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#also my hair has a mind of it's own and i like it
brainless-outa month ago
Watching LUCA makes me feel like someone wrote a bad fanfiction and made it into a drama.
#there's litterally that movie. the witch part 1 or something. with the exact same story but way better#no romance and no baby but when you're a. artificially modified or created 'monster' who is hunted by mad scientists it's wiser to not#add more trouble to that with a baby in my opinion. also i'm sorry but why is kim rae won looking so sick in this drama#he's like a walking dead man. is it because he lost even more weight. it freaks me out honestly#and i mean. there's NOTHING wrong with doing a drama with a plot that's really a lot like another drama or movie#i don't mind that at all if the drama has its own flavor and is well written with interesting characters#but that's not really the case with luca. for me at least. everything feels so fade and empty... blah....#so far the only and single part of this drama that i care about is the red hair girl and the freaky arm guy#i hope it's not supposed to be a romance subplot but i like her search for how and who fucked her over#and i like the tension between his fatalism and absurd loyalty out of having nothing else to hold on into#and her fierce desire for gaining back the freedom she lost and not just being a pawn who'll get discarded at the end#but apart from that i find nothing interesting in that luca drama#and i am surprised because that's the writer who did the package#which is 180掳 from luca#and the slave hunters aka chuno that i LOVED#and like. what the heck happened man how did you go from this to that#well#everyone is allowed a bad drama once in a while
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abiik7 months ago
wait fuck i knew this was gonna happen
#h talks.#oc Thoughts radiating at a max#like rn it's just little character quirks which. ew disgusting. dont fucking talk to me. dont make me love him even more#i dont mind falling more in love w li okay#but bowen? bo? him? bastard? that BITCH? no thank u#not that i love him or anything AHA! ridiculushshshshhs#anyway thinking PARTICULARLY about how when he's not wearing brand stuff or for a shoot. when he's just doin his own thing#he wears like. the baggiest fucking shirts and/or the baggiest pants AND STILL manages to look as long as he IS#like he's only six foot two. three or whatever and i think in america seeing someone like that walking around is kind of#less common than seeing someone like that walking around in his country of origin#but like his designer baggy clothes STILL make him look all lean and long and tall somehow and it's I HATE IT im gonna kick him#IM GONNA KICK HIM FOR INVADING MY BRAIN!!!!#i also think he has a v pretty neck how im imagining him and i 馃あ馃あ#me 馃 li just 馃あ馃あ馃あ#she and i hiding behind our masks not looking 馃憖馃憖#bowen complains about his hair often too. he be like: no no u cant view it from this angle it looks awful it's too flat#and li is like ?? idk what ur talking about it looks fine#and then after sending a hundred selfies to his hairstylist he's like shoving the text in li's face like SEE SEE MY HAIRSTYLIST AGREED W ME#THEY THINK IT'S TOO FLAT TOO I HAVE TO REDO IT#and li is like u are the most annoying human being i've ever met. just shut up. here is my blow dryer. and some hair stuff. go fuckin wild#bowen: 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ for me??????#li: burn it all when ur done.#HEKCJELXJKEDLEIDKEIDKEIDLEIDLIEKDKECIEKKDODJD#OR HE WEARS LIKE REALLY STRAIGHT PANTS THAT MAKE HIS LEGS LOOK REALLY LONG AND IT'S LIKE <.< WHO GAVE U THE R I G H T
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kaerinio-a11 months ago
Tumblr media
i鈥檓 going to write a headcanon soon about dany鈥檚 hair texture. i wrote one about her haircare routine in canon聽a couple of months ago, but i definitely want to write one about the texture and curl pattern. i鈥檒l probably write a mini headcanon about her haircare in modern soon, too! dany is fit in modern, and i know for a fact that a lot of her tricep strength comes from braiding and taking care of her hair every single night.
but also, i am more than happy to help other muns out when it comes to understanding/writing about natural hair?? so definitely shoot me a message!!
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kinglarrykoopadx5 minutes ago
Ranking the bosses of Origami King
I have stated many many MANY times that Origami King is my favorite Paper Mario, hell, one of my favorite games of all time. And if some lunatic waltzes into my house and gives me a choice of either liking TTYD or die, I鈥檇 rather be dead. But what鈥檚 the worst and best boss in the game? Today, we鈥檙e gonna rank all the bosses in Origami King. Also, it is recommended that you finish the game to view this post, cause this is a spoiler zone.
17. The Shifty Sticker, Tape
The most annoying and unfun boss to cap off a great tribute to Wind Waker fans, all the positives Tape got was having a bopping as hell music and a really great 1st phase. But that鈥檚 where the positives end, cause the 2nd phase is where it all goes downhill. Tape glues parts of the ring meaning you can鈥檛 slide panels and some parts of the rings are connected together. And when a lot of tapes are in the ring at once, it鈥檚 pretty annoying. And this may just be me, but when there鈥檚 too much tape in the arena, Tape straight up gobbles up the tape in the arena to restore HP and it is annoying as fudge. Oh and did I mention that to damage this boss, you鈥檙e forced to use the 1000 fold arms? And did I mention that any other form of offense is next to useless? Needless to say, this is one of the worst bosses I鈥檝e had the pain to endure.
16. The Freezing Finisher, Ice Vellumental
The first phase of Snowy The Bear over here is surrounded by an icy forcefield and you must use the Fire Vellumental to melt down his barrier which is, pretty alright for a first phase (I mean your sliding is not locked this time so that鈥檚 a plus), but then, there鈥檚 Ice Maze to make up for all that fun. For those of you unknowing fools out there, Ice Maze is an ability of this guy where large parts of the arena are covered in ice, and the only way to get through it is find a way to the Action Panel or an active Fire Vellumental Magic Circle without being frozen so you (kinda) won鈥檛 have to endure his greatest attack, Ice Age. Problem is, that even for me, who has a strong memory, I can鈥檛 seem to solve it. Why this is less dreaded than Tape for me despite the monotony is that you can kinda cheese it without Fire Vellumental. By collecting coins, you can stock on Shiny Fire Flowers and basically fireball this boss to death (and they said coins are useless). Even so fuck this fight man.
15. The Blazing Bird, Fire Vellumental
This phoenix right here is possibly the smartest of the Vellumentals. Why is that, you ask? Easy. He lets you damage yourself. Using his special move, Hot Wings, he basically spreads his own wings (which takes a chunk of his health) and lets you damage yourself until you reach an Action Panel. Once you鈥檙e in the Action Panel, use your Iron Boots and jump the shit outta him until his feathers are all/almost gone. Then, use Water Vellumental to shower it to its doom, and lastly, for the coup de grace, pull off his hair and humiliate him in front of a bunch of Toads. The only reason this chicken wing is higher is because jumping him with Iron Boots is as fun, if not more fun than using the Fireballs to cheese the Ice Vellumental.
14. The Apocalyptic Abomination, Paper Mistake Buzzy Beetle
By far the most gruesome thing in Paper Mario franchise, it starts off with you hammering the Dry Bone heads it spews out using Kamek鈥檚 magic. Then, after enough heads were smashed, Kamek reveals himself and you have to pull him outta the beetle鈥檚 nose which is more satisfying than it should be. And then after that, you smash him in the gut 4 times to win. Needless to say, it had its moments.
13. The Elastic Entertainer, Rubber Band
4 numbers later and we are back to the Legion Of Stationary. This time, it鈥檚 Rubber Band. While I can see why people like this boss, keep in mind I鈥檓 doing all these on a no Game Over run, which makes the boss less fun for me. The Bumper Bands are a mere nuisance, but get caught in Rubber Bind and kiss your health goodbye. Solo Snapback isn鈥檛 much better either, for that attack, pray you have a 1 Up left or at the very least can endure that attack or say goodbye to your health. However, despite doing this on a no Game Over run is hell, why is it this high though? you may ask, well, simply put, the Rubber Bands are better projectiles than the Hot Wings, Icicles, and Tape combined.
12. The Chaotic Cactus, Mega Paper Macho Pokey
Tower Power Pokey is back, but this time, he鈥檚 made some changes to the battlefield. Now, instead of fighting in some egyptian temple, you fight him inside of a tornado. This segmented spiky monstrosity has 3 attacks. Creating tornadoes, stalking you from underground, and trying to squash you with its body. This time, to defeat him, instead of using some Baseball Bat sticker bullshit, you must wait until his glow fades and approach him with the Boot Car so you can deliver the smackdown. And, pro tip : if I were you, I wouldn鈥檛 get caught in the twisters.
11. The Groundshaking Gut-Slammer, Earth Vellumental
God to all Koopas, the Earth Vellumental is pretty fun for a tutorial boss. You use your hammers to smash its limbs till eventually you hit its tender tail, and it鈥檚 more fun than it had any right to be. Once the tail is pounded to perfection, flip it with your 1000 fold arms and smack the living daylights out of it.
10. The Trial Of Toughness, Scuffle Island Boss Rush
An optional boss accessible in Chapter 4, the Scuffle Island Boss Rush is fun for a miniboss rush. You get 7 tough Paper Macho opponents ; Goomba, Shy Guy, Koopa, Boo, Paratroopa, Stone Spike, and Buzzy Beetle, each bearing 2 more hitpoints than the ordinary Paper Macho enemies and having a large attack boost. It鈥檚 a test of learning the patterns of the Paper Machos and is way more fun than it has any right to be. Although the Paratroopa did gave me some troubles, like, seriously, if you beat this guy鈥檚 1st phase without a guide, you鈥檙e a pro.
9. The Stormy Guardian, Boss Sumo Bro
A clever reference to NSMBU and Super Mario World, Boss Sumo Bro stands on his mighty thundercloud at first, until you take out his goonies. Then, once you鈥檙e done with his goons, he鈥檒l charge up his unblockable Mega Thunder attack and to stop it, you must use the Fire Vellumental to take him down. It鈥檚 admittedly pretty fun.
8. The Missile Maestro, Colored Pencils
One of the most fun tutorial bosses, Colored Pencils has a simple but really fun 1st phase. You have to close its lid to pull off a Fire Vellumental, and on the 2nd phase, it gets better. You have to use his Rainbow Roll against him and smack the living daylights out of him. It鈥檚 a great boss, buut problem is, it鈥檚 a tutorial boss. It had not much of a chance to make it to the top 5.聽
7. The Final Destination, Paper Plane Storm + Paper Squadron聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽This game consists of you shooting a bunch of Bob Ombs to pave the way to the final level of the game Origami Castle, which is, much sadder than it may seem. It鈥檚 fun as heck shooting down the paper planes, and the Squadron where you have to shoot like a million Bob Ombs to its face is by far personally the most fun part of the game. Why it鈥檚 this low is that it鈥檚 one of the 2 non-rematchable bosses. Once you鈥檝e gotten to Origami Castle, this minigame won鈥檛 be accessible anymore.
6. The Submarine Sinker, Water Vellumental
This overhydrated water dragon is one of the more strategic bosses. You must take note of the water twisters and prevent them from getting in your way of making it to the Action panel to jump him and hit him with the hammer. And then, once he鈥檚 gonna blow, make your way to the Earth Vellumental Magic Circle to dodge his Mega Wave attack, which is pretty powerful. It鈥檚 personally one of the more fun bosses this game had to offer. It鈥檚 not in the top 5 since the water twisters can be pretty annoying though I never had a problem with them personally.
5. The Disco Devil, Hole Punch
The groovy lobotomiser鈥檚 1st phase is pretty annoying, you have to find his tender spot to deal decent damage to him, while having a reduction in health,聽 but slamming the ever loving shit outta him when he tried to pull off his special attack is fun as hell. It makes up for the horrid 1st phase. And pulling off the rubber case as the finisher is waaayyy more fun than it needs to be. Also the music is a freaking jam.
4. The Tentacley Terror, Paper Macho Gooper Blooper
This Mario Sunshine nostalgia fest is hella fun. The 1st phase has you hammering his tentacles which is way more fun than it should be, and the 2nd phase has you hammering his eye, which is, again, way more fun than it should be. This boss is just really, REALLY fun.
3. The Dual Bladed Duelist, Scissors
One of the harder and more intense bosses, Scissors鈥 first phase is putting on a case for his blades for the sake of a fair fight, but once that鈥檚 done, it鈥檚 all intense, bloodpumping action from here. Scissors will use his unblockable special attack, Final Cut, and you must time your jumps to prevent an instant KO. I felt a strong urge of satisfaction when jumping over Scissors鈥 special attack countless times, it鈥檚 not even a laughing matter.
2. The Roshambo Snake, Handaconda
The first phase has you hammering him to get Olivia out of its grasp, and then, the 2nd phase is where the true fun begins. The Magic Circles are swapped with panels with images of Rock, Paper and Scissors and you must observe his hand patterns to get a chance to rush attack him with the 1000 fold arms. It feels so satisfying when you beat him in Roshambo and smash the living daylights out of him.
1. The Royal Rebel, King Olly
One of the best final bosses of all time, Olly is a culmination of what you have learned throughout your journey. The 1st phase consist of you retracing the weaknesses of the Vellumentals and using it against them, the 2nd phase consists of you slamming the ground to give Origami Bowser a helping hand in dealing the semi finishing blow towards Duraludon Olly, and the final phase has you fixing a jumbled up Giant Magic Circle while Olly bombards you with attacks that lead to quicktime events that are way more fun and dramatic than they had any right to be. Needless to say, Olly is the best boss in the Origami King.
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lancermylove45 minutes ago
You鈥檙e Interesting (HC)
Fandom: BSTS
Pairing: Sin x fem!Reader
Warning: None
Requested by: @weebslawyer鈥
Prompt: Hello. You know I told you my brain go brr? I have another one. So, it's a Sin hc request because daddy energy for no reason. I was thinking about something like, the reader, being a she because is easier to explain, 聽is best friend with Taiga, but she doesn't find people interesting anymore. Until one day, when she comes to pick up Taiga, she met Sin. And at some point they were talking, and Sin being Sin, he speak his own language. But she stop, analyze what he says and ask if mean what she thinks it means. And they start this mind game. And they end to the point where they can speak fluent with each other. And then somehow they end together and one day he comes home and see how his cat is sleeping on her chest.
A/N: Sorry for taking a century to write your request. >< Hope you like it!聽
Tumblr media
As you waited for Taiga outside of Starless, you watched people walking to and from with little interest. "I swear interesting people don't exist anymore."聽
"You just don't find anyone interesting," your best friend strolled out of his workplace, chuckling. "Oh, hey, this is Sin. He's one of my team members."聽
As soon as you shifted your eyes to the tall man next to him, you froze in place. His alluring aura, his strong presence, his piercing eye, his metallic hair - he was perfect.聽
Sin slightly nodded his head as if trying to say "nice to meet you". While your bestie and his teammate exchanged a few words, all you could do was gawk at him.聽
Since that day, you couldn't get the handsome man out of your mind. Taiga was right, you never found anyone interesting, regardless of who they were - at least not until now. You decided to pick up Taiga from Starless more often in hopes that you'll run into his mysterious friend.聽
Even when you ran into Sin, he merely nodded his head and walked away wordlessly. Then one day, you, Taiga, and your crush were in the back alley. Your bestie was complaining about not being able to find Nekome's location despite pulling consecutive all-nighters.聽
"One can immerse a sapling in fertilizer but it will not grow instantly."聽
Taiga furrowed his brows and sighed, "What has a tree got to do with gathering information?"聽
"Wait, Taiga...," you mumbled, "I think what he's trying to say is there are times where you need to be patient. R-Right?"聽
Sin nodded and smiled, making your heart race faster. From then on, you had somehow turned into Taiga's go-to translator for Singo. Unbeknownst to you, Sin also looked forward to meeting you.聽
The more time you spent with him, the more you were able to understand his riddles and poetic words, and at one point, you even started to talk in Singo, much to Taiga's horror. The poor gamer had twice the headache to deal with now.聽
What your bestie never saw coming, though, was you dating Sin. One day, he saw you and Sin together in a caf茅 and asked, "What are you doing here with him?"聽
"I'm on a date with him."聽
Taiga's head started spinning. Wait, weren't you supposed to be his BFF? Then why didn鈥檛 you tell him you were interested in Sin? Your bestie wasn鈥檛 sure if you dating his teammate was a good idea since he knew Sin was hiding something, and the last thing he wanted was for you to get involved in Sin鈥檚 matters.聽聽
But not wanting to break your heart, Taiga didn't say anything; instead, he approached Sin in Starless and warned him not to get you involved in any of his matters. 鈥淜eep her away from the mess at Starless - old and new. She doesn鈥檛 deserve it - she only deserves happiness, and you better remember that.鈥澛
Sin pondered over Taiga鈥檚 words while on his way home. Was he really doing the right thing by getting involved with you? What if his enemies attempt to target you? What if you learn about his past? What if -聽
As soon as Sin opened the door to his home, all the what-if scenarios silenced in his mind. A smile danced on his lips when he saw you on the couch with his beloved cat sleeping on your chest. For a while, he stood quietly and took in the cute scene, then a thought occurred to him.聽
What Taiga said was right, but Sin was not going to let you go. He was going to keep you far from danger, especially the darkness lurking within Starless. He had faith that you understood him to the point where you wouldn鈥檛 leave him, not even when his past comes to light. He loved you and was going to shield you from every danger because you deserved happiness - only happiness.
鉃 BSTS Masterlist 1 鉃 BSTS Masterlist 2
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fandom-blackhole2 hours ago
Assuming all your spots aren't taken, thank you!
F/M ship, she/her pronouns, 32 years old, bucket boys please 馃グ
I'm tall, curvy with strawberry blonde hair and grey blue eyes...covered in freckles. I'm typically more in darker colored basic clothing staples; jeans, solid tees in greys blues greens blacks, slip on shoes like vans.聽
I am a bi INFP, introverted, need recharge time, and value my alone time. I have a sarcastic, dry, snarky side and enjoy making people laugh. I'm extremely loyal but hold a grudge -- even as a kid I was always sticking up for the underdog. I am an animal lover, nature lover, and love rainy days. I'm re-evaluating what I want to do with my life but I want to be a storyteller whether that's writing or my current side hustle of character inspired candles.
So my apologies if you get this twice, I sent it on mobile and then it was wonky so I鈥檓 not entirely unconvinced that tumblr didn鈥檛 eat it. I ship you with Ezra from Prospect! You are the perfect foil to the oftentimes dreamy head-in-the-clouds Ezra. He sometimes needs reeling in and your sharp, strategic mind keeps you both on task in the dangerous world of prospecting, but your keen awareness and analysis is always helpful and welcome.
(2) Even better, you are one of the few that can parse his flowery non-stop talking and keep up with the man 鈥 a trait he finds most attractive. He doesn鈥檛 mind that you are introverted and quiet at first, openly smiling and commenting on how you鈥檝e bloomed for him once you are comfortable with him and show your more dry, sarcastic side.
(3) He marvels at his new prospecting partner; smart, knowledgeable, but willing to stand up for what you believe is the right thing to do and willing to draw the line on what isn鈥檛. The irony isn鈥檛 lost on him either that your eyes match the plants you bring into the pod to make it more homey, match the green moon of his last fateful prospecting job. Ezra keeps thinking he鈥檚 finally found the plant to match those eyes of yours, but he keeps finding new depths in them that take his breath away.
Hello and thank you for participating! Also your ship for me only sent once so you don鈥檛 need to worry about it
For your ship, I ship you with Boba Fett!
Tumblr media
Boba completely understands your need for space and time to recharge away from people every once and a while. Being alone for the majority of his life has left him with some of the same needs because people can just be irritatingly overwhelming for him. Boba also very much enjoys your humor and will laugh almost every time you make a sarcastic comment, usually returning it with one of his own. Now be warned that if you push too much and are snarky with him all day he will put you in your place later that night, if you know what I mean wink wink. Boba appreciates your level of loyalty because it isn't something that is common among the bounty hunters and smugglers and crime lords he has associated himself with both in the past and the present. He also finds it quite cute when you hold a grudge against someone or get worked up over something someone has done to you or the people you are protective of, and he finds it endearing that you always find a way to route for the underdog in any situation possible. Boba as a surprise for you went out and get you a pet lothcat just so you would have a little companion around the palace, especially when he is away on business. Boba also is very aware of Tattooine's lack of nature and rain, and when he has the time he will take you to a planet where you can enjoy both, even just for a little while (I also headcannon that Boba is fond of rain because of his childhood on Kamino and it just reminding him of simpler and happier times).
Tumblr media
I am literally screaming at how cute your ship for me is!
I love Ezra with my whole heart and love how poetically charming he is. I am a pretty philosophical person and I think the two of us would have the most interesting of conversations.聽
Also all your comments about him loving me and my plants has me giddy, as well as swoon at the idea of Ezra always bringing home different plants to me because they remind him of me. Gosh I just love it all!
(Also you have character inspired candles?! I am a candle hoarder and I would love to see your selection if you have an online shop!)
Request a Ship聽(5/20)
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thatfanficstuff4 hours ago
Impossible - 17
Tumblr media
Pairing: eric northman x reader
Warnings: nope
A/N: you get a gif today because I鈥檓 too lazy to make a header.聽
The next evening, Eric took you and Sookie with him to meet with two of Godric鈥檚 underlings: Isabel Beaumont and Stan fucking Baker. Isabel was a sweetheart but Stan was an asshole of the first order and a huge pain in your father鈥檚 ass. You鈥檇 met him twice before but seriously doubted he even remembered. You were just another human after all. There was no reason for him to pay any mind to you whatsoever.
Sookie had styled her hair and wore a red dress with a bandana pattern on it. It was cute but it also screamed country. Eric had worn a black button up with black pants and his black leather jacket. In contrast, you wore white, the dress clasping around your neck which left the back open. Eric moved around the room, restless, his hand caressing your bare skin whenever he passed by.
He introduced the two of you to the other two vampires by name only. As you expected, Stan showed not even the vaguest recollection of having met you before. 鈥淵ou might have mentioned that Eric hired a couple of fucking humans, Isabel.鈥 He rocked on his feet a bit as he scowled at you.
鈥淣ow, wait just a damn minute,鈥 Sookie started and you placed a hand on her arm to stop her.
鈥淵ou are human, Sookie. Pick something else to get pissed off about. I鈥檓 sure Stan here will give you plenty of options,鈥 you told her. She was used to dealing with Eric and Bill. Stan would just as soon rip her head off as listen to her attitude. As for you, you were kind of hoping he鈥檇 try it with you. All you needed was an excuse.
Stan stepped forward and curled his lip as he snarled at you. In a blink, Eric had him pinned against the wall with a hand on his chest. 鈥淭hat one鈥檚 my mate. Treat her with anything but the utmost respect again and we will have an issue.鈥
He released Stan and flashed back to your side. The Texan straightened his suitcoat. 鈥淵ou might have introduced her that way, Northman.鈥
鈥淚 might鈥檝e, but I didn鈥檛. Deal with it.鈥
鈥淐an we get back on topic?鈥 Isabel asked.
鈥淎re you certain it is the Fellowship of the Sun that took Godric?鈥 Eric looked more than a little annoyed at the prospect.
Stan said, 鈥淵es鈥 at the same time Isabel said, 鈥淣o.鈥
The male rolled his eyes. 鈥淭hey are the only ones with the organization and manpower to have pulled this off.鈥
鈥淏ut they鈥檙e amateurs,鈥 Isabel argued. 鈥淭his is Godric we鈥檙e talking about.鈥
You frowned. 鈥淒o you know for sure that he was taken by anyone? It seems like you鈥檙e just guessing.鈥
鈥淗e wouldn鈥檛 just leave. He has responsibilities here. Besides, we can find no trace of him,鈥 Isabel reasoned.
鈥淪ookie and I can investigate at the church. It should be fairly easy to determine if he鈥檚 there or not,鈥 you said. Eric shifted beside you.
鈥淎nd just how do you propose to do that?鈥 Isabel asked, her accent more pronounced in her irritation.
You laid a hand on Sookie鈥檚 arm to keep her quiet. 鈥淚t鈥檚 what we鈥檙e here for.鈥 Which really didn鈥檛 answer her question at all, but you didn鈥檛 care. There was a leak here and you weren鈥檛 giving them any more information than necessary.
鈥淚t鈥檚 not necessary. We just go in and take them out in one mass attack. Show them who鈥檚 in charge.鈥
鈥淗mm, vampire hating church gets wiped out. I wonder who did it? The Authority would skin your ass,鈥 you told him. 鈥淥n second thought, that could be entertaining. Go ahead.鈥
鈥淎lskling,鈥 Eric said, a warning in his tone.
Stan鈥檚 gaze narrowed and darted between you and your mate. He really wanted to say something but wisely feared the Viking beside you. As he should. Instead, he settled for, 鈥淗ave we met before?鈥
You hummed in amusement but didn鈥檛 answer. Let him figure it out.
Stan widened his stance and crossed his arms. 鈥淲e all know the Great Revelation was the biggest mistake we ever made. It would be a shame to let this opportunity pass.鈥
Wow. Your dad was going to have a field day with this one.
鈥淒on鈥檛 use Godric to make your own little power play,鈥 Isabel snapped at her counterpart.
Eric stiffened beside you. 鈥淵ou are both completely incompetent. What has happened to Godric that he surrounds himself with fools?鈥
鈥淲e invited you here as a courtesy. You have no authority here,鈥 Isabel told him.
鈥淵eah, why don鈥檛 you just run on home to Louisiana and take your puppets with you?鈥 Stan drawled.
Your hand gripped Eric鈥檚 to keep him from launching himself at the other vampire for calling you a puppet. 鈥淲e need a plan,鈥 you said, trying to get everyone back on topic.
鈥淚 have a plan.鈥 Of course, fucking Stan.
鈥淚t鈥檚 not a plan, it鈥檚 a movie,鈥 Isabel argued and you wondered how many times they鈥檇 had a version of this argument since Godric disappeared. He wouldn鈥檛 have stood for it if he were here.
Your gaze shifted back to Stan as he said, 鈥淚t鈥檚 not a movie, it鈥檚 a war.鈥 So fucking dramatic. Did he think there were cameras filming him or something? Imbecile.
鈥淚diots,鈥 Eric growled out echoing your thoughts. He pulled you from the room, Sookie trailing behind.
As soon as the three of you were outside, he released you hand so he could pace. Sookie leaned toward you. 鈥淚s he okay?鈥
You hummed and gave her a nod. 鈥淗e鈥檚 just pissed. Give him a minute.鈥 You pulled out your phone while you waited for him to cool off and sent your dad a text. Stan Baker is going to be a problem.
The response was almost immediate. Dallas, right?
Considering the amount of vampires he鈥檚 encountered over the years, you鈥檇 always been impressed at his ability to remember names, faces and locations. Yes.
Do I need to send someone?
You smirked, knowing what he was really asking. Not necessary. I鈥檓 already here. Just tell me I鈥檓 cleared and I鈥檒l take care of it when we鈥檝e finished our business here. Eric might beat me to it. Stan called me a puppet.
You have full authority. Either of you. Your usual fee applies. And y/n?
I鈥檓 sorry.
I know. Your fight wouldn鈥檛 truly be resolved until you talked in person but it was a start. You put your phone away just as Eric returned to the two of you. 鈥淔eel better?鈥 you asked before pressing a kiss to his cheek.
He didn鈥檛 respond so you took that as a no. He grasped your hand in his and you grabbed Sookie鈥檚. The three of you walked back inside only to hear Isabel and Stan still arguing over whether or not they should just wipe out the church. Eric growled before picking up a vase and launching it at the wall. It shattered catching their attention.
鈥淕odric has protected you and made you rich and you stand here arguing like a couple of children. No wonder he has not been found.鈥
鈥淎re you aware you have a leak?鈥 you asked, giving them something else to focus on.
鈥淚mpossible,鈥 they said in unison.
鈥淲e were intercepted at the airport. They were told to take the humans traveling with me,鈥 Eric explained.
鈥淎nd from what I鈥檝e gathered, Isabel鈥檚 the only one that knew we were coming.鈥 You tilted your head as you studied the shock on the female vampire鈥檚 face. It seemed genuine.
Before you could question her further, Eric had her hanging in the air by her throat. 鈥淵ou would endanger my mate?鈥
鈥淚 didn鈥檛. I swear,鈥 she choked out as she clawed at his wrist. Stan just stood by with a smirk on his face.
鈥淧ut her down, Eric. We need to ask her some questions,鈥 you said softly.
He huffed and released her so she dropped to the floor. 鈥淎sk.鈥
鈥淲ho did you tell we were coming?鈥 Your voice was just as quiet as it had been for Eric.
When she shook her head, you held up a hand to stop her.
鈥淣ot an enemy. Someone you trusted, Isabel. Who did you tell?鈥
You saw the moment the name came to her. She was devastated. 鈥淗e wouldn鈥檛.鈥
鈥淲ho?鈥 Stan snapped.
When she took too long to answer, Eric asked again. 鈥淗ugo,鈥 she said softly.
鈥淵our human.鈥 Stan鈥檚 lip curled in that sneer he seemed to have perfected.
Eric stopped him before he could go after the man in question. 鈥淵ou will lock him up and await Godric鈥檚 judgment. No harm will come to him.鈥
鈥淵ou have no authority here, Sherriff.鈥
The only thing that kept you from killing him now was the fact he may know more than he was letting on about Godric鈥檚 disappearance and you鈥檇 have to interrogate him later. 鈥淎ctually, he does. The threat to his mate supersedes Hugo鈥檚 act of betrayal against you.鈥
Stan turned his scowl on you. 鈥淲ho are you?鈥
鈥淲ho me? I鈥檓 just a puppet.鈥
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theoriginalladya4 hours ago
Coats on the Citadel? :D
Sweet!聽 Thanks for asking!!!
So, this takes place back in ME1, shortly after Caleb has his encounter with Finch.聽 The next time the Normandy docks, Caleb chases everyone but those on watch off the ship for a bit of R&R (in his timeline, after Therum and Noveria, but before Feros and Virmire).聽 I don鈥檛 have a whole lot of it yet, but there is a reason they run into one another (ie: Anderson鈥檚 behind it. Again. :P ) but I haven鈥檛 gotten that far in the writing yet.聽 I DO, however, have the bit of them meeting up.
He spends the better part of an hour chasing off the last of the stragglers 鈥 Garrus鈥 love of tinkering with the Mako and Adams鈥 insistence that he should be the one to supervise the maintenance on the new drive core, notwithstanding 鈥 before grabbing his own pack and heading out. He checks in with Pressly on the way through the CIC, but the man does a perfect impersonation of him for once as he shoos Caleb on through. 聽Chuckling to himself and shaking his head in bemusement (Pressly鈥檚 attempt at an Irish accent is good enough to fool an Englishman at least, he鈥檇 give him that much), Caleb exits the ship.
鈥淭rasna ort f茅in! 聽鈥淗ammersmith, what the hell are you doing here?鈥 he says by way of greeing as he steps out of the docking tube and onto the platform.
Though out of uniform at the moment, the dark hair, grey eyes, and casual smirk grinning back at him are all too familiar. 鈥淢ight say the same 鈥榖out you, Shannon. Always knew you鈥檇 impress, but a Council Spectre? 聽That鈥檚 a bit above and beyond, even for the likes of you!鈥 聽
Coats extends his hand and Caleb takes it, pumping it twice before nodding in the direction of the lift. 聽As they board, he asks, 鈥淎ll kidding aside, why are you here? 聽Last I heard, they were pulling you back to sniper school.鈥
Coats grins. 聽鈥淪till there,鈥 he replies. 聽鈥淭ook a bit of leave between classes. 聽Thought I鈥檇 come see what everyone鈥檚 been fussing about.鈥 聽He crosses his arms and eyes Caleb head to foot then back again, before concluding, 鈥淗ate to disappoint you, mate, but you still look like the same gangly Paddy I met all those years ago.鈥
Huffing, Caleb runs a hand through his hair, landing at the back of his neck where he rubs at tension that just won鈥檛 let up. 鈥淚f you only knew.鈥
The lift deposits them just outside of C-Sec Academy, and Caleb leads the way to the public transportation on the assumption Coats hasn鈥檛 figured it out yet. 聽His friend doesn鈥檛 seem to mind, so he hails a skycab to get them to the Wards. 聽鈥淗ow long are you here?鈥
Coats shrugs. 聽鈥淐ouple of days, give or take. 聽Saw the old man 鈥 imagine my surprise finding him here, of all places.鈥
The skycab arrives and they clamber inside. Caleb reads off their destination in the Wards and then sits back, tilts his head, and eyes his friend with curiosity. Something about his explanation isn鈥檛 sitting right, but it鈥檚 also couched by the memory of why Anderson is on the Citadel.聽 That produces a scowl, and Caleb averts his gaze to the window to stare out at passing traffic. 聽鈥淧olitical bullshit,鈥 he mutters beneath his breath.
鈥淎h. 聽Wondered 鈥榖out that. 聽Last I鈥檇 heard, he was taking up the reins of a prototype frigate.鈥
Snorting softly Caleb nods. 聽鈥淭he Normandy. 聽I was his XO.鈥
鈥淎nd now you鈥檙e in command.鈥 聽Coats whistles softly through his teeth. 聽鈥淢ate, you aren鈥檛 just moving up in the galaxy, you鈥檙e racing there!聽 Maybe slow down and enjoy the ride a bit?鈥
Caleb turns back around to face him.聽 There鈥檚 so much he wants to share, but he can鈥檛.聽 Not yet.聽 Depending on the Council, maybe not ever.聽 Instead, he shifts the conversation.聽 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know. 聽Last promotions list I saw, you鈥檇 made Staff Commander. 聽You got me beat.鈥
鈥淪pectre sort of shoves that by the wayside,鈥 Coats reasons. 聽鈥淵ou don鈥檛 just have admirals and generals eyeing you now, but the bloody galactic Council.鈥
And that, Caleb knows and wants to argue but doesn鈥檛, isn鈥檛 always a good thing.
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bigskydreaming5 hours ago
We don鈥檛 talk enough about the fact that its actually been a good while since Damian was written to be ten, and when you account for the year he spent with Dick while Bruce was lost in time and the fact that the events between Night of the Owls up until current canon covers a good three years or so, Damian鈥檚 supposed to be around fourteen.
Duke is about sixteen.
Fourteen and sixteen is the perfect age range for absolute mayhem of the聽鈥榣ast two still living at home鈥 variety, I鈥檓 just saying.
Make these two the terrible twosome they deserve to be! The kind of bonding that can result from being the two youngest in a large sprawling family where most everyone else have their own Epic. The stuff ballads are comprised of. Very weird ballads, probably, but like, we鈥檙e talking about the genetically engineered intended future leader of a cult of assassins that鈥檚 led by an immortal who needs to unclench and who ditches destiny in favor of being the heir of said immortal鈥檚 daughter鈥檚 crimefighting billionaire boytoy, as well as the civic-minded, self-made vigilante son of two of the Joker鈥檚 victims deadset on avenging and helping cure his parents and in the process learning he has superpowers and then learning that actually his dad is his stepdad and his bio dad is a supervillain and then learning that his bio supervillain dad is an immortal and then learning that actually his mom is also an immortal probably maybe okay survey鈥檚 still out on that one and then learning that also he is an immortal probably maybe okay results still pending and also getting invited to come live with the Batfam along the way and being like eh, sure, why not at this point.
In case you lost track of where I was going with that, let me loop you back around to聽鈥榯hese two鈥檚 antics, feats and shenanigans should be the stuff of legends, albeit very weird, very strange legends, because look at their lives, look at their choices.鈥 That was the fork where that particular road through the wild untamed woods that are my thoughts split off.
AND WE鈥橰E BACK. So! What have we learned? In conclusion, Duke and Damian are basically only two years apart, are united in being the babies of the family in a family where such a thing is all but guaranteed to result in endless teasing about being the babies of the family and also Overprotectedness from an assortment of the absolute WORST people to be Overprotected by, and also have in common the fact that they make terrible choices largely resulting from thinking聽鈥榞otta do the thing鈥 even when聽鈥榥o actually, don鈥檛 gotta do the thing鈥 was standing RIGHT there the WHOLE time, and between them they possess the capacity to virtually double the amount of stress wrinkles and gray hairs Bruce accumulated in all his previous years of parenting.聽
You鈥檝e heard of force multipliers, now get ready for stress multipliers, as in the exponentially magnifying effect of having at home not one but two precociously determined world-savers with a nose for finding trouble and an aptitude for jumping into said trouble feet first like in a flying sidekick kinda way, no pun intended. Okay fine, pun absolutely intended. ANYWAYS. Due to issues of timing and character ages and also characters not being invented yet, never before has Bruce been in the position of having two kids this close in age living at home at the same time, though in Tim and Cassandra鈥檚 case that was mostly just because Cass spent most of her time living with Babs so that Babs could gloat and go hah I win! and also Suck It, Daddy Warbucks at Bruce okay so that probably wasn鈥檛 the actual reason but who can honestly remember what was, it was like two hundred million years and also braincells ago. The point - in as much as such a thing even exists hahaha what are words even, language isn鈥檛 real, we totally made it up - is that even already having raised like thirty seven and a half other kids before now shouldn鈥檛 be enough to have adequately prepared Bruce to endure the united power of two kids, one roof, zero sense. Which is probably for the best as I mean. If Dick and Jason had both been living at home at the same time, he might have like. Died. Probably.
So yes. Duke and Damian are only two years apart, absolute master chefs in the shared kitchen of mayhem and choices that make Bruce go I Object, their potential for shenanigans are the stuff very strange but strangely compelling sagas are made of, and they are terribly enabling enablers who believe that ratifying and endorsing each other even when the other is horribly, horrifically wrong is absolute peak sibling solidarity and should always be their go-to modality. Also, I should be banned from using the phrase聽鈥榠n conclusion鈥 forevermore as from context I appear to think it means聽鈥渏ust five more paragraphs actually鈥 when I have just been informed that apparently that is not in fact what it means. On the other hand, context is for the weak and I work out.聽
And that鈥檚 what you missed on Glee.
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charnelhouse5 hours ago
Tumblr media
gif by @bestintheparsec鈥 (i鈥檓 sry i couldn鈥檛 find it through the lil gif searcher and this inspired the fic!!)
Rating: 18+, Explicit Pairing: Din Djarin x F!Reader Wordcount:聽5K聽 Summary: Three times Din Djarin fucks you in public. Warnings: Absolute FILTH talk. Exhibitionism. Rough sex. Ass play. Squirting. Jealousy. Possessive!Din. Possessive! Reader I honestly can鈥檛 remember all the shit that goes down but it鈥檚 DIRTY. A/N: this is for my queen @mouthymandalorian鈥嬧 after we threw around some sexi tropes and discussed Din fucking you in public without caring bc he rolls like that. Also, hit 1K followers so dis ridiculously over-long piece is for everyone. We did not need 5K of public sex, and yet I am zooted to the edge on caffeine so 5K we got.
Din likes to fuck in public. Not outright in public - not 鈥渟lamming into you on the hard ground of a Tatooine marketplace鈥 public.
But - in places where the possibility to see him taking you apart is greater than not.
You half-wonder if this desire is bred out of some part of him that wants to prove.
Prove his worth. Prove his stamina. Prove the fact that he is deserving聽of love and desire.
Then again, maybe it鈥檚 just because it鈥檚 you.聽聽
Their relationship is something primal. He鈥檚 possessive in a way that near-blinds you especially when he grips you tight and tells you that he wants to fuck.
Perhaps, it鈥檚 related to his culture. Din Djarin has never had anything of his own. He is a man who belongs to a great swirling mass of we. You are his and he tells you it again and again as if he is terrified that you might just forget.
You鈥檙e mine. Your pussy. Your ass. Mine.聽
It鈥檚 interwoven between his grunts and the furious bam bam bam of the metal bed or his Beskar making contact over and over again with your plush, bare skin.
For someone so quiet and stealthy - a wraith with a nose for blood and mess - he can be a total bastard with a filthy tongue.聽
It鈥檚 just so good.
They normally don鈥檛 take on partners
Definitely not other guild members.聽
But lines of communication get crossed and they鈥檙e suddenly stuck with a young, handsome bounty hunter named Radin. He is way too cocky for his status in the guild, but you鈥檙e sweet and willing to give the kid a shot.
鈥淣o,鈥 Din grits as they decide what to do about it.聽
鈥淐鈥檓on,鈥 you urge, fingers slipping beneath his belt, wrapping gently around the hardening length of his cock. You stroke him once, pressing your lips to the naked skin between his cape and helmet. He shivers. 鈥淏e a good guy. Let him tag along. I鈥檒l get on my knees right now if you do it.鈥
He blinks, his lower belly tightening up, swelling with heat because of your skilled little hand.
鈥淔ine,鈥 he growls as you sink down to the floor.聽
He regrets it. Even though your mouth is fucking perfect and your face breaks his heart on a daily basis, he deeply regrets having this idiot come with them.
Din stalks behind as Radin steps along with you, his hand very fucking close to your hip. The twin suns of Tatooine burn steadily above their group, blanching the stretches of brown sand dunes that promise a difficult journey.
Din is seething. The guy won鈥檛 leave you alone. He keeps pressing you for conversation, combing a hand through his wavy blonde hair as he winks one bright blue eye at you. He has a face carved with an undeserved imperiousness.
He even elbows Din when they stop to make camp. 鈥淲ow,鈥 he says. 鈥淪he鈥檚 really something. You guys um - you guys aren鈥檛 together, right?鈥
Din bites through the meat of his tongue, his jaw clicking in place. His mind runs through a number of insults or maybe even a physical maiming.聽
If you even think of trying anything, I will cut you right now.
Instead, he stares at the kid for a prolonged period of silence until Radin shifts on his feet before muttering something about organizing supplies.聽
He needed to deal with this.聽
Din did not like to claim you in a way that reeked of ownership. He meant it strictly in a way that meant my body knows yours and will not know another.
Even if he tried, he could not know another.聽
The tight, wet heat of your cunt was the best thing he had ever felt in the galaxy. You were his in all the ways it counted. In all the ways it mattered.聽
He鈥檇 thrust his cock into you, gripping your chin to force your eyes to his and stammer:
I鈥檝e had nothing. My whole life I have had nothing until you.聽
You鈥檇 answer with your mouth or the soft, tangled moan of Din you fucking sap before digging your nails into his shoulders and contracting around him. Your expression dizzy and lovely as a shot star collapsing into the crush of space. The very subtle glimmer of tears beneath your lashes.
So this boy with all of his honeyed words and bare handsomeness had unknowingly tried to cleave his way into what Din considered his most precious possession. He hadn鈥檛 even taken a hint when you had very sweetly told him to stop gripping your hips when you were climbing one of the steep sand dunes.
Even Din didn鈥檛 do that because you were perfectly capable of doing it on your own.
Under the press of twilight, it starts when the fire burns down to coals. Pulsing red like the tiny warning lights in the Crest鈥檚 cockpit. Tatooine鈥檚 three moons hang fat above them. Full and pregnant and glossy in the satin-blue sky.聽
You鈥檙e almost half-asleep, stretched out on your side with your cheek resting in your palm. Your lips pink and parted. Radin is snoring across the way, locked in shadows and his cloak.
鈥淧retty girl,鈥 Din husks as you lazily turn to look at him. 鈥淐鈥檓ere.鈥
鈥淚 know that tone,鈥 you yawn. You still get on your hands and knees, crawling towards him with your hair in your face. It鈥檚 endearing. It is also brutally sexy.聽
He reaches for you, hauling you flush against his chest as you squeal. He unties his cape, bringing it over the both of them. You smell good - like salt-brine and the floral echo of your shampoo. Three days in the desert without a shower and he鈥檇 still shove his face between your legs and eat you like he was dying.聽
He peers across the way - the smoking coals providing the thinnest of screens.聽
鈥淚 want to fuck you,鈥 he says, nudging his helmet against your shoulder. 鈥淐an I?鈥
You sigh. 鈥淭he kid is right there, Din.鈥
And then he blurts out something he doesn鈥檛 mean to. He doesn鈥檛 protest - doesn鈥檛 assure you that he鈥檚 asleep.聽
Instead, he growls. 鈥淕ood.鈥
You still, the molten, heart-thrumming length of your gorgeous body going quiet against his armor. He takes his gloves off, trailing his fingers beneath his cape, tracing them over the band of your tight pants.聽
鈥淲ere you mad?鈥 you whisper suddenly, arching your back so that your ass is jutting up against his crotch.聽
It takes him by surprise, the teasing heat in your voice. 鈥淎bout what?鈥 he grunts, suspicious.
鈥淲hen he touched me,鈥 you answer. 鈥淲hen he put his hands on me - when he simply ignored you.鈥
He mutters your name - a warning. His jealousy can spiral out of control - bursting through the well-designed architecture of his quiet Mandalorian skin. You turn your head, the red ache of the fire鈥檚 embers highlighting your profile.
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 like it,鈥 you say. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 like someone else trying to take what isn鈥檛 theirs.鈥
Oh fuck.聽
He grinds himself against you, his voice dropping to something rich and gritty. 鈥淵eah?鈥 he rubs his helmet against your cheek. 鈥淵ou needed me?鈥
Your hand moves beneath the cape, gripping him roughly by the wrist as you force his hand down the slick seam of your pussy. 鈥淚 needed you,鈥 you repeat.
鈥淪hit, baby,鈥 he growls. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so fucking soaked. You鈥檝e been like this all day?鈥
You nod vigorously, your thighs trembling around his fingers. 鈥淵ou - you could have just slid right in - taken me against one of those rocks.鈥
He pinches the bundle of nerves at the peak of your sex, making you jerk in his arms. 鈥淒irty little thing,鈥 he taunts. 鈥淵ou鈥檇 let me fuck your desperate pussy like that? In front of the boy?鈥
鈥淚 wanted you to,鈥 you whine.聽
The muscles in Din鈥檚 stomach go to knots. You were satisfying him in more ways than one. Of course, he knew that you weren鈥檛 interested in Radin. He knew that you weren鈥檛 interested in anyone, but him. Right now you were pacifying the beast inside his chest - the one that demanded you at all fucking hours - that required you to a certain extent. You were smoothing its furious face - telling him calm calm calm - there is only you - there is only ever you.聽
He eases the tip of his thumb over your clit before he circles it gently. You鈥檙e a heated thing in his arms, wriggling and desperate as you whimper under the onslaught of his fingertips.聽
Through the screen of his helmet, he quickly realizes that they aren鈥檛 the only two awake. There is the rapidly growing pattern of another heart, the escalated breathing. He wouldn鈥檛 be able to see anything, but he could certainly hear.聽
Din snarls before he shoves his hips against you, ripping down the waistband of your pants. He removes his fingers, skating them over your hip, through the cleft of your ass before testing your dripping cunt from behind. He buries three of them knuckle deep before moving them rapidly from side to side as he curls them.聽
鈥淪hit,鈥 you curse - high-pitched and unintentional. He clamps his other hand over your lush mouth, muffling your sweet sounds. Those are his.聽
It鈥檚 audible how wet you are as he jerks his fingers. The lewd squelch of him moving inside your convulsing cunt.
鈥淩eady for me?鈥 he muses. 鈥淵ou want to cum on my cock?鈥
Your eyes roll back, jeweled and bright in the blue of early morning. You lick a stripe up his hand, waggling your eyebrows in a way that almost makes him laugh.聽
Their sex can be dark - can be ugly and too rough - but it can also be fun. You鈥檙e playing right now while the other kid lies lonely and quiet away from them.聽
You push at his pants, dragging them low enough that it frees his cock. When he breaches you, he can鈥檛 stop himself from his own tight gasp. Your perfect cunt drenching him, fluttering around the length of him as you hold still so he can bottom out.聽
And then he fucks you - for real - for keeps - in a very obvious display of his stamina. He seesaws his hips, dragging the pulsing rod of his cock back until the tip catches on the rim of your pussy before he鈥檚 driving back inside you - hitting something deep and devastating as you gasp against his palm. It鈥檚 everything for him - the sensations of the cold, windy desert that creeps between them - slinking its weathered claws over the bare, wet mess of his groin - the only piece of him open to the elements other than his hands. That matched with the hot, silky clutch of your sex as you cling to his cock - your lower muscles fervent and edged.
鈥淗e鈥檚 fucking watching us,鈥 he tells you - low and heated. It hits you where he wants and the noises you make are unbearably intimate: fragile, half-drunk moans as he squeezes a handful of your waist before sliding his fingers between your folds.
He raises his voice just enough. 鈥淚f he ever fucking touched you, I鈥檇 kill him. Break his skull right on the sand.鈥
It鈥檚 not fair how hard he鈥檚 fucking you. They're not even trying to be quiet at this point. There鈥檚 the staccato wet slap of his hips pounding your ass. His own harsh breathing as he flexes inside you. Still - Din wants to push you harder - he wants to make it filthy and wrong since they鈥檝e already pushed past the barriers of decency the second he called you over to him.
He stills his movements and you cry out in protest. He can feel your gushing pussy convulse around him - on the very brink of a climax.聽
鈥淚 wonder how swollen your cunt is right now?鈥 he mutters, gently stroking your belly with his slick fingers. 鈥淚f I pulled out right now, it鈥檇 probably gape for me. All pink and red inside.鈥
Your nails dig into his forearm harshly before you purposefully clench around him. The silent threat: don鈥檛 fuck with me right now, djarin
聽He drops his voice. 鈥淢aker - I just want to keep you full of me.鈥 He slides his hand from your belly over your hip. He pulls his cock out just so he can wedge it through your folds and then right when he shoves it back inside you, he slides a finger into your ass.
You go rigid - lower body locking down tight around him. Your ass is choking off his finger while your cunt grips and grips and part of him - a darker, primal part - wants to force you onto your belly, tear his finger from you and put his cock where you are most snug.
It鈥檚 all so much - the ache of you burning apart around him as you whimper against his hand - your spit and tongue and teeth caged as he fucks you right in the open.
He鈥檇 forgotten about the boy. He鈥檇 forgotten about anything else but the zeroed in, bullseye sensation of you being split open on his cock.聽
鈥淭ouch yourself,鈥 he growls. 鈥淭ouch yourself. Want you to cum like this, gorgeous girl. Cum with my cock in you - my - my finger fucking your tight ass. Give me a good one.鈥
He鈥檚 lost to it - his praise circling around and around until all of it melts to the same meaning as his words shift into sweet girl gorgeous thing you take me so well you beautiful perfect fuck how鈥檇 i get so lucky聽
It takes nothing for you to cum. He feels your fingers stroking at the place where he is fucking up into you, thumb and index finger brushing across the base of his cock as you play with your slick before massasging the bundle of nerves and then you lurch with it, muscles clamping harshly around him - enough that it shoots him into his own release. His hips stutter against your ass - forcing his finger deeper as he pumps threads and threads of his own spend into your core.
It鈥檚 a mess. He is positive that if he pulled himself away from you right now there would be smears of both of their juices all over his armor.聽
He carefully moves his hand away from your mouth and you slump forward - a sigh spilling out into the sand.聽
鈥淎re you okay?鈥 he asks - struggling to steady the thrashing of his heart. He鈥檚 not exactly young anymore.
You nod, tangling your fingers with his, dragging them down to where your wet cunt is still pulsing around him. 鈥淚鈥檒l keep you inside,鈥 you whisper, breath hitching in your lungs when he gives you one more lazy thrust. 鈥淲ant to walk around tomorrow and still feel you.鈥
It drives heat through his chest, pulsing warm strings of soft relief because you are everything to him in a way that you might not even understand.
In the morning, Radin doesn鈥檛 even look at you.
He doesn鈥檛 even acknowledge you when they get back to Peli鈥檚 to leave.聽
You climb up the ramp to the Razor Crest, the child tucked in your arms.
You sidle up next to Din, brushing your shoulder against his pauldron before whispering: 鈥淲e are so mean.鈥
鈥淚 disagree.鈥
鈥淎nd kind of perverted.鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l give you that.鈥
They鈥檙e on an enormous Gozanti Cruiser. A giant, floating fortress built to endure attacks and harbor endless firepower.聽
It was also fucking slow and you wanted off this stupid ass ship.
They鈥檇 been hired to escort a cargo vessel to Corellia. You had no idea what the cargo was or why it was so fucking important to need ten mercenaries.
One specific mercenary being an old flame of Din鈥檚.
鈥淪he was someone I fucked, mesh鈥檒a,鈥 Din said, exasperated at how upset you were. The girl had nearly knocked him down when she had seen him, embracing him roughly with her pink, shiny arms. Din had stood there - mortification obviously burning through the shield of his armor.
You huffed, dancing out of his hold. 鈥淟ooks like you fucked her pretty good then. She practically tried to eat your face.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e being ridiculous.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e mine,鈥 you snapped and the words sounded immature even to you. Din sighed, his leather gloves resting on his hips as his visor pinned you to the floor. When he spoke, his voice had fallen to something quiet - deep - a little sad:
鈥淲hose else would I be?鈥
You had turned on your heel, escaping to one of the small, dark meeting rooms right off the bridge.
Din was right.聽
He was right and you honestly hated that it was so easy for jealousy to rage through you without any sort of self-regulation. It felt like a hungry fire surging through a cluster of trees. It charred everything in its path and left you feeling carved out and dizzy.聽
He had given you his face. He had given you his damn face. He had ignored every code of honor he had lived by and removed his helmet for you.
鈥淚t鈥檚 yours,鈥 he had whispered, his fingers twitching as he grasped your hand to place it against his cheek. 鈥淭his is yours. It鈥檚 what I can offer. It鈥檚 all I can offer.鈥
That was an outright lie. Din offered you so many things. He offered you orgasms and kisses and himself. He was a gift. He is a gift. Fuck.
鈥淎re you done?鈥澛
You nearly scream, jumping back only to see Din leaning against the doorway, his arms crossed over his broad chest. There is the buzz of the other mercenaries outside - echoing in the concave hull of the bridge. Loud. It cuts out to a hiss when Din steps forward so the door can slide shut.
鈥淗ow long have you been standing there?鈥
鈥淟ong enough to watch you pace the room about sixteen times.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry,鈥 you confess, surprising even yourself when it slips out so readily. 鈥淭hat wasn鈥檛 nice.鈥
He chuckles as he slowly moves toward you, though stalks would be more apt. His visor is tilted just so that he can look down at you from his towering height. Imperious. Beautiful.
鈥淲hen are you going to learn, huh?鈥 he teases as he grips you firmly by the nape of the neck, forcing your face up to meet the shield of his helmet. 鈥淲hen are you going to understand that it鈥檚 you. There鈥檚 no one else for me. This whole galaxy could come down around us and it would still be you. Even if you left, it鈥檇 be you.鈥
His voice is not necessarily unkind. It鈥檚 more exasperated. His fingers dig into the soft skin below your hair - pressing hard as his thumb rubs across your pulse.
Your mouth parts, going dry. Maker - he could be intimidating. He grips your hand and tugs it low, shoving it over the very overt bulge of his cock.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 going to fuck you now,鈥 he growls as your cunt automatically clenches for it. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 care who鈥檚 outside. I don鈥檛 care if someone comes in.鈥
He grabs your ass, massaging fistfuls as he spreads your cheeks before lifting you up onto the steel table. 鈥淕onna make a fucking mess of you,鈥 he says - the filthy words smoothed and honed into something relaxed and cool through his modulator.
鈥淟ie back,鈥 He moves his body between your open knees, the edge of the table burrowing into the backs of your thighs. 鈥淟ie back, you little loth cat.鈥
鈥淔uck,鈥 you sob, as you sink your teeth into your knuckles to keep from howling. This is delirium. This is being fucked dumb. 鈥淔uck. Fuck. Fuck. Din - 鈥
鈥淪hut up,鈥 he snaps before he smacks your fucking cunt with his gloved hand. You arch off the table, your knees knocking together before he forces them apart again. 鈥淛ust shut up and let me do this.鈥
He slaps it again and the sound it makes. Your folds are soaked - dripping slick onto the table and you鈥檙e almost embarrassed as Din just stares down at the wrecked place between your legs like he鈥檚 some perverted scientist.
鈥淚t gapes when I hit it,鈥 he remarks casually as he fists his own cock that he鈥檇 just had buried inside you. 鈥淕ets so dark, too. Am I being too rough?鈥
You manage to shake your head because no he could never ever be too rough, which is exactly why you two work well together.
鈥淒irty girl,鈥 he grunts, dipping a gloved finger and hooking it up to rub against the piece of tissue behind your clit. Maker. Maker. No. 鈥淭hink I can make you squirt like this?鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛,鈥 you warn. 鈥淚 - don鈥檛. Not now.鈥
You shouldn鈥檛 have said that because he turns his head just enough to make you realize that you鈥檝e made it a challenge. You nearly kick him in the stomach because he鈥檚 being too smug. You can鈥檛 take much more of this.
He鈥檇 spent the last twenty minutes destroying you with every move he had in his arsenal. He鈥檇 even lifted his helmet up for a few seconds to eat you out.聽
He鈥檚 out of his mind you had thought as he shamelessly stuck his tongue in your ass, as his gloved fingers pressed so hard into your thighs you felt your bones creak.聽
He lines his cock up again, mindful of your legs that have now fully gone to jelly as they just splay out on either side of his hips.聽
If you get caught like this you will absolutely die. You will fully toss yourself into the abyss - enjoy the icy suck of space - because you are letting your Mandalorian rail you into a table while eight other mercenaries are just outside.聽
It鈥檚 not even just...railing. It鈥檚 dirtier than that.聽
He spears you - splitting you open and apart on the thick length of him. You鈥檙e so wet that he slides right in, his balls slapping against the back of your ass that Din is holding off the table.聽
He thrusts into you at a steady pace, shoving your back up the table with each rough snap of his hips. It鈥檚 not gentle. It鈥檚 brutal. Brutal loving as if each time his cock kisses that fleshy place inside you, it鈥檚 another reminder of how he feels.聽
Your skin is hot and sticky with sweat. His armor is cold against you. It鈥檚 a sight to be sure: you with your pants hanging off your ankle while fully-armored Din takes you right on a table. The room is dense with the sound of wet flesh coming together again and again as he takes his thumb and rubs it over your clit in short, quick circles.
When he speaks, his voice is bassy - pitched in something thick and sweet and dirty. His cock throbs inside you - almost impossibly big as he swells with each pump. It feels like you鈥檙e breaking - like your shattering into fragments - turning into a burst star - unable to ever put those pieces back together again.
And you don鈥檛 want to because you feel your pussy making room for him, allowing him to carve you open - change and mold you until he fits because he鈥檚 fucking yours.
鈥淭hink they can hear us?鈥 he rasps as his pace begins to chase something frantic, hips stuttering into a mess of cum and sweat and Din鈥檚 own spit. 鈥淚 want them to hear.鈥
You鈥檙e out of sounds at this point. Each stab of his cock is simply snatching one of your valuable motor functions. You are nothing but high-pitched moans that you鈥檙e trying to stifle with the back of your hand.
鈥淟et them hear, little thing,鈥 he taunts and then his helmet snaps down - visor glued to the place he is fucking into you. 鈥淟et her hear.鈥
You narrow your eyes at him. He鈥檚 got you there. He picks his pace up, two fingertips sliding over your crest of your sex as he manages to angle his hips downward while you tilt yours up and then he is hitting something devastating and it all goes to wash with the sounds and his voice and the taste in your mouth. Just the slap slap slap of hot skin and your ragged cries as he hits that spot over and over until you explode wet - nearly pushing him out of you as you shove the heels of your hands into your eyes because you cannot look at him right now.
He鈥檇 done it. He just made you squirt all over him and there are PEOPLE outside.聽
鈥淪hit,鈥 he grits out. 鈥淔ucking shit - you get - you鈥檙e - you just -鈥 and it all floods to a garbled heap of noises before he shouts hoarsely. His hands are on your hips as he slams into you for one final thrust, pulling you forward onto his cock before there is the telltale sprouting of warmth in your belly.
You don鈥檛 stop spasming around him as you reach for him. You snag your fingers into his pauldrons, yanking him down on top of you. He lands with an oomph and he鈥檚 so fucking heavy, but you need his weight. You need him inside and around you as you bury your face into his hot neck and feel the rapid thrum of his pounding heart.聽
鈥淧retty girl,鈥 he murmurs as he squeezes you gently.聽
鈥淲hat - what the fuck?鈥
You arch your back - looking up from your spot on the table. Everyone is upside down, but you recognize that pink shiny skin.聽
The cantina is as busy as it鈥檚 ever been. Obnoxiously loud. The distressed jingle of an off-key band. Not an empty seat in the house.聽
鈥淚 think this is a thing for you,鈥 you hiss between clenched teeth as your elbows dig into the table. Din鈥檚 fingers are knuckle deep inside your cunt. He slips them in and out - slow and deliberate. He twists his hand, angling his thumb so he can press down on your clit, making you nearly choke.聽
鈥淲hat thing?鈥 His tone is curious. He鈥檚 leaning against you, his pauldron scraping across your bicep.
鈥淧ublic fucking.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not fucking you.鈥
鈥淵ou are fucking me,鈥 you reply, before grabbing your drink to muffle a moan with your glass. 鈥淲ith your fingers,鈥 you add flatly.
鈥淎h,鈥 he mutters. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know. I wouldn鈥檛 call this fucking you, but I can change that.鈥
And then the bastard just changes the pace - he turns slightly so he can press his chest against your shoulder, helmet tilted down as if breathing a secret into your hair. He pulls his fingers out all the way before shoving them back inside and scissoring them deep, stretching you open while rubbing the heel of his hand against your swollen clit.
鈥淥h Maker,鈥 you cry - trying to find purchase on the table and coming up short.
鈥淵ou wore that dress,鈥 he says innocently. 鈥淚f you think I wasn鈥檛 going to stick something in that wet little cunt, you鈥檙e out of your mind.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e out of your mind, you pervert,鈥 you accuse but oh fuck it feels so fuckin good. He hadn鈥檛 touched you like this in a while. They鈥檇 become domesticated - soft, sweet milky sex in the morning while the kid is still asleep. No time for this.
鈥淵ou love it,鈥 The grin plain his voice.
鈥淵eah,鈥 you acknowledge despite yourself. 鈥淚 do.鈥
鈥淵ou know I can hear it,鈥 Din reveals. 鈥淭he sounds your pussy is making right now. I can hear it under the music. It鈥檚 so sloppy. You鈥檙e dripping all over the booth.鈥
Din鈥檚 hand is practically four fingers deep - the band of your ruined underwear cutting into the meat of his knuckles.聽
鈥淒in,鈥 you rasp. 鈥淚鈥檓 - I鈥檓 - 鈥
鈥淲hat, sweet girl?鈥 he urges. 鈥淲anna cum? Cum on my hand. Do it for me.鈥
You can鈥檛 get there. It鈥檚 right at the edge, ready to shoot out into the empty, plain of space. Over the cliff. Into the bottom. The invitation of a black hole of pleasure.
You鈥檙e clenching around his fingers, spasming and fluttering and slicking up his hand as the edge of his helmet digs into your shoulder as he peeks down to look at your lap.聽
鈥淢aker - you need some help?鈥 he croons. 鈥淲hat I really want to do to you is drag you out back - outside - and just fuck you against the wall.鈥
鈥淵eah?鈥 you gasp. 鈥淪hit - I want that.鈥
鈥淢mm, but not your pussy,鈥 he says softly. 鈥淚 think you鈥檙e so fucking wet right now I could use it to open you up. Get your ass ready for me so I can just slide into you.鈥
鈥淒in,鈥 you warn as your knees shake, your foot kicking out beneath the table.聽
鈥淲ould like you like that, pretty girl?鈥 he pumps his fingers deeper, curling up against something catastrophic as you bite down on your tongue. 鈥淲ould you want my cock in your ass? It鈥檇 be tight - hard to do. But I think you鈥檇 like it. You鈥檙e always such a good girl for me. You鈥檇 take it easy.鈥
The glass shatters in your hand - sending the pungent, sour liquor all over the table. You cum - your lower muscles cramping into something near-painful. You curl into Din who has already torn his fingers out of you. He strokes them through your puffy, slick folds as you tremble against him. When you glance up, half the bar is staring at you.聽
Mismatched eyes, sharp teeth, and a range of strange, colorful faces.
鈥淥h fuck,鈥 you whine, pressing your face into Din鈥檚 neck.聽
鈥淭hey don鈥檛 know,鈥 he laughs quietly. He soothes you with soft, mouth sounds, petting your hair in an act that is so tender you鈥檙e astounded he鈥檚 doing it in the open.聽
鈥淵our bleeding by the way.鈥
You pick your hand up, staring at the tiny slits in your fingers - blood branching thinly through the creases of your palm.聽
鈥淜iss it better?鈥 you ask, offering your hand to him.
鈥淟et鈥檚 go in the back.鈥
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Shelby-Solomons Unlimited - Alfie Solomons x Male!OC - #1
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fandom: Peaky Blinders (2013-present)
Pairing: Maxwell Shelby (OC) x Alfie Solomons
Warnings: Swearing, Faggotry, Spoilers for Peaky Blinders 2x03,
Notes: Welcome to our newest series-thing! Enjoy!
"Why are we here again?"
Tommy glanced down at his younger brother. "We're here because the man who owns this place sent me a telegram the other day, so I went to meet him yesterday. I decided you could come with, and meet him beforehand." He explained. Tommy sniffed, "I think you might like him."
"What's his name?" Maxwell then asked.
"Alfie Solomons, there he is, now."
Maxwell turned his head to the direction Tommy was facing, seeing what was indeed a burly man (like Tommy had explained earlier) approaching them.
The man bore piercing blue eyes, a beard lighter than the hair atop his head, muscular arms and a white button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled to his elbows. He stopped in front of Tommy and Maxwell.
"Morning, Alfie." Tommy greeted.
"Yea...It is."
Tommy smacked his lips, looking from Alfie to his brother, Maxwell. He fought back an involuntary smile at how awestruck Maxwell looked; eyes wide and jaw hanging open, his eyebrows raised in both surprise and interest. Tommy had a feeling he knew what this look meant. He snapped his fingers a few times, drawing Maxwell back to earth. "Earth to Max, earth to Max. Stay with us, mate."
Maxwell snapped out of it, looking up at Tommy, "eh?"
Tommy shook his head knowingly, putting his hands in the pockets of his pants. He turned to Alfie. "Mr. Alfie Solomons, this is my first younger brother, Max Shelby." Tommy turned back down to Maxwell. "Maxie, this is Mr. Alfie Solomons. We're going to be partnering up with the likes of him."
Maxwell gulped, nodding. He outstretched his hand, gazing up at Alfie. "M- uh, Maxwell Shelby. Though, most call me Max. You can do whatever you'd like...with that information, Mr. Solomons."
"Yea, alright." Alfie shook Maxwell's hand with a notable strength, pulling his hand away quickly. "He doesn't look like how I imagined, Tom. I was also sort of thinking of the bull ring I told you about, out the nose, I did." He looked at Maxwell's hands, which held many rings on their fingers. "Lots'a rings you got there, lad."
"You say rings, I say socially-acceptable knuckle brasses." Maxwell shrugged, grinning.
"Does numbers when he knocks a guy out, y'see." Tommy added, smiling proudly.
Maxwell glanced down at the hand he shook, before looking back over at Tommy. "So, what's the plan, today, Tommy?"
"I talked to Billy Kitchen earlier." Tommy started. "Alfie here just has to get Billy and his men to sign some papers, we don't need to do anything. Unless you'd like to watch Alfie give the men papers to sign?" He raised his eyebrows, pursing his lips to stop himself from smirking.
"Why the fuck would I...?" Maxwell asked, glancing up at Alfie and instantly changing his mind. "...Actually, could I?"
"As long as you're not as bothersome as Tommy here, eh?" Alfie crossed his arms, scanning Maxwell from the flat cap at the top of his head of fluffy hair, down to his shiny, black shoes.
"Ah, no. Maxwell's quiet for a Shelby." Tommy answered for him. "The quietest out of me and my brothers, I'd say."
"Right, then. Ollie 'n' Maxwell, follow me. You'll see your brother later, Tommy."
Maxwell cautiously began to follow Alfie, turning to look at Tommy over his shoulder.
Tommy nodded at him.
Maxwell nodded back. He followed Alfie to a cluttered desk in a small room, which Alfie sat behind.
Ollie stood at one side, so Maxwell decided to stand at the other.
"How old are you, lad? Hmm?" Alfie asked, gesturing for a man to come in.
Maxwell crossed his arms behind his back, gaining a polite stance. "No older than my twenties, Mr. Solomons."
"Ah, Alfie is fine, lad." Alfie told. "Any of your brothers have gold rings comin' out their noses, at all?"
"No-?" Maxwell shook his head. "John, Arthur, Tommy and I all just have tattoos as far as body modifications go. Finn doesn't have anything, seeing as he's still a child."
"Very talkative for someone Tommy described as 'quiet for a Shelby', mmh?"
"I'm only answering your questions." Maxwell muttered, looking down. He watched Alfie with a side-eye as Alfie repeated "Next lad! Name?" as a man then walks in, then "profession?" Then toss them some folded paper and say "good lad, fill it out, fuck off." As Ollie tosses them an apron. Maxwell would hold back a smile at the first few "fuck off"s, stifling some giggles as well. He had to make a good impression on this strangely-attractive new business partner, and laughing at the instructions he gives in seriousness wouldn't be of much help to Maxwell.
"Tommy tells me you aren't a soldier."
"I didn't get drafted. I wasn't fit for a soldier."
"Why's that?"
"Asthma problem. Funny, considering how smoky Birmingham is."
"Yet you're still in his little razor gang, am I right?"
Maxwell pointed to the hat atop his head, "yea."
"Hm. Pretty for a Peaky, aren't ya?"
Maxwell's eyebrows raised in response; the comment was almost enough to make him blush.
Alfie hummed as Billy himself walked in, not getting Alfie's "fuck off" comment after stating his occupation as head baker. He put pen to paper after Billy left, Ollie stepping closer to him. "Tommy Shelby, mate. Never give power to the big man, what did I tell you?" Alfie mumbled to himself. "Mmh? Never give power to the big man. Next lad!"
After the line had vanished, Alfie and Tommy grouped Billy and his men into a separate room. Ollie, Tommy, and Max stood in front of the group of men, Alfie standing off to the side with his arms crossed.
Maxwell turned to look at Alfie, gulping.
"Pretty for a Peaky, aren't ya?"
Maxwell shook his head of the words, quickly allowing Tommy to regain his attention. He shouldn't get his hopes up.
"Alright, boys, you've now all been enrolled as bakers. In the Aerated Bread Company of Camden Town." Tommy paced back and forth a bit, Maxwell watching him intently. "If anyone asks, that's what you do, you're bakers."
"The coppers in Camden Town are on our side," Maxwell piped up. "But north or south, you show them that piece of paper you've got. Tell them you've come down from north to find work, to break strikes."
"Exactly what Max said. Tell them your fascists, if you have to." Tommy added, Maxwell stealing another look at Alfie.
Alfie caught him this time, and winked at him with a straight face- y'know. To fuck with the lad.
Maxwell snapped his head the other way, at Tommy. His gaze darted around the floor, wondering what the wink was supposed to mean. Great, now Maxwell had something to over-analyze in bed tonight.
"We're finding lodgings for ya, but for now, you'll sleep here, in the bakery." Tom kept talking.
"Don't touch any of the bread, it'll most likely explode."
Tommy stopped pacing, now back beside Maxwell. "Any questions?"
One of Billy's men raised their hand.
"I haven't even seen any bread." The man commented as a joke, only hoping for a reaction.
Which he in fact got- the men laughed, Tommy, Billy, and Alfie keeping straight faces whereas Maxwell rolled his eyes.
Tommy turned to Alfie, clearing his throat. He tugged Maxwell closer to himself.
Alfie walked towards the group, arms still crossed. He passed right by Maxwell and Tommy, going to stand in front of the man who 'asked a question.'
Maxwell furrowed his eyebrows, wondering what Alfie was going to say.
Alfie looked right at the man, then silently knocked out the guy next to him.
Maxwell leaned into Tommy instinctively...Alfie punched him. He didn't even say anything like Maxwell thought he would!
Alfie held up what appeared to be some sort of cane, tapping the man's (who had 'asked the question') chest with it. "He'll wake up. Granted, he won't have any teeth left, but he will be a wiser man for it. And the last thing he will remember is your funny little joke. Won't he?"
Maxwell nodded to himself.
Alfie raised his eyebrows. "Right!" He suddenly yelled, stepping away and beginning to pace like Tommy had, earlier. "There are fucking rules here, yea? There are fucking rules for a fucking reason. Quite simply they have to be obeyed, alright? Rule number one: The distinction between bread and rum...yea, is not discussed!"
Maxwell spared Tommy a glance, but his brother remained expressionless.
"Rule number two: Anything, right, that your superior officer says to you, or any of your other fucking superior officers say to you, yea? Not discussed!"
"Rule number three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, I don't care, for the rest of your fucking miserable, measly lives, yea? Because I, like you, am also a complete fucking sodomite."
Tommy nudged Maxell.
Maxwell shot him a look.
"...Jewish women. You do not go anywhere near them, because Jewish women for you are off the fucking menu." Alfie explained. "I think that's fair." He nodded, eyeing Billy Kitchen for a moment, then humming. Alfie turned to look down at the man he punched, Maxwell following his gaze. He turned to face Tommy and Maxwell. "Oh, that's it, then. Forgive me, I interrupted you."
"It's okay." Maxwell replied, as Alfie walked back to where he was standing before.
Tommy looked at the man who made the joke. "Pick him up." He ordered, momentarily tilting his head down to the unconscious man.
The joking man and two others picked up the body, Tommy walking over to Billy and whispering to him.
"Get them out of here, and make this fucking work." Tommy walked back beside Maxwell afterwards, Billy glaring out over his men.
"Don't fucking wait! You're meant to be fucking soldiers!" Billy yelled, herding his men out of the room.
Tommy took out a cigarette, promptly lighting it.
"Sorry if I scared your brother, yea, Tommy?" Alfie apologized. "Saw Maxwell jump when I started yellin'."
"Max's is a big boy, Alfie. You saw how well he handled it."
"Yea- Yea, I was fine." Maxwell nodded along. "I'm not too nervy to be in a gang, after all."
"There's a good lad." Alfie pat Maxwell's shoulder. He nodded at Ollie to follow him, the two leaving the room to Tommy and Maxwell.
Maxwell watched Alfie leave, and tugged at his tie. "Tommy, I want one." He blurted out, cheeks heating up.
"Hmm?" Tommy arched a brow, gaze flickering between Alfie, and Maxwell's eyes on Alfie. He chuckled, "what, an Alfie Solomons?"
"Yea." Maxwell breathed a bit heavily, "the only one."
Tommy pat Maxwell's back. "He's our new business partner, Maxie. We'll see how it goes, see if you can get lucky."
Maxwell crossed his fingers, and licked his lips. "Okay, Tommy."
"Seriously, then? Him? Alfie Solomons?"
"I've never showed any interest in anyone else, have I?" Maxwell tore his gaze from the now-gone Alfie, and up to his brother.
"Nope." Tommy shook his head. "Just...strange choice, is all."
"Tommy, I'm a man who likes men. All my choices are strange choices."
Tommy scoffed, lightly shoving Maxwell. "You got me there, brother. Come on, let's get going. You can go see Alfie some other time."
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Zodia195, writing in Rhindeval, a part of Fractured Kingdoms:
Aurora Givens~Meridian O'Donohue~Lilith Evers #5477B9~#46935C~#C71585
The next to speak was Sia. Meridian wanted to groan after she finished what she needed to say. The girl had good intentions, but she did sound a bit too pretentious. Anyone could see that Reese was about to explode too. However before she could speak up, Justice finally said something. After she mentioned grades, the green hair girl spoke up. "I don't know about you Justice, but I like to finish what I start. Yes, Rhindeval needs us, but it's not going to kill you to wait for the semester to end. My father always said it's best to never leave any loose ends. Think, if we left right now, our sudden disappearance would be marked. Plus are you even ready to leave for our old home yet?" Her questions weren't answered for the light haired princess set her sites on the Fairy Queen. Even Lilith couldn't hide her surprise as the queen was spoken so harshly to. She knew the queen was generally easy going, but one was unwise to get on her badside. Indeed, Eowyn was not happy with Justice's behavior. She would have spoken up immediately but the girl said more unnecessary things. "Silence your tongue mortal! You may be a princess, but you never take that tone with me. Obviously you've forgotten I've been around long before your ancestors built Serein. It's thanks to this treaty that the world isn't in a constant state of war. Let me refresh your memory, Justice. I am one of the reasons you are a princess since it was I who task your ancestors to protect Serein. If I could easily strip you of your rank and title and give it to someone more worthy. Believe me, you wouldn't be the first I would do this to." Lilith would have spoken up, but Reese suddenly left. After an awkward silence, Sibylla spoke up. By this time, Eowyn had calmed down. "I wouldn't blame you for wanting to say good bye to any loved ones. As for Euphemia's behavior, she is going to have to work on her behavior too. Ivelda would easily take advantage of her temper." Ishara spoke up again and Lilith had to smile at her. Her analogy about retreating from pain was a good one. She was also a very nice person despite her quiet demeanor. It wasn't long before Silvia volunteered to check on Reese, but not before she poured her cup of water over Justice. Meridian couldn't help but laugh and Lilith frowned. "Meridian, go get a towel really quick, there's a restroom through the 2nd door on your right when you exit this room." Meri nodded and left. It didn't take her long to come back with a towel and gave it to Lilith, who handed it to Justice. Aurora, silent for the most part, decided to say something. "Um, Queen Eowyn, I just want to say thank you for your willingness to help. I don't know if we'll succeed, especially in the state we're in now, but I am glad you're here to help." Eowyn nodded and Lilith replied, "I think that about covers it. I know you're busy, your majesty. We'll see you in a couple weeks." "You're welcome. Before you close the connection, let me sent you an image of the place I want you to travel to. I will also do my best to mask your arrival, but I do suggest you lay low. One of my emissaries will be there to greet you and will notify me of your arrival." "Why will you have to mask our arrival?" Meridian suddenly asked. "When a portal opens between worlds, it causes a bit of a tear between time and space, and causes a surge in magical energy. Anyone with enough magical power has the chance of feeling it. I will feel it and Ivelda may also feel it and could investigate it. You girls are no where near ready to face her. I will basically masking that surge of magic to protect all of you. It's one thing my kind can get good at, hiding magical energy." With that, she established a direct connection to Lilith's mind and sent the image. Lilith staggered a bit for the queen's own magical energy was nearly over-powering. "Image received. Thanks your majesty," Lilith replied. With that, she closed the spell and the Fairy Queen's image disappeared. "Whoa, that was intense." Lilith nodded and to the princesses there, she said, "Thank you, all of you. I wouldn't have been able to reach the Queen if it wasn't for you. Are there any more questions? If not, you are free to go. I can imagine all of you are getting hungry." "No I don't. I am going to give Silvia a few more minutes with Reese before letting them know what is up. Or do you think it's safe to check on them, Ishara? Or do you prefer Freddie?" Meridian said, looking at Ishara for that last part. "I don't have any questions at the moment, but I am sure I will at some point. Right now I need to figure out what to tell my adoptive father. He's super protective of me. I need to convince him I am capable of being on my own. He's unlikely to believe me if I told him I was from another planet all together too." "Same here, my parents are very practical." "I think I might be able to help you out there. Stick to the truth, but don't tell them the whole truth if you're that worried. Maybe tell them you want to spend some time in the place of your birth, but you won't be able to contact them for a bit? I would recommend if you signed up for Summer or Fall classes, you drop them since I don't know how long it'll take for us to defeat Ivelda." "Well I am graduating, so no worries there. I was going to give myself a year off before applying for grad school. I now wonder if I'll go to grad school at all if we end up succeeding." "I've already dropped my summer and fall courses. I never figured out a degree plan yet. Only reason why I wanted to go to college was to get away from my adopted family. I was feeling smothered."
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1, 3, 4, 6, 7
What song makes you feel better? - Any of my most favorite songs. It鈥檚 hard to say exactly but when I think of songs that lift my mood immediately it鈥檇 be either Hurricanes and Suns or Dancing in the Dark, both by Tokio Hotel. I also thought of Down in the Dumps by Walk The Moon, which would be appropriate lol
What鈥檚 your favorite candle scent? - I love most scented candles in general, but there is one scent that is very nostalgic to me, and it鈥檚 called Midsummer Night鈥檚 Dream. It鈥檚 hard to describe what it smells like, but it does remind me of exactly that - the smell of a midsummer night.
What flower would you like to be given? - I don鈥檛 care much for flowers... but I鈥檝e found I really like carnations. They smell really nice.
Say three nice things about yourself (three physical and three non-physical). - that鈥檚 six things jbkjknkl okay okay um Physically, I like... my eyes. I think my eyes are pretty and unique. I like my hair. It鈥檚 soft and has a nice natural color. I like the freckles on my hands. I think they鈥檙e unique, and it鈥檚 fun to find a new one suddenly appear every so often. Non-physically, I like my sense of humor. I like that I can make people laugh without having to think too hard about it, even if they鈥檙e complete strangers. I like my creative mind. I like being able to turn a simple affair into an art project, and make something for other people, as well as for myself. I like to affect others with my works; I want to make them have an emotional reaction. I like my compassion for others. Though it can be a bit of a double-edged sword at times, I like that I make an effort to treat everyone with respect and patience. I really enjoy helping people, though I鈥檓 still learning how to do so without it coming at the cost of my own well-being.
What color brings you peace? - Green brings me the most peace, I think. It鈥檚 the color of the forest, and the forest is really comforting and homey to me. ...Greenpeace. Hah
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spoonash11 hours ago
boyfriend au tyang crumbs
taeyang forgets about being shy for a bit when he's still half asleep beside you in the morning
and has the courage to ask you to baby him
wraps his arms around your waist and nuzzles into your shoulder
while you play with his hair and press chaste kisses on his forehead and temple
and it's just tiny gestures but very precious for both of you
mumbles mostly incoherent sentences but you can catch little phrases like "i love you" and "did you sleep well"
that you reply to in a similar manner
whines about not wanting to get up
you know he would be embarrassed to death at any other time
because he feels like he has to take care of you
which he does
so you love the little moments like these when nothing else exists
just the morning light illuminating the bedroom
tae in your arms, his body warm next to yours
it's comfortable and you have to remind yourself to not fall back asleep
you never tease him about this after you two wake up properly
because you love taking care of him too
and it just becomes a habit,,,, a part of your shared morning routine
but also as time passes in your relationship you become more natural at expressing affection in your own ways
without thinking of norms or expectations
when ur with each other you're like " oh you want me to be the big spoon today ? ok come here " and " babe can you play with my hair "
and like u practically cant say no to each other because....... well yeah whipped culture
but back to mornings
you make and eat breakfast together, get ready together, just... mornings are unbothered clingy couple time that helps you start your day in a good mood
this kinda dynamic changes a bit as the day goes on and you get more tired
with million things on your mind, getting home in the evening is about relaxing
bonding with your soulmate kinda vibe ?
sitting beside each other on the couch, shoulders touching, idk watching something together
talking about how your day went over dinner but by the time you finish the food you are somehow talking about a completely different thing
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hyunsluvv17 hours ago
kathy, it鈥檚 been a while! any hard thoughts to share? 馃樈
p.s hope your day/night is going great 馃挒
*gasp* it has been a long time!! sometimes i forget you've been the anon that asked for hard thoughts jfnejd BUT i do have a weirdly specific one? because we've been talking about whirlpools and private vacation apartments instead of hotels in school and my mind started wandering so- omg lemme write a drabble lezzgetit jfnef
uh oh also my day is okie so far, i hope you're okay too bb and that you enjoy this little something fjnsnf
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You let the hot water around your whole warm you as you let your head fall against the edge of the whirlpool, eyes closed. You sighed contently, the long awaited, needed relaxation slowly spreading through every fiber of your body.
Hyunjin's calm, almost quiet voice interrupted the silence, earning a questioning hum from you in response.
"I want a hug."
His voice was jokingly whiny, still quiet though, and you slightly smirked, keeping your eyes closed.
"Okay, good for you."
As expected you heard your boyfriend gasp in played shock, both of you giggling quietly as you finally opened your eyes and took the sight of him in. He was leaning against the edge of the pool across from you, muscular, defined arms spread out on the edges, glistening eyes fixated on yours, giving him a somewhat mysterious look. His wet, strainy hair was dishevelled around his beautiful face, and as you let your eyes run over him the urge to kiss away all droplets of water from his soft skin grew bigger by the second. Hyunjin's eyes were expectant, trying to figure out if you'd really let him hanging, if he needed to take manners into his own hands if he wanted this hug of his. But you flashed him a big, heartwarming smile, pushing yourself off and into the middle of the pool, half swimming, half walking towards the waiting boy. You couldn't lie, seeing him sitting like this, slim body and black swimming shorts, shining, white snow and the nightly view, the stars and the moon behind him; he looked irresistable. It seemed like you were taking a bit too long for Hyunjin's taste, the moment his hands could even slightly reach you he did, grabbing your waist and pulling you towards his hot body, setting you on his lap. You laughed at his action, feeling his arms snake around your torso, your legs almost out of an instict straddling him. Hyunjin nothing but looked at you, inspecting your every detail on your flushed face. His eyes started wandering, down along your neck, passing every curve of your body, until he stopped at your cleavage.
"I like this bathing suit on you."
Hyunjin's eyes snapped back up the moment you let out a giggle, his cheecks suddenly blushing as if he didn't intend to let those words slip past his lips, out loud. You were happy with the effect you and your outfit had on your flustered boyfriend, picking this exact bathing suit on purpose. Your hands found Hyunjin's broad shoulders, your fingers starting to massage his rather tense muscles in a comforting manner, causing the boy to close his eyes and hum in satisfaction. You smiled, relishing in the feeling of having him this close to you, of being this alone with him, of being with him like this at all. Suddenly though, you felt Hyunjin pull you even closer, letting his chin rest on your shoulder, connecting his lips with your neck sheepishly. You giggled, sighing soon when the tickling sensation converted into a way better feeling, when Hyunjin started nibbling at that one spot he could tell in his sleep. He pulled you yet a little closer, meeting his hips with yours while letting out a low groan at the contact. You could feel his arousal against you, against your core, and you let out a shaky breath, trying to catch a look of the boy.
"I thought you wanted a hug."
You whispered, looking at him the moment he raised his eyes at you, still softly kissing at your neck. His eyes were pleading, and by the way he very subtly rolled his hips against you, you knew what he wanted.
His voice was only a whisper as well, his arms fully and tightly wrapped around your body as if scared you'd leave him. The chuckle you let out at him turned into a quiet moan as Hyunjin bit down on your skin, causing your hips to move against his now. Both of you whined out almost pathetically, glad you had the little vacation apartment fully for your own, not a single person even near within a 50km radius. It was hard moving in the water, everything slower, automatically more sensual. But you loved it nevertheless. Hips were rolling against each other, skin was kissed and moans, whines, 'i love you's' were exchanged. Until Hyunjin quickly sat up, his big hands now securely at your hips, his long, delicate fingers gripping onto your flesh. He started moving your hips agains his own quite roughly, yet ironically, slowly, almost lovingly. Hyunjin's whines were music to your ears, elliciting moans from you as well, and you were glad, now more than ever, that you eventually decided against a crowded hotel and came here instead to spend some time together. You felt Hyunjin's lips collide with your own in a messy kiss, teeth and tongue crashing against each other, imitading the longing movements of your hips. You were panting, feeling your highs approaching quickly, feeling the water around you bush against your bodies and over the edges of the pool in tiny waves. Hyunjin's hips got sloppier, and he lowered his head yet again, biting down on your shoulder, thursting up his hips against yours roughly, one last time, with a deep, loud groan, making the both of you hit your orgasms harshly, simultaniously. Your bodies relaxed against each other, melting into one another. None of you were moving except for Hyunjin's tired, soft kisses at your neck, making you squirm slightly. You were panting, trying to catch your breath as you felt Hyunjin shift, until he looked up at you.
"I need more of you baby, let's head inside."
Tumblr media
tagging: @some-weeb-chick @etherealeeknow @linoskitty @unexceptional-h @diue @es-kay-zee @urcracksisx @huntressfrost25
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5 Things You Should Know About This Woman Boxer Mom Dog And Sunflower Shirt
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5 Things You Should Know About This Woman Boxer Mom Dog And Sunflower Shirt
5 Things You Should Know About This Woman Boxer Mom Dog And Sunflower Shirt .besteestores Wearing an Amazon T-shirt under a Salesforce hoodie, she is sitting in a cafe, oblivious of the in addition I really love this world around her because of the Intuit earphones she won in the recent career fair. She sips hot coffee from a Coursera extra-large mug, while she also has a Google hydro flask in her Apple backpack from her internship. She uses a Teradata USB type C multi-port聽hub adaptor to connect her devices to her Macbook Pro. While the code is compiling, she uses a Facebook-branded pen to doodle data structures on a Google notepad for her project 鈥 something to do with tries and red-black trees, while she uses Code Hero marker to highlight on research papers. She keeps a Cisco stress ball with her to vent her frustration on. She doesn鈥檛 have to worry about clothes much, because she is in the lab most of the time, or in front of the laptop, She has at least 7 T-shirts either from the companies she interned for or those she picked up at the career fair. Despite the dark circles filling her eyes, her enthusiasm hasn鈥檛 waned. Her code is working. She is glad she finished a major part of the homework in parallel to her research project. She looks at her cracked iPhone for the day and date to ensure for the hundredth time that she didn鈥檛 miss the next one of the several deadlines she has to manage. Despite this, she forgets what day it is. She sometimes dozes off in class, but that鈥檚 where podcasts help. She is anyway taking more classes than she can easily manage, not because she likes a challenge, but because she wants to graduate as soon as possible. She uses a Teradata USB type C multi-port hub adaptor to connect her devices to her Macbook Pro. While the code is compiling, she uses a Facebook-branded pen to doodle data structures on a Google notepad for her project 鈥 something to do with tries and red-black trees, while she uses Code Hero marker to highlight on research papers. She keeps a Cisco stress ball with her to vent her frustration on. The freebies and swags help. The coffee helps. In the end, the dark circles are worth it, as she will soon be shifting to shirt.
5 Things You Should Know About This Woman Boxer Mom Dog And Sunflower Shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt
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And into the baking room I go to lose my mind and find my soul shirt
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And into the baking room I go to lose my mind and find my soul shirt
And into the baking room I go to lose my mind and find my soul shirt .besteestores She uses a Teradata USB type C multi-port hub adaptor to connect her devices to her Macbook Pro. While the聽but in fact I love this code is compiling, she uses a Facebook-branded pen to doodle data structures on a Google notepad for her project 鈥 something to do with tries and red-black trees, while she uses Code Hero marker to highlight on research papers. She keeps a Cisco stress ball with her to vent her frustration on. The freebies and swags help. The coffee helps. In the end, the dark circles are worth it, as she will soon be shifting to shirt. The 眉ber-hub was working and I was free as a bird, so after sleeping in I threw on jeans, a tee-shirt (complete with a bra!), sneakers, and a ball cap and hied myself to the Denny鈥檚 a couple of blocks away. No makeup at all, unwashed hair, my clothes almost certainly covered in cat hair鈥 was not a pretty sight. When dining alone I like to sit at the counter or bar so I鈥檓 not taking up a table where more people could be sitting. On this fine day, I sat at the counter facing the prep/expediting area, where plates were coming out of the kitchen and being given finishing touches and picked up by the servers. I鈥檓 sitting there minding my own business, wondering how I鈥檓 going to get more sugar packets for when my coffee gets refilled (because six packets per cup tend to burn through the little caddy in front of me very quickly) when a handsome Black server starts to walk past me on the other side of the counter, stops short, and says, 鈥淵ou have beautiful eyes.鈥 As the manager of the Betsey Johnson boutique in one of the most upscale malls in the United States, I was rightfully proud of the level of professionalism I maintained for my staff and myself in the beautiful, overwhelmingly pink store that was my 鈥榖aby鈥. When my mom and dad came to visit me in Houston, the first time we鈥檇 seen each other in several years, they, of course, wanted to see the place I had talked so much about. With trepidation, I agreed and the 眉ber-hub gallantly escorted them into my store in the early afternoon 鈥 carefully calculated as the time of day with minimal customer traffic. Tirupur is manufacturing聽HUB for garments. You can get good deals on wholesale lots but you need to contact to right companies. Join WhatsApp or Facebook groups to connect them. Once you are done with pics and rates 鈥 visit once before finalization to see actual samples. And since I鈥檓 buying clothes online without trying them on and having decent success, I have also started buying items from brick-and-mortar retailers without putting myself through the hassle of a fitting room.
And into the baking room I go to lose my mind and find my soul shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt
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聽 And into the baking room I go to lose my mind and find my soul shirt .besteestores You can get good deals on wholesale lots but you need to contact to right companies. Join WhatsApp or Facebook groups to connect them. Once you are done with pics and rates 鈥 visit once before finalization to see actual samples. And since I鈥檓 buying clothes online without trying them on and having decent success, I have also started buying items from brick-and-mortar retailers without putting myself through the聽but in fact I love this hassle of a fitting room. It鈥檚 much nicer to be able to try things on in the comfort of my own home, where I can play with mixing and matching them into my existing wardrobe. If they don鈥檛 work it鈥檚 little effort to return them. You Can See More Product:
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Auntie like a mom but so much cooler shirt
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Auntie like a mom but so much cooler shirt
Auntie like a mom but so much cooler shirt .besteestores She uses a Teradata USB type C multi-port hub adaptor to connect her devices to her Macbook Pro. While the but I will buy this shirt and I will love this code is compiling, she uses a Facebook-branded pen to doodle data structures on a Google notepad for her project 鈥 something to do with tries and red-black trees, while she uses Code Hero marker to highlight on research papers. She keeps a Cisco stress ball with her to vent her frustration on. The freebies and swags help. The coffee helps. In the end, the dark circles are worth it, as she will soon be shifting to shirt. The 眉ber-hub was working and I was free as a bird, so after sleeping in I threw on jeans, a tee-shirt (complete with a bra!), sneakers, and a ball cap and hied myself to the Denny鈥檚 a couple of blocks away. No makeup at all, unwashed hair, my clothes almost certainly covered in cat hair鈥 was not a pretty sight. When dining alone I like to sit at the counter or bar so I鈥檓 not taking up a table where more people could be sitting. On this fine day, I sat at the counter facing the prep/expediting area, where plates were coming out of the kitchen and being given finishing touches and picked up by the servers. I鈥檓 sitting there minding my own business, wondering how I鈥檓 going to get more sugar packets for when my coffee gets refilled (because six packets per cup tend to burn through the little caddy in front of me very quickly) when a handsome Black server starts to walk past me on the other side of the counter, stops short, and says, 鈥淵ou have beautiful eyes.鈥 As the manager of the Betsey Johnson boutique in one of the most upscale malls in the United States, I was rightfully proud of the level of professionalism I maintained for my staff and myself in the beautiful, overwhelmingly pink store that was my 鈥榖aby鈥. When my mom and dad came to visit me in Houston, the first time we鈥檇 seen each other in several years, they, of course, wanted to see the place I had talked so much about. With trepidation, I agreed and the 眉ber-hub gallantly escorted them into my store in the early afternoon 鈥 carefully calculated as the time of day with minimal customer traffic. Tirupur is manufacturing聽HUB for garments. You can get good deals on wholesale lots but you need to contact to right companies. Join WhatsApp or Facebook groups to connect them. Once you are done with pics and rates 鈥 visit once before finalization to see actual samples. And since I鈥檓 buying clothes online without trying them on and having decent success, I have also started buying items from brick-and-mortar retailers without putting myself through the hassle of a fitting room.
Auntie like a mom but so much cooler shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt
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So Different
A/N: Hey, I know it鈥檚 been ages since my last update and I鈥檓 so sorry. But here鈥檚 a new chapter for y鈥檃ll whoop whoop. Our finals are over, all I have to do now is .
Little p.s, if you asked to be in the taglist and I forgot to put your name, please comment it down below. so many of you guys asked and I鈥檓 losing track.聽
also, I can鈥檛 tag some of you guys and idk why so I鈥檓 so sorry if it won鈥檛 hyperlink sometimes聽
I appreciate all of you and thank you for the support
TagList: @yikes-matey @ohmyitsfaith @frkns-stuff @unbelievableholland @fluttertots @onefoureightfive @malfovs @obsssedwithjustaboutanything @themarvelousb @heyy-its-shay @shlokage @jannine00742 @helena-way07鈥
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Tumblr media
It鈥檚 what best describes how he currently feels as he walks into the dinner with Hazel less that 6 feet away from him. Everything has been such a mess and his mind has been all over the place. Having to face Hazel was something he didn鈥檛 have in his agenda but if it mean eliminating a threat and getting revenge for stabbing you then he鈥檚 more than most likely willing to take on the task.
He found that he was seated by the counter so Five made his move and sat a couple seats down from where hazel was. Not too close that he would be recognized but close enough so he could keep an eye on him. He ruffled his hair a bit in hopes that he wouldn鈥檛 get recognized and give away his identity.
鈥淲hat can I get you?鈥 The Lady, same from the night of the incident, asked him with a smile on her face.
鈥淐off-鈥 He was always so certain of what to get, but that particular order might bring back a memory he was hoping would stay suppressed in this lady鈥檚 head.聽鈥淚鈥檒l have 2 doughnuts to go and a soda please.鈥
She smiled at him and walked away with his order in mind. He hadn鈥檛 really thought through how he was going to do this which resulted in him being unable to sit idly on his chair. His eyes are batting everywhere and his caution was becoming present in his expression.
鈥淪o, about that order?鈥 Her voice cuts through all the clatter in the dinner making Five look over to find that she was talking to Hazel. Now, Five was no romancer but when he saw the expression on Hazel鈥檚 face when she spoke to him was a dead give away. He liked her.
A cheeky grin found its way to his face when an opportunity falls on his lap so easily. Everything had been spiraling into absolute chaos but with this little advantage felt like an energy surge on its own. Trying to maintain his posture, he hunches over the counter in front of him to hear the rest of their conversation.
鈥淚 know I鈥檓 about to do the right thing but it still feels like I鈥檓 betraying myself.鈥 Hazel鈥檚 tone was soft, he almost sounded defeated as he takes another bite of his doughnut.
鈥淲ell, doing the right thing isn鈥檛 always the best feeling at first.鈥 The lady in pink reassured, her voice soft and gentle. Five watched a genuine light of hope reflect in Hazel鈥檚 eyes and his heart sank.
He knew they were sent to protect Harold Jenkins, but after your vision, Five wasn鈥檛 so sure what he was going to do. But now He had a solid plan and it involves today鈥檚 discovery. After their little conversation, she finally gave Five his order and he took the bag before walking back into the car with a skip in his step. Could you blame him? He was excited, there was a sense of thrill now that he had a plan cooking up in that psychotic brain of his.
But that cocky grin was wiped clean off his face when he saw you curling into his jacket. Your hands were holding the coat up to your face, you were anxious with Five facing Hazel since the last time he decided to fight them he ended up back in the commission headquarters.
Five on the other hand, no longer finds the sight of you hilarious instead, there was a gentle smile that creeped into his face when he realized that you were anxiously waiting for him to come back. He gently made his way to the car to not startle you.
鈥淔ive, you鈥檙e back.鈥 You said gently and he admired the sight of your expression go from worry to relief and there was a sense of pride in him knowing that he was the reason for your relief.
鈥淵eah, I even got us a snack and a plan.鈥 He bragged as he stepped into the passenger鈥檚 seat. Just as he was about to grab a doughnut, he felt a a burning gaze towards him. Without looking he lets out a sigh knowing that you were staring directly at him.聽鈥淪taring at me won鈥檛 give you X-ray vision, you need to absorb it from someone else.鈥
鈥淵ou were smiling just now.鈥 You stated as a cheeky grin began to creep on your face when you saw him a bit shocked and caught off guard. He cleared his throat in hopes to shake your accusation.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know what you鈥檙e talking about.鈥 He calmly stated before taking a bite out of the sugary snack in front of him but that didn鈥檛 exactly throw you off in fact, it encouraged you to pry even further.
鈥淵ou were definitely smiling just now, and not like a smug look just.. genuine.鈥 You said and there was a warm and fuzzy feeling in you. You two were talking like you鈥檙e just normal people rather than saving the world or killing someone. It felt light. You noticed a dust or red creeping on his cheeks since he was embarrassed. He was being picked on and teased by a girl and he was losing, he knew he could say something to shut you up but there was nothing coming to mind.
Feeling victorious, you start the car and begin driving back to the academy.聽聽
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