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Look him in the eyes & tell him he is ugly. You can’t do it?! Though so

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i painted danger days gerard!!! also do u like my fox bed covers???

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throwback to sam fender and dean playing van halen on pool sticks 😂 joe’s laugh makes it 1000x better lol

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01/23/2021 @ Jaguar Sun - Keep You Warm

01/23/2021 @ Jaguar Sun – Keep You Warm


Jaguar Sun
Keep You Warm



To Explore Outer Space

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This Empty Town

June 2020
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01/20/2021 @ Jack Kays –…


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Mucc - Aku -Justice- [Evil -Justice-] (10.06.2020) [★★★★★] *REVIEW*

Already appeared with: T.R.E.N.D.Y. -Paradise from 1997- (2015), Myakuhaku and Houmura uta -Shin- (2017), Kowareta Piano to Living Dead (2019)


Mucc is one of the most prolific bands of Japan, still ready to kick in with something new and never afraid to experiment and getting beyond the conventional music limits. Their fifteenth album marks a definitive return to their roots, building up complex and emotional themes, all driven by the energy and the intensity which this band has always provided. If you need something to boost up your days, Mucc’s latest effort is definitely your choice.

REVIEWS: Antique (25.12.1999), Kuchiki no tou (01.09.2004), Libra (analysis), Yue, ni matenrou (10.09.2014), T.R.E.N.D.Y. -Paradise from 1997- (24.06.2015), Heide (15.06.2016), Classic (14.09.2016), Kowareta Piano to Living Dead (13.02.2019)



  1. Aku -Justice-
  2. Crack
  3. Ameria -Aku mix-
  4. Kamikaze over Drive
  5. Kurage (Jellyfish)
  6. Friday the 13th
  7. Cobalt
  8. Sandman
  9. Memai -ft. Hazuki from Lynch.- (Vertigo)
  10. Super Hero
  11. Self Hate
  12. Alpha
  13. My World -Aku mix-
  14. Sei to shi to kimi -Aku mix- (Life, death and you)
  15. Spica

Koochewsen - Mysterious Flight (17.06.2020) [★★★★★]


Active since 2008, Koochewsen estabilished a remarkable role within the Japanese rock, with their psychedelic notes and dreamy atmospheres, mainly inspired by bands like Pink Floyd. Their second album brings altogether complex and articulated themes, accompained by piercing bass lines, incredible vocal performances and gritty guitar notes, giving to each track an unique identity. Wrapped under a mysterious aura, Koochewsen is one of the reasons why the Japanese musical scene is still to be discovered.

REVIEWS: Compact (13.05.2015)



  1. Mystery
  2. Shine
  3. Self Abduction
  4. Theme of Courtship
  5. Last Train Going to the Far End of Love
  6. Endless Summer -Chinese ver.-
  7. Starship in the Closet
  8. Kiss Me Like an Illusion

milet - Eyes (03.06.2020) [★★★★] *REVIEW*


The young singer milet represents another side of the current Japanese pop scene, made of unpredictable shades. Having spent most of her life in Canada, her experience grabs a bit from the West and another bit from the East, mixing up everything in a style easy to recognize. Her first full work summarizes at best her music in the latest two years, bringing catchy and quite compelling pop melodies, all well driven by her husky and fascinating vocals. Given the popularity she gained with her appearance in several anime themes, we will definitely hear more of her.

REVIEWS: Inside You (06.03.2019), Us (analysis)



  1. Again and Again -Eyes mix-
  2. Parachute
  3. Koukai zenya (Eve of the voyage)
  4. Somebody
  5. Inside You
  6. Drown
  7. You & I
  8. Grab the Air
  9. STAY
  10. Dome
  11. Tell me
  12. Wonderland
  13. Us
  14. Prover
  15. Unti I Die
  16. Without your Love
  17. Fire Arrow
  18. The Love We’ve Made

Good on the Reel - Te o te [Hand to hand] (17.06.2020) [★★★★]

Already appeared with: Hikari ni mamirete (2018)


Good on the Reel is one of the most famous acts in Japanese indie rock scene and their sound is still fresh and strong after fourteen years of career. On their latest EP the band focuses more on bringing easy and flowing rock tracks, underlined by an articulated guitar work and simple vocals, fitting for any kind of listener, who is looking to enjoy good and simple music.



  1. Te o te
  2. Kindan no kajitsu eiga (Forbidden fruit)
  3. Akai lip (Red lip)
  4. Kimi no tomodachi (Your friend)
  5. Sena kaawase (Back to back)

[Alexandros] - Bedroom Joule (21.06.2020) [★★★★]

Already appeared with: ALXD (2015), Sleepless in Brooklyn (2018)


After thirteen years of successful career, the alternative rock band [Alexandros] decides to step into a quite riveting direction, explained also by the departure of the drummer Shomura Satoyasu. In this release, their first conceptual work, the band brings their sound into a more acoustic and intimate side, with revisitations of some of their hits, all re-recorded from the members’ respective houses, because of the pandemic. [Alexandros] definitely knows how to overcome music limits and to reinvent their style each time and we’re ready to see what’s in store for them, now that are only in three.

REVIEWS: Kill me if you can (analysis), ALXD (17.06.2015), New Wall (20.04.2016), Swan (24.08.2016)



  1. ar
  2. Starrrrrrr -Bedroom ver.-
  3. Run Away -Bedroom ver.-
  4. Leaving Grapefruits -Bedroom ver.-
  5. Thunder -Bedroom ver.-
  6. Gesshoku Horizon -Bedroom ver.- (Moon-colored horizon)
  7. Adventure -Bedroom ver.-
  8. City (ft. Pecori)
  9. pr
  10. Rooftop
  11. Mayonaka -Bedroom ver.-


Kotone - Kyousouka [Racing] (24.06.2020)


The first mention of the month is for the first full work by the young pop singer Kotone, known for being winner of several musical festivals. She debuted on 2018 and since that moment she definitely got noticed thanks to her deep and chilling voice, which drives this album, made of electronic vibes and melodious tones, empowered by her awesome interpretation. Soft and bright like few, Kotone will definitely break into Japanese pop scene.



  1. Sakanai hana (Not blooming flowers)
  2. Ima (Now)
  3. Anata no you ni naru tame ni (Being like you)
  4. Kyousouka
  5. Iza, saa (Come on)
  6. Shinkaron (True value theory)
  7. The Moon is Beautiful
  8. Shiroku nuritsubuse (Filling in white)
  9. Kimi wo shitta kara (I knew you)
  10. Kitto ai da (I’m sure it’s love)
  11. Asu e no tegami [Teshima Aoi cover] (Letter for tomorrow)
  12. Kinou yori (From yesterday)

Bo Ningen - Sudden Fictions (26.06.2020)


The Japanese music is really famous for having seen weird combinations which bring on unexpectedly good results. Bo Ningen is a band you couldn’t expect to get into, since their genre is alternative/noise rock, but mixed up by psychedelia and, whether you believe it or not, rap, thanks to Taigen’s incredible flow. Their fourth album is incredibly hard to define with common musical terms, but it is incredibly articulated and variegated, with a sound made of piercing bass lines, resonant beats and bizarre tones, along with Taigen’s versatile and fascinating voice. This band is definitely something you will have difficulty to forget.



  1. You Make a Mark Like a Calf Branding
  2. Aka (Red)
  3. Silenced
  4. Zankoku (Cruel)
  5. Minimal (ft. Bobby Gillespie)
  6. Kyutai (Sphere)
  7. Kuzurenai (Not collapsing)
  8. B.C
  9. Riff

SRMZCEK - Ogdoad (24.06.2020)


Remaining into the experimental side, there’s another project which is becoming more and more relevant. Composed by Yu Shiromizu, member of bands like I Love You Orchestra and Kagero, and the pianist Chieko Kikuchi, SRMZCEK is an instrumental act whose roots are into the most mysterious and obscure sides of music. In the first album there’s a focus on eerie sounds and dim atmospheres, bringing chills and also a bit of musical ecstasy, draining the listener into a brand-new world.



  1. Nun
  2. Naunet
  3. Amen
  4. Amaunet
  5. Kek
  6. Kauket
  7. Heh
  8. Hauhet


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🦇🖤Una vida desesperada, perdiendo el color

Ángeles blancos y cigarros cuando falta amor

Un alma que no está segura y se aferra al temor

Y ellos me siguen buscando🖤🦇

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