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#also which group
apocalyptic-cake3 months ago
dude you're definitely the baby of our group pls im older than you 馃憖
It's not my fault you're an old hag
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you know that guy who gets bit by venomous insects on purpose and rates the pain on a numerical scale?
ok so a scientist who gets bitten by a vampire specifically so she can use herself as a test subject to rate cross-cultural religious objects on their effectiveness as anti-vampire deterrents. sure there's anecdotal evidence that crosses probably work, but here is hard scientific data that vampires can also be threatened with menorahs
#also i love describing Justin Orvel Schmidt as 'that guy' as if he's not a well respected entomologist and author#bc he is. but he also happens to be that venomous bug bite guy#well. one of them. it is a growing field#another good vampire post#the christian cross and the pagan pentagram are equally effective#the eye of horus has a surprisingly strong bite given that it should be expired by now#the symbol of mj枚lnir invokes a migraine AND ear ringing that lasts for days#the star of david cremates the scientist instantly on the spot#her ashes have to be shoved in a jar and sprinkled w/ blood so she can reshape overnight#a discovery which is going to make yom kippur at her grandma's house VERY awkward this year#come to think of it menorahs are also objects you light on fire so it gets double damage points probably#...on a scale of humorous blasphemy (good) to culturally insensitive (bad) where would the concept of a Vampire Hunting Rabbi fall?#i mean all these catholic priests are already clogging the market why not add some religious diversity#....Vampire Hunting Squad composed of a priest a rabbi an imam a bhikkhu and a pandit#it's a Ghostbusters type situation where the whole squad gets called in whenever a vampire's religious affiliation is unknown#a vampire has the right to be/can only be vanquished by a clergy member of their specific a diverse group of religious leaders has to be kept on call to treat vampiric infestations#they run a side business is demonic de-possession bc you never know which ancient language of scripture a demon can actually speak#no point yelling at someone to get the fuck out in latin if they can't fucking understand latin
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closet-keys7 months ago
learning that one of the biggest factors about whether or not people develop ptsd (or other severe mental health issues) after trauma isn鈥檛 necessarily the severity of what happened but the ways in which we received or didn鈥檛 receive support, compassion, and understanding in our communities and in our personal relationships following the trauma.. life changing
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adobe-outdesign2 months ago
my never ending search to acquire more and more obscure pieces of Pokemon media has lead me to understand some wild shit in gen 1 and 2. like anytime you think聽鈥渙h that鈥檚 weird, why is [thing] like that鈥 it鈥檚 probably either some obscure shit or something got changed in beta
for example, you know those weird-ass pokedex entries for Kadabra that are like聽鈥渓ol a kid turned into one of these once. no we鈥檙e not explaining anything鈥
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
well there鈥檚 this book in Japan called聽Pocket Monsters Encyclopedia released in 1996 that was never translated. It鈥檚 notable for basically being the Forbidden Adult Pokedex(TM) that we all want, as it has much longer聽鈥榙ex entries for each Pokemon along with more scientific data. While large portions have been retconned over the years, it offers some massive insight into what was going through the dev鈥檚 minds when writing this shit, and is 100% canon (for the time period it was written in).
anyway, while it was never translated,聽DidYouKnowGaming?, being the hero we all need, purchased a copy and had the same translator who translated the games themselves translate the book. Part 1 of the video is below, and I highly recommend you check it out if you like obscure vintage Pokemon shit.
Anyway, the point is that this is what it says about Kadabra:
Tumblr media
So basically the聽鈥榙ex entries are referencing an in-universe book plot that鈥檚 a reference to The Metamorphosis, except due to a lack of space they fucking cut out the part about it being a book, which seems kind of important, but hey what do I know
(Side note: the聽鈥榙ex entries saying stuff like聽鈥渋t is rumored that鈥 and聽鈥渁 theory exists鈥 don鈥檛 quite line up with it being a book plot, so it鈥檚 possible this was retconned, or the book was based off an in-universe event. but this at least tells us why these weird-ass entries exist in the first place and that鈥檚 enough for me)
anyway the most important part of this is that the Abra line is confirmed to not be based on foxes, possums, or cats, but cockroaches. thank you for coming to my TED talk
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comradekataraa year ago
the hardest thing about raising zuko for iroh is that he is simply too much of a chad to understand zuko鈥檚 sexual repression. emotional repression? yeah, he gets it. he was raised in the same environment, after all. but zuko looking like he wants to die when iroh informs him that jin is into him is just. completely new territory for iroh. yes azulon raised him to be a ruthless general but it鈥檚 not like that ever stopped iroh from getting mad pussy. he never had this problem with lu ten bc lu ten was also such a fucking chad. but no one ever gave iroh a handbook on how to raise sensitive gay boys, and for that reason alone iroh embarrasses zuko daily. smh uncle, smh
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avonya3 months ago
the hiring scene in artificial condition is so funny bc no one knows what they鈥檙e doing. MB is internally going 鈥渁ct human act human act human,鈥 ART is pulling out research papers on every gesture and figure of speech, and the polycule still hasn鈥檛 decided whether or not they鈥檙e definitely going to get murdered or maybe going to murdered before going on this fun adventure
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rambleoncas9 months ago
.... do you think cas ever prays to dean too
#like okay hear me out#we think of cas and his change of religion from THEE biblical god to family which we can see in Gimme Shelter in the community worship group#and we can also think about the taking away of 'iel' or 'of god' from cas' name#which dean is the one to do#gives cas a new name#cas saying 'prayer is a sign of faith'#we can is THERE that dean is basically cas' new religion#cas is devoted to him#so is it really that crazy to think that cas would pray to dean too?#like maybe not in the same way that dean prays to cas#but we know cas prayed to god for answers and guidance#cough cas learning and getting guidance from dean about humanity cough#so if his new faith is in dean/family...#okay you get where i'm going but anyway there are a few ways he might have gone about this#what does he consider to be prayer? he tells claire that he can sense longing as a form of prayer#and cas is canonically in love with dean...'something i know i can't have'#but something he longs for#maybe cas has been 'praying' to dean for years#he can't even remember when he started doing it#but the longing is there and dean just can't hear it because...well he isn't an angel#so there...there is another form of miscommunication there#we've got dean's prayer to cas in purgatory which is something cas can hear...something that cas assumes holds everything that dean wants#to say except its not...there is more that dean needs to get out...but cas stops him with 'i heard your prayer'#and dean...dean can only hear what cas says out loud to him#he can't hear the longing and the praying and the worship but it's THERE#so the silencing and the inability to say their truth fully#it goes both ways#cas hears what dean prays but not what he speaks#and dean hears what cas says but not what he prays#i'm losing my mind
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charminglyantiquated4 months ago
hi I am very curious - how much of a role do shanties play when you're sailing on tall ships?? are u constantly singing or is that a bit cringe or?
At least on the boats I鈥檝e worked on, they haven鈥檛 played much a role in day-to-day work. I鈥檝e sung shanties with the crew at night up on deck once the work was done, or hanging out on the dock together once passengers have left, for the fun of it rather than the function. The captains I鈥檝e worked under to date preferred a much more straightforward chant of 鈥榯wo-six-heave鈥 when trying to get people to haul together.
That said, my experiences aren鈥檛 universal! The last ask I answered about shanties, a few months ago, some comments mentioned working on ships which did sing shanties as they hauled up the sails, as well as other well-known, even-paced songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider and Drop It Like It鈥檚 Hot. Even then it鈥檚 not constant, though - if they鈥檙e being sung as work songs, it鈥檚 for work that needs everyone acting in time together, which is mostly hauling up the sails and weighing anchor, and not as much the kind of running about you do when you鈥檙e actually sailing and need to be able to hear the captain鈥檚 orders!
Not really part of the answer but kinda relevant to it: while I unironically love shanties as a facet of the living history of tall ships, and would love to work on a boat that sings them, it鈥檚 worth knowing that there鈥檚 also a certain weariness in some parts of the sailing community about the public perception that it's all yoho yarhar pirates and parrots etc, which sometimes gets plastered over the actual history and sailing practices that existing tall ships are trying to preserve. So there鈥檚 often a sense of walking a line between being fun and historical vs being twee and sorta disneyfied. It鈥檚 why some of the boats I worked on explicitly preferred to avoid shanties when they wouldn鈥檛 have been used historically on those specific boats - you don鈥檛 need a work song when it only takes two people to set the sails, for example, and incorporating it would have been inauthentic and a bit themepark in a way that might have distracted from the very cool actual history of the boat in question.
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arrymoon2 months ago
no one:
no one at all:
my brain: hey wouldn鈥檛 it have been neat if wolf link was an actual companion in botw like he helps you in combat and reminds you to eat and sleep and helps you with quests and it all tied in to a legitimate plot point where its all eventually revealed that he was the hero of twilight all along and he chose to help the hero of the wild the same way the hero鈥檚 shade helped him
me: sir this is a wendy鈥檚
#i am having feelings about wolf link in botw#like there鈥檚 this fic where wolf link is link鈥檚 actual companion#and link calls him twilight which i think is very good and pure#and i鈥檓 just imagining it from wolfie鈥檚 perspective like he compares link to midna and i just jahdksjdksfjksfjef#also i wouldnt be surprised if botw link has chronic pain and anxiety/paranoia because of the shrine of resurrection and the yiga clan#and he frequently has nightmares because of it#so his wolf companion helps him through it#reminds him to take breaks and rest and eat when he鈥檚 being going for days on end without breaks#because botw was made for exploring and i know some of y鈥檃ll dont fucking feed link#and again midna comparisons because i love midna#but twilight remembers when she made him take a break when he was dead on his feet after exploring for days#made him eat and drink and sleep while she took watch#im rambling again but i have a lot of thoughts#legend of zelda#breath of the wild#twilight princess#this also ties into my headcanon that thyphlo ruins exists in darkness because midna was trapped there#and her being a twili/creature of shadow the area was cast in shadow#essentially she was the patron deity of that one specific group on zonai#like imagine a secondary quest in typhlo where you essentially have to follow wolf link#and you meet the spirit of the darkness and she does smthg idk#but the main point of it is to reunite link and midna#I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS OK
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