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#although what i post definitely cannot be called content
gongsink6 · 18 days ago
A method of online double volume shorthand
Thank you for your hyperlink. It can an exilerating, somewhat formal early twentieth hundred years function that identifies the holistic strategy. I've that myself. Most of us enjoy the fine art thumbnails of St Nuo, plus the amazing calligraphy of messages and also other text messages. It should also be known that in the event the vowel location among consonants is the same as it can be today, the totally free vowel location at the beginning or end from the 1st notification is definitely the sameIt's different. Actually as a result of make up from the picture, the position of vowels must be altered in several ways. on-line BN will definitely surprise us, we could simply have fun here! In Portugal, provided that the phonograph is usually recognized by the degree released by the national language schools, it is usually considered to be a research type if it is taught in specialized and vocational large universities. Therefore , it is necessary to analyze textbooksIn the 1972s and eighties, as a result of this very day, the serenidad disappeared coming from recognized development. Mister. hotfyer's book is known, referenced in the two Delaunay and duploy church buildings, and it is the dark regarding total strategies. For the simplified technique, other guides with the 1972s and eighties continue to be desired. Clearly, one of the most processed method is the latest, since nothing shows up about sujeAfter the eighties. for the double leaf approach, there is certainly an official organization independent of the nationwide education, which is called "national dual tea leaf technique Institute", which usually can determine the capacity of this approach, Who have, I do think, presented this by using a diary she posted, Pravda, which was certainly not released before the eighties. It would appear that the last "modification" from the merger technique has been determinedIt was drew up with a committee in the Institute in January 1977. Regarding the Paris technique, the latest method might be Teacher Rich flament's technique, plus the information can be obtained from the online community section of the program and the friend Fan Chuan's internet site. more info! Many thanks, Sally, for all those these details. It's difficult to find information regarding this kind of equipment. My own HandbookPublished in 1972 (Dunod Edition), by Louis Julien: professional vp in the unit à nographique Relationship, vp of the Federation of People from france and offshore record firms and Leader with the Schools The official program code one of several textbooks utilized by colleges in Rome (12). I think I'll help to make it, My spouse and i thinkThis is definitely the EU's greatest posted manual, masking a whole procedure. Yet , We cannot let you know whether it is more comprehensive than yours, because I don't know if this approach developed in this period. if duploy's textbook won't be released until following the 1980s, then the Delaunay Presbyterian textbook has gone through some versions inside the nineties, not really inside the nineties May make clear so why it took so very long; that is because there are hardly any professorsMost of the saints from this period were dranists? Well, I did not understand that the previous Delaunay system acquired these kinds of a difference! My spouse and i can't say for sure if perhaps successive types with the approach indicate within symbols, but really sure that the complete layout from the manual is promoting. Inside the preamble of my own book, the writer stresses his "new presentation": a more substantial structure, 21 lessons to learnOpen publication (face down), joint research of two kinds of icons, enabling to begin writing a large number of words, graphs, last physical exercises, etc . As soon as the composing method is well optimized, the others should be to help to make this find out faster. anyway, I really hope I have not skipped the essential guidelines, which is too bad! Also, yes, and the board! If perhaps Gradzino comesWhen I see the work package (I must also complete the leisure time box). Maybe I will transform my own character. I enjoy Francis Blanche. I'm a goodness of pudding! I have a few of his books in my selection, and one among his reports jogs my memory of "the coffee manager. ". It is quite straightforward. We ask our guests to supper. On the previous instant, we understand that your friends and relatives can't stand escalopes with pies. What fAl? Call the chief! Eight minutes later, he could rip the breadcrumbs off you and remove the yolks, so you can get out of the terrible situation! I believe, it is no doubt easier to get Shuangye to find out and examine mainly because they have tried out two total strategies. Yet take note: learning easier does not always mean using much easier. As soon as the theory can be well realized, practice follows. Here, everybody isThe same holds true: the weakest walk the most effective! Then I do believe this approach needs to "talk to you"; I will tell you so what happened. When I wanted to master this kind of tune, I managed to get the complete manual of Delaunay's pre program via Mister. hotfiye, and i also followed this carefully page by simply page. But regardless of hard I actually tried, We don't do anything, as well as the next day My spouse and i did not remember what I had learned the afternoon just before. My spouse and i didn't produce progress, I was pressured toKeep searching back about what I have learned. Anyways, after having a although, I actually gave up, because I'm sorry to state, I'm sorry! A couple of years afterwards, My spouse and i took place to along with the essential dual leaf textbook. Because it was on sale, after practice, I bought this strangely enough. As soon as We started out surfing it, I think I found a well used good friend! I actually can't say for sure if you consider itIncarnation, although We promise you, I believed I came across my personal aged like. I believe, everything is magnificent and i also can do it very easily, so it will be rational and obvious to me. My own happiness right now there had not carry out with learning the suggestions of Reverend Delaunay. My spouse and i can't say for sure whether I selected dupley's approach or perhaps your woman decided to go with me, yet actually there is a super! When that happens to youOf course, for the majority of gramophones, there is not any choice. They will learned the school system if they had been 15 or of sixteen years old. A few learned very well, other folks failed to. Of course , a whole lot continues to be talked about, although all of us don't talk about their particular weak points. Maybe yet another way will be better on their behalf, but we all don't let them knowledge itprobably. If I was like this, someone wanted to teach me daddy Delaunay, I would personally be a true divagar. My spouse and i no longer need to know regarding the brow anymore around me! Essential when you need to show yourself idioms, you needed better look at different ways before you make a decision. There should be the one that draws in you more than others. I do think this can be a best way to solve this kind of problemE. That's why websites such as the types with this discussion board are really crucial, they provide a fantastic knowledge of several devices and enable visitors to involve themselves inside the textual content icons that must be utilized. Consequently , all of us can never give thanks to Yvon for his or her work with this excellent website and online community, or perhaps fanchon and curare for work with all their particular methods! How wonderful story! What a amazing point happened for you! I believe I'll have the suggestions and tryProvide a way to get the two tea leaf system (which is probably not the way of the Countrywide Bank) to compare with the Delaunay Parliament. I have a very good recollection, therefore unlike you, I could conveniently keep in mind all the symptoms, although really harder for me to stick to the rules, which usually ignore the phrase of selected sounds and produce a few ambiguities. "Heavy" is the most finish. I play the pianoWhen I'm looking for music results, I head to people that have a lot of notes, just like cortot or perhaps ekier as well as Paderewski types, that is why Now i am attracted to speaker Delaunay. But on the other hand eventually, in case the two bougie stand for all the noises (I find out you will find a similar appears, yet I am just attracted by the whole), it could be more suitable pertaining to meSmile and put the guidelines with it. I no longer advise you use yet another way: really past too far. Inside my circumstance, fortunately that when I found the clover, I actually completely did not remember every one of the signs of Delaunay's early days, therefore i went back to zelo, not negatively afflicted with previous understanding. For everyone, you must deal with the inescapable damage when two distinct devices satisfy. Prior to we startStudy the different approaches to choose one that addresses to you personally or perhaps has got the finest effect on you. Nevertheless once you've made a decision, in particular when most likely hugging for the program get selected, it's best to continue, whether or not you've made a little effort to overcome the hurdles. If you occur to decide on exactly the same technique, and it appears to be just a little weighty, then simply practically nothing could end you coming from obtaining a simple approach, and after that by comparison, take a look at this dErnie is usually designed for you. After, is actually better to move via simplification to completeness. So that you can keep the same indicators without being bothered by lots of distinctions; it's just a variant. You can be happy to preserve it basic. However in your opinion, is actually not a good thought to stop every thing and enter into bilobate. right now, it can most your choice to chooseFrom my own viewpoint, you will find two types of folks that are interested: firstly, individuals who just take into account the music from a practical standpoint, they want to obtain acceleration in the conversation. In a word, they are really people whose hands will be more crucial than their heads. While you really are a pianist, you can understand that they are really talented people. This can be my own condition. For a long period, We don't expect we couldI learned about the serenidad to get some other reasons. finally, I realized that a lot of people have an interest in the brow mainly because that they get the entertaining of machines, room engineering, mounting, architecture, and design and style from their mind; in short, they can be even more attracted to the mind than towards the head Pertaining to him, the velocity of writing is extra. They will also discovered a number of devices to create comparative saints, these kinds of asThey admiration us too! In case you are inside the second circumstance, no matter what kind of steno system you choose; if you would like, please research most systems. Yet , if you wish to achieve publishing acceleration, believe myself: you have to focus on 1 system and practice it well. I realize that the change in one method may well hinder an additional system in the beginning, but We i am accustomed to using several types of methodsWriting (music, Ancient greek language, now shorthand and some standard shorthand), I do think merely need to make an effort the other, I am able to independent the two systems. The web, as you may mentioned, I've manufactured superb improvement in mastering this technique, and i also have no the opportunity to actually review diverse systems (although I actually learned about you will of every of the 3 systems online, since a great exampleAt this time, 2 weeks . extremely abstract point, I no longer practice, We shortage a lot of components to battle against them. a fascinating option may be the simple version, but the term "simplified" makes me a very little mixed up, Because Now i am anxious that a few sounds cannot be portrayed through this edition (I can be wrong, but also for me personally, "simplify" ways to delete (take the simple version of Chopin's rating, it's less difficult, butELA is no longer enthusiastic about music, but when all of us talk about "the whole, " we immediately know what which means. ce sublime manteau flare red dress
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loadpico733 · 20 days ago
Jerry Reed Blogspot
Tumblr media
Raised in Georgia, Jerry Reed moved to Nashville in 1962, taking jobs as a session guitarist and writing songs for country heavies including Porter Wagoner. Encouraged by guitar great Chet Atkins, Reed developed an instantly recognizable and idiosyncratic guitar style that suited humor-filled compositions including “Guitar Man” and “Amos. Jerry Reed Hello, and welcome to my education blog! Here I post class assignments and opinions in regards to social studies education. Any names other than my own.
This question makes me think of one of my favorite words in the English language, culture. It is important to know the specific culture of your classes; how they act, their typical energy and participation level, how they work in groups, and many other factors. As educators we have to be flexible in almost everything we do, just because a lesson plan works wonderfully one year, doesn't mean it will continue to impress students in the future. One of the things you often hear from new teachers is that their time outside of the classroom consists of a lot of lesson planing, because they have yet to collect a variety of methods to teach each concept they need to. It is definitely difficult to teach in a manner that can be meaningful to the entirety of the increasingly diverse classrooms we find ourselves in. How exactly can we differentiate our teaching so that every student can learn? What exactly is the most important factor in effective teaching? How exactly can we differentiate our teaching so that every student can learn? According to
Jerry Reed Blogspot Facebook
(2015), to differentiate is to 'to form or mark differently from other such things; distinguish'. That is exactly what differentiation of instruction is, to change how you teach, or the lessons you plan, so that a concept is taught in different ways. This is important simply because not everyone learns in the same way, some people need visuals to learn more effectively, others, like myself, are much more of a lecture learner, and even more are hands-on learners. Learning style varies from student to student, but this doesn't mean a student can only learn through their preferred style. A hands-on student can learn just as much from a lecture as a student who prefers lecture, it just means that the concept may not come quite as easily or naturally to them. Mr. Black, my placement teacher, was a lecturer, his lessons consisted primarily of student guided lecture, letting students determine what gets focused on, by simply asking a question here and there during the lecture, this also increased student attention with the constant threat that they could be called on. Although lecture is his preferred way to teach, he always took one or two days out of the week to do some activity to mix up the teaching methods, and attempt to break up the monotony of an everyday lecture. All it takes is a day a week, change your style and help your students grow, you cannot be sure how many students will suddenly just understand an idea with an activity until you try, and if it doesn't work, don't scrap the lesson, wait until the right group of students come along.
Tumblr media
What exactly is the most important factor in effective teaching? The NCSS (2015) gives five factors for what they call 'powerful teaching' these factors are for the lessons to be: meaningful, integrative, value-based, challenging, and active. Meaningful referring to lessons that stay with a student in a way they deem valuable. Integrative means not only to integrate all the disciplines of social studies into our lessons, but also to incorporate things like writing skills, into our lessons. Value-based stems from the idea that our purpose is to educate well-informed, responsible citizens. Challenging is self explanatory, just remember that everyone has limits. Active lessons get students thinking about more than just the content, but why the content is important. All of these are equally important in education, but what exactly does this mean for teachers? I believe that this really only gives us a small part of what we need to be effective teachers. I think it is important that we find the best way we can teach that works for us, Mr. Black was more comfortable lecturing, and when his class was polled on his performance, the vast majority praised him. A teacher down the hall from Mr. Black does many activities with her students, and there is no one to say that one of these teachers is more effective than the other. We have to make the classroom OUR classroom, we are going to be more effective teachers if we remember to differentiate our instruction, but primarily stick to what we are good at. Some teachers do not have the necessary emotion or humor to keep student's attention during a lecture, Mr. Black does, the teacher down the hall probably does not. It is up to us to combine the five NCSS factors into something that we can teach almost naturally.
Tumblr media
References (2015). Differentiating National Counsel for the Social Studies. (2015). A Vision of Powerful Teaching and Learning in the Social Studies: Building Social Understanding and Civic Efficacy
Jerry Reed Blogspot Blog
Silver Spring, MD: The National Counsel for the Social Studies.
Raised in Georgia, Jerry Reed moved to Nashville in 1962, taking jobs as a session guitarist and writing songs for country heavies including Porter Wagoner. Encouraged by guitar great Chet Atkins, Reed developed an instantly recognizable and idiosyncratic guitar style that suited humor-filled compositions including “Guitar Man” and “Amos Moses.” He and Atkins won a 1970 Grammy for instrumental album Me and Jerry, and Reed followed that a year later with a Grammy for country male vocal performance on “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot.” A third Grammy, this one for country instrumental performance, came in 1993 for another duo effort with Atkins.
Other major Reed hits include “Lord, Mr. Ford,” “East Bound and Down,” and “She Got the Goldmine (I Got the Shaft).” He also won positive notice for his acting roles in films including W.W. and the Dixie Dance Kings, and Smokey and the Bandit.
“Every move he made was to entertain, and make the world more fun,” said Reed devotee Brad Paisley. “Because he was such a great, colorful personality with his acting and songs and entertaining, sometimes people didn’t even notice that he was just about the best guitarist you’ll ever hear.”
Tumblr media
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jochmus · 23 days ago
A Discussion of One Approach to a Universal Characteristic
I have felt inspired yesterday to make this attempt as a text post on Tumblr. By the subject’s weighty history and definition, it should by no means be an easy endeavor. However, there are two individuals from my readings that have inspired me, named John Locke and George Polya. Although I own both of the texts that interest me by these men, I have not read those specific texts unfortunately. Another influence was the eloquence of Euclid’s axioms, indeed I have not read the Elements either except for like the first page. I tend to become distracted very easily, and this is not something that I am very proud of. 
Now I must reveal my passion for the works of Ramon Llull. He was the guy behind the most complete version of Characteristica Universalis, but that is only because he managed to inspire Leibniz to come up with his Characteristica, which was never really worked on or implemented, and the system that Llull created is called Ars Magna, in four distinct stages. The term Ars Magna itself with regards to Llull refers to the Ternary Art, which refers to the wheels or volvelles that he used have elements or principles being divisible by 3. Furthermore this also by coincidence is the third phase of the art, but the phase and divisibility of the wheels are distinct things. 
Enough of Llull. Leibniz is really the only person to be regarded here, as it can be assumed that he wished to update Ars Magna to the science of the time and his own distinguished opinion. That being said, he never managed to create such a thing, but merely wrote to his collaborators and associates about what a proper implementation of this Universal Characteristic would look like. His letters are somewhere in the order of magnitude of 10^5, which is a complicated way of saying 10,000. Indeed I do not remember the estimated number from the Wiki, but I do believe it was something like 30,000. 
By the way, the Wiki does list 21 different attempts at Characterica Universalis, which is the number if I recall correctly, that this scholarly text on Llull mentioned that the man had written this many different version of his system. Quite interesting, but I cannot lower myself into base numerology. That has been superseded. To return to Ramon Llull for a moment, the man allegedly got his system from the Sufis. This precursor system is called Zairja, and there are a couple of texts available on that subject, one written by modern scholars and another written by a Tunisian historian who wrote the Muqaddimah. A hint for those of you curious about the latter text: The chapter about Zairja is in the third volume of that text, and is available on the Internet Archive. 
Back to Leibniz; for some reason essay writing is quite tiring. From what we can discern about what he stated that this system would look like, well I have some bad news. Leibniz simply took the diagram that Empedocles created in antiquity and said “There.” What I mean by this is that Leibniz just took the four elements and their supposed connections, in doing so adding another four nodes to the diagram, and being content with drawing lines between said nodes in order to ratiocinate (think) on paper. Anyone can tell that this is follysome since we now know for a fact that the Classical Elements theory is rubbish. In fact, I have a hot take that it was not only responsible for the idea of “race,” but also the idea of depression. I have created an acronym for the various iterations of Classical Element theory, that is “EHTR” (pronounced ‘ether’) or Element-Humor-Temperament-”Race.” Indeed this may come as quite a shock everyone, but Kant the philosopher was really racist and decided to rank the “races.” I am not going to get into this, but I will say that it may have become esoteric or something through the likes of Manly P. Hall, who mentioned the same scheme Kant used, albeit reordering some things, after the latter mapped it to an analogy about the caste system mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita. I can feel the cancelation brewing already. 
There are probably many different ways to attain this Universal Characteristic. I find that I have provided enough introductory information on this subject, so let us move on to the main part of this essay. Unfortunately, this whole thing was spurred on by a feeling of grandiosity, so I really don’t know how valid my intuition is. Furthermore I forgot what it was that I could use to implement Charicterica Universalis. That being said, I think it was along the lines of a study of analogy, using mathematics, so that we could potentially describe the various processes that underlie reality. The other part was a return to metaphysics proper, or the three general distinguishing features of it according to some textbook, those features being categorization (which is what I consider to be important in particular with regards to this endeavor), thinking and a sense of supremacy regarding the method. Personally I really don’t think that the last one means much, and is in fact a detriment to updating philosophy as should be periodically done in my opinion. Science will always push the boundaries. 
I am going to split the remainder of this essay into three parts: The first part will be about analogy; the second, categorization; and thirdly an obscure paradox that I came up with last night, as a bonus for making it to the end of the essay. You could just skip to the paradox, if you would like, in fact I will bold the title for you, in case I have wasted too much of your time and am boring you. 
On Analogy
I envision analogy as not something fundamental, as the man who wrote Zen and the the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance stated that analogy is irreducible to sub-elements; and I argue against that position taken by the author of that text. I am honestly getting tired of writing and I have written the later parts of this essay before I wrote this part, so here goes nothing. 
In the next part I briefly mention knot and graph theory. I envision analogies as graphs, as I was inspired by Schrödinger’s book What is Life that the genetic material was a crystal. Not true, but why could this crystal represent mimesis, as opposed to “genesis?” (Genesis as in genes, an improper way to say that mind you.) Yes, I really think that this is the case, but it does sound kind of crazy now that I have it on paper after having it in my mind for a few years. I don’t know. I dislike the designation that Dawkins created for such things, the “meme” which he literally took from some German scientist with the same first name, and removed the ‘n’ in mneme to create this Internet garbage we see today. 
Then there are the developments with the idea of metaphor. I don’t really feel like getting into these because I am too tired and I keep making typing mistakes. Just know that it is possible to limit portions of the structure of the analogy to make it more congruent with other analogies or structures. Lastly, it really feels like the literary criticism movement is starting to claim all of the universe as its “text.” That is a portion of Structuralism, at least, according to PhilosophyTube. She stated that Structuralism started as literary criticism, and what do we as human beings do? Why we map the text to the whole of the universe. Some could argue that is a kind of metaphysics were it to be loosely understood. ...
On Categorization
The general gist of what I am thinking of here is that Ars Magna’s major issue is that it is not chaotic enough, if that makes any sense. What I am attempting to get at here is the thing about the questions generated in that system solely referring to the statements created. There is no architecture or complexity there to be studied and afterwards engineered, as it is just base multiplication to generate the questions. What I would like, is for the creation of the questions to be irreversible and chaotic, indeed those are separate things, much like the weather. Knot theory, or graph theory would come into play here, I am not sure which but that is what my intuition is telling me. Also, many statements could be superimposed to generate a set of questions, or a single question. Hopefully my mathematical studies will enable me to investigate this further in the future. 
It must be stated now that the whole category term does apply in my opinion to Ars Manga. This is because the system abstracts the categories into a table of about 54 “elements” which are then combined a second time to produce very short strings of text, for instance “BCD.” Of course, the strings could very well be longer, and could incorporate more intricacy in this manner, but it is really the interaction between all of these strings which constitutes the architecture of the system, although this is done in a manner contrary to the mainstream Lullists, which is an anachronism, really. 
Case in point the categories must translate into natural phenomena and vice versa. At the same time, if the categories were generative, then they must be irreversible in order to be as intricate as possible. The sky is the limit with this, “New Lullism.” I don’t feel like explaining any more, but if someone wants me to tell them about why the standard categories must be reversible, and the generative categories the reverse, then I will explain this another day. Indeed, it may be a false distinction; there may very well be four types of category system, that is:
Standard reversible;
Generative reversible (Ars Magna);
Standard irreversible;
Generative irreversible.
That is all for this part.
The Paradox
There is a possibility for a Universal Library, but the one available on the Internet is not feasible for conducting research on, because it is an art website and is not powerful enough to locate texts and be practical. I am talking about an implementation for the Universal Library called the Library of Babel. You can visit the website at I do not have the energy to disclose the theory behind this whole thing right now, but on request I will write about it another day. 
The mathematical constant “pi” supposedly does not repeat. Yet there is a trichotomy to be established here, when the constant is juxtaposed with the Universal Library, either; 
1). The Universal Library is effected by Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem (was stated by two separate mathematics professors to likely be the case);
2). Pi does indeed repeat minute portions of itself after a significantly large computation of it is conducted, with an upper bound order of magnitude of around 10^5000. Note that this is a back-of-hand calculation;
3). Pi cannot be mapped to the Universal Library.
This trichotomy may indeed be defective as I am not trained in logic, and also I had to make up the last one as I forgot what it was. Oh well.
Thank you very much for reading all of this. Have a swell day. 
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loadingpub629 · 23 days ago
Php &
Tumblr media
Table of Contents
When the user fills out the form above and clicks the submit button, the form data is sent for processing to a PHP file named 'welcome.php'. The form data is sent with the HTTP POST method. To display the submitted data you could simply echo all the variables. The 'welcome.php' looks like this. Welcome to Snoopy, the web client class for PHP. Do not e-mail me for support, please use the forums!
An operator is something that takes one or more values (or expressions, in programming jargon) and yields another value (so that the construction itself becomes an expression).
Operators can be grouped according to the number of values they take. Unary operators take only one value, for example ! (the logical not operator) or ++ (the increment operator). Binary operators take two values, such as the familiar arithmetical operators+ (plus) and - (minus), and the majority of PHP operators fall into this category. Finally, there is a single ternary operator, ? :, which takes three values; this is usually referred to simply as 'the ternary operator' (although it could perhaps more properly be called the conditional operator).
A full list of PHP operators follows in the section Operator Precedence. The section also explains operator precedence and associativity, which govern exactly how expressions containing several different operators are evaluated.
Anonymous ¶
16 years ago
of course this should be clear, but i think it has to be mentioned espacially: AND is not the same like && for example: <?php $a && $b || $c; ?> is not the same like <?php $a AND $b || $c; ?> the first thing is (a and b) or c the second a and (b or c) 'cause || has got a higher priority than and, but less than && of course, using always [ && and || ] or [ AND and OR ] would be okay, but than you should at least respect the following: <?php $a = $b && $c; ?> <?php $a = $b AND $c; ?> the first code will set $a to the result of the comparison $b with $c, both have to be true, while the second code line will set $a like $b and THAN - after that - compare the success of this with the value of $c maybe usefull for some tricky coding and helpfull to prevent bugs :D greetz, Warhog
anisgazig at gmail dot com ¶
2 months ago
A variable is a container that contain different types of data and the operator operates a variable correctly.
anisgazig at gmail dot com ¶
7 months ago
Operator are used to perform operation. Operator are mainly divided by three groups. 1.Uniary Operators that takes one values 2.Binary Operators that takes two values 3.ternary operators that takes three values Operator are mainly divided by three groups that are totally seventeen types. 1.Arithmetic Operator + = Addition - = Subtraction * = Multiplication / = Division % = Modulo ** = Exponentiation 2.Assignment Operator = 'equal to 3.Array Operator + = Union = Equality = Identity != = Inequality <> = Inequality ! = Non-identity 4.Bitwise Operator & = and ^ = xor | = not << = shift left >> = shift right 5.Comparison Operator = equal = identical != = not equal ! = not identical <> = not equal < = less than <= less than or equal > = greater than >= = greater than or equal <=> = spaceship operator 6.Execution Operator `` = backticks 7.Error Control Operator @ = at sign 8.Incrementing/Decrementing Operator ++$a = PreIncrement $a++ = PostIncrement --$a = PreDecrement $a-- = Postdecrement 9.Logical Operator && = And || = Or ! = Not and = And xor = Xor or = Or 10.string Operator . = concatenation operator .= concatenating assignment operator 11.Type Operator instanceof = instanceof 12.Ternary or Conditional operator ?: = Ternary operator 13.Null Coalescing Operator ??' = null coalescing 14.Clone new Operator clone new = clone new 15.yield from Operator yield from = yield from 16.yield Operator yield = yield 17.print Operator print = print
yasuo_ohgaki at hotmail dot com ¶
20 years ago
Other Language books' operator precedence section usually include '(' and ')' - with exception of a Perl book that I have. (In PHP '{' and '}' should also be considered also). However, PHP Manual is not listed '(' and ')' in precedence list. It looks like '(' and ')' has higher precedence as it should be. Note: If you write following code, you would need '()' to get expected value. <?php $bar = true; $str = 'TEST'. ($bar ? 'true' : 'false') .'TEST'; ?> Without '(' and ')' you will get only 'true' in $str. (PHP4.0.4pl1/Apache DSO/Linux, PHP4.0.5RC1/Apache DSO/W2K Server) It's due to precedence, probably.
figroc at gmail dot com ¶
12 years ago
The variable symbol '$' should be considered as the highest-precedence operator, so that the variable variables such as $$a[0] won't confuse the parser. []
phpnet dot 20 dot dpnsubs at xoxy dot net ¶
13 years ago
Note that in php the ternary operator ?: has a left associativity unlike in C and C++ where it has right associativity. You cannot write code like this (as you may have accustomed to in C/C++): <?php $a = 2; echo ( $a 1 ? 'one' : $a 2 ? 'two' : $a 3 ? 'three' : $a 4 ? 'four' : 'other'); echo 'n'; // prints 'four' ?> You need to add brackets to get the results you want: <?php $a = 2; echo ($a 1 ? 'one' : ($a 2 ? 'two' : ($a 3 ? 'three' : ($a 4 ? 'four' : 'other') ) ) ); echo 'n'; //prints 'two' ?>
ivijan dot stefan at gmail dot com ¶
1 year ago
If you use 'AND' and 'OR', you'll eventually get tripped up by something like this: <?php $this_one = true; $that = false; $truthiness = $this_one and $that; ?> Want to guess what $truthiness equals? If you said 'false''s wrong! '$truthiness' above has the value 'true'. Why? '=' has a higher precedence than 'and'. The addition of parentheses to show the implicit order makes this clearer: <?php ($truthiness = $this_one) and $that; ?> If you used '&&' instead of and in the first code example, it would work as expected and be 'false'. This also works to get the correct value, as parentheses have higher precedence than '=': <?php $truthiness = ($this_one and $that); ?>
me at robrosenbaum dot com ¶
13 years ago
The scope resolution operator ::, which is missing from the list above, has higher precedence than [], and lower precedence than 'new'. This means that self::$array[$var] works as expected.
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A quick note to any C developers out there, assignment expressions are not interpreted as you may expect - take the following code ;- <?php $a=array(1,2,3); $b=array(4,5,6); $c=1; $a[$c++]=$b[$c++]; print_r( $a ) ; ?> This will output;- Array ( [0] => 1 [1] => 6 [2] => 3 ) as if the code said;- $a[1]=$b[2]; Under a C compiler the result is;- Array ( [0] => 1 [1] => 5 [2] => 3 ) as if the code said;- $a[1]=$b[1]; It would appear that in php the increment in the left side of the assignment is processed prior to processing the right side of the assignment, whereas in C, neither increment occurs until after the assignment.
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Simple POST and PRE incremnt sample: <?php $b = 5; $a = ( ( ++$b ) > 5 ); // Pre-increment test echo (int)$a; $b = 5; $a = ( ( $b++ ) > 5 ); // Post-increment test echo (int)$a; ?> This will output 10, because of the difference in post- and pre-increment operations
Language Reference
If you want to learn the basics of PHP, then you've come to the right place. The goal of this tutorial is to teachyou the basics of PHP so that you can:
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Customize PHP scripts that you download, so that they better fit your needs.
Begin to understand the working model of PHP, so you may begin to design your own PHP projects.
Give you a solid base in PHP, so as to make you more valuable in the eyes of future employers.
PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor.
Taken directly from PHP's home,, 'PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. Much of its syntax is borrowed from C, Java and Perl with a couple of unique PHP-specific features thrown in. The goal of the language is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly.'
This is generally a good definition of PHP. However, it does contain a lot of terms you may not be used to. Another way to think of PHP is a powerful, behind the scenes scripting language that your visitors won't see!
When someone visits your PHP webpage, your web server processes the PHP code. It then sees which parts it needs to show to visitors(content and pictures) and hides the other stuff(file operations, math calculations, etc.) then translates your PHP into HTML. After the translation into HTML, it sends the webpage to your visitor's web browser.
It is also helpful to think of PHP in terms of whatit can do for you. PHP will allow you to:
Reduce the time to create large websites.
Create a customized user experience for visitors based on information that you have gathered from them.
Open up thousands of possibilities for online tools. Check out PHP - HotScripts for examples of the great things that are possible with PHP.
Allow creation of shopping carts for e-commerce websites.
Before starting this tutorial it is important that you have a basic understanding and experiencein the following:
HTML - Know the syntax and especially HTML Forms.
Basic programming knowledge - This isn't required, but if you have any traditional programming experience it will make learning PHP a great deal easier.
This tutorial is aimed at the PHP novice and will teach you PHP from the ground up. If you wanta drive-through PHP tutorial this probably is not the right tutorial for you.
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Php & Mysql
Remember, you should not try to plow through this tutorial in one sitting. Read a couple lessons, take a break, then do some more afterthe information has had some time to sink in.
Btc To Php
Php 7.4 Download
If you would rather download the PDF of this tutorial, check out our PHP eBook from the store. Print it out, write all over it, post your favorite lessons all over your wall!
Php Agency
Report a Bug or Comment on This Lesson - Your input is what keeps Tizag improving with time!
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Ideas That Will Make The Marketing With Articles Venture Profitable
Every business on earth started off coming from a easy thought, as well as the identical will probably be accurate with any company you start. Even a web business requires a great idea. The truth is, you have got to have got a slew of great suggestions to be able to generate an effective marketing with articles campaign, and that we will tell you how to handle the duty of advertising in the post under. Usually do not concern yourself with online plagiarism. When an additional site duplicates your written work, declare credit by marketing on the community, exactly how many websites use and trust your materials. Consider connecting your internet web page on the website pages who have considered your articles. Professing credit history this way will be less expensive than getting a lawyer for copyright litigation. Consider jogging your content in the blog file format instead of pitching something in just about every post. Men and women study good quality content, nonetheless they will wheel of constant marketing. In the event you place your call to measures, in just about every fourth or fifth write-up, it can push much more conversion rates than when you are overcoming the advertising and marketing drum in every single submit.
Tumblr media
When writing content articles on a number of web directories as an online marketer, the two main sound policies you should stay by. 1, in no way distribute exactly the same article 2 times. Always be sure to change issues up as well as to offer a new, clean position on the subject. Two, save your back links to your author biography which means that your article doesn't go through as junk e-mail. Don't create the truly amazing American innovative! When people are looking for info on the web, they don't generally wish to read through one thousand phrases. Discover how to revise suitably to convey your information in a interesting, readable, exciting approach. Posts of 300 to 500 words and phrases that provide their information within a succinct way are valued by on the internet readers! Investigation your article writer. In the event you subcontract your composing to another one man or woman, check-up about them constantly. You need to be sure that their composing is unique and unique. Use the search engines to check out items of their operate, as you may not want to incorporate your title on anything copied or unoriginal. Buy your character in your post. Have got a very little of the character written into the article and stay authentic because it permits people to get in touch together with you better. Permit individuals know your identiity while you write. Prospective customers will like the personal feel for your producing and will also be more likely to return over and over. Rewriting courses and solutions can enhance the total volume of content you should use within a advertising system, but you must not depend on them solely. Spun and rewritten submissions are not quite as popular as unique information, with visitors or search engine listings. The core of your own article promotion marketing campaign should always be substantial-top quality palm-created articles. When you are composing the very first write of the next write-up, tend not to concern yourself with grammar, spelling or proofreading till the report is completed. Sweating around this sort of particulars during composition is unproductive and wasteful. Keep the modifying and solving until right after the draft is finished. You will publish faster - and better, way too. As you may get more expertise as being an write-up online marketer, you will begin to learn about new possibilities to drive targeted traffic. Even so, you shouldn't get these options except if you're definitely willing to make the essential time and energy to begin to see the new campaign by means of, due to the fact doing something only midway will result in failure. With regards to proper advertising of the posts, you cannot do just about anything till you build a marketing and advertising prepare initially. This is crucial, mainly because it will give you insight into what you need to because of reach your objectives, as well as what these require. It essentially outlines information of your goal, your sight, your goals, your target audience and what you ought to because of become successful. Read through a lot of content articles authored by other top experts. Pay out specific awareness of the direction they file format their content articles. The kind of titles they involve and what subject matter they focus on, can all be information for yourself while you structure your very own items. You can also integrate everything you find out in your individual content articles.
Although articles is surely an effective promotional tool to work with, it does not mean that each and every report is going to be a highly effective promotional tool. Flyer Distribution Singapore should aim to produce the best write-up possible, each and every time, if the post is to do well. No two content articles made by you ought to ever be so related that a readers may believe 'hey this informative article seems to be very much like that other one particular I study by them.' If this style commences, remedy it when you be aware of it or perhaps your article marketing will be affected. Analyze the very best PR internet sites in the business and make certain you submit at the very least a number of content to every one of them. This is one of the easiest ways you could increase publicity, as you should buy your post in the hands of the ideal in the commercial. In the event you write plenty of posts and want to use them to higher your search engine ranking positions, try out making more "how-to" content articles. These are loved by viewers, but more importantly, they have more exterior links than any other type of report. Other webmasters that find your how-to report properly-written will send traffic your path and boost your online search engine presence. When creating articles for marketing and advertising functions, visualize your best consumer. Think of the kind of person which will be interested in your goods and services and write straight to that person. This technique will give your content concentration making them more engaging and fascinating to the people you want to do company with. Providing you are able to keep churning out of the posts, you will be a hit and drive men and women aimed at your website or perhaps to your internet affiliate goods. All this depends on what you're happy to put in and on what type of details you're employing to assist build your promotion.
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Tingling Thoughts
Hey there, it’s been so long since I penned anything down. Sometimes I have a lot of thoughts in my mind, sometimes it’s all a blank. But whatever, I just feel the overwhelming urge to want to express something. 
So, I have made the decision to pursue the PhD. It’s not an easy decision to make. I was vexing over it for 2 weeks after I got the offer from my prof. On one hand, my bosses are super understanding and nice. They always assure me that having feelings and expressing them is normal and even something they encourage. I was feeling very stressed about work, and I reached out to them, and they really did so much to assure me that I am normal. They even helped to offload some of the stuff. They even went one step further to push the idea to the whole department, that mental health is very important especially since there has been a slew of changes that has resulted in blurred lines in work and overwhelming responsibilities charging at us. I felt very guilty - you know the feeling when the more someone gives you TLC (tender loving care - I learnt this word from my colleague LOL), the less you would want to do something that disappoints them aka leaving them when they need you the most. However, after weighing the pros and cons of leaving the company to pursue my PhD vs staying in the company where I definitely will have many opportunities, the heart just...wants what it wants. My mind is set on becoming an educator, and I love the technical challenges that I have faced in my industry. Overall, I think being an educator to train the next batch of engineers would suit me better. Maybe I have found my calling? At least for now, it feels like a calling. And it helps that when I was deciding whether to go for PhD or not, that I have handed over the keys of my future to the universe - I made a promise to myself then that I would only go for PhD if I have a scholarship, and that I would not spend so much time to think through it. I have a habit of overthinking and over-analysing and treating life too seriously. It is as if every step of the way I have to make the right choice. I mean, it is a good ‘habit’ to have, because then I would have a better idea of where my future lies and not just go according to flow. But sometimes I do think I am too restricted in the expectations that I have on myself that I forget to live freely. 
Sometimes, I think I envy people who are very much themselves regardless of whatever situation or environment they are in. I realised something about myself, which is that the older I get, the ‘faker’ I am. Don’t get me wrong, I am not someone who has a fake personality - like being nice to someone and then bitching about them behind their backs. That is not me. I am still an ‘openly bitchy’ person HAHA. If I do not like someone I make sure they know it. However, I did realise in a professional setting, I am more cautious of how I behave. I am ‘nicer’ to people than I have to be, and sometimes I think that creates the impression that I am nicer than I actually am. I don’t know why this bothers me, but it does. I feel like I have so many sides that I show to many people, and it almost feels like I am a different person - although not completely - to different people. My friend says that this is just being a responsible adult, and I hope this is true. Sometimes I do feel a little awkward and not myself, as if I have to stick to that image I have already created for these people. I don’t think it is a very huge difference from who I actually am, it is just that sometimes I exaggerate some traits of myself unintentionally - almost as if my brain is telling me that I have to act a certain way in front of certain people. An example of how different I am to different people is this: In front of colleagues or interns, I am like their buddy - sometimes nice and sometimes mean. I would say i’m most unguarded with colleagues who are around the same level as me. With cleaner auntie, or people from other department, I would be a little bit more guarded, but my ‘nice’ side will exude. I will be very helpful, friendly, and less straightforward. Sometimes, even more than necessary. But let’s say with higher management people, I would tend to be more guarded and robotic, and sometimes even emotionless. I would like to treat everyone the same way, but I think it is just something that is hard to control - my mind automatically categorises people into baskets, and I would treat them according to the labels on the baskets. Another category of people would be people who are...a little weird. There is one guy from my company who is relatively new, and he just behaves in such a way that just makes people go... is he ok? I think he has a very low EQ, and that he doesn’t know that he makes people feel uncomfortable. For these kind of people whom I know from the get go that I have no time or patience to entertain, I would build a tall and thick wall between us, so that he cannot even converse with me. I think he tried in the beginning but my lack of interest was too apparent - of course deliberately. I do not want to be caught up with his lame antics by being nice. I already witnessed several ‘casualties’ in the office - people who are too nice that got caught up in his web and cannot escape, and they can only leave once they have entertained him LOL. I know, I feel like a double or triple or multiple faced bitch sometimes. I do not like that part of me. I wish I can either be nice (and not overly) to everybody, or be a bitch openly.
Sometimes I look at personalities on youtube and I feel a slight tinge of envy. How can they be so comfortable with showing this part of themselves to the internet. It seems like they are so comfortably themselves - regardless of how strong their personalities are or how others might disagree with them. I envy their freedom of expression - how they can just live their best lives without considering what people might think of them and how that might affect their livelihood. I mean, making videos IS their livelihood. 
I am someone who likes to express myself - although this may come as a surprise to some (as I mentioned earlier, I have so many sides that I think not one person have seen them all except myself). I am quiet and cold to some, talkative and warm to some, fierce and unforgiving to some, chill and embracing to some. I have so many facets to me, but I can say that they are all me. Just that different people face different sides of me. I like some sides more than I like some other sides, but I can only embrace my sides as me. I would also like to write more, film videos, but I worry how others might view me. I worry how people who have never seen some sides of me might think how fake I am. Or what I express might hinder me in my work in the future - because we all know what we put out into the internet would stay on the internet forever. That is both scary and amazing tbh. 
I recently turned mid-20s. I don’t really have much of a feeling on the day itself. I used to place much emphasis on birthdays. I vividly remember feeling so upset on my 18th birthday even when I was literally surrounded by presents from my friends - I think just because someone forgot my birthday or something. Fast forward to my mid-20s, people who remember are those that really take note of it (because I have eliminated my birth date from FB and social media LOL), and many people forget. However, I feel super fine. I feel so normal, as if this is just a day...To eat cake. Nothing special. Who am I kidding, cake is always special :D But, aside from joking, I do have some mixed feeling about this, because I used to find it so fun to plan people’s birthdays and give much emphasis on birthdays. I find birthdays a very good excuse to celebrate someone, and to have fun and let our creative juices flow by planning surprises, and of course the most important thing is to create these memories. But as we grow older, birthdays become another day to go through, and they become just another mundane day. Special memories aren’t made anymore. I think personally, I would want to make birthdays extra special for people I love. However, I would understand if as ‘adults’ (cough cough), others don’t give much of a damn anymore. I would want to create special memories for my family and friends. Yes I should. I don’t want to become boring as I grow older. I still want to be excited and create new special memories that I can look back at and smile - knowing that I have created and been in someone’s special memory.
My thoughts are all over the place, but recently I have been a little bit happier, because I am going to have a very long break soon. I am going to utilise this break to create more content and express the fireworks going in my mind! I am still trying to figure out which direction my youtube channel should go. I am someone who is very sensitive and emotional - meaning I am very in touch with my thoughts and feelings and I would want to express them more. However, it makes it a little bit difficult as I do not want to reveal my identity as I am afraid that it might make things a little bit sticky in the future. I have some contents ideas - but I am more drawn to normal everyday things: expressing thoughts and ideas, becoming fitter, food, challenges, music covers, and all that jazz. 
Now that I am officially in the ‘older’ crowd, as a mid-20s person, I only wish that I can become a better version of myself. I want to be more at ease with who I am, be more free with who I am, and love and express that more to people who matter.
My creative side is also yearning to break free. So I think while pursuing my post grad, I would also pursue more film taking/editing, writing short stories or even novels, music and all that things that can connect more to my soul. I hope I can create contents that I truly feel proud and connected to, regardless of how small my audience might be. I just want to be proud of who I am.
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another life (oh, if only you knew)
ao3 link
this is a “small” (🤡) one-shot where our lady alcina dimitrescu meets the woman who ends up being her future lover for the first time before she’s turned into a vampire. they meet again, centuries later and are both unprepared to face each other, in their own way. In other words: they are gay ❤️ + someone tell these two fools how to navigate their feelings for each other, PLEASE 
word count: 10.810 words (yeah, i know)
author’s notes: a huge chunk of this was written before i played the game, meaning most of it (including things regarding Heisenberg’s powers, etc) is not canon compliant, still, i feel like going against canon is a good thing for us, anyway. y’all know what i mean. SO! this one-shot is actually really close to my heart. alcina and the girls live in my head absolutely rent free and i don’t even mind. hope you all enjoy reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it
p.s. this is the first fic that i have ever posted and written. blame it on our milf
Big, social gatherings were useful in their own, distinct way. Meeting counts, their wives, the countesses... the secret lovers of those same counts, which everyone, but the wives, were aware of... there were plenty of those. Never a dull moment, truly. Attending a party your dear, darling husband organised, however, was a different story. Alcina Dimitrescu was not the kind of woman to be more than glad to step back from her role and allow a man to take the reigns for her, to allow him to play the part of the head of the house. She oftentimes found herself wishing for his... mysterious disappearance. He could even flat out drop dead - she was not picky. 
The overwhelming noise of constant blabbering from her guests was beginning to irritate her, though. Meaningless social affairs were most definitely beneath the Countess - hiding the frown that would frequently settle on the corners of her mouth, after a particularly loud cackle from one of the men, by sipping some wine seemed to be turning into a recurring move for the woman. Everywhere she looked all she could see was uninteresting people playing a part. Acting as if they were all happy to be there. What else was new? The same faces carrying out the same conversations. The worst part was that her husband had the most... particular taste in friends. They were all male, of course, and so incredibly stupid and dull. The kind you look at and just know they won’t be saying anything insightful throughout the entire affair. Men, the Countess mused. What else could you expect from such limited beings? The mere thought of them making her frown deeper, her lips pursing slightly for what seemed like a millisecond. 
Her husband was fuelled by attention - seemed to thrive off it, actually. She turned to look at him from the red, bergère chair she was sitting on and observed his behaviour from afar. One hand was in his pocket, the other holding a golden goblet filled to the brim with red wine. The contents of it would often spill and fall to the floor whenever he would give a hearty laugh or swing his arms around to better illustrate whatever dull-witted point he was trying to make. The goblet was filled to the brim no longer and his cheeks were rosy, meaning he was far from being sober, at that point. It was only a matter of time before she had to step in and chastise him for acting like a fool whose goal seemed to be disgracing House Dimitrescu, something the Countess would never turn a blind eye to. She held on to her own goblet of wine tighter, then. Luckily, it was not made of glass, or it would have shattered.
She exhaled harshly from her nose, once, before a charming, almost musical laugh broke her reverie. She had to keep herself from snapping her head to the side to look at where the sound had come from, making her movements slow and precise instead, so as to not draw attention to herself or her newfound curiosity. Well, well. Now that was a pleasant sight. The sound had come from a woman. An extremely beautiful one, at that. Her hair was brown, braided most elegantly, and complemented her features in a way that was almost indescribable. The warm lighting of the ballroom they were in altered it’s hue, reminding the other woman of free, autumn leaves, drifting gracefully in the wind. The Countess wondered how long the woman’s hair would be if she were to free it from the pins that were holding it in place.
Her dress was red, cut somewhat generously at the front. Bold, for the gathering she was attending, though it certainly made a statement, it would seem. The frame fitting, silken dress appeared to draw the attention of several men, who, of course, barely even bothered to make eye contact with the woman whenever they spoke to her. This made Alcina’s lips curl down momentarily in disgust. Men could truly be such dogs, she thought. 
The brown haired woman captured the attention of every person around her whenever she’d speak, although the smile she wore did not reach her hazel coloured eyes - it had a subtle, mechanical look to it - and her posture was slightly too stiff, as if she studied every move before actually moving. Her smile, her demeanour... it was all clearly forced, but only those who were paying very close attention could see through her mask. The woman’s eyes then shifted downwards when she sipped her wine. She felt a pair of eyes on her - sort of like how you feel when roaming around in a haunted house, you don’t see anything, yet feel everything, only this time, the feeling was more than welcomed. Drifting her eyes upwards, she finally met the Countess’s gaze. Almost like a magnet. How intriguing. She was, indeed, hauntingly beautiful, the mysterious woman thought. 
Time seemed to stand still for a moment, in a way that was almost too cliché. The brunette half-hoped she could relive the moment all over again. She could not look away. They both couldn’t. 
The woman’s lips were still hidden behind the glass of wine, but her eyes told the Countess all she needed to know. They stared at each other for what seemed like centuries and every second of it was absolutely delicious - the brunette didn’t shy away from Alcina’s prying eyes at all, she seemed to revel in the fact that she was the one the Countess was looking at - her chest puffed slightly, her head tilting upwards a bit, and when she finally removed the goblet from her face she had an almost missable smirk painting her soft, red lips, making one of Alcina’s eyebrows arch slightly. Ah, at this rate, the things you could see just by looking into another person’s eyes was almost criminal. 
Their staring contest was, much to Alcina’s chagrin, broken when a particularly loud and obnoxious laugh came from her husband. The fool was probably trying to charm one of his guests for the umpteenth time that evening. Having had enough, she stood up at once and took long strides towards him so as to not allow him to embarrass himself, or, rather, her, any further. The room didn’t fall silent, but several people spoke in a hushed tone as they watched the Countess walk towards the opposite side of the room. The way she moved was almost hypnotic - the skirts of her dress shifted delicately, her face completely still, not betraying any emotions, not a hair on her head out of place. It was almost as if she was floating.
“Beloved,” the sound of her voice evoked an immediate reaction out of her husband, who quickly turned to face her, visibly sputtering, and out of several other people near them. Heads literally turned. 
Everyone knew who was at the helm of House Dimitrescu, it didn’t matter how many parties her husband attempted to throw or how many Counts he tried to butter up. There was only one, and it was not him. It was her. He knew this. She knew this. Everyone did, and playing the part of the good, perfect, respectable wife was beginning to wear the woman down in a way that was borderline dangerous, at that point. Men are technically allowed to rule sometimes, unfortunately. This was not one of those times.
“My dearest wife-“ her husband started, slurring his words slightly. She immediately cut him off by grasping his arm in a way that told him to stop talking, but also looked relatively loving to whoever was watching, “A word,” she was not asking, she was telling. 
The brown haired woman, who had previously captured the Countess’s attention, watched as the couple walked, with their arms linked, towards a secluded part of their castle. She noticed how the black haired woman nodded curtly towards her guests as she walked past them, not wanting to be a poor host despite being displeased with her husband’s behaviour. Brown eyes took in the other woman’s.... figure as she walked away. A sight to behold, as she had initially guessed. Her dress hugged all her curves in the most mouthwatering way. It was almost too difficult for one to tear their eyes from her.
In the meantime, the party was simply not the same when she was absent. Like an ever-present energy, not a soul in that room could look at the Countess and mistake her for a person who could go unnoticed. Even if she wasn’t in the room physically, everything had her name written all over it. It was hers. It was all hers. 
Several moments passed before the Countess and her husband decided to grace the party with their presence once more, still, the brunette immediately took note of it and watched as the other woman navigated the room confidently to greet some of her other guests, never once breaking into a full smile, however. Maybe they just hadn’t earned it.
If she wanted to greet her and leave a lasting impression, before having to leave the party, it had to be now.  
“— they are positively dreadful. I cannot bear the sight of them. The man calls himself a painter yet cannot seem to find within himself the ability to paint properly!” a man loudly said, some of the guests laughing along with him. Others at him. Alcina’s facial expression, on the other hand, remained completely neutral with no signs of her cracking a smile anytime soon. The man noticed and, unfortunately for him, made an attempt to mansplain art to the Lady of the House. The group fell silent, uncomfortably so, as the man waited on Alcina to grace him with a response. It did not seem like he was getting one. 
“You are out of your depth, Constantin,” Alcina immediately recognised the lilting voice, looked over her left shoulder and towards the sound. It was her. The phrase was voiced with a hint of playfulness so as to not humiliate the man any further, “Our host knows more about the wonders of the arts than you ever will.” She was standing directly beside Alcina now, yet seemingly refused to meet her gaze, choosing not to break eye contact with the man who dared question the Lady’s knowledge instead.
“In fact,” she inhaled through her nose, pursed her lips - allowing a hint of contempt to escape her for a fleeting moment - and clasped her hands at her front, “I believe we are all uncultured, empty-headed people in comparison, no? Some more than others”, she gave the man a pointed look, making the people around her chuckle in consensual agreement. That’s when she finally turned her head to face the other woman, whose gaze had been boring holes into her head as soon as she had decided to stand beside her. That’s when the brunette noticed that no one else was near the Countess, but all directly in front of her. It was as if she had stepped onto the woman’s stage. The realisation made her bow her head humbly before turning her body to fully face her, “I don’t believe we’ve met, my Countess”, she extended her hand, “Angela Drăculea, I have been meaning to make your acquaintance for awhile, now”.
This time, her smile had reached her eyes, which were now half-lidded. The laugh lines that formed charmingly around them only seemed to become more noticeable once Alcina took her hand in her own and hummed in acknowledgement, “I don’t believe our husbands have met”, she stated matter of factly.
“I beg your pardon?” the other woman said. They were still holding each other’s hands, the feeling sending shivers down Angela’s spine - she even seemed to draw nearer when the Countess spoke, which did not go unnoticed. Like a sailor being charmed by a siren, completely unaware of the perils surrounding such action. Alcina’s gaze refused to leave her own. It soon became intoxicating.
“He would have introduced us by now,” her calming voice said, before finally dropping the other woman’s hand, “Unless you come here uninvited and are a trespasser,” once again, it was not posed as an inquiry, it was as if she was throwing statements at the other woman, gauging her reaction to them.
The brunette squinted her eyes without dropping her endearing smile, “Our husbands have not met, no.” she squared her shoulders, then, and allowed her gaze to drift downwards, towards the Countess’s necklace, though she doubted that that’s what the other woman was  really looking at, “I am afraid I have no husband to introduce in the first place,” she playfully said, giving her a knowing smile and looking into her eyes once more. Angela was good at matching other people’s energy. If they teased, she would tease back. If they taunted, she would follow. If they threatened...
A hint of a smile ghosted Alcina’s lips, “Is that so?”
The atmosphere changed around them almost immediately. Some of the guests even squirmed uncomfortably whilst watching the verbal exchange unfold. It was not a normal conversation by any means. The brunette seemed to be speaking to the Countess for a particular reason. Alcina, on the other hand, was testing her. Watching her. Studying her, in a way that was not totally uncomfortable but also let the other woman know that she was not to be taken for a fool. Even so, their audience didn’t seem to bother this so-called ‘Angela’, Alcina noted. If anything, it only seemed to encourage her. Interesting, she thought.
The woman gave a smile, that was absolutely sinful, and bit down on her bottom lip for a split second. The woman opened her mouth to say something before placing her, now empty, goblet of wine on a round, silver platter one of the servants, who walked past her, was holding, “Indeed,”
“Rather unusual, wouldn’t you say?”, her tone lost all signs of amusement, then, and her expression turned almost sour. The sudden change of heart caught the brunette off guard, but unfortunately to Alcina, she was quick-witted and would not back down easily.
“Some would say so, yes,” her chin tilted upwards almost imperceptibly. She couldn’t stand taller than the other woman even if she tried, however. They were about the same height, Angela was slightly shorter, but the way the Lady of the House carried herself made her look taller than any other person in that room, almost incomprehensibly so, “Some would even go as far as to question my womanhood. Be that as it may... it is not how I see it.”
Alcina’s nostrils flared for a brief second, she had a feeling that the woman before her was about to cross a line that should never be crossed. Not with her. It was as if she was pushing all her buttons just to see if she could. A mistake. Nevertheless, she pressed on, “How do you see it?”, she glowered, daring her to speak her mind.
Angela didn’t look the tiniest bit regretful. It drove Alcina mad. She was a lady, therefore making a scene was absolutely out of the question, but Gods be damned, if the woman in front of her didn’t stay in line—
“Complete and utter freedom.” she cooed. The last thing Alcina expected was for the woman to bend at the waist, then, seemingly choosing to remove herself from the conversation now before it ended poorly, and moved to hold the Countess’s hand in her own once more. She paused, allowing Alcina to remove her hand from her grasp. When that didn’t come, she looked up from under her lashes, not moving from the position she was in, and placed a deliberate kiss on her hand, feeling it tense up under her touch. 
Once they stood at eye level, the first thing Angela observed was the Lady’s facial expression. First, her eyes flashed dangerously. Then, her jaw clenched. But then, and much to the brunettes dismay, Alcina’s face went blank. All terrible signs, when one is making an attempt at courtship, really. No matter though, because the last thing Angela noticed before finally moving away from the Countess were her eyes. One’s body always betrays them, it would seem, for the woman’s pupils were blown and only one word was written all over her face. Desire.
“In another life, perhaps?” was all the infuriating woman said, a soft smile on her face, before finally moving away, turning her back on the Lady and disappearing into the crowd. She left just as the Countess’s husband decided to join in on the conversation he had just missed. Whatever it was that he said, it earned him a hissed out reply from his wife. 
“My decision is final, there will be no argument.  Remember from whence you came,” was all the priestess had to say for the room to settle down, “Unless any of you provide me with a reason as to why our plan should change, I advise you all spare me your childish, petty squabbles”. Her voice was cold and left no room for disagreement. Heisenberg looked at his sister, his chest puffed and a ridiculously smug grin on his face. There was nothing more she wanted to do at that moment than wipe it off his face. With his hammer, perhaps. 
He had always been an irksome man, yet became even more so after his transformation. Alcina was thankful for the fact that she did not have to deal with his presence on a daily basis. He was like an annoying smell you simply could not get rid of and having to deal with familial issues even after your death felt like a poor joke. He did not respect her. She would have to change that.
“Thank you, Mother Miranda,” he patronisingly said, bowing to his sister mockingly, “you will not be disappointed”. There was his wolffish grin again. Alcina tsked and moved to stand behind her seat once more. Losing Ethan Winters did not irritate her too much - she did not care for the man nor for his safety - the fact that she was losing him to her brother, of all people, however... Now, that was a different story. It seemed that, even in death, men attempted to reach for things that were not theirs to claim. She knew her brother. His irresponsible nature would end up getting the best of him and she would have to clean up his mess. That’s how it always went. She and her daughters would’ve killed the mortal so much quicker. 
He turned to face the man in shackles then, opened his arms wide and began, loudly, “Lycans and gentlemen, we thank you for waiting! And, now, let the games beg—“ 
He would have finished his speech if he had not been rudely interrupted by the sound of the doors, leading to the old, dilapidated chapel, slamming against the walls, a woman standing on the threshold. She was wearing all black garments, which were softly swaying in the cold, winter breeze, her face fully shadowed and hidden both by her hood and some kind of plain, black material covering the lower half of her face. Not a single hint of skin in sight. Her ensamble was not poor or dirty in the slightest. It was perhaps a bit hard on the eyes, but one could tell it was carefully handpicked by its wearer. Clothes do make others perceive you differently, after all. Whatever it was that she was trying to achieve by dressing in such fashion, it seemed that she had succeeded.
Her posture was straight and one of her, gloved, hands was holding on to some kind of satchel. Everyone in the room was surprised by the sudden interruption, including the mortal, who was now making pathetic attempts to uncomfortably turn and face whatever new threat he would have to deal with later. Everyone looked as if the woman was trespassing. Everyone but the priestess. 
“You have decided to join us after all, I see,” her tone was far from welcoming. It almost sounded as if she was reprimanding the woman, not just for interrupting their meeting, but for showing up at all, “Do you come bearing news?”, once again, her tone was flat, giving away the impression of utter disinterest and boredom. 
Heisenberg was leaning against his hammer and pinching the bridge of his nose with his right hand, probably wondering when he was going to be allowed to play with his food. Alcina, on the other hand, was watching this woman, who had not yet made a sound, carefully. It was almost like they had been interrupted by a ghost. A ghost they were not meant to see. She took the other woman in once more, noticing how she was, surprisingly, not as short as the others around her. Still not as tall as the Countess, but definitely much taller than her brother, for instance. How interesting. 
“My suspicions were correct,” that voice.... where could she have heard it before? Lady Dimitrescu stood taller then, her eyes widening for a split second and her lips forming a thin line before she could keep her facial expressions under check. It could not be, could it? After all those years? 
“You took your precious time,” Miranda critiqued, “what have you learned?”, the room was dead silent, save for a few lycans who were growling lowly at the new guest. All eyes were set on this newcomer, which, interestingly enough, seemed to upset her. Her hand had left her satchel and was now gripping her black cloak, as if she was trying to wrap it around herself even tighter. Only one other person in the room kept most of her body covered - Donna, the head of House Benenviento, but even she was a poor example. One woman was a... grieving daughter, the other was not.
“Our enemy, our true enemy, is one Chris Redfield. He plans to strike from the shadows once we are all too exhausted to retaliate.” Her voice was being somewhat muffled by the material covering her face, but it was clear enough that no one needed to listen closely to understand what she was saying. Even if she looked utterly uncomfortable, her posture did not give that away at all. She stood tall. Proud. She did not cower or shift closer to the shadows, no matter how badly she wanted to. In all honesty, it was not a poor effort, but there was one person who could see right through her. 
“And you know this how, exactly?” Heisenberg drawled. Moving away from his hammer and sliding his glasses down the bridge of his nose just to take a better look at the woman.
“He is here. In your village. Roaming around your property. Studying you. Something that is only happening because you were much too busy hunting down this stupid, useless man for sport,” the woman snapped, yet kept the volume of her voice relatively low and her tone neutral, clearly not entertained by the man’s behaviour. Her eyes gave out this orange glow with a red tint to it - they flashed whenever Heisenberg tried to address her. Some curses become a blessing though, because the man’s infuriating demeanour made the woman let go of her cloak, her posture straightening once more, but not out of discomfort this time. 
“Careful, Angela,” the priestess warned, cutting their argument short, “know your place.” it was posed as a warning, not a threat,  but, frankly, Angela had been roaming the Earth for far too long, now, and standing down was not something she was inclined to do. Ever.
“With all due respect, my Priestess, my place is something I am excruciating and painfully aware of.” Angela spat out, her tone making Alcina’s lips curl upwards in acknowledgement for a brief moment. That did sound like the woman she had met on that dreadful party all those years ago. Though she was, obviously, not the same as she once was... in more ways than one.
The room fell silent for the umpteenth time that day and remained that way for a few, uncomfortable seconds. Angela’s chest rose and fell steadily, her eyes never leaving the priestess’s. The awkward, tense moment was broken when the House Beneviento puppet, Angie, coughed once, followed by a small, meek “.... sorry...”. This was going to be a long day. 
“I just want my daughter—“ general grumbles of annoyance and a loud ‘shut the fuck up’ came from the people around him. Well. Maybe that would have to come later.
“You cannot be suggesting we let this man go?” the word was practically spat out, which was definitely in character for Lady Dimitrescu, “For once, I agree with my sister,” was what Heisenberg said, earning him a disgusted look from the Countess. 
“Maybe I have not made myself clear,” Angela turned to face Alcina for the first time in literal centuries, then. The taller woman wished she could see her face, her fingers twitched momentarily at the thought. Still, she refused to let any kind of emotion seep through her mask, opting to pretend to be completely unfazed by their conversation instead. 
The other woman did not seem particularly glad to see her, which sent an uncomfortable feeling through the lady vampire’s chest. This kind of behaviour was not to be rewarded.
.... Surely she had not forgotten her? 
“I suggest we move our efforts towards a more fruitful endeavour, such as doing away with the man who wants to eradicate us. It is entirely up to you, however,” her eyes scanned the taller woman’s face. Looking at her eyes, her hair, the laugh lines around her mouth and, then, settling on her lips before looking away entirely. 
It was strange, seeing her like this. Her fiery personality was, of course, still there, but before the Countess stood a woman who was merely a shell of who she used to be. She had often thought about the woman who had boldly courted her for all to see. Wondered if she had lived a full life. Happy and free, as she was. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. She looked utterly miserable now, which was a clear indication of just how consensual the experiments that were inflicted upon her were. There they stood. What had once separated them centuries ago seemed to separate them now. One was still a caged animal, struggling to get free. 
A pang of something hit Alcina’s chest. That was definitely not a feeling she welcomed with open arms. Some things are meant to be secured under lock and key. Never to be brought up, not once. This was one of those things. 
The woman bowed her head slightly, a sign of respect towards the Countess. Having seen that, Heisenberg made a disgusted sound, immediately destroying whatever moment they were about to have. 
“Fine. If this one goes, I want the other one,” he turned towards Miranda, “It is only fair,” the smug smile returning to his face.
The Houses argued amongst each other whilst Angela stood on the sidelines watching it all unfold. The dynamic between them seemed about what you’d expect from a bunch of dysfunctional monsters whose Mother was hellbent on calling them a family, though it was borderline comical most of the time. Angela pursed her lips and looked away from the scene with disinterest, her gaze landing on the mortal, instead. Funnily enough, he looked more confused than frightened, which almost made the woman’s lips curl up in amusement. His expression was understandable.
She was pulled away from her thoughts when Alcina threw a particularly petty insult at her brother, her eyes flashing dangerously and her booming voice carrying throughout the entire building. Even after centuries having passed, she remained the most strikingly powerful and beautiful woman Angela had ever seen. She took her time observing her then - the way the veins on her neck became more noticeable when she began raising her voice; the way her nose scrunched up in disgust whenever her brother tried to speak to her; the way she scoffed and waved her hand at him dismissively whenever he made another stupid comment. Even so, she remained positively regal throughout the entire verbal exchange. Angela wished for nothing more than to be a painter, at that exact moment, so she could immortalise the Countess as she saw her. Gazing upon her this freely almost felt like a privilege. 
If only she could go back in time, she would have taken her away from that blasted party and her stupid husband and kept her all to herself, though she doubts the Countess would have let her. 
Sighing in relief when Miranda put an end to their fighting for the second time that morning, Angela awaited her orders. She could spend the rest of her days admiring the taller woman, the screaming, on the other hand, was beginning to wear her down. That was when the priestess finally made her decision. Ethan Winters was no longer a priority, though he should not be allowed to leave the village as of yet. This earned her several shouts of protest from the man, who ended up being taken away by two of Miranda’s helpers. 
“Do not stray from the village, Angela. I need you here,” Miranda commanded, “Alcina, take her with you. You are to await further instructions,” her wings fluttered as she spoke. Her demeanour calm, as always. 
Heisenberg’s mouth opened, but before he could say anything, Angela interjected, “Very well. I will find my own way to the Castle,” and with that, she abruptly turned and walked confidently towards the exit. She needed to get out of there as soon as possible. The amount of eyes on her were making her skin crawl.
“She’s going to walk there?”, Heisenberg scrutinised, glaring at the woman as she left. His sister didn’t seem to be paying attention to what he had said, seemingly lost in thought, which was definitely uncharacteristic of her.
“Heisenberg...,” the priestess warned. The conversation was over. 
 Having realised his mistake, he raised his hands up in defeat, though his eyebrows were still snapped together, either in confusion or irritation. 
Angela could technically use her powers to get to the Castle in the blink of an eye, yet saw fit to do the exact opposite of that. Call it stubbornness or whatever else you wish - she saw her powers as entirely unnatural. Animalistic, even. There was not one thing about her transformation that she had come to terms with over the decades. There was no encore, there was no sense of accomplishment. It didn’t make her feel more powerful. No, there was only blood, sweat and tears. That’s all there ever was. No need to romanticise it. You couldn’t, even if you tried.
She looked up, trying to take in the Castle in all its glory. She wondered what the Countess had done to her husband once she was turned, the thought making her purse her lips in amusement. She didn’t seem particularly fond of the man, so her best guess was that he died an excruciating death. Whether or not he deserved it was not up to her to decide. She got exactly what she wanted, in the end. She was officially the Head of the House, no man holding her back and keeping her from achieving her fullest potential. Good. She deserved it. She deserved all of it.
Yet... facing her now, after all that had transpired? Gods forgive her. She didn’t know if she could take it. 
She walked steadily towards the main entrance, her fist hovering over the flat surface of the door before finally giving it three, strong knocks. The doors were opened by two, frail looking maids who immediately stepped to the side to let her in. Choosing not to give it much thought, Angela walked through the threshold and looked around. It all looked exactly the same. A pang of nostalgia and sadness hit the woman’s chest, but her reverie was broken when the sound of two loudly beating hearts overcame her senses. Her head turned slowly towards the two maids. Their chests were rising and falling rapidly, meaning they definitely saw her as a threat - she didn’t blame them, all they could see were her eyes, and they were not really welcoming, either. Her gaze traveled along the women’s faces yet settled on their necks as soon and she noticed how they had both been... branded. The bite marks were small, so they were not given to them by the Countess. How intriguing. 
“Lady Drăculea,” Ugh, “so nice of you to finally join us,” he sauntered towards her, his hammer resting on his right shoulder, “how was your morning stroll? Not too many corpses on the way, I hope”, he grinned. There were... a lot of corpses, actually. It made her stomach turn, but she would never tell him this, regardless of whether or not he was right. His ego was already too big for his own good. 
“Why do you pester me,” she asked, her tone flat and her mouth twitching downwards when she realised he planned on annoying her even further. Thank goodness her face was covered, that way he had absolutely no way of knowing if he was getting under her skin. 
He gave out a mocking smile and pressed on even further, “You know, I have just been made aware of the most interesting piece of information,” he toyed with the handle of his hammer and eyed the woman up and down, sizing her up. It was ridiculous. He was ridiculous. 
Angela clenched her jaw, her mouth set in a hard line. She moved to the side in an attempt to walk past him, but he would not let her - sidestepping in front of her whenever she tried to leave. 
“This isn’t your first time in the Castle. You came here once long before you were turned into one of us,” he stated matter of factly. He turned to the side, then, and used his free hand to wave it around, never letting go of his hammer, “this must really take you back. Say,” he moved closer then, his voice barely a whisper, “on a scale of one to ten, how awful was my sister?” there was his stupid grin again. Angela didn’t have the faintest clue as to how he came to know of her past - Alcina certainly had not told him, so that leaves.... who, exactly?
She heard the distinct sound of heels clicking on marble in the distance before finally deciding to give the Countess’s brother a reply, “I remember being bothered by a pesky, little man that evening and I can certainly relate to that now,” she said, curtly, “this feeling brings me back more than the haunting halls of this Castle ever could”, that was when a flash of white entered her peripheral vision. There stood the Lady of the House, in all her glorious beauty, at the top of the stairs. Her left, gloved hand resting on the railing, she seemed to be accessing the situation, trying to decide whether or not she would step in and get her brother in line. The two, poor maids were still standing on the very same spot, not being allowed to leave until the guest moves away from the front entrance and into the Castle. It was, overall, an incredibly uncomfortable situation. 
Heisenberg stared at her blankly at first, but then his face broke into an almost predatory smile. He stepped closer to Angela, who refused to step back, “I am going to tell you this once and only once. Do not test me any further. I am not as patient as the Priestess, dog,” she sneered, her voice dripping with venom. It looked as if she had grown ten inches taller. Maybe she had. It certainly felt like she had. Heisenberg’s grip on his hammer tightened at the final word the woman spat out, the air around them almost crackling from all the tension. Funny how she was several inches taller than him and yet the man was still  brave, or bold... stupid enough to irk her. She half hoped he would keep going - she needed to release some pent up anger anyway. Heisenberg’s posture stiffened. 
Having had enough of the display of ego measuring, the Countess decided to interrupt their special moment before they ruined her day even further, “That’s enough,” she said, her voice had an edge to it. She was obviously not pleased with their behaviour - they were both just guests in her Castle, after all. She continued then, her voice much more neutral this time around, “Your chambers are this way,” she was speaking to the woman, yet her eyes were trained on her brother. The Countess slowly extended a long arm towards one of the corridors to her right, her movements precise, and her left hand, still resting on the railing, gripped it tighter. 
Angela took that as her queue to finally leave Heisenberg behind, glaring at him one last time before moving away from the door, which put the two maids out of their misery and allowed them to leave the spot they were stuck in moments ago, and going up the stairs. Alcina was still standing near the railing and still eyeing her brother, who now had turned to face the two women, craning his neck slightly to look up at them. Angela watched as the two siblings seemed to communicate telepathically. She didn’t fully understand it, but felt as if it was not something she wanted to insert herself into or interrupt. 
Her brother grunted something under his breath before tipping his hat at his sister and finally walking out. She was asking — no, telling — him to stand down. He was on her turf, now. No one understands the implications of that better than a dog, Angela thought. 
They were alone now and, for someone who was bold enough to flirt with a married Countess at a social gathering her husband hosted, Angela did not seem to be able to meet her gaze. The taller woman enjoyed seeing her squirm, apparently, because they remained silent for a few, long seconds before the brunette was forced to say something to break the ice, “I humbly thank you, my Countess, for your gracious hospitality. It has not gone unnoticed”. Maybe her boldness was not what it used to be, but her courteousness and charm were still very much intact, Alcina noted. 
All that came from Alcina was a soft hum. She stood there, accessing the woman before her. It was almost as if she was expecting something from her - Angela, being the chivalrous person that she was, knew exactly what was missing, but chose to ignore it for the time being, “That way, yes?”, she looked down the corridor Alcina had previously extended her arm towards. She secretly hoped she could simply go looking for the room herself. Standing near the Countess was torture - in the best way possible, of course. 
“Indeed,” came the sharp response. She was not pleased with Angela’s choices leading up to this moment. The Lady’s lips curled downwards, something the other woman missed, since she was not even looking at her to begin with. A mistake. 
Not one more word was said before the raven haired woman turned and began taking long strides towards her guest’s assigned chambers. Angela followed. She always would. 
Clenching her fists to keep herself from drifting her eyes downwards and along the Countess’s frame, arriving to her guest room came as a distraction and was therefore a god given gift. Someone please. Put her out of her misery.
She watched as Alcina opened the, now ridiculously small, door, bending over at the waist to enter the room. Angela had to do the same, only she did not bend as low as her host. The room was elegantly decorated, as was expected, and surprisingly clean.  She wondered just how many maids Alcina actually had and how long it would take scrape the floors clean, let alone dust each and every room off. She was glad she was not in their shoes, to say the very least. 
“I won’t be needing that,” Angela said, flatly. 
She could sense the taller woman’s rising anger, but her statement left the Countess confused enough that she ended up allowing the brunette to keep her head, “A mirror,” Alcina deadpanned. It was posed as a question, but when Angela turned her head to look the woman in the eyes, all she saw was utter disinterest.
“Yes. I would rather not,” she clasped her hands at her front and looked around the room. She should really stop doing that. The way she refused to meet Alcina’s eyes when she spoke to her was beginning to anger her. She could tell. 
“The tone you have been carrying thus far is extremely ill-advised. You are a guest in my Castle. Do not make me remind you again,” her voice was as cold as steel, yet the Lady of the House seemed to show leniency for the second time that morning. If Angela were someone else, her head would probably be on a spike in the Castle grounds. Still, abusing her luck any further would be unwise. 
The shorter woman’s pulse quickened and she bit on the insides of her cheek to keep herself grounded. Turning to fully face the Lady once more, she began removing the garments that were covering her face. First her hood and then her black mask, letting it settle around her neck, instead. 
Alcina’s eyes seemed to immediately absorb the newly exposed features, her gaze scanning her face shamelessly before falling squarely on her lips and on a scar on the left side of her upper lip, which was new to her. Her hair also looked different. Gone was the intricate hairstyle with braids - taking its place was a loose bun. Alcina’s eyes were, once again, the only thing that betrayed her emotions and cracked her mask, for everything else in the woman, from her face down to her posture, was absolutely still and unreadable. Angela was aware of the fact that she looked older. Pale. The agony she felt over the decades written all over her face.
She did not bother to decipher how Alcina saw her now, it was ultimately pointless and she doubted the Countess cared that much about whatever it was that she thought she saw in her. It had been years since the smaller woman had looked at herself in a mirror - she refused to do it ever since her transformation, in fact, which explained her aversion towards them now. 
“Forgive me, offending you was not my intention. It never will be,” her eyes were tired, yet she did not break eye contact with the woman this time, “it was poor of me,” she was visibly choosing her words in the most careful way possible, “I simply need to cover it, is all,” she hoped that her choice of words did not anger her host this time around. She awaited her response
“Do as you must,” and with that, the Lady left. 
Angela sighed to herself and began looking for spare sheets so she could cover the blasted thing and not have to look at it any longer. Thankfully, no one was there to see her as she struggled to place the sheets over the mirror - not wanting to look at herself as she did it made the affair ten times harder. It almost made her laugh, in fact. It was too ridiculous. A low chuckle resonated throughout the room all of the sudden. It... didn’t come from her. Turning slowly, she was met with a pair of bright, yellow eyes, lurking in the shadows. 
“It would be easier if you turned them to the side and tucked them behind it,” the young woman said, nodding her head towards the sheets Angela was holding. The brunette stared at her for a few seconds before looking down and taking her advice, turning the sheets, placing them over the mirror - though she turned her face to not look at her reflection - and, after a couple of attempts, managing to tuck them behind the damned thing. Finally.
“Well, would you look at that,” Angela mused. 
“That took you way longer than it should have,” the faceless woman deadpanned.
That seemed to catch Angela off guard and she snorted, against her better judgment, before clearing her throat and facing the pair of eyes once more, “I don’t think we’ve met. Angela D—“, she thought about extending a hand to greet the mysterious figure in the shadows, but was interrupted before she could even finish saying her name. 
“I know who you are,” she teased, “Mother has told us all we need to know about you,” she continued. That made Angela’s posture straighten. Us? Mother? 
“I seem to be at a disadvantage, then. The Countess has not told me your name,” Angela countered. She didn’t feel threatened by the girl, still, she seemed clever. And nothing good can come out of Alcina’s children, surely.
The mystery girl left the shadows then and, curiously enough, she did not seem to resemble Alcina at all, yet the way she carried herself did remind her of the Countess. Her calm, yet reserved demeanour almost too close to her mother’s. 
“Bela,” she told the taller woman, her face blank. 
“It is an honour to meet one of the Countess’s daughters,” she bowed her head slightly at the girl. 
“Mother spoke of you often,” the girl told her, apparently seeming to be more inclined towards skipping the pleasantries, “though I must warn you, do not upset her,” monotoned the daughter, “my sisters and I are not kind to those who do.” 
Angela didn’t take it as a threat, though she knew she probably should. Part of her was glad Alcina had such devoted daughters. The other half was amused at the child’s boldness. 
“I understand,” she told her, wanting to reassure her. Upsetting the Lady of the House was definitely not on Angela’s list of things to do, yet she didn’t want her daughters to think that she, a guest, planned on harming their mother. Gods forbid. 
“Good,” Bela finished. As soon as the word was out of her mouth she all but dissipated in front of Angela’s eyes, leaving in her wake a cloud of small insects who disappeared through the cracks in the walls and left the room. Were the cracks there to allow them to traverse the Castle faster...? Angela stood there for a second, trying to understand what had just happened before giving up and shaking her head slightly. Hopefully this day was done with throwing things at her and actually allowed her to finally rest before being summoned by Miranda. 
She was out of luck, it seemed. The nights were always so much harder on her for no apparent reason. At least not one that she was aware of. Before she tried to go to bed and call it a day, she had to ask Alcina for.... a bigger nightdress. It was utterly embarrassing, but thankfully the Countess was kind enough to not make any comments. The maids then gave her a silk nightgown - it didn’t fit her particularly well since the Lady was still taller than her, but it was better than wearing nothing at all. 
She was in bed and staring at the ceiling, her fingers intertwined and her hands resting on her chest. She was tired, but knew that having a good nights sleep was not something that would happen any time soon. Even if she did manage to rest her eyes for a couple of hours, the nightmares would certainly wake her up. She longed for the nights, before her transformation, when she simply had to shut her eyes to fall asleep for as long as she wished. Now she didn’t need to sleep as much, true, but the nightmares proved themselves to be much more than a nuisance. They plagued her almost every night. It frustrated the woman beyond words. 
Choosing to do something else with her “free” time, she got up, put her, or Alcina’s, slippers on, which were also not the right size for her, and left her room. The Castle was not as cold as it appeared to be, for whatever reason, so discomfort was not something she had to deal with as she explored the halls of a Castle she had already been in... in another life. Something caught her eye, then, as she roamed around, taking everything in. A piano. An expensive looking one, at that. She drew nearer to take a closer look, running her hands over the keys without pressing too hard on them so as to not make any sound. It was clean. Not a speck of dust on it. Those poor maids.
She felt a pair of eyes on her again, but the way the energy in the room shifted dramatically told her this wasn’t one of the daughters.
“Do you play?” Angela asked softly, her fingers still running over the surface of the piano. She heard a low hum first - the actual reply came a few seconds later.
“Yes, though it’s been centuries since I last indulged in it,” said the Countess, her tone was almost matching the other woman’s. It wasn’t soft per se, but it was softer than usual. 
“Ah,” Angela let out a bitter, halfhearted chuckle, “the mundane getting left behind once more, yes?”, she rested her hand on top of the piano and turned her head slightly, awaiting the other woman’s response but still not looking at her. 
“You speak of the past most fondly,” Alcina’s tone indicated that she disapproved of such notion, though she was clearly trying to not flat out say it. The comment made Angela’s expression close up immediately and she moved to stand next to a big window, trying to distract herself from the unpleasant thoughts creeping up on her. Ah. The moon and her were well acquainted by now.
“If I could go back in time, I would.” she retorted. That was all she wanted to say on the matter, though she doubted the conversation would end there. 
Alcina was still watching her from the shadows, her gaze trained on her. The scenario reminded Angela of a sinner confessing the unspeakable to a priest. Funny how the Countess was the priest in that situation. The thought had Angela biting the inside of her cheek to keep herself from smiling. The amusement quickly dissipated from her mind, however, as it often did.
“I have.... regrets. Nothing has meaning now,” the woman confessed, she crossed her arms at her midriff then, her nails digging into her biceps. 
“If you feel as if there may not be meaning, then find one and seize it,” the reply was not meant to sting, but it did nonetheless. Of course she would say that. Why wouldn’t she? 
“It is easier said than done,” Angela said bitterly. The conversation was beginning to turn sour. 
She heard the Lady tsk and then felt her getting closer, her steps almost soundless. She doesn’t hear the telltale clicking of her heels, so she must not be wearing them, “Excuses, excuses,” she was standing right next to her now, though she wasn’t facing the shorter woman. They were both looking out. Facing the moon. Angela found it preferable, that way. Stripping herself of all her walls in front of the Countess was easier if she did not have to stare into her eyes. The shadows served as her shield. The dark making her feel at home. 
They stayed in comfortable silence for awhile before Angela broke it “I still feel it,” she had an almost pained expression, her voice no more than a whisper, “withering away, like a dying ember, and rotting inside me,” 
That made Alcina turn her head to face her, waiting for her to continue. She watched as the woman’s arms dropped, only for her to begin pinching the area between her index finger and thumb with her other hand. It looked painful.
“My humanity,” Silence. Her jaw clenched and her bottom lip trembled for a brief second, not out of sadness but anger, “she took everything from me” she sneered. 
“Mother Miranda only does what is best for us,” Angela wanted to interrupt her before she even had the chance to finish her sentence, but thought better of it. She pinched her hand harder. Alcina noticed. 
“Do not say that. It might be what you tell yourself, but do not say it to me. Please.” Her face twisted in both anger and frustration. She was trying her damnedest not to snap at the Countess. 
“The world could fit in your hands now. Seeing that as a curse and not a blessing is completely unfathomable,” Alcina coldly said. It was almost as if she was daring the shorter woman to test her patience once more. 
 “To you,”
 “To me, and everyone else,” 
Angela knew she could not make the other woman listen. Alcina had everything she had ever wanted - her transformation opened doors for her that would otherwise remain closed. Angela could understand that and was glad that the Lady of the House belonged to no one but herself. Still, that’s not how she saw it. Angela was taken, against her will, and experimented on by a woman whose only goal was to take what made Angela herself, turning her into one those.... things. And for what? What purpose did that serve her? They were all failed experiments. The rejects wrapped around her finger, some more than others. It was hell. How could Alcina not see that?
The point was, Alcina would never understand what she felt. Angela didn’t even fully understand it herself, to be quite honest. All she knew was she was not living. She wouldn’t wish what she was going through on her worst enemy. 
Knowing that debating the Countess was a pointless resistance for her, she simply turned to walk away, wanting to put some distance between them. She was so incredibly tired...
... and she would have left, if the other woman hadn’t grabbed her wrist with inhuman speed. Being forced to turn her entire body and face the Countess, she tried to pull her wrist back, which she failed to do. Alcina was unsurprisingly strong and her grip unrelenting. The amount of force she used caused Angela to stumble forward a bit and into her - they were practically breathing the same air now, though the shorter woman had to crane her head upwards to actually lock eyes with the Countess. Her height allowed her to be at eye level with Alcina’s collarbone, but no more than that. It didn’t bother her too much.... no reason behind it.
“Do not turn your back on me,” the Countess warned, a scowl painting her face. 
Even in this moment she looked absolutely magnificent, making Angela’s heart squeeze almost painfully in her chest for the first time in years. It dawned on her then, that the Countess was out of her normal attire - she wore a silken nightgown, much like her own, only hers actually fit her, and a sheer, black robe with a floral pattern; her hat was also missing. Closing her eyes to keep her gaze from wandering lower, all she could feel was the woman’s cold, yet impossibly soft, hand wrapped around her wrist. 
She knew the tips of her ears would’ve turned pink by now, if they could. Thinking about it only made it worse. Her chest was heaving, her heart hammering in her chest, and their breaths mingled. Angela gulped slightly before opening her eyes again. She desperately wished to caress the other woman’s face, right about now - the light provided by the moon highlighted her features in the most beautiful of ways. She was utterly and completely under the Countess’s spell. 
Alcina was still holding on to her wrist and using the same amount of force. Angela’s hand was trapped in between their bodies, if the Countess were to let go of her.... Well. 
There was a scowl on her face no longer and she seemed to be struggling to keep her facial expressions under control. Her eyes dropped to Angela’s, now parted, lips, particularly on her scar, causing her own lips to twitch. The brunette noticed and was overtook by longing almost immediately. She needed to get away from the other woman, though she didn’t know how and every second that went by made it harder for her to tell Alcina to unhand her. Maybe she didn’t need to get away. Maybe what she needed was to draw even closer. 
She could smell something floral - the other woman’s perfume? Maybe to honor the crest of House Dimitrescu? She could smell the Countess’s perfume, so, yes, they were that close. 
Choosing to blame it on how intoxicating the woman’s scent was, Angela’s right hand, the one that was free, slowly moved upwards and towards the taller woman’s face, her fingers ghosting over it, not daring to touch just yet. She was silently asking for the Countess’s consent - she knew she should’ve verbalised it, but all her senses were malfunctioning. All she could see was her. All she knew was Her. 
Alcina did not object, though her jaw clenched for a brief second. Angela suspected it was not due to anger, so she took it as her confirmation.
Initially, her touch resembled that of a feather - she feared that if she moved too quickly she would lose the woman just as fast. So far, so good. She ran the pads of her index and middle fingers over the Countess’s cheekbones, her eyes tracing the movement. Then, she ran the tips of her fingers over her nose, her brow; memorising every feature. Her pupils dilated when she traced them over the woman’s lips, which were now bare and without any lipstick. She wondered if she was taking more than she should, but her worries floated away when she heard the taller woman’s breath quicken before she was able to control it once more. 
Feeling emboldened, Angela cupped the right side of her face. Alcina was no longer forcefully grabbing her wrist, but gently holding it. The brunette’s hand then fell to the right side of her neck, sliding down to settle on the top of her breast and near her heart. 
And there they stayed for awhile. The moon their only witness. If this was a dream, Angela would kill whoever dared to wake her up. It didn’t seem like a dream, though, because what the other woman said next was vocalised much too clearly.
“You have haunted me for years,” she professed, her brow furrowed - she was clearly struggling to come to terms with whatever it was that she was currently feeling. Angela didn’t blame her. 
“Good,” it was said absentmindedly, though there was honesty behind it. 
Alcina’s chin turned upwards. She seemed... determined, maybe? Or was it something else? Angela was distracted. 
Oh, it was definitely determination, for the Countess’s hand, the one that was holding Angela’s wrist, snaked around the shorter woman’s neck and pulled her towards her for their lips to meet. 
Angela’s eyes all but bulged out of her head at first, but she quickly regained her senses. She was not a shy lover and she’d be lying if she said she hadn’t thought about this specific moment several times throughout the years - she was not going to blow it now. Grabbing a fistful of Alcina’s robe and nightgown, she parted her lips, allowing the other woman to deepen the kiss further. They fit together perfectly - it was as if Angela had finally found the missing piece to her jigsaw puzzle. They had finally come full circle. This is what they should’ve done the first time they met. They both knew this. This was a second chance they were not going to miss. 
Turns out the Countess was an excellent kisser, not that it was of any surprise. She did have centuries to practice, after all, but it still made Angela’s heart flutter in her chest, the feeling settling on the pit of her stomach. Damn, that woman. The shorter woman inhaled through her nose sharply when Alcina’s hand, the one that was previously resting on her neck, moved upwards to grab a fistful of her hair - angling her head just so. Angela was more than happy to comply. 
Suddenly, Alcina broke their kiss, her lips now pink, causing Angela to lick her own in anticipation. She wanted nothing more than to hear her name leave those lips. Would the Countess even allow herself to do such a thing? Her thoughts were interrupted when the taller woman wordlessly began freeing her hair from the bun it was in. Her eyes burned with lust, but her movements were slow and gentle - they told a different story. 
When her hair cascaded down, Alcina’s lips upturned, making Angela’s twist into a smile. They gazed into each other’s eyes then. Alcina’s, in particular, revealing too much. They both knew this. It was too soon. 
The tender moment was broken when the black haired woman took notice of how Angela’s nightgown, which was hers - the thought sending a wave of possessiveness through her chest - was beginning to slip off her shoulders. Something dawned on her face then, and she used her left hand to pull one of the sleeves down, fully exposing Angela’s shoulder to the night air. She shivered, which did not go unnoticed by the other woman - her nipples were practically tearing holes through the soft fabric of the nightgown. The Countess locked eyes with her then, and what she saw only confirmed what was about to happen. 
Angela’s eyes wordlessly told her ‘Consume me’. And so she did.  
It seemed that it was possible for Angela to sleep without being plagued by nightmares, after all. Maybe it was due to how exhausted she was. She chose not to overthink it, now was not the time.
“What’s that,” Heisenberg said, flatly, looking to start another argument for the third time that morning. It seemed that not even during breakfast did the man mind his business. It didn’t help how he was sitting directly in front of her, either. Why had Alcina arranged the seats like that? 
Angela’s expression seemed to speak for her, because the man felt like he had to explain what he had meant by his question, “That,” he pointed with his fork, “on your neck,”. Ah. Well. 
She can’t talk about how the Head of House Dimitrescu picked her up effortlessly, placed her on top of her grand piano and... pushed her over the edge. Several times. She most definitely cannot talk about how, even after not allowing Angela to catch her breath, the Countess picked her up bridal style - the brunette’s legs shaking too much for her to walk - and took her to her chambers to make the shorter woman sing her name again. Over and over again. She certainly will not mention how the woman branded her with her mouth, though never actually biting into the soft flesh, as she allowed Angela to come down from the heights, her fingers still inside her as she did it. No. She couldn’t say any of that. 
The woman looked down at her plate to keep her composure before meeting the man’s prying gaze again, “I woke up with it,” she paused to chew her food, not daring to look at anyone else. Alcina was on her left - she could tell she was watching her - and her girls were on her right - also watching her, “Maybe I have began decomposing faster than expected,”. She heard one of the daughters snicker before being forced to keep it down after being kicked  under the table - by Bela, she was guessing.
The reply didn’t seem to satisfy Heisenberg, but he choose not to pry, for he sensed that the truth would probably end up disgusting him. 
Angela gave Alcina a sidelong glance then, noticing the way she was hiding how the edge of her lips were turning upwards behind her glass.
  In another life, indeed.
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Tumblr media
BTS Universe Timeline
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Content warning: contains references to death, suicide, suicidal ideation, child abuse, domestic violence, blood, homicide, depression, trauma, PTSD
This guide contains major spoilers from all BU media
Revisions and additions will be made as necessary, so please visit the original post for the most up-to-date version (update log is included at bottom of post)
All names are provided as fully as known
Bracketed dates are inferred or calculated from references in the text
While the timeline is presented here as objectively as possible, I acknowledge that there is a level of subjectivity in choosing which information is significant enough for inclusion and in certain connections drawn between entries
Please inform me of any suspected errors; I will investigate and correct them
Do not repost, copy, or quote without permission
School Years: Together & Apart
    - March Year 19 through 10 April Year 22 -
2 March Year 19 Notes 1 (SJ)
Ten days after returning from the U.S., SeokJin and his father visit the principal’s office at his new school. SeokJin learns that he will start one grade lower due to the different education systems. SeokJin’s father grips his shoulder while the principal explains that school is a “dangerous place” that needs to be “tightly controlled.” He asks: “You know you have to keep me informed, right? You’ll be a good student, right?” SeokJin squeezes out a “yes” and his father lets go. Both ChangJun and the principal laugh. SeokJin looks down at their shining shoes, wondering from where the light is coming.
Note: SeokJin’s 25 June Year 19 entry in Notes 1 specifies that his father attended the same high school. JiMin’s 23 July Year 22 entry in Notes 2 reveals that, according to a comment he finds on an online news article, ChangJun and the principal were in school at the same time and fought with each other “as if it would only end when one of them dropped dead,” but they appeared to get along later due to politics.
3 March Year 19 BTS Universe Story: The Boy on the Threshold, ep.1
On the first day of school at Songju Jeil High School, the Dean of Students berates the six latecomers lined up outside: SeokJin, NamJoon, HoSeok, JiMin, TaeHyung, and JungKook. YoonGi arrives even later. The Dean assigns them one month of community service as punishment. When he notices SeokJin, he clears his throat and says he is letting them off because it’s the first day: they must all assemble after classes to clean the annex, a classroom turned into a storage room. This room becomes their meeting place and hideout even after their punishment is finished.
Note: Their punishment for being late is referenced in JiMin’s 12 March Year 19 entry in Notes 1, when he escapes to the old classroom again and finds the others already there. He observes that it feels as though they’ve been “hanging out together forever.” The punishment scene is also similar to a moment in the BTS Begins Middle Scene VCR. Although it includes a few extra students and cannot be confirmed as BU content, it does mirror the canonical detail of YoonGi arriving last.
28 May Year 19 Notes: Answer
In the classroom hideout, JungKook asks everyone what their dreams are because he has to write a paper about future hopes. SeokJin wants to become a good person, and YoonGi says it’s okay to have no dream. TaeHyung poses on a chair and says he’s going to be a superhero. HoSeok scolds him and adds that he wants to find his mom and live happily. JiMin asks him if he is unhappy now, and HoSeok pulls an exaggeratedly worried expression. “Is that how it works?” JiMin is flustered when HoSeok asks what his dream is and remembers that when he was in preschool he wanted to be president, but didn’t know what he wanted after that. Everyone looks at NamJoon, who shrugs and confesses that while he wants to say something nice, he doesn’t have a dream either and just wishes that his part-time job pays more. JungKook looks down at his assignment, divided into sections for “student” and “parent,” and wonders what he hopes to become. He can’t think of anything to write.
12 June Year 19 — The Sea Notes 1
YoonGi’s entry:
All seven boys cut school and decide to go to the sea. They have little money between them, so they must walk to the train station. As they leave, YoonGi almost bumps into JiMin and realizes that he is standing frozen with a trembling face. JiMin stares at a sign that reads “2.1km to Grass Flower Arboretum.” YoonGi flatly tells him that it’s too hot to go to the arboretum. He has an “instinctive feeling” that they should avoid it. He observes that JiMin walks away like a little kid, head bent and shoulders hunched.
JungKook’s entry:
The boys arrive at the beach. They hang around under a torn parasol until HoSeok holds up a discovery on his phone: a large rock that is supposed to grant your dream if you stand atop it and shout your dream out to the sea. TaeHyung encourages them to go. While they grumble in the heat on the long trek, JungKook reflects on how he had recently asked the others what their dreams were. (See 28 May Year 19.) None of them really have a dream to pursue.
YoonGi tells JungKook to stop biting his nails or else they’ll become like his. Then he asks JungKook what his dream is. Having never thought about it, JungKook doesn’t know. He hesitates and then asks what a dream is. HoSeok rattles off a few definitions from his phone. YoonGi questions, “How can something that you want to achieve most in your life and something that is unlikely to come true both be called a dream? … Don’t ever try to have a dream.” JungKook asks why. At his glance, YoonGi stops biting his nails and puts his hands in his pockets. “Because it’s tough having one.” JungKook is curious about why YoonGi bites his nails but doesn’t ask. He recalls that it has been a habit since his childhood to hurt himself. He remembers cutting his finger on a knife badly enough that his mom took him to the hospital, but she didn’t take care of him after they went home. His wound healed slowly because he kept pressing it; the pain helped him feel awake. Even now, he sometimes feels hollow.
TaeHyung asks how much longer they have to walk. HoSeok is puzzled, saying they should be close. They gaze around the empty, pebbled beach. JiMin sighs and reads aloud from an article on his phone. A resort will be built on this beach, and the construction company blew up the rock. They notice the cordoned off construction zone. They try to reassure each other to remain positive, but they all feel the disappointment of walking all that way for nothing. JungKook notices YoonGi biting his nails again and tries to stop him, but he is interrupted by a loud drilling noise. JungKook looks past him at the sea and all that remains of the dream-granting rock, the pebbles under their feet. “Is the world tough for you, too?” he asks, but YoonGi can’t hear him. JungKook screams again. “Do you want to give up on this world, too?” HoSeok and TaeHyung laugh at their mimed conversation. They all look out to the sea and shout their dreams. The drilling is so loud that they can’t hear each other. JungKook cannot even hear his own dream. When the noise stops, they cut off abruptly and laugh. SeokJin suggests that they take a photo. He sets the timer and runs to join their row, the sea behind them. They walk back to the train station. JungKook asks if he can keep the photo. SeokJin writes “June 12” on the back and gives it to him, telling him that his dream will come true. JungKook asks if SeokJin knows what he shouted to the sea, and SeokJin merely taps his shoulder and strides ahead.
BTS Universe Story : The Boy on the Threshold, ep.3
JungKook’s memory of the beach trip follows a similar structure to the scene in Notes 1, plus a notable addition. After they fail to find the dream-granting boulder, JungKook climbs up on the pier railing. He thinks: “I’ve always liked walking on the edge of walls or on top of lines. Focusing on centering my gravity means that I don’t really think of anything else, and the boundary—not quite a part of either place—always felt like where I should be.” Someone grabs his arm while he precariously balances. YoonGi tells him not to do that, and JungKook assures him that he won’t fall.
“YoonGi would often grab my arm when I walked on railings. The others would look after me, too, after seeing him do that. I liked their helping hands. It felt like they were telling me that I should go to them. That this wasn’t my place. Maybe their hands were why I walked on the railings.”
25 June Year 19 Notes 1 (SJ)
Alone in the classroom hideout, SeokJin finds a plant by the window. He takes pictures with his phone but doesn’t think they capture what the human eye sees. He notices that “HoSeok’s plant” is scribbled on the floor beneath the pot and then realizes that the window sills, walls, and ceiling are covered with graffiti and drawings, messages left behind by the students who once passed through that room. He wonders if there were past teachers who used violence and endless tests or students like him who ratted out their friends to the principal. Since his father also attended that high school, SeokJin looks for his name on the walls and finds it with a phrase written underneath: “Everything started from here.”
Note: TaeHyung, JiMin, NamJoon, and YoonGi discover several other familiar names near Kim ChangJun (SeokJin’s father) on the classroom wall in TaeHyung’s 23 July Year 22 entry from 7’s album Notes and the extended version in Notes 2.
30 August Year 19 Notes: Her
JiMin plays in HoSeok’s shadow while he is on the phone, reflecting on how HoSeok has accompanied him on the two-hour walk home since the beginning of the school semester. JiMin eventually realized that HoSeok didn’t live in the same direction but never questioned him, simply hoping that their time walking together would stretch the day out a little longer. HoSeok finishes on the phone and chases after him while the cicadas sing and their ice creams melt. Suddenly, JiMin is afraid, wondering how many of these days are left.
20 March Year 20 Notes 1 (TH)
TaeHyung sneaks up on NamJoon in the hallway by their classroom hideout. He stops when he hears SeokJin’s voice inside, apparently informing the principal about how TaeHyung and YoonGi had ditched school and got in a fight over the past few days. SeokJin throws open the door, phone in hand, and looks flustered to see NamJoon standing there. TaeHyung hides in a corner and is shocked to hear NamJoon assure him, “It’s OK. There must’ve been a good reason.” HoSeok and JiMin find TaeHyung in the hallway, and HoSeok pulls him into the classroom. NamJoon beams at TaeHyung as though nothing strange has happened. Believing that NamJoon “must have his reasons” because he is more intelligent and mature, TaeHyung decides not to tell anyone about the conversation he overheard.
15 May Year 20 Notes 1 (NJ)
NamJoon visits the classroom hideout on his last day of school. Two weeks prior, his family decided that they needed to move due to complications with his father’s health and their overdue rent. NamJoon tries to write a message on a piece of paper. He scribbles “I must survive” before the pencil lead snaps. He crumples the paper and writes in the dust on the window instead.
“No farewell message would be enough to let the others know how I felt. At the same time, no farewell message was needed to make myself understood. ‘See you again.’ It was a wish, rather than a promise.”
Note: “I must survive” is a recurring message tied to NamJoon in the BU MVs. See also 17 December Year 21.
Tumblr media
7 June Year 20 Notes: Persona
TaeHyung’s two month old puppy Dubu slips out of the leash and disappears while he is distracted on his phone. TaeHyung runs around the neighborhood looking for him, first angry at the puppy and then blaming himself. When Dubu returns on his own, TaeHyung is filled with the unfamiliar feeling that he is someone who can be relied on.
11 June Year 20 BTS Universe Story: The Boy on the Threshold, ep.5 Everyone’s Place
In the classroom hideout, JungKook listens to YoonGi playing the piano. The sound of the music makes him feel as if YoonGi understands how he feels and is trying to console him. The Dean of Students forces the door open, demanding why they are there. He berates and slaps JungKook, knocking him to the floor. YoonGi steps between them and shoves the teacher’s shoulder. The dean warns him that he had better be prepared for the consequences of putting his hands on a teacher and then leaves. Despite his throbbing cheek, JungKook smiles because it is the first time someone has protected him, and the feeling of getting closer to YoonGi makes him giddy. For the next two weeks, YoonGi does not come to school.
25 June Year 20 Notes 1
JungKook’s entry:
JungKook tries to play the piano in the classroom hideout, unable to make it sound like YoonGi did. He reflects on the rumor that YoonGi was expelled after the events of 11 June and wonders if YoonGi would still be here playing the piano if JungKook had not been there that day when the teacher appeared.
YoonGi’s entry:
Breathing hard, YoonGi arrives at his bedroom, removes a half-burned piano key from an envelope in his desk drawer, and throws it into the trash can. He remembers a day four years ago when he returned to their burned down home and found a skeleton of the piano where his mother’s room used to stand. He noticed several piano keys on the ground and took one of them, wondering what note it was and how many times her fingers touched it. In the present, YoonGi thinks how unbearable living under his father’s rule is and recalls what happened that day: he is officially expelled from school. He picks up the piano key again and hurls it out the window.
“I couldn’t hear the piano key hit the ground. Now I’d never know what note it made. It’d never make a sound again. I’d never play the piano again.”
17 July Year 20 Notes 1 (SJ)
At the end of the last school day before summer vacation, SeokJin tries to leave quickly but is hailed by HoSeok and JiMin. No one knows that he was pressured by the principal and revealed their hideout, which led to JungKook and YoonGi being discovered (11 June) and the latter’s expulsion (25 June). HoSeok wishes SeokJin a good vacation and to keep in touch, but he can’t reply.
“My first day at this school crossed my mind as I passed through the school gate. We were all late and got punished. But we were together, so we could laugh together. I had ruined all those memories we shared.”
Note: Variations of the sentiment “we can laugh when we’re together” recur throughout BU.
15 September Year 20 Notes 1 (HS)
In the hospital emergency room, HoSeok wants to explain how JiMin had a seizure at the bus stop to his mother, Sim SeonMi. When the doctors wheel JiMin’s bed out, HoSeok begins to follow until SeonMi thanks him and touches his shoulder. He feels like she has drawn a line between them that he cannot cross. He falls to the floor, and when he looks up, JiMin’s bed is gone.
Note: The name of JiMin’s mother is specified in his BTS Universe Story arc, Stopped Time. JiMin’s 11 May Year 22 entry in Notes 1 reflects that he blacked out at the bus stop after seeing the window of the Grass Flower Arboretum shuttle bus open. His 12 August Year 22 entry in Notes 2 reveals the real cause of JiMin’s seizure at the bus stop: he sees the boy that he left behind at the arboretum warehouse on 6 April Year 11. Though the boy’s empty eyes no longer speak to JiMin, this chance encounter awakens his memories of that day.
Tumblr media
28 September Year 20 Notes: Her and Smeraldo Books Twitter
JiMin, heavily medicated, has lost track of how long he has been back in the hospital. But he considers this a special day because he lies to the doctor for the first time about not remembering anything.
Note: He is lying about not remembering what triggered his seizure at the bus stop on 15 September and/or what happened at the Grass Flower Arboretum when he was a kid (see Notes 2 comments above). This lie is also referenced in his 11 May Year 22 entry in Notes 1.
30 September Year 20 Notes 1 (JK)
A teacher hits JungKook with an attendance book when he refuses to admit that he still visits the classroom hideout, reminding him of when YoonGi was beaten. Later, JungKook stands outside the room and imagines that the others are waiting for him on the other side. He opens the door to only find HoSeok, clearing out what remains of their belongings. HoSeok walks him out, and JungKook realizes that those days are gone and will never come again.
25 February Year 21 Notes: Her (HS)
HoSeok watches himself dance in the mirror. He has danced since he was around twelve and discovered an ecstasy that came from inside himself. Outside of the mirror, HoSeok is a person who collapses everywhere and takes medicine he doesn’t need, who smiles even when he hates it and isn’t happy. But when he dances, he truly becomes himself, casting away all that weighs him down and feeling that he can become happy.
2 May Year 21 Notes: Persona (JK)
Biking along the Yangjicheon riverbank, JungKook thinks about how his friends left him one by one and that no one at home or in the world smiles at him anymore. He stops in the shadows under a bridge. Nobody comes to this kind of ruined place, and maybe that is the reason no one comes to him either. He feels most comfortable alone in the complete darkness where no one will look for him and wants the moment to never end.
9 August Year 21 Notes: Persona (SJ)
SeokJin walks along a Los Angeles beach and photographs the ocean. It has been a year since he fled Songju and moved to his mother’s family’s home, where he grew up as a child. He doesn’t photograph people anymore and didn’t bring any photos from high school with him, afraid to remember who he was at that time or to wonder about how his friends are doing and whether they still think of him.
Tumblr media
17 December Year 21 Notes 1 (NJ)
This lengthy entry details events that transpired since the autumn of Year 20 when NamJoon’s family moved to the village, framed by moments on 17 December itself as NamJoon leaves on his own. His family chooses this village because it has a nearby hospital for his ailing father and employers who will hire someone without a high school diploma. NamJoon serves as a delivery boy for an eatery, competing for work with the other local boys. They grow a strange sense of solidarity, and he privately dubs one of them “TaeHyung,” even though the boy’s discontent, outward behavior is more akin to YoonGi’s. (Quotation marks added to the name here for clarity.) Competition slackens when snow falls in winter. NamJoon and “TaeHyung” are the only ones poor enough to risk the road up to the mountain town’s rest area when orders are phoned to the village below. On an afternoon forecast to have heavy snowfall, the restaurant owner dismisses “TaeHyung” due to his bruised face and gives the deliveries to NamJoon. The old delivery scooter fishtails on NamJoon’s third trip down the mountain, throwing him off. More anxious about the scratched scooter than his cut ankle and aching body, NamJoon finally gets it to restart and returns to the eatery. “TaeHyung,” who has been hanging around this whole time, approaches and asks for a favor. Before he can answer, NamJoon receives a call from his mother relaying that his father went outside alone and fell, requiring a trip to the hospital. NamJoon understands that his father was only trying to keep his dignity but is still frustrated because he can’t earn any more much-needed money this day. He hands “TaeHyung” the keys and leaves to take his father to the hospital.
The next day, NamJoon learns that “TaeHyung” was in a fatal accident during one of the deliveries up the mountain. The police officer blames him for being a poor driver and not wearing a helmet. NamJoon does not speak up that he has never seen the helmet the owner now has placed out on the counter. He visits the scene of the accident, thinking that the white outline on the road could be his if he was the one to make the next delivery—just as it could be his family mourning in the village instead of “TaeHyung’s” mother. On a later trip carrying his father home from the bus stop, NamJoon pretends not to hear his father’s frail voice over the noise of barking dogs. A week after that, NamJoon is making steady deliveries up the mountain. During what is ultimately his last delivery, he speaks with a stranger at the rest area, who cautions him to take care. “Do you know what’s really dangerous? Calcium chloride and wet leaves, not the snow itself,” the stranger blurts as NamJoon departs. NamJoon drives carefully back, not looking at the scene of the accident. This is not out of safety, as he tries to convince himself, but guilt: guilt for surviving, for his relief of being the one alive, for not defending “TaeHyung’s” driving skills. He also wonders if he is “a hypocrite pretending to have a guilty conscience.” Because he scattered wet leaves and sprinkled calcium chloride to prevent the road from icing over where he fell that afternoon, believing that he would be making the next delivery. If he did not do both those things, would “TaeHyung” be alive?
Mind and body numb, NamJoon makes it home from the delivery detached from the world around him. The barking dogs snap him out of the daze, and he remembers his father’s words that he pretended not to hear and dwelled on daily despite trying not to think about them: “Go, NamJoon. You must survive.” The next morning (17 December), NamJoon sneaks away to the bus stop. He is running away from his family’s misfortunes, from his own resignation to his fate, from poverty. The bus is scheduled to arrive in Songju in a few hours—the city he left with no notice and is returning to once more with the same. NamJoon wonders if his old friends still live there and how they are doing. On the frosted window, he writes with his finger: “I must survive.”
Note: The village boy’s real name is JongHun according to NamJoon’s 12 June Year 22 entry in Notes 2, which also reveals that he visited JongHun’s home to give his condolences before he left town.
1 February Year 22 Notes: 7 (SJ)
Summoned by his father without explanation, SeokJin flies back to Korea from Los Angeles. Although he has addresses in both LA and Songju, neither place feels like his home.
Update Log
Posted May 5, 2021
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youngboy-oldmind · a month ago
ALBUM REVIEW- Khaled Khaled
Tumblr media
“Sit down, be thankful/ Big smile although it's painful/ I look up and see clouds, weed angels/ Seen white chalk make street angels/ You're welcome, look down, feet dangles/ Be proud, be shameless/ Yeah, be now, be ancient”
With tons of musical experience, an epic guest list, and boundless potential, one would think DJ Khaled had a recipe for an album to erase the stain of mediocre, bland records (Father of Asahd, Grateful) that taint his legacy. Unfortuneately, Khaled Khaled is a painfully bland mashup of excellent artists that follows the same beats as his past few records.
Each record follows the same pattern. The cast list is the hottest artists of the past few years and some legends or icons who peaked 10+ years ago. The songs are either collaborations that are expected and sound like unemotional demos or collaborations that are unexpected that surprisingly sound better than a mix of artists who’ve worked together before. There’s always 1-2 songs that are really good, while the rest are forgettable. Khaled Khaled follows this trend. The strongest collabs came from H.E.R. and Migos on “We Going Crazy”, and Justin Bieber & 21 Savage on “Let It Go”. 
The tricky thing with this album is none of it is bad. I didn’t skip any of the songs and none of it makes me want to rip my ears off. It is bland, however, because the bar is so high due to the people he brought on the project. And I think that’s what hurts this project so much. The album sounds like it was made out of a factory.
The album feels like if a computer was told to create music. Just a formula of hot artist, old legends, traditional/uninspired composition, and boring sentiments throughout the track list. Ctrl C, Ctrl P 13 times and this is what you end up with. There’s no reason a track with Post Malone, Lil Baby, DaBaby, and Megan Thee Stallion sounds like background music. None of the artists sound passionate or even energetic. The entire project is easy listening, which shouldn’t be the case when artists James Flauntleroy, Jay-Z, and Nas collaborate.
Khaled Khaled feels like a greatest hits album except instead of greatest hits, its unreleased songs from projects all mushed into one CD. So instead of a banger project with the best of the best working together, its just every artists’ leftovers with Khaled yelling “ANOTHER ONE” every 3 minutes. Now That’s What I Call Music for 2021 will end up a better CD. And that’s 100% factory made. The difference is, Khaled is creating all new content that sounds like a compilation album of scraps. There doesn’t always need to be a cohesive narrative or theme, especially when it comes to mainstream music. But this project leans so much into mainstream that it feels robotic and bland.
I can’t give this project a good review because most of it was mediocre. But, I struggle to give this project an poor review because it’s not unlistenable. I’ve definitely heard projects much worse. Ultimately, I cannot recommend listening to this record solely because he had so much to work with: 
Jeremih, Buju Banton, Capleton, Bounty Killer, Lil Wayne, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Cardi B, Migos, H.E.R., Post Malone, DaBaby, Megan Thee Stallion, James Fauntleroy, 21 Savage, Justin Bieber, Bryson Tiller, Roddy Rich, Drake, A Boogie, Big Sean, Rick Ross, Puff Daddy, Justin Timberlake, Meek Mill, Jay-Z, & Nas
Yet somehow managed to make a project with little to praise.
Top 3 Tracks:
1) Let It Go
2) Thankful
3) We Going Crazy
Overall Grade: Don’t Listen
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borisbubbles · a month ago
ESC2021: 12. SWEDEN
Tusse - “Voices”
Semi 1, #04
Black Bilal Teas <3 Yes, I love Sweden this year, what of it? “Voices” really is like Sweden attempting a Bilal Hassani, when you look at it. Genderfluid performance KING stomping on Basic Bitch and Eurosnob souls (”souls”) alike with trashy europop <3 Hijacking the televote because of a backstory that appeals to nobody but Swedes <3 Likely doing much worse than what people expect of him, but eliciting meltdowns all the same because he appears as a threat. <3
Of course, the MAIN draw for me is ~The Exquisite~ Toussin Chiza himself (yes male pronouns. Tusse doesn’t identify as any gender (including NB) as far as I know, so I’m sticking to he/him for the purpose of this post until proven otherwise) My inherent Weirdo Introverted Adolescent/Outsider biases kick in really hard with Tusse, who is first Swedish entrant in a long, LONG time to feel as a genuine underdog. I am INVESTED in his journey simply because his story, and personality and general underratedness within the Eurofan community. ^__^  
Though let’s be fair, while I was already sympathetic to Tusse during Melfest (as a staunch member of Team AnyoneButEric) it was his REPRISE that really won me over. Compare the Winner’s Repise to the OG performance and it’s clear the first is a SERVE of personality that sadly will be missing from the latter because Sweden have to keep things Polished and Professional. 🙄(and ftr, this is a prime example why I dislike Professionalism in Eurovision. Music For The Sake Of Music without any personal imput from the performer is BORING and pretentious, stay pressed Gjonheads.)
HOWEVER, as with Bilal, we note the song. Well... I really like “Voices” too, lmfao you’ve got to deal, sorry. “Voices” is the song that feels the *closest* to a Typical Eurovision Song (no surprise: it’s written by the Debs. Do the Debs even have a career outside of Melfest?), but that actually makes it very valuable for me. It’s a source of comfort and nostalgia inside a rapidly evolving meta-game. Once the contest has evolved into a state of 95% Tout l’Universes, I’ll cling to a Voices for dear life. 
However I am NOT blind to the flaws in “Voices” either, lol, but flaws aren’t necessarily taboo for an act that gets ranked 12th.  The lyrics, lol. Rhyming voices with choices X__X. Rhyming pain with pain? and rain with again? (which don’t rhyme). Seems about right from the same people who produced drivel such as “Let’s sing it like a hummingbird” (Hummingbirds don’t sing. They HUM. Hence why they’re called HUMMINGBIRDS). The worst part of the song however is the BRIDGE, which feels like a missed opportunity to resolve the message, but is just lazily thrown in to check the “Has a Middle-Eight” box.  🙄
Like “Heroes” before it, “Voices” is a good-but-not-great song made better by an excellent stage show. It really is the act that makes “Voices” for me, as well as the pre-chorus and post-chorus (ie: the parts that require Tusse’s personality to shine through). For me that’s good enough. Sweden are too often cited as an overdog contender. This year they are underdogs and a non-threat for the overal win in Rotterdam. It feels great to finally a year where I have zero qualms about rooting for the Swedish entry. 🤗
Also finally an edition of Melfest where the winner was someone I rooted for. Speaking of,
NF Corner Melodifestivalen - 2021
MELFEST SUCKED. MELFEST SUCKED. MELFEST SUCKED. Did I make what I think about Melfest 2021 to everyone? It SUCKED. It was bad, filled to the brim with bland-ass pretender pop. It’s not QUITE the nadir we experienced in 2017-2018, but for all its ~reputation~ SVT produced exactly ONE good heat (that would be heat number #2, with an impressive total of 3 good acts... one of which when DtF, the second of which went AC and DIED, and the third of which went out in 6th place. Fucking HELL Sweden.). At least Christer is finally gone, right?
It was a sad, SAD collection of wretched songs that vaguely sounded like radio hits (is there honestly a worse trait in a pop song? Imagine being too bland to receive airplay at even the most basic radio station.), in which I was forced to cling to ANYTHING with a personality for dear life - Hence why I was SO relieved Tusse beat Eric’s bland-ass Meduza-sounding whatevermess in such a landslide. Ain’t nobody looking for a rerun of Sandro’s “Running”, which is the true analogy to “Every minute”, not “Euphoria”, you disrespectful dimwits. 
So um anyway, I liked maybe about 5 songs total, and since “90-Talet” went out in the heats (and also: they’re men), I’ll bring you the other 4 instead. 
Dotter - “Little Tot”
The fact she sings “LITTLE TURD” half of the time <3 Okay, first things first: “Little Tot” is no “Bulletproof”. The act lacks the magic for me. It almost seems as if SJB ran out of ideas during the second half of the song and stopped making it interesting.
Having said that, as far as the generic pop in Melodifestivalen 2021 went, "Little Tot” is really good by comparison. This song is NOT bland. It HAS personality. I WOULD listen to this if it weren’t ESC-related. Dotter addressing her younger self to warn her about the morally corrupt music industry is a killer premise. You know how I love protest songs that just good enough to convince the people they’re aiming shade at to vote for them? This is one of such sonhs <3  Unfortunate we didn’t get a #Dotterdam out of it, but I never thought Dotter was The Robbed One in this year lol sorry chickens. #HurricaneClara
Charlotte Perelli - “Still young”
I suppose I’m committed now? So as with Dotter: “Still young” is NOT “Heaven is not that far tonight”. Suured Tüdrukud (who may I remind you MISSED the Estonian NF corner - such is the burden of appearing in a good NF), provide the same thing but serve it much, much better. And yet, this is the best I’ve seen of Charlotte in 9 years (or whenever “The Girl” was), taking her age in stride, providing an EPIC Project Runway-inspired Catwalk show with her sophisticated mello schlager anthem. I was into it! THERE AIN’T NO PROTOCOL, NO CRYSTAL BALL THAT KNOWS IT ALL. “Still young” was a gay old time, stress on “gay” AND “old” as this was clearly Charlotte’s target audience...x
Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos - “Rena rama ding dong”
So imagine this: two grannies, both retired comiediennes in their 70s, enter Melodifestivalen with a cabaret act that’s best described as a “retirement home hokey pokey” and... through the SHEER FORCE OF PERSONALITY completely clown all the scandi-blandi pop present, defy the odds (which had them in LAST PLACE) and reach Andra Chansen. 
Once there they face the one act considered by many people to be the ONLY act they could’ve won against, and lose. Then,  that person ends up being THE BIGGEST UNDERDOG of the competition with their blessing. WHAT AN ARC. 
Add in that “Rena rama ding dong” is legit one of the FUNNIEST “joke acts” (remember when Christer insisted there was no longer a place for those in Melfest because “nobody liked them”?🤔 I do.) ever in Melfest and you have one of my favourite entries of the Euroseason. DING 🚨 DONG  🚨 DING 🚨 DONG  🚨 RENA RAMA DING DONG. 💃 Having said that though.... There was someone with an even better arc. 
Clara Klingenström - “Behöver inte dig idag”
Zero-Effort Clara is what I call her because that’s the amount of effort it took her to become a fanfave. 😍😍😍
Clara retroactively DETHRONED the Evas as my Melfest fave when she took the competition by Klingenstorm in one of the best underdog arcs ever. She went from Doomed 6th Placer => Shock AC qualifier over Tess Merkel => BEATS the internet fave in AC and qualifies => Inherits FanFave status from the Evas => Enters top five betting odds as she rises to second place on Spotify => THEN SCORES MORE POINTS THAN ERIC IN THE APP VOTE <333333333333333333 (to place FIFTH overall 😍 (the top six in Christers final year being FOUR women, a genderfluid man and Eric, who apparently only entered to promote his new album <333) 
And bear in mind, this journey happened to a weird dorky girl with pink hair and blemished skin who sang her indie break-up song in Swedish, whose act consisted of badly Marietting an electric guitar under a spotlight. <333333333 omfg what a RIDE, I’m OBSESSED. Of course there are those who claim that Clara would have NQ’d in Rotterdam and that Eric would have become the most obvious Swedish winner ever since Euphoria and this onlys shows the delusions of the Eric stans, honestly. Clara inspired a ~Movement~ as the most natural underdog in the competition (and Tusse also being a natural underdog is 100% why he won so DO NOT underestimate this), and so she abso-fucking-lutely would have qualified are you fucking nuts? I would have been shocked if Clara hadn’t come top five in Eurovision. Meanwhile “obvious Swedish winner” Eric didn’t even win his heat, losing to The Mamas who had a horrible song. Just know that in a year from now, Clara will be back to living the good life at whatever reindeer farm she grew up on, being content to never do Melfest again, while Eric will desperately cling on to Melfest for relevance as he won’t ever launch a proper music career without it. STAY PRESSED. ^__^
Predicted Journey - Sweden
  So bringing up Eric also ties in well with this section. WILL TUSSE DO BETTER THAN ERIC WOULD HAVE. The answer is: no. I cannot like... invent a universe where Eric would have bombed. Eric would have scored a non-winning top five for Sweden (read: third place.), but the BEST chance of winning would have in fact been Clara or Dotter (and even then... probably not lol.).  The Odds and Press Reviews always blows up when Sweden is about to win and this is definitely not such an occasion.
Although it’s interesting because the anti-Tusse backlash SEEMS to be more about the possibility of Sweden falling ass-backwards into an undeserved win or top five with a “mediocre” song, than about Tusse or Voices itself. *THIS* is what years of Sweden hoovering up Jury Points with a *actually bad songs* have done to the internet!!! 
Netizens, you can calm down because I would be surprised if Tusse came top five in either vote. In fact, the potential Sweden NQ crossed my mind more than once because the semi is that competitive? Like... He’s less safe than Go_A or Tix, imo, and several already consider those to be clutch qualifiers (they really aren’t, but w/e)
I’m hesitant to say Tusse bombs though. Not because of the “It’s Sweden” label (although the built-in expectations from the normies that make up Professional Juries WILL always benefit a country that can always pull of a strong overall package, such as Sweden), but because “Voices” is basically a song that could have easily won Eurovision in the first five years of the last decade. (like swap it out for a Satellite or an Only Teardrops and notice how little changes) Will the vote still go into that direction 6-10 years later? I honestly find that question more interesting than the qualifier one, lol <3 (because of what it implies for future contests. Expect a LOT of Tusses next year if he does well in 2021)
Personally though, because Tusse approximates Bilal in my mind, I will keep it simple and guess he does slightly better than Bilal did. Sweden know how to play this game, even in a stronger year. Bilal placed 15th, so I my guess for Tusse would be around 12th place. Yes, their worst result since Robin Stjernberg. Such is *my* luck for daring to love Sweden once.
Projected placement
> Qualifier tier: Likely qualifier. > Semifinal: 6th-12th place (out of 16) > Grand Final: 7th-15th place (out of 26)
Tumblr media
01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. SWEDEN - Tusse - “Voices” 13. IRELAND - Leslie Roy - “Maps” 14. CROATIA - Albina - “Tick Tock” 15. MOLDOVA - Natalia Gordienko - “Sugar” 16. ITALY - Måneskin - “Zitti e buoni” 17. ALBANIA - Anxhela Peristeri - “Karma” 18. UNITED KINGDOM - James Newman - “Embers” 19. LITHUANIA - The Roop - “Discoteque” 20. ESTONIA - Uku Suviste - “The lucky one” 21. FINLAND - Blind Channel - “Dark side” 22. AZERBAIJAN - Efendi - “Mata Hari” 23. the NETHERLANDS - Jeangu Macrooy - “Birth of a new age” 24. CZECH REPUBLIC - Benny Christo - “Omaga” 25. DENMARK - Fyr og Flamme - “Øve os på hinanden” 26. SLOVENIA - Ana Soklič - “Amen” 27. SWITZERLAND - Gjon’s Tears - “Tout l’Univers” 28. ROMANIA - Roxen - “Amnesia” 29. SERBIA - Huricane - “Loco loco” 30. POLAND - Rafał - “The ride” 31. ISRAEL - Eden Alene - “Set me free” 32. GEORGIA - Tornike Kipiani - “You” 33. PORTUGAL - The Black Mamba - “Love is on my side” 34. SPAIN - Blas Cantó - “Voy a quedarme” 35. NORWAY - Tix - “Fallen Angel” 36. CYPRUS - Elena Tsagrinou - “El Diablo” 37. AUSTRIA - Vincent Bueno - “Amen” 38. NORTH MACEDONIA - Vasil - “Here I stand” 39. GERMANY - Jendrik - “I don’t feel hate”
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