#also to any patrons who miss out on slots talk to me im very happy to offer potential solutions
filibusterfrog · a month ago
hi, I see that a couple of celestial frog spots have opened up on your patreon, and I was curious if I were to join that before the end of the month and pay right away, but drop to a lower tier for the next charge on the 1st if that would be okay? If so how would that work? Could I still commission you within the next few days? I don't want to game the system or cause any problem for you, but I'd really like to commission you. I was a patron for a while before and sadly didnt manage to geta slot
that'd be all good as long as you contact me about getting a commish before december starts- if you pledge to any tier on patreon ur rewards are valid til the start of the following month x
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