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hi! just wanted to say that i love your account and totally agree with what you’re saying about alex’s live stream yesterday.(he was also so freaking adorable!!) the hate emilie started getting just was plain wrong. also, i was wondering if you know what her twitter is? she’s adorable and so sweet and i want to check her out more if that’s possible, if not that’s okay!

Hello! omg thank you so much! you’re all making my day today! 😭❤

I’m sorry hun, but I don’t know what is her twitter account but totally agree with you, she looks so nice!

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I felt like Alex was kind of sassy on the live yesterday?

Really? In what sense, I mean I didn’t feel him like that, why you felt he was kinda sassy? 🤔🤷‍♀

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And besides that how can you even 'hate' her, as far as you saw and heard her, she came across very kind and funny! So back off, and if you don't care about the other people.. just do it for Alex because it's also tough on him and if that's not a good reason do it for yourself your karma and the hope that he maybe would share more if people would stop hating! He is not going to love you more if you keep hating! *Sorry for this rambling, love your blog xxx* (last part)


I can’t agree more with you for real, I’d love he could see all these loving and supporting messages I’m getting today bc much more people think like this not like the ones who went hating on her yesterday.

You don’t have to apologize for anything, I loved what you just said and is very important!💞

ps: thank you for the blog thing, really appreciate it!❤

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I just have to say the support you have for Alex and his roommate is amazing!!!! Second when did he and Marcø stop living together???

Thank you love!💕 I think is just the only thing I can do in this matter☺

Well, Alex and Marco lived together for 3 years or so when they were in Dublin shooting Vikings. When they came back to Copenhagen, around a year ago, they stopped living together.

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Do you think that girl in live with Alex yesterday is his girlfriend? 馃槥

Oh, here it is, I knew this question would come sooner or later, and it’s totally fine. I guess this is going to be a little long bc I want to make myself clear about all this situation… so, sorry beforehand! As I said before this question is fine because I totally understand this curiousness about he having girlfriend or not, when you admire someone it’s unavoidable to get curious 🤷‍♀

Once said that, I must say, I can’t understand all those people who after the live went on twitter just to hate on her, I MEAN WTF? First, he never said anything about it, he literally said: “That’s Emily my roomie, she’s a phenomenal friend and beautiful women, strong, powerful, she’s becoming a director soon, so watch out” THAT’S ALL so let’s take that as the only and truthful answer we have, any other comment, will be that, just a comment that hasn’t been said by him. Also, he’s been sharing a flat with her and another friend for years so there’s nothing new on this. 

Second let’s suppose is his girlfriend… What’s the problem? Pls be a bit empathic, I’d feel terrible if I were him, just seeing people hating on my partner just for the fact that that person is my partner.

Then, I can’t tell you if she’s her girlfriend or not, if she is, GREAT, hope he’s happy, if not, GREAT, hope he’s happy without a girlfriend but STOP HATING, BE NICE! (obvs, this is not for you anon, is just a general comment. I used your question to talk in general about the situation bc yesterday I saw some people were freaking out a bit, sorry😄)

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Hey! So, how’s everybody doing? 

You (yes you) - I hope you’re as okay as you possibly can be. Sending you good thoughts, wherever you are, and I hope you’re safe and comfortable and taking care of yourself. 

Focus on the good stuff. I know there’s a helluva lot of not so good, but hold onto the Good Things. We’ll get through this together. <3


Originally posted by destiels

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