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kittiehaze 3 months ago
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I鈥檓 doing really bad but I鈥檓 trying my hardest馃ズ phone is still broken so quality is kinda shit馃槩馃槶
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inheritance-cycles 7 months ago
Remember the Eragon book series the inheritance cycle? They were a really fucking good series. If you are anything like me, they were a staple of your childhood.
The IC cycle was also adapted onto the screens! But the movie was shit! To this day it is probably the worst book adaption I鈥檝e ever seen. Impressively horrible. Words don鈥檛 describe how badly they fucked over these books. Originally, multiple films were planned, but it was all such a shitshow that they abandoned the project entirely! The director responsible never directed again. It was that bad.
(That being said I highly recommend pirating it just for laughs)
Here鈥檚 where we need your help! Christopher Paolini, the author, has just announced that the series (owned by Disney) is being considered for a reboot.
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(Link: https://brisin.gr/tweetstorm/)
The biggest issue is that our fandom is really fucking small. We just don鈥檛 have the numbers to make a big enough splash, especially on Twitter. So please, please, please, PLEASE signal boost this! And if you鈥檙e able, post about it on Twitter. The link above has all the directions and information you need to know. We really need to get this trending for it to work.
This series was my childhood. It was the first book series I ever read by myself, and has become a special interest in my young adulthood. The IC cycle offers an incredible fantasy universe with a set of strong female POC leads, and fucking SOUL BONDING WITH DRAGONS. If you haven鈥檛 heard of it, I promise you鈥檒l like it. There鈥檚 so much good in these books.
The last and only adaption came out in 2006. The IC fandom has been waiting over 15 years for this moment. Please, take a moment to reblog.
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Tldr: The Eragon series / Inheritance cycle books is being considered for a reboot. Tweet storm needed. Check out this link: https://brisin.gr/tweetstorm/ PLEASE!
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lichen-thr0pe 7 days ago
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infiniteinoblivion 9 months ago
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Eat The Rich
felt like making some little edits, so reblog or use if you want!
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miraculous-trinity-leo 5 months ago
I just had a realization.
Spider-man with Plagg...
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Is Spider-Noir:
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I don't know if this was a big brain moment of mine or a coincidence...
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Anyways, hope you're all having a Miraculous Day! !BUG-OUT! 馃悶馃挳馃悶
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clone-cognoscenti a year ago
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This always ALWAYS makes me laugh.
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1908jmd 6 months ago
Someone wrote that Blaine had no interests apart from fanfiction and Kurt. So I made some notes of what we actually see Blaine enjoys/can do -
Blaine is an accomplished pianist. He plays songs from memory, never with sheet music. (Aka Darren ) he must spend time teaching himself those songs.
He鈥檚 a wide range of musical taste - he knows virtually every song someone talks about and can offer recommendations. He must listen to a lot of music.
He reads - not just fanfiction - we see him reading Goosebumps, magazines and talk of reading Vogue magazine. Show choir blogs. Reads book on self motivation and improvement. (Mentioned in Katy or gaga).
He likes watching sports which probably means he played them at some point.
He boxes, aerobics, yoga, weightlifting swimming. Dancing. probably running as well. Bumper bowling! Ice skating . Roller skating.
Clothes - shopping - with Kurt and Tina
Goes out exploring New York on his own, and when he needs to calm down
He makes things - puppets, talks about building car with dad - perfectly capable of fixing things
Watches shows and movies with Kurt but also superhero and 80s movies
Very neat, tidy, meticulous, organised. (His appearance, his locker, his bedroom). Probably cleans the apartment because he wants to.
Time spent with his friends.
Pretty much a happy normal teenager
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lostcat420 8 months ago
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that-cloud 8 months ago
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griefshapedhole 8 months ago
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on repeat in my head, haunting me
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natslya 19 days ago
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White Wall, Sicily
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kittiehaze 3 months ago
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My little black dress馃ズ
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bangtan-azra 7 months ago
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finals coming and me studying korean lol
oh i recently got this gel pen hooray i intended to buy a finer tip but ye this works, too
i changed my username hooray
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batty-the-demon 3 months ago
Can we have a canon if The 3 Protags had tiktoks that I think Trevor would give life tips on how to kill time whilst he holds a bloodied knife and a dead body in the background, and he's covered in blood and Michael walks in and says "TREVOR WHAT THE FUCK" and than Trevor says "SHUT UP MIKEY! ITS FOR THE TIKTOK!" Than the recording keeps going while he set down his phone arguing with Michael and the phone slips slightly and you see another dead body, but the tags are like "don't worry these are props" and Michael and Trevor still arguing
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aquagirl1978 a year ago
Content Creators
I was reading this post from @aallotarenunelma earlier today, and was deeply saddened. As a content creator myself, I know how difficult it is to put yourself out there in the fandom community, just hoping for some recognition or validation of your work. Unless you create content, whether it be art, writing, editing, or something else, you have no idea the amount of work and effort goes into creating these posts. I know I thrive on your comments, likes and reblogs - every single one is read, noted and appreciated.
I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge some of the other Tumblrs out there who create some amazing things - please take a moment and check these pages out. And if you like what you see, please like, comment or reblog their work.聽
@aallotarenunelma - writer of fanfiction, as well as intriguing commentary on routes.
@alex-cyprin - amazing artist who draws many different Lovestruck LIs.
@aliboo - awesome artist, such beautiful and unique work. Please check out her series of Lovestruck tarot cards, not only is the artwork impressive for each card, but the LIs selected for each card is spot on.
@charged-wanderlust - writer of some amazing fanfiction for various LIs.
@creations-of-a-certain-no-one - draws portraits of various Lovestruck LIs and secondary characters. Truly amazing work, drawn by hand - please check out this page.
@etrujii - Fan artist, focusing on Lovestruck and other fandoms.
@ja-lin - another amazing artist, draws many different Lovestruck LIs. Also a cosplayer.
@jaunes-gay-minecraft-farm writer of Lovestruck fanfiction
@jesuishybris - Queen of Thieves fan, creates very funny memes
@jupitter-argento - writer and Juliette Optima fan. Every Monday, new Juliette poetry is posted. The love they have for Juliette is beautiful and inspiring.
@krtfn1412 - another amazing artist, draws many different LIs from Lovestruck.
@megatraven - a source for all things - writing and art - related to Alex Cyprin and the Astoria series.
@remys-lucky-franc - artist and writer, with a focus on Remy Chevalier and Queen of Thieves
@rincrowe - one of the very best Lovestruck artists. if you鈥檙e not already following them, please do so.
@seduceme-lovestruck-thearcana - fanfic writer, a lot of Diego and AFK content.
@thedemonturnip - artist and writer. Amazing work with their Xenia x JD Lovestruck style series.
@theschoolofwitchcrafting - adorable 3D clay sculptures of Lovestruck LIs
@verynonyart - another Lovestruck artist, most recently posted some beautiful Piama drawings.聽
@violettduchess - creator of the Lovestruck English lessons
@virtueassassin - writer and theorist. If you like SWM (#Team Cal) or EAA, please check out her page as there is some really cool and unique posts on here.
@wlw-lovestruck-fiction - blog featuring mostly Lovestruck fanfic as well as some art. Focusing on female and NB LIs.
Do you follow any great content creators not listed above? Please let me know in the comments below!
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tatticstudio55 6 months ago
ETA: see the bits from 0:45 - 1:23
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catsweatshirts a year ago
Popping in to remind y鈥檃ll that polyamorous peeps are valid!
Being in an polyamorous relationship is not:
A non-committal version of polygamy
Being a sl*t
Something for people to mock
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1908jmd 4 months ago
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fangirlintheroom 7 months ago
Everyone please watch and share this!!!
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frosthexe 4 months ago
Stilinski's Home for Wayward Wolves - owlpostagain - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
鈥淎t least your puppies knock first,鈥 Stiles snorts. 鈥淗ere I thought their alpha raised them to be well-mannered.鈥 鈥ㄢ
鈥淭here鈥檚 a sign,鈥 Derek responds stiffly. 鈥ㄢ
Stiles, whose curiosity outweighs even his hardest of grudges, abandons his chilly fa莽ade of nonchalance in a heartbeat. He jumps right up and all but pushes Derek out of the way in his effort to get to the window, and sure enough when he leans outside there鈥檚 a laminated strip of cardstock duct taped to the vinyl siding: 鈥ㄢ
DON鈥橳 FORGET TO KNOCK Stiles gets cranky when we scare him
Or, in which Stiles Stilinski moves to Beacon Hills for his junior year of high school and accidentally adopts a pack of teenage werewolves.
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