that even the best pirates would be lucky to find. after all his years of drinking it takes quite the amount of beer to get him drunk, but he only needs the slightest bit of you to feel an equally thrilling buzz.
mihawk lets his guard down. your presence is so relaxing, perfectly tranquil and indulgent. you’re the opposite of all the hectic, headache inducing happenings of his stressful work. when he comes home to his castle, cool air and silence greeting him, he knows he only has to make his way towards you, and everything will be perfectly okay. a glass of wine in his hand as you’re lazily draped over him, running your fingers through his hair, toying with the collar of his shirt as you listen to him recount his most recent adventures with the red-haired pirates, and disagreements and meetings with the warlords. your feather-light touch and gentle kisses coax him into relaxing, falling asleep under you. he’s even found himself wanting to leave just so that he can come back to you over and over and over again. and though he loves the peace you bring him, he’s not one to complain if you both drink a slight bit more than originally planned and end the night on a… less clothed note.
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sabosbigtophat · 10 months ago
Hi there I love your blog! May I possibly request some fluffy Headcanons of Sabo and what he looks for in a s/o, please? Thank you very much for your time.
Hii omg I return Xoxo. Warnings for Sabo being a little devious. A little mischievous.
Sabo’s S/O and What He Looks For
- * ❀ུ۪ ゚。 -
Tumblr media
Sabo doesn’t know what he wants. Man is indecisive. Love confuses him and it kinda drags him along for a lot. I mean, he’s had his first kiss and his first everything. But what he hasn’t really found out is his “type.”
Sometimes, he wants someone who isn’t part of already crazy and convoluted lives. He wants someone nice who would loyally wait for him after hard battles and after tough points to nurture him in the most loving ways a lover could.
But other times, Sabo wants a tough bullheaded warrior like himself. So they can share experiences. So that someone can understand his pains and struggles and fight along side him. As much as he’d enjoy to be the knight in shining armor for his lover he’s far too passionate in his work to be saving his loved ones too often.
His cause is greater than his love for his own life. He’ll die fighting to protect the Revolutionary Army. I think to really date Sabo you’ll have to stand his rants and speeches about liberty. Which I mean aren’t at all bad or even boring; it’s just he’s extremely talkative and passionate and so he can go on about it for lengthy periods of time.
He also wants a certain someone who’d be willing to follow his own emotions. When he’s angry, he wants them to be angry too. When he’s sobbing, he wants his other half to be sympathetic and embrace him. He wants someone to basically be there emotionally for him.
His job takes a lot of stress and energy out of him. And that’s saying something since Sabo is basically an energy factory. You’ll have to be able to cool off with him and just relax sometimes. No fighting, no shouting, nothing. Just you and Sabo sleepily mumbling about how he’d like to see cowboys.
I’m sorry, but he’s going to steal and eat your shit. Deal with it.
LUFFY MUST LOVE YOU. This is like one of the biggest things for him. He trusts Luffy’s judgement better than his own at times and so the fact that Luffy cares about you and approves of you would show Sabo the fact you really are “his one and only.”
Sabo’s a little mushy. He grew up with Koala and her dream fantasies. He’s probably picked up on what is or isn’t romantic.
Physical touch is his love language. Do not forget this. Every subtle touch he passes on your shoulder or soft grazes of your curves and skin is his way to show love. Sabo is not very show off on his lover, so his subtle and even subconscious holding of you is his way to proudly display his love for you. He wants you to be okay with his constant hands on you.
He’s very energetic still. The man will ask you to play wrestle him. Don’t worry though, he knows his own strength unlike Luffy and Kid.
He will pig out on his desk and expect you to join him. Don’t tell him no because he’s basically the chief and your boss and can do whatever he wants.
Despite his goofy nature, Sabo takes his job seriously. At the end of the day, he’s your superior and he’ll expect you to act like it during battles and serious moments. But not even Sabo can be that serious as he does love his share of physical touches. Slap his hand away pls.
Hold him sometimes and baby him.
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softrozene · a year ago
Reacting to Reader’s Braces Headcanons
Tumblr media
I took a break from my event to create this extremely self-indulgent and rushed headcanons since I finally got my braces off! I have a very strong dislike for my retainer now but it will grow on me :’) Anyway this is comfort for me since my mouth is in pain lol.
One Piece Characters Reacting to Reader getting braces vs. getting them off!
One Piece Characters x Reader (Gender-Neutral/Nonbinary)
*I just did the Straw Hats, Law, Marco, Ace, and Thatch for this! (I did not add Jinbei as a straw hat since I am still not all the way caught up)
Warnings: This is long, Fluff- The characters reacting can be considered platonic/romantic- I will have any romantic (kissing) headcanons in bold. Except Chopper. He is strictly platonic because he is baby.
This is their normal One Piece world since I was a bit curious how they would react since I imagine that if there are dentists/orthodontists in their world it would be rare or only in like huge cities like Water 7.
FLAKSDSA Honestly just imagine Reader leaves the crew once in a while to go get their adjustments done or something lmfao. We ignore logic for this one. Only care about the reactions XD
Words: 2,343
Monkey D. Luffy:
When he firsts sees the metal in your mouth he is curious!
He will be in utter awe or laugh if he thinks they look funny (which of course makes Reader’s confidence plummet lol unless you laugh with him)
May call you a robot
He wants to know why they are shaped around your teeth- It is not like the gold or silver teeth that other pirates have that accompany missing teeth
This is weird for him since your teeth seem to be trying to look straight?
When you explain the reasoning of braces to him he is even more puzzled but excited for you!
He is not sure you really need them since he likes your smile regardless but he is happy if you are happy!
As for when you get them off- He is in awe that the braces did their job! And now you get to wear this weird plastic thing in your mouth
How the heck did you even get it in there?
He has no clue what a dentist/orthodontist is so he will just call them mouth doctor and think Chopper is the one helping you lol
Kissing with them on is also a weird experience for him! (I really hate to say it but he will love if you do not clean them very well. It makes him surprised but happy if he tastes food on them alfdjaslkf I HATE THIS lol)
He likes the way the metal feels when he explores your mouth but hopefully he is not a harsh kisser- You fear something will break if he really wanted to flakdfa
When you get your braces off he is in even more shock! That is so cool! Your smile is straight now! But now you got this weird plastic thing in your mouth... He does not mind he is just forgets you wear it since it is clear!
Luffy honestly does not care what you look like smile wise from before or after. He has no preference. He only cares that you are happy with your smile!
Roronoa Zoro:
“What the hell is in your mouth?”
THIS MAN BATHES ONCE A WEEK SO I WOULD ASSUME THAT IS THE SAME WITH HIS DENTAL HYGIENE?! I really hope not. I hope he cares for his mouth and will pretend he does now falksdfja
Anyway, he sees the metal and he is confused but once you explain it, he really does not care anymore
“Oh, cool, I guess.”
If you are partners though- He will be intrigued how kissing you would be. He takes the chance and decides it is an experience for sure tasting the metal in your mouth. (May remind of blood so he pretty cool with it alfdjalk)
Speaking of blood- If something ends up poking him or cutting him... He will enjoy it to the max tbh however if it is you that is hurt he will cease all kissing and only go for pecks until later
When you get them off I think he would miss tasting the metal
When you get your braces off he does not notice at first... It takes a few smiles before he goes... “Wait a minute...”
Then it hits him!
He will smile and be happy if he notices that being braceless brings you confidence with your new smile!
Nami is huge on hygiene so I think she would love to know more about dental hygiene and the concept of braces
She is understanding with your diet restrictions and will scold anyone who gives you weird looks or tries to get you to eat something you should not
She is your go-to for this since she also wants to see the end result as perfect
She is tad worried in the kissing department- Not wanting to mess your braces up since she knows how much effort goes into them but she also worried about her safety and if a wire or lose bracket will poke her or worse you. So she sticks to gentle kisses until they are off
She actually goes with you to your orthodontist to see how they take them off and to be there for you
She is happy with and for you upon seeing the end result!
and now her kisses can be harder >///<
As a tinkerer he will notice and also be intrigued. He has never seen braces (like Luffy and Zoro) and has never heard of them
He asks so many questions
Luffy, Zoro, and him are the ones who forget your diet restrictions which causes much irritation on your side. You will constantly glare at them for offering foods or drinks you can’t have
Usopp will eventually start remembering and be considerate on your behalf
When he kisses you he is soft and gentle- Not wanting to hurt you or himself. If he tastes blood he will pass out in fear just because he will blame himself and think he hurt you. He is too sweet :’)
As soon as your braces are off he will ask SO MANY QUESTIONS about the retainer like how was it made and such? Does it feel weird?
He is just so intrigued by it and of course- It makes you smile even more.
Tbh I feel like he would have had them as a kid or wanted them if his dad cared enough aldfjakl
Also notices them immediately
He will actually cater to your diet needs/restrictions because he knows how much they mean to you if you are going through such a time consuming thing to get your teeth fixed
Besides that he is just a friend you can go to if you are in mouth pain- He will make something soft for you every time you go for an adjustment or tea to help sooth your mouth
If you are kissing on the other hand- If homeboy does not pass out first he will be so gentle. He is terrified of hurting you or making you uncomfortable with your braces on (and lowkey is the same way even if you get them off- You will have to be the one to make the first move)
When you get them off- It is a food celebration! Whatever you missed eating or that you could not eat he will make it all for you!
He does notice if you are smile more and if you are more confident with your new smile! : )
Tony Tony Chopper:
He will constantly worry about any mouth pains and since he is a doctor is intrigued how someone labeled as a doctor for teeth does their jobs
He will asks questions constantly and write about your journey with this
10/10 cutie and best buddy for this
Make sure he is stocked on simple pain meds for you
Nico Robin:
She notices them but does not say anything or ask questions unless you want to talk about
She is sweet and looks out for you
Makes sure Sanji helps with your diet restrictions
Besides that she does not notice much or ask much
She is just happy that you are doing this for yourself
Her kisses concerning this are always gentle. She refuses to risk anything with you until after your braces are gone. Only then will she let herself become more heated with kisses.
After your braces she will always compliment your smile (and tell you it was beautiful before too but notes how confident you are)
Cyborg Franky:
He likes them.
That is all.
Okay but seriously. As a man who completely turned himself into a machine in the front he has mad respect for you for putting metal in your mouth. Like that concept is wild to him since the mouth is so sensitive (yet he also can blow flames out his mouth due to working on it aldfjal)
He will refuse to kiss you since he knows how is strength and hard kisses can damage your brackets/wires so he refuses anything until after they are safely off.
Besides that after your braces are off and you have your retainer on (He honestly didn’t notice the retainer lol) He will go “You have a SUPERRRR smile!”
Brook honestly does notice them at first but he does not say anything until you do
Besides that he is not that interested in them
For kissing though he also refuses to do so since he is straight up a skeleton. He does not want to risk his bone breaking ANYTHING. Though he will peck your cheek. Even after you get them off he is hesitant since he is a skeleton- That does not mean he will not try. If you ask he will get flustered and be gentle for you
When you get your braces off- Brook may tease you and say your teeth are almost as straight as his! And remind you constantly that he is a skeleton adlfjakl
Trafalgar Law:
Is just a king- I should stop all headcanons here alfdkaldks
He knows what braces are and is not that interested in the work only because he prefers his medicinal studies that are more morbid than the mouth
However, he is very observational still and notes how you care for them and what your diet is
For kissing- He acts like he does not care but he is gentle and careful when things gets heated. He is actually a big softie so he will do everything to avoid ruining your braces that would involve a setback.
After you get your braces off he also notices how much more confident you are. How much brighter your smile is because of that
Besides that- He does not make a big deal out of it
Marco the Phoenix:
He and the Whitebeard pirates have been nearly everywhere and met all kinds of people so he is not that surprised when he notices that you have braces
He has seen them before so not a big deal
Much like Law, Marco will not make a big deal out of it
However, if you both are close to each other he may tease you whenever you develop a lisp or when are embarrassed after an adjustment.
Either way he means it with a good heart
God- Kisses with Marco when you have braces are so, so, so, gentle. He is the king of kisses no matter what. He is careful but he sure as hell will not let the metal win when you both get heated. So he knows how to maneuver around your mouth with his tongue >///<
When you get your braces off- It is a celebration with the whole crew. Marco helps plan it and of course takes photos of your smile afterwards since you have every right to be proud of your smile
He will always comment on how your smile is brighter
Portgas D. Ace:
Also with Marco (and Thatch) he is rather used to seeing different kinds of people with different situations so he is not surprised to see metal in your mouth
However when you get close to him he does ask questions and get intrigued
He only teases you when you have some trouble speaking a few words but besides that- He is also respectful and does not think much of the braces
Though since he is one that eats all the time he tries to be considerate for you since he knows that it can be frustrating with your diet restrictions
If you are in a relationship with him he actually is not confident in kissing you with your braces. It is because he cares so much about you and because of his self-loathing- He would HATE if he messed up your braces so he is cautious and tries not to push anything until after you get your braces off
When your braces comes off homeboy is going to dine-and-dash with you EVERYWHERE
Like the other two- Thatch is used to this kind of thing so he is not surprised
Since he is the culinary chef for the Whitebeard Pirates you bet your butt he will have better foods for you to suit your needs
He is also teasing like the others and may take it a far sometimes but he will remind you that you are good with or without braces!
He constantly makes sure you are doing fine though since he is aware of how the other whitebeard pirates may not be as considerate as he is
Kisses with Thatch are gentle but I think if it gets too heated he may forget that he is supposed to be gentle. He definitely ends up tearing up his tongue on the metal if this is the case and he feels bad if you feel bad- If not he will laugh it off and continue if you want
After you get your braces off- He will check with what you want to celebrate! What kind foods you have to eat first and you get the honor of taking the first bite!
Would forget you you wear a retainer so they would not be helpful as a reminder: Luffy, Zoro, Franky, Brook, Ace
Remembers then forgets after a while: Usopp and Thatch
Makes you wear your retainer as instructed and will give you a death glare (out of love of course) if you are not doing so: Nami, Robin, Sanji, Chopper, and Marco
Will make sure you wear your retainer even though he says he does not care, and will murder your soul if you do not do so (out of love but he will lie about it): Law
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imasimpforshanks · a year ago
Hi there!
I hope you're doing great. Ehm... May I requests Law for either the romantic or the Angst alphabet? I just can't decide that and would like you to choose from it.
I'm really looking forward to your work. Other than that have a nice day/eve. ♡
Fluff Alphabet - Trafalgar Law
Tumblr media
a/n: hi there!!! thank you for requesting and for your kind words 💓 I chose the fluff alphabet because our man has suffered enough and I couldn’t handle writing out angst for him 🙃 ANWAYSSSS pls enjoy x
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A-Activities (what do they like to do with their s/o? How do they spend their free time with them?)
During the little free time he has, Law loves to spend it with you doing anything lowkey. He’s usually pretty exhausted from everything going on, so taking some time to wind down and read a good book with you tucked him next to him reading you’re a book of your own is his ideal way to spend time with you.
That being said, if you are a person who prefers to do something active, Law won’t say no to that (so long as it’s not Luffy level active).
B-Beauty (what do they admire about their s/o? what do they think is beautiful about them?)
Law admires your way of thinking. You always seem to bring a fresh, unique perspective and now he can’t help but ask for your input on everything. This is also what he finds the most beautiful about you. He’s never been one to care that much about what is on the outside. To Law, it’s what is on the inside that counts (who knew law was so cliché;)). Your mind and the way it works is a wonder to behold and Law counts himself very lucky that he is the one that gets to see you in action the most.
C-Comfort (how would they help their s/o when they feel down/have a panic attack etc.?)
Law takes a very pragmatic approach when it comes to comforting his s/o. He’s a doctor, so its only natural for him to think in this way. He asks you directly what’s wrong and how he could help – it’s the most logical thing to do and the quickest way to ensure you are feeling comforted.
D-Dreams (how do they picture the future with their s/o?)
In the future Law wants to live a simple, quiet life with you. Somewhere secluded and far away from all the noise and chaos of the world. You’ll live in a nice house (nothing too fancy), with a child or two running around acting out their parents’ infamous pirate adventures.
E-Equal (are they the dominant one in the relationship or rather passive?)
He tends to take the more dominant role in the relationship. For the sake of your safety and his sanity, he prefers to be the one to take charge with you following his lead. But, he does still value your input in almost all decisions.
F-Fight (would they be easy to forgive their s/o? How are they fighting?)
Your fights tend to be pretty short lived resulting in forgiveness and apologies from both sides relatively quickly. He really doesn’t like to stay mad at you for too long – he’d much rather have you two on the same page.
Most fights are caused by stress and concerns of health and safety, so Law does a lot of eye rolling and using his title as a ‘doctor’ as justification that he knows what he’s doing so you just need to chill – but like I said these fights are very short lived.
G-Gratitude (how grateful are they in general? Are they aware of what their s/o is doing for them?)
Before he met you, Law’s life was very dull. Yes, he has his fair share of adventures and fun with his crew, but there was something missing from his life. But then you came along, bringing a little more colour into his life. Instead of being exhausted and tense from dealing with everything alone, you forced your way in and pried him open, allowing him to share his burdens. For that, Law is eternally grateful.
H-Honesty (do they have secrets they hide from their s/o? Or do they share everything?)
Initially, Law tried to hide quite a lot. He was very selective about the information he shared with you. It’s not that he didn’t trust you, he just struggled to share things with others – his past has made him very closed off. But, before he knew it you managed to weasel your way in, and soon he found himself confiding in you about everything. The only time he ever keeps a secret is if knowing it will jeopardize your safety.
I-Inspiration (did their s/o change them somehow, or the other way around? Like trying out new things or helped them overcome personal problems?)
I touched on this a little bit before, but you were able to teach Law the relief and comfort that comes with trusting and relying on others. Because of you, he was able to learn that its important to not deal with everything on your own.
J-Jealousy (do they get jealous easily? How do they deal with it?).
It’s not often that Law gets jealous. It’s an ugly emotion, plus he feels no need to be jealous since he trust you with his whole heart. However, if he was to get jealous, he is definitely the quiet jealous type. His fists clench a little tighter, his frown deepens ever so slightly, and he just doesn’t speak. He doesn’t ignore you though, rather he chooses to curt replies until he eventually gets over it or if it’s really bothering him he may bring it up with you.
K-Kisses (are they a good kisser? What was the first kiss like?).
He is a very inexperienced kisser, not having (or wanting) many romantic relationships in his past. Even so, he’s surprisingly not horrible (but not great either) at kissing. Maybe it has something to do with his deep knowledge and understanding of the way the human body works. Unfortunately, during your first kiss he tried to rely a little too much on his ‘knowledge’ rather than melting in to it. It wasn’t a horrible first kiss, it just felt a little stiff. The desire was there, but it was as if he were afraid to give in to the emotions he was feeling and reading your signals. However, after a little communication and guidance he’s now an expert.
L-Love confession (how would they confess to their s/o?)
It was in the heat of the moment after you had done something completely and utterly stupid, that almost cost you your life. He wasn’t intending on doing it right then and there, in fact he actually had a whole plan of how and when he was going to tell you how he felt. But seeing you lying in the infirmary after having to operate on you was more than he could handle and before he knew it the words just slipped out.
M-Marriage (do they want to get married? How do they propose? What would the marriage be like?)
Marriage is indeed something Law wants. You wouldn’t expect it but after you two officially got together, it wasn’t more than a month before Law started thinking about marriage. He knows now isn’t the time for marriage, but it’s definitely in his plans for the next few years or so.
His proposal is going to be low key. The two of you would have to be alone with no other people around – maybe while you two are lying in bed one night, he just pops the question. And as with the proposal, your wedding would also be low key. No big party or ceremony, just you two and the people closest to you (bepo definitely officiates).
N-Nicknames (what do they call their s/o?)
‘Babe’ or your name are his usual choices for when you are around other people. But occasionally when he’s on the verge of falling asleep he’ll let out a yawn followed by a sleepy “babyyyy”.
O-On cloud nine (what are they like when they are in love? Is it obvious for others? How do they express their feelings?)
When Law is in love he tends to keep his cool and collected façade. But on the inside he’s a babbling, nervous mess. He doesn’t do anything particularly out of the ordinary other than making a bit more of an attempt at conversing with you. He loves hearing you talk and rambling on about things you’re passionate about so he does try to find any excuse to talk to you.
P-PDA (are they upfront about their relationship? Do they brag with their s/o in front of others? Or are they rather shy to kiss etc. when others are watching?)
PDA is something Law isn’t the biggest fan of. He’ll stand next to you and be in close proximity while sharing a few glances, but other than that he won’t engage in PDA. Law considers that sort of thing to be private and intimate so he likes to keep it between the two of you. Occasionally, if you are feeling a little extra needy he may give in to a quick hug or forehead kiss.
Q-Quirk (some random ability they have that is beneficial in a relationship?)
It may not come as that much of a surprise but, Law can make one hell of a cup of coffee (actually any hot drink really). His perfect brew definitely comes in handy.
R-Romance (how romantic are they? What would they do to make their s/o happy? Cliché or rather creative?)
Oh boy, he is way more romantic than anyone would ever realize. He loves doing little things for you just to see that sweet smile on your face. It makes his heart swell with happiness.
S-Support (are they helping their s/o achieve their goals do they believe in them?)
Rather than being the consistently positive support, Law provides you with constructive criticism and things that can actively help you achieve your goals. He’s a realist, so doesn’t think only saying “you can do it” or “it’s only a minor setback” is the way to go. He still says those things because they are true – Law honestly believes you can do whatever you set your mind to, however, constructive criticism is needed in addition to this.
The key take away here is: YES. Law believes you can achieve all your hopes and dreams.
T-Thrill (do they need to try out new things to spice out your relationship or do they prefer certain routine?)
Law needs routine, especially in your relationship. You have continued doing the same things in your relationship since you first got together because it works. Why would he want to change what works? It’s safe, it’s familiar, and it’s comfortable.
That being said, he’s not opposed to the idea of spicing things up. If you ever felt like trying something new (or even if he starts to feel bored about something), he would be open to the idea. Who knows, maybe the new thing you try could even become a part of your routine.
U-Understanding (how good do they know their partner? Are they empathetic?)
It’s no surprise that he is very adept at reading people, he’s on to it and has exceptional observation skills. He uses these skills with you as well.
He knows what it’s like to be consumed by emotions (in fact he knows that too well), and while with most, he’s the type to keep his emotions hidden, when it comes to you he shares his emotions to help you realize that he also knows how it feels and that you are not alone.
V-Value (how important is the relationship to them? What is its worth in comparison to other things in their life?).
Your relationship is a top priority in his life. He’s lost everyone he ever cares about (other than his crew) and there is no way he is going to lose you too. The only thing that may potentially rival your relationship is his goal of taking revenge on Doflamingo.
W-Wild card (a random fluff headcanon?)
There’s nothing he loves more than you running your hands through his hair while his head is on your chest or stomach. He automatically leans into your hand every time. He feels the safest in this position.
X-XOXO (Are they very affectionate? Do they love to kiss and cuddle?)
Like I said before, he is affectionate but it’s mainly when the two of you are alone. Those displays of affection are for the two of you and no one else. But, when the two of you are alone he absolutely loves cuddles (especially lying with his head on your lap or chest).
Y- Yearning (how will they cope when they are missing their partner?)
He gets stressed when you’re not around for more than one reason. Firstly, you can’t help to calm him down and force him to take a breather. Secondly, he’s constantly worried about your safety and wellbeing.
Honestly, the only way he copes with it is by stressing (I know it’s not coping at all but I mean that’s Law for you LMAO).
Z-Zeal (are they willing to go to great lengths for the relationship? If so, what kind?)
Law would put his life on the line for your relationship. He doesn’t want to lose someone he cares about – not again. He can’t handle that sort of pain, so if it was required of him, he would gladly give his life.
Tumblr media
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missallsundayyy · a year ago
Thank you @nakamachannn for requesting this! Sorry I took so damned long to write this. Hope you enjoy this fic! <3
“It’s been a month since we’ve been sailing island to island non stop!”
“The captain looks so frantic every time he comes back”
“We should ask him”
“What do you mean the item is at Valley Island! I was at Valley Island a week ago, and they told me to come here!” Law shouted through the phone.
“I don’t care what excuse it is, if the goods aren't in my hands in 2 days time me and my crew will slaughter everyone in your store. I hope I've made myself very clear.” a few seconds on the other side replying to him and he laughed. “You must misunderstand me, I don’t do negotiations and I think you’re forgetting that I am a pirate. See you in 2 days, Mr Rager.” With that Law slammed the den den mushi down.
The phone conversation didn’t go unheard by his crew and they knew him too well to even talk to him when he was enraged like this. To them, it was rare to see their calm and collected captain throw such threats to anyone even if it was an enemy at sea. They slowly retreated back to the deck.
“Asking him now would be an apparent suicide”
“Agreed. We’ll wait for 2 days”
Law had bought his girlfriend the most luxurious clothes and shoes in his 1 month of sailing from island to island. Being with her for almost 3 years he memorised her sense of fashion and what she liked and it ranged from what colour she liked and disliked, what accessory she would rather put on. His crew felt like he went overboard with the gift but as he examined all the gifts he bought that were at the corner of his room, it was not enough, he couldn’t just give her so little after spending months apart. He was not one to be clingy or smother her with his affection but it was something he enjoyed doing for her and he knew he would do it for her until the end of times.
“Neh Robin, don’t you miss him?”
“Law-kun?” she giggled “I do but I don’t mind, he has his goals and we are pirates after all”
“Just imagine if we weren’t pirates and if we had normal lives...what do you think you and him would end up as?”
“I think he would still be a doctor and I would still be a historian, sliding the pirate life aside of course”
“Anyways have you read the news, The heart pirates have been attacking and looting the Navy library archives. What does he even need from the archives?” Nami pondered out loud.
“Let me read that” Robin motioned for her best friend to pass the newspapers
“Trafalgar Law, captain of the Heart Pirates attacks the navy archives for the 3rd time this month.” she whispered/read. “Perhaps he just needs further search for medicines or leverage”
“I forgot your man is as crazy as Luffy” Nami sighed, the two women burst into laughter at that.
Robin was lowkey worried of how reckless Law was, attacking the navy this many times...his luck was bound to run out if they decided to ambush him with any of the admirals. She then again thought of how strong he was and he was one of the smartest men she had ever met so with that she managed her concerns.
“I wouldn’t know what I would have done if they didn’t have this ring,” Law thought to himself, he was now walking his girlfriend down the shores of Deriana Island where he had borrowed the Strawhat’s historian for a week claiming he needed her expertise on an ancient text.
Bullshit. He needed private time away from everyone, just for this moment.
“I must say I find this surprise different from the others Law-kun”
“I already told you this one is a special”
“So the past surprises weren’t special?” she retorted, always the smart mouth.
“You know what I mean my love”
“You know I’ve always said this, you’re the sweetest and most romantic boyfriend for a pirate”
He smirked at her compliment “There is no woman like you and I’m one lucky bastard if you ask me” he finished and also reached his destination. “Are you ready?” he whispered.
“Always,” she replied. With that he unbinds her blindfold and a beautiful scenery unravels at sight.
Beautiful flower petals all over the beach floor, decorated with sparkles mixed of purple and white colours and a table that had varieties of boxes of presents wrapped nicely with coloured bows, beside them were more shopping bags that were sealed. What captured her attention next made her eyes widened.
“Law…is that? Are those?” she muttered, not whispering. “It cannot be...they were destroyed on that day…” she ran to the table, there were 4 books that looked like they had seen better days. Some looked torn and burnt, evidence that some were soaked in water or even blood stains on them. Robin inspected the books one by one with a hopeful glint.
“Are these really?” she whispered, now this explains the attacks that Law had launched on the Navy base. He risked everything to get a hold of these books.
“Yes, they were books from Ohara. The navy managed to take these 4 books from what I know of” Law replied.
Her eyes watered, this meant the world to her, to even have something that belonged to her home she thought was lost. Robin turned to Law with the book still in hand and crushed him with the most tightest hug ever.
“Thank you Law...this means the world to me!” she exclaimed, Law’s face flushed a shade of pink at her affection especially when her large bust was suddenly pressed against his chest. He smiled nonetheless, her woman happy was the only thing he needed. She pulled away and gave him the most adoring big doe eyes.
“There is one last thing…” he continued while taking her hand in his “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met and your compassion and kindness warms my heart everytime. This warmth you give me is ethereal just like you and I thought love will never be possible but you changed every aspect of it. I guess what I’m trying to say is, you're the woman of my dreams and I want you forever.” he paused with a nervous smile before getting down on his knees while pulling out a ring with a big shining purple gem.
“You have my heart always and all ways, will you marry me Nico-ya?” his soul took a deep breath, he finally gathered his balls to ask her to marry him.
Her smile couldn't get any wider than this, the man of her dreams asking for her hand in marriage. Law was everything she could ask for, he was dashingly attractive and so incredibly intelligent it's almost ridiculous. She definitely wants to spend an eternity with this man.
“Yes!” she said happily sticking her finger out for him to put the ring on. “A morganite gem.” she whispered.
“Yes this gem is the only one left from the mines of Theriscia Island, this gem symbolises trust and love. It connects with the soul, the heart, and love. Your inner strength and unconditional love is what fits this gem” he finished.
Robin closed the gap, their forehead and nose touching “Your intelligence always intertwines with your sweetness huh?” she teased.
He smiled “I can’t wait to make you my wife”
“I can’t wait to marry you” she whispered and connected their lips together.
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konaizumi · a year ago
Fish Upon the Sky ep 2 thoughts/reaction
we love some good 'ol dumbasses falling in love
pi really has no clue the effect he has on mork throughout the whole episode and it's hilarious
mork being lowkey insulted when pi said no one would want to give him mouth to mouth
poor mork, he's trying so hard
I also like that I can tell that mork genuinely wants to be friends with pi, and not as a ploy to start a relationship but he just wants to be closer to the person he likes and be able to hang out and talk even if it's not in a romantic context
I love the way the duenmeen story is framed as like a side story, it's just very different and fun and allows them to do some fun things with the voice over and breaking the 4th wall
the way i want duen's story to develop is he starts developing feelings and is aware of those feelings and is super upset about it like "yeah i like you, yeah i'm gonna date you, but i'm not gonna be happy about it" (but secretly he is happy about it) (and i mean this in a humorous way, not an angsty way)
i love duen
AJ auditioning as sarawat, in sarawat's clothes, with the 2gether them was hilarious
also the way they give him the makeover like it's a videogame was cool, very different from the traditional makeover montage
"he looks like luffy deep diving underwater" lol
isn't he studying to be a dentist?? why is he so freaked out by the dentist?? lol
the little kid calling him nong
duen fighting with the voiceover is great
lol the f4 reference
who wants to place bets on the next gmm show to make a cameo? my bet's on sotus
also duen putting away his engineering shirt so no one would know he was a fifth year
duen choosing to sit next to meen so he can mooch off his work
meen joining the club of 'someone did something nice for me once and now i'm in love' with pi
honestly, after watching the trailer i wasn't sure if i was going to like duenmeen but i absolutely love them
i think it's a combo of duen being way more choatic than the trailer portrayed and meen being more normal than the trailer portrayed
jean trying to flirt with the dentist by getting teeth pulled out, is there anyone in this show that isn't a disaster?
"i still look hot though"
the scene with jeans talking with the puffed up cheeks and yeens translating
insults are duen's love language
mork cares about pi so much and I am here for it
how many times has pi caused mork's gay panic now?
pi worried that mork is chasing after nan when he's just recovering from his gay panic
poor pi cannot catch a break
hey what the fuck is this entire scene of mork patting down pi with the ice?
mix pretty
loving all the family dynamics
pi really wants to trust mork and believe that he wants to be friends and doesn't have ulterior motives
you know exactly where this blind party is going, pi is going to talk to mork thinking it's nan
everyone needs a wingman like duen, he's giving like actual quality advice and trying to help pi get into situations where he'd be more comfortable and able to interact with nam more naturally
i don't think pi will find out his texting friend is mork anytime soon, it's going to be used later on once pi fully trusts mork then pi will feel betrayed and it'll be a full angsty plotline
that next ep preview tho, how am i supposed to stop shipping nanmorkpi when nan is like that?
anyway, good episode, i really really like this series so far and i hope it stays that way, I love both of the couples and look forward to their development, and as much as I loved atots, it's kinda nice to have a cracky series again
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some-piece · 2 years ago
Hii! Can I request a Fluff HC with Nami and Robin and a male S/O who has literally the most adorable laugh ever and practically laughs about everything? Like, first he giggles and then he starts laughing in such a cute manner it's just irresistible
This is another request I write for male s/o (and I still have few in the queue) and I see more and more of them among other writers and... Can I just say I’m so happy to see you guys enjoying the reader inserts? I know this type of fiction bears kind of a “shameful fangirl” stigma so I’m so glad everytime I see a guy who is not afraid to engage it (*°▽°*)
Hope you will enjoy!  (´• ω •`) ♡
Male Reader.
Tumblr media
Smiles and laughter are present among the Strawhats almost all the time, so Nami was far from surprised when she learnt you laugh easily and a lot. What grasped her attention was the different nature of your laugh. She didn't expect it to be cute and so infectious that you somehow made even Zoro laugh like crazy. It kind of made her think of Bellemere, whose smile and positive attitude was as irresistible as yours. No wonder your laugh became the main factor that got her interested in you in a romantic way.
Nami smiles easily as well, but it’s rather hard to make her laugh for real and in full flow. It becomes sort of a challenge between the two of you - for you to finally make her lose control and laugh aloud and for her to resist this adorable attitude of yours. Usually it’s her who finally gives up, especially if you’re somewhere alone and no one can interrupt you. She gets lowkey upset at you - “What kind of a boyfriend are you? You should go easy on me!” - but in a rather playful manner. Even if she wanted to get mad at you for real, she knows she’d lost it again as soon as you started laughing again.
Of course the infectious nature of your laugh is used in her little games and manipulations. If she learns she can’t win her way with someone with usual tricks, she tickles you or tells you a joke and watches the show. Either Sanji is being too much around her, or there’s a bunch of Marines to fool, or a seller to distract or Zoro being a lazy shit again and refusing to work - your laugh is her sword and shield and she uses it as much as she can. So far she hasn’t found anyone who would resist your adorable power - so all she has to do is to make sure it doesn’t backfire at her.
Sometimes she does it for different reasons. Nami is very stressed. The chaotic crew, the demanding task of a navigator, constant threat from the Navy and other pirate crews, Luffy being too stupid once again, the horrible conditions of the Grandline… The perfect remedy? Boyfriend’s embrace! She comes to you and snuggles and then either waits that something will make you laugh (which usually doesn’t take long, especially if chaotic idiots are nearby, ready to do something stupid any second) or uses the same tricks she does when she wants to make use of your laugh. As soon as she hears first giggles of yours, her body and mind relax.
The only time it becomes irritating for her, is when you two do something more intimate and your uncontrolled laugh interrupts you. Your make out sessions often lead to hysteria. Sometimes you get distracted by something you find funny. Sometimes one of you says something that leads to giggles. Sometimes she brushes your skin too gently, so instead of a caress it becomes a tickle and you lose it. Nami treats intimacy as a serious business, so such laugh outbursts bother her. She can’t be angry at you for too long tho - even if she somehow finds power to yell at you, she quickly joins your laugh and all negative emotions disappear.
Tumblr media
Likewise for Nami, it was your laugh what grasped Robin’s attention. Robin in general adores any kind of a smile and laugh; she can watch people smiling and laughing without getting bored or tired. But laugh which is not only irresistible but also so adorable? How can a guy become so cute so easily? Robin loves everything and everyone who is cute. How could she resist you? Finding such a cute boyfriend was almost like a jackpot for her.
She’s not into PDA or showing a lot of affection in public - even among the crewmates - but she likes to watch you from a safe distance. Robin makes sure to be around as often as she can to not miss any single smile of yours. She might seem disinterested, busy with a book or notes a few feets apart from you, but she checks on you all the time and stops whatever she is doing when she can see a new wave of laughter approaching. From time to time she uses her DF powers to tickle or prank you (or someone you can see) to make you laugh.
Despite your laugh being quite infectious, it’s really hard to make Robin follow its lead. She does smile a lot at you and will never say no to a good laugh - but she remains kind of reserved, often restricting herself to giggles or hiding herself behind hand. Even if everyone else - including you yourself - is almost dying, tears falling down their cheeks in spasms of laughter and in fight for a breath, she’s perfectly fine and collected, maybe a little bit of blush covering her cheeks. It’s more likely for her to start laughing more when it’s only the two of you, but it’s still a rare sight to see her laughing as hard as you.
What Robin loves probably the most is your ability to laugh at absolutely everything. She knows her jokes and sense of humor are quite… strange if not horrifying. And yet, here is her boyfriend, absolutely losing his shit over a thing she just said, then followed by the others who a few seconds earlier were almost mortified with a joke she made. It makes her feel less alienated and more belonging to a place and family that accepted it. After all this time she still has some doubts and anxieties over it, so she really appreciates your help.
She compliments you a lot on your smile and the way your laugh looks like. Either in a more casual way or a more intimate one, she absolutely showers you with verbal affection. If you react as adorably as you giggle, she will be over the moon. Robin also makes everything for your smile to never disappear. If she spots you sulking or stressed for some reason, she puts all the power she has into making you smile once again. Your laugh is too adorable to let it be muffled with negativity.
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trashytoastboi · 2 years ago
Hello! First, thank you for answering my Law, Zoro and Ace with keyblade-wielder KH request. AND I LOVE IT!(((o(*°▽°*)o))) And... 👉👈 Can I ask Sabo, Eustass Kid and Luffy with s/o female! Keyblade-wielder?
Heyya!🍀 I'm glad you enjoyed then ☺️🍀 and sure thing! I hope you enjoy ~
Askbox: Currently open
(Female Pronouns)
Headcanons: Sabo, Kid, Luffy with a F! Keyblade wielder
Tumblr media
🎩The fight was soon coming to a close and Sabo had witnessed a mysterious cloaked figure lurking from the corner of his eye, assuming it was possibly another enemy he set out in pursuit to question them.
🎩As he turned the corner, Sabo found himself being unexpectedly attacked by the mysterious person, and was struggling to fight against them as he was trying to push them off, he was saved by someone who seemingly defeated the other person with ease.
🎩“{Name} what are you doing here!?” Sabo exclaimed in surprise at seeing his S/O
“I thought you were away doing your mission??”
“I finished… though it looks like there is still work to do” {Name} replies as she is pulled into a big hug as Sabo welcomes her back with a smile.
🎩 It was a common {Name} and Sabo to be separated due to having to go away on missions, regarding her circumstances of being a keyblade wielder she handles responsibilities not many know about, and Sabo being the 2nd in command for the revolutionary army, they shared a sense of responsibility that not everyone could understand.
🎩 Sabo always found himself worrying about {Name} when she was out fighting, considering everything he has been told about the Keyblade and the dangers that come with it, despite that, he still finds himself fascinated by it.
🎩 {Name} has tried her best to explain the extensive history as best as she could to no avail, despite following along Sabo still didn’t really understand even though he just agrees that she is a badass with a magical ‘sword’ (What Sabo refers to the Keyblade as) and that’s all he needs to know.
Tumblr media
Eustass Kid
🛠Kid was in his usual routine of causing commotion somewhere and getting into a fight with a couple of marines, as the fight became rougher, Kid had begun to use his ability, swords and guns started flying out of the hands of the marines, their discontented shouts of fury as they were stripped of their weapons, watching it form a large mechanical arm on Kid – only to be interrupted by some random screaming that only seemed to get louder as {Name} came flying at unbelievable speed from an unknown direction and smacking directly into Kid.
🛠 Everyone seems confused and surprised by the unexpected development that the fight has frozen in a temporary ceasefire; the one most confused is Kid who just had a whole human thrown into him, noticing in her hand she was holding what appears to be a giant key. “WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST LET GO!?” He shouts at the stranger. “That’s not an option” {Name} snaps back at him as the two glare eachother down, completely ignoring the marines.
🛠They ended up fighting eachother and the marines simultaneously which resulted in the marines being wiped out and a series of draws between them. – Somehow after all the fighting they were on friendly terms with eachother and Kid actually respected {Name} for her strength. – this incident actually led to them becoming a couple
🛠Kid absolutely cannot process the specifics of the keyblade he only knows that is can appear of nowhere and {Name} is strong, which is how she wields it. (And that’s all he needs to know)
🛠 He gets frustrated when she goes out to fight literal hoards of Heartless and he can’t do much to help her, although he does his best to help her, it still angers him that he can’t do more. (And lowkey jealous that the fight comes to her most times)
🛠 Kid would be lying if he denies trying to secretly tinker with the Keyblade to see how it works though due to him being unable to wield it, he has to get {Name} to try and show him, his eyes lit up like a child’s when he found out about additions such as keychains.
Tumblr media
Monkey D. Luffy
🍖Luffy had been wandering around searching for food when he stumbled upon a mysterious girl fighting with an unusual looking weapon which she had pulled out of thin air, and furthering his astonishment when she morphed it into what looked like cannon.
🍖As the fight ended, Luffy instantly grabbed {Name} – “JOIN MY CREW!” {Name} was so surprised and shocked at the sudden request…well more like demand. “JOIN MY CREW!” Luffy ‘asked’ again, and {Name} who had found herself so overwhelmed ended up going along with his demands and went back to his ship, meeting the crew. Who had pointed out to Luffy that he basically ‘kidnapped’ her and she seemed mildly terrified.
🍖Luffy proclaims her to be a new crew member when she suddenly rebukes this, Luffy then asks why she followed him to the ship. {Name} confesses that she couldn’t say no to his smiling face. – Soon after Luffy starts telling the crew about how amazing she is.
🍖{Name} finds herself growing embarrassed at his compliments and bragging, somehow she ended up joining the crew, and Luffy is constantly hanging around {Name}, led to them growing closer and eventually becoming romantically involved.
🍖Luffy constantly asks {Name} to show off her skills for him, such as manifesting the keyblade, morphing it and the random bout of magic, which she first declines, but after one glance of Luffy’s puppy dog eyes, she cannot refuse.
🍖Luffy is constantly around {Name} since she is always unexpectedly being attacked but also because he gets to see her in full action.
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bamboolan · 2 years ago
A few romantic headcannons with the strawhats?
i love them so much they have to be my favorite pirate crew, you have good taste anon *chef’s kiss*
pairings: reader x strawhats pirates (all separately)
warning(s): may consist of a few minor spoilers for one piece, but nothing too much at least
He's very dense in general so it's going to take him a while, you would have to be extremely patient with him
If you decide to confess first he would think you meant it in a platonic way
The other Strawhats will most definitely see you struggling and try to help you out
His idea of a date is going straight for trouble unintentionally
He caused the trouble
Then both of you start running away with Luffy stretching his arms and swinging everywhere
It's practically your job to find him whenever he ends up getting lost
If he wants to take you out somewhere on a date, you have to be very wary because he'll probably forget how to get there
He would most definitely ask you to help him work out
By that I mean you sit on his back as he does pushups or he uses you as a barbell
Dates consist of him getting the two of you lost somehow so you
Nervous about PDA but doesn't really mind it that much
Will do PDA if you're going to be the first to initiate it
He will cook whatever you want, whenever you want it
He would be very clingy and always the type to initiate affection
He's affectionate at the right moments
If you're not very good at giving affection, he would be very understanding about it - he's that kind of guy
Whenever trouble arises, he makes sure you're safe and okay first before doing anything else
Would have a breakfast ready for you right when they wake up
Would occasionally check up on you throughout the day and giving you drinks and snacks
Would give you gifts that she knows you would enjoy
No matter how expensive they are (SHE WON'T EVEN TAX YOU !!)
You would just vibe with her together and like lay on a chair and absorb the sun
She would let you watch her make her maps and enjoy you being there
Would eat Sanji's snacks together like a fancy sort of date
Most of your dates would be interrupted by trouble caused by Luffy
Would let you choose her outfits and would have a fashion show for you
Would lowkey read you a bedtime story if you asked her
She'd probably laugh about it but would read it for you anyway
Would appreciate any gift given to her and give you an even better gift because she feels you deserve it
Doesn't really initiate affection so likes your reaction when she does
Would hold your hand while you stroll through a town as you stop for supplies
Would let you braid your hair and if you have longer hair she might ask to braid yours
Would also give you a fashion show
Would use her devil fruit to manifest a hand that would put a flower in your hair or something
Would make sure you're in good health everytime
Would teach you how to make medicine and teach you about a multitude of medicinal herbs and other plants
Would go shopping for supplies with you and would do the carrying
Would be very excited to go to a park of some sort
Even more so excited if sweets are involved somehow
He'll share his candy with you
Would tell you about what he's been through while patting your head
Would take you swimming
If you decide to have a devil fruit he won't let you drown <3
He would bring you some things from the sea normal people wouldn't be able to get
He probably hasn't been in a relationship before or is still fairly unexperienced so you'll have to take the helm for this one
Would probably talk to you about how amazing the ocean is
Would challenge the government for you <3
He would give you fashion shows by changing his hair and speedos
Would let you buy his speedos for him honestly, he is unafraid
Would make cute little trinkets for you
Maybe even a mini robot him and you that can dance around robotically he would be so pleased
He would let you watch him as he works and he would let you help him with his work
Would honestly take your ideas into consideration when making something
Likes when you praise him for not missing
Would make little trinkets for you and he might ask Franky for help with some of them
If you're in a fight or some sort of trouble he'll man up and make sure you're safe and don't get hurt
Would be super nervouse about PDA
Has no relationship experience so he's going to try his best <3
He's scared to mess something up :(
He knows how it feels to be self-conscious so he makes it his duty to constantly try to keep you happy
Would play music to help you go to sleep if you cannot sleep right away
Would talk to you about Laboon
Would teach you how to play instruments if you show an interest in them
Free tickets to his concerts <3 he would provide
Would only ask you to see your panties and no one else just so you don't get upset or anything
If you don't have panties he would still ask as a joke :0
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watermelon-chan · 2 years ago
may I please request a doodle of the asl trio and acesan headcannons-
The doodle is in progress! In the meantime...
So Many Acesan HCs (a lot of these are inspired by @beeforce ilu kite)
- While Ace was traveling with the crew to Alabasta him and Sanji just sort of Clicked, spending ridiculous amounts of their free time chatting together for people who just met. Since both their sleeping patterns are unusual, it wasn’t uncommon to find them in the kitchen at the crack of dawn giggling over tea, Ace insisting on helping prep breakfast
- Ace is 100% Sanjis first crush on a dude so he had some processing to go through that’s a different wormcan
- Sanji was nervous but Absolutely got his number before Ace had to leave, and hogs the phone c o n s t a n t l y
- Lucky for him Ace calls, while inconsistently, for hours whenever he manages to get the time. They love to swap stories about the dumb things they’ve gotten themselves into
- Ace sends a BUNCH of ingredients and little trinkets whenever the crew actually knows where they’re going. While he finds little things for all of them, Ace specifically looks for the weirdest sounding teas and ingredients he can grab for Sanji to try. Whenever the packages get in and they manage to line up the time, the crew will call up Ace to catch up and do little unwrapping parties—
- But once they’ve settled down and the kitchen gets quiet, Sanji takes the time to puzzle the ingredients together while they idly chat, and steep the tea. Ace keeps some of the blends for himself after the joke that if Sanji was going to willingly eat whatever poison Ace picked up off the streets of god knows where, Ace had to at least be decent enough to go down with him
- They drink together, Ace cackling at some of Sanji’s over the top criticisms while he gets onto Sanji for being unwilling to try the ones distilled from peppers— just enjoying their connection across thousands of miles
- Usopp and Nami are the worst teases about Sanjis not so secret crush, regularly bullying him about staring wistfully into the sunset every now and then. Nami particularly loves to hear him go on romantic tangents because 1) it gets him off her back 2) she thinks it’s genuinely adorable 3) has Lowkey been in touch with Ace too so could use it as blackmail at any moment
- (Luffy meanwhile did not pick up on it until Zoro made a jab about it)
- Meanwhile some of the Whitebeard crew (esp Whitebeard himself) are half convinced Ace and Sanji are already engaged the way Ace tends to croon on about him
- Sanji actually asked Ace out before the other got the chance, on accident too, because Sanji ends most his calls with “Love you” by habit
- You wouldn’t think it off the bat but Ace is highkey Lowkey the more romantic of the two simply because he’s unabashed about his feelings + recognized them for what they are much faster
- Ace is very much accustomed to casual touch and being handsy as a form of love— they had to work out boundaries quickly. Sanji just isn’t used to nonviolent physical contact from other guys. Though being around Luffy and Usopp has helped him relax a bit, Ace is a whooooole other level of PDA
-Since Ace has sooooome (just a feeeew) self worth + rejection issues, he took Sanji getting tense and unresponsive to his more forward flirting harder than intended n was moody for a bit. But they worked it out after some difficult conversations. Ace wants him to be comfortable as much as he wants to show his affection and Sanji more than makes up for his awkwardness in public by being a total cuddlebug when they’re alone
- Now /later/. Whoo boy later. When Sanji is confident in himself and Ace is secure in the fact that Sanji loves him and isn’t lying. They are. The MOST OBNOXIOUS couple
- Always have to be touching somehow, Sanji is really fond of sneaking a hand into Ace’s back pockets while Ace is all but draped over his shoulders, Ace using him as a chin rest frequently while they argue over little things
- U would not believe they’d only been dating for a few months they fit together so easily
- Ace is really fond of nicknames and calls Sanji all the classics like babe/darling/hon— but some of his faves are snickerdoodle, lemon / tart, and sugarsnap
- (He defiantly greets Sanji with a regular “Howdy stranger” thank you @cowboyzoro)
- Sanji is the opposite— when he’s being sassy or teasing he likes to use a sharp ‘Portgas’, but he manages to fit so much love and affection into such a short name that Ace is overwhelmed every time he says his name untethered
(Sanji: yeah I was chatting with ♥️♥️♥️♥️Ace♥️♥️♥️♥️ and—
Usopp: how the fuck did you do that with your mouth)
- He did spend a week or two trying to come up w something cutesy but realized that he likes Ace’s name just how it is
- (Tho Ace also really likes when he gets affectionally insulting + is impressed by his creative curses)
- Ace got Sanji the gentlecook shirt— he also likes to snatch it back time to time because Sanji gets occasionally grumpy that Ace owns no hoodies for him to steal. The shoulders have become very stretched out
- Whenever Sanji gets cramps Ace is his living hot water bottle—
- Ace frequently compares him to a cat because he runs cold and is constantly trying to steal Aces warmth either way
- They like. Planning impossible missions together just as thought exercises. Ace has drawn up actual maps and plans of attack for some of the biggest banks in the 4 seas just cause he and Sanji were bored
I have. So many AUs with them too. Including but not limited to:
- Modern College AU of course, where they’re long distance flirting. Both can’t decide if it’s too early to travel a few thousand miles to make out (and other hard choices)
- TattooArtist!Ace where Usopp *really* wants a piece done by a popular artist outside of town, but is too chicken for the needles. Sanji agreed to go with him as morale, planning on getting something small and stupid just so Usopp will feel better, but somehow ends up planning a whole sleeve just so he can keep visiting the cute artist
- A timeline in which Sanji could not escape his fate as a Vinsmoke and became an assassin— only he finds himself unable to carry out his mission when he meets the infamous pirate prince
- CANT say no to a good ol camp councilor AU— this ones mostly for ensemble shenanigans and Nami being mischievous
I always wanna rant about hcs + dumb AUs so hmu anytime
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tsarinatorment · 2 years ago
I've just stumbled across your fic Tales From the Heart and I love it! Your writing is amazing and the depth that you give Shachi and Penguin is incredible! I'm only on ch95, but there was something I've been wondering about. In the end notes for ch 60, you mentioned having your own ideas about sexuality for Law. I'm genuinely curious what you think. If you don't want to that's fine too since you mentioned waiting for something more canon.
I mean, I don’t mind answering.  It’s primarily something I don’t address in Tales because romantic love isn’t relevant to the story - it’s entirely about friendship/found family/nakamaship (whichever term(s) you want to use) and I personally find romantic stuff detracts from that.
But that’s not what you asked.  Honestly, I see Law as ace.  Although that being said, I do also lowkey ship Law/Luffy... but Luffy’s hardly conventional anyway!
Glad you’re enjoying it so far, and really glad you like my versions of Shachi and Penguin (if you’re only at chapter 95, there is much more to come from those two!)
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narramin · 3 years ago
Fave marine?/OTP/NOTP/Fave opening?/Something you can’t wait for??!!/ Fave battle?
Fave marine
T-BONE!!! Honestly, he got like 3 episodes, I bet most people don’t even know who I’m talking about, but… I might be a Kuzan irl, but he is goals. His compassion and kindess towards his men, and how they love him back.. amazing. I wish he was the fleet admiral.
But also: Garp. I know he’s contraversial, sometimes I also get a ‘he should have done more’ episode, but he did the best he could, and even more. He took in Ace, the Pirate King’s son and raised and loved him as his own! He let Luffy knock him out. Was *this* close to killing Akainu off. He’s complex and lovable. I hope it’ll be him to finish what he started and he’d yeet Akainu into the ocean, not Luffy. 
(+ of course, Corazón, but my brain really doesn’t register him as a “proper” marine for some reason lol.)
Uh. Imma be real with you, I’m not generally into sexually explicit stuff in OP? So I think about Zoro’s and Luffy’s relationship and how much they love and respect each other and I’m about to cry, but once I was looking for fics in general, not even for their ship bc I knew better already, and seeing “Luffy” and “anal sex” tagged next to each other made my soul leave my body, so. Zolu’d be my absolute OTP, like their devotion to the other is just. wow. They are definitely the ‘grow old together’ pair, but not romantically.
I also love the Zoro-Sanji dynamic too, and in their case I’m okay with the acual romantic-sexual stuff thrown into the mix too, they have that vibe. The Robin-Franky ship is a thing I guess and it’s cute too. I get why people ship Lawlu too.
But I think in a lot of cases it kinda degrades a relationship, like imagine if Luffy went to save Robin bc he was in love with her? It’s just not the same. So I think good romantic fics are the ones where the original family dynamic stays and the romantic stuff is just an extra. And I think a good writer can make almost any ship work. But this is how I think about fics in general, regardless of fandom. 
I don’t really have any, it’s more like some charaters in any sexual content make me uncomfortable in general. or bad writing can make me nope me out of antyhing. ASL incest is from the devil though, I wish I didn’t know it existed.
Fave opening  
I have never seen one OP opening in my life. I always skip openings and endings regardless of anime, with like 3 exceptions. Steins;Gates’ and Darker Than Black’s first openings were the only ones I regularly watched. Gintama has a few good ones too but that’s all. 
Something you can’t wait for??!!
Not to be cheesy on main but when my boy becomes pirate king and we’ll have a panel paralleling the very first one saying “Monkey D. Luffy - village boy” but this one will say “Monkey D. Luffy - Pirate King”…. and when we’ll finally see Zoro becoming the best swordsman after beating Mihawk…. guess who’ll be sobbing like a lil bitch….
On the other hand, ancient weapons whomst, I just want to know what Ivankov has on Crocodile SO MUCH. This is the only “secret” I truly care about, I love sandbitch.
Fave battle?
Okay, so Daz Bonez and Katakuri fights aside, bc let’s be real, those are the real shit, I want to give a honorable mention to the Hannyabal vs Luffy fight in Impel Down. It really stuck with me because it’s Luffy who gets framed as an antagonist here, while it’s Hannybal who gets the flashbacks and the emotional support. It’s also the first time Luffy gets lowkey Luffy’d, meaning that a much weaker opponent just refuses to go down whatever he does. It’s just truly fasctinating, I like it a lot. The only trope missing it the classic Villian Turn™ by Luffy.
As far as non-fights go, I really like the Mocktown scene with Luffy, Zoro and Bellamy.
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angelrider13 · 4 years ago
003 Ace from One Piece
holy shit someoneasked me something
How I feel about this character: Surprisingly my fav character in the entire series given how little screen time he had. I mean, I made this decision right after his intro and the little filler arc back in Alabasa, so waaaaaaaay before Marineford and the flashback arcs. And those two arcs definitely made it worse.
Any/all the people I ship romantically with this character: My OTP with him is Marco. I’m pretty much always wearing shipping goggles with them even when I’m not trying to. It just happens. Like I’ll be trying to write something completely platonic and then go back to edit and just - wait, that’s shippy, goddamnit. I think it’s pretty universally accepted in fandom that Marco is the one who got him to join the crew, who got him to open up and consider the possibility that they could be a family, that people could love him. Personally, I think Marco was the first person Ace trusted - and I mean really trusted, like Luffy level trust - in a long time. And trust means something with Ace, because it’s not something he does easily. He might put on a smile and be polite and be your best friend, but trust? Trust with Ace is something that’s only given to a handful of people. Marco earned that.
Highkey ship him with Sabo, because first friend ever? The first person who made an effort to know him, who he let in by choice, that he told his biggest secret too (probably the first person Ace told voluntarily/even considered telling and how much would Ace have had to trust Sabo for that? Because the bandits knew and they feared him and his blood and called him demon and monster and Garp knew, and sure he didn’t hate him, but he was never around and he called Roger a monster so isn’t that the same damn thing? And after all of that AND all the shit people in town said, he still told Sabo.)? Hell yeah, I ship them.
Also kinda lowkey ship him with Vivi (again because of that damn mini arc that made me fall in love with him - smol Elri thought they were so freaking pretty when they stood next to each other) and Luffy (though I prefer a brotherly relationship between them, I can see the romance possibility in some cases if it’s done well).
My favorite non-romantic relationship for this character: ASL for the win! There is not enough ASL in the world and it saddens me. I wish the flashback arc had been longer because smol ASL shenanigans heal my soul. They are too good for this world, too pure.
And his relationship with Whitebeard makes me feel warm and fuzzy because Ace deserves some parental love damnit. An adult figure in his life who says they care about them and fucking proves it. Like Garp and the bandits care about him, but Garp is, again, never around and the bandits just…don’t do affection. Like at all. And even though they raised Ace, it feels like there was a huge rift between them until Luffy showed up and did his Luffy thing that makes everyone happy and full of sunshine just by existing. And even then, it was a distant affection at best. Like, someone please hug this child. But then Whitebeard comes along and calls him son and tells him his blood doesn’t matter and Ace called him dad. Ace who hates his bio dad and basically everything that relationship stands for, willingly called someone his father. Just. Dude.
My unpopular opinion about this character: …I’m not entirely sure this constitutes as an unpopular opinion, but his narcolepsy is a serious issue. In canon, it’s mostly used as the butt of a joke like Zoro getting lost or Chopper and his inability to take complements. But let me tell you, as someone who got her degree in psychology, that shit is fucking scary. endlessblankpages touches on it in their fic To Build a Home (which I HIGHLY recommend) and stormy1x2 wrote a really nice oneshot about it, but every where else I see it, it’s treated like something to laugh at. And sometimes that just rubs me the wrong way.
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: THAT HE FUCKING LIVED
Favorite friendship for this character: Ace and Izo friendship. I just imagine Izo’s everything confusing Ace because he was a wild child (Izo: “What, were you raised by wolves?!” Ace: *shrugs* Basically.) and him innocently asking questions and Izo is just kind of floored how sincere he is. So he patiently explains and Ace asks him to paint his nails and Izo puts flowers in his hair after he sees Ace eying those red hibiscus that one time.
Also, please know that I am forever disappointed that Robin and Ace never met. There are so many parallels. SO MANY. I wanted them to have a friendship so bad, you have no idea.
My crossover ship: Eeeeeh, I don’t really deal in a lot of One Piece crossovers. Pretty much the only fandom I really crossover with it is Harry Potter. So. I think the only romantic ship is Ace/Harry. Though, I suppose arguments could be made for Bill or Charlie. But as far as platonic ships go, he would totally be bros with Ginny and the twins. Also see him getting along really well with Luna.
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