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#alya césaire
chatonne-charmante · a month ago
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the fighting & bickering is still amusing (and frustrating) despite my limited understanding of portuguese
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naimea-fanart · a month ago
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Haven't been able to draw since I've been busy with school and the ml french culture blog, but I didn't forget you! Here's a little sketch dump of ml heroes 🐉🦊🐞🐈
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lineith · 4 months ago
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"Alya Césaire is a journalist in training, having found her mentor at age sixteen, though they wouldn't have exactly been her first pick if you'd asked her. Between work, school, the exams to get her magic license, not to mention looking after her younger twin sisters, she doesn't have much free time to herself and can occasionally find herself running all over Paris to get everything done. However, that doesn't mean she devalues her friendships, so one might catch her sneaking off from her responsibilities to catch up on the latest scoop; not for the news, but from her friends."
Alya for Taking Shape, my lukanette Witch AU. This poor girl can't catch a break but she's certainly up for the challenge! |Check my "ML Taking Shape AU" tag for all content related to this AU| |DO NOT REPOST MY WORK|
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2manyfandoms2count · 10 days ago
Lol ok but imagine: your best friend takes a picture of you kissing the guy who definitely isn't your crush one day
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And next thing you know, it's on a massive billboard right outside your house
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I would make my friend delete all the pictures she has of us too 😂
Although I probably wouldn't spend more time with said not-my-crush, when my best friend knows that it's us hanging out, even if everyone else doesn't... what are you up to Marinette? 👀
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hamsternamedmarinette · 8 months ago
Broke: Alya gets mad at Marinette for keeping her identity a secret from her
Woke: Alya is excited that her best friend is actually her favorite superhero
Bespoke: Alya finds out that Marinette is Ladybug and wants to die as she remembers all the times she ranted to Marinette about her crush on Ladybug
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lc-holy · a year ago
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“You don’t understand” : [Part 1-1] , [Part 1-2] , [Part 2-1] , [Part 2-2], [Part 3-1] , [Part 3-2] , [Part 4-1: here] , [Part 4-2 (Final)]
Thank you for your patience! This part has been complicated to do, as much for the writing of the dialogues as for the drawings.
I hope you’ll like it!
(English is not my native language, so I’m sorry if there are any english mistakes.)
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geekgirles · 3 months ago
Ladybug: Chat Noir, we can't know each other's secret identities. It's too dangerous!
Nino: Oh, yeah. Alya and I know the truth. We tell each other everything.
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kisilinramblings · 4 months ago
You know, when Ladybug was giving Miraculous temporarily to people, no one made comments such as “She should consult Chat Noir beforehand”. Though we did got “Chat Noir should be giving Miraculous to people too!” while in canon, what CN did mind was to be left completely in the dark about what was going on, not the fact he couldn’t partake in the decisions nor the selection of potential candidates. Because the powers and the people LB selects are part of LB’s plan to defeat the Akumatized villains. 
But when Ladybug decides to give the Fox Miraculous permanently to Alya so she can be Marinette’s backup ressource, there are people upset she didn’t meet with Chat Noir and discuss about that decision with him? 
Like what changed?
I do agree we are heading toward an episode similar to Syren if Ladybug still keeps Chat Noir too much in the dark again that makes him feel useless or question his presence in the team. But that people get mad on Chat Noir stead for not being “consulted” on a decision that has always been up to LB? Especially that she is now the official Guardian and Chat Noir respects and follows her lead and convulated plans? 
Even when, during Miraculer, when CN saw that Chloé was still lighting her Bee Signal and realized that LB didn’t yet take the time to tell Chloé the truth, Chat Noir just reminder LB to go talk to Chloé instead of offering to go in LB’s place. Why? Because it is LB’s role.
Even when, during Furious Fu, Chat Noir tells Ladybug he will accept to give back his Miraculous if only Ladybug decided so because she is the only Guardian in his eyes? Because he trusts her?
I mean, Chat Noir isn’t oblivious either. He notices things too. He has his own point of view and LB usually listens to him. And Chat is usually open to express himself unless he has been hurt. That’s when he shuts down. But otherwise? He supports LB however he can contribute. 
All that to say that at the end of Optigami, when CN asked LB how she knew there was a sentimonster hidden inside the Miraculous, LB answered him:
“Thanks to my Lucky Charm, Kitty. It always shows me the right way, but this time, I was shortly led astray”.
And you see his reaction. 
Tumblr media
He gets serious. He doesn’t say anything yet, but mentally seems to take notes.
That day, Chat Noir wasn’t able to be much by her side or so he thinks, but that doesn’t mean he cannot be the support LB needs. If Chat Noir sees Ladybug be led astray again during one of their missions, Chat Noir will remind her and raise a flag. 
Because he has the knowledge and power to do so. He has the objectivity precisely because he isn’t personally involved. Because he knows they need a focused Ladybug to succeed. Whereas all the temporary Holders are “sidekicks” who follow LB’s lead and authority. Including Alya. Heck she has tried to take some initiative and regretted it because it almost lead the Bad Guys to know Ladybug’s secret identity. So chances are very high Rena will just stick to LB’s plans because she doesn’t want to put her best friend in danger again. Whereas Chat Noir is more at ease to propose things and work with and around LB’s plan so she can succeed.
Anyway, even if Chat Noir knew about the whole Ladybug and Rena Rouge ordeal at this point, even if Ladybug did ask him what he thinks about it, I wonder if really Chat Noir’s opinion would have mattered in the balance. I assume it would have ended like how LB didn’t understood what her Lucky Charm was trying to warn her about until the very last minute. 
Tumblr media
It was fitting Ladybug was fused into Lady Bee for this episode. Because the Bee Miraculous is used by someone who can defy authority. And that was what Lady Bee was doing. Defying the omniscient guidance of her Lucky Charm. It is only when Ladybug was back as herself that she questions why her Lucky Charm didn’t have any use to defeat the supervillain this time around. 
Anyway, is Marinette making the wrong decision by permanently giving Alya the Fox Miraculous? I think Trixx did point out the issue.
“See? I am right, even if I am not”.
Marinette knows who to trust, however like any human, her biases, her emotions and traumas can cloud her decisions. We want to believe every character and person will react logically to a situation they are personally living. Spoilers alert, unless they are a machine or from a race that has no emotion, they won’t. And Marinette is mentally recovering from a severe breakdown. And who ended up being her life raft during that difficult period? Alya. 
Marinette does have a point. She needs someone who can be her backup when she is unable to transform. She cannot always count on the Kwamis since their respective power comes with a chaotic aftermath. She can be in a position where she thinks it isn’t safe to transform. 
She has Chat Noir who can stall the villain and buy time but it is only if he manages to be there on time too. And after witnessing the Chat Blanc timeline, Ladybug is avoiding as much as she can to trigger it back. Adrien discovering her secret identity was one piece, but there was another piece concerning Chat Noir and her and that is was she is afraid of and that concerned their secret identity that was later found out and used by Hawk Moth to akumatize Chat Noir.
And then, there is Alya to whom Marinette revealed herself when she was at her lowest and who have been nothing but helpful ever since. Alya is now so much involved with Marinette either as a superhero or a civilian. And Marinette relies on Alya. And now, it looks Marinette is starting to depend on her maybe too much that it will affect Alya in a way she is unprepared for. I’ll keep an eye on Alya’s relationship with Nino. It sure did shake her to find out she had been fooled by SM and that she didn’t realized the being in front of her wasn’t the real Nino. 
Alya is a good and trustworthy ally. She does learn from her mistake and works to do better, but I agree Marinette didn’t seem to have made the most enlightened decision there and Chat Noir’s opinion would probably have changed nothing. 
By wanting to be relieved and have someone to back her up, I think Marinette is not clearly seeing the burden she is imposing on Alya. 
Btw, I am personally presuming that even if Alya could transform at any given opportunity now, it doesn’t mean Rena Rouge will be present all the time on the team during patrols or Akuma attacks. Rena Rouge would still be on-call when the power or Illusion is needed. Like how she had access to the Miracle Box, but still waited for Marinette’s instructions. 
Still, i wonder how much time it will take for Chat Noir to point out LB is maybe relying too much on Rena Rouge and putting her in danger more than necessary.
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chatonne-charmante · 5 months ago
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this is honestly everything, the alyanette friendship is just.... 👌👌👌👌
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feline-miraculous · 3 months ago
Alya: so Mari, who's your celebrity crush? ;)
Adrien, overhearing: Oh, Chat Noir, right? You're in love with Chat Noir?
Marinette: *so shocked that she forgets to be awkward* THAT dumb cat?! In LOVE with?! ME?! As if! Maybe if he stopped punning for five seconds during a battle. Do you know what he said to me in the last akuma attack? You know, the one with the dumpster guy?
Marinette: *grabs Adrien by the shoulders and shakes* He said, "good riddance to bad rubbish." GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH, Adrien!! He thinks he's sooooo suave and funny and charming, but I swear to God I'm going to throw him off the Eiffel Tower if he makes one more pun. Oh God and don't even get me started on the hand kisses and the flirting!!
Adrien: ... Ladybug?
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2manyfandoms2count · 6 months ago
👀 could you translate the scene where marinette rejects the bracelet?
Yeah sure! I’ll start when the girls enter her room (about 6 minutes in) :)
Rose: Wow, come and see this, girls, it’s new, and it’s super cute!
Mylène: Another amazing Marinette creation.
Alya: She must be on her balcony, I’ll go and get her.
Ladybug: What are you waiting for, Papillombre? I’m ready.
Alya: Marinette?
Marinette: Detransformation.
Alya: Marinette! 
Marinette: What are you doing here?
Alya: We came to check up on you! 
Mylène: Look, it looks like a real house! 
Rose: You can take the roof off to look inside!
Marinette: Stop! Back off! 
Rose: I’m so sorry, Marinette! 
Marinette: please, get out of my room. 
Alya: It’s nothing, Marinette, we’ll help you fix it! Don’t worry!
Marinette: Absolutely not! Go away!
Alya: There’s clearly something wrong with you at the moment and we won’t leave until you tell us what it is.
Mylène: Each of us confided a secret in this bracelet, and now it’s your turn!
Marinette: I’ll tell you what’s wrong; it’s all of you! In my room! Without my authorisation!
Alya: If we’re really your friends, you can tell us everything! 
Rose: Real friends never let each other down.
Marinette: Maybe... I don’t want you as friends! Get out! Out!
The angst is real...
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queer-cosette · 7 months ago
Miraculous vocal alignment from the perspective of an MT teacher
Marinette: soprano
Alya: mezzo-soprano
Adrien: tenor
Nino: baritone
Ivan: bass
Myléne: high soprano
Kagami: alto. she always thought she was a terrible singer because she couldn't hit high notes. but then Juleka's like "just take the bass notes dude" and she realises she's actually a good singer
Luka: baritone
Chloé: alto but thinks she's a soprano
Sabrina: mezzo-soprano but always forced to sing alto when she and Chloé do karaoke
Rose: high soprano. girl can sing Glinda with freakish ease.
Juleka: the nicest fucking alto you have ever heard in your goddamn life
Nathaniël: you'd think he was a baritone but he's a bass
Marc: tenor
Alix: mezzo-soprano
Max: tenor
Kim: baritone but he can falsetto really well. which is weird for a baritone but not impossible
Lila: can't fucking sing. she's tone deaf. but she's technically a soprano, because to quote Ms Darbus, she's been known to hit notes not previously accessed in the natural world.
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