#also this movie is still one of my favs
indorilnerevarine · a month ago
my sweetest dears @jacobseed, @marivenah, @preachercuster, @hoesephseed, @cameronburke, @johnnycranes, @quentinbecks and by @blissfulalchemist and @aceghosts a while back (IM SO SORRY THAT IVE BEEN BEHIND WITH THESEE 😰🤍) to post a few wips i’ve been working on as of late!
TAGGING: @griffin-wood, @chuckhansen, @risingsh0t, @adelaidedrubman​, @leviiackrman, @danielsullivan, @celticwoman, @belorage​, @brightburner​, @flyntz​, @heroofpenamstan​, @cobb-vanthss​, @nokstella​, @roberthouses​, @taliaferros​, @amistrio​, @florbelles​, @sunsetseasons​, @jmiacolt​, @jackiesarch​, @luckycamden​, @maeflower​, @pearlcscent​, @aelyosos​, @shellibisshe​ and @rosebarsoap​ 🤍
Thalia and her Guard pose as members of her family to infiltrate a council meeting and make a dramatic entrance!
“The Shuriman empire? The empire has been dead for a thousand years! Mages?… yes! Mages! We are talking about mages! The Mede girl was a mage? But It’s impossible! and nobody knew? How?!” The cacophony of voices talking over one another, frantic, are like music to the whispers ears.
She will admit she’s enjoying watching the Tallis gentleman’s reactions. At this moment, he doesn’t suspect a thing. He is blissfully unaware and she means this with much irony, as the look on this man’s face could be described as anything but bliss. Yet not privy to the fact that the councilman posing as the, “miraculously cured from his illness” Aton Mede, is in fact, not Aton Mede. But in fact herself, Vera. and Kirollos Mede the elder brother is none other than Thalassia herself. It’ll be quite interesting to see how the golden boy will react to the unveil that is his nemesis in the council being his ex from a life before.
And hopes for a reuniting with thalia and the man seated... Viktor? She believes? The urge to break character while she posed as Thalia’s brother as he made that confession of feelings took a will of the divines to maintain. They would be painfully adorable.
The empress made their orders very clear before their departure into zaun and piltover. We are here to aid them. To be there and introduce themselves, a gesture of good will. Thalia’s end of the bargain to her lover of yore, he gave her protection and resources to further her arcane studies, she would give him zaun. She wonders if he’ll as her to rule by his side. By the gods it appears Thalia has a love triangle on her hands. Heavens help her if grand general swain is added as a challenger to the ring. Rumors of a connection between them have been spreading like wildfire across the noxian and shuriman ranks. How they came to that deduction is anyones guess. But from what she has seen of their interactions in diplomatic talks she admits they may be on to something.
a little tale of vika and jenkins first meeting jenkins involving an assassination, a club, how all great romances start!
The black widow entagles him in her web. The sorceress casts her spell.
Analyzing the man approaching the bar, he was clearly Arasaka, the black suit and black with red accents on his tie give it away. And rebel faction likely. Yorinobu leads that doesn’t he? She knows of him rather well,
Upon further inspection this man is either ex corporate military or keeps up to date on an exercise routine, the suit he’s wearing doesn’t tell much but the man is defined that she could be sure of. It’s a pity the odds of them ever seeing one another again after tonight are slim to none, she would have found is rather pleasing to get to know him better over drinks. As cliche as it sounds, he’s her type. The bravado of one who has power and the money to prove that claim, attractive, it’s what was so alluring about Angus Youngblood to her that sort of thing. Even if he stepped down to being only the COO and the Face at Petrochem, he had the attitude he was still CEO. Ever drawn to those who compliment her image, that was Viktoriya’s type.
a continuation of the piece of edelgard and reese and eddie doing VERY bad at hiding her feelings!
It was not her intention to come to the verner estate today, it wasn’t her intention to play a few songs on the piano and remain at his place as long as she’s been. And it definitely was never her intention to have a heart to heart about the years apart, or to doze off to sleep against his shoulder on his very, very fine designer suit. She needs to appreciate Armani more, the plush material makes for timeless style and an excellent place to rest your head. But it could be the person wearing it though. Thank god Reese can’t read minds.
It was something about being with someone that, as much as she vehemently denied it, made her feel safe. At home. That made her feel secure enough to drift into a dream state that maybe for the first time wouldn’t be wrought with nightmares as the theme has been as of late since returning to Fernweh.
But she needed to go home… well about as home as a bed and breakfast can be since your home was reduced to ash when you were sixteen. She’s twenty three and the idea of home feels little more than a childhood dream now. She couldn’t stay the night, as much or as badly as she wanted to stay. She could stay forever, she’d love to. Betraying her own thoughts and denial she would like that, actually.
a pin interest board for a new oc and..... I am very excited about her
Tumblr media
and some edits I’ve been working on! (x.x.x)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sasmev · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm not comfy posting sketches so this is a Mess but I feel like some extra content of these guys never hurts. Maybe. Hobeyfully,, BUT I have too much so we're stuck on photo limit for now. Some older, newer, better, worse, just to mix it up a little☆
Ft. commentary just bc I'm kinda embarrassed lol
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modernday-jay · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
anyway have ur anime men as lil cartoon animals
[and yes, gil and matthias are timon and pumbaa] 
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littlemousejelly · a year ago
What's your type?
wlw/nblw i'm interested in who are hopefully also miraculously into me
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spaceshipkat · 7 months ago
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greengoblinn · 3 months ago
the oversaturation of the comic/superhero movie industry is driving me insane
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ceabu · a year ago
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@krbkmonth2020 day - 6 [ movie au ]
atlantis the lost empire!!!!!!!
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hello-yue-here · 7 months ago
controversial take: i didnt think russell crowe was that bad in les mis.
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phantombs · 12 months ago
i got smacked with on the nature of daylight again, and if i had to choose a song more appropriately, thematically, and aesthetically cuong, i just couldn’t. it has such a clearly upsetting, sobering sound to it with the whining strings, so apt for cuong who’s wrapped in grief and heartache and despair so, so often (often violent, but there is still that more tame, more soul-crushing hurt of a silent, fading person, like memory that wants so hard to cling on, but can’t), but then is undercut with a sound that uplifts all that weight. it isn’t entirely depressing or somber. there is, somehow, still something bright, hopeful, or a chase for relief in the sound of it, and that’s huge for cuong, too, because he isn’t ALL loss and hurting. his character rides such a fine line of mourning but daydream, good-ends, and a return to comfort. this song is that. this song is so cuong qq
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good-lord-no · a year ago
do you ever just rewatch a movie you fucking love
and pick up on more things that just make you love the movie more?
like, the first swordfighting scene in the princess bride is just so good. the pacing is immaculate. slow at the beginning, testing each others reflexes and skill, before starting to properly fight, both using their left hands as to not use all their power, and the change of pace as inigo swaps to his right hand, and again when dreaded pirate roberts does it, and then inigo moving faster more rash as he's starting to lose whilst roberts makes smaller more tactical movements, which gives him the chance to disarm inigo -
and also story wise, roberts wins the three trials at the beginning, because he's fighting for true love, Buttercup, whilst the other three weren't. they were just doing their jobs. Whilst Inigo manages to win his last fight, because he's fighting for true love, his father, whilst the sixth fingered man was doing it simply to kill Inigo.
(like a ramble about that last fight, the pacing was so wrong. so so wrong. fights go eiter at the same pace, or fast to slow, as people tire themselves out, but that one, is the opposite. so slow at the beginning, but moves faster - and we get to see inigo's fencing mastery so well. two of the blows he recieved should have killed him, but ever when barely able to move, he could deflect them with the slight move of his sword, so they hit his arm instead of his heart - and and he gives the man the same injuries he recieved from him, and made the guy beg him to spare his life, to give him everything (which the man does beg) before stabbign him and going "i want my father back you son of a bitch" which is just chef kiss)
and just the characters in general, like, fezzik is just such a sweet man who's always optimistic and kind and helps people when he can, and westly's humour and confidence and sincerity even if he's a jerk at times, and buttercup who is a damsel in distress but will fucking stand her ground and insult people if she wants to, even the villains are hilarious and interesting!
and dont get me started on the music in this movie- especially in inigo's last fight- (the music goes to the beat of the hits!)
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thenopaes · 11 months ago
name seven comfort films and tag seven people
thank u for tagging me kai @mshelleys :) ily babe
pride and prejudice
mulan (1998)
cinderella (2015)
toy story 3
thor: ragnarok
little women (2019)
tagging — @seasteading @herondalelucies @landryaugust @rapunzelle @ninazeniks @emdrabbles ( just five people, but no pressure ! )
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kanene-yaaay · 11 months ago
First of all: OH BOI I 💛💛💛💛😭😭😭 I still adore this film just as much as I did when I was a child and vaywvjwvhwhw yeshhh amazingggg!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also ahvsuvwjgwywvjw I forgot how much funny this part where all the city's cats are NYOOOM after Haru like auvqjvehevjwvgw xDDD Good luck mah gurl
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He is so smol I-
My heaaart
Tumblr media
Anyway, for real, I really, really like this movie and I truly hope to one day make an art that is able to capture at least a tiny piece of peace and awe and wonder and love for being alive as this film. I really hope.
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yume-fanfare · a year ago
What's your all time favorite fairytale and why? :)
probably the little mermaid! it's a classic, childhood rights, mr andersen, tragedy, lgbt background, the sea, mermaids, basically all i can ask for sdjkfklsjd
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meanderer125 · a year ago
Zachary Levi's stories today:
Tumblr media
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blackmotionsoup · a year ago
Someday I'm gonna go off and write a full essay on why every single film/tv adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express is awful and misses the mark, because it's true and it needs to be done
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ahatintimepieces · a year ago
Hattie and the Witch’s Flower
Yes, hello, I have NO CHILL and while watching “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” by Studio Ponoc last night, I desperately wanted an au where Hattie finds a magic flower and broomstick in the woods by her Uncle Luka’s house and ends up in magic bird school, which is for birds. I wrote a short scene from smack-dab in the middle of the movie (so spoilers) to play around with the idea. It’s about 600 words but enjoy this blip of magic and let me know what you think! Here we go!!
Cupping the iridescent flower bud in her palms, Hattie inhaled the crisp night air. The little broomstick was perched against her arm, the jack-o-lantern smile on the purple cloth wrapped around its bristles almost glowing in the moonlight.
“Mer-ow!” The black cat wearing a violet-pink ribbon whined by Hattie’s boots.
“Quiet, Rumbi,” Hattie hushed, glancing towards her Uncle’s cottage warily. “We have to save Timmy!” Rumbi meowed once more with concern but Hattie couldn’t let her companion’s valid points deter her.
Grooves and the Conductor were planning a terrible experiment and it was her fault Timmy was in this mess.
Screwing her courage to the sticking place, she took a deep breath and clapped her hands together, smushing the bud between her palms and causing a web of iridescent blue goo to explode and stick to her skin. Light flashed and magical energy surged and pulsed, and the print of the flower caused twin emblems to bloom across her palms.
The broomstick groaned and jumped to life.
“Come on, Rumbi,” Hattie muttered, climbing onto the broomstick and waiting for the cat to jump up onto the handle with her. Hattie gripped the broom anxiously, and whispered, “Let’s go, to Dead Bird College.”
The broom gave a shudder and a grunt before lifting off with a jerk and a jolt. Hattie gasped and held on, unable to stifle her cry as the broom zig-zagged through the night sky.
Her cries alerted her uncle.
Luka flung forward in bed, grasping at his pained chest as he tried to get his bearings. He thought he heard his niece call out, but he half believed it had just been a dream.
“Hattie?” His voice was thick with sleep, though his mind whirled as he panicked. It was no good. He would have to check up on her before he could ease back into sleep.
Pushing painfully out of bed, he kept his hand on his chest. Working to steady his breathing, he shuffled out of his room and down the hall. Hattie’s door was cracked open and he gently knocked.
“Hattie,” he whispered, pausing with his ear against the door for a moment before slipping in. He expected to find her sleeping in bed.
She wasn’t.
“She probably just went downstairs for some water,” he muttered, straightening and stretching his back. His ailing heart was starting to settle from the initial scare when waking up, but the nagging fear remained.
He climbed down the stairs and wandered into the kitchen.
Not a soul could be found.
“Hattie?” He started for the living room, passing the stairs once more. A glint in the corner of his eye caused him to pause.
On one of the steps was an iridescent fly-by-night bud. Luka’s heart drummed in his chest.
“No, no, no,” he whispered, stooping down to pluck the bud up. No! He dashed out the front door, eyes tracing the sky.
“Hattie!” He yelled, his heart skipping a beat and he stumbled, feeling dizzy as he clutched the flower. A trail of light flew beyond the moon. All at once, it came back in a flurry.
The night he stole the flowers. The night he crashed and broke his heart, losing most of his magic.
He thought of the college. How his mentors had changed since he had found the fly-by-night. How they aimed to change and transform any creature that showed up at their doorstep.
“Hattie,” he whispered, breathing heavily. There wasn’t anything he could do. His magic. His broom. Both had been lost for so long. Running a trembling hand through his hair as he panted, he realized he could only hope she had enough magic from the flowers to make it back safely. He gazed at the moon, praying silently.
Please come home.
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offbrandmercyplates · a year ago
Me: i really have a lot to work on
Me: guess its time to reboot my Meet the Robinsons fanfic/fanart from when I was 12 and start posting it online
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angieschiffahoi · a year ago
summerland is basically the polar opposite of fried green tomatoes 
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italianeyes · a year ago
*listens to good vibrations by the beach boys until i fucking explode*
#ask me what my fav beach boys song is you wont#also everyone m gonna get my sht together now i ordered a bullet journal and im gonna start paying attenton in my classes#ts gonna be good#also if u have dm'ed me hang in there im not texting anyone back until i finish my college apps<2#i have 2 more left xoxo#the idea is that the longer i leave my dms left unread the more guilty i feel about not replying w each passing day#hence motivaton to finish my apps faster so i dont get hated on<3#thats ttste b ye#oh yea today was the frist day of school again rip#i dont have violet in any of my classes:( but i have elzabeth in one this time#its strange whenever i have classes w elxianetbh i dont have any w violet and whenever i have classes w violet i dont have any w elizabehth#the school system really fucked me over and said i will not give you maxmum happiness rip#im still thanful tho elizabeth is awesome#shes so nice and lvoely i really just dont have any words do descrbe her i just love her somuch#shes great#i could write essays on how both of my friends have made my life better> but iownt<3 yes i wil <3no t im too lazy#also  really wanna make a powerpoint about tsmth i lke just for fun so if any of you have deas please tell me#its just for my own enjoyment#i wanna it to be about like movies or msucif#bc those r the only things i love#bc elzabreht was ike do one about songs and what scenario they would pay duirng#and yeah i guess but also eh so i want smth else pls flood me w ideas#not dms tho bc the number is so close to 50 and if it goes above im gonna spontansoteuly combust#so snedne as keks
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eelmeat · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Nexu appreciation
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