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fishjukebox · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There are many cons to being an intern for the deep state.
(Edited cuz my handwriting sucks)
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easilyconflicted · 9 months ago
We Might Still Get Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and Wind Waker for the Switch
 ***Disclaimer: I am not a trademark lawyer. I am only a regular person trying to make sense of the numbers. I am not making a formal stance as I may be reading the information wrong.***
***Warning: This is going to be very long with lots of pictures.***
A lot of people are bummed about there not being a Zelda All-Stars for the 35th anniversary. Some are even thinking that Skyward Sword HD is all we’ll get since it is already so close to the anniversary. But I’m here to say that we could probably still get it, or at least Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and Wind Waker separately. Here’s why I think that and it’s the same reason why I knew Skyward Sword was coming: The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). You can also find the same information on the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) database.
What’s so important about trademarks? I don’t know, but I know they are important enough that the government is involved with regulating it. All I know it essentially means you have ownership over that mark. Remember when the Fine Bros tried to trademark “React”? (link) The USPTO and WIPO database are public to search for any trademarks in any category.
A few months ago when people were starting to guess what Nintendo was going to come out with for the Zelda 35th anniversary, I happened to remember that you can use the USPTO database to figure out if a new product was coming out. I decided to look some things up. The first thing I searched was Skyward Sword. **Tumblr ruined the quality of the images, but if you click on it, the quality should be better.
Edit: Clicking on the image will NOT work if you are on desktop and directly on my blog because Tumblr sucks. You can right click and hit view image, but that will take you from the page. You can also zoom in with your browser controls if you don’t want to go back and forth between my page. Both options may still be hard to read, so right clicking, view image, then zoom may be be the best option.
Tumblr media
A trademark for Skyward Sword? With the priority date (apparently when Nintendo filed in a different country), filing date (apparently when Nintendo filed application in the U.S.), and registration date (apparently when USPTO allowed it) all being in 2020? And in the “recorded electronic game programs; downloadable electronic game programs; recorded video game programs; downloadable video game programs; video game cartridges; and much more categories” categories and more? Why would a divisive game that is a decade old get a trademark in 2020? So that’s how I knew the game was coming to the Switch.
So what about the other games?
Ocarina of Time?
Tumblr media
Also a 2020 trademark under the same category that Skyward Sword was in. Should note that the priority and filing dates are in 2020, but the registration date is in 2021.
Majora’s Mask?
Tumblr media
Same as Oot and SS, but we have some differences. Priority and filing dates are in 2020, but there is no registration date. It does have published for opposition listed for 2021.
Wind Waker?
Tumblr media
Same position as MM. Priority and filing dates are in 2020, but there is no registration date. It does have published for opposition listed in 2021.
Twilight Princess? *Spoiler: It doesn’t seem promising.
Tumblr media
Yeah the years on this are 2007/2008. It does have a renewal date in 2018, but it is listed under the category of compact discs and other distinct categories. The other ones are under downloaded games or video cartridges categories. There seems to be no overlap.
Off topic, but when I search twilight princess, only two things pop up: TP’s trademark and that huge monstrosity of a filing. Like look at how many words they tried to trademark?! And it’s from one person! Edit: Turns out it is around 660 words! Apparently she went to court about it, too, if you are curious. (link) Back on topic.
Tumblr media
I should note that I could not find a separate listing for Zelda All-Stars, but I also can’t find a separate listing for Mario All-Stars. Only Sunshine has a 2020 trademark listing; 64 has a 1996/2000 trademark with a 2020 renewal and Galaxy has a 2006/2007 one with a 2017 renewal. Again, I may be reading a lot of things wrong here. All that’s on the USPTO database; I’m getting more info on the WIPO. 
On WIPO, I did not find listings for Mario or Zelda All-Stars. 64′s active trademarks are from the late 90′s. Sunshine has 2020 trademarks. Galaxy has some active 2018 trademarks but not in the US. So It seems like there is some differing info. Let’s see about the Zelda games.
Skyward Sword has 2020 trademarks with some pending in Canada (CA), New Zealand (NZ), etc and some active in Australia (AU), Japan (JP), United States (US), etc. All filed under video game categories similar to the ones listed with USPTO and Skyward Sword’s trademark. Not surprised it is active in the US because if we compare it to the USPTO, SS has a registration date (when USPTO allowed Nintendo’s trademark).
Tumblr media
Ocarina of Time has 2020 trademarks with some pending in CA, NZ, etc and some active in AU, US, JP, etc. All under video game categories. Not surprised it is active in the US since in the USPTO, it has a registration date.
Tumblr media
Majora’s Mask has 2020 trademarks with some pending in CA, NZ, US, etc and some active in JP and AU. All under video game categories. It is pending on WIPO in the US and it also does not have a registration date in the USPTO database.
Tumblr media
Wind Waker has 2020 trademarks with some pending in CA, US, NZ, etc and active in JP and AU. All under video game categories. Again, pending in the US and no registration date for the UPSTO.
Tumblr media
Twilght Princess has 2006-2008 trademarks with them being active in JP, US, KR (Republic of Korea). All under video game categories.
What does this all mean? We already know that Skyward Sword is coming. So maybe Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and Wind Waker will be coming soon but I don’t know when. I think pending/registration dates may be a factor as to the timeline, especially in countries with a big gaming demographic. But again, there are still decent size countries with pending status for Skyward Sword, so there may be more to it. I don’t think Twilight Princess will be coming soon considering all the evidence and especially since it was already got ported in 2016 onto the Wii U, but maybe one day TP fans. I have been sitting on the USPTO info for a while and wanted to let somebody know, and now seems like the time.
Again, I am not versed on trademark terminology. Any extra information that isn’t directly from the databases came from a quick google search and my skimmed over analysis of it.
Edit: Ignore the next paragraph. I was an angry gremlin by time I finished this and was venting.
If there are any errors and I was not clear, I have been working on this for five hours. I also realized that WIPO was a thing while making this, so I had to go and research it. Tumblr glitched and ruined half my progress. It is also 5am where I am. I am tired.
But I hope you all learned some new information from this post. Also here are the links for the databases if you want to do your own research.
USPTO (click search our trademark database, I used basic word mark search) :
WIPO (Just type in the box by text but make sure to delete the search below goods/services if moving on to another search)  :
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yggmugen · a year ago
Imagine if mael and estarossa fought and the winner absorbs the loser into their shadow thus being a complete person who would win.
Another anon hi :DDD Personally I would say Mael will win based on how the manga depicted their power (and ppl who love to fanboy-ize our strongest archangel) but I also love to imagine the other way around ‘cuz u know this is a so-called fact in manga haha
Well tbh I have also drawn a similar scene before (again), but like one or two months ago! Never post this in art blog since this has a implication of my b******t on Mael/Estarossa but I’ll post it here as it’s relevant. (You may need to click on the image for better quality)
Oh and a brief translation here:
Did you... just fall asleep?
Good night...
Wish you have a nice dream♡
Tumblr media
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artificialqueens · 12 months ago
Things That Were (Branjie) - pureCAMP
A/N - … Hi.
I won’t get into it, I don’t think I need to. But here’s a return no one expected, at least.
I wrote this based on some Feelings I have and also Jinkx’s song The Auld Lang Syne Song from… Christmas Queens 3? It has this beautiful sad, wistful, nostalgic kind of feel and it made me nostalgic for love and that strange time between Christmas and New Years. Largely sad, mostly bittersweet. Dedicated to my love Ortega, and in part for the nostalgia fic challenge.
I appreciate any and all support I’ve been given over these past months.
You have a new memory from (1) years ago!
Brooke swipes across absent-mindedly. She doesn’t think much about it, they pop up all the time in the holiday season. There’s a little loading screen, decorated with animated tinsel, that flashes in her face before every ounce of breath is knocked out of her body.
This is what dying feels like. Brooke wonders if there’s a loading screen before entrance into the afterlife. She supposes it would allow the dead some time to adjust, at least.
It’s a perfect, filtered picture. The Christmas tree looks beautiful, even as the pine dies, all decked in shades of red and gold, glittering twists and lights that twinkle gently enough to lull you to sleep. It stands tall in the background of the photo, illuminating everything with a cosy glow. At the forefront of the image, Brooke is that kind of happy, sleepy, warm drunk. Full of Baileys, probably, and little mini mince pies and leftover chocolate from boxes opened and half-finished. There’s a glass of red wine behind her, slightly visible on the table. She’s cradling Henry to her chest, kissing the top of his head.
Vanessa is next to her. The remnants of plum lipstick still on her lips, grinning, Apollo in her arms. She’s beautiful. She looks and feels like how Christmas is supposed to - welcoming, kind, gentle, sweet. And Brooke knows that she’s drunk too, and right after this she burst into laughter and her foghorn voice shattered the cosiness and it was so right and so them. And she knows how her stomach had twisted horribly after they took it.
It’s perfect. She won’t share this one. It will stay in her archives. It’s really been a year, huh.
The cats look at her accusingly, as if they know. They probably do know. They know everything about Brooke. Every flaw, every fault. If they could speak, she knows they’d ask for Vanessa instead of her. Well, tough. Vanessa’s gone, Brooke thinks, almost aggressively as if she’s trying to telepathically tell them so. Vanessa’s been gone for a year.
Or has she? Vanessa isn’t the one who left. Vanessa isn’t the one who walked out without warning, who pretended the bliss was as blissful as it looked and then ran from it all. No, no, that was Brooke.
She shuts off her phone, clicks the button to make the picture fade to black. The switch from warm and bright to black is jarring. It’s probably how Vanessa felt, waking up to an empty bed.
“Brookieeeeee,” Vanessa sings. She’s grinning, cheesing so hard that her eyes have disappeared, nothing but the flicker of a fake eyelash visible from them. “Brooklyn Briiiiiidge…”
Brooke turns, laughing, and waves away the whistles and teasing mumbles from their friends. “Vanjie?”
She pushes her lips together and makes kissy noises, wordlessly begging. Brooke gently holds her chin, lifts her head, kisses. She tastes like cinnamon and nutmeg and chocolate, a festive concoction of things that Brooke usually hates but loves on her. Vanessa looks amazing in gold and she’s an Oscar from head to toe, sparkling, beautiful.
Akeria makes pointed eye contact with Brooke, then mimes gagging herself with two fingers.
Vanessa rolls her eyes, the fondness on her face so evident that it could light up the entire bar. “I love you.”
And Brooke kisses her. The kiss says what it needs to.
Christmas a whole year ago. Brooke made a series of decisions. Stupid ones, maybe. Definitely. She doesn’t know who she’s kidding.
Funny how she finds it so hard to kid herself. Apparently, she had no issue kidding Vanessa.
A little while after Silky comments that Brooke really shouldn’t still be living in the shithole apartment she rented at 20, she realises that as rude and bluntly honest it had seemed at the time, she’s right. She resolves not to mention this to Silky, in case her ego inflates too far and she flies away like Aunt Marge (she thinks this with love), and starts looking online. And it’s impossible.
So out comes the phone, because there’s only one person to go to for this. For anything. Because she’s always there and she’s always willing and she only ever wants some quality time as payment.
B: Vanjie [8.22pm]
B: Vanjerella….. [8.22pm]
B: Vanessaaaaaa [8.23pm]
V: brooke lynn hytes [8.24pm]
B: Not the full name… am I in trouble? [8.24pm]
V: do u wanna be? ;) [8.24pm]
B: Hmm… I’ll think about it… [8.24pm]
B: Anyway I need your heeeeeelp [8.24pm]
V: i gotchu boo [8.25pm]
V: what u need baby [8.25pm]
B: Cutie [8.25pm]
B: I’m going apartment hunting, help me look? Idk what to even look for [8.25pm]
V: exciting!!!!!! [8.26pm]
V: babyyyyy this is so exciting for u omg!!! I love moving [8.26pm]
V: i hope i can help!! im usually terrible at this but i think we’ll have fun!! [8.26pm]
V: although i gotta wonder what made u ask me instead of somebody smart like nina [8.27pm]
B: Ah shit, great point nvm I’ll ask her [8.28pm]
B: Jk. Asked u because ur always here visiting, may as well find something u like as well <3 [8.28pm]
V: u bout to make a bitch cry [8.29pm]
Vanessa was over in maybe ten minutes tops, Brooke remembers. It was like she could read Brooke’s mind, and she’d brought coffee for them both to keep them going and even a little bag of kitty treats from the place she’d stopped at (“a guy was sellin’ them outside and I felt a little sorry for him in the cold so I bought ‘em. They’re good, the ones you usually get!”). They were up for hours scrolling, and then searching in person just so that she could act as a second opinion.
Brooke stands up from the couch and walks slowly, heavily, towards the window. Her Christmas tree is silver this year, silver and purple, and as pretty and icy as it had seemed when she decorated it, it feels cold and desolate now. It reflects on the glass and for a moment it’s hard to focus on the world outside when the world inside is so disturbed, but she manages. Dark as it is, the lights of the city are never gone, and she has a beautiful view of a metropolitan paradise laid out beneath her.
Vanessa loved the view. She picked it, in a way. Brooke was unsure about the viewing, and Vanessa wheedled, tugging her arm and telling her she’d love it.
She did love the view. But it was Vanessa’s view, that she saw first, that she loved first. Now it just makes Brooke feel sick. Sick at herself. Like it’s not hers to look at, and she shouldn’t.
She looks away.
A change of scenery helps to calm the mind, Brooke thinks. Nina told her that once, she vaguely recalls, as she sobbed helplessly into the arms of the only one who would listen. The only one who didn’t think of her as a raging evil bitch, and more of a hopeless coward instead. It’s not much better, but it’s a small comfort given how much she hates herself for it. She’s more inclined to go with what the rest of them all thought after it happened.
It’s late, anyway. Maybe it really is time to read a book and push down the thoughts and try to sleep away the regret.
“Oh god, oh god. Vane- fuck,” She breathes.
Waves of pleasure shoot through her, beginning deep in her belly and sending shockwaves all up Brooke’s back. Her hands grasp at the sheets around her head, desperate, clinging, her mind and body totally incognizant of each other. Her body is on fire, and her mind isn’t even functioning correctly.
Vanessa’s mouth is hot and fast and her tongue is skilled, and every time she grazes over her clit with the swift, feather-light touches Brooke thinks she’s going to pass out. Her fists grab tighter and her toes curl and a gasp floats from her lips, accidental, unstoppable. She manages to tear one hand away and threads it into Vanessa’s dark hair, urging her to keep going.
“Don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck…” She manages.
The goddess between her legs doesn’t stop, not until long after the inaudible mumblings have stopped falling from Brooke’s lips and her breaths are finally starting to slow, and she wonders how Heaven is meant to be above them when she feels herself sinking into it right now. Brooke thinks absent that maybe Heaven is here and everything else is Hell because nothing feels like being with Vanessa feels, and when they’re naked and intertwined and breathless and warm maybe they’re closer to God than they’ll ever be.
She catches herself before three words make their way out.
“God, this fucking mattress…” Is what she ends up producing. It’s digging into her back, lumpy and old. She’s only just noticed, in truth.
Vanessa’s head lifts, her makeup smudged in a way that feels beyond sinful to look at. She licks her lips coyly, sucks off her finger, and offers a lazy, heady sort of smile.
“The mattress? That’s all you got, boo?”
She’s laughing, happy, delirious. Brooke laughs too. “I don’t have to say anything about you. Isn’t the state of me enough?”
It is. On her back, chest peppered with bruises not yet formed, chest rising and falling beyond her control, legs still twitching slightly. Brooke’s completely spent, blissed out, exhausted. Vanessa’s still worn out from hers and yet her tongue is musical and the melodies were handcrafted by all the muses of the ancient world.
Still smiling, Vanessa shifts so she’s hovering on top of Brooke and then leans down to kiss her, their bodies colliding, Brooke tasting herself on the lips of her lover. It’s nights like these that make her feel like the world is a good place to be. That everything is fixable, everything is brilliant.
“We should get you a new mattress, baby,” Vanessa tells her when they break apart. “And I’ll probably never leave.”
Brooke forces a laugh, but the idea isn’t laughable. Vanessa and Forever go hand in hand, somehow.
And they do go shopping for a mattress for Brooke’s place. They wander through stores and discuss mattress firmness and size and height and flop down until they feel as though they’re ready to drop, and then Vanessa lands on one and yells “BROOKIE!” so loud that her voice - that goddamn voice - almost shatters the glass. She’s laying down with a beam on her face like nothing Brooke’s ever seen, pure sunshine, and she clearly has the best taste in mattresses because when she buys it, Brooke’s never slept so good in her life.
The bed is cold. Brooke deserves a cold bed. She left Vanessa in one, so it’s the least she can deal with it.
They weren’t always at Brooke’s - sometimes it was Vanessa’s too, for the sake of variety. Looking back on those memories makes Brooke feel like the biggest idiot in the world. Which she is, of course, and she knows it. But even here, the mini Christmas tree is cold and isolated, and Vanessa gave it to her as an early gift last Christmas, and Vanessa chose the mattress, and Vanessa picked the view. Brooke stares at everything that Vanessa has touched in her life and wonders why in the world she let herself ruin something so good. It’s selfish and stupid and self-sabotaging and that angel of a woman deserves so much more.
She thinks about sharing the picture. She could caption it with that song, ‘Now I’m in the house you chose and the bed you bought to face your perfect view’, and that could be her apology. Because she knows all too well she’s too much of a blind coward to say it properly. And Vanessa won’t see it even if she does share, because they’re not friends anymore. Someone will get it to her - probably Silky - but that’s not worth it.
Brooke opens her phone again, and swipes away from the picture before she does something stupid. Then she opens her texts.
B: Are you busy? [10.11pm]
B: Oh shit sorry, just saw Yvie’s insta, u guys are out tonight. Ignore this x [10.13pm]
N: No no! They’re out, I’m home because I was working all day and I was too tired :( [10.19pm]
N: What do you need hun? <3 [10.20pm]
B: If ur tired it’s okay, I’ll talk to u another time x [10.20pm]
N: Shut up. I’m here [10.21pm]
N: I think I know what’s going on. Right time of year [10.21pm]
B: I’m just an idiot, idk [10.22pm]
N: Nope. Stay where you are, I’m coming over. [10.22pm]
N: Did she text you? [10.24pm]
B: She’s not that stupid lmao why would she [10.24pm]
Nina is the only one who bothered to ask what the hell was going on when it happened. It’s not like Brooke can blame the others, and she doesn’t either. If someone did that to her best friends, she would be the same. And she is the same - she hates herself passionately for it. But Nina has this untraceable kindness to her, this unfathomable tenderness that seems to have no beginnings, no ends, no limits. It flows so freely from her, like a gift.
She has no idea how much time passes by crying and looking blankly at her phone, or even any idea when she started crying, but the doorbell rings and Brooke answers it already in tears and Nina sweeps her into a hug like it’s the easiest thing in the world, and maybe it is. To love your friends is easy and natural, like taking a breath in clean air.
To love someone special is like inhaling in water, drowning, getting lost. And you have to be content with the helplessness in order to survive it, or at least strong enough to swim and keep it going. You can’t just sink. Brooke couldn’t handle drowning.
“I’m a fucking idiot,” She weeps into Nina’s arms, once her choking sobs settle into streaming tears. It’s not better, just different. “I wanted to be with her forever and that was so fucking scary.”
Nina rubs her back. “Breathe, breathe. It’s okay, it’s gonna be okay.”
“Is- is she okay?”
Stupid question. Brooke isn’t sure she even wants to know.
The hug finishes; they’re on the couch again. Nina pulls out her phone, frowning, and pauses like she’s thinking. She looks guilty, which is unusual.
“I would never normally show a friend’s text, y’know? It’s private, I don’t do all that betraying trust stuff. But I know she’ll delete these tomorrow morning and I think you should see them before she does.”
V: so its been a ear then hasnr it [10.56pm]
V: a year of fwithout brook [10.56pm]
V: honestly fuck her yknw what i man [10.56pm]
V: she fuckin broke mt heart man why did she do that [10.56pm]
V: i miss her an the stupid vats so muhc [10.57pm]
V: tha sonf auld lang syne plaed earlier in the bar bef4 eht club [10.57pm]
V: very apropaotye hahahahksjkdh [10.57pm]
V: may rhe acwanriance be forgot forever and fuckung ever [10.57pm]
V: is okay i can lobe w the bitternness [10.57pm]
V: i just kisd girls unt il it dont hurt [10.57pm]
Brooke sobs. Again, loud, shaking, broken. Because Vanessa is hurting so much even a year after it happened and everything feels so raw and it’s entirely her own fault for crushing the dream they were building.
“I miss her so fucking much, I don’t know why- I don’t know why I walked out,” She babbles, helpless and hopeless and hurt. “I’m fucking lying, Nina, I know why, I know why I did it. Why did I fucking-”
She knows all too well. Because Vanessa helped her pick an apartment and Vanessa picked her bed and Vanessa loved her cats. Because Brooke could imagine them getting married and growing old and it had barely been four months by the time Christmas and New Years were rolling around and everything seemed so serious and so intense, and that didn’t mean it wasn’t fun but it was scary in the same breath because speed was terrifying.
Brooke is bitter, but only at herself.
New Years Day. January 1st, a brand new year, a bright new start. The frost glistens freshly on the undisturbed morning, and all across the city, singles and couples sleep through the dawn, hungover or still passed out drunk, party hats akimbo, party blowers still suspended in smudged lipsticky mouths.
It’s early, enough that the daylight is blinding but pale and faded. Vanessa’s bedroom has the huge window that she never covers, and she sleeps through it like the dead. Brooke wakes up and looks around.
She looks at everything but Vanessa, but eventually her gentle snuffling is too much to ignore and she looks down at her beautiful sleeping form. She’s a disaster, hair everywhere and glitter still all over her face, and she’s the most breathtaking woman in the entire wide world. Something heavy and all encompassing sweeps into Brooke’s chest, and she can identify it by name. It’s only four letters, but it strikes a fear in her like an old god from a lost world. She needs to vomit. She needs to run. She needs an escape.
Before she even knows who she is again, any of the things that ended up staying half their time at Vanessa’s are stuffed into a couple of carrier bags and she’s in her dress from the party and out of the door into the cold winter air, panicked, unable to breathe.
It’s a heart attack, she thinks. Or a panic attack. It’s an attack that feels like it’s going to kill her, and she runs away, and she runs all the way home and barricades the door shut, dropping her belongings on the floor, numb and confused and cold. It’s the start of the new year and she begins it alone, hyperventilating.
Within a couple of days the worried texts subside and the angry vengeful ones start flooding in, and just like that Brooke’s lost the best thing that ever happened to her and all of her friends along with it. Because she got up on new year’s day and abandoned Vanessa fast asleep and that was the end.
It’s ugly and chilling, how much she cries into Nina’s gentleness. The only thing that stops her is, ironically, the thing that makes her feel worse, the characteristic ‘ping!’ of Nina’s phone, undoubtedly more drunk texts.
V: i hoper he fucjibg bubble bursts this tie of year [11.23pm]
V: every jhanduary first for the rest of hersitnkin life [11.23pm]
“I deserve it,” Brooke whispers hoarsely, “But she doesn’t. She never did.”
“Neither of you do,” Nina tells her sadly. “They don’t all hate you, they hate what you did the way friends always do when breakups happen. You both deserve to be happy. And both of you have been dreading New Year’s for this exact reason.”
It hurts to hear, and Brooke wishes she doesn’t have to listen, but her friend is so goddamn wise it feels stupid not to.
“Two days until it’s officially New Year.” Nina kisses her hand. “Can you keep living like this, Brooke?”
It’s not like she even has to say it for Brooke to understand. “She hates me.”
Nina shakes her head. “No she doesn’t. She loves you.”
“That’s worse.”
“You love her.”
“I know.”
“You got scared.”
“I still am.”
“Face your fears.” Nina holds her at arm’s length, forcing her to look right into her face. “This hurts more than what blundering through it would, surely? Fire doesn’t always mean you get burned, sweetie. Sometimes it just warms you.”
She makes no fucking sense.
“I can’t play with Vanessa like that again.” Brooke swears. “I can’t.
The transitional period between Christmas and New Year doesn’t feel like real time. It’s just liminal space, a waiting room of chronology, a suspension in space. If she’s honest, trying now causes no harm, because it’s like it didn’t even happen. Maybe she should, maybe she will.
Eventually Nina leaves, pressing a kiss to her forehead and promising that somehow everything is going to be okay. She’s like a fairy godmother, Brooke thinks to herself. Always knowing, always positive, and total magic to behold.
She’s awake all night long just staring at the time on the top of her phone, lying in bed sideways and wondering if she’ll do it. It has to be right. It can’t be when she’ll still be awake and drunk and angry. But it can’t be on the anniversary of her biggest fuck up, because that just feels like some kind of sick joke and that’s not what she wants.
The entire night passes. At six am, her finger hovers over the send button for a full three minutes. She counts the seconds.
B: I fucked up. If u’ll have me, I’ll never mess u around again. I didn’t know I could love someone so much and then u came along and everything sped up and I wasn’t fast enough. I shouldn’t have thrown away what we had when it was as close to perfect as anything can get. This message is all me me me I I I but if ur okay with it, I think new year should begin right this time. I’ll hold u and I won’t let go, and u don’t even have to hold me as long as ur here. Everything is up to u. I’ll learn to live with what I did if u say no. Because I totally get why u should hate me. I hate me too, kinda. U did nothing wrong. U were and will always be perfect. [6.03am]
B: Full disclosure is I was scared of how much and how quick I loved u. But it didn’t go away even when I hurt u. I was stupid to do that, and I don’t wanna do another year in the shadow of that massive mistake. [6.05am]
B: I won’t say it here, because thats cheap for u. But I’ll say it when I see u again. I promise, and I want to [6.13am]
She falls asleep with her phone in her hand after being awake all night long.
She wakes up four hours later.
V: ur dumb [9.51am]
V: theres a party at yvies for new years yknow [9.52am]
V: im not saying ill kiss u at midnight but [9.52am]
V: fuck around and find out [9.52am]
(tags: purecamp, branjie, brooke lynn hytes, vanessa vanjie mateo, lesbian au, things that were, fic challenge, nostalgia challenge, nina west)
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flowerslightning · a year ago
(Part 2) Cloud Strife and his Mental Illness
a.k.a Psychiatric Disorder
| 1. Memory | ⇦ Click if u havent read it yet
2. Hallucinations, Illusions and Delusions
Since these three things relate well with Cloud's troubled memories, I'll be talking about them first before jumping to his Confused Personality
This post will bore u a bit or maybe a lot 😂 it depends. If ure interested with psychiatric stuff, u'll find this enjoyable as much as i do
Disclaimer : I'm 21 and still a tiny meany student. During my intern at Psychiatric Department, I learned and witnessed psychiatric problems from real life patients. And since Cloud (my fav FF character) has psychiatric issues, I'll be sharing some of my knowledge and interpretation of Cloud's character. Im not diagnosing him, rather i'm giving my own opinion about his status
@nibelheiim created a post about dissociation, she explained about hallucination, PTSD and more. Come and check her out! Her words were more direct and easier to understand. She explained about Psychological matter and she's a real psychology student too!
While my explanation will be more focusing on Psychiatric Topic and words used will be more complicated (with grammar errors). My facts will be based on ICD 10 and DSM-IV
A lot of people were confused with these three terms - Hallucination Illusion Delusion - These terms associated with abnormalities of perception. It is important to understand that this abnormality holds two keys; ● 1. Perception is the process of becoming aware of what is presented through the sense organs. ● 2. Imagery is an experience originating within the mind that usually lacks the sense of reality that is part of perception.
Abnormalities of perceptions have 4 theme, but I'll be focusing on two major types that relate with Cloud: (i) Hallucinations ; (ii) Illusions. Some cases, perception can be normal in intensity and quality but has a changed meaning for the person who experiences it - it is called as Delusional Perception. It is not an abnormal of perceptions, rather it is a disorder of a person's thinking.
Try guessing, how many from these terms does Cloud has?
1. Hallucinations
Tumblr media
- A perception experienced in the absence of external stimulus to the corresponding sense organ. Eg - patient hears a voice when no one is speaking within a hearing distance or patient sees something approaching him when visually no one is there. There are 2 qualities to determine a hallucination: ●it is experienced as a true perception●it seems to come from outside of the head●
The above gif, where Sephiroth suddenly appear again before Cloud's eyes even able to touch Aerith's shoulder, it illustrate perfectly the 'Visual Hallucination'. No one can see Sephiroth, other than Cloud himself.
Tumblr media
Cloud [Remake] kinda had anxiety when he stared at the fire and later he saw Sephiroth surrounded with flames, then poof, that silver guy disappeared along with the images of fire. He said he was hallucinating stuff after the first bombing mission. Idk how Sephiroth could create fake images of fire around him, either Cloud was really hallucinating or it was really Sephiroth that came to see him. But, this is what we call as 'Visual and Auditory Hallucinations'. Cloud SAW Sephiroth and HEARD him talking when no one else did. I can also add in 'Tactile Hallucination' because he probably felt the burning sensation on his skin from the flame around him that caused him to feel hot and sweating, or probably it was his anxiety that caused him sweating upon meeting Sephiroth with the flashback of his burning hometown
Tumblr media
Hallucinations can occur in all sensory modalities; visual, olfactory, auditory etc. In the Remake, the Whispers could only be seen by certain people. To those who couldnt see it, they would be puzzled what was happening to u, and would've thought that u were hallucinating something, like in the case of Aerith.
Tumblr media
In Cloud's case, perhaps Cloud [In OG] had auditory hallucination due to his severe case of Mako Addiction. But then, that wasnt exactly a hallucination though, cuz the thing he said "'Coming.. They're coming" was actually true. A monster fell from the sky.
Tumblr media
Other 'hallucinations' that Cloud had was the images of Sephiroth that appeared in certain headache. Cloud may claimed it was his hallucinations, but i've read it somewhere that says it was really Sephiroth appeared before his eyes. Sephiroth was messing with Cloud's mind, trying to break his mental in order to control him. However, IF IT WASNT SEPHIROTH that came, Cloud's 'hallucination' would be known as a mental disorder that may lead to severe case - eg Schizophrenia.
2. Illusions
An illusion is a misperception of an external stimulus. It often occur in several circumstances: (i)level of sensory stimulation reduced (ii)attention is not focused on the sensory modality (iii)level of consciousness reduced (iv)being in a state of intense emotion- fear.
Tumblr media
Does Cloud has it? Urm, maybe? Well, it can be proven when he saw his 'noisy neighbour next door' as Sephiroth. As stated above, illusions occur in 4 conditions, and Cloud was in number (i) and (iv). When Tifa yelled him to stop, Cloud came back to reality and got really confused when the 'Sephiroth' that attacked him was actually a sick guy. We can also add in 'Hallucinations of Deep sensation' in this scenario bcause Cloud experienced the feelings of being pushed down by 'Sephiroth'.
Tumblr media
However, we all know that 'Sephiroth' was real at that moment. For Cloud, he thought it was an illusion, but for us the audience, it was a real thing.
If u want a better explanation and example, try watching Joker the movie. The main theme of the movie was 'mental illness'. There are lots of scenes that shows different type of hallucinations, illusions and also personality disorder.
3. Delusions
a.k.a fixed false belief. A belief that is held firmly despite evidence contrary. A delusion is nearly always a false belief but not always so. There are around 11 types of delusions according to the book. Half of it may suggest Shcizophrenia. Schizophrenia is certainly not in Cloud's case. I've studied one by one the type of delusions and none of them match with Cloud FF7.
I will surely give anyone a good punch in the face if they dare to say Cloud suffers from Schizophrenia. I've met with bunch of patients having it, and the way they see this world is totally different from us.
In some other cases, eg a spiritualist convince a person to believe in his spiritualism and he present with contrary evidence to the non-believer. This non-delusional belief is called 'overvalued ideas'
Overvalued ideas is an isolated , preoccupying and strongly held belief that dominates a person's life and may affect his action. One of the easiest example i can come up with; a friend who had skin cancer may be convinced to her roomate that cancer is contagious, and her roomate suspects any abnormal skin conditions she has is an evidence to show she too, may have developed the same cancer, when the truth is, she's just completely fine.
It is very hard to distinguish between a delusion and overvalued ideas.
I had a patient, he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. He looked like an ordinary man, but when he talked, it sounded so unreal. He said he had jumped off from 10th floor several times and didnt get a scratch from it. He believed he wont die bcause he had gained super power. He even convinced me to try his 'so-called-secret technique- on how to survive a jump. By doing that often, I will have a superpower like him - a strong physical body. Up until now, I still dont know if he was being deluded with his thought or he was overvalued his idea, bcause from his psychiatric record, he did try to jump off from the second floor of his apartment's balcony a few times.
So, Im not really sure of myself did Cloud [FF7] really had delusion or not. Well, he believed he made it to SOLDIER bcause he had mako eyes. But was it something we called as delusion or was he just overvaluing his idea? He didnt know the truth and his memory messed up. No one could explain to him why he had Mako eyes, except Prof Hojo and Zack who knew the truth
Besides, after Tifa helped with his memory, Cloud accepted the fact he wasnt in SOLDIER. For patient who deluded with their own thoughts, they hardly could believe what people told him.
Tumblr media
However, surely Cloud [in AC] had delusions of guilt and worthlessness due to the fact that he believed he had done something shameful and sinful - the main trigger of this theme was, he got infected with Geostigma while he was searching a cure for Denzel. Cloud got depressed with the loss of Aerith and the memory of Zack death had returned, but I think he was recovering very well in that two years time skip. The moment he got Geostigma, he became deluded he was worthless and his depression kicked in again.
Hallucinations and Illusions are normal to be experienced by healthy people, but it wont be if u encounter too many hallucinations & illusions in 2 weeks time. Believe it or not, a lot of people around us are actually mentally ill bcause some of them may have excessive certain delusions, such as delusions of jealousy, grandiose delusions, nihilistic, paranoid etc. Although 'it is consider as normal' in a few circumstance, a few cases need to refer to psychologist and in severer cases, must refer to psychiatrist. If u follow Dr Phil's show, u'll see a bunch of patients have different kind of crazy delusions.
Tumblr media
Overall from my statement above, I would conclude that since Sephiroth always appear before Cloud's eyes, this resulting Cloud to think he has both Hallucination and Illusion, when in fact, he's just a normal guy with amnesia and personality confusion. Cloud doesnt have Delusion like how many fans said, neither he has an overvalued idea, even with the evidence of Mako eyes supporting his reasoning + he's a great fighter. I will have to say that perhaps it is his brain defence mechanism that tricks his mind to believe he is a Soldier.
Tumblr media
If only Sephiroth stop disturbing Cloud's life, it will be a lot faster to fix Cloud. Tifa alone will be the main strength to get Cloud back to normal. Ah, but this is the beauty of the game. Life wont be exciting without the presence of a beautiful villain and a love triangle (Tifa-Cloud-Sephiroth). Lol Technically I see them trying to fight for Cloud's mental health. Tifa wants to help Cloud with his mental status while Sephiroth is trying to destroy it. Lolololol
My crack theory : Sephiroth says he's going to take Cloud's most precious thing, and he ends up choosing to kill Aerith, but ofc there's another reason why Aerith got killed. But if Sephiroth kills Tifa first, I think he can take over Cloud's mind faster, because then, no one will be holding Cloud back. Honestly no one can ever will, not even Aerith. So does that mean Sephiroth doesnt know about Cloud's deepest secret or is Cloud just good at hiding his weakness?
I WILL UPDATE THE NEXT POST LATER because I've reached tumblr limit images agaiiin. The next part will be focusing about his personality - Personality Disorder
If there is any part that I've mistaken, pls correct me. I'm sorry for my english. English is not my native language, so there are plenty of grammar errors.
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Using Jisho to Translate Verbs, Adjectives, and Nouns for Names
So, there was definitely a lot going on in my “Creating a Name” guide, and after a couple of asks and private messages on creating names I realized that this part deserves its own more digestible post.
In one of the asks I got, I mentioned that this section of the names guide might have gotten lost in all the background context hubbub (it’s found in the first subsection in the “Types of Names” section; the following quote is edited for brevity):
A common thing I see in people naming OCs after verbs to give them that “name that matches the quirk” quality is that they [...] just use that verb as a name, with the verb ending and all [...]. Most verbs have a hiragana character at the end which changes depending on how the word is conjugated, but for a name it’s easy to just cut that part off and just use the singular kanji. When doing that, make sure to find an alternate reading or a name reading for the kanji by itself [...].
For people who don’t know how to read Japanese, this might be confusing or hard to do. So, the following is a step by step guide on how to use to properly translate an English word into a name worthy of an MHA character. (Unfortunately, this post does not account for punny names, just how to use jisho to make names. See the names guide for more on punny names, though.)
Disclaimer: This is just a guide for how to use jisho in the context of creating a name as referenced on this blog/in the names guide. This is not the recommended use of jisho, nor how you would normally create names for characters in other media/fandoms... though you can if you want to.
Note: I will not be defining words like kana or hiragana in this post. Please see the names guide or google for more info!
1. Translate your word. (And also, understand how Jisho works.)
If you have a lot of ideas, translate many words. Anything related to the character’s quirk or personality, whatever works.
Using the example from the names guide, here’s what jisho looks like when you look up “dragon”:
Tumblr media
The anatomy of the above image is as follows:
Orange: the English word you’re looking up
Blue: the Japanese word relating to the English word you’re looking up (the image only shows one entry, but there will be multiple on the actual jisho site), with “furigana” above the kanji to show you how to read/say it
Keep in mind that this word may not actually mean what you think it means, hence the next bullet point of “green”...
Green: the definition of the Japanese word (blue), which usually has the English word you looked up (orange) somewhere in there, to give you a precise idea of what the word actually means, and may even give you multiple definitions if the word has more than one meaning
Note the small grey word at the top that says “Noun”! This tells you what kind of word the entry (blue) is, and this is going to be especially important when I get to talking about verbs and adjectives...
Red: the kanji which include the word you looked up (orange) in its translation, but keep in mind that kanji themselves have multiple definitions and may not just mean the one thing you were looking for
This section might actually be the most useful to you in making names, since you won’t get caught up in all the multiple definitions of actual words, but sometimes actual words are useful, so using just the kanji list to create a name is another starting point to go from rather than using the definitions/actual words as a starting point
Check the “More Kanji >” link toward the bottom of this list if you’d rather use a kanji as a starting point for your name rather than a word (for future reference, you can also skip directly to this list by looking up your word with the “#kanji” filter: “YourWordHere #kanji”)
Check the “Details >” link in the lower right corner of the box to see more info about the kanji, its readings (kunyomi, onyomi, and nanori/name readings), and some other words that may include this kanji somewhere in its beginning, middle, or end
Now, after you translate your word, there’s a couple ways this can go:
You probably started with a noun so you have your kanji to create a name with. Skip to STEP 3!
You decided to use the kanji list at the sidebar rather than using a word. Skip to STEP 3!
Your word was an adjective or verb, so there might be more work to do. Proceed to STEP 2!
2. Cut off the kana, extract the kanji.
So, say the word you looked up wasn’t as simple as a noun. There’s probably extra kana tacked on, which isn’t really the norm in a name. So you need to cut those off.
For quick reference like in my proverb names post, these are kana!
Tumblr media
For an adjective that’s also a noun like “白 shiro” (white), there’s no extra kana, so you’re good. But some adjectives like “楽しい tanoshii” (fun/enjoyable) and “可愛い kawaii” (cute) have kana at the end, and the same goes for verbs like  “寝る neru” (to sleep), “泳ぐ oyogu” (to swim), and “死ぬ shinu” (to die). The occasional noun will have a kana too, like “眠り nemuri” (sleep), but the same rules apply--cut off the kana!
Extra information, feel free to skip this section:
Japanese usually have two types of adjectives, “i-adjectives” and “na-adjectives”, which you’ll see in the definitions section (green from before) in jisho. The “i-adjectives” are the ones that usually have extra kana.
There’s a sort of third type of adjective, “no-adjectives”, which are basically nouns that can be adjectives too. You don’t have to worry about any extra kana showing up with these, for the most part.
There are three types of verbs, “ru-verbs”, “u-verbs”, and “irregular verbs”, but jisho calls them different things like “Godan verbs”. There are other classifications like “Transitive” or “Intransitive” and other such things listed in jisho, but you don’t have to worry about them (they’re mostly for understanding usage/grammar, which isn’t what we’re focusing on here). In regards to the “ru” and “u” verbs, verbs are categorized by how they’re conjugated. In Japanese, the ending kana changes for tense, negative, potential, etc. which is why the kana is at the end of the kanji rather than part of the kanji itself.
Now once you have just the kanji, we can proceed with creating a name as outlined in the names guide. I’m gonna illustrate what the steps look like so you have a better idea what to do!
3. For a simple name, look up the kanji with the “#names” filter.
After you’ve got your kanji, copy it into the search bar and either type “#names” after it or manually click the filter button (green in the below image) and select the “Names” option (blue in the below image).
Tumblr media
That will give you a whole list of names, with romaji included so you know how to read the kanji. It will also tell you whether it’s a male or female given name, a family name/surname, an unspecified name (usually for unisex given names, but sometimes those kinds of names also work as surnames), or the name of a place or known public figure (the latter-most two options you should ignore--naming a character after a place is unconventional, and you really probably shouldn’t be naming characters after real life people).
To narrow down your search so you don’t have to look through all the categories you don’t need, you can use these advanced search options by typing in these tags after adding the “#names” filter:
“#surname” for surnames
“#given” for given names, unisex or first names of any gender
“#fem” for feminine/female names
“#masc” for masculine/male names
“#unclass” for unclassified names (these can be any of the above)
So if you’re looking for names for a boy with a dragon quirk, for example, you could search “竜 #names #masc” or “竜 #names #given” or “竜 #names #unclass”.
EXTRA OPTION: Homophonous Names
In the “How to Create a Name for your OC” section of the names guide, one of the tips about creating a “name that sounds like another word” name is to take the pronunciation of the name that includes the kanji you want and using a name spelled with different kanji instead. It’s really easy to use the “#names” filter on jisho to do this!
Once you find a name you like, simply take the romaji spelling (green below), put it into the search bar (red below), and add the “#names” filter. This will show you a whole list of names that sound the same but are spelled differently (blue below)! You can pick the spelling you like, but be sure to check what it actually means with STEP 4!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anyway, this step is pretty simple, but for a name that’s more than one kanji long, proceed to STEP 4. Otherwise, see more options in STEP 5.
4. Translate the name back to see the meanings of the other kanji in the name.
So say you found a name with more than one kanji that you like, including the one you were looking up in the first place. Great, now to see what the full name actually means!
Copy the kanji in the brackets of that name (green below--note that you shouldn’t be copying the kana directly to the left of it!) and put it back into the search bar (replace the text in the red below).
Tumblr media
After that, either type “#kanji” directly after the name or manually click the filter button (green below) and select the “Kanji” option (blue below).
Tumblr media
You’ll be taken to a page with lots of large text and technical info on it, but the most important bit is the definition of the kanji (green below). The image only shows the first kanji of the name, but if you scroll down you’ll see the others (one example in red below).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If that’s what you want your name to mean, great, you have a name! Otherwise, you can go back to the other steps and start over, until you find a name you like.
Proceed to STEP 5 if you want to manipulate the name some more to give it some uniqueness or possibly make a pun out of it.
5. Make a name out of a combination of kanji of your choice, or find alternate kanji readings.
So you have a kanji you like, but the options in the list of names in the “#names” filter don’t really fit your character: ie. you have a dragon quirk user but you don’t want to name them just “竜一 Ryuuichi” (one/first dragon) or “竜鼻 Tatsuhana” (dragon snout) or something.
One of the things you can do is just put together 2-3 kanji that don’t actually make a “real name” and come up with your own reading for them. For instance, “竜夜 Tatsuya” (dragon night) may be homophonous with a “real name”, but the spelling is unusual and if you look it up on jisho with the “#names” filter, nothing will come up.
It’s possible to make up names like the above example by combining the the different readings of the kanji. For example the 夜 can be read “yo”, “yoru”, or “ya”. To find the readings of a kanji, you can either look in the kanji list when you’re looking up a word, or you can check out the specific kanji details to find the kunyomi, onyomi, and nanori. (All the different areas to find kanji readings are in red in the images below. Nanori is called the “Japanese names” reading in the last image, but be aware that not every kanji will have nanori available.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(The names guide outlines this a little too, as well as list other ways to find kunyomi, onyomi, nanori, etc. and their romaji readings, but I will not be getting into that here since I’m only focusing on jisho in this post.)
Of course you have to know how to read a little kana to figure out how to pronounce the kanji and its readings, but you can either reference the kana sheet above, google or wiki, or use google translate. The image below is going to be the only non-jisho image here I promise, but this part is important for people who don’t know how to read kana so I’m including it. (Be careful not to use the actual translation, in red below. The green and blue are the kunyomi and onyomi respectively, just to show you where in the romaji reading they are, as google translate doesn’t use line breaks in it. You can see why it’s not a good idea to use the red area since it tried to translate “rou” as an actual English word “low”--this also illustrates the importance of kanji, since all of those readings technically mean “dragon”!)
Tumblr media
Once you have your kanji readings, you can combine them however you think sounds best. For example, 竜夜 (dragon night) can be any of these given or family names (this is not a complete list, and not all of them are necessarily homophonous with real names):
You can also do this to names that aren’t made-up mashed-together kanji. For instance, take the real name “竜ケ江 Tatsugae”. With alternate readings, you can use “Isekemi” as a surname and still spell it the same as the traditional “Tatsugae”. This is useful to make a name look normal but change the pronunciation to be appropriate for a pun (my example is not a pun, however--I was just demonstrating how to do it). An example of this is Mina Ashido’s name, as the surname “芦戸” is normally pronounced “Ashito”.
Alternate readings are usually how puns are made, but I won’t get into that here. Check the names guide for more in-depth stuff on that, but the info from STEP 5 is particularly useful for the “name that matches the quirk” subsection of the “How to Create a Name for your OC” section.
Congrats, you made it to the end!
Welp, that’s all you need to know about using jisho to make a name! Please check out the “Creating a Name for your MHA Character” guide that this post was made to supplement. This post was just “how to use jisho”, the names guide will really get into the meat of how to create a name befitting of an MHA character.
If anything about this post was unclear or confusing, let me know and I’ll try to clarify. Hope this helps you name your character!
Go beyond and PLUS ULTRA!
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Star Trek New Worlds Game
Tumblr media
Star Trek: New Worlds is a strategy game released in 2000 by Interplay Entertainment. The game was released for PC (Windows). The experiment the Romulans worked on got out of control and a dozen of planets appeared in an unknown sector of space. The sector was called Tabula Rasa. Image: Modiphius, Strange New Worlds I love Star Trek Adventures. It’s a tabletop pen and paper role-playing game that takes place in the Star Trek universe of films and TV shows. In it, you can play as a crew from any era—The Original Series, Enterprise, The Next Generation, etc. Star Trek: New Worlds (aka 星际迷航:新世界) is a video game published in 2000 on Windows by Interplay Entertainment Corp. It's an action and strategy game, set in a real-time, sci-fi / futuristic, licensed title and 4x themes.
Tumblr media
(Star Trek) New Worlds Mod
Update log: June 27 – Moved compatibility fixes for More Star Classes to a new mod June 25 – added sub-mod to remove primitive species June 21 – Finished adding built-in compatibility with Kepler68’s More Star Classes mod, now this mod’s planets will spawn around Kepler’s new stars in proper locations, you can test using ‘observe’ and ‘planets’ console commands, please report any issues.
Included in this mod: Updated stellaris original planet information to include the class they belong to and added several new planet types, plus a few new textures for gas giants and realistic textures (or very close) for Mercury, Venus, Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Enceladus, Titan, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The new planets have icons and recolored environment art for the habitable ones. Deposits have been updated to include the new planet classes, and some strategic resources have been changed so some will spawn on gas giants and hot greenhouses while others spawn on ice giants and coold greenhouses, instead of all spawning on gas giants. Planet modifiers have been changed to include the new planet classes, and a new tile blocker representing water masses that will be more common in oceanic worlds but can also spawn on other wet worlds. Habitability relations changed a great deal as well as the terraform links. System initializers, the primitive Sols have been updated with the new textures and the prescripted Sol initializer besides the new textures also has changes the neighbor star systems. The random generic system generation code has been reworked, including systems with primitive species.
Star Trek New Worlds Video Game
Disclaimer: This mod is not associated with Star Trek: New Horizons, nor is it compatible, at this time. All new planet textures and icons are original works while the other graphics may be recolors of Stellaris original assets. For a better experience, please use together with More Star Classes mod by Keppler68.
Credits: This planet and galaxy generation mod would not be possible without Chris Adamek’s contribution! The mod is loosely based on his Star Trek Planet Classification Guide, adapted to better fit Stellaris. All textures are his original works, done specifically for this mod and for any other use he wishes to give them in the future. The normals and speculars may not be perfect as we dont completely understand how they are done, but the textures more than make up for it. If you like his work and anything related to star trek, be sure to check out his website which also includes some fine fiction!
I also want to thank knuckey333, author of “More Planet Types” mod, as I used his mod to start working on my own, but every planet texture has since been replaced except for some possible leftovers in the code and terrain tiles / skyboxes for the greenhouse worlds.
And finally to Gatekeeper, author of “Planetary Diversity” mod, for his help with figuring out how the speculars and night-side city lights work. Im expecting lots of people to ask if both mods are compatible, im afraid not, too many of the same files are changed, and it would be a good deal of work to combine them or make a compatibility patch, but never say never…
Planet classes: Here I will include stellaris originals in the list to let you know where they fit, as each planet will belong to a specific class. New worlds will include a rendered image (not in-game screenshot), the others are stellaris originals that may have been adapted to this mod. Please note each new world has a texture pool of 3 textures on average.
And if you’re interested in more star trek lore about these worlds, including some nice renders, take a look at Chris’ website:
Class A Geothermal (stellaris Molten ex: Io) Class B Geomorteus (ex: Mercury) Class C Geoinactive (stellaris Cold Barren ex: Luna) Class C Geoinactive (stellaris Frozen ex: Europa) Class D Dwarf (ex: Pluto) Class E Geoplastic Class F Geometallic Class G Geocrystalline (refered to as Cambrian) Class H Desert Class I Ice Giant (ex: Uranus) Class J Gas Giant (ex: Jupiter) Class K Adaptable (stellaris Barren ex: Mars) Class L Dry Marginal Class L Wet Marginal Class L Cold Marginal Class L Tropical Class L Arid Class L Steppes (stellaris Tundra) Class M Savannah Class M Terrestrial (stellaris Continental) Class M Lush Class M Retinal Class M Alpine Class N Hot Greenhouse (ex: Venus) Class N Cold Greenhouse (ex: Titan) Class O Pelagic (stellaris Oceanic) Class P Glaciated (stellaris Arctic) Class U Ultra Giant Class Y Toxic
Other changes/additions: Also included a building I made for another personal mod, a Domed Habitat: you can only build 1 per planet, but its upgradeable and improves planet habitability plus some energy and adjacent food bonus in higher levels, at the cost of some food and minerals to maintain. This should increase viability of colonizing less than perfect worlds, so your empire can have more diversity and reduce requirement to terraform every single planet you wish to colonize. It uses the hydroponic farms graphics, while replacing the farm’s original graphics with something else.
Things to do: Besides fixing bugs that may be identified, some textures should be improved or replaced, this mod has been in development for almost a year and both me and Chris have been learning since we began, so the first textures may not have the same quality as the last, you can expect those to be improved. I also plan on adding a 2nd planet type for each of the more extreme habitable classes (pelagic, desert and glaciated), so each class has one world type that is better suited to species that favor hotter climates, and another world type for colder climates.
In a remote sector of the Neutral Zone, a Romulan Warbird prepares to carry out a shadowy experiment involving a nearby test probe. Before the crew can begin, a Klingon cruiser de-cloaks and demands that the Romulans cease and desist. In typical Romulan fashion, they ignore the Klingons and fire a mysterious bolt of energy at the probe, narrowly missing the Klingon ship in the process.
The probe explodes with a shockwave of energy, disabling and possibly destroying the Klingon vessel. The Romulans seem to consider the experiment a success. Without warning, the Warbird begins to lurch. A surge of gravity hits the ship hard, sending the crew flying. A crewman reports that out of nowhere, an entire planetary system has appeared from a huge sub-space rip created by the exploding test probe and that they are trapped in the atmosphere of one of the planets. The Warbird attempts to escape the vicious clutching maw of the gravity well, but fails and burns up in the planet's atmosphere -- not before a final, perhaps futile, distress signal is sent.
Your role is to explore and colonize these strange new worlds -- as the Federation, the Klingons, or the Romulans -- utilizing the planets' natural resources to build up, expand, and defend your outposts. You must protect your colony not only from your particular empire’s two enemies, but the indigenous people of this planetary system as well.
Gameplay, Controls, Interface
I didn’t enjoy this game, let me just say that up front. There was no excitement in it for me as the tasks were tedious and not very obvious, and I found I couldn’t remember what a particular unit did not five minutes after I got done using it. The only charm came from the game being a Star Trek title and even for a die-hard Trekker like me, that only lasted a few moments. Nothing in this game really has anything to do with the Star Trek universe, other than the inclusion of the three rival governments (Federation, Klingons, and Romulans), and I can’t help but feel that this was the wrong gaming direction to take the franchise.
This game, like all the other Real Time Strategy (RTS) games out there, has a Tech Tree -- more units become available after certain prerequisite units are completed. This can be a bit messy if not handled in a nice, easy-to-use-and-understand way and good games, such as Starcraft, will ghost out units that are not yet available for construction and tell you what is needed to get them. Star Trek: New Worlds doesn’t do either. You can’t see units further down the Tech Tree and there is no way to know what is necessary to build beforehand to get them. Furthermore, I found I was so focused on trying to figure out how to create the units I needed to develop an effective and well-defended base, that any attempt to create a strategy was lost in the details of colony management.
Info messages pertaining to current status (e.g. running out of resources or needing more power for your increasing number of units) appear in a dinky little window as a 'page' of info, which quickly gets buried under more pages as other messages pour in. It was very frustrating to scroll through these often times wordy little messages to find the important tidbit that finally made me realize 'Oh, that’s what I did wrong.'
On the information front, I also found it difficult to determine a unit’s health/status. When you click on a unit, either a building or a vehicle, its health/status is displayed directly above -- not as a bar, but as a series of five icons representing that empire’s symbol (e.g. five arrowheads for Starfleet or five triangular emblems for the Klingons) Now, in order to play this game with some degree of control, you must zoom a fair way out of the default camera view to get a clear picture of the action. But, when you do this, a unit’s status bar shrinks and becomes unreadable. Why they couldn’t do a simple health bar is beyond me.
The other thing that bugged me was that the shape of units was too uniform. There is something to be said for the buildings and vehicles in this game -- they all look the same with no distinguishing characteristics that even remotely suggest what the building is used for at first glance. An exception can possibly be made for the Federation’s vehicle construction facility, which looks vaguely like a hangar. Other than that, the Federation is grey-blocky, the Klingons are reddish-blocky, and the Romulans are brownish-blocky.
Speaking of vehicle construction facilities, I found it surprising that there was no visible vehicle queue. When you have a string of vehicles lined up to be built at the vehicle construction facility -- it’s a maximum of 10 which is pretty standard in RTS games -- there is no way to tell what vehicle is currently being built and no indication as to what’s remaining in the queue.
The multiplayer aspect was equally disappointing. You can only play with other machines that host a game directly or that connect with your machine if it’s hosting. Plus, multiplay is restricted to high-speed connections only -- if you are still stuck with a regular old modem, you are out of luck.. There are also no campaign editors included or available, so multiplayer games rely on the single player maps and missions.
I have other gripes about the game which are pretty minor, but deserve mention because some are just funny. First, the opening movie is anachronistic. Federation starships from the Kirk-era are side-by-side with Romulan Warbirds from Picard’s, Sisko’s and Janeway’s time. Second, the colonies need to have concrete foundations -- my 1917 house is built on one too! Nice to know that some things never change. Last, I have two words for you: electric guitars (in Star Trek? What were they thinking?).
This game is entirely 3D rendered and care has been taken to provide as realistic a view of the planetary environments as possible. Lakes and windows on buildings seem to reflect the sky. You can zoom in or out to view the world from the perspective of a small ground scout to a nice overhead picture of your entire base and surrounding countryside. The lighting, however, isn’t dynamic, and there are no alpha shadow effects, a personal pet peeve I have about many 3D games.
The camera and zoom controls are a bit clunky and took a bit of time to get used to, and I found that I hardly used any of them aside from the default camera angle on the far-away zoom setting after I got done ogling every little detail that was put into the game. (They are very true to the little helper vehicles in the Star Trek movie universe -- even down to the Starfleet Workbees that can be found in the Star Trek Technical Manual.)
The sound effects are vintage Star Trek with a bit of updating, from the familiar original series sonar ping that could be heard on the bridge to the sub-woofer-vibrating boom of weapons fire. The voice acting was not forced and was very clear to hear. The tutorial explanations were enunciated with perfect clarity, if not just a bit too verbose. The music was nice, not too loud to be distracting, but not too silent to be inaudible. It would have provided the perfect ambiance to the game if it weren't for the electric guitar solos. I mean, come on... when have we, as Trekkers, ever heard a guitar solo in any Star Trek movie or series? It just doesn’t fit! Of course, all of these sound options have separate volume controls in the Options area of the main game menu.
System Requirements
PII 300, Windows 95 with DirectX 6.1, 64MB RAM, 400MB hard disk space, 16MB DirectX certified Hardware Video Accelerator, 100% DirectX compatible Sound Card, 100% Microsoft compatible mouse and keyboard.
Multiplayer support: DSL, ADSL, Cable Modem, and LAN.
Tumblr media
The documentation is fairly standard, but don’t turn to it if you’re trying to figure out the Tech Tree problem mentioned above. If you do, you’ll be met with severe disappointment and should just trial and error your way through it. Trust me, it’ll save time.
Bottom Line
New Worlds is yet another flop for the Star Trek game franchise. Has there ever been a good one? At this point I really can’t recall any. The many failures such as this one cast clouds over the possible sunrise of any good games that may have been released. The level of difficulty is fairly high due to the lack of an intuitive interface and previous experience in other RTS games is certainly encouraged by this reviewer. And patience -- anyone who plays Star Trek: New Worlds must have a lot of patience. I really have a hard time believing that this game comes from the same company that brought us such titles as Baldur’s Gate and MDK.
Star Trek New Worlds Download Full Game
Overall rating: 6
Tumblr media
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plfox646 · 6 months ago
Vocal Reverb Vst Free Downloadtreegood
Tumblr media
TAL Reverb-II is the most popular TAL-Reverb. After some user feedbacks had to release TAL-Reverb-II again. It combines the retro sound of TAL-Reverb-I with additional features. Version 1.61 has some small improvements in the internal modulation algorithm. Available Interfaces. Windows Plug-In - VST. Download the Best Free Reverb Audio Plugins. Just click and download. This great free reverb plugin effect definitely worth your attention! Compatibility: VST, AU (32-bit/64-bit), Windows and MAC OS. More Details/Free Download: Ambience. Tal-Reverb-4 (by TAL) TAL-Reverb-4 developed by TAL is the latest free reverb plugin, extracted from the TAL-Sampler, now available as a standalone effect plugin.
Last Updated on January 2, 2021.
Even though every single DAW comes with at least one Reverb plugin, there are still a couple free ones out there that definitely work great.
Not only this, but they all have different features, color the sound in a different way, they may have an EQ to shape the tails of your reverbs, and more.
This means that by just having a couple free ones in your arsenal you can enhance your mixes that much further, since you can use different ones to achieve the desired sound.
Now, all of these plugins are free, but if you’re also looking to get your hands on some premium reverb plugins, then check out this post:
Best Reverb VST Plugins.
Let’s get started;
5 Best Free Reverb VST Plugins
Let’s get straight into the list!
1. OrilRiver by Dennis Tihanov
OrilRiver is a stereo reverb that comes packed with features, sounds great, and is on par with plenty commercial reverb plugins out there, which is why it deserves the Nr.1 spot on this list.
The user interface delivers a hassle-free workflow since its well organized- and intuitive design. You can choose between twelve early reflection models and five types of reverb tail, and it also offers control over the room size and other parameters.
It also features a 3-band EQ to help you tweak the tail of the reverb in greater detail.
The one con with OrilRiver is that it only features Room and Hall reverbs.
Tumblr media
You can download it here.
2. epicVerb by Variety of Sound
The Nr. 2 spot on this list has to go to epicVerb because of its versatility, ease of use and overall great sound quality.
It’s designed to create tight small room and ambience effect simulations well suited to modern drum and vocal productions, as well as huge hall simulations for epic sounds.
The interface allows for in-depth customization, and it even features a 3-band EQ for tweaking the reverb tails frequency ranges in great detail.
I would’ve loved to give it the Nr.1 spot on this list, but sadly it’s only available for Windows 32-bit systems.
You can download it here.
3. Tal-Reverb-4
After the success of its predecessor “Reverb-2”, TAL released a new and improved version called “Reverb-4”.
Reverb-4 allows you to create diffused-sound and vintage-style reverb sounds with ease thanks to its simple and intuitive interface.
With just 6 knobs on the front panel, aside from “Dry” and “Wet”, it’s the ideal reverb plugin for any producer that values simplicity and ease of use.
It’s worth noting, however, that Tal Reverb-4 only works on stereo sources.
You can download it here.
4. Reverb Solo by Acon Digital
Speaking of ease of use, do you imagine being able to control the amount of reverb with just one knob?
Well, Reverb Solo features an ultra minimalistic interface and set of features; One knob to control the size of the room as well as the brightness at the same time, and another dry/wet slider, and that’s it!
This means that what it may lack in versatility, it definitely makes up in ease of use.
Granted, this reverb plugin won’t be able to fit all your needs, but if you’re a beginner, then I can’t think of any better way to get started using reverb since you won’t have to deal with dozens of settings and parameters.
You can download it here.
5. Ambience Reverb by Smartelectronicx
Ambience is a reverb plugin that’s been around for ages, and it’s considered by many as a “Classic”.
It is designed to emulate huge and massive spaces and to create the feeling of a gigantic atmosphere.
Additionally, it features a gate function that can be used to create the typical 80s gated snare hits, as well as the “hold” function that lets you hold the reverb effect in an infinite loop.
Some other useful features are; the EQ, Shape, and the Dampening sections that let you shape the tail of the reverb even further.
Note: It works on Mac on both 32- and 64-bit systems, but it’s only available for Windows 32-bit.
You can download it here.
If you’re looking for the best free VST plugins in the world, I have a list of 225 of them.
6. u-he Protoverb
Protoverb by U-he is an experimental reverb that was created to help them better determine the best design for reverb algorithms.
The idea behind Protoverb was to create a good “roomsimulation”, and contrary to most algorithmic reverbs, Protoverb doesn’t try toavoid resonances or model the reflections of sound from room walls.
In fact, it does the opposite and builds as many room resonances as possible.
The result is a very natural sounding reverb with a coupleinteresting features;
Long standing frequencies resonate louder
Multiple instruments don’t mash into a diffusemud
When playing a short melody, the room seems torepeat the echo, like it often happens with church- and large hall reverbs.
The controls are fairly limited, which is both good and baddepending on your overall knowledge.
These controls are; 2 randomize buttons, decay, dry and wet.
It’s definitely worth checking out since it takes a different approach to reverb.
You can download it here.
7. TAL-Reverb-2
Yes I know I already mentioned Reverb-4 earlier, but Reverb-2 definitely deserves a spot on this list as well!
In fact, they are both quite different.
Tal-Reverb-2 is a diffuse and lush reverb effect with a fast build up time. Ideal for ambient reverb sounds, and its primary focus is on long reverb tails.
Best Vocal Reverb Vst
You can download it here.
8. OldSkoolVerb by Voxengo
Best Free Vocal Reverb Vst
OldSkoolVerb implements a type of classic stereo reverb algorithm that is capable of producing a clear spatial image.
Reverb Vst Free Download
It is certainly able to- and very convincingly- create reverb sounds for many different spaces, such as rooms, halls, etc. that blend well with the mix.
It’s extremely simple and easy to use, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not a powerful plugin to use.
Note: OldSkoolVerb is best suited for non-percussiveand soft-attack sounds like vocals, piano and pad sounds.
You can download it here.
9. Cloud Seed by Valdemar Erlingsson
CloudSeed is an algorithmic reverb plugin built in C# and C++ for emulating huge and endless spaces, and modulating echoes.
Tumblr media
Note: It only works on Windows.
It’s not a regular room reverb like some of the ones on this list, but rather more of a special effect that can completely transform the signal.
If you’re looking for a huge 80s reverb sound, then CloudSeed should be the reverb you reach for.
The interface looks a bit more cluttered and less intuitive than most of the previous plugins I listed, but in use it’s not as complicated as it may seem.
You can download it here.
10. Safe Reverb by Semantic Audio
The whole point behind the SAFE plugins by Semantic Audio is to provide the user with an easier way to control the plugins by using semantic terms such as “warm, bright”, etc. to make the whole process more intuitive.
You just type the word in and it adjust the settings automatically.
You can save custom presets to the cloud while also being able to directly access the presets saved by other users.
Additionally, the SAFE Reverb plugin currently comes with hundreds of custom patches to choose from, all submitted by producers from around the world.
I’d recommend this reverb plugin mostly to beginners, since being able to control the plugin via “words” can help you better understand how reverbs work.
Give it a try!
You can download it here.
Looking for free guitar VST plugins? Here are the 15 best ones.
11. GlaceVerb by Dasample
GlaceVerb uses a proprietary reverb algorithm developed to calculate the deformations, vibrations and the acoustic response of surfaces and materials, and it allows you to change these parameters; like setting the density from flat to high reverberation, or the surface parameters like the absorption, texture, and reflections.
Lastly, it also provides all the typical reverb controlslike Dry, Wet, Bass, and Size, as well as 64 presets (new ones can also besaved).
While not the most modern Reverb plugin out there, it does have something special to offer that the other ones don’t, so give it a shot.
Note: It only works on Windows 32-bit.
You can download it here.
12. Sanford Reverb Leslie Sanford
This is a very versatile reverb effect plugin which used tobe sold for $25 but luckily, it’s free now!
It’s got a great early reflections section, which is what lets you control how big, or small, the room is as well as the sense of distance.
Sanford Reverb gives you absolute control over the early reflections, allowing you to simulate a large number of spaces.
If you want an excellent reverb that should definitely not be free, but for some reason is, then make sure to give Sanford Reverb a chance.
Note: on the Leslie Sanford website you will also be able to find a Synth, a Delay, and a Bass Tightener that are also worth testing out.
You can download it here.
Looking for free Delay VSTs? Here’s a post I wrote about the best ones.
13. Spring Reverb by Hotto Engineering
Vocal Finalizer Vst Free Download
Hotto Spring reverb is an incredibly simple, no-nonsense spring reverb that is super easy to use since it only features a couple parameters for you to tweak.
This style of reverb effect was made popular by guitar players in the 60s, and this plugin emulates that sound well and it does all this with a very simple interface and feature set.
You can download it here.
14. MuVerb by Mutools
MuVerb is one of those reverb plugins that works well on just about anything that needs to sound huge.
MuVerb comes with MuTools MuLab, which a DAW that you can try out for free on their site, and it works on both Windows and Mac OS.
One cool feature it provides is the “Turbulence” Section, which works similar to how a gate does, as well as an EQ section, which always comes in handy when you want to shape the tails of your reverbs.
If you’re in need of a fairly simple reverb plugin that is designed to make your Synths, Snares, or any other mix element sound huge, give MuVerb a shot.
You can download it here.
Speaking of huge Synth sounds, if you’re interested in free Synth vst plugins, then here’s an entire post on that topic.
15. Freeze Chamber by Synthescience
Best Free Vst Reverb
With a super minimalistic interface, Freeze Chamber is really simple and straightforward reverb processor that can add some “room” to your tracks.
One really cool feature it provides is the “Freeze” switch that allows you to hold the process in a suspended state while the reverb processing is still ongoing, creating a sound that’s very similar to that of a synth tone.
Freezechamber is fully automatable and has the ability to store 64 presets, and it comes with a few already pre programmed that will show what it’s all about, but you can definitely tweak and save them for later use.
Installation procedure: Unzip the file, then copy theDLLs into your VstPlugins folder.
You can download it here.
All of these 15 plugins are great and I don’t think you can go wrong with downloading any them.
If you’re having a hard time choosing one, then I’d highly recommend scrolling back to the top of the article and checking out the table I posted about the top 5 recommendations.
Vocal Reverb Vst
I hope this information was useful!
Have a wonderful day!
Tumblr media
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nini1522 · 8 months ago
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That’s a little information about the definition of film or movie. The information was quoted from various sources and references. Hope it can be useful.
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Thanks for watching The Video Today. I hope you enjoy the videos that I share. Give a thumbs up, like, or share if you enjoy what we’ve shared so that we more excited.
Sprinkle cheerful smile so that the world back in a variety of colors.
Thanks u for visiting, I hope u enjoy with this Movie Have a Nice Day and Happy Watching :)
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magnolian-gold · a year ago
Having an account with 14 followers makes me realize, huh, 345 followers Is A Lot, and my old account was actually fairly popular, so, that's something. Also i am ABSOLUTELY jamming to the james kin playlist pewcy made for me ilu. On to the topic tho; NIGHTMARE NURSE! warning for gore, lots of words, what and why, and gushing over the au harv and I have some more which i will one day word for again
Let’s start with the basics; who is nightmare nurse? Nightmare nurse is a nurse i made for the angel and sinners au i wrote with harv (@partyinthemysterymachine) which some (most) of you who click the read more have already read the description for but I’ll share that again here in a minute. ANYWAY, they’re essentially a physical manifestation of James’ trauma surrounding his dead girlfriend who was almost his fiance, plus some other stuff like his weird thing about seeing broken bones, how he remembers the way she sounded when she was on a hospital bed wheezing for air, the stink of death and antiseptics mingled with infection and rot! Lots of fun. thank u harv for loving the terrible shit i come up with for this au, there may be more monsters in the future.
here’s a description for those of u who didn’t see it/need a refresher it’s really just an excuse to whip my dick out over my nurse but ykno 
nose curling blood and the stink of infection heavy in the air. The nurse looks like a fucking horror movie extra, lacking any distinct features on its face, because what it has can barely be qualified as a fucking face. The flesh looks like it’s peeled itself away from the bone patchwork style, like someone took a potato peeler to its face and decided halfway was good enough. James can see teeth where its cheeks should be, finding bloody bone instead. It doesn’t seem to have a specific gender in mind, the scrubs on its body loose and baggy, covered in what james can only assume is bits of its own skin and blood; and james can’t tell why it limps. But it can see well enough, because from just below its eyelids was left intact, but what feels like a punch to the gut is it looks almost like mary, there, from the brows to the slope of the bridge of its nose to its green eyes. 
The nurse smells so bad because it’s a basic embodiment of death. I might end up changing the way the eyes are described (from green to milky to further solidify that yea it’s dead, rip) It smells like infection for reasons already mentioned, but also from personal headcanon for what mary had, adding that she probably had a weak immune system from living in shepherd’s glenn (points at nick and al for that one) that she had what started as Aspergillus and then mutated to something slow moving that took three years to kill her (Aspergillus is caused by mold so like ;) at harv for that too)
The face is so mutilated because Silent Hill wants to ruin what good images it has of Mary for him. Wants to, essentially, turn him into a stinky little guilt pool they can feed off of if harry lets go of his hand and James dips in lake Toluca. Theres no reason for him to see the nurse  like that beyond it’s fucking traumatic, to see someone he loved so deeply that it sent him into a deep depression after she died where he became reckless and thought about killing himself multiple times (as shown by literally ALL of my toluca pieces, lmao,,,) nurse is pretty easy, he spent most of his time at the hospital with mary surrounded by nurses, and probably decided to put a little bit of the blame on them, because guilt and sorrow are unreasonable like that. (PSA he did not kill mary, not directly, i’ll talk about that more in a minute)
Like i said above, james has a thing about broken bones in a bad way, as in, he’s very very very terrified of the concept. Bones should not break, according to him, and he’s seen enough people breaking their bones working in dangerous environments that he’s decided No Thank You, Not For Me. Plus he’s never broken a bone but i have and that shit is traumatic when ur younger
MARY, lets talk about mary. So, like i told harv, and like im now going to tell you lovely people, when mary got sick, in order to be able to visit her, they put James on her paperwork as her brother. She had no living family that either of them knew of, and james violently refused to let her go through it alone. And that was fine for like a year and a half, except mary wasnt getting better she was getting worse and taking it out on james. She knew she was too, so she told him one day that she was going to take him off the allowed visitors list, and then she did, and then james had to live with the knowledge that the woman he had loved since he was like 16 was wasting away in a hospital bed so THAT was the start of some pretty bad guilt and then a year and a half later that very same hospital calls him up and they’re like hey so, she’s in a coma! So he has to go and make the decision to pull the plug on her which of course he does, because like, quality of life over quantity but now hes haunted by the voice of silent hill telling him he killed her so he feels guilty over THAT. Keep in mind he was like 23 at the end of it all, okay, god, that was so much,
Some other little tidbits for the future! There are two types of nurses, indoor and outdoor nurses, otherworld vs our world. Otherworld nurses are more masculine, and ACTUALLY feed into the fun and fantastic “birth” thing silent hill has going on with visible and grotesque pregnancies which is actually james fear over getting his husband pregnant when they’re both really careful about it. Their lack of gender is because james fucks in this au, but im super excited to read harrys horny monsters, thank u harv, i love you and owe my life to you, ur a king. The nurses still wear scrubs but might have some similarities to harry, because tbh their design is still up in the air until i can actually write about it.
BASICALLY; nurses take after silent hill game and movie nurses only in the noise/light/mary aspect, and their movement speed. They’re slow, move in groups of 3-5, scream instead of moan, (mary screaming at james more likely than u think ;) ) and carry pipes/axes/knives, etc. They haven’t fought any, but they have run from them a lot. The stink told them before they got the radio that a nurse/nurses were nearby. thank u for coming to my ted talk, and really, nurses only exist because of harv, whom i love and adore. kis u
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