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#also what the fuck are Mercy's wings like what
lxvebun · 3 days ago
*slides you a 20* Miss bun president of the soft!dabihawks simps, can we get a protective!dabi/hawks hcs ty you
Also can i be 🌟 anon
Protective! Dabi/Hawks x so
Tumblr media
*eats the 20* yes you can
Also welcome dear 🌟anon
We love our protective boys
A/n english is not my first language so im sorry for any mistakes<33
Cw: talk about hurting/killing people, curse words,mild insecurities ig, angsty thoughts but nothing in too much detail
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Protectiveness scale 10/10
You are the love of his life, he can't let you get hurt
Mentally physically emotionally doesn't matter
Someone looks at you the wrong way? well the only reasonable solution is to claw their eyes out
Someone says anything rude? Ahaha may god have mercy on them cause Dabi wont
Ever come home slightly off
He will notice and he is ready to kill the reason for your sadness.
"Hey doll how wa- what the fuck happend ??who do i have to kill?? i need a name. Are you okay? are you hurt ? I swear when I find them I-"
" relax im okay noone hurt me just bad day with bad thoughts"
"Why didn't you call me I could have been home sooner :("
Didn't want to bother you, it's not like you can fight my thoughts XD
Challenge accepted
"Im making an appointment with the eye doctors for you" (it that what you call them idk lol)
What why ?"
"Cause for some reason you cannot see how incredibly beautiful and amazing you are. Idk doll maybe need a check up"
*laughs* omg stop jesus"
"Hey made you smile :D"
Will leave a shit ton of notes all around your house telling you how amazing you are.
Probably sticks them on you as well
Randomly texts you throughout the day when he's not with you
"Doll" send 3:45
"Hey dabi everything okay?" Send 3:57
"Hi, yes this is your daily reminder that you are incredibly talented and beautiful and im so fucking in love with you it's probably ruining my reputation of edgy asshole but idc. I will do anything for you to make sure you are safe. are you okay? Are you out or at home text 1 if you got the message text 2 if I have to yell at your brain to stop lying, text 3 if you want unsubscribe" send 4:03
Omg 3 lol" send 4:05
"That was a JOKE you cannot unsubscribe from my love. See you soon doll :)" send 4:05
If the thoughts are more about possible situations hell just shut them off
"Im just worried that some day you will not make it back home :(
"I will always come back to you doll, what you really think some fake ass heroes are going to stop me lmao?? You never have to worry about that okay? now get in my lap we are going to cuddle"
Can't battle your thoughts my ass
He will try
And he will succeed
Will do anything he can to make sure you are safe happy and loved.
Tumblr media
Protectiveness scale 9/10
He knows you can protect yourself
Does not mean you have to
While patrolling he will check up on you
Sometimes he will just come into your house
Have one of his feathers scan the house real quick to locate you
Give you a kiss and fucks off again lol
Always double checks your door to make sure its locked
Same with the windows
But you open them up again because sometimes dumbass forgets they are closed and just crashes against it
You can make a pillow from all the feathers he leaves around
"Baby i already have one ?"
" i know but here *shoves a bunch in your hands* take these too just to be sure."
"Will have you on videocall when patrolling
You can enjoy the view
He can stop worrying about you for a sec.
Blows up your phone with hundreds of text messages and is not embarrased by it at all
Mans also expects you to message him back within 0.001 seconds
Will get extremely worried if you don't
So don't you dare take a nap without telling him
He will have an actual breakdown lol
If you're out he'll just fly along with you
"Dont you need to work?
"Wdym i am working gotta make sure my dov- i mean you as a civillian are alright :D"
Anyone is stupid enough to try something
He'll fly down and "accidentally" hit them with his wings multiple times
And then flies off with you in his arms
He will do anything he can to make sure you are happy and safe
Tumblr media
For some reason i struggled a lot with hawks? So it may be actual shit but i tried also i really cant tell if this is good or not 😀
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mcytmushroom · a month ago
Hi! Can I get a fic of reader being a part of sleepy Bois inc, and they’re Tommy’s age? And one day, tommy, Ranboo, and reader were like in the woods and Dream comes and threatens tommy to hurt reader and ranboo if tommy doesn’t give dream the discs? And maybe Philza and techno come save them at the end? Thanks!
Ooo I love sleepy bois inc so much so I am so excited to write this one. I made this take place in a universe where Techno and Philza didn’t help dream blow up L’Manburg. Just gave him supplies as the favor Techno owed dream.
Also side note! I am so so so sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve had a lot of things going on mentally and physically, and I’ve had some issues with some personal relationships and its been taking a toll on my creativity. I’m currently staying with some friends and am feeling a bit better so I’ll be posting a bit more. Thank you for being patient with me and also THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 300 FOLLOWERS HOLY SHIT! <3<3<3 Do yall want some kind of followers special? Let me know if you do! Ok I think I’ve talked enough now, please enjoy this one-shot.
Don’t Touch Them
You bolted ahead of Tommy swiftly jumping off the cliff you and Ranboo had found. You opened up your wings and glided down through the forest letting a laugh slip past your lips. Feeling the cold wind and snow hit your cheeks as you make a not so graceful landing. “Fuck, that hurt.” 
“Oi dickhead! Slow down us normals can’t keep up with you when you fly!” Tommy grabbed his water bucket and leaped after you with a smile. You saw Ranboo taking his time going down. You giggled at the fellow hybrid and called out to him.
“Still haven’t figured out those teleporting powers yet Ranboo?” You idly pick a couple berries to snack on and ruffle out your feathers. He looks at you with a smile and shrugs. 
You smile softly at the newest member of your family. Tubbo had told you about his new friend/husband and you were skeptical of the boy who had helped Tommy burn down George’s house and was part of the butcher army but you and the enderman hybrid had grown close. He was fascinated by your wings that were a stark contrast to your father’s wings. 
Philza had seen so many wars and heartaches his wings had turned black but were still as strong as ever. Meanwhile you were young, still in your first century in the Overworld. You hadn’t meant to fall into the portal near your home, it appeared as you were practicing using your wings in the End City and your pattern faltered sending you crashing into, what is now called, the Syndicate Room. 
Techno and Philza had found you shivering and curled up in a corner. You had been surviving thanks to DreamXD giving you food but he was just a merciful god not a helpful one. Techno thought you were a hostile threat and pulled out his netherite ax to be rid of you. You screamed seeing the Piglin hybrid and pulled your wings protectively around yourself causing Philza to stop Techno. He wrapped you in his cloak and brought you back to the cabin, nursing you back to health.
You’ve matured since then. Seeing people come and go through Techno’s house from the attic. Philza wanted to keep your existence secret from others within the SMP for your own safety cause he knows how elytra are acquired having seen it happen to his kind in centuries past, though you had no idea of the terrors outside of your cozy cabin.
“Slow down you overgrown chicken!” You scoff at Tommy as he runs up to you.
“Forgive me for enjoying the little bit of freedom dad has given me today! He never lets me leave the clearing so I’m using every opportunity I can to stretch my wings.” You giggle and launch yourself into the air kicking up the snow around you.
“Tommy they haven’t been out in months let them enjoy it. Besides we’re only here for a little bit of wood then they’re back into the cabin.” Ranboo stands beside Tommy looking up at you smiling. 
You disappear behind a line of trees trying to perfect your landing. “Well if we don’t keep an eye on them Phil will have my head.” Tommy grumbles walking towards where you landed. Ranboo easily passed him with his long legs but stopped suddenly causing Tommy to ram into his back. “Oi! What the fuck are you-”
Ranboo shushed him and pointed into the clearing where you were talking with a tall masked man dressed in a green cloak. Tommy froze seeing his worst nightmare occur right in front of him.
“(Y/N)! Get away from that monster!” Tommy yelled out pulling out his sword and shield rushing towards the two of you.
You looked at him in confusion. “Tom? What do you mean mon-” Your sentence is cut off by a sword at your throat. 
“Don’t take another step Tommy.” The masked man grabs a hold of your wings and you let out a whimper.
“Don’t you dare fucking hurt them!” You saw genuine fear in your brother’s eyes and suddenly understood. “Dream I swear on everything I have if you cause one scratch to them I will have your head on a spear.”
“Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. You really think you have the upper hand here? You’re out numbered. Give me the disks, and I’ll let them go.”
“I’m out numbered? It’s two to one as far as I can tell.” You gasp as you see the eyes of the mask turn red and Ranboo clutches his head. 
“Oh Tommy, you think Ranboo is on your side? He’s always been my secret weapon. Why do you think he agreed to help you destroy George’s house?”
“Ranboo fight it!” You scream. “You’re stronger than him! Do it for Tubbo! Please!”
Ranboo looks up at you, his eyes switching from normal to purple and back. You silently encourage him to fight hoping he hears you. He shuts his eyes tight and when they open they’re back to normal, but filled with rage.
“Shut up bitch.” You let out a wail of agony as you feel him tug at your wings. “Always wondered how I might get a pair of these after DreamXD closed the final portal to the end. Guess I have to take them for myself.”
Tommy and Ranboo try and make a run towards you but are pushed back by a large gust of wind. In front of them with sword at the ready is Phil, wings spread to their full size.
“Don’t touch them. If even a feather on their wings is out of place I will show you why I was called the angel of death by your ancestors.” Phil grabs a potion of strength off of his belt and sets his feet.
You see Tubbo, Techno, and Ghostbur running up from behind and Techno joins Phil in protecting the others.
“Techno, Phil. Good to see you.” Dream taunts. “Never knew you had this little one living with you, should’ve known you’d have a refugee.”
“Make this easy on yourself Dream and let them go.” Techno pulls out his rocket launcher and loads it up. “You don’t wanna get on my bad side, do you?”
Dream laughs. “Go ahead! Shoot me.” He pulls you in front of him. “They’re gonna go down with me.” 
Phil pushes down Techno’s arm. “Dream, let them go. We don’t want any trouble. We have been fine away from your SMP. Tommy hasn’t caused any trouble, Tubbo and Ranboo are happy, and (Y/N) has never done anything to hurt you. But if you dare hurt them I will burn your SMP to the ground. L’Manburg will look merciful compared to what we will have in store for you.”
Dream growls and shoves you to the ground before stepping back. “I’ll be back for the disks Tommy. As for you (Y/N), don’t fly too close to the sun doll.” He smirks  before pearling away.
Phil rushes to you and pulls you onto his lap examining you and your wings for any injury. You shake slightly and lean into his chest.
“Jesus christ kiddo you scared the last life out of me.” Phil pulled you into a tight hug as the others gathered around you.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know who he was and he was just asking me questions about my wings. I thought he was a curious traveling trader.” You ramble feeling another set of arms around you.
“Don’t scare me like that dickhead.” You laugh and nuzzle Tommy’s head. “You’re the last sibling I have left, I can’t lose you too.”
“You won’t lose me Tom. I’m right here.” You give him one last squeeze before turning to Techno and Phil.
“Tech? Will you teach me to fight like you and dad?” You puff out your wings. “I don’t ever want to be held hostage like that again.”
Techno nods before heading back to the cabin. “Be ready by sunrise tomorrow kid.”
You look at Phil who has tears in his eyes. “You alright dad?”
He smiles. “I’m perfect mockingbird.”
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elysianslove · a month ago
Which JJK male characters would be interested in anal sex with a female partner? He would be the one fucking her, not her fucking him. (Not pegging.)
my favorite asks are ones like these ngl i just <3333 
anyways let’s get into ittt. warnings; anal i guess????
nanami kentō; he doesn’t really talk about it, but also doesn’t really not talk about it? he’s never gonna be the one to bring it up to his girlfriend, but god does he love it. something about power, something about how good it feels. when you ask him to do it, you mean it as a joke, but he takes it so seriously that you’re just. going with the flow at this point. he absolutely knows what he’s doing too, that it’s sort of suspicious when you actually get to do it like,,, he’s definitely done this before. he goes fucking feral when he’s inside of you. he makes sure to prep you properly beforehand. even when you get impatient and beg him to just get on with it, he won’t. he’ll stretch you out until he deems you ready. but once you are? no mercy. fucks you even harder than he would your pussy. just has your hips gripped in his big ass hands, basically just using your body. he makes your body go absolutely numb. you’re literally just limp on the bed while he fucks into you, so fucking hard. and his cock’s so big too that you’re so thankful he didn’t listen to your pathetic whining and begging before that. after giving you a taste, he makes sure that he’s brainwashed you enough to want it to be a regular thing. sometimes he does it when he knows you’re needy and need him inside your cunt, just cause <3 
gojō satoru; okay to gojō, he honestly just wants to try every kink known to man. don’t be surprised if he asks you to try some weird ass shit like “babe let me piss on you 😍” i hate this man. but he does bring it up eventually, and begs, begs, for days, for you to let him hit it. eventually you reach a compromise: you peg him, he fucks you in the ass. it’s a fair deal, and besides, it’s another kink he can check off his list. he makes you watch anal porn a day before, like porn is the epitome of sex ed or something??? he doesn’t not know what he’s doing, but he’s also definitely winging a lot of it. puts his dick in after not that much prepping, but it’s like, bearable. honestly, he makes it really enjoyable for you, i’m not gonna lie. fucks your brains out, like he always does. and he pays attention to the rest of your body too while fucking you, so you’re just sensitive all over. also! he’s actually super soft with you when he’s first putting it in, just soothing you and rubbing your back and telling you to be good for him. but anyways, he loves it, like so much. he goes like three rounds that night, because he can’t get enough of how different, but good different, it feels. you’re just so fucking hot and tight around him, it drives him insane. also he’s weirdly into the way it looks, just his cock thrusting into your ass. absolutely fucks you in the ass while fucking your cunt with a vibrator or something. like he adores making you way, wayyy too sensitive. 
itadori yuuji; saw it on porn and just desperately needed to try it. he was willing to do anything to let you try it with him. like anything. “babe i will be your bitch for a day if you let me,” ok then bark for me, yuuji. pls he actually does. anyways. you agree but on the condition that you actually research, and that does not mean watch porn. he just deflates like are you seriously gonna make me read about anal when i could just watch :( but he sits and pays attention because he’s not about to blow this opportunity of a lifetime. unsurprisingly, all and everything he learnt gets thrown out the window the moment he has just two fingers in your ass. two. with a cock like his, there’s no way he’s fitting after two. you’re just huffing and trying not to moan too load as you attempt to glare at him, telling him you need him to stretch you out more. nearly forgets the lube when he’s gonna finally get to fuck you, but honestly, he’s just so, so excited. you insist on riding him because you can’t trust that he won’t lose all his inhibitions, but honestly, bold of you to assume he can’t take control even with you above him. just jackhammers your shit, rip. he grabs you by the waist and pulls you to him, fucking up into you that you literally see stars. you’re trying to tell him to slow down, you’re not going anywhere, but he’s so lost in it. fucks you till you’re braindead honestly, like your eyes are crossing and you’re drooling everywhere, barely even letting out a sound. there’s no way you’re not gonna wanna do it again with him.
getō suguru; monster cock man will have you begging for it 😩he teases you so much about it if you ever like bring it up but deep inside, deep inside, he wants nothing more than to rock your shit. pls the PUN HFSKFHA. he also somehow knows what he’s doing, but like. listen. being with getō is so overwhelming like he’ll be fingering your ass with his mouth on your clit, and he’ll be teasing you, calling you mean names, making it act like you’re the one so desperate for this when you literally only just suggested it and he’s the one that was immediately pouncing on you. he preps you, every single time you do it, for way too long. like you’re properly stretched, but he still goes on to finger you, giving you just barely anything, leaving you literally drooling for more. when he finally fucks you, he goes so slow, but so deep and hard. he just has you bent in half, gripping and pushing at the back of your thighs as he slowly just pulls out, and thrusts back in suddenly, filling you up. you feel him in your throat, on god. if you beg enough, he’ll eventually just lean down, your legs on his shoulders, his hands resting heavily on the bed beneath you, and fuck you so hard you might, might, pass out. he has you crying and screaming so loud for him that your voice is basically gone the next day. plays with your pussy to make your orgasm even more intense, fingering you, rubbing at your clit. he loves when he finally pulls out and sees you gaping for him. even if it becomes a regular thing, he still absolutely makes you suffer with his teasing every time. 
ryomen sukuna; oh my god of course he does??? firm believer of a hole is a hole <3 so romantic <3 actually, he tries to slip it in your ass halfway through sex and you were like 😳✋🏼 slow down there, sir, there’s a time for everything. unfortunately, you have to prep yourself, but he gets so impatient and pushes aside your hand, saying he’ll take care of it for you. i’d think he’d be so impatient that he won’t even prep you thoroughly, but actually it’s the opposite for sukuna. what’s the point if he can’t fit??? he doesn’t go slow, at all, at any point. soon as you’re stretched out for him, he grabs your hips and pushes his cock all the way in, no warning, no build up, nothing. he just makes your eyes roll back so far, your back arching up, and he’s so responsive to it, pulling you to him, thrusting into you harder, just fucking your brains out. oh my god and when he gets close enough to you, has you pulled up against him directly, the mouth on his stomach lets its tongue peak out, licking and slurping at your cunt as he fucks your ass. it’s honestly all a little surreal. sukuna has a lot to give too, especially in terms of cum. i said it before and i’ll say it a thousand times, he cums so fucking much. breeder balls <333 my point is, he’ll cum in your ass, then fuck your pussy and cum inside of you there too. he’ll have you properly full of him. he’s a possessive man, what can i say? also ! also. also. sukuna with— two cocks? idk how that would work, but if he could fuck both your pussy and ass at the same time? or both in your pussy? both in your ass? who needs to have a threesome when you’re dating the king of curses <3 
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wuhllow · a month ago
fucking keigo until he’s the one who’s crying?
Or edging Keigo until he’s the one who’s crying 😈
warnings/tags: ~600 words, subby Keigo, light bondage, edging, and a load of tears (ofc), mdni
“Angel, please.”
“Hm?” You sound an innocent hum, slowing the already painfully slow rock of your hips. “Please what?”
Keigo only whines, flexing against the shiny red silk restraining his wrists, all the while bumping his hips up for more.
“Ah, ah, ah,” you tut and click your tongue, giving his cheek a firm tap. “Use your words.”
“I- I-“ He’s cut off when you lift and lower your hips suddenly (evil), and he lets out the prettiest, most broken moan.
“You’re so pretty when you’re like this, baby.” You thumb away the tears rolling off his cheeks, admiring him in this, well... messy state. “So pretty.”
You’ve been grinding on his cock so damn slowly for god knows how long, always making sure that it’s just enough stimulation to keep him on the brink but never quite enough to push him over.
It’s evil, you know it is, practically torturing him like this. But you can’t help but love the way he gets when you push his body and mind to their limits, because he’s just so damn pretty when he’s this deep in his subspace. But it’s also rare, very rare for Keigo to let you take control to this extent because usually you're the one in his position, and usually you're the one who's left all jumbled and messy and begging—
“C-cum-“ he warbles high, “please let me cum.” 
His cock keeps pulsing and twitching against your walls sporadically, and god it must be nearing painful for him with how much you’ve got him worked up.
You squeeze around him, just to see how he’ll react, and he bites his lip and starts trembling, letting out a string of pathetic little whimpers.
Very cute, because if you hadn’t been in his same position countless other times, maybe, just maybe you would have given him some mercy.
“Aww, baby.” The mock concern in your voice would have been apparent to Keigo if he wasn’t so desperate in every sense of the word. “You need to cum that badly?”
He’s looking at you with wet and pleading eyes, frantically nodding his head up and down. Even his wings start to flutter against the headboard like he truly thinks you’ll give it to him.
“Yeah, how badly?” You roll your hips once and pinch his already oversensitive nipples, leaning in close.
Keigo yelps at the pinch, but then he jerks his head forward, trying to leave kisses (bribes) all over your neck and jaw, gasping so quickly and so softly in between each.
You only chuckle at his little show. “Awfully cute, Kei... but I still don’t think you want it bad enough.”
You can practically feel his soul leave his body.
His breath hitches so hard and so fast and his heart skips a few beats, hell, even his wings stiffen completely from where they were twitching near uncontrollably before.
And then he starts babbling.
They’re not even coherent sentences, just sputters and whines of broken words and syllables. You almost feel sorry for him, almost. It’s only when fresh tears start spilling down his cheeks and he throws his head back like he’s dying that you decide he’s had enough.
In a show of comfort, you push his sweat-sticked hair back from where it sticks to his forehead and the sides of his face. 
“Shh, baby, it’s okay,” you coo at him, kissing away his tears. “You really wanna cum?”
He shudders into you, taking hiccupping half-breaths. “Yes- yes. O-oh god, please.” 
“Yeah? Okay baby, okay.” You sit back up and brace your hands on his chest. “I’ll make you cum real good then.”
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foryearsnyears · a month ago
“i think you’re jealous.” (levi x reader)
TW- jealousy , but mostly fluff, tsundere levi perhaps...
Tumblr media
ANON: hey miss 🙇🏽‍♀️could I request a jealous Levi one-shot
author’s note- heyyy missy, yes I have done a levi ackerman one shot for you. hope u like it <3 also sorry for late posts
Levi Ackerman, your fiance has never shown mercy to people who would look at or talk to you disrespectfully. To him, you were a gem. You were precious and worthy of everything good to ever exist. Sadly, he doesn’t tell you. Dear Reader, you see, he can not tell you. Why is that? He’s a little shy, despite his haughty courage. You may be thinking, that this is usual for him. But no, he berates himself for not expressing his deep devotion. His head is full of thoughts related to… “I can slay titans like chopping onions…. But i can’t tell my lady that I appreciate her more than she knows.” These moments are made exclusively for Levi to show you that he loves you.
Oluo and Gunther are talking to you in the hallway, a chat about the last expedition and how you are so worried for their Captain. How could you not be? He may be humanity’s strongest soldier but he’s also just a man. An Acker-man but also a human being. Oluo talks about how he wouldn’t fight if a woman like you are waiting for him after expeditions and you lightly blush at the thought of Levi finally leaving the world of fighting years later; when you’re old and wrinkly perhaps. But he’ll stay home, right?
Levi is standing near the hallway, his hearing is as sharp as his vision and physical instinct. He is annoyed at the thought of not fighting, because that’s all he has left other than you. But he knows you’d never suggest he leave any sooner, you’re proud of his wings of freedom. What he is upset about is Oluo, the biting subordinate, implying that your fiance is simply not good enough for you. So in that tongue tied man’s eyes, Levi should be a good partner and stay inside the walls and grow a settled life as if he’s growing a fucking garden. 
You only came to visit Levi, between the breaks of the classes you take at a nearby school. But as Levi is about to appear, those fifteen year old tiny tots who do belong to school make their entrance at the other end of the hallway. Eren and Jean excitedly shriek at the sight of you, having heard so many stories about Heichou's partner from Petra. Even Connie is starstruck by how pretty you are, what a sight. “Maybe someday we’ll be captains and have pretty wives too.”
“And husbands.” you add. Sasha stares at the baguettes in your hand.
“Sasha, that’s for the higher-ups, don’t eat it.” Jean scolds her and she apologizes immediately.
“It’s okay, I wanted to bring food for the new members. Levi tells me about you kids all the time.” you smile and turn to Eren. “I’m sorry that he beat you so much. Please don’t take it personally.”
“Aha, I-I’m not the one who’s upset about it.” Eren is so nervous, couldn’t believe how pretty and warm you were up close.
“Whoever it is, I’m sure they have their reasons. I would too.” you say.
Levi can’t take anymore of this shitshow, he understands that you’re beautiful and kind. It’s that he wishes you can visit him at least once without having to talk to everyone else. He barely gets to spend time with you. Maybe, he should rely on his team for cleaning up the Survey Corps base instead of having to monitor it. So what if there’s extra dust particles? Maybe he can suppress his need to clean that and spend time with you in its stead.
“Oi, don’t stall my guest. You brats better clean up the stables in an hour.” Levi finally makes an entrance, arms crossed and eyebrows scrunched together. 
“Yes, sir.” they hurriedly leave, terrified of what they’ve done. You link your elbow to Levi’s arms and regret the chance of not being able to say goodbye to the children. 
“I know you heard everything.” you almost whisper.
“Did you really have to say that I talk about the new scouts? That too, all the time?” he complains. “Them wanting pretty wives, just wait for that expedition and they’ll piss their fucking pants.”
“Levi, don’t be rude.” you tease him. “I think you’re jealous.”
He probably is. 
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silverwindofmistypeaks · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
monster hunter obsession came back so time to post all the results from this quiz (both pictures and descriptions), it will be long as fuck so i’m going to put it under a keep reading
Tumblr media
Your personality type is: Rajang. Although you tend to prefer working alone, the presence of a worthy rival tends to light a fire within you that lets out your competitive side and pushes you to perform even better. However, you should proceed carefully, as you may unwittingly come off aggressive to those around you by becoming too engrossed in passing the finishing line.
Tumblr media
Your personality type is: Goss Harag. You are confident and action-oriented, charging through any obstacles in most any environment. It may seem unsophisticated, but much like how the mighty Goss Harag grows icy protrusions which it uses to overwhelm its prey, you are capable being quite flexible in playing to your strengths when the situation calls for it. It's no fun to get on your bad-side, so others may be slightly wary around you.
Tumblr media
Your personality type is: Tigrex. You are true to your desires and always follow through on your intentions. Your insatiable nature and booming voice mean that you wield considerable influence over your friends. Much like how the Tigrex tends to charge in an uncompromising trajectory, your mind can be hard to change in its set ways, so it could be beneficial to take the advice of the people around you once in a while.
Tumblr media
Your personality type is: Bishaten. Your vitality is matched only by your sense of curiosity. You love having fun and are well-liked by your friends, but much like how the mischievous Bishaten throws persimmons at its enemies, your constant pranks can grow tiresome. Be careful not to get too carried away, or they may not be your friends for much longer.
Tumblr media
Your personality type is: Diablos. You rush into things with overwhelming power. Much like how Diablos springs forth from the ground to attack its foes and has a surprsing taste for cacti, your love of surprises and other fascinating personality quirks cause you to be popular with those around you. However, you need to be careful that your sheer momentum in life doesn't send you crashing into walls, both literal and figurative.
Tumblr media
Your personality type is: Rathalos. You can be both majestic and aggressive, and always tend to have a bird's eye view over any situation. Just as Rathalos soars magnificently through the sky, you prefer to take things at your own pace, meaning few can stand in your way. Finding yourself a worthy partner will only serve to enhance your already considerable strength.
Tumblr media
ᶦ ʰᵃᵈ ⁿᵒ ᶦᵈᵉᵃ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ ᶦˢ ᵃ ᶠᵘᶜᵏᶦⁿᵍ ᵃᵖᵉˣ ᵃʳᶻᵘʳᵒˢ ʷᵗᶠ
Your personality type is: Apex Arzuros. You tend to stand out from your friends and colleagues. Similar to how Apex Arzuros leads its pack, you have a natural charisma that gets others to follow you. You may seem hard to approach, but just as Apex Arzuros has an unexpected fondness for honey, others may be surprised to find unexpected facets to your personality as well.
Tumblr media
Your personality type is: Tetranadon. You dive in head-first towards any new interests, but similar to how the gluttinous Tetranadon eats what's in front of it first, and spits out any food it can't digest later, you have a tendency to take on more than you can properly handle. Be careful not to spread yourself too thin.
Tumblr media
Your personality type is: Magnamalo. You always carefully size up your opponents and take things at your own pace. You always seem to have both feet on the ground, with a reliable demeanor that naturally attracts others to your side. However, just as the gas gathered on the back of Magnamalo can cause huge detrimental explosions, you may suffer the same fate by keeping in too many negative emotions bottled up.
Tumblr media
Your personality type is: Aknosom. Just like how Aknosom can easily stand on one leg, you have an excellent sense of balance that enables you to smoothly navigate your surroundings. However, you also possess a hidden fire in your belly, which is a sign of the fighting spirit deep within you.
Tumblr media
Your personality type is: Rathian. You are kindhearted and constantly thinking of your friends. Similar to how Rathalos-Rathian pairs look after their young, you take good care of those you take under your wing, and they surely look up to you as well. On the other hand, you show no mercy to those who would bring harm to your friends.
Tumblr media
Your personality type is: Rakna-Kadaki. You are elegant and interact seamlessly with those around you. However, much like how Rakna-Kadaki possesses a fiery temper beneath its silky white exterior, you may have a fierce side to you as well. Try not to copy its habit of sending its offspring into battle, or you may find that people turn against you if you take advantage of them too often.
Tumblr media
Your personality type is: Great Izuchi. Consistently gentle-natured and cooperative, you can achieve even greater heights when working alongside those beside you, much like the partnership between the Great Izuchi and Izuchi. Showing your magnanimity by covering for your subordinates' mistakes can lead to even greater trust from them.
Tumblr media
Your personality type is: Lagombi. You possess a cool nature and are constantly in motion. Like Lagombi, a ferocious beast that can look deceivingly adorable, you may come off milder than you intend to. Because of this, you may fail to notice when you're sliding down a slippery slope of people not taking you seriously enough.
Tumblr media
Your personality type is: Mizutsune. You are both responsive and highly creative. Just like how Mizutsune is a Leviathan that is comfortable on land, you can adapt to a wide variety of situations. Also, similar to Mizutsune's slippery foam, you possess the ability to remove friction between conflicting sides, allowing things to go smoothly in your presence.
Tumblr media
Your personality type is: Almudron. Your calm nature comes from a wealth of experience. Similar to how Almudron buries its tail to attack unsuspecting foes, you are no stranger to some trickery to get ahead. However, even when things don't go your way, you still manage to calmly assess the situation and evaluate the best course of action.
Tumblr media
Your personality type is: Somnacanth. You exude an irresistible charm that attracts others to you. Just like how Somnacanth can knock out it's opponents by expeling an intoxicating sleep powder, perhaps you too have the potential to lower the guard of those around you before you go in for the kill, so to speak.
Tumblr media
Your personality type is: Khezu. You enjoy spending time alone due to a love of peace and quiet. Much like how Khezu prefers to reside in caves, you actually don't mind being on your own. However, the truth is that you are often lonely, eagerly awaiting for someone to talk to you... Well, maybe.
Tumblr media
Your personality type is: Basarios. Patient and calm, just like Basarios has the room to mature into Gravios, you too have a sure capacity for tremendous growth. Therefore, you should seek out new challenges and absorb the lessons that they teach. When others take advantage of your placid nature, it's not a bad idea to give them a tongue lashing every now and then.
Tumblr media
Your personality type is: Barioth. You are cool and collected, and always stick to your stance on any ground. Just as Barioth reigns supreme in its icy domain, you tend to prefer a more lonely existence and shy away from groups. However, if you constantly look down on others, you may find yourself placed at a disadvantage, much like a Barioth that has had its spike destroyed.
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clareguilty · 2 months ago
The Strongest Metal
This is a commission fic! Junkrat/Roadhog Rated: M | No warnings, injury recovery Word Count ~2400
“There’s nothing for you to worry about with me, Mr. Rutledge. To many, I am just as much of a criminal as you are. Turning you in would also result in a sentence for myself.” The voice was unfamiliar. Heavily accented. Stern but soothing. The words floated around, barely making sense.
“I can’t thank you enough. If I had been in your position, I don’t think I would have done the same.” That was Mako. He sounded tired, anguished. Jamison hated that.
He couldn’t remember what happened. He felt terrible, like he’d been on one hell of a bender.
But they had been fighting. He remembered that much. Those guys with the dark armor and the red helmets. Didn’t they know that the outback belonged to the junkers? There may have been no official law in the land, but that didn’t mean they were just going to roll over for any band of soldiers that showed up. They had been fighting to protect their natural resources since before the crisis.
And then those other blokes had showed up. He’d heard about them before. Overwatch. The pride and joy of humanity’s defenders. They’d been shut down last he heard, but he recognized them when they showed up on the battlefield.
Oh. Jamison remembered now. He had died. Been blown to smithereens. Exactly the way he’d always thought he’d go.
Was this heaven? Not where he thought he’d end up, really. But Mako was there, and whoever this lady was. An angel?
Jamison cracked one eye open, wincing at the bright fluorescent lights overhead. Oh yeah. That was definitely an angel.
Wispy blonde hair, piercing eyes, literal fucking wings. She was in all white armor and glowing gold. She looked exhausted.
And Mako was there, looking just as tired. He always looked tired, really, but not like this. He sat slumped in a chair, unmasked and hair down. Jamison had never seen him so miserable. Some sort of afterlife this was.
“Hello, Roadie,” he croaked. His voice sounded terrible. His throat was dry and scratchy. He was starting to think he wasn’t dead.
Both Mako and the angel snapped their heads towards him. “You’re awake!” the angel gasped. She immediately reached for a biotic scanner. “How do you feel?”
Jamison hadn’t really thought about it until she asked. He hadn’t really felt anything if he was being honest, and he told her as much. He was sore, disoriented, but he couldn’t really feel anything.
She frowned. “I guess that’s not the worst thing. Can you move at all?”
He raised his arm, wiggling his fingers with a grin. Then he saw his hand. 
“What the hell?! What happened to my arm?” Last he’d checked, only his right hand was cybernetic, and it certainly didn’t look like that. He looked at both of his hands, except these weren’t his hands. They were sleek, polished metal with tiny spindly joints. But they moved when he wanted them too, and he could feel them, even if they weren’t flesh and bone.
He flexed and curled the fingers in front of him. His frown only deepened as he inspected the high quality engineering. It wasn’t scrap, that was for sure. Much too fancy to be a part of him.
“Who did this to me?” He demanded. “Give me my old arm back!” He had made that arm. That arm was a part of him.
“Jamie,” Mako reached out, but he pulled his hand away before he could touch the horrible mechanical monstrosity. “You’re arm is gone. You were in an explosion. Dr. Zeigler saved you.”
“Saved me?” Junkrat looked down at his body. Where there was once flesh and blood and scar tissue, there was nothing but metal and wires and -- still quite a lot of scar tissue. “I look like a fucking omnic!” The angel winced.
“You’re alive,” Mako said. “You owe these people your life.”
“What life?” Jamison spat. “What am I now? Did you give me a fancy new leg too?” He sneered at the doctor, throwing the sheet aside to look at his legs. Thankfully, his peg was still there. And aside from some bandages, his flesh leg was still intact.
The doctor fumbled over her words. “We wanted to wait until you were fully rehabilitated, but there is the option to change your prosthesis, or even try to integrate some cybernetics.”
“I don’t want any of your corpo bullshit tech.” 
“Jamie,” Mako scolded him. “You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Angela. She did the best she could to save you.”
Jamison glowered, but kept his mouth shut. Mako really did look like shit, and he probably hadn’t left his bedside in days.
“We’re at an old Overwatch outpost,” Mako continued. He knew Jamison would listen to him over the doctor. “Quite a few former agents have come back. They helped us in that fight against the black-suited soldiers. Apparently they come from an organization called Talon.”
“I don’t care about any of that,” Jamison waved his hand. He hated how the motion felt. “I don’t want anything to do with them.”
Mako sighed. “We don’t have a choice. It’s going to be some time before you’re healed. Angela has explained to me what you’re going to need. She has experience with cybernetics, but there isn’t a lot here.”
Jamison said nothing.
Why should he care about Overwatch? Or Talon? Or any of that shit? He wanted his body back. He wanted to be as far away from doctors and agents and civilization as possible.
But he had never seen Mako like this, not even after the worst job. 
So he sat through the doctor’s check up, begrudgingly answering her questions and letting her poke and prod at his new body. 
“How long have I been out?” he finally asked.
“It’s been nearly a week.” She was gentle, hesitant as she redressed his wounds. “The biotics have helped to heal the most severe of your injuries. But, I have limited resources, so I have to make them count. I know you aren’t… happy with your cybernetics. They’re rudimentary and certainly not where I’d like them to be. If you so choose, we can always modify or upgrade anything once we have access to proper engineering. This outpost has been out of operation since the crisis and-”
“Yeah, yeah,” Jamison cut her off. “Roadie trusts you, and that’s enough for me. But I want nothing to do with your Overwatch.” He wanted to be gone as soon as possible. Back to Junkertown, back the the safety of the outback.
It was another day before they told Jamison the full extent of his condition. He slept fitfully, a combination of biotics and medication and paralyzed numbness. He hated moving in the hours he was able to. It wasn’t his body. It wasn’t him.
He had been caught in an explosion in the fight against Talon. The blast had ignited the gunpowder on his own gear. He hadn't been in very good shape when Mercy -- Doctor Ziegler -- had found him. It was through sheer luck that he had been saved by the one doctor who pioneered full body cybernetics.
The hospital at the Australian Overwatch outpost had been… lacking, but between the doctors and engineers on hand they had managed to stabilize Jamison and fit him with rudimentary cybernetics.
Jamison knew he should be grateful. He was alive because of their generosity. But he couldn’t tamp down the resentment. He didn’t ask for this. Why would they go through all that trouble just to save some lowlife junker?
But he couldn’t leave Mako. If any of the two of them was going to be left alone it was going to be Jamison, he had resigned himself to that. Maybe he would have to pull through just for the old bastard.
The doctor -- he had taken to calling her blondie just to see how much it annoyed her -- fixed the nerve receptors and recalibrated the movement on his cybernetics. He knew how tedious the process was, he had done it all himself when he lost his arm the first time.
But that had been on his terms. He had gotten himself blown up and he had fixed it. None of these battles or fancy hospitals or strange people practically dissecting him every damn day.
Every time he tried to throw a fit, Mako would shoot him a look that would guilt him into playing nice. Mako would say thank you when the doctors finished up for the day. Mako would help clean him and dress him and feed him. He felt like a damn baby.
They finally let him out of the hospital after a few days. He wasn’t perfect -- not that he was anything special before this whole shitshow. But he doubted he would ever feel right again.
He staggered down the halls to the room Mako had been staying in. The Overwatch base was nice, but it felt too sterile, too civilized. Jamison and Mako were used to their little shack in the outback, they had never needed any fancy bells and whistles.
“Roadie,” Jamison whispered, “Maybe we could slip out of here tonight. Steal one of them fancy all-terrains and head back home.” He had seen the vehicles they came in one. They would scrap for some nice parts or sell for a good bit of money.
“No,” Mako didn’t even blink. “You’re still not well. The doctors here will look after you. We’re not leaving until you’re better.”
Jamison scowled. “Fuck them. I don’t need them. I can build everything I need out of scrap at home. I’ll just need your help.”
Mako was unfazed. “It’s too dangerous. You barely survived as it is, and the stuff they pieced you back together with isn’t going to last very long.”
He knew that. He knew he was on a timer. Without access to any real, up to date medical equipment he was just wasting away on the temporary machinery. He wanted to say it didn’t matter, that he’d rather go out on his own terms than be strung along from one set of parts to another, but he couldn’t do that to Mako.
“I hate it here,” he said.
“That’s fine,” was all he got in response.
The room was cozy, dusty, impersonal. It had been decades since Overwatch had any real presence on the continent, something that showed in every part of the base. The dorm was small and empty, a little run down, but the bed was big enough for both of them.
There was a small pile of gear on the desk, Mako’s gun and mask, some biotic canisters. None of Jamison’s gear had survived the explosion.
“I’m going to have to build a new gun, aren’t I?” Jamison asked. He was going to have to start over on everything. There was nothing left.
Then he caught his reflection in the mirror. It was jarring, to see his own face on an unfamiliar body. The wires and the plates and the joints. He was staring at the stranger in the glass when something soft smacked him in the face. One of Mako’s shirts.
Jamison unfolded the soft, faded material. He couldn’t even feel the texture of the cotton. “I’m pretty hideous now, ain’t I, Roadie? Uglier than ever.” He pulled the shirt over his head, wincing at the ache and pull of his healing muscles. 
“I don’t care how you look, Jamie,” Mako said quietly. “As long as I have you here with me.”
Frowning, Jamison washed his face in the sink. He liked being away from the constant supervision of the hospital room. All he wanted was to be left to his misery. He didn’t care about calibration or pulmonary function or anything like that.
He flopped onto the bed, glowering at the ceiling. Mako lay beside him, sighing and resting his hands on his stomach. “You don’t have to like this,” he said.
“Good. ‘cause I don’t.”
“You should be nicer to Doctor Ziegler.”
Jamison snorted. “Why?”
“For me.”
That wasn’t fair. Jamison would have continued being an asshole with no regrets if it weren’t for those two words. Because he would do anything for Mako, even if it meant letting some doctor make him miserable every damn day.
He would survive. Just for Mako. Even if he hated what he had become. It’s not like when he lost his leg, lost his arm. That had been before he had Roadie, and he had fixed himself up on his own. On his own terms. He had still felt whole, even with a peg leg and a scrap arm.
Now he was premium alloys and advanced sensors, and he had never felt more broken. Even Mako wouldn’t look at him, wouldn’t touch him. They treated him as though he was fragile, made of glass and not the strongest metal his body could carry. 
He woke in the night panting and sweating. The same nightmares that had followed him for years. Metal fingers scrabbling at the plates on his chest, the wire channels running to his neck. He needed it off.
Two massive hands closed around the thin metal joints of his wrists. Calloused fingers, chipped nail enamel. Mako.
“Jamie,” he said.
“Roadie,” Jamison croaked. They had done this before. Countless times. 
He was surprised when Mako threw his arms around Jamison, pulling him close. It was the first time he had truly touched him since he woke up in that damned hospital.
“I’ve got you,” Mako whispered. He didn’t even wince at the feeling of metal against his skin. “I’m not going anywhere.”
Jamison huffed in disbelief, but nuzzled into Mako’s chest. The familiar sound of Mako’s raspy breathing helped to ground him. “I’m the one who almost croaked. I just didn’t want to leave you with all these Overwatch weirdos.”
“They’ve been good to us.” Mako murmured. “We owe them.”
“You’re too nice. We don’t owe them shit, and the first chance I get im going to rob them.”
Mako chuckled. “They could help get rid of those soldiers.”
“I’m done with soldiers,” Jamison groaned. “I’m done with everything. I just wanna go back to the shack and drink my weight in beer.”
“We will.”
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imastrangeone98 · 2 months ago
Dimming Light - Chapter 1: Rage of the Dying
(A/N: becuz I feel like my writing skills have somewhat approved over the last several months as I kept practicing... I think it's time. It's time to face my worst batch of writing head on)
If any of you have read the original story titled "lost and found"... I'm sorry 😅 it was poorly written and just straight up garbage. Hopefully I can do the rewrite justice
...what am I saying I'll definitely fuck this up too
Tumblr media
It should've been easy.
But as Dante laid there, blood pooling out of the strange gash in his stomach that refused to heal, he couldn't help but wonder if he had finally bitten off more than he could chew.
"Piece of shit demon," Lady grunted painfully, a hand pressed against her bleeding thigh as she glared at the six-winged demon that tore her clothes.
The demon itself simply stared back at them, golden eyes devoid of emotion.
"Not gonna lie, that face of yours is pissing me off," he grunted, forcing himself onto his feet. The ground looked way closer than he thought. "How 'bout I reel it in a little?"
He gripped his sword...
...And fell flat on his face.
"C'mon, get up," she hissed. "Don't be a baby." But the second she spoke, her knees buckled and she crumpled to the ground.
"Baby, huh..." he chuckled, devoid of humor.
Nothing about this was funny. Not anymore.
His skin felt itchy. He wanted to scratch it, but his arms felt too heavy. His eyes felt too heavy.
He thought he heard a rumbling voice say, "Be one with our Lord. A fragrant offering and sacrifice."
It wasn't just hot anymore. He was burning. Weakly, he clawed at his chest.
It... hurt...
...What was that sound?
The voice above him had gone silent. In fact, it didn't feel hot anymore, like the demon had retreated.
Something cold was pressed against his back, and the soothing chill spread through his body. His chest didn't feel like shit, and he could breathe easier. Beside him, Lady let out a relieved sigh.
What was happening?
"So." The echoing voice returned. But it didn't seem to be directed at him. "You've finally come."
Dante wanted to retort that he's always been here, dumbass, but soft sound of footsteps reached his ears. A pair of shoes entered his vision, and someone stood in front of him.
It was a girl. With baggy clothes, ratty black hair, and a vaguely sweet scent of flowers. And a complete lack of weapons.
He wanted to yell at her to run, that the thing would slaughter her, but the words wouldn't form. His tongue was too dry.
"...You left me no choice," a soft voice responded. It sounded nice, like water over stones.
"It was the only way you would come."
"Using innocents. How like you, Ramiel."
"It is the natural order of things, nephilim."
Dante groaned, and it caught the girl's attention.
"You've 'blessed' us with your presence long enough," she muttered, stretching an arm out, as if she was blocking it. "Leave. And I won't Fade you."
"The beginning of the end is approaching. You cannot stop this."
"Who knows? Perhaps our Lord will show mercy... for once." She sighed, and he could see her head turn a few times. "Leave. You're not welcome here."
"And you are?" It made a weird rasping noise, almost like it was laughing. "Do you belong?"
The girl's hands clenched, but she didn't say anything. Dante didn't know her, and he already felt his heart sting at the words, as if they were also directed at him.
A rush of hot air blew in his face. A sharp screech pierced the air. He squinted at the impact, and something wet splattered on the side of his cheek. Warm liquid. Like blood.
He forced his eyes open. And they widened.
The demon towered above him and the girl, eyes still blank and unmoving, even with the strange glowing pole impaled through its chest.
In the girl's arms was a violin. When did that get there?
Golden blood dribbled out of the demon's mouth (did demons have gold blood?). But for some reason, it didn't look at all surprised, or even in pain.
Even demons screamed when they were hurting.
"The end is drawing nigh," it rasped, blood coating its lips. "It cannot be stopped."
"Stay quiet," was the girl's solemn reply. "It's what you're best at."
Just as the words slipped past her lips, the demon began to disintegrate, melting into golden dust. He watched as the pillar that had impaled it disappeared into the girl's body.
She turned to look back at him, and he was pinned by the color of them.
Gold. Just like the demon.
...What the hell?
She was silent, just watching him and Lady, who looked just as stunned as he felt. And her head turned to take in all the other bystanders around. A soft sigh escaped her mouth.
"I'm sorry..." she murmured, and the violin re-emerged. She raised it to her chin and began to play.
"Cover your ears," Lady suddenly whisper-hissed to him, and, too stunned to even retort, he did so.
The ground began to vibrate, and the people around them began to sway, as if entranced. Then, the faint sounds of music disappeared, and the bystanders shook their heads, blinking furiously.
And like that, no one seemed to remember the demon that had appeared just minutes ago.
The girl in front of them trembled, weakly clutching her stomach, then began to stumble away.
He thought about calling after her, but Lady held him back.
"They had the same eyes," she noted. "What if she's a demon too?"
"I don't know..." he shrugged, still checking out the healed wound on his stomach. Why hadn't that healed like normal? "She didn't smell."
"Demons. No matter what form they take, they always reek of death and hot garbage. She didn't smell like that."
"Well, whatever she is, it's not good news. Let's keep an eye on her-"
They turned to look at the girl again, only to find that she had long since disappeared into the crowd.
Like she never existed in the first place.
A/N: no ones gonna read this, but I already feel a little better about this first chapter than I did lost and found so hopefully this means we're off to a good start!
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hxroccmplex · 2 months ago
@phantasmaw​​ said: Z, V, S, E, K for Messiah 'w'
NSFW headcanons || CLOSED
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Z - Zones
       Just where his wings connect to his back is the biggest erogenous zones he has. Messiah doesn’t tell any of his partners that little bit of information, he waits to see if they can figure it out themselves, and if they do, it can be easy to tell when they’ve successfully touched those spots. Messiah will tense up, maybe even move away a little bit. As much as it’s an erogenous zone, he doesn’t get touched there a whole lot, so the feeling is a little unfamiliar to him.
V - Voyeurism
      Watching his partner get off if all apart of the fun for Messiah. He loves to sit back and still have control over the situation despite not physically touching them, and he won’t do anything to help his partner unless they beg him too. And even then, it’s not a guarantee Messiah would budge at their begging. Messiah isn’t merciful, so he’ll have his partner play with themselves for hours till he tells them to stop, but it’s always a mystery if he’s actually going to do anything after the little “show” his partner puts on for him. Building up that anticipation is his favorite part. 
S - Sleepy sex
        Messiah wouldn’t mind waking up to oral sex, but getting him not to wake up prematurely is a pretty hard task. Messiah doesn’t really “sleep” in the typical sense, but he has mastered the art of resting. But anything about him touching his partner while they sleep needs to be discussed first before he actually does it. Messiah’s corrupt, but he isn’t gross. He understands boundaries need to be set and placed before he does anything where he can’t get their immediate consent. But fucking someone to sleep he’s done on more than one occasion. He likes to leave his partner exhausted, and if they pass out once they’re both done, he knows he’s succeeded. 
E - Extra info
         Messiah isn’t particularly sensitive when it comes to his body. Meaning, while he does feel things like caresses, nails digging into his flesh, ect; It’s a little harder for him to feel good from it. He’s an angel compacted into a small vessel, his actual body doesn’t have flesh or bones or anything that makes a human human. While the body he’s in does feel like skin, it’s still fake. The closes thing i can compare what Messiah feels to is someone trying to touch u through a thick fur coat. Muted and barely there. It takes a lot of strength/pressure for him to really feel anything, which is why he seeks out non-humans most of the time when he’s in the mood to have sex. 
if he can put cigarette or cigar burns on his partner he thinks that’s really neat :)))))
K - Kissing
       His neck and chest are two of his favorite places to be kissed. But he really likes it when his partner kisses his ... feet. Not in the foot fetish way, i would rather die than give messiah a foot fetish. But when someone kisses the top of his foot, or his ankle, he see’s it as them submitting to him/worshipping him. Messiah is Dom Dot Com, any form of submission and Messiah’s all abt it. that also leads into marks, while he doesn’t care either way if marks are left on him, Messiah’s making sure he leaves them on his partners! 
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missing-madness · 2 months ago
Family Night with the Avengers would include...
Tumblr media
Thor always inviting Loki
I mean, of course he would
Playing truth or dare
Daring Peter and MJ to have a dance off
Peter always winning
You picking truth and having to spill about your childhood crush
The team (mostly Tony and Clint) giggling like schoolgirls and making you want to slap them across the face
Daring Thor to cook a microwave burrito with his powers
Thor failing and making the entire Compound blackout for a few minutes
Telling scary stories while FRIDAY fixes things
Bruce is terribly afraid of ghosts, which is surprising, as he is a ‘man of science’
“Way back in the early 1800s, a man named John Bell moved his family to an area in Tennessee called Red River.” “I am warning you now, stop it.”
Clint just has to beat Loki at everything
There are still some hard feelings between them after the whole ‘New York Catastrophe’
“HA! I win, again!” “Congratulations, we all find it very impressive.”
Loki poking fun at his behavior and making sarcastic comments
Clint being oblivious
Natasha comes out on top at every. Single. Game.
It really annoys people sometimes
“Draw four.” “What the fuck kind of sick trick are you playing, lady?”
Super Soldiers aren’t trained in Monopoly
So of course, Steve and Bucky would be among the first to go bankrupt
Second only to the Mighty Thor, of course
He doesn’t really understand ‘politics,’ because he punches his way out of most given situations
Sometimes, Tony will try to use real money to try and actually win for once
He has no mercy when it comes to this point, not even holding back on poor Peter
Peter doesn’t really mind, of course. He just likes to be there and exist in the same area as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
MJ usually bluntly points out how someone’s strategy could have been better
“You know, you could’ve won if you bought that one.”
Being the only ones still in school, Peter and MJ has to leave early because of ‘homework’
Tony always makes inappropriate comments when they pack up
You’d think Steve was used to all of Tony’s shenanigans after all these years, but these kinds of comments still make him blush and look away
“Keep your pants on, Underoos.” “Tony!” “What? They’re bound to have sex at some point–”
Loki’s always in the sidelines, reading, and occasionally grumbling about how ‘stupid and petty’ mortals are
Wanda normally tattles on him to the rest of you, much to the God of Mischief’s annoyance
Thor tries to cheer him up by making him join in on a game or two of Uno or something
Which usually works, but only because he takes pleasure in seeing the team getting mad because he switched up the cards a bit
“What the fuck happened to my draw four?” “I know I had a red nine in here somewhere!” “LOKI!”
Playing ‘Guess That Snack’ with all sorts of mix-and-match snacks
Taking advantage of the fact that Steve, Bucky and Thor aren’t familiar with most snacks
“What the hell is this?” “A Cheeto with buttercream and mustard.” “It’s disgusting!”
Wanda swearing to not use her powers to cheat, but using them anyway sometimes
The rest of the team knowing because her eyes are red, and almost tackling her because of it
They take winning VERY seriously
The night ending with a few too many movies
Family squabbles on who gets to choose the first movie they’re going to watch
Natasha, Thor, Loki, Steve and Bucky couldn’t care less what was on the screen, so long as it wasn’t completely terrible
Honestly, Bruce just doesn’t want to watch The Exorcist again, so he’s fine if Tony doesn’t get the pick
Tony banned Wanda from competing in the ‘Remote Wars’ after she used her powers to simply fly the control into her hand
With all of them out of the way, it’s just you, Tony and Clint in the arena
You’re very highly skilled, so the first match of wrestling only eliminated Tony
The rest of the team grabs popcorn, ice cream, candy and chips while they cheer
Tony totally has a huge popcorn machine in every flavor
Some of them will make bets on who will win
“Clint hasn’t won in like, forever. He’s bound to retaliate.” “I believe it’s quite the opposite. (Y/N) does not disappoint.” “Fuck you, no one wants your opinion. I bet twenty on (Y/N).” “You’re on.”
Of course, you win. Again
Steve and Bucky handing Natasha and Tony twenty dollars
They were really hoping Clint would pull through so they would win a bet for once
But his karate black belt is no match for your puppy dog eyes
Or your death glare, for that matter. You use what you’re in the mood for
You can’t believe none of the team has watched Coraline before
So of course, you just have to turn it on
The team asking you stupid questions and you having to physically shut some of them up
“Why the fuck does that... thing have needles for hands?” “Shh.” “Is that doll haunted?” “Shh!” “Why is she even going in there?” “Shut the fuck up and watch the damn thing!” “But why–” “I said, shh!”
Some members being traumatized after watching
Namely, Thor
The literal Norse God is now afraid of tiny doors, dolls that resemble humans, and needles, quite possibly for life
You hope he’ll grow out of it sometime soon. The Medical Wing has to use needles to patch him up after missions, sometimes
You guys have a little arrangement of sorts on who gets to choose the next films
If Clint wins, Natasha gets to choose. If he loses, Natasha gets to choose
None of you realize anything’s wrong with the arrangement
Natasha usually likes to put on a movie from the Harry Potter series
If the team is feeling playful — which they normally are — they’ll try and replicate the foods in there
The only thing you guys ever actually succeed in is the Butterbeer and piles of ice cream, though
Tony is very possessive about his Butterbeer; he has a certain addiction to it, I suppose
“Tony, that’s an awful lot–” “It’s mine! No touching!”
He also experiments on making Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans in his spare time
Most of you drifting off at about five in the morning
Sleeping on the couches and chairs you were sitting in
Most of the time, you sit next to Thor or Steve, because they’re the most comfortable ones to sleep on
Sometimes, they’ll sit side-by-side with you in the middle, and you love it when that happens
You’ll stretch across their laps in your sleep, usually with your head on Thor’s lap
Thor likes to mess with your hair, because he misses his old hairstyle and can’t play with his own hair anymore
Bucky likes to poke at your feet, because he likes the annoyed expression you get even when you’re not awake
He has to be careful, though; you have a mean kick
“Buck, I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” “Come on, what’s the worst that can– OW!”
Waking up in a tangle of blankets, cushions and limbs because Natasha likes to steal you away from the boys and cuddle you when she goes to sleep
Being the first one up at two in the afternoon
Even famed early riser Steve Rogers couldn’t wake up early for his famous morning run
Deciding to be nice and cooking lunch for your friends
The rest of the team waking up and making Thor check on Loki before stumbling towards the kitchen like zombies
A happier team
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Oh damn that Dreadwing request! Hoo boy, that was a fun read. If requests weren’t closed I might’ve asked for what Skyquake and Maxima were doing, but that’s alright. If I remember/someone doesn’t ask for it before me, I might come back when you’re ready for more.
You know what? You’re the last ask I have in here, and I honestly LOVE doing stuff of Skyquake and Dreadwing. So fuck it, you get what you want, dot (it helps that you honestly acknowledge that my inbox gets closed, and that you have an odd talent of requesting people I ACTUALLY wanna write for).
*also there’s NOTHING in terms of content for this bitch, so I can write her however the fuck I want-
“If I didn’t trust them, we wouldn’t be here.”
With those parting words, Skyquake let Dreadwing be taken away. It was his first time in a place like this, so he understood the hesitation, but he’d be dammed if his brother’s nerves got in between him having a good time with Maxima. Primus, what a fem. One from Caminus, she was not only a fine looking thing, but she was quite rebellious; refusing to partake in the traditional standards, and opted to moving to Cybertron instead. Combine that with the fact that she had a smart mouth, and it was no wonder why he became one of her regulars. He plucked a flower from a vase in the hallway, before entering the room he was told to go in. She wasn’t here just yet. Not that he minded waiting. He looked himself over in the vanity mirror. He was glad his brother didn’t notice, but he DID get himself a bit of a touch up, just for tonight. Nothing major, just a fresh coat of paint. Something to make him look less...dusty, you could say.
“To think, you did something so shameful, just for a pretty fem.”
Skyquake couldn’t help it. She really proved to be someone he thought of often. Not that he’d ever tell Dreadwing. You kidding? His brother even suspecting just a HINT of romance between him and another bot? It’d be nothing but questions for weeks. He supposed he couldn’t really blame him. Afterall, he was-
“Is that your brother down the hallway? The blue one?”
He turned to the voice. Maxima. Lovely as ever. Stunning purple paint, hips for days, and the most stunning set of wings you’d ever see on a jet. He chuckled as she walked in.
“Yes. My big brother, actually. If only by a few kliks.”
He presented her the flower, and she accepted it, chuckling.
“Ah, nothing like a good hallway flower to pluck at the spark strings.”
“W-I’ll have you know I’m offended!”
He made a fake face of offense, which only brought another chuckle from her. He loved making her laugh. Her optics would shine brighter than the stars, and even though he had never seen her without her face mask, he knew she was smiling. She patted his chest, as if they were old friends.
“Oh, boo hoo, the creation day boy has his feelings hurt.”
She walked past him to put the flower in a proper vase, before Skyquake put his hands on her shoulders.
“Is that anyway to talk to a mech who actually DID get you something?”
“If it’s from the hallway, I think I’ll pass.”
“No no, I’m quite serious.”
He dug into his sub space, and presented her with a little box. She scanned it over curiously, before taking it from his hands. They had fragged quite a few times, but he STILL felt nervous whenever their hands touched. She looked it over, before taking off the box. Her wings perked up in attention, and her optics glimmered. She liked anything that glistened and gleamed, even just bits of shiny metal, but Skyquake really outdid himself this time.
“ me pearls?”
“Not JUST pearls. Pearls right from Aquatron.”
“Huh. Can’t afford extra time with me, yet you can afford pearls?”
He deserved that, honestly. He gave a soft chuckle, carefully taking the little earrings from their casing.
“I have friends in many places, many of whom owe me favors. I expected a thank you, honestly.”
He carefully clipped them onto her audial fins, and she gazed at herself in the vanity.
“Alright, alright, I’ll give you that much. I love them. I’ve ALWAYS wanted pearls.”
She caught him looking at her, and she chuckled, lightly tapping his cheek.
“Quit looking at me like that.”
“I paid to spend time with you, didn’t I?”
There was a moment of comfortable silence between them, before he suddenly got up, sweeping her off her seat and walking over to the berth.
“Hey, easy there tiger, I JUST got waxed.”
He plopped her onto the berth, propping himself up by his elbows. She looked so precious underneath him, but looks were deceiving. Quick witted, ever unimpressed by his actions or his words. She was a constant challenge for him, and he adored her for that. He dug his face into the crook of her neck, trailing his kisses along her neck cables. Her servos brushed against his chest, slowly and softly dipping into the nooks and cracks of his armor. He always loved how nicely she treated him. At the beginning at least.
“So, what are we looking at today? Thigh jobs? Valve stuff? Or are you feeling frisky enough for a wing job?”
She was a bit of a pervert. Just like he was. Especially since he was going to ask for something just awful. He lightly tapped his claw against her face mask.
“I...I want to kiss you.”
Her brow furrowed at him, and her hands tore away from his chest.
“You know my rule. No mouth stuff.”
“Maxima, I haven't stopped thinking about what they might look like. I’d do anything to see that smile of yours. I swear, I won’t tell a single spark.”
She was always so against seeing her actual face. It was some secret about her that he desperately wanted to know. She groaned, before conceding under his gaze. 
“I have rules.”
“Name them.”
“I’m charging you triple my rate.”
“I am NOT sucking you off.”
“Disappointing, but fair.”
“If you tell anyone about this, I’ll have your helm on my wall.”
“Primus you’re beautiful.”
She groaned, as if he was a pain to deal with. Then she did it. She pulled her face mask apart, and Skyquake swore he had never seen anything more beautiful. Not a single sunset, not a single full moon. Full, purple lips that looked softer than clouds.
“ you hide your face so often?”
“Bots stare at me. Like how you are.”
“Because you’re gorgeous. You’re just…”
His voice trailed off as he got lost in her features. He leaned down towards her, and finally, FINALLY, pressed his lips onto hers. He was careful with her, not wanting her to regret showing her such a huge part of herself. She held onto the back of his helm, only making him cherish her touch more. He pulled away from her, lightly panting. Some mechs were aroused by fems opening their panels or putting on pretty clothes. He was interested in smart, pretty mouths, just like hers.
“Anyone at home, big guy?”
He realized he had caught himself staring at her, like some fool. Could she really blame him? His breath was short, his frame was hot.
“I’m VERY sorry for what I’m about to do.”
Whatever she was going to say was silenced as he forced his lips upon hers again. His servos felt along her wings, and she knew him well enough to take the hint. She opened her valve panel, and was sweet enough to open his spike panel. She stroked his spike, and he rubbed her valve in firm, rather aggressive circles. He loved how soft and wet she was, loved that little tiny piercing that was just under her node. Fems couldn’t get piercings back on Caminus, and that small act of rebellion only furthered his lust for her. He yanked her up from her back, right into his lap to face him. He sat on the edge of the berth, grabbed a handful of her aft, and slammed her down right onto his spike. He was usually so much more careful with her, but not tonight. Not with her mouth open like that, not when her wings stood up so perky for him. He kept a hold of her aft, using it as means of slamming her down onto him over and over. He had no idea if her moans were real, but Primus they SOUNDED real. Drool dripping from her smudged, plump lips. Primus he liked her lips.
“P-Primus I thought you were going to be easy on-”
“Rub your node for me.”
Skyquake couldn't help himself. When he really wanted her, really craved her overload, he tended to be a bit demanding. She obeyed, rubbing her little node in time to his constant, rough pounding of her valve. 
“If I didn’t know any better, I’d t-think you’re close already. Didn’t know you were into being treated rough.”
“I’ll snap your spike right off.”
Primus, he could swoon for that look. The makeup under her optics made her look even scarier, like some feral tiger. 
“I’m going to overload in you.”
“Don’t you FUCKING dare.”
They knew each other well. If she honestly had a problem with it, his aft would be thrown right out the damn window. She was playing a silly, sexy little game with him. His claws dug into her aft, really clawing at the paint, and he continued to use her for his spike. He was so close, so eagerly throbbing. That was when he slammed his spike right up against that perfect spot, and overloaded. He knew he shouldn’t have, but he also leaned in, biting her bottom lip. That seemed to be so sudden, so surprising for her, her wings fanned out, and she overloaded right after him. It helped force more overload from his spike, only pouring more into her and dripping onto the berth beneath them. They say there, panting and basking in their afterglow. She went to rub the drool off of her lip, before looking at her hand.
“You...bit me! I’m bleeding!”
“I-I’m so sorry! I just-”
“You son of a GLITCH.”
He thought he was about to get just murdered then and there, only to have her fling herself at him, knocking them both off the berth, and onto the floor. She was going to regret that. Even if it meant making him beg for mercy.
“So he doesn’t know you smoke?”
“Oh Primus no. He’d kill me.”
They sat on the floor, nothing but a messy sheet over their wet, sore frames. He had no idea how much extra fees he was tacking onto the bill, but he didn’t care. She was here, kissing and licking at his servos, just how he asked. With his free hand, he took another inhale of his cygar, blowing smoke back out into the room. She chuckled against his hand, only smearing more purple lipstick against his green paint.
“Maybe he should. You’re a beast of a mech.”
“Pfft, you say that to all your clients.”
“No actually. They treat me like a lady. You treat me like a chew toy.”
He was going to argue against that, but seeing the plentiful bite and scratch marks across her frame, made any words there useless. He shrugged, taking another inhale of smoke.
“ you. I’ve been with almost everyone else here, but I like you the most. You and I...are a lot alike. Happy to be out of Caminus. Happy to be here, with you.”
She leaned up, kissing at his chin.
“I can tell. This is the most amount of time you’ve bought since...ever, really. Too bad you can’t get anymore, I have an appointment in a few minutes.”
His spark felt pained. He had to leave her so soon? He sighed, putting out his Cygar, and rolling to his side to face her. He felt some odd sense of pride, knowing he left that little scar at her lips.
“Alright. I suppose I need to check on my brother anyway. But more question.”
“You really wanna stretch out the clock, huh? Alright, shoot, big blue.”
“Can you...wear those earrings whenever I come see you? Call me selfish, but I like the idea of being special to you.”
She chuckled. She pushed down his chin, and slowly, sensually, dragged her glossa against his. She got off the floor, slamming her face mask back over her features.
“You’re special. You’re the only one that knows how to piss me off. Now get off the floor, less you be swept up with the rest of the garbage in here.”
She slipped out of the room, and he chuckled, watching her leave. What a fem. He was going to make his move. Someday. Nothing was going to keep him from that. 
Even if it killed him.
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sopxhiea · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Alfie Solomons X Reader
Summary: A month passes by: a month filled with her around his office, with her lingering touches and flirty looks and Alfie begins to realize that he has taken the devil herself out of her cage.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7
“Bite your lip once more, I dare you.”
“Get in line, sweetheart.”
He had made his decision. And made it quick.
The room is quiet, nothing but the sound of cold wind seeping through the open windows. The inside of the apartment is scarcely decorated but there is flowers everywhere, some roses resting on the floor and some on the small table next to the lavish couch. The date and the occasion checks out while nothing moves inside.
It’s your place.
The you a month ago is a foolish girl, you realize. Someone who had hope for good things and perhaps miracles but not anymore. Although you think that maybe the way you had gotten a job and your own place had been a long-time wish granted. You don’t think much of it, just act and react to get through the days.
He’ll be here soon.
Without a cane in hand, you notice lately. He seems younger, acts like it too. He smiles more but you ignore the thought. He’s tough around the said bakery, shouts too much and is always angry but never with you. His eyes are softer, a little more merciful when you grace him with your presence, although it’s less often than he’d like.
The boarding school is in the other end of town, a bit too far to walk but his driver takes you sometimes. You find out his name is Ishmael, has a nice smile but he’s not a smooth flirt. You don’t comment on it, seeing as Alfie has done you a big favor and you find some sense in being good for a while.
But only for a while.
The game is still on, you’re sure it has never stopped, not when you and him are alone. You see it in his gaze, the hunger and the need to have you but you’re his employee now, someone under his wing and he’s not quite sure where that puts him. You know for a fact that he doesn’t give a single damn about employee and boss policy but it also has to do with the fact that you’re subdued around people since appearing out of thin air.
He doesn’t hate it.
Not exactly. He knows you have the upper hand behind closed doors, so much so that he’s ready to give you his life if you ask but around his employees, you act like there’s nothing between you and him. Little do you realize, the men don’t flirt too much and avert their gazes when you’re walking by and so you conclude that he has already spoken to them about not sparing a glance at you.
It doesn’t bother you as much anymore.
You still go to clubs but you don’t have to sneak out anymore, seeing as you have your own place. Men around are still hesitant, due to you being called ‘his girl’, although you’re sure that it’s the other way around since you’re the one who has him wrapped around your pinkie.
The horn outside is loud, so loud that it makes you want to scream but the neighbors don’t dare complain when they see the big black car with the scary boss in it. Far too scared to utter something as you get into the car and shoot him a smile.
The inside of the bakery is quiet, it’s a bit too early but you know he’s giving you day off tomorrow so you don’t complain. He settles in his office, sleeves rolled and the golden chain of his glasses reside around his neck. He smells all power and musk, some vanilla in his scent as Cyril walks around.
You still haven’t slept with him.
You came to close, too close last week when he had his hands under your skirt and was about to fuck you against the desk but gathered himself. You revel in the fact that it has been months and months of knowing you and yet, he still wants to be proper. You find yourself wanting him, just let him have you in the back alley of somewhere but you’ve perfected the art of covering up what you truly feel so he’s clueless.
Annabelle comes to visit every now and then, to see if you’re safe and checks your chest for bruises or possible hickeys but finds nothing other than small splinters on your hands. When she leaves, Alfie calls you over and carefully takes them out one by one, with a gentleness that seems foreign to him.
You clear your throat, wanting him to talk as you stand in his office, right in front of the door. You’re wearing a tight dress today and it makes him gulp when you take your coat off. His eyes don’t leave the paper for a solid minute, too afraid he’ll slip up and have you right there in his office in the early hours of the morning so he takes his sweet time composing himself and discarding his thoughts.
“Do you need anything?” you speak, a bit informal now that you see him on a daily basis. He’s still Mr. Solomons in front of the employees excluding Ollie, he’s Alfie in private.
Your Alfie.
You don’t grow attached, you repeat to yourself each night when you’re in the bath and the thoughts of his lips against yours find you. He’s a good kisser, you know that from first hand experience but it doesn’t surprise you anyway. He knows what he’s doing, as you find just how much he values your pleasure whenever he’s kissing you like there’s no tomorrow. 
But it takes him longer to pull himself together.
He’s getting more careless each time, greedier and certainly a lot more hungrier. His touches get deeper, his kisses turn into bites after a while and he’s panting, actually losing his breath, when he feels your naked skin against his each time you let him kiss your neck and collarbones.
You bite your lip while waiting for him to talk and at that same moment, he finds enough courage in his poor heart to look up to meet your eyes but the sight feels like a bullet wound and he falls short of breath, in the very early hours of the morning.
He’s fucked.
Ollie knows this, sometimes even mutters it under his breath and finds it far too amusing for his own good. The lad is not blind and he knows Alfie well enough to point out certain things.
Things like how his mood shifts in the best way possible when you’re around, or how he fights a smile each time you enter his office. It takes Ollie a while to realize these since he’d thought of Alfie as a lone soul but he realizes, soon enough, that Alfie no longer wants to keep that status.
Alfie gulps and realizes you’re not even biting your lips as a seductive act but it’s too late. You catch his gaze and immediately catch on, far too smart for your own good, Alfie thinks. You offer him a slow raise of your eyebrows and you lick your lips once more, although he’s too focused on the entire image of you.
He clears his throat and you bite your lip, too aware of the effect you have on him.
“Bite your lip once more, lass.. I fuckin’ dare you.” he speaks without measuring his own words but you don’t care. You’re used to the burly old man speaking to you this way.
A gentle smile graces your lips and he knows, he knows, you have already ruined him in many ways. He has been with his share of women but after you, he’ll be ruined for life. You’ve ruined the others for him, he thinks, there’ll not be another one for him.
You shake your head and speak in a gentler tone, far too gentle for him in this soft morning as he watches your lips move. “I asked you if you need anything from me. If not, I’ll go to my office, sir.” The words left your mouth as you emphasized the last part and watched his eyes darken.
Ollie knocked on the door once and didn’t wait for the answer to come in.
The tension hung in the air, thick enough to go through it with a blade but the lad was already in. He looked at Alfie’s sitting form and you before repeating the motion again. Opening his mouth, he knew his boss was about to give him a load.
“Alfie, there’s a man who wants to talk to you.” he said, no apology for intruding as this was how men did things, with no manners.
You held the stack of papers against your chest as Ollie spoke and licked your lips, looking at Alfie the whole time. His eyes didn’t leave yours while Ollie spoke, only when he was done speaking did he direct his eyes to the lad. You thought he was either going to shout or go off on the lad but he did neither. He just spoke with a calm yet annoyed voice.
“That why you fuckin’ barged in ‘ere, aye?” he spoke, voice gruff as he sat behind his desk. 
Ollie was used to this, far too used to the harsh talk coming from his boss so it didn’t faze him nor you.
“He says he wants to speak about the shipment to the East side. He has lads with him, Alfie.” Ollie spoke, all in one breath and it was easy to see the glints of fear in his features. He was good at hiding it but after being around him for some time, certain things became recognizable.
Alfie looked at you first and then the lad. It was far too amusing, knowing he was afraid of something happening to you. You knew how to defend yourself and use a gun, a good one at that but the big boss was still adamant on protecting his pretty little secretary.
Before he could speak, a shout came from the corridor. A loud one that made Alfie reach for his gun and one that made Ollie close the doors to Alfie’s office but it made you laugh.
“Alfie Solomons!” the shout echoed, loud and clear.
It was much more than a shout after that, so many more loud noises that filled the bakery. The rest was quick, the way Ollie grabbed your arm and tried to grad you to the back side only to be stopped by Alfie.
There was another shout after that, much more vile and vulgar and it only made you smile. Men were animals when they were angry. The shout echoed through the now empty corridors and you listened, eyes on Alfie the whole time.
“Fuck you!”
You chuckled, a bit too taken back by the clearness of the message and uttered something under your breath, something that was accidentally audible for the rest of the room as you spoke. “Get in line, sweetheart.”
Ollie ignored the glint in Alfie’s eyes as you said but his eyes never left yours anyway. He reveled in the fact, would repeat the words to himself for the next month or so but he needed to take care of the animal outside of his office now, even though he’d make sure to bring your point up.
You offered Alfie a small smile in the midst of all of it and he would get back to you on it, just needed to deal with something beforehand. Ollie took you to the back side of the said bakery where there were more guns and better safety and told you to stay out.
And seeing as you wanted to stay alive, you did just that.
There’s no blood on his shirt this time.
He looks angry, stale almost as he walks through the empty corridors. Something is bothering him, something that managed to actually hit a nerve. You stayed in the small back room, shoulder against the door frame as he walked towards you. 
The nerve had hit you.
You straightened as he walked, not stopping even he was too close into your personal space. His steps only altered when his nose almost pressed against yours. Contrary to what it looked like from the outside, this wasn’t a sign of affection.
He was livid.
Breathing through his nose, Alfie looked down at you while his breath hit your face. Ollie was on guard, he knew Alfie wouldn’t hit you but he wasn’t sure of anything at that exact moment.
“Who the fuck is Henry, lass?” he asked, voice calm as opposed to his flaring nostrils. 
He watched you panic, lose your calm all in one second right before his eyes.
Henry was not a nice man.
You had played this game with Henry too, somewhere along the line when you were much younger. He was one of those men who became obsessed with one thing: having you. He had hurt you, the scar on your inner thigh would vouch for that and soon after, he’d been arrested due to your uncle’s complaints. He never listened, though. You knew he was bound to show up but this was the worst possible time.
“He was....he was here?” you spoke, voice breaking in the middle of the sentence which said everything that needed to be said. Alfie took a step away from you, no longer in your personal space while he looked at you.
This fucker was about to get a beating.
He needed to know who he was and why he had been screaming around his damn bakery first, so he spoke. “Yeah, he was. Fuckin’ shoutin’ your name and everythin’.”  he said, still cautious.
“I thought he was dead.” you spoke with a hesitant voice and did not meet his eyes.
Ollie watched the whole thing, fully knowing he would meet this lad to end his life soon.
“He fuckin’ will be.” Alfie spoke and your eyes met his at last. 
This was a bad idea.
The games were all fun and all but you didn’t want someone to die because of you. Henry was a good choice but the most you’d done was a kick in the crotch and knowing he would be on the other side of the soil very soon because of you didn’t sit right with you. And you didn’t want extra blood on Alfie’s hands because of you, knowing he had plenty of it.
Ollie was long gone so you felt yourself walk a step closer to Alfie with attempts to calm down.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” you spoke, hand reaching for his upper arm and residing there. The touch was natural at this point, just another reminder he had dangling right in front of his face.
“What did he do to ya’?” he asked, and started placing things together.
You knew how to stitch wounds back together and did exceptionally well in situations that had immense amounts of blood and panic so it only made him think that you had suffered those things yourself and your calmness came from experience. 
You shook your head, more than ready to dismiss the whole thing now that he had asked that question. Your voice shook in the slightest as you spoke.
“Nothing...not too much I mean just-” He placed his finger under your chin and tilted your head so you had to look directly at his face as he stared down at you and spoke with a firm voice.
“Tell me, lass.” he spoke, his embrace magnetic as you stood close to the man.
Your eyes flickered between his own, a gulp present on your throat as you looked at him. You wouldn’t tell him now and he understood that soon afterwards. It was something that needed to be talked about later on, not now.
“Alright.” he said, getting the hint after you looked at him with nothing but a soft plea in your eyes. His hands clasped against the air and he spoke once again, Ollie also appearing around the corner of your eye.
“Up you go then.” Alfie said, climbing the stairs to his office behind you.
His hands were on you, quick too as they caressed your back. They would surely end up on your ass, squeezing and lightly slapping soon but you took your time while kissing him so he would remember the feel when you’d leave. His shin was right under yours as you straddled him on his big chair, you were sure Ollie had tried to come in a few times but realized what was going on.
This was the first time you were kissing him in his office this way.
You had earned the workers’ trust first and made friends with them, then you moved on to the next step which was screwing their boss. You had remained perfectly proper until now but they had all known that this was coming the first time you’d walked in as his little guest.
You broke the kiss but his hands didn’t let go of you, only recoiled around your arms and waist even tighter than before. You chuckled at the action, the protective big boss reluctant to let go of a thing half his size. You looked at his eyes as you spoke, lipstick no longer on your lips but more around his.
“You can kill him.” you said, out of breath and it took him a minute to snap back.
“What?” he said, gathering himself a little but his hand was still holding you in place by your waist. Your finger caressed his cheek, finding a napkin to get some of the lipstick off of him.
“Henry, I mean.” you said, face impossibly close to his and he realized that he was often finding himself inches away from your lips.
And for good reason.
“Lass, I’ve been fuckin’ kissin’ you for the past half an hour and that’s what you’ve been thi-” he spoke but you cut him off, still trying to wipe off some of the make up on his face as your hands held his head in place.
“No. Only for the last minute or so.” you said and watched his laugh which only made you smile in return but you kept speaking, you had been thinking of the terrible lad and you wanted justice to have its way.
“I’m just saying that you might even gain something from killing the bastard.” you spoke, as a matter of factly.
Alfie was a businessman and he was good to make deals with, so that was what you were doing.
You knew Henry had been disturbing some of the girls from your old school lately, Annabelle had told you so and a smaller girl had confirmed it. You had Alfie wrapped around your finger and so far, it had been proving to be very useful. The job and your own place were the first fruits of the harvest but this was bigger, this would impact other people’s lives for the better.
He raised his eyebrows at you and spoke, voice gruff as you sat on top of him. “How’s that, pet?”
“Get rid of him and you can ask one thing from me.” you spoke, getting up from his lap since he was distracted enough for you to be able to do that.
This was an in, an in you were giving Alfie and you’d never done that before, not with anyone and certainly not a gangster. It was usually the other way around, men owed things to you but the situation was different and you had grown slightly used to being around this man, so might as well give him the benefit of the doubt.
“Anythin’?” he asked almost immediately and you smiled, fixing your skirt and opening a window even though it was cold.
“Anything.” you said, too soft for his poor heart and he smiled at your words.
Wheels turned in his head, a small smirk apparent on his plump lips as he watched you close the door to his office after walking out. He knew you’d be the death of him but at this point, he couldn’t find it in himself to care in the slightest. He enjoyed the old game of push and pull and screamed for Ollie the minute you were out the door.
He wouldn’t ask for sex, he knew that had its time.
He’d ask for something much better but first, he had to get rid of the poor bastard.
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a/n: I hope you like this one!! I think i’ll have a few more chapters out and see how things go but do let me know what you thought of it <3
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Just Friends (Part 13)
Story Summary: After moving to America for a 3-month long internship, you meet two interesting characters on a boring night out.
Word Count: 4.3K
Pairing: Rafael Casal x Reader
Warnings: Alcohol, minor drug use, smut, slight dom!Rafa, swearing, and loads of British references (sorry not sorry lol)
Chapter Note: gotcha
Tag List: lonelydance mysearchforgratification ramp-it-up blndspotting summerofsnowflakes exrthangel honeysucklechocolatedrippin captaintightpants58
Other Parts: See Masterlist
Tumblr media
You had left Rafa by the pool. His eyes had glistened in the dim blue light, his heart clearly beating heavily in his chest as he had tried to regain his composure. He hadn't said anything as you had ordered an Uber. He had followed you silently as you gone around the yard and to the front of the house where the car waited no more than a minute later. He had nodded slowly, gulping visibly but otherwise hadn't batted an eyelid as you'd said goodbye. You had looked at him from the car; with his hands in his pockets and a somber expression on his face, he had watched you drive away from him.
The next morning, you woke up to several unanswered calls along with seven drunk texts from him.
Tumblr media
You stayed in bed all day thinking about all the things that had happened between you since the first time you’d met. Thinking about every word, movement, and look he had sent you since you’d bumped into him on new years. Your heart was beating fast in your chest when you thought of all the compliments he had sent your way, his veiny hands around your back pulling you close, his soft lips on your skin, his emerald green eyes gazing down at you, his crooked tooth centering his smile. Everything seemed on fire. You missed him - Yet you ignored his texts completely. You didn’t want to talk to him.
Still, you felt your stomach turn as you received an eighth text a little over 12 hours after his last drunk text:
Tumblr media
January 27
"Okay, last warning," Samantha bellowed through your door, "if you don't come out and talk to me, I'll break down your door!"
"Give it all you got," you mumbled unenthusiastically as you scrolled through Rafa's Instagram feed for what felt like the millionth time since you'd woken up two days ago.
"Okay, I won't... Just - please come out, yeah?" Samantha sighed, "He sucks - I know - but you're leaving me too, you know," she whined, "I have to stay over here and hide that I'm Scouse while you get to go back home and enjoy having afternoon tea, and proper fish and chips, and bank holidays, and actual seasons - oh I miss the cold weather back home so much! The frost, wearing proper boots, woolly mittens, snow in the streets. Don't you miss that too?"
With a sigh, you took mercy on your sweet roomie and unlocked the door to your room with a "right now I don’t care about going home to the cold. It never snows in London anyway." You threw yourself down on the bed, picking up your scrolling while Samantha entered your room.
"You should go to Liverpool then,” she said happily, “You can always count on Mersey side to have proper snow."
You grunted in response.
"Hey, are you hungry? I made supper; Palak Paneer and Gulab Jamun," Samantha tried, "it's my nan's recipes. Although I'm not sure I did her justice at all."
"It's nice of you, but I'm really not hungry," you sighed, looking at a picture of Rafa from three years ago when his hair had been much shorter. Annoyingly enough the mere sight of him made your heart pump slightly faster in your chest.
“Why are you looking at your phone like that?” Samantha snatched your phone out of your hand and looked at your screen with a shocked expression, "you're all up in his instagram? Why would you do that? Are you trying to make yourself feel worse?"
"I don't know what else to do," you looked at her guiltily.
“Love, you’re torturing yourself by looking at his pictures,” Samantha sent you a careful look, “if you want to feel better, you should just go talk to him.”
“Absolutely not,” you said resolutely, “he betrayed my trust.”
"Look, I get it. I would also have needed some time alone if it had happened to me - but you don’t have the time! You’re leaving in four days," she said quietly as she sat down next to you on the bed, “down the line, you'll hate yourself for leaving before you've talked to him.”
"Well I’m not going to. He's a slag."
"No arguing there! But you're in love with the bloody slag for crying out loud!"
"I don't want to be,” you mumbled.
"It's not like you’ll stop being in love with him just because you're not in California anymore. You'll keep thinking of him and what might've been unless you get some closure”
"I got my closure the other night,” you huffed.
"So that’s why you’re still drooling over pictures of him?” Samantha shot you and unimpressed look. “Sweetheart, come on...” she said in a frustrated tone of voice, “I get that he's a bitch and all that, but he didn't overstep your boundaries because he wanted to manipulate you. It was a bit selfish of him to ignore your code of conduct - granted - but when all comes to all; he just did it to make you realise that you are completely head over heels in love with him too! You have been since the beginning! In my opinion, you should defini- " her words were drowned by the doorbell.
Confused, you looked at each other until the doorbell rang a second time and Samantha finally spoke, "I'm not expecting company. Are you expecting anyone?"
"Do I look like I am? I look like half a baked potato."
"I'll go see who it is," Samantha got up from the bed.
"If it's Rafa, tell him I'm not home," you called after her.
You heard Samantha open the front door and talk to someone who had a deeper and huskier voice than she had, but you couldn't make out who it was or what they were saying.
After about two minutes of talking, your door opened slightly ajar, and Samantha's face came into view. She was wearing an apologetic smile as she spoke, "there's someone here for you," she said persuasively in a sing-song voice.
"Tell him to leave!”
The door opened all the way, revealing Daveed who sent you a careful smile, "hey," he said quietly.
You sat up straight, "uhh, thanks Samantha. I've got it from here."
Samantha sent you a curt nod before she disappeared into the hallway, leaving you and Daveed alone.
He stepped closer and sat down in your winged chair, "how are you?" He asked quietly.
"Like shit," you shrugged, "did Rafa put you up to this?"
Daveed shook his head, "he thinks I've gone for a run."
"Why are you here then? I'm not talking to him."
"Can't force you to," he shrugged.
"So you're here to talk him up and hope that I come to the conclusion myself?"
"Just... checking in," he shrugged without looking away from you.
"...okay?" You looked at him suspiciously.
"When did you say your plane was leaving again?"
"The 31st..."
"So that's what? In four days?"
"And you're just gonna lie here until then?"
"I still have to go to work."
Daveed nodded slowly, "When are you coming back?"
"I'm not?"
"Alright," Daveed nodded and stood up from the chair he had been sitting in, "well, I guess this is it then.”
“This is it?” you arched an eyebrow at him.
“Yeah. Couldn’t let you leave without a proper ‘bye’, now could I?” He sent you a small smile, “It was really great getting to know you."
“Why are you being so ceremonial about it?” You arched an eyebrow at him.
“Because we probably won’t run in to each other again,” he gave out a low chuckle.
“We won’t?”
“We live over 5.000 miles away from each other. How could we?
“Oh,” you blinked a few times, reality dawning on you. This was probably the last time you'd ever see Daveed. “I didn’t think of it like that. I guess you’re right,” you added. Slowly, you got up from the bed and gave him a hug, "goodbye Daveed. It was really great meeting you."
"You too," he said quietly, hugging you briefly and then letting go of you, "I'm sorry you think my best friend's a dick."
"Yeah, me too," you sent him a sad smile, "say bye to him from me, yeah?"
"I will," Daveed nodded, turned around and left your room.
After his exit, it was weirdly quiet in your room. You'd never see him again. You'd never spot his fluffy hair and recognise him from afar. Never be on the receiving end of his charming smile again. You'd never see him laugh at some stupid joke that Rafa had told him. Rafa. You'd never see Rafa again either. You'd never hear his obnoxiously loud laugh. Never run your fingers through his soft hair. Never have his scent in your nostrils. Never trace the outline of his tattoos. Never kiss him. Never hold him tight. Never truly be his.
"Fuck," you whispered to yourself, annoyed with the treacherous tears that had started stinging in your eyes, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Your heart was aching. It spread from the left side of your chest and all the way down to your fingertips. You'd never see Rafa again. You'd leave Los Angeles with a broken heart and you'd come home to boring, plain old England without having said goodbye to the man you were in love with.
"Fuck!" you whimpered. Samantha was right. You had to see him. You had to feel him between your fingertips. You had to forgive him for what he had done. And in that moment you understood the honest nature of Rafa’s actions; he had truly only sped up the inevitable. You let out a small whimper as you finally understood it from his point of view. He had fallen for you immediately, and he had seen the same attraction in your eyes even though you had tried to suppress it. From the beginning, he had understood that no matter what - if you indulged or not - you'd still leave California with a broken heart because he had taken over every single one of your thoughts since you'd first laid your eyes on him. He had wanted you to indulge - not just for his own sake but for your sake too. He had understood that your heart would’ve been twice as shattered if you’d left him without ever having kissed, or hugged, or cuddled, or had sex. He had understood everything so clearly.
"Fuck!" You suddenly sprang from your bed and hurried towards your closet. You quickly shrugged out of your pyjamas and put on some decent clothes, ready to face Rafa. Ready to talk to him. To forgive him.
"SAMANTHA!" You called as soon as you stepped out of your room, "what am I doing? I have to see him!" You half-ran down the hallway and came into the kitchen panting, the blood rushing past your ears from the epinephrine surge coursing through your veins. Samantha put down the mug she was holding and sent you a loving expression. A surprised - and slightly guilty-looking - Daveed was standing by her side, a steaming mug in his hand too.
"You finally came to your senses then?" Samantha nodded, "what happened?"
"He happened," you nodded to Daveed while pulling on your sneakers.
"Ah, so it worked!" he chuckled.
"What did you make her realise in two seconds that I haven't been able to in two days?” she gasped, “are you a wizard or something?"
Daveed laughed charmingly at your roomie's comment, "I just made her realise what it's like to say goodbye to someone forever. I figured it would work."
"Oh my god!" Samantha smacked her own forehead, "So obvious."
"You both made me realise that this is stupid. Just please shut up, okay?" you groaned as you pulled on your jacket while pacing the room, "I have to think of what to say to him."
"Just tell him how you feel," Daveed shrugged, "He's going to be thrilled. Here, you can take my car," he threw you his keys.
"You're not coming?" You furrowed your eyebrows at him.
"Uh, no... uhm - Samantha actually invited me to stay for dinner," he said softly.
You arched an eyebrow at her, "oh really? Is that so?"
"Well..." she shrugged and sent you a cute little smile. She had told you on several occasions that she thought that Daveed was fine.
"Well you two have fun, yeah?" you said with a cheeky grin, already half-way out the door, "hopefully, I won't be home before midnight so you two just... kick it off. Don't worry, Daveed, the magic won't wear off - I swear!" you repeated Samantha's words from the other day with a smirk and managed to get a look at Samantha's horrified expression just before you closed the front door behind you.
You jumped off the porch and ran to Daveed's car that was parked by the curb. You had never driven a car on the other side of the road before, and gave out a small whimper when the car started rolling and you had to pull over on the opposite side than what was natural to you.
"I'm gonna die on the ride over," you mumbled to yourself as you had to intersect onto the main road, cars coming at you at impressing speed. You shrieked as you finally merged in, and tried to calm yourself down for the rest of the ride by breathing slowly.
It took you what felt like ages to reach Rafa's house but when you finally did, you did a less-than-elegant parking outside his house, and ran up the narrow pathway to the front door.
"RAFA!" you banged the door loudly, "RAFA, IT'S ME! PLEASE OPEN!" you continued.
You were banging defiantly on the door for what felt like an eternity until the doorknob finally turned and he came into sight. His hair was a right mess and his eyes were red rimmed as if he hadn't slept for days. He heaved a heavy breath and blinked a few times as if to make sure that you were actually standing in front of him.
The sight of him alone made your pulse quicken and you felt your palms going sweaty in your coat pockets. "Hi," you said softly, suddenly completely lost for words.
"Hey," he almost whispered in a hoarse voice.
"Can I - uh - can I come in?" You gulped.
Rafa looked as if your words made him wake up from a trance. “Sure,” he said slowly and mechanically stepped aside. "So - uh -" he cleared his throat as he shut the door behind you, "- how - uh - how've you been?"
"Terrible. Not gonna lie,” you smacked your lips and looked up at him, “I've been in a vegetative state since Friday. How about you?"
"I feel like fucking shit," he groaned with apologetic eyes, "like the biggest ass on the planet. I'm so fucking sorry for forcing you to stay close to me..."
"Rafa, you didn't force me to do anything," you said softly looking up at him.
“I did though. The thing is that I - I didn't even realise how manipulative I was being until you called me out for it. I would never do something like that on purpose. That's not me. You know that..." he sent you a pained expression.
"I’m sorry I called you manipulative - I know you’re not. It took me a few days to see it but I finally understand why you did everything. I don't know why I thought that just being friends with you was ever a viable option," you rolled your eyes at yourself.
Rafa nodded quietly, "manipulative or not, I still feel like an ass. I mean... I violated the only thing you asked of me. It's okay if you're mad at me," he sent you a careful look, “I can’t blame you.”
"Rafa, I'm not mad at you," you sighed and took a step closer to him, "...or I was, but Samantha talked some sense into me. And Daveed stopped by."
"Diggs?" Rafa furrowed his eyebrows.
"- yes. He reminded me what it's like to say goodbye to someone you care deeply for. And Samantha's made me realise why you did the things you did. I couldn’t leave you like that.”
Rafa nodded and looked at you with a weird expression on his face, "so you've come to say goodbye properly?" He almost whimpered.
“No...” you took yet another step closer to him and put your palms on his chest, fidgeting with the string on his hoodie, "I'm here to tell you that I'm in love with you."
He gave out an audible gulp, "you're in love with me?" He said slowly and looked at you with intense eyes. "- I never thought I'd see you again...” he added in a whisper.
"I couldn't leave you like this,” you groaned and looked up at him, “I couldn't go back without having told you how I feel about you. I’m so in love with you that I don't know what to do," you whispered and kissed his throat. His Adam's apple did a small bounce as he gulped again. You kissed him once more and continued in a small voice, "I don't eat. I don't sleep. I just think about you."
He pulled himself slightly away from you and looked between your lips and your eyes, "I'm in love with you too," he breathed, "you have no idea." He put his index finger under your chin and lifted your face upwards so you were eye to eye. His thumb ran softly over your lower lip before he leaned down and kissed you.
His lips burned against yours with such a wonderful feeling that it was hard to believe that you had ever tried to resist it. His hands were slowly running over your back, his fingers caressing your sides while his lips danced carefully over yours, his tongue moving slowly and sensually behind your teeth. He moved away from your mouth, and suddenly he was planting small, loving kisses all the way down your chin and throat. You let out a soft hum when you felt his warm lips on your collarbone, “I’m so in love with you,” you repeated.
"You have no idea how much I've been hoping to hear those words from you," he growled against the sensitive skin on your throat.
"Me too, love," you panted as you threw back your head, giving him easier access to nibble, suck, and bite.
"Mmmh," he hummed, "call me that again."
He sent you a toothy grin, "one more time please."
“My love," you whispered as you leaned forwards and recaptured his lips and moved your tongue against him in a much more desperate way than before. Your fingers found the hem of his hoodie and snaked their way inside it. You moved up his stomach and chest, caressing the spot on his pec where your favourite tattoo was located. Rafa understood your hint, grabbed the neck of his hoodie and pulled it over his head, suddenly standing in front of you bare-chested.
"Mmh, you look so good," you whispered as you took him in, your hands caressing all of the small words and drawings edged on his skin.
His lips found yours once more and he slowly started walking you backwards into the living room, his mouth never truly leaving yours. You stopped when you hit the edge of the sofa. He pulled your shirt over your head and snaked his fingers under your bra where he started massaging your breasts lovingly while his tongue slowly danced with yours.
He moved his lips down your throat, past your collarbone, between your breasts, and over your stomach where he stopped right above the waistband of your jeans. He kissed you below the navel while his hands fidgeted with the button of your jeans. When he finally managed to get it open, he pulled your jeans over your hips and knees until they were pooling around your feet. He kissed the lace fabric between your thighs, "lie down baby," he whispered against you.
You stepped out of your jeans and did as he ordered you to do without question. He positioned himself on the floor in front of you, hands going straight for the piece of lace garment between your legs. He pulled it off you painfully slowly, kissing his way from your ankle, up your calf, past your knee, his lips coming to a halt near your tattoo.
"I love this little hot dog," he smiled against your skin, "I'm gonna miss it so much."
"Don't think about that now," you chuckled below Rafa, "just give him some quick love and move further up," you writhed.
"Impatient, huh?" He let out a deep chuckle and gave your tattoo a quick peck, "don't worry. I haven't forgotten about you."
"Good," you whispered and watched him inch his face closer and closer to your core. "Oh," you whimpered as you finally felt his tongue against your skin.
He was humming against you, clearly enjoying himself as he pleasured you using nothing but his lips and tongue. You had your fingers buried in his blonde hair, tugging slightly on his tips whenever he was doing a particularly spectacular job. You had your head lolled back against the backrest of the sofa, enjoying the sensation of being completely spoiled by the very talented man in front of you. He was holding your hips in place to get you from squirming too much around, his right hand slowly moving from its secure place on your hipbone snaking its way towards where his mouth was located. You felt his fingers at your entrance while his tongue kept performing magic, not once breaking contact with your skin. His index and middle finger slowly but surely penetrated you and you let out a soft moan at the touch. He started moving his fingers in and out of you all the while his tongue was still practically glued to your clit.
You felt yourself grow tight around his fingers as he found your G-spot and hit it repeatedly, "oh Rafa!"
He groaned when he could feel that you were near the edge, speeding up the movements with his fingers, while his tongue was still running over your wet skin painfully slowly.
"You look so good for me," he whispered and kissed your inner thigh, "cum for me."
His whispered words sent you over the edge, your inner walls tightening almost painfully around his steadily-moving fingers all the while you were seeing stars, calling his name. You rode out your high with eyes screwed so tightly shut that they almost functioned as a kaleidoscope.
"Oh Rafa!" You panted as you had come down, "oh wow!"
Rafa looked at you with a hungry look in his eyes, "I could listen to you moan my name forever!" He growled as his lips hovered above yours, "it's the sweetest sound I've ever heard."
"Make me do it again," you panted against his lips.
"Are you sure you're up for more?" He bit your earlobe
"I want you inside me," you whispered against him.
He took it as the cue he needed and lifted you up from the sofa, and carried you to the dining table, sitting you down on the edge.
"Dinner table? Really?" You laughed.
"Shut up. Bed's too far away," he growled as he unbuckled his belt, slid off his trousers, and stepped out of his boxers, "take off your bra," he demanded. "I want you to be completely naked."
You found the clasp on the back, and pulled it off in one swift motion while enjoying the sight of Rafa slowly stroking himself while eyeing you hungrily. “You are so beautiful,” he groaned. 
You were lying with your back against the table when he inched closer to you and prodded you with his erection without entering.
"Oh my God, you're soaking for me," he groaned as if in pain. He leaned over your body and kissed you softly on the lips while he slid inside you with a sweet sound escaping him. He slowly started moving his hips with small grunts of passion escaping him as he stood up straight, hips still slowly - lovingly - bucking in to you. He was pouring himself into this simple act, each of his careful movements doubling as a way to communicate how he was feeling about you. What he had been through. No words were necessary. You understood him completely as you felt him take control over your central nervous system.
He leaned down to kiss you sweetly before he picked up his pace. His left hand was positioned on your hip while his right hand moved from having cupped your breast to gripping tightly around your throat. He was looking at you with a lust-mixed-with-love expression on his face, his long hair falling in thick strands in front of his eyes, his mouth hanging slightly open. Everything you felt for him built up inside of you, and you could feel your breathing becoming more and more rapid as every muscle in your body started tensing. You felt every little movement he was making, every touch of his hands along your body. Every clutch of sweet desperation.
His hair swung into his eyes and his lips remained slightly parted, his breathing quiet and shallow and with hushed moans escaping him every now and then. Every feeling you had ever felt for him exploded inside of you as you came undone under his touch. In between loud moans, you called out his name and pulled him even closer to you, causing Rafa to let go of all inhibition, cumming inside of you with a series of sweet moans escaping him.
He was panting above you, his eyes closed and his movements mechanical. You sat up straight and kissed his tattooed deltoid, and he pulled out of you and stepped back a few inches to catch his breath.
Unsure of what to do or say, you both started laughing.
"That was amazing," you smiled against his lips, "I'm so glad I came here."
"Me too," he grunted, "I've had the worst few days... I never thought I'd see you again."
"I know," you whispered.
"How much time do we have together?"
"Four days," you sighed.
"Don't worry. I'll make sure those four days are unforgettable," he groaned and kissed your lips.
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scary-lasagna · 3 months ago
Zalgo and Slenderman switch bodies
“I’m going to fuck his crops, burn his wife, and steal all of the condiments and seasonings.”
Is the first thought that the demon king had.
He’s the king of chaos! It’s what he does!
Slender’s office is silently destroyed, as to not disturb any of the pests in the manor.
Slender’s prized greenhouse is ripped to shreds, including his delicate cursed tomatoes he spent so much money raising for the past sixteen years. (They taste sweeter than the hooman tomatoes)
And to top off all of the damage, Zalgo rips the wardrobe to shreds.
Now he must rid of what Slender truly holds dear, must more valuable than his cursed tomatoes and venus fly traps, he needs to massacre the pests leeching in the mansion.
How have these pathetic life forms wedged their way into Slender’s heart?
Zalgo had no clue.
“Slender are you okay? You look kind of....uh..” Jeff, though concerned, decided against an accidental insult. “Do you want anything...I can run out a grab a kill if you want...”
“Slendy! You look tired! Here, take this flower crown I made and go back to bed!” The small child caught the being offguard, and pulled him down by the hem of his shirt to place the woven crown on his head.
“Boss, I know you’re always here for us, but if you need to talk I’m all ears for you.” Zalgo started to feel uneasy. How did these worms learn to care for Slender? And vice versa? What enchantment had he done to provoke such results?
“Hey asshole, I love you.” Slender’s brother flashed a smile, with an annoyingly rough clasp on the shoulder as he past Zalgo.
Never in his life has Zalgo ever experienced such kind words of compassion.
And suddenly, Zalgo felt a pang of strange emotion. It felt terrible, like he was dying. What the hell was it? Guilt? Regret? Empathy?? He needed to get rid of it before it consumed him.
With a little bit of magic and hardwork, by the time the sun set in the sky all damages to the manor were fixed. 
The garden was flourishing, papers were neatly stacked on the large desk in Slender’s office, and his wardrobe was not only seamlessly fixed, but also held a flower crown on one of the tie knobs.
He just hoped he woke up in his own body tomorrow, or he might just sob.
oh no
He recognizes the red and black themed decor, the bed frame lined with precious minerals and animal bones.
Had something happened the night before? He prays not.
But soon does he realize that this is not his body, and more importantly this is not his bed.
“Sir, you’ve been in bed all morning.” The minion by the door said in a monotone. 
While trying to talk, his body automatically growled, and the minion shooed themselves out. 
Evil intent was the last thing on The Tall Man’s mind, he wanted to go home and make sure Toby was adapting well to the new medication, and Ben got up before noon, and help Jeff’s recovery to his new wound from the mission he was sent on.
On the way down the many flights of stairs in the Castle of Glass, Slender knocked over at least 10 suits of armor, 4 expensive looking vases, and killed three minions on accident.
The wings attached to his back had a mind of their own, and Zalgo’s cape in the throne room looked like it wanted to strangle him. 
It seemed everything wanted to kill him in here.
“Sir, here is your list.” 
“Thank you.” 
A collection of shocked gasps echoed off the walls of the throne room.
“I mean,” Slender thought for a moment, putting himself in the mind of his enemy. “Fuck you, yes! That’s what I meant!” 
The rest of the day was similar to that interaction, victims of The Pit received very...unusual punishments.
“Mr Uyireq, I’m sentencing you to...” Slender thought for a short moment, he wanted Zalgo to catch a glimpse of the damage he caused on this day, “Get a poorly drawn tattoo of my name and face on your torso, in a romantic style.”
The man was very confused, and yet very thankful to the entity. As someone who was at a demon’s mercy, he’ll gladly accept the odd punishment.
That was only 1 of 7,000 for the day.
He decided he’s had his fun, and expressed his kindness towards a day off for any non-essential workers, and took the day off to relax on the rooftop of glass.
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wayward-winsister · 3 months ago
nsfw alphabet - lucifer
pairing: lucifer x reader.
summary: lucifer’s nsfw alphabet headcanons.
warnings: smut.
a/n: requested by anonymous. these were so fun to write! let me know if you enjoyed it, please ♡
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A = Aftercare (what are they like after sex?) 
Surprisingly, rather caring. Lucifer wears you out during sex, and he rarely gets exhausted so he’d most likely just lay there and smugly watch you try to calm yourself. After a few minutes, he’d ask you if you wanted him to heal your soreness and clean up the mess you both made with a snap of his fingers, or if you wanted to keep the bruises and bitemarks he gave you. He tends to push limits during sex, so it’s important to him that you’re okay and he didn’t go too far.
B = Body part (what is their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner?)
Lucifer is very proud of his wings, without a doubt. Most angels take pride in their wings, but especially Lucifer. They may not be what they used to be after he got cast out, but the fact that you love them despite that makes him appreciate them even more. He loves to tease you with them. He also loves your neck. He loves everything from kissing it, to biting it, to having his hand wrapped around it, to seeing his hickies appear on it.
C = Cum (anything to do with cum)
Lucifer, being very possessive, loves to come all over you. He wants to see it covering your skin as a reminder that he’s the only one allowed to do that to you. Don’t worry about the mess either, because he can just snap everything clean. If you ever swallow it, the sight of that alone is enough for him to want to go another round. He can also prevent you from getting pregnant with his grace, so prepare for creampies because he loves watching it drip out of you afterwards. That really makes him feel like you’re his.
D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs)
Lucifer has a major praise!kink. He loves hearing you say his name and beg for him to touch in the most sinful of ways. Him knowing that you really want it—that you really want him—turns him on so much, but he’d never admit it. He just loves having this kind of consensual dominance and control over someone, knowing that you’re enjoying it just as much as he is. He also really likes period sex, especially eating you out during it.
E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)
Lucifer had little to no previous experience. Relationships and sex were things that never really interested him, so he was a virgin when you met him, but you’d never be able to tell. Lucifer is a very quick learner however, so not long after you both started being intimate, he’d know all of your likes, dislikes, sweet spots, favorite positions, and what makes you beg in little to no time. If you thought he was cocky before, just wait until you two start sleeping together.
F = Favorite Position
While Lucifer’s certainly not going to be picky about what position you’re both in, he does really like it when you’re under him. He loves being able to watch your face twist in pleasure and enjoys seeing the need in your eyes, knowing that he’s the one making you feel this way. He also likes having your legs wrapped around him, whether you both be lying down or pressed up against the wall.
G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment or humorous?)
Lucifer falls somewhere in the middle. While the act of intercourse itself he takes seriously, he can’t resist joking around every now and then. It mostly stems from his teasing, which can escalate quickly. Plus, he loves making you laugh. Seeing your smile makes him so happy, especially if he caused it. So unless you’re having angry/jealous sex, then prepare for some lightheartedness.
H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes?)
Lucifer doesn’t really care much about what the hair is like down there on his vessels, and neither does he really care what yours is like either, but he will deal with it like he does the hair on his head. Trimmed and managed. It’ll be about the same dirty blonde color as his scalp, if not a little darker. Unless you ask him to do something with it, like shaving it completely, then he probably won’t worry much about it.
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? are they romantic?)
Lucifer is very sensual and intense in the moment. He wants to make sure you’re more than satisfied and only have eyes for him. Expect a lot of ghostly touches that can quickly turn into bruising holds, teasing words he says when he wants to hear you beg for it, and a very intimate connection overall. His mood heavily depends on what to expect.
J = Jack Off (masturbation headcanon.)
Lucifer honestly doesn’t see much of a reason to masturbate if he has you. He’s still an angel, so he doesn’t get the same lustful urges like most humans do. Besides, after he had sex with you, why would he want to do it alone suddenly? If you’re not feeling up for sex, then he’d most likely just wait it out. He probably wouldn’t want you masturbating either. He wouldn’t stop you, but he’d always tell you to call him and he’d be happy to give you what you want.
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks.) 
Lucifer is, without a doubt, one of the most kinky bastards in existence. He definitely has a praise!kink, but he also likes bedroom activities that border more on the risky side. He’d be very into blood, but if you didn’t want to go that far, then he’d be fine with period sex. He’s also into bondage for you, because there’s just something about having you completely at his mercy that gets him going. He would toy around with Master/Servant & Pet Play stuff.
L = Location (where are their favorite places to do the do?) 
As long as you’re okay with it, there aren’t very many places that Lucifer wouldn’t try to get it on at. It all depends on his mood, because while he loves having you scream at the top of your lungs in the secluded depths of Hell, he also likes making the bed shake at random motels all over the world, and even enjoys watching you try to hold yourself together in a semi-public/public place.
M = Motivation (what turns them on and gets them going?)
Him knowing that you want it is probably at the top of his list, so he’s almost always ready for action if you initiate it. Lucifer also likes watching you hunt and fight with others. Seeing you kick ass and take names always fills him with pride and lust. Whenever you groom his wings, you can bet that it will almost always lead to sex. Wings are an angel’s most private and sensitive body part, so the feeling of your fingers traveling through the feathers instantly gets him hard.
N = NO (is there something they wouldn’t do? what are their turn-offs?) 
While Lucifer is usually down to try almost anything, he always checks to make sure you’re okay with it. Consent is very important to angels, and he’d hate to push you too far out of fear you’d get upset with him. He’s also hesitant to try anything that involves him being too submissive or reminds him too much of The Cage. Additionally, he wouldn’t be too keen on sharing you, and this probably goes without saying, but the phrase “Oh my God” in bed would be an instant mood-killer for him.
O = Oral (do they prefer giving or receiving? how skilled are they?)
Lucifer enjoys both very much. While he always loves having your mouth wrapped around his cock and seeing your eyes look up at him while you’re on your knees in front of him, he also loves having your hand grip tightly his hair while he devours your pussy. There’s just something about knowing that he can make you feel that good that he can’t get enough of. While he wasn’t very skilled when you first started out, he learned very quickly.
P = Pace (are they fast and rough or slow and sensual?)
While sometimes it depends on his mood, sex is usually fast and rough. Lucifer is a very dominant angel, and he always enjoys having you whimpering and begging underneath him. Unless he’s trying to make you feel special during a certain occasion, apologize in a sexual way if you’re upset with him, or you simply ask him to slow things down, then expect for fast and rough to be the norm.
Q = Quickie (what is their opinion on quickies over proper sex? how often do they have quickies?) 
Lucifer usually prefers to draw things out because he loves to tease you, but occasionally he’ll get a rush to drag you off somewhere (probably a semi-public place) and fuck your brains out. He’ll probably start teasing you earlier before that with his grace to get you worked up so you don’t decline. While he’s usually worried about your safety and making sure you’re not hurt, quickies can bring out the rough and fast side in him very quickly. He’ll never deny you a quickie if you want it, but he mostly prefers drawing your sex sessions out.
R = Risk (are they willing to experiment? do they take risks?)
Lucifer has absolutely no issue taking risks. If anything were to go wrong, his powers would help him tremendously. His only hard limit is you saying no. Other than that, he loves to experiment because he never did much before he met you. It’s like an entire new door opened for him, and he loves having you along for the ride. He’ll probably try almost anything once, especially if you request it, if you both like whatever it is.
S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)
Lucifer is an archangel. He has unlimited stamina and could easily keep you in bed all night. In fact, he usually doesn’t stop or even begin to slow down unless you beg him to. He can easily go as many rounds as you can handle, plus some extra if he’s trying to overstimulate you. While he could certainly last as long as it would take to make you come from penetration alone, he doesn’t get tired from oral or using his hands either.
T = Toy (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)
Lucifer doesn’t own any toys, nor does he care to use them for himself. The only ones he’d come into contact with would yours, if you have any. While he can do more to satisfy you with his grace than any toy, he wouldn’t be opposed to using them during sex if you wanted to. He might like to see what reactions they draw from you. The only time he would oppose them would be if you started liking a toy more than him, then it somehow magically disappears one day and Lucifer claims he has no idea where it went.
U = Unfair (how much do they like to tease?)
Lucifer and teasing practically go hand-in-hand. This archangel loves to tease you and probably won’t have a sex session without involving it in some variation one way or another. It ranges from small touches, tingles of grace, and small innuendoes during foreplay to flat out pushing you to the edge of orgasm over and over again until you’re begging for him to please you. The Devil is known for playing hardball, so Lucifer’s definitely not gonna make it easy for you.
V = Volume (how loud are they? what sounds do they make?)
He’s rather quiet, and definitely making sure that you’re making most of the noise. Oh, how he adores the sweet sounds you make for him. But occasionally, you’ll catch him muttering small words under his breath or hear more unnatural noises come from him, such as growls and grunts of pleasure. He starts off with a lot of teasing words, but will eventually make his way to praising you and making sure you know how good you make him feel.
W = Wild Card (a random nsfw headcanon.)
As much as Lucifer loves teasing you, he doesn’t have the patience to do it forever and will most likely end up giving in. How long his teasing lasts usually depends on many things, such as how he’s feeling, how bad you want it, and how good he thinks your begging is. He also always asks you if you’re satisfied afterwards, as if your panting and bruised form isn’t indication enough, because he likes the ego boost and knowing that only he makes you feel this good.
X = X-Ray (what’s going on in those pants?)
Around average girth, but a little more extra length-wise. Don’t worry too much about Lucifer’s dick though if that’s not enough for you, because that’s only a fraction of the pleasure he brings. He’s got many other ways to keep you satisfied, including (but not limited to) his hands, wings, and grace.
Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)
After Lucifer started having sex with you, his drive rose up from almost non-existent to higher than average, but not constantly needing it. Because he's an angel, he’s not as affected by the lustful urges as a human would be, but that doesn’t mean that he’ll pass up on the chance to take you to bed. He’ll definitely initiate often, but it’s not going to be a huge problem if you decline.
Z = ZZZ (how quickly do they fall asleep afterward?)
Lucifer doesn’t sleep, but he will lay there if you want some post-sex cuddles. Don’t let him fool you, he enjoys them as much as (and if not more than) you. He’ll usually make sure you’re okay and everything before he relaxes back with you in his arms. As you snuggle into his unnaturally chilly chest after a particularly rough session, a kiss to your head reminds you that even the big, bad Devil has a soft side.
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astermacguffin · 3 months ago
Okay, since my fucked up mind is not content with only one angsty Time Travel Destiel fic, here's a concept for a three-part fic series:
1. Time loop
For context, this is set in a Post-Darkness world where the BMOL plot doesn't happen because I said so. Mary still comes back here tho. (Jack will still happen in this world, but that's for the next parts.)
During a solo case, Dean gets stuck in a time loop. (Turns out that some ruptures in spacetime opened after the Darkness invading Earth and God almost dying.) Sam is more than a day away so they can't meet before the loop starts again, restricting Dean's access to Sam, Mary, and research to phone calls.
Dean prays to Cas and he teleports there, only to realize that it's also a spatially-bound type of magic, so now they're both trapped.
No one else remembers anything after each loop aside from Dean and Cas.
Because Cas artificially intruded the rift, all the loops keep on trying to kill him. So not only do they need to solve the case, but Dean needs to constantly keep Cas from dying.
Feelings are explored along the way. Dean learns the incredulity of keeping his feelings hidden after plenty of alone time with each other (as well as watching multiple iterations of Cas dying).
Only Dean can heal the rift because he started the loop. After their love confessions, they form a plan. Cas possesses Dean (in a very eroticaly charged way) and intermingles his grace with Dean's soul. The power of gay love saves the day and the loop is broken.
2. AU Hopping
The loop is broken and Cas escapes with his memories intact, but Dean slips through the rift instead.
Turns out that mending the rift gave Dean the power to travel thru different realities, but he cannot pick which world he ends up in after each hop and what time he enters it.
He goes through different AUs (except Apocalypse World bc it's stupid). I want to give Dean as many Problems Disorders from this AU hopping, so the worlds he get to visit are worlds that fuck him up.
In one world, they manage to leave hunting behind after Sam establishes a network of hunters, form alliances with friendly supernatural creatures, and make their existence public knowledge. (Dean will remember this world and take insights with him.)
In one world, Jack is born an actual baby and AU Dean and AU Cas raise him together. (It's important to remember that Main Dean has not met Jack yet bc he doesn't exist in his world just yet.)
In one world, Sam is a lawyer married to Jess, John is alive, Dean doesn't go to hell and is still hunting. The apocalypse is prematurely stopped and he never meets Cas. (Dean does not like this world, for reasons he won't explore.)
He continues world-hopping for so many times to the point where he finally lost count. It must have been years already. He still haven't found his way home.
A couple of times, he becomes tempted to just stay in one of the worlds where Cas is available and they can be together. The residual grace inside him protests against this.
The most important world he visits is one where he ends up in a cabin owned by Cas. He examines this Cas closely and then realizes that he's met this Cas before; it's Endverse!Cas.
Dean asks if he's in Endverse, but Cas just shakes his head. Apparently, this Cas is also a dimension-hopper now. Turns out that the rifts appeared all across the multiverse.
Endverse!Cas survived the ambush, reaches Lucifer!Sam, and gets thrown into one of the rifts as some kind of sick mercy kill. He also survives this and then quickly learns his newfound ability. The skill makes him nostalgic of his wings.
Endverse!Cas has been doing this for centuries. When he tells Dean about this, the man is shocked. "Haven't you noticed that you have not even aged a day even a little? Your body has been frozen in time ever since." They're both technically immortal.
Dean stays the longest in this world. He wants to learn as much as possible from the more experienced dimension-hopper, but he also wants to learn more about the man himself. (Oh, and yeah, they totally hook up.)
This Cas knows that there's nothing left for him in Endverse, so he just reveled and enjoyed the traveling. He's been in a relationship with more Deans than he could ever count (and some with the visited world's Cas as well).
The cabin they're currently staying in was owned by that world's Dean, who just died a year ago. Cas has done his grieving and he can leave anytime soon, but he has spent the longest time with this Dean in particular, so he can't bring himself to leave just yet.
A part of him wants to stay in this Dean-less world, because after centuries of doing this, he has given up on ever finding the One True Dean that would fill whatever gap is within him. He has resigned himself to staying here for as long as possible.
At one point, Endverse!Cas asks Dean to stay with him in this world. Or if he doesn't want to stay, they can dimension-hop together for all eternity. Dean declines, saying that he has someone waiting for him.
Endverse!Cas examines him with an unreadable look, as if he can see the grace swirling inside Dean (perhaps he can), and gives a loose smile. "Well, good luck with that. I hope it doesn't take you centuries."
Dean calls him out for the unnecessary rudeness, but he seems unfazed. Cas tells him to enjoy his few precious years with his loved ones when (not if) he eventually returns. "Oh, and when you're done with that world," Cas hesitantly utters, "just look for me, okay? You know how to call me."
Dean starts traveling again, unsure if he made the worst or best decision ever.
3. Time skip
Dean hops a few more times, but eventually he enters a world and he suddenly KNOWS. The grace inside him sings in joy for finally being in the same world as its owner. He's finally home.
He arrives at his own world, but at the wrong time. He's already 15 years too late.
Sam is married to Eileen and they have a child now. Mary has a girlfriend. Cas is now a father and Jack is grown. (Yes, Jack still happens here but Lucifer is immediately dealt with and we never see him again. Good riddance. ❤️ The Chuck plot doesn't happen here as well bc Jack deserves a semi-normal life and not be burdened by godhood.)
Sam being physically older than Dean will definitely give him more Problems Disorders. Seeing Jack all grown will also fuck with his head. ("How long was I gone, Cas?" "Too damn long.") I think Mary having a girlfriend is the least shocking news for him.
It it important to remember that this Cas is the one who escaped the loop. He REMEMBERS what happened. He knows that his feelings for Dean is reciprocated and he waited all these years for him to come back. This would also fuck with Dean even more. "I missed so much of your lives. Why even wait for me?" "Why wouldn't I?"
Dean helps Sam strengthen the network he's established with other hunters using everything he learned from dimension hopping.
The big question of this third fic is: Will Dean risk hopping again? There will be multiple times where Dean thinks: maybe if I try hard enough, I'll land on this world on the right time as well. (He definitely got better at hopping after his stay with Endverse!Cas, but there's still a risk that he'll never get back to this world. The multiverse is vast, after all.)
Dean decides to stay at the end. Yes, he missed a lot, but now he's gonna make up for lost time. And hey, now that he's an immortal spacetime traveler with an angel husband and a nephilim son, he can spend the rest of eternity with them happy.
Is it obvious that I'm very obsessed with time-related tropes? I wrote this in one sitting last night bc this has been marinating in my head for a long time.
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hawkschick · 3 months ago
Endurance Training
Tumblr media
scummy!Dabi, Overhaul, Hawks x Reader
warnings: dubcon, double penetration (triple?), shibari bondage, mind break, breath play, a lot of cum and dirty dirty dirty, impact play, name calling, uuhh a gangbang?, mention of vore
words: 1.4k
Note: Head empty, also thank you boo @bluecookies02​ for beta reading for me <3
Have they lied to you? Maybe. This isn’t exactly part of the League’s so-called program for newcomers, you weren’t supposed to be tied up and hung from the ceiling like a rag doll for Dabi and Hawks to do whatever they want, fuck you however they wish. They called it endurance training, ‘who knows — maybe one day you’d end up ‘kidnapped’ by some hero and they would risk it all and fuck the truth out of you, spilling those juicy secrets you have on the League. Always better be safe than sorry right?’ Said the winged hero, if you could call him that.
“C’mon doll, don’t just give chicken little attention. Cock aren’t gonna suck itself.” If only Dabi knows how hard it is to keep track of everything that’s going on with that hazy mind of yours, perhaps he would’ve been more... considerate but that’s simply off the table. Dabi doesn’t care nor does he want to know how it feels like to be in your situation, fucked out like the little slut that you are and yet they’re still missing one person. Hawks’ too busy fucking you open to response to his partner in crime, simply grunting like a dog in heat before telling Dabi to go fuck himself. A low growl echoed around them as a pair of hands guided your head towards a pierced cock, pushing himself past those lips and into that warm spongy mouth of yours without much a warning. “Fuck... that’s it, you can take more than that couldn’t you? Just a little... more!” Dabi shoved himself down the rest of your throat before giving you the time to react, muffled sounds of gagging and choking are like music to his ears. “Don’t you dare to fucking throw up on my cock, you bitch.” As if you had any choice in this matter before a slap was landed across your cheek, it stings — it really did but the pleasure has long outweighed pain a long time ago.
“You really is a pain slut huh.” Keigo said from the other end of your body, still buried balls deep inside you before he suddenly thrust way too deep all of the sudden. Pressing hard against your cervix with his swollen cock, “Guess we don’t need to worry endurance to pain then.” The winged hero muses mockingly, a not so heroic smirk stretched across his lips. With every thrust the self-proclaimed hero gives you, Dabi’s cock sinks further into your throat and it continued for a while longer before Dabi pulled out just before you passed out from the lack of oxygen reaching your lungs.
“Shall we see how long you can hold your breath, doll?” Not very long, as expected Dabi isn’t patient enough to wait for you to answer before shoving his cock back down your throat, squeezing your cheeks until these lips plucker.
Chisaki is well known for his timing, always knows how to make an entrance by being at least half an hour later than the original meeting time. A heavy huff heard as the door swing open, only to reveal the tall dark hair masked man.
“Whatever this is, it better be worth my time.” Chikasa sighed through the door before freezing, brows knitted tightly together, disgust is clearly written over his face as he stares at the way you swallows around Dabi’s cock whilst the red pigeon of a man ruts into you. “What’s the meaning of this?” He asked, clearly baffled and unamused at the sight presented before him. Couldn’t they have save whatever this is for later?
“Oh good, you’re here.” Dabi said between his groans, hand tangled between your hair without a single sign of stopping. “Didn’t think you’d make it so we started early, don’t mind do you?” If anything Chisaki is glad they started with him, how could anyone bear the thought of sharing a fuck toy between them? Not that he intends to find out, just the thought of all those unknown bacteria and gems lingering is enough to make his skin itch. “That does not answer my question.”
However, before Chisaki’s question could be answered by either one of them; small weak muffled whines spilt from your stretched lips. Still stuffed with Dabi’s cock, “Shit, sorry sorry.” He snickered mockingly at you and the mess you’ve become, cheeks covered in a deeper shade of red than before — maybe he shouldn’t have pushed you this far. “C’mon, really? What else does it look like? Just called you in for a gangbang? No way.” Hawks’ wit made itself known, responding to the taller man’s question whilst his partner in crime is all too busy admiring the droll and slick tickling down your chin.
They both did a pretty good job at breaking you within the time given until there is nothing but babbles that leave those pretty swollen lips. “Why don’t you go ahead and tell him, doll? What we’re all doing here, doing to you.” It’s almost unfair how smooth and unaffected Dabi’s voice is as he whispers against the shell of your ear, cradling those red cheeks in his equally warm large hand. “C’mon doll, you know I don’t have the patience.” Dabi warns, digging crescent moons into your skin until those lips pluckers with a pop. You could just barely hear the devilish smirk plastered across his face, mind foggy and hazy from this forbidden pleasure that you didn’t know existed. Sex is supposed to be done with someone you love right? Or maybe you’re just too naive for your own good.
“End-Endurance training...” Those words slurred the second it left your mouth, swallowing thickly and breathlessly on those stray saliva as you glanced towards Chisaki with unfocused nodded eyes. Earning an expression of mere disgust, despite having his own question answered; Chisaki is still baffled as to the reason why he was called here. Did Dabi and Hawks think they could persuade him into joining this madness? What’s better than to have a professional show these armatures how it is done?
Consider yourself lucky that Chisaki is slightly agitated by this two duo, otherwise, you might end up on ao operating table instead whilst he breaks you mentally and physically before building you back up like a doll. What convinced him to say yes is still a mystery but you know better than to question any of their intentions when you’re at their mercy.
“Consider this a favour you owe me, now where do we begin?”
Your body still feels weightless as those fibres bites into your skin, leaving beautiful scarlet marks peeks from under the ropes. Chisaki, Dabi and Hawks have shifted you in more positions than you have ever known, the only consistent thing is how each of your holes is stuffed with their cock. Limbs bonded behind your back as they use you however they see fit, “Fuck me, dove. You’re literally dripping.” Hawk taunts, honey blonde eyes glued to the way your lips stretch beautifully around his cock. Head popping till your nose is tickled by those stray musky pobes, needless to say, he is quite please with how you’re coming along. No need for any further instructions and you know right away what he wants from you, the same goes with Dabi who’s now beneath you and Chisaki towering over you as he refuses to get any more dust on him than he already had.
“Think we’ve fucked open a new pussy.” Dabi snickered, there’s almost zero to none resistance whenever he buckles his hips into that ring ‘tight’ muscle. Creamed and gushing much like your cunt, “I’m surprised you two even managed to find something as lavish as this one.” Chisaki pointed it out, the low expectations he has for Dabi and Hawks are obvious. Hips moving lazily against yours, just barely grazing that sensitive spot you needed to unwind, again. Tipping up your cum and tear-stained face between his gloved fingers with brows narrowed, as much as he would like to find the appeal of the state you’re in; he simply couldn’t especially when those semi-transparent stains belong to someone else. This was merely a one-time thing, maybe next time Chisaki will have you as his own instead. A muttered curse and grunts each spilt over their lips when yet another orgasm race through your body, painting all possible entrance with white.
“Perhaps... perhaps you can be useful after all.” Chisaki muse breathlessly.
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chericlo · 3 months ago
Sweet Innocence part 1
This is my new five part imagine ~ enjoy! 🤍🤍
"Harry wake up." Lucas nudged his room mate who was currently in a deep slumber on the top bunk of their bunk bed.
Harry groaned and pushed Lucas' hand away, "Do you know how long I was protecting the gates last night? Leave fuck alone." He grumbled, his eyes staying shut so he could catch up on some much needed sleep.
Harry had been protecting the gates of Hell all night after one of the guards bunked off to go out drinking. It was his least favourite job to do since nothing really happened. He found it pointless to even have guards to protect the gates anyway since no one dared come in or out of this wretched place.
"The boss wants us." Lucas says, continuing to nag at his roommate.
The name managed to grab Harry's attention, he sat up straight with his eyes half open and his hair a mess. "What the fuck does he want now?" He groans, falling back before leaping down from the top bunk.
Lucas rolls his eyes, "Put some clothes on," he says to a half naked Harry, "He just sent one of his dogs to come get us. Apparently it's important."
Harry puts on his work attire which consisted of an all black suit, he ran his fingers through his hair a couple times and looked in the mirror. "Eat this on the way," Lucas chucked him a mouldy apple which he gladly took a bite of and the two roommates were off to the office of their boss who was also known as Morpheus, the leader of Hell.
"He could have told me this when I was stood in front of him last night." Harry mumbled, throwing the core of his apple into the fire pit, the screams echoing around him as they walked through the town.
They walked to the entrance of the tall, black building covered in thick grey clouds from the smoke of the burning fires that surrounded its walls. They walked in through the main entrance past the iron gates guarded by bull dogs who were the size of a lion. Morpheus had them lingering around the castle, their ability to shift into humans gave them some kind of higher power that Morpheus was obsessed with. They were a lot more powerful than demons such as Harry and Lucas who held great power but nothing compared to Morpheus.
They had the ability to dabble with the human realm which wasn't a possibility for your average demon as well as strength, astral perception and pyrokinesis, giving them the ability to manipulate and generate fire.
Harry was a little cocky about his higher powers and would often walk into bars and clubs with his head held high as he flexed his powers on others to prove just how high up he was. He started out as an average demon after losing his mortality and was very open to his reasoning behind his death being living a life of crime, but he was addicted to the feeling of power and the fire running through his veins burned throughout his entire body.
He worked hard to become the demon he was today. However, his wish to gain power came at a price and that was being at the mercy of Morpheus, meaning when he was summoned he had no choice but to obey the orders given.
Before walking into great Hall, Harry released his wings, spreading them out in all their greatness, the flakes of fire falling to the ground as the tips of his wings set aflame. Morpheus' despised humans so anytime you were around him, your full demon form was to be shown. People often were seen in their demon form in the pits of Hell, the feeling of hiding your wings was far to uncomfortable anyway.
The doors opened and Morpheus stood from his throne as Harry and Lucas walked into the great hall. It was the only part of Hell that actually had some character to it, the rest of the place would look like a ghost town if it weren't for the demons who were constantly drinking at bars or going to clubs.
Black chandeliers hung from the ceiling and a painted tapestry re-telling the tale of the fallen angel covered the walls and the huge glass windows gave them a view of the burning fires going across the land. "My boys!" Morpheus put his hands out, a smirk on his face as they walked closer to him.
They bowed down to him, a usual greeting you would give to the leader of Hell, "Your greatness," they said in sync and stood straight in front of their boss.
"You're probably wondering why I summoned you here today." He spoke, his voice echoing around the room.
Harry and Lucas just stood in silence, knowing not to speak until given permission, "I have a mission for you to take on." His tone of voice went dark and serious, so immediately they knew this would be confidential and take a number of days possibly weeks. "I have a daughter."
Harry's eyes widened as well as Lucas' but they tried not to convey any emotions as they continued to listen, "She lives within the mortal realm-" Harry choked at the words leaving Morpheus' lips.
Morpheus detested mortals so the fact that his daughter was half mortal was nothing short of a surprise to the demon. Morpheus glared at Harry who then re-composed himself before listening once again, "I am giving you the duty of going to the mortal realm and seeking her out. I want you to bring her back to me."
Harry groaned and Lucas rolled his eyes once again, the pair of them hated doing tasks in the mortal realm. "Why can't you send on of your dogs to do it?" Harry asked, losing his composure and releasing his frustrations.
"Why would I do that when I can send two of my best boys?" Morpheus spoke condescendingly to him, knowing Harry wouldn't be happy with the task.
"You seriously couldn't have kept it in your pants Morpheus?" Lucas wondered, Morpheus sending a glare at him.
"Why can't you get her yourself? Surely you could just kill her and bring her down here?" Harry questions.
"Don't ask questions." Morpheus snaps, his wings spreading at his sides. "I expect you to report to me daily. This is no easy mission."
Harry scoffs, "What's so hard about catching a human girl?"
Morpheus held a strange look on his face, a mixture of anger and something Harry couldn't quite decipher. He snapped back into reality and pointed at Harry, "You remember our agreement?" He smirks at Harry who rolls his eyes.
"What do you need her for anyway?" Harry asks but instantly regrets it when he sees the pure anger on Morpheus' face. However something about his expression made him believe that his anger wasn't initially aimed at him but someone else.
"Like I said, no questions." Morpheus repeats, basically summoning them to leave the room and get on with what they've been asked to do.
On the way back to their shoe box of an apartment, Harry spent the entire time whining about how he didn't want to go to the human realm, "This dumbass couldn't do it himself." He mumbles, receiving a punch on the arm from Lucas.
"He probably heard that." Lucas told him.
"You can finish up for today Ava." Mimi, Ava's boss at the coffee shopped she worked part time at, spoke to her.
Ava finished wiping down the coffee machine and offered her a kind smile even though her exhaustion was clear. "I'll see you next Saturday Mimi." She responded, untying her apron and hanging it up with the others.
She walked into the back room which was a cold, dingy, little room where the girls who worked within the small coffee shop would gossip and talk about things Ava didn't really care about. She was an art student at UCL which was definitely not cheap so she came to work to earn money and that was that.
She worked two part time jobs to afford everything she needed. On weekends she worked at Mimi's coffee shop and on Tuesdays and Thursdays she tutored a little boy called Jacob. It wasn't ideal but it was the only way she could earn money for her art supplies and the apartment as well as her tuition fees.
"Hey little lady!" Ebony called when Ava walked into the apartment, taking her jacket off and throwing her keys into the little plate they kept in the entryway.
"Hey Ebs," Ava sighed, falling onto the couch and inhaling the smell of Ebony's cooking.
Ebony was Ava's roommate. It was kind of a last minute deal when Ebony was evicted from her home she shared with her boyfriend for smoking too much weed. Ebony was very much a hippie chic kind of girl and it was quite clear with the amount of crystals she had placed in each room for some kind of good fortune.
They were in the same art class and Ava didn't have many friends so Ebony, being the type of person to take anyone under their wing, befriended Ava and they've been close ever since first year.
Ava was a little worried about sharing the apartment she'd spent much of first year working for but it actually worked out in her favour. They halved the rent and Ebony offered to cook dinner whenever she could as long as she didn't have to do laundry which Ava didn't mind doing herself.
"Something smells so good." Ava hums, sitting up and seeing Ebony at the stove, "What are you making?"
"Chicken noodle soup. I picked up some spices at the market too." Ebony poured the soup in to two bowls and walked into the lounge, sitting at the end of the couch where Ava's feet were and placing the bowls on the coffee table.
Ava sat up and grabbed a bowl of the meal Ebony had prepared. "Busy day?" Ebony slurped on her noodles.
"Just a little bit." Ava lied, it was one of the busiest days she'd had since working there.
"Oh tomorrow you're coming with me," Ebony grinned and Ava knew she was up to no good by the look on her face.
She groaned, gulping down some of the soup, "Where too now?" She huffed.
Last week Ebony took her to a night club and it was a disaster. She arrived to see Ebony and her boyfriend, Hayes, at the front after just finishing a shift at the coffee shop. The night was spent with her sitting at the bar trying to keep her eyes open whilst pushing men away from her whenever they got too close.
"It won't be like last time. Tomorrow we only have one class and it's a bar not a night club. Hayes will be there and he's bringing a long one of his friends." Ebony smirks, drinking up the rest of her soup from the bowl.
"Seriously Ebony?" She has been trying to set Ava up with someone for a while since the last time Ava had a boyfriend was back in high school when she was seventeen. They were now nineteen turning twenty and Ava hadn't been on a date since then.
Ebony pouted, "It'll be fun! Come on, you don't have to date him but there's no harm in getting to know the guy." 
Ava rolled her eyes, contemplating the idea. It had been a while since she'd dated and Ebony was right, nothing had to come out of the interaction but there was no harm in getting to know him. "Fine." She stood from the couch and went to put her bowl in the sink.
She could hear Ebony's squeals of delight and tried to cover her small grin. She heard her footsteps come nearer and Ebony leaned down to kiss her on the cheek, "You're the best." She smiled and walked to her room probably to call Hayes about the news.
Ava walked into her room and settled down on her single bed. She looked over at the canvas in the corner of her room which she planned to work on this evening. A beautiful half painted angel decorated the canvas, feathery wings spread out her side as she floated against the blue backdrop of the sky.
Tiredness overtook all her senses as her head hit the pillow. Ava wasn't a huge fan of sleep and experienced a number of episodes of insomnia due to the dark places she would end up the minute she closed her eyes.
All her life she had suffered from nightmares. Some so vivid she would often wake up thinking that the events really did take place.  The only way she could stop them happening was by staying awake but when the desire to sleep took over all inhibitions, she couldn't help but succumb to the notion.
She didn't think much of them to start with and it wasn't as if it were the same dream every time, she just figured she was the type of person who was given the curse of inability to sleep at birth. That was until she started to notice the same dark shadow in the background of every dream, a smirk on his face as his dark eyes somehow seemed to shine within the darkness. Maybe her dreams were a lot bigger than she realised.
"You have got to be kidding me." Harry began to complain for the hundredth time today, taking off his sunglasses revealing his black eyes. He looked around the room they would be calling home for however long they required.
It was provided by Morpheus who used his dark powers to pull together an abandoned block of flats. Many demons who he would send to work to do his dirty work would often stay here as it was hidden away from the rest of civilisation.
Harry and Lucas had stayed in the accommodation once before but it seems as though things had downgraded since then. The room was covered in cobwebs and there was mould crawling up the walls. The bathroom was a yellow colour and the water looked almost green.
They were demons, yes, but even demons had a little bit of class.
"Don't say he doesn't love us." Lucas chuckled under his breath. Love wasn't something any demon had felt before so they didn't know how to portray it.
"Well come on, tell me what the fuck this girl looks like so we can get out of here." Harry fell onto the couch and placed his hands to the back of his head.
Lucas hands Harry the photo given to him by Morpheus. Harry takes a long look and laughs, "This is Morpheus' daughter?" He cackles, "Oh this is going to be fun."
"What are you talking about?" Lucas snatches the picture off of him and takes a long look himself. It was true, she was way too innocent to be of any relation to any kind of demon let alone Morpheus.
"Figure out where she's at, we'll find her tomorrow." Harry put his legs up and shut his eyes.
"Why me?" Lucas scoffs.
"Because this demon needs his beauty sleep." Harry smirks and ignores Lucas' protests.
The following day, after classes were over, Ava sat in front of her vanity to get ready to go to the bar with Ebony. They had spent the afternoon walking through town to try and find outfits to wear for tonight's events and Ava ended up finding a sleek, black dress which fitted her body perfectly and accentuated her tanned, olive skin.  She wore a sliver necklace and the earrings Ebony had made her last Christmas and applied a natural layer of makeup to her face.
She straightened her hair whilst watching a documentary she needed to watch for one of her classes. "Ava are you ready to go?" Ebony barged in wearing a red dress and her hair all curled. "Woah, look at you pretty lady." She smiles,
Ava shakes her head, putting away her straighteners and standing straights. "Come on, let's go." She pulled on Ebony's hand as they left the apartment and walked to the bar which wasn't too far from where they lived.
"Ebs!" Hayes called once he spotted the two girls coming over to them outside the bar. "You look beautiful." His arm slid around his waist. "And you look lovely as ever Ava."
"Thank you Hayes." Ava blushes, not use to receive it compliments.
Someone cleared their throat from behind and everyone's attention drew to the stranger, "Ava this is-"
"George. My name is George." He says, putting a hand out for Ava who was taken aback by his assertive tone.
"O-Oh, I'm Ava." She placed her hand in his and shook it gently.
The air was awkward which was rare for the three friends, the rare presence that accompanied them, standing awkwardly to the side as they all looked at each other.  "Let's go in shall we?" Hayes speaks, leading the group to a table inside the bar.
Halfway through the evening, Ava was growing tired of the sound of George's voice. He had spent all his time talking about how he plans to take over his father's business and how much money he'll be earning in the future. Ava had no chance of saying anything about herself because some how it always came back round to him again.
"You know I think I might go up and order another drink?" Ava interrupted him as he spoke of his inheritance for the third time.
"Oh are you sure? I can go up for you?" George volunteers, possibly the nicest thing he's done during their time together.
"N-no it's fine." Ava tries to put on her best smile.
She grabs her purse and walks to the bar where she orders a vodka lemonade and stands to wait. She looks over at the table to see Hayes and Ebony gazing lovingly into each other's eyes as George's eyes are glued to the screen of his phone. She turns round and watches the bar tender make her drink, hoping it will take longer than usual.
Unfortunately, Ava's wish fails to come true as the bar tender walks over to her and slides the glass across the bar. She reaches into her purse to grab her wallet to pay for the drink she had ordered but an unfamiliar presence stands beside her.
Her heart stops and a heavy feeling takes over her whole body as the presence speaks up, "It's on me." His voice was deep and something about it made a shiver crawl up the her spine.
She slowly lifted her head and came face to face with black eyes staring right back at her, a sinister smirk painted on his lips.
Her blood ran cold as her thoughts pieced together and realisation hit her.
It was the face she'd seen in her nightmares.
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hawkschick · 3 months ago
Hey, congrats on 500! Can I get Yandere!God!Hawks kidnapping priestess!reader from his temple to keep as his wife, including forcing immortality on her because she was his most faithful. -🧶 Anon
Thank you bub! ♥️ ALSO YES TO YOUR CONCEPT 🥴💦 thats fucking hot 🥵
yandere!god!Hawks x priestess!reader
warnings: yandere, dubcon/noncon, kidnapping, power abuse, manipulation, blood play, size difference kinda, cum inflation, master kink, no editing, sleepyish writing
words: 1.1k
For as long as you could remember, your people have always worshiped this red winged higher being; Hawks. A God of freedom and compassion. He is said to have gorgeous honey blonde hair that matches those sharp eyes, large scarlet wings that let him soar through the sky like a Phoenix. It is unclear how accurate these descriptions passed down generations of your family are, it could’ve easily been made up just to give everyone a clearer vision on the God they are worshipping. But only for you to find out your ancestors weren’t wrong, “So you’re the new priestess?”
The first time Hawks reached out to you, personally, shivers crawls down your spine as goosebumps scattered. His voice is smoother than you’d imagine, tone lay back almost to the extend of lazy and well he is as charming as people made him to be, there are no doubts about that. “I-I am and you are-“
It became some kind of tradition for this higher being to throw new priestess off guard whenever he could, they are new to this almost in a naive way. ‘I’m prepared for this.’ As most would tell their elder, but nothing could prepare them for the first time Hawks would reach out to them like he had done so many times before. After all, they will be working with him for as long as they could so why not have a little fun whilst he’s at it? Surely it can’t hurt anyone.
“You’re a cute one, quivering and looking like you’re about to cry.” Hawks taunts, lips curling into this playful smirk as he closed the distance between the two of you. Stalking over ever so slowly until your back have meet the cold wall, he had been observing you from a distance ever since you walked this earth. But you don’t know that nor do you know the very same God you’re worshipping have taken a personal liking in you, “I’m j-just surprised, no one told me you’d just show up like this. At least give me a heads up sign or something.” As expected, you are different from all those stuffy suffocating and he is amused. No one have spoken to him like this for a while, not a human like you at least.
This is going to be fun.
Hawks only ever make occasional appearances whenever a pristesss calls for him either for his help or just to make a offering, but lately he’s been dropping by more often than usual with the excuses of ‘there’s some business nearby I need to take care of’ whilst in reality Hawks came to see you.
“Who’s that guy?” Your guardian angel asks, eyeing the man up and down, wanting to do nothing more than just wipe that awful pink off his face. How dare he even attempt to flirt with you? When he knows you are his and his alone. “Just a childhood friend.” With a little bit of a crush but Hawks doesn’t need to know that, it’s not like you’re hiding it from him on purpose. “You wouldn’t lie to me would you little one?” Clearly, he is unimpressed by your answer. Having to study and observe you enough from a distance, Hawks knows when you’re lying and this is one of those times.
“Of course not.” Perhaps you should’ve just been honest, rather than to face the jealousy of a God.
Hawks is known to be a trickster among the Gods, so it was no surprise when he decide to appear out of thin air just as you and that so called childhood friend was getting way too comfortable with each other, scooping you right up as though you weight nothing more than a feather. “You’re coming with me and I am not taking no as an answer, little one.” Still baffled by what happened, the next you know you are gone. Nowhere near surface of the Earth but soaring through the sky, “Hawks!”
Not that he could hear you though.
There has only ever been a few people Hawks seems worthy to be his wife and to become immortal, spending forever with him, isn’t that wonderful? Countless of people had tried to impressive him whether that be Gods or mortals alike but no one is as perfect as you, body arching and quivering in ways he had never seen before. “Beautiful...” Hawks whispered, tracing your delicate looking spine whilst the other curls around those soft locks reminding him to be careful or otherwise you just may break whilst he continue to plungs himself into your welcoming cunt.
The only sounds lolling from your mouth are of nothing but pleasure and lust, of course you tried to reason with Hawks. Saying how absurd it is with what he have done, but Hawks have his way with words. He always do. Making you believe this is the best possible outcome, how he have his eyes on you for the longest time and want you as his wife because you are the most faithful as well as beautiful among them all.
“Cry for me baby, that’s it. Fucking scream my name.” A low taunting chuckle rumbled at Hawks’ chest, mercy is now a privilege. Expecting to be treated like a princess is nothing but a naive thought after the lie you fed him, “You want to be with me right my little priestess? Or would you rather have that pathetic of a man as your husband?” The blonde mocks, chuckles soon turns into a echoing laugh instead. Bouncing all those pillars like these sweet delicious moans , “Y-You! I want to be with you!” Shameless, where did your pride and fight go? Devoured by the same God who’s currently fucking you stupid, stretching you beyond anyone have ever before.
“Good girl.” Despite the roughness of his action, Hawks praises you. “Good girl deserves rewards don’t you think?” Who doesn’t like a little reward once in a while?
As if Hawks couldn’t get any more brutal and cruel, his rhythm soon became bruising against your hips. “Ma-master!” You cried, every nudge at that ring of muscle edges those tears to stain your cheeks further with every sobs passing thought those swollen lips. “Take it all my love, take it!” God, if only there is a way to describe this fullness as your belly well with his cum. Pumping you full and to the brim as those eyes rolls back, lips gaping with a silent moan. “Fuck... fuck fuck...” If that’s how Hawks falls from his grace, so be it. 
Fingers lodge between your plum lips, forcing them open as a devilish smirk stretch across his lips. “That’s it, drink up baby. Every last drop of it.” Baffled by what Hawks meant but it didn’t take long until you could taste the iron from his fingers, keeping your tongue pressed harshly against your jaw. Forcing ever last drop of his blood down your throat, drowning from this enteral crimson.
“Rest up for now, my love. We have a long day ahead of us.”  
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lxstfulbeans · 4 months ago
*Busts in with a plastic bag of crack* You want some crack, kids? I’ll give it to ya! 🥸 So Y/N forgot where she placed her phone at and her crush decides to call her phone to help hear the ringtone so she can find it better. However, Y/N forgot that she uses funny ass ringtones for said crush and even has funny contact pics/names for them in her phone. Said songs are “Something about you girl” by Ice JJ Fish, “Wap” but with Carl Wheezer’s voice, “Interior Crocodile Alligator”, and the NFL theme song. I would love to see head cannons of this for Hawks, Dabi, Aizawa and Bakugo.
“Something about you girl” - Hawks. He’s saved as “KFC” and his contact pic is of him making the light skin face that sent y/n to orbit (he thought she deleted it cuz it’s cringy)
“Wap” - Dabi. He’s saved as “Patchy the Pirate” and his pic is a blurred image of him chasing Y/N.
“Interior crocodile alligator” - Aizawa. He’s saved as “Dad of 20” and his pic is of him laying face first in his sleeping bag
“NFL Theme song” - Bakugo. He’s “Boom Boom Pomeranian” and his pic is of a Pomeranian with his hair photoshopped on it.
I know they’ll give some funny reactions! They’ll look at sis confused and she’ll just go “See about that...” and book it when she takes her phone. This idea had me busting my pancreas 💀💀💀
Bruh I- 💀 I’m literally hearin these damn audios as I’m reading this ask, I’m rolling. This is the best 😂
— 3. 2. 1. ACTION!! —
HEADCANON: Y/N loses her phone and forgets that she saved crack-fuelled pictures and ringtones assigned to her crush.
Tumblr media
You were losing your fucking mind at this point.
Where the fuck could you have misplaced your cellphone?? You had to meet your homegirls at the club for girls night, PRONTO!!
Keigo raised a brow as he walked in on you basically tearing apart your living room for your phone, almost crying from frustration. “Whoa, kid. Ya lose something?” He had the nerve to ask when it was clearly the case.
Sure, there was a whole lotta things to love about this bird-man, but that smartass attitude was gonna get slapped outta him.
“dId yOu lOsE sOmeThInG- YES FOOL MY DAYUM PHONE!!” You huff, throwing another couch cushion on the floor before you fell to the floor in exhaustion. “I got to meet the girls for girls night in twenty minutes, and I can’t find my phone!” You briefly explain.
You heard him chuckle, pulling out his own phone. “Okay, okay, calm down, kid. It ain’t the end of the world, y’know. I’ll just call it and we’ll listen out for the ringtone.” He says, scrolling for a bit before finding your contact, pressing the call button and..
That’s when y’all heard it.
Your ringtone went off under the couch, making Keigo look at you with the most confused face ever, his wings puffing up as he looked at you, yet you couldn’t stop laughing as he used one of his feathers to drag the phone from under the couch.
“What the hell, kid?? I though you deleted this cringey ass selfie!” He whined, looking at the contact photo of him making that dumbass lightskin face that had you howling the other day. “And what the hell is this ringtone?? AND YOU SAVED ME AS KFC??”
“BRUH I CAN’T BREATHE SHUT UPP—“ You screech as you curl up, tears pricking your eyes as you roll on the floor. Keigo couldn’t help but snicker, rolling his eyes at you as he got you off the floor, “Okay, you got some explaining to do.”
“Well, you see, what had happened was-“ You begin, trying to hold back your laughter before snatching your phone and purse, running out of the door. “I’ll see you later, KFC!! I’m running late!”
Tumblr media
“Aw, damn! Where in the entire hell did I put my phone??” You groaned.
Of course, this wasn’t the first time you lost your phone and you swore it would’ve been the last. But, you were so caught up on multitasking with so much shit you wanted to get out of the way, you completely forgot about your phone.
You sighed as you now have to tear apart the lounge that you JUST straightened up, making this much worse than it had to be.
“Hey, little mouse. What’s with all the whining and hollering for?”
“I can’t find my phone, I’ve been all up in y’all raggedy-ass lair lookin’ for my shit so I can bounce!” You say with an eye roll as you placed your hands on your hips, clearly not in the mood for the bullshit right now.
“Okay, calm down. It’s just a phone, I can just call it and you can listen out for the ringtone.” He said with a sigh as he brought out his phone, dialing your number and waiting for the tone to play. The two of you went from room to room, getting more anxious everytime the phone went to voicemail. You were visibly going to cry, there was no way that you could’ve left your phone anywhere that WASN’T in the LOV Lair.
“I swear, if you start crying, I won’t let you live it down.” You hear Dabi mumble to you as you both entered the last room, dialing your number one last time until...
Your phone was jamming out on a chair, Dabi looking at you like you just committed a grave sin while the ringtone played. The longer he stared at you, wanting an explanation, you can’t help but burst into laughter as you crawl to your phone, and let the tone finish.
You just hoped that your crush was still going to hang out with you after this crackhead mishap.
Dabi was literally at a loss for words, (lookin’ a lil like confused bakugou rn 👀) as you wheezed in laughter. “[Y/N]... what in the fuck was that?” He asked, you can tell he was serious from how low and menacing your name was said. You were either about to run for your life or die laughing.
“And why the fuck is my name, “Patchy The Pirate”? And what the hell is this photo?” He asked again. Man, was it getting hot in there or was it just you?
“Well, you see here, uh- MOINK!” You shout, howling in laughter as you were chased around the building. Kurogiri shaking his head in disappointment.
Tumblr media
“Oh no.”
“Oh, no...”
“Oh, no no no no no..”
This cannot be happening, this CANNOT be happening right now. Lord have mercy, please let today not be the day.
“Goddamn it, where’s my phone?!”
Yep, your phone. Your new phone that Shōta got for your birthday, who you also had a huge crush on but would never tell that to ANYONE. You promised yourself that you wouldn’t lose this phone, it was definitely the most precious thing ever.
“Fuuuuck!” You whined, already on the verge of panicking while your tore apart your room for that birthday gift. “Hey, what’s all this racket for? I’m trying to sleep.” said your friend, roommate, and crush, Shōta.
“I-I’m just lookin’ for somethin’, Shō! Sorry for all this noise..” you mumbled an apology as you continued your search, swinging your arm around underneath the bed.
“You lost your phone, didn’t you, [Y/N]?”
DAMN, he catches on quick for somebody who sleeps 25/8. Maybe it’s because you don’t really have trouble looking for stuff unless it’s something really important to you.
You sighed, the embarrassment and disappointment washing over you as you laid in defeat on the floor. “Yeah.. I can’t find it..” you mumbled.
The older man sighed, cracking his neck as he got out his phone. “Okay, just calm down. I’ll call it and we’ll just listen out for your ringtone, okay? If we can’t hear it, we’ll track it.”
God, why was he so hot when he took responsibility? You couldn’t help but sit up and nod at his words as he scrolled through his contacts until he found your name, confirming the call until..
Your phone blasted the same line over and over, as hard as you tried to contain it, you couldn’t help but screech in laughter when you looked up to see Shōta’s disturbed, confused, and concerned face as he picked up your phone from underneath your dresser.
“”Dad of 20”?? What the hell type of name is that?” He asked, the iconic sleeping bag worm as his contact photo. The joke behind it was the fact that he was a whole teacher at U.A. You always thought it was cute that he was basically a father figure to those future heroes.
Plus, you wouldn’t stop joking about them being his, “lil chilrens”.
“Aight, aight. I wanna thank you for finding my phone, I promise not to lose it again!” You quickly say, trying to creep out of the room until you were confined with his capture weapon.
“I’m not done with you yet.”
Tumblr media
“Hey, dumbass! Hurry up, or we’ll miss the movie!”
Damn, damn, damn!! You can’t believe you just lost your phone right now, you could’ve sworn you left it on your bed before you started fixing your hair in the bathroom.
“Shit, shit! Bakugou, can you help me find my phone real quick? Pretty please?” You call out to him, really anxious because you were really looking forward to this movie and you could not miss a second of it!
“Ugh, are you serious?? What did I tell you about keeping up with your shit!” He groaned, getting out his phone as he dialed your number and listened to the trill.
“I know, I know! I promise I’ll be more careful!” You say as you listened out for it, only to pull aside your blankets to see your vibrating phone with the ringtone on blast.
Oh yes, the NFL Theme. What made you lose your shit was Bakugou’s flabbergasted facial expression as he looked down at your contact photo and nickname for him.
You couldn’t help but cackle as you saw a vein pop out, popping hands reaching out for you. “Hey! What the fuck is this shit?? Imma show you a pomeranian!” He shouted.
“Katsu! Katsu! Relaaaxx!! You know you’re my bestie and I love you, but we got a movie to catch so let’s do this later fam.” You snicker, trying to calm yourself down as you yoinked your phone and took off out the door with your purse.
Sorry that Bakugou’s was kinda short! But, hope you enjoyed these!
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