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My Top 10 Most Anticipated 2022 B.L. Dramas:
So 2022 has been a great year for BLs so far and there are so many more to come, so these are the ones I’m most excited for!
10. Check Out (thai)
Tumblr media
Airs: 11th June
Two boys troubled by love meet whilst travelling and start to fall for each other. I’ve been a big fan of Best since LBC and his real life friendship with Chahub translates to incredible onscreen chemistry. A special episode has already been released and it wasn’t incredible, but their chemistry and the poster they recently posted are so beautiful, that Check Out had to be on this list. (12 episodes)
9. Ocean Like Me (korea)
Tumblr media
Airs: 2022
A man dreams of opening a restaurant on the beach, whilst trying to achieve his dream he meets a failed musician. After 2 years Han Gi Chan is going to be in another B.L. (WYEL is still one of my favourites) - and he’s starring alongside Holland (the 1st openly gay idol) - so I’m very excited! Not much else is known, but it’s coming and the location looks gorgeous!
8. Middleman’s Love/Bed Friend (thai)
Tumblr media
Airs: 2022
Yes…this is 2 series, but they feature the same characters. Middleman’s Love: an average looking man (Jade) catches the eye of a handsome new intern. Bed Friend: Jades 2 best friends, don’t like each other but have a connection. Mii2 have a new drama! I love them, but the enemies to lovers story of Bed Friend is the one I’m most excited for. These are also from the same production company as Cutie Pie which I’m really liking.
7. Summerdaze The Series (singapore)
Tumblr media
Airs: August?
A star actor gets in trouble for making a homophobic comment, to repair his image his management cast him in a B.L, his costar is an aspiring actor and the 2 fall in love during shooting. This plot sounds like my thing AND this is Singapores first ever B.L! There’s a stunning short film and trailer made for this project, they didn’t meet their crowdfunding goal, but they’re filming anyway - it’s hard to find updates, but this is a big deal!
6. Never Let Me Go (thai)
Tumblr media
Airs: September?
A boys mafia boss father is m*rdered and a boy his age is brought in to protect him. Bodyguard B.Ls are the trend atm and I couldn’t be happier. This looks so dark and gritty, but also so beautiful. The director has revealed this is based on 90s thai melodrama lakorns and in those series the leads tend to die, which is why I can’t put this further up my list!
5. Blueming (korea)
Tumblr media
Airs: 31st March
Siwon worked so hard most of his life to be perfect and handsome, in college he meets someone who naturally seems perfect. This is by my queen, the director of To My Star and WYEL! I love the plot and the trailers are unbelievably adorable, it looks like it carries a lovely message and it’s by my fave KBL director…I just wish it was going to be longer! (11 episodes)
4. Love In Spring (korea)
Tumblr media
Airs: April?
A struggling nobleman saves a woman one day, but things are not as they seem when the woman he saved is revealed to be a man. I’ve been wanting a really good historical B.L. for a while now and I’m hoping this is it! I’m also a big fan of gender-bend dramas and it stars a big time idol who I’ve seen in a couple dramas and he’s always one of the highlights! Also the gender-bend is so convincing, look at him! (16 episodes)
3. About Youth (taiwan)
Tumblr media
Airs: 2022
Two very different boys are competing to become student president, but whilst competing it seems there may be more attraction than animosity. This is from the director of all my favourite HiStory series. It’s also the first time that a Taiwanese B.L. novel will be adapted into a series! I’m so excited for this, it’s hard to find any updates online but it’s been shot!
2. I Feel You Linger In The Air (thai)
Tumblr media
Airs: 2022
An architect is heartbroken when his boyfriend reveals he has a fiancée, he gets into an accident and is transported back in time to the 1930s. I’m really looking forward to this. It’s starring Non who’s been my thai drama crush for years and this is his first B.L! I also love a time travelling plot. It’s from the director of TharnType and Lovely Writer, his last project wasn’t as well received but I hope this’ll be a return to form!
1. KinnPorsche (thai)
Tumblr media
Airs: 2nd April
This is what inspired me to make this list! We all know what it’s about, but incase you don’t, this is the story of a bartender who becomes a bodyguard for a mafia family. I couldn’t be more excited, the trailer, the music, the cast - it all looks incredible! The struggle it’s been to watch this series get made, but now it’s 10 days away and those 10 days feel way too long! (14 episodes)
There are so many other series I’m excited for. I only wanted to include one gmmtv series, so there was more of a variety, but coming this year Vice Versa, Eclipse and Moonlight Chicken all look amazing from them! There’s also so many KBLs being announced, but not much is known about them. And I’m so excited for To My Star 2, but I didn’t put that on here because it’s a season 2. And there’s the full series version of Love Mechanics too! What is everyone else excited for?
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Two Ghosts (Part 1)
Renaissance!Lord!Harry Styles x Reader
Tumblr media
Two Ghosts Playlist & Two Ghosts Pinterest Moodboard
Summary: The king wants to keep his power. The king’s uncle wants to take back his power. And to them, (Y/N) is the most valuable pawn. Lord Styles doesn’t know that yet, but he has already fallen for his king’s, also his best friend, cousin. And after finding out troubling news at the king’s feast, love becomes more dangerous for Lord Styles on the king’s court.
PLEASE READ THIS NOTE AND THE NOTE AT THE VERY END OF THIS CHAPTER: this series is based during the renaissance but will NOT be 100% historically accurate because 1) im not a historian so idk exactly what went on or land ownership or how many lords or dukes- you get my point? 2) plot purposes 3) makes it easier to write fanfiction and makes it more fun when i can bend the life of literature :D. and the king written this story is entirely made up BUT he is inspired by king henry the 8th (attitude wise from movie portrayals.) this historical romance will be similar to other popular series like medici, reign, the tudors, the spanish princess, outlander, etc so if you like those, you will like this series! a lot of my inspo is from them!! so with this series being a historical romance there WILL BE mature themes. there will be smut, language, drinking, partying, RELIGION WILL BE INVOLVED (because that’s what kings and queens were always fighting over + much relation to renaissance art), there will be roles of hierarchy/monarchy and sexes (again - this is a period drama and that’s what happened). this is a SLOW BURN fic but yeah there will be smut and angst and drama and historical romance cliches (fav!). i do have face claims at the END NOTE of this chapter for some main characters, but u are always welcome to imagine other face claims similar to those because they are described in this series. so this series is about lord styles who is also a poet and the king’s best friend. he meets reader, the king’s cousin… and a story of love happens. this first chapter is mainly in harry’s perspective, but i think the rest of the series will mainly be in reader’s pov? ALSO the main characters of this series are king charles, lord harry, and reader. and because historical romances have a lot of side characters or supporting characters, this series will have a lot of supporting/side characters but i wont have a lot of face claims for them. if you are confused about anything as u read this chapter, it will most likely be explained later on as drama unfolds. this is just a beginning chapter (obvi). and as always... spelling and grammar mistakes
Don’t be shy to leave a like, comment, reblog, ask, private message, any type of interaction about what you thought! I love responding to asks and interacting with my readers. Feedback, theories, questions, and comments are always great to read! I enjoy hearing from you guys, I appreciate it! It’s a motivator!!! And fanart is always welcome (: 
And a reminder that the Two Ghosts taglist is always open! (:
Warning: mentions of smut, language, drinking
Words: 3.8k+
***April 16, 1536: Windsor Castle, England***
The English spring weather was warmer than usual. More birds sang their tunes. More bugs buzzed around. Flowers decorated open fields of grass. 
It was tempting weather that only gave you the feeling of wanting to be outside, and never inside. 
Weather that offered the opportunity to hide away from the castle with a secret lover. All the trees offering their protection of privacy.  
“Mmm… I wish I could spend all my mornings like this,” Margaret sadly sighed against Harry’s chest, not wanting to move from her comfortable position of tied bodies. 
She had been lying underneath a large tree with the man, miles away from the castle. A tree that offered shade from the bright sun. Their bare bodies pressed against one another as he kept her close to himself. A blanket covering their nude bodies to keep them modest, of what little was left of it. And it was the sound of birds chirping and bugs buzzing that hid their moans in the forest’s abyss.
“You could,” Harry suggested, his fingertips gliding against her warm shoulder. 
“You’re a tease, Lord Styles. A tempting man,” Margaret played back, sitting up. Her fingertips played around his chest. “Have you heard?”
“Heard what?” Harry questioned, moving a fallen curl from Margaret’s forehead.
“They call her England’s Beauty. Rumors say she is the prettiest girl in all of England, perhaps all of Europe. She has suitors from all around. Spain, Italy, Scotland, Ireland…” Margaret explained. “She is a cousin of the king, and she is to arrive today to the king’s court. (Y/N), is her name... Her father is with her, something about ‘reclaiming a crown.’” Margaret paused for a moment, contemplating her words and thoughts. “If the rumors are true… She’s already England’s most powerful woman. Could make a man do anything for her,” the woman softly laughed to herself.
Margaret felt Harry’s fingers trailing along her smooth skin as he listened intently.
“All women envy her. All men desire her… But it makes me wonder… It’s the most alluring part about her with all these men fawning over her…” Margaret thought out loud, her eyes looking around the forest’s nature, before connecting her gaze to Harry’s. “Does she only have eyes for one?”
“You’re England’s Beauty,” Harry corrected, thumbing Margaret’s bottom line. 
“Mm, that is the poet in you, Lord Styles. And I am not falling for your tricks. You are no jester.”
“I’m sure she isn’t as beautiful as they say she is,” Harry argued. “If I have never heard of her until now.”
“I am the eyes and ears of the king’s court,” Margaret insisted, a flare in her eyes. “Everything I hear, I tell you. Most of the gossip consists of her beauty. I’ve even heard of some men wanting to court her already, like Lord Chester. Why we haven’t heard of her until now, I don’t know. But I believe it must have something to do with her father wanting to see King Charles.” 
“I guess we’ll have to be the judges of that, aye?” Harry asked, soothing the woman. 
Margaret let out a sad sigh, playing with one of Harry’s curls. 
“You’re going to forget about me, hm? And make her your next muse.” She paused. “You’re going to make her England’s Muse.”
“Just like you’ve forgotten about the other women,” Margaret continued. “The king’s best friend. The king’s Lord. The king’s poet. But England’s Lover, is what you really are. A poet in search of his next muse. A Lord in search of his next Lady. I believe you hold the most titles in the king’s castle.”
“You’re my muse,” Harry corrected. “My Lady.”
“Mmm, for now. But not forever,” Margaret sighed. “Not when I’ve got an old, shabby husband waiting for me back at the castle.”
“Run away with me,” Harry suggested, his fingertips running down Margaret’s bare breast, but it was quickly slapped away by the female.
“A nice thought that is,” Margaret gritted, snatching her dress. “But we both know that could never happen, nor do I want that to happen. As old as my husband is, he does give me a comfortable life.”
Harry understood his relationship with Margaret. It was purely sexual, and a secret. Some feelings were involved, but they both knew it could never be pursued. 
So Harry didn’t argue with her, only watched her dress herself back up into her dress, ending the morning’s festivities.
Harry’s knuckles loudly banged against Charles’ door upon request the king wanted to see him. 
“Harry!” Charles marvelled, a large smile on his face as he adjusted his pants and the collar of his shirt.
He noticed the king’s chest was tainted lightly with sweat. His rosy cheeks. Much like Harry’s body just an hour before when under the tree with Margaret.
“Come in,” Charles offered, widening the door and moving out of the way for his friend.
One step in and Harry noticed the naked girl sitting up in the king’s large bed. Her long waves of black hair covered her breasts, while the sheets covered the rest of her nude body. 
It wasn’t odd for Harry to walk in on the king enjoying himself with some woman, and the king never minded it. There were many nights of parties and divulging where Harry and Charlies enjoyed themselves with women in the same room. Harry was his close friend. And King Charles took pride in the women he bedded. 
But when it came to this specific woman with the long black waves of hair, Harry felt a deeper root of the king’s pride. It was more than pride. It was the king’s power.
The two of them exchanged a look. The woman’s hazel eyes looking at Harry with shame. And he looked at her with anger. It made his jaw clench. 
But the exchange didn’t last long, as the king’s booming voice ended the moment. 
“Harold!” Charles shouted.
“Yes?” Harry responded, clearing his throat. 
“Are you even listening to me?” the king scoffed, followed by short laughter as he stood in front of a body mirror.
“Yes,” Harry lied.
“I was asking you which robe I should wear tonight, the brown or the red.” Charles pointed to two robes on display. Both covered in jewels and animal fur. 
Another way Charles liked to show off his power through clothes, even if Harry was his best friend. 
“You’re the poet. The artist,” Charles stated. “You’re the one with the eye for beauty. Which one do you think?”
Harry thought to himself, but it didn’t really matter to him. Both robes were outrageously designed.
“The red,” Harry stated. 
“Love.” Charles looked at the woman. 
“Red,” she quietly agreed.
“Red it is.” Charles nodded, slipping on the red robe to try on as he looked at himself in the mirror. 
Charles was a tall man with a lean figure and very light skin. Hazel green eyes and curly brown hair with a noticeable shade of red. A unique hair color not seen often, but it made him stand out. Made him unique, and caught the eyes of many women, if being king didn’t already do that.
Charles knew he was an attractive man, and he wasn’t afraid to use it to his advantage. He knew his looks gave him more power.
“What for… exactly?” Harry questioned.
Charles gave Harry a pathetic look, as if Harry had just asked a silly question.
“The robe,” Harry added. 
Charles grinned widely, showing off his teeth.
“We’re having a feast tonight, my friend.”
“What for?”
First, Charles hid his cousin’s existence from Harry. Then gave him news about a celebratory feast last minute. 
It made Harry suspicious as to why Charles didn’t discuss these matters beforehand, if they were best friends. 
“Haven’t you heard? My uncle has come to reclaim his ‘rightful throne,’ or so he thinks it is. His daughter is accompanying him-”
“England’s Beauty.”
“You’ve seen her?” Charles questioned, raising an eyebrow. “I thought she hadn’t arrived yet.”
“No.” Harry shook his head.
“Ah, you saw Margaret earlier. Should've known,” Charles figured. “She’s told you then, aye? That girl knows everything. Sees everything…” Charles adjusted the sleeves of his robe, continuing to admire himself in the mirror. “But that is what they call my cousin, so I’ve heard. Whether it is true, we will find out tonight. Though it is hard to believe when it seems to me I’ve already got England’s Beauty opening her legs for me every night.” Charles could see the woman’s reflection in his mirror, glancing at her with a mischievous smile on his face. 
Harry felt a flame of anger in his blood. 
Charles noticed it, and it made him all the more confident. And prideful. 
“She is beautiful, aye?” Charles questioned, nudging his head at the girl. He asked the question purposely. To dig underneath his friend’s skin, but acted innocent about it. Even if he knew Harry was smarter than that. 
Harry’s green eyes bore right into the king’s, a huff of air leaving his nose. 
Complete silence. 
Charles wanted the tension. Wanted the power.
And Harry gave it to him by nodding. 
Charles gave his friend a cocky smile before removing the robe and setting it back on display. 
“Come on, brother,” Charles beamed, tightly clasping onto Harry’s shoulders and squeezing them.
“Where are we going?” Harry asked, smiling at his friend’s eagerness.
“To ride horses. They’re waiting for us.”
Riding on horses was always the same for the two boys. 
Always a race between them as their legs hit against the horses’ sides, striving to be the fastest rider through England’s grassy fields. 
The two of them laughing as the horses galloped with such speed. 
Riding horses gave Charles and Harry freedom. It made them feel the most alive as they gained miles of distance between themselves and the castle. 
They were untouchable. 
Coming near the edge of a grassy cliff that overlooked more of England’s land, the two men slowed down their horses and stopped. The spot where Harry and Charles always stopped at for a breather. 
The sky was bright blue. Not a single cloud. And only the sound of birds chirping or cawing.
Charles was closer to the edge of the cliff than Harry was, as Harry stayed a few feet back. Feeling a rush of adrenaline in his body as he watched his friend stare out into the abyss. 
He could tell the king was thinking from the stern look on his face.
“Am I a good king?” Charles asked in the silence. 
It caught Harry off guard.
“Your Maj-”
“Am I a good king?” Charles repeated, turning to look at his friend with sharp eyes. 
“Yes,” Harry stated, with no hesitation.
“I ask this not as you are a friend of the king’s, but as his English subject: Am I a good king?” he repeated, almost as if he was trying to start an argument with his friend. 
“As I am a loyal English subject, you are a good king,” Harry responded. “I am a loyal friend to you, Your Majesty.” 
Charles gritted his teeth, holding back angry words of which he didn’t know what to say, and looked back at the landscape. 
“I want to be a powerful king,” Charles stated. “I want to be England’s King.” 
“You are-”
“I want to be England’s Legacy,” Charles corrected, looking at Harry. “My father told me that it is by God’s will we are on this throne. I was born to be king. I was born for England to be mine. I would do anything in my power to protect my homeland.”
“As any king should,” Harry agreed. 
“And I will do anything to be England’s Legacy,” Charles added. A threatful and dangerous statement.
Harry wasn’t sure if it was towards himself, but he knew Charles meant what he said. Charles was never one to back down when it came to power. Charles had a seemingly belief that being chosen by God to be king meant that he was protected by some invisible shield. Believed he was untouchable. 
Harry nodded, not wanting to push his friend further into his own anger.
Charles let out a short breath, viewing the grassy fields and blue sky. 
And Harry blurted out the one thing on his mind that he believed may have had some connection to his friend’s frustrations. He knew there was a rocky history between Charles’ father and Charles’ uncle, but he didn’t know of any cousins related to the king.
“I was unaware your father would be coming to the castle. Or that you had a cousin.” 
Silence, as Harry waited for Charles' response.
But Charles never did, and instead gave his friend a smile before shooting off with his horse. 
Harry followed after. 
The day quickly transitioned into evening. The sun setting and turning the sky orange. The twinkles of the rays poking their way through the leaves of the forest’s tall trees. 
Standing in front of the large window of your bed chambers in the king’s castle, overlooking the trees and grass was nothing exciting, but it still held beauty in its green self and orange rays.
Miles down, it was the contrast of the bright white horses galloping through the greenery that caught your eye.
It was hard to make out the details of the two figures, but you could see a man with fiery hair, and a man at his side with brown hair, both of them gallantly riding their white horses through the field. 
The man with brown hair was a stranger to you, but you knew who the man was with fiery red hair. 
Your cousin.
The king.
“Your dress is ready,” Missy May chirped, pulling your attention away from the Englishmen.
The king’s banquet hall was crowded with guests of different title rankings. 
Guests were ravaging on English delicacies or intermingling. Adorned in England’s finest threads and jewels. Music was played throughout the large room. A song Harry had written himself.
Overlooking all the guests was the king’s table, but no king was present. His chair empty. No ruler present at the king’s own feast.
Harry was seated right next to the empty chair, sitting there with pure boredom as Luca drunkenly rambled on with other men of high ranking. All of them drunk, or getting there, except for Harry.
It was common for guests to splurge at the king’s feast, as he often encouraged it. Another way of him showing power. 
“You remember that, aye, mate?” Luca laughed, wiping away the purple stain of wine from his lips and harshly patted Harry’s shoulder. All the men laughed, spilling their drinks or spitting out food.
Harry nodded, though he hadn’t been listening. 
Luca was a tall man, with more of a build. But his blonde hair was always disheveled, and he rarely shaved his beard. He was an attractive and charming man, but it could be easily ruined by his sloppiness. But he was good for entertainment and laughs. A harmless man who took a large interest in wine. 
“The king is a bit protective of his gardens’ fountains,” Luca laughed, throwing back his golden cup of wine as he chugged the remaining bit. “Just like he is of his Italian girl.” 
Harry gritted at Luca’s words, unsure if it was intentional. Or if it was just Luca being a drunk fool. 
Luca continued rambling on, and the words only turned into a muffled voice the more he talked to Harry.
And Harry couldn’t hear a single thing the more his attention shifted to the sight of a girl in the crowd.
Completely captivated.
His heart stopping for one second in disbelief.
Every memory Harry had and every emotion Harry had ever felt was drowned deep below his being the moment he caught sight of her. Time stopped and was given to her. She had control of it. Just like she had total control of Harry in that second. 
He saw beauty. 
Bright beauty. 
He felt warm. 
He felt every poem and every song that he had ever written come alive. He saw his poetry. Right in front of him. The art and beauty. The purpose he wrote was right in front of him.
A woman like her.
Walking art. 
Made the angels cry. 
She was the poem you read every night before bed, and memorized. The songs you performed for the king. The art displayed in cathedrals.
Though she was lost in the crowd, she was the only one Harry could see. 
The way she smiled. The dress that clutched onto her body. 
The bright jewel that adorned her neck, illuminating her breasts. 
He saw she held beauty not only from the outside, but from within. The most dangerous, and captivating woman that existed. 
She was more than England’s Beauty.
And she was not just any muse.
She was England’s Muse.
“Harry?” Luca questioned. “What are you looking at…?” Luca followed Harry’s eyes to see what his friend saw, and finally caught sight of it. Of her. The girl.
“Ahh… I see,” Luca grinned, his cheeks a dark red from the alcohol. “The king’s cousin. A beauty she is, aye?”
“You don’t want to go for that, mate,” a man added in, disinterested in the girl.
Harry glanced at the man, but didn’t feed into the comment.
“Quite a beauty. If she wasn’t the king’s cousin, she’d be mine,” another man drunkenly added, also oogling over the woman. Practically drooling. 
“She’s a beaut,” Luca agreed. “But for you, Harry, I’d look elsewhere. Women that look like her… They break our hearts, and ‘s easy for ‘em to do so, because they don’t have hearts themselves. What beasts they are.” He jittered.
Every word was muffled to Harry’s ears. He only desired to look at her. Only desired to hear anything she would have to say. Even from a distance.
“She’s also our best friend’s, the king’s, cousin. ‘S best to stay away from her.”
“You think I can’t take care of her?” Harry questioned in offense.
“I believe ‘s best to look than to touch, aye?” Luca stated, patting Harry’s shoulder. 
But Harry wanted to look. And he ached to touch.
“Rome,” Harry mumbled. 
Luca raised an eyebrow, too drunk to comprehend his friend’s antics.
“The smile that burnt Rome to the ground. The face that launched a thousand ships. All of it…” Harry paused, his lips parting. “Every poem. Every song. They’re all about her. Aphrodite’s own creation.”
“She is not the girl you want to fall for. Not worth it. Wouldn’t end well. The king would have your head,” Luca stated, swigging his golden cup around. Distracted by the purple wine swirling in his cup. But Harry’s silence alarmed Luca, and it caught his attention. 
Luca noticed the way Harry stared intently at the girl. Like there was nobody else in the room except her. Luca saw Harry’s parted lips that happened when being taken back. He noticed the memorized eyes of attraction. 
Tumblr media
“But I can tell… you’re already falling for her,” Luca stated, a mischievous smirk on his face of acknowledgment that something entertaining would be coming out of it. “Then you’ve already broken your own heart.”
“And why’s that?” Harry questioned, unsure of how that was even possible.
“Because, mate,” Luca spoke, his eyes locked on Harry’s. “King Charles has promised her to the king of Spain… She is Spain’s bride. ‘S why she’s here.” 
And as Harry looked back at the captivating girl, he still saw the poetry in her. The songs. The art. The beauty. Only now it was the poems that were dug in the back of the king’s library. The songs with no rhythm. The art that remained hidden. Because they were ones about heartbreak and pain. About a lover that one could not have. 
But he still wanted her. 
Harry was unable to translate all of his emotions in that moment, for the king had finally made his appearance.
King Charles was often present for the entirety of his feasts, but sometimes he arrived when guests were ready to divulge in English sweets. 
This feast was one of them.
Harry watched his best friend trudging through the crowd of people, the king not waiting for his guards to present him. It earned shocked reactions from the guests, and Harry himself was taken aback by the king’s presence. The music fell silent.
He seemed troubled, and his face was red. His eyes glossed. As if he had been crying. And he looked sad, but more than that, he looked angry. Like someone had stolen something valuable from him. 
Silence filled the room as everyone watched the king step up to his empty chair by the king’s table. He stood in front of it, and didn’t even bother to look at Harry.
King Charles snatched up his golden cup of wine and held it up to the crowd of people, making his mark as king.
And with a powerful voice, he confidently spoke, “Tonight we honor my uncle and my dear cousin.” And directed his golden cup to his relatives.
Harry glanced at the girl, who now had been standing with a man of which he assumed was her father. 
“Tonight, at this feast, we celebrate the kingdom my father has built and passed on to me. Tonight we celebrate my successes and advances. We honor...” the king trailed off, his lips tightening shut as he let out a breath the moment he caught sight of her. Every thought of his disappearing as soon as he saw the girl. A gloss of tears returning to his eyes that only Harry could notice from the close proximity.
Harry then saw a girl sneaking in nonchalantly from the opposite end of the room. A girl in a lavender shaded dress. The king’s favorite color.
That’s when Harry understood the king’s tears. 
King Charles clenched his jaw for a moment before returning back to his confident state of mind. Remembering he was king. And held his head higher. Raised his cup higher. 
“It is by God’s will and power that I am King of England. He chose my father to be king. And now I am king. And those that defy me, defy God.” King Charles looked directly at his uncle with menacing eyes. Threatening him. Harry could sense it. The tension. But it wasn’t odd for his best friend to make such speeches to crowds of people about being chosen to be king. Only this time, King Charles was making the speech for one person.
“Tonight, we celebrate you, my uncle. We celebrate a better future, one with peace. But most importantly, tonight we celebrate an alliance that will only strengthen England’s kingdom. We celebrate my cousin. (Y/N).” King Charles paused for a moment, staring intently at his cousin. A cunning smile plastered on his face as he looked at her with such degradation. “We celebrate Spain’s bride.” 
End note:
D R A M A!!! love it <3
who is the mystery girl harry saw in bed with the king??? or the mystery girl that walked in during the king’s speech??? tea. the king got some loverssss.
im so ready for the rest of this series wow (((:
i know “the face that launched a thousand ships” or whatever was published years later but once again THIS SERIES IS NOT 100% FOLLOWING REAL WORLD TIME OKAY 
are king charles and harry besties or frenemies uh?
here is some of the fancast….
ruari o’connor as king charles (the king)
Tumblr media
not my gif
jack lowden as lord lanning aka luca (the drunk)
Tumblr media
gif by dailyjacklowden
harry styles as lord styles aka harry/harold (the poet)
Tumblr media
and my PERSONAL face claim for reader because i like having an actress in place of reader so i choose someone similar to me (caucasian & brunette) is synnove karlsen (so pretty uwu) 
Tumblr media
gif by markantonys
obviously based on all these face claims i do watch a lot of historical romances hehe 
(i dont have a face claim for margaret!)
please let me know what you think with feedback. I love hearing from you guys! thank you! (: 
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This Week in BL
March 2021 Part 4
Being a highly subjective assessment of one tiny corner of the interwebs. 
This is a LONG ONE, it’s been A WEEK everyone. 
Tumblr media
Ongoing Series - Thai
Lovely Writer Ep 5 - a little slow this week, but at least Gene finally flirted back, and very cute flirting it was, too. Also we got Aey’s motivation, background, and love interest. Thank goodness for that. 
Brothers Ep 8 - still pants, what can I say? Clearly I am a BL masochist. Very embarrassing for everyone concerned. 
1000 Stars Ep 9 - the conflict over Tian’s father was REALLY well done. The plot of this drama is excellent, the leads are great together, and yes I totally cried. What, you didn’t? 
Tumblr media
Ongoing Series - Not Thai
Word of Honor (China) Ep 16-18 - big battle fighty fighty stabby stabby. Ep 17 switches to “this drama isn’t big enough for two chaotic-neutral godlings!” So what do they do? Drink together and bicker... A LOT. Then in Ep 18 we all get the dubious joy of really freaky puppets. (I HATE puppets.) Also how is China letting this be so SO VERY VERY GAY?  Also, I wanna walk through the forest wearing a smanshy purple robe and waving a big fuck-off white fan around simply because I’m a pretentious fuss monger. And frankly, I feel like this is an achievable life goal for me. 
We Best Love 2 (Taiwan) Ep 4 - not gonna lie, this is looking to be one of my top 3 BLs of 2021. It’s SO GOOD. Big bonus to this ep for treating stalker behavior like the mental illness it is and not as some dumb representation of enduring love. 
The Most Peaceful Place is My Place (Vietnam) Ep 1 - finally dropped (find it under NƠI BÌNH YÊN NHẤT LÀ VỀ BÊN EM on O2′s channel). It’s got actors already comfortable with BL and looks pretty good so far. An angry tsundere uke reunited with his ex, a stoic chef, giving us lots of snap, crackle, and pop out the gate. 
Dear Uranus (Taiwan GL) Ep 2 - I want to love it, but it is just moving too fast. There’s not enough character dev and then they’re throwing flashbacks in? It feels like a treatment rather than a show, and a rushed treatment at that. Bummer. 
HIStory 4: Close To You (Taiwan) Ep 2 (AKA Ep 3-4) - let the cheesy popcorn continue! Idiot remains an idiot; ingenue remains an ice queen; nice gay guy remains nice and gay; obsessive stalker brother is getting ever more whackadoddle. Of course these last two have the best chemistry. (It’s caregiver codependency and the salvation trope. We got us a Leo/Fiat situation going on.​) Plus lots of classic BL tropes because OF COURSE there are lots of tropes. 
Occasionally, I am tempted to argue that shows like H4 or Cherry Magic or Ossan’s Love aren’t technically BL because of the office setting and age of the protags - but then they all behave like high school students anyway, so *shrug* 
Tumblr media
Stand Alones
Cute little Taiwanese micro BL Friend or Lover dropped, about bisexual realization within a friendship group. Normally these are too short for me, but this one did pretty good with its 15 minutes of charm, plus it’s abad boy + shy softy pairing. 
Tumblr media
Breaking News - Thai BL
Fish Upon the Sky released its actual trailer. The upside-down kiss is gone, which makes everyone sad, and it seems far less rivals to lovers than the first iteration, which makes ME sad. But it still looks good and a more classic BL than GMMTV has given us in a while. New trailer focused more on the makeover trope and they’ve upped Mix’s role (the object of everyone’s affection) now that he’s proved himself. (Or they are using him more to carry the trailer since he has a fan base form 1k*). Starts April 9 on GMMTV in 1K*’s time slot, probably with a 10 ep run. 
2gether the movie is apparently coming April 22 to Thai theaters. F4 Thailand must be having issues or GMMTV just wants to milk the BrightWin cash cow. It’s rumored to be a combination of 2gehter + Still 2gether with some extra scenes and ending. Also, one assumes a lot will be cut out, if it’s movie length.
Call It What You Want released its updated trailer. If anything, it looks more scary than before. What are we in for? April 9th. 
Nitiman got a release date, May 7 on One31. 
I Told Sunset About You 2 got an updated release date of May 27 on LineTV. 
Second Chance the series is coming to LineTV on March 29. I don’t know much about this one. Tons of familiar faces (mostly TharnType side dishes) and some nice looking new talent but a dearth of eng subs. I think it may take on Brothers’ time slot. Line did eng subs for Brothers so maybe they will do 2nd Chance too? 
Close Friend the series is coming April 22. This is a combination of 6 couples with 6 story arcs as music videos (maybe)? It’s an epic fan service with familiar faces like OhmFluke (UWMA), MaxNat (LBC also in Y-Destiny), YoonLay (YYY also in Y-Destiny), KimCop (GenY), and JaFirst (TT2).
Y-Destiny starts March 30, and has starting dropping couple’s trailers. I’m still suspicious given the director but it seems like there is plot (or plots) and a theme. Looks to be a series of 7 single ep vignettes (amended, see comments, might be 2 eps each for 14 eps total), different couple each time, some with supernatural elements, all with decent chemistry and acting chops. 
Sun MaxNat’s tutor/student arc
Mon jaded rich kid meets poor innocent  
Tues sports romance enemies to lovers 
Weds the messy realistic actual dating one 
Thurs hot ghost boyfriend (sad) 
Fri YoonLayPerth coping with loss and finding new love (sad). This one will all rest on Lay's acting so we know it’s in safe hands. Our boy is going to KILL it. 
Sat time-slip memory loss reunion romance 
I’m thinking we can’t expect any of these to end happy or be classic BL. They’re gonna be more slice of life-ish. 
Tumblr media
Gossip - BL Outside of Thailand 
Scholar Ryu’s Wedding Ceremony AKA Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding (Korean historical BL) got a legit teaser (eng sub here). @curriculumvtae​ reports that it’s releasing April 15th on WeTV (Philippines & Thailand) and Idol Romance (South Korea), while Will of Thai Bl says it’ll be on Viki too. It’s a short run of 8 ep built on a fake relationship trope (arranged marriage variant):
Ryu Ho Seon’s (Kang In Soo from You Wish) arranged marriage turns out to be with his expected bride’s brother, Choi Ki Wan (Lee Se Jin from Mr Heart). Ryu tries to undo the marriage, but his ill mother opposes this saying the scandal would be too much. Meanwhile, Kim Tae Hyeong (Jang Eui Soo from Where Your Eyes Linger), a senior at Ryu’s school, comes to congratulate him and falls in love with Choi. Then one day, the original bride disappears.
Okay it seems a bit twisty turny for ONLY 8 EPS, but oh my goodness how excited are we? Our first intentional historical BL out of Korea!
Tumblr media
We already knew Hong Kong was doing a remake of Japan’s Ossan’s Love under the same name (not my favorite Japanese BL but so very popular) but it’s now reported to be coming to Viu in June. Who knows how the CFA will take it. Depends on whether Hong Kong bows before the NO GAY KISSES regs or if they are going to use this as a political nose thumb... things could get cray with this puppy (the original has several kisses and s shower scene). Are we back in Addicted territory only with added comedy and civil unrest?
Speaking of Japan, Absolute BL (AKA Zettai BL ni Naru Sekai vs Zettai BL ni Naritakunai Otoko) dropped sooner than anyone thought, March 27. But being Japanese who knows how/when/if we get subs. Protag finds himself trapped in a world of BL, but being straight he fights against any hot guy that draws near, but the whole world (literally) is conspiring against him. It’s a parody adapted from a yoai.
What with Absolute BL from Japan plus Lovely Writer and Call it What You Want from Thailand, is 2021 the year of BL being ultra self referential? Sure feels like it.
Tumblr media
In Case You Missed It
Faded a gay micro film from Taiwan from 2017 deals with parental acceptance and serves up a ton of BL tropes (piggyback, forehead kiss, etc). I’m pretty sure this was a propaganda piece for legalization of gay marriage, and it’s an interesting nugget of BL history as a result. Yes, it ends happy. It’s cute. 
Next Week Looks Like This:
Some shows may be listed a day later than actual air date for accessibility reasons.
Tumblr media
Upcoming 2021 BL master post here.
Links to watch are provided when possible, ask in a comment if I missed something.
Man there’s a lot going on right now! Spring has sprung... I suppose. 
Tumblr media
P.S. I cannot believe I missed Absolute BL as a blog name. Numbnuts = me. 
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HP FESTS: DramioneFanfictionWriters (Part 4)
DFW's Deal or No Deal: Famous Shakespeare Lines, February 2021:
Short Life For A Daffodil by KrysKrossZee - T, one-shot - Hermione and Draco have a wild daughter who likes to pull up daffodils and frustrate her parents, but the duo wouldn't be without their children.
Friends Dont by Lostinthenightrain - T, one-shot - "You don’t choose who you fall for!” “No, because I sure as hell wouldn’t be standing here now would I?” Hermione mourns the loss of a relationship.
The Malfoy Mistress by ThebeMoon - M, one-shot - Unable to bear the sight of Bellatrix carving into Hermione Granger at Malfoy Manor, Draco Malfoy whisks his hated former schoolmate to safety. He should have known better.
Rules of Engagement by Art3misiA - T, one-shot - Lucius just had to be difficult about the idea of Draco and Hermione getting married. Will Draco and Hermione allow him to throw his weight around, or will they bring him to heel?
DFW's Deal or No Deal: Popular 90's TV Shows, March 2021:
The Death of Theo Nott by Lostinthenightrain - T, one-shot - “Hermione.” Her head whipped up to see the broken expression in Draco’s eyes. “He wouldn’t kill himself.”
The Night of the Rats by rennaissance_woman - not rated, one-shot - What happens when a prank war goes too far?
Perfect Harmony by Talonwillow (TalonWillow) - T, one-shot -Professor Slughorn's star Potions pupil Hermione was tired of being the ugly duckling, so she created a potion that would transform her into a beautiful swan. Everyone seemed to like the shiny new version of her... Well, except for herself and maybe one other. Would Draco Malfoy convince her that what everyone else was seeing was what he saw every day, and would Hermione finally be able to live in Perfect Harmony?
Dramione Go Star Trekking by KrysKrossZee - T, one-shot - Riker has made a pass at Hermione and she doesn't quite know how to deal with it.
Bloody Colonials by Maira - T, one-shot - Hermione Granger has had a long week, and the last thing she wants to do is leave the comfort of her home. But when her best friend asks for her help in dealing with a possible cursed object, what can she do but help? Brownies, Potion-making robe etiquette, and a cursed Nigerian mask all add up to a typical night at Hogwarts. Written for the DFW's Deal or No Deal challenge.
The Latest Teenage Drama by Art3misiA - T, one-shot - Teenagers. Gotta love em. Teenage dramas? Not so much. Draco and Hermione navigate the perils of unwanted teenage behaviour - 90s family sitcom style.
DFW's Deal or No Deal: Around the World, April 2021:
The Assignment by Art3misiA - G, one-shot - Hermione and Draco, Aurors, have been sent to Cape Town on a top secret assignment - to track down a former Death Eater.
Finding Them by KrysKrossZee - T, WIP - After not finding her parents in Austrailia, Hermione enlists Draco's help and the two make their way to Vancouver when they have a new lead.
DFW's Deal or No Deal: The Language of Flowers, May 2021:
Spilled Ink by Maira - M, one-shot - It's nearly Christmas, and things aren't great. Draco Malfoy is still on house arrest due to the Wizengamot being a bag of dicks. Hermione Granger is out of the country on a job, which means he won't see her for a few weeks. And to top it all off, Hermione has sent Draco a plant. A green, spiky plant, for no reason that he can fathom. Oh, and a spelled journal that he's now supposed to write in. Because nothing could possibly go wrong with that plan. Written for the DFW Deal or No Deal Challenge!
Forever by Art3misiA - M, one-shot - Though they may be gone, our memories of them remain forever.
The Little Things by KrysKrossZee - T, one-shot - When Hermione buys Draco a cup of coffee and leaves it on his desk, it throws Draco through a loop and he wonders what he should get her in exchange.
The Climbing Vine by rennaissance_woman - not rated, one-shot - After receiving some startling news, Draco runs out of the house. He receives some advice from a surprising source.
Changing of the Seasons by Lostinthenightrain - M, one-shot - Hermione & Draco find a local park and two unlikely faces to greet them.
DFW's Deal or No Deal: Draco's Birthday Soundtrack, June 2021:
Straight to the Heart by AdAsttra - T, one-shot - Draco's ready to tell Hermione how he feels, but Cupid has other ideas.
Stick Around by KrysKrossZee - T, one-shot - Hermione doesn't know why Draco is the only one who makes her feel safe, but she is glad that she is able to get some reprieve from her brain.
Wild and Wired by Maira - M, one-shot - Need your lovin' here beside me, Need it close enough to guide me, I've been hopin' you would find me, You're the biggest part of me. - Hermione was expecting a fun night out with her boyfriend and her friends. She was not expecting ice cubes, sick ponies, and a serenade beautiful enough to melt her heart. Written for the DFW's Deal or No Deal challenge.
Let's Get Serious (Please, for the Love of Merlin!) by Art3misiA - G, one-shot - Draco wants to get serious, but Hermione isn't so sure. Will their opposing views make or break them?
DFW's Deal or No Deal: Magical Monsters, July 2021:
There's A Zouwu In My Basement by KrysKrossZee - T, one-shot - When a creature has broken into the Malfoy Manor dungeon, Draco has to call for help.
Miseria by crochetaway - T, one-shot - Hermione tames a Dementor.
Aegis by Maira - M, one-shot - Their world is in ruins, and their only protection against creatures wanting to kill them is about to fall. They make a plan to trek across the country to Hogwarts, where others have gathered to make a new home within the castle. There, they will be safe. One problem - before they go, there's a queen to kill. Written for the DFW's Deal or No Deal Challenge.
Fear & Desire by myladymay - T, one-shot - Draco Malfoy wants to change his life. He returns to Hogwarts for Eighth Year and finds himself confronted with both his biggest fear and greatest desire, all wrapped up in a Gryffindor tie.
Innocent Monsters by itscometothis - T, 12 chapters - Draco Malfoy thought he had reasonable expectations for his mandatory Eighth Year at Hogwarts, where he would be confined to the grounds as part of his probation. Isolation, hatred, and passing his NEWTs were really all he had in mind. What he wasn't anticipating: 1) Having a small firstie latch onto him like a bloody koala 2) Said firstie adopting an erkling as if they didn’t feed on children. To protect his little nuisance, he’ll have to seek help from uncomfortable places, including the Swottiest Witch of Her Age. Joy of all joys.
Transformed by Art3misiA - T, one-shot - Draco and Charlie have a dragon to catch, and time is running out. Meanwhile, Hermione is missing, adding to Draco's woes.
DFW's Deal or No Deal: Legendary Duos, August 2021:
Three's a crowd, four's trouble by AnnaRitaLi - M, WIP - p>My sister is right. My life did change that evening. I just don't think Rosalind meant for me to steal her boyfriend, or I don't think I stole him, Draco, not precisely. You cannot steal something that doesn't want to be whisked away. That's my experience, at least, and I've stolen quite a few things over the years. So I can say this with confidence. You can't lose something you never had. But you’ll have to read it in the book, dear. While the Crown doesn’t wish for me to speak out in public, I have been silent for too long. You see, There were three of us in this marriage. And people, the press, have assumed many things over the years about Draco and me. So this book, as you’ll see, it’s my attempt to set the record straight. Yes, there were three of us in this marriage, but there were also much more going on than that. -- This is the story the Crown never wanted to get out. In other words, I bring you the x-rated version of the book ‘Diana - her true story - in her own words’.’ It’s the Dramione as Charles & Diana AU you didn't know you needed.
The Marquess and the Kitchen Girl by Art3misiA - E, 8 chapters - Draco Malfoy is the son of the most powerful Duke in Wiltshire. One day, he will be the ruler of a large duchy. Hermione Granger lives happily with her parents - that is, until tragedy strikes. Two children will become friends, and gradually discover a forbidden love that seems as if it might one day defy the odds. Alas, this is a tale of doomed lovers.
In Her Arms by KrysKrossZee - M, one-shot - Draco's worked his way up through Voldemort's ranks but it would seem that all of his work has been for nothing when Dolohov captures a new prisoner.
The Happiness I Seek by Maira - M, one-shot - To those without a soulmate, the world is devoid of colour. They say that if you are lucky enough to meet your soulmate, everything changes. The world is brighter, food is richer, and you find a love you never knew you needed. Draco Malfoy has never been lucky. Written for the DFW's Deal or No Deal challenge.
darling! by itscometothis - M, one-shot - When Draco and Hermione are invited to help demonstrate a path forward for Wizarding Britain and its reconciliation, neither really feel like they can refuse - Hermione for moral reasons and Draco for practical ones (read: Azkaban sounds bad). But they have very different ideas on how to play up this fake relationship. Written for DFW's Deal or No Deal: Legendary Duos - Kermit and Ms. Piggy. It's as ridiculous as you expect.
A Thousand Ships by floorcoaster - M, WIP - Draco Malfoy knows what he wants, and he's not afraid to reach out and take it.
Quiet My Demons by Lostinthenightrain - M, one-shot - “Unhappy, darling?” He murmured, his cigar placed on its resting dish, dashed out - a little puff of smoke rising into the air between them before disappearing. “Yes, completely.”
I Love Draco by crochetaway - G, one-shot - A few slice of life scenes with Hermione, Draco, and Scorpius ala I Love Lucy style!
DFW's Deal or No Deal: The Final Word, September 2021:
Crime & Punishment by itscometothis - T, 12 chapters - TRIAL TRANSCRIPT OF DRACO LUCIUS MALFOY DRACO LUCIUS MALFOY IS FORMALLY CHARGED WITH THE FOLLOWING: CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT MURDER AIDING AND ABETTING A MURDER USE OF UNFORGIVABLE CURSES: IMPERIUS (2 COUNTS) USE OF UNFORGIVABLE CURSES: CRUCIATUS (47 COUNTS) PARTICIPATING IN A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION -- I don’t regret hoping. I thought I might, at the beginning, do you remember? But I don’t. I regret nothing about you, my love. Eternally yours, Draco -- A story of hope, punishment, and the nature of justice told in trial transcripts, visits in an interrogation room, and letters.
Boats Against the Current by AlannaTCooper - T, one-shot - Draco Malfoy is trying to escape his past by running as far away as he can. But the past - and his nightmares - keep pulling him backwards.
By His Side by KrysKrossZee - T, one-shot - Hermione is lonely but there's at least one person who can break through her loneliness.
Trying To Live by IzzieStellar - T, one-shot - After her husband dies, Hermione can’t seem to remember how to live and her friends vow to help her.
In the Dead of Night by AdAsttra - G, one-shot - Hermione and Draco are some of the last people to leave Hogwarts under the veil of a cold, dark night.
This fest is ongoing.
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chelsie-fan-55 · 9 months ago
‘Oldies are doing well’ Phyllis Logan hails older generations as Downton helps BritsDOWNTON Abbey star Phyllis Logan says it was “fabulous” to be reunited with the cast and production crew to shoot a second film due out early next year. The sequel follows on from the events of the first film released two years ago, which was set in 1927 with Robert and Cora Crawley, the Earl and Countess of Grantham, receiving a visit from King George V and Queen Mary during a royal tour of Yorkshire. Filming of the second film, which sees Dominic West, Hugh Dancy and Laura Haddock join original stars including Dame Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville, Michelle Dockery and Elizabeth McGovern, started at Highclere Castle in Hampshire in April and finished in June. Phyllis, 65, who has portrayed Downton housekeeper Mrs Hughes in all six series of the original ITV drama and reprised the role for both films, said: “It was fabulous to be reunited with the cast again, we had such a lovely time, but it was over far too quickly. “During the six seasons that we did (for TV) we usually started filming in the February and finished in the autumn, so we had a good six months of each other, and now it is curtailed into a matter of weeks, so it was done a bit too quickly but we had a great time. “There is lots of nice, really fun stuff in it, I must say and some lovely star turns.” Phyllis, who is also the narrator of fly-on-the-wall TV show The Highland Vets, which starts its fourth series on Channel 5 tomorrow (MON) night, believes period dramas like Bridgerton and Downton have provided much-needed escapism during the past 18 months of the Covid-19 pandemic. She says: “With the likes of Downton Abbey it looks so magnificent, the costumes are magnificent and the mores of the time are different where you don’t air-kiss and have to be suited and booted, and straight-laced, well certainly outwardly.. who knows what they got up to behind closed doors. “But we try to show some of this too and the public just can’t get enough of this type of costume drama. “Everyone has been bingeing or re-bingeing on their favourite shows just to give them a sense of normality. “If you can watch Bridgerton, if you can watch Downton Abbey, or your favourite comedy show, you think the world is ok now, or get a sense that life is continuing in a fashion.” Downton has also led the way in using older actors in prominent roles at a time when TV and film has been criticised for being ageist. Phyllis says: “It’s been fabulous and long may this continue. With Dame Maggie (Smith), Dame Penelope (Wilton), myself and Jim Carter, the oldies are doing well.” Her husband Kevin McNally, who is also 65, is best known for portraying Joshamee Gibbs in all five Pirates of the Caribbean films but joined the cast of Downton for its second series on ITV as Horace Bryant. Phyllis says: “It was nice to have my husband in Downton as well but it was very peculiar the way it happened. “He was on set at one point and said I have just been offered this job and I said ‘oh, what is it?’ And he said Downton Abbey, and I said ‘very funny, what’s the job?’ And he said Downton Abbey and I said ‘oh come on, I haven’t got time, I’ve got to go back on set’. And he was being serious. “They did not even tell me they were going to offer it to him and I thought they should have run it past me first, surely.” She adds: “And it ended up with most of the scenes we were involved in being together, which was unusual. “In normal circumstances as he was playing a posh person and I was playing the housekeeper as usual, I thought our paths would never cross but the way the storyline worked we were always together. “So sometimes we got picked up in a car together to bring us to the castle and it felt like ‘bring your husband to work day’, so I thought ‘what is going on?’” Phyllis, who also starred as Lady Jane Felsham in Lovejoy with Ian McShane for eight years, met Kevin, who portrayed Bernard Ingham in The Crown last year, when they co-starred in mini-series Love and Reason in 1994. Since then they had only appeared together in short films and an episode of comedy show Rab C Nesbitt until their joint stint in Downton, but Phyllis says she would be happy to work together again in the future. And Kevin’s help was vital when it came to recording the narration for The Highland Vets, which follows the vets, nurses and receptionists at DS McGregor & Partners veterinary practice in Thurso, Caithness, as they treat animals in the remote northern tip of the UK mainland. After recording the first couple of episodes of series one in a studio in London’s Soho, Phyllis has been forced to do her narrations since the first lockdown in March last year from the study of her home in west London. She says: “Kevin was my sound engineer for the Highland Vets. They sent all this equipment and I was so useless at using it that Kevin was thankfully around and on hand to be my sound engineer.” The fourth series of the Highland Vets, which contains seven hour-long episodes, starts with the vets treating a young Common seal spotted struggling on a beach by a walker. She adds: “I haven’t done many narrations. I enjoy this one because it is such a lovely programme, there is always something different cropping up, so it is a pleasure to do it.” As a result of the repeated lockdowns for the pandemic she has yet to travel up to Caithness to meet the staff at the vets. But Prince Charles did pay them a visit during a two-day tour of Scotland, where he is known as the Duke of Rothesay, at the end of last month (JULY). Unfortunately the TV cameras were not there at the time but wearing a kilt, he was welcomed by senior vet and director Guy Gordon, who introduced him to his team, including Katie Reiss, 22, who had only started work a few days earlier. Ms Reiss said: “It’s an unorthodox start to work! We spoke about my training at Edinburgh University and chatted about how the vets have been really helpful integrating me into work. “He (Charles) said to stick at it and not lose hope because I have wanted to be a vet since I was a wee kid.” Guy says: “We felt honoured that Prince Charles was keen to visit our veterinary practice to meet the staff and learn about what we do. “He stayed with us for about 45 minutes chatting about aspects of our work with genuine interest and insight. “The light drizzle didn’t dampen this special occasion nor cause him to hurry, he took time to engage with everyone. “So they have the royal seal of approval.” She adds she loves getting to see The Highland Vets before anyone else to do its narration. “There are a few sad bits that do not go to plan but it is so heartfelt.. and the fact that they are in that location which is absolutely spectacular, that they all love it, they love their lives, their jobs, their workmates, their animals. “It’s just beautiful and lovely and life-affirming stuff, even when things go wrong.” Phyllis also stars in a film, The Last Bus, with Timothy Spall which they shot two years ago but has just been released. It tells the story of an old man whose wife has just died using his free bus pass to travel to the other end of the UK, where they originally lived, with her ashes in a small suitcase. She will also be seen in the second series of BBC drama Guilt, which is due to air later this year. *The new series of The Highland Vet starts tomorrow at 9pm on 5Select. Source: Sunday Express
Tumblr media
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hagelpaimon · a year ago
I!! Have an request!! If you want, thats up to you! But how about the turtles have a friend (the reader) and no matter what they see hints of or how it seems she just doesnt seem to be in a relationship ever and then leo starts acting "odd" (in love) and one day michelangelo of all people catches leo and the reader in a romantic (or heated) moment! What do you think would happen? How would they handle their older brother in love? 😂 i just thought itd be a funny one-shot
Ok I’ve been wanting to tackle this for a while now and ima do my best for you friend, also I hope this reaches cause I know it’s been tough so I send you lots of love💕
Blue boi all in lovey dovey
Rated Mature (Romance but will a little sprinkle of smut) 18+ Only
Tumblr media
Raphael squinted his eyes.
For the past twenty-two minutes he’d been wondering what was wrong with this picture. His breakfast was getting cold and he’d even neglected to smack Mikey’s hand away when he stole a piece of bacon off his place.
Raphael took pride in his observation skills, often he noticed plenty of things in his environment but while Donatello ran commentary on it he usually kept the information to himself. He shared a room with his youngest brother so he knew any odd shift when it came to Mikey. He is very close with Donnie, spending a few sleepless nights by his side while the genius tinkered away at projects, even lending a hand here and there.
Leonardo for all of his hard headed ways and their personality clashes, he felt he knew him well enough too. The leader though, was much more guarded in his emotions which made for some difficult moments to completely gage his older brother.
You on the other hand were an open book, plenty of times he’d spent time with you, getting to know plenty of your ticks and thoughts. Raph considered you a close friend, a confidant he could turn to.
But as you all sat together for a late breakfast. Mikey inhaling his while Donnie’s overworked eyes looked into his coffee cup as if lifes answers laid there, Leo and you were just sitting there, suspiciously.
You were still in your sleep wear, Leo’s groggy movements mechanical as he ate on autopilot. You yawned reaching for a coffee refill and without command or hesitation Leo had pushed the creamer and sugar towards you, going so far to place the exact amount of both in your mug. You had given him a sweet smile, reaching a hand to thumb a crumb away from the corner of his mouth.
Raphael raised a brow ridge, well naturally that could translate to common kindness. You all knew each other, often April had in some form or shape probably done something similar. He poked a few pieces of eggs into his mouth, now he was intrigued.
He picked up a few more instances where his curiosities got the better of him.
For instance one afternoon while you were over he had decided to gather info. Raphael had kitchen duty and you had stuck around to help him out. “What’s up with you?” A common not so invasive question, you shrugged. “Same old, same old” You gathered plates to set the table. Raphael kept his gaze at the task at hand, cutting tomatoes for the sauce he was preparing. “Yeah but have you done anything? Gone out with friends? Maybe found your future husband?” He chuckled even more so when you nudged him with an elbow. “A forget you have a sense humor under all that angst” Raph smiled, the two of you often bickered Iike this.
Truth be told you had never mentioned a boyfriend or a girlfriend, the subject was never really breached. With the amount of time you spent in the sewers with them it never came up if you had some partner or if you even were dating. Raphael added the tomatoes into a pot, you joined his side ready to help with more cutting of condiments.
Then Leo arrived and he felt the air shift, he peaked a glance at you, a small smile playing on your lips. Leo in turn greeting the two of you before he made his way towards the fridge to retrieve something to drink. “Want something?” He asked from the fridge and honest to God Raph was very sure he wasn’t asking him. You nodded extending a hand for the soda he gave you, he leaned against the fridge and chatted you up as nonchalant as ever.
Nothing in the small chat raised any flags, Raph’s sauce almost burning from how intently he was concentrating of quite literally eavesdropping on you two. You laughed at something he mentioned, that was bizarre because Leo was seriously not even funny but he could be biased on that end.
“Your hair looks pretty that way” Leo spoke, a tad bit shyly. Raph stirred the sauce, brow ridges shooting up, ‘real smooth big bro’ he couldn’t help but think. Then again he had probably at some point told April the same thing, well they all had commented on April being pretty in all manners of ways.
But this felt just the taddest bit different?
He excused himself having to get back to whatever he was doing. Raph squatted to get something from the bottom cupboards, he didn’t miss the blush on your cheeks.
“Yer hair does look nice like that” He tested, you beamed brightly at him. “Thank you, you’re very sweet when you put your heart into it” She teased smacking a hand towel at him.
Inconclusive results.
For now.
This stupid notion continued to bother Raphael, curiosity would kill the turtle in this case. He wanted to know if truly something was amiss there and you both being friends he wondered why you just hadn’t flat out told him what was up. Nevertheless he couldn’t drop the bomb on you, you could be motorfide or maybe deny it to high hell. Asking Leonardo was out of the question, he sure as hell wouldn’t say a thing.
So Raphael kept his gaze glued as you parted ways for the night. You gave a hug and kiss to everybody, quite normal for your loving nature. He got his hug and kiss, so did Donnie, April and Mikey. Once you landed on Leo you did the same.
He could’ve sworn you lingered a little more, going so far as to whisper something to him because Leo gave a little huff of a laughter and smiled. He definitely slid his hand away from your lower back quite slowly.
Maybe, just maybe...
One patrol night he got stuck with Leo while Mikey and Donnie were doing rounds on the truck. They were scouting out a bank that was rumored to be hit soon by a group of robbers. Raph didn’t mention you, in fact he patiently waited for these robbers to possibly show up.
Something vibrated and his gaze landed on Leo who was reaching a hand into his pocket to pull out his phone. His concentrated and serious featured softening with whatever he read on the screen. He typed back something quick, shaking his head from whatever image or words or whatever had been provoked out of him. “Everything good?” Raphael asked, Leo nodded as if back to ‘normal’ and that absolutely was suspicious in his book.
That night didn’t yield any resolution and honestly it’s around this time that Raph regrets this little task that had occupied his time. He had originally decided to leave it as inconclusive, at some point You two dummies had to say or do something. He had been rummaging his room for his hand wraps, more than ready to get his nightly workout in order. When he had come up empty handed he exited towards Leo’s room, he always had them which annoyed the red banded brute.
His first mistake was not knocking or making his incoming presence known. A rookie mistake considering he lived with three young adult brothers.
His second mistake was just barging in like he owned the place. An annoyed “Jesus Leo quick taking my shit” spewing out of him.
If mistakes One and Two had been adverted he wouldn’t be standing here, wide eyed and frozen.
Because he really didn’t need to see his brother stark ass naked on top of his best friend who he basically considered a little sister, equally naked to boot. There was a solid fifteen seconds where Raphael didn’t know if he running out was the best option, mumbling a ‘shit my bad’ was better or if covering his eyes and screaming at his brother that he better be a gentlemen to you cause you’re a great gal.
Leonardo’s hands cupped your exposed breast for modesty sake, the need for the ground to dramatically open up and swallow him whole heavy in his mind. You had squeaked when Raph barged in, hands super glued to Leo’s rear and god why couldn’t you scream and let go and scream some more.
Raphael finally turned around, an embarrassed heat breaking over his body as he groaned in disgust. “Shit fuck, sorry sorry! I didn’t see shit!” Oh but he did and oh did he crave bleach. “Raph get out! This is why you knock!” Leo chucked a pillow at his brothers shell. You had finally let go of Leo’s rear, covering your face in mortification. “Hang a sock or something outside then!! I can’t read minds!” Raph bellowed.
Mistake number 3 happened because Raphael was a drama Queen through and through and the shouting only helped to alert his brothers towards the room.
“Can you two not fight for five whole minu-OH GOD SORRY!” Donatalleo had exited as quickly as he had approached the room. Mikey thankfully barely saw anything since Raph and Donnie yanked him out which Leo was thankful, he knew Mikey would never let this situation go.
A very quiet hour passed by.
Nobody wanting to say anything. Mikey had left for the tunnels to skateboard for a while. Donnie had thrown himself into truck repairs not even wanting to discuss what his eyes had briefly seen.
And Raphael had sat on the couch, every few minutes making a face whenever his brain decided to bring back the nights events. He heard movement from Leo’s room, the small pitter patter that belonged to your feet. Raph kept his gaze down, whatever playing on the tv long forgotten, he saw your feet when they tentatively approached the couch.
“Um Raph” Your tone was hushed.
“Didn’t see anything, matter of fact nothing happened” Raph grabbed the remote, you sat down and sighed. “Listen you weren’t the one with your tits out here” You crossed your arms grumbling, Raph almost chortled but then he remembered Leo and simply made a face.
“Why didn’t you tell me you and him were a thing? We’re friends, I mean you can do better but you know” He smiled when he felt your elbow smack his arm. “He’s really nice don’t be so mean” You sat back on the corner, Raph looked at you, you were wearing an oversized shirt clearly spending the night.
“Sorry for ah, not knocking” Raph spoke softly.
“Sorry for no telling you I had it bad for your brother” You smirked, enjoying Raph’s disgruntled expression.
You scooted close and hugged his massive arm, Raph smiled. “He better be good to ya... and well, don’t break his heart, he’s an ass but he’s my big brother” You nodded against his arm.
You had stayed for a little before returning back to Leo’s room, the leader was reading on his bed but quickly looked up when you came in. “Everything alright?” He asked tentatively. You nodded climbing into bed and in between his legs to lay on him. “We could’ve so gone a better way telling everybody, at least it’s out and we can just be ourselves” You rested against him, Leo’s chin a top your head.
He wrapped his arms tightly around you and smiled. “I’m never living this down but I’m happy we can just be ourselves” He poked your sides earning an earnest squeal from you.
Outside Raphael could hear the quiet giggling and laughter. He was happy for the two of you, it made sense.
Mikey walked in, board in hand and sweaty from skating for hours.
“So Leo loses his V card first, huh brah?”
Raphael groaned.
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My Great Auntie Venus La Doll. The Bronze Goddess Burlesque
Tumblr media
Venus LaDoll performs at Club Savannah, 68 West 3rd Street. (Photo by John Pedin/NY Daily News Archive
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Photograph of Venus La Doll dancing by Lonnie Simmons Jet Magazine December 3, 1953
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Cabaret of a life
Keeping up with Venus Irving-Prescott
THEN AND NOW: 'The Bronze Goddess of Love' (top) and Venus at AS220.
Anybody who at one time was known — and advertised in Paris — as "The Bronze Goddess of Love" deserves to be the center of attention onstage for an evening.
So the goddess herself, Venus Irving-Prescott, will be performing in the Camp Cabaret at AS220 on March 5 and 6 (on Saturday at 7 p.m. and on Sunday at 3 p.m.; call [401] 831-9327). The sequined glory that was the 1950s and ’60s will be celebrated in song and story by the erstwhile chanteuse and 15 nostalgic young performers. Even admission is vintage: $5 general and $3 if you’re over 60 and thereby can sing along without the bouncing ball.
Venus will be 80-going-on-30 come April. She has found work as an actor, drama coach, costume designer, director, and writer, among other skills she picked up along her way. Dance instructor, publicist, comedienne, TV commercial "on-camera principal" . . . you get the idea.
The cabaret will center around her life, with songs springing out of colorful descriptions and anecdotes. Of which there are many.
Take the time a stranger briskly stepped onto her Saigon stage, took her by the hand, led her away from the microphone, and protected her with his body on the floor. Seems that the Vietcong were lobbing mortar rounds their way.
She’ll probably tell you about a famous Paris club owner. "Freddie Carroll was very well-respected by men and women," Venus says. "She wore men’s suits and shoes and had a diamond pinkie ring. She put her hand out as soon as men came, and they would have men’s conversations. I was so fascinated with all that stuff."
And not every performer can boast of a command performance before the queen of Siam.
For the cabaret, Venus will have plenty of help.
"A lot of it I wrote — eight or nine pieces, something like that," she says. "Then Keith has some things in there."
That would be Keith Munslow, multi-instrumentalist, storyteller, and music director for the show. Venus glances around for a glimpse of his black leather jacket near the AS220 stage, where the cast is assembling for a rehearsal. Casey Seymour Kim is there speaking to some of them, having stepped forward to direct the cabaret so that Venus could turn her attention to her own numbers.
"I just passed my music around to whoever would fit it," Venus says, "and they all fit like a glove."
Kim is an actor and singer familiar to audiences recently from her boffo performance in the title role in Little Voice at the Gamm Theatre. She’ll probably be camping it up as Miss Pixie Feingold. There’s lots more talent to draw from. For example, Lawrence Nunes, whose recent song-and-poetry CD Hearts Unveiled Venus says she’s been listening to more often than to Ray Charles or Nat King Cole these days. Providence’s own Princess Pearl will do some comedy and maybe sing one of Venus’s songs. Other vocalists will include Denise Moffat and Maria Ventura.
There will also be hip-hop dancing by Project Heat and Alexandra Blackbird, and a traditional story from Mali, told by Mohamed Diakite. And much more.
Plenty of variety, in other words. Which certainly describes the long and action-packed life of Venus Irving-Prescott.
Born in Detroit but raised in Cleveland, as a 20something she made a splash as a cabaret singer, from Minsky’s in Chicago to the Savannah Club in the Big Apple. Career ups and downs included the requisite dark night of the soul in the New York theater district’s Actors’ Chapel, when she was 33. "I just sat there and tried to figure it out," she recalls. "I thought: ‘Well, did I step on any blue suedes on the way?’ Because at one time I had the Midas touch. What happened?" But she picked herself up, gathered her gumption and successfully stepped into the Paris cabaret scene. After that came Switzerland, Southeast Asia, and Australia.
Venus has seven grandchildren "and all kinds of great-grandchildren." She first came to Providence in 1981 to visit her daughter and has been based here ever since. One of her bread and butter mainstays is a business she developed called Show Polish, for which she checks out performers’ acts and suggests improvements.
The memoir she’s writing has a revealing title — Life Doesn’t Owe Me a Thing.
"In our culture we have people making megabucks, and they have platinum bling-bling all over them and they don’t even know whose shoulders they’re standing on, you know?" she laments. "Don’t even have a clue."
Venus shakes her head over encountering a young African-American student who didn’t know "Strange Fruit," the Billie Holiday song about lynching. The title is the name of a free performance Venus will give on March 17 at 7:30 p.m. in the University of Rhode Island Fine Arts Center, on the Kingston campus.
The lady does keep busy.
Issue Date: March 4 - 10, 2005
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Camilla Tominey Telegraph, "She wanted drama"
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'She wanted drama': The inside story of the rift between Harry and Meghan and The Firm
As the Sussexes give their tell-all Oprah Winfrey interview, royal insiders reveal the 'other side of the story'
By Camilla Tominey, Associate Editor 5 March 2021 • 9:00pm
There was something distinctly familiar about the Oprah Winfrey teaser in which Prince Harry declared: "My biggest concern was history repeating itself."
The words, due to be aired during the Duke and Duchess of Sussexes' tell-all interview on Sunday night, bore an uncanny resemblance to the statement released by Harry's communications secretary, Jason Knauf, in November 2016 after the Sunday Express had revealed that the Prince was dating the American actress.
Confirming that "his girlfriend Meghan Markle" had been "subject to a wave of abuse and harassment", the statement criticised the "racial undertones" of newspaper coverage, adding: "Prince Harry is worried about Ms Markle's safety and is deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect her. This is not a game – it is her life and his."
The unprecedented salvo created two important narratives around the former Suits star – it formally confirmed her status as the woman in Harry's life but also positioned her, in the eyes of the palace and the public, as the victim at the heart of a media "storm". As the statement suggested, a line had been "crossed".
But the tirade "by the Communications Secretary to Prince Harry" also put Mr Knauf in a compromising position. How was the former director of corporate affairs for the Royal Bank of Scotland going to be able to handle media relations for a couple when the Prince had so publicly made plain their deep hostility towards the press?
Almost exactly two years later, the 39-year-old spin doctor would submit a a bullying claim accusing Meghan of driving two personal assistants out of the household and undermining the confidence of a third staff member.
The Sussexes have denied that Harry pleaded with Mr Knauf not to pursue it, claiming the couple are the victims of a calculated smear campaign based on harmful misinformation. They said the Duchess was "saddened by this latest attack on her character, particularly as someone who has been the target of bullying herself and is deeply committed to supporting those who have experienced pain and trauma".
Those highlighting the "outrageous bullying" say they want to "tell the other side of the story" to the picture expected to be painted by the Duchess  on the Oprah special of her "almost unsurvivable" time in the Royal family. "Anyone who is a victim can't bear to watch it," said one.
The couple's lawyers insist Buckingham Palace is manipulating the press to peddle a "wholly false narrative" –notwithstanding the fact that the complainants no longer work in the royal household and the lack of palace action has now prompted an internal inquiry.
The Telegraph has spoken to a number of well-placed insiders who witnessed first-hand the turmoil within the royal household from Meghan's arrival as Prince Harry's girlfriend to the couple's decision to stand down as working royals last year.
All spoke on the condition of anonymity amid claims they had been operating in a "climate of fear", where employees were routinely "humiliated" in front of their peers and repeatedly subjected to "unreasonable demands" by both Meghan and Harry.
Unwilling to play a supporting role
It was not until October 2017, a year after Mr Knauf's unprecedented statement that Meghan gave an interview to Vanity Fair in which she declared of her relationship with Harry: "We're in love. I'm sure there will be a time when we will have to come forward and present ourselves and have stories to tell, but what I hope people will understand is that this is our time."
The public did not have to wait long. Just a month later, the couple announced their engagement with a photocall in the sunken garden at Kensington Palace and an interview with the BBC's Mishal Husain in which Harry described his fiancee as "another team player as part of the bigger team".
Yet behind palace gates, it was quickly becoming apparent that Meghan had no intention of she and Harry being seen as the "supporting act" to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, despite their seniority in the royal pecking order.
That Christmas, determined to walk side by side with William and Kate to Sandringham's St Mary Magdalene Church, rather than several steps behind, they were pictured together as the so-called "Fab Four".
United front: The 'fab four' attend the Christmas Day service at the at Church of St Mary Magdalene on the Sandringham estate Credit: Getty Images Europe
The Cambridges invited the Sussexes to spend the festive period at their nearby bolthole, Anmer Hall, an experience Meghan spoke of fondly afterwards. "Meghan was very positive about it," said a former aide.
Two months later, the quartet appeared at their first official event together at the inaugural forum of their Royal Foundation – a highly choreographed event described by one royal insider as "designed to send a message that they would be working as a team. It was all very carefully rehearsed beforehand".
Disagreements with the Cambridges
After Meghan showcased her years of previous work with "larger NGOs and smaller grassroots organisations", both William and Harry acknowledged that working so closely with loved ones had led to "healthy disagreements" over how to best guide the foundation's work.
"Working as a family does have its challenges, of course it does," Harry said. "But we're stuck together for the rest of our lives."
By now, Kensington Palace staff had already become familiar with a mantra that would come to characterise the run-up to the Sussexes' wedding in May 2018.
"Want Meghan wants, Meghan gets" may have been shouted by Prince Harry to Angela Kelly, the Queen's personal assistant, following a row over a tiara – but royal aides were already well acquainted with the importance of meeting the Duchess's exacting standards.
"Everyone wanted her to be happy because they knew that would make him happy," said one. "Do whatever it takes to make it work for Meghan was the mantra. We all cared deeply about Harry. Contrary to this idea that they weren't supported, we were going to great lengths to accommodate their needs."
'We all cared deeply about Harry,' said one royal aide Credit: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP
So much so that there was an extraordinary incident during the couple's first tour of Scotland when members of the palace PR team "body blocked" Meghan's former adviser Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne during a visit to an Edinburgh cafe in what one former aide described as "the most embarrassing moment of my professional career".
The Duchess had apparently expressed "a reluctance to make eye contact" with Ms Nelthorpe-Cowne, who was reduced to having to post an Instagram shot of her former close friend and client visiting the Social Bites cafe from a considerable distance. "Anyone from the past was a problem," observed the former aide.
Ms Nelthorpe-Cowne's name would later reappear in court documents accusing Meghan's close friend and stylist Jessica Mulroney of "putting pressure on her [Ms Nelthorpe-Cowne] to withdraw or change statements" she had made in an April 2018 interview with the Mail on Sunday.
The defence documents claimed the Sunday newspaper's features editor complained about the intervention to Mr Knauf, who allegedly responded by saying he would ensure "this does not happen again". In the piece, Ms Nelthorpe-Cowne described Meghan as: "Picky, not only when it comes to her clothes but also her colleagues, instantly dismissing those who didn’t share her 'vision'."
Describing how the Duchess had "given me a bit of a difficult time" after meeting Harry, she added: "Meghan likes to move on".
When contacted by The Telegraph, Ms Nelthorpe-Cowne declined to comment on the incident.
'Email bombardments'
As the world was gearing up for what the LA Times had billed as "a royal wedding for the 21st century", behind palace gates the atmosphere was becoming fraught.
Staff had grown used to "email bombardments" by Meghan and Harry, with one describing how "the last thing we'd do before going to sleep is reply to their messages and the first thing we'd do in the morning is reply to their messages. Weekends, holidays – there were no boundaries. They live on their phones all the time".
Despite publicly claiming they largely ignored the press coverage, in reality the couple were often consumed by it. "They're both very thin-skinned," said one former employee.
Meghan's supporters say staff members "who preferred a more genteel pace" could not keep up with the Duchess's "American work ethic" – with one close friend now suggesting the criticism was racially motivated. "Find me a woman of colour in a senior position who has not been accused of being too angry, too scary, too whatever in the workplace," the friend said.
Yet it was not just palace employees who found themselves on the receiving end of "inescapable screaming and shouting".
Much has been written about the bridesmaids' dress fitting, first revealed in The Telegraph in November 2018, that left the Duchess of Cambridge in tears.
Contrary to subsequent reports that the row concerned Princess Charlotte's tights, what actually happened was that the dress itself did not fit Kate's then nearly three-year-old daughter. According to a well-placed source, "demands were made about when subsequent fittings would be, and Kate left sobbing".
While Meghan's allies suggest that Kate did not make enough of an effort to welcome her future sister-in-law into the royal fold, allies of the Cambridges suggest she "tried to arrange social things" and invited her to watch tennis together but "there was a sense that Meghan never really wanted to be friends".
The Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex at Wimbledon in 2019. Meghan appeared not to be interested in being the friend of her sister-in-law, insiders say
Those inside the palace concede, however, that the Cambridges can "appear standoffish" and are "often out of contact for extended periods".
Another former royal aide claimed the Duke, particularly, appreciated the "deflection" from his own occasionally demanding behaviour. "Bullying is endemic across all the households," the former aide added.
"The Meghan thing is a disgrace, but it's not in isolation. They cut you out, undermine you, talk down to you. One minute you're in – the next you're persona non grata. Some staff have special protection. I've never witnessed behaviour like it before. I wish I'd never seen behind the curtain."
A reprimand from the Queen
One member of staff afforded "special protection" is Angela Kelly, who has served as the Queen's closest aide since 2002. Rumours of Meghan being dubbed "Duchess Difficult" began to surface around the time it emerged that the Liverpudlian docker's daughter had been given a tongue-lashing by Harry.
Yet what was never accurately reported around the time of "Tiaragate" was that far from being denied the item from the Crown Jewels she wanted, Meghan was in fact given her first choice.
The argument erupted after the Duchess demanded that Queen Mary's Diamond Bandeau Tiara be produced for an unscheduled hairdressing appointment.
"Angela told Harry it was priceless and couldn't suddenly be handed over at short notice. He was furious and shouted: 'What Meghan wants, Meghan gets.' Suffice to say it didn't go down too well." So badly, in fact, that the no-nonsense 53-year-old, who has her own fearsome reputation among colleagues, reported the incident to the Queen, prompting a grandmotherly telling off for Harry.
Little did the Prince know at the time that staff had also given him a nickname: "The hostage".
According to one person with first-hand knowledge of the events: "They insisted that they had the same inflation-adjusted budget for the wedding as William and Kate – she got the choir she wanted, the dress, the carriage procession, the tiara – she got everything she wanted but it still wasn't enough.
"She was constantly looking for reasons to say she had been deprived. Also, she wanted drama from the very beginning."
According to one person with first-hand knowledge, the couple 'insisted that they had the same inflation-adjusted budget for the wedding as William and Kate' Credit: Damir Sagolj/Reuters
Although the couple wanted their spokespeople to deny it, a story about Meghan requesting air freshener to be sprayed around the "musty" St George's Chapel was true, according to multiple sources.
Even The Kingdom Choir did not get off lightly after the couple changed their song 12 times before they were happy with the arrangement of "Stand By Me". As choir member Karen Gibson revealed: "Gospel music is all about the cherries on top and it's not about stinting on anything. But we got word back that they wanted something a little less, so we did a second version which had an Etta James arrangement but again we had word back that it wasn't right." 
The group was then asked to meet Harry and Meghan face to face, before the couple finally settled on an arrangement after 11 previous attempts.
"The wedding was hugely stressful for everyone involved in it," said one former aide. "Staff were spending most of their time having smooth things over with suppliers."
Tears before the big day
The "Markle Debacle", when Meghan's father Thomas pulled out of the wedding at the last minute, only added to the tension as royal aides scrambled to "rescue" the narrative around the "big day" by having the Prince of Wales step in to walk Meghan down the aisle.
Despite Meghan later claiming to ITV's Tom Bradby that "not many people have asked if I'm ok", royal insiders insist they "rallied around" the couple – who were both in tears at times.
The Most Rev Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who officiated the ceremony, is also understood to have given "psychological as well as spiritual" support. The principle leader of the Church of England caused hilarity among his staff by failing to recognise Ms Winfrey at the lunchtime reception at Windsor Castle, asking the US chat show host what she did for a living.
Oprah Winfrey arrives for the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan in 2018 Credit: Ian West/AFP
By the time the couple had returned from their honeymoon, relations between the Sussexes, the Cambridges and their staff became so bad that Harry and Meghan appeared reluctant to engage with anyone at the June 2018 leaving party for Miguel Head, William's former private secretary.
According to two separate sources, the couple "remained aloof" throughout the bash in the private garden at Kensington Palace. "It was a really convivial atmosphere with William giving a touching speech about Mig, but Harry and Meghan just remained on the outskirts and didn't mingle with anyone. They were the last to arrive and the first to leave."
Eyebrows were similarly raised when, having shared the news of her pregnancy at the Champagne reception following Princess Eugenie's wedding to Jack Brooksbank in October 2018, Meghan declined to attend the evening do. The bride was said to have been "upset" that Harry only "popped along for a drink without Meghan" – although they were due to fly to Australia for their first Commonwealth tour the day after.
During the 16-day tour, which also took in Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand, the couple appeared reluctant to engage with the press. Although Harry managed to be persuaded at one point to speak to reporters at the back of the plane, he told them: "Thanks for coming, even though you weren't invited."
Bullying claims emerge
On the same trip, it was claimed that Meghan had cut short a visit to a market in Fiji because she was concerned about the presence of a UN organisation promoting women, with which she had previously worked but now was no longer associated.
At the time, officials suggested that it was because it was humid and the crowd was oppressive in the market. After Meghan had been ushered away, a female member of her entourage was spotted sitting in an official car, looking extremely upset. Meghan's female personal protection officer left her post shortly afterwards.
Lawyers for the Duchess said she met other leaders from UN Women later on the tour and denied she left for the reason alleged.
Although Mr Knauf had not gone on the tour, he is thought to have been "deeply concerned" by reports of the couple's behaviour overseas.
"There was a sense that they were just refusing to take advice, and insisting on doing everything their way," said one royal source. "No one, from the most senior to the most junior employee, wasn't under constant attack," said another.
The Duchess of Sussex attends the unveiling of the Labalaba Statue in Nadi, Fiji, in October 2018 Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images
Matters came to a head in October 2018 following the departure of a second member of the Duchess's private office.
Mr Knauf emailed Simon Case, then William's private secretary and now the Cabinet Secretary, after conversations with Samantha Carruthers, the head of HR. Mr Case then forwarded it to Ms Carruthers, who is based at Clarence House.
The email read: "I am very concerned that the Duchess was able to bully two PAs out of the household in the past year. The treatment of X* was totally unacceptable. The Duchess seems intent on always having someone in her sights. She is bullying Y and seeking to undermine her confidence. We have had report after report from people who have witnessed unacceptable behaviour towards Y."
The email, which also expressed concern about the stress being experienced by Samantha Cohen, the couple's private secretary, concluded: "I questioned if the household's policy on harassment and bullying applies to principals."
While Mr Case was "very personally supportive" of the individual members of staff, Mr Knauf expressed his concern in the email that "nothing will be done". The palace is now holding an investigation, having been criticised for failing to act sooner.
It was not until a month later that it was reported that Melissa Toubati, the Duchess's former PA, had "quit suddenly", just six months into the job. The following month, it was announced that Ms Cohen would not stay in post after the Sussexes' baby was born.
The couple were apparently "furious" about reports of their high staff turnover, piling more pressure on their PR team to "try to turn negative headlines into positive ones".
According to one former employee: "What people fail to understand is Harry's hatred of the media is probably one of the most important things in his life. It is defining for him. So the narrative is always – it’s the press's fault, never theirs."
That Christmas, the Sussexes were once again photographed alongside the Cambridges on Dec 25 but opted to stay with the Queen at the "main house" rather than Anmer Hall.
It came after an awkward staff Christmas party in which "all mention of Melissa's name was banned", according to one royal insider. "It was as if she never existed." Some employees found it hard to reconcile the couple's erratic conduct with moments of genuine kindness, such as when Meghan would buy female staff members flowers or even jewellery.
Relations break down
By the New Year, relations within Kensington Palace had "irretrievably broken down," with Prince Harry no longer on speaking terms with Mr Knauf after he had failed to persuade him to drop the complaint against his wife. The Sussexes' lawyers deny any such conversation took place.
Sources close to the couple say Ms Toubati, who was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement, was sacked for misconduct, pointing out neither staff member made complaints of their own to HR. Ms Toubati's friends deny she was sacked for misconduct.
With Harry and Meghan already operating in a silo – and increasingly consulting the Duchess's US team of advisers rather than palace officials – a split of the two households at Kensington Palace appeared an inevitability.
It was around the time that the couple moved to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor in March 2019 that Amy Pickerill became the third of the Duchess's staff to leave her role, having served as her assistant private secretary since November 2017.
Mr Knauf also stepped down to work as senior adviser to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. He is now chief executive of the Cambridges' Royal Foundation. Friends say he "bitterly regrets" not warning Sara Latham, who was appointed as the Sussexes' director of communications in April 2019, how difficult working for the couple could be.
Jonathan Knauf stepped down to work as senior adviser to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive
The American PR supremo, who used to advise the Clintons, quickly worked this out for herself when the couple insisted on secrecy around son Archie's birth on May 6, while trying to maximise global coverage.
Around the same time it was falsely claimed that the Duchess had been prevented from doing an interview with CBS anchor Gayle King, Ms Winfrey's close friend. In fact, insiders say "the Duchess was calling shots throughout."
It came after Meghan had attended a high-profile baby shower in New York with Serena Williams and Amal Clooney, without being accompanied by any palace press officers. Concerns were raised behind palace gates when freebies started arriving at New York's Mark Hotel, causing consternation for staff back in the UK having to wrestle with the Royal family's strict rules on gifting.
Having courted controversy throughout the summer of 2019 for snubbing the Queen's invitation to Balmoral and taking four private jets in 11 days instead, relations with the media were at rock bottom at the start of the Sussexes' September tour to Africa.
Royal aides were then left dumbfounded when what had been a surprisingly successful 10-day trip with Archie was overshadowed by Meghan's interview with Mr Bradby, in which she revealed the "struggles" she had faced adapting to life in the Royal family.
The Duchess alarmed palace insiders by telling Tom Bradby of her 'struggles' as part of the Royal family
Duke's fears for wife
It came as Harry released an attack on the tabloid press as the couple announced they would be suing the Mail on Sunday over the publication of a letter Meghan had written to her father.
In a highly personal and scathing statement, Harry said some newspapers had "vilified her almost daily for the past nine months" and claimed they had published "lie after lie" at Meghan's expense simply because she was out of public view on maternity leave.
Referencing his mother Diana, Princess of Wales, who died in a car crash in Paris while being pursued by the paparazzi, the Duke said: "Though this action may not be the safe one, it is the right one. Because my deepest fear is history repeating itself. I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces."
The interview set the tone for their January 2020 announcement that they would be "stepping back as senior royals" to become "financially independent".
As the world gathers to watch the most highly anticipated royal television event since Diana's Panorama interview in 1995, it will be left to the viewers to decide which version of history represents the truth.
Omg what do you make of this Plant... the tears were about the dress not fitting Charlotte and Harkles live their entire lives on the phones.
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tcm · a year ago
In Memory of Brian, Fred and Jerry by Susan King
Tumblr media
I mourn the loss of Hollywood legends, especially those I have interviewed over the years. I broke into tears when Debbie Reynolds died four years ago, recalling our last chat together in 2016 when we did a duet of “Moses Supposes.” And I still haven’t watched TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (’62) since Gregory Peck died in 2003. I had the opportunity to interview the handsome Oscar-winner at his now torn down home in 1997 and 1999. He was everything you’d hope he would be – sweet, intelligent and funny. He also loved Bob Dylan. His last words to me as he walked me to my car were: “You are a most interesting young lady.”
In 2020 alone, I lost over 20 former interviewees including Kirk Douglas, whom I interviewed eight times between 1986-2017, and my beloved Olivia de Havilland, who I found to be delightful and a bit ribald in the two interviews I did with her. I got more than a little misty when Brian Dennehy, Fred Willard and Jerry Stiller died this year. They were supremely talented and made our lives a little brighter with their performances. And, they all were great guys and fun interviews.
Brian Dennehy
I interviewed Brian Dennehy, who died in April at the age of 81, several times in the early 1990s when I was at the L.A. Times. The former U.S. Marine and football player was intimidating at first sight. He was tall, burly and barrel-chested. He had a no-nonsense quality about him, and he spoke his mind. But he also was funny.
Tumblr media
In 1991, discussing how hard it was for some actors to land parts after starring in a TV series, he noted “coming off a TV series is a tough deal, and you go into limbo land for a while, if not forever. Most actors go immediately to the ‘Island of Lost Actors’ and stay there. Troy Donahue is the mayor.” Dennehy never went to that island. Not with the complex and often memorable performances he gave in such films as FIRST BLOOD (’82), SILVERADO (’85), COCOON (’85), PRESUMED INNOCENT (’90) and as Big Tom in the comedy TOMMY BOY (’95).
He was nominated for five Emmys, including one for his chilling turn as serial killer John Wayne Gacy in the miniseries To Catch a Killer (’92).
I had one of the most extraordinary evenings at the theater in 2000 when Dennehy reprised his Tony Award-winning role as the tragic Willy Loman at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles in the lauded revival of Arthur Miller’s masterpiece Death of a Salesman. It was a gut-wrenching performance that left me emotionally exhausted. He earned another Tony in 2003 as James Tyrone in the revival of Eugene O’Neill’s superb Long Day’s Journey into Night. And he never stopped working.
Shortly after his death, the drama DRIVEWAYS (2020) was released on streaming platforms. And it could be Dennehy’s greatest performance. He plays Del, an elderly widower and Korean War vet who sparks a warm friendship with Cody, the young boy next door. The reviews for the film (it’s at 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) and Dennehy have been glowing. The L.A. Times’ Justin Chang wrote that Dennehy’s Del is as “forceful and tender a creation as any in this great actor’s body of work.” And Jeannette Catsoulis of The New York Times stated: “What we might remember most, perhaps appropriately, are Dennehy’s warm, weary features and rich line readings. In a lovely final monologue, Del advises Cody to avoid rushing past the experiences in life that matter, as they pass so quickly on their own. Much like the careers of beloved actors.”
Fred Willard
I first encountered Fred Willard as the clueless sidekick of sleazy talk show host Barth Gimble (Martin Mull) in the late 1970s on the syndicated comedy series Fernwood Tonight and its continuation America 2-Night. I quickly became a fan, and that admiration grew when he became a member of Christopher Guest’s stock company of zanies in such comedies as WAITING FOR GUFFMAN (’96) and BEST IN SHOW (2000). In the latter, he played the equally clueless dog show announcer Buck Laughlin who quipped in his color commentary, “And to think that in some counties these dogs are eaten.”
Tumblr media
Willard told me in a 2012 L.A. Times interview that he didn’t think he was funny until he was an adult. “I always loved comedy growing up – Bob Hope, Red Skelton and Danny Kaye,” said Willard, who died in May at the age of 86.
Willard got a serious part in Tennessee Williams’ one-act in a summer theater group when he was in his 20s. “I was getting laughs on all the lines,” he noted. “The director got upset because the audiences were always laughing. I didn’t try to do it deliberately. Then I realized I would say things around people, and they would laugh. I didn’t mean to be funny. I have always been relaxed around comedy.”
Just as Dennehy, Willard kept working. In fact, he received an Emmy nomination posthumously for his hilarious turn as Ty Burrell’s goofball dad on ABC’s Modern Family. He told me he wished he could try to do more dramatic fare like in Clint Eastwood’s World War II drama Flags of Our Fathers (2006). Willard even called his agent to see if he could get a role in the movie. “Clint Eastwood’s people called back and said, ‘We love Fred, but we are afraid if he appeared on the screen, they might start to laugh.’’’
Jerry Stiller
Jerry Stiller was a real sweetie and also very thoughtful. He sent me a lovely thank you note when I interviewed him and his wife, Anne Meara, in the early 1990s. When I talked to him for his son Ben Stiller’s remake of THE HEARTBREAK KID (2007), Stiller sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers. Ditto in 2010 when I interviewed the couple for a Yahoo! Web series Stiller & Meara: A Show About Everything. I also received Christmas cards until Meara died in 2015.
Tumblr media
Baby boomers remember Stiller, who died at 92 in May, and Meara for their smart and sophisticated comedy act, in which the majority of the humor came from the fact that he was Jewish and she was born Irish Catholic. They recorded albums, were popular on the nightclub circuit and did The Ed Sullivan Show three dozen times. They split up their act when musical variety series went away.
Both were terrific dramatic actors. In fact, I saw Stiller in the 1984 Broadway production of Hurlyburly, David Rabe’s scathing look at Hollywood, and he did a 1997 production of Chekhov’s The Three Sisters. Of course, Stiller garnered even more success in his Emmy-nominated role as Frank Costanza, the caustic father of George (Jason Alexander) on NBC’s Seinfeld (1993-98) and was the best reason to watch CBS’ sitcom The King of Queens (1998-2007) as Kevin James’ acerbic father-in-law
But I most remember that 2010 interview where Stiller and Meara bantered back and forth much to my enjoyment. Here they talk about Ed Sullivan:
Anne: I never liked him.
Jerry: You are out of your mind. You never liked him?
Anne: He scared stuff out of me. I am talking about Mr. Sullivan himself. I wasn’t the only one. There were international favorites throwing up in the wings—singers and tenors and guys who spin plates. It was live. We were scared.
Jerry: Ed Sullivan brought us up to the level that we knew we never could get to – him standing there on the right side of the wings laughing, tears coming out of his eyes and then calling us over and saying, ‘You know, we got a lot of mail on that last show you did.’ I said, ‘From Catholic or Jewish people?’ He said, ‘The Lutherans.’”
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life-rewritten · a year ago
Tumblr media
It's weird to think that the year 2020 has ended. This has been a journey in the past year, on the surface everywhere you looked it looked like there was no place to be happy and excited because of all the things that happened. It was suffocating at times, tiring at best, and it was just astonishing how many things could go wrong in only one year. That being said, one genre/demographic that grew even stronger this year, took some time to impress and improve on its tropes, its ideas and concepts and that's BL. Which also took some of us by surprise, for the ones who've been watching BL since the first oldies, to the new people who joined and also became in love with the genre and have stayed since then. BL has been an incredible, interesting journey, and I am so happy to say that it looks like 2021 isn't letting go of that energy. So to celebrate entering 2021, a year hopefully for a release from all the worries in 2020, a year to restart, refresh and keep getting better, here are the Giants of Thai Bl making their way in 2021. We have so many insane ones, from more mafia dramas to new unique non-university storylines, to og actors, and new powerful ones, to interesting pairings and new channels producing shows for 2021 to many many more countries joining the fight to be the top of our affections and energy. Thai BL is not going anywhere, and you know what that's perfectly fine with me.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I already did a whole squeal about the shows upcoming from GMMTV here: But after careful consideration here is my top 3 most anticipated: Enchante, Not Me, Bad Buddy. I know Enchante beat out ATOTS, but for me, I'm obsessed with the way the writer plans secrets and meta to unveil, and I keep repeating it's by Theory of Love director and production team. I'm so excited. I just hope they put in the same energy and effort they used in theory of love for this you have so many potential incredible actors that can take over this genre if you give them a good script and hard work. Hopefully, GMMTV intends to do so for not just their royal couple shows but also for rookie actors because Book and Force in this trailer? Looks fantastic.
Tumblr media
Studio Wabi-sabi
When I hear about Studio Wabi-Sabi, you see two juxtaposed reactions from me, one you see anticipation and excitement from seeing my most loved actors off-screen; however, you also hear a groan from me. I'm sorry I didn't use to be this way, I used to be so ready to embrace every show directed and created by New Siwaj; in 2020, New was one of the directors I kept having headaches about because of all his shows in 2020? What exactly happened? Why did they flop so hard? Why was he so slow? I'm hoping that it's because he had too many projects to handle at the same time since fair enough LBC was filmed same time as GMMTV My gear and your gown and maybe that was too much to handle? But the reason why I like News choices usually are because they're emotional, impressive with their plot lines and have good character arcs and couples we end up falling in love with. He could be an iconic director because he has so much talent in his company, so I'm hoping he uses his lessons and grows and becomes better in 2021.  But Let's get to the shows announced so far for 2021 because they both have the potential to take over 2021. I said what I said.
Tumblr media
Between Us
Genre:  Friends with benefits, Romance, Comedy, PTSD, Angst, 
Ahh, this is incredible. I'm so happy. Win and Team are from a great tv show already with Until We Meet Again and not going to lie, but seeing Buon as Win and Prem as Team? Perfection. Like guys I actually fell so hard for this couple despite their low screen time. Buon stole the scene each time he appeared, with his little smirks, and mischief, with flirty bad-boy energy and their relationship, was precisely what I live for passionate and full of chemistry. They're great, which is why it's so exciting to see that Between Us is getting its own show, the show based on these two love story in a parallel timeline to Until we meet again. I screamed. The book sounds interesting; we're getting some conversations about PTSD, some healing relationships, and angst and more passion.  I'm so excited about this since I first saw BuonPrem. I knew they were going to get known enough to bring their own show. And they deserve it, let's hope we get an interesting script that keeps us invested, enough opportunities for these two to have softer and profound moments whilst still holding on to their passion, and let the drama not be stale but addicting. Please New, don't let this show also be slow-paced, I'll lose it if another show is ruined by directing from you. 
Ratings: 4/5: BuonPrem, they leap off the screen, their chemistry is that great. From hearing about the plot I'm also excited to a more in-depth look into Team's insomnia and his past and psychological scars, and I'm hoping to see a deeper reason for why these two should be together.
Tumblr media
Love Mechanics 2
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Angst, Drama, Friends with benefits, Unrequited love, 
That's the thing about Wabi-Sabi; they have amazing actors that steal our hearts away. This shows cast is no different, it's YinWar and it's a collab with Channel 3. Like What? It's everything. YinWar from Love Mechanics trended with millions of people obsessed and wanting the show to be extended and actually appropriately done. In came Channel 3 and we have this gem coming on April. No words. YinWar on screen is thrilling; War is just outstanding as Mark, his nuances, his glares, his looks of pain and longing, man I was absorbed into it. Although LM's writing is toxic and really left me feeling confused and uncomfortable with the details pushed aside, it was hard to ship VeeMark when Yin's character made terrible decisions and was awful even in the book. I'm the queen of analysing damaged flawed characters, and I don't run away from toxicity as long as there is a growth and change later on, as long as there's a good reason we needed to see that. For Vee's character, his actions were unnecessary for us to know about his character; they were just messy and upsetting. That's why I think seeing more depth for his actions and seeing Mark regress and also make mistakes like him will even out their relationship and make me feel more understanding about how these two flawed characters came to be and why they should be together.  Let's hope with funds from Channel 3, more effort and energy put into the show, it'll be great because with actors like War this show can be just as big as it was when it had errors. Maybe even better. 
Ratings 3.5/5 Love mechanics messy storyline makes me worried about this, but I think I might have a great time watching and analysing Mark's revenge after being heartbroken. The angst and drama of it all just sound interesting.
Tumblr media
Channel 3
2020 brought a new surprise with Channel 3 deciding to invest in BLS. BLs have always been not on mainstream channels, so seeing Channel 3 in Thailand decide to make their own shows, a collab with other companies, and bring some directors and writers and actors known in the BL world already, shows they are serious. This may be because of the success of 2gether and other breakthroughs in 2019 taking over the scene. But I can see that Channel 3 did not come here to play, they are researching, looking for ways to make a great BL with the information provided on the past BLs and they want to make it big. And you know what with shows like GEN Y showing up last year, I want to believe that Channel 3 is a competition for GMMTV and others. They invest in funds and have longer minutes for their episodes, and they also pay attention to international fans by streaming on new places like Iquiyi and others. It's exciting. Channel 3 has already dipped their toes with Love Mechanics, and in 2021 they have even more shows to give us:
Tumblr media
Teddy Bear Miracle
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Supernatural, Drama, Friends to Lovers, Fantasy,  Mystery, Lakorn
What a weird title for a show. What an odd premise. What a bizarre book. But you know what I'm so excited about this; this is meant to be a lakorn series that is BL. Like wow, it has a good cast, known faces in the Thai acting scene and a director/screenwriter who has won awards for his own script. That's even more exciting. But the best thing about this is that it's a fantasy and has supernatural themes, yep it's weird we're dealing with a magic system where teddy bears come to life, and other inanimate objects talk? But I'm so excited to see what this brings; we have a man transformed from a teddy bear with amnesia who's searching for his past and how he ended up as one and his owner who's not yet ready to let his comfort go. It's so interesting, with family history and drama and of course, a romance that will probably touch my heart. I'm excited for this zany, wacky and dramatic show. Normally, I shy away from the crazy because I don't like crack humour, and it just means a bunch of many irritating sound effects and editing choices. But I want to trust the whole team from Channel 3, from the behind the scenes the show looks great, the couple has chemistry, and I'm excited to delve into the mystery at play and see what this story is meant to become. So excited honestly.
Ratings: 4.1/5 The wacky magic system scares me not going to lie, but I have faith for some reason in Channel 3, so I think this might shock us all. I think we'll get good acting, and perhaps good directing too. The mystery might also make me want to analyse. We shall see.
Tumblr media
Lovely Writer
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Angst, Drama, Acting/Writing Industry, Haters to Lovers,  
Did you say Kao and Up and P'Tee the director of TharnType the series? Sign me up I'm there; I've been screaming a bit since I heard about this series. From the first time, it was announced that Channel 3 was turning the book into a show, I was like this sounds unique again? And it has an interesting plot, I guess, and it's also going to have drama. I'm hopeful then. When I heard about the whole team and watched the trailer, I got into it even more. Lovely Writer sounds right up my alley, to be honest, we have this introverted writer who is determined to write a masterpiece and stop his company from making him produce BLs for the hype only for his next project to be a BL show which leads him to his new sneaky, sly, wolf in sheep's clothing roommate. Kao played his roommate from Until we meet again who won my heart as Korn and made me cry buckets. So, of course, I'm excited, Nubsib (Kao) may have some tricks up his sleeve to get next to Gene, but I think things will be more complicated than he thought, I'm ready to explore the world of the film industry and dating scandals that Gene and Sib will fall into the more they fall for each other. The angst and drama. Can't wait. Also, TharnType is one of my favourite series, and one of the reasons is because of Tee so... That's even more reason to see Gene and Sip's love story develop. Will it be as angsty, passionate and filled with plot twists? From what I hear maybe. 
Ratings: 4/5 I just think this is an excellent team for a BL backed by Channel 3 and also has an exciting plot filled with ups and downs. I'm excited to see what happens and from the behind the scenes they released in the new year I think it'll be right up my alley.
Tumblr media
It had to be mentioned that I'm still in shock that Nadao is investing more into BL's. I don't know why, it just feels too good to be true, after giving me show after show that's perfection and quality I'm starting to have high expectations and hope for more, despite my weary heart not wanting to trust that this is real. I'm dramatic, I know. Anyways Nadao has gifted me twice with two shows that have shocked me and made my jaw fall in awe. I'm just like wow, they really did that. Every single piece of work that comes from them is art. Every single script is exceptionally written. Every single show is acted beautifully, and every single director and producer makes me inspired by the way they create. This is when focusing on their BLs because Great Man Academy and I told sunset about you are masterpieces in their own way, they deserve to be praised and never forgotten. It's just incredible that with a company like Nadao, everything falls into place, even when we think it won't because of past experiences. Nadao has shown up and decided to create unique pieces each thoughtful. Deep and breathtaking. Why won't I be over the moon when 2021 announces that we're getting another part from them with I told sunset about you getting a sequel. You bet I haven't stopped screaming and looking at the time to hurry up, so we get to March 11. I'm serious.
Tumblr media
Genre: Romance,  Angst, Drama, University, Coming of age
And that's because of what ITSAY was to us in 2020. It was something that can't be explained concisely. It was everything. To hear that we're getting the second part of the story of Oh and Teh, I feel like I am already preparing my heart and mind for another invasion, last time I was a mess because of this show, I was all over the place because of this show, and I was incredibly happy for a moment because of this show. To relive that again would be everything. It's slightly worrying that Teh and Oh finally getting together and fighting through the odds to stay together will run into more obstacles. Are you kidding me? After all, we went through to see them together?? It makes me worried, I have this real distrust for sequels of BLs, and it hasn't changed despite 2020 producing some okay follow-ups. Sequels never meet the expectation set; sequels are always reduced in quality because the focus is now on popularity and fame, sequels lose their integrity of the characters we've come to know and love and sequels hurt. They make me sometimes give up on a show that is my love, and it hurts. It's a painful realisation that I can't take away or forget the sequel events, so these characters are now ruined infinitely for me—looking at Together with me next chapter. It's scary. But Nadao hasn't failed yet, I mean it when I say their scripts are like works of art, I mean it when I say you can tell they put blood, sweat and tears to create their shows, why would ITSAY part 2 be any different? These two shows I mentioned before are coming together because the director of GMA is joining the team of ITSAY to produce whilst Boss becomes the producer. As long as he's there, I'm fine, as long as we still get hard work, energy, effort and thought put into it. I'm fine. Because it translates on screen, I'll try to lower my expectations, but I can't wait to see BilkinPP as TehOh again. I can't wait to fall in love with the show all over again. Let's hope we all end up satisfied. 
Ratings: 4.5/5 The being a sequel is what's deducting the 0.5. I can't come here and be a fool; I must guard my heart against disappointment somewhat, despite failing already to do so.
Tumblr media
Other Affiliates
We have our other shows. These were a pleasant surprise. With all the growth of new BLs, it's starting to get crowded and saturated, but as much as it's hard to see which shows stand out above all the noise,  some make you see it. These shows are the ones that stand out for me out of the rest in 2021. I don't know what companies they're from, all I know is the information given to me and past experiences.
Tumblr media
Genre: Romance, Mafia, Angst, Drama, Friends to Lovers, Haters to Lovers, Bodyguard trope
AHHH. Can you hear me AHH. Okay, I'll calm down. But no really, KinnPorsche is finally preparing for filming and the cast has been set and I'm screaming. KinnPorsche was the book in 2020 that was announced as the most coveted; I remember so many fandoms wanted their actors to be chosen as the main cast. The reason? Because this is meant to be the first Mafia/Crime BL. Yes, you heard us, no more universities and engineers we're doing bodyguards and spoilt gangsters. I'm... But just knowing this, you just know that the show will also have angst, angst angstttt for days, drama, and a romance that probably involves haters to lovers, passion, and character development. We're coming in with guns blazing, with many side couples that look just as good and interesting, and many actors that look perfect for their roles. I cannot wait for KinnPorsche, especially when one of my favourite actors is going to be in it as a second lead Jeff Satur! Have you seen the posters, the character introduction, who they're casting for the rest of the show? This looks amazing, it seems well put together, and the whole team looks determined and ready to give us a great show. I'm honestly so excited, but I've also heard things about the book that I will have to wait for the show to be a judge of before saying. All I can say is quality of a show also includes the themes in the script, we're trying to evolve past the toxic plots and ideas in BL, so I'm hoping if there is any we cut it real quick and change that part. It's the producers and directors' choice to keep parts in that could be edited or removed. I haven't read the book, so I'm going to be wary about it for now, but from the whole cast, teasers, and posters I really think this show could be a favourite if appropriately handled. 
Ratings: 4?/5 The question mark is for the rumours I've heard about the book. I can't lie that I want this show to be great and become one of my all-time favourites but with angst and violent personalities and passion comes leeways to toxicity and more and that's just not cute or needed.
Tumblr media
My Engineer Season 2
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Angst, Drama, Friends to Lovers, Haters to Lovers, Unrequited love,  University,
Okay, this is it, folks. My Engineer came in 2020 and knocked our socks off; it's the most underrated great show in 2020 (apart from why r u) in my opinion. It was brilliantly constructed with enough screen time and plot for every couple of the show. My Engineer is a great show; it didn't make it to my favourites because I had issues with the main couple, but it was my most enjoyed when it came to the side couples. Because we had KingRam, TharaFong, and MekBoss. (Sorry to BohnDuen Fans). These were some of the most exciting, heartfelt, loving couples in 2020, KingRam was just chef kiss. And to hear that we're getting a sequel based on them? Well you know what I did, I screamed. I loved both KingRam and TharaFrong they were done so well, acted so well, and they made me laugh and laugh and then squeal and blush. They were too cute. The ending of my engineer left both these couples on a cliff hanger; we had a depressing bro zone with TharaFong as Fong came to realise his feelings, we had a wait what moment with Ram telling King he wasn't drunk when the kiss happened which is essentially a 'we need to deal with this new situation' text. And it's got me so excited to see what happens next. The first part of this was excitement. The second part is sigh, sequels. I told you didn't sequels are just urgh. I couldn't stop my excitement about KingRam, and I went to read the novel, and I usually don't mind it, but I don't think if the sequel is based on their story that I'd like them in season 2. And that's ridiculous because they're finally the main couple of season 2, and TalayPerth is impressive to see on screen. Sigh. I wasn't happy when reading the book; there are specific actions and choices made that just shifts the dynamic of the first season into the opposite. And I'm not particularly excited to relive those moments. Let's just say I still have high hopes for My engineer mostly cause I don't know what's happening to the other couples; I really hope there's a change in the script, maybe more information, more reasons for the characters to act the way they do, more depth? Because I want to like this show, I want it successful, but I'm not a clown I can't pretend it will be if it's based on the books. We'll see if I'm proved wrong. I hope I am.
Ratings: 3.5- Why did I read the book why?? I should have come into it blind I would have given it a 5/5 just for KingRam. Sigh
Tumblr media
Love Stage 
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Gender Bender, Friends to Lovers, Childhood friends,  
This was a shock. Thailand has started to remake mangas from Japan, and it's all the most loved ones. In 2021 we already have Antique Bakery being remade by GMMTV (Read my GMMTV Giants of 2021) and now we have Love Stage which is also getting a Japanese Movie remake out in 2021. It's a great manga, anime and it's going to be a fun show. I enjoyed the characters, and I liked the storyline. But what I'm the most excited about when it comes to this is Kaownah and Turbo finally, after years of waiting have a new series. YES. Kaownah plays Long in TharnType our villain, and he was incredible in that. I heard he and Turbo were meant to be in the show My Umbrella, but it was cancelled and forgotten which was disappointing. These two are so cute, they're known for their fanservice and their chemistry and friendship. And I like them a lot. I can't wait to see Love Stage. I think they'll kill it. Can't wait to hear more about it let's hope this time it sticks and comes through on our screens. 
Ratings: 4/5 It's a fun storyline, and it has an excellent acting couple. I'm excited.
Tumblr media
If 2021 already sounded brilliant because of GMMTV 2021, 2021 sounds even more exciting with these new shows; there's so many coming out, so many breaking stereotypes, so many unique plotlines, and so many great actors showing up. It's going to be a great year. I'm just glad BLs are growing, things are changing slowly, things are starting to have meaning and improve, international fans are being listened to, LGBT voices is also being listened to, we are getting there, not yet there but closer, every single time someone makes a choice to create a great plot and story that is more than just two guys making out, a show filled with heart, messages and essential representation with the good actors that also want the shows to mean something or are willing to put their all in it, every time someone chooses to make a good BL, you're paving the way for change and for the meaning of BL to change as well, for it just to be seen as something more in media. And that's needed for so many people who want shows like this to be respected and created for voices that need to be heard and displayed. Let’s see more with excellent quality in 2021.
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bex-pendragon · 3 months ago
Bex's Book Corner #14
Tumblr media
And we're back!
I am once again doing monthly roundups of the books I've read in 2022. I've set a higher goal for myself this year: 58 books. I got off to a good start in January by reading a total of 6 books. I'm also doing the Popsugar Reading Challenge again because hey, why not?
Here's what I read in January:
1. On Top of Glass by Karina Manta
Karina Manta made history back in 2019 when her essay “I Can’t Hate My Body if I Love Hers” was published in the New York Times. Karina was the first female Team USA figure skater to come out as bisexual back in 2018.
Tumblr media
Her memoir, On Top of Glass, follows up on her essay with the full story of her coming of age as a figure skater and her struggle to find acceptance in a sport that hasn’t always been welcoming. As a lifelong figure skating fan, I found this to be a fascinating read. I loved learning more about skating culture, training, and everything else. Manta’s writing style is lively and engaging. Even when she was struggling with anxiety and body image, she found her way to make a mark on the sport with her partner, Joe Johnson. Together, they became the first known ice dancers where both members of the team were LGBT and both came out while they were still competing. Fun fact: she also went to the prom with Jason Brown!
You can see their final free dance, choreographed by Christopher Dean, on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCugp67NNmU
Popsugar Reading Challenge: A sapphic book (Manta is bisexual) or a book by a Latinx author (Manta’s father is Uruguyan)
Similar Books: Tessa and Scott: Our Journey from Childhood Dream to Gold by Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, One Life by Megan Rapinoe.
Content Warnings: discussion of anxiety, body dysmorphia, and disordered eating.
2. The Excalibur Curse by Kiersten White
This book is the conclusion of the Camelot Rising trilogy. And what a ride it’s been! I read the first instalment, The Guinevere Deception, way back in 2020. I’m a fan of Arthurian retellings and I’ve been very keen to see how the series would end.
In this retelling, Guinevere is a changeling: an unknown entity sent to Camelot by Merlin to protect Arthur with her forbidden magic. Guinevere faces many challenges over the course of the series - most of all, struggling to find a place in a world that would not accept her if they knew who she truly was. Many key figures from Arthurian legend are reimagined here, including Mordred, Morgana, Isolde, and a genderbent version of Lancelot. Just as Arthur has his knights, Guinevere has spent the series cultivating her own group of loyal and extraordinary women. Seeing them take matters into their own hands was extremely satisfying.
Tumblr media
Popsugar Reading Challenge: A book about someone leading a double life.
Similar Books: The Queen’s Rising duology by Rebecca Ross and Seven Endless Forests by April Genevieve Tucholke.
Content Warnings: Kidnapping, stabbing, drowning.
3. Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid
My first audiobook of the year and my second TJR book. I finally gave into the hype last year and read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, which I loved. There’s an interconnectedness between the two books: Mick Riva, the father of the Riva children at the centre of Malibu Rising, was one of the infamous seven husbands. Celia St. James also gets a shoutout.
The story is told in two timelines. It’s 1983, and the grownup Riva children are about to host the party of the year in their beachfront mansion. Between the hours of the day leading up to the party, we get flashbacks of the early years to set the scene. Their parents had a turbulent relationship. One of the kids has a different mother. Their dad was never there. But through it all, the kids had each other. Back in the present, the party starts and drama ensues: the siblings all have secrets. By the end of the party, all their dirty laundry will be aired.
TJR is the master of dual timelines. I was glued to this audio from start to finish.
Popsugar Reading Challenge: A book set in the 1980’s.
Similar Books: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid, Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas.
Content Warnings: alcoholism, drowning, parental abandonment, fire.
4. People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry
This was one of those books I meant to read last year and didn’t get to. It’s also my third Emily Henry book. Like Malibu Rising before it, People We Meet on Vacation is told in dual timelines. In the present day, it’s been two years since the friendship breakup of Poppy and Alex: a pair of millennials who have been friends since college. They’ve gone on vacation together every year since they met. But two years ago, something happened. Chronological snippets of their past vacations are interspersed between the chapters and eventually a pattern begins to emerge. I kind of guessed what it was that broke them up, but let me tell you: the eventual reconciliation was excellent. Emily Henry nailed the best friends to lovers trope. And lucky for me, she has another book coming out this year!
Popsugar Reading Challenge: A book set during a holiday.
Similar Books: Beach Read by Emily Henry, The Ex-Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon, and Much Ado About You by Suzanne Young.
Content Warnings: sexual content, brief mention of drug usage.
5. Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
One of those classics I’ve been meaning to read for a long time. I watched the movie adaptation a couple of years ago and I loved it. I find that when I watch the movie first, I often like it better than the book - if I ever get around to reading the book at all. But this is one of those instances where I liked both equally. The movie is gorgeous and heartfelt. The book has a slightly different vibe, but it’s also enjoyable.
Tumblr media
There are some subplots that were cut from the film and because we get to spend more time with the characters, we really get to see them develop. I loved Sophie in both iterations. She’s a young woman turned into an old lady by a witch’s spell and she gives zero forks. She’s finally able to express herself. Howl is more rakish than he was in the movie, but I enjoyed him too. There were several subplots from the book that got cut from the movie, so it was nice to get more backstory about Sophie and Howl’s families as well. This ended up being one of those instances where I enjoyed the book and the movie equally.
Popsugar Reading Challenge: A book with an onomatopoeia in the title
Similar Books: Stardust by Neil Gaiman, A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. LeGuin
Content Warnings: death of a parent (off page)
6. Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim
I’m always here for retellings - especially fairytale retellings. Elizabeth Lim’s Six Crimson Cranes is loosely inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s Wild Swans, infused with East Asian folklore. It also takes place in the same fictional universe as her earlier Spin the Dawn duology, but you don’t need to read one to understand the other. The heroine of the story is Princess Shiori, the only sister in a family of royal brothers. She possesses magic in a land where magic has been forbidden. Her stepmother also has magic, and when she finds out about Shiori’s powers, she curses her and her brothers. But not everything is what it seems.
Shiori goes on a journey reminiscent of a Disney princess. I’ve always loved some of Hans Christian Andersen’s lesser known stories - The Snow Queen was a favourite of mine before Frozen came along. The Wild Swans is another story I’ve hoped to see a retelling of and I finally got it with Six Crimson Cranes. It preserves just enough of the original story while also being its own thing. Elizabeth Lim nailed it. Now I’m impatiently awaiting the sequel!
Popsugar Reading Challenge: A book about a secret
Similar Books: Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim, Jade Fire Gold by June C.L. Tan, The Swan Kingdom by Zoe Marriott.
Content Warnings: death of a parent (off page), animal death, blood, fire.
That's it for January! I'm two books ahead of my goal for this year, so we'll see how it goes.
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nbrook29 · a year ago
So a few weeks ago, @foxsake5 sent me one of those dialogue prompts, and at the time I wasn’t taking them anymore but since she’s the sweetest I just couldn’t say no 😌💖
I’m sorry for the wait, I hope this isn’t awful :)
Therefore, ladies and gentlemen:
159. [text] Also, my bed has glitter in it for reasons I do not recall.
The hopes he had late last night of waking up with all his symptoms miraculously gone vanish seconds after he wakes up and gets aware of his surroundings. 
His head still feels like it’s full of cotton, eyes sting and itch at the same time, and his nose being all stuffy is the proverbial cherry on top of his misery. Before he can fully grasp this truly pathetic situation he’s in, he feels the beginnings of a sneezing fit brewing in his nostrils and sure enough, a moment later all hell breaks loose.
When he finally finishes, his chest aches with the effort and he drops his head back onto the pillow, whining at the unfairness of it all. 
Every year, it’s the same story. Spring comes, trees and flowers release tiny grains to fertilize other plants and Robbe is doomed. He’s so fucking doomed. April barely arrives and he turns into a sneezing, itching, coughing, swollen mess. It’s not pretty. Far from it actually. 
He curses himself for being stupid and believing he was cured after last year’s very mild case. Thinking about it now, it was probably due to being forced to stay in the house for the entire month more than anything. All his hopes of battling this fucking thing forever are now officially gone. His disappointment is immeasurable, his day is ruined.
And, Sander’s not here.
Why is he not here.
Why isn’t he lovingly stroking his brow to ease his sinuses pressure like he did last night.
He’s gonna have to have a serious conversation with his boyfriend because this is just unacceptable behavior.
Tugging the duvet tighter around himself to prevent the chilliness of the room from touching on his toasty warm body, he reaches for his phone. When Sander’s beautiful face welcomes him from his screen background, he yearns for his comforting presence even more. Yes, he’s being a tad dramatic, but sick Robbe has always been a drama queen, needing care and attention. Mama Ijzermans always laughs at him, saying he turns into a five year old when down with a runny nose. There may be a bit of truth to that statement, Robbe is a man enough to admit that. He just really hates having to blow his nose every ten seconds and all that, okay? Sue him.
Just as he’s about to start typing, his eye catches something flickering in the sunlight on Sander’s pillow. Frowning, he shifts closer to inspect it and discovers sprinkles of glitter covering the bottom half, and it’s honestly barely detectable, but for Robbe’s skilled eye it’s no hardship. 
Weird. Unless he somehow missed the fact that Sander turns into a sparkly unicorn every night at midnight in the last year and a half, there’s no reasonable explanation for glitter being in his bed.
He decides to leave it be for the time being and goes back to the job at hand.
R: Where are u and why aren’t u here 
S: Hello to you too, love of my life, light of my day 
R: ☹️
S: I had to run home cause I forgot I promised my mum I'll be there when the couch delivery comes
R: That's a very elaborate excuse for you abandonning me
I won’t hold it against you if you decided to leave me after being faced with my gross snotty self :(
S: You’re not gross
R: I don’t believe you
S: Okay you’re a tiny bit gross rn but I'm not afraid of your snot 💪🏻
I'll be back in 40 minutes x
R: I'll try to survive til then 🥺
I miss you 🥺
I need your cuddles 🥺
I miss your fingers in my hair, my head hurts less then 🤧
S: You're so sweet when you're all sniffly 😂
R: That's cause I need you to get your butt here faster
S: I'll try my best
R: Okay :(
Hey sander?
S: Yeah?
R: My bed has glitter in it for reasons I do not recall
S: 😶
R: Why is there glitter in my bed
S: Idk
R: I hate glitter
S: Maybe it's the allergies making you see things
R: 😠 what did u do why is there glitter in my bed????
S: Gotta go the delivery guy is here love youuu 
When he wakes up next time his head is still stuffed, but the feeling of warmth coming off Sander’s body and his hand playing with his hair makes it that much bearable. Scooching closer, he wraps his arm around his waist and buries his face into his black t-shirt, hoping the graphical form of Freddie Mercury in the front of it won’t mind much if he messes it with his runny nose by accident.
“I bought croissants on my way over, and there’s hot lemon tea waiting for you in the kitchen. Do you feel like getting up?” Sander asks in a gentle tone, hand stilling where it felt so good on Robbe’s scalp.
And no, he doesn’t really feel like it. So he decides to use the power of his eyes on Sander and rests his chin on his chest, giving him a pleading look that he knows his boyfriend is far from being immune to. 
“Bring it here?”
Sander regards him for a second like he’s searching for a strength inside him to say no to him, but very quickly he gives up, head shaking at himself as his fingers resume the ministrations in Robbe’s hair.
He lets out a deep sigh. “I’m such a pushover, aren’t I?” And Robbe knows he won because there’s a smile tugging at Sander’s lips and a moment later, he disentangles himself from Robbe’s grabby arms, heading to the kitchen for their breakfast.
They eat in bed, sitting side by side, shoulders brushing as they keep reaching for the goodies on the tray balanced on Sander’s thighs. Robbe has his feet tucked under his calves, his extra clinginess during sick time coming out in all force, but Sander doesn’t comment on it, just smiles and kisses his temple, looking like he doesn’t mind to be his personal teddy bear for the time being. He lets Robbe lie half on top of him when they watch silly youtube videos and draws mindless patterns on his back as his arm is probably asleep from being stuck in the same position. His fingers make goosebumps rise all over Robbe’s body and he must be thinking the shiver is the result of cold because he then meticulously tucks the comforter around him, making sure Robbe is burrito-like and safe from cold.
It’s the first time Robbe has been somewhat under the weather since they got together and he melts at every caress and gentle touch that Sander provides without even thinking about it and just in general being this five star on booking.com thoughtful boyfriend.
So yeah, Sander is passing this when-in-sickness exam with flying colors, Robbe thinks, as he leaves a few kisses on what looks like Freddie Mercury’s hair, reveling in Sander’s content sigh.
It’s an all around peaceful afternoon, except when the peace is occasionally broken with sneezing, blowing (only nose, damn it) and groaning in displeasure. Sander is taking it all like a champ, teasing him only a little and handing tissue after tissue, his face twisting at the grossness of Robbe’s state only a few times. Mostly, he just squeezes him tighter, scratches his back in that way he likes, kisses the pout out of his face despite the gross factor and makes him a fresh tea. 
He even cooks him a soup when Robbe naps out of things he finds in Robbe’s mom fridge, leaving Robbe himself gaping at him in astonishment, more so when the soup actually turns out good, because he had no idea Sander could cook something more than croques. 
The confession earns him a light jab in the ribs, light because Sander is still considerate of his state, but jab indeed because he will not stand for Robbe disbelief in his cooking skills, hell no. Robbe then keeps moaning in pleasure at the taste of every single spoon of the tomato soup to show his gratitude (and because it’s really good) and Sander rolls his eyes at him, but there’s a pleased smile on his face that lets Robbe know his ruffled feathers have been smoothed.
When they get back to just simply lounging around in bed with Robbe breathing (wheezing) loudly as he plays with Sander’s fingers, he remembers something.
Propping his head with his hand, he narrows his eyes at Sander. “So what about that glitter?”
The guilty look that immediately blooms on Sander’s face leaves him with no doubt that it was his fault. He thumps his chest in frustration.
“I’m sorry! I just, I was kinda bored after you fell asleep so fast last night, and, um, I bought some new paints yesterday,” he explains, wincing at Robbe’s growing frown. He scratches his head before he continues as if to delay the fallout. “And I wanted to try them out a bit and some of them might have contained, um, glitter in them?” he ends in a squeaky voice, waiting for Robbe to blow up, because he’s well aware of his burning hate for glitter. 
It’s like herpes. Once it’s on you, it never goes away.
“I can change the sheets later?” Sander adds wide-eyed, buttering him up as he leans in to kiss him once, twice, three times, until the scoff on Robbe’s lips melts completely. 
He could get mad, but Sander has been so sweet today and he’s looking so apologetic now, like he’s actually afraid Robbe may throw him out the door for this unfortunate incident of bringing that abomination into his house. The idea is so ridiculous it makes him giggle, and at first, Sander’s confused, waiting for the other shoe to drop, but when Robbe doesn’t stop, he scoffs at him and pouts.
“Ugh, you made me believe you’re gonna yell at me and put a ban on sex for a month or something, jerk.” 
He folds his arms all petulant as Robbe keeps rolling in bed, laughing, but then the sneezing fit abruptly stops Robbe’s fun and he sits up straight, letting out one sneeze after another, losing count after the eighth one. He thinks he got to twenty in the end, his new record, and when it’s finally over he feels so miserable and achy he doesn’t feel like laughing anymore. His eyes are so watery it feels like they’re gonna spill out any second now, nose rubbed so red it’s painful to even breathe and cheeks burning hot from the congestion.
Sander keeps handing him tissues, holding the waste bin in his other hand, and Robbe must look really awful because all signs of sulking are gone from his now sympathetic face as he gathers him into his arms, whispering sweet nothings into his hair as Robbe hides his face in the crook of his neck to keep his frustration tears at bay.
Sander is graceful enough to not say anything when a few escape anyway.
“Maybe you should see a doctor, huh?” he suggests after a while, hand stroking Robbe’s arm. “Maybe he will give you something?”
Robbe shakes his head, his voice raspy when he replies. “It’s no use, the doctor is gonna give me stuff that’s gonna make me drowsy. I just need to get over those first few days, it always gets better afterwards.”
He gets a lingering peck to his forehead. “Okay.” 
“Thanks for being so amazing.” Robbe looks at him with sincerity from under his droopy lids, thumb sweeping under his eye in caressing motion. Sander just smiles, shaking his head a little as if Robbe’s gratitude is silly.
“You’re always there for me when the situation is reversed, right?”
And they both know he’s not talking about allergies, of course he’s not. No more words are necessary as Robbe considers him for a few seconds, love shining in his bloodshot eyes before he shifts closer to place a kiss on his chin and then snuggles to him as close as humanly possible, his heart full when Sander does the same.
Robbe’s eyes sting too much for them to keep watching anything on their phones, but they’re also too lazy to get up and actually do something and they’re not yet hungry enough to think about preparing dinner. So to kill time, Sander quizzes him about Bowie and his lyrics, the year and a half of them being a couple pretty much skyrocketing Robbe’s knowledge about this man, so he knows the answers to 3/4 of the questions, Sander's eyes gleaming with pride as he pretends to wipe the imaginary tear making Robbe giggle and forget about his state for a while.
Eventually, Sander’s calming and sweet like honey voice lulls him to sleep, and the last thing he registers as he’s losing the fight to keep his eyes open is Sander chuckling as he promises him quietly to paint him in all of the intense colors of those glittery paints he owns soon and there’s nothing he can do to stop him.
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princeasimdiya12 · a year ago
Quick Thoughts & Prediction for April, May and June
Heyo guys. So in regards to the news about May and June Duck making an appearance in the series finale along with the rumors about Webby being April Duck, I’d like to give my thoughts on the matter.
I don’t like it very much.
Mainly because it feels too forced to have Webby be revealed to be another canonical Duck-verse character all along. We’ve come to know and love this charmingly violent girl for so many years and now they’re going to revamp her identity as a triplet all along? Especially with one of the last episodes of the series? It really doesn’t make sense and it would create alot of fan whiplash with this new information. Plus it would be unfair for the twins/triplets since they’d be identified as just extensions of Webby rather then being their own characters.
Not to mention that there’s little to no significant build up to suggest that Webby is actually a long lost twin. At most, there’s more clues and hints throughout season 3 about Webby being a clone for F.O.W.L. rather than a lost triplet. And even if May and June were also revealed to be clones, how did they end up in the care of Daisy’s sister? I doubt Bradford or F.O.W.L. in general would be so careless as to allow their clone subjects into the public for so long.
Additionally, it wouldn’t make sense to have Webby be part of a new trio when she’s already part of a trio. Team Friendship is Magic! Having her be one of Daisy’s nieces would cheapen her pre-existing friendships with Lena and Violet.
So as you can see, I have alot of concerns regarding this potential theory. But I do have faith in the writers that they’ll know what to do regarding these characters when it’s showtime. They’ve created one of the greatest reboots of the modern era and have taken great care with developing their characters and relations (most of the time).  And to lessen the fears, I kind of have an idea for how this plot point will go down.
During Part 1 of The Last Adventure, the McDuck family will hold Webby’s birthday party inviting their friends, family and honorary heroes.
Daisy brings along her nieces May and June and has them interact with the kids while she hangs out with the adults.
Webby is eager to make new friends and is surprised to meet the twins. 
One of them (let’s go with May) reveals that they’re actually triplets but they lost their beloved sister April many years ago. She goes on a dramatic spiel with how they were close and how her heart yearns for her lost sister.
Woah, Webby says as she starts to wonder if she’s the lost sister. She never really considered what her own past was like since Granny never talked about it much and how she’s been focused on her new family and friends.
Then everything changed when the F.O.W.L. Nation attacks the party. Using elaborate traps and elite agents to separate the Ducks. 
Webby decides to use this opportunity to bond with May and June. If they’re as close as May described, then she should be able to bond flawlessly with them and figure out how to fight F.O.W.L. like Webby normally does. 
It doesn’t work.
*Cue to the family working together to escape the traps and fend off the agents*. 
When everything’s settled. Webby decides to be upfront to the girls by claiming to be their lost sister.
But as she does, June gets a call/text from none other then April. There was a news report about Funso’s undergoing some chaotic event and she wanted to check on them to see how they were.
Wait what? Webby asks. Believing that April disappeared. 
June then reveals that April was at home due to being sick or homework or some other third thing. May is a drama queen who loves to over exaggerate her life and June decided not to fight it anymore.
The girls head home with their aunt while Webby does some deep thinking. 
Even though she isn’t revealed to be a lost triplet, she is still curious about her own past and where she came from. 
Realizing that her answers lie in the one person she supposedly trusts, she goes straight to Beakley for an explanation.
But then...
AAAHH!! Black Heron shows up to abduct her and/or Beakely.
End of Part 1
That’s how I see it at least. What do you guys think of this? If you agree or disagree with anything I’ve stated, feel free to reblog this with your thoughts on the subject.
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koreandragon · 4 months ago
every month of 2021 - most popular sets
post your favourite or most popular post from each month this year (it’s okay to skip months)
tagged by @deokmis thank you, this is a fun chance to go through all my gifs from this year!
january: this mr.queen gifset. i tried some new things and maskings so i think it’s pretty good. the most popular was this strangers from hell gifset solely because of the awesome lighting of this scene which is weird because that drama is from 2019 i just decided to redo one of my older ones.
february: my favorites were this and this mr.queen gifset. one of them is really funny and i had a lot of fun doing it and the other one is to give a little closure to the people who watched the show. the most popular was this mr queen set :’)
march: my favorites are this and this vincenzo set. i was really pushing my limits and discovering new things with this show cause all i wanted to do was gif it all the time lmao. the most popular was this vincenzo set of vincenzo being whipped for cha young
april: my absolute favorite was this vincenzo as classic movie posters set which is still one of my favorite sets i’ve ever done. the post that got the most notes was my boy han seo. tumblr even used it in their weekly fandometrics post
may: this vincenzo set and this set of just sjk laughing are my personal favorites. the one with the most notes is vincenzo being a jealous boyfriend with almost 3k notes??
june: this month my favorite was definitely this doom at your service/zootopia set that i did based on kfans comparing the pairing to nick and judy. however my most popular post was just a set of taecyeon being sexy as fuck. hottest are still alive and well.
july: these months were filled with these two, jisung and his twink life partner jinyoung.  and of course the post with a whopping 1.8k notes is gaon and yohan having their pride and prejudice moment which cannot have a heterosexual explanation.
august: i didn’t even gif any kdramas this month but skz had a comeback and this set blew up
september: this skz set was pretty baller
october: i tried something completely new for this dali and gamjatang gifset. my most popular set was this alice in borderland poker card set
november: no words i just love my happiness couple
december: hm, there’s currently a gif challenge going on so i might do something better than this but until then this bad and crazy set is my favorite solely because i think it turned out really sharp and well colored, there’s really nothing to it. it is also my most popular set as of now. there’s also my top 5 kdramas set that i really like
tagging: @mostlyfate @cuddlybitch @junghaesin @gominshi @liveasbutterflies @belsmultifandommess @kateknowsdramas 
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pizzaapplecheese · a year ago
Donald and Daisy’s relationship in tlottc
this is my opinions on what is going on and their relationship and there will defiantly be spoilers and maybe a bit of bias, anyways on to my review
we first see Daisy and Donald’s relationship in the first episode, we are introduced to Daisy when she called Donald on the phone, she says that she can't wait for their date and that she wants him to hurry because she was waiting for him in a place she felt unsafe in, Donald says he will, but then he got a phone call from his boss asking him why he was late, Donald was confused by that because he thought he has a day off on his birthday (which funny enough was Friday 13 XD) anyways his boss said if he doesn’t come as soon as possible he would have to fire Donald, Donald rushed into his job and was on his last costumer, a kid who refused to get his haircut which got Donald angry and he tried to cut the boy’s hair so hard that he accident shaved it and he got fired, just like his house since he forgot to remove the kettle on the stove, remember Daisy? Donald forgot to tell her that he suddenly busy that day so she thought he stood her up and dumped him, which is understandable.
the first episode was to show how bad Donald’s life is by showing a bunch of misunderstandings, bad-luck, and having zero proper communication, the first episode have him lose his job, girlfriend, and house all in one day which ironically was his birthday, even though her breaking up with Donald was justified we were presented with Donald having so many problems going around in the span of half a day that I felt a little bit annoyed with Daisy suddenly calling him and calling him selfish.
the next time we see daisy was in episode 5 (which I assume was at least a month and a half in their universe), she visits Donald in his new house when April, May, and June told her the Donald was doing better according to Daisy. Donald says that they should go eat in a restaurant so she can meet the “new Donald” Donald recommended the greasy pan, the rust skillet, and the burnt onion (which Panchito says he finds delicious) all of which she was disgusted in, until her nieces says that he was messing around an was actually going to take her to Shake Quackmore (which is a very rich restaurant) and her response was “oh that is so 2.0″ when Donald heard that she liked the idea he stopped panicking on how expensive that is and instead went along just to make her happy, on the date they talked about what Donald was doing after they left, Xandra says he was not allowed to tell her about the three caballeros or else she would be in danger, so he lies to her on what he was doing, she then talks about the reason she dumped Donald which was she said “one of the reasons we broke up is that i could never count on you, you are always leaving me stranded” anyways back with the others, they were in serious trouble with the lava queen thing and they needed Donald to help them so Xandra took Donald and pretty much yelled “DONALD, Panchito and Jose are in trouble” and donald being a good friend that he is tells her that he needs to go because his friends needed him which for some reason she was angry at, when Xandra and Donald left Xandra tells him to not worry and that she was sure that daisy would understand with Donald replying “you don’t know Daisy” after Donald helped his friends he ran back to the restaurant and asked Daisy to forgive him, but Daisy left. Her nieces gave Donald a letter Daisy wrote to him that says “Donald, you are just as angry, undependable, and selfish as you always were. Don’t ever call, email, text, write, video conference, speak time or smoke signal me ever again, however the service her was excellent, 4 stars”.
okay, so the first half was okay, like she was just visiting Donald and seeing how he was doing, which I think was okay. I find it a little strange she was disgusted by Donald’s choice of restaurants until her niece stepped in and recommended a very expensive restaurant but I brushed it off, after that when she talks about the reason she broke up with Donald, if you forgot then this is what she said “one of the reasons we broke up is that i could never count on you, you are always leaving me stranded” which although i know their relationship is based on misunderstandings and confusion i must say if anyone is making you feel like you cant count on them and is always leaving you stranded then leave them you dont need them, relationships are built on trust and if you can’t count on someone on anything then there is no reason to be in a relationship with them, anyways back on topic Donald left because his friends are in trouble which you would expect your partner to understand, but nope Daisy straight up wrote him a letter telling him that he is still angry (which not once have he was ever shown to be angry when she was around) undependable, and selfish which i find strange that he was considered selfish when she and Donald was told by Xandra straight to their faces that Panchto and Jose were in trouble, l am just confused by that, also the fact the Donald knew she was going to react like that kinda urks me if you know what i mean.
In the next episode Donald was upset that Daisy broke up with him again so he pretty much was bitter for the whole episode and easily snapped at his friends like when Panchito ask/sang if anyone got a book and braille Donald yelled “oh shut up” or when Panchito said that Donald was unemployed homeless and single before he met Xandra Donald shoved Panchito’s face on his food, it wasn’t even a light or joking way either, he just shoved his face on it.
honestly, as much as I love Donald he was pretty much an ass, I mean I understand he was upset because he broke up with his girlfriend again but he should seriously calm down.
in episode 7 we see Daisy again and this time she is introducing Donald to her new boyfriend Dapper Duck and when he asks what she was doing (didn’t she just said 2 episodes ago to not communicate with her ever again????) she said this to Donald “well, I was in the neighbourhood for the gala and I thought I should stop by and introduce you to my date new date dapper duck” “we meet after you abandon me at Shake Quackmore” Donald ran off after that because there was a bear he needed to catch for the plot, we see Daisy again when she talks to Dapper about how Donald was acting when she introduced him saying “he usually isn’t that weird” (cue Donald being weird XD).
I honestly see no point in Daisy visiting Donald show her ex her new boyfriend what-so-ever like you broke up with him and the creator made it clear as day that these 2 were not on speaking terms, I see no reason for her to act this way other than being an ass.
in episode 8 we got to see Donald’s magnificent portrait of dapper that I jus-
back on topic episode 9 Daisy calls Donald and tells him that this was his “last chance” and to “not stood me up”, Donald was so excited but there was another mission so the nieces made a plane in which they pretend to be Donald’s body while Donald uses the phone mirror which surprisingly works for some time even if the date felt awkward, but at least we got this funny scene where Jose thought Donald was talking to him when he told Daisy her outfit looks cute on her, back with Daisy who is slow dancing with ‘Donald’ but ultimately the mirror fell off and Daisy gets mad at Donald and says these “Donald Duck what is going on here?!” “what kind of sick joke is this, using my nieces for one of your weird schemes” and when Donald tried to explain she broke the mirror phone and says “Then explain this!” which leads into Donald's temper tantrums that get him Panchito and Jose disqualified.
there is nothing much to say other than the date was awkward and Daisy does not allow explanations (like teachers when you are late to class) and breaks property, like do you know how expensive that could have been?????
in episode 12 Xandra wants Donald to be on 100% focus so she took Donald and Daisy to seek therapy and couple counselling in the Himalayas called the Shang li la, these 2 gets pampered, although Donald was a bit aggressive and shove one of the employees because he they gave him water when he didn’t ask for it? anyways the Shang li la resorts pointed out Donald's anger issues and placed him n a room to face it and he gets beat up by an angry birds egg surprise version of himself that represents his anger issues and realizes all of his problems were caused by his anger, they leave the resort and when they fly out the bathtub that the pet bear was taking a shower from we get the most Hollywood drama-action movie scene ever.
I like how they take couple counselling but these twos relationship made me feel as if it wasn’t really the ‘fix’ they needed, but the whole “where are you going???” “to my destiny” scene made up for that for how over the top it was
we finally see her again in the last episode we see daisy helping the nieces with papers and made a joke about how much she is into puzzles and when Shellgoose loses his presidency they gave them a letter that says that Donald owns the institute, as they walk in the house Daisy and Donald have this conversation in which she says that they would need to work on Donald's wardrobe (and you could kinda see them arguing in the background)
there was nothing really important for me to point tbh
conclusion: I see their relationship as pretty annoying in all honesty, maybe if we saw more on Daisy’s side/point of view or have her not break up with Donald 3 times in 13 episodes then it might have fixed some things, their relationship in this show was a wasted opportunity and they could have done better things with it, I felt confused on why Donald was in love with her and why she keeps popping up for no reason like she doesn’t even check up on how her nieces were doing anytime in this show
Edit: I would like to hear other people's opinions
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luvargas · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
     i think i just saw LUCILA “ LU ” VARGAS ride by on a golf cart . at least i think it was her . after all , CREDIT IN THE STRAIGHT WORLD BY HOLE was blasting on the transistor radio . maybe she was on her way to work , i hear she’s a PERSONAL TRAINER . but she totally could have been on her way to SNEAK IN A SMOKE AT THE GARDEN . guess we’ll never know . you’ll definitely know its her when you see LOOSE AND TANGLED HAND WRAPS , BUTTON BADGES ON VEGAN LEATHER ,  AND HEAR THE SHRILL SOUND OF BICKERING around the country club . let’s just hope she stays off the green after hours or else the sprinklers will get her !
( new muse, messy thoughts, u get the gist. pls know the views of this chara do not reflect my own. the name’s katya, 21, she/her pronouns & im ready 2 party. feel free to hmu wnvr or drop a like to plot n ill com 2 u ! x — oh n pls be a pal n read this quick disclaimer. tysm ! )
24 years old
15 april 1997
5′1″ or 1.55m tall
bisexual cis woman, she/her
aries sun, aqua moon, and aqua rising
love languages : quality time & acts of service
kid o’ divorce, lived w her ma in chicago til she was 6 then w her dad in highlands til 14 then back to her ma ! 
def a daddys gorl. so used to her white pop’s leniency that livin w her strict latina ma durin her teen yrs was So Not Her Vibe ergo * cue her rebel grrrl phase *
did not finish hs ! left senior yr 2 to go w her “ radically progressive ” college bf to [ insert dev country. ] they broke up after a few mos but she kept at that life for a couple more yrs
seen some places. lived in new countries. done some shit. some good, some sus, but all generally well-intentioned. tis a whole thing but u get the gist, nywy !
lu’s back in da usa by 21. rel w the ma is strained but the pa is chill w stuff, they kept in touch. he said shell get her college fund if she gets her ged so she does !
her dad is v active n stuff so shes just always been v sporty w him. lu turnin 23 w zilch plans worried him so he implored her to get certified as a personal trainer ! n when she did, he called in a few favors w a pal he knows et voilà ! ur hired.
shes been workin at the country club fr a little over a yr now. most her clients are influencer-type gals n they luv her bc shes can take rlly cute pics n stuff for content. lu sorta likes some of em n she fakes the rest for the bread. u can bet she clowns all em richies behind their back   
unless she got clients, catch her runnin’ about the club n minglin’ w the other workers. does it annoy mngmt ? yes. n she luvs that. but bc her soon-2-b-karen clients luv her n wont stand for her bein booted, she can milk that impunity
actually knows her shit n lowkey rlly enjoys the work. she picked back up the boxing n tae kwon do she did when she was younger plus she was always in the track team at school. v healthy lifestyle save for her smokin vice n the party moments
passionate ! has lotsa opinions. helluva a drama queen, bit of a loud mouth, argumentative n stubborn but her heart’s in the right place, albeit a lil misguided. comes w the whole activist bit, bitin her tongue just aint it. highkey makes everythin political n smtms gotta realize .,.,. it just aint that deep chief. some say shes needlessly defiant, but maybe thats a in the beholder typa thing ? fingers crossed 4 lu’s sake
fun, fun, fun ! can be real naggy but shes no buzzkill. wannabe anarchist-slash-mutineer who wants 2 stick it 2 the man ! get rowdy go crazy
fight, fight, fight ! goin back to the first bit, she talks big. esp w like ,, men n the whites lol. she can actually walk her threats tho she isnt actually violent. w arguments, she likes to start em but finishin is ... ruff.  also any dare, she wont back down in either doin it or arguin why doin it wld be smth-ist. shes not the sharpest tool ok rip lu
loyal legend ! fr her friends n buds, shell turn a blind eye. pals r the only exception ! truly ride or die n will do errthng 4 em. v much a believer in the power of community n ppl needin ppl or wtvr, yk, all that stuff. shes mouthy but like, she helps ppl 
here’s a brief blurb n a more coherent look into lu as a character
lu can understand spanish but hers is a bit broken, tis her secret shame shhh
she doesn’t believe in the institution. any institution. u name it, shes got beef
pls dont fact check her she cant hear u
probs lowkey thinks shes better than u bc shes vegan
prefers 2 be called “ lu ” n ny1 who insists on lucila is dead 2 her 
comments abt her not lookin like a pt w her height n frame will result in an earful n a dramatic outburst. it aint worth it chief
watches lotsa sports w her pops. mostly indiv ones. mma, boxing, tennis, track, etc
dont ask me abt her principles n politics, i cant explain em either. v inconsistent n just messy at this point tbh but here’s a lil attempt ig
she drives a 2018 prius n lives in a p nice 1br apt outside the club
her mom’s middle class n her dad is almost upper-middle class. he isnt a member of the club but, like ,,, he cld be if he wanted to lol. he spoils her sm while she hasnt rlly Spoken to her mom besides civility, rip they both stubborn, tis a vargas thing
she is v much in a comfy position money-wise n dsnt hav much Need to hustle but sis does hav a couple of organizations she regularly sends some dough to so thats nice ig
she went fr grassroots activist to a veteran twitter/tumblr/reddit/wtvr ranter n a change.org gofundme petition regular. is it burnout ? is she ok ? honestly who knows
found family ! pals n squad wanted. y’all gotta hav patience or ear plugs to power thru her self-indulgent mini-rants but shell luv ya back tenfold !
carpool buds ? cld be a pal ! or maybe yall had a lil argument or small beef but lu still drives ym bc her pride ? said mother earth first even tho the tension n silly drama is funny 
homies to smoochies ! just sum nsa makin out. cld be pals, cld be flirty, idk, but if u wanna kiss her shes probs ok w that
smoke bud ! just sum1 thats her go-to 2 smoke w on her breaks. knows not to call her out on how its not healthy fr a trainer yada yada she knows ok. let her live
an ex ? idk yet shes not rlly datey but thats out there
crushes ! this bitch hot but does she know how to flirt ? not rlly. watch her fumble
debate club ! aka sum1 she bickers w relentlessly. its valid, sum1 fite her. r u a worker or a club member ? either works. its a whole club bc she can have tons, lu can be hella annoying n testy
clients ! self-explanatory. do they get along tho ? lets find out ! 
( im officially braindead now but if y’all got more ideas or think theres smth lu wld fit just lmk !!! down 4 wtvr, wld luv 2 hash it out w yall <3 ) 
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absurdmageart · a year ago
first of all: LOVE your art and your writing!! i’m super hyped that matchups are open! second: i’m very wordy and the submit function only enables that, so pardon the mess. thank you so so much in advance! 💕
so. gemini sun + libra moon + virgo rising here. kinda quiet and shy at first, but once i’m comfortable i’m much goofier and like to talk about my interests or anything else i’m knowledgable in. my wit’s pretty sharp and i love using it to make people laugh, but i’ll also DIE laughing at the dumbest shit. i spend a lot of time in my own thoughts, very self-aware and equally self-conscious. i’m autistic and have adhd + depressive symptoms i’m on meds for, so my feelings are a bit of a mess, but i try not to bother anyone with all that. like, i experience emotions very intensely and it’s exhausting, but also negative feelings are WAY more intense than necessary. rejection-sensitive dysphoria is a bitch. 😔 i know when my brain is being unreasonable and i make an effort not to act on my first impulse or lash out at people (although i’m snippy when i’m overstimulated). i’m sentimental and a bit of a romantic, prone to being swept up in a story because of my intense emotions, and i love used books with writing in the margins and wondering what the writer was like.
i’m very passionate about literature as an art form! i love to read and write. my shelves are filled with the classics, poetry, fantasy, literary fiction, and some nonfiction. my favorite books tend to have a touch of the whimsical. i also loooove tea! i have lots of loose leaf teas and drink about three mugs a day. there’s a tea shop very near my house and i’m always trying something new when i stock up on my usual teas. i know many boring little facts about tea as well. :) i like greens, oolongs, and matcha the best!
on a less fun note, i’ve never been in a relationship (or kissed, or… 😳) before, partly because i’ve been Unwell until pretty recently. i worry that i’m a lot to handle and there’s nothing about me to really make up for it. like, i’m kinda cute in the way some scandinavian trolls are cute, i guess. :/ i’m also very uncomfortable “acting” autistic in front of anyone besides my sisters (who are my best friends in the world and i talk about them all the time—) because sometimes people stop treating you like a grown woman when they know you’re disabled. basically i’m yearning for love and deathly afraid of disclosing a fundamental part of who i am 🤪 😭 🤡 😂
(No worries! Wordier is better, and thank you! I’m so glad you love my content! I’m so sorry this took so long to get to! -Absurd)
Gemini are most compatible with Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius. This means you’re most compatible with:
Sans (April 1-Aries), Bear (April 1-Aries), Money (August 8-Leo), Egg (August 8-Leo) Vi (February 17-Aquarius), Jam (February 17-Aquarius), and Wolf (February 14-Aquarius) Pluto (April 8-Aries)
Gemini are least compatible with Virgo and Pisces. This means you’re least compatible with:
Coffee (September 10-Virgo), Papyrus (March 9-Pisces), Sparrow (March 9-Pisces), Comet (March 16-Pisces)
Tumblr media
You got Money!
You got the trash king himself! Money is loyal, funny, a drama queen, and a goofball. He’s extremely perceptive, and observant with an incessant need to stir the pot, but he’s a good guy. 
First off, throw any worries about being too much to handle out the window. Money won’t ever think that, and he’ll never bring it up to you, or make you feel bad that you need him. He’ll like that you need him, as it’s sort of a novelty to him in a way. He’s always been the screw up, the failure, the weirdo. So, to be seen as needed, means a lot to him. Plus, he’ll love that quick wit. It’ll make his day to watch you use it on other people, and he’s quite quick witted himself, so the banter between you two will be extremely interesting. 
Money knows how it feels to be stuck in his own thoughts. Its why he writes, and why he keeps himself occupied when he can as he has a tendency to fall into his own thoughts as well. I think the two of you will do just fine in helping each other to not fall into those sort of depressive thoughts. He’s not going to mind when you get overwhelmed, and lash out. He’s patient enough to help you though it, and hopefully to feel better. 
He’ll love that you’re passionate about books, mainly because he himself is a writer! He’s extremely proud of what he’s written, and if you’re okay with reading some horror mysteries, he’d love to know what you think about them. He won’t come out, and ask what you thought, but it’ll be pretty obvious that he wants to know what you think. 
I think out of them all, Money understands the most what it feels like to want to be loved, and not judged on certain aspects of his life. He’s a recovering drug addict, now five years sober, and he sometimes fears telling people, mainly because he knows how they’ll react. Pity, revulsion, or that sort of uncomfortable sympathy. People treat him differently when they find out, and he hates it. So, while the reasons are not the same, I think the feelings are, and he’ll never treat you differently than he does anyone else, and he’ll hope you’ll do the same for him even after he tells you. 
Plus, don’t ever worry about having never been in a relationship, or been kissed. Money knows what he’s doing. You’ll be in good hands. 
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pheita · a year ago
Get To Know Me April 11
Tumblr media
[Picture ID: A banner with a blue night sky and visible stars on the upper half and violet dust on the lower half. In the middle is a golden decoration that looks like flowers with a small golden rectangle between it saying: Get to Know me End ID] Welcome, Welcome, take a seat, have some tea or coffee and listen to today’s list of my other WIPs I love.
1. Guiding Star
“Guiding Star” was my NaNoWriMo 2020 WIP Rodrigo is an orphan who lives on the streets since he is 17 and manages to get some day job here and there. Things change one night when a man falls from the sky in front of him. Now marked with a strange new tattoo the accidents Rodrigo has since childhood become worse. When he helps Tamika and she recognizes he has magic since she is a mage as well and trained guardian of the keepers of magic, she to train him. From her Rodrigo also learns what is the deal with the tattoo: He has been marked to be a keeper of the magical balance. The tattoos itself grants him the powers of the morning star; one of the two strongest keeper magics. As things come to action Tamika and Rodrigo meet Liz, the bearer of the evening star tattoo and Rodrigo’s counterpart. Shortly after their enemies show themselves and Rodrigo and Liz have to fight them while tangled in a strange love triangle with themselves due to the tattoo’s nature to change the appearing of their bearer when activated. Soon things change for the worse: friends become enemies and enemies friends, treachery and danger lurks at every corner, no safe haven will be left and in the end it boils down to one question: What are they willing to do to keep the balance of the magic and keep the world from going down in magical flames?
So what do I love about it?
1. The irony Miraculous Ladybug inspired it. 2. Even while I write it, the oblivion Liz and Rodrigo show regarding the other one’s secret persona makes me yell at them. There are multiple instances where both could figure out who the other one is if they just would not take the wrong side in their thoughts. 3. Deka. He is one of those pop characters that weren’t planned but appeared and singlehanded solve the three big plot holes I knew I had. And he seems to think he is some sort of trickster. I am at almost 75k with this but since this is meant as a serial thing this doesn’t mean anything. Technically I am halfway through the story, or maybe 60%.
2. Always Prepared/ The Insane God/ Be Prepared  Nesryn Series
The first NaNoWriMo Project ever in 2018 1st draft finished at 89k for Always Prepared Nesryn’s life was average like hell. Her mind was only on her job, the artificial dramas her best friend created and the regular visits at the cat café. It all changed the evening she went home from a workday with overtime and took a shortcut through the city park. Suddenly she finds herself in the city-state Thorkglesh in Mitresk, a world full of magic where humans got taught magic by dragons for thousands of years. The first friendly face she meets is Nardik, the ambassador of Thorkglesh and personal assistant of the highest dragon, who takes her to the magic academy which is overseen by the highest dragon Alashtaire. Now Nesryn has not only to deal with settling into a new world but also to figure out how she ended up in Mitresk in the first place and how she would get back home. Armed with optimism and her carry on sized purse full of useful items Nesryn thinks she can handle this but nothing is as it seems and settling in a completely different world is more work than she thought. Especially if you managed to cause a political uproar and suddenly gain magic powers yourself. In the end, she has to face the ultimate question: Where is her home? The Insane God It has been five years since Nesryn ended up in Mitresk and settled in the city-state of Thorkglesh. Now the second ambassador of Thorkglesh and the owner of a bookshop everything seems to be fine if it weren’t for the weird dreams Lorkin had for months. When Nesryn starts to share the dreams, mysterious attacks against the dragons start, and she gets a book written in her mother tongue that is unknown in Mitresk, it is clear something got put into motion that will change the world of Mitresk forever. On her quest to figure out if the things she learned from the weird book are true Nesryn meets the last god of Mitresk who got insane after being chained up in a pocket dimension for thousands of years and his only thought is revenge. When he teams up with humans who are fed up with the ruling force of the dragons everything turns for the worse and Nesryn and her friends find themselves in the middle of the god’s attention as well as a rising rebellion. But help will come from an unexpected side. Be Prepared The insane god Ermki had been brought back to sense years ago but the rebellion of the Human Freedom Front grew. Attacks on dragons become the new normal and resulted in strict laws for the humans which of course made things only worse. Due to her position as ambassador and her friendship with the new Highest Dragon Irideska Nesryn lives a dangerous life now and has decide once again what to do: Help the rebels or help the dragons? A war between both is on the horizon. When Ermki contacts Lorkin and offers help, a silver lining appears but the price for it is something no one want to know. I admit I just love Nesryn and her hands on approach to most things and it is funny that I didn’t plan a romantic relationship for her but then Lorkin started to get his own mind at the end of the first book and I only could go with it. Together Nesryn and Lorkin are the epitome of dorks. The amount of time they need to admit they are in love is incredible. But my favorite is Nardik. He learned fast how to play the game of politics and he teaches Nesryn well to be his colleague after she stayed. He can be sassy but he is so damn cute with his husband, as long as Eshmerrik don’t try to behead him for his stupidity. The funny thing is: Back then Always Prepared was a project scrabbled together in a few days at the end of October and solely based on two ideas: A character with a tendency to overprepare in a situation no one can be prepared for and dragons as mentors for humanity. And here we are now.
3. No Rest for the Wicked/ A Little Wicked/ Raise Hell  Queen of Hell Series Camp NaNo Project 2019
No Rest for the Wicked 86k / A Little Wicked 74k 1st draft finished This is a story of life, pain, wishes, love, and the devil. Josephina is in her thirties and on the self-given task to check out all her bucket list wishes. The catch? Once she checked them all out she wants to end her life before the chronic pain she lives in consumes her completely. During her journeys, she ends up at the night club “Sodom” and meets Samuel, the charming and well-behaving owner of said club. Little does she know also runs the hotel she stays in during her visit. Intrigued by her and her seemingly care-free attitude he tries to befriend her in the little time she is around. Soon he learns about her plan and is fascinated. How could a human willingly end their life and risk going to hell? And he should know how hell looks like because he is the devil himself. To understand why she wants to take this step he helps her with her bucket list with his wealth and connections, tagging along with her but when they slowly fall in love his right hand, the former street kid Alexandra, and her jealousy is one the smallest issues. How do you explain you are the devil but you aren’t like humans depict you? When it is time for Josephina to end her life a whole new surprise lays ahead of them because God also had a word to say about all this. A little Wicked It’s been a year since God’s intervention during Feena’s suicide. During this time she didn’t only started to learn the trade of being a she-devil, she also comfortably settled in with Sam as a couple. When their engagement initiates a series of events they weren’t prepared for they now have to deal with a female stalker who is out to destroy Sam’s business for not loving her, Feena has to wrap her head around the fact that every god or goddess she ever heard of exists, and on top of all it with God’s plans for them and a civil war among the angels. An enthusiastic Persephone and a calm Hades become the help they didn’t know they need to keep control of the situation and keep them from being uncovered, and most of all: To keep their dark sides at bay. Raise Hell The civil war among the angel rages on and starts to cause trouble on earth with each passing month. With earth now the shelter for the refugee angels and Nephilim, Feena being close to give birth to their twins and the highest angels out to get their children she and Sam has to fight a war on multiple sides with only little help from the other pantheons. When the opposing side succeeds to kidnap the twins shortly after birth hell breaks loose in its most literal way. Neither Sam nor Feena care they will destroy heaven upon entering it, they only want their children back and finally peace for everyone. The result is not what they ever expected. Honestly, this was probably the biggest surprise ever for me, since until No Rest for the Wicked I had a love-hate relationship with romance. There is so much bullshit out there, but I got so angry at season 3 of Lucifer I started some research and the reast is history. But the bigger surprise was the fact I wrote both books during Camp NaNo. Ok, I already had 15k for “No Rest for the Wicked” when I started and just wanted to finish it, but something seemingly possessed me back then. This is also a pretty personal story because Feena has a lot of health issues I have and technically this could count as some sort of #ownvoices story because of this. The background for her and the idea for her journey with the final plan to commit suicide came to me when I read an article about the extremely high percentage of suicides among chronic pain patients. The sequels spawned the moment I wrote the planned last chapter in which Feena dies but sort of went with Sam’s feeling. Gosh, I never made myself cry so much during writing like I did with this scene. And then out of the blue fucking Metatron appeared and yeah, he we are.  As always, feel free to shoot me an ask if you want to know more.
Taglists: @gwens-fiction​​​​ @danaspriddy​​​​ @starlitesymphony​​​​​ @thatfizzyyyy​​​​ @chris-the-dragonslayer​​​​ @ayzrules​​​​ @kiaradimari​
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gstqaobc · a year ago
Tumblr media
Friday, November 20, 2020
Hello, royal watchers and all those intrigued by what’s going on inside the House of Windsor. This is your biweekly dose of royal news and analysis. Reading this online? Sign up here to get this delivered to your inbox.
Tumblr media
Janet DavisonRoyal Expert Fact, fiction and The Crown
Tumblr media
The last time Arthur Edwards took a photo of Prince Charles with Lord Louis Mountbatten, the heir to the throne had his arm around his great uncle. Similarly, Mountbatten had his arm around his great-nephew. They both seemed to be in fine form that day, not too long before Mountbatten lost his life to an IRA bomb in the summer of 1979 off the coast of Ireland. "They were laughing together," Edwards, the longtime royal photographer for the Sun newspaper, recalled over the phone from the U.K. this week. The recollection came to mind as controversy swirls over the newly released Season 4 of the Netflix drama The Crown. The show takes viewers into the reign of Queen Elizabeth, with the latest season moving the action into the 1980s. In the first episode, Mountbatten is seen just before his assassination writing a letter to Charles saying he could bring "ruin and disappointment" on the Royal Family with his pursuit of Camilla Parker Bowles, who in real life is now Charles's wife but at that time was married to someone else. There's no evidence — again, in real life — that such a letter was ever written or that Charles and Mountbatten quarrelled before he was killed. It's just one of many moments in the latest season that have set off debate over how fact meets fiction in the award-winning drama created by Peter Morgan. "Many people will think it's the truth ... but it's not," said Edwards, who snapped his first photo of Charles feeding sugar to his polo ponies in the mid-1970s, just after he'd left the Royal Navy. "Much of it … comes out of a scriptwriter's brain, which I can understand because … it's drama.” What bothers Edwards, he said, is the portrayal of Charles. "I've worked with him now for over 40 years, and I don't recognize that man in it." And therein lies a challenge of turning history into drama. "Certainly, in every season [of The Crown], there's a blend of fact and fiction, but it stands out in Season 4 because we are getting closer to the present day," said Toronto-based royal historian and author Carolyn Harris. Because so many in the audience will have their own memories of how what is portrayed in Season 4 turned out in real life — how Charles's marriage to Diana, Princess of Wales, collapsed in spectacular fashion, for example — there is perhaps further potential for the controversy now swirling. "It's always a challenge with historical fiction that the people who are being portrayed do not know what's going to happen next, but the audience ... does," said Harris. In some instances, the episodes present events that played out in the public eye and reflect the historical record. "An example is that engagement interview where Prince Charles famously said, 'whatever in love means,'" said Harris. But there are many other examples of events being fictionalized or put together to create a narrative. Take Michael Fagan's break-in at Buckingham Palace, a focus of Episode 5. That actually happened, in 1982. He breached security and made it to the Queen's bedroom, where he spoke to her. "But Michael Fagan describes it as a very brief conversation before he was arrested, whereas for the purposes of the series, he has a more extended dialogue about [Prime Minister] Margaret Thatcher's politics in order to tie this event to the series's critique of political developments while [she] was prime minister," said Harris.
CBC Archives: The leadership fracas that forced Margaret Thatcher from power
Edwards worries, however, that people will believe The Crown's version of what happened when Fagan broke into the palace that night, which isn’t true, with its portrayal of a longer chat with the Queen. "That's what really irritates me," he said. And he remains troubled by the thought that the portrayal of Charles, pilloried for a bad marriage, doesn't reflect the driven and hard-working man he has seen up close, whether he is visiting and offering support to schoolgirls in northern Nigeria or the Jewish community in Krakow, Poland. "You won't see that on Netflix." Edwards went with Charles when he returned in 2015 to the site of Mountbatten's assassination. "I watched him … and he was remembering it." As aware as Edwards is of The Crown, he has stopped watching it.   "You've got to remember it's drama; it's not necessarily the whole truth."
Just let loose and dance Peter Morgan may be the creative mind behind The Crown, but in the current season, at least one moment playing out on the small screen came straight from the actor. At one point, Diana — played by Emma Corrin — dances by herself with wild abandon inside a very well-appointed room at Buckingham Palace — or in this case, a stately home filling the role of the palace where Diana went to live after her engagement to Prince Charles was announced in 1981. "It was one of my favourite scenes to film," Corrin said in a recent interview with the Royal Fascinator. "I loved it because they wanted to choreograph it, and I said, 'Do you mind if we don't ... I don't think we can choreograph a moment like that. I'd love to just let loose and dance.'" So she did, and she chose the song that was blasting over the speakers during filming, a bit of musical time travel to 1998, and Cher's Believe. Corrin's love for the song dates back a few years. "There's a theatre company in Britain called DV8, and they do this show called The Cost of Living, and there's an amazing dance scene," she said. "A guy does this dance to Cher's  … Believe…. It's like the truest form of expression I've seen." In Corrin's research for the role, she was surprised to learn how important dance was for Diana. "It was quite a private thing," said Corrin. "You see her dancing and what that does, how that is such a mode of expression and release, and I thought that was really interesting."
Looking ahead — and looking back
Tumblr media
Every so often over the past few years, there have been rumblings about whether Queen Elizabeth, now 94, might step aside from her role as she gets older. And as soon as those rumblings emerge, other royal observers are quick to note how that is unlikely for a variety of reasons, including the dark shadow cast by her uncle's abdication as King Edward VIII in 1936, her deep devotion to duty and how she has always considered her role as one for life. So it wasn't too surprising to see that scenario play out again in recent days when one royal biographer suggested Elizabeth might "step down" when she turns 95 next April. But soon after, there was also a very strong signal from Buckingham Palace about looking ahead in her reign. The first plans were announced for celebrations in 2022 to mark her Platinum Jubilee, or 70 years on the throne. It would be an unprecedented milestone — no British monarch has reigned as long as she has. In the United Kingdom, it will culminate in a four-day bank holiday weekend in early June. Oliver Dowden, the British culture secretary, said it would be a "truly historic moment" worthy of a "celebration to remember," the BBC reported.
Royally quotable
"Let us reflect on all that we have been through together and all that we have learned. Let us remember all victims of war, tyranny and persecution; those who laid down their lives for the freedoms we cherish; and those who struggle for these freedoms to this day."
— Prince Charles,
during a visit to Germany
to attend events commemorating its national day of mourning, which focused on British-German relations this year.
Royals in Canada
Tumblr media
While members of the Royal Family have made numerous trips to Canada over the years, The Crown hasn't turned its dramatic attention to them yet, even though the show has featured several foreign visits.
"It's a shame," said royal historian Harris, because during Queen Elizabeth's reign, "there have been some very interesting Canadian tours."
Sure, there's been a brief glimpse of a Canadian flag at a table during a Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting portrayed in The Crown.
"But we don't see Canada assuming a prominent role, whereas the series has had at least three tours of Australia," Harris said.
One episode in the current Season 4 focuses on Charles and Diana's 1983 trip Down Under. Shortly after that visit, Charles and Diana came to Canada. Had that been portrayed in The Crown, it would have backed up a developing theme, Harris said.
During the visit, Diana celebrated her 22nd birthday on Canada Day.
"There's press footage of Canadians giving Charles birthday cards to give to Diana, and a scene like that would have supported the theme of that episode of Charles feeling overshadowed by Diana," said Harris.
Edwards, the Sun photographer, was along for that trip, and has been to Canada about 15 times with members of the Royal Family.
The 1983 trip lasted 17 days and was "fantastic," he said. "It was just brilliant. I can recall it like it was yesterday. We criss-crossed the country."
During the opening of the World University Games in Edmonton on July 1, the crowd sang Happy Birthday to Diana.
"The whole crowd. It was phenomenal," said Edwards.
Harris sees potential plotting for future seasons of The Crown possibly playing into how the series has portrayed foreign visits so far.
"We see a stronger Australia focus, and it's certainly possible that the 1999 Australian referendum [on the monarchy] may come up in a subsequent season so some of this may be building towards that.
"But definitely in terms of the Commonwealth, certain nations are emphasized more than others in the series."
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