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#alternative fashion

Remington Leith (Palaye Royale) inspired outfit, would you wear it?

personally, yes yes YEEEES, he’s my fave and his style is my fave as well

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Stripped shirtSkeleton hands crop topSneakers Demon skull ringPentagram EarringsLock necklace

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Since I’ve been really bad at writing new stories and actually have started to play a bit less of sims 4 recently (stardew valley has made me an addict) I’ll go over some of my main characters in the game!! For those who know me this won’t probably be the first time I’m talking about them, but maybe it’ll be good to show you some new areas of their story. I’ll be starting with my main screenshot OC’s, an alternative couple composed of a kawaii guy and a goth, so stay tuned for that!

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Gothic choker - Dirty Baby

Collar, about 33cm/13" long (can be adjusted) and about 4cm/1,6" wide with engraved tagg.
All sizes are including closure D-rings.

Maybe you will find matching hair bow in stock? Let’s check it out :)§ion_id=21523287

Body is machine-sewn, details are hand-sewn.

Body is made of webbing and satin ribbon pleat. Details are made of satin and metal.

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May 31 2020: *What made you start gyaru?*

Welcome back💕

What made me start gyaru was feeling trapped. Trapped inside my old comfortable clothing, standard black hair and basket ball sneakers.

I’ve learned about gyaru fashion when I was in my teens through family and a close friend. At the time my knowledge was limited and I didn’t think gal was for me.

Fast forward 12 years in my mid 20s, I tried out a couple of alternative fashions but decided it was time to try something new. I did some research, found some local gals then the rest is history!

Long story short; it’s never too late, don’t be afraid to try something new!💗

See ya next time!

-Diz 💜💚

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