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bibliophilic-ace · 15 days ago
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I just adore every single one of the Madrigals! And Isabela's new dress is *chef's kiss*
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thewildcatsystem · a year ago
Lucia: going to give a quick summary of the each of us. also have a handy chart for ya at the bottom.
Fiamma: she/they bi punk ocelot, split into Samantha and Lucia (L: that me, you stinki). Samantha and Lucia sometimes integrate back together to make Fiamma again.
Samantha: she/her sapphoromantic bi metal head and paleoart connoisseur. has several raptor sonas and a sergal sona.
Lucia: she/her bi gremlin, devourer of limes, has an avali and a kobold sona (L: sup stinki).
Charming: they sometimes he, a goofy pan anthro snow leopard kin. warning: will blep.
Raven: she/her lesbian, serves as system's protector since 2006. wants to get into witchcraft.
Val: they/he agender asexual peep, usually reluctant to front.
Nova: they/them pan, newer headmate that fractured off of Samantha. some sort of jackal thing.
Avila: she/her lesbian??? recently came to our knowledge of her existence. resembles and behaves like a character we made for a cyberpunk occult setting we were going to write. says that she made the character as a form of self expression, and has memories from high school.
Aster: it/it's agender. was one of the original headmates, became nonverbal after grandfather passed and stopped fronting around 14. recently started fronting again every once in a while. behaves as if it were 10-13 years old (L: if you sexualize it in any way, i will shank you).
Tumblr media
Lucia: but yeah, that's what's poppin with our system. uwu
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projectlightfox · 2 years ago
     It wasn’t often that Volt got calls that were from numbers he didn’t recognize on his communicator, especially since the device was only really given out for friends in a case of emergency. But from the beeping and flashing of the dome lense, it had to be of some importance and the hybrid lifted his wrist to bring up the holoprojection of a familiar leopard.
     “Commander Rook?” He couldn’t help the slight tilt of his head. The new leader of The G.U.N fixed him an apologetic look and it only grew as Harmony had joined him on the park bench by draping over his shoulder from behind. “If you’re calling this line and not my handheld.... Something’s up.”
     “You’d be correct Voltage. There’s been some recent activity in one of our old facilities and our operatives are spread a little thin. Would you be able to look into the matter, you know the facility far better than the other Freedom Fighters.” That alone was enough to let Volt know exactly what she was talking about and his features hardened. He knew it couldn’t be Tower. The man was dead, taken care of personally by the hybrid himself.
     “Yeah. I can go take a look. You still have Edla on your payroll?”
     “Yes. We transferred him to our main branch here in Empire City and I have personally made sure he is under a watchful eye.” He let out a sigh of what sounded like frustration but also relief at her words. At least that ruled out the scientist being behind the activity. Harmony rubbed her cheek against his until he returned it.
     “Alright. I’ll head over in a bit. I need to see if Rosie or Cream are available to watch Harmony. I’ll send communications once I arrive.” Satisfied with his answer, the woman nodded and offered a small smile to the child on his shoulder as she waved to the holoprojection.
     “Bye bye Ms. Rook! Tell Buddy I said hi!” The communications was cut off and Volt looked ready to call his go to babysitters when Harmony put her hands over the dome. “Nuh uh! I’m comin’! Das da bad place and I ain’t gonna let da bad men get ha again!”
     “No.” He fixed her a stern look, one that he almost never used on her, but the toddler didn’t even seem to be phased and puffed out her cheeks. “This is a Mission and you know the rules. Stay with one of our friends until I come back.”
     The back and forth between then went on long enough to get some of the attention of the other park goers before Volt sighed in defeat and pinched the bridge of his muzzle. “Fine, but you’re going to have to listen to everything I say. If I throw the Warp Ring and tell you to leave, you leave. Got it?”
     “Fine.” She shifted to instead of draped over his shoulder, sitting on it and tapping the back of her sneakers against his cybernetic implant. Which made it all the easier to stand and grab his Warp Ring from his pouch. The destination wasn’t one he wanted to go to, but knew it by heart. The Ring expanded into its portal upon being thrown and both hybrids looked at the ruins of the facility they once called home, Prison Island.
     Volt took a deep breath and stepped through, landing on the rubble filled blacktop. The sky above them ominous, Harmony holding on just a little tighter to her father’s quills as she sat on his shoulder before using her other hand to put her bandana over her muzzle. “Daddy it smells funny.”
     “Keep your bandana up and make sure Blep is alright.” Amethyst eyes scanned their surroundings, catching the streaks of light and beginning to follow them at a quick pace. A slight nudge was given to his daughter, having her switch positions to piggyback under his long quills and her hands holding his shoulders, giving him free range of motions to speed up until he reached a safe enough distance to see the portal in front of them.
     “Shit!” For once Harmony did not correct her father’s language, far too frightened by what she saw ahead of them and burying her face back behind the shoulder she was looking over. He grabbed his handheld, moving behind rubble to stay unseen for the time being while making a call. “Commander Rook. Lockdown any facility that is still in operation on the island.” After getting a confirmation, another number was dialed and the hybrid waited for it to be picked up before speaking quickly.
     “Dan, get you demonic tail over here.... We have a situation.”
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kaijutegu · 4 years ago
Hi!! A friend pointed me to your blog and I was wondering if I could ask you a couple things? I plan on moving to Portland and getting a leopard gecko ( possibly two if they do better with companionship ) and I was wondering if you knew of reputable places to buy them and if they're a good pet for a first time reptile owner sorry to be a bother! ! I just wanna do right by the bleps and give them a good home
Heyo! Congrats on the upcoming move, I’ve heard amazing things about Portland. As far as geckos go, they really don’t do well with companionship; they tend to fight for resources and it’s a lot of added stress on both of them. They’re a fantastic pet for a first-time owner; they’re curious, docile, and have really cute personalities. They’re also easy to care for!It’s best to go with a good breeder for getting one, or else from a rescue- the geckos at most chain pet stores are often from Lizards by Mack, which is essentially a puppy mill but for leopard geckos. There’s some excellent breeders out west! @lizardbeans, who wrote the best leopard gecko caresheet ever, is in Oregon- I can’t remember if he’s got anybody ready to go right now, but he’s a great one to keep an eye on. The Pacific Northwest Herpetological Society has adoptions, and there might be other rescues in the area. 
Good luck with the move!
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shewpthewewp · 4 years ago
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Tekko was pretty great! Got a Poro, got a Chryssalid.  Not pictured is the Gurren Lagann car decal and some lovely prints from @minomotu (but as soon as we hang them up there will be MANY pictures).  
Special mentions for tag-team pelting clowns with beanbags, making it rain D&B tickets, getting whammied with a 9 alcohol drink in Red Dragon Inn, FFXIV swimsuit photo-shoot plans (DID SOMEONE SAY LEOPARD PRINT SPEEDO?!), being the only person at the dinner table not using chopsticks, and successfully driving my new car through Pittsburgh without dying (and avoiding wild turkeys, which is something that can apparently happen).
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