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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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i miss how crazy active and dumb my dash used to be so like plz reblog/like if you post any of these things i wanna follow a bunch more people <3

• 2000s pop culture but not like 2020 y2k aesthetic i just want a heavy dose of blingee tabloid pink-ipod-nano computer-games nostalgia with hyperspecific references that taste like bath and body works blueberry roll-on body glitter

• art history esp if you also love the baroque/rococo periods !

• pop punk and emo bands omg plz recommend me more girlbands

• one direction and/or miley cyrus <3

• mental health/neurodivergent memes (dw i know there’s a difference, my brain be doing both)

• “high fashion” that’s borderline costume-y and/or makes you feel like royalty

• astrology and/or tarot !! i love reading about both too so if you reblog resources and stuff too i’d be over the moon

• cute animals

• i’m currently regressing back into my wannabe-half-goth-half-scene-queen phase so ya any of that sort of aesthetic inspo

• elegant hot pink valentine’s day aesthetic for the days i am feeling classy and like i would somewhat sort of fit in at a museum dinner party

• those facts that makes your brain excited bc you learned something on this site and didn’t just scroll into the void 100% of the time

• uhh definitely forgetting a bunch but hopefully the chaotic vibe’s been established

oh and no glorification of mental illnesses or racist homophobic assholes plz <3

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Alt Ev Planı 60m2 - Procrear 2020 - Ücretsiz Ev Planları

Alt Ev Planı 60m2 – Procrear 2020 – Ücretsiz Ev Planları

Son zamanlarda Arjantin’de Procrear 2020’nin yeniden lansmanı açıklandı, ilk açıklamalara göre birkaç satıra dayanıyor, bu durumda arsa alımı ile bir inşaat seçeneği görmek istiyoruz; Planda 60m2’den küçük evlerin geliştirilmesine yönelik olacağı açıklandı, bu da proje için küçük bir inşaatın sunulması gerektiği anlamına geliyor, bir evin inşasında genişlemesini planlamanın ve planlamanın önemli…


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Watch “BAD CHILD - $1,000,000 (Lyric Video)” on YouTube

I’ll tell you how I wanna die… Quick and painless.. Rich and famous.

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