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Fun Fact
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#also makes me think
Broke: Not knowing what the other half of Ranboo is
Woke: Thinking the other half of Ranboo is a ghast
Bespoke: Thinking the other half of Ranboo is a skeleton
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unknown-limes · 13 hours ago
Lizbert Megafig be like “i love my wife, hey random person I’ve never met, come to my island so I can adopt you as my new best friend, I’ve assembled a family unit out of people who generally do not like each other, bugsnax!” 
And then she’s like “my wife and i are sacrificing our lives for the sake of everyone else on this island, hey random person i wanted to be my best friend, fuck you, also fuck bugsnax, anyways don’t die!”
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lavender-femme · 14 hours ago
hey, i wanted to tell you that i got off to your 16 candles audio today so. thank u for that 😳🥰💞 you are... really hot --🍄
Hmmm.. how perfect that I just used the 🍄 emoji on my recent post, then saw this in my inbox two seconds later. What’s that they said about great minds? 😉
but thank you, i’m very glad you’ve been enjoying it 😘💖💕
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icebizzle · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
this is why the doodlepage went up a third time, lol
i swear, i promise, he doesn’t get Icy-big. he stays “compact” most of the time, anyway
i promise, lol
...he’s a good boye, i swear, guys
he picks flowers and goes fishing, yanno? he doesn’t always make people explode in a rain of hellfire, or eat them, like.
it’s fine!! :’)
#kimmy plays ff14#aymeric is gonna FREAK OUT#this is what happens when you hit on a freaky monster guy ok bud. you invite him over for dinner and to stay over#.....listen guys if i'm gonna have a scuffed babs/icy knockoff i'm going FULL HOG on it ok#and he STILL doesn't get icy big. icy big is eating galaxies or whatever. don't worry about it. it's fine. IT'S FINE#so in the story at one point aymeric comes back and is fucking hanging out with the player character and i just fucking DIED#confirmed elf boyfriends now. this goofy npc has worked his ass off within the game's boundaries. i concede. i will ship for once in my life#and kimmy don't ship. kimmy has an ace bus of stupid memes not a god damn SHIP. i don't ever ship. i barely ship my own ocs#there's a select few ocs i ship. like two of the monster office monsters who are a confirmed couple. i ship that. that's good. but like#established media? h e l l no. and yet here we are. with little mister aymeric begging. pleading. 'please let's have dinner. let's hang out'#it makes me angry. but also laff. and it's cute. but i don't think he realizes what he was hitting on lmao#and zair is still ace despite everything. because of course he is : )#i guess he's just homoromantic ace? or. hm. i dunno. he doesn't really GO LOOKING for anyone. aymeric just kind of pushed hard#this is a lot of tags. i've got one more thing though#this is probably zair's true size. him staying compact all the time makes him tired#like if you clenched your hand into a fist as hard as you could. it gets tiring after a while.#he doesn't 'relax' in populated areas usually. or will try to find a secluded area or some place where he can at least lie down during#despite him like. being a monster that eats people and/or blows them up he'd rather not cause a ruckus all the time#explody time is ruckus time. any other time is not ruckus time. vampire-like people-murder is like a stealthy thing usually#not that it needs to be but he prefers it that way. this might be where the high intelligence stat shows up too
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arachnaesghost · 15 hours ago
Noah in the Raven King so decayed that Calla can only really see his death in a coherent memory, everything else is just foggy feelings and it's his kiss with Blue and Ronan as his nice friend and Gansey all grand and his fear for Adam and I just cannot handle my sensitive lil heart cannot take it.
I wish they could hold him in their heart and remember him he really deserves that at least.
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killstreaming · 15 hours ago
🌸 Okay TWO people were hotboxing but he told them he could either throw them out the window or they could throw themselves out the window.
🌸 They went 50/50.
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jazajas · 15 hours ago
i've never posted before on this tag but i have to say:
despite being one of my favorite characters within the show, i sometimes cannot stand the drama that surrounds spencer reid.
i'm not kidding, i skipped through most of the prison reid bits because of how unreasonably anxious it made me feel. the following interactions with cat also, i skipped a lot of that for most of the same reason.
currently i'm on the episode in season 15 where some random lady wants cat set free and she just walked into the BAU in like a mask or something and i genuinely CANNOT right now.
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starlightely · 17 hours ago
bucky's hand on sam's waist
Tumblr media
sam's hand on bucky's metal arm
Tumblr media
sam grabbing bucky to pull him inside the shipping container
Tumblr media
bucky and sam holding hands
Tumblr media
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rigelmejo · 17 hours ago
one thing i can say about learning chinese is you will NEVER be short on reading material unless u don’t even bother to go looking for things you’d like.
i just went through my old rec list for stuff to read that might be ‘easier’ than hanshe or priest. i found like 3 to open up already. all like 50-100 chapters. so many chapters... so much reading material guys...
like hanshe alone is 155 chapters like... priest’s guardian is 106 chapters before all the extras... tian ya ke is like 80 chapters plus extras... if you make yourself genuinely read through an entire freaking webnovel you will have read A LOT. I own The Glass Maiden in print and its like 4 volumes! Mo Du is 3! Guardian is 2! Can Ci Pin is 4! Like... if you simply finish reading a novel that is so much reading practice. Is it enough? No. But wow even a single novel read makes such a huge difference in chinese. 
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pvnkie · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
#whats on milo's mind today?#I think that seeing a cc or influencer go from a really low place in their life to being better can make people feel better sometimes#to show that getting better and healing after you've been low is so so possible and everyone can do it no matter what#but also seeing this person at their lowest makes them vulnerable#and might make a person feel like they're closer to said influencer or cc#because by showing or saying you're at your lowers then you're not a persona anymore#you are being you and not separating yourself or being partial with media#and I think there should be a balance between being genuine and putting up a barrier between you and fans because then#they might feel like they're your friends#and as seen by So many influencers/cc's thats not great#d*n and ph*l is an example#and I don't think its bad to show yourself but by showing the whole internest essentially that you're at your lowest and vulnerable is meh#and I think it's important how you go about it? as well as how you deal with the comments that come afterwards#and once again my first thought is d*n howell#he made videos about being at your lowest he was open and it helped me and a lot of people become stable in their identity/self acceptance#but then that resulted with the fans feeling like they personally knew him#and I get how that can come across? but no#and I guess at the end of the day its up to them ya know#cause they shape how they're seen online but also i guess its scary to me?#this whole thing was inspired by dawn jaqueline and how shes going through a breakup and documenting it on snap#and as a fan I think i've essentially seen her as a person ya know? like i've seen her cry i've seen her laugh i've seen her cope#and I guess its just weird to me#I dunno
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trillscienceofficer · 20 hours ago
writing Vulcans is fun but very slow. I would be faster if I were slightly better at this writing-in-English business and I didn't need to check the thesaurus every ten words or so to achieve the right register, but unfortunately,
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softer-ua · 20 hours ago
I was just thinking, in any of Bakugo’s or Dekus flashbacks do we ever actually see Bakugo say the words “leave me alone”?
I don’t think we do?
Like there’s the “no matter how many times I pushed you down…” bit but Bakugo’s a little asshole in all the flashbacks
Doesn’t seem like a stretch to believe that socially awkward Deku could have seen it as just an escalation of the usual and it would have taken him time to realize it was different and he should distance himself from Bakugo
Hell I think the only time we’ve ever seen Bakugo say anything along the lines of Deku leaving him alone have been during villain attacks or their exam, unless you count him trying to convince Deku to not enroll in UA 🤔
So I take back my jokes about Bakugo being careful what he wishes for, he never did wish for Deku to leave him.
That was always just Deku’s own choice
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