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This or That game. Thank you @kimkaijong-in for tagging me my dirty but good like minded friend.

wind or rain // closed curtains or open window // bumblebees or butterflies // banana bread or cheesecake // tulips or roses // lemon & honey or apple & cinnamon // hillside cottage or city apartment // warm or cool // book or video game // organized bullet journal or cluttered sketchbook // smoothie or milkshake // sunshine or moonlight // relaxing or productivity // holding hands or back hugs // sunset at the beach or stargazing in a field // poetry or prose // candle or diffuser // longing for the past or longing for the future // vocals or instrumentals // snowy mountain or rolling green hills

I’m tagging the latest in my activities @delhyun @sundropsoo @byuns-coco @sooghostwriter @sefuns of course you don’t have to do this and anyone can do this. Be happy everyone!

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No, it doesn’t hurt, especially when it’s a controlled change. There can be a bit of an ache if it’s been too long since a shift, and maybe an uncomfortable shiver when it happens because of stress/exhaustion/environment rather than a conscious choice.

The Curse can hurt though, especially when it’s getting in the way of things that you yourself would choose to do if you could. Since sometimes this involves forcing or preventing a change, some Truebloods have considered the change itself painful as well; Alec’s never felt that way though.

IF! He hadn’t been quite so exhausted and dried out from too long in a desert, which is so antithetical to the part of him that’s mer, (and not much better for the human or Nephilim, tbqh) the need to change wouldn’t have been strong enough to override the curse, and he wouldn’t have been able to change for Magnus in the original story. So if Magnus had gotten suspicious in almost any other situation, the AU I wrote today would have been a much more likely outcome.

Along with that, if Alec didn’t actually trust Magnus as completely as he does, he would have been much better at hiding the weird quirks of mer!behavior. (He and Maryse are usually very good at hiding it, beyond a Trueblood tendency to order themselves custom bathtubs.)

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olympian aesthetics.


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aphrodite: laughter-loving, sweet smiles, dressed in silk and satin, flower in their hair, sees the world as a runway, unapologetically sexual, the sea washing their ankles, in love with love, stirrer of passion, cunning concealed by painted lips, secret daggers, doves, revolution in their kiss, delighting in the waves, flirtatious winks, strolling along the beach, staring wistfully from a balcony, this is how to be a heartbreaker, wants to be adored, gets turned on by danger.

apollo:  glitz and glamour, art galleries, turning the volume up, being made of gold, neatly-organized music sheets, notebooks filled with poetry, bathing in the sunlight, the powerful urge to create, collecting vinyl records, beautiful cover of Wonderwall, playing multiple instruments, tasting like sunshine, healing touch, speaking in prophecies, smile mingled with wrath, shunning lies, sporting shades, hanging out at music festivals with their friends, sleeps naked, arrow to the heart, paint brushes, probably has a Tinder account.

ares:  armed for battle, wants to raise a dog with their significant other, soft spot for children, gives piggyback rides, scarred body, blood on their hands and face, willing to fight the world for the ones they love, fights against injustice, warm hugs, well-worn combat boots, boxing gloves, bandages wrapped around bruised knuckles, fist raised in protest, ignites revolutions, fear is a prison, more sensitive than what their tough shell would have you think, exhausted, damaged goods, force to be reckoned with, red roses, curses under their breath.

artemis:  keen sense of a hunter, freckles like constellations on their skin, piercing eyes, disheveled braid, moonlight peeking through the shadows, the calm of the forest at night, lying on the grass and staring at the stars, mother doe and her fawn, protecting their kin, the moon shimmering on a still lake, quiver full of arrows resting against the bark of a tree, running with wolves, bonding while circled around a campfire, not being much of a people person, arrow hitting a target, popping egos, patience on 3%, touches heaven and returns howling.

athena:  discerning gaze, unreadable face, quiet museums, owl perched on their finger, armor that intimidates, eye for architecture, plays the sims for the sole purpose of building houses, studied the blade while everyone else was busy getting laid, big fan of logic, loves brain teasers, ancient buildings, sweaters in neutrals and cool colors, hair done up, can kill you with their brain, heads to the library often to research, sharpened pencils, abs that can cut steel, stoic statues, pottery classes.

demeter:  soil-covered hands, smile that can bloom flowers, skin loved by the sun, being the mom-friend, can lift you and your friends, flowers kept in the pockets of overalls, takes pride in their beautiful garden, speaks to their plants, leaves rustling in the wind, stalks of wheat, picking fruit, greenhouses, heart as strong as a mountain, values simplicity, daisies dotted across a collarbone, curls crowned with flowers, folded pile of sweaters in warm hues, pulling out fresh-baked bread out of the oven and the smell wafting through the air.

dionysus:  drunk shitposter, on their sixth glass of wine before you’ve even finished your second, seductive smirks, untamed curls, rich fabrics on dark skin, sleek-furred panthers, theater masks, stage productions, receiving a standing ovation, rose caught between their teeth, being the baby of the bunch, wild parties that last from sundown to sunup, creeping vines, inspiring loyalty, grand opera houses, masquerade balls, rolls of film, shattered chandeliers with broken glass scattered across the wine-spilled floor, pouring champagne into flutes, lives for the applause.

hephaestus:  the calloused hands of someone who knows labor, sweaty brow, flame burning in their eyes, inventive mind, broad shoulders, steampunk goggles, nuts and bolts stored away in little boxes, ashes, striking a match, blueprints for future projects, fixing up a busted up car and giving it cool upgrades, wrestles with bitterness, work boots have seen better years, wrinkled plaid shirts, iron melted in blazing fire, huge jackets, crafting masterpieces, greased-stained overalls, fascination with robotics, pain is fuel, stack of weaponry, even their muscles have muscles.

hera:  resting bitch face, dressed to the nines, cows grazing on a pasture, cool rain, loving and hating fiercely, hand clutching a string of pearls, large chandelier with glittering crystals, plays the sims for the sole purpose of killing off their sims, romance to realism, pictures of the sky while flying on a plane, files that under fuck it, downs glasses of wine as they relax with a scented bubble bath and netflix, like their selfie or you’re grounded, knows 57 convenient ways to murder a man, dark eyes that penetrate your soul, marble and gold.

hermes: devil-may-care smile, always up-to-date on the latest technology, will steal your french fries, does it for the vine, shitposter, puts googly eyes on everything, meme hoarder, long drives on the highway, ma and pop diners, spontaneous road trips, folded maps, fingers dancing across the keyboard of a laptop, shooting hoops on the basketball court, chatting up strangers as you all journey to your own destinations, goes jogging in the morning, mixes redbull with coffee, menace on april fool’s, hoodies and sneakers.

poseidon:  storm with skin, colorful coral reefs, waves crashing against the shore, stroking the soft fur of a cat, their heart pounding as their horse’s gentle trot speeds into a gallop, tousled locks, clothes smeared with paint, owns several sketchbooks yet always yearns to own more, leather jackets, fondness for diy projects, handwriting that flows across the page, nimble fingers playing the strings of a violin, velvety singing voice that haunts your dreams, mood as ever-changing as the sea, the roar of a motorcycle, compass with a spinning arrow.

zeus: thunder in their heart, running on coffee, flash of lightning, natural charisma, eloquence, badass in a nice suit, aficionado of history, force of nature, lenny face, nightmare-filled nights, proud arm around their lover’s waist, high-rise buildings, planes soaring through a cloudless sky, technician on the piano, maintains order, strong handshake, juggling multiple events on their busy schedule with ease, expensive watch.

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This first part of Scaeva’s backstory should have been the simpler one because he’s still a kid and everything is less… bloody, but of course I had to make things complicated and now I’m stuck with 10+ characters I have to develop somehow without making this become a 100k-word story because I still have two other parts to write and like… I might… I might have exaggerated a bit here…

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tfw you see a post you agree with, but something about it sets off some bells and you look at OP and yikes

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the act of a character waking up and having a blindfold ripped off of them and them wincing at the light as it floods back into their vision in their new environment, but maintaining a tired scowl from the moment it happens, whether in general, at the people who brought them here or the one in front of them

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